May 1947

Thurs. May 1. 1947./12 eggs today/ Elbert worked all day, but his knees are worse tonight & he can’t hardly get up or down.  The sun shone this morning with a south wind or breeze, that got ot be strong by one oclock,  I put the bed pillows out on the cloth line this morning but got them in after the wind started to freshen up.  I opened the basement windows to & shut them about 3-p-m. & the bed-room windows all so & coop doors & window & toilet door & had opened & fastened car shed doors for Elbert, thinking he might get here before it rained, but , he didn’t, but he was glad the doors were opened, It thundered hard & lightened after, the wind eased up.  Wind sure did blow  I felt the house shudder & it felt as if it lifted a little.  God took care of it & me & Elbert & his car.  I thank Him & love Him  He’s my All in this world, & just now I had to stop writing to Praise Him as the Power went from my head to my feet, Glory Hallelujah, Glory to God in the Highest, Glory, Glory, Glory.  Well it sure poured rain & it cleared a little & tonight it gave us an other shower since dark, I did the ironing today   besides all the other odds & end.  & I got supper & did the dishes & got everything ready for morning.  I was out in the park & looked at the trees & took some of the leaves off the iris the old leaves from the trees had packed down 3 or 4 inches thick over them.  the half of the Apricot tree is white with blossoms & the cheery tree & several peach trees & pear trees are in bloom.  One little peach tree, just a whip about 3 ft. high north of the house has several blossoms On it & some in the jpark that are only 4 ft. are in bloom.  Warm out today. 

Fri. May.2. 1947./ page 1079./ 12 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & he & another man was sent into Lorain to fix a big gate between two buildings, then, back to the apartment house (that is to be a Dr’s Clinic, and not an apartment house) as they had thought.  So Elbert is terrible tired & his legs & back pain him so bad he could hardly get relaxed before going to bed.  Well, I feel rather tired myself tonight   I have to look after hens when he is gone, besides my birds 7 my regular house work, I did some more washing today & carried 3 pails of water & it’s two much  I couldn’t finish the washing   my feet have pained me so bad today.  I got another book from DeHaan today.  It’s sure good, I had figured it out in my simple minded way, on the same order, but he puts it together in a way you or even a child could understand it.  I feel the Power as the masses pray & Praise God for His Tender Mercys & Kindness & I Pray for His Chosen people & His lands & it’s wonderful how he rules the World.  I pray He will forgive me a sinner & find me worthy, for I love Only Him.  Wind was S. untill 4-p-m. it went N. & I don’t know where it is tonight   Elbert said they had a heavy shower this after noon in Lorain.  Oh God help us to turn to Thee with all our heart in Jesus Name. 

Sat. May. 3. 1947./ 11. eggs today/  Elbert don’t work on Sat. so, today he went to Lorain & made a payment on his car engine & paid 5.00  he had borrowed of Moore & Myers then he hurried back to Vermilion & got a big box of lettuce trimming & came on home, aate a lunch & got ready to go to Huron to see if he could get some fish.  I got my check for May this morning & I signed it so he could cash it for me, and he did & he got a few fish for dinner tomorrow & supper tonight & he got a new pail (white enamel) for the well water    he dropped the other one & it leaks bad, I had mended it once before but this time the iron cement don’t seem to hold  He dropped the other one full of water on the concrete & knocked most the granit off inside and out side of the bottom.  I haven’t done much to day, done my daily round & mended his union suit & 3 prs. socks & my old wash dress & I did clip off a few fines but it started to rain, so I come in & worked a bit in here, my feet’s been bad today. I ironed Elbert’s

Sat. May. 3. 1947./ page 1080./ 12. eggs this day./   work shirt   he onlyl has 2.  & so I have to get it washed & ironed but when it gets warm, he’ll have to get some more that are lighter weight, these are so heavy it’s hard for me to wash & wring them by hand.  It rained hard after he got back from Huron & then gave us several showers later, just May showers.  it’s been a beautiful Spring day, just a little to cool with out a jacket.  Rev. DeHaan believes as I do that Jesus will be coming very soon, all things are shaping up just as the bible has told us they would & soon the terrible battle of Armigidon   Oh God, Please help us to turn to Thee with all our hearts before it is forever to late   I ask in Jesus Name Amen.  I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus & I love only Thee all the Glory Truly belongest to Thee.

Mon. May. 5. 1947./ 13. eggs today/  Elberts back is bad  he can’t get up or down without groaning, took cold in his hip joints again.  Well I got dinner & then went to Vermilion with Elbert    Well I set my bread before we went & mixed it into a hard loaf & it had started to raise before we got started we went to the minister’s home & gave her a couple of pieces of goods I had left from my dresses for her to make the little girl some dresses of, she said Loletta was ___ yrs. old today & she was glad to get the pieces  I wasn’t going up but she wanted me to because Mr. & Mrs. Bueser were there, so I went up & in & shook hands & returned

Mon. May.5. 1947./page 1081./ 13. eggs this day./  greetings they had come to ask our preachers to go back to Am-herst with them for something or other, & were waiting for Rev. Gurney who was gone some place.  I only stayed a few minutes & then we went to see Mrs. Sprunk  she’s been having a bad cold, said she went to the convention at Ackron but had to come home she felt so bad, she was all doped up with greese & the house so hot you couldn’t hardly breath.  I gave her some daffodils & she said she loved flowers.  Well, we talked a few minutes & I ask her why she didn’t have some of the church folks pray for her & she said she didn’t think of it.  I told her I’d been praying for her & she said she new some one had.  Well, we went on over to Miss. Clark’s & she said she took her sister over to Miller’s & then came back to church & then after we went to the Alter to pray she went to Millers & they had a lunch & tea & then went home after it stopped raining, so it must have been late unless it stopped there before it did here & it poured down all our way home last night & it rained a fine misty rain most of today & been cool & damp air.  Elbert got his pants he had them cleaned & press-ed cost 55 cents & that’s cheaper than I could do them.  then he did the shopping, got some boiling meat & sack of flour & can of crisco, crisco cost $1.43 cents for 3. lbs. terrible.    it rained all way home & the bread was ready to put in loaves so I made. 2 & one tin of bicusits & stired up a cake made 2 12 in. tins full.  & did up dishes & emptied slop pail & cleaned bird cages & covered them up & now I’m going to read a bit & then I’m going to bed.  I got supper to, after I got bread in pans.  Wish I was in bed now, I bathed “or rubbed ” Elbert’s back & bowels in alcohol  he’s sore clear through.  I sent to Rev. De Haan for 2. books on Palistine & he sent the (Sign of the Times.) Not much breeze & raining 11-p-m.

Tue. May.6. 1947./10 eggs today/  Elbert’s knee is badly swollen & his back is so bad he can hardly get up or down   We went to DeVore & got some herbs & I steeped them & he has taken some   I do hope they will help him. he feels

Tue. May.6. 1947./ page 1082./ 10. eggs this day/  so bad & not able to work.  I trimed the grapes on the racks in the back yard & did a little more on Wisteria vine.  & it has sprinkled several times this after noon.  Sun shone this morning & it’s been raining in showers all evening, & late tonight.  I dug some dandelines for greens & cleaned & cooked them.  It’s not very chilly out, just damp.  I gave Mr. & Mrs. DeVore on of the India Lillie bulbs, they were real pleased with it, they like flowers, I let them take one of De Haans books. (called, The signs of the Times.)

Wed. May.7. 1947./10. eggs. today/  Well, I received a card this a.m. from Erie County Soldiers & Sailors Releif Commission from Basil I. Glass & County Veterans Service Officer, Office 4the Floor Court House, Sandusky Ohio.  Looks as if the old folks in this country who are not able to take care of them selves are supposed to do, as they had to in China. just die, if you can’t work & earn a living for your-self.  I pray God will take a hand. for I don’t know what to do.  We are going to Lorain in the Morning, God willing to see if we can find out through the Red Cross.  Mr. Hauffman was here today, we told him about it, but he didn’t seem to know what to do either, he said he wrote to the (commission board) when he was here in Mar. & I told him they didn’t say any thing to me about it & that they didn’t send the money for Mar. either.  Oh me, Only God Knows how I hat to, have to ask for help & be kicked, cuffed, scuffed out, laughed at & mocked in every way.  It’s been a cold day, N.W.  wind, sun came out a few times but not for very long.  & it snowed a light shower this after noon.  & they had a real squall in Chicago but it did not stay on the ground for long, they said over the radio    they said there would be a frost tonight & farmers are getting worried, for they usually have there corn & oats in by this times and it’s so wet & ground is so soggy they can’t get anything done. 

Thurs. May.8. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  Elbert went to see his bos Mr. Deitz & he gave him his check for one days pay, they had quite a visit & then we went to Red Cross to see what we could learn, then to Mr. Keep’s office & talked to Mr Shoultz, Keep’s padener in law, he took down all the details & said he’d have Mr. Keep fix things up & that he would mail it to me & I could take 

Thurs. May. 8. 1947. page. 1083. /11. eggs today. /  or send them to the commission or releif board, & both he  & the red Cross advised me to write to Governer Burton, Washing D.C. So that’s next.  We wenet over to see Nellie she was out to the table to have a lunch & said she was hungry & that Bonita was having the same trouble in getting help & she has 3. children to take care of & feed. does begin to look as if they are going to try to starve us to death on this sid, now.   I have ask God’s help & I’m going to believe He will help me in His own way.  We came back to Lorain & Elbert went to Dr. Siffling & he also got him to take care of his in-surance papers, I’ll have to keep tab on that or he wont send them in.  He’s always in such a hurry to get started, if we’re going anywhere in the car & my nerves are so wrought up some times & I ask& he said, Oh yes, come on, if you’re going, well, we had supper of fish & potatoes & bread & coffee & got hens fed & everything locked up again & shut off the stoves & he said yes, & I said, it seems as if we ought to do something yet & he said you’re late now, hurry up.  so I locked front door & we left for prayer meeting.  I had found a telegram on the back step when we got home & Georgia May Snyder came ouver & said her father had taken the message over the telephone, a night letter from Shirley Glover saying (Flora) her mother had passed away at noon May that was yesterday (Wed.)  I always loved her dearly & now Shirley is left alone, poor girl I’d like to have gone to her, but, I can’t So I wrote her a letter to comfort her & thank her for the message,.  it was so nice of her to let me know.  I had a dream a long time a go about Flora, Bert, Frank & I & she & I slept

Thurs. May. 8. 1947./ page. 1084./ 11. eggs this day/  in a bed in a rickity old room, board floor & all loose & we saw the 2 men talking & they would-n’t listen to us, so we took our suit cases & went through a door into a hall & across to the other side to a office window where we were given a ticket each with the number of a room on it & hers was away down most to the end so far she looked like a little girl when she got there, she opened her door, looked back & waved her hand & went in    I went back to the woman in the office & ask if it would be possible for us to be closer together & she said, I’m sorry but she will be leaving long before you, you may get to see her again.  my room was second from the office & as Flora & I found it, she said, mine must be a long ways down & I’ll come back & see you by & by. & now she has left.  God help me to keep close to Thee,  that my soul will meet Thee before long.  Well we Elbert & I went to prayer meeting & home again to find, Elbert had put the meat on to boil & we had left it boiling & it had all burned up but the bone & the house so full of smoke, we opened    & the house still stinks of burnt bones.  Now we must go to bed, I ought to wash clothes in-the morning It snowed yesterday & today & tonight & it’s cold, the fire feels good.  N.W. wind & gone N.E. tonight. 

Fri. may. 9. 1947./ 12. eggs today./  Elbert feels a little better today but not as good as usual, it’s been a cold raw wind  it backed up to the west last night, the sun came out, it was warm where the wind didn’t hit, Well, tomorrow, they will lay poor Flora away & I loved her so  My heart goes out to Shirley  I loved her & hope She will always love me.  I did out half the washing & if God will give me as much strength tomorrow, hope to get the rest done. & wipe up the floor & iron my slip & Elberts shirt.  Radio says killing frost tonight & it’s cold & no breeze to speak of.  Radio said a lot of fruit has been frozen the last to nights but I hope we don’t get it tonight, my year bood I keep of the Christmas days says frost last night of May

Fri. May.9. 1947./page 1085./ 12 eggs this day./  Elbert cleaned the beef kettle today but the house still stinks like old burnt bones, he hung out 8 or 10- pieces of clothing on the line for me & they really got dry.  We will have to fast now, for a while may be more than less.  We ought to clean the hen coop tomorrow for we are to get the baby chicks next Wed.  May & that will be quite a job to take care of them & get them big enough & healthy & in laying condition & the park fence is falling to pieces & we have to put up another if we can get the money to get one, I pray God will help me.  I love Him, He’s so good to me to, Praise Him.

Sat. May.10. 1947./ 11 eggs today. /  I washed my dress, Elbert’s heavy work shirt & one blanket & my rags & got a lunch & washed up all the dishes some from last night & then I dug a pail of greens & washed them in 4. pails of water then I fried fish for supper.  Elbert went at 10-a-m up to Huron & he worked for some fish & got 38. pike 2. white fish & 2. catfish, while I dug & washed the greens, he dressed the fish & washed & scrapped them out & I salted them all.  then I packed a few in a pan for the preachers & done up a good bunch for Nellie & put half the greens in a kettle for us & took the other half in pail for Nellie, We left at 7-p.m.  for Nellie’s & & got back 15 to 10-p-m. & we’re both to tired.  they were so happy to have the fish, I took 2 pieces of white fish & 1. of catfish that I had fried, it was warm yet, when we got there, Bonita had just finished giving the children a bath & putting there nighties on them & Nelson Kissed us good night after drinking a glass of milk & he went up stairs to bed, but Nellie ate the fried fish & fed the twins part of it, then they washed there hands & faces once more & kissed us all good night & climbed up stairs to bed.  Poor Flora was laid away to day at 2. p-m. Oh God have mercy on our souls.  Bonita gave me a roll of life saver candy & passed the box of chocolates she bought for her mother for tomorrow is mothers day, she paid a 1.00 for a lb. box.  Nellie can hardly keep from crying when we get there & when we leave.  We got a small boiling piece when we got in Vermilion & I have it cooking for morning.  The Ministers were glad for the fish, Miss Brown is there to, there baby, Garry Black & one of Mrs. Hornings boy’s so they have quite a family.  I thank God in Jesus Name for taking & bringing us safly.  & for all our many blessing today. & that He is and ever will be & I wish I was, like Him, Clean pure strong in faith. I ironed my slip & Elbert’s shirt before going to bed.

Sun. May. 11. 1947./ page.1086./ 10. eggs tonight/  It’s been a beautiful day, N. West wind, but light drying away in after noon & freshening up a little toward dark & dying out again at dark.  We went to Church & sunday school & went to Young peoples meeting & Church tonight.  Today was mothers day & they gave the oldest mother (Mrs. Hambly’s mother) a plant all in bloom, it was a large pot & full of flowers deep pink, I think it was what they call a Cyclamen & she sat up in front in a big easy chair during, preaching, she was so pleased with the plant.  then they gave Mrs. Smith a 5 lb box of candy with a red carnation on it & tied with pretty ribbons, that was for being there tonight with her seven children.  & we had a good sermon in plain language, the church ws full, very near, with children & older folks.  & Miss Lauise Brown a young flaxen haired girl who has been a missionary in Affrica, was there also tonight, she’s having a rest (or she is supposed to be having a rest)  Brother & Sister Gurney are going on a vacation for a week & Miss Brown is taking over untill they come back.  I praise God for all things.  Poor dear Flora has been laid away since Sat. afternoon.  The sun was hot today & it’s a lot warmer out, today.

Mon. May.12.1947./ 11. eggs today/  Elbert & I cleaned half the hen house today  the N. half. it’s lots to much for me to do any more   he did the most by taking out all the loose things & he shoveled up the sand & straw & got it out side   I swept the ceiling, sides & floor & he managed to do the spraying this time, & there’s just as much more to do on the other end & we have to get sand & straw, & we should get the baby chicks day after tomorrow    I’ve talked & talked, but not a move untill today & a talk on money matters.  Oh I just don’t know what to do, for they have decide I don’t need to live & have sent me a card saying I wouldn’t get any more, seem to be as kind about it as Mrs. Brode.  if you can’t earn a living, just sit down & die, no one will do anything to help you, God is truth & I pray He will help me.  It’s been a very warm day.  I had a queer spell in Church Sun & another one after we had finished in the coop. Sun set white tonight.  The wind was south west all day & puffy sky full of wind scids.  

Tue. May.13. 1947./ 11 eggs today./  I got a letter from A. Keep (lawyer) in Lorain & I don’t understand his letter.  I’m going to keep the letter, or make a copy of it, if I have to give it to any one else to help me.  & I am writing a card to Glass & one to Mr. Ausmur.

Tue. May.13.1947./page. 1087./ 11. eggs this day. /Gertie’s birthday 59. yrs. /  this is the copy of Mr. Keeps letter.  Dear madam, According to the records in our office your accident case was settled and distribution made on November 6, 1937.  On the 20th day of April 1938 a petition in bank-ruptcy was filed for you in District Court of the United States being for the Northern District of Ohio, Western Division and known as Case number 14484.  In said bankruptcy action your liabilities were listed as $5142.72 and your assets as $330.00.  A certificate of bankruptcy was subsequently approved.  If any further information is needed our files concerning your case are available for inspection to you or any other person that you authorize us to show them.  Very truly yours, Keep & Scholz. By Stanley R. Scholz. (S.R.S.reg.)  Well, Keep told me I only had $50.00 left & that would be enough to go through the Bankruptcy case, that it wouldn’t cost me any more than that  he said when the money was turned over to him he had put it in his wife’s banking account & he didn’t tell me why  only that it would be the best way. for him to draw it to pay the wittnesses & exray pictures & such.  There seems to be a niger in the fence some where.  If the Releif knows there is, they know more than I do & it does seem when a person is on releif there would be some one to look into such things & to tell them   us what to, do, if we had to do some other way.  I pray God will help me.  Elbert worked in Lorain on 19th St. today & he is sure tired tonight.  It rained all morning & broke up this afternoon, but we got rain again just about 5-30 & again at 9-p-m. Elbert was working inside taking up old flooring & taking off some siding they are making a new Vestabule for a woman who has 90 thousand dollars. (he was told) a widow & she drives her own car & looks after all her own interests & Elbert says she looks the picture of health. Well, I did the washing it was to wet to do the coop job.  Elbert thinks they wont bee working tomorrow for they are out of lumber.  Sand will be wet now, to, & we have to get sand & straw & pitch to putty up mice holes.  & I have to make Elbert some sleeper pants & patch big chair cover & do some darning & mend a pr. of blankets.  Winds been S. west all day & yesterday.  I dried most the clothes out side after dinner, hot wind & strong.

Wed. May. 14. 1947./ page 1088./ 11 eggs this day./  Elbert worked all day & he brought the straw tonight.  I did an other bad thing today  sprayed the other half of the coop today & thats all the work I’ve done except shaking up the bed & airing the rooms & making the beds taking care of birds & hens & cooking the supper.  I’m lots to tired. & so is Elbert  he worked hard to day putting on siding & roofing using the hammer all day untill his hand & arm aches tonight. been mostly cloudy   damp N.E. wiind or breeze chilly tonight.  We still have a fire and it feels good tonight.  I thank God for our many blessing & Praise Him in Jesus name and wish I were as clean & pure & good as He is & ever will be. Glory to His Name, Glory, Glory, Hallalujah, glory to God.  

Sat. May 17. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  My wed, annaversary. 27. yrs today  we were married in Elyria & just such a day as today

Sat. May.17. 1947./page. 1089./ 11. eggs today./  only it didn’t rain, was sort of misty & then cleared of & that is it  was mostly cloudy with no mist.  We got on the same street car with brother Fred Bonney & he never sermised, never even dreamed for a second that I would get married & after word, he wanted to know why we didn’t go home with him, We would have only, he lived with his in-laws & we didn’t know if we’d be welcome, but we learned later, we would have been, now Fred [Fred Bonney, 1886-1957, Elinor’s brother]   his father in law[ ______ Noderer, Fred’s wife]  & Uncle Bert (by marriage)[____?]  are all laid to rest & our father & Uncle Will [William Wheeler, 1854-1944, Elinor’s maternal uncle]  & Aunt Edith [Edith Wheeler, 1884-1949, Elinor’s maternal aunt] all so & my brother in law (Sister Nellie’s husband) [John McKinley Harnish, 1896-1946] & Nellie is in bad condition, she can hardly get around.  We went to her home today & had lunch with her & Bonita [Bonita Eddy, 1923-1995, Elinor’s neice]  & the 3 . children [twins, George Henry, 1943-1980 & Bonita Mae Eddy, called “Pinky”, 3/8/ 1943-2019, & Nelson Kay Eddy, 1945-alive, 2021, Elinor’s great neice and nephews, Bonita was also to go on to have another set of twins by a second husband].  Bonita had gone to the store & she didn’t have much to eat when she came home only what she could carry in a shopping bag & it wasn’t full.  We only took them a few apples & 2 big sweet onions, Nellie looked pleased with the onions, She said no one had been there all the week & she had been wondering if we had forgot to come, she’s just begining to realize what sort of mess she’s in, now, no money to do a thing with & every thing going to rack & ruin & no John to work & keep things going.   Well, I’m sorry for her, but I can’t help her either & the only thing we can do is go see her as often as we can.  George (Bonita’s husband)[George Henry Eddy Sr., 1922-1995, Elinor’s brother-in-law]   don’t help her & she’s worried most to death.  We spent an hr. or so there & then got the chicks & came home  brooder was nice & warm & Chicks just got settled when we see a rat in the coop so we had to gather up the chicks & bring them all back to the house & we’ll have to get the rat or rats now before putting them back.  such a job.  but we’ll have to work now for they cost 23.14 with the starting mash, & that’s a lot of money. S.W. breeze tonight & has rained in showers all day.  We are both lots to tired. & I wanted to go to Church in the morning so much but don’t know if we can now.  it still raining in heavy showers  I took Nellie some lilacs.

Sun. May. 18. 1947./ 10 eggs today./  Mostly cloudy today & we been home all days.  2. School from Cleveland were out studdying wild birds today & I had a nice visit with them & sold them 2. doz. eggs.  & they went to the hen house & saw the baby chicks.  We have taught them just today to go under the hover & tonight they all went under by them selves.  & I pray they will be O.K. untill morning. & that the rat isn’t there. for we don’t know where he could 

Sun. May. 18. 1947./ page. 1090./ 10. eggs this day. /   have got out   Elbert fixed every place he or I thought a rat could get through.  I hope he got out side.  We didn’t hear him today but I thought I saw him going down the outside of the window   I pray God will take care of them for us, the hens are a lot of help toward our living.  Elbert still has 244.00 dollars to pay on his car engine, at the bank & if he don’t work steady it’s going to be hard to get it paid since they have taken mine away.  Well, the rain came down in heavy showers all night last night but breeze has gone N.W. today & it’s a little cooler tonight, Elbert said he thought it looked like rain again tonight.  We have had to much but I hope it don’t get to dry during the summer months.  I didn’t get out to church all day or tonight but, pray God will take a good crowd to Church.  Our regular preachers have gone away for a weeks rest & Miss Louise Brown a missionary preacher is filling in. 

Mon. May.19. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Elbert got up & went out back & his back was hurting him so he could hardly move with out yelling or moaning.  I felt about the same way only, I am so terrible tired, he got back into the house O.K. & into bed.  I got up & bathed his back & heat apiece of flannel & put it on his back after I rubbed it with alcohole, then I went to hen house & took care of baby chicks, then came back & made Elbert hot coffee & hot pan cakes & fried the last of the salt pork & he came out & ate & after the postman came we got ready & flew off to town, I left my shoes to have soles put on them & we got 4. fish & sold 2. doz. eggs to Mrs. West for 55 cents per. doz.  she told me her husband was in Lorain living with a woman that was her girl friend for 20 yrs.  & she wont let West have a divorse, she said her Eddy son’s wife had a baby boy, Sun. [? why she put Eddy here] Well, I went up to Miss Clarks & she had to tell me all about the last week & the preacher & her sister & that she hadn’t had much sleep & that maybe the preachers are going to make another shift, she said they didn’t get enough to eat & that don’t sound very good for the church, the other, preacher’s wife was wasteful & so these haven’t had enough.  I’m trully greived about that. Miss. Clark took 1. doz. eggs. 55cents. then we went to the mill & 

Mon. May. 19. 1947./ page 1091./  & got the bale of straw Elbert had paid for & he paid the coal bill & we went to the preachers & left them a doz. eggs, no charge & to Martins store for boiling meat & 3. slices pork shoulder.  & A.P. Store for bag of scratch grain (4.59). & carrots & back home again & Elbert looked after chicks while I got potatoes boiled & pork fried & tea made & I washed up what dirty dishes there were while dinner was cooking.  We ate & he cleaned the 4. fish.  I did my bedroom work this morning & made up beds when I got back home.  did my usual house work  took care of birds & chicks & thank God I’ve been able to get it done     it rained before supper, been cloudy most of the day not cold.  Wind backed up to S.W.est & the sun looked white.

Tue. May. 20. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Well, it’s been cloudy mostly all day.  & I been most to tired to live & such arguements over things useless, I can’t understand all the exences twisted & turned & then denied, the devil is surely a terrible beast. and, all thorough I want to do all the things & do them right and like God wants me to, yet I’d be so glad to get a-way from all the wickedness if only I could.  Oh God have mercy & help us to both live & work for Thee, in Jesus Name I ask.  & help people to come to Church & love the Lord, It sure hurts to hear them snear & mock & know they will have to be paying an eternity for it, in such torment by & by. Oh may God have mercy & help, before its to late, forever to late.  I haven’t done much of anything today & we have a cold N. east wind & colder tonight.  Well, I did patch Elbert’s union suit  a terrible job all the uper part of back. 

Wed. May. 21. 1947./ 11. eggs today/  Elbert went to Huron to see if he could get some fish, but no luck, & it poured rain in heavy showers most all day from S. West & then N. West, this after noon. & tonight it’s south or S.W. & it was starlight Mon. & Tue. night & is tonight, & sky full of wind clouds in the N.W. tonight with a new moon for the north, Well, Elbert says, they are getting ready to build the new Huron traffic bridge, got some of their work sheds up for office & tools.  I baked 2 big tins of biscuits & one raisin loaf. & did half the washing & got it most all dry & took care of birds & did my usual house work & I’m sure tired.  Snyder’s field looks like a river or big, big. pond.  I do thank God for the wonderful amount of strength He gives to me, on the small amount of food & rest I get   I have rubed Elbert’s back & bowels in alcohol every night to & my arms are so tired.

Thurs. May. 22. 1947. / 1092./ .10. eggs today. /   Oh how I thank God in Jesus Dear Name for answering prayer, I ask Him to fill Elbert’s fish baskets with good fish & He filled one with white fish & one with catfish & 2 pike, so, I had finished the washing while he was gone & was dead tired & ached all over, but, I thanked God for those fish & that we could take them to those Who were in need of them  I turned to & helped dress them   I scaled & cleaned the 10 white fish & 2 pike while Elbert skined & cleaned 10 catfish, then, he washed them all in another clean water & wrinsed them.     while I got the supper, he cleaned the brooder lamp & fixed the hover for night & fed the hens & locked up all the 3. doors.  I got washed & dressed while the supper cooked.  I had sorted & rapped the fish & took the things we wanted to take to Nellie & put them together    I took soome bread biscuits, a piece of raisin bread & a plater of fried fish for we only ate a piece each before we left    so Nellie had been in bed for a few days, but, she got up & ate with us    Bonita made coffee & we all ate together while the children played with the neighbor children in the yard, they had, had there supper.  Bonita had washed today & she was tired to, & poor Elbert is so tired, & his bowels are so sore & back aching & legs hurting him so & he drove clear over there & back to Church & I went in to prayer meeting & Miss Brown was there, she said she’d been working for Mrs. Martin   cleaning to earn a little money & was so tired & she was so happy, when she, got out the bath tub & found the fish on the stairs & she cooked some & really filled up & felt better after supper.  & Miss. Clark  said she to, had fish for her supper, & she was so glad to have them.  She’s queer & one doesn’t always know how she feels about things.  We had a wonderful meeting & only so few there 8. or 10. children  Tom & his wife Lindy & his wife & baby Mrs. West & Mrs. Sprunk   Miss Clark (Grandma) Mrs. Hambly’s mother   Miss Brown & myself but I felt God’s Power & Know He was there, The sermon was about Salmon & the loins Carcus & the honey (Judges Chap. 14. first 9 verses.)

Samson’s Marriage14       Samson went down to Timnah and saw there a young Philistine woman. When he returned, he said to his father and mother, “I have seen a Philistine woman in Timnah; now get her for me as my wife.”His father and mother replied, “Isn’t there an acceptable woman among your relatives or among all our people? Must you go to the uncircumcised Philistines to get a wife?”But Samson said to his father, “Get her for me. She’s the right one for me.” (His parents did not know that this was from the Lord, who was seeking an occasion to confront the Philistines; for at that time they were ruling over Israel.)Samson went down to Timnah together with his father and mother. As they approached the vineyards of Timnah, suddenly a young lion came roaring toward him. The Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him so that he tore the lion apart with his bare hands as he might have torn a young goat. But he told neither his father nor his mother what he had done. Then he went down and talked with the woman, and he liked her.Some time later, when he went back to marry her, he turned aside to look at the lion’s carcass, and in it he saw a swarm of bees and some honey. He scooped out the honey with his hands and ate as he went along. When he rejoined his parents, he gave them some, and they too ate it. But he did not tell them that he had taken the honey from the lion’s carcass]

She said out of all the terrible burdens & sorrows came at length God’s peace, Joy, quite & comfort for all 

Thurs. May. 22. 1947./page.1093./ 10. eggs this day. / things work out for the good and Glory of the Lord.  Praise His Holy Name.  Glory to God in the Highest, I Praise the Lord.  It was a beautiful day, all day  Nice sun, S. breeze.   Nellie gave me a bunch of her French lillacs, dark purple.  I thank God for giving me a refilling of the spirit & of more strength in my body & I’m trusting for this healing of bone & body in Jesus name. Amen. Bless the Lord Oh my soul

Fri. May. 23. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert put up another post for the mail box the post man knocked the other one over this morning.  If that mail box could talk it sure could tell some great stories, some (a few ) good ones & a lot of bad & terrible one’s & just to think, God has seen & knows them all, as He sees & Knows each thing  we do or think or say, Oh, how careful we ought to be.  I darned 3. prs. socks & cought up a few runs in mine.  My flesh has been swollen all over me today & yesterday but they prayed for me last night & I know God heard & He Knows my condition & He Know  my impatience to be ride of my trouble, I pray He will help me in all the ways I need, I’m trusting for the healing. believeling  He will deliver me in Jesus Name, I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for Thou has promised and I’m standing on Thy promises.  This has been a real hot day with sun & S. wind.  We have lost 6. baby chicks out of what we had.  Elbert is feeling better again    I have rubed his back & bowels with alcohol every night & put hot flanel on his back. 

Sat. may. 24. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Well Elbert went to Vermilion, his back back still hurts him rather bed, & while he was gone 2 1/2 hrs. I swept & wiped up his bedroom floor & Kitchen floor, then we had dinner & after that I ironed the table clothe, my 2 house dresses, the big chair cover Elbert’s shirt & a couple of squares that mash came in & then rested a few minutes & mended holes in the braided rug, Elbert looked after the supper while I picked a big bunch of lillies of the Valley    then we ate then we went out & cleaned the little chicks & got them ready for bed    then I picked up the eggs & came in & cleaned bird cages & looked after there wants.  I made the beds before I sewed the rug & some time after supper put the clothes away & laid out my clean ones to put on in the morning.  & I have my bath

Sat. May.24. 1947./ page 1094./ 10. eggs this day/  The wind’s been N. East since yester-day & we had a couple of very light showers today    been a nice May day sunshine & showers & tonight at 9-p-m it rained quite hard.  I thank God for giving me strength for all the many things I have got done today, dishes all done & I’m ready for the Church in morning. 

Sun. May 25. 1947./ 10. eggs today/ Elbert went to Lorain  drew his one day’s pay & paid for the gas tank 8.74 & some odd 75 cents.  & 1.20 for light bill so 10.00 from 14.85 don’t live much to exist on, & we don’t know where any more is coming from.  I received ans. to my letter to the Red Cross, Sat. & they said a woman would call on me Tue. after noon so tomorrow after noon, I suppose.  I hope they will find a way to help me.  Elbert thinks he’ll try to work again tomorrow, if it don’t rain, it’s a porch floor they have to lay on the north side, on the bank of the lake & the wind has gone on to the N. West mostly cloudy all day & cold tonight.  We have lost 7 baby chicks so far, they are growing good, there were a few weak one’s & they are gone all but 3.  & they are lively but small.  & they will be 2. weeks old Wed.  May 28.    I haven’t done only my usual work all day, I haven’t felt able to do that.  The lillies of the Valley are thick & such a big patch of them.  I have picked 3 big bunches of them & it don’t show where I’ve picked    Would like to get some seeds in the ground this week, yet.  

Tue. May. 27. 1947./ 11. egg today/  Was beautiful, the sun was bright all morning, but clouded up & rained at 3.p.m. & came in heavy showers all evening.  Elbert went to work & worked all day & his knee is bad tonight & his back & he is terrible tired, lame & sore all over, he says he’s going back in the morning, but I’m wondering.  I didn’t do a lot but 

Tue. May 27. 1947./page 1095/ 11 eggs this day./  I did the little extras, Elbert does when he is home and so I’m tired.  I pick another big bunch of lillies of the Valley & gave Bob Snyder [son of neighbor Bob Snyder,  married to Georgia, live across street, they relay family crisis calls & telegrams to Elbert and Elinor]  a bunch for his mother & I picked the rubarb & made sauce & the asparagus & got supper & took care of birds, hens & chicks & thank God all day

Wed. May. 28. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went to work & stayed all day & run a nail in the ball of his foot, clear through his shoe into his foot, the woman in the house where they have been working, use to be a nurse, so she washed his foot & put some save on it & adhesive tape, it’s swollen tonight, but he says he’s going to work tomorrow if he can for Fri. is Decoration Day & they don’t work Sat. so he wants to get in Thurs.    he has to make a payment on his car engine & he’s got to get enough together to pay his insurance & pay for coal.  Well, the baby Chicks are 2. weeks old today & they are growing     they fly on top the hover & they were trying for the top of the fence today, it’s interesting to watch them one would try 2 or 3 times & the rest would flap there wings & all laugh when he couldn’t make it, then another would try & so on, and then they all flaped there wings & ran on there toes around the pen & started eating mash again & drinking & I gave them a good feed of oats & some eggs came up missing today, if you don’t lock the door each time, that what happens.  I baked 2. big tins of biscuits a little loaf in coffee can & one big loaf & did my daily doz.  It was a fine morning with sunshine & cloudy afternoon, We had a thick fog for a little while this after noon about 2-30-p-m  only lasted 1/2 hr. or so & the wind went N.E.    radio said they had a heavy snow fall in Iowa, Chicago, & Wisconsin & 2 or 3 other states untill it bent bushes to the ground  several places had terrible down fall of rain.  & they say it’s going to 25 above zero tonght.  Our basement is so wet & a stream runing through the middle it got real cold, shivery cold wind, rabbits were out feeding at 3-p-m. to day. grass is ft. high & Elbert has mowed the paths where we walk the most, it’s so wet out. I been thinking of Nellie but they don’t bother to write me.  

Thurs. May 29. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went to work.  I did my usual round of work & took care of hens & chicks, I wanted to go to church tonight so bad, but Elbert’s tired most to death & his foot hurting him so, he didn’t feel able to drive 14 miles more, but he said he would if I said so.   & I had a bad spell tonight & I’m still feeling weak    I bumped one leg rather hard on the uper shin  & it still hurts.  It rained in a torr-ant  after elbert left this morning  he said he had got just to the high level bridge & he could hardly see to drive, he had 2 jobs to

Thurs. May. 29. 1947./ page. 1096./ 10 eggs this day./  day  one on 29 St. & one down all most half way to Avon. one in a basement  the other in an attic;  He’s sure tired, went to bed early & is sleeping     wish I could do that  well I can’t seem to relax all over untill almost morning & I rest an hour or 2 after he goes  then get up & get started again, some times as tired as when I went to bed & I haven’t been having enough to eat, so, I don’t have my strength.  its been mostly cloudy & a terrible strong wind, blew lots of the fruit off the trees the whole twigs fruit & all & the ends of the little twigs or new leaves on the ends of the branches on the oak & all the trees, the apples & cheeries are as big as the end of my little finger & it blew lots of them off.  S. west wind but little more N. west tonight.   We enlarged chicks pen & they sure do like it.  Wish I could have gone to church tonight, so much    I pray God sent in 6 in my place & filled rest of Church.

Fri. May. 30. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Well today’s Decoration Day once more     It’s been a beautiful day, Nice Sun, not to hot, not to cold with a nice light breeze N. east.  I did the washing with Elbert’s help   he carried the water & he washed his union suit & heavy work shirt & I have to get the pants he’s wearing washed tomorrow & get them pressed for Sun & Mon. they are part wool & he’s out of work clothes, pants, shirts & socks, yes, & shoes, overalls & hat.  Well, it didn’t rain today,    Radio said wind, 10 miles an hour Sat & 18 miles an hr. Sun. & tonight sky is full of wind clouds & there has been a lot of accidents & deaths today radio said.  Oh God of Hosts, if people were only ready, if they would only stop & think of there soul before it’s forever to late  Oh Dear Heaven Father help us to do more to help people wake up, Thou hast said the world would be going on as in the days of Noah & Thou didst give them a lot of time to change there ways & turn to thee, but still they wouldn’t heed Thy Voice, and it seems just as bad in these days, for people don’t read the Word (Thy Word)  each day or try to do Thy will & Oh God it greaves me terribly, please reveal to me, how I can do more to help, & help my brothers & sisters, & their familys & my cousins to turn to Thee & alot of the folks who go to Church, that are afraid to trust Thy Word.  I did my usual daily round of work.

Sat. May. 31. 1947./page. 1097./ 10. eggs today./   Beautiful day mild breeze  Georgia Snyder washed a big wash today & she told me when she first came here to live that only a slutt done a washing on Sat. but mercy me how times have changes.   I ironed today what I had washed yesterday.   I swept & did my us-ual dutys    I walked out about the yard & picked rhubard & looked after chicks & birds & cooked dinner & supper & doing dishes  I made the rubarb sauce & took care of all the clothes & after listening to radio news  now after ready my leson for Sun School & taking my bath I’m going to bed after prayers.

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