May 1946

Wed. May.1.1946./ 21 eggs today /  Well Elbert went to Huron for fish but didn’t get any, it’s been a nice day quite & sunshiny, when he got home I had washed out my under wear & nose rags & stockings then he did the rest  I head is so sore & it’s terrible to try to work & my right hand & arm are terrible   he hung clothes out & they all dried  it got cloudy for a while & the air got damp then sun came out & dried them good, he hung my bedding out & aired it to   I swept & made beds, I done that every day even though it seemed as if I couldn’t hold my head up & I did lie down some of the time but Elbert washed the dishes today, I so tired

Thurs. May.2. 1946./  23 eggs today/   We got a card from Nellie & Ella Jane yesterday the would be on there way to New Mexico, Wed. May.1. 1946.  so she Nellie said (Nelllie) Well I got up took a bath & ironed my dress while Elbert went to Huron, he got 18 fish 12 Pike 6 perch & 1 white fish  We cook & ate the white fish & then he cleaned the rest & salted them  we cook 9 for supper  got 9 left.  I took care of all but dishes hand is to sore to put in water.  been fine day cool N. east breeze  Elbert hoed a while the beets cabbages tomatoes are up & I think he said carrots & few spires of corn. Now he’s going to Vermilion in the morning to get his car fixed & sell eggs, so he said tonight.

Thurs. May 2, 1946.  Dear folks at home.  Last night we stayed in E.J.’s old room where Ruby just Left.  But Ruby & her friend had lived accross the hall for a long time and some other girls had the room.  So they left and we got the room.  But there were bed fellows that pestered all night so we got a room today in a hotel which we hope is clean.  We hope our clothes are clean and that we didn’t move any live stock with us.   The landlady says she will fumigate and it may be we will move back.  But we really hope to get an apartment so as to cook our meals.  (2) Everything is crowded and it is difficult to find anything.  I sincerely hope Bonney has sent my pension letter for we will need the pension desperately.  If you think of renting the house or even talk of it the rent will have to be $45 a month.  Of course I told Bonita you would not have to pay that this summer or that much if you should stay there.   But beleive me it is hard to find a room to live in out here. We are trying and hoping to get settled in a few days as it costs too much this way. We went to a show accross the street to rest & relax a little tonight. (3.) E.J. washed her stockings & went to bed.  This is the latest I have been up since being home.  Now I washed my hose and will finish this.  My one night in Waukegan I went to bed about 7P.M. and didn’t even hear the phone when E.J. tried to call me.  So I had a good night.  Then on the train we slept good.   The first night we went to bed when we got on the train.  Then the next night we all went to bed  extra early, but I got up & was dressed before 6 a.m.  So I could see the scenery I knew that might when we went through the tunnel and when we passed Raton Pass nearly daylight but not quite.  Ella Jane said she never knew the wind to blow so strong but we are up on the third floor.  The picture tonight was “San Antonio” in color and only 35 cents.    We went to call on Mrs. Strieker today and she drove us around to try to find a place but no success.   It is very beautiful here.  We saw a great deal from the bus going out to her place.  Loads of love, Mother & E.J.   (a kiss for Nelson & Pinky & Jimmy & all)

Fri. May.3.2946./ 892./  20 eggs today. sold 10 doz 4.00 today /  Elbert sold 10 doz eggs 40 cents per doz.  he bought 1 bag of scratch grain 3.70 for one bag & 3.60 for one we had, had & mash gone up 20 cents on the 100 lbs. & he was going to have the muffler on the car fixed & they had got the wrong kind or size so he’s got to go a-gain in the morning & be there at 7-a-m. untill 10-a-m.  Today I wiped up the floor & fried the fish 7 took care of most of my daily round of duitys, he got home at 3-p-m or there about & I got my handkerchief back from Miss Willitts & how the Power went through me & it’s been go-ing through me for several days & the head & face & hands & arms are healing fine Praise God, oh, Glory, Hallalue  Glory Praise the Lord he ans. the prayers of those Who beleive, Glory, Glory.  Well tonight after dark Frank & Ruby  Bonney knocked at the door, they came in & talked until after 10-p-m.  they were very sociable  Ruby’s just home from Albuquerque, Frank drove to Chicago & met her. & drove home again  Nellie went that same day & they thought she called Frank to see if she could go with him, but he’d gone. Ruby still has her cough. The lawyer told Elbert, Armond had bought the old home place back for Gertie & to night Frank didn’t know anything about it.  he said Armond was home again. They told us of quite a few folks that have died in Lorain. & We talked about verious ones we have known He said Edd Rosecranes had come back to his self again & takes good care of Georgie once more & that her brother Aubrey is in Cleveland hospital with heart trouble & don’t expect to ever get out a-bout again & that he’s very poor & thin,  they said every one else was as well as usual.

Fri.May.3. 1946./893./ 20 eggs today/  Elbert had to cut some wood after he had his lunch & the wind has been terrible strong, it blowed a hound dog from one side the road to the other down in the hollow by the Elm tree & he look so funny I had to laugh, he stopped & looked as if he was angry & looked all around as if he wondered “who, did that to me, then scratched his feet as if to tear up the sod  looked around & troted up the hill as if he owned the world. Well Elbert said he could hardly keep the road with the car & it sounded every once in awhile as if it would blow the storm door glass out.  I’m glad it has eased up tonight.  I have felt the Power tonight & they have been praying for me so Elbert heard today, at Elyria  Amherst & Vermilion & Glory, God has heard & ans. Glory. How I Praise Him & Love Him & Adore Him  He’s all the world to me Hallulejah, Amen. 

Sat. May 4. 1946. /21 eggs / Elbert went to Vermilion & got the car fixed & went to preachers & no one home, so I don’t know what they have done with my lamps & electric cable & wire & cans & books.  he got home about 10-30-a-m.  I got my check in the mail this morning.  I haven’t done much today but am lots better & I praise the Lord with all there is of me, I can’t stand to be near the fire so Elbert does most the cooking  I made biscuits last night & such a job but even if they were left handers, they were good. 

Sun. May 5. 1945. [she meant 1946]/ 21 eggs today  /Well Praise God we are both feeling better today  Elberts back’s been so bad he could hardly get up or down & I’m still to hot. 

Sun. May.5.1946/894,/ My check came yesterday.  this after noon Johny Harnish & his Marcie came & had Bonita’s twins with them.  they were here an hour or so, they brought John’s clothes to Elbert some pants that were new & only been washed once & they brought 10 lbs. of fresh lard, that Nellie had spoke about.  I gave the twins the shells & stones I picked up for them when I was down to the beach last time.  I was so sorry I could have cooked a lunch for them but may-be they’ll come back again another day.  I have prayed for the sick & church all day & trust God will help them fill the church & that God will bless & strengthen His people.  

Mon. May,6.1946./ 21 eggs today /  Well Praise God & all those of His who believe & pray, I never be able to Praise God enough  He’s so wonderful to me, I’ve been in such misery & I know He could see & under-stand & I’ve been standing on His promises & today I’m free again, Oh Glory, Praise the Lord Oh my Soul  Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.  I pray God will be with all his people & strengthen them day & night in all there troubles & trials now & for ever & ever, Amen.  Elbert has a bad fever & his back & head hurt him so he can hardly get around, I pray God will turn his heart to him & heal his body in Jesus Name., Oh God I pray thou will have mercy & be with Nellie & Ella Jane & teach them to Know Thee & comfort them   Help them just now  Oh God I pray Thou wilt.  We have had showers & sunshine all day K& tonight its raining  Bill Snyder plowed his ground & got it all 

Mon. May.6. 1946./896 [should be 895]./ 21 eggs./   ready to plant  I do so wish we could have ours got ready  maybe we could plant some of it & kill down the weeds.  I haven’t done only what I had to do all day  my right hand has been so bad, but is lots better tonight, I love Jesus, I can’t un-derstand why all the many afflictions that come to me but, He says all things work out for the good and Glory of the Lord So I Praise Him. 

Tue. May.7.1946./ 20 eggs today   Mostly cloudy with sun once in awhile.  N. east breeze & damp, clothes dried but not good.  I washed most all the clothes except Elbert’s union suit, sleepers & 2 work shirts had to hang some up in the house, Elbert went to Huron & cashed my check  10.00 has to go to the Dentist on my teeth & then there will be 30.00 balance.  3 mo. more to pay & Elbert not able to work & we owe for gas & coal & mash, Well, I’d pay if I had to go hungry, but he has to eat  I thank God  I’m better & I used that sore hand to wash with, it’s looks terrible tonight, I got5 it rather badly soaked up but pray it’ll be O.K.  my own back is bad tonight  feel as if I have to walk half bent over.  We didn’t get much rain, the ground could stand aplenty yet.  We have 2 doz eggs now with tonights eggs. cloudy tonight. 

Wed. May.8. 1946./25 eggs today  / Elbert went to Huron got my check cashed & got a pk of fish, his back is so bad he can hardly get up or down, I had the soup hot & nice made some hot coffee & he had a lunch before he dressed the fish, then I fried 8 or 10 some small catfish, perch & pike & he dress all the fish & I salted & packed them, it’s cool tonight  we had a heavy white dew last night & niped the beans, corn not coming very good & to cold nights, I got supper, We had hamberg & gravy & broccoli & cold biscuits & he had coffee.  I had hot water. I have the dishes done and it’s most time to go to bed.  night wind’s N. east.  I hacked a few weed today& Praise God all day & all my waking hours during the night.  Elbert sold 30 cents worth of rags & old card board boxes at supper time tonight.  The milk don’t smell right.  

Thurs. May. 9. 1946./897./ 26 eggs today/  We only have 28 hens, 3 are anconias.  Well Elbert decided to go to Vermillion & sell the eggs, When he got to the traffic light, which was green a man crossed over in front of him & in order not to hit him he put his foot on the brake so hard his two peck baskets of eggs went on the floor from the back seat where he had set them & it most caused a jam behind him, he went on a side street & straight-ened up the eggs as best he could & cleaned the egg off the rug on the floor in back.  then he went in & paid the dentist $10.00 & got a receipt for it written & signed by destist’s wife  then he got a dollar money order for a book we thought might help give us some helpful ideas & then he went over to the ministers house & got back one electric wall lamp & the coil of cable wire, but he didn’t get the oil lamp  I had made into an electric or the small wire, or my fruit jars but they did put in the books from DeHaan.  Elbert came back home all up set because he had waisted the eggs.  We got a pail of water & washed 4 doz & 9 that were not broke & 2 doz. that were cracked & I saved a doz. or so that were badly cracked, he had 10. doz eggs & was going to pay for the mash with the $4.00; but I thank God it was the eggs & not him or the car, but it has made him sick & his stomach is troubling him tonight & he is so tired K& he looks sick  I’m so sorry for him, to.  We received a card from Nellie from New Mexico, saying she may come back soon  that rooms are scarce, but if she will stay or come back & the rail roads are talking of tying up & if she don’t come she might have to stay.  I made some noodles today & fried the rest of the fish & hacked around a little in the garden & I’m sure tired.  I helped Elbert clean up the eggs & muss; he felt so bad & his back was paining him bad, his nerves are bad. 

Fri. May.10. 1946./ 21 eggs today  / Pa has been gone one year and a half today. Elbert took 6 doz eggs over to Hamblys & she & her mother took them all & now he hasn’t enough for the

Fri. May. 10. 1946./ 898/ 21 eggs today /  suply siply the rest of his customers & he don’t seem to care, I always like to let them Know if I can’t suply them, but I don’t know what he’s going to do.  I only done my daily round & ironed today.  Elbert planted a little more garden, he bought food with the egg money & tonight it’s at, it’s raining,  it started about 3.p.m  been cloudy all day & it’s cool damp & a little chilly.  

Sat. May. 11. `946./ 22 eggs today /  It sure rained right up untill 1- or 1-30- this after noon  Elbert has felt so bad all day & all last night his stomach & bowels & his rectum pains him.  he has set & laid around in the big chair  I haven’t done much either   I let the hens out & pulled a few weeds &K looked at the flowers &K shrubs, ground animal is trying to kill the flowering almon & it was so pretty this Spring, just full of flowers.  I washed out Elbert’s union suit & his 2 nose rags & 1. pr. socks & a dish towel & just done odds & ends  haven’t felt to strong in my legs today, my itch is about gone & the sores & I hope to soon be able to go back to Church   Singletons left Tue May.7. 1946. for Rochester New York & Rev. Taylor & his wife is taking there place.  Rev. & Mrs. Taylor were married Easter Sun. April. 21. 1946.  I received a postal card from Miss Clark  she said they were praying for me, Oh God I thank Thee for all of Thine Who have loved me & prayed for my healing & I pray Thou will bless them all with even a stronger faith in Thee & strengthen them in there trails & reveal unto them, that they may help do a better work for Thee I thank Thee Jesus & All the praise K& Glory truly belongs to Thee, I praise Thee & thank Thee help me to be worthy in Jesus Name, Amen.

Sun. May.12.1946./ 20 eggs today./  Partly cloud & cool to   cool & we have been home all day & not a soul came to see us either.  S. west wind and went on around to N. east.  

Mon. May. 13. 1946./ 23 eggs today / Elbert’s back’s so bad he can hardly get around & the breeze is quite fresh from the N. east, I baked 3 loaves of bread 2 brown, out of the war flour  it tastes as if it had a lot of corn flour in the wheat flour.  I made 2 doz. cup cakes & both they & this bread tastes like corn meal. it wont be so good to eat to much of for a lot of us folks    it might be good for cold blooded people.  Well I really spaded a row about 10 or 14 ft long to day & then cut out a jacket & made it, for Elbert to sleep in

Mon. May.13. 1946./899./ 23 eggs today./  I made them out of mash bags it took 3 or most of 3.  I made 2 dish towels all so.  I even made button hole & sewed the button on the jacket so he could have it to sleep in tonight.  Today is Gertie’s birthday she is 58. yrs. old, today.  Wind is N. east & sure is cold  We still keep a fire.  My itch is all most gone, I’d like to know what it is.  We are all out of money & food, I pray God will take care of us  it hard when we are old, & my heart aches for all those who are starving on the other side.  I pray God will strengthen His people & keep them through all there troubles an afflictions, I thank Thee Jesus. 

Tue. May.14.1946./ 20 eggs today/   Elbert went to the fish house & got a pk of fish, while he was gone I did the washing & had to carry the water, he dressed a few & I fried them for dinner & then he dressed the rest, 29 of them & took 7 to Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & 8 to Hauff, where we get the milk & he gave Elbert back the 12 cents for one qt of milk. ha, ha.  Oh, well maybe he might do better by & by.  I received a card from Miss Baumgart & one from Rev. Mr & Mrs. Harwell from Elyria Ohio.  they came here with Rev & Mr. & Mrs. Singleton to pray for me & they are full of the Holy Ghost all except Mrs. Singleton, I don’t believe she has the fullfillment, that is I don’t believe she talks in other tongues.  I felt the Power roll through me & I Praised God & thanked Him for the healing & for His Children Who prayed for me, believing He would do the work.  Glory to God, Oh Glory, I praise Thee Jesus that we can stand on Thy promises.  I got the washing dry, it was so rainy & cloudy all the morning, but cleared off this afternoon & wind went down with the sun, it has been south all day.  Elberts back is still hurting him & we are both to tired tonight. I washed my house dress & dried it & cut the belt out of it, it is to tight & I thought I had it to loose so that’s a job for tomorrow, I hope God will help me get it done,

Wed. May.15. 1946./ 21 eggs today /  Been cloudy with some sunshine & it got to hot this afternoon  Elbert looks so miserable & he says he feels so bad.  I’m so sorry for him but if I can I’ll try to get him to go & get some more herbs, he has spaded & hoed some today. I got my dress done & now I can starch it & dry it in the morn-ing  Praise the Lord.  I swept & cooked & done my daily dozen & I picked a big bunch of Lillies of the Valley & put them in a box, & 

Wed. May.15. 1946./900./ Elbert went to Vermilion & mailed them to Miss. Anna Mc. Govern. she ought to get them in the morning.  I owe her & several others a letter.  Well it thundered & rained a little, when Elbert came back home he went for milk before he came home   Mrs. Hauff gave us a lb of butter, it was nice of her to think of sending it.  This is better than the last she sent, but all her butter is frowey.

Thurs. May.16. 1946./ Well, it rained & in showers alday.  Elbert went to Huron but didn’t get any fish & I picked a gorgeous bunch of lillies of the Valley & he has cut wood & grass between showers. & I have wrote cards to Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Harwell  Rev. Mr. & Mrs Gusney Miss. Lidia Clark, Mrs. Frankie Beesie & Miss Louise Baumgart & a letter to Bonita & the family & one to Miss Ethel Willitts  I received a card from Miss Baumgart & Mrs. Beesie this a-m.  I have several more letters yet to write. & I Praise God day & night for our blessing.  Elbert killed & dressed a hen last night she was a poor layer.  We had her & the broth to eat today  N. East breeze & cool.

Fri. May. 17. 1946./ 21. eggs today/   My, its 26. yrs ago today, I was married.  Well I starched my dress & the rest of the day I’ve tried to fix a corset, the one with the built up top, I’m having such a time to fit it to me, but at last I have it basted together again ready to try on . hope to get it fixed so I can wear it for good, under my good dresses. & to fit my dresses over it.  Elbert went & sold 12. doz. eggs today, he said Mrs. West Sr. is in bed with heart trouble.  I’m sorry, hope she will soon be better again  Young Mrs West is taking care of her.  Elbert took a big bunch of Lillies of the Valley to Rev. Mr. & Mrs Gurney & one to Mrs. Hambly & one to her mother & father, I’d have sent one to Mrs. West had I known she was in bed sick.  Elbert said they were all pleased with them.  It’s rather cool & we have a wood fire & it’s none to warm.  

Sat. May.18.1946./ 19 eggs today /  Elbert went to the fish house & got a big lot of fish a good 1/2 bu.  I wiped up the floors after I had swept & then I washed out what dirty clothes there were  I ate two handfull of crackers with beef broth before I started to work & I made a vegetable dinner & had it most done when Elbert came, I had been to the mail box also & got a letter from Nellie, she didn’t say much, she likes

Sat. May.18.1946/901./  19 eggs today/  it there but may have to come back for there isn’t any rooms there everything is full & she can’t keep the room they have long & E.J. is going to school in June to finish her course & she wonders why I don’t sell my place & build a house on her place, I don’t know why I should do a thing like that  Elbert’s got 2 lots he could build on if he wanted to go back there to live, he isn’t able to work any way, so, why should I build on her place? No, We don’t want to do anything like that, & Bonita was here tonight said they are getting a widows pension for her & the papers have gone in for it.  Well, I’m glad she’s going to be well taken care of.  John got over 2 hundred dollars back on income tax, & Johny has taken it & paid the balance on the home & now it’s in Nellies name, an acre of ground & the new house they built on it.  Martha isn’t very well & still has to have a Dr. quite often that she has some kind of bad spells  Joan came over with Geo & Bonita & there 3 children to-night & got the fish for them & Martha, Merlin let Geo. come in his car, he had been to Cleveland & back & was to tired to come & Johny had gone with Marcia some where  Bonita thought they were going out to supper & then to a show.  What would Jesus do.?  Geo. isn’t working this week, but will be next week, he’s going to work in an-other garage, the fellows he was with couldn’t pay the rent, they had raised it so high  so they closed it up.  I fried fish for supper & we had just got done eating when they came in.  They visited untill the children got uneasy & then went.  I ironed after supper dinner & mended Elberts pajama pants.  It’s been a cool wet day, wind blew so hard from the south  I hung the clothes out & when they were most dry it rained big drops of water so they were more wet than when I put them out but in 10 or 30 minutes they dry again & I brought them in.  Wlbert said Hauff was in Wellington & he said it was like a cloud burst over there, his daughter lives over there & he went & brought her  & her husband & little boy home for over Sun. I am glad Elbert got the fish & called Bonita for she said they needed them & was glad to get them & pay the phone call.  I thank God he hears & ans. prayers & I praise him for all our blessing & hope I can do more for Him  Oh, Glory, Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus & thank you.

Sun. May.19. 1946./ 902./ 20 eggs today  / Well, I went to church tonight & gave my testimony  they all seem glad to see me, but there wasn’t a lot, there, Mrs. Sprunk  the West  2 other ladys I don’t know & Mrs. Reese  she came in & sung a song for us, Tom & his wife & son  the Hambly Children, Miss Clark & the minister & his wife & myself & we had a good prayer service, & Song Service also.  The weather has warmed a little, mostly cloudy today & quite cloudy tonight.  

Mon. May.20. 1946./ 22 eggs today/    Well, Elbert has a Kink in his back so bad he can hardly move & so, I went to Vermilion & got out & delivered or sold the eggs, 4. doz. to Wests & 1. doz. to Miss Clark 40 cents/doz. 2.00  & I gave them each a nice bunch of flowers, We got a piece of boiling meat & 3. pkts. of seed carrots & 1. cabbage.  I went to the church & got some cans & my lamp & electric cord & you should see the two dents in the lamp bowl  I don’t know how to get them out.  We got quite a few cans  I know some of them are not mine but the minister’s wife said to take them, for all of my cans wasn’t there & they didn’t know who they belonged to, so I did.  My junk got badly abused & we got home just in time for it sure did rain hard thundered & lightened, then at supper time it eased up  Elbert went for milk & he could hardly get in & out the car or to the house, I fed & took care the hens & got 18 more eggs, he had got 4 this morning to make even 5. doz. to sell  the doz Miss Clark bought she got for the minister’s & she was there, when we got there.  Its been foging all evening   Elbert ask Hauffs to call up the gas Co. & tell them we were out of gas, but, they haven’t come yet & it’s 10-30-p.m.  

Tue. May. 21. 1946./ 23 eggs today   gas tank came this after noon. Elbert has been feeling so bad today & it’s been damp & cool, N. West wind, partly cloudy, clearing off tonight & wind went down with the sun  we have a good fire & it’s real comfortable.  everything feels the cold so much  garden not coming just waiting for warmer weather, we got the books from the Golden Dawn Press & I’m going to send them back  they are not worth a dollar  I haven’t done much today  just haven’t felt able & I tried to help Elbert what I could by doing the chores out side that he usually does.  & what few things I have to do in the house for us both  I would liked to have gone to Church but under circumstances we couldn’t go. 

Tue. May. 21.1946./903./ 23 eggs today /  We watched a male & 2 female pheasants go acrossed the field acrossed the road from us today, they were over near the South side near rail road track & went way over to Bessie’s place.  I pray God will Bless & strengthen His people & get them & more back into Church & Bless All His people where ever they are & help our prayers to be one with all who trust & believe. 

Wed. May.22.1946./23 eggs today   Elbert don’t feel any better, he went to see Dr. L. at Huron, but he has changed days to be out & to-day was his day off, so Elbert will have to wait un-till tomorrow after noon.  I did the washing, it was a nice day & warm & clothes dried good  I had to carry the water  I aired all the bed clothes to & put a patch on one blanket & fed & watered the hens, picked up the eggs & let them out in park & fed & shut them in & locked the coop & grainery   Elbert went for the milk & back, he’s in terrible misery, I pray God will fix him up right, soul & body, in Jesus Name, Amen. I went down & got a buck of slack coal & fixed a fire for it was getting chilly tonight, I put a wool blanket under Elbert & I have been bathing or rubbing ointment on his back every night.  Well I have dishes done & now after I read the Word awhile, I’ll go to bed, believing God will take all the achs & pain & tired out of me.  I received a letter from Miss. Willitts today  she thanked me for the dollar I sent her & wrote me a nice apealing letter, I do wish so much, I could give to all, Who need money so bad for God’s work.  May God bless her & All His people with health & strength in soul & body, Amen.  Wind is South tonight

Thurs. May. 23. 1946./ 21 eggs today. / Elbert went & took his treatment today & he owes Dr 8.00  he’s feeling better tonight  I hoed his beans & peas &K carrots & beets today & hacked a few weeds  The queerest thing happen today, I received a rayon jersey un-der Slip from Lane Bryant & ordered by Mrs. Bacon R 2. Huron Ohio.  I don’t even know who she is, it cost  $1.72 size 36  it’s to small for me I’ll have to send it back and exchange it.  I’m badly in need of a slip & I sure thank God & for the love in that woman’s heart & pray God will give her an added blessing, for her Kindness. Its been a

Thurs. May.23.1946 / 904./ 21. eggs./ wonderful day nice warm sun & south breeze We got a gas tank. Bill Snyder has painted his house white & today he & Bob & the 2 girls took off the old paper on the Kitchen roof & put on some new it’s a small roof but it took them all day & I don’t know if they got it all done or not.  Bill’s been home 2 or 3 days now.

Fri. May, 24. 1946./ 20 eggs today. / Well, today has been a nice one, only the wind has been hot & strong & I am not so strong as I use to be, but I thank God I’m not as tired tonight as I have been before now & I tramped around helping sell eggs today.  We got 5 1/2 doz$1.95  35. per doz  eggs of Carl Rieber &   one [??] 27 cents- 2. doz 60cents 30 cents per doz.  from Hauff & we had 8. doz. We gained 20 cents& we sold all but 2. doz. But we’ll need them for Mon. or Tue. & feed has gone up  grain 3.90 & mash 4.25 & we run tick for it. 8.15 & now how are we going to pay for it, Well I went & figured up last months eggs & we had 55 doz. & 10 eggs at 40 cents per doz. they brought  $22.55 & the feed bill was 8.00 & they made a mistake in there favor of a dime for the grain was 3.60 per bag & 2 100lb bags was $7.20 & 1. 100 lb bag mash was 3.70 so it should only have been $7.90 (but he paid 8.00   We only gained 47cents on the 7 1/2 eggs we bought, but we figured that paid for our gas in the car. We owe shoe maker 1. egg & they owe us a dime  Hamblys owe us for 1. doz egg, a neighbor paid us for 2. doz . for them & Mr. Hambly brought out a cut glass bowl & said to give him 3. doz. & I did it  We sold 14 doz & collected 5.10 & Mrs Hamblys mother paid 80 cents she owed from last week making $5.90 we paid 148 cents for food & 80 cent for light  1.00 for gas. 60 cents to Hauff  1.99 to Carl Reiber making 5.81 we paid out, leaving us only 9 cents  Elbert had 6 cents in his pocket when we started out & 15cents when we got home.  We have 50 cents to collect yet & one egg to pay & no money to live on until (we collect or 

Fri. May 24. 1946./ 905/ 20 eggs today / or sell more.  We had a lunch when we got home & had just got done when the little old man who sells shoe strings came in so I cooked him 2 eggs & some whits I had left from our eggs & milk this a.m. each  & gave him a bun & cup of coffee & he gave us each a pr. of shoe strings & was on his way west up the track New York Central track.  I went out & fed the hens & locked up & Elbert went for milk & at 6-p-m it thundered & lightened terrible & rain came down in sheets & then it hailed real ice, but a 9-p-m. it was clear & stars shining.  I worked & went untill 4-p-m on 3/4 glass milk & 1 egg yolk.  I received letter from Miss Mc. Govern with U.S. post card in it, so I ans. it & mailed it & 2 letters for Miss Clark in Vermilion today. she got us a sack of flower for 66 cents, so we owe her that much in eggs. & today there are no trains runing except mail trains, it’s the bigest strike ever, every thing is tied up, no shipping of any sort, they wont send out any mail only letters & cards no packages of any kind  all factorys are closed & only one big grinding mill in each State is runniing  all foods, flour meat & vegetables are limited  we will soon be hog tied. &K the end is fast drawing near as the Dear Lord has said.  Oh, I’m so glad He is and always will be. Amen. I thank God in Jesus Name the milk didn’t sour.

Sat. May.25. 1946./ 20 eggs today./  Well it rained in hard showers most of the night & morning and at noon it cleared off some sun shine came & it was to hot. I raked the grass Elbert had cut & put it in the park I didn’t get it all raked, when the wind changed to N.W.  I came in & washed the dishes & put away the rake & sythe & fed the hens & gave them mash & water & locked the coop  Elbert went for milk & I got 2 pails of water one well & one systern & then I ironed Elberts shirt & my dress, then had supper & tucked the birds in for the night & Elbert has gone to bed so I’ll bath or rub his back.

Sat. May. 25. 1946. /906./ 20 eggs today/   Now I’ll read the word & then I’ll go to bed   I wanted to go to church in the morning , but he’s feeling to bad to go, so I’ll have to wait & pray   wind went N. east tonight and it’s colder, it looked as if it would storm terrible just when I locked up the hens but it all went over  we only got a sprinkle

Sun. May. 26.  1946/ 20 eggs today/  Cold & cloudy & wet & Elbert’s back hurts so bad he can’t hardly endure it- I rub his back good at night but he goes out & gets his feet wet & gets a cold in the back & it don’t do any good to talk to him & try to keep him well, so here we are   I’m tired half to death & have to carry water & do the out side chores & what has to be done in the house & I got a hen & kill, dressed & cooked it so we can have a little to eat tomorrow  I go on a little milk & one egg yolk untill supper time, then we have a biscuit & jam & glass of milk, tonight I opened a can of peas & made gravey with them, I can’t hardly get them down, for I don’t like peas & I wish that some on the other side that needs food had them.  I often wonder if I’ll have to starve to death & I pray God will help me to indure & keep my patience, it’s sure hard sometimes,  we had a little fire to keep the chill out the house  I scraped up what coal dust I could get & if it don’t get warm   soon I don’t know what we can do to keep warm. I could-n’t go to Church & the day has been a long hard one.  I have wrote a few more lines & put in with Flora’s letter, I thought I had Elbert mail it, but found hers didn’t get mailed.  I wrote a letter to Mrs. Lena Bacon, about the lip that came from Lane Bryant’s & now I’ll have to write to Miss McGovern  I have to write to Mr. Miller also & see if he can give us any more help for I don’t know what else to do about it  I do hope he will be able to help us some how.

Mon. May.27. 1946./907./ 25 eggs today /  A wet rainy day. Elbert went out for the mail  I think Elbert is a little better.  got a card from Nellie  she’s on her way home & left Ella Jane there teaching bible class untill June 24, then she starts her own study’s.  Nellie’s card was mailed in Kansas City Mo. she said she’d be home Thurs. after noon.  Poor Ella Jane far from home & she is like her mother   use to be (& I reckon is yet) home sick with none of her folks near by to talk to she stricly on her own.  I’m sorry for her, but hope she musters courage & get done with honors.  I sent a letter to Mrs. Lena Bacon & one to Flora Glover. haven’t done much today  been to tired.  I carried water & feed & looked after hens & emptied ashes & swept up more coal dust & keep a fire & then walked about the yard for it was to hot for me.  Wind was N. east but went N. west & rained some more.  My nerves are so bad that each time I turned over in bed all night they would flash a shock from my stomach all over me & for two night I haven’t been able to sleep untill morning & I get up at 9 or 9-30 a-m. We have only 26 hens & got 25 eggs  today  I hope they  don’t forget to keep it up the one I kill was to fat to lay & full of eggs. 

Tue. May 28. 1946./ 19 eggs today/   I mended 2 work shirts  my night gown & made my daily round & my out side chores, Elbert has tried to do more today. but his back is still bad & he grunt & growns each move.  Well a Mr. Hauffman Who lives with his Aunt Lena Bacon, came for the slip today, he’s been here once or twice before on business  he’s a bachlor  says he’s 51. yrs. old & takes care of his aunt, they live up at Ceylon a little place a mile from us, he always comes in & sits down & visits a bit & he likes canarys and my old walnut chairs.  It’s been mostly cloudy today with cool N. east wind rather strong.  I’m so sorry I can go to church, there are so few to go. Elbert took the eggs down to Wests 4 doz & got 1.60 & paid 1.00 on the feed bill & got us a piece of boiling meat & a cabbage head & he went & come so quick didn’t seem as if he could have had time, but he did it. I did not wash, the wind blew so hard. trains are runing but not as often. 

Wed. May. 29. 1946./ 21 eggs today / It’s been a wonderful day  warm & nice sun & I baked 3 loaves of bread, & did the washing out out doors there was a little N. east breeze & clothes dried good. the drain to sink is pluged & I tried for 2. hrs. to clear it

Wed. May. 24. 1946./908./ 21 eggs today./  but didn’t get it free. Elbert went to fish house & got us 3 meals of fish, maybe 4 meals, we had some for dinner & I only ate 1&1.2 of a pike before I got the washing quite done  Mr. & Mrs. Hambly came, in his fathers car, they wanted some flowers, for the house to sort of dress up Ellen graduates from high school tonight & so after it’s over. the relatives & the Minister & his wife & another young minister that’s with them at present & Ellen’s boy friend, she’s ingaged to, he’s given her a dimond ring “& his folks are all going to have a lunch & visit at Hambly’s. she says Ellen isn’t as perfect a christian as some may think   she told her parents, she warn’t coming home after they were done at school   she’s ashamed of her [huhny] relatives & there shak, Mrs. Hambly said her father said if she didn’t come home, she needn’t ever come back. I hope she will go home & be a real christian. she’s been invited to go up North into Canada & her mother told her she could go, I didn’t get all the details.  My throat has ached for a week, just like it does before I have a hard cry & I’m wondering what it’s all about  Well I suppose Nellie will be home tomorrow & Ella Jane will be so lonesome.  I have the dishes done & now I’m going to bed, tired.

Thurs. May. 30. 1946./ 20 eggs today / Decoration Day /& it’s been a beauty-ful day,  We have been home all day, Elbert has been trying to find out where the sink pipe is pluged but he don’t know yet & is going to disconect the goose neck under the sink in the morning & see if that’s pluged  it’s pluged somewhere for the water wont go down.  I mowed a little today & planted my morning glory seed blue ones & I transplanted a few ball poppies tonight & took care of the hens & did my daily round.  & I know Elbert is so tired, his Knee has been so swollen & hurts him bad & I’m sure tired.  I ought to get some letters wrote but seems as if I can’t get at it.  it’s warmer  wind’s South west

Fri. May. 31. 1946./909./ 20 eggs today /  The last day of May./  It was nice this morning only the wind was blowing quite strong from the south west, sun was hot, Elbert hoed  his gardened & limed it & then it began to get ready to rain   he had taken the sink pipe apart & he put it back together   it leaks & he put putty on it’s joints   I don’t know if it still leaks yet or not & so the things are still on the floor.  I made soup & cooked baby lima beans & picked a big bunch of flowers for church tonight & in the rain & it rained hard & all the time we were in Church all the way home & is still at it & fog horn is blowing.  I pray it doesn’t freeze or have a frost  We had a good prayer service & songs of Praise.  I’m so glad I could go & pray God will make it possible for me to go to each meeting, He’s done so much for me & I’d like to do more for Him.  We ate supper when we got home a bowl of soup.  I didn’t do anything   I didn’t need to do except hack the dirt where we spade to plant  Jimmis & raked up a little grass & plant four o’clocks  And I took care of the hens & canarys. I Praise God for the healing & strength He gives me  I praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever amen. 

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