May  1948

Sat. May. 1. 1948./ 23. eggs today. Uncle Will Wheeler’s birthday    he’d be 94 yrs. old & my pa would have been 87. yrs. old this last Jan 28. 1948.   Well, it’s been a beautiful day here    cold N. East breeze, but, hot  sun all though it Looked like a cake of ice it so white.  Elbert went to Huron in hopes of getting a big mess of fish, but only got enough for us.   I slept about an hour then got up & thanked God in Jesus Name for my many blessing     I washed combed & dressed & put the water to heat & whook up the beds    opened wide the windows then started washing Elberts sleepers towel & wash rags & socks    I did out my shirt nose rags & dish    & first I didn’t get his union suit & heavy work shirt washed.    I did the dirty dishes next & started the dinner just as Elbert drove in,    he looked tired & sad but perhaps he can get more, Mon.    Nellie & the children & Miss Clark will be needing them bad by that time    I wanted to get out in the sunshine,    so I went out & trimmed the Westeria Vine & got it all done & fastened up.   then Elbert had been spading so I told him to come in & we’d have a hot

Sat. May 1. 1948./ page. 2130./ 23 eggs this day. /  drink which we did    & we rested awhile    he read part a story out of the Country Gentleman & then went out to feed hens     while I fried the fish & cooked what rhubarb I had picked    then we ate & rested a spell & I washed dishes & wrote a little & read a little & prayed some & went to bed.   Elbert went at 9-p-m.    I thank & Praise God for my heal-ings & my many blessing & pray Jesus will help me to be a blessing in His work, Glory to God.    I received a letter from Sister Audrey Carlisle & a box of bulbs, Madona, Cala, Regale lillies & a gift bulb & another DeHaan book (The fish that caught a man and a letter from 1044. South Olive Street; Los Angeles 15 California 

Sun. May 2. 1948./ 23. egg today./   We went to Sun. school & Church & then came back home,    Miss Clark was feeling so much better    she taught our class this morning.   When we got home we had a light lunch & Elbert then pealed some potatoes & put them in cold water while I made two big tins of baking powder biscuits    & then he killed a hen & I dressed it out after he picked & singed it & I washed it ready to cook & put in in a pan & covered it    & we went to Nellies,    she put it to cook, but in to much water,    she thought it was done    but it was tuff    they were hungry & said it was good    we had biscuit & gravy & creamed potatoes & coffee.   I had ask God for Johny or Bonney Bell to go home & take them food    they were badly in need & God sent him,    he took 3. doz. eggs & Nellie had received her check    so he took her post hast to the store before they closed    & she got a few groceries,    but she admitted they were hungry,    some one had given her a box of pie mix for a pie crust & she had a little rhubarb, so she added eggs & put whipped whites on top,    & they were waiting thinking Bonney Bell would be home & perhaps bring in a little,    but , she phoned & said they had company from Penn. & would be coming,    I then told her we had the things in the car & had come for supper,   her face then lite up & they got the hen on to cook & they got the table set & we had prayer & supper    & then we left for church started at 7-45 p-m & I got in just as they got started,   Praise God in Jesus Name.    We had such a blessed meeting & I got so filled   Oh, Praise the Lord   He is so good to me.   We took the smith children to end of there road & came home tired but happy in Jesus.    & it sure did rain hard all the way home & half the night,   then cleared off & got 

Sun. May. 2. 1948./ page 2131. / 23. eggs this day./  clear & quite cold before daylight.    We gave Nellie 2. doz. eggs for a dollar that paid for our gas,    he got a bottle of milk & I drank some before going to bed.   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for our Blessing.   

Mon. May 3. 1948./ 22. eggs today./   Well that hen meat “& I only ate the tail” nearly killed my stomach before morning.   no more half cooked hens for me.    I laid in bed untill 10-30-a-m.    then got up washed dressed & combed my hair & ate a bit or two & my stomach still com-plained,    so, I got my coat & hat, “for we both got our checks in the morning mail” & we went to the store,    I paid $14.31 cents for the groceries & $5.00 on coal & Elbert paid 5.00 on coal making 10. on the coal bill   so I’ve paid 40.00 on the coal bill & have $40.57 yet to pay or maybe its 41.57;  Elbert got a money order for 15.00 to pay his insurance,    so he only had 5.00 left & he paid 1.25 for gas.    I have enough to pay my Church tenth    I got a $1.15 worth of food at A.&P. store     & Elbert got 3 spools of thread & 3 of darning cotton & 3 yeast cakes    & we came back toward home,    we picked up Mrs. Smith & her little boy & let them out at Tom Eppler’s house where they are living now.    she had a big bag of groceries about all she could carry & seemed pleased to get the lift.    We got home safe thank’s to the Lord & got supper & then did  a few odds & ends & the dishes    & picked over a big bunch of greens & washed them for tomorrow & cooked the boiling meat.    & now I’ll read & Praise God in Jesus Dear Name for talking to me, & helping me so much.   I give Him all the credit & Bless His Holy Name.   It’s been a fine day.

Tue. May. 4. 1948./ 25. eggs today./  Elbert went to Huron early & I slept untill 10-a-m.    then washed, dressed & combed my heair & went out for the mail    We received a card announcing the graderating of Jean Marie Sarr. Fri. evening May. 21. 1948. at 8-p-m. in Town Hall at Berlin Heights.  Commencement Exercises, of the Senior Class.    Well, I set bread & baked 3 tins of bread biscuits & one big & one small tin of rusk biscuits & they are not done yet,    it take so long for them to rise after the dough is remixed with sugar, shortening, milk, eggs, flavoring & nut meg.   & I add another piece of yeast,   but , its been a chilly damp day.   I had a little fire but didn’t set the bread untill after 2.-p-m.   I forgot it.   so it was late when I got them mixed.    I’m terrible weak today,   & began to get rather anxious before Elbert came    he got here 5-30-p

Tue. May.4. 1948./ page. 2132./ 25. eggs this day./  -m.    he waited for Scotts boat    it was late,    Scots son does the fishing    he took the wrong course & run 45 minutes   didn’t find his nets & went back to first nets & then went back & found the others,   Well, they were glad Elbert was there to help & gave him 6 white fish, another fellow had given him a good mess of pike & perch,   the men were half froze   it was so cold said they thought it would be snowing any minutes,    When Elbert drove in I fixed his coffee & I fixed a fish while he washed & then he put the fish in a bucket of water then came in & ate & drqank & fed the hens & gathered the eggs & cleaned the fish & I salted & packed them,    & tomorrow we hape to take some to the girls Gertie, Audrey, Martha & Nellie.   I thank God in Jesus Name, He loves us & ans. prayer. & I pray He will help me to be a blessing to Him, Amen.

Wed. May.5. 1948./ 25. eggs today./  We went to Audrey’s Martha’s & Nellie’s & to Wyn’s & Virginia’s today.   Audrey had gone to Cleveland with nellie, so I learned today   it was Nellie who was weeping & wailing,    there is something wrong in-side of her & so she’s gone to see what can be done for her,   Gertie was very friendly & told us a  lot about verious things.   I took her a big bunch of lilacs & lillies of the valley, her birth day is Thurs May 13. 1948  she’s 60. yrs. old.   We went to Martha’s   door wasn’t locked, so we put the fish in the ice box & left the biscuits on the table,   we gave Gertie the fish & rolls for them & she took care of them then while we were there,    then we went to Nellie’s & Bonita put the fish in ice box & took care of the rolls “they call them” & she & the children were eating beans & bread & a few chips of ham, so she fix a little more & some coffee & a pot of tea & we ate a few bites & drank & visited    & then left for Bonita had done out a big washing & wanted to do out Johny’s & Marcie’s.    She didn’t know how long her mother would be gone, just today or two or three days to the Clinic.   We stopped & talked a few minutes with martha, on our

Wed. May. 5. 1948./page 2133./   way back & then on the way back we stopped & had quite a nice visit with Wyn [Ethel Wyn Grant, Elinor’s first cousin ] & Virginia [Virginia Grant, first cousin once removed ] & little Joice [Joice Grant, presumed daughter of Virginia Grant, Elinor’s first cousin twice removed,] is a doll, a very pretty, busy, child.  Wyn is really getting fat.   She says she’s feeling better, but hasn’t any en-durance.  She’s 73. yrs. old & they said the last time they brought Aubrey [Aubrey Grant, Wyn’s sibling, Elinor’s 2nd cousin] home he had a bad spell & they had to take him back in the amblance to Cleveland,    he’s very poorly.   has a bad heart valve,   & Virginia had a tumor taken off her bladder & now her blader gives her such a lot of pain & trouble    & her neighbor is in like condition only has several tumors,    guess they are afraid Nellie has something of that sort, Oh God, I do pray Thou will teach us Thy ways & help us to do them, I pray for them & others turn us to Thee in Jesus Name, Amen.    We came on home from there,    We did stop & give Miss Clark some sweet biscuits & a big bunch of voilets.   We changed clothes    Elbert looked after the hens & I fried what fish we had & we ate & I’m tired.  Wind N.E. & cold, sun hot,    it’s been a fine day & I thank & Praise God for our many blessing.  My birds were so glad to see me, When I got in. 

Thurs, May. 6. 1948./ 25. eggs today./  Well it rained most of the night.  **part of the day the sun was nice    Wind got real chilly toward evening starte to sprinkle after we got started for prayer meeting    & rained hard & steady from then on.   Elbert planted 3 long rows & 1. short row of white Maine potatoe cuttings & 1 short row sweet potatoes & he cultivated his strawberry plants.  I trimed the trumpit vine, then could hardly get to the house    I had such a pain in my ankle & at the top of my heel where slipper toe comes   hard to sit down on a box Elbert brought to me.   & then limp in on a prayer & the hoe,  God took it all away   Praise His Blessed Name & we went to prayer meeting & He sent His power through us & I felt fine, Glory to God,   & He healed the minister’s head  Glory, Glory praise the Lord, I give Him the praise & Glory & wish I could help others to come to Him   Oh God, open their hearts & minds to Thee in Jesus Name & I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus. 

Fri. May. 7. 1948./ paage. 2134./ 24. egg today./  Well I went with Elbert to sell eggs     what he sold & collected was $10.35. & mash & little food was $7.36 & 1.25 for gas   We stopped to Day’s and Hambly’s      then on to Lorain to Mrs. Cranage’s    He isn’t very well,    she has her hands bandaged they are breaking out like His did,   they anoited a handkercheif of paper & wrote to them,    but, she says it all depends on Who does the praying & that’s so wrong,    if we believe & ask God in Jesus Name to take out all our unbeleif, He will do the rest, true,    He lets us appear to get worse to test our faith, sometimes, but if we stick to Him through thick & thin, He ans. prayer   He so Graciously healed the Ministers ear & head    it run & bleed most of the time but right after they anointed him & prayed for Him, it stopped bleeding & he was over joyed & Praised Him much, Glory to God in the Highest Glory, Glory, Amen.  We got home safe & the hym’s were bubbling over in my heart   it rained hard all way home, house was warm & a fire in the stove,    we had cocoa  that was last night  & went to bed.   I broke a cup    that makes 2. now & I upset my new Voilet plant,    I just got it started, but only broke one leaf off of it.   made a muss with the dirt.   & the slop jar sprung a leak,   it don’t get very good care by others when I haven’t been able to empty it & has had the enamal cracked on the edge around the bottom.   it’s trippled enameled & Ive had it 26. yrs. & it was like new untill I had to have others empty it at times when I couldn’t    & it was bumped on the well curbing & the cover dropped off on cement step at back door.   It got so cold when we got to Audrey’s today,    we had fried spar ribs & potatoes tomatoes & pepper & ppickle rye bread & coffee    & she gave me 5 silver teaspoons     she went to Cleveland Clinic with Nellie & they said nellie would have to take several electric treatments   she has a growth of some sort.   I pray she will turn to the Lord with all her heart soul mind & strength.   Audrey said today she didn’t think God could heal of fix a short bone, Oh God of Love & Mercy Who made us & knows all about us    help them to know, & understand in Jesus Dear Blessed Name. Amen  (I have to get some more paper)

Sat. May. 8. 1948./page 2135/ 28. eggs today/  I only done the general round to-day.   We received a nice letter from Nellie today.  Marcie had her baby, as I understand. Thurs. May 6. 1948. a Girl, 6 lbs & 3 oz. & both are O.K.   Bonney Bell & her Jo were home Wed. evening & stayed over night & took Nellie back to Cleveland Thurs. for another treatment   said it did not tire her so bad as riding the bus & she has to have 8 treatment.   She said they had the fish Thurs. night, & they were fine & that they enjoyed the chicken & biscuits & green onions.   She said Ella Jane had to go to the hospi-tal again & wasn’t going to be able to go to summer school, as she had hoped to do.   I’m sorry for her & I pray God will have a turn with her when she gets home, if not before,   & help her to Know Him & to trust Him for her healing.   We went to Huron to see if we could get a slop jar & could only find small ones for children.   I did get a water pail 14. qt. 72 cents,    been a nice day but cold wind.   I thank God for my many many blessings, in Jesus Name Glory to God in the Highest.

Sun. May. 9. 1948./ 23. eggs today./  We went to Church & Sunday school & came home, had dinner & went to young peoples meeting & church    I gave Miss Clark a doz. of eggs & the Minister & his wife 1. doz.    & they prayed for several & for me,   I felt I had a cold coming on,  every one almost has a cold,   & Elbert has one   & I could smell he had a fever with it    & I don’t like being shut in with a person, like that (in the car).   I’ve felt so weak & tired & as if I weighed a ton on my feet for several days now.   I thank God for his healing power & Praise His Blessed Name. 

Mon. May. 10. 1948./22. eggs. today./  I’ve felt lots better today & Praise God in Jesus Name & I thank Him for helping   Elbert to feel better, so much so he went to Huron & got   two nice white fish & got here at noon with them   he dressed them & I fried them   I had the potatoes all ready to cook & I put them on right away,    so by the time he got the fish ready they were most done   I made the coffee & we ate.   I had my pie crust & my biscuits all ready to mix up, but he didn’t want to wait for them,   so, after dinner I made a custard & 2 apple pies.   We ate the custard in middle of afternoon.   I washed dishes this 

Mon. May 10. 1948./ page 2136./ 22 eggs this day./  morning & after dinner,   Elbert ate cold fish & bread for his supper & hot tea, but I’m so tired I didn’t eat just drank a pint of milk,    he worked up dirt around the strawberries today,   he went back to Huron right after he ate for Scott wasn’t in, but didn’t get any more fish.  He cold is bad tonight & fever strong,   I hope he will feel better in the morning   & that God will Kill the fever & cold & Keep me free also.

Tue. May 11. 1948./ 28. eggs today./  Elbert sure feels punk today,    he must have taken more cold & not thank God he felt better yesterday,  he said (he didn’t just now when I ask him) & I ask him Why he didn’t,   he don’t know,   I ask him if he would try God’s way & see if he would help him & he said maybe he would,   God of Love & Mercy I pray Thou will help it to be soon, in Jesus name, Amen.    I love this brother & hope we can be together in the here after,    & free from all the sins & sorrows of this world,   Well, I got my washing done & it was plenty,   for I didn’t wash last week.   We had a beautiful sunshiny morning,   it rained a good shower after dinner & we got the clothes in, then hung them out again & they dried as dry as they would    for the air was damp,  they soon dried in here & were all done except the rags & I do them carbolic on, in each room   I thank God in Jesus name for my blessing.

Wed. May. 12. 1948./ 26. eggs today./  Elbert felt punk this a-m but he killed a hen & cooked it before I got up,   I just laid & rested    I felt so tired & weak,   it rained in showers most of the night & dark all morning & all after noon & still is at 20-to 6.-p-m. & also at 10-30-p-m.   N.E. wind & rain not much wind hardly noticable.   Well, I should have ironed, but didn’t,    feet & legs are bad   nerves jerk so bad most lets me down    so I took care of beds & rooms & birds & let it go at that,    but will have to do my dresses & big Chair seat cover.   Elbert thinks he feels a little better tonight.   cold rainy night   we still keep just en-ough fire to keep the damp & chill out.   I Praise God for my blessing & that He love me & helps me to understand.   I pray He will continue to keep me close to Him & to do His ways in Jesus Holy Name. Amen. Glory to God in the Highest

Thurs. May. 13. 1948./  Today sister gertie Bonney is 60. yrs. old.  & she don’t look it but she’s never done anything to 

Thurs. May 13. 1948./ page. 2137./ 26. eggs this day./  to make her look or feel old   she never did work enough to have good health untill I left home     and once she sort of apoligized    she told me shortly after I left home that she use to think I had life easy & that now, she didn’t do a third as much work, and she wondered how I ever done so much.   She’s working for the Good Will, pressing & mending & sewing on buttons.   I don’t know how much she earns    she pays her share with Audrey for rent & so forth.  Well I did the ironing & picked a very large bunch of lillies-of-the-Valley & Elbert helped me,   he picked a big bunch of voilets all so    I gave them to the ministers wife & divided the lillies & gave Miss. Clark, Mrs. Hambley’s mother Grace Day, Mrs. Smith, Dorthy West, Jr. , Mrs. West Sr., Mrs. Sprunk, & Miss Beeser,  each had a nice sized nose gay,   more than a dollars worth each.  Rev Buser & his wife came in to prayer meeting tonight.   He’s been off to Chicago to a preachers convention & I don’t know how they just happened to drop in, but he made a fuss over Mrs. Sprunk & Mrs. West as us-ual   then he spoke with the rest of us after church,   he did the preaching tonight.  He gave a good sermon   he told how God redeemed his soul & of a lot of things going on today   then he said he had 2 small daughters one 2. yrs. & one 3. yrs. old & that his wife gave the 2. yr. old a bottle & put it to bed in the after noon & the other would hunt around & find an empty bottle   & when the youngest lost holt of the one she had with milk in the 3.yrs. old quickly sliped the empty in its place & drank the milk from the other,   he used it for an example,   how just a little thing like that could “if left unnoticed” grow into stealing & become sin.  Well, we got home safe thank God & had a lunch  Praise His Name & now to bed.   Elberts throat is bad & tomorrow is egg day.   I thank & praise God for our blessings.   Elbert got a check for $40.00 this a.m. for rebate taxes.   I thank God for ans. prayer   I been asking for God to help him to get enough money to pay John Werner, so he’s going to pay the 40 to John & I still pray he will be able to

Thurs. May. 13. 1948./page. 2138./ 26 eggs this day./  pay up the rest of it,    he will still owe $55.00, & interest, John is a good old soul to lend so much & not take even a note on it.   I pray Elbert will soon be able to pay it all,   It’s been a gray day untill 5-p-m sun came out for an hour or so been cool & such a lot of folks have a sore throat or colds in one way or another   Mrs Sprunk & Miss Clark  were prayed for tonigh & also Mr. & Mrs. Cranage & unspoken requests.   I praise God in Jesus Holy Name for His saving grace & healing power & pray He will keep us humble & true & under the blood,   I love & Praise Thee Jesus.  

Fri. May. 14. 1948./ 25. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain & sold only 6. doz. eggs     then he sold 7 doz. at Vermilion, on the Lake.   Hambly’s father & mother a doz., they have taken the releif from the old folks & they haven’t got it back yet,   I pray God will take care of them.   Elbert ask Mrs.  Hambly & she said Mrs. Day had been telling it all over,    & then she told Elbert all about it.   God says when we can rule the tongue    we have won half the battle,   We must live in every way like Jesus,     I feel so unworthy in Jesus sight    I learn every day how small & unsightly we must be.    I do try so hard & I’d love to be like Him.    I rested all morning, got up talked to Jesus a while dressed, combed & washed ate some rye toast & drank some milk & went out doors to mail box    pulled few weeds from around the rambler roses at south end of the house   scared a cat out the back yard that was after the birds & came in     rested 5 minutes    then swept the bed rooms after airing & shaking up beds   & then washed the dishes   & Elbert came so I put his coffee on & fixed us some dinner,   he bought part a ham 2.60 bag of grain 5.55, and 1.00 car gas, 8 cents for yeast, he brought me 1.22 back from egg money    Bill long gave him 3.00 on his work,   he still owes Elbert & wants him to come back to work.  Elbert paid John Werner $40.00,   he met John up

Fri. May 14. 1948./page 2139./ 25. eggs this day./  town, so it saved Elbert going to the fish house,   he was glad to see Elbert & said he still owned (2/3) two thirds in -terest in the fish house & suplys, but the Reger boys would like to get him out, because he’s getting old.   Well, that’s life today,   People don’t live like the Lord said we should, not even his people   & it’s hard to know who to help & who is just taking all they can get,   I like to give those who need help,   but it’s hard to know just who does need help, sometimes.   I pray the Lord will use me for His work.   I want so much to do His will & not mine,   I love Him & praise Him & give Him all the glory, for ever and ever, Amen.   Elbert & I trimed the roses & pussy willow north of the house,   they winter killed so bad last winter,   the French lilace that cousin Georgie Rosecrans gave me has some nice big flowers in it   it’s very small   just two or 3. stalks about 3. ft. high. dark purple & double.   the red thorn bush was beautiful this spring & the voilets in the back yard & the lillies of the valley.   but the flags (or iris) is so full of grass   it’s most killed out.   Yellow roses are coming fast,   it’s been so wet & cold & the ground is so wet today,  it’s hard to walk around    my heels sink in so bad.

Sat. May. 15. 1948./ 22. /  Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of pike & 1. big bullhead & he got back home at 2-30-p-m.   he cleaned 4 nice pike & I fried them for our dinner.   I had swept & dusted & set bread & had it almost ready for the oven,   I walked around the yard a little then came back & mixed up biscuits & got them on the tins,   I baked them after dinner & washed up the dishes,    then got supper at 6.-30.-p.-m.   & I sure feel so bum   didn’t seem as if I could drage me self around.   The wind began to blow at 10-p-m. & it came in hard strong puff,    God is good to me,   he saved my house & all I have,   that isn’t much, but means a lot to me,   it’s a good comfortable little 3. rooms and I hope He will spare it as long as we need it.   Elbert cleaned the rest of the fish   & I packed them & set them below.   I thank God for all His love & care for me   & that He helps us both.   I Praise Him much in Jesus Holy Name.

Sun. May. 16. 1948./page 2140./ 21. eggs today/  I felt so bad I didn’t get to go to Church all day.   I gave Elbert a dollar to go take Mrs. Hambly’s mother & father a tin of biscuits & some fish,   he said there faces lit up when they see the food,   I pray God will feed them spiritually and phyicially.   Oh well, I can’t even spell right, I’m so bum.   I had him take a bunch of lillies of the Valley to the Ministers also & tell them I wasn’t able to come   and he said they would pray for me tonight,   I wish the power was stronger but I thank God in Jesus Name,   I pray He will remove all my unbelief & heal me,   & I’ll give Him all the Glory & Praise forever and ever,   Glory to God  Glory Glory Glory Hallulejah   I love thee and am willing to do Thy Will, if Thou will only tell me & help me to know   I love Thee Jesus.   Mon.   I was out in the yard in the sunshine for per-haps half an hour today,   it’s been a beautiful day & a hot sun,    at 4.-30-p-m Elbert was home    & at 5-30 it came up a wind storm from 3. ways & looked rather bad   & at dark it rained hard & is still at it & the thunder felt as if it hit the ground just now & made me jump   its lightening & thundering & raining hard. 

Mon. May. 17. 1948./ 23 eggs today./  Frank & I were married May. 17. 1920.  28. long yrs. ago.   Elbert went to Lorain   finished Bill long’s car shed & came home at 12-noon   he mowed a little grass & carried away some cuttings of the rose bushes & some grass he had cut.    All I did was my daily round & darn the table cloth,   I did it on the sewing machine,    take so long to do it & I have one more to do yet   & I want to finish my short skirt or petticoats   I’ll try again tomorrow if I can.  No mail   Frank use to send me a nice gift & a card for this day,   but now,   I’m lucky to get a card from the family once a mo.   no mail today.   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name,   I feel better again today & I know He takes care of His own,  Glory to God & Praise His Name.

Tue. May. 18. 1948./ 23. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain & worked 6. hrs.   I laid & rested as long as I could   then washed dressed & combed my hair,   shook up beds & opened the windows & put bedding on the line out in the N. east breeze & sunshine,   breeze was quite fresh for a couple of hrs.   then went to mail box & got a letter from Miss Clark stating she had an invitation out to Smith’s for dinner with Mrs. Sprunk,   of which they both excepted Sun.   and they had a very enjoyable

Tue. May. 18. 1948./ page. 2141./ 23. eggs this day./  dinner    she said they missed me in Sun. School & Church & prayed for me in the evening service   & there were only 15. there,   I’m so sorry I had to miss.,   but pray God will Keep me able in the future.   I hope to get to prayer meeting Thurs. night & hope Rev. Coon will soon drop in & God will give me a chance to have a talk with him & prayer,   I ask in Jesus Blessed Name,   & I thank Thee, Glory to Gjod,   I Praise Thee Jesus for ever and ever, Amen.   Then I got a letter from Mrs. Vanessa Campbell Post Mistress of Huron.   I had one started for her & she said she didn’t know where she could plant it, “after having me start one from a cutting”   that’s a lot of bother   well I let some one have it & that’s several yrs ago.   I can’t give her a root,   it doesn’t spread like most,   or like some roses do.   so she will just have to wait for an-other cutting, now.   Elbert came home at 5-p-m   only worked untill 3-p-m.   but tried to see Bill & get his money.   Well I darned one more table cloth & put a binding of the two ends of my double wool blanket,   I cut it in two so I can handle it a little easier when I wash it.   I got supper & ate with Elbert but my bowels did-n’t move this a-m- as usual so I felt sort of sick all day

Wed. May. 19. 1948./ 19. eggs today./   Elbert went to work but didn’t work    his tire blew out & he had a bad time getting there to the job,& getting back to Vermilion where he got partly fixed up   so he got back home,   Bill gave him $15.00 on what he owes him, he still owes Elbert.   I tried to wash   felt so bum, I didn’t make much headway,   had them all done but the rags, when Elbert came in at noon   he started getting himself some dinner & had it just ready to eat When Mrs. Smith & Dorthy West came in,   so we talked a little & then went out side & they looked about & came back to look at the plants   & I gave them the 2. yellow roses that were in bloom for 3. days now   & then they went on there way.   I had on a clean ragged dress

Wed. May. 19. 1948./ page 2142./ 19. eggs this day./  I was wearing while I did the washing.  I rekkon rather guess they came to see. what I was doing for I wasn’t able to get to Church Sun.    Elbert was tired & worried half to death about the car,   he rested a little while I washed the rags,   then he did out his 2. B.V.D’suits, his pillow slip & bath towel, “I had his white kercheif & wash rag done”   his old light shirt & 2 heavy work shirts, 3. blue kercheifs, 2. prs. socks, & 1. pr work pants.   I sudsed & wrinsed & hung out but his pants.   & now he left the pants out,   so I went out & got them,   they are the only decent looking one he has left,   the neighbors leave their clothes out for 3 or 4 days & nights, but I don’t like that way,   they catch the smoke & dirt so bad.   Elberts been in bed for an hour & a half & here I am,   I’ve been trying to get his working time straighten out, for Bill gives him some for his work & some to buy roofing paper for Bill   & so it’s hard to keep tab on un-less you set it down each night.    Well, I must read & go to bed, for I’m sure tired myself tonight,   But I thank God for my many blessing in Jesus Holy Name. 

Thurs. May 20. 1948./ 22. eggs today./   Well, Elbert went to work & worked all day.   I met the post Mistress & told her about the rose, that it had to be started from a cutting & that I’d send it to her when it was time to start it.   I pulled a few weed & some grass & starched my old blue dress & hung it out & dried it,   then riped the braid from one old dress,   then I darned 2. prs. of socks, one was a hole clear across the top of the toes,   well I got them done & got supper & picked a few flowers for Church & got dressed & we went to church   only a few of us there   grandma & the day girl 2. Smith children girl & boy.   the other Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Mrs Sprunk, Mrs. West & Dorthy the Minister & his wife & I.   We had such a good meeting & Jesus was there & blessed us   I praise His Holyness & His Name & thank HIm for our wonder-full redempsin  Glory to God in the Highest Glory, Glory, Glory.   We let the Smith children out at there road & came on home,   it was getting cloudy & was quite thick by the time we gfot here.   I fixed some hot cocoa & we drank it & then I put the boiling meat on to cook that Elbert brought tonight   he got liver for supper & it was good with potatoes boiled onions & gravy, bread & coffee.   I thank

Thurs. May. 20. 1948./ Page. 2143./ 22. eggs this day/  God for our many blessing   He’s so good for me & I love Him more & more as the days go by. Blessed Jesus.

Fri. May. 21. 1948./ 22. eggs today./  Elbert went to work & worked un-till 12-30 today   then he went & sold the eggs 7. doz. for 70 cents  4.90 in Lorain & 5. doz. in Vermilion on the Lake for 65 cents per doz.  3.25 + 4.90-8.15,   the mash was 45.25,   he got 4. grapefruit for 35. & bunch of beets 15 cents, 68 cents for one short steak.  1.18, that left Elbert $1.07.   I had another cold today   guess I got it Wed. trying to wash & hang cloths outside   I’m so weak   I sweat just terrible,   I didn’t feel cold but they are easy to get when you are weak in body.   Lindy & Dorthy came in tonight with the baby,   they want some of the baby evergreens from out in front yard,   I’ll be glad to let them have them for they are getting larger each yr.   It turned so cold they didn’t stay long but said they’d be back soon,   I couldn’t go out side so Dorthy & I looked at some crochet & talked some.   I got the supper,   but laid on the bed most of the day.   Some one prayed for me for I felt better after noon    & thats when a cold generally feels worse   I do thank God in my Jesus Dear Name for Keeping me,   & I Praise His Holy Name & give Him all the Glory for ever & ever. 

Sat. May. 22. 1948./ 22. eggs today/  Well I been in bed most of the day & Elbert stayed home from work   I feel some better tonight,   but, I’m so weak I sweat like rain if I do the least thing,   I ate soup all day or at least 3 times,   my cough is bad & in my throat there’s an iritation to keep me hacking.   I pray God Will, in Jesus Holy Name remove every trace of it & put more faith & strength into my body,   Glory to God,   I love Thee Jesus.   It’s been a beautiful day, cold breeze but sunshiny.  I thank God in Jesus name for my many blessings. & pray for every soul of His that He will strengthen there faith & strengthen them bodily, in these last days.   I pray for our Ministers every where & in Vermilion Churches as as well as in the Four Square,   that He will bring back & fill up both sunday School, & Church & prayer meetings with those of His who love the Lord. Amen.

Sun. May. 23. 1948./  Cold is better,   but, throat is still raspy & I’m so weak   I took care of beds & birds & Elbert did the cooking   I did the dishes   We had quite a 

Sun. May 23. 1948./page 2144/ 24. eggs this day./  heavy May shower & the sun came through even while it was rainng,   has cleared off just before dark again.  I’m so sorry I had to stay home from Sun school & Church   I pray God will send in several to take my place & that He will bless & Minister & his wife’s efforts.   I Thank Thee Jesus for my many blessing   I Know they will pray for me tonight & I believe Thou will ans. prayer & I Praise Thee & trust for the removal of all that is that should not be,   keep me covered with the blood & my members free in Jesus Name   forgive me my sins & keep me close to Thee.   I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever. Amen.   It’s been a nice day all in all.   N. East cool breeze.

Mon. May. 24. 1948./ 20. eggs today./  Elbert went to work & didn’t get home untill 7-30-p-m.    he had said be-fore he left this morning,he thought he’d come home at noon,   so, I was getting anxious at 7-30,    & I went to the grainery to get the hens feed & he turned in on the drive,   he was tired to,   I took the food he had got for us & came in   & he took care of hens & put his car in the shed   & locked up all 3 doors & came in,   I had hot water in wash dish,   but he got the coal & put some on the fire,   then washed & I had the potatoes & the onions done   so I fried the pork chopps & made gravy & we ate   he had hot coffee & I had cup of tea,   we had beets & rye bread & oleo;   I washed Elberts sleepers his bath towel & wash rag & all my rags & sweat all day like rain   I’m so weak in body.   I thank God in Jesus Dear Name for saving my soul & keeping me.   I love Him more & more & truly hope for His fire & power as long as I live   & I do hope I may help others    I’m a long ways from being perfect but perhaps the others could be more perfect.   I thank God in Jesus Name for our many blessings & pray He will give me strength of soul & body   & turn Elberts soul to Him   I will give Him all the praise & Glory for ever & ever   Glory to God, Glory, Glory, Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus.   Cleans each of us & help us to be true testimonie. Amen.

Tue. May. 25. 1948./ page 2145./ 25 eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to work & came home early,   he worked untill 12-30 noon,   he’s terribly tired,   but look good   getting more to eat.   I’ve done odd’s & end’s  & had ought to cleaned bird cages & swept, but didn’t get it done.   I did put my night gown & blanket out to air & took care of beds & washed out my rags again today,   it seems my cold gets aftr my kidneys so bad & I have a bad cough.   I pealed a few bad apples & saved en-ough for a pie & picked, cleaned & cut enough rhubarb for a pie & pt. of sauce   & made the pies & sauce & got supper   I was out in the yard for a few minutes & looked at the flowers & got a letter from Nellie,   she must have got my card this morning.   Elbert cultivated the potatoes   3 long rows & 1. short one    they are up & coming good.   I thank God for our blessing in all ways in Jesus Name,    I pray He will soon take away my cold & heal me soul & body & let me help do something for Him   *I Praise Him for answering my prayers & revealing unto me the things I needed to know   Glory to God,   I thank Him & Praise His Holy Name

Wed. May 26. 1948./ 22. eggs today./  Elbert went to Huron for fish,   but no fish   I lay an rested untill Mr & Mrs. Hambly came & knocked on my back door,   I got out of bed put my dress on over my night gown & let them in,   then Elbert came & I got dressed & then we out & picked them some flowers & visited & gave them a doz. eggs   Margie graduates this week & it cost a heap of money to pay for all the odds & ends the children think they have to have these days $6.00 per. doz for anonanecment   announcement folders & 2.25 for the little Name cards to go inside    & there class pin or ring   & pictures   & then there individual pictures   & their clothes & hats or hair does & shoes & parties   & Hambly’s have been having such a lot of sickness.   The came in a borrowed car said it cost 2000 & that they were afraid to drive it least something might go wrong & they wouldn’t have the money to pay for it.   Elbert got our dinner & we ate    I havent felt very well today.   I swept & washed nose rags  & tonight I made soup for supper

Wed. May. 26. 1948./ page. 2146./ 22. eggs this day. /   but I didn’t wash any dishes today.   It’s been a beautiful day,   with cool N. east breeze.   I cough untill I throw up,   makes me weak.   I thank God for all our many blessings & Praise Him for all His Love & care, in Jesus Name.

Thurs. May. 27. 1948./ 21. eggs today./  Well, I coughed so hard I throw up & makes me feel all in, or tuckered out.   I swept yesterday & only changed the table cloth & washed up dirty dishes, took care of birds & bedrooms & beds    & the little old man came in for his cup of coffee  bowl of soup,   I don’t like that man, but he’s been having his coffee & lunch here most every since we came here,   he Knew Frank & they both liked to talk & this guy talks most continurlly & my spirit loaths him,   he didn’t stay long after he got the coffee & soup & I thanked the Lord.   Elbert came at noon,   he worked untill 12. noon   he brought saucage & we had dinner,   it was so good,   I’ve been so hungry   he get himself a lunch here or there up town & a prson does need a change, but seems my change is very small   I washed supper dishes    & Praise God in Jesu Holy Name, for some one prayed earnestly for me & the terrible pain I had in the lower part of my bowels left even the soreness  Glory Hallelujah Praise God from Whom all blessing flow in Jeus Name.   I thank Thee Jesus & love Thee for Thy Kindness toward us & for the Power & steadfastness of Thee   all the Glory surely belongest to Thee for ever & ever.   It’s been a beautiful day   cool N.East breeze   sun quite hot.   Elbert put up a roll of fencing Nellie & Bonita gave Elbert to use for the park fence   ours is falling to pieces,   it’s been up since 1921.  It’s been up 27 yrs.   been a good fence.   Elbert has done several odd jobs, he mowed grass & fixed North basement window screen yesterday   & I helped him put in a row of potatoes yes-terday,   ground is so cold,   his other ones are up & he loosened dirt around them & spaded a little more & planted beets & carrots   I received letter from Sister Willitts askiing me to fast & pray Wed.   Well, I’ll do it anyway.   God will hear & ans. & I pray for our pray meeting & that a few more got out to the meeting tonight.  I’m so sorry I couldn’t go   but thank God for His healing touch & pray

Thurs. may. 27. 1948./ page. 2147./ 21 eggs this day./  He will help me to soon be able to get back to the meeting again   I like to be with the others  feel His Presents.

Fri. May. 28. 1948./ 20 eggs today/  Elbert went to work, late,    he only worked 3. hrs. this morning   after dinner he sold 7 doz. eggs in Lorain 4.90 & 5. doz. in Vermilion  3.00,    but he has to colect 1.80 of it yet.   he colected 6.10 & spent 5.25 for mash & 75 cents for potatoes.   he got 2 milk chocolate bars & 1 1/2 lb. saucage 85 cents   he got here little after 2-30-p-m.  We had dinner.   I washed out my night gown & rags & towels & had them all dry except the rags   when he got here, I felt so bad seemed as if I just couldn’t work,   I swept & wiped up the Kitchen floor,   but I had to set down a goodly number of times.   Elbert cut grass & hung the back door screen & put the storm door down in the basement.   he got the supper   boiled po-tatoes & fried ham & rhubarb pie.   I only ate to slices of rye bread toast & chewed the rine from a piece of the ham.    Well of all times that do happen Elbert brought home an old thimble he said he found   I wonder who found my good silver one,   I was darning his socks when he drove in two or 3 weeks ago   I laid socks darning cotton & thimble on the table as I have done a hundred times or more in the past    & let him in,   then I started looking after the dinner or supper I had cooking & when we were ready to eat I picked up the sock & darning cotton & the thimble was gone   I moved every thing after dinner   & it had just took legs & walked out,   Elbert said he’d get me another   so, hence the yarn  how he found this old thing he gave me tonight,   Well, I wont use it    of all the cussed rotton tricks,   Oh, I pray God will sure deal with them in His own way,   I know I’d be to hard, for I detest the devil & all his lies & rot.   I’m glad God will be the Judge at the judgement day.  It’s been a fine day, a little warmer today,   but it sure got cold before morning, “this morning.”   I can’t see how the gardens are going to grow.   I thank God for all He gives me & that He love me & cares for me   I Praise Him & love Him more than all else on earth

Sat. May. 29. 1948./ 17. eggs today./  Well, I’m better but have a lot of room for improvement’s   I’m so terribly weak,    I cleaned the bird cages & the sweat dripped off my chin,   I rested a lot & then ironed

Sat. May.29. 1948./ page. 2148./ old house dress & seemed as if I just couldn’t do it, but, I got it ironed & its just ready to fall to pieces started to tare across the shoulders & hips & under arms,   so, I have the terrible tiresome job once more of building myself a couple more house dresses.   It’s been a fine day, but breeze is quite cool.   & radio says cooler tomorrow.   We still have a fire nights & mornings.   Christmas days called for fire into June & a freeze in Aug.   ground is so cold it makes you shiver to handle the dirt.   Well we received a nice letter from Ethel [Ethel Noderer Bonney, widow of Fred Bonney, Elinor’s sister in law] today   she said they were all well,   that she had been down & put flowers on Fred’s grave (& she never came to call on us)   I wonder,   Well she said Loura Ann [Laura Ann Bonney, daughter of Fred & Ethel Bonney, Elinor’s neice] would be going to high school next yr. & that she had been & honor student all this yr.   so they dressed her up swell for the last day of school,   & she goes to Sun. school & Church & don’t believe in dancing.  I do hope she will belong wholy to the Lord as Fred wanted her to.   I thank God for our many blessing & His great love to me.

Sun. May. 30. 1948./ 23. eggs today/  Decoration day./  I felt so bad I didn’t go to church this morning,   after dinner the Minister & his wife came & prayed for me & I felt so much better   I cut some flowers & went to church tonight.   We had a wonderful Prayer meeting after Church   & we all got so blessed   Praise the Lord & I hope to keep getting the blessing from now on,   Glory to God,   I love Thee Jesus.   It’s so few who go to church,   I always feel so bad when I can’t get there.   I trust God will keep at those who are staying away when they could come.   It’s been a beautiful day in Ohio, or here, at least, warm sun, but raather cool breeze.   I put the roses in an open mouthed jug & they looked beautiful & the Ministers Wife made to big vases full of the mock orange & weigelias[?] & KColumbine.   I thank God for our preachers & redemption of our souls & I pray He will keep me under the blood & close to Him

Mon. May. 31. 1948./ 20. eggs today/  Well, It’s been a beautiful day, not much breeze,   warm sun;   Elbert went to the beach & got sand for hen roost & then hoed the potatoes   Then ate dinner & spaded a while    then he gurdled the 2 sycamore trees & one or two others.   I cut a little grass around the flowers   can’t endure it to work   Elbert kill, dressed & cooked a hen for supper & I made bisucits & gravey & we had potatoes & rhubarb pie & coffee for supper.   Not a soul

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