December 1950

Fri. Dec. 1. 1950./ 6. eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Huron this a-m.    I got up & washed what dirty clothes there were & got most of them dried before supper,     Elbert didn’t get back un- till 2.p.m. & I only had water enough to wash them     so, I mended 2 of my shirts & did a few other odds & ends & when he came I had just made 2 cups of tea so he drank one & I warmed up what few potatoes carrots & a small dumplin & he put them away & then went out & cleaned 4 nice big pike & he brought the water first so I got the cloth suded & wrinsed

Fri. Dec.1. 1950./ page. 2696./ 6 eggs this day./  got them mostly hung up,    then I clean- ed & scraped the fish & salted them.    Elbert went with the papers & came back & got the po- tatoes ready for supper & put them on to cook,    he feed hens before he left.    While he was frying fish in come Myrtle & Tom Eppler & they wasn’t going to stay but I put plates & everything & they sat up & ate with us & visited for an hour or so after supper & then they went with out having prayer,     but I pray God will bless them & there ef- forts to do His will, & for coming clear out here to see me    I wish they had prayed for me, but they will pray tonight     & I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for His healing redeeming Power.    It’s been a fine day with sunshine & the fishermen are having a hard time getting there nets in    they are rolled & full of ice, slush, ice & makes it hard to pull them,    & now at 11-20-p-m.     it’s raining hard, the snow melted all of the south side of the grainery but there was about 6. or maybe 7. inches of snow on the ground.    N.E. rain;   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & for helping Harry Miller,    they took him to a woman preacher & they say that he can raise up on his elbows now,     Oh, God I Praise Thee in Jesus Holy Name.

Sat. Dec.2. 1950./4. eggs today./ Suny in morning, cloudy afternooon & evening & rained in the middle of the night.     I was so sick I went to bed at 8-30-p-m to sick to write;    Elbert took the papers 4-30-p-m & went on to Lorain & got the radio,     went in & see & talked to Audrey & Gertie a few minutes & then came on home,    some how I felt so bad I can’t remember just what Sat. was like    I felt so bad,    it was late when I did get up  & then went back at 8-10 & prayed for sometime & thanked God at length for my healing,    an after a few hrs. I began to Praise God in Jesus Name, the pain left my stomach & head the verteba went back into place,    Oh how I love & Praise Thee Jesus that you hear & ans. prayer, for several were praying for me & may He bless them. 

Sun. Dec. 3. 1950./ 4. eggs today./   Well, Praise God in Jesus Name, the soreness has about left me & I’ll never be able to express in words the releif & Joy to know Jesus touched me again    It’s wonder, just marvelous    Oh how I love Jesus,    there’s no other friend or brother like the lowly Jesus & there’s no living being,     who came  do for us, the wonderful things, Jesus does.    Glory to His Blessed Holy Name;   Tonight we listened to Rev. Buser from Amherst Preach,    The young folks sang several of the church Hyms & the congregation sang some Hyms & the Sermon. was “Christmas” should we worship just the giving & receiving of gifts or the gay, frivilous things of this world     or Jesus who takes care of the soul?    I’d say, take the world, but give me Jesus, Praise His Name.    Wind went S.W. Sat. & now, N.W. & Radio say N. East before morning & colder,     it is colder now at 10-p-m.    most of the snow has melted with Sat & Sat night rains,    grass is green, & Elbert saw a nice cock pheasent across the road today.   he got  [?] milk & paid all he owes

Mon. Dec. 4. 1950./ page. 2697./ 5. eggs today./    Been cloudy all day & breeze stayed N. W. untill after dinner it went N.E.    I don’t know just where it is tonight.    not as cold tonight as it was at this time last night.     I haven’t done much today, took care of beds & rooms & washed dishes.   Elbert did what cooking there was done.    I didnt even feel able to crochet.    There wasn’t any mail today,    but Elbert got the radio back Sat. so I got a little good music & the news.    I don’t feel able to do anything & it seems they’re are looking forward to my kicking off by the little things I hear,    Elbert don’t feel v ery well & he’s as nervous as a toad in hot mud    he knows I’m sick,    but he ask me to get up & look after the fire    it seemed to be smoking & lots of gas,    I thought I couldn’t but I did,    the pipe had come clear out the chimney, he had to get up & climb up & fix it,    he fixed it the way he thought it ought to be instead of the way we had found better,    well I hope it don’t burn the place down be- fore I’m done with it,    I left him to look after the chimney & it’s to short on top     & don’t draw like it use to,    but they thought it looked O.K.    Well I pray God will take care of me & I feel sure He will & that even seems to vex some people.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things now & for ever Amen. 

Tue. Dec. 5. 1950./ 7. eggs today./   Well I swept & cleaned the windows & cut back a couple plants & took care of beds & washed dishes & crocheted a little tonight.     Not very cold out    N.E. breeze    Radio said snow     sun set was yellow & it was cloudy, untill late this after noon 4-30 or 5-p-m    Elbert went for milk & got a bottle of skimed milk for 10 cents & it’s sour tonight.    Elbert went to fish house & got a good mess of fish & cleaned them,    We had some for dinner & he took a few to Harry Miller & 2. to Miss. Clark,    he stopped at Millers & Miss Clark was there,    so he gave her the fish & went in & gave Harry his & talked to him a few minutes & came home with soup meat,    he’s so nervous lately.    I can’t understand it,    his head & back have been hurting him a- gain,    guess he catches a little cold & adds to it just enough to keep him miserable.    I thank God for our blessings  & pray for the boys trying to fight & freezing,    They said tonight they have carried out 14 thousand & flying them to hospitals    it’s truly terrible & getting worse,    they say Russia is using Chinesse instead of her own army.    Oh God, have mercy I pray & help them to call on Thee, Thou hast promised to hear them & I thank Thee,    help us to do more to help in Thy work & to be more worthy to be Thine in Jesus Name, Amen.

Wed. Dec. 6. 1950./ 5. eggs. today./  Elbert’s birthday   He is 68. yrs. old today    Well, I got up at 10-a.m.    but I didn’t do much today, only my daily round     I darned Elbert’s sock & my undies & finished the chair back tonight.   wasn’t

Wed. Dec. 6. 1950./ page. 2698./ 5, eggs this day./  very cold today,    but tonight it’s raining early this evening & now at 10-p-m it’s sleeting from S. east,    they have had 18. inches of snow in 6. hours just north & west of us,    & radio says snow in the morning,    Elbert only has 3. doz. eggs to deliver     so, I hope the weather & roads wont be bad.    he hadn’t ought to be gone very long,    I’m still not feeling like getting out,    so, it’s nice to have him home.    I thank & Praise God for him & for Jesus who is a jpriceless Friend & Saviour,    I couldn’t live with out Jesus . Glory to God   I love Thee Jesus more than anything in this world, Amen.

Thurs. Dec. 7. 1950./ 6. eggs today./  Elbert went & sold 3. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz. 2.10 & I slept untill late but got up in time to do the odds & ends & get the dinner ready     & Elbert brought some 2 pieces of steak about the size of the palm of your hand for dinner     so we had hot soup & meat & potatoes & onions    & it rained in heavy showers while he was gone,    he met Needing in Vermilion & went to Lorain with him  & got the Christmas cards (25) & he went to social security Office & got back home at 12-noon    I had begun to think,     it was taking him a long time & then I began to pray & see him in another cab & with an- other man, whom I didn’t seem to recognize,    well he looked as if every-thing was O.K. & then, he seemed to be in his own car on his way home & I didn’t understand untill he got here & told me he’d been with Kneeding to Lorain & back from Vermilion.    I Praised God for taking care of him & I truly think He is the most wonderful Jesus to me,    I love Jesus.    We saw 6 male pheasent in the snow storm acrossed the road after dinner    & they flew over on Sarr’s & we didn’t see them any more,    the rain turned to snow & got colder & ground is white & front storm door window is froze solid    the wind comes in strong puffs. & cold,    we put out some feed for the birds    it was so cold & stormy & windy they could hardly eat,    Elbert has got 6. rats just of late,    he got 2 in the coop, this moring.     Radio said it would be down to 15 degrees    I’m sorry for every living thing out side in the cold & I can’t help thinking & praying for the boys who are freezing & fighting.     May God of Love & Mercy be with them & take care of them & everything & body Who must suffer the cold.    Jesus Blessed Jesus.    I receiv ed my check today & Elbert a birthday card from Audrey with 10.00 in it & a card from Esel & he sent one to her yesterday & he sent red papers to Carl Betz    Elbert took the papers tonight,    it was 5-p-m. a little after when papers came & bad outside-    I hated so see Elbert have to go. but Praise God he made it.)

Fri. Dec. 8. 1950./ page 2679 [she has gone back to the numbering she abandoned earlier] / 5 eggs today./ Elbert went for milk   no/one home    so he went back after dinner    he don’t feel very well,    I pestered him to get him to ans., Audrey’s Nellie’s & Carl Betz’s letter    & he didn’t do half a job,    says he don’t feel like writing,    so I’m the goat, to keep up the friendships,     Carl use to write to Elbert & Nora, to,     now they write & after 6 months or 10, I finally ans.    I haven’t started the Christmas cards out yet;    I’ve been feeling real punk.    I did the washing all except Elbert’s work shirt & socks,    I had them all done but those & he offered to finish rubing them    so I let him    I get so tired & conjested through my stomach I can’t re- lax till morning & it’s such a dull tiresome ach.    I have them all dried except his heavy uncerwear, it’s part wool.    Elbert warmed up the supper,    he got part of the grocerys & forgot part     & so we had no butter & I made hot biscuits for supper & no butter.     Well the sun shone most of the day & last night the cold wind blew all night,    I kept the fire untill 1-a-m then went to bed & had to leave my door open    & so I couldn’t sleep untill morning    & then I just got a few winks,    Elbert got up & fixed the fire at 2-a-m & a gain early & then he sat in big chair & slept awhile    then went for milk    they wasn’t home so he came back,    he took warm water to hens & he said they sure liked it.    & he’s been warming the grain to,    I don’t think he’s giving them quite enough so I’m going to have him measure it tomorrow    I want them to have enough for some are still moulting & they need all they want of grain.   no frost on the window tonight   wasn’t quite so cold today or tonight   wind’s backed up to the South.  I thank God for the strength He gave me to wash & do my other daily chor es.    He’s a wonderful Jesus,  I Praise His Holy Name. 

Sat. Dec. 9. 1950./ 4. eggs today/  Well, I didn’t do much today, only what had to be done,    Elbert went to Vermilion & bought 6.41 worth of canned good    & then when he went with the papers he got 5.00 in one place & 2.78 in another & 1.99 at meat market,    so I haven’t much left out of my check,   I gave him 20.00,    I give 10.00 for last mo. & this for God’s work & I have to pay for tank of gas. 8.79 or maybe more this time,    & Elbert only gets 10 or 12.00 per. week & he has up keep on car & part of what I give him goes on milk bill 4.65 per. mo.    I thank God for all He gives us & I try to handle it with much- care.   I Praise God in Jesus Name,    He’s truly wonderful & I pray I may be worthy of His Love & Grace in all things great or small,    I thank Him for His word & helping me to read and understand & I humbly pray He will guide me all the way,    & help me to testify for Him & be a blessing in Church for Him.    S. Wind last night & today but not strong,    sunshine alday getting cloudy at sunset.,  not very cold, snow gone

Sun. Dec. 10. 1950./ page. 2680./ 3. eggs today./  Sun came through this morning but not for long,    it cloudy up and late this after noon for long it started to snow & laid a white blanket     then it must have warmed enough so it melted of the grainery roof    then just before dark it got colder & now grainery roof is white again.    We heard Rev. Buser preach & the congretion sing & a few extra numbers by voice & instruments,      it was all very good & the sermon was truly one to touch the heart    & I pray God will bless the efforts of His Children, each and every one, in Jesus Dear Blessed Holy Name,     and I want to help & pray He will help me that I may do His Will.    Elbert’s liver was so bad he sat up untill 1-30-a-m-    & I sat with him, breathing silent prayers & at last, I gave Him 2 teaspoons honey & 1. teaspoon lemon juice, well mixed 1. spoonful at a time about 1. hr. apart,    he felt better & went to bed,     but this morning he took this, I believe, he got frightened  the pain is so severe    he took 1/2 N.R. then he took soda & got himself all stirred up again,    but tonight he feels a little better again,    I pray God will save his soul, in Jesus Name Amen.

Mon. Dec. 11. 1950./ 7. eggs today./  Well I sorted cards & got the addresses on some of them & now the job of writting them & getting them on there way    I only have a few to send    I don’t know how many we’ll get,    I like to send them to those who never get many.    It’s been cloudy & snowed off & on, all day    & it didn’t melt today.    Elbert went up to Killrides & got 2. qt milk & he took the papers to Vermilion & did the out – side chores.    Wind’s been N. West,    snowed in squalls.    I haven’t been out since Nov.    , 1950.    I’m wishing I felt better so I can go before much longer.    No mail today.    House cools off fast today.    I made a dish of Jello but it hadn’t set at supper time & it was out doors    Elbert set it out for me.    I had him set it in the stair -way tonight.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name, for everything. 

Tue. Dec. 12. 1950./ 4 eggs today/  Well I did the washing & needless to say how very tired I am.,     but I got it all done & not a soul realizes how bad I feel & when I can’t work I pray God will take me very quick, so not to burden any one with out putting me away,     fore there isn’t a one of them that really love me    as I have loved them, but Praise God He Knows I’ve really loved them & still do & pray He will save there souls yet, if not before I go, before they go Amen.    Mostly cloudy & sun shone once while it was snowing today.   Elbert went out

Tue. Dec. 12. 1950./ page. 2681./       . eggs today./  to shoot a stray cat & a rabbit hoped out & ran down among the willows,    he cleared out a lot of brush so we could see him taking big leaps as he went for the creek bottoms,    Elbert missed the cat & it didn’t seem to know what was going on,    so he just walked the same way the rabbit had gone,    Elbert took the papers, says he’s going to stop, but keeps right at it after figuring up earning & cost of repear’s, it don’t pay to take them.    He’d like to earn a little,    but, let them furnish the car, or give enough to pay the repair.    I pray God Will help him in the way he should do.    I thank God in Jesus Name for our blessings.    We received a card from Nellie today,    she said they & the others were O.K.

WEd. Dec. 13. 1950./ 5. eggs today./   Well, no mail for me,    but Elbert got his check, Praise the Lord.    I didn’t do much today    to tired after yesterday    I did iron my dress & petticoat & Elbert’s work shirt,    Elbert took the papers.    We had oyster stew for supper & Elbert cooked the stew. of fixed it    it was good, but I crave a juicy steak creamed potatoes & brown gravey & broccoli;    Well, I don’t get it, but thank & Praise God in Jesus Name that we have some food & fire & beds, a little home & can help each other.    Glory to God in the Highest  all Praise, Glory & Honor truly belongest to Thee for ever & ever, Amen.    Well, the weather is about the same today as yesterday    only sun didn’t get through as many times as yesterday    there came wet snow toward morning, froze & then snowed a light cover. 

Thurs. Dec. 14. 1950./ 6. eggs today./  I swept the 3. room & dusted & got the vegetables ready for dinner & had just set down when Elbert came in,    he had been to Huron, got his driving liscnce, this time it’s for 3. yrs. for a dollar,    old one was 3. mo’s for 40 cents,    he found the crock he’d been looking for, at the hardware store, 25 cents    the last one I bought cost 1.25    We use them to give the hens epsom salts in.    He got two short steaks that were all turned green around the bones & the fat    so he took them back    he got a piece of ham,    so we had ham for dinner,    he went back after dinner    he got me a few cards to send out     & now the rail roads are all out again on a strike so the mail isn’t going out,     they promised the men more pay & some back pay,    then got them to go on working,    but a yr, or more has gone by & no money,    so even if the goverment has taken over, the men stopped work.    only a passenger once in awhile goes through.    World is in a mess & getting worse every day    looks as if we might be going to have that civil war here before long    & Russia is waiting for that, perhaps.    I can’t see why they all want to fight but the bible said it would be this way & I believe God Knows why.    I thank& Praise Him for all things, for ever & ever Amen.   Not much sun today & not very cold.  Wind’s been S. east all day.   

Fri. Dec. 15. 1950./ Page. 2682./ 3. eggs today./  Didn’t do much today    got the ambish but just tires me all out to work     I made a cake last evening while Elbert had gone with the papers & how I sweat     & while he went again today, I made the lemon filling & put the two square layers together & frostin on top & sides,     last one, I think I’ll make for a while,    I had beat eggs & sugar, nutmet flavor & salt for a custard only to learn Elbert only got half a bottle of milk,    so, today he got a bottle & 1/2 of milk & I made a baked custard     & tonight we were going to eat a little & it was sour.    she “Mrs Kilbride” scims the milk to make butter,    I’ll be glad when we can get back to the others we were getting before    I sort of spline against this;    I made rice soup for supper & I only took care of beds & rooms & dishes today      & I wish for more strength,    I ought to get my other dress done,    I only have two     that means lots of washing.    I thank the Dear Lord for all our blessings and pray His Will be done, not mine.  

Sat. Dec. 16. 1950./ 7. eggs today./   Well I baked 2 big tins of bread biscuits & wrote a letter on Christmas card to Cora   one to Annabell & her friend Ivy S. Guy    she sent me a card    I received it today.    I wrote a card to Sister Rev. Harwell Iowa & received card from Mrs. Goll & one from Miss Clark with a Kercheif for Elbert & one gay thing for me.    & we got a U.S. Card from Nellie,    guess Audrey must have told her I was sick,    so, she says she may be out here tomorrow    here’s what she wrote “Fri. just a line to hope you are feeling better.    I Knew well enough that you were not well,   I just felt it in my bones, as the saying goes,      I have felt anxious about you lately.    Maybe I’ll see you Sun. Love Nellie.    Well I wish they all loved me as I’ve always loved them,    but they don’t,    they think we ought to go to the old folks home so they told us,    but, Elbert & I take care each other & get along    I pray God will have mercy & take care of them.    I thank & praise Him, in Jesus Name, for all our many blessing, Amen.

Sun. Dec. 17. 1950./ 6. eggs today./    It has snowed in showers all day.    I got up late took a bath & dressed & combed & brushed my hair & just as I got out in the Kitchen Martha & her mother & Nellie came in,    they brought jelly & apple sauce & Nellie brought rolls & Audrey   fruit & nuts & Martha brought meat    They visited for an hour    I made them a cup of tea & then they were off for home again.    Martha ask us over for Christmas dinner.    When they were gone, I got up & started the supper,    now dishes are done & I listedned to Rev. Buser preach,    he does a firstrate job & the songs are good all so    & I sang & Praised God, he said they were over to Harry Millers for there Fri night mens prayer meeting & they all got an inspiration as well as Harry.    I do thank & Praise God for that & pray Harry will be made whole again in Jesus Name & a living testimony to God in Jesus Name.

Mon. Dec. 18. 1950./ page. 2683./ 3. eggs today./ Today Dave Hunter is 64. yrs. old.    Well, I did most of the washing,    all but Elbert’s union suit & work shirt & he has 2. prs. work pants.    I have them all dry except my dress & wool petticoats    it’s been a beautiful day    sun shone all day    clouding up before dark & it tried to snow, but didn’t,    We had a heavy fog after midnight last night that turned to white frost & evergreens were just beautifull when the sun came out,     I wrote a few cards tonight    Elbert mailed a few today & I’ll have a few ready for tomorrow.    I’m tired, but not as much so, as last week;    Thank God,    I’m trusting in Jesus Name for my healing to be complete, Amen.

Tue. Dec. 19. 1950./ 7. eggs today./   Well, I got us washed & dressed & shook up my bed  opened the window, then went to Elberts room & open the window & as I flipped the blankets & a bone in between my hips also,    I sit around & finished writting Christmas cards & went to bed early,    I had to get up at 4-30-a-m. & wet all over the floor trying to get to the can & couldn’t sit down & when I got down I could- n’t seem to move hand or foot    Elbert came & helped me back to bed & got hot water botle to my back,     but I couldn’t move the least bit with out terrible jabs going through me,    Elbert’s back’s so bad he can hardly get around & I hate to ask him to do for me, when he’s so bad off himself.    He went with his papers & mailed a bunch of cards.    The cards are coming in by bunches.    It’s been a beautiful day with sunshine untill late aafternoon it clouded up.    I thank God & Praise Him for His love & care in Jesus Name Amen. 

Wed. Dec. 20. 1950./      eggs today/  Been in such misery, but got my corset on at noon & that seemed to hold me so I got out to the kitchen,    hurts so bad to move just a little.    Elbert call the Dr. Leidhigher but he was in Sandusky & may not be back untill tomorrow, taking care of woman having her first baby.    I was a loone while he went for the milk & to phone & to Vermilion to get his brakes tightened up & he mailed what cards I had ready to go & some 16 for Mrs. Kilbride    He went to the Church & ask them to pray & she said they had been praying for me for several weeks    I pray God will help me to get over this     & that he will bless each one 4 fold that they ask for me & cleanes all of us who need cleaning that we may live for Jesus.     It’s cold & mostly cloudy, moon trying to shine through.    I praise God I can walk by the aid of a chair.    Jesus Blessed & Holy forgive me a since & help me     I know you hear there prayers & I don’t understand     are they going to be like the other young ministers just pray at the church & if you don’t get well?    Well it’s just to bad.    Oh God, Help us to be for Thee & not for style or earthly Pleasures.    Help me Jesus & help each one to endure with the other in Jesus Name & reveal unto us the right from wrong.

Thurs. Dec. 21. 1950./ page 2684./ 5. eggs today/  Elbertsold 5. doz. eggs today for 75 cents per. doz. 3.75 in all & he had to add 43cents to get the grain.    The Dr. came & put the bones back in place in vertebra & hip & so I’m feeling better with less pain.    Elbert took papers & then the eggs so as not to make 2 trips,    I have 16 more cards to go     got half of them ready tonight,    he didn’t get the envelopes to part of them so he has to get them tomorrow    Sun shone most of the day,    it thawed a little today. & wind’s in South.     yestoday was shortest day of the yr.    A little dog chased a rabbit through the back yard & it was rather exciting for dog was only 4 or 5 feet behind & both doing there best,     rabbit turned & I didn’t hear dog yelling any more,    I hope he got under the cottage.     I’ve been hoping to have him for dinner someday.    Radio said rain or snow,     I thank My Heavenly Father in Jesus Dear Holy Name for my many blessing, Amen

Fri. Dec. 22. 1950./ 5. eggs today/  I took care of beds, but my back is so sore & it hurts to get up or down & I can hardly move with my corset off.    We re- ceived a few more cards today    Sister Gurney sent me the little girls picture,    I always call her little sunshine, for she’s a very good natured, smailing child    she has been growing & looks so big since we saw her last,    I sent her a dollar    wish I could have sent more.    Had to pay Dr. 4.00 for putting bones back I don’t believe that was wrong.    Elbert took the papers,    they were late with them tonight  all most fiv e oclock & it was after six when he got back home,    he he got a few groceries to & he was up for the milk this morning.    It’s been a dark day    tried to rain then turned to sort of frozen fog.    didn’t last long    it snowed a good blanket of snow before day light    Elbert said it wasn’t very cold out,    received nine card from sister Hanary 31st street church in Lorain,    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all my many blessing & pray for the Holy Ghost & for the many souls that don’t know Him, Amen.   

Sat. Dec. 23. 1950./ 3. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t do a real job & cleaning but I did brush the dust up from the middle, as Chan use to say    I took off the top crust & took care the beds & didn’t do any cooking,     Elbert’s feeling so bum & now he’s doing half or so of my work.    but I’m hope I’ll soon be better for every things getting so dirty & I have to iron a dress pretty soon.    I wrote several cards & Elbert mailed them when he went with the papers,     then I puzzled my brain trying to pick out a crochet pattern    I got most of it but bumped up against a puzzle again,    I got one long enough for me to coppy.    I thank God for our blessing & sunshine today & I Praise Jesus for all things great or small, Amen

Sun. Dec. 24. 1950./ page. 2685./ 4. eggs today/  Well it’s been cloudy allday    I couldn’t eat    my stomach has been so up set, pain   bad in back     had to get up early & sit up for a long time,    stomach seemed full of gas & back pained so bad I couldn’t move,    Elbert has taken more cold trying to wait on me.    Tom & Mertle came middle of after noon & prayed for me,    I know God can hear & ans. prayers no matter the conditions,    so I’m trusting & believing for the healing in Jesus Name & that He will give Elbert courage to be go to the altar & ask to be forgiven & to thank God & give Him the Praise    Oh, God of Love & Mercy I pray Thou will forgive us our sins & reveal unto us the things we ought to do, or, not to do.    It’s Got real cold & frosty    house cools off fast.    Elbert went to bed at nine o’clock & now I guess I’ll go to my bed also.  

Mon. Dec. 25. 1950./ 4. eggs today/  Christ’s Birthday    He’s a wonder Saviour Friend & Physican,    I don’t only believe  I know for He has healed me many times & Lead me all the way    Praises to His Holy & Devine Name, Amen.    Glory bleongest to God     Well we had sume sunshine, but cold White icy sun & it’s been freezing, air cold & frosty & tonight it’s snowing; again    it snowed a light blanket last night,    so it was white this morning    I Praise God for Jesus & pray I may be found worthy,    that He will fill me & heal me in Jesus Name & Keep me covered with the blood & that His coming wont be in the winter nor on the Sabath, Amen     I Pray for His Holy Mountian for Jeruselem, for the slaves, captives, & those fighting & dying,      that, they will call on Jesus Name & be saved & that my prayer will be one with many many others in faith to Him,    I thank Thee Jesus,    All Praise, Glory & Honor belongest to Thee.    We been alone all day    not even a neighbor came in to say hellow.    Mrs. Eppler gave us a picture of Tom, Roney & herself    I thank that was wonderfully nice of her,    maybe they do like me a little.    Elbert tried to call Martha to tell her we really couldn’t go there to dinner,     we told them we didn’t think we could,     but after I fell I knew I couldn’t,     but I’ll write her a card & tell her so she will Know, any  way;      My feets been so cold today    I can walk but it hurts me bad, yet.    but I’m hoping it will be better soon & my stomach all so.    Mertle said they took Harry Miller to Church in the amblance Sun. Dec. 24.    May his faith be strong & May God fill him & heal him in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, Amen.

Tue. Dec. 26. 1950./ 2. eggs today/   Well, I received an envelope from Annabel & only a $5.00 bill in it    she never wrote a word    she looked so terribly miserable the day she was here,    I never see her that way many times & that was long ago.     she says she’s a yr. or so. younger than sister Audrey    I had forgoten

Tue. Dec. 26. 1950./ page. 2686./ 2. eggs this day./  May God Bless her & help her to learn His ways.    Johny & Marcie & a nice note & a very nice picture of them & the children,    the children took a nice clear picture     they are surely growing.    I haven’t seen Bonney & the children since the day last summer when they all were here & had a picnic dinner & roasted steaks over the fire out side.    I expect her children are growing to.    Marcie said they might see us this summer,    I love the young folks, but not the things some of them do, & say,     but I love them & pray God will turn them to Him before it’s to late.    Well, it snowed early & most of the day, once     While sun shone white & bright wind went N.E. in the night & it’s sure cold, clear & frosty even house creeks & groans    I fixed the broccolie for supper,    had it ready to cook & Elbert had a hard time cooking it    water boiled out so fast he even had to empty it & clean the pan & try it again,    but got it done at last,    fried biscuits for supper    I stired ’em up,    & he cooked a little fresh hamberg,    it was so good & I’ve been wanting fresh meat so bad,    I think we’re getting to much salt    I eat most my food without salt,    I think I’m salted almost through.    Anabel’s letter was registered, postman honked his horn & Elbert went out & signed for it.    Snow is about 6 or 8 inches deep,    he had to clean the paths & wind blowed & whirled snow so bad his backs been so bad    seemed as if he couldn’t keep going    it’s hard & I know.   I do thank God in my Saviour Dear Name, for all our blessings.

Wed. Dec. 27. 1950./ 4. eggs today/  Well, I wrote a card to Martha, Audrey & Nellie & explained to each I had fell & dislocated some bones & wished them all well.   It would be wonderful if they loved me enough to come & iron a dress for me & wash a few very necessary pieces if they did offer they’d want to take ’em home to do & I have so little,     I couldn’t do a week with out them      our night clothes, I wash & dry, so we can use them the same night again.     Oh well, maybe in some way we will be able to get them washed a piece at a time,    I’m not able,    I made 2 tins of bread biscuits today & it hurt me, so.    It’s been clear & frosty,    yes, it’s been cold in lots of places,    it’s been more cold than in yrs. 30 degrees below in one place    not quite so bad in others,    on other side it’s been very deep snow & cold.     No mail today.    Elbert’s car stalled just as he got in on the drive last night,    he let it set a while & it started O.K. & he put it in the shed,    it run O.K. today.    I thank God, for todays     Wed. & every thing closes at noon.    He is a wonder Jesus & I love & Praise Him.     Sun shone bright all day & it was clear & cold

Thurs. Dec. 28. 1950./ 2. eggs today./  Well, I washed my nightgown skirt 3 towels, my handkercheifs & rag & 1. pr. stockings,      back pains & my head feels so bad,    I’m terribly weak& Frank Bonney came hunting with 2 other men,    said Ruby Jean “that’s Evelyn’s daughter” was operated on yesterday morning & lay all day before coming to herself again last night    she had her tonsils out    she in Amherst hospital    she’s 14. yrs. old.  this Mar. I believe.    Elbert’s backs still hurting him &

Thurs. Dec.28. 1950./ page. 2687./ 2. eggs this day./  he’s so tired doing for me,    it’s sure queer how much I’ve done for the rest & they can’t do for me very long before they’re to sick themselves to wait on me,    when the cool air hits me in the morning it stiffen me so bad    I’m most helpless & yesterday morning, he ask me if I was getting up    I said yes    & he said well guess you’ll have to help yourself,    I have to go out back,    with a lot of pain I got my stockings on & pushed my feet in my shoes   got my shirt on & my corset    then managed to get on my feet asking Jesus to help me,    I am so weak & shaky,    but I do try & they are so horribly dis-custing,    they take all they can possibly get & give as little as possible & I feel they begrudge that off times.     It’s been a beautiful day    sun shone bright all day & today’s for April.    It’s a little warmer tonight.    Radio said rain or snow.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee God of Love & Mercy,    for all my blessings & healings & the strength Thou has given me    I love & ador Thee for ever & ever    All Praise & Glory bleongest to Thee Amen.

Fri. Dec. 29. 1950./ 6. eggs today/   Well, it was just terrible painful wiping up the floor,      but, I got miost of it      the two corners I’ll try to get tomorrow,    I’ve got to try to iron my dress, to, if I can so as to be clean once more    I’m so dirty  sweaty,    I pray God will send some kind & loving soul to help me for a while at least    or if they’d like to stay, to help me make that possible.    & help me to grow stronger each day, in faith in Jesus Name.    Partly cloudy,   but, no rain,    it thawed & snow settled today.   & today is for “May.” winds S. West.    I put Texas on Gurneys card instead of Oregon, & it’s gone a long ways & come back     now I have to fix it up & send it again.  I received a card from Mrs. Greene. no letter she usually sends a letter,    but she only said, Greetings from Helen Greene.    Elbert’s so tired & he doesn’t feel very well & his back hurts bad.    he’s gone to bed & I’m going to mine.     I thank God for all things in Jesus Name.  

Sat. Dec. 30. 1950./ 2 eggs today./ Cloudy all morning    then sun came out & set red in a big black cloud tonight but no rain    & today’s for June.    I wiped up the 2 corners I didn’t get yesterday & the door & around slop pail & did the dishes & ironed my dress, chair cover for my chair & Nellie’s towel & I hope to get a bath in the morning & some clean clothes on me,    I’m so dirty    I’m sure I stink.    Well, I have got Elbert’s socks & my stocking & my shirts mended,    Elbert killed cleaned & cooked the young rooster he bought of Mrs. Killbride.    We had rice soup for supper & a piece of chicken    it was very good.    I thank God for all our many many blessing & pray He will send more in to church to take my place & that I will be able to go back before much longer    I love Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus. 

Sun. Dec. 31. 1950./ page. 2688./5. eggs today./  Today was or is for July    Cloudy un- till 8-a-m.     then sun shone for an hour or so & then at intervals all after noon & set red in a dark cloud,    no rain today,    Radio says rain tomorrow,    not very cold out & not hardly any breeze & what there was came from S. West.    looks like a dry summer or yr.    & Russia “so tis said” figures on cleaning up everything this summer     We listened to Rev. Buser & several others on the Radio today    I’ll be so glad when I can get out to Church again    my hit & back are better,    I can turn over in bed & help myself up at night    Praise God, I thank Him & Praise Him for all things in Jesus Name.     We are fast coming to the end of time & I do hope & pray for all the souls of those we love & those who should belong to God,    I’m trusting & believeing in Jesus Name.    We been home all day,    & tomorrow is New Years Day & Elbert gave up the paper job Sat.    He will have to get his social security money again untill he finds something he can do, if anything     his back is bad.