January 1951

Mon. Jan. 1. 1951. /3. eggs today/  Today’s for Aug a beautiful day    white sun & clouded up around 4-p-m.    S. West breeze all day    thawed quite a lot today & I hear ice falling from eaves tonight.    I should have written to Annabell today.    Elbert went twice for milk,    Mrs. Killbride wasn’t home this a-m.    he went again before supper & got the milk,    he had to kill a hen one of the best ones he had something wrong with her back    New Year’s Day so no mail today.    Elbert’s back hurts him so bad,     but he got up & washed out his 2 heavy union suits   his sleeper pants & Jacket  3. work shirts towel & bath cloth & 2 hand towels & 2. prs. socks & they are all dry except his nose rags & pillow slip  union suits,    Wish I had mine done,    I’ll have a dress 2 petticoats shirt stocking, nightgown, towel, wash rags, rags & towels & his double blanket.    I hope for strength to get them done,    back is still very sore,    but I can turn over in bed with out so much pain as before,    I’m trusting Jesus will take all the soreness out & make me free in Him.     I thank & praise Him for all my many many healings & blessings which truly have been many & wonderful,    I Praise Him,  He’s worthy.

Tue. Jan. 2. 1950[should be 51]./ 3. eggs today./    Well todays for Sept.    cloudy most all day with but very little sun,  quite warm, thawed a lot, little Spring bugs, “them things that look like tiny flys that form in big clusters above the bushes & trees” were thick above the bushes today    & I killed a fly on my west window this fore-noon    Elbert went to Lorain to see about getting his social security     & he went to the garage & has got to have new bushings put in 20.00 more     & he’s paid out 168.00 or a little more.    The paper co didn’t even send his check,    the woman waved as she went past.    she has always brought his check,    Oh well we’ll have to take it as it come, from here

Tue. Jan. 2. 1950 [should be 51]. / page. 2689./ 3. eggs. this day./  I haven’t done much today     washed dishes & looked after beds & rooms & meals a little     received a letter from Ethel & a card from Nellie     they  sure are discust -ing.    When we first got Bill “the dog”.    we tied him to a line that fasten-ed to the car shed & over to the corner of the grainery & the young chickens “big enough for frys” would come & stick out there necks & look at him & say queer, queer;    Well  I’ll soon be 66 yrs old & every time I have a sick spell some of the familie’s do the same way, come look me over & wonder how much longer     I don’t know what I have left that any of them would want but they’ll be disappointed by & by,    Nellie seems to think I’m oblidged to keep her informed about not only my condition in health but every thing      I’m not indebted to her in any way what so ever,    Ethel said Nellie was talking to her about me,    Well, she has to ans. for her-self to God by & by  & I hope she’ll have a clean slate.     I thank & Praise God,    He loves us when we’re crippled & He helps us when all things are right so He can, I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for Thy guidance for I know I’m such a long ways from being anywhere near perfect. Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 3. 1950./ [should be 51]3. eggs today./ Today is for Oct. weather    Wind blew in puffs & S. West & it rained before we went to bed & in light showers during the night & all day & no sun all day,  dark & cloudy & real dark untill 9-30-a-m.    Wind freshened up last night & sort of died down then come again     We got a card from Nellie & a typed letter from Audrey telling about the turkey dinner Martha had  all the gifts each one received.    Audrey said little George Edd had his tonsils out & Nellie was so worried about him because they were out door that they went home, she said Geo. was hoarse when he came in,    I hope he didn’t get sick.    Audrey said Ruby Jean, “Evelyn’s & Red’s daughter” had to be take back to Amherst hospital where she had, had, her tonsils out, for her throat blead so bad & they gave her a blood transfussion, sent her back home  & told them to keep her in bed 2. weeks;    The Dr. pricked my tonsils with an electric needle, in several places & they have never given me any trouble since that’s 42. yrs. ago.    I thank God He is still our Lord and Master & He hears and answers  prayer, Praise His Holy Name.      Glory to God Hosana to His Name Glory Hallelujah I love Thee & Praise Thee Jesus.    Well, we see a living picture today, Jan, 3. 1951.    Mrs. Georgie Snyder walking up the road shart light blue dress almost to her knees, bare legs & [?] or high over shoes on, black one’s, a big plaid jumper, white, black & gray color turned up around her neck & her short iron gray hair flying in the strong S. West wind.    I saw a nice big pheasent across the road in the field yesterday.    The Paper man came & brought the check to Elbert for last week $9.85 cents & Elbert’s planing on going to Lorain in the morning to get new bushing in car. 

Thurs. Jan. 4. 1951./ page. 2690./ 3. eggs today./   Well Elbert went to Lorain & had the rubber bushing put on the Wheels & it cost $15.00 instead of the 21.95 they told him when he was there the other day,    so he came home feeling much better than I had expected,     he wandered a-round on broadway, bought my olive oil & looked for the crochet books I wanted & thread & couldn’t find them     all the stores were just out, so I’ll have to send to the Co. & get them.    I did all my washing except my dress & Elbert’s blankets, my back has been bad today.    We received a nice letter from Mrs. Bracket today & she said she had dinner on the old Harry Burel farm with 13. of her cousins & New Years she ate with her Cousin & his Wife in Elyria    she lives alone & so One we pleased to hear she enjoyed the holidays    she says she has lots of good relatives & friends,    I think thats Wonderful.    Elbert had coffee with Audrey & another woman that works with her,    he went to Cranage’s & talked awhile,    but when he got home he can’t remember what they talked about.    So, I’m sort of left out.     Well, today’s weather is for Nov.    mostly cloudy, this morning, but sun came through before noon & stayed most all afternoon,    it was real cloudy tonight,     but, not cold    they were some flys on Elbert’s window screen yesterday & today.    & they are hunting deer around here    a man who lives between us & Vermilion got a buck near his home there that weighed 200 lbs.    I’d sure like a piece.    We see them around here,    but, we wont get one.    I thank God & praise Him, for all things in Jesus Blessed Holy Name. 

Fri. Jan. 5. 1951./ 6. eggs today./  Todays for Dec.   Partly cloudy    S. west breeze.    froze a little today but a mild beautiful day.    looks like & open winter,    I wanted to finish my washing, but Elbert took a cold yesterday walking up & down broadway with out his over coat on so I haven’t done much today & tonight he has greesed & took a brandy sling & gone to bed at eight oclock    he’s sleeping    I pray his cold will be all gone tomorrow morning.    This after noon Sister Eppler & Sister Sprunk came in & we talk about the progress of the Church,     I gave her the other dollar I didn’t have when she & Tom weree here last,    she said Tom had gone back to work at the shipyard using electric burner.    Sister Sprunk could hardly talk, cold in her larnix.     she dried her wash in the house.    They are all praying for me to get well & come back,    Brother Whitman had a bad spell & been away from church & it’s mostly young folks there now.    Praise God for that.    They had just gone when Sister Winston from the other church came in with her little girl  Mrs. Fredrick & Miss Clark    they visited awhile & then went    I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, for His love & care, Amen.

Sat. Jan. 6. 1951./ page. 2691./ 2. egg today./   Elbert took a severe cold walking around broadway, so he had to dope himself all night & all day today,    I thinks he’s got it broke now;    I hope he keep the best of it.    I’m so sorry he had to have it.    It’s been very dark & cloudy all day & tonight    the wind is N. east & strong, so they are getting a load of snow in Detroit & I suppose we’ll be getting some before long,    we got a light rain long toward morning,    but not only a light shower, not very cold but freezing a little.     We received a card from Bonita telling us Nellie is sick in bed, but she didn’t say what was wrong, only that she’s haveing light headed spells & been in bed two days.    I pray Will in Jesus Name help her in all the ways she need    & I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee, Amen.     I received a very nice letter from Miss Willitts  a real sister in Christ, May God Bless her and reveal unto her in Jesus Name, is my prayer for her.    Today has seemed like Sun.    I haven’t done much of anything all day,    it’s been so dark    But I thank & Praise God in Jesus Dear Name for all things. Amen.    Looks like a beautiful Spring day,    it’s freezing tonight & wind’s gone N.E..

Sun. Jan. 7. 1951./ 2. eggs today./  Well, the wind came in hard puffs & toward morn- ing it rained a good shower   came down steady for an hour or so    & then turned to snow & this a-m ground & everything was covered with ice & snow    wind is cold but it’s been a nice day,    Elbert bought a rooster of Kilbides last night & killed & dressed & cooked it and it was tender & good    & we had some for dinner & there’s enough for dinner tomorrow.    I wish Nellie had some of it but I haven’t anyway to get it to her.    I could go in case of life & death but don’t feel able & neither does Elbert,    he’s sure got a bad cold.    I rub his back & front with alcohol & he puts turpo ointment on his neck & chest    he’s taken anicins & tonight he drank brandy sling,    he’s warm & in bed,    his head & nose plugs up, but if he keeps warm it ought to break tomorrow,    he’s so careless.    but I pray God will give him strength to throw it off.   I feel better, but weak.    & can’t seem to stand the cold breeze    & Elbert keeps me baked,    he feels so cold.    Well, I have to write a few lines to Nellie & Bonita yet to- night.    We listened to Rev. Buser Preach tonight from Elyria.    Oh, I Praise God for all His blessing & for saving my soul & pray He will bless me that I may praise Him in Spirit, Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 8. 1951./ 6. eggs today. / Been a beautiful day   cold raw N. West breeze all morning & it snowed while the sun shone,    sun white as ice, but as it shone on my back it felt nice & warm    I stayed up late & wrote a letter to Bonita & Nellie & one to Boys home & Elbert felt so bad all day    I talked

Mon. Jan. 8. 1951./ page 2692./ 6. eggs this day./  him out of going to Vermilion,    he went & got the milk & took care of hens & got a couple pails of water,    he’s felt terribly bad all day & I have to watch after him to see he keeps doped to keep cold loose,    when he coughs seems like top of his head would come off,    colds to tight,     I got him rubbed & greesed & put a thick hot flanel around head & shoulders & chest,    he seems to be getting easy now,    well I just put the hot water bottle on his chest,    he isn’t coughing so bad now,    I pray God will forgive him, as well as I, & take that cold from him    he’s 68. yrs. old & colds are so hard on the old folk who haven’t strength enough to get rid of them,     but now, I’ll have to keep right after him,    I believe he will feel better tomorrow, if God will brake it tonight & I pray & trust He will.      I feel so weak & exhausted    don’t seem as if I can take care of him, but I know God is able,    I Praise Him & thank Him & all the Glory is His,    He is the Almighty,    I do tremble with fear for He knows, hears & sees all things,   Oh, forgive us & help us I pray in Jesus Name,    I love Thee Jesus & I do make mistakes but I try to do the right things.    I thank Thee for Miss Willitts & Pray  Thou will work through her in Wonderous ways, Amen. 

Tue. Jan. 9. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ I couldn’t talk Elbert in to staying home, but he said he was going to the Dr. & so he went & got some of the food & forgot the tea     I wanted it so bad, but he doesn’t care about tea    it’s coffee so he has plenty of that & whats the odds if I have a little of what I want,    Oh God help me to Keep Thy Pease & to be able to take care of my- self as long as I breath in Jesus Name  I ask and as soon as I have finished the work You would have me to do,   please take me quickly    I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus, Amen.    It’s been just beautiful today wind’s some chilly, sun shone hot all day & it didn’t thaw today,    snow’s still on the ground.   I thank God we have a good fire & house is warm,    I can’t help thinking most of the time about the women & children running through the snow half clothed & half starved & of the children that couldn’t keep up & were lost & left way behind to freeze if they didn’t keep up with the rest    The bible is right    they talk peace & destruction coming fast,    Oh God help me to praise Thee in Spirit before I die   that I may be at rest in the future.    Bless Thy Holy Mountian Jeruselem & Her People, the slaves & people & fighting men & help them to remember to call on Thy Name be with every soul where ever it maybe all over the world & strengthen it & me in Jesus Name Amen.    I re- ceived a nice letter from Jean Monagon “Martha’s daughter” this morning,    she wrote a nice letter    we enjoyed it so much & I must try to ans. it soon,    I have to write to Anna- bel, Miss Willitts  Mrs. Bracket & Jean Ann.    Ella Jane never even sent me a Christmas card this yr.    she never even thanked Elbert for the pretty bed spread he sent her.    her mother was to have sent it

Tue. Jan. 9. 1951./ Page. 2693./ 2. eggs this day./    maybe she kept that like she does the dresses I give Bonita,    Nellie is so greedy,      I wish she craved the Lord as much as she does for this worlds good.    I received another DeHaan book of sermons today & letter from the D.A.V. – Well I had Elbert mail a letter to Boys Farm & one to Bonita & Nellie today.    I washed the dishes after dinner & cleaned up the stove once more & helped get dinner & I got the supper    I don’t feel able & am so tired I feel like crying.    Well I got Elbert doped & rubed & hot water bottle & flannels & now he’s resting & I wish I were but will have to fix fire once more before I turn in  & maybe reheat his hot water bottle    I tried to crochet a little today    I tried to pick off a little dollie from a picture & today I believe I hit the right angle.    it’s very pretty, a striking attractive piece but a puzzle to pick out but now I think if I get the right numbers of stitches in the chains, I will have it right,    it’s something to take my mind & relax my nerves.    I owe Mrs. Sprunk a letter & Miss. Clark a card. & her Sister.    It thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things. 

Wed. Jan. 10. 1951./ 6. eggs today/   Well, I didn’t get up very early “9-30”    I did a little fretting because Elbert forgot the tea & he was right beside the store, made him angry so he got up 5=30-a-m as usual & ate his break- fast & at 8-30-he took care of hens & went to Vermilion & got the tea, rice some peanuts & chocolate & came back & I had washed out part of my clothes & sit down,    my head going round & round     I had heate the water so as he brought the tea I made some & we had balance of chicken balls, & gravy & warmed up potatoes & saur- kraut,    I set an hour or so, just couldn’t make up my mind to finish, but I got at it & finished & starched my dress & got them most all dry,    I not going to try to dry the rags tonight    I put them in some water & let them stand untill tomorrow    my back & side hurt me so bad but I’ve got Elberts back rubed & a hot water bottle on him & all tucked in & it’s 10-15-    I’ll have to fix the fire yet & then thank God I‘m able & crawl off to bed.    I do thank God in Jesus Holy Name that I can do as much as I do & I know it’s only through Him that I get it done.    I received a nice letter from Mrs. Helen Greene from Lorain this morning, so I have to get after the letters soon or they will have the best of me     I like to get them.    I Praise Thee Jesus    It’s was so nice this morning with sunshine ,    then about 10-a-m- it clouded up & started to rain & snow & rain & now at 10.-30.-p.-m it’s still raining.    Jackie is molting again & he don’t feel very good.    I don’t know what caused him to molt. 

Thurs. Jan. 11. 1951./ page. 2694./ 6. eggs today./  Well, I have a cold in my throat & pray Jesus Thou Will that care of me.    I didn’t get up untill noon & I haven’t done much to day.    washed out my wool petticoat & dried up the rags,    Elbert went up for the milk & took care of hens & got the coal up & ashes out & got 3. buckets of water & emted slop pail    I washed dishes & he helped me with dinner & I got most of the supper.    I’ve drank all day & can’t get enough hot drink.    I thank God for all our blessings & that we can both get up & do a little,    I’ve bathed Elbert’s back & he can both[bath?] & get up & do a little,    I’ve bathed Elbert’s back & he greesed himself & I put a hot water bottle in with him & he’s sleepiing so I just got the fire fixed & am going to bed    I ach all over, hope & pray & trust I’ll be O.K. tomorrow & I give Jesus The Praise.    It’s been partly cloudy today, but late this after noon got really cloudy & wind went S.W.   Radio said 18 degrees & rain or snow.

Fri. Jan. 12. 1951./ 5 eggs today/  Well, I was sick all night & Elbert got up at 3-a-m- & fixed the fire & got me a cup of hot water to drink    I ate some rolls he got off the bread wagon & my cold was & still is bad.    got a sore raspy throat & my nose runing so bad.    I washed dishes & took care of bed & give Elbert his alcohol rub    & how much I’d like a rub down & to be taken care of.    I felt so bad I didn’t get up untill 12 noon then had to figure out something for dinner    Elbert cooked it.    I thank God in Jesus Name I can get up & that He is still taking care of me.    Glory to God in the Highest all the Power Gelory & Honor belongest to Him.    No mail today.    It’s been partly cloudy not very cold S.W. breeze.

Sat. Jan. 13. 1951./ 3. eggs today./ Loura Anne’s birth day. 16. yrs. old./ Well I sure got a bad cold    my lungs are so sore    it most takes top my head off when I cought but I got up at noon.    Elbert went up & got the milk & an- other rooster, he dressed it & cooked it,    they are young, about 6-Months old,   so cook tender in 3/4 hr.    We had gravy & he warmed up creamed potatoes.    I made hot biscuits 4 for supper.    I ironed my dress & skirt & Elbert’s 3 shirts & I sweat like rain    colds got after my kidneys & I can’t hold water & wet up all my rags so fast    don’t know if I’ll have enough to last till Mon.    I have to wash if I can stand up,    it’s a queer world today    not a soul to come in & lend a hand when one is sick,    but when you can do something for them, that’s wonderful,    the bible says to do unto others as we’d like to be done by,    but today they laugh & say they got all they can do to help themselves, let a lone helping some one else.    Well, I pray God will help us yet, to do his way     & I thank & Praise Him in Jesus Name for all things Amen.    I swept the floor yesterday,    that is I brushed up the middle.    My check came today, but Elbert didn’t get his yet

Sun. Jan. 14. 1951./ page. 2695./ 0. eggs today./  Well I don’t know what sort of day it really was only cloudy & then fog so thick we couldn’t see the neighbor’s houses    I felt so bad I didn’t get up & dress & I felt just terrible all night & Elbert got up 3 or 4 times & heat the hot wather bottle & a hot cloth on my chest     toward morning I began to sweat,    Elbert feels bad to but he’s kept use to going out side doing the chores.   it rained a misty rain & then it snowed,    I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings    May all the Power Honor & Glory be His for ever & ever & I pray He will teach us His way    I thank Thee

Mon. Jan. 15. 1951./ 4. eggs today./  Well I felt so miserable this morning I thought I couldn’t get up,    but Elbert went after the milk & he left the heater going full tilt    this is the second time he’s done that,    so from now on no matter how I feel, I’ll have to look after the stove when he leaves the house,    the heat woke me & something said wake up, wake up quick & it sounded like knilling snaking & crackling,    I pilled out & stove & pipe were red hot.    that’s the way Vern’s wife went in the burning of the house & he said,    well, she wasn’t any good anyway & he didn’t figure on loosing any more than the house,    but, some how some one fixed up every thing & he got his insurance & harvested his wheat & wrote a couple of letters back & said he was moring back to Wayne Michigan, to start over.    Well, I hope pray & trust God will take care of me all the way & that I may be worthy of that care.    It snowed a slow easy snow & the evergreens were beautiful.    I got into bed after I cooled the fire down & when I got over shaking & got warm in bed again Elbert said he was going to Virmilion,    so as soon as he left I got up   took a hot bath & combed my hair & dressed & put kettle on & washed out my night gown & pillow slip    I had sweat untill they were wringing wet,    I washed the rags & nose rags & 4 towels & got them ready to wrinse when he came back,    he could only Whisper so I got him doped up & he carried some water & then some dinner    he’s lots better tonight, but feels bad all over    still has a cold    I feel rather useless tonight but truly thank God for the wonderful strength He gives us Glory to his Name.   We listened to Rev. Buser preach over the Radio last night.    It’s been snowed at least half the day & sun pecked out just once for perhaps a minute & got dark early tonight    not very cold yet. 

Tue. Jan. 16. 1951./ 4. eggs today./ Well, Elbert’s got up & got his washing half done or he done half his washing,  his union suit, pillow slip work shirt bath towel wash rag 2. prs. socks,  his blanket is next.    Poor boy, he even put the noodles in the beef broth & got them cooked for dinner.    & he took care of hens & washed up  roaster & fry pan & a stew pan or two from yesterday be fore he started his washing, he washed his sleepers also.    I received a letter from sister

Tue. Jan. 16. 1951./ page 2696./ 4. eggs this day./  Audrey a beautiful crocheted corner & edging on a linen handkercheif,   it was a birthday card & the kercheif & a 10.00 bill was in it & a note      & Ethel sent a linen hankie with a crocheted edge     With a crocheted woman of pink with a big flaring skirt a pink crochet put over flesh color arm with a big wide rimed hat crocheted in blue & blue flowers in hand & 6 at each gore at bottom of skirt, gores tapered from waist line with spaces between each betwine each gore & an oblong pink piece formed body from waist line up the corner on one Audrey sent is lacie & a pine apple pattern made to re-present a butter fly     its beautiful    they are both beautiful.     Loura Ann wrote a letter & thanked me for the 5.00 I sent to her.    Nellie wrote a letter in answer to the one I wrote to her,    she up again & said if they brought the boys, she would try to teach them.    Loura Ann said she was 16 yrs. old Jan. 13. 1951. & next yr. she would finish school,    but now she 16. she could work a little & earn her spending money.    I worked hard for what I earned & bought dress & under wear goods  for my 3. sisters & some for my mother,    I learned to buy good matoral,    I saved & bough a quanity from Sears Roebuck & Co.     I bought the finest pieces of calico from Offphers Drygoods Store & a lot of folk thought it was lawn dresses we wore & they didn’t see how we could afford them & they didn’t know I made all our dresses ,    I use to help mother make the mens shirts    then they took to buying them,    I made pants for them untill they they changed to long pants,    pa was a money graber & he got all he could from the boys, not caring if they had enough to buy there necessary clothing untill I put them wise to his tricks,     he called us girls & ma a bunch of moths,    said all we done was lay around & eat up his profits,    poor ma,      pa hated me because I stood her ground,     so, he did all the dirt he dared & he kept the thousand dollars that Uncle Harave Bonney gave him for each of us children & ma, a thousand dollars a piece & a thousand for him 9. thousand dollars.    Oh, Well, God has taken care of me through all my hardships & He is still taking care of me, even though I have to endure, lots of unnecessary hardships,    I been kicked, slapped, spite on & all maner of evil thinks said about me & cussed- ness done against me, still God helps me to come on top in Jesus Name,    I hope & pray I may be priveledged to pray to Him in Spirit soon.    I thank Him so much for His Tender Love & mercies To me He’s a Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus Who can    who can save our souls & heal our body & hear our every cry & help us.    Glory to God Amen, Hallelujah.   

Wed. Jan. 17. 1951./ page. 2697./ 4 eggs today./ Well I’m 66. yrs. old yesterday, & my body feels it, as soon as I get the work done God wants me to do & Praise Him in Spirit, I like to go home where I can rest      for it’s true,    there’s no rest here, for one of His & I believe I am one of His.    It’s been a beautiful day, partly Cloudy & just at noon we saw one of those long narrow fluffy streaks begin to appear in a portion of the blue sky    it seem to come from nowhere,    then a perfect cross begin to take form in the same way in another place the a perfect _____With a very light smooth white mist just below it & the long narrow fluffy cloud formed a hook that reached from center of top of ____ down under two more long narrow streaks formed about a yard a- part reaching from N.W. almost to S. West, & rolled into one & died    but there has been a strong S west breeze all day & all last night     the moon had wide bands of yellow, pea green & pink around it last night & sun was white as ice tonight & set in a light golden haze with streaks of colors both to the S. west & N. west of it & purple haze below it.     Well I got up at ten & washed out a few rags & towels & Elbert’s double cotton blankets & they got over half dry in that strong breeze      I wshed the big chair seat cover     it”s just a rag     I really detest that chair,    seem as if you just can’t keep it clean or in order & the arms look as if every body had wiped there dirty fingers on them,    it’s all rags,    I have to make another & I don’t know what out of    I haven’t got much of any thing left for that sort of thing.    Elbert wrong the blankets out two water & I wrong one out of two waters & I don’t have the strength to wring I feel dizzy headed & weak in me legs.     I ought to sweep & wipe up floors tomorrow, but I don’t know if I can    I have to darn socks & fix chair cover & I feel all washed out.    It’s quite warm out side & thawed a lot & I killed a fly on Elberts window this morning.    I do thank God for the wonderful things He does & I want so much to Praise Him in Spirit    I pray He will find me worthy in Jesus Blessed Holy Name   All Glory Praise & Honor be to Him. Amen. 

Thurs. Jan. 18. 1951./ 4. eggs today./  Well, I did the sweeping but didn’t wipe the floor up & I ought to wash my change of clothes to-morrow    I don’t know if I can     my arms ar so tired    I wrote Audrey a letter last night & after Elbert delivered the eggs this morning he mailed the letter in Vermilion, instead of Lorain    for he went on to Lorain any way to ask about Social money &they said it would be at least two weeks yet,    he got here at noon & we ate together     I slept late or laid & rested    I got so tired yes-terday.    I washed dishes & I haven’t felt very good all after noon so just sit around    I got the parsnips ready for supper & potatoes & put haddy to soak & got it ready to fry them after a while I 

Thurs. Jan. 18. 1951./ page. 2698./ 4. eggs this day. /  got the frying pan & put them on the stove    Elbert put the potatoes on to cook & the stew pan heating for coffee & I put parsnips on to cook & fish greese to heat & when all them were half done I started the fish,    it seem more than I could do but at last it was done,     I didn’t eat much, to tired.    & I was sick last night    went both ways & I can’t account for it.    Elbert just thought of the basement windows after I ask him if he had them open    & he’s been in bed but went to put on his pants & coat & is now on his way to shut them & he says floor is soaking wet down there,    I have to think of those things & he has to groan be cause the windows have to be opened & shut again at night.    Well Elbert can’t sleep    ate to much parsnip & fish & now hes bloated     to much water & gas.    I thought I’d write to Ethel but am to tired    guess I read awhile & go to bed.    I do love Jesus & Praise His Holy Name,    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen. It’s been a beautiful day & the flys out in the sunshine.    Partly Cloudy S. wind. 

Fri. Jan. 19. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I only did the daily grind & made 2 tins of bread biscuits    helped a little more with the dinner & supper & crocheted a little,    I just terribly weak    coffee seems to make me sick    we had some for supper    I had to throw it up last night but didn’t know it was the coffee,    if there’s anything wrong with it I pray I do heave it up tonight.   I haven’t eaten much today & not enough nurishing food.    Elbert got a pork shoulder or shank & that made me sick so I don’t know what’s wrong.    Elbert got a big news paper from Carl Betz from Califonia, today.    Well I’m going to try to read a little & go to bed    I’m so tired & I really ought to have got another letter off my mind today for I’ve got a number to write.    I thank my Father in Heaven in Jesus Name for the strength He gives me each day  Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Pure True & Holy forever & ever Amen.    I cut Elberts hair to day.    It’s been a beautiful day, partly cloudy, but quite warm    Elbert spade a few rows of dirt today, but his back hurts. 

Sat. Jan. 20. 1951./ 5. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much today    I received a nice card & note from Mrs. Goll today    I’ll sure be glad when I can get to work    I need a dress for church so bad & a hat, but it will soon be Spring again & I wont need a hat so much.    I have only did my daily doz.    arms so tired    I did-n’t get my change of clothes rubed out,    so Mon. I’ll have to try    Georgie Snyder had a big wash out today & tonight, not cold    flys are out side flying around today.    I made a little handkercheif like the one Audrey sent to me out of varegataed thread    it’s pretty but not near as pretty as the one she sent to me,    hers was light lemon yellow & so pretty.    Well I’m going to read & go to bed,    I shut my door last night so rested a little better.    I thank God in Jesus Name   He is & ever will be  Amen.

Sun. Jan. 21. 1951./ Page. 2699./ 5. eggs today./  Well we’ve been home all day & Listened to Rev. Buser preach tonight,    He preached a very good sermon,    I pray many souls will be saved & that the Lord will help me to get a dress & a hat so I can go church again     I need a pr. of over shoes also.    It turned cold last night & snowed     Wind went & still is N. West.   I’d like to feel free to rest at night but can’t rest with door open,    I’ve always slept with it shut & Locked.    I heard it tried night before last.    Well I pray the Lord will give me strength to go to Church again,    not a soul has been here since Jan. 5. on Fri.   I gave her the dollar to make the ten for 2. mo’s I hadn’t received my check so haven’t turned in 5 for this mo.    Oh, Well, Jesus Knows, I’d rather go to the other church    I like it there much better    they are so loveable there.    It’s cold tonight    some snow on the ground.    I thank & Praise God for all my blessings & Pray He Will help me out of the rutt I’m in,    I ask in Jesus Name & Praise Him for all things, Amen.

Mon. Jan. 22. 1951./ 5. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain,    he has to report every Mon. untill he gets his money.    So, I got up & took a bath & tried for an hour & a half to cut my toe nails & rub the dead skin from bottom of my feet,    the callases are so thick on the balls of my feet,     but, I had got it. done, my stocking darned, my wool skirt     had to have a string in the belt & I got that done,    my prayers said, my hair combed  my teeth cleaned,    Oh yes,  I dressed myself, shook up the bed and opened the window    come into the kitchen   fixed the fire, went into Elbert’s room   shook up his bed, opened the window & then shut his door & turned on gas   set water to heat for hot drink & washed my hands & made hot tea & set down just as Elbert came in,    and he said he felt so tired, so he had hot tea & then we had dinner,    I washed up all the dishes today,  roaster from Sun. & several stew pans.    I’ve felt so terribly weak today,     I hope I can wash, through tomorrow rags & my change of clothes & what few things Elbert has    he only changes heavy union suit every two weeks, when he washes them.    I crocheted a new corner for kercheif today from part of the doily,I picked out last week.    We had our supper & I washed up dishes & maybe now I’ll read & go to bed,    we listened to the news & Elbert told me he stopped & talked with Mrs. Cranage & Ruth, they are as well as usual.    It’s been a nice day  strong wind going from N. West to S. East & sort of chilly partly cloudy today. & the snow from last night “very light” is still on the ground.    I saw a pheasent out behind the park today. 

Tue. Jan. 23. 1951./ page. 2700./ 4. eggs today./  Well, I did my washing & I’m tired,    I’ve got most of it dried    I washed both dresses & so I’ll have to iron one to put on in the morning,    Elbert went to Vermilion & got a few groceries & he went up & got the milk    We bought 5 young roosters & the Mrs. was charging him 1.38 more than they cost, but he said she made it right & said she was sorry,    I gave him 10.00 that I had borrowed & so he paid her out of that.    I had borrowed it to pay for a jacket I bought of Mrs. Gunsenhauser & now she’s sent me a bill for the jacket,    Elbert knows I borrowed it to pay for the Jacket, for she wanted me to charge it & I said no    if I couldn’t pay for it I wouldn’t take it & I go out to eht car & see if brother had it,    I did, he gave me a 10.00 bill    I gave it to her & she gave it & the Jacket to a dark haired clerk,    she went back to cash register & wrapped the Jacket & gave it & the change to me    I ask if the bill was in the package marked paid    she noded & I undone it when I got in the car & showed it to Elbert & noticed bill was not in it & told Elbert & he said We know it’s paid & if she dares send a bill “& he started the car for home”    I’ll never bring you here to shop again.    So now  she’s sent the bill, such a terrible thing to do to me.    May God convict there souls & deal with them in His way.  

Wed. Jan. 24. 1951./ 5. eggs today./  Well I got the ironing done & rags dried & Elbert killed a hen     her  back was picked raw & another hen was all blood & she was the on that should have been killed,    that’s two & he don’t know any more about hens now than when he started.    I’ve felt terribly tired all day,    I hope to wipe up floors tomorrow & perhaps some of the dust & clean Jackies cage.    I ought to write letters 2-40-clip “I am so slow of late”,     & I ought to sew,    Well, if I live maybe I’ll get some of it done by & by.     I didn’t get up today untill noon & then it just seemed as if I couldn’t,    but, I got the daily round done & that’s all,    I thank God in Jesus Holy Sacred Name for our blessing & hope I’ll soon be able to go back to church as His living testimony 

Thurs. Jan. 25. 1951./ 2. eggs today./  Felt so bum, I only did the sweeping & what else I had to do,    it’s been a nice day but a little colder    & it’s snowed a little in showers even while the sun was shining,    so, Radio says, the same weather for tomorrow only colder    Radio said 6 above zero tonight.    No mail tonight.    Elbert got 2. qts. of milk this a-m.    another hen died today.    Seems rather queer but I can’t get around to find out what’s wrong.    God help us in Jesus Name, Amen.

Fri Jan. 26. 1951. page 2701. / 6. eggs today./  Well, with a great deal of effort I got the floors wiped up & I only ate one meal today either    & I feel to weak to work,    but Elbert’s tired of helping me,    he’s got some bones out in his neck today,    I had some out yesterday    seemed as if I just couldn’t work,    so he’d had his turn at it today,    Ive rubed his neck with vick’s & put hot clothes on it but still, the right bone don’t go back     some did go back but 2 are badly swollen    I hope & pray they will be O.K. tomorrow,    God can put ’em back quick as a wink    my arms are to tired to write.    Well, got daily doz done & rubed Elberts neck & now I’ve got to wait for the fire to burn down so I can fill it up for night.    I do thank God for my healings & for His Love & Mercy & for saving my soul & I pray He will ever keep me. Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 27. 1951./ 3 eggs today./   Well I got up,    but seemed as if I just couldn’t    Elbert’s neck was still hurting him,    I tried to fix the dinner    felt as if I’d throw up    & then as if it was going both ways & then as if I might pass out,    but I managed to get on the can & it run like water.    I got the can cover to throw up in,    but, once again it went the other way,    at last I got up & went out to Kitchen    washed & got a cup of hot drink    stomach begin to settle    Elbert had got up while I was in bedroom & finished getting the dinner    it was stone cold when I got my stomach settled,    I was to empty for one thing    I didn’t have only one meal yes-terday so I drank 2 cups milk before going to bed,    not all at once, but alittle while apart     I felt so bad I did-n’t get up untill 11. oclock,  well at 2-30-p-m.    I set some bread, “so weak & shaking like a leaf”    I made 2. big tins biscuits    I ate some supper, but I still feel rocky & Oh, so weak.    I’d be so happy to go hone to Jesus,  I’m sick of everything here.    I love Jesus more than any thing in this world & with Him I don’t know how I could possibly live, for life wouldn’t be worth living    N. East breeze today   thawed off part of the snow that fell early this morning.    Elbert says it isn’t freezing outside tonight.    I thank my Father in Heaven for all our many many blessing in Jesus Name Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 28. 1951./ 8. eggs today./  Pa’s birthday    he would be 89 yrs. old, today     I have felt so terribly weak today    Elbert complaining of feeling sick & dizzy,    but he felt stronger, a lot than I,     for he’s planing on going to Lorain in the morning to see about his money,    I’ve tried to cook, but felt as if I’d pass out,    I ate a little food twice, today,    maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow     we listened to Shrien preach in Buser’s place to night,    he picked out some good scriptures & he preached a good sermon,    he repeats himself to often & that takes to much time when on the Radio,    the singing was good tonight & sounded the best yet over the Radio.    We have been home alday.    Elbert went up for milk & back,    he met Georgie Snyder on her way home “she had gone afoot with Georgia May up to Highway to get a buss to go back to Oberlin College,    her dad went to work

Sun. Jan. 28. 1951./ page. 2702./ 8. eggs this day./   early this a-m.    he drives to Elyria & works on New York Central Rail Road.    Elbert stopped & talked to Georgie, she said she fell & bruised her self rather badly, thought her back was brake, but was only bruised & she walked into the house with Bill’s help & up the steps    & Bill was just going to work,   but called & office & told them he couldn’t come then,    he called the Dr.    she told Elbert she could sympathize with me now for she Knew how bad it hurt,    she said Bob left for training camp two weeks ago,     he left his car for her to drive & it’s setting right where he left it at the back door.    Well I thank God in Jesus Name that He does take care of us    I’ve felt rather low in spirit at times,    with no one here on earth to care so long as I can get up,    I hate to think what it would be like if I couldn’t get up to help myself at all,    I pray God will have mercy & take me before that time comes.    if I only had some one younger than I that could do the little things & wait on me when I really needed it,    how wonderful it would be,    well He has helped me thus far & I feel sure He’ll take care of me all the way,    Glory to God in the Highest.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thy Holy Name for ever & ever Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 29. 1951./ 4. eggs today./  Well, I washed out my few clothes & the towels & rags & Elberts socks & wool pieces he had a-round his neck     & I still have a big wool piece to wash.     I received some cards or pamplets from Sister Hance,    they are having a man of God “Who is a healer” Who will preach & heal at 31st Church begining Jan 30 to Feb 11th.    I thank God & will give Him all the Praise for all things in Jesus Name,    I’m feeling happy inside, Glory to God

Tue. Jan. 30. 1951./ 4. eggs today./  And I wrote Jean Ann Monagon a letter today.    Now I have one started to Sister Hance to 31st. Church,    she sent me two leaflets to get out or give to otehrs to come hear a man of God Who has the gift of healing & there are such a lot who need the healing    I for one need the Holy Ghost.& to be healed of several things.    Oh God,   have mercy & help me this time I pray, by converting Elbert & filling & healing him I ask in Jesus Holy Name & give Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen    it’s been a beautiful day,    but real cold & tonight they told us 10 thousand acres of tomatoes in bloom & last night the cold turned them a dark brown & it was as cold tonight they would be last, & many more vegetables    Jesus is coming Soon & I hope we will all be ready.    Elbert took a cold Mon.   & his eyes look swollen & he has felt bad all day & I want to go to Church so bad

Tue. Jan. 30. 1951./ page. 2703./ 4. egg this day./ & I leak so bad & am so weak    but I’m going if God will help me to get there     it’s bad to leave the house to long    it’s so cold     Well I must finish writing to Sister Hance & I hope to get several more done    I thank God He has answered my prayer to send a healer into our mist & I’m going with He help, Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 31. 1951./ 3. eggs today/ Wyns birthday 78 yr./    I wrote a letter last night to Sister Hance & tried to write to Sister Kanary,    but I can’t write & talk at the same time any more.    I received a nice card & note from Mrs. Kanary & a leaflet & a card from Miss. Clark    she’s had the flu.    & my bra from the Moore’s corset shop today,     & I have wrote a card back to Miss Clark & a letter partly wrote to Mrs. Kanary & one wrote to Jean Ann Monagan, hope to finish letter & write card to Audrey, (I did)    she fell & hurt her hip again  poor girl,     she’s had such a lot of hurts.     It’s been cold & snowed some & sun shone some this morning,    got dark early tonight & was snowing hard    my feet are just so cold & I’m sweating     I feel so exosted

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