September 1947

Mon. Sept. 1. 1947./ 7. eggs today./   Elbert has been up & walk to the toilet & back 3 or 4 times   he’s back isn’t quite so painful today, but, far from being right.   I have only done what I had to & that seemed to much.  beeen a fine day, tonight it’s raining & lots of thunder & lightening.  No mail today as it is called labor day, but, most every one takes a vacation, or rest, on this day.  I do thank God with all my heart,    He is, & always will be. 

Tue. Sept. 2. 1947./ 7. eggs today./  Well anothr beautiful Sept. day, I have done the rounds & baked 3 tins of bread biscuits.  I thank God in Jesus Name for the strength he gives me.  I received a letter from the welfare in Columbus today saying they had not received all the data as yet on my case but, they would.  I wonder if they are going to, I just wonder. 

Wed. Sept. 3. 1947./ 10 eggs today. /  I didn’t get up very early, but , I did all the washing & carried part the water.  Elbert took care of the hens & chicks today, he don’t feel very good yet and he don’t look well either.  I got a check today for 20.00 from Soldiers & Sailors relief, the post-man took it up to Mitiwanga & today he left it in my box   the one I got yesterday from Columbus   he was going to put in the box on the way back after he’d been south on our road   he didn’t stop to pick up the card we had put in the box for nellie so Elbert went out & gave it to him & he gave him the one from Welfare Columbus Ohio.  I pray God will keep me.

Wed. Sept. 3. 1947./ page. 2041./ 10. eggs. today./   It’s been a beautiful day  We had light showers late this after noon but I got the clothes all dry & tonight I did the ironing & I’m sure enough tired. Praise God. 

Thurs. Sept. 4. 1947./ 7 eggs today/   I haven’t done much today   to tired   Well, I mended 3 shirts for Elbert    they were in very bad condition  need to be mended with new ones.  Elbert has tried to do a few odds & ends, he don’t feel well, his liver has been on the bum, he’s nervous, because, he can’t work & because of the condition we are in.  The coal 3 1/2 tons came today, dirty looking stuff.   I received a card from Rev. Mrs. Gurney & on it a little house, with flowers at the entren to of the path & along the path & around the house and beside it the ten commandmnts.  She wrote on other side said they had missed me & prayed a lot for me.  “Praise the Lord.”  she said they had a good camp meetings & some were saved & some received the Holy Ghost.  I thank God He hears & ans. our prayers.  

Fri. Sept. 5. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  I really got the 3 rugs washed today but they didn’t get dry.  I carried most the water also, I’m sure tired & hungry.  I gave Elbert 20 cents & he went & got a can of milk up here to the park, cost 15 cents  He’s still feeling bum, says his liver & head is bad.   he trimed the tomaote vines a few days ago, today he picked enough beans for supper & some for tomorrow & 6. tomatoes.  he cleaned the beans & cut them    I cooked them   we had a few for supper with ptotatoes & chicken gravey & broccoli & bread & tea.  received card yesterday from Sister Gurney & so I have ans. it & hope Elbert will mail it tomorrow.  If he goes to Lorain I have to buy gas & thats another dollar gone, he ought to get 4.00 for 5. doz. eggs. & I wish I could have it all to help pay up the feed bill 15.65, but if I can pay 8.00 that will leave 7.65   I will have to cash my check 20.00 & pay 5.00. 

Fri. Sept. 5. 1947./ page 2042./ 8. eggs this day./ this one/  to Nagle’s for food we have had.  We owe them 8.92 & there wont be much left to live on after we take out 2.00 for church & pay for gritt & salt & we got to get straw for the coop soon, the floor is terrible dirty.  I just can’t see how we are going to exist, it’s terrible.  I swept & cooked & done the dishes & took care of bedrooms & looked after the birds & hens & chickens, it rained in showers all last night & early morning, was partly cloudy today with hot sun at intervals with a south breeze.  I thank God for all He gives me & Praise His Holy Name, Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 6. 1947./ 7. eggs today/  We went to Lorain  Sold 5. doz. eggs to mrs. Cranaage 77. cents per. doz.  bought some meat at Fishers & came back to Vermilion.  ” I mailed a card to the Minister’s wife on way down.”   In Vermilion we bought a little food.  Elbert cashed my check & got the 20 dollars.  Mrs. Cranage gave me 4.00 for the chickens we took to her, she said she was mad because we hadn’t kept the money before, but I told her I’d give the money back by & by & she didn’t say no;  she gave us 4.00 for the eggs & let us keep 15 cents that was her due.  So she gave us 8.00 & a box of 12 doughnuts & a box of Mary Ann cookies & said her man was working, so I should forget it but I couldn’t feel just right to keep to keep it all.  I get it back to her some how.  that made $28.00    I had less the price of the meat in Lorain    the meat cost 1.80 the few necessitys to eat boiling meat saucage & lunch meat and the gas for the car & $8.00 I paid at the mill (on the grain we owed for & we still owe 7.65.) & 5.00 I paid Nagle’s for food (we had run a bill 8.92  bal. 3.92) & I saved $2.25 for my tenth at church, so I spent 23.00 dollars & have 5.00 left to by eats for 4 weeks, and pay light bill & gas for the stove.  “there will only be 1.00 when I pay left to eat on” so I just don’t know how we will manage to live, but God has promised to take care of me & I am trusting & believing He will.   We feel rather all in from lack of food & my eyes have been so blinded of late, but still I know God is able.  & I believe He will see me safely through.  I love Him more than all else in this world, all the Praise & Glory, surely belongs to Him for ever & ever. When we got home, Frank & Armond were here, getting there hunting tags on,   they picked a good half bu. elderberries & were here untill dark.  I opened up the house & made us a lunch, we ate some of the doughnuts & some lunch meat in Vermilion before we did our earns, & a little more when 

Sat. Sept. 6. 1947./page. 2043./ 7. eggs this day. /  we got home & we had bread & broth for supper.  I fed the hens & chicks & locked them in, & I’m sure tired tonight   I put a clean table cloth on & got the dished done for a fresh start.   winds been South some where been a fine day partly cloudy. 

Sun. Sept. 7. 1947. /7. eggs today/  Well, we were getting ready to go to church.  When Nellie, Johny & Marcie, Bonita & the 3. children came in with a picnic lunch.  Marcie had to work today & was tired , they are short of help. in the hospital   They had a nice time & left at 7-15-p-m. but, Elbert didn’t feel like going to Church for we would have to work so fast to get away & there on time & not feeling to strong.   we didn’t go & I had planned on going so much.   It’s been partly cloudy & fogy all day & worse tonight. 

Mon. Sept. 8. 1947./7. eggs today./   Well, I baked 4. tins of biscuits & 2 black-berry pies,   Elbert went out in back & picked 2. big qts. of blackberrys.  So I amtired.   I raked up two big piles of grass he cut this morning,   Elbert put most of it in the park.   N.E. wind all day & fogy long before dark, breeze all dried out about 5-30-p-m.   I Praise God for our many blessings & the strength He gives us, & food & all. 

Tue. Sept.9. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  I did the washing & got it all done for once, and it has been a hot day little N.E. breeze all morning, then it went S.E. & is still there at 9-30-p-m.   I started the chicken frying, Elbert had the potatoes & beets on cooking,  I put the chicken in the roaster & let it cook in an inch of hot water, after it’s fried so while it was getting the finishing, I took a bath, then made the gravy & we had supper then I did the dishes & now I’ll read & talk to Jesus & go to bed,  Elbert went sometime ago   I thank God & Praise Him for all things, Amen.

Wed. Sept.10. 1947./7. eggs today./   I cleaned the wall & floor in the corner by the cupboard & Elbert fixed the wash bench over a little,    he put 2 boards on the back, that sort of stiffened it up,   he put another short piece between the legs on the end toward the door,   then he padded it on the top with heavy paper & helped me, cut & tack on the new oil cloth,   it was so dirty & I couldn’t clean it, to make it look clean anymore,    Well it’s use to be a hard job for me, but, it’s hard now, even with Elbert’s help but now it’s done again for a while & it looks so much better.  I scrubbed my bedroom floor & that’s a good job done,    it’s so hot & I’m to weak to do such work any more.  S. East breeze all day & it’s lightening off to the South tonight.  

Thurs. Sept.11. 1947. /page. 2044./ 5. eggs today/   Well it been a hot day, with a south west breeze & there has been tornades in some places & Our president  his wife & daughter running about the World in air plaines & boat & the other side is in such a termoil,   many nations asking this country for help & we “just Elbert & I” are in such a hard spot, for food & clothes,   I pray God will help me out of the tight corner we are in some how, if He will.    but give me wisdom & knowledge & help me to use it right, for Him first & then our necessities,  I’ll praise Him for ever & ever, Amen.  We went to Church to prayer meeting & had a good service & prayer meeting,    I’m so happy to get back to church again    seems like ages since I were there.   Elbert picked 1/2 of string beans today   Mrs. Sprunk wanted some but some how we didn’t get to see her tonight.   We brought the Smith children to the end of there road tonight.  I miss Tom & his wife & son,   Church is empty with out them.  We need more to fill up the Church,  I pray God will help us to help those who don’t understand & I pray they will read & search the bible & try to learn more about Jesus & His word.   I swept & wiped up the floors today & I do Praise God for the wonderful strength & all He gives us.

Fri. Sept. 12. 1947./ 6 eggs today./  I didn’t do much today    I’m so tired    Elbert picked beans & corn & I picked broccoli & the leaves    We took broccoli & corn to the preachers & a few beans & We took 2. doz. eggs 1/2 bu. beans & a big mess of broccoli to Nellie, Bonita & the children & a tin of biscuits    she paid 1.54 for the eggs & 1.65 for the beans & gave Elbert 50 cents for gas, he took them to Elyria & they did some shopping 3 big bags of food & we didn’t get only 45 cents worth of lunch meat & I wanted some milk & greese for sweet corn, it was 9-45-p-m when we got home, tired, & I had a head ach & Elbert’s stomach was burning like fire,    I got a note from Laura Ann Bonney today.  Elbert got a card & note from Ella Jane.   We ate a piece of yeast cake & that helped us both & I ate a little of the lunch meat & drank hot water    it sprinkled rain twice while we were gone    wind is S. west, been mostly cloudy, but hot.   I thank kGod for all He has given us & for taking & bringing us safely.   Mrs. West took a pk of beans for her mother for 80 cents but she still owes for them.   Things are sure getting bad every where such high prices on every thing.

Sat. Sept. 13, 1947./page. 2045./ 9. eggs today./   I sent a card to Releif & thanked them for the 20.00 a mo for 3. mo.  [they didn’t give her any May, June or July]   I have only done the daily round.    We were so hungry we killed & fried another chicken.  Frank & Armond were here today,    they came early & left at dark   they gathered Elderberrys & went hunting,    they brought us a few Onions the big flat white ones. 8 or 10 of them & some number of tomatoes, ours are ripening now.  We wont have but a few,    first corn is done Elbert says.   been partly cloudy most of the day. but a nice day.   Elbert’s dug the potatoes    We didn’t have many & he planted part of them in the light of the moon & they are small.  I felt to bum to work today    I ought to have baked & ironed, but I didn’t  so, we’ll have to make out.

Sun. Sept. 14. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  WEll, It’s been a fine day, partly cloudy.  We went to Church this evening    had a very good meeting,    had 5 or 6 young people in to church strangers to me.   Mrs. West and Mrs Lindy West were there & Mrs. Sprunk (Mrs.) Dorthy took the beans & thought she would like some more this week.  Mrs. West is breaking up house Keeping,   said she was going west for a while,   I guess Lindy & Dorthy maybe going into the house, but I don’t know for sure.   Sometimes they talk to me & some-times they ignore me, as if they didn’t know me at all,   they are, a queer lot.   Well, I thank God for the many blessing He gives  not only to us but all those that belong to Him.  Elbert kill another chicken for today & I made Baking Powder biscuits. 

Mon. Sept. 15. 1947./ 7 eggs today/   We went to Lorain    Elbert talked to Mr. Deitz & he said he could come & try to work tomorrow    We got a piece of boiling meat size of your fist 34 cents & he wanted 38 cents    we got a 1/2 doz rolls & 4 slices lunch meat 2 lemons 2 yeast cakes.   it rained hard most of the time we were in Lorain.   We called on Madeline Hunter Todd,   Bill was home & we visited quite a lot,   there 2 girls are married    one lives close by, the other one quite aways a way, so they are alone    the one daughter thats far away was home a month ago with her baby boy   she’s been married most 3. yrs.Madeline said.   Dave’s girl has hay fever. terribly bad & they are going to Carrollina & Addam has 2 girls & they

Mon. Sept. 15. 1947./page 2046/ 7 eggs this day/   are married & have children & they think John got burned up in the forest fire in Canada, where he worked as a ranger.   he had married & lost his wife that had been a great blessing to him for 10 or more yrs. & after his mother died he took that ranger job.   Alec works on the lakes sailing on the steam boats   May is in Cleveland   she married a Dr. & has 5 children & Nellie is married & has 3 children  a boy, a young man & a daughter married & a young daughter 6. yrs. old.    I called on her   she lives on W. 18th St. in Lorain, her Name is Beck.   Elbert had to go to 20th to see the house they are working on, so I got to call on Nellie    she a fine woman, to.   Then we went to Mrs Cranages & I talked a few minutes & I sold her 2 doz egg 77 cents per doz.  They told me the little old woman I had met there there last time was dead & left 78 thousand dollars to her nephews (2) & she claimed she was so poor    We came back to Vermilion on the Lake & called on Mrs. Hambly & Ellen was there. & the children came from school before we left,   she made coffee & sandwitches & we had quite a visit,    she’s been to the hospital & is so thin & poor & Mr has just got started back to work last Sat. & he isn’t abit well.   she told us all the bad things thats doing among the church people    it’s really to bad & I pray God will in His own way take a hand in those familys & take out the Kinks, bad Kinks.   The Ministers sure have there hands full trying to help them keep right.  I thank Jesus for helping us & keeping us to day & night. 

Tue. Sept. 16. 1947./page. 2047./ 5. eggs today./   Elbert went to Lorain but he didn’t work, said the men had a little job they were doing today & had no place for him,   so he went to see the Winters to sell his lots to them, if he could,    they said they would let him Know soon, & he spoke to another party about the lots all so & I hope he can sell them soon so he can pay the bank for his car engine.   he got home at noon,    I took care of the hens & chicks & did the washing & carried some water & I’ve felt rather bum all day, just didn’t feel able to wash but, I got it done with the Lord’s help   sun was hot & clothes dried good   N.E. wind not strong but coolI thank God  in Jesus Name for our many blessing & for taking & bringing Elbert safe,   he isn’t fit to work.   We’re starved.

Wed. Sept. 17. 1947./ 6. eggs today./   It’s been a beautiful day   not much breeze hot sun, partly cloudy cool breeze from the South after, noon.   Elbert picked beans & I baked a doz buns & 3. tins of biscuits.  I swept & did my daily round. got supper, fried chicken & now the dishes are done & I’m not sure but seem as if one red pullet is missing.   there were 3. red ones   Frank & Armond acted so queer Sat. & that morning Elbert left the coop open & then went out in the back to dig potatoes.  I heard the chickens making a fuss & heard some one running.  When I didn’t see anyone out the south or west window I yelled to Elbert, then Frank & Armond came around the corner, they looked guilty about something,   I told Elbert the chickens were making a fuss & then I heard foot steps running & Frank said it was him runing,   he said he left 8. or 10. onions by the back door & went back to his car in front by the drive way,     the red chickens were out for an hour or two that day but we put them in early,     the roosters were all there so I didn’t look to see if the 3 pullets were or not.  I hate to loose one   it costs so much to raise them.   I thank God   He is & ever will be & for saving my soul & all the many blessing & care He gives to us. 

Thurs. Sept. 18. 1947./ 6. eggs today./  Haven’t done much today.   cook elderberys & got them ready for a pie & we went to the beach & got sand for the roost & floor of hen house    I picked up a few stones & schells for Bonita’s children.  I haven’t felt so good for a few days.  Sun. was so hot & I sweat like rain.   We went to prayer meeting.   Dorthy West lead the meeting,   Mrs. West Sr. was there & Mrs. Sprunk, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Miss, Clark & another woman, can’t remember her name, Garry Black, Harry Day, 4 Smith children from out our way & a few other children

Thurs. Sept. 18. 1947./ page. 2048./ 6 eggs this day./  We brought the Smith children out to the end of there road.   & we didn’t sell a bean but I gave the preachers some & Miss Clark,    Preachers went to Ackron tonight.   Rev. Beueser is sick in bed they told us & this is the second time, just of late.  Mr Horning fell off a ladder & fractured his leg & tore a long gash in one leg.   Mrs. Sprunk had a letter from Tom & his wife & they are doing fine & Mrs West Sr. had a telegram from Dicky wanting to come back home,    he went to Texas to study & she thinks he’s homesick   he’s only 17 yrs. old she said.   I pray Lord God of Hosts Thou will comfort him & help him to turn to Thee in Jesus Name, & be with each & every one of all we ask in  pray tonight, Oh Jesus, we trust & believe, but, Thy will be done.   It’s been a beautiful day & I thank God for our many blessings. 

Fri. Sept. 19. 1947./ 4. eggs/   Brother Fred’s birth day    he would be 61 yrs. old today,  Poor dear Fred   I miss him and all the others so much ma & pa & Uncle Will & Aunt Venie, Aunt Edie & a lot of folks we knew so well.   I pray God will help we who are left to reach home with Him saftly.  Oh, I praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee.  Well Elbert & I caned 7 1/2 qts. of yellow beans  4 of the qts. are whole beans   I wanted to pickle them but had no vinegar, & no money.  Elbert killed & dressed a rooster & put it on to cook & then he cleaned & put sand on the chicken roosts.   Mr. & Mrs. Hambly & Rose Marry came in right after we had dinner,    We had a nice visit & I gave them the English walnut tree, I grew from a nut, that was growing at the corner of the car shed, it was about 8 ft. tall, big around as a fifty cent piece,   then they got some yellow rose bushes & flowering almond, violet plants, corriopsis, some heavenly morn, glaradros honey suckle vine, 3. rose cutting some house plants, a 2. qt. jar of little tomatoe pickles, some tomatoes & a few pears & they seemed to be so happy,     they came in his father-in-laws car & could only stay 1 1/2 hrs. & the time goes fast when you are visiting,    Ellen is to have another baby in Mar.  she is there eldest daughter   she, is Mrs. Toms.   She “Mrs. Hambly” said Mrs. Gurney phoned & said there wouldn’t be any pray meeting last night.  I wonder now.  It’s been a beautiful day hot sun but cool breeze & the hurrycane has hit Florida & New Orleans & Louisiania & Arkanas is to get it in the Morning & they said Cincinattia was to get a little of it.   Elbert took care of the hens & chicks today.   I didn’t do the supper dishes, to tired.   I thank God for my blessings.

Sat. 20. 1947./ page 2049./ 7. eggs today/   Elbert & I canned 20 qts of green string beans & he took care of the hens & chicks   the hens ate 2 eggs today.   Frank & Armond came out to hunt    they got one wood chuck & gave it to Elbert,   he dressed it after we finished the beans, after 6-p-m. & I ironed 3. of his shirts & my dress & we are both very tired tonight.  I thank God for our many blessings & Praise his Name.  It’s been a beautiful day

Sun. 21. 1947./ 4. eggs today./  We had to stay home,   no money & no gas for car & just before 5-p-m  a storm came up from all 4. directions,    it seemed to come from the N. West mostly & whirled around & around & the wind scuds were going at a fierce rate    in an hour or so it began to rain in heavy sheets from the N. & a little east.   the wind took a heavy toll, or clouds of dirt from the land across the road,   they had just got it worked over once more    I think perhaps they were going to put in wheat, but, any way, they have lost a lot more top soil again.   I pray God will bless the meeting tonight & bring some Amen.  

Mon. Sept. 22. 1947./ 5. eggs today./   Well I did out the washing & got it dry.   strong N.E. wind & cool   blew a gale last night    tore the bitter sweet vine down   broke several park fence posts off   broke the post on south end of grapes & broke of the two posts Elbert had set & nailed a couple of boards on, to hold up the yellow rose bushes   & last & worse of all broke the corn stalks square off, wind & rain all night & radio said lots of trees & poles were down through Michigan  Toledo & on down through Ohio & in Penn.,   it looked bad again tonight before dark but don’t seem to be to bad at 9-p-m.   N. E. wind, quite strong & cool,    the cold rain turned the leaves on some things, but tomatoes & beans are O.K. yet.   they have had a killing frost in Wis. & Mich.    I took up, part of my plants & brought them in tonight.   We had a fire late yesterday & all day & tonight.   been a nice Fall day.   Elberts worked alday   he killed & dressed a rooster for dinner & I cooked it.   he took care of hens & chicks & got the roses reinstated & the bitter sweet back into place,   it’s full of berries & so heavy, it was a hard job.   he has a few more posts to set & the beans to pick once, more & tomatoes. 

Tue. Sept 23. 1947./ 5. eggs today./  Well I’ve done my daily dozen & odds & ends & Elbert set the posts & braced some untill he can get posts & he took care

Tue. Sept. 23. 1947./page. 2050. / 5. eggs this day. /   of the hens & chicks.  & he pick pears  about 2. bu. & he pick almost 1/2 bu beans.   Radio said Tampa Florida is getting a hurrycane tonight & in Japan or some such terribl thing & another headed for China & the Phillipine Islands had a bad one.   Well, we have had a beautiful Fall day   the S.W. wind feels rather cool & fresh & the fire feels good in the house, rather chilly tonight,    Elbert thinks we may get a frost, so we went out & he held the flash light & I took up the rest of my plants & put them in water, in the basement    & I didn’t get the tomatoes picked.    & I really hope we don’t get a frost for there’s a bu. or so of beans & the corn out there yet.  I thank God for his care & that he takes care of us from day to day.  Praise His Holy Name.

Wed. Sept. 24. 1947./ 4. eggs today./  I baked 2 tins bread biscuits & 1. loaf. & I picked broccoli for us & pail full of leaves for the hens & pullets.  I swept all three room & took care of beds & birds. & washed dishes & fixed two lunches.   I picked half the peas & Elbert got the rest,   I cooked them for supper or evening lunch with 4 or 5 small potatoes & we had some to-matoe all so.  Elbert cleaned a chicken & I cooked that, for he had been out looking for work k& was hungry & so tired.   he picked beans,   he didn’t have as many beans as he thought he would & we got to buy feed for the hens & chicks &pay the light bill.  & no money to do it with & only 3. doz. eggs to sell.  I pray God will help us some how.   Wind N.E. & stronger to night.   been a beautiful day.  I thank God for our blessings.  

Thurs. Sept. 25. 1947./ 6 eggs today./   Well, it just didn’t seem as if I could go to Lorain today, but we got the eggs in the car  some beans & pears     we sold the eggs for 80 cents per. doz. 3.20 for 4. doz., 50 cents for pk of pears, 1.57 for the beans. 5.27 cents, I owed mrs. Cranage 10 cents & bought 2 lbs. bird seed 50 cents  boiling meat was 50 cents, milk was 13 cents, light bill 1.20  mash 5.09, so we took in 5.27.  I had 3 dollars I had saved made us 8.27    we spent 7.57 & there was 50 cents for gas leaving us 20 cents    We got the mash & milk at A.&P. store & meat, at martins meat market.  We were so tired when we got home,   we had supper chicken balls & gravey & fried potatoes left from dinner  bread tomatoes & coffee & then I put a few pears in a bag for the preacher” some of the big ones from our tree”  some plants & some buckeyes for the little girls. & a few pears in a bag for Miss. Clark, & took them to prayer meeting & then took Miss. Clark home & took Smith Children to end of there road about a mile west of Vermilion, and on home.  Mrs. Day told me, to tell Elbert he could get a job over at Vermilion on 

Thurs. Sept. 25. 1947./ page 2051./ 6 eggs this day./ the Lake,   we see they were building a new one there as we had called on Hambly’s & then took that road a-long the track, back to main highway,     so Elbert is planing to go see about it in the morning.  It’s been a beautiful Fall Day.   Wind N.E. & cool  I thank God He helped us get enough for light bill mash, meat, milk & gas.    I really wondered how we could ever do it, but, God can help us more than We know & Mrs. Cranaage gave us a can of meat   Praise the Lord.  Now I have cooked the boilling meat & made a Kettle of soup rice, carrots, onions, meat & tomatoes.  I Praise Jesus.

Fri. Sept. 26. 1947./ 4. eggs today./  Elbert went to find the man that wanted a carpenter & he stayed un-till noon & no man came,    he found Mr. Day & talked to him,     he didn’t think to leave his address & have the man write, or call on the phone & I forgot to tell him to do that.   So he came back home, he don’t know where the man lives in Lorain, or what his name is.   such a world.   Elbert isn’t fit to work & he’s so nervous be cause he can’t that he don’t think.   I have been sort of on the bum today    guess the tomatoes has to much acid in them for me,    I’m broke out in little pimples on my face & neck. & my mouth. all around my lips    It’s been a beautiful day.   cool breeze N.E.   We been having a little fire, gets chilly at night & Elbert covered the tomatoes tonight, thinks we’ll get a frost he said.  

Sat. Sept. 27. 1947./ 2 eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Huron & they gave him a good mess of fish,    I’ve been praying God would givwe us a change of food & Praise His Name, He sure blessed us today    Frank and Armond came out & Armond brought us a nice beef roast & Frank brought fish & lard & a little pork can-ned in the lard & some lima beans fresh ones & a nice cabbage head.   Well, they went hunting & when they came back, they ate fish with us.  Oh yes, Ruby sent a lb. of oleo. greese to eat for butter    Armond wanted Elbert to take some money to, but Elbert thanked him & told him, not right now.   for he hopes to work next week if he can, he’s terrible sore and lame from picking beans & walking to much.  he hich

Sat. Sept. 27. 1947./page. 2052./ only 2. eggs this day/  hiked his way to Huron & back.  I looked after hens & chicks & cook a good supper of potatoes & fish.   Oh, Praise the Lord, Glory, Glory, Hallalujah, Glory, Glory.    My face & neck look as if I had poison ivy on me again & my head has been aching for 3 days,   I bum, but I Know God is able & I’m trusting for the healing.

Sun. Sept. 28. 1947./ 3. eggs today./  Well, thank God in Jesus Name I’m a lot better today    May the Lord be magnafied   I know they will pray for me at church and I thank the Lord for my healing and trust that He will Kill the root of this trouble this time that I may be healed soul & body, I thank Him & Praise Him   I love and a-dore Him  Hoasana to His name, All the Glory surely does belong to Him, for ever and ever, Amen.  Oh God, I thank Thee and Praise my Jesus,   He is more than wonderful.  I have had to be home all day & I crave to be in Church Sundays,   I have prayed for all at church and those who willfuly stay away, for the sick and afflicted  those in torment, the deaf, dumb, & bllind, the bed ridden  those having children the convelescents the orphans & the widows, for those Who mourn, the old people in hospitals homes or at home, in prisons or camps  Where ever a soul maybe that belongeth to the Lord  for the missionarys & there peoples, for the rulers and for God’s chosen people and His land, and that he will give acording the our faith in Him.  Glory Hallalujah, He sure does hear an answer prayer, I’ve been asking for a change of food & we sure enough got it yesterday, fish & a fresh beef roast & a wood chuck & cabbage & beans.   I ate 3 fish for supper & felt fine after word, I don’t usually eat more than two, but we were so empty.  Frank even gave me 4. pepermints, candy, & he & Armond gave us each an orange.  Praise God  I feel like crying for Joy, Oh Glory to God in the highest, Glory, Glory, Glory.    Been partly cloudy today.  S & little west wind    we got a frost Fri. night & white due Sat. night.   I wrote to the Governor, to Cleveland trust bank & to Miss Mc.Govern & Welfare department Columbus Ohio.  hope to get

Sun. Sept. 28. 1947./page 2053./ only 3. eggs today/  them mailed in the morning.   Elbert hopes to see a man in Vermillion & get to work & I hope & trust he can.  

Mon. Sept. 20. 1947./ 2. eggs today./  Been a stormy day,   it rained last night, thundered and lightened for a while, then just came in showers with out the others & Bill & Bob had just finished planting the ground a cross the road to wheat,     they started early Sunday morning & got done before dark & today Bill’s sleeping.   Elbert went over for a pt. of milk,    I haven’t been feeling so good, think I had another swelling inside that broke    some of the poison came out on my face & body.  The Lord laid His hand on me last night at Church time & I felt His power all through me Praise His Dear Holy Being, I love Him more and more as the days go by.    Rained in showers most of the day & in misty showers part of the time,    been sort of dark & gloomy all day   N.W. wind.

Tue. Sept. 30. 1947./ 3. eggs today./  Last day of the Mo.   Elbert got up & went to Vermilion on the lake but he didn’t get a job,    he isn’t fit to work,     but if he could get in 2 or 3 days a week, it would help a lot,    looks as if an other gathering broke inside of me,   been have such pain in my side & then my face & arms & body broke out in pimples,   then the Lord laid His Glorious hand on me, when they prayed for me Sun. night & now the pimples are going away,   I Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, I praise Him with all my soul, mind, heart, & strength, for ever & ever, Amen.  Am sore & weak yet    hope to be O.K. tomorrow     & I wanted so much to go to prayer meeting Thurs. night, but unless we get some money from some where & I pray God will provide that some where.   I thank in Jesus Name.  It’s been quite cool today & partly cloudy   N.East wind.

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