June 1951

Fri. June. 1. 1951./ 16 eggs today./  I did washing,    Elbert went to Huron for fish but he didn’t get any.    Been to hot today 94 in the corner where I was washing & so hot the clothes dried fast out side today   a good South wind & quite strong & the sun was to hot,    I could hardly endure it to hang up clothes & take ’em down,    & I had a hard job to keep Elbert out of the sun heat,    his hand is better, but swollen yet.    K& it hurt enough so he carries it in a sling.    No mail so far this week & tomorrow is Sat.    I for got to mail Martha’s letter also.    Elbert’s going to Vermilion to-morrow, he says for greens for hens.   I Praise God for His Great love & for the strength He has given me today,   & hope & pray He will help me get a dress ready to wear to Church.    It rained a good shower last night & tonight it’s thunder -ing & lightening & rained a very light shower & it sounded like little ice balls in the rain.    I Praise Thee for all things Jesus. 

Sat. June. 2. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Well today I haven’t done much,    but I feel Elbert has done to much,    I can’t get him to do only what hast to be done,    he likes to work & so do I,    but I’ve learned it don’t always pay.   I swept cooked & washed dishes & tomorrow is Sun & here am I , no dress fit to wear to church yet but I’m still trusting I’ll get one done before long.    I trust Jesus will help me   I love Thee Blessed Jesus. 

Sun. June. 3. 1951./ 2753/ 15 eggs today./ Martha Carlisle Monagon is 39 yrs. old to-day. & 39. yrs. ago I was in Ashtabula looking after her mother two weeks & then her & her mother for 3 weeks more,    then they came back to Lorain & lived next door to us.    Well no one came in today, so we were alone.    I hope they are well & I suppose they’re busy or had something better todo.    It sure thundered & lightened last or this a.m, about 3-30.    it whipped & cracked & thundered & rained & hailed & that to was queer,    there were hail stone like marbles & some flat ones like coat buttons medium & large    it was bad while it lasted, then it rained in showers untill about nine oclock,    then sun came through broken clouds & was so hot,   we had a north breeze & it changed to south then south west & died most out tonight.    & now it’s getting quite cool.    Elbert’s uneasy,    his hand is better, but he hadn’t ought to use it for some time yet,     he can double up his fingers but hand is swollen bad yet.     I do hope I can Keep him from using it untill the swelling is all gone    then he had’t to do any pushing on cultivator.    he’s done his usual chores carrying water, mash & grain & he forked up dry grass & weeds & hauled it away to pile & now he wants to do more mowing,    the paths are getting bad    when it rains grass leans over it & soaks our feet.    but I haven’t anyway,  looking for some one, I seldom get a chance to do anything I want to do.    So, have to be as content as I can, be,    hope I can sew all day Mon. & I miss going to Church,    Elbert said he met Mertle & she never ask about me & so he told her I wasn’t able to get to church & she only “said, she was terribly busy and it was to bad,    then he met Lindy & he ask what was wrong with his hand but he didn’t ask about me either,    well, I’m sorry for them all & pray God will take care of them as He sees they need & keep them humble & help them to live His ways, to dress in plain long skirts, long sleeves & button dress around the neck & not deck ourselves in jewlery      but, most of them via one another for style in all ways.    What would Jesus do?   What would He say?   what would He think?   would He do what we are doing, would He,?   Would He say the things we say?   Would He think what we think?    He said be Holy as I am Holy.    & to love one another, to follow His example,    He said to live for the Spirit, that it was better not to touch a woman & Paul said if you were married to live as if you were single.

Mon. June.4. 1951./ page. 2754./ 17. eggs today./ Well I wanted to sew,     but, no sew    instead I mowed the path from the house to the toilet & then we set out some stakes where to plant the dahlias & glads, the dirt is mellow & easy to work right now,    there are a few flowers come up from self sown seeds    the new baby breath flowers or improved London Market,    it’s little bell shaped flowers, are in thick sprays with hardly any leaves, pure white, beautiful,    but the weather’s so cold,   the Zinnias are turned yellow,    I don’t know as it will pay to plant any more,    we dug part of a trench for dahlias,    that’s for the big yellow dahlias.    I’m so sore & lame tonight I don’t think I’ll be able to work out side very much,    they are jobs that need lots of strength I haven’t got.    I cooked two meals & that’s a big plenty for today,    We have a cold N. east breeze tonight & a fire that feels quite comfortable.     I have a letter ready to send Martha & card to her mother & card to Nellie.    & one to Mrs. Goll.   I thank & Praise God for His Love & strength he gives to me,    Glory in the Highest.   Dark & cloudy most all day with light misty rain this a-m.

Tue. June. 5. 1951./ 22. eggs today./ Well I hoed a little today & cooked 2 meals.    The little old man came in from the railroad track & ate dinner with us,    he likes soup & ate a big dish of it & home made bread & coffee,    I had potatoes & carrots & cabbage     he couldn’t eat his cabbage & ask if I care if he took it with him,    so I rapped it in wax paper & made him two sandwitches one just bread & butter & one breadbutter & grape jam.    I bought 2 fine combs & package of needles & card of safty pins & 1. pr. shoe strings.    he had me explain some of the bible & read some to him    then went on his way up the track toward Toledo Ohio,    he said he nearly froze last night, it was so cold,   he fought the mosquetoes till, it was so cold they left, then couldn’t rest   he was so cold,    he don’t look very well,   said he went in a restraunt to eat & went out without his suit case of junk he sells & walked 15 miles before he thought of it & had to go back for it     so he was 2 days late on his way    & said he must be losing his mind & he still couldn’t see how he walked so far without missing it.     Well, we all seem to get absent minded at times.    The N. east breeze felt as if it was coming right off a cake of ice, all day    & it’s cold tonight    Radio said 45 degrees to-night & cool again tomorrow,    I don’t see how things can grow.    Oh the weeds are growing & the grass & bugs & worms,    Well Elbert got the milk & then went to Vermilion & got a few cans of food & little green stuff.    Elbert mailed letters & cards.   & got back before I got up,    I’m terribly sore & lame but I feel better in some ways & Praise God from Whom all blessings flow & pray He will help me to cling close to him. Amen

Wed. June. 6. 1951./ page. 2755./ 16. eggs today/ Two 2. little boys came to the door & ask for work today,     we thought we’d try them out     they did fairly well   they don’t know how to work,    but Elbert got them to dig a trench for his potatoes & they dug a few holes for dahlias but not deep enough & they sort of like to play as they work    they said they’d come back tomorrow,    but Elbert said he doubted if they came.    We put in a few dahlias,   it isn’t the right time to put them in,    but, I’ll try to get them in on the right dates so to save a few bulbs.    We got to put the glass in & I did want to put in a few seeds in now.    I can’t seem to endure trying to do just that little bit,    Oh, Jesus I pray for strength of spirit, soul & body in Thy Name & I thank Thee for all our many blessing & pray Thou Will help me to do & live Thy ways in Jesus Name    I ask & thank Thee.

Thurs. June 7. 1951./ 16 eggs today./  I tried to sew but just couldn’t make any headway so put it away,    queer, When I was younger I did the sewing for all,  We 4 girls & ma & some for Martha when she came along & then I helped others that needed just a little help & not only with the sewing but house work & shopping & today there doesn’t seem to be a soul to help even if you pay them,    they just don’t want to be bothered.   Such a world.    Elbert went & sold the eggs & went passed here or end of road on to Huron & waited for fish,   they gave him 75 small perch & 2 catfish,      I managed to skin them for dinner   then I scaled the perch  25 of them    Elberty scaled 6 or 7 & cleaned them out & cut heads of & scraped them & washed them    & Elbert took some dressed to Harry Miller & 10 or 12 to Epplers & the balance to Lindy & Dorthy,     D. was just having a cup of coffee so she ask Elbert to sit down & have a cup with her & a piece of spice cake,    he’s tired poor boy,    I’ve washed his hands with alcohol & greesed sore one with terpo & band-aged it up & now he’s in bed,    his heart hurt him while I was careing for his hand,    he said he thought it was gas.   & me?  Well, I thank God I could get up & do a little & didn’t do any more than I had to,    I’m so tired today.    Roney came down for the fish with a scowl on his face & Mertle never stuck her head out the window to call out a greeting & no a soul been out since West’s Sr. was here to get a dollar for the party they were having for Tom & Mertle.   Well Jesus takes care of me & I have much to Praise Him for, only it is nice to have some one come & talk & pray & visit a little when you’re not able to get out,    but that’s the way people are now.

Fri. June. 8. 1951./ page. 2756./ 19. eggs today./ Well, I got up late & wasn’t able to do the washing,    I got it done & that was all the power I had left to rub    I helped Elbert get supper    I made a short cake of the straw-berrys he had picked & got ready & I had one tin biscuits    Well we warmed the creamed potatoes we had left over & some caned meat & shortcake & hot tea    & we wasn’t quite finished when Audrey Martha & Jean Ann drove in & it was pouring rain & kept at it in showers,     they said they had supper, but by & by, they said they stopped & had a lunch on the way    I ask if they had had there supper & they said yes,    well, they each took a cup of tea & Jean had a piece of short cake & a biscuit,    Elbert took the biscuits out to soon    they wasn’t quite done but eatable,    I was sorry I didn’t insist on they’re eating    I know they were hungry, but they said no,    so being dead dog tired I didn’t try to fix them anything,    Audrey looked so tired,    she’s going to quit her job    her hands are sore all the time from the dye in the goods she works on.    Dr. told her she’d better quit & so she told them.    She brought me 3. shirts & 5 pkt’s of gum    I paid her for the shirts, but gum wasn’t mentioned & so I forget about it & didn’t pay for that.    I gave A. the dress to fix for M. or herself if M. don’t want it, but I reckon she will.    Well they left before dark saying they’d be back again soon.    Audrey took doz. eggs,    M. gave Elbert 2. bananas    it was sprinkling when they left.    & showered heavy several times since    & Bill Snyders place is a pond hole,    Jean said Marcie “Johny Harnish” wife” is going to have another baby in Aug.    Oh God, Please teach them to live Thy ways to live for the Spirit & not for the flesh,    I pray Thou will reveal the truth to them, in Jesus Name,    & I thank Thee Amen.    Elbert’s gone to bed & I am going to mine,    I so terribly tired.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things.    I received letter from Martha this a.m. & card & book & papers from Mrs. Goll.

Sat. June. 9. 1951./ 21 eggs today./  I haven’t been any good today & once more made a fool of myself trying to help Elbert plant tomatoes    we had to clean off the grass & weeds & then work up the dirt    well he got them set in with one hand & he set some cabbages & he got the milk & went to fish house but got a head ach    he came home with out any fish.    I didn’t feel able to dress them any way,     he wanted to kill a hen but I’m all in & just couldn’t clean it,    so we’ll do with out them some how.    I cooked some apple sauce after supper & washed dishes.    now I read & go to bed & tomorrow is Sun & no dress yet,    Well may God send me some one to help me    I pray He will & I thank Him & Praise Him for all things His be Glory forever.  

Sun. June. 10. 1951./ page. 2757./ 16. eggs today./ Well, it’s been mostly cloudy today & breeze quite cool & sun hot,    Elbert went & looked at cabbages & tomatoes & they are still standing up.   I pray God will help me stand up for Him & that Jesus will send help to me to get a dress or two that I can wear to Church    I long to go & be in His Temple of worship with those of His    I thank & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name.

Mon. June. 11. 1951./ 16 eggs today./  Well, I didn’t do hardly anything today    patched Elbert’s pants & cook 2 meals & washed dishes & baked 3 tins of bread biscuits & picked wild straw-berries enough for us each a good dish full.    Elbert was sick    hes arm pained him all morning,    he set a few cabbages & limed them & hoed some potatoes he forgot to dig last Fall & they are growing now & some on the south line in front yard.    I’ve felt miserable for anything god use,    I’m in no condition to work, it just tuckers me all out.    & I never did a thing on my dress    the pants had to be done    I got 2. prs. socks darned Sat. & it was a beautiful day, but I couldn’t wash today.    I do want to try to do something to my dress tomorrow.    I feel as if I weigh a ton & don’t have the strength to stand up & cut out a dress.    I have 2.    I do want to make so much    wash dresses, but I could wear them to Church for a while.    I thank God for all He has given me & I pray He will fill me with the Holy Ghost that I may Praise Him in Spirit & in truth, for ever & ever, Amen.

Tue. June. 12. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Elbert was in such misery all night & I was up with him untill 5-a-m &K then he got up at 6.a.m. & dressed to go to the Dr’s.,    he went to Huron to Leidhousier & Dr. White was there with a patients     he was getting an exray picture or something to that effect.    & the Dr. took picture of Elbert’s hand after looking at it through the exray, he washed & bandages it up after putting on some dope & he came home feeling some better,    then tonight after supper it began to pain him again so he started taking anacins at 9.P.m.  another at 10-p-m & I helped him get his clothes off and into bed,    he’s quite at 11-p-m. so maybe he will sleep    I made a fire & he said it felt good    so maybe it’s cold in his joints    Well I do hope he gets free from it,    I’ve tried to talk him into trying Jesus, but he wont because of my own condition & because of the condition of a lot of the rest who are even filled with the Holy Ghost & not well.    We are wrong in some way,    but, God is O.K. & when we wake up & find out what it is, He will heal us     I know he can & I pray He will in Jesus Name & I thank Him & praise Him,    I love Him more than all else, Amen.   Glory to God in the HIghest forever & ever, Amen.

Tue. June. 12. 1951./ page 2758./ 19. eggs this day./ I’ve been so tuckered out I could hardly move all day.    & it’s hard to keep Elbert from hoeing & working with only one hand.    I’m trusting Jesus will take charge of him, for I’ll be sick if I have to do any extra,    I’ve felt as if I weigh 3 ton, allday    I think I’ll go to bed,    he seem to be resting if he don’t get at it before I go.    I pray he can rest    he looks so tired out all day,   he needs to rest, I know.    I received my check & have to pay for gas, taxes & coal. 

Wed. June. 13. 1951./ 19. eggs today./  Well, Elbert slept last night & I had a fire that lasted all night & he fixed it up a little this morning & got the chill out of the house    he opened the basement windows & I ask him about it,    but he said they were shut & here he left them open all night     Mon night he took cold & so did I & I wonder what I’m going to do,    I’m not able to hardly take care of myself    It’s really terrible going out in the wet, for water at night    & him sick & not able to go out & not a soul willing to lend a hand.   it’s a great world, but I pray God will hold me fast, in Jesus Name.    Not a soul from church has been out to visit, pray or help just a little & Jesus said to love one another & live for the SPIRIT not for beauty of fashion in clothes & spend hours on our hair,    that we could be doing good in some ways for Him,    not to indulge in worldly things    they belong to the devil.    People have changed,    they don’t have time to do all the things they want to do,    how can they help some one else?    The foriners have more love & understanding than the Americans,    they help each other & I’ve don’t that all my life & now I find when I need a little help, like some one to help trim my dress, they just don’t have time,    Oh God of Love & Mercy help us to be like Jesus;   What Love He had & gave for all of us & how can we sing To be like Jesus, to be like Jesus  All I ask to be like Him all through life’s journey from earth to Glory all I ask to be like Him.    If we mean it why don’t we do like he did?    What are a few of the things He did?    He kept clean inside & out & did the workks of His Father,   Are we like Him in all ways small or great?  are we?  time is growing short    soon it will be to late & there’s only two places to go Heaven, Heaven or Hell, & Hell’s a terrible terrible place.    God said those who don’t have time for me, I won’t have time for them.    He said search the scriptures daily,   watch & pray,    if we pray & don’t help one of those of His who need just a little help, we’re not helping Him.    I praise Thee Jesus.

Wed. June. 13. 1951./ page. 2759./ 19. eggs this day./ Oh Jesus, teach me Thy ways & keep me ever close to Thee, Amen.    Last night it rained thundered & lightened & wind blew in hard puffs & rain came down in heavy shoers “Elbert slept”    It rained in showers all morning, eased off at noon, sun tried to come out just before dark, but not clear & only for a few seconds & to-night it’s cleared off & moon & stars are shining.    I have a fire & it’s comfortable to & Elbert’s sleeping & he hopes to go sell 9. doz. eggs tomorrow.    I hope he don’t catch any more cold,    he’s a hot guy, I notice he could be better off with more judgement & it pays to take good care of one’s self.    He went & got the milk & we neither did anymore than we had to do.

Thurs. June 14. 1951./ 20. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went & sold 9. doz. 5.90 & he got back in time to get dinner & rest a little & then he went to Huron to Dr.    he had taken a exray picture & he found out it was arthritis so the idea of holding it in ice water was no good “as I thought”   it is swollen some yet & sore but cords & bone are in place.    Dr. give him some arthritis pills & some greese to put on his hand & wrist,    after 3 or 4 day, leaving it with out a bandage for that length of time, & with out the greese,    Well I had it coming along good, but he’s as nervous as a hen on a hot cake for fear cords were out of place or bones were broken so now he feels satisfied, but, Dr. bills don’t look so go. 10.00 for exray picture & I don’t know how much the pills will cost & he has Dr. White to pay in Vermilion,    he bandaged it  it & put a board on it & no dope or greese    Well, I did all the washing except my dress & the blankets    maybe I’ll do them tomorrow or Sat.    I’m two tired tonight.    Plato the man that signs you over to old age pension was here just before I was the wash all done,    he talked a few minutes & said I’d get 41.00 next check & in Sept it would be 46.00,    they raised the taxes 10.00 so I’ll sure need the extra.    Well it was a nice day, although it did look like it would pour rain just a few minutes after Elbert left,    he said it thundered at Huron & the storm went South but wind was N. east here & the storm went down the lake,    then I thanked God for hearing my prayer & drying the clothes,    cold breeze & we have a fire    it feels comfy before dark    we saw 7 cranes flying north all in a flock, looked queer,   but twice in the Fall we have seen 1000 hundreds & hun-dreds flying in a long, long line going down the lake shore & that was more cranes than I’d ever seen & Elbert said same.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will send someone to help me sew.

Fri. June. 15. 1951./ page. 2760./ 13. eggs today./ I washed Elbert’s sleepers & what few things I had & 2. corsets  the cover on my chair & my dress & cooked to meals & washed dishes & I felt to sick to get up    I took care of both bed rooms & beds & fixed fire to take out chill Elbert has taken care of & gone to bed    it’s been a nice day,    he carried the water for me to wash & took care of hens & picked 1 1/2 qt’s straw berries     air was damp & N.E.    clothes didn’t dry very fast & felt damp so I dried his sleeper over the fire so he would get a cold from them,    he went up & got a pt. of milk,    she didn’t have any more to spare.    Well I’m going to read & go to bed    I’m tired.   I thank God in Jesus Name,    He is & ever will be & hope & pray he will soon help me to get off to church,    I feel so bad when I can’t go & that’s about the only place I do go.

Sat. June 16. 1951./ 18. eggs today./ I did sweeping & wiped up dust & the daily grind & ironed a few pieces   darn-ed stocking & mended new corset.    Elbert went for milk & then he planted 4 rows of corn & took care of hens & carried what water we needed,    his hand is till swollen & pains him,    he’s sleeping tonight but didn’t rest very well last night.    Wind’s been N. east & it’s been S. west & back & tonight S. east    it’s a chilly breeze & a fog tonight    been mostly cloudy today.    garden grows very slow    it’s so cold nights.    I thank Thee Jesus I can walk & work some & pray I may soon be able to get back to Church.  We still keep a little fire    Elbert seems to feel better with the heat in the house. 

Sun. June. 17. 1951./ & Mon, June 18. 1951. /18 & eggs today. / No fire today    ice chill in air   partly cloudy & hot    Audrey, Martha, Merlin & Jean drove in about noon, then Johny & Marcie with Nellie & Bonita & her 3 children & Joe & Bonney Bell & there 3. children.    Elbert had been up for the milk & I was just getting my feet dressed    I’d taken my bath & had been trying to clean my toes,    I haven’t been feeling very well & my bowels just wouldn’t move after they came,    so, that night after they were gone I tried several times to move them,    I been out of olive oil for some time but I will try not to let it happen again    my rectum turned out so far it seemed as if it would kill me, but I got bowels to move off the hardest part & then greesed myself & pushed rectum back & put a greesed soft cloth up against me & lay down,    it pained all night & all today Mon.    Elbert went only for the milk & came back & went to Huron for fish, but didn’t get any,    he’s tired & gone to bed.    I haven’t done much today, but Praise God in Jesus Name for the strength he does give me each day.    Glory to His Holy Name.    I love Thee Jesus.

Entry in John Harnish’s diary: Sunday, June 17, 1951:Church at Vincent.  Steak picnic at Aunt Eleanor’s.(Monogans, Dudiaks & us)

Tue. June. 19. 1951./ Page. 2761./ 12. eggs today./ We got 23 egg Mon.    & today is Ruby’s Bonney’s birthday   she’s 56 yrs. old “Frank will be 61 yrs old July 27” & they were married on his birthday    & Johny Harnish’s boy is also “one yr old today.    Johny & Nellie were to Lake Side to the Methodist convention.    Biship Ralph Ward of China will speak there June, Fri. 22. 1951.    I like to see him but guess I wont be able to go    Nellie & Johny stopped here today, well just at supper time but they wouldn’t stop to eat with us or have a cup of hot drink,    they were very tired & wished to get on home 25 miles farther to drive & then, he has a long drive back to Boston & that’s a 24 hr. drive.   Marcie expects another baby in Aug. & I know she will feel rather tired & Nellie & Johny said they thought she would go with them Fri. to Lake side & Sun. or Mon. they start back home again, such a life.    Well, I did the general wash & then cut a few weed & grass   nearly proved to much & Elbert hiked out & hoed a row of potatoes & he looked terrible when he came in & I had not got my strength back when Johny & Nellie came in,     so, Elbert said I looked terrible & perhaps that was why they didn’t stay.    I didn’t get the blankets washed today & I’ll have to rest tomorrow.    I thank & Praise God for the strength He gives me,    I really ought not to mow    it’s terribly hard on me & my stomach.    I lay abed untill I get some rest.    Recieved card from Mrs. West Sr. said she noticed I hadn’t been to S.S. for some time & knew I’d be there if I could get there, so thought she’d write a line & perhaps call some evening,  ha, ha, ha,    a fellow could be dead & buried in 6. weeks & they are just beginning to think maybe they ought to come out,    she said she was trying to clean house to,   “she said that way back in Mar.   I wish,  but pray God will have His way, not mine. 

Entry in John Harnish’s diary: Tuesday June 19, 1951: Mother & I went to Northeast. Ohio Conference at Lakeside.   Stopped at Aunt Eleanor’s.

Wed. June. 20. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t do much today    raked the dirt each side & around the tomatoes & dahlias & took care of beds & rooms     then after supper Mrs. West Sr. & Jr. & Mrs. Sprunk came out & Dorthy had her two & Eddy West’s 2. children & they talked & visited & got a few flowers & roots & went a-gain.    I thank God for all our many blessings & that they have been praying for us.    I do Praise Thee Jesus

Thurs. June 21. 1951./ Page. 2762./ 20 eggs today./ Johnny’s birthday he is ____./ First day of summer & it’s like & early day in Sept. & tonight it is so cool one feel the warmth of a fire comfortable, very cool N. east wind, fresh & puffy.    Elbert went & sold 10. doz. eggs, 65 cents per doz. total 6.50 & he bought the grain 4.60 & mash 4.76 total 9.36    he had some of egg money from last 2 time he sold eggs so had enough to pay for it.    I got the dinner   he ate & rested a little then got the bags into the granery,    it’s so hard to only have one hand to use    he finished hoeing the garden, potatoes are in bloom, the first ones    the second bunch are coming, but slow,    he hopes to put in a few beets & carrots soon,    but says it doesn’t seem profitable,   flowers came up that self sow,   turned yellow & stood there for several weeks & now a few are turning green again    dahlias are up, but the ground is cold.    I sewed a little on my dress today,    maybe I’ll get it done before Fall.    I was going to wipe up the floor but felt to bum.    I thank God He cares for me & I hope I still, will be found worthy,    Jesus Blessed & Holy,    I Praise Thee for ever & ever, Amen.

Fri. June. 22. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Well it was dark untill 9-a-m & Elbert went to the fish house & he bought $1.35 cents worth of fish & they scaled, them & I cut the heads off & dressed them out & washed & scraped them, salted & packed them, after frying 3 for Elberts dinner,    I could-n’t eat    bowels didn’t work good yesterday or this morning, and not untill most supper time.    then we expected to see Johny, Marcie & Nellie for supper & we ate at 7-30-p-m when they didn’t show up    & then Johny came in late 8-30-p-m or quarter to 9,    said he’d taken Marcie to New London & His Mother & another lady had gone with Him to Lake side this morning    he had to come from New London to his mothers & then to Lake side & go the same way back to night although he left his mother at Lakeside that preaches at her church    Johny leaves for Boston Sun. or Mon Morning.    they are all tired out,    I pray God will teach them His ways    I thank Thee Jesus.

Fri. June. 22. 1951./ page. 2763./ 19. eggs this day./ I made biscuits for supper & we ask Johny if he’d had supper & he said he had, but if I’d like to,    do, up some fish he’d take them to Marcie so I did & some biscuits,    Johny has a bad stomach, it seems he & Elbert take the same Kind of stomach pills.    Elbert stood by while I cleaned the fish,    neither of us have felt very good today,    he worked up some of the dirt for carrots & beet this after noon.    I cleaned the cupboard shelf, & table, got every thing ready to get the supper fast,    took out extra dishes & silver ware & cleaned them.    Well, I didn’t get my dress ironed    hope to do it in the morning    & plant my India lilly bulbs & dahlias & glads.    I’m so tired,    I helped Elbert get his hand bathed & fixed up for the night & he’s in bed.    I thank God & Praise Him for all our many blessings,    I love Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.

Sat. June. 23. 1951./ 18. eggs today./ Well I ironed my dress & swept & wiped dust from chairs & worked up a small piece of dirt & planted a few dahlias    hope to do a little more Mon. & then be done with flowers this yr. out side.    I hope to sew & get my dresses done.    Elbert worked up quite a piece with hoe & one hand to plant beets & carrots & a piece for lima beans.    It’s been hot sun cool N. east breeze.    They had a bad storm in Cleveland    did a lot of damage to trees    up rooting such a lot.    damage runing into the thousands of dollars.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Love & wonderful care & I’m trusting to be filled & healed    I know Thy coming isn’t very far away & pray Thou will help me to be all Thine & be ready & worthy in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sun. June. 24. 1951./ 17. eggs today./  Been a nice day, bright & sunshiny almost all morning then clouded up & rained & hailed at supper time about 6-p-m.    it poured down in sheets, had several such showers & it showered & the sun was shining,    the birds all kinds came & filled the trees & flew about as if having a free picnic for everyone    it was a pleasent sight.   Elbert’s hand stays swollen & pains so bad, if he turns it just a little,    I think he uses his fingers a little & keeps it agervated.    he can’t wash his back & right shoulder, so I did it for him     & I try to help wash his hand with alcohol & bandage it.    & wash his other hand & arm when he comes in from working, he planted one more row & a space on end of another row 6. or 8. ft long.    Well he hopes to plant the beets & carrots tomorrow, if it isn’t to wet.    Birds go at the currents & so we picked 3. big qts. of ripe one’s & I hope to cook them for jam tomorrow    & I hope to sew but will have to wash either tomorrow or Tue.    I wish I could go to church,    it seems ages since I was there.   God help me.

Mon. June 25. 1951./ 20. eggs today./ Well, I did the washing & 1. woolen blanket & hung them out & brought them in again    it’s been nice a N. east breeze and a hot sun,    I made    glasses of current jam to , after doing the wash & it’s to much with the other daily round    I think I wont do it again,    Elbert’s hand does look so bad & he wants to do his garden work & is so discouraged    & he said he’d spent all his money & so couldn’t buy anything more,    he took the ox tail soup back to Vermilion & exchanged it for vegetable beef soup & he bought boiling meat pork chops & a nice cabbage head;    Well, he’s gone to Huron to see Dr. about his hand,    it surely looks bad    I pray God will help him soon.    I thank Thee Jesus for all thou hast done for me & doing for me all the time,     I pray I may be worthy,   Oh God of Love & Mercy    Thou truly doth know my heart,    I Praise Thee, for ever & ever & trust all my life to Thee, all the Glory & honor truly belong to Thee.   I love Thee Jesus    Nights are so cool & damp.    They had a little tornado in Cleveland Fri. & queer things are happening here & there, near & far, just as God has said they would. 

Tue. 26 June 1951./ 15. eggs today./  Well I got the glad & dahlias ready to plant & Elbert with the hoe & one hand dug the trenches & droped most the bulbs & 1. row dahlias & have to put in one more in the morning & unless we both feel more able bodied next yr. I wont plant so many.    I like to do a little out side so to get some fresh air & sun, but my feet torture me most to death.    We’ll both to tired & I didn’t do a third of what I use to do.    I thank God, for I know all I have is What come from Him.    I wish I understood what I ought to be doing every day, & pray He will reveal unto me & help me to do it in Jesus Name.   I love Thee Jesus.

Wed. June. 27. 1951./ 16. eggs today./ I baked 3 tins of biscuits this afternoon & didn’t get up untill noon    I was lots to tired yesterday & all most as bad again today    feet pain me untill it make me sick to my stomach    hands & arms are unbearably tired, but I love Jesus.

Wed. June., 27. 1951./ page. 2765./ 16. eggs this day./ I know Jesus will fix my feet when all is as He would have it    I do wish I could see Miss Willitt’s & I hope I can before much longer    I’ve really got to, for Jesus is able to make us both whole in His Name,    I never can tell how much I love Him, He’s done so much for me,   Glory to His Name, Amen. It’s been cloudy hot & mugy all day,    sun coming through at intervales, this after noon it rained in heavy downpours & part time sun shone while it was raining hard & sun set white as ice & is & has been so far to the North, it’s lots cooler tonight, to much so for gardens.    I cut up last of dahlias & Elbert planted them after supper    he said the rain had them almost covered,    he had put them in the holes between showers & it rained hard since he covered them    I hope they stand up, sprouts were so long.    Now we have to put in broccoli & lettuce & red cabbage.    next week & tomorrow we should trim off rose suckers

Thurs. June 28 1951./ 19. eggs today./  Well I didn’t get any sewing done,     Elbert went with the eggs & I lay a while, then just got up when he drove in    he only had 9. doz. eggs 65 cents per. doz. “5.85 total ” he paid the light bill & for the meat he owed for & got can of babo 14 cents & bottle of Alcohol 51cents   to rub his arm & hand, his hand seems better,    We had just been resting after dinner a while, when I decide the to repot some of the plants & fill some pots to put seeds into.    I had got it three forths done & set them in on kitchen floor when Miss clark walked in, sweating terribly    it was hot & she had walked from end of road,    so, I was all in to from my job,    so she set down & I gave her a wet wash rag to sponge off with & in a little while she cooled off & I made lemon aid & then she felt better.    We went out side & visited a little & then she & I picked a qt. of current for her & I gave her 1/2 doz. eggs & 3. big bread biscuits & two towels she failed to keep when she hemed the rest for me.    & a dish cloth, boughten one I got at a sale;  she age supper with us,    we had speggeti cook in beef broth & green cabbage cooked tender & green & some of the shank meat chopped & fried,   bread . butter & current jelly & a nice visit & Elbert took her home at 7-30-p-m.    she said she was to womens prayer meeting yesterday & they gabe her 3 people to pray for    Elbert & I & she didn’t say who the other one was.    we both felt better Wed.   Praise God from whom all blessing flow.,  Glory to His Name.    It rained hard shortly after Elbert got back home. Mrs Fredrick

Thurs. June 28. 1951./page. 2766./  19. eggs this day./ received card from Audrey./  the old lady Miss Clark lives with has been in hospital for 2. months,  had caterack taken off one eye & has one on other eye.    & tonight they were go-ing to bible study at 4 square.    Mrs. Fredrick is 81. yrs. old   Miss Clark’s sister is in convalesent home yet,    Well it’s lots cooler tonight & Radio said cooler tomorrow,    been partly cloudy all day & cool breeze with hot sun.    I do thank Thee Jesus for saving my soul & for freindship    Oh God I want to be worthy & to do Thy will, Amen.

Fri. June. 29. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much today    felt so tired I didn’t get up untill 1.-p.-m. & then had to get dinner fast & then I washed dishes & swept & went out to get Elbert out the hot sun    I ask to use his hoe & so he leaned on the butternut tree awhile     then he got the box & hay fork to clean up the grass & the weeds I had cut off,    then he got the other hoe & worked awhile & then came in the house & was going to set the glass for the door up in the door & put a chair to hold it,  to break the wind off him in the big chair & the wind blew it back,    he grabed for it & stuck his fist through one glass pane,    so, I’d told him so many times not to do that & now he knows, & it will cost for glass & putty.    Well I was glad it didn’t cut his hand, the other hand is healing good.   I Praise the Lord God of Host & for all our many blessing.    N. east wind & so cool & garden don’t seem to be growing, just standing, anyway it hasn’t grown much in this last 2. weeks.  potatoes are in bloom.   & cabbages come in slow & tomatoes & corn, the other things like wise.     I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & love Thee. 

Sat. June. 30. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a nice day   cool & mostly cloudy & sprinkled several times & then came a shower of misty rain but it didn’t last long    Elbert got a little more ground ready   beans, grounds so cold & smells musty.    I cleaned Electric hot plate & roaster & wall behind it & floor & swept & done the ironing & mended 2 work shirts & darned his socks & did my other daily duties & felt to tired.    I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Name for His word & Love.

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