[Elinor continues to sew for her sisters and even buying cloth to make Nellie a Senior Educator graduation white crepe dress with red & pink roses and other frills.  There are pictures of the finished product that Elinor takes. ] 
[June,  , 1914]  JUNE. Well Nellie has had to have a suit for the finishing of school & a party  I sold eggs enough to buy her a white crepe dress  the goods cost $1.50-the lace 35 cents ribbon for belt 30 cents wide ribbon with red & pink roses with green for leaves in lace for under clothes 35 cents, white stockings 50 cents & black enamel 3 strap slippers $3.00.  I made her dress & belt & trimed her under clothes & she wore pink roses in her dark thick hair, she look like a bride, she’s a senior Ed. and is back in two study. on account of a bad shoulder & week nerves; The third week of June Nellie with her class attended the funeral of Hurbert. Bird, one of her class mates, he fell in the hole of the freighter. Under Capt Loin’s management.  We have heard from the folks from down south quite regular & I have heard from all my acquaintances  We visited Mr & Mr. Mc, ‘Donald on the Str. Stearns

One of the many postcards from Isle of Pines Cuba, addressed to Nellie Bonney referencing her going to pick berries in Ohio and the picking of pines in Cuba. Also references Fred and Ma planning to come home.


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