[Oct. 1-14. 1913] Oct.Wed.1.  Thurs.2. Fri.3. Sat.4. Sun.5. Mon.6. Tue.7. Wed.8. Thurs.9. Fri 10. Sat.11. Sun. 12. Mon. 13. Tue.14.

[Wed. Oct. 15. 1913] Wed.15.  Well. Pa has been out to Wellington for a week & he came home Sat & went back Mon. & Aunt Jen, Easel & her husband spent Sun with us. a dreadful rainy day & they took a boat ride in the rain.  Oh they went home after supper & it was such a releife.  Oh dear.

[Thrs. Oct. 16. 1913] Page 90.Thurs.16.  I went to sew for Mrs. McGill to day sewed all day. or 7 1/2 hrs. for 1.00$  went to Spade mans store & met Nellie  bought oysters & came home  Audrey & baby  Martha came to meet us, for a walk.  Geo. C. is working at Hobs store.  I am tired but more hungrey than I’ve been for a week. 

[Fri. Oct. 17. 1913] Fri.17.  Well I cut a coat from & old cape & have it half maked, for Nellie today. 

[Sat. Oct. 18. 1913] Sat.18.  House work & finished Nellies coat

[Sun. Oct. 19. 1913] Sun.19.  Pa came home last night & we had a beef roast with dressing for dinner & it rained

[Mon. Oct. 20. 1913] Mon.20.  Oh it rains, I sewed all day  Oh.dee

[Tue. Oct. 21. 1913] Tue.21.  I did a big washing & have been sick 4 days

[Wed. Oct. 22. 1913] Wed.22. Swept the house & dusted & cleaned & helped Gertie cut out her white linen dress. 

[Thrs. Oct. 23. 1913] Thurs.23.  Mrs. Leon Wonderhill called me over long distance phone today she wanted to hear my voice she said, she called to make an apointment for Mrs. Pitkin  & her daughter to meet Pa & Ma Sun. that they might make arangments to go south with Pa & Ma so I calledPa & they are all to meet at Mr. Wrights hojme (he is Mrs.Pitkins brother)  So I will call Mrs Wonderhill  [? underhill] & tell her where Mrs. P. can meet the folks   Gertie is so ill I gave her a bath & grease her & put her to bed & put hot flannels on her.

[Thrs. Oct. 23. 1913] Page 1. every 15 minutes  Oh  dee dee dee dee dee-

[Fri. Oct. 24. 1913] Fr.24.  Well I took care of Gertie then phoned Mrs. Underhill. she had ask me & still asks me to come out for a visit for any length of tme I can & they will be glad to see me. well I appricate (partly crossed out) the fact, it seems good to know one is welcome.  Oh how much we have to thank God for.  Well along with all my other duties I have at last finished a black silk turban hat for mother & its 12 oclock standard time.  I have been caring for Gertie & it’s most 1 oclock & will be before I can get to bed. ma is going to Wellington tomorrow. 

[Sat. Oct. 25. 1913] Sat.25. Ma went after dinner -to W.  I have baked 11 loaves of bread scrubed two floors swept dusted, washed Martha’s clothes & took care of her & Gertie & put Martha to sleep at noon & night & cook-ed the meals & finished at 9-30 & got a hot lunch for Gertie & Audrey.  A worked in ten cent store today.  And I have taken care of Gertie today- that is, I gave her a bath this morn. then bathed the length of her body alover in sloans linement & then golden ointment, gave her her ointment & cough medicine fix her some breakfast & then her dinner & then her supper & take them  Then before she goes to bed I bath

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[Sat. Oct. 25. 1913] with alcohol, then S. linement & ointment & give her, her medicine & put a hot blanket under her & a hot flannel over her & tuck her in  Elbert came home with Audrey, from town and Fred & Nellie came a few minutes later & I had to heat Gertie’s blankets three or four times & give her more cough med. before she could rest.  Then I took my bath & went to bed Sun. Morn. at 120clock  Oh.dee.dee.  Sweet day of rest. 

[Sun. Oct. 26. 1913] Sun.26.  Well I got up at 7 oclock & broiled steak over the wood coals & cooked breakfast & took care of Martha & gave her breakfast & Audrey done the dishes & I swept & straightened the house & skinned 5 chickens & dressed them & boiled them & make them in a pie & boiled & creamed potatoes & all the rest that goes with a chicken dinner & Frank & Ruby & baby Evelyn came for dinner,  Elbert went to the bridge down below & brought them in the Bonita & they had a good time.  I made butter scotch & stirred it to sugar. & gave Ruby some to take home & they seemed quite happy.  Well its 12 oclock & I have taken care of them all & now I going to bed, dead tired, to much so to rest. 

[Mon. Oct. 27. 1913] Mon.27.  Oh.dee.  I have done the general work took care of Gertie & done the white wash & cooked supper for all. Ma came for

[Mon. Oct. 27. 1913]Page 101.for supper; & Van Talor & her brother Athur Mastin came for supper from Cleveland & I have done up the dishes & took care of Gertie & now I’m going to bed oh, so tired. but thank God he has given me strength & that Gertie seems some better today.  The tug Burton smashed the canopy off the Bonnita this afternoon.  Elbert phoned & told pa, the Burton is a Government tug. 

[Tue. Oct. 28. 1913] Tue.28. Oh dee.  I’ve felt so bad all day I’ve tried to sew but haven’t accomplished much for Gertie & Audrey are sewing & betwext showing them & helping do house work, I don’t know what is going to become of me  my patience and endurance seem to have flown as chaff on the wind & left me trembling lest I might say something I ought not say & the only thing I can do is pray & sing song of praise untill I have for gotten for the time my troubles.  Oh how I wish I were good always good.

[Wed. Oct. 29. 1913] Wed.29.  I became so ill last night the family got up & doctored me with all sorts of dope, but we desided it was gas & they gave me medicine for gas & we all went to bed at . 3 oclock this morn.  I got up at eight oclock & worked allday. 

[Thrs. Oct. 30. 1913] Thurs. 30  Sewed all day & went to prayer meet-ing & took care of Gertie every morning & night  was gone an hour its raining now. 

[Fri. Oct. 31. 1913] Page 102. Fri.31.  worked all morn & Ma & I went to town met Nellie & did a lot of shopping, had all the bundles we could carry home. tired. 

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