Elinor’s Diary 1914

Thurs Jan.1.1914   Elbert brought a pork roast home for dinner. A made dressing & mashed potatoes & brown gravy for dinner  Uncle Will. ate dinner with us.  A long lonesome evening  Elbert has gone to town.  Went to church first. 

[Fri. Jan. 2. 1914] Fri.2.  Gilbert’s girl Grace has diphtheria & Walter & Seth [Pomeroy]phone to see if they could come here, they cant go home.  Elbert told them they could come here. but I told him not until they see the Dr. for they might have it in their systems. but. Dr. examined them & said they were all right so they came here for supper & to board for a week or two  Russell is shut in  Will left Thurs. & Mable is taking care of Grace  Gilbert has a room in the lower part of the house & he still works at the Mill. I have all my 10 subscribers for needle craft. 

[Sat. Jan. 3. 1914]  Sat.3. A got up & packed the two boys & she & Nellie  fixed breakfast for us & then Nellie did the dishes & Audrey sweep and its 11-15 oclock.  baby 19 mo. old today   had chicken dinner. 

[Sun. Jan. 4. 1914] Page 120 Sun.4. Mr. & Mrs Baker were here this evening & Mr Casava  they made me tired. Seth P was 19 yrs. old.

[Mon. Jan. 5. 1914] Mon.5.  Well this is and other day, have sewed some & pushed my chair around the house some hopping on one foot wiped dishes & wrote. 

[Tue. Jan. 6. 1914] Tue. 6. Elbert helped Audrey wash, they were through before noon. A was plenty tired though.  Walter Pomeroy went home to night  sent my subscriptions in to day for needlecraft. 

[Wed. Jan. 7. 1914]  Wed.7.  I ironed six starched pieces for my self  it is hard to stand on one foot & work  Seth went home tonight. 

[Thrs. Jan. 8. 1914]  Thurs.8.  A beautifull day out door today

[Fri. Jan. 9. 1914] Fri.9.  I mixed up a patch of spong for A that made 13 loaves of bread & she took out enough spong for 3 loaves & made Bread cake  I wipe dishes & sew & crochet & write some

[Sat. Jan. 10. 1914]  Sat.10.  Mr. Casave spent a halh hr. or so here  Mr. Baker passed & Mr. C. went with him to town  Mr. Seahill stoped for Elbert and they went to town  then he came back & was here an hr. or so & Elsie was here all evening.ha.h.,ha,ha.

[Sun. Jan. 11. 1914]  Sun.11.  Mr. & Mrs. Aimes  & there 2 girls–Mr. Seahill were here to pay us a visit today. 

[Mon. Jan. 12. 1914]  Mon.12.  Useral dutys.  Mr. Seahill came in & spent the evening & I was glad Elbert gave him a hint to go early, well it was 10-30 for there are several things I don’t like about S. he is so nervous seemingly on the out look & then he was so soft & silly, took such a liking to me.

[Mon. Jan. 12. 1914]  Page 121.he had the nerve to walk over beside me & tell Nellie he would sit beside his friend, & for his pains I gave him a look that. Nellie said was enough to cause one to fade, but he did n’t seem to notice, his heart fluttered on his coat sleeve, as though enjoying my wrath which indeed [?} during a game or so of flinch, where upon S was to tender hearted to flinch me, saying he didn’t want to flinch his friend, and I was so angry I told him to play fair  we wouldn’t play any longer, but Elbert came to my rescue, we changed games & so after S bade us good night for which we were all glad:  Oh dee Whats next I wonder. 

[Tue. Jan. 13. 1914]  Tue.13.  Well Audrey is making the best of if doing the work her self, I help with what ever I can do iron my own pieces & wipe dishes & prepare for dinner & supper & help cook & bake . Oh! Seahill went past to town & talk with Mr. Casava, & Mr. Baker, Elbert & I told a different story to each one, said, he wasn’t coming back to night.  Mr. C. spoke as he pass on his way to town said he was going up to the Gylid [?] to a dance.  Baker passed & when he came back stoped and talked to Elbert on the wood pile, I heard them relate S. storeys & each say he was a pecular fellow.  Well, whats next. 

[Wed. Jan. 14. 1914]  Wed 14.  Elbert has been working at the car dump for a few days and the old man on the Santaga has taken him accross the river last night, this morn. & this noon, He told Elbert that S had stole his gold watch  he stoped here & told Audrey on his way to town & while he was up town S. went aboard & got his few clothes, S had been drunk the night before & came, back to the boat but, Casava said he told him he couldn’t make the old man hear him & wanted to know if he could stay with C. that night.  C had heard not a word about S. so fixed him a bed & alowed him to stay, it was rainy to, but when he woke S. was gone, C. hastened up thinking S. might have taken some of his money or his watch, but he could find not a thing gone and had just finished his search when S. came back with his few clothes.  C. wondered & S. said he was going to Cleveland & C. said he had been thinking of go to Cleveland & would go with S. C. cook their breakfast & Dinner in one, and after doing up the work dressed to go & as they went across the river S. said he had changed his mind & was going to Elyria, C. stoped a minute or so to bail out his boat  S said he would go on & meet him a certain barbor shop but when C got there, nothing had been seen of S. C. went to Cleveland & was gone allday.

[Thrs. Jan. 15. 1914] Page 123. Thurs.15.  Well I have sewed & crocheted some today  Casava stoped here a few minutes & said he didn’t know anything was wrong or he wouldn’t have let S. stay with him allnight but said he had thought about S. & how funny he had appeared so ill at rest so uneasy, he’s gone maybe we will never see him again. 

Fri. Jan 16. 1914.  Mending & darning & today I am 29 years old. & Ma sent me a birthday card & Ruby sent a card & Georgia Rosecranes sent me a letter & handkercheif & Audrey gave me a Jabot & Elbert payed my doctor bill & Nellie wish she could gave given me something but couldn’t. 

[Sat. Jan. 17. 1914]  Sat.17.  Same old thing sitting around, Knee didn’t gain very fast  Uncle Will & Edith came & brought the graphenola and played untill 10-30  we enjoyed it , they have been over often since I hurt my knee & Bakers always stop & C. & Aimers & every one is so good to me. 

[Sun. Jan. 18. 1914]   Sun.18.  Well we didn’t get up very early & I pared the potatoes and while they boiled I roasted the beef & before I had finished Baker put his head in at the kitchen door and ask if I were able to work & meanwhile Mr. Casava had come in at the front door & to my horror; said Elinor is in the kitchen.  Baker laughed & went his way & I went to

[Sun. Jan. 18. 1914]  Page. 124. the diniing room & had a visit with Mr. Casava; for an hour or so, detaining dinner & although we were all hungry as bears we had to laugh.  Rev. (La Croix, Croy)began tonight with a two weeks revival service, and I pray God will Bless him. 

[Mon. Jan. 19. 1914]  Mon.19.  A. didn’t wash today  been a long day 

[Tue. Jan. 20. 1914]  Tue.20 Elbert helped A wash today, Casava spent the evening here & we all played flinch. 

[Wed. Jan. 21. 1914]  Wed.21. Elbert went to work in the shipyard today

[Fri. Jan. 23. 1914] Fri.23.  Patched & darned all day & helped get supper. Uncle Will & Elsie came over with there music box  I enjoy that so much. Elbert went to town. 

[Sun. Jan. 25. 1914]  Sun.25.  Well Elbert found the hunky that the accordian belong to & he came & got it this morn.  Grace Ciscal & Rue Bensen called or spent the after noon with Nellie. N took them aboard the Str. Sterns & Bakers showed them over the boat Grace. & Bakers had never had that treat before & enjoyed emencely

[Sun. Jan. 25. 1914] Page 125. Mon.26.  Well I done the washing with A’s help  I turned out most all the clothes & sudsed & wrinsed & starched them all but 1/2 dozen pieces, got a scolding from every one & the outsider but it didn’t hurt me neither the scolding or washing  ha,ha, A was more tired than I. 

[Tue. Jan. 27. 1914] Tue.27.  Well I am suposed to feel half dead today but feel as well as useral  ha.ha,ha.

[Wed. Jan. 28. 1914]  Wed.28.  Pa’s birthday  he is 52 yrs. old today  I sent him a letter & birthday card a week ago he must have got them for his birthday, hope he’s well. 

[Thrs. Jan. 29. 1914]  Thurs.29.  Ship keepers all call for which I’m glad, as it helps to pass the time more pleasent  I do get tired, but still I go from one room to the other & wait on myself & help the rest some times, will know how to appreciate my drumm sticks .  The Aimes’es put their music box out on the stern deck & turned the horn up here , for me to hear the music the wind was in the south & I heard it as plain as could be, for two hours or more. 

[Fri. Jan. 30. 1914]  Fri.30.  Mended & crocheted some today  Mr. Casava was here a little while this after noon

[Sat. Jan. 31. 1914]  Sat.31.  Wyn Grant’s birth day she is 38 I think.  Elbert went to town & Uncle & Elsie came with music box & when Elbert came and Music was done we all had a lunch & then Uncle & Elsie went home & we went to bed ha,ha.ha,


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