Novmber  1948

Mon. Nov. 1. 1948./ 2 eggs today./  Elbert has been home today   rained this a-m.   I felt so bad all night & all day,   I had just got dressed “Elbert had gone to Vermilion” when the Watch Tower Minister came to the door,    He’s a young man in his middle 20tiesI’d say,   he came in & we had a good bible visit, but,no prayer.   he said he hoped to call a-gain for he had really enjoyed our bible chat,    then he went & I got everything ready for dinner & Elbert came    & he had brought a piece of ham so he fried a little to go with our lunch of potatoes beets & lettuce,    after dinner he went out & finished triming the ramblers on each side on S. end of the house    then he carried the brush away & chopped of a grape vine N. of the house that came up in the rose bushes    & he pulled that out & took it away,   then the coal man come & brought 3 ton of coal    & when Elbert shut the window he knocked out a pane of glass & had to patch that up untill tomorrow,    now he’ll have to go to Vermilion & get a glass for that    & we are going to get 3 tons chessnut lump hard coal to go with what we got,    I paid $20.00 on this today.   & there is 20 some odd dollars to pay on this load & the other is @19.50 per. ton $39.00 for 2 tons,   this we have soots the pipe so bad we can hardly endure the smell that come out in the room each time we open the stove door & I wish I had got all hard coal,   it’s terrible to burn up so much money & we’ll soon have to pay for another gas tank,   keep a person wondering how they can meet all the bills,   it costs a heap to live now adays,   I don’t see how people that pay rent can eat, dress, & keep a car.   Elbert just got 2 new tires & has to get 2 or 3 more so he’ll have a spare.   I feel so bad,   seems as if I’d faint, every once in a while.   I pray God will give me what I need to make me feel better, in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.   I pray the’ll do the same for each of the rest & for Sister Scharien,   I do hope I’ll be able to go to praymeeting, if the weather is good.   I thank & pjraise Our Father in Heaven in Jesus Name for all He Love & care & pray He will find me worthy to walk for ever & ever with Him and do His Will not mine.   I love Father, Son and Holy Ghost & hope to pray in spirit soon.

Tue. Nov. 2. 1948./  I haven’t felt able to sit up all day, but I did 7 I made soup for supper & cooked cabbage & potatoes for dinner   & Elbert fried a little piece of ham & I made hot cocoa   I did up one batch of dishes & washed out the dish towel & cleaned the birds cages   took care of beds & aired room   & I fell dead all day   no strength,   Elbert hasn’t felt a bit well & he’s been doing the outside chores, water, coal, ashes, taking care of hens & chicks, put in glass in coal bin window & went to Huron & got the glass.   he thinks he has a cold tonight & looks as if he did,   I pray God will spare him.   We received a card from Nellie   she says they are all well

Tue. Nov. 2. 1948./ page. 2235 [sequence would be 2237]/  Ella Jane got her transfer to Lorain Drug store from Cleveland,   she’ll work at Marchalls on corner of St. & Broadway.   & staying nights with Bonita & Nellie,   Johny & Marcie & baby were home Sun.   Johny is having a heavy test in his studys today   Joe, Bonney Bell & baby will be home Thurs,   they are going to dentists also,   She hoped we were well & they enjoyed their visit here 2 weeks ago on Oct. 24th   & she hoped we’d come over some time   she said the children were out raking leaves & playing, Love Sister Nellie & All.  3 ton of coal came today.   same kind he brought yesterday.   We do, but, I often wonder how much she & all love us, really love us.   Well, I pray God will forgive us our sins & teach us His ways,   I thank Him & Praise Him for all things in Jesus Name.   The weathr is warm & mild & partly cloudy & fogy. 

Wed. Nov. 3. 1948./ 1. egg today./   Well, Elbert worked here doing odds & ends & Bill Long came to see when he would be back,   he wants to paint the old side, whre the shingles look old now with the rest all new   & he’s decided to put on brick paper sidding.   Well, I felt to weak to work & haven’t done much today.   I got my check today & wont have any of it to use for myself.   I have to get 3. bags mash & 1. of grain & pay 10.00 on coal.   & send for my cards.   & then I think I’ll let the cards go, for I’m not able.   Elbert got the fire pot bill  19.13 a 1.65 for freight & 54 cents tax.   Then they added 17.89 & some more tax,   they must have been so busy they made a mistake,   at any rate we’ll find out about it soon.    Well, I’m going to bed,   I am feeling to weak to eat or write or read or do any thing.   I thank God He takes care of His own.

Thurs. Nov. 4. 1948./ 1. eggs today./  I haven’t done much today,    been partly cloudy & a brisk S.W breeze.   I took care of hens & chicks & my birds & shucked out couple doz. walnuts   I have a pk & a half now.   I got the supper & washed up 2 days dishes this morning   & I’m so tired,   but happy in my heart & soul for Jesus is mine & He takes care of me, Glory to God, Hallalujah.  Praise His Name.   I received DeHaans book in the mail this morning   it good. 

Fri. Nov. 5. 1948./ 2. eggs today./   Well, Elbert worked 8. hrs. yesterday & 75 today. & I did most of the washing & got most of it dry.   seem as if I couldn’t but I’d rest a few minutes & then try again untill I got them all done & then carried water to suds & wrinse   I got supper & did dishes & took care of birds chickens & bedrooms   so many odds & ends & I get so tired out,   before I got started It tried to rain several times & then it thundered & did rain hard but only a few minutes, but it’s been at it all evening.    last night the wind blew so hard felt as if the little old house raised up & down with the swell & the wind was so strong & puffy,    we heard they had a tornado in 3 of the southern states, sun was warm & so was the wind today   it’s really to warm for this time of yr.   I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Name for all our blessings.  

Sat. Nov. 6. 1948./ 2 eggs today./   Elbert went to Vermilion    got a little food & scratch grain for hens & paid for the fire pot out of his check & then he came back   came in the house & when he went out a little Japanese woman met him & it took him so

Sat. Nov. 6. 1948./ page. 2237./ 2 eggs this day./   by surprise, he said, whre did you come from,  & she said Vermilion,   & he said I just come from there myself & I didn’t see you    & she said I walked the track,    he looked at her & said  what, & she said I walked the track.   I went to the door & she was glad to see me & I ask her in & she came & I gave her a lunch & some hot tea,   Elbert seemed puzzled but done all the things he wanted to do before going to Huron & then I excused myself to her while I figured out some things he was to get  the mash & baby chick grain & get 3. three prs. cotton stocking & pay the 1.63 I owed, & get a little more food   I gave him my check for 35.00 & he spent 18.99 out of it.   While he was busy the woman & I visited about the bible & ourselves & enjoyed our visit   she got up & came to me & said turn around & I’ll take care of your headach & that sore back,   I did & she did & prayed as she worked & be-fore 2. hrs. had passed head ach & soreness was all gone  Praise God in Jesus Name   He works wonders through His children   I thanked & praised Jesus & I ask her to come back & she said some day she’d come & walk in a-gain,   she’s going to Sandusky she said to Jehovah’s Wittness-es convention,   she’s been hunting for the truth & she says she knows she’s found it,   she likes best the Penny Costal Church.   She was a little shy, quite spoken and loveable sort of person.   I told Elbert to put her on the bus at Huron but they just missed it,   I hop0e she didn’t try to walk it,   she was so tired   she had walked from Cleveland here,    she told me how she had walk acrossed the desert out from California & many miles more with out any money & some of her expeirances.   I pray God will see she finds & keep the Truth that she Knows Him forever & ever.   I Praise Thee Blessed Jesus. 

Sun. Nov. 7. 1948./ The Minister & his wife & Miss Clark came out to pray for me,   I had, had Elbert go there when he was in Vermilion Sat.   & God had answered my prayer & sent the little Japanesse woman, her name she wrote in a little book she gave me, she wrote, to Mrs. Elinor Babcock, with my best wishes in the Lord. So Sumnao Ogawachi.  Nov. 6. 1948 & her address 3983. E. 123rd. St. Cleveland. 5. Ohio.   I do Praise God with all my heart.   I thanked Him again after they prayed for me, for there interest in me & that they had come 7 miles to be with me & pray for me.   The little J. woman offered to do my ironing or whatever she could do to help me, after her walking all those miles,   thats more than anyone else evr has offered to do for me,   that’s what I’d call sisterly love. Glory to God.

Sun. Nov. 7. 1948./ page. 2238./  It’s been a beautiful day,   I went to Church this evening & took a big bouquet of Chrisanthens purple & white ones & there were only a few there,   the 4. Smith children & the other Mr. Smith  Miss. Clark,  Mrs. Goll, Dorthy West, Gracy Day the Preachr & his wife & myself.   I’m terrible weak in my legs & body.   Smith children lost a brother or sister, one of the twins,   It was burried Mon. 1. 1948. May God help them. 

Mon. Nov. 8. 1948./ 1. egg today./  Elbert went to Lorain to garage & got the car fixed up for winter & a new thermastat for heating the car & dope for cold winter weather, for the radiator,   now the car runs better & I pray it will keep well all winter with out any more aches or pains,   he bought a few grocerie3s & it was about 3-30 by the time we cooked & ate our noon dinner.   so we only had a lunch for supper.   I rested a while this a-m. & then pealed pears & cooked & caned 2 1/2 qts. & got about as many more to do tomorrow,   I went out & got a pan full of pears that had landed in the ramblers on the fence & Elbert said maybe I could get them out,   I lifted them with a flat stick so they fell on the ground & I picked up a good pan full,   they are winter pears & big ones,   all we need to use.   Well, I mended Elbert’s heavy work shirt & sewed up the 6 or 8 slits in my old skirt I cover the birds with,   I made a big batch of biscuits for our dinner, took care of chicks & my can twice & the beds & rooms & aired them all day,   it’s to warm for this time of year,   don’t need a coat on outside only in the evenings,   gets cold before morning.   I saw 3. big flocks of wild geese & called Elbert to see them yesterday morning & it looked like a pr. that got up the other side the track & went South today   some of the ones we saw were lagging ways behind the others;   a few mornings ago a big flock got up out of Bill’s corn patch across the road on top the hill.   I heard them some time after midnight & on untill Elbert went to work & after he went over the hiss they got up & left.   I like to see them fly & often wish I could do the same.   How ever I thank & Praise God for His blessings which are many.   Jesus, Blessed Jesus, Pure & Clean & more to be desired than anything else in the world,   I love Him, Praise Him & Hope to be like Him, Glory, Glory, Hallulejah.   I got most my ironing done Sat. & Sun.   I wiped up the middle of the kitchen floor, before the preacher his wife & Miss Clark came.   I hadn’t been able to do it for a week.   and wasn’t able then but I thought they might stick fast.   Elbert went to Huron   got another bale of straw & few things & a money order for me so I can get the Christmas cards I have to order   it was 14.85 & cost 13 cents so now I’ll send it in & give up the job.

Mon. Nov. 8. 1948./ page 2249. [sequence would be 2239]/ 1. egg this day./   Wish I could work every day getting orders, they sell good.   but I just can’t    I don’t have strength enough.   I used the coal money & 1.50 church money I usually put in for Sun. school & missionarys.   but I hope to get it all back when the cards are delivered & to pay the dentist his five.   I spent 2.00 I collected on the cards & borrowed 2.48 of Elbert to get the money order.   Well he hadn’t ought to kick,   I gave him a good number of 1.00s for gas. 

Tue. Nov. 9. 1948./ 1 egg today./  Elbert had to go to Vermilion to call gas man at 3-p-m. & he brought the tank at dark   didn’t last quite 3. months this time.   Seems as if we must get cheated one way or another,   I got a get well card from Mrs. Goff today, but what I’d like to get would be some one to cook & work & let me gain my strength back,   guess that will never be.   I thank God for the strength He gives me from daytoday and Praise His Holy Name.   I haven’t been so well today   my bowels are on the blink again   I don’t have the things I need to eat half the time,    and I’ve always had a weak stomach & bowels   If I forget to take my lemon juice or olive oil then I’m in trouble.   I made soup today & a pie schell for a lemon pe   gas gave out & so did I,   my bowels moved hard yesterday, I forgot olive oil or lemon juice & so today I’m paying rather dear for it.   Elberts back & stomach are bad for a few days,   he cleaned the hens & Chicks part & put in clean straw   he said they enjoyed it & were scratching singing & happy.   We have one chick her uppper bill have been broken sometime & healed, turned off almost half way,   she one of the bigest ones & I can’t see how she can eat but she does,   We’ll kill her soon as she’s big enough for us to eat her,   they are all growing & they have a canable habit eating each others tale feathers for the blood,   we can’t buy meat scraps   they cost so much.   Well I thank & praise God in Jesus Blessed Name for His Love.

Wed. Nov. 10. 1948./ no eggs today./  Well I haven’t done much today & ELbert has felt bad all day,   guess he has the flu.   I tremble all over so bad & I need phyicall strength;   Well it rained hard in the night & early morning,   was cloudy all morning & cleared up this after noon.   & raido said they had quite a snow storm & freeze in Columbus Ohio last night & that we were going to get a freeze tonight,   and it looks like it.   I caned one qt of winter pears today   that makes 4 1/2 qts.   I may a lemon and pumpkin & 2 small apple pies today.   I made the crust & the schell for the lemon pie, but, it tires me all out   I had the lemon custard done & the pum-kin in the oven when Elbert came back,   he went to get some fish so I had to stop & peal potatoes & get him a basin & by that time “while he cleaned the fish”  I put the lower crust on two small pie tins   he washed & pealed the apples & I sliced them & got them in the oven & then salted the fish & floured them & he started them frying, I had

Wed. Nov. 10. 1948./ page. 2240./ no eggs today./  the frying pan ready & beets cooked & I had cooked a cup of rice for custard, but oven is not working just right & I had to eat instead of fixing it when I put the other pies in    so now, guess I’ll make boiled custard yet tonight,   Elbert’s feeling real bad but he put the dope in his radiator so car wouldn’t freeze tonight.  I Praise God for His Love & Car and for all the things He does for us both, in Jesus Holy Name.

Thurs. Nov. 11. 1948./ 1. egg today./   Well I feel like something the cat draged in & so does Elbert,   he’s gone to bed & after I fish reading I am going to mine also   I washed out a change of clothes & the rags & the towels today & dried them in the house,   I guess I hadn’t ought to, for I’m so terribly weak,   but, I have Elberts clothes to do yet   he only has a change but it’s hard when yu don’t have strength enough to rub.   Well, anyway, I thank God in Jesus Name, for getting it done & for the sunshine,    there was a good drying S.West breeze but I sweat so bad I didn’t try to hang the clothes out side.   Elbert fixed the brooder   made it a little wider   chicks could all get under    for it’s beginning to get cold a long toward morning, now.   I’m so sorry I had to miss prayermeeting   I feel they are praying for me & I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee and I pray You will bless each one thre & help those of us who were not able to get there Glory to God in the Highest.

Fri. Nov. 12. 1948./ 1. egg today./  Elbert went to Huron & got a pk of fish,   I did balance of washing & had it half of it dried when he got back a 1-30-p-m.    I had potatoes & carrots on cooking & fry pan ready & stew pan hot for drink so we fried the rest of the white fish & had our dinner   & he’s dressing the fish now,   & the clothes are all dry except his shirt & my dress.   & now I’m going to try to get the order ready to mail for the cards   I received a card from Cleveland from the little Japanesse woman this morning,    she seems like a fine person   May God bless her & teach her the truth she’s longing for if she hasn’t got it,   but it seems to me she has it.   Well I got the card order ready & mail it Mon.   I wanted to get it off last night & should have.   I’m so tired tonight my arms seem to heavy to lift them up to reach or to write.   Elbert cleaned & dressed 20 or more fish & his back & legs are stiff & ach & he’s gone to bed,   he sleeps good   wish I could,   I sleep like a cat & have for yrs. & only once in a long while I really forgt & sleep sound,   I always wake with a big jump,   realizing I had been sound asleep.   It’s been a cloudy windy day with a misty rain several times this after-noon & wind has freshened up tonight, as it did last night.   Well, I thank Our Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for His Kind & Loving care.    It’s terrible here on earth & with out Jesus it would be unbearable   Oh God of Hosts have mercy on us siners & teach us more and ever more about Thy Will & Ways,   I ask in Jesus Name & pray You will keep us strong in Thee.   for I want to be all Thine forever & ever, Amen.  I Love & Praise Thee Jesus.

Sat. Nov. 13. 1948./ page. 2242 [sequence would be 2241]/ 1. egg today./   I didn’t do much today   ironed 2 of my dresses  Elbert’s shirt & 3. bags the mash came in,   I swept all 3. rooms & washed all the dishes.   Elbert feels bad yet, but he gets out & does the odds & ends,   he went to Huron   got a box of oats & head of cabbage for the chicks & he cooked the dinner & most of the supper.   One baby chick has something wrong with it   We got a canable among them & they pick the feathers & suck the blood   the got after this one & picked it’s wing & hurt it’s neck.   I hope they come along & feather out in the next to months, they ought to be ok by that time.   I don’t feel strong enough to go to Church,   I don’t know if I’ll go or not.    I’d like to so much, but, I have to ride 7 miles there & 7 back   it pulls on my strength & I feel to weak to help get dinner when I get home.   I pray God will give me strength & help me to keep it.   I thank Thee Jesus & Love & Praise Thee.

Sun. Nov. 14. 1948./ 1. egg today./  Well, Thurs. Elbert felt so bad we didn’t go to prayermeeting & today I’m so weak in body we didn’t go this morning or tonight & it’s really terrible when I miss getting to the meetings,   hope & pray Jesus will give us the health we need,   so I or perhaps we, can go to prayermeeting this Thurs.   I wrote a card to Audrey & the Little Japanesse Woman & now I’ll write a line to Walkins & see if we can find out about the condition powder,   I wrote to Amherst, to the dealer but no reply.   Not a soul comes in to even see if we are dead or alive.   One baby chick died last night,   rest had picked it’s wing & hurt it’s neck somehow,   they need that powder & I do hope to get it soon,   the hens need it to.   Well, I wrote the letter & read some in my bible,   I’m a terrible sinner,    each time I read I’m grieved to learn how bad I’m,   I pray God Will forgive me & many of us our sins & teach us His ways,   Oh, Jesus, Blessed Jesus, help me to be all Thine.   I love Thee & Praise Thee and ador Thee for Thou art so pure in all things & the Glory truly belongest to Thee, Amen.

Mon. Nov. 15. 1948./ 1. egg today./   It’s been a beautiful day,  S.West breeze & not very cold & mostly sunshiny,   & today the Hunters were out in full force in every nook and corner & they got a pheasant & a number of rabbits,   the back of my place is hill on two sides & hunted as much, if not more, than all around us.   Elbert went to Vermilion & got some greens for hens & chicks & a little feed for us & he mailed my cards & letters, he mailed the letter for the cards all so.   I did the usual round & baked 2. brown & 1. white, loaves of bread & cooked the meals today.   Elbert’s got it in the knee so

Mon. Nov. 15. 1948./ page. 2241. [sequence would be 2242]./  bad, he could hardly endure it.   I hope he feels better tomorrow & I hope to wash his blanket & get it dry tomorrow,   Well I thank & Praise the Lord for helping me today & for the strength he gives me from day to day.   I love my Jesus.   Glory to His Blessed Holy Name for ever and ever, Amen. 

Tue. Nov 16. 1948./ 1. eggs today./  Elbert went to Huron for greens for hens & got a big bucket of fish & he dressed & fried enough for dinner & then dressed the rest & took them to Vermilion & gave Miss. Clark & Mrs. Fredrick 4.  Rev. & his wife 4,  Dorthy & Lindy 12. & Mr & Mrs. Smith 7. & he kept 6. for us.   he left at 4-30-p-m. & got back 6-15-p-m.   I  washed today & dried part out side & part inside,   I aired my bedding to & took care of beds & rooms &  had the supper ready when Elbert got back,   he went in the coop & looked after chicks,   When he drove the car on into the garage there was a big boom & a flash of light & that light up the Whole sky & the electric lights went out,   we filled a lamp & lit it & had our supper half eat when the lights came on a-gain.   You know it would be rather terrible with only a Kerosene lamp, like a candle light.   or no light at all.   We received a light card from Nellie today,   they are having there troubles,   Johny tore the water punk apart & his car two weeks ago, and he came back, put the pump together & found a part cracked & had to take it apart again & waite to get a new part.   He & Joe & Mr Gannet have been working on the car.   They all get home quite often it seems & are well as usual,   Praise the Lord. well   Well, I thank God, He takes care of us & They have all been praying for me at church,   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name & pray He will give each of them four fold what they ask for me,    I am better & hope to go to prayermeeting Thurs. evening.   We are getting a hard strong wind,   We saw over 300 hunderd geese in one flock & several other flocks, of over 100 in each flock & one today of 75 or so.   We are both feeling better.   Well, 2. baby chicks just laid down & died.   I do hope we don’t loose anymore.   I thank & praise the Lord for all our many blessing.

Wed. Nov. 17. 1948./ 1. egg today./   Well, I got up & washed Elberts bouble blanket & his wool knit work jacket & was they dirty   yes, I know they were.   he hung them & his beding on the line to dry & to air   wind was S. & strong, hard to keep them on the line but they all got dried and aired   Elbert’s been so ageravated,   I wondered why & today he said Bill Long didn’t pay him for 5. hrs. he had

Wed. Nov. 17. 1948./ page. 2243./ 1. egg this day./  worked for Bill & he would never go back & work for him again,   $8.95 is a lot of money when you work at rebuilding & I feel I know,    for I wash his clothes & on a wash board.   he never ask if it was O.K. just paided what he thought ought to be enough, Elbert said,   Well he knew what sort he is now, any way.   Well, that’s true.   I made two pillow slips & a petticoat this afternoon   didn’t get the belt on underskirt so got that to do yet.   I mended 1. summer under suit for Elbert & darned 1. pr. socks & got his heavy union suit partly mended.   I terribly tired, but praise God for the extra strength He is giving to me   He’s a Wonderful friend to me, Glory to God.   Elbert has a cold yet,   his back & head & eyes feel bad. 

Thurs. Nov. 18. 1948./ 1. egg today./  Elbert went to Huron & got such a big mess of fish, he didn’t know what to do with them all, so at last we went off to Nellie’s & gave them a good mess   then we gave Martha 11.    & then we went to Audreys & gave them 6. nice sized pike all of them   My head has felt so bad alday,   I didn’t want to go, but Elbert felt so bad, I went with him,   he can’t see good & almost ran into a lot instead of turning the corner,   upset him some when we got back to or nearly to Vermilion,   we thought we’d stop at Day’s but he didn’t know which street it was & so came on into Vermilion   We’d have to wait 1. hr. & 15 minutes before prayermeeting would start, so, we came on home, had some hot drink & Elbert went to bed.   I scrapped & washed all the fish today    besides I washed out two changes of underwear for myself,   I forgot them the other day & my feet have tortured me all day.   It’s been a beautiful day & quite warm, & over in Nevada & surrounding states they are having a blizzard snow 3 to 4 ft. high & slippery and a lot of cars & people stalled, far from home.   Winds gone N.East & radio said we are to get the storm next.   We have seen such a lot of wind geese & we heard a big flock tonight when we got back home    & saw a flock this morning.   I pray that God will forgive me for coming on home tonight but it isn’t very comfortable to waite in the car for 1 1/2 hours the way we felt & Elbert said he wouldn’t go into church the way he felt so we came home & Jesus has blessed us by giving the fish to so many & taking & bringing us safe   I do thank Thee with all my heart & I love only Thee, Jesus Blessed Pure & Holy.

Fri. Nov. 19. 1948./ 1. egg today./  Well, it’s been a nice day,   it rained before daylight a hard rain & soaked everything out side    was cloudy all day, sun came through at 4-30 or about 4-45.p.m. & there was a nice rainbow   it rained this after noon a little, just before we got the rainbow,   it’s quite warm, the wind been a mile a minute

Fri. Nov. 19. 1948./ page. 2244./ 1. egg this day./  & snowing & drifts 5. ft & over in some places & some trains were held up & were 18. hrs. over due.   It cleared all off here, over head & in 1/2 hr. was & is all cloudy & wind blowing & puffy & raining again.   Elbert’s been putting cement around the house foundation & now it’s 10-p-m & we are frying our last 8. fish so they wont spoil   & they look & smell so good.   I Praise God for saving my sould & for all our many, many blessings,   I love Jesus.   & hope & pray He will strengthen all His people & teach us & me His ways    Holy, Beautiful, Jesus.   We received a card from Nellie asking us to dinner on Sun. Nov. 21. instead of the 25th. but we are not going.   We are neither very well & think well feel better home.   I’ll write & thank hr, though, it was kind, to ask us.   Audrey gave Elbert 10.00 & we had hoped to have some of it for food, but, seems he didn’t get enough feed for chicks & so now they have to have part of it.   

Sat. Nov. 20. 1948./ no egg today./  I helped do the cooking & swept, took care of beds & rooms & birds & wiped up kitchen   We’ve had a chilly penatrating air today    & I received a letter from Miss. Baumgart   she said Mrs. Cranage had called Frank Bonney to see if we were all right & they hoped we were.   So Frank & Harvey came out to hunt today   they got 6 rab-bits & gave us one there wasn’t much left of.   Frank said Ruby was coughing rather bad & Harvey said his wife was having another baby in Mar. & wasn’t very well   & it cost him 65.00 doctor bill his last pay & it took all he could earn to keep them going,   & they gad[?] nights & were going to his wife’s mother’s for their wedding ana-varity Supper tonight   I’ve forgot how long he has been married,   but it’s 6 or more yrs.   he was over seas the first 3. yrs. & I’ve fogot.   Elbert went to Vermilion & got a good bunch of greens for hens & chicks   they are all feel-ing better & not picking each other any more;   he killed a rat that tried to get in through the wire netting the other night.   Elbert came after the boys had been here awhile,   we had dinner before they came back in & they sat down & ate there lunch with oranges & apples & cake & soforth & then went out & got enough to make them 5 rabbits to take home & they had to come get a shovel to dig the fox terrier dog out of a woodchuck hole where he chased to rabbis,   they got one, but the one they hurt they didn’t get.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all our blessing & pray He Will take more people to church.   put a craving

 Sat. Nov. 20. 1948. /page. 2245./ no. egg today./   into there hearts to want to know God.   & put a greater desire into the hearts of the young folk to work here where they have lots of chance to work for souls.  

Sun. Nov. 21. 1948./ 1. egg today./  We went to church this morning & it was a beautiful morning not cold & a bright sunshine.   We had a good empressive sermon & I was so happy to be at church again & pray God will Keep me able & fit    I give Him all the praise   I know there’s no one else Who can keep me in all ways, Only Him, Glory, Glory to His Holy Name, Jesus Blessed Jesus.   I thank Him and praise Him for all thing,   the Glory truly belongest to Thee.   I still feel weak, so stayed home this evening to rest but, there isn’t much rest.   I cooked the rabbit for supper & made 3. dumplins & warmed up potatoes & we had a sweet pickle,    I cut the outside off for myself & give Elbert the inside.   I’ve washed up dishes & read 3. chapters in Acts & now hope to write a short letter to Miss Baumgart to ans. her’s.   It’s been a beautiful day, but wind scuds & cloudy tonight.

Mon. Nov. 22. 1948./ 1. egg today./  Elbert went to Lorain   Learned a few things,   he’s been feeling miserable,   he hadn’t been gone long before Bill Long & his sister rolled in on 2 wheels   honked the horn long & loud & punded hard on the back door   I was half dressed, so I finished & combed my heair & washed my face & hands, then let them in,   he was full of rath & after he exploded I smiled & told him to put his temper in his pocked & sit down & talk like a man & not do any cussing in my house or on my places,   Well, he sit & he cooled off quickly,   & he left going out, around the corner on 2 wheels, as if he was in a great hurry,   he has & air plane he flys & cars don’t move quite fast enough,   His sister saids she kept the work hrs. that Bill gave them to her & I laughed & said I keep them also & Bill short paid him and didn’t ask if it was O.K. or not,   but told Elbert to sign, “paid in full”   so, Elbert didn’t argue, just signed & he said to me, he was don with Bill.   When they went down the steps, his sister tapped him ont the shoulder & said, pay your bills & there wont be any trouble.   She didn’t say much,   she walked around & looked at the plants & voilets.   If they wre honest why come out here, as if to tare some one up & talk to me in such a nasty ignorant way   after all it wasn’t I, who he wanted to talk to & Elbert isn’t indebted to them either.   Bill said he could get other men to do the work & I said

Mon. Nov. 22. 1948./ page. 2246./ 1. egg this day/  I believe you told him that & he told you to go ahead, so perhaps that will be better,   but he said he liked Elberts work & wanted him to do it,   I said I don’t know what he’s going to do,   he has several other small jobs he can do any time he gets around to do them,   Bill said he’d go back to Lorain & he’d find Elbert but he didn’t,   Elbert saw the sister walking up broadway,   but she didn’t see him.   Elbert went to Mrs. Cranage’s & visited some, because he hadn’t been done,   she was afrain we were both sick & so she called Frank Bonney to see if they knew for she knew they came out here hunting some times,   says she wishing for some of our hen’s eggs.   she isn’t very well & Will is broke out with blotches & Ruth is working,   Miss Baumgart’s legs are weak,   they say she’s 90. yrs. old old,   I believe she’s older, but I won’t be sure.   Well, we had a snack when Elbert got here & supper later,   it’s been cloudy all after noon    was fine with sun this morning.  I tore my two wool single blankets into & sewed outer edges together & hemed the raw edges,   then I spent the rest of the time trying to mend my old corset,   but didn’t get it done,   got to fix my under skirt   it’s stretched on the side seams     & then fix Elbert’s shirt over,   he wanted it roomy & now he don’t like it,   & so it is.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for saving my soul & keeping me able to get around & taking care of us both.   Glory, Glory, Glory to God,   I thank & Praise Thee for ever & ever.

Tue. Nov. 23. 1948./ 1. egg today./   Well, I didn’t get much done today,   finished patching corset & got the hem changed on the petticoat but not stitched    & did my usual round,   it’s been a nice day, but, cloudy, not real cold, the air is damp & penatrating if you stand still for a few min-utes.   I thank God for all my blessings, for saving my soul, for the wonderful strength He gives me when it seems as if I can’t get up & go,   I know it’s Him who gives & keeps me,   there’s no other source it could come from.   Isn’t He Wonderfulll kind & so true?   I know no other Friend so near and so dear to me.   Praise His Holy Name, all the Praise & Glory truely belong to Him.

Wed. Nov. 24. 1948./ 1. eggs today./   Well, Elbert went to Huron & got a nice big mess of fish & we ate some for dinner, then he cleaned the rest, & scraped & washed them while I washed out a dozen pieces of the washing,   Ella Jane was coming on the buss at 4-p-m & Elbert was to meet her,    but, she came early & walked,   We had fish for supper, irish potatoes, beets & pickle pears & bread, butter & hot coffee,   then we talked & visited untill 10-p-m. before going to bed   I went out for some systern water in the big bucket & found a 

Wed. Nov. 24. 1948./ page. 2247/ 1. egg this day./ 1/2 in. of ice froze over the top & this morning it was so cloudy & most of the day it cleared up partly this afternoon,   I dried all the clothes & got the supper,.   I couldn’\t rest or can’t rest with any one in bed with me,   she came to get me talked into going to there home for dinner   there wouldn’t be any one extra there but us so I said if they wanted us to come so bad we’d go,   Ella Jane says they don’t get out among other people enough & they pick on each other just terrible,   it’s a pity they don’t love one another in the good way like Jesus loved us,   and try to do nice things & say nice things & be a cheerful remedy for each other.   I pray God will teach them yet, his way.   I thank Him & Praise Him for teaching me & Blessing me in such a lot of ways.   Glory, Glory to God,   I love Thee Jesus.

Thurs. Nov. 25. 1948./  Well, we got up at 8-30 & had breakfast & did dishes & I fixed my petticoat hem,   I had to rip it and cut off some on the sides & hem it over t   then I took a qt. of pickle pear & beets & a few fresh carrots & beets & a doz. eggs for Mrs. Cranage & was she pleased,   she gave me 95 cnts for them and said they wre 95 cents in the store.   I could hardly get away,   they’d like to have had me stay & talk, but Ella Jane had to stop at the drug store & get hr mother some dop & Nellie & Bonita were waiting dinner for us,   so we got the dope next & then on to Nellie’s    had roast chicken dressing potatoes, salid pickles & bread & coffee & good piece of apple pie,   we left at 4-15-p-m & got here 5-15-p-m & Elbert fed hens & chick & sun shone all day    & this a-m we saw a big bunch of wild geese   they came from the west    flew over the house & went south.   It’s been a beautiful day,   We went back to Vermilion & no one at the church so we went to Dorthy’s & Lindy’s & they had prayermeeeting Tue. night, so I misunderstood,    Well, we had a pleasant time,   Lindy had a book full of questions & he ask us questions to see how much we knew,   I do know but, when I’m ask I just can’t ans. right off hand,   but, we all did fairly well,   little Barbara take a great shine to Elbert & she climbed up beside him & show him her story books & told him about the storys & then she put a little blanket about her shoulders & went to grandma Sprunk & she took her up & rocked a little & she went sound asleep & Dorthy put her to bed.   Dorthy was crocheting matts to put under hot dishes on the dining table.   Mrs. Sprunk was just resting.   We went down 15 to 8-p-m & got back around 10-p-m.    It’s surely been a beautiful day & evening but it’s dark out tonight & wind rising from S. east. 

Fri. Nov. 26. 1948./ 1. egg today./  Well, Elbert went to Huron   he got one herring  enough for 2, that they gave him   I made a lemon cream pie for supper that’s composed of milk & eggs flavored with lemon,    it was a part of our supper with fried potatoes bread & coffee,   I don’t drink coffee.   We’re down to rock bottom again & not much around we can eat betwine now & next Sat. or prhaps even later on.   I had Elbert get a yeast cake,   hope to bake tomorrow.

Fri. Nov. 26. 1948./ page. 2248./ 1 egg this day./  I think I feel storonger again, but nothing to brag of yet.   I recieved a letter from  my little Japnesse friend   she didn’t get the bus that day Elbert took her to Huron   she’d have to waite an hour so started to walk & some of her friends picked her up a mile or so out of Huron & they had a good lunch when she got there   & they took hr back to Cleveland   she’s changed her address again,   she wrote a nice letter,   says she’s praying for me each night,   May God bless her.   Says she’s coming again soon to see me.   She is Welcome.   I do thank & Praise God for human sisters & may He help all the others to be likewise.   I thank Thee Jesus so much.   Glory to God in the Highest,   I love Thee Jesus, Pure & Holy.

Sat. Nov. 27. 1948./ 1. egg to day./   Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish & some big fish,   he helped the boys wash the nets they brought in.   I tried to sleep,   but , the birds made such a fuss, I slept, a work dream, several times I’ve dreamed we were in big trailers & hundreds of trailers traveling away from the Lake & this time the relatives were all mixed in with strangers & it’s queer,   but I always get acquainted with some of the government’s head men, & we get the help we need   & I’m then able to help some of my relatives more, than I could other wise,   this time it was Nellie & her children & there families, & Martha & her family & Frank Bonney’s two daughters, girls Shirely Page & Ruby Jean McGinnis. with there babys.   I wake out of that dream & dressed washed combed & cleaned my teeth & Elbert rolled in,   I started dinner   he dressed fish for dinner & by the time the fish were fried I had all else done & we ate,   he went out & cleaned the rest of the fish,   I set my bread at 1.-30.-p-m & made 2. graham loaves 2. white ones   I took care of bed rooms & did dishes, washed out some dish towels & a pr. of stocking & put a cake of mince meat & raisins on to stew & added brown sugar, cheeries & mixed fruits & molasses & will have to finish it later,   I to tired    I took care of birds & watered plants, washed up bread dishes, then salted & packed rest of fish & Elbert cut brush & pilled some to burn & then came in & helped me get supper, after he fed & took care of hens & chickens & now he’s in bed & I wish I were, without the effort of getting there,    but, I’ve cleaned my teeth, put them in water & set them on my dresser & a glass of water to drink   & I took in the wet wash rags,   I’ve read my bible & I sang & whistled some hyms today & the birds sang as hard & long as they could    now they are covered for the night & fire fixed,   I find a time during afternoon to make beds & pray & I ask God to help Elbert get some fish & I thank Him for them so much.   & I. ask Him for a sunshiny day, for last Thurs.  & I Praise & thank Him for that & I love Him & Praise Him for all things great or small & that I am feeling much better.   Glory to His Holy Name.

Sun. Nov. 28. 1948./ page. 2249./ 1. egg today./  We went to church,   I was there a little early,   got in on the finish of Sun. school.   I took the preachers a loaf of brown bread & 4 fish & I or We brought Mrs. Sprunk home to dinner, & of course we had a light lunch before going back to church tonight.   We had prayer together this after noon & a good prayer service tonight    & it started to rain at dark & kept at it all evening from the N. East.   We brought the Smith children from over the track back to the end of there road,   they ran for home & I hope God Will deal with those children & keep them from harm & evil,   God, Please Keep them.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus for ever & ever.   We have much to be greatful for,   the house was nice & warm when we came in at noon & again tonight   Lord God of Hosts I pray in Jesus Blessed Holy Name Thou will Keep us Close to Thee.

Mon. Nov. 29. 1948. / 2. eggs today.   I haven’t earned my salt today.   Elbert didn’t put the milk bottle out & so, well, I haven’t had enough today.  he said he didn’t know how we’d pay for the milk    Oh God, have mercy on my body also, at least give me some of the necessities with out so much arguement.   & enough to keep up my strength.   it a shame I cant have what I need,   he has lots more that he can eat, for he can eat most anything and get by with it & I can’t.   It’s been a damp day, rained in showers all night & sun came through this afternoon,   it’s colder outside    air , is quite snappy and fresh.   I thank God, my Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name for all I have, for I feel I am, very unworthy in there sight & I do so little, but still I love Jesus more than anything else in the Whole world, regardless.

Tue. NOv. 30. 1948./ 1. egg today./   Well, I did most of the washing today & it was a beautiful day   south breeze quite fresh & cool   Elbert went to Vermilion for greens, but, didn’t get any.   he run in debt for 3 lbs of pork shoulder. & he owed for a piece of ham & we owe for 12 or 15 bottles of milk at 21 cents per bottle   Part of the cards came today that I ordered & the bal. is still to be shipped   5 boxes & 2 boxes of wrapping paper,   cards are really vry pretty.   I hope to get them all delivered this week.   & who knows, I might get another order.   I haven’t been able to hardly do my own work or I know I could have sold more.   I thank & Praise God for saving my soul & giving me so many wonderful healings & lending me so much strength.   All my Praise is to Him,  He’s so Beautiful Kind & true.

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