January  1949

Sat. Jan. 1. 1949./7. 3ggs today./   Well, I slept late today got up in time for dinner then washed out what soiled clothes there were & wiped up the floors & washed up dishes took care of bed rooms & birds & helped get the supper & I’m tired,    winds been N.W. all day   sun came out 9-30-a-m.  [?] w sun got cloudy after dinner & shut out sun at 5-p.m. wind eased up to-night heavy frost last night.   Elbert sawed some trees & carried some up hill & took care of hens & pullets,   they are coming good.    I thank God for saving my soul & Loving us & taking care of us.   We didn’t know how we were ever going to live, but Audrey has sent us money 3. times & so,   we have had a little more & the hens gave us 4.40 & that’s a big help & I feel stronger & hope to be able to get back to Church again soon.   I do Praise God in Jesus Name for every thing I have, Glory to God.

Sun. Jan. 2. 1949./ 6. eggs today./   First Sun. of the Mo. & I didn’t go to Church.   I feel stronger but not quite equal to going to Church yet   havent been out the house but once since I was at church last,   & so have to get use to the cold air a-gain.   We had a chicken for dinner today,   that makes (3) we have killed of the young ones.    they are tender & sweet.   Well, it’s been a beautiful day in Ohio.   partly cloudy all morning but sun all day,    but white sun.   Wind West, dying out tonight.   Cleared at noon,   is still clear     frost started to fall at dark, crisp & cool at 9-30.p.m

Mon. Jan. 3. 1949./ 7 eggs today 1. broken we couldn’t save./  Well Elbert went to Vermilion & got greens for hens & Pullets & he got a fair sized piece of ham for 1.70 that usualy cost 2.70 & he got back early,   his bowels are in bad shape again & his liver   Well, I rubbed out 3 blankets & rinsed them through 3 waters & got them most dry out side & finishe them inside,    I did out his heavy union suit the towels & pillow slips & rags & socks & all are dry except union suit & socks.   then got supper & then I spilt enough water that I had to clean half

Mon. Jan. 3. 1949./ page. 2267./ 7. eggs today one one broken/  the shelf    my arms were to tired & the pail was so full   I don’t see how he brought in without spilling it,   then I had to wipe up the floor.  Oh Well,   it’s all in adays routine.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings for answering prayer & giving me strength again & for saving my soul most of all.   Glory to God I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, Blessed Jesus, I love Thee Jesus.   Tue. Jan. 4. 1949  I forgot to write the weather for Oct. that is for Jan. 3.   we had a heavy frost last night   N.E. wind.   partly cloudy untill 9039-a-m.   then cleared up untill 4-p-m.   clouded up & almost shut out the sun, at sunset,     it was yellowish red tonight & wind stayed N.E. alday & is still there at 9-30-P.m.    They are having blizards & lots of snow in Southern & Western States & most froze up in California, Texas, New Mexico Arizona, Oregon & De Coatas & lots of tremors & in Cali. & Nevada & snow & several of the seas roaring & men are dumb founded.   Truly Bible History is coming true.

Tue. Jan. 4. 1949./ 8. eggs today/   Well I only did odds & ends & daily round.   I wanted to fix me a hat & clean my coat but didn’t get it done   been to heavy on my feet,   Elbert has felt real bad today   hope he’s a lot better tomorrow.   It’s been quite warm today & today’s for Dec.   S.E. breeze all day show this morning one at noon & another at 3-15 and I don’t know what time it began after dark but was raining a good shower at 9-P-m.  & it’s been cloudy all day    I saw it for a few seconds once this after noon & it was a white sun    Nebraska, N. & S. DeCoata, California, Wyoming Shyeyne snow 10 to 15 foot.  in a terrible snow blizard 75 mi wind & still snowing   snow drifts 10-15 ft. deep.    22. passenger trains were snow bound over 8 thousand people stranded,   they had a tornado in one place & said the Known dead were over 3 hundred & over 2 hundred injured   at Los Angeles its 26 above zero & at Nevada it’s 36 below zero,   the tor-nado was in Kansas.   & the Radio says we are to get a cold snap tomorrow or Thurs.   I hope & pray it wont be to bad.   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for our blessing & pray for all His peoples all over the world for the Rulers & all those who help them   for the deaf & the dumb & the blind, the cripples, the ophans & widows, the bed ridden & for those 

Tue. Jan. 4. 1949./ page 2268./ 8 eggs this day./  having children, for those sorely tempted, tried and afflicted for the sick & weak & weak minded, for the wicked, for the Missionarys, Preists, Preachers, teachers, Saints & Workers & those who are studying that they may do Thy Will.   strengthen all our faith in Thee & help us to keep true & humble to live Thy Ways in Jesus Name Amen.   Oh God of Love & Mercy   all the Praise & Glory Truly belongest to Thee.   Glory, Glory to God Hallulejah   I thank thee & praise Thee. Tue. Jan. 4. 1949/ (I forgot to write all so finished it here)   I received a letter from Nellie yesterday & she said John has been gone 3. yrs. Jan. 5. 1949. & an envelope with an envelope in it with a 10.00 bill and slip of paper, that she would write later,   she is not well & I dread to have her feel she must take care of us.   I don’t know how to repay her un-less I can give it to her out of the place somehow.    Elbert got his check (today Tue.) & he got 3 bags of chicken mash. & some mutton to roast.   I should have written this for yesterday. 

Wed. Jan. 5. 1949./ 5 eggs today./   Rained in showers all night   S.E. wind & same all morning, but wind backed around to S.west after dinner & rained some more then it stopped raining 15 mi. to 4-p-m. & sun came through & it set a golden yellow,     a little later sky was all colors of the rainbow & very pretty.   it isn’t cold either outside.   Elbert’s feeling terrible bad tonight  both stomach & bowels & bloated, & he’s in misery with gas pains,   I pray Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name, Thou will releive him & help him to get to feeling better soon,    I understand how miserable he feels, help him to put his trust in Thee & to be willing to kneel & talk to Thee,   I pray Thou will for-give him Lord God of Hosts & teach him Thy ways & I thank Thee & give Thee all the praise in Jesus Name.   I also thank Thee for saving my soul & for revealing unto me,   strengthen my faith Lord & Keep me ever Close to Thee,   I give Thee all the Glory & Praise, Amen.  

Thurs. Jan. 6. 1949./ 1. broken & 6 eggs today./   We have one hen that lays soft shell eggs    sometimes we get them & sometimes hens eat them,   S.W. wind cold strong & puffy & it did snow a shower but melted fast as it fell,   sun came out once or twice when it was snowing this morn & this after noon but only for a few minutes   Radio said it froze & hailed at hot Springs Georgia. & the other Places are getting dug out & the fruits & vegetables

Thurs. Jan. 6. 1949./ page. 2269./ 7. eggs today./   were froze in Florida & California & some of the other states. & that there has been Millions & dollars of damages & still they don’t turn to God & Jesus is coming Soon for the countrys are taking sides now in Jere     & soon we’ll have a battle with Rushia or perahps Armagedon.   God of Love Goodness & Mercy I pray in Jesus Name for help in Thy field of work,   teach us all, I pray, in Jesus Name to do Thy Will before it’s forever to late.    Johny & Marcia’s baby is 8 mo. old today.      Bring my Brothers & Sisters & Nephews & Neices, my sister-in-laws & my cousins & all there family to Thee,   some have had a glimpse & a little craving for more,   send some one of Thine to help them Lord God of Hosts   I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.   I love Thee & want to do all Thy will for ever.   I received my Check today & thank & praise Thee & I also received a card from Annabell Hackman from California   she said she’d been there since Dec. 2. 1948. & she had 3 other ladys with her and I also received an ans. from & add I wrote to about an electric spray pumk. [?]

Fri. Jan. 7. 1949./ 7. eggs today./  I believe today is Red’s birthday.  Evelyn’s husband.   Elbert still feels sick but he went & got the apples we had ordered & when he got back, I was ready & we went to Vermilion & together we got our mo’s supply of food, paid 10.00 on coal bill & 3.00 on the stove grates  we have 2.41 yet to pay.   Moore & Myers sent Elbert a bill today, he owes a little on his battery yet & 60.00, at the way prices are,   just don’t reach.   We just got the most necessary food $16.61 & mostly can foods, a bag of onions & a cabbage head. & hand, bath & wash soap.   We got 2 bales of straw $1.50 & it’s the dirtiest looking stuff,   life is getting more & more tragic every day.   I pray God will help us.   But He will be coming before very long & how many of us will be worthy to be called,   Oh, it makes me shiver with fear.   Elbert paid Naegly for the ham he owed for,   I hope now I can keep use to the weather so I can get back to church again,   None of the church folks have been here since Smiths brought the Christmas dinner.   I pray God will take care of all in the Church in His own way,   I thank Him & praise Him for all our many blessing & that He will bless each one who really pray in earnest for me,   I am better again and I thank Thee Jesus for there prayers & for the gracious ans. you give.   I love Thee, without Thee life wouldn’t be worth living  Glory to God in the Highest Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day with sunshine, not cold. out but a strong puffy wind from the S.West.

Sat. Jan. 8. 1949./ 3. eggs today./  Well, Elbert’s bowels are not so sore today but, his back is hurting so bad today he can hardly get up or down it hurts him so bad.   he carried enough water for me to do up balance of washing   his sleepers & 

Sat. Jan. 8. 1949./ page. 2270./ 3. eggs this day./  my nightgown  my house dress & my petticoat, shirt & Bloomers, stockings & nose rages, towels & table cloth & the spread I use under table cloth & Elberts heavy work shirt & Elbert hung the big pieces out & they dried, quite fast so-   they are all dry & we are both tired tonight,   but I’m feeling better & have a song in my heart & hope I can get away to Church in the morning,   I Praise God in Jesus Name for His wonderful love & care & for the prayers of His people, that He still hears and ans. prayers   Praise His Precious Holy Name  Glory to God in the Highest Glory to His Name.  Received a card from Nellie & the thread co.   I wrote to there thread is fine.   

Sun. Jan. 9. 1949./ 1. broken egg, 7. good eggs today/  Well I did go to church this morning, but Elbert’s head was aching & so we didn’t go back tonight,   but I craved to go,   I find it tired me & my legs ached so bad, but still I would have went if it had been so I could.   I like to be fair to him but not be cheated.   Well, since I couldn’t go I  read & studied the bible & prayed & trusted God will deliver each one out of there self & strengthen there faith in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day, not much wind & not cold,    it  like a day in Spring warm & bomy [?balmy] with sunshine.   Were a few to Church the Smiths, Hornings, Lindy, Bockman & Whitman  Mrs. Gall  Mrs Sprunk & Miss Clark & we brought her out to Buelah Beach,   she’s been sick & her sister is in bed so she said.   Rev. & his wife were there & Gracie Day & I.   I gave out some more of DeHaan’s books & Whitman said the one I gave him last was doing a lot of good, so I gave him some more   & Mrs. Sprunk & Bockman & Hornings, & I thank God if they are doing a good work for Him in Jesus Name.   Glory to God I love Him. 

Mon. Jan. 10. 1949./ 7. eggs today./   Elbert went to Lorain with eggs 5 doz. got 80 cents per. doz. & then it seemed every one in Vermilion was out of grain   none in Lorain or there, so he went to Huron & got a sack 4.20  there,    when he was in Lorain he went to see if the realestate men had done any thing about selling his lots,    but, they hadn’t.   I pray the Lord will guide in this matter in His own way & that He will sav my brothers & Sisters nephews & neices, my cousins & all there families in Jesus Holy Name.   Well, I got up to late to get a box the Postman had for me,   so I had Elbert go to Huron & get a yeast cake & 50 cents worth of garlic saucages they were 10 cents a piece, bible history is truly working out fast.   I made biscuites & peeled potatoes & opened can of tomatoes & made hot coffee & Elbert roasted two saucages & we had supper.   I got up this morning & took care of beds & aired the rooms, fixed the fire, washed dishes, swept floor,   & then did the ironing & was just about done when he got back from Lorain.   I tried to get the biscuits in the oven & potatoes on before he got back from Huron,   but I seem to be getting terrible slow of late.   Miss Baum-gart hasn’t been very well this last few weeks   she’s

Mon. Jan. 10. 1949./ page. 2271./ 7. egg this day./  getting old,   she’s 91 yrs. old she says    I can’t just remember, I thought she was older than my mother, but maybe not,   ma would be 92. this last Nov. 1948.   The box the postman had was an other box of sample cards & writing paper.   I don’t know if I can take orders or not,   wish I were able to do that every day     at least a few hrs. a day   I could take care of my self if I could do some such things.    That’s all the mail there was today.   Well it rained very light showers all day, off & on.  not cold.  raining tonight.   I thank God my Heavenly Father for all my blessings & give Him all Praise & Glory in Jesus Name & Pray He will keep me Close ever Closer to Him,   I thank Him for my re-newed strength & for the prayers of all who pray earnestly for me & pray He will give them four fold what they ask for me & deal with each of us in His own Way & teach us his ways, Glory to God in the Highest   I love Thee & Praise Thee Jesus.

Tue. Jan. 11. 1949./ 5. eggs today/  Well I washed out what dirty clothes there were & got them dry,   & my persentment came true & the things the Lord showed me, yesterday,    Elbert went to see Mrs. Resek & she talked with Cook & he wrote a letter to Elbert & we got it today. (He said,  Mrs. Resek advised me that you talked to her today concerning undistributed assets in an estate handled by Mr. Resek.   I know of no such estate but I have in my office all papers & files handled by Mr. Resek, so that if any further information is required by you , you should obtain the same from me,  since Mrs. Resek has no informaton concerning estates handled by Mr. Resek.  Very Truly Yours, Dan K. Cook) (the heading on letter, Dan K. Cook, Attorney at Law, Lorain Ohio, and dated Jan. 10. 1949.)  Well there’s 9 or 10 thousand dollars some where that belongs to all us Children   I pray God will help me to Know What to do   I dreamed of Gertie & a neger & there sure is a niger in the fence, if only the Lord would help me get things straighten out & soon maybe Gertie does have the money,   she’s are bosy domanating in her ways as she ever was,   there are several things I can’t understand,   one, Why is Audrey sending us money, so generously of late & a few other things.   I know Nellie could use her part of the money & Audrey said Gertie told her there would be some money to be divided after a while & Gertie was so terrible nervous for a while but now she’s back to her old self once more.  I wish the Lord

Tue. Jan. 11. 1949./ page. 2272./ 5 eggs this day./   would turn her about face.   Well, I have a queer feeling   had it yesterday to.   People are queer,    Of all the dirty raw deals & just to think God Knows sees, and understands,   I pray He Keeps me safe & that He wont let anything go through, without His will is done first.   I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus, and Praise Thee for all things;   Help me Jesus.  Please.   Elbert’s been home all day & we are out of money & this is only the second week of Jan.   I believe this is Ruby Jean McGinnis birthday (she’s Evelyns eldest daughter.   I don’t remember just how old she is, but think she’s 10. or 11. yrs. old   she a big girl.   I made biscuits yesterday so I wont have to bake untill Thurs.   Its been a nice day    not very cold partly cloudy.   California & some of the southern states have had 3 snow storms   got the third one yesterday    20. in. snow fall.     fruit & gardens are all frozen so things will be high.   wish we could put in some canned goods, but we can’t & the news is all bad on the other side,   they are slowly but surely getting ready for the last big battle. 

Wed. Jan. 12. 1949./ 5  4. eggs today./  Well, if Audrey didn’t sent 5.00 again,    I do hope she is sending it because she loves us and not be cause she’d be wanting this place.   May God help us & Keep us up & Keep ourselfs with out Her help,   she may mean well,   I truly hope & pray she does,   I wouldn’t mind giving her the place,  if she aloud us to live here as long as we need a home,    but I don’t want to be indebted,   the Whole family has always wanted to do something terrible to me,   I can’t for my very life understand, but every one has showed me just that,  at one time or another,    maybe I’m supposed to be off guard right now.    Lord God of Hosts help me to Know, my brains are getting weary,   I tired of the detective work & Lord if only they were all Thine    I’d love to be with Thee now,  for matching wits is a hard & strenious job & one I’ve had to practise as far back as,  well,  since I was nine yrs. old.   Dear Heavenly Father Please help me and Keep me,   she says she give us the money to help us & doesn’t want it back but there are so many things to think about ,   her change of attitude is so different    it’s like a sudden face about or like turning from darkness suddenly into a very bright light. (What can it mean.   looks as if she wants all I have for she’s excepted ma’s watch & Chain & the guard & she wants the apron I made for ma when I was 16 yrs. old & the knot stitch handkercheif & I wonder    I just can’t help but wonder.   I still hope, she’s help us with true love for her old sister & brother,   I’d like to believe it was that way.   God help me.

Wed. Jan. 12. 1949./ page. 2273 / 5. eggs this day/  to understand what I should really do.   about Audrey send this money.   We need it worse than she will ever know, but, I don’t want to be indebted & not be able to return what she is giving to us,   Audrey sent 5.00 today.   I love her, not just because she’s helping us & I love all the others even though, they have spit on me right when we were helping them,    I have forgiven them all & pray God will, in His own way, save each of their souls.   It’s been mostly cloudy today. and colder.   I pray & thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name. Amen. 

Thurs. Jan. 13. 1949./ 7. eggs today./  Well, I baked bread  2 white loaves & 1 tin bread biscuits & one loaf of graham & a small loaf in the coffee can,   had them all done & the baking dishes done before supper,   then I got supper, then sponged myself off & dressed for prayer meeting,   then I rapped the tin of biscuits up & a jar of jelly, “current I think,” for Mrs. Smith & the little round graham loaf & a little handkercheif I had sewed a lace edge onto & crocheted around & done it in pretty clear paper  & the loaf in wax paper & Elbert took them to Lindy’s & Dorthy’s little girl “Barbara”, she’s about 2. yrs. old or so & sweet,   she’s so happy when you give her something & her mother talked to me after church, she’s pleased also.     Mrs. West talked to me a lot tonight and ask me to come & visit her,   that’s unusual, but,   I’ll try to go.  Mrs. Smith needs me to pray & read the bible with her & for company,   she’s new in the Lord & needs help she has trouble with her kidneys & liver,  can’t eat, her nerves are so bad her stomach won’t digest, she seemed so happy that I had come in & glad of the jelly & bread biscuits.    We had a good meeting   We prayed for Mrs. Smith & several others    I felt the power & praise God & thank Him I believe He will heal Mrs. Smith, but Mr. Smith is going to take her to a Dr.  she said & she don’t want to go, but, don’t know what to do, & hopes I come back  I’m going to try to go & spend a little time with her.   I know God is able.     He’s a wonderfull Jesus to me.    We took Mrs West Sr. home & then we came home I fried a little piece of ham, & we had a snack & now I’ll read & pray & get in bed, Thanking & praising God for His great love & patience,  His Love & Kindness to one so un-worthy as I,   Oh, God,   I do thank Thee & praise Thee for all things great & small in Jesus Holy Name,  Glory Hallelujah.

Fri. Jan. 14. 1949./ 7. eggs today./  Well, Elbert carried up some wood & burned two brush piles,   I swept & did my daily round & baked a double batch of rolled oat cookies   then with Elbert’s help we got supper & he Killed 2. chickens & 1. hen  I picked & cleaned the hen & put it on to cook & he skined the chickens & I cleaned them out & I washed & packed them in a pan & put them out to keep cool untill tomorrow.  I thank & praise. 

Fri. Jan. 14. 1949. /page 2274./ 7. eggs this day./   God in Jesus Name for all our many many blessings & I pray Thou hast re-moved the cold from the body of Mrs. Smith & given her renewed strength & courage  keep her Lord in Thy care & build her up & teach her Thy ways in Jesus Name, Amen,   I thank Jesus & give Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.   It’s been a fine day cold wind, but not bad for this time of yr.  partly cloudy & the sun set red. Glory to God. 

Sat. Jan. 15. 1949./ 4. eggs today/  Well, after all the fuss we had to get those chickens dressed & fried & a tin of biscuits ready to take to Smiths, then for some unKnown reason the car wouldn’t start,    so, Well, We ate some of the chicken for supper;   I am tired   I washed out all the dirty clothes today, besides doing my usual work & then frying 2 chickens & making two pans of biscuits,   now I’ve mended my corset & Elbert’s shirt sleeve.   I’ll read & then go to bed, thanking & Praising God in Jesus Name for helping me to understand His ways. 

[dream:]    Elbert had a dream last night  before last & screamed Elinor, Elinor,    he’s been terrible nervous of late & looks it,   he said I’d gone upstairs in an old house that had loose boards on the floor (We been looking for sand) & he heard a terrible noise & sand began to run through the cracks & he thought I was hurt.    he’s still terrible nervous,   he, or some one was up just before that & I heard them get into bed & know they were in Kitchen & some one moves around in there several times in the night, 

 I pray God will help him & help me to know what to do.   I thank Thee Jesus, Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 16. 1949./ 9. eggs today./ Well, we been home alday,   been so warm the ants are crawling around & flies & mos-quitos were also injoying what seemed like & early Spring day.   partly, or mostly cloudy all day & raining a steady light rain since early evening.   and it’s now 9-5-p-m.   Elbert says he can’t start the car, so I’m wondering,   he had back door trot yesterday & last night,   we cook and old hen for broth & it was fat & he seemed to have got his share of fat, he loves to eat.   I’m thanking & praising God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessing & pray He will help me to go to Mrs. Smith & do what she needs to have done for her in Jesus Name, Amen.   I received a birthday card from Ethel and Loura Ann, yesterday, a basket of red & pink tulips with little pink white & blue flowers & she had slipped a picture of Loura Ann into the center,   there’s a little white card made in big card, saying on it is written “A Birthday Bouquet & she wrote a note & gave me Loura Anns bust & waist measurement so,   she want a new dress.   I often wonder how they all think I have money when I’m ablidged against my will to live on releif of only $35.00 per. mo.   looks as if they have moved again.   address is R.1. Wellsville Ohio.   Guess Ethel got the wrong man this time.   She use to say she wouldn’t marry again unless she could get a man as good as Fred, but somehow she slipped

Mon. Jan. 17. 1949./ page. 2275./ 6. eggs today/  Well,  I slept late got up 11-a-m. & received a queer sheet of paper with the names of all the men on the releif commission on it & stating they will give me $35.00 Feb. Mar. April May June & July.    I thank & priase God for my many blessing in Jesus Name.  Oh, I do Praise Thee Jesus for taking care of me.  All the Glory truly belongeth to the Lord.   There’s no one like Jesus.    I washed up part the dishes & got dinner & then washed up the remainder of dishes    Elbert went down to cut a Willow tree & I was just about to sew feathers on a band for a hat When the two Mrs. West’s & Barbara came in    We visited a while & i called Elbert & he got them a pail of dirt   they wanted to reset some plants in.   Barbara looked for Elbert,   she calls him Bonney   her grandma held her up to the window so she could see him down in the hollow.   We had quite a visit & then they hurried back so Dorthy could get home to get Lindy’s supper on time   she says he works so hard, she feels she ought to have his supper ready when he gets there & that’s the right spirit.   I gave them a few cookies.   Now I have to put forth an effort to get to Mrs. Smith once more & take her some chicken & broth   I pray God has healed her soul & body & put her on her feet again,   I pray He will help me through Him to help her   Oh God, help them to understand in Jesus Name,  I ask & I thank Thee Jesus, Blessed Jesus.   I got supper & left the few dishes untill tomorrow.   Glory to God I love & Praise Thee for ever and ever Amen, Glory. (Jan.17)    Today is Lindy’s & Dorthys wedding anaversary   she said they had been married 7. yrs. & that she would be 27in Mar.   she’s expecting her second baby soon, looks as if it might be a girl.

Tue. Jan. 18. 1949./ 4 eggs today./  I was so dizzy    could hardly get up & get dressed   felt as if I’d been doped,   I still feel as if I had been,   been so dizzy all day,   but I sit up & didn’t work only to take care of beds & room & wash up dishes.   Nellie & Johny came & they brought us couple little jars of fruit 1. of chow & a piece of cake & a big peach pie.   I gave her a dozen or so clean pt. cans & can qt. of appricots.   she gave me a dollar on two boxes of cards & Johny ordered 2 boxes but said he’d send me the money later.   hope I can get a good big order    they visited a little   dug 3 more evergreens & went back home.   Nellie wanted to talk to me but said she never could stay long enough to remember all she wanted, to say.   The wind is & has been so strong & raining in showers   froze a little this a-m but warmed up later & rained.   Johny is done at Baldwin Wallace College in couple of months & going to Boston this Fall & they had a letter from Ella Jane.   shes hoping to get 

Tue. Jan. 18. 1949./ page. 2276./ 4 eggs this day./  done before much longer.   

[dream:]   I dreamed Evelyn phoned & said to Bill Snyder to please go ask Uncle Elbert & Aunt Elinor if they could come quick  her father Frank Bonney was terrible sick & was asking for us,    I thanked Bill & told him to tell her we’d be right down & we went    Ruby was lying face down on the kitchen floor,   Evelyn had called Dr.    he got there right behind us & we picked Ruby up & laid her on a couch    the girls were crying or Evelyn was but Francis was only half crying & looked stunded,    Ruby was dead, but they ask Dr. if he could fix her up & he said   I’ll try   & then turned to me & I said, just wait a few minutes & go to Frank   & he was calling for me so I said to the girls that we’d close the door    there wasn’t anything we could do for a little while,    Frank ask me how she was & I said bad & he said   so am I   don’t think I’ll be here in the morning either & I didn’t mean to frighten her when I told her,   he said she screamed & then ran over to Evelyn’s & was still screaming when she came in & fell, but he couldn’t get up,    we had to tell the girls & notify the boys & Frank went before they got there,   both gone & when they were taken out Elbert locked up the house & we went to the care & Elvelyn said for us to stop & pick up Edd Kendall, Nellie & Ella Jane at the loop    we did & Elbert drove off a side road to the lake & I yelled loud, spot the car   Elbert he did right at the edge of the water    I told him to back up quick    he did & got up on the road & back to West Erie & then I had Ella Jane take the wheel & bring us home,    she did, & we had to all go back next day but Edd  he would take care of things here each day for us,    Elbert had taken over the home place, as Frank had given it to Elbert & I,   Francis Cora had ask us before we left if she & Howard could buy it    So, Nellie & Johny came & Nellie said she had just hear from E.J.   I’m wondering about Edd. & the others. 

 I thank & Praise God for all my many blessings in Jesus Holy Name. 

Wed. Jan. 19. 1949./ 5 eggs today/  Well, no one came in to call on us today & we only did our daily round.   wind was so strong & it rained some   had little sun   it’s colder tonight.   I received birthday card from Ella Jane. 

Wed. Jan. 19. 1949./ page 2277./ 5 eggs this day. /  declaring I am her favorit Aunt but when I have to the turn the place over to the goverment, I wonder, for it looks now as if I’d have to do just that.    I thank God from the depths of my soul   He loves me & take care of me.   I Praise Him & Give Him all the Glory in Jesus Holy Name.   He is pure & clean & Holy. 

Thurs. Jan. 20. 1949./ 6. eggs today. /  Well, today we cooked a hen for us & tonight I fried a chicken & made biscuits & we took them to Smith’s for there supper,   I took a few apples   a few rolled oat cookies & can of chicken broth & coffee glass jar of grape juice,   she isn’t very strong & needs something to help her,    I still don’t know just what     we stayed there untill time for prayer meeting & then we went to prayer meeting & they went in there car.   We had a good prayer service & then came home   had a light lunch   read my bible & wrote a letter to Audrey   She sent 5.00 to us this morning & a note saying she had ment to write but Gertie had been in bed with a cold & she was late getting off to work,    she’s tired most of the time    I feel sorry for her & then she sends us 5 or 10 every now & again & I Pray she will save for herself so she won’t be in the same fix we are in, by and by.   I feel, it’s wonderful for her to love us & try to help us, but we are getting old & she will be before very long    I pray God will take care of her & keep her & make her all His soon.    I thank God in Jesus Holy & Dear Name for His love & salvation, Amen.

Fri. Jan. 21. 1949./ 3. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a wet rainy day & we both been in all day    Elbert did out side chores    I did what I usually do inside.    I praised the Lord & sang & whistled hyms to the Lord, in Jesus Name.    I thank Him & praise Him for all things great & small Glory to God.  

Sat. Jan. 22. 1949./ 9. eggs today,/   Well, I washed most of the clothes today, for I’ll still have plenty to do Mon. or whenever I can get at it.   I have several blankets to wash.   Well, I’m so sorry I didn’t get Audrey’s letter mailed so I’ll try to get it done when we go to church in the morning & I’ll send a card to Nellie also.    I Praise God for the strength He has given me & that I’m just tired,    He touched me Thurs. night & fixed my stomach so it doesn’t hurt me & I’m sure He is going to make 

Sat. Jan. 22. 1949./ page. 2278./ 9. eggs this day. /   me every whit whole,   I’ll be so happy in Jesus,   I think it just marvelous how He can keep me up & going & heal me of first one thing and then another,   I love Him more than all else and Praise Him for all things great or small things. 

Sun. Jan. 23. 1949. /  4. eggs today./   We went to Church this morning & again tonight,   We had good services.   We took the smith children home this morning & again tonight,   not many out to meetings, Miss Clark is over taking care of her sister in Cleveland, so they at church said & Mrs. West Sr. has heart trouble & neither she or Mr. West come.   Dorthy came in late to-night,   Mrs. Sprunk came, but she’s not feeling very well.    We got home & the car wouldn’t start after Elbert stopped it for me to get out so he’s locked it up & let it set out at the S.east corner of the house,   it’s been raining since be-fore dark & is still at it at 11-30-p-m. & it’s fogy also.   sun shone this morning and a little while after dinner    it was so white with a canary yellow ring around it.   I thank God in my Blessed Jesus Name for all our many many blessing.   

Mon. Jan. 24. 1949./ 3. eggs today./   Snow & blizards still raging in the states where it’s usually warm & half the cattle and stock are stranded out on the ranges & no way as yet, to feed them or take care of them & even some people freezing & with out food in western & Southern states.   they told us tonight & said they had flying box car plains they were going to drop feed down to the cows, stears, calves & sheep.   & to-night radio says men & plains are battling the elements to try to save the Nations meat.    & they are still getting a frozen sleet.    Elbert went to the highway    got a ride to Vermilion   got a belt for car & the car wrecker came back with him    put the belt on & then took him up the road & out on the highway by pushing him,     battery was weak.    I tried to get him to bring it in & change it, but he didn’t.    Well, he went about a mile & came back    I gave him a hot cup of coffee & gave him 6. doz. eggs & $15.00,    I had given him 5.00 before he first left & that made $20.00 in all,    he went to Lorain and sold the eggs for 75 cents per. doz. $4.50, making $24, 50 & he spent 15.00 to pay most of stove gas bill, (leaving 3.01, yet to be paid.)    then he paid 1.39 for car belt & 1.00 for car gas, $4.09 for 100 lb. sack of grain  45 cents for meat  5 cents for yeast cake & he brought home 2.52 cents & I am so glad, for he had used 2.00 that I had taken  in on cards, for gas, so now we are in another mess for we have to pay the light bill 2.80 & we have to have a bag of egg mash 4.35 that will be    so if Audrey doesn’t send 10.00 this time I don’t know how we will make the grade,    its so hard to use my brains for two,    if I check up on everything I’m to fussy & if I don’t it’s a laugh, so I’m getting to tired & hope I can rest with Jesus, before very long. & it looks as 

Mon. Jan. 24. 1949./ 2279./ 3. eggs this day./ if it won’\t be very long,    for when peace is taken from the earth things will happen faster even than they are doing now,    & the folks at church have been saying it won’t happen untill the Christian are taken out,     but, I just read Matthew Chapter 13 & I’m sure we will see as we are begining to see many hardships just as it says, before Jesus comes.  

[from Matthew Chapter 13:  “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net, that was cast into the sea, and gathered of every kind:48Which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into vessels, but cast the bad away.49So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just,50And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth”.]

Oh, God, I am a sinner but pray I still may be found worthy in Jesus Holy Name.    Well Elbert struck a ruff edge in the highway & had a blow out & had to change tires,    he felt as if he’d had such a lot of trouble today,    he should have gone to the Alter last night    given himself over to Jesus & received a blessing,    for he was in church last night.    Well, I did all the washing except Elbert’s heavy work shirt & he put it on this morning thinking he might get it dirty working around the car,    he’s so tired tonight & so am I,    but, praise the Lord, it’s just tired.    I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for saving my soul & for all the many and wonderful healing He has given me    I love Jesus all Glory & Power belongeth to Him forever, Amen.

Tue. Jan. 25. 1949/  6. eggs today./   Well, todays been fogy & like last evening & night,   I couldn’t even se the grainry early this morning,   it kept clearing & tonight it’s much colder.   Radio said the cattle men had got a roadway plowed to the cattle & the air lift box plains were dropping hay & feed to them, and they began to feel that maybe they might save them and tonight they are getting another snow blizard,    I’m sorry for the stock, Cows, stears, calves & sheep, as well as the people and those risking there lives to try to save them,    May God’s will be done in Jesus Name.    I haven’t done much today,   the washing took my strength yesterday,    so I mended & darned socks today & did my usual work.    I thank my God & Father in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & pray He will help us out of the mess we are in,    Elbert knew he was out of mash, but never said a word a bout it untill he had spent all the money     he could have saved $5.00 & only paid $10.00 on the stove gas if I had known,    Well, I pray God will help us     I’ll trust and believe He will,    & I thank Him in Jesus Dear Name. 

Wed. Jan. 26. 1949./ 3. eggs today./  Well another wet day & I only did my daily round.   Received a letter from Ella Jane.   said she was going back to school in Feb. & that her mother & her wished Elbert & I lived over by her mother so she could come in when I don’t feel good    what do you think of that,    Well, we are O.K. here & we like it in some ways & I wouldn’t like it over there.    I could endure if it was necessary,    but, solong as it isn’t I feel better right here & God will take care of me here, as well as any 

Wed. Jan. 26.1949. / page. 2280./ 3. eggs this day./  where.    Well, I have to ans some letters soon or I’ll be writing for a week.    I thank God for all my many blessings in Jesus Name,    I’m so glad He shows me and helps me to understand    Oh, how I love Jesus & pray he will always love me & help me do his Will and not mine,   Amen.    

Thurs. Jan. 27. 1949./ 4 eggs today./  Today is little Nelson Eddy’s birthday.   he will be 4 yrs. old & he’s a nice little fellow.    Well I only did my usual household duties & baked 3. large and one small, loaves of bread   two of which were brown bread or graham & did up most the dishes.    I got up with my throat swollen full,    but, tonight it’s better    I’m sure God will take care of me & I thank & Praise Him for His Salvation and great mercies & Kindnesses & He surely hears our prayers and cries.    I’ll never be able to repay Him,    I can’t understand, but still I know He does,    Glory to God in the Highest   all the praise & Glory truly belongest to Thee    I received $10.00 from Sister Audrey,    she works so hard to earn it and I have no way as far as I know to repay it.    I pray God will help me in some way to give it all back to her, in the right way,    I believe He will.    Now because of my cold I stayed home tonight,    but I have read several Chapters in the Bible & prayed much that God will bless each one that went to prayer-meeting tonight,    it’s raining & has been most of the day.    Elbert went to Vermilion    took the 10.00 dollars & got a bag (100 lbs) mash 4.35, 4 cans 57cents of milk, jar of sanka coffee 47 cents  meat to boil $1.07,  garlic saucage 75 cents stamped envelopes, 22 cents & paid light bill $1.80 and he had 77 cents left,    it’s terrible,    wish I could fix up so called cottage & rent it. for 50.00 per. mo.    I’d be free from that releif,    it’s terrible to have people giving you enough to just Keep you existing;    We ought to be able to live on rent.   I pray God will help us to find a way to Keep ourselves.   I would truly praise Him & give as I received, Amen.

Fri. Jan. 28th. 1949./ 5. eggs today./  Pa’s birthday today    he would be 88 yrs. old.   time is flying & hre I am still hoping to be able to work and help myself.    Well, I just stayed in bed most of the day    colds bad enough    don’t feel able to sit up,    Elbert don’t feel very well,    but, he’s doing the chores & cooking    I got up & sit up till bed time.    I’m going to try to read then go to bed.    it started to snow before dark & at 9-30 ground’s covered

Fri. Jan. 28. 1949./ page. 2281./ 5. eggs this day./  & not very cold and the wind has checked up, it blew from midnight in strong puffy wind untill tonight.   I took care of the beds & rooms.  I thank God for all our many blessings & that He’s still, is still caring for me & us.    Amen.   

Sat. Jan 29. 1949./ 5. eggs today/   I was in bed most of the day    didn’t even do my daily doz.   snowed some & colder.    hope I can get my rags washed out    I’m most out.   I do praise the Lord for all our many blessing in Jesus Holy Name.  

Sun. Jan. 30. 1949./ 6. eggs today./  And I been in bed all day,    but I believe I’m better although, I have to blow & sneeze & kidneys so weak I need a hose,    Well, I thank God for all my many blessings in Jesus Name Amen.   

Mon. Jan. 31. 1949 / 5. eggs today./  Well, I got out of a sick bed & did out half the washing    got it all done & swept the middle of the floor & then in walks the Little Japanesse woman, came in to supper & to stay all night,   Well, I wasn’t feeling very fit,    but, Elbert dug out the cot & mattress & I put his bedding on it, in the Kitchen, & together the little lady & I made up the bed with fresh bedding,    she then got me to put my night gown on & she went after my back & mucels & she sure can give you the works,   my cold was loose & I was raising up flem, but my ears hurt me so bad   first one & then another & achs & pain as with all severe colds, but when she got done with me I felt warm & in an hour or so I really relaxed & rested.   but I can’t sleep,  to sleep sound but like a cat with one eye & ear watching & listening,    I’ve been that way for yrs.   I love the little Japanesse Lady & she loves me & God takes care of His children, for just when we feel so utterly down & out and as if we can’t go on, He sends in help,    I had Elbert dress a hen for her,    she had ask if we’d sell hr one & it was a nice way to return a little of her Kindness.   I gave her the pret5ty handkercheif with colored flowers & white back ground & such a pretty white tatted edge around it & two more that I got at Christmas time with flowers in them    she was so pleased with them,    “I had been wishing for some marshmallow” & if she hadn’t brought them to,    & she also, brought me a package of butterscotch squares, each one done in a cellophane rapper & all neatly packed in an-other rapper.    She has a pass,   but, it was & is so Kind of her to come in answer to prayer & “God’s will as she say.”    Well, I thank & Praise God in Jesus Dear & Holy Name, for all my many blessing   Glory to God in the Highest    I Love Jesus & thank Him & all the praise & Glory truly belongeth to Him forever & ever Amen.    People & cattle are starving in snow bound places in several States & all or most all the fresh vegetables have been frozen & fruits;    California is perplexed over the snow & trouble they are having, since before Christmas & they are still getting it.as are the other States.    God’s will being done & His works being carried out now the country’s are all talking Pease, another warning.    May God keep us closer ever 

Mon. Jan. 31. 1949./ page, 2282./  only 5. eggs today./   closer to Him;   Oh, Dear Heavenly Father do have mercy & help all Thy children to live Thy ways in all things,    Keep us humble & true to Thee Amen.   Today was Wyn’s birthday,    she’s 74. yrs. old & getting wrinkled. 

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