[Mon. Mar. 1. 1915]  March.Mon.1.I did a two weeks wash  Elbert turned the tub. Tue.2.  got a letter from Mr. O’Neil & card from Easel saying she was on her way to hospital here.

1910, “Easel Bilky Barrick, 1910, Ohio”, [label on back]: “Easel Bilkey Barrick on farm at sugar bush, gathering maple sap”

[Wed. Mar. 3. 1915] Wed.3.  Nellie & I went to Hospital to see Easel

[Thrs. Mar. 4. 1915]  Thurs.4.  I went to hospital to see Dr. Wheatley he says I full of gal stones, see Easel, she getting well.  Elbert & Frank went to work at noon on boat at Plan’t 

[Fri. Mar. 5. 1915]  Fri.5.  Mended & did odds & ends today & went to bed before supper with sick nervous headache

[Sat. Mar. 6. 1915]  Sat.6. Nellie has a bad cold & sick today. 

[Sun. Mar. 7. 1915]  Sun.7.  Frank & Ruby & children went over to Gilmores & Frank goes to work firing at ice plan in the morn. 

[Mon. Mar. 8. 1915]  Mon.8.  Well, Nellie couldn’t go to school today & I have been feeling just terrible. Oh. Dee, Dee, Dee. 

[Tue. Mar. 9. 1915]  Tue.9.  Well, I called Dr. Mc. Garvey, Audrey went over to his office, and got me some medicine. 

[Wed. Mar. 10. 1915]  Wed.10. Dr. came over, thinks I’m getting along good but I’ve laid abed most all day, hope I feel better tomorrow  Oh, ho. Dee Dee.

[Thrs. Mar. 11. 1915]  Page 176.thurs.11.  Well I set up all day am tired. 

[Fri. Mar. 12. 1915] Fri.12. Feel dreadfully weak but have walked around some, received a letter from Mr. O’Neil LBC in it (check cryptograph)  

[Sat. Mar. 13. 1915]  Sat.13. [ listing days through Sat. 20.]  Well I feel a little Stronger have helped with the work. 

[Sun. Sun.21.1915]  Lucia Fletcher & Elsie was here today  Lucie is going to be Married some time this summer to Frank Wargo.

[Mon. Mar. 21. 1915]  Mon.22  [listing through Wed.31.]  Lucia & I were over town last week one day & it rained & we were wet to the hide.  We were over & called on Miss Baumgart.  Had several letters from the folks but don’t know when they are coming home  Ma wants to come so bad and I hope she come this summer.  Sold quite a lot of eggs


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