She got her Soldiers and Sailors relief renewal information this month. Elbert is suffering from indigestion, probably gastritis along with sinus or upper respiratory infection or inflammation by the sound of it.  She has him on a program of washing his back with alcohol, hot water bottles, hot flannels, being rubbed with vicks ointment or mentholatum, drinking brandy sling, and taking Anacin.  She writes out the night time ritual in each entry. 


Wed. Feb. 1. 1950./ 44. y.p.  8-H-eggs today/  I haven’t done much today out side  my regular house work & Elbert did his usual chores & took the papers.   These long leaf pines make a beautiful picture against the blue sky,      no mail today     I wrote Nellie a letter to go out tomorrow    Elbert’s going to Lorain for a treatment,    ‘the Dr gets his money’    & his stomach is no better    I pray God will help him to trust in Jesus & be saved & healed

Wed. Feb. 1. 1950/ page. 2482./ 44. y.p. -8.H. eggs this day./ I haven’t felt to good today & hope to feel better tomorrow.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for my healing.    Truly there isn’t any one Who could take Jesus Place    All the Glory & Honor belongeth to Him forever & ever Amen. 

Thurs. Feb. 2. 1950./ 46. y.p. -9H.eggs today/  Woodchuck day,   they say if he sees his shadow we’ll have 6 week cold weather & Christmas days call for lots of rain or snow.    Was Cloudy untill late afternoon    the sun came through twice good & clear, but not for long, each time,    so the chuck could have seen his shadow had he come out to look for it.    Moon & stars so clear & bright it’s all most like day time out side    I can see the rabbit’s running out in the back yard & in the park beyond.    I finished the washing today.    Elbert went to Lorain with eggs & took his treatment & sold 18. doz. eggs for 45 cents per. doz. & he bought a bag of mash & one of grain    it cost 8.10 & that was just enough to pay for it with a doz.    he brought back 10. doz.    he paid 35 cents out of his money.     He hasn”t felt very well,    his stomach & bowels are bad,    his stomach sours & burns so bad after each meal & wheather he eat or not.    I sure am sorry for him but don’t know how to help him.    We have been trying to figure out a puzzle that’s sure a puzzler.    but we can sharpen up our wits, maybe.    I must read & then go to bed,   tomorrow is another day of fasting and prayer & I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Holy Name for all things taught, both great or small & pray all thing work out for His Good & Glory & I pray He will keep me humble & true and put His Loving Seal upon me. Amen

Fri. Feb. 3. 1950./ 42. y.p. 11.-H. eggs today/  WE didn’t get up very early,    but I was to tired to work,    so, I tried to work the words in the D.A.V puzzle,    it’s quite a game, but I like trying any way.    I have done my daily round today.    I received a card from Miss. Clark,    shes in Cleveland with her Sister Eleanor Clark,    she  E. isn’t very well,  she “Miss. L. C. ” said E. broke some ribs a while ago.    Well we worked on the puzzle some & I got one with 387 points & one with 388 points,    so I’ll send one in & the other later on.    I thank God in Jesus Name I can give a little in for the crippled & bed ridden soldier boys    I’m not planing on any gains but I sure could use some extra cash  if I had it    but the D.A.V needs all they can get for the care of the boys.    Frank

Fri. Feb. 3. 1950./ page 2483/ 42. y.p. -11-H- eggs this day/  always gave for the support of the boys & since I’m receiving help from the Soldiers & Sailors, it don’t seem wrong to work puzzles.  Jim & Jean’s birth day 16. yrs. old     I pray God’s will be done and not mine,    for, I never figure on any gains.    I love the Lord more than all else. 

Sat. Feb.4. 1950./ 43. y.p.  8-eggs today./ WEll I haven’t slept very well for a number of nights & this morning a slat in the bottom of the big chair let loose & hit the floor so hard, that my nerves boomed for more than an hour    for I was really asleep when it hit the floor with a thud that boomed,    Elbert laughed,    it was swo funny to wake up.    So I got up, got dinner ready,    We, ate & I washed the dishes but I had mixed up the bread before dinner, an mix it into a hard loaf,    so, I swept both bedrooms  aired them, swept the Kitchen & dusted then, made the beds & washed me self & then made one loaf of bread & two tins of bread biscuits,    Elbert went with the papers,    he came back with boiling meat “a piece of shank, a joint & a little fat” so I put it right on to cook,    he got a package of spinage & lb. of butter,    the bread & biscuits were done shortly after he came back.    We ate beef broth & crackers for our supper.    Well, it wasn’t quite so cold today & the sun shone bright yesterday & today    wind was S or S. west.    I thank and Praise God for all His many blessings & for His promises & I live & hope for the Seal & hope to get off to church tomorrow.    I miss going to prayermeeting more than I can tell.    I received my check today & no word as to what I have to expect in the future, as yet,     but am trusting they’ll let me know.

Sun. Feb. 5. 1950./ 46 y.p.  13. H. eggs today./ Well, I got up, washed & dressed & combed my hair & cleaned my teeth  shook up beds & opened the windows  shut the doors & straightened up the kitchen & made rice soup for dinner.    We had the meat & some tomatoes & spinage & then listened to one man’s family & the quize kids & then Rev. Winston’s wife & their sister & brother in law came in & talked church for a while then went again they are going to have an-other minister & some extra singers & they were giving out invitious but I’d rather go to one meeting at 31st. St Church than all they have at Vermilion Gospel Church    Oh, Praise the Lord you can feel the Power of God in 31st. St. Church & thats the place to go.   Glory to God in the Highest, Glory , Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.    We went early   left here 5-15-p-m & stopped & left a tin of bread biscuits for Mrs. Sprunk, with Mrs. West.    & they were to church & she thanked me for them,    she don’t look very well & says she isn’t     I pray the Lord will help her     several of us were anointed & prayed for tonight & I praise God & thank

Sun. Feb. 5. 1950./ page. 2484./ 46. y.p. 13. H. eggs this day./    Him for all our healings in Jesus Holy Name.    I love Jesus    He’s wonderful.    We stopped at Audrey’s & she & Gertie were just having a cup of tea,    so, we visited for an hour & then went to Church.    We had a real prayer feast after Church, Glory.    We got home safe & it was trying to rain a very fine mist but Elbert said it wasn’t raining when he put the car in.    house was still warm when we got here & there was a good fire yet.    Elbert’s stomach was paining him & he didn’t eat,    but I had a dish of rice soup & a few crackers & cup of hot tea.    & now he’s in bed & I am going soon a I read & fix the fire.    Wind was South today & tonight    partly cloudy, tonight it’s cloudy.    not very cold today or tonight.    Gertie looked sulky tonight but got to be a little more sociable before we left,    Audrey looks so tired.    received a card from Miss Clark & DeHaans book.

Mon. Feb. 6. 1950./35. y.p.   9.H.eggs today/ Today Nellie is 53 yrs. old & in N. Caralina working for her room & board & teaching a 5 yr. old kindergarten lessons.    John would be 53. yrs. old Tue Feb. 1950, he’s been gone 5. yrs.   Uncle Will went in Aug. & Pa in Nov. & Aunt Edith in Dec. 1944. & then John in Jan. 5th. 1946.    Nellie says,    Why should all these things happen to her.   I pray God will help them, all my brothers, sisters & sister-in-laws, nephews, neices, cousins & all there families to understand & do His Will in Jesus Name, Amen.    I thank Thee for strength & courage & pray for the Holy Ghost for I crave to know more Jesus Blessed Pure & Sacred,  All the Glory belongest to Thee.

Tue. Feb. 7. 1950./ 45. y.p.  7.H. eggs today/ Well, I slept late & so did Elbert    I was washing up the dinner dishes when Inize came in & her husband    we had a nice visit & they ate an oyster stew with us for supper    then they flew off for home    he don’t like to drive after dark.    Elbert went with the papers & came & took care of hens & then helped me with supper.   They seem to enjoy coming & we like them to.    So I didn’t get only my daily round done.    Elbert forgot the mash,    so he will have to go in the morning for it as store is closed in the evening.    I’d like to go to the store, but will have to try to wash.    It’s not quite so warm today & mostly Cloudy. N.east wind.

Wed. Feb. 8. 1950./ 38. y.p.  11.H.eggs today./  Well, I did most of the washing today & got most of them dried in the house but Georgia dried hers out side,    wind was strong enough to dry them,    but it was damp so I don’t beleive they were only damp dry.    Well I’ll have a few more pieces Fri. if all goes well    I thank Thee Jesus for the strength of this day and the nice

Wed. Feb. 8. 1950./ page. 2485./ 38. y.p.  11. H. eggs this day./ sunshine was nice untill 3-p-m.  clouded up & rained a heavy shower about 8-p-m. & wind freshened up & is quite strong now.    Elbert hopes to cell eggs tomorrow & to go to Lorain & to the Dr.    I hope to set bread & wipe up kitchen floor & perhaps iron.    I wrote a letter to Miss Willitts & also one to Grandma Widiwich, his daughter put them in the poor house & he said if he had to go there he’d die & he did,   she’s there yet,    I wish so much I could have let them come here but releif is a hard thing to deal with & there daughter didn’t help them only to the poor house    I wonder if her children will put here there one of these days.    Oh God of Love & Mercy help us to do Thy will in all things great or small & keep me humble & true in Jesus Name.

Thurs. Feb. 9. 1950./ 45-yp-10-H-eggs today/ Elbert went to Lorain to Dr. & he sold 31. doz. for 40 cents per. doz. total $12.40 & 8 doz. in Lorain for 45 cents total 3.60 & all together $16.00    he bought mash & grain $8.10 & the meat & groceries cost 14.59 & last week he got 2 bals of straw $1.10 so,  there wasn’t much left.    I did the bal. of the washing 2 dresses, 2 shirts & 2 pieces for big chair, “the back & seat & arm piece. & 1/2 small pieces & I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits & a round loaf.    & made stew for supper    we had 2 short steaks for dinner,    I had potatoes & parsnips about ready when he got here & the water ready for tea,    so, I cooked steaks & we ate.   I ground balance of steak & cooked speggetti & rice & put meat in with it & a can of corn Mexican type style & red kidney beans & seasoning,    it tasted good with tomatoes.   It’s been a cloudy day    wind N.west this morning & S.east tonight.    it’s not cold out.    Received card from Bonita ,    she says her mother isn’t very well, blood pressure again, so she may come home again,    I hope she will be O.K.    B. said she received calender O.K.    she said yesterday was mom’s birthday    she wrote the card the 7th.   she said she sent her mother 2. aprons.    She said she went shopping Feb. 6. & that Joan was staying with her yet & that Martha had a birthday dinner for Jim & Jean Ann,    they were 16. yrs. old Feb. 3. 1950.    I hope they are in church & learning God’s will soon.    Bonita hoped Uncle & I were well & said to write & come when we could  with Love from Bonita Eddy.    I wanted to go to prayermeeting tonight     but, we were both tuckered out,     Elbert had walked his legs off selling eggs & had to carry water for hens & mash & feed & deliver papers back to Vermilion & then get coal & water for the house, so he didn’t feel as if he could drive to Wakeman. 10 or 12 miles from hear, and he can’t see very well to drive after dark, so we didn’t go to night    perhaps we’ll go next week    I pray God will help us to get to a prayermeeting some where    I need that contact so much    I thank God for the strength of today & all our many blessing in Jesus Blessed Name.

Fri. Feb. 10. 1950./ page. 2486./ 43. y.p. -9-H-eggs today/  Well, I haven’t done much today,    been to tired & loggie    feel to heavy on my feet & just have to sit more than work,    I took care of the beds & room as usual & then did the sweeping and cooked dinner & did dishes & dusted & been to tired to wipe up floors & iron,    so, I let tomorrow decide on my work,    I have the floors to wipe up & the darning to do & button holes to work & then iron if I can, but I don’t want to get to tired to go to Church Sun.    I sent Mrs. West a tin of bread biscuits,    she wanted them,    I had, had Elbert leave a tin there for Mrs. Sprunk a week ago.    Received a card from Miss Clark,    said she was coming home soon & would be seeing us..    With Love Lida.    I thank and Praise my Lord God of Hosts for His healings & for the ans. of prayer,    Elbert had a bad cold last night & could hardly rest all night,    but felt a little better this a.m. & much better tonight & so do I,    We had the tank gas bring another tank of gas yesterday & after I paid him for two, the last one & this one, he walked out with my receipt & I hurried out to get it just before he got away in the truck,    I had been washing & was hot & sweaty & the air was damp & chilly    my lower front teeth had chills all day,    but tonight I’m better Praise God.    Elbert did all his chores & delivered the papers, ate a good supper  read the news paper & listened to “believe it or not on the radio” & now he’s gone to bed again.    I thank Thee Jesus We have so very much to be thankful for and we do so little in helping with Thy work.    Oh God of Love & Mercy, I pray Thou will fill us & use us, Amen, 

Sat. Feb. 11. 1950./ 41. y.p.-11-H. eggs today/ I got the floor wiped up & dishes done but not much else,    got a cold to,    & Elbert has a bad cold    he’s all stuffed up & feels it all over tonight,    he’s careless    had a wool flanel around his neck & then took it off & opened the neck of his shirt wide & go off out doors.    air is damp & chilly,    he’s going to drink hot brandy sling & go to bed.    My ear has a notion to ach tonight & I have a pain near the heart.    I hoped he would feel better so we could go to church but guess we can’t go by the look tonight    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray he will be lots better tomorrow. in Jesus Name & me also.    I thank Thee

Sun. Feb. 12. 1950./ page. 2487/ 44. y.p. -9-H. eggs today/ Elbert’s colds so bad we been home al day    wind’s N.east & strong & puffy but not very cold,   just sort of chilly    Well I rubbed Elbert in alchol & greesed him & put hot flannels on his & hes tucked in bed & hopes to go to Lorain to Dr. tomorrow.    I feel my cold is better & praise God from whom all blessings flow, in Jesus Sacred Holy Name, Amen;    I pray Thou will take care of Elbert & give him that change of heart he needs so much & fill us both with Thy Holy Spirit and I’ll give Thee all the praise and Glory for-ever & ever Amen. Glory, Glory.

Mon. Feb. 13. 1950./ 39.y.p.  9-H. eggs today/   Elbert could hardly speak aloud this morning    I got up in the early morning & fixed him a hot drink & a hot water bottle & got up in middle of the night so I didn’t sleep much untill after I gave him the last hot drink.    he’s still tight in his lungs,    he did his chores & delivered the papers, but with a great deal of effort    & it snowed last night, & then rained early this morning & rained alday & is still raining hard at 9-p-m.    I haven’t done only what I had to do today.   have felt to heavy all day,    but my cold seems broke    I’m trusting and believing God will in Jesus Name keep me free,    Well, I’ve got Elbert back washed with alcohol & greesed with turpo ointment    I gave him his liver pills & a cough drop & he’s tucked in for a little while.    It rains hard in showers every few minutes    I received a nice letter from Miss. Willitts & a renewal from soldiers releif commission, for which I thank & Praise God     & I thank the men on the releif board for thinking of me as I would of them, in like circumstances.  I Praise the Lord for His Mercies.    I dreamed of Ma & Mrs. Ward & Gleason & a sick little baby that no one but I, seemed able to comfort.    I pray God will again, in Jesus Name have mercy & I thank Him & give Him all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 14. 1950./ 39. y.p.  11-H. eggs today./ Well, I thought I couldn’t wash but I got it all done.   & all dried but the union suit & I got the supper but didn’t do dishes    I re-ceived a letter from Grandma Wulovich    she seemed so happy to hear from me & said Alberta Harris had gone to live at R.D.# 1 Crowley R’d Columbia Station North Eaton Ohio with a Mrs. Byrley. last July.    I ask her if she could come stay with me for a few day when it gets warm-er weather & she wants to come now she gets so lonesome there.    She said the minister was there Wed. to see her.    I feel so sorry for her & all the others who have to be there & pray I never have to go to such a jplace.    Elbert’s cold is some better but he sill feels rather punk & I washed his back in alcohol & greesed it & put hot wool flannels on him & a hot water bottle.    It rained in showers all night & today with sun shining through between & there was a rainbow in the East    The wind is strong & puffy & has gone from S.east to S.west & the snows all gone & it hasn’t been cold chilly as in Spring.

Wed. Feb. 15. 1950. / page. 2488./ 27. y.p.-10.H eggs today./  Well, with lots of grunts & groans the old girl got the ironing done & I did my daily dozen & I can’t begin to tell you how terribly tired I am.    No mail today,  been a dark cloudy day with snow showers that melted as it fell,    wind was S. west all day & now backed up to South & a little warmer at 9-30-p-m.    We heard a man give a wonderful testimony on a program called “This is your life”    He had dragged his wife with him down to the lowest level of life & was about to kill him-self, when he remembered some one had said,  When you reach such a decision, call the Salvation Army,    so he did & they took care of he & his wife & went to one of their meeting & at the altar call he took his wife by the hand & went & prayed God would forgive him & save them & help him to be of service to the Lord & now, the brothers who were ashamed of him sood up & said they were proud of him    the man he earnestly hoped that all who needed help as badly as he had, would call on the Lord & be saved.    May they really know the Lord & may God bless them to that end, Amen.    We “Elbert & I” went as we listened to him, his wife & brothers & those who, of the Salvation Army testify of all there sins and sorrows & of the wonderful joy they have found in God & in serving the Lord.   Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for saving my soul & trust He will help me to praise Him in Spirit & in Truth. Amen.    I hope I can swe tomorrow    Elbert’s pajamas are about done & Lord God of Hosts how I wish I could go to prayer meeting again. 

Thurs. Feb. 16. 1950./ 44. y.p. 9-H-eggs today./Well Elbert got up & took care of hens & ate & went to Lorain.    He sold 19. doz. at Vermilion on the Lake & Alberta Beach & 7.60 & he bought mash 4.25 out of it & he paid for mash Mon. out of his own pocket 4.25 & there was 35 cents out of his for last Thurs. making 4.60 hens owed him.    So today he sold 7.60 & a woman came here tonight & bought the 10-doz. making 4.00 more & total of 11.60,  the mash.  4.25 & the & 91 cents for food & the 4.60 hens owed Elbert made 9.76 leaving $1.84 & he has kept that.    I have got to pay for blocks for part of a new chimney.  & I don’t know what the planks & work will cost if we could manage to do it our selves that would be fine.    I know we could but Elbert don’t think we can    I guess he don’t want to do it,    but, maybe we will have to     I pray God will help all things to work out His way in Jesus Name. Amen.    Well, I worked all the button holes over in Elbert’s union suit today & did my dirty dozen.    I haven’t slept for several nights & only got a few naps before I got up,    so I’ve been tired all day.    It’s tried to snow all day in showers     it did snow a white blanket last night.    Elbert went to the Dr.    I hated to see him start out,    but, he’s feeling better today.  thank God.

Thurs. Feb. 16. 1950./ page. 2489./ 44. y.p. -9-H-eggs this day./  I had been asking God to help us sell the other 10 doz. eggs here so Elbert wouldn’t have to go out & sell them & just at supper time a woman came in & bought them all, for an-other woman from Cleveland.    Praise the Lord God of Hosts    He hears & ans. prayer, Glory to his Presious Name.    I love Him. 

Fri. Feb. 17. 1950./ 45. y.p.-9-H-eggs today./ WEll, it’s been a nice day, partly cloudy with sun coming through and some time sort of playing hide & seek,    it stayed for several hours this morning, but, clouded up this afternoon,    days are getting longer for which I’m glad.    I washed a few pieces & cleaned up the table once again    I sure wish I could work with out getting so tired.    Well, no mail today.    I dreamed of Ma & Mrs. Ward & Gleason the other night & last night of ma, pa, Fred & John.    I owe letters to every one and feel so tired I can’t get at the writing.    I thank God for the strength He gives from day to day, in Jesus Name. 

Sat. Feb. 18. 1950./ 30. y.p. -11-H-eggs today/ Only did my daily round & finished washing out the cloth I use under the table cloth.    Elbert took the papers & went & got the milk    it’s been quite a nice day, partly cloudy, tonight it’s raining.    I thank God & praise Him for all our many blessings,    Elbert’s stomach is bad & of all the excuses but he take the papers & I sure God won’t let him suffer any more for taking me to Church so I must get to bed early tonight & hope to get up & off to church in the morning.    then if it’s bad weather we will be home in the evening & Elbert can’t see to drive very well, so, ; I like to go to evening Service best    I seem to get more good in my soul,    I pray he will be O.K. tomorrow, & praise & Thank God.    We received a letter from Nellie this morning saying she would be home Fri. noon, if all went well & that she guessed she hadn’t ought to have gone in the first place, that she isn’t very well.    Hope she got home safe & not to sick,   it made her sick, going to ride.    

Sun. Feb. 19. 1950./ 41. y.p.-9-H-eggs today./ Frank has been gone 17. yrs. today.    Poor fellow,  how sorry he was he hadn’t lived for the Lord.    When it was to late, for he said he cursed the Holy Ghost and the bible says that’s an unpardonable sin.    I can’t tell how terribly sorry I am.    May God teach us His ways & help us to live His ways in Jesus Name, Amen.    The weather turned cold & so sudden to,    frost on the windows tonight.    We got ready & started for church,   got as far a Kisman’s & car refused to go   Elbert went in & ask young Kishman to pull him back home & he did & didn’t take a cent    he said he belived in being neighborly & he might want Elbert to help him some time,    Elbert told him he’d be glad to do it.   Winds N & little west gone N.east & sounds as if its back N.W.    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Praise & pray he can get it fixed before noon tomorrow.    I’m so sorry we didn’t try the car this morning    God forgive us & help us I thank Thee.

Mon. Feb. 20. 1950./ page. 2490./ 37 y.p. -7.-H- eggs today/ Well, I only did my usual round & cut out a suit of pajamas for Elbert  I hope to get them stitched tomorrow,    it was real cold last night, the windows had heavy frost on them before I went to bed.    and I put papers between the plants & windows & it’s about the same tonight,    winds N.East  & house cools off fast & the bigest coal strike this side of the world has ever known, & I’m sorry for those who haven’t any fuel.    manufacturing plants have had to lay off there men & the rail roads are ; laying off all whole crews & laying up the coal burning engines & rationing the gas, things are as the bible said they would be severe cold snaps & heavy rains & heavy snows & earth quakes & tornadoes in place they are not in the habit of being, floods & high waters & thousands of family, homeless & hungry & the men that rule the world talking peace & getting ready to extermenate the people from the earth, God said He would come before all flesh was destroyed & I thank Him & praise Him, for I’ve learned how true His promises are.

Tue. Feb. 21. 1950./ 39 y.p. 11-H eggs today/ Well, I only got the big chair cover mended     I was sick to my stomach after I went to bed & threw up part of my supper & felt as if I would pass out after a while then I felt some better, but dozy, & I think I slept at day light & I dreamed a little.   I have a lump on my arm & it look as if a dope needle had been used there but I can’t see how any one could get into my room     I always lock the door & bolt it & tie the bolt so it can’t be moved.    & my window screen is nailed in, how I could be molested even if I were asleep,    I don’t know, there are greesy finger marks on my door & the casing,   there isn’t any one here but Elbert & I, so I do wish I had some one to find out what goes on around here.    Well, I didn’t get anything done on pajames    Elbert took a hen to Miller yesterday & killed another today    both were full of eggs the one was all, tore open yesterday    he said her eggs was to big, he guessed & the other one had her hip out of joint    I pray Oh God Thou will take care of me & the things that go on around here, the only time I get a sleep is when he goes with the eggs on Thurs.    God of Love & Mercy Please help me in Jesus Name I ask    I know you hear & see and understand my needs & I’m trusting you will help me & I give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    It been not so cold today snowed & then it rained & was sloppy,    this afternoon sun didn’t shine much    this morning been over cast most of the day    S.east breeze & it not so cold tonight.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for my blessing Amen.   The basement is terribly wet. 

Wed. Feb. 22. 1950./ page. 2491./ 35. y. p. -9-H-eggs today./ It’s been a stormy day & not so cold, but still it seems cold because it’s been so warm, now it”s rained & then froze & then rain with sleet, then heavy shower of snow & tonight more rain & little clear ice balls.     I feel sorry for the trees & things out side,    little birds hurrying around to hunt for food    we put some mash & crumbs out & they scrable for it,    snow soon covers it up or freezes it down.    I haven’t done muc today    to cold to sit by the door to sew & I wasn’t in the mood to write so I crocheted a very little.    They called today a leagual holiday”for it’s George Washington’s birthday _._._. yrs. old    We thought there wouldn’t be a paper delivery today,    Elbert tried the care to see if it would run, it did, but he didn’t get the car out or change lothes & papers came & he said it was my falt he wasn’t ready but he was ready & gone in five minutes,    I don’t see how I was to blame,    I told him it was time to go,    he’d better see if the car would start, so he went & tried it & she did, but he didn’t make any effort to change clothes,    he went to toilet & then got a pail of well water & she came honked the Horn & he set pails inside of house & got car out & put papers in & went,    he pulled his pants on over the ones he had on & I helped him into his & coat & he was off,    he said the road wasn’t bad, but the ice on the wind sheld was bad untill he got on the main highway,    he was only gone 30. minutes.    I had supper ready & we ate when he got back 5-30-p-m.    We had mutton, potatoes cabbaage & onions with brown gravy.    We didn’t have any tea or other hot drinks,     the tea seems to burn our stomachs.     Well, I thank God my Heavenly Father in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all our many many blessings.   He’s a wonderful Sacred Jesus. 

Thurs. Feb. 23. 1950./ __y.p. –   H- eggs today./  Well Elbert left for Lorain with the eggs & to go to Dr. but Dr. wasn’t there so he sold some eggs & went back & was discusted with the condition & left & went to fisher & kroger stores to look them over then came back to Vermilion on the Lake & sold 19. doz. eggs 40 cents per doz. 7.60 & then went to store & paid 8.10 for grain & mash & 1.10 for straw at mill. 9.20 paid out,    he took in 3.60 in Lorain, sold 8. doz. -45 cents per. doz.    he took in 11.20 had 2.00 left. he gave to me.    We got to save for a Chimney    I got up at 9-a-m.    When he left & did out the washing got it washed, but, he forgot to carry the water so I had to wait to get them sudsed & wrinsed,    When he came I had to get dinner & then I sat & rested a few minutes & worked the button holes over in his union suit    then I washed it,    he said he’d bring the water

Thurs. Feb. 23. 1950./ page. 2492./ 34. y.p. -9-H-eggs this day./   but forgot it again & had to go with the papers so I had to wait some more & do a few other things untill he got back.    I saw a rare-bit out by a rose bush, he’d been all around the yard looking for a bite to eat & then huddled up under the rose bush in the sun to sleep.    I thought he’d go when Elbert drove up to the grainery, but he didn’t & I told Elbert & he shot him.    I thank the Lord, for I been wanting wild meat, so he dressed before going with papers & fogot the water for me,     Well he got it when he got back & then he fed hens  gathered eggs empted slop pail carried up coal & got in well water & & wrong out the under wear for me & his work shirt    now most of them are dry except union suit shirt & rags.    It was a really beautiful day    the rabbits, rats & birds were all out hunting food,    it snowed then rained last night and froze, then the sun came out this morning & everything glistened & sparkled & by 11-a-m & had most the ice melted off by noon so,    the birds found the mash & crumbs,    wind was S.west not cold,    I feel as if I’d just be happy if I could get out & walk & not be in such misery with my feet.    I got supper & letting dishes stand.    I made beds & looked after drying clothes & I’m tired & so is Elbert,    he’s stiff from walking to sell eggs.    I think we’ll give it up.    I thank God for all our many blessings, &, Now they are talking of war again, with in the next two yrs. they say.    & it’s going to be a terrible one this time, fought with powerful bombs.    Well God has said it would be so & before all flesh is wipe off the earth He will ccome to claim His own    I hope I can be one of that number.    I love Thee Jesus & Praise Thee. 

Fri. Feb. 24. 1950./ 34. y.p. -9-H.eggs today/ Well it’s been a nice day    snowed & rained & froze but not as bad as night before last    the sun shone most of the day    been partly cloudy.    sunset looked as if it would be nice tomorrow was moon & starlight for awhile,    but now it’s cloudy & the moon dimly spining with a deep orange ring around it.    Elbert’s done his chores & I baked two tins of bread biscuits    I sent Miss Clark a piece of dough, but she wasn’t home    Mrs Fredrick took it & gave him the cans I’d sent down the time before & they were dirty & greesy,    guess she’s tired of my sending so I’ll wait awhile & see.    Elbert got some boiling meat & knockers butter & rice.    I got his pajama pants sewed together & he tried them on,    they look big,   he says they feel O.K. (I wonder.)    maybe I can get them all stitched tomorrow & the jacket partly done    I’ll be glad when they are done    I need to make some house dresses & alter the one I just made, a little.    I did all my daily round & washed up all the dishes after supper.    Oh Dear Heavenly Father I thank Thee in Jesus Dear Holy Name for the strength & tender mercy & care Thou doeth give me & us, and pray Thou will convert & fill us with the Holy Ghost    I thank Thee. Amen. .

Sat. Feb. 25. 1950./ page. 2493./ 36.y.p.-10-H-eggs today./ I sent Nellie a card yesterday.  & I had a sort of congestion in my stomach while eating my supper, that seemed as if it would kill me.    I have had them before,    it’s more terrible than I can discribe.    Well, I got the dinner & then I got at the sewing & I finished Elbert’s pajamas, but then Tom & Mertle “The Rev. Mrs. Eppler” came in,    Rony was out in the car.    & then visited 20 or 30 minutes,    they are now holding church at wakeman,    they have been holding prayer meetings for some time, now Church,    & they came to ask us to come.    I gave them a can of pears, a can of pickle pears, a can of chilly sauce & a jar of Jelly.    I tried to get them to stay for supper but they wouldn’t & said they’d be back for a chicken supper some evening.    So I hope they will.    It’s been quite cold for a few nights.   Sun came out & was quite warm & thawed some, only a few cloud’s & moon light & star light tonight,    light breeze.    I thank God for my man many blessings in Jesus Name.   I Love my Jesus & can see each day how much I need Him.    I pray Thou will keep me close to Thee all the way, Amen.

Sun. Feb. 26. 1950./ 36.y.p.-11-H-eggs today./  Well we went to 31st St. Goaspel Church tonight    they had a wonderful meeting, Praise God     I got wonderfully blessed in Jesus Name, Glory to God, I praise Thee Jesus, Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah,    I love Thee Jesus & want to be counted worthy & pray Thou will help me to understand,  and do the right things before it’s forever to late    I’ll give Thee all the Glory & honor, forever & ever Amen.    It’s quite cold out, but I didn’t get chilled.    Elbert went over to Audrey’s    she & Gertie were alone    A’s having trouble with her hand    she thinks it’s the dye in the goods they are working on.    She told Elbert Joan fell & hurt her knee & fainted & they took her to Bonita & she’s there yet,    that was 2 weeks ago.    Audrey said she expected Nellie over to see her but she hasn’t been yet.    Nellie came home last Sat a week ago,     I reckon she’s wishing she hadn’t come back.    Such is life    Well What ever they said about me, he doesn’t reveal,   I don’t even know if they ask how I was or had, been,    Elbert had a soreness in his throat again yesterday & today & it’s hurting him tonight,   he’s dopped hisself & gone to bed    We ate a hot knocker apiece & 2 slices toast & drank a cup of hot ovaltine apiece    The Lord took & brought us safely & keep the chimney in tact & the fire    it was warm when we got back home,    been a fine day with sunshine & the win’s north & clouds are white & flying fast    moon is clear & quite cold.

Mon. Feb. 27. 1950./ 39.y.p.-9-H.-eggs today./ Well it’s truly been a wonderful day    not so cold today    sun was nice & warm & it melted the snow & ice a lot,    it wasn’t

Mon. Feb. 27. 1950./ page. 2497./ 39.y.p. 9.H. eggs this day./ very thick on the ground just sort of a crust.    Elbert’s throat’s better, but he’s doped it again tonight with vicks ointment,    he took the papers & is getting Spring fever, wishing for fresh fish,     but they say there’s 13 or 14 miles of ice out here, but the ice breaker & dredge came down from Detroit & ice braker went back,    the man that owns the farm where we get the milk, works on the dredge & the crew or part of them have been working & repairing all winter & came down on it to Cleveland & came home by buss & got there 2-a-m.,    he had to walk about 1 1/2 miles from the main highway home,    the fishermen are getting anxious, for the season opens Mar. 15. & that’s only 16 days now.    Well, I did my daily round & made Elbert’s pajama jumper, & got it all down even bottoms & button holes but it tires me terribly to sew that steady.    Joan is at Nellie’s,  Elbert said Audrey didin’t know if she broke her knee cap, but she can’t stand on her leg.    So I suppose Nellie wont get to much rest & quite.    No. mail mail today    Elbert wants to go to Huron to look around. he say, in the morning.    I hope to do a little more sewing for myself,    I need a couple house dresses.   & I really ought to write some letters.    I thank & praise God for all my & our blessings in Jesus Blessed Holy Name & pray He will reveal what I shoulod be doing for Him.    I love my Jesus & want to do His will.

Tue. Feb. 28. 1950./ 36.-y.p.-12-H-eggs today./   Oh how it rained & thundered & lightened    that was like early in the spring, the rain poured down & it froxze as it landed so everything really had a thick white coating,  after awhile about noon then not steady,    but it was really warm & melted the ice fast even though it was an extra heavy coating,    the ice-cycles 3 in long looked like deep fringe all around the grainery roof & even on the cloth line,    only they were short 1 or 1 1/2 in long & they were so evenly spaced made it beautiful,    it rained in  heavy showers untill noon,    looked as if it would about 3-30-p-m, but hasn’t so far & it’s 9-30-p-m.    Chirstmas days said high wind & rain or snow for Mar. & they said the same on the radio tonight,  & not very cold.  Elbert took the papers & roads were not bad,    but there’s been a lot of things happening, car accidents & people killed    children drownding & right down here at Ruggles Beach a group of youngsters were adrift before they knew it & one boy swam 1/4 mile to shore & got help,    they got back with 3 row boats & got the girls & boys that were 1/2 mile “by then” from shore,    they were from Ruggles beach & Vermilion.    Well I only did my usual round & no more    I’ve felt tired out & all in     to much sewing all in a bunch & it’s tiresome & have some one trying to make you be-lieve you might be doing it wrong, but I got it done even though I sweat like rain,    so I felt weak & limp today & I haven’t done the washing yet this week but God Willing I’ll do it yet,   Wish I had his union suit done.    I Praise Thee Jesus.

Tue. Feb. 28. 1950./ page. 2495./ 36. -y.p.-12.-H.- eggs this day./ for all the wonderful things Thou art doing and I’m still hoping & trusting for Thy seal of promise Glory to God I love Thee Jesus, and praise Thee & all the glory truly does belongeth to Thee    I often feel I’d like to get up on the house top & preach, but there are so few that want to hear the truth,    I pray for Thy people all over the world & I’m glad Thou tought me yrs ago to love all people & I still am hungry to know more & more, help me Jesus,  I thank Thee & give Thee the Glory for ever & ever, Amen  Elbert’s got his throat healed again but his stomach, gas, wont work off his stomach.    We received a card from Bonita,    she said Joan was there yet & that they had heard from all her sisters & brother & they are O.K.   Joan throwed her knee out of joint play ball, at Gym class.    she said come when you can & write, Love from All & Bonita.    I owe a letter to every one    hope to get some of them off before long.    We had fresh canned oysters for supper    they were fine.

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