Elinor’s 1915 Diary

[Sun. Jan. 3. 1915]  Jan.Sun.3.  Well of all the skaters, there has been two or three Hundred on the river to day  Elbert has gone to church.  Frank wasn’t here  Sat. & not today.  It was nice out doors today

[Mon. Jan. 4. 1915]  Mon.4.  Well Frank has everything to move the shed all papered & seiling painted & they are coming tomorrow.  Oh.my.  Well I’ll be blessed 

[Tue. Jan. 5. 1915]  Tue. 5.  F.& R. & children all moved in & such a mix up but Audrey & Frank got the carpets down & Elbert & F. set up stove & they were puting things up & making it look like home & R. is all tired out & Hasn’t done anything ha,ha,ha,  I’d like a good husband but would-n’t want him to cook my meals do the dishes washing & sweeping. Oh! no.  Oh, no, ho, ho.  

[Wed. Jan. 6. 1915]  Wed.6.  Well F. is still workiing getting things put to rights.  Ive been trying to get cought up with my work.

[Thrs. Jan. 7. 1915]  Page 171 Thurs.7.  I washed to-day & of all things if I didn’t have one big wash & A. not feeling very good & I’ve worked untill I’m stiff to night & A has gone to bed & the supper dishes, I’ll have to wash in the morn, so I’m going to take my bath & roll in. 

[Fri. Jan. 8. 1915]  Fri.8.  Well, I baked loaves of bread and done my house work, seems to me as though I would never get my mending cought up again.  The boys have been getting coal up to the car dump hard job but they have several tons. 

[Sat. Jan. 9. 1915]  Sat.9.  Scrubbed the dinning room & kitchen today and did my house work & some mending. 

[Sun. Jan. 10. 1915]  Sun.10. A very pretty day out side & Lucia Fletcher, Elsie & Edith Wheeler were here a while today, I’ve been on the jump allday and am ever so tired tonight. Oh. Dee.  Audrey & Martha went to Sunday School this morn. 

[Mon. Jan. 11. 1915]  Mon.11.  Well I think the skating is over for a while, ice is so soft, Nice & warm out door. 

[Tue. Jan. 12. 1915]  Tue.12.  Sewed and done my house work today and aired all the beding & sweeped the house Mon.11. and sweapt & dusted today haven’t been feeling very well for several days. so nervous as though something was going to happen. got a letter from Mr. O’Neil today & one from Franci

[Wed. Jan. 3. 1915]  Wed.3.  Little Harvey Liman Bonney [? maybe Frank’s son, Elinor’s nephew, but his name is Harvey W Bonney] is 2 mo old today.  I washed untill 2 oclock this afternoon & finnished my waist which took untill mid night, was in bed a little be fore one a.m. & went two sleep before 2 a.m.  slept until the clock struck 4

[Thrs. Jan. 4. 1915]  Thur 4.  Got up at five dressed, cooked breakfast & dressed for my trip to Elyria Elbert Audrey Martha & I hired a taxi to take us to the waiting room, We had to go

[Thrs. Jan. 4. 1915]Page 172. as wittnesses for A. on her diverse case. Dr. Smith & Lawer Strunick were also wittnesses & Mr. Thompson was A’s Lawer, Glitch was for Geo.  Well A. was granted a divorse & the    of Martha & 500. dollars a yr. in payment of $20.00 a mo. & bal. at end of yr.  Wel it’s a dreadful thing & my head aches so. Oh. Dee. Geo.  wasn’t there to fight they case. thank God 

[Gap from jan 5-Jan 14. 1915][Fri. Jan. 15, 1915]  Fri.15. Well I have had a sick nervous head ach every since yesterday, was most cray last night  feel a little better today, but it’s all I can do to work.  hope I fell better tomorrow. 

[Sat. Jan. 16. 1915]  Sat.16.  Well. A. was tired but after a good hot dinner Thurs. & a rest she was alright. but if I feel this miserable as her wittness I don’t know how I should have felt had I been in her place.  Well. the postman brought me a package from Georgia Rosecrans. Oberlin. O. which proved to be a night dress stamped, to be embroidered & floss &K embroider it with, as a rememberance of my birthday  today I’m 30 yrs. old. and old old maid. Oh.   Audrey done the scrubbing today & I the sweeping & the house work & odds & ends a hard day. 

[Sun. Jan. 17. 1915]  Sun.17.  A beautiful day & I’ve worked all day  Audrey, Martha & Evelyn to Sunday School this morn. I’ve had another hard day today. 

[Mon. Jan. 18. 1915]  Mon.18.  Made myself a waist & did my work.  Ice most all gone only aloong shore  Oh.Dee

[Tue. Jan. 19. 1915]  Tue.19.  Did my house work & helped Ruby make herself a waist today & am tired & so nervous.

[Wed. Jan. 20. 1915]  Page 173. Wed.20.  Well I wash-ed to day was through at noon  Elbert turned out most of them. then I mended while guess it will take all the rest of this week to finnish up the mending

[Thrs. Jan. 21. 1915]  Thurs.21. Got up at 6 a.m. cooked breakfast for Elbert & Nellie straightened up dinning room  feed & watered the chickens  sweept & dusted & mended 9 1/2 pairs of socks  1/2 suit of Elberts under wear, ate supper washed dishes  sprinkeled Nellie’s & my clothes set my bread & straighten up house for night & now must try & write a letter or two while Nellie is doing her studying.  The man on the Shenago brought Martha a bag of candy canes today.  This is the first of our acquaintance. 

[Fri. Jan. 22. 1915]  Fri.22.  Ironed today & done house work. 

[Sat. Jan. 23. 1915.]  Sat.23.  Audrey did the scrubbing & I the housework

[Sun. Jan. 24. 1915]  Sun.24.  We haven’t had a letter from the folk this week

[Mon. Jan. 25. 1915]  Mon.25.  Well it’s the same old story sewing & housework. 

[Tue. Jan. 26. 1915]  Tue. 26.  I washed, Elbert turned the tub, All through at Noon, then I helped get dinner & scrubbed the to floors, and am so tired I can hardly set up, going to take my bath and go to bed.  Oh dee dee dee

[Wed. Jan. 27. 1915]  Wed.27.  Nellie & I have sewed to day, she has to day, Thurs off & Fri. morn. so we must sew she & Elbert went to commencement to night. 

[Thrs. Jan. 28. 1915]  Thurs.28.  Pa’s birthday  he is 54 yrs. old. today & we have sewed & done house work.

[Fri. Jan. 29. 1915]  Page 174. Fri.29.  I have ironed all Nellies & my pieces & sewed & done house work and am some weary. 

[Sat. Jan. 30. 1915]  Sat.30.  Swept & cleaned & done my work & got another letter from Mr. O’Neil with   2 cent[?-?]HIUE DOIIARS   in it., well I don’t know what to think or do & no one else seemes to know  I don’t know wheather he is in his right mind or not  he is 71 yrs. of age.  his sister died & left him all her money.  We have a lot of snow good Sleighing & coasting. 

[Sun. Jan. 31. 1915]  Sun.31.Today is Wyn’s birthday  she is 39 yrs old and it has rained more or less since midnight all day & is still raining, boy’s are looking for high water tomorrow. a dreary day and tiresome one. 


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