March 1946

Fri. Mar.1. 1946/ 861./ something about my teeth.  I can’t eat my tomie hurts after I eat  can’t chew my food  what little I do eat. Well, maybe I’ll get up & go to Vermilion with Elbert in the morning & see & talk to the Dentist there  all deppends on how I feel.  Oh God I thank Thee & Praise Thee in Jesus Name; Amen. 

Sat. Mar. 2.1946./ Only 11 eggs today /  Elbert didn’t go anywhere today, only for the milk  he killed & dressed a hen & put it on to cook we had some broth later & to night I made a custard pie & 2 tins of biscuits for supper  I can’t eat much because I can’t chew.  I cleaned my old hat & put some new ribbon around the crown & pleated a piece of white & put in on the side  makes it look fresh & clean untill I can get me another one  didn’t get my dress fixed so I don’t know about getting to church & I wanted to go so bad.  It rained before I went to bed last night & toward morning it showered heavy a couple of times  the got colder & at 7-a-m it snowed hard  wind was N. east & laid a good white cover over the ground & the sun came out in an hour & melted it all away, it’s  been a beautiful Spring day, with nice sun & tonight it clouded up again  wind N.W. & it rained hard at 8-30-p-m. I got dishes done & now We are going to bed for it’s 10-p-m. not cold out. 

Sun. Mar. 3. 1946./ 22 eggs today/  It’s been a beautiful day, the pussy willows are coming out & they look queer so silvery in the sun shine. S. west breeze all day & we were home all day.  Elbert went for the milk. I am going to try to go Tue. night again  I’m truly to week to go places. 

Mon. Mar.4. 1946./ 21 eggs today//  Well it’s been nice out today partly cloudy & it rained some from 5-p-m. to almost 6-p-m & now its like a light mist.  wind has gone N. east tonight a little colder tonight, but to hot in the house all after noon. We went to Vermilion to the Dentist  I left my lower plate to be mended & another tooth put in one was broke & it cut my lip, it was the new one they put in  when they fixed them last.  I went to call on the Preacher & his wife & family  but no one was home.  We bought a little meat  some lemons & can[la?]  a news paper, I saw Mrs Tom Elppler taking in her washing.  It begin to look like spring, weeping willows are buding & look so fresh.  I sure will be happy when, it warms up & I hope I get some strength into my body & legs & arm, I sweat cold sweat at the least exertion, when we got home, I didn’t feel able to get supper.  I made us each a cup of tea & rested one hour & then got at it, but after supper when I had the dishes done I sweat like rain  I feel sure when I get back to Church God will take a hand in this & fix me up again. Praise Thee Jesus. 

Tue. Mar.5.1946./ A nice day with sunshine and showers.  I did the washing  Elbert carried the water to suds & wrinse  when he got back from Vermilion  he sold 10. doz. eggs for 

Tue. Mar.5. 1946. /862./ White in for 4.00, 40 cents per. doz & got 90 cents for 2. doz. making $4.90 cents he gave me four last week & 4 today.  I’d like to get some chicks & get them under the brooder. so we can have some early layers this Fall.  Elbert got some boiling meat & sausage & later was starting to spoil, says he’s going to take it back  he cooked some & we couldn’t eat. it.  I got most the supper & did dishes & got most the clothes dried except his union suit, I wanted to go to church tonight but he felt so bad & his head & stomach & bowels  he almost fell over while we were getting the supper.  Well I’ll pray God will help him to turn to Him & be born again & healed & help us to get to church again.  Well I got a letter from Ella Jane this Morning.  she says she’s feeling better & working & likes her work, but for -got to say What her work was.  She went to a circus & see the tight rope walkers & bicycle riders on the tight ropes high in the air & the animals & a pair of twin Elephants. & they have lost of snow yet Wacckegan I’ll.  she sent 2 pictures of swelling & the rope performers & she said Bonney Bell had been discarged & was going to Fort Sheridan, her mother is going there with Bonney Bell & Ella Jane expects to see them & have a visit before they come back home, she also said Johny & Marci were ingaged to  he had given Marci an engagement ring. “she called it  2 pieces of good news. 

Thurs. Mar. 7. / 22 eggs today/ Cloudy all morning beautiful all afternoon but N.E. breeze I swept scrubbed 3 rooms & washed my dress & I’m so tired tonight

Thurs. Mar. 7. 1946./ 863./ 22 eggs today  Wind went on around to N.E. & on around & back to N.E. getting little colder out side & strong wind Today I pressed my dress & Elbert’s pants, he washed them this morning.  I put the blankets out & aired them 7 did my house work & went to church tonight, the Minister & little Joe started out to buy a loaf of bread & came on out here, to tell me there were 2. missionarys speaking at the Church tonight & Sat. & Sun. nights.  I gave him 2 doz. eggs & then took another doz, a loaf of brown bread & can of coffee & they are in a bad fix  no lights upstairs, I met the ladys Miss. Brown. & Miss Kelly & the Minister & his wife from Elyria   The woman from Krogers Store (ans. my prayers) & one or two others took in food, potatoes, bread & a lot of canned goods & I gave them 5.00 (I’d saved to pay Audrey, for the flowers for John’s funeral,) so they coud have meat.  I had prayed God would show me how to help them most & He said you could give them that money you saved to pay Audrey, & take it out of your check, Praise God in Jesus Name, He ans. prayer  We went to Church & they prayed for my health to be improved to God I Praise Him & Love Father, Son & Holy Ghost. 

Sat. Mar. 9. 1946./ 24. eggs   Well the wind seemed as if it would blow us off the highway  coming home & Elbert said (& I could see) it poured rain, while I was in Church, We had a good sermon from Miss. Brown  Miss Kelly talked to us about the’re work & some of the others & the Elyria Minister lead the song service  This morning, it snowed & blowed a gale & ground and everything was White with snow, it snowed untill after 10-a-m & aat 3-p-m. the wind is blowing hard & snow is most all gone melted. Elbert went to Vermilion & got us some boiling meat & garlic balogna & lettuce leaves for the hens (Trimings) & I sent the preacher a wall bed lamp, a old oil lamp I had fixed over for electric & a cord of wire & a plug & tonight I’m taking my extension wire & socket for 2 plugs & our coil of wire we use for a trouble light.  I got my check this morning & Elbert’s gone to Huron to cash it & get a money order to pay Audrey her 5.00 & the Den-tist had my teeth back & sent them to me, I’m going to pay him, 3.50 tonight & have to go yet this coming week to get the impression taken for new plates. We gave Dentist his money & sent Audrey her’s & Elbert went into church with us tonight  We had a good sermon Oh, Praise God , Oh my Soul.

Sun. Mar. 10.1946./864./  22 eggs today  I got relaxed early this morning so that I slept from 6 in cat naps untill 10 & then just laid there & rested for 2. hrs. got up & shook up beds & aired out the rooms & helped get the supper ready   Elbert washed 3 pig hocks & fried them brown & I took over & put a little water on them & salted them & cooked them all most tender then added potatoes an onion, cabbage & carrots  I made grave in broth, Elbert sure ate a big supper  We went to Church, there were a few more than last night & we sure had a wonderful sermon  Miss Brown did the preaching  she little, but she’s mighty for for God, Glory, Glory, Haliajuia

Praise the Lord.  I took two jars of sour milk & the light cord to the preacher’s tonight she said she had some white corn meal & she was happy for now they could have corn bread.  It’s colder tonight, today  we watched the white clouds cover the sun making a big white ball & then a rain bow all around it, while the sky was clear around the white hall & just wet of the sun was another long white cloud looked about 100 ft long & 25 wide not even on the ends & the rain bow strips ran length wise clear across & were so clear & bright in both clouds.  then there was a long, long narrow cloud shooting out of one place from a cloud, coming up from the west, like a curtin with all most a straight edge & it was traveling a triffic rate of speed. One day, one like the last I just saw came up from the west & spelt Jerusalem, looked like when the air planes spell out things in the sky.  & the next day I didn’t see it in time to see what the word or words were & they were to near, so to tell. 

Mon. Mar.11.1946. / 19 eggs today   It’s been a beautiful day, We went to Vermilion to see if Dentist could fix my teeth grind them of in a couple of places, but he wasn’t home & wouldn’t be untill 5-p-m.  so Elbert bought a little meat & a news paper & I saw Rev Singleton & he ask us up for a few minutes, so, I went & talked to them both a little she said  they had eaten some thing that made her sick & Brynt to, & today he had a sore throat the missionary women had just gone down to Miss Clarks & she’d been jumping around doing dishes sweeping & cleaning up, her cheeks were red & so was Brynts she looked tired & worried  I love them, they are God’s children & it’s terrible the way they have been mistreated  if it were Jesus every one would out do them selves to help them, Well I’ve done all I could & am sorry  I can’t do more, but Pray God will send in more to help.  If the church was full and every one gave in a tenth they could live.

Mon. Mar.11. 1946./ 865./  Oh, God I thank You for ans. prayer & sending them food & I pray Thou will bless them & there children, they have worked so hard & I know you feel they are worthy, for Thou sent in food even by stranger as I ask of Thee & Now Lord, We Know Thou will send in new comers to tith  I pray Oh God in Jesus Name Thou wilt, We will give Thee all the Praise & Glory, Amen. Well we got back home in time to feed the hens & have supper before dark & I had started to make butter of a little cream that had soured we, had some lighting & all my milk soured, so, after supper I finished the butter  it isn’t as thick or, it don’t seem to have the body to it, that it should have.  but I had made some biscuits & I ate one with the new butter, its as white as the biscuits.  Cows don’t get green food yet. 

Tue. Mar.12. 1946./ 23 eggs today/  Elbert went to Vermilion & got a little to eat, he got a check in the morning mail for 36.70 & so he paid the bank what he owed them & now he has them all paid up, he paid for his licence tag for the car & got us some broccoli & little meat to fry for dinner  he sold 10. doz. eggs for 40cents per. doz. & gave me the 4.00   he gave me four twice before this but we had to spend it, but now we will have to save it for hen’s feed again.  I did most of the washing while he was gone, he did his union suit shirt socks & 2 kercheifs & he suds & wrinsed them  I dried them out side & they got dry, the wind has been so strong today  nice sun, the trees & roses are leaving out all ready. I praise God for all our many blessings, Glory to God. 

Wed. Mar.13.1946./ 24 eggs today/ I slept late  I was to tired & then got up & got dinner  Elbert gets up early & did a lot of spading out in front of the cottage. I walked out in the yard some & looked around  Elbert burnt the grass along the ditch out in front just before supper, from south side of drive almost to the Elm tree, or walnut tree  then we had supper & I done the dishes.  S, west wind eased up tonight just before dark, the frogs have been croaking for several days

Wed. Mar. 13. 1946./ 866./ the trees & roses are leaving out & it’s been a real spring day today. 

Thurs. Mar.14.. 1946./  21 eggs today/   It was a fine morning with out hardly any breeze, I got up & took a bath & we ate a lunch & went to Vermilion at 12-30 to the Dentist  he said to come back about 1-15-p-m, so we went over to Hambly’s, her mother & step dad were making a garden & I talked to them for a time then to Mrs Hamburg, she said her man called some of the folks in Church hipocrits & so he wouldn’t go to Church any more, some argument over work & Tom E. not helping do what he ought to do & yarns about others, Well, I gave her my spun rayon dress, she says there is a woman right near her that sews & I’m glad to learn that for now I can go there and get her to help me fix the bottom of my dress   Mr. H. came & I talked to him a few mi. & then a woman friend came in & talked abit  her man has done over 200.00 two hundred dol-lars worth of plumbing in the church free of charge & they are Catholic people. & it was some of the Catholic people that have helped to feed the minister his wife & family  this winter, “she” Mrs H. said they didn’t seem quite the same toward them since they had moved back into the Church. I thought she seemed cool to me. Mon. not so sociable & glad when I got up to go. Oh well.  I don’t mind, & maybe they were worried or in a hard fix.  I should have had better judgement  I got my plate ground off, so it don’t hurt my gums so bad & Elbert got a nice box of greens for the hens & a little meat for us & we came back home  had a lunch and went out

Thurs. Mar.14.1946. /867/  & burned a little more grass in front yard & it began to rain & a thick fog like heavy misty rain has been coming down since 4-30-p-m. & still at it at 11-p-m/ Wind went N. E. & a little cooler.  Fog horn at Huron was blowing at 4-30-p-m

Fri. Mar. 15. 1946./ 20 eggs today. / Well I didn’t do much today & the weather out side is gloomy. I’m so tired. Elbert went to Huron but didn’t get any fish, they don’t expect any untill Mon, strong under currents, so strong it’s hard to set the fish nets & so thick & fogy & ruff.  Well I set bread & baked 3 loaves of brown & 1. white & 1. pan of roll & I washed my change of clothes & rags & 8. grain & mash bags & my neck scarf   got supper & wiped up the floor & am, oh, so tired I feel sick & ach all over & my feet ack like tooth ach & my stomach & bowels back & legs, I’m sure in misery tonight &  each time I think I wont be so foolish again, but that terrible old ambish, sure enough gets me down.  Well, a hen died on the nest today she was in good order as far as we could see. It’s been foggy today, but sun came out a few times W went S. & raining tonight.  I received a letter from Sister Nellie from Wankegan I’ll. where Ella Jane is  she said Bonney Bell went to Ft. Sheridan to get her dis-charge from the Goverment & that Ft. Sheridan is between Chicago & Waukegan so she (Nellie ) went over Thurs.  Bonney Bell was finished & went on to see Ella Jane by the way E.J. is working in a printing office across the street from the Karcher Hotel where Nellie & B.B. are staying, Nellie said, We all had dinner together tonight & we had steak.  She said Sonney was sick when she left home  had a high temp. (she was talking of little George.)  she & Bonney Bell expect to return for home Sun. night & she ment  to have written me sooner but time surely slips away it seems, & then So glad Spring is coming, said it was pouring rain there.  Johny has done a lot of pruning but isn’t done yet, he trimed & tied up one row of grape & chopped out the rest, so the tractor can plow around the one row. (then) write when you can, and are you having any fresh fish? She signed off with. Love, Nellie. (I do). & it’s surely raining here tonight. May God teach us His Ways. Elbert bought a ham and cabbage today  it’s rather salty but tasted good. 

Sun. Mar. 17. 1946./ 23 eggs/ (lost a hen she just up & died.   St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning , & it has been so thick & foggy all day  very light breeze  N. East & rainy

Sun. Mar. 17. 1946. /868./ 23 eggs./  tonight, but we went to Church & God blessed us. I gave the Preacher’s wife a loaf & bread & some rolls & 1. doz. eggs. she was feeling more sociable tonight.  Praise God  I know they have there worries, but they do trust God & He Keeps them & He healed Brynt of a cold & sore throat last week and & Brynt was so happy he stood up & testified & Praised God in Jesus Name. Hallelujah, Glory to God. Oh, Glory.  There were only a very few to Church & some of them live so close to Church to & didn’t come & Miss Brown told of a native running 75 miles to find God & God blessed him on the way, but he still went on to tell the missionary, he had found God on the way there. God wants us to be determined to find & keep him & prone[?] Him.

Mon. Mar.18. 1946./ 24 eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron to see the first catch of fish that came in about 5 hundred lbs. & he didn’t have money enough to buy any, poor boy.  This after noon I went to Vermilion to Dentist to took the impression for my new set of teeth & ground the lower plate off a little more sun shone some today & we had some rain & N.E. Chilly wind.  I haven’t done much today  right side hurt me so bad.  I wrote a letter for Elbert’s insurance & sent (11.95) in money order for a yr & 2. months & wrote a letter to De Haan & sent Him a money order for 4.00 dollars, for, books a dollars worth  12 books, [or (2 books] to each one, Audrey, Gertie, Johny & the Wheeler family.  will mail them tomorrow or Fri.  I hope.  Cloudy tonight but moon shines through now & again as it has for several nights.  

Tue. Mar. 19. 1946./ 24 eggs today./   It’s been quite a nice day, only wind is cold  raw from N.E.  I haven’t done much today, felt so weak.  I wrote a short letter to Miss Baumgart & Cranages & to Georgia R. & a card to Annabell.  Got to keep at it for there are several more to get out & I only have 3 cards & 3 envelopes left & no money for any more.  I’ll be glad when the wind warms up so I can go out doors again  Elbert Killed, dressed & cooked a hen for supper, my milk soured, so I didn’t have much to eat or drink today  but tonight I ate, the rump & 2 wings & 1. slice of bread with gravey on it, this noon I had 2 handfuls of crackers & a cup of beef broth, tonight I’ve drank 3 cups of milk. & 2 cups of tea. thats lots more than a lot of people get on the other side  I Praise God for what I have, We are out of money to so we may have to fast awhile. 

WEd. Mar. 20. 1946./869./ 23 eggs today / We had a heavy frost last night was real snapy cold this morning early.  Elbert went to Huron at 9-30-a-m. didn’t get back untill 1-p-m. & he had a pk of nice fresh fish, he dressed them & washed them & I fried 5 nice ones & he took them over to Mr. & Mrs. Douglas, she said they had, had there supper, but they were going to eat the fish while they were fresh & hot.  He said he picked up the woman that works in the Huron Bank, she’s the daughter of the man that bought Douglas’s farm & it Joins my ground in the back.  Well I aired the bedding & swept & then I had Elbert call the Preacher’s place to see if they would like to come eat fish but they had some preachers there putting shingles on the out side of the Church over the siding & so they couldn’t come & it’s just as well perhaps  I’m so weak today & sweat so hard doing what I had to do.  I have 5 letters & 3 cards wrote & ready to mail.  It’s been a very nice day, sunshiny, but cold N.East wind, I was down in the basement & open-ed up the way for the water to run out, it’s wet down there, I opened the windows & let the air sail through.  I wrote a card to Annabell, one to Miss Clark, one to Virginia & Wyn.  a letter to Miss Baumgart, one to DeHaan, one to Nellie & Elberts insurance, one to Georgia Rosecranse.  Now I have several yet to do & hope to get at them next.  I have the dishes done & have to go to bed got to go to Dentist in morning.  

Thurs.Mar.21.1946./ 20 eggs today/   We went to Vermilion to Dentist & he had take another impression of lower jaw  ground old plate little more, then we came home & I fried fish  we ate & went to Lorain, We stopped to Cranages  sold her 2 doz. eggs for 40 cents per. doz. 80 cents I talked a little & then we went to the Steel plant & I had to wait out side the gate While Elbert went & got his pay, one day’s pay he had coming & then we went & waited untill 4-30-p-m. for Audrey & she was up by the place where she works waiting for a girl friend to pick her up with the car to go to the woods & pick Hepaticas “flowers” so we took her home & gave her a qt of apricots can of quinces  5 fresh fish  small can of greese & a doz. eggs. then I gave her an India lillie bulb & a begonia.  She gave me five dollars for the 5 dollar money order

Thurs. Mar. 21. 1946./870./ 20 eggs/   I sent her for flowers, she was to buy for John”s funeral & because Nellie said each family was to buy there own, she didn’t get some for us & put it in with hers. Oh. well, It’s O.K. by me  they tell you they’ll do this or that & then don’t do it.  We hurried back home & got here in time to feed hens & while Elbert went for milk I got supper & did a few more odds & ends.  We put the letters & cards in the mail box in Vermilion today & didn’t get any more cards or envelops.  Today’s the first day of Spring. & it has been a fine day not much breeze & sunshiny & fog horn blowing all day  We had a heavy frost last night again, & looks as if we’d get one again tonight  although it’s cloudy at 10-p-m. Elbert bought me a piece of butter where we get the milk & it is so frowry [?]  could hardly endure the smell  We  I  undone it.  he bought seeds of them that had bought & then had to many & I do hope the seeds are O.K. Received letter from Audrey this morning.

Fri. Mar. 22, 1946./ 23 eggs today / Elbert went to Huron at 9-15 & I started the washing full out doors, air was damp wind was strong sun was warm & so they were most dry when Elbert came, he went to get me some water & I scaled 5 fish & put them on to cook & while they cooked I wrinsed out the remainder of the clothes, he wrung out his heavy underwear & he hung them all on the line, They all got very near dry   His under wear got half way & I finished them in the house, he went out & dressed the fish after we ate dinner.  I did up dishes & ironed & was so tired & so was he & he looked as sick as I felt, We had another heavy frost last night again, that makes 3 we have had now. Elbert went for the milk & took the butter back  it was most strong enough to clear up a farm  any way   I’d be ashamed to sell any one anything as stinking as that was.  I’m so hungry for a little good butter & I do pray God will give me some  I was so all in & so was Elbert, We went to bed early.  I pray God will Bless the Ministers efforts in Jesus Name Amen. Oh, Yes, I received a U.S. Postal card from Flora  she’s out to the farm packing & sell what she can of her house hold goods & says her leg is bad, I don’t know whats wrong with her leg & she’s so tired & short for breath & will be so glad to be gone from that place.  but I’m wondering if it wont be terrible in two little rooms in town  when it gets hot weather. Well I like to be out where I can breath & have room enough to turn around in.

Sat. Mar. 23. 1946./ 18 eggs today. /  We got up & went to Vermilion to Dentist & he has got the forms or blocks “as he calls them ready to go  I have forgot where he sends them & they make the real set  I’m to use, he was sending them out yet today & said they might be back Thurs. he’d let me Know.  I’ve only paid 20.00 dollars on them & he said they would cost 75.00 dollars.  Elbert’s feeling

Sat. Mar.23. 1946/ 871./ 18 eggs/  so bad again, his bowels are paining him & cold chills go all over him, he’s looked bad today, he couldn’t sell the eggs either, & we have 14. doz. on hand. I do hope we can sell them this week before they let the price down for Easter.  We got clear home before I remembered that I laid my pocket book on the Dentist desk to look at teeth & then stepped to the waiting room door to speak to Elbert & then he looked as if he was so out of sorts  I went out & left the perse, so he kicked open the coal bin window & went in & opened the back door for me & he went back & got my perse & came right back, I changed clothes & had the onions & pota-toes most done & he unlock the grainery & brought in the fish & I cooked 5 or 6 for supper, he bought potatoes, cabbage & boiling meat today, we had vegetable soup for supper. We couldn’t buy a paper, so, could learn any news.  When Elbert went for milk the Riber boy ask him to come & hush 125 shocks of corn for them  12 cents per bu. is what they pay.  Oh, Well we had another frost last night. N.East cold raw wind all day.  

Sun. Mar. 24. 1946./ 22 eggs today / Well, we been having some thunder & showers since early morning. I got up at 9-30-a-m & felt & still feel as tired as when I went to bed  ate a dish of soup & at noon a handful of crackers & two bites of ham triming from a ham bone.  & have drank 3 cups of milk & 2 cups tea.  Elberts bowels are still paining him  he has taken 3 anisins at 1. hr. apart & now has taken 1. of 3. 2. hrs. apart  I do pray God will heal him & make him whole, Amen.  I hope to go to church this evening But Elbert seemed to feel lots worse after supper & so we didn’t get to go.  Winds N. East & to cool but it been a nice day & I Thank God & I prayed all evening God Would send in several in my stead fill the church & fill every one that came & Bless the Minister & his family

Mon. Mar. 25. 1946./ 23 eggs today/  Well, wind went S. West & it was warmer & the sun was quite warm also, We took the pruning shears & went out to trim the ramblers, but, instead we cleaned up the red & yellow roses & Westeria vine & trumpet vine & aspargas asparagus & the hardy Perennial sweet peas, that in on job is a big one  Elbert helped & he carried away the brush, Oh yes we trimed & dug around the goose berries east of the toilet.  then While Elbert went for the milk & fed the hens, I fried the fish & did a few more odds & ends & then strained the milk & he looked after the frying of the last fish 3 fry pans full we had  I covered the birds we talked & rested awhile & he traced out the road up to Wisconsin & to Florida & then I washed dishes & he dried them, then he went to bed he’s as tired as I am & Oh, but I am sure tired & ach all over. 

Mon. Mar. 25. 1946./872./ 23. eggs./ Wind went N. west & got cooler tonight sun was white but went down red. & the ground was pink all over like it was before the tornado.  Not much breeze tonight.  Didn’t get Flora’s letter mailed yet. 

Tue. Mar. 26. 1946./ 21 eggs today/    Today is Evelyn Bonney McGinus birth day. she is 34. yrs old. & has her husband Red & 3 children. Pa & Ma went & walked over to Oberlin Ave. to be at the tea party she was there first grandchild, ma thought it was so foolish to get up in the middle of the night & walk clear over there & sit around & wait & wait & then walk back home a good mile & a half one way.  Ma was 55 yrs. old then & had had 9 children, lost 2 girls & had 7 living. Pa was only 51. yrs. old.  I Know now how tired & worn out ma use to feel, and I’m glad I did all I could to help her.  The washings & ironings were terrible & the scrubbing of floors wood work & windows, the beds 7 bedding to look after & Oh the everlasting cooking job & the baking, the sewing & mending & darning  Ma & I got the meals ready & while I aired the beds & straightened up the rooms & picked up dirty clothes  Ma took car of the hen & young chick when there were some, she liked that, while I swept & dusted she washed dishes & some times one of the other girls would dry them for her.  I loved my mother dearly.  I loved my father but not the most of the things he said & did, Poor old Dad, I  never could see or understand why he was, the way he was. & I’m still so sorry that he was so.  Now pa, ma & Fred are gone & our brother-in-law “John Harnish”  Elbert Bonney 63 yrs, Elinor “Bonney” Babcock 61. yrs. Gertie Bonney 58 yrs, Frank Bonney 56 yrs. , Audrey “Bonney” Carlisle 54 yrs. & Nellie “Bonney” Harnish 49 yrs. are still living.  Well Elbert went to Lorain & got his tools today, he has been feeling rather bum thinks he has flu in his bowels, they are so sore & pain him so, he went this morning 8-30-a-m & got home 2-30-p-m.  I got up at 9.a.m. & have done quite a lot of triming  We had a lunch when he got home  I hadn’t had a bite to eat before  he couldn’t sell the eggs.  Elbert said they were marked 51cents in Fisher’s store in Lorain & they sell as cheap as any one   Lipp’s Tea Store only paying 30 cents & I pray we will sell them to pay for the hens feed

Tue. Mar. 26. 1946. /873./ 21 eggs /   and so ‘we’ can eat also, he got a little boiling meat & he ground a little for supper. I have done dishes & now I am going to bed.  Elbert is sleeping hard, he so tired & so sick & feels bad because he can’t stand it to work. I pray God will heal & convert him in Jesus Name. Amen. Glory to God. 

Wed. Mar. 27. 1946./ 22 eggs today/    I received a letter from Miss Mc.Govern yesterday   said she’s sick with a bad cold & if I was married before 1917 she had a friend she thought could help me get my pension  I was married in 1920.  Well, I did my washing & Elbert washed out his clothes  I baked 4 loaves of bread  2 Brown 2 white & hung clothes out side to dry  it a beautiful day, We trimed rambler in front of hen house  I’m lots to tired.  I got the books from DeHaan instead of his sending them, he sent them to me. Oh Well.  The half of the old apricot tree is in full bloom & Oh but it’s pretty & the golden bell are out & pussy willows in bloom.  They look queer after they turn from the big buds to blooms. Daffidills are most ready to bloom also.  It’s been a wonderful day. 

Thurs. Mar. 28. 1946./ 21 eggs today /  Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 19 doz. eggs today  10 doz. for 38 cents per doz (3.80) & 9 doz for 40 cents per. doz. (3.60)  he paid 3.60 for the last bag of scratch grain  we had to run in dept for its now it’s paid for, he spent 2.16 for food & 52 cents for oil. he don’t feel well  his head is troubling him again & his stomach.  I swept both bedrooms & wiped up the floors & then got dinner  we rested a few minutes after & then Elbert went out & planted beets & carrots & I finished triming the roses N. of the house & the one by the front door & by the drive & we tied up the one in front of hen house  now I only got the ramblers on the 

Thurs. Mar. 28. 1946.  874. / 21 eggs today./  & honey suckle vine & bitter sweet then triming done again but, I got to rake & clean up back yard where the flowers are & clean sod out of peonies or transplant them.  The Dentist stopped in, on his way home from Sandusky , to say my teeth had not come yet & he’d let me know when they came.  Wind N. east, cool but sun hot, I got supper & got dishes done  we let poor old Pete & his 3 hens out in the park this after noon & they sure injoyed them selves, he froze his comb, through our care-lessness last winter, he had such a nice comb  he’s a beautiful cock bird, Elbert cut his spurs last night they were so long he couldnt walk good

Fri. Mar. 29. 1946./ 21 eggs today  /  I got up at 9-30-a-m. Elbert  was go to the fish house, so, I washed the wood wood & oil cloth behind the stove & then got my self washed & Mr. & Mrs. Hambly came & the little boy “youngest” the other 5 were in school  We had a cup of tea together & they walked around out side & looked & enjoyed them selves; I gave them 4 cans of jam & 1 can of fruit.  they had just gone when Elbert came  he ate a lunch & drank tea & then cleaned the fish  30 of them  we kept 12 & put 8 in one package & the rest in a package for Hamblys & we went to prayer meeting & had a real prayer meeting  Elbert went in with me tonight. Mrs. Hambly ask us to take them

Fri  Mar  29  1946  /875./ 21 eggs/  home as they were go-ing to have board meeting & Ellen was home with Margie & Ellen fell & hurt her ankle tore some of the ligements loose & she’s to grad-uate this May & all there parties & things going on next month.  the eldest boy thanked me for the apple sauce & mrs. said it was the best she ever ate.  Oh Well, they must have been hungry for it.  We got back & all was O.K. except the stove was letting off gas & had the place filled so I could hardly breath. I finished all the rose triming to day now the honey suckle & bitter sweet & Ill be done, it’s been a nice day partly cloudy & lots of fog tonight  wind went S w. & on to N.E. again  I darned Elberts socks last night 2. prs. but didn’t get my ironing done yet. 

Sat. Mar 30. 1946./ 22 eggs today/   Well, I thank God He is with our minister, I saw Him walking back & forth behind him as he talked to us last night. I’m glad & Praise Him & pray He will help us to really have a God fearing Church down there yet.  The wind has been cold & raw & strong  I haven’t been out to do any work out side today.  I did my ironing.  I made a batch of drop cakes & did the dishes & not much cooking, as Elbert’s stomach’s on the outs, he went to Vermilion & got grain, & he felt so bad he didn’t eat much today, & he didn’t look to see which grain they gave him & he got wrong kind  I don’t know what he’s going to do about it. he didn’t pay for it, but did pay for the one we’d had before this one.  Well, I thought I’d like to go to church in the morning, but after all that I saw & heard Fri. night I don’t know whether to go or not, I hate gossip & Jelousy & I have been asking Mrs. Tom Eppler & said, you don’t ever shake hands with me any more & she said Oh You’re bad & in fun I turned my back & Mrs. Singleton said, look at the size of her. & she. hasn’t been as friendly as she use to be, of late

Sat. Mar.30. 1946./ 876. / 22 eggs./  She set & stared at me from across the church & when I looked at her she cast her eyes down & turned white, her face looked so flushed, before & her eyes as if sh’d like to do something desperate to me.  My soul is clean before my God & I do pray he will help each one to Keep Clean, they seem to be a jealous bunch.  I don’t want anything  any of them have got & haven’t ever done any thing to any one of them that would be wrong in the sight of God.  Mrs. Sprunk joked with Elbert, & was friendly.  Miss Clark don’t talk to me either, anymore.  Mrs. West came in after church for board meeting & they said to her, this is a nice time to come in after church is over, she turned white & looked angry for a second then started talking fast, said Lindy & his wife & Eddy her son were all on there way home  Some one said Lindy had been trying to preach without a license, but that don’t sound reasonable; Elbert got a news paper today & it said there was a big small pox scare in Califonia & thousands had been vaxinated & that it had come from Japan, but thus far there had only been a few cases of it, but that there was another boat coming & the Captian had reported 2. cases.  I do pray God will be merciful unto us. 

Sun. Mar. 31. 1946./ 21 eggs today /  It’s been a long day cold raw N. east wind & we had a good fire  it felt good  We went to church tonight & every one was as nice as you please  Mrs. Singleton said she’d been having a sore throat & some of the rest been having a sore throat, & some of the rest had colds in one form or another & Ellen Hambly was there she had her ankle well taped, she fell & tore some ligements loose  her mother didn’t come but Margie & the other children & there grandma was there & the Wests’ family, Mrs. West Sr. played the piano tonight. Lindy & his wife & Eddys girl & Mrs Sprunk. Mrs Crole & Marry & the little children were there & Tom & his wife.  & Bockman & a young man I didn’t know, We had a lunch & fixed the fire & going to bed. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. we have had 287 eggs.

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