November 1947

Sat. Nov. 1. 1947./ 4. pullets eggs today/   Well, Elbert went to Huron to get us fish & he couldn’t get any today,    While he was gone I swept & wiped up the floors & dusted & pressed 2. prs. work pants & ironed my wash dress & house dress & table cloth & washed up all the dishes,    the man that lives back of us on the old Duglas farm came over looked all around the hen house & in the car shed & then at grainery & came to the back door,    the storm door was hooked,    he took hold of the hand holt & give it a jerk,    it didn’t open so he took both hands & pulled the lower part of the door spring out and came back with a clap,     he looked angry & stepped over & kick the basement window  just as I opened the door,    he was going to walk in,   as I ask him what in this world he was up to &. he still acted as if he was coming in,    so I told him I never let any men in, when brother wasn’t here   so, he stuttered & stamered & I ask him what he wanted    & he said he wanted to talk to my brother,    he wanted him to take him to Vermilion,   I said Elbert would be coming any minute & just then Elbert drove in & I ask him to come to the door & if he’d take this man to Vermilion    so, Elbert took him & he said he’d pay him, he was in a hurry,    so when they got back to the old mans place he ask Elbert if  he had change for a 10 dollar bill,    Elbert said no,   so he said he’d pay him some time.    Elbert don’t like him,   he told Elbert his daughter that lives with him went off to Mansfield & was living on

Sat. Nov.1. 1947. /page. 2071./ 4. pullets eggs this day./   a Hotel there,    he said she had worked to hard & wasn’t just right in her head    & I don’t believe he is either, from all the things Elbert tells me, about him,     Elbert don’t like him at all.    He took him to Vermilion, but he says he dont ever want any thing more to do with him & from what I see of him this morning I don’t blame him,    he ask me to sell him a drive way on my N. line & then said he wanted all the low land & he’d fence it & promise me there wouldn’t ever be a hog drive lot back there,    I ask why he couldn’t make a drive on his own ground & he said well it was to hard for a truck to get up the hill & he want to sell the top soil from the low lands    “& so” that’s what he wants all the low land  to sell the top soil & give me 5. hundred for all the low land.    We have hauled up many a load for our gardens from there & it’s worth more to the place than he’d pay for it     & they say he’s rich    “Ugh” I’m sure I’d rather be poor & love the Lord, than to be rick & work for the (Devil).    He’d btter not come banging around here either, any more.    It’s been several yrs ago, I had a terrible dream about those people, long before he bought the Douglas farm land.  I pray God will help all things to turn out right and keep us safe & those who, in my dream    He did take care of.    Elbert never got home untill 2-p-m & I had dinner all that time from 12-noon     & all that old guy did was talk to 2 or 3 people about getting the water pipes on. connected, they seem to be having some sort of disagreement.

Sun. Nov. 2. 1947./ 3. pullet 1. hen./  We went to church this morning & Marry Day & Garry Black came home with us to dinner & supper & went with us back to evening service    Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Gurney are going to California    He has a nervous let down & she is so thin to    they have worked hard & they do need a rest & to be fed up for a while,     they hope to come back to us in 2. or 3. months,     so we will be having a new couple for that length of time.  I do pray God will strengthen there bodys & heal them & reveal unto them what they should do    & keep the [? black] together & bring in more to help wit the up keep & feed the ministers.    I Praise God & pray all will be well in Jesus Name.

Mon. Nov.3. 1947./ 2072./ 4. P.  1. hen eggs/   We went to Sandusky & all Elbert learned was, that the welfare & part of Soldiers releif members were over to Columbus to a meeting and that they want me to come to there meeting Fri. night to sign some papers of some sort.    Well, I don’t know what sort of papers they are but I’m praying & trusting they will be pension papers.    I have felt a little fearful, since all I’ve had to go through there passed 6 months,    we are so starved for food,     they said they had sent my check for $20.00 & was going to send me a card telling me to come to the meeting on Fri. evening.    Well, we called at Mr. & Mrs. Millers home but they were gone,    so we came back to Huron & stopped at the fish house,   boats hadn’t been out & the peir looked as if the top was made with sea gulls,    they were sitting so close together the width & length of it.    the spray was flying high 20 ft. along the west shore.    we stopped at mrs. Gunsenausers store with a winter bouquet of flowering Juniper (evergreen with little blue berries all over the twigs, fine leaves) bitter sweets & white flowering indian tobaco, for a winter bouquet & a few chinese lanterns   they are red & all were dried & bright in color,    she seemed quite pleased with them    I didn’t stay to visit,    they were having lunch.    Then we came on home & ate a bite & the check was here in the mail box,    so, we went & got the mash & grain & gave the preacher my tenth & got a very small piece of boiling meat  some lemons, peppers, can milk  box of wash soap, coffee, tea, ahead of lettuce & a few apples & some gas to get home on & 1. lb soap greese to eat on bread.    thats all of 20.00 dollars & it’s only the 3rd. of Nov.  & 27 days to eat if we can get any thing to eat.    It’s been a rainy day was a rainy night but, I don’t know if it’s raining yet, or not. not cold but chilly cool.    I thank God for my many blesing & pray and trust He will continue to keep me covered with the blood & fill me with the holy Ghost, Amen.

Tue. Nov. 4. 1947./ 2. p. eggs./   I made 3 tins of bread biscuits & 1. big pan & one small tin of rusk biscuits while Elbert was gone to Huron for fish     he left 10 or 10-15.a.m. & got back at 3-p-m & got fish done at 5-p-m & I fried some for supper & got a pan full & about 8 or so in small pan. 

Tue. Nov. 4. 1947./ page. 2073./ 2. p. eggs this day/   that I salted & packed & Elbert put them in the grainery.    It’s been real fogy & thick wet, damp & chilly,     I pilled out of bed to look out the west window at a flock of wild geese flying so low you could see the colar of them barely missing the trees some flying between the trees.    Well, I’m sort of weak & all in     cooked soup & washed up dishes. (been dark all day.).     Still fogy tonight, & fog horn blowing.    Miss Mc.Govern sent me a box of (5) hyacinth bulbs nice big bulbs a little larger around than a silver dollar.    I have a box ready to send her some ever greens, red Japan lanterns & Indian tobaco  it’s white & drys out like straw flowers.  I won’t  be able to send it for a few days yet.    I, truly thank & praise God for my many many blessings. 

Wed. Nov. 5. 1947./ 5. P. eggs  1. hen egg./ Coal bills 81.42.  gas bill 27.5  & owe Johny 5.00/    I haven’t done only my daily round.    I’m so terribly tired,     no one only those in like curcumstance would understand.    I went out & tried to trim the ramblers on the end of the house,    had to give it up,    I cut some sprigs of evergreen with the blue berries on them & then Elbert had carried away what trims I had cut off    & he climbed up on the wash bench & on a box & cut a few more bitter sweets for me.    I couldn’t find the flowering tobaco & there was such a lot of it.    I got the supper & am to exhausted to do dishes,     It been a nice cool rainy day with south W. winds, or breeze.    I thank God for our many blessing, in Jesus Name.    elbert got an ans. to his letter I wrote his insurance Co. yesterday & today I got an ans. from Mr. & Mrs. Miller, saying that all of us who receive releif had to go & sign for it now, another expence.    wonder how we are going to manage to exist.    I received a letter from Miss. Willitts.    I wish I could give to those of God’s people who are trying so hard to help the people to find & know God.    I pray God will hear an ans. pray for there every need. Amen.

thurs. Nov. 6. 1947./ 7. pullet eggs today/   I’ve had a touch of cold.  I’m so weak & so terribly tired.   I haven’t done only what I had to do all day,     I’m trusting God will take the cold out of me,    I’ll thank Him & give Him all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    It’s been Cloudy all day & cleared up tonight S.W. wind.    We have had a beautiful Fall. 

Fri. Nov. 7. 1947./ p.  1 hen egg./    Well my cold is better at least my body don’t seem quite so heavy, nose running yet     but I got the dinner & put the pullet on to cook & Elbert ground the breast & we got it ready to cook,      we had to go over ground 

Fri. Nov. 7. 1947./ page 2074./ p. eggs. 1. hen. this day./   to Sandusky     they didn’t want me to sign any paper,    they ask me if I had any moeny from any other source to live on,    I said no. that when Brother was able to work he paid the bills & bought the food, but he hadn’t been able to work enough to keep us living, of late.    So he said he’d help  Elbert get his papers fixed up so he could get his social security & old age pension if he would come back next week.    and as for me, they didn’t say what they would do, only that Mr. Glass would let me know in a few days.    I’m praying & trusting God will give me enough to at least keep up our strength.    It started to blow after dinner & we left a few minutes passed 4-p-m.    we went to see Mr. & Mrs. Miller but they were not home so we ate our snack we had taken with us & went over to the court house & waited untill 12 or 15 minutes after 7-p-m. & a few men came (5.) in all, & then after they ask me a lot of questions, we said good night & left them    we got home at 8-30-p-m.  & it poured rain all the way,    house felt warm & comfortable & I was sure glad to get back home,    I’m so tired,    I ask if Elbert could go in with me & he (Mr. Glass) said it was a-gainst the rules and that they were not going to harm me they were only going to ask me question    they ask how much the court awarded me  & I said 85, hundred,     they ask what had became of it    I said the lawyer told me the court settled for 35 hundred    the lawyer took half of the 5 thousand & gave Ella Jane 5 hundred,    he paid my morgage 14 hundred & 2 or 3 bills less than a hundred put me through bankruptcy & there wasn’t anything left & said I could send any one I liked to check up on his books.    They ask why go through bankruptcy & I told them the lawyer called in a state accountaant & took my receipts & found they had added my payment on to the bills, instead of deducting it, both at the lumber yard & bank, and that I Praised God I had kept all my receipt.    I hope they are satisfied now.    I told them I was a christian & I had no reason to tell them only the truth,    that I had greatly appreciated there help & would be grateful for what ever help they could

Fri. Nov. 7. 1947./ page 2075./ 3 p. eggs this day 1. hen egg./   give to me,    I wasn’t afraind,    I just did want to be compelled to sign any paper on the spur of a minute.     Miss. McGovern wrote me a nice long letter    I received it this morning,    she has found a Dr. at last that is healing her ankle & healing her legs & she seems quite happy,     said she would have liked to come over but couldn’t & that she wondered why I hadn’t been able to come & that she was sorry we’d been having tuff luck,    she said Marry couldn’t leave her room & the boys were as well as usual & she had sent me some bulbs of her choice & she loved to read & reread my letters & she had missed them a lot,    they always comforted her just to read them over & over when ever she wished she could talk to me.    I thank God in Jesus ppure Name for our many blessing

Sat. Nov. 8. 1947./ 3.p. 1. hen eggs./    Well, today I’ve been about dead & only took care of the beds    been a damp day getting quite chilly at night  fall & cold toward morning a S.W. wind & quite strong. I thank & Praise God in Jesus Nam for our blessing.  

Sun. Nov. 9. 1947./ 4. P.  1. hen eggs./  I’ve been home all day    cold is better, but still tight,    I thank God in Jesus Name for my healing,  Know they prayed for all the sick tonight,    I except the healing & Give Jesus all the Praise and Glory for ever & ever, with out Him life wouldn’t be worth living,     I was foollish & got a cold,    I pray His forgiveness & for better judgement & thank Him for all our many blessings Amen.

Mon. Nov. 10. 1947./ 4. p. eggs./  I took care of the beds & washed up dishes.    Elbert went to Sandusky only to learn he’d have to go to Lorain where the main office of social security is,    he stopped at fish house & got a few fish & cleaned them after he had a lunch,     for supper I salted them.    He trimed up the top portion of rose bushes & took care of hens  then got the supper,     I was up half the night with my cold & cough & didn’t get up today untill 1-30-p-m.    Midge Sarr came and broughtmy releif card    she said the postman left it to there house & he left some of Snyders there also

Mon. Nov. 10. 1947./ page 2076./ 4. pullets eggs this day./   Sun. was nice part of yester the day, the after noon & this morning, but cloudy all after noon & no wind.      White sun for 3 days now,     ice in bird bath yesterday morn. & this.    Not cold out & lots of flys & bugs flying about yet.    I thank God for my releif  card for 30.00 per. mo.  and all our many many blessings, in Jesus Name Amen.

Tue. Nov. 11. 1947./ 4. P. eggs today/    Had a terrible pain in my left heel & it went clear up to my hip,     I just can’t figure it out, but praise the Lord I can walk & help my self yet,     Elbert has cooked the meals all we had,    I do hope he can get some more fish.    for we are out of most every thing once more.    I wish so much for crackers, a little cheese, some nut meats, a nice meal of meat potatoes & brown gravey with a green chow or relish of some kind, then I crave candy once in 3 or 4 months, but no such luck.    I need good fresh milk every day, so bad.    I feel more sorry than I can tell for those who are starving & wish I could share what I have,    It’s a queer People in this world.    I thank God in Jesus Name for my healings & for everything He gives me & pray & trust for health, that I may yet go out & earn for myself & help others Amen.    Well it’s been a cloudy day  all day & white Sun. 

WEd. Nov. 12. 1947./ 4. Pullet eggs/  Well I didn’t get up very early but I washed out most of the white clothes & my stocking & half the rags & Elbert got the supper,    I made the dumplins. & there are plenty dirty dishes to do,    but I do Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for healing me & keeping me & I am ashamed of my own grumble but praise His Name for His great endurance with me.   It’s been a beautiful day.    I received a card from Nellie saying are are well but Ella Jane,    she is better & Loura Bell Stoughton is on her way back home to California & will stop off

Wed. Nov. 12. 1947./page 2077./ 4. P. eggs this day/  to see Ella Jane.  E.J. has been quite sick.    I pray God will convert her & heal her soul & body & fill her in Jesus Name.    I received a card from Miss. Clark saying she missed me & wanted to pay me for the few pullet eggs I gave her,    she forced 50 cents on to me a week or so ago,    it came in very handy     & so I gave her a few pullet eggs.   

Come sure for Thurs. night prayer meeting to hear the last ser-mon with the Gurneys. for a while.  Be sure to come.  Love. L. Clark. 

Well, I don’t know as I can, but if we have the gas, I’ll try.    I feel the Lord has put the bones in there right places in my feet, but the sudden change has made my heals & legs so sore & pain me day & night so I can’t sleep or rest,      but I thank Him & Praise Him for He will take away the ach, also & make me whole in Him    and I’m so Happy He Knows, & cares & keeps me Amen.

Thurs. Nov. 13. 1947./ 3. P. eggs today./  Well I did out most of the remaining dirty clothes & my foot ankle & leg pain me untill I sweat    it’s all most unbarable.    I don’t understand, but surely God Knows & I pray Him in Jesus Holy Name to remove the cause & reveal to me what I ought to do.    I will give Him all the praise for ever & ever Amen.  I’m trusting & believing.    I know He is able, He’s proved it to me alot of times.    Elbert went to Lorain    sold Mrs. Cranage the eggs 88 cents for hens eggs & 64 cents for pullet eggs.    & he didn’t take the money because I had said I owed her $1.20 cents (1.52) the egg came to & there would have been 32 cents coming to us for food, so now we’ll do with out it for a few days & trust God to take care of us.   Elbert killed & dressed 2 little pullets yesterday so we had spegetti & chicken & he ground part of it so we had chicken balls & gravey for our supper & tomorrow.    It’s been a beautiful day.    but its’s lots colder    ice in outside bird bath each morning.    Elbert went to Huron first for fish, but no fish, he ate & went to Lorain & got back in time to feed the chickens.

Fri. Nov. 14. 1947./ 3. P. eggs./    Well, Praise the Lord.    I got up at ten & cleaned up some & wiped the chairs & wiped up the floors & just got done. when Elbert came home from the fish house with a 36 fish,    we had a lunch & hot tea & then I ironed my dress & a skirt & had to rest a few minutes, then I salted the fish.

Fri. Nov. 14. 1947./ 2078/ 3 eggs this day/   Elbert had dressed them & brought them in.  He got some potatoes & pared them & put them on to cook & I put the fish to fry & water to heat for tea & we ate supper praising the Lord for what we had      & then just when we were through Sister Gurney, Sister Sprunk, & Sister West came in     we talk & visited & had prayer & the power is still going through me   Praise the Lord, Glory to God, Hallulejah, Oh, Glory, Glory, Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus, I thank Thee, Oh, I Love Thee more than anything in this whole world. Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day cold & snapy.    We been having heavy frosts but there are some things still green & some trees have most of there leaves yet.    There has been heavy snow fall in some states    I have to get my dahlias & glad & tuberoses in yet,  wuite a thick scale of ice in birds bath.    Elbert has bad cold coming on,    I know how bad he feels    it’s in his head,    Now I pray Dear Heavenly Father that Thou wilt turn his heart to Thee & heal Him soul & body, I thank Thee Jesus.

Sat. Nov. 15. 1947. / 4 Pullets eggs today/  Hunting season starts today for rabbit & pheasants.    It started to rain last night & kept at it all day fine misty reain, but, showered during the night,    it’s been a dark day & the birds seemed to think it was night, for they slept at intervals all day.    Elberts cold is bad, but, he’s been in side most of the day,     not so many hunters as usual.    I thank God for my healing & strength He give me,    I baked a tin of baking powder biscuits for dinner    had fried fish & creamed potatoes & I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits & did all the dishes.    I thank God for the Holy Trinity that He excepted me & although I sometimes wonder He leads me back,     He has lots of patience with me & I am slow of heart so slow in Knowing the realizing just how to do     to often we do the judging & do what we think    I don’t know why we don’t trust Him fully,    When we know He is always right & has proved it to us so many times, Oh God I pray Thy forgiveness & pray in Jesus Name you will fill me & make me Wholly Thine & all Glory be to Thee.    I received a card from the Adamson’s from St. Pettersberg, to-day,    they said they wished us well, as they were & that they wished we could be there & enjoy the sunshine,    it’s fine there.   I sometimes wish, but, perhaps we’re just as well off here.  God Knows.

Sun. Nov. 16. 1947./ 6. P. eggs today./  We have been home all day    Elbert’s cold is bad, but he has done all the out side chores,    it’s been an-other damp day & dark,    Elbert killed a pullet & cooked it for dinner    I’m feeling lots better and I give all the praise to God in Jesus Name.    He’s still working on my feet,    Oh, how much I love Jesus,     He’s all the world to me.    He said ask what we would in faith believing and He would give it to us, and, He does just that,    Oh, Glory, Praise His Holy Name.    The Old Man that bought Douglas farm came over to see if I’d sell him a drive way back to his place

Sun. Nov. 16. 1947./ page 2079./ 6. eggs this days. /  He & Bert Ward are in Cayhoots & I don’t want a bunch of hogs to smell all summer,     I reckon Bert’s trying to get the old man to buy the roadway & then sell it to him, then he’ll buy the back strip of hill & flats on the old man’s place & when the old man wanted all the flats on my side, then I felt sure.    Now I pray God will Help me, for He Knows What’s going on, & if he is the man God showed me and I believe he is I want nothing to do with him.    & that was long before I had ever seen him, or he had bought Douglas farm.   

I had another dream as clear as day light,     Seemed as if I sold this place less the buildings & some trees & shrubbery, & I bought the Horvate house & land at the end of Georgia Ave.    then I bought the old home place of Frank Bonney,    I talked him into buying the Horvate place & then I sold him the lot beside the place that pa had bought     & then I sold the home house to Howard & Francis Cora Page & they built a seller & put the old house on it & the old leants u0p against the back & made a porch on the front & the man that hauled all of our buildings & trees & shrubbry did it all in one day,    We, or I bought the end of the strip of land behind the homeplace where the hen house use to stand & out side toilet & we built a nice seller 20 by 40 ft. & put my hen house on it & made the roof with a peek & shingled it & then sold it & the land to Howard & his wife & they sold the old house remodeled to Armond Bonney & his wife.    We took the big apple tree & set it on Elbert’s lots next to the old home lot, I had bought & we planted the big improved baldwin apple tere all most in the middle of the lot and it looked just wonderful & grew so nice as did all the others   evergreens, trees, & roses & shrubs & vines.    Uncle Will’s girls & Frank’s children all seemed so glad of the big change,    It made a big improvement all around    the boys all turned to & helped Red fix up his house & lot so it looked better & they had more room.  We built on the other rooms on the back.   so we had a Kitchen bath & bedroom making us 5. rooms & bath.    but, I didn’t like it there, as I have always liked it here,    The only thing was I helped them all to go to church & Know the Lord, so I praise the Lord and was happy in Him .  Glory.

Mon. Nov. 17. 1947./ 5. Pullets eggs./   Well, Elbert got up early & went to Lorain & Mrs. Cranage gave Him $2.50 cents for the eggs,     so to days eggs were 1 1/2 doz pullet eggs at 65 cents per. doz.  98 cents in all & she owed me 32 cents from last time   would make it $1.30 cents so, I still owe her (1.20)     Elbert saw Bill Long & he took Elbert out to look at a job he wanted him to do (house repear) & he loaned Elbert 5.00   Elbert’s battery was dead this moring & he went to the highway & walked to Knettles & a man picked him up & took him to the Broadway building in Lorain,    he went to More &

[At this point in the diary she changes her numbering sequence back to 2040 which will create duplicate page numbers  2040-2080.  I will use the numbering she gives but know about this duplication.]

Mon. Nov. 17. 1947. page. 2040.[she means 2080]/ 4. P. eggs this day and one double yolked./   Myers & got a battery & then the game warden came along from Huron & picked him up & brought him back to the end of our road & he walked home.    I cooked potatoes & fried the last of the fish while he put the battery into his care, it started right off as soon as he tried it,    then we ate & he helped me pack 3. boxes with red Chinnese lanterns, bitter sweets red & yellow, Indian tobaco white & flowering juniper (branches, of evergreen, with clusters of blue(light blue) berries on them)    one box for Miss.Mc.Govern, Cleveland Ohio, one to Ella Jane Albuquerque New Mexico & one to Mrs. E.E. Kendall, Morning Sun, Iowa.    & I still hope to send a small box to Cora, Barr, in California & one to Loura Ann Bonney New Liver Pool Ohio.  It’s been a nice day, cool brisk air.    I  prayed Elbert would manage to borrow 5.00 & get a job & he did so,     he went to Vermilion & mailed out the boxes & got the mash & he got 2. cans of milk, 2. yeast cakes, few apples and a box of crackers. & got back intime to give the hens & pullets mash     & we had supper & listened to the news & senator Taff’s speach.    & now Elbert’s in bed for he’s going back to Lorain, expecting to work,     he said he really thanked God for all the blessing of today;    & I to thank Him & give all the praise to Him, for hearing and answering our prayers.    I pray God will in Jesus Name be magnified in all the world & that he will strengthen the faith of all His children & fill all who have not, as yet been filled with the Holy Ghost Amen.

Tue. Nov. 18. 1947./ 8. pullet eggs. today/  Well, Elbert worked for Billy Long today & he got in 5. hrs. work    he’s patching the roof of a house by Bill’s air field.    Elbert got home in time to feed the chickens & get in some water & empty ashes,     my foot & leg are sore yet & can’t seem to tstand the sudden change of weather.  I’ve been in the house for 2. weeks going on 3.    I’d like to get out again, but I was out a little while Sat. & am worse for it,    so, I’ll just have to be careful.    Elberts so sore & lame when he got home, but, he kill & dressed a pullet for supper    & I opened a can of yellow wax beans & made gravey with them boiled a few potatoes & had some sour Krout & chicken & bread biscuits.    It’s been partly cloudy & a misty shower or two this after noon & evening.  Well, I thank God for our many blessing & for Elbert’s ambition, it’s hard to work on a cold wet roof & I hope he’s cold wont get any worse,     it don’t seem any worse tonight, thanks to God.    I’ve not done much today, but, have done the usual household duties & got the supper    & Elbert’s going back in the morning God willing.

Tue. Nov. 18. 1947./ page. 2041./ 8. pullet eggs this day./  I hate to see him go & have to get on a roof, for he isn’t able & he gets cramps in his legs & arms & hands, sometimes over his ribs.    So, I must trust and pray, he will live God’s way & that God will take care of him.    I thank God in Jesus Name for all my many blessing & that He’s fixing my feet    I pray I may be worthy & that he will fill me with the Holy Ghost soon, before His coming,    I know it wont be long. Glory, Glory  Hallulejau, I Praise Thee & thank Thee, Glory, Glory.    Today Jane Reese drove passed slow looking in, a thing she’s done several times.

Wed. Nov. 19. 1947./ 5. P. eggs today./  Elbert worked 7 1/2 hrs. today, been cold but the sun shone most all day.    I only did what I had to do, my foot & leg are better & I’m trusting they will soon be O.K.    I received a card from Nellie today,    said they got some coal so home was more comfortable & they were wondering how we were so, I have written a letter to MissMc.Govern & to Loura Ann Bonney & a card to Nellie & one to Miss Clark in Vermilion & I owe so many more but I’ll try to catch up once more.    I thank God in Jesus Name for our many blessing & Praise His Holy Name & I am still trusting He will fill me with the Holy Ghost. 

Thurs. Nov. 20. 1947./ 6 P. eggs. today./  Elbert was so sore & lame he didn’t work today    Bill Long gave him 5.00 then 50 cents then $10.00 lasty night.    Elbert went to the fish house & got a big pan of fish,    We cooked enough for supper & have plenty for 2. or 2. more meals     I slept untill 12-noon & he knocked on the house under my window,    I opened the windows & shut the doors & fixed the fire & then washed my hands & fixed the table    made tea & he fried some smoked saucage & warmed the noodles & we had a lunch,     then he went out with knife & pan to dress fish while I mixed up a batch of bread & kneeded it into a hard loaf     & by the time he had the fish done the bread was about ready for loaves or biscuits,     he went out & pulled the beets & carrots & let the pullets out for 1/2 or 3/4 hr,     and then topped the beets & carrots & put them below and put pullets back in & fed them.    I put biscuits on tins (2. big 1. smaller) & went out & helped get the dahlias in,    he put them in basement also.    then I put biscuits

Thurs. Nov. 20. 1947/Page. 2042./ 6. Pullet eggs this day. /    in the oven & made up beds shut windows & opened doors & wiped up the 3 floors & got the fish salted & packed & put some on to fry for supper while Elbert got water & coal,    he mailed letter & cards in Huron.    We ate & I washed dishes,     I put some beans to soak (dry processed bean) & I don’t know if they’ll ever get soft enough to cook.    It’s been a beautiful day in Ohio or about here, not very cold & flies still flitting about.   My leg is better & feet, but still can’t be on them long at a time;    Well I thank God in my Jesus Name for all our many blesing & Praise Him for all things great or small.  Glory Hallulejah  Glory Blory to God.  I pray for all of God’s people where ever they are and that He will hear & answer their prayers according to there faith & that He will hear my prayer with theirs and the many others who are praying for them and with them., I pray for those sorely afflicted and tempted, those being sorely & severely tryed that He will strengthen all our faith in Him and fill us with the Holy Ghost & teach us His ways, Amen.

Fri. Nov. 21. 1947./ 7. pullet eggs./  Well Elbert went to work but only got in 5. hrs. & he was sure tired when he got home    I had supper most done, was frying last of the fish    he got 2. pieces of pork shoulder, so for a change we ate that instead of fish,    but, we’ll have the fish tomorrow  morning.  God Willing.    & he eats fish for his lunch.    I cut out a slip & 2 petticoats today & darned 4. prs. socks & done my usual round of work.    Rawleigh man came today    I had to order the laying condition powder for he didn’t have any on hand,      so, I’ll have that to pay but if the pullets will lay it wont take’m long to pay for it     Well, everythings ready for breakfast & I am going to read & go to bed.    I had a nice letter in the mail from Nellie, she likes company and lots doing & Johny & Marcie were home one night for supper & Marcia brought a girl nurse with her & Bonney Bell’s been home 3. days & Mr & Mrs Stoughton & Loura Bell were there to supper one evening & Loura Bell left Sat. Nov. 15 for California & would stop off to see Ella Jane & get on her way Thurs. Nov. 20 so to get home to see her man on Fri. Nov. 21, her birthday,  [She must mean to have these dates in December]   she’ll be 46 yrs. old. she’s  4. yrs. younger than Nellie & 18. yrs. older than Ella Jane.     Nellie said one of her neighbors brought in a lot of vegetables & they put them in the basement,    the enighbor was Mrs. Hurlbut.    I thank God for ans. my prayers and Praise His Holy Name and I thank him also for taking care of Elbert & I, and pray He will turn Elbert to Him & fill Him in Jesus Name.  I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee

Fri. Nov. 21. 1947./ page. 2043./ 7. eggs this day./    all the Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day    We have extra heavy frosts at night, but Nellie said she picked grapes & made jam Nov. 10. 1947.    & she sent 6. jars of jam to Ella Jane by Loura Bell.  Flies are out yet, also;    Radio says high wind & rain for tomorrow, fog horn blowing tonight & this afternoon     it was so foggy south the track couldn’t see trees. 

Sat. Nov. 22. 1947./ 8. Pullets eggs./   Elbert went to work & put in 7. hrs.    Bill gave him 20.00 & he paid 5.29 for a bag of grain & got a lb & bulk saucage 4 cakes of soap  2. cans of milk & 1/2 doz. lemons 3. yeast cakes & he paid Nagley 3.39 the bal. of what we owed him.  Now there is that 2. little garage bills, then John’s money & the battery bill    then gas & coal bill & I pray God will help us make it.    I will have to give 3.00 to Church.  1.60 for light bill 1.00 to Miss Willitts for prayer stamps.  1.00 to Devore for Elberts Herbs.  15.00 on his ensurance. 1.20 to Mrs. Cranage  & I’ll have some un-der clothes or fall apart pretty soon.  I washed out what dirty clothes there were,    only had a few started at noon & was done 2-30-p-m.  Fraink & Armond came out hunting    they said they didn’t get any,    but, I see Armond putting something in the car,     they got a big bunch of bitter sweets. up the truck.    Frank ate 2 cold fish when he got back, but, Armond was so tired he said he would feel better not to eat anything untill he got home & rested awhile first.    Frank has something wrong with his stomach & can’t eat meat, but the fish don’t hurt him.    they said to tell Elbert helow & that they might be out Thurs. thanksgiving day.  It’s been a rather warm day with a heavy misty rain part of the time.   I fed the chickens & locked the grainery & got in the cystern water    Elbert had in the big buckets at the door for me,    Frank & Armond brought in 2. pails for me while I was washing & I brought in 2 more & got a pail of coal & done my daily round of house work    & my feet still are paining me.     I Praise the Lord He is able, I’m thanking Him, trusting & believing He’ll get them fixed   I thank Him for all our many many blessing in Jesus Name.    I enjoyed watching Frank eat the fish,    he said they tasted so good & were fried just right to suit his taste.  Praise God  I’d be so glad if God just suited his taste also.  Glory to God, Glory Hallulejah Amen

Sun. Nov. 23. 1947./page. 2044./ 2 eggs today/  Well I rested untill 1-30-p-m.    Elbert got up & & dressed 2 pullets & put them on to cook    I got at my bath at 1-30 & the new preachers & Miss Clark came in,    I finished & dressed & came out    they had a visit with Elbert & then, he went out to look after the hens & they visited with me  Schorien I beleive the preachers names were.  We had prayer & they leftl,    they both work during the week   he in a factory & I don’t remember where she works    & then they fill in preaching here & there.    I pray God will bless there efforts & take care of all His people far & wide and according to there faith give unto them & I thank Him for our many blessing, Amen.   It’s been a mild day partly cloudy S.W. wind.

Mon. Nov. 24. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  Elbert went away early today. & he took the eggs  3. doz. to Mrs. Cranage $1.95 cents, 65 cents per. doz.    & he got some coffee & (green tea) & sugar white & brown, a few apples, some raisins  lard & olie for butter & he went into the attics & marked the holes where it was leaking    Bill didn’t come & there wasn’t anything there to work with so Elbert looked around & did the shopping & came home,    We had a lunch & he went to Snyders & she called the mill at Berlin Hights to see if we could get straw,    they didn’t have any so she called Huron & they had it,     so he got me a qt. of milk & went to fish house & they gave him a big pan of fish,     young Scott was late getting in,    his father was so anxous about him he went out to find him & he missed him, so he came back & found him safely home in the harbor     & Elbert waited to see if Young Scott’s father got in safe, before he came home.

Mon. Nov. 24. 1947./page. 2045./ 8. eggs today. 1 is double./   It was rough outside & got so much worse after they got in & the wind freshened up fast to    Elbert was gone so long, I had began to wonder,    but I ask God & He made me feel he was O.K.    So he drank a cup of hot tea & dressed the fish.    I swept & ironed washed dishes worked coloring in Oleo & put lard in crisco can & put everything away & fried the chicken balls & two fry pans of fish,    We had the fish for supper & tomatoes with bread & coffee,    I made up beds & my poor feet torture me so bad, I cried,    but,. I thank God & praise Him in Jesus Name for our blessing and I know He will fix them up again so I can walk and keep me free soul and body.  I love my Jesus.  It’s snowing a gale & is colder out tonight  cools off fast inside.

Tue. Nov. 25. 1947./ 7. P. eggs today./  Elbert didn’t go to work    he was so lame & sore.    I made one slip all but the hem & 4. doz oatmeal cookies & with all the rest I’m tired.  It’s been cold to day snowed a little last night, or only a little stayed on the ground today & tonight    it tried a-gain & air is colder.   Elbert had such a hot fire I could hardly endure it & then it went clear out, so he had to clean out the clinkers & start it new.    I did up all the dishes & now we’re ready for the morning once again.  Mrs. Goll sent me a card    I don’t know how she means it, but I thank God in Jesus Name  He takes care of us and if at my age they have to be starved almost to death and not a christian soul turns to, to give them a bit to ease off the hunger, I’m wondering, if they will be able to do out the weekly wash on a wash board & do all the usual odds and ends of house work & think for themself and the other fellow,     I’m wondering and praying God will have mercey and I thank God so much for helping me to over look all the polite things that are tossed at me to hurt, for He Knows, heaars & sees;  Praise His Holly Name.  I thank Thee Jesus for revealling things to me and then helping me to laugh them off for it’s Thou who deals with us & there taunts don’t amount to much, only to prove us who must endure them  with all the other hardships with patience, as Jesus did.  I pray God will cleans His church and help us to live after the example He gave us

Wed. Nov. 26. 1947./page. 2046./ 8. eggs this day./  Well I had to take the top off my slip & shorten it & put it back again     I got it done & got the other one done all but the hems in the bottoms    & I’ll try to do them tomorrow.    & then I’d like to get the 2 short skirts, or skirts with bands around the waist lines done next then, I need to finish my house dress & get another one cut out and made up & my old rayon, I’d like to put a yoke in the waist & a yoke in top of the skirt to lengthen it & fix the sleeves over a little    it would do me for prayer meeting & such .like;   I’d like to make up one rayon dress so I’ll have two for good.    Elbert left after dinner & went to Lorain & worked 2 hrs.    he went on the roof to see if he could get to the chimmeny & fell on to his Knees & slid down to the edge of the other roof & got back of the lower roof just in time to get the ladder before it fell     so he got down & came home,    he had been working in the basement jacking up the floor above, the house had sagged down in the middle & now the plaster is falling off & these were two men taking off what hadn’t fell    eve troughs are no good & water has run in under and in the basement, so it’s a dirty job for a $1.50 per. hr.     the snow was soft last night & froze toward morning & the roof was slippery    Elbert hasn’t any right to try to get on it today,     it’s bad enough when it just wet.    I had just got the hens taken care of & picked up the eggs & opened the shed door when he came,    he got a bag of mash today  5.09 & last week a bag of grain 5.29- We have eat a lot of chickens & will have to be eating more for the feed sure is high. & the eggs 65 cents per. doz. it takes 8. doz. eggs for one bag  16 doz. for 2 bags mash & grain.    We had fish for supper & got enough for tomorrow.   Now dishes are done & everything ready for morning & to-morrow is thanks giving day.  We thank God for our blessing & that He Kept Elbert from falling off the roof,    he bumped one knee rather hard & its paining him tonight, bad.    I would be so happy if God would fill me with the Holy Ghost in Jesus Name, it would be the best & most Glorious thanksgive I could ever have.    It’s been cold and a little windy & snowed in a heavy shower 2. or 3. time this after noon & then would clear & sun would shine through again,    it was moonlight untill 11-p-m    now it looks like snow clouds coming again.

Thurs. Nov. 27. 1947./ page. 2047./ 4. eggs today./  Well today’s thanksgiving day    We had chicken thanks to God & to Elbert, the Lord has help us to feed them & Elbert kills & dresses them & so, he put them on to cook & I made biscuits & gravey & we had tomatoes on toast with the rest & we ate at 6-p-m.    Frank Bonney & his two boys Harvey & Armond & two of there friends were her hunting to day, they didn’t stay long,   Haarvey was to be back home in Cleveland at 2. o;clock but here he was at 2.-p.-m.     said he’d have to run to get home at 2.-30.-p-m.  He said he had been in a accident a few weeks ago & that his baby daughter had a heart trouble when she was born & when he hit the fender of the other car with force the baby hit the wind sheald rather hard & they took her to the Dr.    & he said take her to a heart spedcialest,    he said her heart’s in very bad condition,    and Armond’s baby boy was a 7 months baby & they had to have an operation in order for him to live     and they didn’t believe he’d live he was so weak,    but he came through & had begun to gain & then he cought hooping cough    but now he’s coming along once again    he’s 9 months old & Harvey’s baby’s a yr. old in Jan.    It’s been cold all day & it’s snowing again tonight, & it’s cold.   We thank God for all we have & that we have enough to keep us going every day and most of all He feeds my spirit & keep my body,    I Praise Him Love Him and Adore Him,  He’s so pure in Soul & body and so able to keep His flock together  Oh, I love Jesus. Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Praise God, I pray He will fill me with the holy Ghost    that’s what I truly want more than all else.   I thank God He saved my soul but now I understand, I want all the Holy Spirits    I want to be all His, and do more for him the little while I have left here to do things.

Fri. Nov. 28. 1947./ 9. P. eggs today./  Elbert went at noon & got in 3. hrs.  he now has 7. hrs pay coming    he got home just at dusk & his head lights were dead,    he’d been back on the roof trying to get the chimney ready for the flshing,    he said Bill said he’d have an-other man to help him tomorrow,    it was cold & raw today & quite a fresh breeze and not very hot on the house ridge.   Well I thank God He took care of him going, coming & all through his work.  I baked 3. tins of bread biscuits & did out my own washing & the big chair seat cover & 4 bags & I’m tired.   I got supper & washed up all the dishes.   I received a letter from Miss. Willitts & a card from Mrs. E.E., Kendall & she seemed so pleased & happy over the bitter sweets, evergreens &

Fri. Nov. 28. 1947./ page 2048./ 9. eggs today./  & Chinnese lanterns I sent hr     & she’s the only one to write & thank me, so far,    she said Edd was coming home & she would write me a letter soon,    she said she had moved into town last Spring.    Well they lived on a farm & it must have been a hard job to pack up & resettle in town    I did it once & I’d hate to do it again,   but I don’t know what I’d do if anything should happen to Elbert,   He does so many Odds & ends and he does the buying & sells the eggs & looks after the hens & catches the rats in coop & garage & mice grainery he carries the water & coal & ashes & I can’t seem to endure it to do it all like I use to, but hope to be able to do the chores when he works, soon again,    I haven’t been able of late but am lots better again thank God.   I have his heavy union suit & heavy work shirt & the lighter peices yet to wash & my slip to finish hem in the bottom   The old fog horn is blowing tonight must be getting thick out side.  I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Dear Name for all our blessings and my healing soreness & pain all gone. I have a bone out between my shoulders & one between hips and my feet ach if I’m on them to long at a time but God will get me all fixed before long.  Glory to God in the highest    I love Him more than anything or any body

Sat. Nov. 29. 1947./ 12. pullet eggs/Ma’s birthday she would be 91. yrs./ Bonney Bell was married today to a Mr. Dudiak/   Elbert went to Lorain, but , didn’t work,  Bill fell & hurt his back.    Yesterday he sold 2. doz. eggs. 65 cents per. doz $1.30 to Mrs. Cranage,     today he had to get his car headlights fixed up.    & he thinks Bill don’t want him to work any more for some reason or another    He paid Elbert all up & said now we are square    & Elbert said you gave me 30 cents to much & he said it’s O.K.,    Bill’s mother’s up again, but, Elbert said she didn’t look able to be up,     she’s in her 80ties    Well, Frank & his two boy & an old man came to hunt while Elbert was gone & when they came back. they said they thought it was one of the Snyder boys with 3 or 4 other young fellow that jumped on them for hunting on the old man’s place (old Douglas place)    they said the place was posted & that they didn’t like other fellows hunting on there teritory & Frank & the boys had permits to hunt where they were,    I sent Elbert to Huron to have the game

Sat. Nov. 29. 1947. /page. 2049./ 12. eggs this day. /  Warden come over to my house      I want to find out what is what about the game law & how it is that Snyders can hunt my place every day with out a permit & my folks can’t hunt with permits,     Armond said the one fellow said he was a deputy & told them they couldn’t hunt    he said all the ground out here was posted & for them to get out & then acted as if he’d shoot them if they didn’t,    they (Frank & his boys  were on there way back when they met the other fellows & they had guns all of them,     they argued & so I don’t want any one hurt or shot accidental shootings    that’s why I’m going to talk to the game warden.    he told Elbert he’d be over to talk with me in a day or two.    It’s been a fine day & the boys gave us one rabbit.    snowed last night a good foot of snow, melted off some this after noon sun shone half the after noon & set white as a cake of Ice tonight, clear & cold & moonlight tonight.  I thank God for our many blessing & that He loves us   I pray He will fill his childen with the Holy Ghost & help us to be strong in faith & spirit & worthy in His sight, Amen. 

Sun. Nov. 30. 1947./ 10, eggs today/  We been home all day    I wanted to goto Church but I’m still in a weak-ened state but I’m going Thurs, night God Willing    Its been a beautiful day crisp & fresh but not severe cold.  I hope & pray Elbert will be able to work some to keep us going.    We are worse off this yr. than last.    But still God takes care of us, and I am so greatful to Him    I wish I were able to do lots more.  I love Jesus & want to be all His.  I pray God will, in Jesus Name strengthen the faith. 

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