January 1948

Thurs. Jan. 1. 1948./ 29. PUllet eggs today/  New Years Day and it is for the mo. of Aug.   such a day,   it rained in showers toward morning,   wind was puffy & it froze as it landed, so morning found every thing glistening with glary ice     ground was like a sparkling carpet, as the weeds & bushes vines & trees also fence was so pretty,   posts telegraph poles & lines & building was like glass houses,   then the wind puffs got stronger & warmer & the ice began to melt & as it fell in long sticks it broke in prety sparkling jewels from lines & trees    some fell on end in the grass, long sparkling sticks, at 5 o’clock rain stopped    & aat 9-30-P-m. it wasn’t raining,    but, radio said it would be again before morn-ing & that it was going to snow also.   There has been wrecks & tornado & wind storms & deep snow, ice storms & some close by that have caused death & tradagys & demolished some places,    not as bad here as in a lot of other places.    Well it was cloudy untill noon then lightened up,   but sun didn’t come through.   clouded up about four (4) o’clock  thick again & got dark at 4-p-m.   I took care of beds & washed one batch of dishes & made 2 bread pans full of rice custard.   I thank God for Him & Our Jesus & the Holy Ghost that I am still in need of    He has promised Him to us,   I do believe & I believe He will fill me before very Long.  Praise His Holy Blessed Name    I love Him more than all else.

Fri. Jan. 2. 1948./2. hen. 27. P. eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain with 15. doz. eggs & sold 13. doz. for $9.50 & he bought 1. 100 lb. bag  mash for. 5.09 & he got (yeast 3. cakes) & 1. lb. oleo.  making 5.66,    he got boiling meat 82 cents crackers 22 cents, barley 30 cents, post cards 10 cents, gas for car 1.00, liver pills 67 cents, & brought back 73 cents,   came to 9.50, he sold 6. doz. for 65 cents, & 7. doz. for 80 cents.   Well while he was gone I washed out my personal washing & had it all dried but my dress & wool petticoat.    he left a few minutes after 9-a-m & got back at 2-p-m.  It’s thick & dark out tonight.   Elbert says Mrs. Cranage is sick again   I pray God will help her to over come her wrath through Him.  Miss Baumgart will be 90. yrs. old  she says some time in Mar. I have forgot. but have it some where in my daily recording, before I got worried.

Fri. Jan. 2. 1948./ Page. 2070./ 2 hens. 27. P. eggs this day./  I thank God for my many blessings & Praise & Honor Him & give Him & give Him all the praise & Glory for ever & ever   I pray He will be magnafied the world over     I pray He will strengthen all His childrens faith    give us more power & help us to understand when & how to use His powder [her spelling]  give us wisdom & that great understanding we are so much in need of    We need Thee, Oh, We need Thee every second   We need Thee Oh hear me now Dear Jesus    We come to Thee.  We Praise & give Thee all the Glory.  Wind is still S. west at 10-p-m. & no rain. 

Sat. Jan. 3. 1948./ 1. hen. 24. P. eggs today./ Well it’s been a great day, cloudy all day.  Elbert’s head’s been hurting him all. day. & so has mine & my ankle is so swollen    it’s like a club.  I took care of beds & aired the rooms & set bread & made 4 big tins of bread biscuits, 1. rusk, or sweet biscuits. & I didn’t get my dress ironed or mended, so, I’ll have to wear this dirty one tomorrow.  We received two letters one a folder card from Bonita & Nellie “sorry your sick card with bunch of roses on it & she wrote & said,   Santa was good to the children    they got a new sled & each a new pr. boots & a book each & candy & nuts  & fruit, but they didn’t buy anything for themselves    but Ganit’s [Jim and Joy Gannet] send them an 8. lb. ham & basket of apples & she said Johny was working for Sear’s &    he & Marcie were at Ganit’s home, while they “Ganit’s”  went to Arkansas to Jimmy ‘s wedding on Dec. 31. 1947.   Jimmy is there adopted son.  He got hurt bad in the war & was in a hospital for so long & Ganit’s got there letters back they wrote & had just began to think he was lost when they got a letter.  H’s such a thin little fellow & it’s only such a few years ago, he & Nellies children use to come here & have such nice times    now they are all married except Ella Jane.    Then we received another note from Audrey with 5.00 in it & she wondered why we hadn’t wrote,    but they must have my cards all around by this time    & I’ll try to write them some letters tomorrow,    for I’ll just be setting around alday     I washed up a big batch of dishes today, so we wont have to do them .    Audrey & Bonita said, they all “Monagons, Gertie, Audrey & Nellie’s family all had dinner at Nellie’s house, Jan. 1. 1948.    I’m so glad they could all be together for a meal or two    it seems to be so hard for all to get together any mmore,    so, we thank God in Jesus Blessed Name for the food & money they gave us & I pray they didn’t deprive themselves in so doing.  We sure apperenated  it all more than we can put into words. 

Sun. Jan. 4. 1948./page. 2071./1 hen 21. eggs today./  Well, I got up & took my bath & dress-ed & combed my hair & Elbert warmed the soup & we had dinner & he thought he’d wash the dishes and get them out the way before some one came in & then Johny & Marcie, Nellie, Bonita & her 3. children came in     Nellie brought one an apple pie,    we had quite a visit & the children were quite good for little folks.  Marcie expects to have her baby in April.   Johny looks scart about it,      but doesn’t let on.    Nellie said, Eric Winters died on Christmas Day & left his wife (Elinor) with 8 childre,    I’m so sorry for her in such a lot of ways,    she was an only child & spoilt & such a life as she has had.  Nellie talked to her at the funeral.   The apple pie was very good,   we ate some for supper.   I gave her a big tin of biscuits & 3 big rusk biscuits   allmost as big as a loaf of bread & they were good, we ate one for supper.   My foot & ankle look & feel so bad but I’m trusting God will take care of me in His own way.    I wrote to the Ministers, thought they come & pray with us today but they didn’t come,   I felt their prayers & I thank God and give Him all the praise & Glory in Jesus Name.   I prayed most of last night    foot pained me bad.   Jesus took the pain before daylight & I selpt 2. hours.

Mon. Jan. 5. 1948./ 1. hen. 29. P. eggs. today./  John Harnish [John McKinley Harnish, Elinor’s brother in law]   has been gone 2. yrs. today    Well, I felt down, some what this morning   & then I received a letter from Miss. Mc.Govern. saying, she hoped I had bought a new yrs. dinner with the 5.00 she had sent to me for a belated Christmas gift,    but, that I wasn’t getting it for nothing for she wants me to do some crocheting for her,    she said she had got cards from Nellie & Ella Jane and   it was nice they remembered her,    but, she wants the crochet work.  “well she don’t use comon judgement when it comes to the value of crochet work”   well I can’t do it as my eyes are not good & my head feels to bad yet to do what sewing I have to do,    so I’ll send her five right back to her,   such dirty, tricks some people try to pull,   but, she didn’t catch me     I don”t want some things for nothing from her, ever,   she played me a dirty trick on the radio deal,  she Kept the kibes[?] . 15.00 laying here   I could sure use if I had it.   It’s been a fine day    thawed off most of the snow.  Miss Willitts sent me a letter     she needs money.   & I got my check 30.00 today.

Mon. Jan.5. 1948./ page. 2072./ 1. hen 29. pullet eggs./  I took care of beds,    but didn’t do any work today.  Elbert went to Huron got a 5.00 money order    cost 8 cents to make it out & it will cost me 3 cents to mail it back.    & he got a very few groceries & he brought back 17.90 cents & I have to pay the gas for stone 27.57    so I’ll have to use what Audrey sent 15.00   she has sent us 45.00 all told.  I have to give some to Church & will have to live skimp 3. weeks 

Tue. Jan. 6. 1948./ 1. hen. 25.P. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t get up very early about 11-a-m.    Haufman came in & talked to Elbert a while,    Elbert was picking a hen,    after a while Haufman left     & I got up.   Elbert had got the hen cut up & he ground the most of it & put the back, neck, wiings & bones on to cook & then warmed the soup   & we ate dinner,    then I set here with a paper over my lap & mixed the bread crumbs, eggs & seasoning & milk into the ground chicken & packed it down & set it in the cool cupboard to season through & be ready to fry & stew for dinner to-morrow,  God willing;   I wrote a letter to Miss. Mc. Govern & started one to Miss Willitts & I hope to get a card off to Miss. Clark also,   & Mrs. Gall,  Mrs. West & Mrs Sprunp & Mrs. Day & Mrs. Horning & Mrs. Hambly.  So I’ll have to get busy.   winds been N.W. & it’s making ice fast tonight    Elbert left a bucket of water at the back door & it had a good 1/4 in. of ice on it from 6.-p.m to 10-10-p-m.   I thank God in Jesus Blessed Name for all we have & that He is mine & I am His & He care for me.    It snowed in the small hrs. of the morning.   it snowed yesterday   began at or about 10-a-m from S.W. laid a white blanket before 2.a.m.    it melted as it fell most of it untill evening when it began to get colder    it thawed on the roofs to yesterday.   but tonight it’s much colder,   stars are clear & bright.

WEd. Jan. 7. 1948./ 1. hen. 25. P. eggs today./   Well, I have only done my bedroom work today & made chicken balls for our dinner    can’t see well enough to sew & we only received two bill & an invitation to Bonney Bell & her Joe’s party Fri. night, come & bring a gift “wedding gift”    We can’t go,    But I do hope they receive a lot of gifts & the things they will need most.    Well, It’s been a fine day with sunshine,    it thawed some & it’s frezing again tonight & cloudy    wind is & has been S.West.   

Thurs. Jan.8. 1948./ 2. hen. 23. p. eggs today./  Well, another day & all I can do is sit & read or pray & trust & believe    I do feel better    ankle is some better but terrible sore yet,    but I know it will get well before long & be stronger,    Jesus hears & ans. prayers.    Received another note from Miss. Mc.Govern, she can’t 

Thurs. Jan.8. 1948./ page. 2073./ 2. hens. 23. Pullet’s eggs./ write only when she gets herself in a pickle    & now I’ve had 3 of her notes    I sent her a card & I know she got it for she told on herself,   then, tried to make me believe she didn’t get my card,     well, I’ve written a letter & a card am send-ing her 5.00 back in a money order,    Elbert will mail them in the morning.   & I hope she don’t trouble me anymore.   This is what I wrote on the card.  “She ask me this amn. to drop her a line”

& Here’s your line right back,   I have ask you many times not to send me things.  Your $5.00 is on it’s way back fast as we could get the money order. & get it back to you.   A woman that can’t be troubled to write friendly letters, but wants the other fellow to write her,   but, sends 5.00 & hopes I’ll be foolish enough to spend it so you’ll have one over on me.   Well I’m not foolish,    you’ve done to many slick tricks before this one     and I’d think you’d understand, since I have sent back your money each time.    What would Jesus Do?   As you do by me?   I don’t want something for nothing and I don’t perpose to be imposed upon by slick tricks.  E.A.B.

   I hope Elbert gets as much as before for the eggs for grain is so high.   he has 15.doz. 6. doz of them are small eggs. & he hopes to fill one more carton in the morn.  I hope he wont be gone long,    the days & night’s are so long.    I wrote a card to Nellie & one to Church,   I didn’t get the others wrote.    Wind S. West all day & coming in quite strong pulls tonight.   Elbert says the path is sloppy wet that it’s thawing & quite warm. 

Fri. Jan. 9. 1948./ 1. hen 31. P. eggs today/  Well Elbert went to Lorain & sold 16. doz. eggs  part of them for 60 cents & part for 80 cents so he got $11.40 & he bought 100. lbs. grain & groceries cost $9.44 & he brought back $2.00.   I didn’t do much, washed my nose rags & stockings & I swept all 3. rooms & mended one pr. stockings & then Elbert came at 3-30-p-m.    I put some waater on to heat for drink & he had brought some potatoes “we been eating ground nut”  so we had some potatoes for supper & Georgia Snyder gave him a small link of smoked saucage,    he paid her for what milk we’d had (60 cents) (so) we had the saucage, some bread, tea & prunes also.    Elbert took my shoes to get new heel & a wedge on the left side of left shoe 85 cents & Mrs. Granage. gave Elbert a dime to get a paper so, I could read about a flying flaming red cone there was a greenish mist behind it lighting up the sky for miles around Wilmington Ohio, & the people saw it for 35 minutes or so & it would hang for a few second then go with great speed sometimes up & then down to a certian hight & then went off toward the horizon & out of sight. 

taken from Internet:   IT WAS ALSO REPORTED, “United Press – Mysterious objects seen floating in the sky over Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio revived speculation about ‘flying saucers’ today. The latest report on the phenomena was at Wilmington, Ohio, where personnel at the Clinton County Air Base reported a flaming ball of red fire which was seen for 35 minutes until it disappeared over the horizon. National Guard headquarters in Kentucky blamed the death of a pilot on a mysterious gleaming object which he was chasing. They said pilot Thomas F. Mantell, flying without oxygen equipment, apparently flew too high, became unconscious and lost control of his plane. He crashed near Franklin, Ky. A bright, bulb-shaped object also was reported seen at Clarksville, Nashville and Columbia, Tenn., and at several points in southern Kentucky yesterday. The ball of fire at Wilmington was seen by Staff Sgt. Gale F. Walter and Corp. James Hudson in the patrol tower at the air base. They watched it for 35 minutes. They described it as a flaming red cone trailing a gaseous green mist.”

Clinton County Air Force Base was a Strategic Air Command bomber alert facility in the early 1960s. The All Weather Flying Center was based at the Clinton County Army Airfield during the late 1940s. The big Skyhook balloons, part of a classified naval research project, were launched from Clinton County AFB in the late 1940s.

On 07 January 1948 newspapers across the U.S. carried headlines similar to the Louisville Courier: “F-51 and Capt. Mantell Destroyed Chasing Flying Saucer.” The “Mantell Incident” was the most thoroughly investigated sighting of that time. Captain Thomas Mantell died trying to reach a Skyhook balloon, launched from Clinton County AFB. He didn’t know that he was chasing a balloon because he had never heard of the huge, 100-foot-diameter skyhook balloons, let alone seen one. Mantell’s death was ultimately caused by the hype over UFOs, which no doubt caused him to chase after it at all costs.

Mrs. Cranage worries about everything that happens,   but, Jesus said not to be troubled.  Praise God in Spirit & I long to so much.  I thank Him for my healings & Give Him all the Praise in Jesus Name now & forever & ever.  I pray for each of His Children that He will strengthen & fill

Fri. Jan. 9. 1948./ page. 2074./ 1. hen 31. P. eggs this day/   all those of us who have not yet received the Holy Ghost & I wish He would convert & heal Mr. & Mrs. Hambly that they might be true witnesses for Him.    Have mercy Lord God of Hosts in Jesus Name We ask & We thank Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus & Praise Thee, Glory, Glory to God, Hallulejah, Amen.  Wind’s been N.W. all day & the wind is quite strong & puffy. 

Sat. Jan.  10. 1948./ 25 pullet eggs today/ gas tank came today $9.57 Jan 10./   Well, Elbert went to Vermilion & got some greens for hens & got my shoes & he went up to Rout 67. on the Highway to the filling station where he got the news paper & exchanged it for another one,   as part of the other one wasn’t there.    I wiped up the Kitchen floor after setting & making 4. tins & 1. small tin of bread biscuits, then I ironed & mended my dress.    I took care of beds also today & rooms.    It’s been a nice day with sunshine    N.E. Wind & colder today.    My ankle is better, pains bad when I’m on it so much     & it’s swollen bad tonight,    but I thank God in Jesus Dear Name that He sees and Knows & that He is healing it & taking care of us both.    I pray He will convert Elbert & help us to do a better work for Him.    I do Praise Him & give Him all the Glory,    I’m such a long ways from being perfect,    but , Pray God will help me & spare me from those who profit from the poor.    Paul said to Glory in our affliction , in Jesus name.  So even though I can’t understand why I must take so much abuse evern from those I’ve done so much for all the sneers, “in what they term a polite way”    I want to do what ever work God has for me to do, some-times it takes a lot of strength & courage but I’m glad I get it done & pray He will fill me with the Holy Ghost that I may be all His   I thank Thee Jesus.

Sun. Jan. 11. 1948./ 18. eggs P. eggs today./   Well, I slept late took a bath dressed & combed my hair & swept the kitchen shook up beds & aired the rooms & changed the table cloth     With Elberts help, he pealed potatoes & cooked them & we ate smoked fish, potatoes, bread, grape jam & drank coffee     & then he stacked the dishes in the pan    & the Ministers & Mrs. Sprunk came in & we had quite a visit & a prayer service.    Mrs. Sprunk see the bread biscuits covered on the shelf & went over & looked at them with the ministers wife & so when they left I gave some to each of them & I gave

Sun. Jan. 11. 1948./ page./ 2075./ Only 18 eggs today & we don’t understand it./   the Minister 5.00  my tenth or most of it,    I want to send Miss Willitts a 1.00    It’s been a nice day cold, for it didn’t thaw    S.W. wind.   I thank God for our Jesus & for His Children & praise His Blessed Name, & pray He will give some souls through for the labour of His minister, I thank Jesus Blessed Jesus. 

Mon. Jan. 12. 1948./ 1. hen. 29. P eggs. /   Well, I laid in bed till 10-a-m.   was on my feet to much Sat.    Elbert washed out his change of clothes & the towels & hung them up to dry    then we ate a lunch & he Killed & dressed a hen & ground the breast & legs & I mixed it up ready to cook & set it down in the cupboard to season.    Mr. Haufman came in brought some bird seed “conditioner”  he said   I didn’t look at it,    I don’t Know why he comes here, “looks to me as if he’s a snoop nose for the township”   I don’t like him, but I try to be polite,    he’s a lone just now, his aunt Leana Bacon has gone to Mont Clements to take mineral spring baths for arthrits    & he says it’s terrible to have to pay 1.50 or 2.00 for one good meal aday & some how he hates to cook & clean up his mess,    I gave him 2 white bread biscuits & one sweet one that I put mince meat into & he went on home,    he says he has 40 hogs, one cow & 2 heifers,   he sold his cows, said he wasn’t able to do all the work any more,   he has a bad liver.    Well.  it’s been cloudy most of the day, sun came out once or twice but not to stay    winds been S.W> untill just before dark    there was a lull & wind went N. West.    I thank God in Jesus Name for my healing,    I wish I could do more for Him or to help His work progress.   I love these Children that are doing the preaching & hope I’ll be able to go to Church before they leave.  Glory to God in the Hightest I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Glory Hallelujah, I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. Jan. 13. 1948./ 1. hen. 22. P. eggs eggs. /  Loura Ann Bonney’s birthday  she’s 13. yrs. old & a big girl fair with very dark hair.    I did my washing today & washed up one batch dishes & took care of bed & rooms,    ankle is swollen bad tonight.   The old man back of us brought us a lb. of frowey butter & ask Elbert to take him to Amherst & he wants to go up to Rout 61. to see Aldredge about a pig & he wants to see some one in Vermilion, he wants Elbert to call for him at one oclock & he’s such a long winded guy.    I hope Elbert gets back to feed hens on time for they

Tue. Jan. 13. 1948./ page. 2076./ 1. hen. 22. pullet eggs this day. /  mean a lot more to us,    he said he’d pay Elbert    well, but, I wonder.    It’s been mostly cloudy with just a little sunshine.  I didn’t get all the washing done    chair cover & table clothes & Elbert’s blanket are in a terrible condition,    if only some one could wash them for me,     but, I don’t know how they think the work gets done,    I told them I make the bread & sweep & wipe up the floor & take care of beds & rooms & they just said, you hadn’t ought to do it, but they have some one to help them.    but we are getting along.     I thank God for the wonderful strength He has given me & that He is healing my ankle & it may not heal as fast under conditions,   but as the Dr. said maybe I’ll get out by Spring    before Spring, I hope & trust.    Elbert says his head don’t feel so bad today & I thank God for that to,    for he has to do all the out side chores & what I can’t do inside.   I Praise Jesus for all things.

Wed. Jan. 14. 1948./ 21. P. eggs today./  WEll, the the old man came here at 10 to 11 a-m. & said he had forgot today was Wed. and he wanted to get to the Smith grocery before noon,    he had 3. bu. cabbages to take there,     so, Elbert took him & made another stop on the way back & he told Elbert he had to go after dinner to Amherst,    so When Elbert got back from Huron, I had dinner about ready.    I had took care of the beds & rooms & swept the Kitchen & made baking powder biscuits    & when Elbert went to get the old man, he took him some of the biscuits    & Elbert said he seemed real pleased,     he put 5 gal. gas in the car 1.25 & gave him another 1.00 for taking him to Amherst & back.    I don’t know of any one that would work so cheap as that.    I was never able to find any one.    Well I felt so bum I didn’t get up untill after 10-a-m.   I heard the post man stop    & Elbert went out to the box,    and believe it or not there was Ella Jane’s letter from Albuquerque, for once she wrote a nice letter, and she said she’d be home in April for Easter, if all goes well,     she even joked a little    ask me if she could make me a cup of green tea & bring me a bowl of irish stew,     said that was what she was having for dinner.     April 22. is her birthday & Marcie expects her baby in April,    snowed last night & again early this a-m. & Wind N. W. & tonight it’s clear & frosty & S.W. wind & New Moon & bright star 4. or 5. yds. to the west of it.    Oh yes Ella Jane did thank me for the winter bouquets    she started the letter Dec. 27. & finished Jan. 11.  

Jan. 15. 1948. /page. 2077./ 28. P. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t do much today    I must have wrenched my ankle worse than I thought yesterday,    it did hurt plenty & all night & all day & feels more sore today, & leg pains to.    Well Audrey sent 20. dollar money order & letter registered this morning,    said she hadn’t received any word as to wheather I’d got the 10. & 5. she had sent & I have sent 2. letters & 2 cards just of late    Elbert mailed a letter Fri. Jan. 9. & I had sent a letter just before that & some cards     so, Elbert is going to take this letter I worte today to her tomorrow, God Willing, I wrote a card to Nellie also.    I can’t understand why she doesn’t get them,    our mail has been going good from Vermilion Post office,    Well, Elbert will talk to her & maybe we’ll learn.    I wrote a card to Miss. Clark & thanked her for the scarf, she sent me for Christmas.   Its turned terrible cold   W. was S.W but Radio said it’s going N.W. before morning    windows froze last night & seem hard to keep warm    Elbert got up several times during the night,    he’s only had to empty ash pan every other night but had to empty it again tonight & he did it last night.    he got 4 rats in the coop    Killed two & two tried to get through fence & hung there & died     and water pails froze for first time last night.    Well, I thank God & Praise Him for our many blessings    I thank Him,  He cares for us & pray we may be found worthy in Jesus Name. 

Fri. Jan. 16. 1948./ 22. P. eggs 1. hen egg. today./  Well, the old girl is 63. yrs. old today    & it’s cold, but, not as bad as the day I was born up in the north woods of Michigan with the snow over top the fences & pa driving over the fence post all winter, by the drive way.   Well, wasn’t as cold today as it was yesterday, but cold enough.    Ella Jane & Miss Baumgart sent me very pretty birthday cards.    Elbert went to Lorain     sold the eggs & went to see Audrey & give her my letter,    he said she was pleased that he had come & told her we had received all the money she had sent & he thanked her for it,     he couldn’t talk to her very long for she only has a few minutes to get home & eat her lunch & get back to work,     we have had 65.00 now.  I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to pay it back in cash, but I could if Elbert could work.    it would take sometime though.    The eggs have come down 75 cents he got for the big eggs & 65 cents for the small eggs & he got 8.00 for 12 doz.    & Hambly’s didn’t pay for 2. doz. 1.50    He spent it all & some of his change for mash 5.09 & food for us.    & he went to Huron & cashed the money order & spent 5.00 of that.    mash & food cost 12.33 & the egg money 8.00 & 5.00 make 13.00 & that left him 67 cents. & 15.00 from the money order.    Elbert got 

Fri. Jan. 16. 1948./ page. 2078./ 1. hen 22. P. eggs this day./   his social security a check for 25.00 & his car insurance is due & his life insurance is due & he owes John Warner & a couple other fellows yet.    & we got to get some windows for the henhouse.    such is life.    Well I hope they all get paid.    I’ll have to keep trying & it’s a hard job,    he mailed the cards in Vermilion one to Nellie & one to Miss Clark.    Well, I got up & washed & dressed & combed my hair & cleaned my teeth & set the bread & ate a little chicken rice soup & wiped up Kitchen floor, aired beds & rooms & made up beds,    I pealed potatoes & put them on to cook & put the water on for hot drink    & Elbert brought liver & he fried it.   & we ate     & I had him put the biscuits in the oven just before we ate 3 tins a loaf & a little loaf.    I do thank & praise the Lord for my many blessing through Him.    I want to send Miss Willitts a dollar,    I don’t know how I’m going to do all the things     money is so scarse.    But I thank God   He loves me & takes care of me & I do believe He will fill me before very long & I thank Him for HIs promises & Praise His Holy Name forever & ever. 

Sat. Jan. 17. 1948./ 23. P. eggs today./  Elbert waited untill 11-a-m then took a sudden notion to go to Vermilion & he flew off in such a hurry that he forgot the money for a window for the hen coop,    the old one fell to pieces, but he had a little money of his own so he got the window 5.00,    I sent Mr. & Mrs. Hambly a can of coffee, can, of milk, 2. cans soup, 1, can corn 1. of peas 1. of corn & a loaf of bread,    she’s not very well,    was all cut up inside a while ago    & he has been operated on,    they said, they cut off the lower part of his stomach & the intestine next to it,    & now his food don’t do him any good & seems to go strait through    & they couldn’t pay for eggs, but, said of he’d leave 2. doz.   they’d pay it, so, today I sent those things for they didn’t have any coffee or milk & I don’t suppose much else,    I wish our churches were like the Meninites,    they take care of each other & don’t spend hrs. in a beauty shop,   but, spend time looki8ng after there flock & they dress them selves & don’t go around with there legs hanging out     & they don’t have time for worldly junk & they are right.   the Church people here, are so different.    I know a good God fearing, God loving couple, aged couple, that starved right under there noses & the preacher said they were old enough to die    & he didn’t want any tears at the funeral.   Jesus, Wept. for Lazarus, and folks don’t believe in that today,   Worldly folks.    Well, I received a card from

Sat. Jan. 17. 1948. /page 2079. / 23 eggs this day. /  Johny & Marcie & one from Nellie & the family,    & a letter back from Miss. Mc.Govern & she sent my letter back to me that I wrote some time ago, for me to read ovr,     there’s nothing wrong with the letter, as I can see,    I did tell her Elbert hadn’t worked since June 19th, only a few days    & so she tried to say she sent the money because she like to be a friend at such a time,    but it was the way she did it that discusted me     & she has done things like that several times    & now she’s so innocent,  can’t remember any tricks she’s ever played on me.    Well, I pray God will teach her His Way, & I thank Him.    Elbert put the window in the coop & crecasoted the sach,    now we have to fix the 2. sounth one’s.    Well, the eggs came to 8.00 & that left 3.00 & they have done better than that in the weeks just passed,    so they paid for there windows as well as there feed, poor little pullets.    I  haven’t done much today    looked after the beds and rooms.   Elbert was gone 2. hrs.  little over.    I put the bread in the crock & straightened up a little & got the chicken balls cooked    & Elbert finished making the gravey when he got here    Nellie & Marcie wrote notes on backs of cards.    Well I ought to write letters,    but, some how, I don’t get at it.  I thank God for our many blessing in Jesus Holy Name.  Pray He will fill all us who haven’t been filled with the Holy Ghost.    I pray He will strengthen His people & teach them His Way,    I thank Jesus & Praise Him.   He has taught me many lessons, great & small ones & I do appreciate it more than I can explain in words.    I pray He will help me to be worthy & that His coming will be in the summer & not on a Sunday,    Oh, Glory to God in the Highest, Glory, Glory, Hallalujah.    I thank Thee for my healings & for this healing & I give all the praise & Glory to Thee. Amen.    Clear & cold south West Wind.  

Sun. Jan. 18. 1948./ 1. hen 20. eggs today./   Well not a soul came in today, been a fine cold partly cloudy day,   radio said weather tempture down to 13 degrees & said they had an inch snow fall in Alabama & 2. ft. one place in California & last week Cali. was having worst heat wave they’d had in yrs.    it froze in Georgia, Texas, Caroline & as far as Miami Florida.    N.Y. been buried in snow.  We saw a big flock of wild geese going south today,    so, looks like cold coming our way    We got several good sermons & some good Hyms on radio today.    I feel so sick tonight.    I feel weak & limpy.

Mon. Jan. 19. 1948./ page. 2080./ 1. hen  18. eggs. today./   White sun all morning strong cold raw wind.    Received card from Mrs Beesie    she just learned last Fri. (Jan. 9.) that I had taken a fall.    Well, Elberts gone to Vermilion to mail cards for plague & one to Mrs. Beesie & a letter to mrs. & Mr. Adamson in Florida & to get 2. more full length windows for hen house    & I forgot to tell him to feed hens before he went    & I think he went without feeding them & it’s 4-p-m.    sun has shone untill 3-30-p-m.    so it will get dark earlier now,    it’s cloudy.    I have written a card to Mrs. Geo. Gall & to Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Guerney.   I wrote a card to Mrs. West.    Well, Elbert got the windows & mailed cards & letter got fish & few apples.    fed hens soon as he got hre, then he got supper. & put eggs away    It’s been a nice day, white sun & cold S.W. wind & cloudy tonight    I thank God for our many blessing, that He loves & cares for His own & I pray He will fill me with the Holy Ghost & help me to be worthy of Praising Him with a new tongue,    I’ll be so happy & give Him all the praise & Glory forever & ever, Amen.   Glory to God.    While Elbert was gone I saw another small flock of wild geese about 2 thirds as many as yesterday & that looked about 300.  

Tue. Jan. 20. 1948./ 26. Pullets eggs. /   Well, I slept most the day    got up at noon & washed out my change of clothes & my rags    & thats all I got done except taking care of beds & room.   not quite so cold today but good fresh S.W. wind that goes right to the marrow if you have to stay out in it for long     & radio says colder & more snow    people are even freezing to death in some places & they have had several bad fires in Cleveland & other places.   I thank God for the strength He gives & for taking care of us both & pray He will keep me & save me soul body & spirit in Jesus Name. Amen.    We received a letter from gas company, gas will be 9.75 a tank. (they raised it from 8.75 to 9.02 to 9.57 in Oct.)

Wed. Jan. 21. 1948./ 20. eggs today./  Well,  I haven’t done much today.    I ironed a few pieces, swept, & mixed up the chicken   “Elbert killed, dressed & cut up & ground” ready for meat ball for dinner tomorrow, “God Willing”    then I took care of beds & room.   Oh yes, I made two dish towels, had to wash a mash bag trim & cut it & hem it.    It’s been a fairly nice day partly cloudy.    We see another flock of geese going south this afternoon.   Wind. S. West not very cold.    I received a card from Nellie today with barrels of good wishes & flowers & she said they got a ton of coal & hoped we Kept warm ha, ha.    Well, we have kept warm so far & have had enough to keep soul & body together and thank God for all we have  and pray they have enough to keep them warm & enough to eat &

Wed. Jan. 21. 1948./ page. 2081./ 20. eggs today. /  Warm;    She said little Bonita went home with Johny & Marcie last week & Nelson went home Sun. & was coming back tonight,  She said she & Bonita had quilted a wool batten in a cheese cloth covr & was making a slip cover for it    for it’s so cold up stairs in Bonita’s room,    she also said she made graham bread & sweet rolls Sat.    I’m glad she’s so she can do some things yet.   And I thank God & praise Him for our many blessing in Jesus Name.    Hope I may be more worthy. 

Thurs. Jan. 22. 1948./ 20 eggs today./  Well, I haven’t done much today, ironing seemed to much yesterday,   so Ive only took care of the rooms,     and wrote a card to Nellie     & one to the World Insurance Co. to see where the receipt is as we haven’t received it.    and we didn’t see any geese today.  Wind’s N.W. & it sure am cold outside    & Radio said it was going to 3. degrees above zero.    I wrote a card to Walkins Man.   Elbert will mail all the cards on his way to Lorain tomorrow.  

Fri. Jan. 23. 1948./ 21. eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Lorain & sold 12. doz. eggs    he got 70 cents for 8. doz. & 55 cents for 4. doz. $7.80 cents he took in    & he got the 1.50 from hambley’s for last weeks eggs & her mother owes 70 cents for a doz. for today.    & I gave him  $4.00, that made 11.10 with out the 70 cents & te $1.50, made 12. 60 he had in cash    & the grain cost $5.89 cents today,    it jumped & that & the groceries cost $10.38 cents so we had $2.22 cents left.    & we got to pay $8.75 cents for 100. lbs. condition powder & I have got 7.25 of it now.    & we got to pay light bill $1.60 before the end of the month.    While Elbert was gone I wiped up the floors after taking care of bed rooms    then we had a package of pie mix. & I made an apple pie,    then, jElbert came & we had soup,I had made to,   then, I made some rolled oats cookies & and a peach & custard pie    & then made chicken balls & Elbert got supper    & now we are just sitting.    I put my shoes on but couldn’t keep them on    couldn’t walk as well as in my old bedroom slippers.    Wind was N.E. this morning & went around to West a little S. & it snowed hard & the sun was shining clear,    and after noon it cleared up & got a little warmer, but it’s still cold.    I have lots to be thankful for;   God has taken care of us & I pray He will soon fill us both with His Holy Spirit    forgive us our sins, convert, heal & fill us before it’s to late    I pray in Jesus Blessed Name    I’ll thank Thee & give Thee all the praise and Glory for ever & ever Amen.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah,  Glory to God, Glory, Glory, Glory  Surely all the praise & Glory belongest to Thee.

Sat. Jan. 24. 1948./ page. 2082./ 1. hen. 23. Pullets eggs./   Well I didn’t do any work today    looked after beds & sit around.    It snowed & blowed most of the day N.E. wind cold & snow flakes small & dry snow has drifted some but not bad,    Elbert says it’s not quite so cold this afternoon.   he Killed another old hen & we are stewing all of it this time,    getting tired of the balls,   & it is all most done.    I thank God for our many blessings for my healings & for food, clothes, warmth & most of all for His great love for us.    I received a letter from Sister Gurney today,    she say all are well, that Garry is doing fine in the school there,    baby is well & Rev. Gurney has gained lbs. & feeling lots better.    And that they went down there to rest,    but she has been preaching    she didn’t say anything about coming back, she said she had heard Brother & Sister Sharein were doing a good work here.    Well, I pray God will help all things to work out for His Good & Glory. 

Sun. Jan. 25. 1948./ 1. hen. 14. P. eggs/   Well, we didn’t have any com-pany today.    Elbert has done chors & helped in the house    he did cooking & dishes & I sit around    listened to sermons on Radio & the singing,    we heard Rev. Fuller, he said today was his 23. yrs. on the air & that there were 10. thousand seated & hundreds standing around the side3s & Ha lot of them had come for miles for this 23. yrs. sermon,    & from other states they had come,    he seemed rather touched that so many had come & some from so far    & when he gave the altar call there were 17 or 18 converts    Praise God, it wasn’t only a few out of such a crowd    but I prayed God would convert them & fill them & keep them    & I have & do pray  God has blessed all His children far & wide & strengthen there faith    & fill them & help us to do a better work for Him in Jesus Blessed Name, Amen.    Wind has been south.    The moon was so bright it was almost like day, in the wee hrs of the morning    & it’s been a nice day.    trees looked all white & dimonds sparkled here & there all through the limbs.

Sun. Jan. 26. 1948./ page. 2083./ 1. hen  14. P. eggs./   clouded up at dusk & looks like more snow tonight or tomorrow.    I thank God in Jesus Name for my healing & our many blessing & that He loves & cares for us. 

Mon. Jan. 26. 1948./ 19. eggs today./   Haven’t done much today    sort of felt bum all day, weak miserable feeling    Hasn’t been out side since Nov.   Will be so glad when I can get back to Church again,    Received letter from Mrs. Gall or a card with a pretty bouquet on it    & she always writes a letter inside, making it more enjoyable.    & I felt so bad Thur. night when I wrote to nellie,    I put Huron, Ohio instead of Elyria Ohio.    Maybe they’ll send it any way    He is going to put it back in the mail again, in Vermilion, in the morning,    I hope it goes.    Elbert’s have-ing to learn for him self what I have learned & tried to tell him    so, to keep out of trouble, that the coop has to have some venti-lation, so the pullets cut off on the eggs, because coop got all frosted inside,    Well, he will have to suffer as much as I,    and if he won’t listen, O.K.  We had that expierance    when we first came here a couple of times before Frank could learn.    only I hope we don’t loose any of these pullets now    it hard enough to have the egg production drop & price of eggs & feed jump 60 cents in a week,    but, I can’t get out to do things & he don’t do them untill he has to,    he hasn’t fixed the ventilation yet.    I crocheted a little today,    would like to send the bed spread & a chair set to Carl & His Wife this week if I can get them done,    just have the two arm peices to do.    I do thank Our Father in Heaven, for everything and am trusting & believing Jesus will hear and answer prayers    and I’m more than greatful to Him for all things    & I can hardly eat when I think of the thousands, homeless, hungry, & needing clothes so badly & so cold     Wind S.W. & cloudy    little warmer tonight.   may snow.   & tonight over the radio we heard over 100 children were found frozen to death huddled in door ways or any place they could crawl in,   to get out of a severe cold snape in Shanghy China.    Oh. God be merciful I pray, and forgive me a siner & fill me with the Holy Ghost that I may be of more help to Thee.?   I ask in Jesus Dear Name believing.  Oh God, I thank Thee. 

Tue. Jan. 27. 1948./ 21. eggs today./   Well I did all my washing today    the table cloth & big Chair seat cover & the back needs it also    & most of them are dry & I feel as if I weigh a ton & so does the ankle.  It’s been

Tue. Jan. 27. 1948./ Page. 2084./ 21. eggs today. /  a fine day & Today little Nelson Eddy is 3. yrs. old “Bonita’s youngest boy”.  it tried to snow this after noon but gave it up.    Elbert went to Vermilion & mailed 2. cards, one to Nellie that he mailed Fri. & I addressed it Huron instead of Elyria    & one to thank his insurance company for the receipt for $15.00 he sent on Dec. 3.    he got a nice lot of greens for the hens & got some food for us.  he cooked dinner & then put a burlap bag over on ventealation hole where he had tar paper & then he put in two whole windows on south end of coop.    & he has most of the frost dried up that was in the ceiling.    if only he could clean the roost next.    Postman put mail in box, but when Elbert got around to look, there wasn’t any there.   Well, thats the way.    winds been N.W. this after noon & tonight.  I Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for our many blessings & I do so wish I do more for Him.  It’s still quite cold,    snow is still on the ground & |Radio says its going to be colder.  

Wed. Jan. 28. 1948. /  1. hen 14. eggs today./  Pa’s birthday  he would be 87. yrs. old.    It’s been a nice sunshiny day,    but cold. 3. below zero radio said & one of the southern states 43. below & coldest it’s ever been there, while one section of California has & still is having the worst heat wave & no rain.     Bible history is truely working out, with tornadoes & hurry canes & all that sort of thing & earth quakes in places.    but still the nations fight on & on.  Well I felt all in today & didn’t do much      ankle badly swollen to-day.    I washed up the frying pans & c overs & took care of the beds,     my feet got so cold in these old flat slippers    Elbert has looked after hens & carried the water & coal & emptied ashes & slop pail & he has cooked & washed dishes.    Sun was yellow when it set tonight & Elbert said it was warmer.     He got his paper from Deitz today./   

Thurs. Jan. 29. 1948./ 16. eggs today./   Well, I set bread & made 3. tins biscuits & one little loaf & then I swept & put clean papers back on the floor to walk on & tomorrow     I’d like to wash the curtians in the Kitchen & maybe iron them.    Elbert cooked toe meals & I did wash up my baking dishes & supper dishes, tonight I crocheted a little finished one arm piece, got one more to, do,  Wind’s South & little West.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for His love & care.   I Praise Thee Jesus and thank Thee with all my heart.  Blessed Jesus. 

Fri. Jan.30. 1948./ Elbert went to Lorain & sold the eggs 9 doz.for 70 cents & part for 55 cents & he only got 6.00 & because the mash took a big jump in price,     he didn’t get any. 5.79 cents.  Well, I ask

Fri. Jan. 30. 1948./ page 2085./ 14 eggs today/   him to get some extra on hand while it was 5.09. but,     because he had one extra on hand, he didn’t think we should get it.    Oh me.    He bought the little food he got out of his money & paid light bill $1.20  cents.     Well, I washed my nose rags & towels & dish towels & 4. prs. curtains & then I ironed them,    & my dress, table cloth, chair cover & pillow case     & my feet & ankles have pained me bad & my left leg & back.    I thank God for our many blessing that he is & will ever be.    Yesterday they told us over the radio that a man from the other sect “than that of Gandys” had shot & Killed poor dear old Gandy, he was a man of God & some hated him as they did Jesus.    Oh God, I pray Thy Will be done & that Thou will help to keep Gandy’s flock steadfast in Thee, Bless & strengthen Thy people   Oh God I pray, We are so miserably weak & in these last days we need more & more strength & faith.    The wind is North east yet & it’s cold     windows, partly froze. 

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (/ˈɡɑːndi, ˈɡændi/ (About this soundlisten);[2] 2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948), mostly venerated as Mahātmā[a], was an Indian lawyer,[3] anti-colonial nationalist[4] and political ethicist[5] who employed nonviolent resistance to lead the successful campaign for India’s independence from British rule[6] and in turn inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honorific title Mahātmā, first applied to him in 1914 in South Africa, is now used throughout the world.[7][8]Born and raised in a Hindu family in coastal Gujarat, Gandhi trained in law at the Inner Temple, London, and was called to the bar at age 22 in June 1891. After two uncertain years in India, where he was unable to start a successful law practice, he moved to South Africa in 1893 to represent an Indian merchant in a lawsuit. He went on to live in South Africa for 21 years. It was in South Africa that Gandhi raised a family and first employed nonviolent resistance in a campaign for civil rights. In 1915, aged 45, he returned to India. He set about organising peasants, farmers, and urban labourers to protest against excessive land-tax and discrimination. Assuming leadership of the Indian National Congress in 1921, Gandhi led nationwide campaigns for easing poverty, expanding women’s rights, building religious and ethnic amity, ending untouchability, and above all for achieving swaraj or self-rule.[9]Also in 1921, Gandhi adopted the use of an Indian loincloth (short dhoti) and a shawl (in the winter) woven with yarn hand-spun on a traditional Indian spinning wheel (charkha) as a sign of identification with India’s rural poor. He also began to live modestly in a self-sufficient residential community, ate simple vegetarian food, and undertook long fasts as a means of self-purification and political protest. Bringing anti-colonial nationalism to the common Indians, Gandhi led them in challenging the British-imposed salt tax with the 400 km (250 mi) Dandi Salt March in 1930 and in calling for the British to quit India in 1942. He was imprisoned many times and for many years in both South Africa and India.Gandhi’s birthday, 2 October, is commemorated in India as Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday, and worldwide as the International Day of Nonviolence. Gandhi is commonly, though not formally, considered the Father of the Nation in India[14][15] and was commonly called Bapu[16]  [note:  Marcella Rose Gremore taught Ghandi philosphy to her children, also children of John Malcolm Harnish]

Sat. Jan. 31. 1948./ 1. hen 15. eggs today./  681 eggs this mo./  well, it’s been terrible cold today   N. E. wind cold & goes right to the marrow    floors been terrible cold & the coop is cold  Elbert don’t ventalate coop or basement like he should & I don’t Know if the fruit can take it or not & I’m not able to do a thing about it.    We are sure getting a cold blast tonight,   it was 5 below last night & radio said it would be colder tonight,    & I believe it is.    We received a card from Nellie    she said she has a bad sore throat even her pallet is swollen,    she said that she & Bonita had been mending up old clothes,    I have prayed & ask God to heal her from her cold & help them in all the ways they need,    I’m so sorry she has a cold & I do hope Bonita will try to keep it warmer so the children wont get sick. & perhaps herself.    House cools off fast    it’s after 9-p-m. & Elbert is sleeping.    I got to get up & fix the fire,    Elbert isn’t use to getting up during the night & he’s so tired & I’m sorry.     I thank God for our blessing & pray for His love & care & Give Him all the Glory, praise & Honor forever & ever.    I am praying for that Seal of promise in Jesus Blessed Name. 

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