November  1952

Sat. Nov. 1. 1952./ 1. egg today./ I slept late,   we had dinner,   then, went to Ver-milion   got very few things to eat, then paid light bill,   then, we stopped & visited with mr. & Mrs. Otis West & as God had showed me Mrs. Eppler & her husband Tom would take over the 4 square, after Rev. Serien had got rid of all the folks that had been so faithful & Mrs. Eppler had got 83 or more in for Sunday school, but not very many for Church or prayer meeting 2 or 3   only 2 or 3, Well we went to hear the Missionary & Myrtle ” said after the meeting,  that she was a little package of dymite    Missionary looked doubtful,   then we walked toward the door talking & then Myrtle said, sometimes I think I’ll close the doors of the church for a couple of week and see what the people would do.   What’s she there for?  God also showed me another couple would take her place in a short time & they will do quite a good work with there hearts really in there work   & we need to be of one accord & forget faulce pride & put away the lust of the flesh & mortify the members of the body  a thing most folks don’t want to remember

Nov. Sat. 1. 1952./ Page 3000/ 1. egg this day/ that & some other things they don’t want to do, such as women wearing clothes like the mens cloths,   God says in His word we are not to wear such clothes & when we blong to Him we are to dress plain & cover our ankles, cover our fore arm & button our garment around the neck,   but, one woman says she don’t like the sort of clothes God says we should wear & she talks & repeat things to make them appear in a different light than they were ment.   Things are so wicked one has to look to Jesus every second,   or, some ones going to try to catch you up in what you said,   I detest such things   May God help us.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small & with Thy help I try to do Thy Will,  Glory to God in the highest Praises to Thee Jesus Amen. 

Sun. Nov. 2. 1952/ 1. egg today/ We went to Vermilion this morning,  had a healing meeting & tonight we went to Huron to Church   had a good sermon on how we ought to obey God,   they all greet me with a kiss & love & they are so friendly,   I feel welcome.   I thank the Lord for the touch this morning & blessing tonight   Glory to God.  Amen.   Been a beautiful day partly cloudy & raining tonight, not cold.   lots of flies and bugs about out side yet.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for Thy Love & tender mercies & pray I may do a lot more for Thee   help me to see & understand,  Glory to Thee.

Mon. Nov. 3. 1952./ 1. egg today./ Well Elbert went for fish,   I had my washing most done & got the rest of his done before 2 p.m. & I had my night dress 2 shirts  nose rags  dish towels & 2. house dresses & his sleeper Jacket & pants, union suit socks & kercheifs wash rags & pieces we use over pillows, ” old tennis blanket”.  & I have them all dried & put away,  beds made & I swept & now have to do dishes,   Oh, I Praise Thee Jesus for the strength of this day    it has been partly cloudy all day & cloths didn’t dry very well but got two thirds dry & I finished them over the fire.   Elbert didn’t get any fish   he warmed up the dinner & then after he pulled up some willow limbs & sawed some of them up & he’s to tired tonight.    We received a nice letter from Annabel today telling us the evergreen & bitter sweets were nice & fresh & sh sent a dollar in her letter   hurts my feelings but what will I do?   I have the crochet pieces ready & will get them off & tell her they & greens were a gift & so please don’t hurt me, by paying for them.   Anna Mae’s daughter Nancy has a baby daughter, so Annabel is great grandma,   she a few paces ahead of Audrey,  Jean is just getting married & we re-ceived invitation to a wedding shower for her & Ethel wrote & said Loura Ann was married last Sat. 7.30,  she wrote the letter Oct 30th. so I guess, she was married Sat. Oct. 25th. & I don’t know if it was in the morning or evening.   Well, she couldn’t wait untill Jan,   she won’t be 18 yrs old untill Jan. 13. 1953.   I think she will live in same house with his mother, she

Mon. Nov. 3. 1952./ page 3001./ 1. eggs this day./ has a farm of 6 acres, a house with 4 rooms up & 4 rooms down stairs.   Ehtel send a news clipping, & said Joe is 3 yrs. older than Lora Ann. Bonney & Joes last name is Sosack   his mothers name is Margaret Sosack,   she lost her husband just a short time ago,   he was under his truck in the back yard & it fell & crushed him,  While Joe was in the house to do some phoning, he had sent Jo to do & Joe saw truck fall, but was to late to help his father.   I pray they will be happy,   but, she’s a spoiled girl.   Ethel said when they were here,  Well, When Loura Ann is married & gone there would only be her mother & she was old & wouldn’t last many yrs. longer,  then she & Walter would be free,   Oh God of Love & Marcy,   What must she endure before long,   she has a wonderful mother but doesn’t treat her as a good mother should be treated;   Oh Jesus,   I pray Thou will deal with her soul before it’s to late & Loura Ann like wise,   Will she be any better to Joe’s mother than her grand-mother? & her own mother?   I pray Jesus Thou will take ahand for she is brother Fred’s daughter & has not grown up as he would have wanted her to be.   Oh God I do thank Thee for all things,   I don’t always understand, but they work out & then we know all things work out for the good & Glory of God.   May God be blessed forever & ever in Jesus Name We ask, Amen.   I rained hard in showers all night & we needed the rain so bad & I know every thing out side was greatful also.   Thank You Jesus.  

Tue. Nov. 4. 1952./ 1. egg today.  lost 1. hen  only 9 left./ Been a fine day,  breeze cold, penetrating but a nice day,   Elbert couldn’t get the car started in all day   he cut another willow   I took 2 pictures of Him in the Hollow with logs laying about & in piles, he has cut.   I didn’t do much today, to tired to work at anything.   I received a letter from Audrey & a card from her & one from Nellie,   they say Ella Jane is coming home to stay;   Gertie & Audrey were in Elyria shopping & Met Nellie on her way to buss & home   Audrey said Nellie has a terrible bad cold.   Jean Ann’s shower is Fri. night   We can’t go, for it will be at night & Elbert can’t see to drive.   Well Izen R. Hower & D Stevesion, running for president & they think so far Ike is going to win,   We are listening to election returns radio, & They just said it’s a land-slide for Ike.   I suppose I’ll have to give 4 neices blankets & I don’t see how I can pay for them.   Well, I thank God for all my blessing & pray He will help me to Know what to do,  2, are nieces & 2 are great neices.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small,   I Praise Thee Jesus & pray all Power & Glory be Thine for ever & ever. 

Wed. Nov 5. 1952./ 1. egg today/  Still tired,   I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits, 1. tin with a round loaf.  & cooked dinner & supper & every dish washed & put away.   I darned 2. pr. socks last evening.   It’s been another beautiful day with quite a strong wind.   Elbert started for the garage & Bill & Georgie Snyder overtook him & give him a lift to Huron & a man from Norwalk going to Lorain brought him home & pulled his car out & as far as Ruggles & Elbert’s car started so he thank the man & they came back & told me he was going to Vermilion & he

Wed. Nov. 5. 1952./ page. 3002./ 1. egg this day./ went to Baker’s garage & it cost him $8.98 cents & then he didn’t get it half done.   it was 2-35-p-m, when he got home    he ate down town.   & ate when he got here   he spent 4.00 out of his check on car bill & ____ for meat & he has to get his shoes & pants yet,  & a hat,   he ought to have a top coat.   Well, God willing, we planed to go to Huron in the a-m. but right now we don’t know.   We had hoped to go to Lorain Fri.   have to give the girls something,   if I had the money it wouldn’t be so bad,   but, I’ll have to pay in payments for Whatever I get for them.   Elbert carried up a little wood & sawed a little,   he borrowed a saw from West but had to have one handle fixed & teeth filed & set,   he took it to a man in Vermilion today.   We received wedding invitation for Jean Ann’s wedding Nov. 15. Sat. 1952. to ________   The shower is to be this Fri Nov. 7.   Well, I thank God, my Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name for all He has so Gracisiously done for me & is doing every day & for all the prayers that go up daily & nightly for me & for us.    I Praise Thee Jesus, Devine, Wonderful & Marvelous,   I pray Thou will be blessed forever & ever,   I love Thee more than all else.   May all Honor, Power & Glory be Thine,   I glad Thou art the Judge. Amen.   

Thurs. Nov. 6. 1952./ No. egg today./ Well, I felt to punk to get off to prayermeeting.   Elbert went to Vermilion & I ask him to have Mrs. West to call Myrtle & see if he couldn’t get two song books & she said to Mrs. West no so we’ll have to write for them.  I would like to get one for each of the girls,   but, I don’t Know if I can manage.   Well, Elbert says We have to go to Lorain tomorrow,   So, I go or stay home,   I’ll decide when morning comes.   Been very cloudy today & dark & colder   colder today & tonight,   I got dinner & after supper & did usual house work & haven’t felt able to do even that   been having a queer head ach & blow out cloted blood, head’s sore over eye.   But I am more thankful than I can tell that Jesus takes care of me & us,   Elbert has taken a cold &.  I hope it will be better in the morning    I catch a little each time I ride in the car   now the door is sprung & let’s cold air drive down on the back of our necks & that’s bad. I pray God will take care of both us & car & help us to find a new top so we can go to church & do necessary errands.   We Praise Thee Jesus forever. 

Fri. Nov. 7. 1952./ 1. egg today./ Elbert went to Lorain   got his pants & shoes & got to take pants back & ex change them   I told him 42. waist   the salesman measured him & said 42 & so he got 44.   he got one work shirt;   he ate lunch with Audrey   she sent me the handkercheifs “now I owe her for 10.50 cents for first & 95 cents for these” & she sent a bag of candy & they were so good    we ate half of them    he bought 2 lbs. big prunes   they are good ripe ones   he bought boiling meat also.   I sent Mrs. Cranage some bitter sweets, Chinese lanterns & Juniper sprigs with berries on them & she gave us 2 lbs. hamberg.   & it really tasted like fresh meat & had juice in it.   I Praise Thee Jesus & Thank Thee for all Things.

Fri. Nov. 7. 1952./ page 3003./ No. egg today./ Glory to God in the Highest,   I Praise Thee Jesus.   While Elbert was gone I swept & wiped up up the Kitchen  took me so long,   I feel so weak, had to set down so many times, but got it done at last.   heard wild geese going over several times today,   was cloudy all morning & it rained early 3 or 4. a. m. & wind blew hard from S & little east.   been raw today & tempture 45   sun come out after 12-p-m & was nice all after noon cold & partly cloudy tonight   Elbert’s head’s hurting him bad   he says it has such a buzing in it   his eyes are blood shot & watery.   I think he has a cold.   He heard the pheasent out by hen park tonight & we saw him yester-day,   he was runing up the ditch by the road,  he stopped & only his head sticking above the grass, straight out from the house.   I cooked supper with a great deal of effort.   Elbert didn’t get any greens he’s saying he spent all his 52.00 with the exception of 7. dollars.  so I’ll have to fast untill my check comes, & I’m so in need of meat & greens.   So sorry I couldn’t go to Jeans shower, but I’ll try to give her some-thing after a while.   I feel so bad tonight, weak, & my head. 

Sat. Nov. 8. 1952./ No. eggs today./ Elbert couldn’t start the car today   I do hope I can get to Church tomorrow.   He’s done odds & ends of jobs & I baked a custard pie & 2 apple pies & cooked & washed dishes & I’m tired as if I’d done the washing.   Oh God, please do help me to Praise Thee in Spirit  Thou Knowest my heart,   I love Thee & want to be all Thine,   I do believe Thou will.   I pray all Glory Honor & Praise be Thine for ever & ever, Glory to God, Amen.   It’s been a fine day   cloudy this morning but, sun came out at intervals   not quite so cold   wind’s a little penetrating,    but, not so cold tonight Amen.   

Sun. Nov. 9. 1952./ No. egg today./  Well, the car wouldn’t start & Elbert walked up for the milk & so we were home all day   Armond came out after dinner to visit a little & he had a nice rabbit, he gave Uncle Elbert for Thanksgiving Dinner & I am to make him the dinner,   Armond said he was 28 yrs. old in Aug,   I hope I can do it.   God help me.   I’ve been feeling so weak,   I’m trusting & believing God will fill me before He takes me away, in Jesus Name, Amen,   I don’t know what to do or how but Jesus Knows, Praise His Holy Name for ever & ever.   It’s been another beautiful day, partly cloudy.   It rained in showers from about 3-30-a-m untill after day light   Elbert said untill 9 or 10-a.m.

Mon. Nov. 10. 1952./ No. eggs today./Another sick hen./ Well, it’s terrible, but I washed 2 wool blankets & Elbert carried the water & helped me wring them through the first 2 waters & then I had to put them through the last,   he wiped the line before Rue. Sarr came & he changed clothes & Rue pulled him to Vermilion to Bakers garage & he got 4.00 more added to his bill 8. & some odd cents now he went to Lorain & changed the pants he bought for size 42 & they did the alterations on them,   he has to get another pr. & should have paid down on them today but he is queer,   he didn’t bring a thing to cook for supper,   he offered to peel potatoes & so he decided to fry them & he had fried eggs & I had mine scrambled,   We had bread & peaches & tea.   he killed & dressed the rabbit Armond brought & we put part of it on to boil & he ground some & I have it mixed & ready to cook tomorrow & the

Mon. Nov. 10. 1952./ page. 3004./ No. eggs today./  other is done & we can have that for dinner & the other later.   Well I finished drying blankets in the house & the rest of the washing & I haven’t felt able to stand on my feet & my arms are so tired.   I have every thing most dry except his work shirt, union suit & socks, 2. pr.   I’m so tired  I didn’t get enough to eat for this last week, 2 meals & not enough to satisfy the want   it’s terrible,   I can eat like he does & have to say a lot of things to get enough to keep me so I can work.   Well, I got the dishes all done up & wish I were in bed.   Elbert says he’s go-ing for fish in the morning,   they will be done fishing Nov. 15.   I thank & praise God in my Dear Saviour’s Name for the care He take of me & us.   & the weather is nice & we had a shower    between 12 & 5-a-m.  & it’s cold tonight frost was thick at 10-p-m

Tue. Nov. 11. 1952./ No. eggs today/  I ironed & Elbert sawed & carried wood up hill & walked up for the milk & he’s so tired tonight & so am I,   it’s been a wonderful day,  was cold last night & a very heavy frost that stayed untill after 10-a-m,   We have seen 7. pheasents, 3. hens & 4 cocks  birds & do most every day & wish we could have at least one of them.   No mail & the car is on the blink  don’t want to run     the valves have to be ground or cleaned & thats & all day Job or mostly so, but they told Elbert to bring it in Thurs morning, there are lots of others ahead of him, but because he’s been getting repairs every few days , they said for him to bring it in Thurs.   I hope he will but he’s talking of waiting & he should do it now before it gets cold & while he can get it done,    I can only ask Jesus to haelp him now & to provide away to get it done & get a new top for winter   God Please help him get it all done    I thank Thee in Jesus Name.    I thank Thee for all the strength Thou hast given me & us & I love Thee Jesus & want to do Thy Wil, help me I pray put me in the place Thou would have me to be,   I Praise Thee & Honor only Thee & I crave to do Thy will   May God be Blessed for ever & ever Amen, Glory Hallelujah,   Now I have to try & catch up some sewing & clean the tea kettle & glasses for Jean Ann & Fri. hope to get her something as a wedding gift.   We are so behind, it hard to spend very much & get by untill another month.   We ground up some of the fresh rabbit & made meat balls like I do the chicken balls,   it was very good   we had it for supper & have enough left for dinner 

Tue. Nov. 11. 1952./ page. 3005./ No eggs this day/ for dinner tomorrow.   Jackie did the cutest thing Mon.   I was picking up some popcorn Elbert spilt & Jackie was on the floor running between my feet & around them talking to me & looking up at me & he picked up a cernel & dropped it  cast his eye at me & chattered & I had to set his cage down & he went in it & I shut him in for fear I might step on him,  he was so angry at me then he wouldn’t talk to me any more   just turned his back to me & when Elbert came in he chattered to him all about it.  

Wed. Nov. 12. 1952./ No. eggs today./  Elbert sawed a willow today & carried up several limbs, & I have taken several pictures of him   the willows are about 40 or 45 ft tall & 16 inches across middle of butt. & there were 16 in one cluster came up around the old stump a very few were as big as the big part of the thigh of a man,   he’s got them all down but one,  there are some more farther west along the ditch & a few little Elms Elms 8. to 10. ins. across butts & 25 or 50 ft tall.   he saws it up for stove wood & it burns so fast, we do put some green wood in with it.   I haven’t done much to-day,  felt so punk.   I got the Whistling aluminum teaKettle out & cleaned it up & the 6 glasses & tray that Martha gave me & a Electric bed lamp new  was given to me long ago & a big serving plate that can be used for cake also & it had belonged to Frank’s mother in Wisconson.   If it’s alright with Martha, I’ll give them to Jean Ann.   It’s been another beautiful day.   I received a pretty card from Eileen today saying her mother expects her baby sometime this Dec. & is hardly able to be on her feet & says looks as if she’d have a hard time, when baby comes,   & then she Eileen will be more busy than now, baby sitting.   I had forgot her mother was going to have the baby.   I’m sorry   I ask her to come help me for it looks as if I were selfish.   Elbert’s planning on going to Lorain tomorrow with car & I do hope & pray God will see that he gets work all done good & come back in it    I want to goto prayermetting tomorrow night.   I thank Thee Jesus & give all Praise & Glory to Thee & all thanks for all things Glory Glory Hallelujah, Amen.

Thurs. Nov. 14. 1952./ No. eggs today./ I got out & tried to help Elbert start the car but no start.   He went to Huron he rod with a man that picked him up & took him to Huron & he said he was doing some kind of wood work on Catholic church   Elbert started back home  Skippy Shoe picked him up & brought him home & pulled car out & headed it & Elbert up the road & pushed him as far as Duglas’es & the engine started & Skippy went home & Elbert came back  ate a bowl of soup, drank cup of coffee & got in car & took it to Lorain & left it at garage & got a ride home with a man from Sandusky & said he had stock in the Thew Shovel Co. Lorain Ohio.   So Elbert only had to walk from the 

Thurs. Nov. 13. 1952./ page. 3006./ No. eggs this day./ end of our road home & he’s to tired for words & we had supper started & in came the Ministers Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Dear & there little girl & so I had supper half done so I warmed peas & fried the pork Elbert got up at Huron & I boiled potatoes & cabage & we had bread, butter & pickles & hot tea.   I hope it keeps them untill they get home, for they had to lead in prayer meeting tonight & drive back to Nillow where they live   They seem like such nice people.   I like there church & the way they handle the meetings & its nice they love me & us enough to come to talk, visit & have supper together  I Praise God for answering pray. Glory to God in the Highest, I Praise Thee Jesus. Amen.   It’s been a beautiful day with sunshine & it’s not cold.   We received a letter from Martha & I had Elbert mail a card to martha, Audrey, Nellie & Mrs. Cranage & Eileen Mac. Doagla   I now have to write to Mrs. Day, & Miss Clark.   I’m terribly weak in my body tonight, but trust for strength from Jesus, Glory. 

Fri. Nov. 14. 1952./ No. eggs today./ Been beautiful day   partly cloudy this after-noon   Elbert went to Lorain   got his car & got back at noon or 11-30-a-m. We had dinner   he bought a ham butt.  & then he went down & sawed wood 2. hrs.   I called him up for tea & to rest but he didn’t stay long & went back, had to do just so much & then he came in few minutes more & then fed hens,   he went for milk with car & got mail on way in   got puzzle from the War D. [?] & from song book & I have felt to miserable to work so didn’t do much work  tried to crochet, but Elbert got started on puzzle & he don’t give me any peace of mind    wants me to help & I didn’t feel able   I’m so weak   I sweat like rain last night & tonight & now he’s planing on going to Huron for fish in a-m-   & I don’t seem to ever be able to rest & he’s wanting me to cash my check, so I’ve signed it & he is to get flour, coffee & tea.   & I’m giving him strick orders not to spend any more,   I’ll have to be so careful in order to eat & pay for gas & light bill & I owe Audrey 2.00 & I hope to get my wool petticoats & a hat   I’m so tired of this one,   I’ve worn it for 18. yrs. & it begins to look like it.   I’d love to go to Jeans wedding but I feel so punk I guess I wont try.  takes to much strength.   I praise God & thank him for all things & pray He will give me what I need so I can go to Church & I hope to be able to praise Him in Spirit before I go.   

Sat. Nov. 15. 1952./ No. egg today./ Elbert went to Huron for fish,   but, no fish.   he took my check & spent 4.11 out of it.   I’ve felt to weak to work so just did what had to be done or most necessary.   Elbert cut some wood in the hollow & carried some up    I was out back & it was so warm out just like summer   flies were thick on the outside Elbert’s east window screen.   The hunters were out in groups & I suppose they got all 7. pheasents.

Sat. Nov. 15. 1952./ page. 3007./ No eggs today./ We see them this morning,   but, of all the shooting, there wont be much hope of seeing them again.   Knettle gave Elbert a nice rabbit.  6 of them sat on a long willow with their backs to me.  it would have been a good picture & showed the length of the tree.   Well Jean Ann was married today at 2-p-m. or at least that was when she expected to be, over in the Methodist Church where Johny & Marcie were married & this time Johny was the Minister to preform the ceremony   I wanted to go but just couldn’t   I pray God will go with them all the way.    Now they’ll take an airplane in Cleveland & fly over to there (nest) a furnished apartment he has made ready to take her to.   It’s been a wonderfully nice day here,  to hot in a lot of places & to cool in others.   Ella Jane is coming in a few days from California.   They had a typhone on the isle of Formosa & nearly swept it clean they said over Radio.   Oh God, have mercy on us I pray,   put me in the place you want me to be    I’m willing to do Thy Will;   I Praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus, Amen.

Sun. Nov. 16. 1952./ No. eggs today./  Been a fine day,   I was to weak to go to church today, but since the church have prayed for the sick in soul & body, I feel stronger again & trust to be able to go to church Thurs. evening & maybe Tue. [aevng?] evening,    I asking & trusting & believing in Jesus name & I Praise Him & Give Him Praise & Glory for all things, Amen.   We been home all day,   but we have to go for food Mon. or Tue.   Well we got a light shower for a couple minutes & it’s real cloudy & rain smells fresh & good;   I pray, Jesus Thou will take care of Jean & her husband all the way & help them to Know Thee   I thank Thee Jesus, True & Holy. Glory.

Mon. Nov. 17. 1952./ No. eggs today./ Well it’s been a perfect day.   Elbert went to Huron & I got up & set bread & did out most of my washing & I had the potatoes & cabbage ready to cook so when Elbert came in he put them on to cook & then wiped, close line & got 2 busckets of water & hung out the cloths   then we ate,   he got a piece of beef to fry & it was good (little tuff & cost over a dollar but as ma use to say it’s more tuff when there isn’t any.) before I got every thing out the sink a few rags & my stocking, Inez came in & Henry & so I cleared the wash basin & washed my hand good & wrinsed & wiped & sat down & made 2. tins of biscuits & a small loaf of bread & then we talked,   she brought me 5. lbs. sugar & a box of something called cornflake mix to make Jony cake of & a bag of hot pop corn,  it was still warm & good,   we put the bread in the over & went out side & dug bitter sweets & rose bushes,   Iriceas & sweet, peas, pink & white

Mon. Nov. 16. 1952./ page. 3008./ No eggs today./ & then picked bitter sweet berries & I gave her sprigs of juniper with lots of berries on them. & then they flew off for home,   she also took some of the peneroril gerannay & she was happy & said sh’d be back again soon.   She said she expected to be great grandma this week.   Well after they went Elbert fixed the sement & put it in the crack on end of fire dome & the got stove top back on,  he fed the hens & got more water & coal up & sat down 5 minutes    by that time I was done, & the bread was done when we came in after henry & Inez, left.   Elbert had to make me tea & I nearly fainted   I sat for 15 or 20 minutes then got up & hung up towels nose rags & stockings & had to set again,   he warmed potatoes & rabbit & we had tomatoes & bread for supper & I’m sure all in tonight, but thank & praise God for His Love & tender mercies & blessings,   Oh, Jesus Thou are so wonderful.   Henry marveled at all the big logs & wood Elbert has cut with just a hand saw & axe,   It rained last night in light showers & it thundered,  & the lightening was blue.   I Praise Thee Jesus.   Yesterday & today Elbert has looked tired out & says he feel like it.   It would be terrible to be without him & he said he thought how terrible it would be with out me,   May Gods Will be done.   But I pray He will see that we & ours are His before we go.

Tue. Nov. 17. 1952./ No. eggs today./ It’s been a fine day   I slept late & the police-man that comes to Hunt each Fall, drove in   he had 3 others men with him    they got 6 rabbits and gave us one (the police man’s wife is a cristian.)  Elbert went out & got the mail   a card from Bonita   a letter from Audrey & she told us all the wedding news  some other, she’s tired & does to much work.   Elbert’s in the same fix & he sawed some big logs this morning & he sawed some after dinner.   then I called him up & we went up hill & over to Horvath’s & got a bu. & a half of apples $4.95   they are nice meddian size but, tast good & we need a little fruit.   We stopped & talked to Mrs. Kilbride & gave her a few sprigs of evergreen, bitter sweets & Chinesse lanterns,   she was so pleased with them & a clump of yellow glad bulbs.   then we came back home & I was so tired out,  I had to rest awhile,   then I got supper.    Elbert’s sore & lame & stiff & his bowels don’t feel very good.   I thank God & Praise Him for every thing.   I pray He Keep us all close to him.   Oh Jesus, I love Thee & pray You will Keep me.   Thou are more wonderful than I’ll ever be able to explain. 

Wed. Nov. 18. 1952./ No. eggs today./  Been a fine day, rainy, misty & warm & it cleared off for a while this afternoon   but clouded up tonight   Elbert’s so stiff he can hardly get around, but he does his round & then some.   We see 5. flocks of wild geese this after noon & evening.   I only did what had to be done today   I still feel terribly week in spdit[?],   but, when I think I do a thing I start to hop  & no hope, but trust for tomorrow in Jesus. 

Thurs. Nov. 19. 1952./ page. 3009./ No. eggs today./ WE had dinner & then we went to Vermilion & spent all most 30 dollars for food,  fresh & caned.   We were gone 2 hrs.   We mailed the letter to Audrey & one for plant food $3.70 & it cost 10 cents for mail orders & 3 cents for a stamp then 25 cents for 25= 1 cent stamps & 56 cents for tea & 58 cents for 2 deep dishes for the table,  We needed them.   I mailed a card to Audrey & one to Miss Clark & I sent back the T.B. seals I couldn’t pay for them.  D.V.A. wants 18.00,   Boys Home wants 2.00 or more & so many others & I feel sick I’m not able to give them all I have & live.   If I could have had the little I needed after Frank died I feel sure I could have earned my own living,   they gave me 7.00 per. month to exist on & I thanked them, & Jesus, that He is the judge at the judgement day.   They starved the preacher to death at Berlin Hights,  he told me about it before he died  his wife & chldren went back to her folks, (Rev. Stiener.)  I don’t know if I spelt his name corect.   I received card from Audrey & Miss. Clark, today.   We saw a flock of about 200 or more geese just after we got home   they were flying very low right over the house & honking to one another as they flew   it’s cloudy & little breezy & a little cooler tonight.    I’m tired out tonight,   I took a cup of milk with us & drank it after we got the food in the car & got ourselves set.   then we came straight home.   We brough the pump handle in, so no one would get all the water. I had to miss prayer meeting again tonight but now I hope & pray I can go Sun.   I praise Thee Jesus for all things, Amen.

Fri. Nov. 20. 1952./ No. eggs today./ Well, it showered after midnight & has all day,  no sun today,  with a puffy N. east wind, not cold enough to freeze, but chilly & we saw another big flock of 200 or more geese late this after noon,   they were having a hard time going south east & the wind North east  they looked as if they tumbling down & looked as if on each other & then got down almost to the tree tops, then made a raise again,   we saw them do it 5 or 6 times.   Well I made 3 dish towels   got dinner & supper & washed dishes.   I feel some better today. & Praise God for all our many blessing & pray God will take care of our many souls Amen.

Sat. Nov. 22. 1952./ No. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got no fish,  he got a lb. of butter & a pepper & came back home.   I got or helped get dinner & he sawed wood & choped a little & I did my daily round   felt so bad didn’t get up untill almost noon,   those men from Cleveland came & hunted untill noon & went again,   I think the police man had his son & I did-n’t get to talk to him but maybe they’ll come again   Knettle gave Elbert another rabbit today & he dressed it & we have been soaking it in salt water hoping to have it tomorrow for dinner,   my blood pressure is very low   I don’t know as I’ll be able to get to church & sit there for & hour or more.   Elbert saw what he thought was the same flock of 200 geese going North again this morning.   Well I finished baby booties to go to Annabel for her great grand daughter  now a hanky for Anna Mae & I hope to send them & chair set this coming week.

Sat. Nov. 22. 1952./ page 3010./ No eggs today./ I thank Thee Jesus for all our many many blessing   help me to be worthy, I ask in Jesus name  pray for strength & thank & Praise Thee only & forever & ever.   

Sun. Nov. 23. 1952./ No. eggs today./ We been home all day,   Been a nice day  Partly cloudy & some colder.   I feel a little better today, only sad at heart because we didn’t get out to church,   I hope & trust to be stronger this week;   Thurs is Thanksgiving day, so since I didn’t get away to Church, I don’t know if they will have prayer meeting or not,   Well I pray God will help me to Know & direct my course.   Well, I haven’t got my cards for Christmas, but guess, I can’t this year.   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & am glad you keep a song in my heart & pray for those who don’t know Thee or have that song.   Help us Oh God. 

Mon. Nov. 24. 1952./ No. eggs today/ Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish & cleaned & scraped them & I had potatoes ready & fried fish & made coffee for our dinner   We thank God & Praise Thee Jesus for them.   Elbert heard that flock of geese but couldn’t seem to see them.   he got a little wood & helped me a little   he hung out a line of clothes   air was to damp to dry them so I did them over fire in house & got them all dry & put away,   that I washed,   but didn’t get them all washed   Elbert’s sleepers  2 work shirts,   2 heavy union suits & my 2 house dresses  8. big pieces to do yet.   he said he was going to wash them in the morning,   Well I don’t know if I can do any tomorrow,   I seem to have a little more strength than later part of last week, but felt stronger last Mon. than today,   However I Praise God & Thank Him for all things. 

Tue. Nov. 25. 1952./ No. eggs today./ Elbert got up & washed his 2 piece sleeper things & his 2. heavy union suits & 2 work shirts & I got the dinner & Plato came,  said Rev Mr Mrs. Dear came was over to Sandusky to see why we didn’t get more than 54 dollars a month to live on,   I wish they hadn’t said any-thing & I told her I’d rather she wouldn’t, but it was Elbert that told them & now he said I’d better go & see Dr. Leadhouser & get what they call a check up,   maybe he could change my diet so as to give me more strength but I wonder how could I pay for it   we are afourded 1.00 per. day & the 1.00 is only worth 48 cents so 48 cents per. day isn’t much to live alday & all night on.   I thank God I can have that much.    I hope through He will, make us all His & take us before things get to bad.   & that He’ll help me to be of more service to Him, put me where He can use me.   I only did what I had to do today.   I sweat so bad when I do just a little   Elbert don’t feel very good either,   he works to hard   he sawed wood after dinner

Wed. Nov. 26. 1952./ page. 3011./ No. eggs today./ Well it rained in heavy showers & the wind blew in heavy puffs.  80 miles & hr. in Chicago & 40. miles here,   seemed as if our little house would not stand, but I thank God He doesn’t only keep us, but He Keeps our humbel house,   He says if we truly believe  & trust in Him He will take care of us all the way.    Oh Praise His Holy Name now & forever more. Amen.   Well it’s nice to get an invitation out for Thanksgiving Day dinner,   but, we didn’t even get that so far,  even if we can’t go.

Thurs. Nov. 27. 1952./ No eggs today./ Today is Thanksgiving Day & my little old house, that use to be so full of young & old has been as if it were dead   No one came & Elbert & I didn’t even get an invitation out, but we thanked God for a pork chop, one sweet potatoe & a nice crisp little head of cabbage from our garden for our dinner & for a custard pie for supper,   I made with some effort, because Elbert said that was one thing he’d really like,   I got it cooked a little to long, but it was real good,   I used a qt. of milk & 4 eggs “we Kept a few eggs that the hens laid last, for the days they would be moulting, but some of the hens are all most done molting & we hope they will start laying again by the time these eggs are gone.   We thank God for helping us to be able to be up & about & that He reveals His word to us   I wanted to go to Church to prayer service & Praise & Thank God for all He means to me,   but, didn’t get to go.   I owe every thing to Jesus,   He gives so much to me & I’m still asking Him for more,   I do pray He will help Elbert to turn to Him, love Him & trust Him, with all his heart, soul mind & strength & each brother, Sister & sister-in-law, nephew, neice & all their families & all my cousins & families.   I give Him all Honor Praise & Glory forever & ever, Amen.  Elbert sawed a few logs today.   Wind been strong & puffy  showered Wed. night & Tue, night & winds still blowing tonight, but don’t seem quite so strong.   I have dishes done,  Elbert’s gone to bed, his hips are lame & sore.   Been a nice day, partly cloud, wind was south west, & little colder,  the rest of the States been having high winds & rain & sleet & snow & lost of life in places.  

Fri. Nov. 27. [she means 28.]1952./ No. eggs today./ Partly Cloudy,   Elbert sawed wood in hollow & I slept late   I feel some stronger again & do hope & trust God will get me to Church Sun. for sure.   We received card from Audrey   she has a bad cold & been in bed a few day,   I do so wish she’d take care of herself & that I could help her some way,   she said she had a nice letter from Jean   I Praise & thank God for all we have & that he reveals to me His Holy Word. & helps me to understand  Glory to God, Amen.

Sat. Nov. 29. 1952./ page 3012./ No. eggs today./ We had such heavy frost that it looked like a light snow  & it was sure cold from 2-a-m untill most 10-a-m, then sun came out and it warmed up a little.  Wind’s cold & raw & South West & they said “on the radio” that some one place was digging out from under 7. foot of snow & tonight they say, a lot of highways are slippery & we are getting another heavy frost again tonight every things & white out side, but moon’s trying to shine.   It’s beautiful, yet it is sort of weard.   I baked bread today & made a glass of apple jelly, from the pearing from the apples I made pies of.   Now it’s 10-p-m- & I am tired,   I had Elbert put the night cloths out & his wool blanket he’s been sleeping on & I have made bed & done all the dishes & Now we’re listening to the hr. of Comfort with Rev. Buser.   I thank Thee Jesus & pray for Thy guidance.   We had a nice card from Audrey & from Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Deer.   I haven’t got it all figured out But Praise God for them & there.  We see a big flock of geese again tonight & thought they lit in Brodes woods. 

Sun. Nov. 30. 1952./ No. eggs today./ Well I got ready for Church but head was so bad I didn’t go & Elbert didn’t feel able either,   he’s taken more cold,   Been mostly cloudy & a N. W. wind   had a white frost & looks as if we’d get another tonigh.   I listened to the sermons on the radio all day wishing so much I could go to Church.   Elyrae Morton the colored Minister preached a sermon on the 2 loaves & fishes & I was glad for, I have always felt that the fragments that were gathered up, ment the lost souls,   yet, to be gathered up,  that none should be left and it the first time I’ve ever heard any one preach a-bout it in like maner,   So I learned a little even though I couldn’t get to Church,  Praise God from Whom all blessing flow.   I pray God will bless him & all his peoples in Jesus Name Amen.   We were home alone all day.   I love Thee Jesus, even so, forever & ever.

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