December 1947

Mon. Dec. 1. 1947./ 15 egg today./  I felt sick long toward morning & after awhile felt deathly sick,    I called Elbert twice     unlocked my door & set on the can    I thought I couldn’t set any longer & Elbert didn’t come so I started for the bed & landed in a heap & have hurt my left ankle bad.    the can turned over spilling the contents & my bowels had run off like water, so made 

Mon. Dec. 1. 1947./page 2050./15. eggs this day/  a terrible mess all over one rug & my night gown    Elbert couldn’t lift me, so he rubbed my face & I came back to life got up & changed my night gown & then set on the can again & it sure did run like water     then I began to throw up & I kept it up at intervals most of the morning     Elbert cleaned up the mess & the rug & washed out my night gown & dried it & I lay half dead most of the day & night.  Praise God.

Tue. Dec. 2. 1947./ 12. eggs today./  Well I been no good today    half dazed & sick & still more musses, but I got up and set up for a little while, feeling far from able.    Elbert’s been fixing up the coop    some rats got in & at last he found the holes & now has them fixed    & he had to scrub the rug for he hadn’t got it clean.    I don’t know what could have happened to me    acted like I had a dose of strycnine.    I hope not.   I thank God for hearing up when we cry to Him and for taking care of us    Praise Him in Jesus Name. Amen.  Been partly cloudy & melted all the snow of Sat. & Sun.

Wed. Dec. 3. 1947./ 13. eggs today./  Well, Praise God in Jesus Name, He hears and answers prayer    I ask Him to send me some thing worth while in mail this morning & when Elbert brought it in there was my check for $30.00, and a $25.00 check from our sister Audrey in a Christmas card, and on the back of the card she wrote

Dear Sis & Bro– Am sending this early so you can use it, and it’s just for you two.    Don’t spend it for any one else,  & no one knows I’m sending it.  Can you Keep it secret. Love Audrey.   And she wrote her Name & address, Audrey Carlisle, 1769. – E. – 29.-St. Lorain Ohio.    she put her address on the out side her letter on the envelope all so. now if ever we got a shock it was when we opened her letter fast to see who was seriously ill, and found that message & check,

well, I thanked God it wasn’t sickness, for when I’m down, that’s when I’m usually called out to help and I’m sure not fit to leave the bed right now.    although I did get up & sit in the big chair for a little while today     & then again to let Elbert in, he locked him-self out the front door & I had to set again before I could get back to my bed.    I wrote out an order for food & Elbert went to VErmilion & got it, or part of it.    the stores close at noon & he didn’t have much time.    Well, I paid $15.00 on Elbert’s insurance, he spent more than that out of what he earned last week,    he got me a bottle of fresh milk to & paid the milk bill $1.50     he got 9.00 (over) worth of food, but my blood pressure is so low I’ll have to trust God to fix me up once again.  It would be wonderful if we only had some one in our church who thouroughly understood just

Wed. Dec. 3. 1947./page 2051./ 13. eggs this day./  how to ask for healings, so they could help the believer to know and understand how to pray & what to do to be prepared to except, a healing for we must understand    God says to take care of our soul first, that we should search the His Word (the Bible) each day, study and think seriously & to ponder the things over in our heart & pray earnestly to Him      to take time to talk to him,     He says if we don’t have time for Him He won’t have time for us, and I know we usually find time to do the things we like and want to do.    And farther more   He tells us excuses belong to the Devlil Who is the father of all lies.   God say if we have a good reason for not Keeping a promise or doing a thing to let it be known.  Do We.?    Elbert has had to do everything since Sun. & he looks tired    his back pains him, he’s having a time trying to keep raats out of hen house     got three more holes he says to patch.  I Praise God for our many many blessing in His Name.  

Wed. Dec. 3. 1947./page 2051. / 13. Eggs this day. / how to ask for healings, so they could help the believers to know and understand how to pray & what to do to be prepared to except, a healing for we must understand God says to take care of our soul first that we should search the His Word (the Bible) each day, study and think seriously & to ponder the things over in our hear & pray earnestly to Him to take time to talk to Him,   He says if we don’t have time for Him He won’t have time for us,    and I know we usually find time to do the things we like and want to do.    And farther more He tells us excuses belong to the Devil Who is the father of all lies.  God say if we have a good reason for not Keeping a promise or doing a thing to let it be Known.  Do We? Elbert has had to do everything since Sun & he looks tired    his back pains him,   he’s having a time trying to keep rats out of hen house    got 3 more holes he says to patch.  I Praise God for our many many blessing in His Name.

Thurs. Dec. 4. 1947. 7. Eggs today. /  I had another bad spell last night & Elbert didn’t get any sleep until after 1-a-m. this morning.  Cool cloudy day   wind’s gone N.E.   Radio said snow & colder.   My ankle is swollen worse & I’m terribly dizzy headed today.   And it’s prayer meeting night again & here Lord am I in this miserable state.  I thank Thee and Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Holy Name. 

Fri. Dec. 5. 1947. /16. Eggs today/  Well, it rained in showers most of the night, then the sun came out & looked beautiful and clear, but, only for a shoret time, then the white clouds were again flying across the sky & this after noon the fine mist began to fall again, it’s not very cold out but rather breezy    Elbert’s been on the jump all day he’s hollow eyed & tired,  I do hope he gets his rest tonight, he’s been to Huron got a ride up & back, his car wouldn’t run this morn, but they told him at garage what to do & it did run,    he bought a pick hock, a fresh one but tuff to cut    hope it will tender in the cooking.  I’m trying to get him to save what he had & a little of what Audrey sent to get a pair of shoes     his are almost off his feet, poor fellow & when it’s wet, his iats[?] wet    he is out to hen house trying to get a rat he has fastened in.  I pray God will help him get it.  He got me a bottle of milk today, I’m ,icj om meed pf ot everu dau/  I thank God & Praise Him for my many m,any blessings & pray He will fill His people with a stronger faith & the much need strength & fill us with the Holy Ghost in Jesus Name, Amen. Glory to God in thye Highest.  So  Elbert didn’t kill the rats with a club, he put some cresoat in the partition & he couldn’t hear the one any more, but where he

Fri. Dec. 5. 1947./ page 2052. / 16. Eggs this day./  didn’t put any    the rat was chewing to get out, but tonight he’s to tired to look after it.   It’s cloudy tonight shivery raw wind.  We thank God for our blessings.

Sat. Dec. 6. 1947./ 18. Eggs today./ sold 7. Doz today/ (Today Elbert is 65 yrs. Old)/   Well, Elbert went to Lorain sold the eggs in two places,  Mrs. Cranage took 4 doz. & he sold 3. Doz. To one other woman 65cents per. doz.,    he had one doz left he brought back     he got a few things to eat & tea & coffee, had to get bread,  I’m too weak & can’t stand up to work.  He said Mrs. Cranage fell & hurt her hip bad & is in bed also since Wed. Dec. 3.    Elbert got his receipt from his insurance Co. Yesterday.   I got my little Bible lesson book from De.Haan today & if explains so well what every soul ought to know if they read the bible,    the title is “Heaven or Hell.” & gives portions of chapters of the bible that explains heaven & about hell    it’s worth the time and study.  Before Elbert got back Mike Hahn came in, he’s a neighbor & on the township board, and I didn’t know him, but he said Elbert called the welfare & they called him, told him to come & see if I could go to the Dr. or would I rather he’d come to me, to see what to do about my ankle & to see what I can eat or drink to give me more strength faster;    Elbert came before he left, he said he thought they county did wrong    we talked it over a little & I felt as if I faint before he left, I had to fix the fire while Elbert was gone & I can see I ought not be up.    Elbert got me something to eat & drink & I felt better    Hahn said    Dr. put Epson salts on his sons ankle with alcohol on it as a pack to drw out swelling    Elbert put one on my ankle but I don’t see any change.   I do Know that God is able as soon as they pray for me again    Praise His Holy Name Glory to God in Jesus Name,   He is worthy & I pray He will find me worthy as a child of His in Jesus Holy, Name Amen.

Sun. Dec. 7. 1947. /19. Eggs today. /   Well Nellie Johny & Marcie, Bonita & her 3 child-ren came today    We had a nice visit, they brought us a piece of ham, can of pears & bottle of grape juice    the cans were mine & they had filled them.   (They paid us for 3. Doz. Eggs 65. cents per. doz. 1.95)    Some one gave there 3 . children each a new snow suit with wool knitted caps and mittens & Johny told me they were going to have a baby    Johny. Don’t look very well, Marcie looks thin in the face, but has

Sun. Dec. 7. 1947./ page 2053. / 19. Eggs today/  -n’t filled out otherwise,  I pray God will bless them & make them all His.  Nellie said she hadn’t heard from Ella Jane for 2 weeks & she had been sick in bed but Nellie didn’t seem worried about her,     I had thought perhaps Lourabell might persuade her to go on to California with her, (but people are queer)  they sometimes like to spring it as a surprise afterward    Bonney Bell was married to her Joe _____[Dudiak} No. 29.on ma’s birthday, but she is going to work awhile.    Nellie got Loura Ann’s address (LouraAnn Bonney, R.D.1. East Liverpool)  Ethel & her man & mother & daughter have moved to Liverpool Ohio.  Annesley R’d, Glenmore;   I don’t think I’ll send any cards by the looks of things, this year.    Well, no one came from our church today but Elbert hasn’t told any one either & he’s very set & determined in his ways.    But I know God still hears and ans. Prayers   Praise God from Whom all blessings flow Glory, Glory to God, I praise Thee in Jesus Name.

Mon. Dec. 8. 1947./ 19. Eggs today./   It rained in heavy showers last night, little colder today & tried to snow.  Elbert’s head’s feeling bad again    he went to Huron   got a piece of meat to boil, it wasn’t any to fresh either, but,     I have tried to stay off my foot,    it’s swollen so bad & pains me a lot,    I don’t feel able to get up, but Elbert likes to have me able to wait on myself, and I sure like to do just that.  We received Christmas card from Nellie & family today     wind is west yet    Elbert was just outside & says it’s freezing.

Tue. Dec. 9. 1947./ 24. Eggs today/   Been partly cloudy most of the day & quite cold out.  Elbert is feeling so miserable, his head & his back & knees & his nerves are terrible,    it seemed to have been quite a shock to him, when I fell, but he know I never call him un-less it’s life & death, but, I haven’t been well for a long time,  We have been so badly starved,   I even yet might pass out for good if I should over do,    he seems a little stronger than I but, he can eat things, I can’t & I eat so little & not much meat,     I’m feeling “tonight” as if I can’t go on much longer.  Hahn said yesterday he’d send the Doctor to see what could be done for me & he said Mr. Glass & some other man would be here to see me yesterday or today & neither the Dr. or the others came    looks as if they figure, if they don’t help me, perhaps I’ll die & they won’t have any more expence,   Well there’s a big big judgement day just around the corner for every body in cluding them & what will they do or say to God Almight when He ask, Why?   They starve people to death & they look like a

Tue. Dec. 9. 1947./ page. 2054./ 24. Eggs this day./  big stuffed hog with a big roll of fat around there collors,    I wonder how soon there turn will be, and how will they enjoy a portion like mine.    Elbert went next door & got me a qt. of milk.  I sure need it    Flys were out side flying around.    I received a Christmas card from Mable Winchel today.

Wed. Dec. 19. 1947./ 16. Eggs today.  Well another day of just laying around & the ankle is still badly swollen & Elbert has to do everything yet,    he killed & dressed a pullet for supper,   I made the biscuits he brought everything to me     but even that seems to tire me,   I made 2 tins last Sun. just before the children came & Elbert took them out the oven, just a few minutes after they came in.    It takes all the strength, about, that I’ve got left.   Well, what cha Know, one of the men from the relief office did come in today, would it be greaqt if a fellow was nearly dying & had to wait a week or two, for them to decide wheather to come, or just let you die?    If they wre to look like a big shot “as they say”  they’d tumble over each other to see who would be first,     I wonder, & I can’t help but wonder if they knew it was the Lord would they do by Him as they do by me?   Yes, they did even worse, they nailed Him to a cross, after beating & whipping, & yes, spitting on Him.    Well I’m so glad He loves me & cares for me, Glory Hallulejah.   Mostly cloudy today & it snowed hard for 3. Hrs. or so late   N.East winds this afternoon.   The fellow that was here said he’d send the doctor, lets see.

Thurs. Dec. 11. 1947./ 23. Eggs today.  7. Doz eggs on hand/  Elbert did his washing today & I don’t know how I’m ever going to get mine done     mostly cloudy all day,    snowed hard for a while at intervals, but didn’t seem to stay on the ground,    not very cold, some ice froze in a pail Elbert forgot & he turned it bottom side up & the ice fell out of it today,    wind’s been all way round.    I wrote a card to Audrey- to Mrs. Cranage   to Mrs. Gall & to Mrs. Harnish Sr.   I thank God for my many blessing & healing for saving my sould and now I’m praying for the seal of promise, and since He promised we can have it if we ask, I’m asking god in Jesus Name for it    I give Him all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever.

Fri. Dec. 12. 1947./ 17 eggs today./   New moon today.   Elbert went to Lorain & sold 7. Doz. Eggs 65 cents per. doz. $4.55 & he sold 1. Doz here for 65 cents the man gave him 2.00 so he has 2 more doz. Paid for a nickle coming his way    so we have taken in 8.45 cents beginning. Sun. Dec. 7.    I mended or I got it partly done “Elberts heavy un-ion suit   patches from below the knee up on to the body  clear into the crotch, a big patch on the seat, under each arm and acrossed the middle of the back, some job, believe it or not, he left at 10-30-

Fri. Dec. 12. 1947./ page. 2055/ 17. Eggs this day./ -a-m.  and got back at 3-30-p-m.    he bought a pr. Of shoes & they cost $10.82 cents with the (tax, 32 cents)  he went out to thank Audrey personally & she tucked $5.00 in his pocket, or we wouldn’t have anything to eat, he got two slices of pork shoulder 58 cents for supper   a lb. of bacon 1.07, a piece of pressed ham 87 cents & a lb of shank meat 55 cents & a knuckle to boil with it, then he got a few apples 39, pears 42 & dates 29, grapes 32.  3. Cans of milk 39, a lb. of oleo 45, cabbage 99, & gass 1.00 for car.    Oh, how I do love Jesus, He helps us in all the ways we need.  Cloudy today.  Wind S.W.  I thank my Father in Heaven in Jesus Holy Name that He love even me.  I’ll Praise Him Always and give Him all the Glory for ever and ever.  Glory, Glory to God, I thank Thee & praise Thee, for our many blessing Amen.  Elbert mailed my cards, all but Audrey’s, he gave her’s to her.  Mrs. Cranage was up & around again, her hip is bad yet.  A woman back of her by the name of Julline, takes 3 & 4 doz. Of eggs of Elbert  she was telling Elbert about her brother 20. Yrs. Old that he’s been sick in bed for sometime & he said the Lord lit up his room & told him, he would get well, so I two pray God will help him & strengthen his faith, give him understanding & make him a blessing in the Name of Jeus.  Amen.  Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.’

Sat. Dec. 13. 1947./ 25. Eggs today./  Been mostly cloudy today, received a Christmas card from Loura Ann Bonney & one from Ethel, “her mother”   Ethel said her “Walter” husband had set up a business shop of his own & was doing fine and they all like it there;   I’m glad and pray all will continue well.   The old man that bought the douglas place called today, asking Elbert about where to get lumber, he was just nosing around once more, he acts as if he isn’t quite all there, in some respects,    he’s money mad also & stinks as if he’d neve had a bath and had eat garlic & onions or leeks all his life    Whew me,  oh my, I was glad when he left.    He said he’d like to buy 6 or 8 of the pullets   I wish we had a ten1910) foot fence all around the place or that we could live among really, honest neighbors.    I did to much today    ankle pains bad tonight & badly swollen.    Sun is or was white, N.W. breeze.  Still cold tonight & wind went S. East at dark      Elbert went to the beach & the sand is frozen hard, there was a truck down there & he said, some men, they were building a 2. Ft. form on the top of the old peir, east.    Wish I had seen to it that we got the rest of the sand when we could have got it,    but of all the excuses    when a person don’t want to do a thing.  I thank God  He loves us and takes care of our every need.  I give give Him all the praise and Glory for He is worthy.  I swept my room & Kitchen & washed but my rags & dried them.  I’m sure tired I’ve been taking care both beds all week to.

Sun. Dec. 14. 1947./ page. 2056./ 21. Eggs today./  Well, I got up & took a bath & dressed, combed my hair & Elbert got our dinner, potatoes, toast & a couple strips of bacon & a cup of coffee with a dish of prunes.  We ate at 2-30-p-m. at 3-30-p-m Rev. & Mrs. Scharein & Mrs. West Sr. came in    We had a nice visit & prayer,   They prayed for me, I know God is able and I thank Him and Praise Him, He care for such as I.   Oh, God I thank Thee in Jesus Holy Name.    We had bean soup for supper & tea.   Wind S. and a little west tonight.

Mon. Dec. 15. 1947. / 22. Eggs today./  Well I didn’t do much today   shook up the bed & opened the windows   air them out & made them up again.   It’s been a very dark day to much so to read, write or mend.    We had a snow shower & it turned to rain    Wind backed up from West to south east, now it’s come back to West & raining yet at 9-30-p-m  Well, we haven’t eat much today either     I wish we had some one who would take an interest in cooking,   that’s what I sure need.   But I thank God for what we have that He has saved my soul & have promised in Jesus Name to fill us with the Holy Ghost and I long to be filled before He comes.  I Praise Him for loving such as I and trust He will ever Keep & guide me.  Oh, God, I pray in Jesus Holy Name Thou will cleans our church and help us each one to do Thy Holy Will working together in one acord for Thy Name’s sake, forgive us & point us the way.  As Thou would have us to go; Oh how much we need Thee.  I received another letter from Miss Willitts   she’s trying to raise 10 thousand dollars.  God knows, I like to help each one to what they need, if I could. 

Tue. Dec. 16. 1947./ 27. Eggs today./  Cloudy all morning sun came out for a few minutes after 2-p-m. only to cloud up again.   S.W. breeze    well, I wrote 3 letters a thank you letter to the Governor, a letter to Miss Greene & one to Miss Willitts, I’m so weak & almost blind at times.    But, I thank God & Praise Him for our many blessing, in Jesus Holy Name Glory to God some one’s praying for me & I thank Thee Jesus. 

Wed. Dec. 17. 1947./ 18. Eggs today/   Well it snowed & blowed a gale today & sun shone right through it, its been a fairly nice day cold S.W. wind but not as cold as last night    I have received several cards one from Nora  one from Shirley & one from Sarrs family & from the Day family  from Mrs. Hildebrandt  Miss Winchel  Mrs. Greene, Harnishes & Mrs. Carlisle, & one from Ethel & her folks    One from the New Mrs. Dudiak & Mr & Mrs. Adamson Floriday& Mrs Geo Gall.  I pray God will Bless them all, and give them

Wed. Dec. 17. 1947. / page. 2057./ 18. eggs this day/  What they ask for me & I thank Him for there prayers & pray He will strengthen there faith & keep them all closer to Him in Jesus Name and I thank Him for my healing & Praise His Holy Name. 

Thurs. Dec. 18. 1947./ 27. eggs today./ Dave’s birthday  he’s 62. yrs. old.  Well, I hobbled around & wiped up the floor today.  Dr. Leidheiser came  said I had concusion in my head & that the legiments are badly torn around the ankle joint.  We received cards from Cora Barr Mr. & Mrs. & Howard Page.  Wyn & Virginia & Easel & card from Bonita     Elbert got Birthday card from easel & a christmas card     a card from carl Betz & family.   It been partly cloudy & cold enough, but not severe.  N.E. wind tonight.   Bonita said they got a lonesome letter from Ella Jane, & she said Mrs. Gilmore died Mon. night Dec. 14. & had funeral on Wed. 2. 30-p-m.    I had been thinking & talking about her to Elbert & I wondered how she was, must be I had been thinking because she was sick.    I thank God for our many Blessing in Jesus Name.  

Fri. Dec. 19. 1947./ 1. hen  28 Pullet eggs./  I’m send a letter to Miss Willitts, Elloa Jane Mrs. Greene  Miss Shirley Glover & Governor Herbert   Elbert went & come safly, he feels so bad, I’m so sorry to be more trouble for him, he has to do most every thing, I have done a bad thing for me, while he was gone I washed a whole change of clothes few towels & all my rags & two wool petticoats & my night gown    got them all done, but the wrinsing of wool skirts & dress & got them all dried but wool skirt dress & rags before he got here, he had good luck sold Mrs. Cranaage 3. doz large pullet eggs 85 cents per doz. $2.55) & one other woman 1. doz. large eggs, 85 cents & 6 doz. small eggs 68 cents per doz.$4.08)   I had $6.00 saved from last week & 5 cents so he had $13.65) with the 12 cents of his own for grain & food & the grain cost $5.29 for 100 lb bag & $5.09 for bag (100 lb.) mash, boiling meat 1 3/4 lb. cost 73 cents, press ham 1. lb. 68 cents & 1 1/4 lb liver 56 cents, total for meat $1.97 cents, & food 1. lb prunes 35 cents beans 42 cents yeast & coffee 49 cents total $1.26 cents he had 13.65 cents & paid out $13.61 cents leaving him 4 cents such as life.   he went to beach to get sand but it was froze so bad he couldn’t get any, he said the men had rebuilt  one concrete peir & are now working on the one down at the old Sanders beach & he said the men were suffering with the cold, & he came back & put the buckets & broom & dust pan a way & gathered eggs    got water & put the trimings down celar for hens & sorted eggs & put them away & put the meat on to boil & fixed the fire & now he’s going to empty ashes & feed hens & lock up all around for the night.  he left here about 10-a-m. & got back 1-30-p-m.   Mrs Cranage is lots better & was over to Cleveland, with Ruth & a friend

Fri. Dec. 19. 1947./page. 2058./28. P. 1. hen eggs this day. / & so they are all tired out today.   We received an invitation to Martha’s to dinner    she said the whole family would be there & she’d be looking for us, but we won’t be able to go,  I told Elbert he could go, but he said he wouldn’t.  We received a card from Mrs. Sharpe Miland Ohio one Mrs. Sprunk, one from Anna Bell Arlington Va.    Been a very dark day, N.E. breeze.   Elbert has cooked the supper & listened to the news & now he’s going to rest after he gets some hot water to soak my foot in     old foot’s howling tonight.    I made Elbert’s bed up fresh & my own & done several odds & ends    now I have to try to do a little more writing    a note to Martha to thank her for her kindness.    I thank God for our blessings, I thank Him for each one who prays for me & I pray He gives them double all they ask for me and that He will cleans our church & make it a blessing in His sight & convict, convert, heal & fill as many as He will and help us to work with one acord for His good & Glory,   I Praise God in Jesus Name, Glory to God, Glory, Glory, Amen.

Sat. Dec. 20. 1947./ 22. eggs today./  Well, I guess I over done a little, but, hope to feel O.K. tomorrow.    I made 4. tins of bread biscuits today, looked after beds & aired the rooms & I’m so tired my head achs to & I’ll be glad to roll into bed once more.   I wrote a card to the Church    one to Martha & one to Frank & Ruby & Familys,     Elbert gave them to the mail man so the wont get them untill Mon.   We received a Christmas card & a picture of Johny & Marci in there wedding attire    it’s a very good picture of them, nice young folks, they are.  Wind is S. West, and not so very cold.  Got to soak my feet & take my bath yet.    It’s been a beautiful day mild with sunshine.  So now, I thank God for His word, His promises, His Power, His Great Love for His children,   I hope He will find me worthy,    I love Him more than any one or anything else in this word.  I Praise Him, Glory, Glory to God, Hallulejah, Glory, Glory, Amen.  

Sun. Dec. 21. 1947. / 1. hen, 2. Pullets eggs./  Rather cloudy all day, I got up & took a bath & combed my hair “after dressing meself” & Elbert fixed up the soup a little & we had dinner & he didn’t have the dishes quite done.  When the Minister & his wife came in she had her arms full, she had a nice glass dish full of cluster peanuts in cholate & white fudge with fruit & nuts must have been a good 2. lobs. & pretty dish with 3. legs that was from the Horning’s, a box of candy from Church & 2 oranges & a silk rayon neck scarf for me & handkercheif for Elbert from Miss Clark & best of all we had a good christian visit & prayer, Oh

Sun. Dec. 21. 1947./ page 2059./ 1. hen, 27. P. eggs this day./   how I love Jesus He done so much for me.  I Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.    Then in a little while in came Martha & Jim Nellie Bonita & her 3 children & they must have brought 10 or 15.00 worth of food     some nuts candy cakes and cookies caned jams & fruit & a jar of honey, noods, speggetti, caned soups, beans, corn & beets, tea, coffee  oranges & apples & cheese writing paper & envelopes & a big ham but, Well that is wonderful when the Lord hears & sends in the things we need so much.  I gave the Preachers a glass dish about 12 in. acrossed & 3 in. deep & a part of a tin of bread biscuits, they seemed real pleased.  Nellie’s wishing for mincemeat but I didn’t make any this year for I don’t use it very often & it’s a big lot my recipet makes & any way I haven’t felt able to make it.   I was going to make fruit cakes for Christmas, but wasn’t abl to do that either.  I pray God’s blessing in Jesus Name for them each,    Audrey also sent part of the food & things, besides she had all ready given us 30.00    I pray God will save her soul & all the others.  They said there were mostly women to Mrs. Gilmore’s funeral, & she had been out of her mind & singed her hair so bad they couldn’t fix it up so to make it look nice after she died, poor old soul    if she had only Known our Jesus.   OH God, of Love & Mercy, I pray for those in the Valley of decision, help my prayers to be one with the many others who pray earnestly for lost souls,     that acording to there faith Thou will give un to them in Jesus Holy Name and strengthen there fait     give them a craving and determination to know Thee,  I thank Thee & praise Thee Glory to God in Jesus Name, Amen.    We had ham, potatoes & home made bread for supper & it sure tassted so good     I Praise God & thank Him     I except my healing & thank Him more than I can put in words.   

Mon. Dec. 22. 1947./ 27. P. eggs today/  WEll it been mostly cloudy today, but, it’s been quite warm all so     ground isn’t froze under the sod    Elbert dug up a little evergreen about 3. ft. high for Bonita for a Christmas tree, they’re going to put it in a tub.    Well, Elbert don’t looks so well today, again,     he done all the chores out side & in & I cut out & made him a new sleeper jacket     got it all sewed & discovered I had put one sleeve in wrong side out & “beleive it or not” bottom, or under arm I sewed on for top of sleeve so I had to ripp it all out & put it in right     was 9-30-p-m when I got it done,  he’s going to sleep in it tonight & I’ll try to get the

Mon. Dec. 22. 1947./ page. 2060./ 27. P. eggs this day./  bottoms & button holes done tomorrow.   Elbert got into it & into bed & he says I ought to go to bed now but he supposes I set up un till the latest minute.  Pa use to compell us to go to bed & be in bed at 8-p-m, or get a licking & Elbert never out grew it all though he use to be out untill 10 or 11 when he was young, but the older he gets the more severe he talks about my getting to bed.  Well, it’s my home so I let him talk & go to bed when he likes     I go to to my bed when I feel so disposed.    I like to set & rest when I’m so tired & I’m like my mother in that respect, but,      she had to go to bed when dad was around home, poor little ma,    I was alway so sorry for her and I’m so glad I always tried to help her in all the ways I could, if ever there was a kind, meek, humble person in all this world it was my mother,     I use to rave when pa. left the house    about all the mean contemptable things he did & said, he was & only child with the exception of 2 adopted sisters & spoilt,   I use to fight, tongue fights with him, when he’d jump all over me, for some foolish thing that a man of his years,  should have used better judgement,    I had learned,  even if I was angry, to use my brains     & I use to tell him just what a mean picture he made,    then I’d show him my side,    I wasn’t a healthy girl, but I worked untill I was limp as a dish rag to save mother as much as I could,   he sure was one of the oranenys critters that ever came down the pike,    His mother lived with us for several yrs. untill, she died    she was bed ridden, & ma had 5 of us children, pa & herself to wait on beside.   When pa & ma first started, he bought 180 acres of land in Mich.   he bought it of Uncle Porter, ma’s eldest brother & he built a log cabin after he had cleared enough land for a house & barn & he built the barn,    he bought a- pr. of oxen & he had a horse, named Flora buggy horse    & after 3. yrs. he came back & took ma up there in the woods to live & the bear & deer run wild a-bout the place    & when dad would get angry over a little thing, such as, the oxen would act up & not want to be hitched up,     then he’d sulk & would talk or speak to 

Mon. Dec. 22. 1947./ page 2061./ 27. P. eggs this day/  ma if he could get around it    & off times he would go & leave her there all alone, while he worked off his hatefull-ness in a logging camp to far away, for him to come home nights,    ma was only 23. yrs. old,     she said he wanted to ride her 3 times aday & when she couldn’t stand it, it, would make him so mad he’d abuse her,    he took her by her wrists & strech her arms out & hold her against the wall, with his Kneese against her legs & hold her there untill shed faint & throw her on the bed & her poor spine was so crooked between her shoulders & hips from his abuse she only weighed 94. lbs. poor little ma, she was a wonderful mother.   I’ve seen her out of sorts but she never said any-thing mean, she’d greive it out to the Lord & let it go    & she taught me many good lesson, after I was converted at 18. yrs. of age,  I learned to manage my dad rather well & we got on quite good well,    but, he never got over doing his dirty trick   seemed to be born in him to like to hurt the other fellow & then laugh over it, and he lead some of his own children & his grandchildren into his bad ways    taking things, lots of time he didn’t want them & gave them so some one else.  Ma’s Mother & father bought the land next the pa’s & moved there,   Uncle Will wasn'[t married then & lived with his parents, but they had to hire a young woman to work for them    & Uncle Will married her,    they use to go to ma often then,    then pa’s mother was so bad they begged pa to sell & come home,    ma worked herself half to death taking care of grandpa & grandma & Lottie & pa & Elbert myself, Fred & Gertie & milking 8 cows morning & night, beside the house work    washing, ironing & baking   she dug up & left for a few weeks & came to Lorain to her only sister after 2. yrs of that kind of life & pa’s abuse whenever he was home & it didn’t matter what she was doing,   he had to be taken care of right when he said so, it didn’t matter to him, how tired she was & he never forgot to tell so & if she didn’t want to be stripped right where she was, she’d better move,   poor ma,  Aunt Edith got pa a carpenter job & told him to

Mol. Dec. 22. 1947./page 2062./ 27. P. egg this day./  to come & he’d have steady work   she had lost her husband & had 3. houses she rented & had to keep in repear & she had a new barn that had never been used,   so to she had two rooms one story high she had rented to & old man,   he had died,   so she had pa move the barn & two room together & build them into a real comfortable house.   We went there to live when I was 3 1/2 yrs. old & grandpa & grandma Wheeler came to Aunt Ediths to live on that day, also,   Uncle will & his wife, had gone to Virginia to take care of her grandpa, on a peanut farm.    We lived in Lorain Ohio in Aunt’s [Edith Grant Breckinridge, Elinor’s maternal aunt] house untill it burned up, I was 12. yrs. old then, on the 16th of Jan. & the house burned Feb. 9.    Then dad bought a lot & rented the ground around us over the east side the river on the hill, just a river bend from where he had a boat house & boat,     Uncle Will [William Wheeler, Elinor’s maternal uncle] had come back & lived with us for a while & then he got a job in the new shipyard they had started just below the Nickle Plate swing bridge & between that & lower draw bridge on the east side,    so he rented a house on the hill juist above the ship yarde      & when our house burnt we lived a couple of months with him & his family     & then they bought a lot across the road from pa & ma     & pa built there house & built us a shack,    it was boarded up, boards stood up & down with battens over the cracks & ceiled up inside, with just loose board on the attic floor   & that was where the boys 3 of them sleep on cots,    I put paper over the boards & rag carpet over that     & it was a job to clean up there each week    & I worked out at confinement work at times,    & did the family sewing mending & darning & helped with baking & cooking when I was home.    I lived with Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher Ward for a while after the house burned.    I went home to help ma as often as I could & after pa built the house I went home & stayed & helped Mrs. Ward once or twice aweek    my health was very poor & pa wouldn’t let me go to school     so, I went back to Wards, for he was superintendent of the Public School

Mon. Dec. 22. 1947./ page. 2063./ 27 P. eggs this day./   schools & I studied to the second yr. high school or through the 2nd. yr. high school,     then had to go home & work for a while    so didn’t get another chance to study any more,     for I worked away 2 or 3 weeks & then a week or 2 at home untill I wasn’t able to work away any more,     then I was compelled to Dr. with a specialist in Cleveland for 3. yrs.     I began to gain after the first yr. & went to work again.   I was 23. yrs old when I started to Dr. in Cleveland.    I always went to Sun. school church & prayer meetings     & I taught a class of girls from 8 to 10 yrs of age  18 or 20 of them    & I liked it, for it helped me to learn more about the Holy Trinity.   I Praise God for His wonderful blessings & healings.

   Tue. Dec. 23. 1947./ 27. eggs  1. hens egg today/  We give 2. doz. eggs. to the Raw-leigh man for part pay on the condition powder we had ordered    eggs 65 cents per. doz   2. doz. 1.30 so I owe him $1.70 yet.    We had a piece of the ham that the girls brought Sun. for dinner today.   & just at dark the minister & his wife came in with a nice piece of ham & a lot of fruit & can vegetables    Praise the Lord & they prayed for us & I felt the power go through me & several times since & they were having a meeting at Church so they all prayed for us again  Glory Glory Praise God from Whom all blessing flow.     We all should praise Him here below & I know that there are many that do.    The minister said he had the new flu. that going the round,    they prayed for us   & I for them    it’s a queer flu ach & pains in muscels & chest & stomach & bowels & a heavyness in the head,    I thank God for there love & thoughtfulness,    it’s sure wonderful to be rem-embered and since I’ve never been on the receiving end, it sure makes me feel like crying,    I would much rather have it the way it use to be,    I love to give to other,   But I surely appreciate every bit of all they have done for us   May God really Bless them with much more than they expect. & I hope I can do something for them by & by & how much I thank God for His love & care for He surely takes care of his own.    It’s colder out & snowed a little, this afternoon. 

Dec. 23. Wed. 1947/ page. 2064./ 30. eggs today./  Well, Nellie went over to the old home place where Frank & Ruby live & there daugters are married & live next door & our cousins live across the street, “the Wheeler Girls”      Martha  [Martha Monogan, Elinor’s neice] came out Sun. with her son Jim  [James Monogan, Elinor’s neice’s son, grand nephew] & Nellie & Bonita & her 3. children, Nellie & all went to Frank’s & told them we were in hard straights, so tonight here comes Frank & his grandson [either James or Jerry Monogan, Elinor’s grand nephews]  with a basket & little box full of food from He & Ruby.  & his four children & from Our Cousins,  the Wheeler girls.    Frank isn’t very well,   he’s working, but has lost some time, off & on these passed few weeks, he says its going to cost him a lot to pay his mother-in-laws [Ruby Gillmore’s mother, Elinor’s brother’s mother in law] funeral bill & all her other bills.   He likes to make a big issue of of things, but,  He says Mrs. Gilmore had to pay $7.50 per. week for rent & she only had 30 or 35.00 per month to live on & pay her rent & bills, so that’s the ans. for her funeral expensies,    of course he has a lot of expense for Ruby has to have a shot (as they say) in the arm every day or she couldn’t live & they help Armond to a lot & so I’m sorry they were told about it, but,     I’m happy to know they love us enough to come & bring us food    I Pray God will in Jesus Name Convert & heal them soul & body,    I feel that is more emportant than our food.  Oh God have mercy    I pray in Jesus Name.    Elbert isn’t very well, his nerves are terrible bad & he need to know the Lord also.  I greatly appreciate what they have all done for us more than I can tell & pray God’s blessing upon them each one.  Oh Glory to God    Some are praying for me & I feel God Blessed Power  Hallulejah  Glory to God in the Highest Amen.   Winds N. & Little E.    We received a card from  Mrs. Frankie Beesie  Miss Elthel Willitts & one from Armond  his wife & son Bruce   [Armond Bonney, Clara Isobel Street, Bruce Bonney, Elinor’s nephew and wife & child]  Frank & Frankie came at 8-p-m & left little after 9-p-m.  It’s been a beautiful day in Ohio with sunshine all day & tonight it’s clear with a nice moon & stars.   I thank thee & praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.    & I’m trusting that I may be filled & many more saved & filled.  I believe I will be.  Oh, Glory to God, All Praises & Glory to Thee.   

Thurs. Dec. 25. 1947 [Dec. 24 skipped]  /page. 2065/ 21. eggs today 1. hen/ today is for Jan/  Well, It’s been a wonderfull day  nice white sun all day, with wind scuds late in after noon & tonight it’s snowing, moons wading.  not very cold out.    We cook the beef roast Frank brought out,    it’s queer how the beef don’t have any juice in it.    Well we cooked it & had potatoes & gravy & hot coffee & biscuits for supper    We had a slice of bacon & toast & one egg apiece & a dish of the peaches they sent us.    I told Frank he hadn’t ought to brought us so much & he said I didn’t, Harvey, Evelyn, Francis & ARmond each put in with he & Ruby’s do-nation    that way it wasn’t bad on any of them & he said     I know how you are, if I was in your fix you’d do all you could to help me or any one of us, wouldn’t you?    I know you would.   Well, I said, I would for I love you all,    He did some work for Gertie & said he didn’t want any pay, but kept tract of what he done & later he told her to give him pa’s guns or (200.) two hundred dollars.   He said if we needed more help to let him know.  He said, ((before pa died))  he didn’t want the home place & after pa died, he said, he’d always wanted it & was going to have it.    I love him    he’s our brother, but,    I don’t want him to do things for us & talk about us like he does about others & I hope & can give them chickens & eggs enough to pay it all back.  I am vry thankful for the help just now & thank God in Jesus Dear Name for all the help He has given.  My blood presure is very low but trust God will take care of me in every respect & all who have given us help & pray He will be with our ministers.

Fri. Dec. 26. 1947./ 32. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain & sold 13. doz. of eggs & bought a 100 lb. bag of grain, a bottle of Alcohol. yeast, milk & matches  cost $8.45 & he had 1.60 left.    I had the soup started so he opened a can of carrots & peas  all in the one can & put in the soup & we ate it.   I ironed my dress & mended it,    I took care of both beds.   We listened to the radio a little while    & now were going to bed,    I’m terrible tired & tomorrow “God willing” I have to make bread again.   I re-ceived card from Georgia today with a little note in it.   She says Aubrey “her brother” [Aubrey Grant, son of Edith and first husband Aubrey Grant, Elinor’s g-cousins]  can’t hardly get up & down  was to ill to come to them for Christmas    & they go after him with a car, so, he will be leaving us before long.      & I also received a jig, puzzel from Miss Willitts    it is Christ in the Temple asking the wise men questions.    It’s in colors.   Wind is S.W> & its been cloudy all day     & it snowed last night & in heavy showers all day,    Radio said 20 inches fell in New York today & that

Fri. Dec. 26. 1947./ page. 2066/ 32. egg this day/   that the east coast was getting a terrible storm & Phillipine Islands had a typhone & then a wind & fire after it    59 dead & lot injured & a boat sunk loaded with passengers.    Well I thank God in Jesus Name, for His Love & care     He give us if we trust & believe,   I Praise Him for my healing & the added strength He gives me.    I believe I’ll be well in a short time and able to give a good testimonay for the Lord.    And now I have just finished ans. question & testifying to Elbert about the naked lunatic in the tumbs that said his mame was legions, he was full of devils & how the Lord clothed him & sent the devils in to the swine & they ran into the ocean & drowned & I told him about Lazras & the widows son & the man who had a little daughter that had died & about the rulers servent that lay ill with a fever & severel others & how Jesus raise them from the dead & healed them that believed.  Oh God I thank Thee & Praise Thee in Jesus Blessed Name.  Glory, Glory to God in the Highest, I praise Thee Jesus, Blessed Jesus.           

Sat. Dec. 27. 1947./ 1. hen, 27. Pullet eggs today./     Well, Elbert did most the odds & ends & did his washing & got it dry.    While I made 3 tins of biscuits “bread” & then I wiped up the middle of the floor after I swept it    sure don’t do me any good, but we can’t buy bread & I hate to set around with the floor so dirty    & the little snow & dust on the basement floor mades lots of tracks on the kitchen floor.    Well, Audrey sent a short letter today with a $10.00 bill in it & said if we needed any thing to let her know & she’d mail it to us,    We surely are more than greatful for all she has done,    that makes 40 dollars in cash & a bunch & food stuff & a nice piece of ham    it sure was good,    We do feel better, but are in a very weak & miserable condition yet,    sweat runs like rain off me when I try to work    & now Elbert’s talking of going & leaving me all day,    if he can get some work to do    guess he thinks I’m able because I try to do some things he won’t do,    he hates to wash out his clothes but it tires me most to death to wash out my own & my foots supposed to be kept in a chair,    it’s still terrible bad & pains me terrible when I hobble around,    I take care of beds & open the windows & air out & made the beds & close them at 3-p-m (the windows)     Well, it 10-p-m. & Elbert’s gone to bed, he put the biscuits in the crock,    now I have to clean my teeth & fix my hair & read a little in my bible & go to bed.    I thank God for the love & care He has given us.   I Praise Him in Jesus Blessed Name.  All the Glory truly belongeth to Him.  I love Thee Jesus.                                                             

Sun. Dec. 28. 1947./ page. 2067./ 3. hen. 2 hen egg spoilt  24. P. eggs today./   I pray Lord God of Hosts Thou will fill the Church with souls, hungry souls for Sunday School & Church & evening service,    Oh God of Love & Mercy help them to come to Thee, We ask in Jesus Name praying & trusting Thou will fill them with a longing & craving for Thee & to bless those dear young ministers who are working so hard to do Thy Will.  I know they are Thine for they are the only one’s who have come & tried to releave the hard pressure that was & is upon us,    the only one’s from the church & I love them because they are like Thee,   so human & kind,  Oh God, bless them in Jesus Name, pray, & I thank Thee & Praise Thee for ever & ever,   I give all the Glory to Thee.    Well, we can’t go places   been home all day & read the bible & prayed & Hope the Minister’s get back again soon     I love those Children.    Been a penetrating cold with N.W. wind spits with snow several times & sun tried to come out several times, didn’t thaw today.    this day stands for April, so, looks as if it will be cold & not so wet as last year.    I Praise the Lord & pray HIs blessings on all His Children & that He will teach us each His ways.

Mon. Dec. 29. 1947. /33. P. eggs today./  Well I haven’t done much today    took care of beds & didn’t feel able to do that,    but I have had to set around for around a mo. now & that’s to hard on the other fellow    I ought to be able to dig in & let him sit.    Well, I can’t do it yet & I’ve felt like crying all day over verious things said    I pray God will help me to soon be able to work again.   I’d ought to have wrote some letters but felt to bad to write cheerful one’s, so,  didn’t write any.   I peeled the potatoes for supper & made the chicken balls for dinner,     I mixed it up last night so it would be seasoned for today,    and it was just fine.   It’s been a beautiful day    sunshine untill most noon,   clouded up for 2. hrs. then was nice again untill sunset,   sun was white all day & set in streaks & red pink green & yellow clouds.    I praise God for my blessings & for Him Who loves & care for me.  

Tue. Dec. 30. 1947./ 1 hen 22 P eggs today/   It’s been a very cloudy day    looked as if the sun would come through,    but, it didn’t.   We got a card from Nellie today,    she said Bonney Bell & her Joe [Joseph Dudiak, Elinor’s brother-in-law] & Johny & Marcie were home for Christmas breakfast     B & J. went to Cleveland & Johny & Marcie to N. London & she 

Tue. Dec. 30. 1947./ page. 2068./ 1. hen  22. P. eggs this day/   Bonita & Bonita’s 3 children & Gertie & Audrey ate dinner. with Martha & Merlin & their 3 children & they had a good dinner & a nice time.   Ella Jane called home & talked to them.    Now Nellie & Bonita have bad colds.    Well, Elbert seems to have a new cold also.   & his bowels are sore & lame tonight.   I pray he don’t get sick    there’s lots of colds.    I have felt punk    can’t seem to endure a little work.   I did take care of for the rooms today.   & that’s all.   I darned 2. prs. socks yesterday for Elbert & believe it or not, it tired me all out,    my arms are so tired they ach.    & Elbert feels so bad he’s gone to bed,    he filled my water glass for night & was goingto bed,    but, it was only 8-30. he did listen to Judy on the radio    then he went,   I am sorry    if he has an-other cold.   He got after a rat last night in the hen again.   Well, I’m still hoping to be able to get around again & do the work    I thank God for my blessings & pray He will help me to know what to do & help me to hear & do the right thing at the right time.   and I pray he will convict convert heal & fill all of us that are in need so much.   I’m better,    but, still weak   but I’m trusting in Jesus Blessed Name, I Praise Him & Give Him all the Glory.

Wed. Dec. 31. 1947./ 1. hen. 24. P. eggs today./  The last day of the year & I thank God for all the many blessings He has given us.  I washed out the rags & took care of the beds & rooms & washed up on batch of dishes.   I shake all over like an old feeble woman.    but, believe I’m getting better & Elbert’s so tired of his job.   I darned 2. more prs. socks today & sweat like anything.  I seem so weak.   Miss Mc.Govern sent me a Christ-mas card with a 5. dollar bill in it, said she had ment to send it last week, but could get out to do it.    I know it’s hard for her to do the things she is oblidged to do about the house    Marry’s in bed & she has to wait on her & take care of looking for the 2. boys.    she has 4 bedrooms & bath upstairs & 5 rooms down stairs & she has a very bad ankle    she said it was getting better but she has it in a cast.    I sent her a box of evergreens she didn’t even say she received them    & Ella Jane hasn’t even sent a card to say she received her’s,   but, Bonita said she wrote them & said she got them.   We have had a thick white or gray fog all day,  but tonight it has lifted so we can see the trains   we couldn’t last night.

Wed. Dec. 31. 1947./ Page. 2069./ 1. hen. 24. P. eggs this day./  Today’s weather was for July./   Sounds as if the breeze is S.West at 9-p-m. tonight.   I think we will try to send Miss Mc. Govern some eggs for her money    I don’t want to be indepted to her.   I’ll write her a card & thank her but by & by I’ll send the eggs.    I thank God He is & ever will be,   I give Him all the praise & Glory for ever & ever & pray I may do what is right in His sight.   Help me, Oh Lord, I pray. Amen. 

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