July 1951

Sun. July 1. 1951./ 15 eggs today./ Well, Elbert killed & dressed a hen,    his hand is better but still swollen & sore yet,    he took his bath but can’t get his right arm & shoulder so I do that for him at bed time,    but he felt sick & his bowels started to run him, but I got him to drink some milk & then some hot coffee & then he ate a half of a biscuit & chicken gravy on it then I washed his right arm & hand & he washed left one with alcohol rubed it with turpo ointment & went to bed saying he felt better. 

Sun. July. 1. 1951./ page. 2767./ 15. eggs this day./ It’s been partly cloudy & tried to rain late this afternoon & it’s all clear over head tonight & quite cool   we had a fire Fri. night Sat. & Sat. night but it went out today & we haven’t any tonight however,     I shut the doors & windows early tonight so it doesn’t feel so cold.    We listened to the sermons over radio & Praised God, Oh Jesus I do Praise Thee & love Thee,   all the Glory & Power belongest to Thee.

Mon. July 2. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Well, I cut out 1. house dress & have two more to cut    wish, I wish I could be alone when I cut them out.    My feet are so bad,    I suffer untold misery.     I did my daily chores & put 3. qts., currents through the seive into a crock ready for sugar & cooking.   in the morning.    I haven’t got the labels on the others yet,    I walked out to see Elbert’s potatoes he was hilling up & Ethel & her man drove in,    they didn’t stay very long said they were going fishing up to Huron.    Ethel said Loura Ann had won a prize for journalism & had been off to a college 200 miles from home for a week to study the important points in journalism & cried because she couldn’t stay longer,    she liked it so well,   but she has a job clerking in a drygoods store selling corsets & dresses.    she earns $25.00 per week & it costs her five for car fare & eats,    but, she hopes to save 100 dollars to go to Kent to college.    She’s 16. yrs. old & has all the wonderful ideas most young folks have,    it’s going to cost a 100 dollars for all her cloths & things,  how foolish,   Mrs. Noderer is 87. yrs. old June, 28. 1951.so Ethel said today    & Ethel is 53. yrs. old    Fred was 65 yrs. old last Sept. 19. he was 12 yrs older than Ethel& Walter is 67. I believe she said    Well I dreamed of Fred this morning before I got up,   & Audrey & Gertie     ma use to say,  “dream of the dead & you hear from the living, so it seems.    Elbert hoed, or hilled his potatoes today,   has them all done now but one row the last ones he put in,    they’re just coming up.    Radio said it would be cool tonight, 57 degrees. & I believe it.    I praise God for all my , & our many blessings Amen.    Received a card from Mrs. Goll. & Dehaans book is good.

Tue. July. 3. 1951./ 17 eggs to day./ Well, I did the washing & got it all dried out doors, hot sun & good fresh S. west wind.    Elbert went to Huron & got 32 or, so, perch,   I had my washing & house washing almost done when he came, he insisted on cleaning the fish, so he cleaned 8 for dinner & while he cleaned I hung up the clothes,    then got fish on to fry & his cloths soaking & after we ate I finished washing out his things & got them on the line then I brought in mine,    I had taken them down & folded them & then I rested 10 minutes then mended tick of Elberts pillow    it had split in 3 places.    I’ll have to sew new ticking to get it fixed up & mine is most as bad.    I had a big wash   all the sleepers & pillow slips & next week the blankets again,    I got a knife in mail, guess Audrey sent it.    She told me about them, chicken cleaner, she said.    Well, Elbert’s

Tue. July.3. 1951./ Page. 2768./ 17. eggs this day./ hand is still badly swollen, but swelling has left his arm he worked some in garden tonight.    I did a little also but hadn’t ought to, for I want to sew tomorrow & I’m terribly tired tonight.    it’s rather cool tonight & heavy due.    Ramblers are all in bloom & pretty.   Baldwin full of apples & falling off ground is covered with them.    Garden not coming very fast but how the weeds do grow.   I surely Praise God for the strength He has given me today,    I Praise Him for all things great & small in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Wed. July. 4. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Today was 4. of July & for once they put a band on fire works.    Elbert has 9. doz. eggs to sell.    We were alone all day    Elbert planted[?] 28. beans “bush limas & transplanted some tomatoes.    We had several showers one right after the other    then sun came through & was so hot S. west breeze all day.    Elbert took almost 1/2 bu. dahlia bulbs to Mrs. Kilbride.    I tried to boil the currents & make jelly the oldfashion way & I took me eyes off it for a few seconds & it boiled over & I had a terrible job cleaning for an hour or so, on the stove, for jelly went all over,    well I tried again after supper,    berries were to ripe, so I’ll wait for serto.    I did darn 2. prs. socks today,    but didn’t get another dress cut out,    I cut one out Mon. & have 2 more to do.    Oh God, of Love & Mercy, I pray Thou will hear & ans. pray for my spirit & my feet & for the many others we pray for, Amen.

Thurs. July. 5. 1951./ 22. eggs today./ Elbert went & sold the eggs 9. doz. 5.85 & bought food     we were about out of everything,     he got some ice cream all so & it sure was good    I got dinner & washed dishes  finished current jam “11. jars” & then cut out my dress “got one more to cut ” & then I pulled machine out & stitched 2 dish towels 1 pillow slip  4. pillow ticks & then I stitched up one skirt of one dress    hope I can do more tomorrow.    I received my tax blank $10.19 today.    I thank & Praise God for all things in Jesus Name & pray I may be His forever & ever. Amen    It’s been a very cool morning & last night it was real cool, calling for & extra blanket and is the same tonight.    We had a fire all day & this evening wind went from S.W clear around to N. East. & on around again to S. West.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all Thou doeth for me, but I pray Thou will fill me & heal me & keep me so,   I thank Thee Jesus, Blessed & Holy Lord God of Hosts.  Amen.

Fri. July. 6. 1951./ Page. 2769./ 17. eggs today/ Well, Elbert work in garden this a-m.    I tried to rest    got up late & got the din-ner ready then  I tried to stitch on my dresses    I’ve got both of them ready to bast onto the belts & got the sleeves basted in,    then they’ll be ready to trim & finish,  that’s 4 I’ve got ready to finish one for sunday & 3 house dresses.    I have one more I want to make    I can wear it to church for a while.   I’m so tired, it tires me so for my eyes are bad,    I can’t see plain to tell if I’m getting seams & edges even & straight.    I thank God for the strength He’s given me today & pray I can finish a dress tomorrow    I want so much to go to church,    It’s the only place I get to go anymore.   Well the Sun has been hot all day, not to hot in the house, the Walkins man was here & we got some spray for ants flys & so forth, 75 cents & he gave me 2 dish clothes, nice ones    better than those I bought at Penny’s drygoods Store in Lorain.    I praise Thee Jesus for all things & Pray Thy Will be done, Amen. 

Sat. July 7. 1951./ 14. eggs today./   I didn’t get much sewing done but did some & my eyes have been so bad for several days it makes it terrible hard to sew.    I swept & dusted   did my daily doz.    Elbert went up for milk & then he went to Vermilion, took his work pants “3. prs” & got them washed while he did some shopping & got a money order for my taxes & sealed it in with blank & return envelop & mailed it in with blank & return envelop & mailed it to Treasurer’s Office Sandusky Ohio & he mailed a card to Audrey & one to Martha & I put Frank’s & Ruby’s tax blank in an envelop & there address on the front of the envelop     it came to Elbert in & addressed back to Elyria  Ohio Treasurer’s Office to      Walter J. Wright  takes care of that & he’s getting old & forgetful it seems.    Well, I wont have anything left out of my check,    have to pay 20.00 on coal & 5 for church & pay half the food bill,     he’s supposed to pay half the coal & taxes & food,    Well, I’m keeping all the bills for this mo. & I’ll see how much he turns in of his.    I pay the gas 8.76 to.    thank God He help us to get by on what we have.     Elbert has to pay for gas & oil for the car, to.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me to have a dress soon so I can get back to Church    I thank Thee. Amen. 

Sun. July. 8. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ It sure got cold before morning had to reach for another blanket.    Sun came out, then it clouded up & did give a fine misty shower but didn’t last    Elbert took his bath & then went out & picked enough black raspberries for a short cake    I made the cake for dinner,    We had roast pork & I baked potatoes  & coffee.

Sun. July. 8. 1951./page. 2770./ 19. eggs this day/ I wish so much I was filled & healed & in church. I’m a long ways from being any where near perfect,    but, I loath some of the thing I must hear when I do go,    but God has said when we fail in one thing, we fail in all    so I find so many things I’ve failed in.    I thank God for His Word & for His showing & teaching me the truth,    I’m sorry & repent for the mistakes I make & thank & Praise Him for His Love & that He forgive & understands all things as He has told us in 1. John. Chap. 2. Verse 15. and 17…. 3. Verse 9.- then read & think over the rest of the chapter & the next chap. is very good food for thought    & the 18th & 19th verses & read the other verses also.    The bible is the word of God written by His prophets & by Jesus Christ His Son & our Saviour Who were filled with the Holy Ghost    I thank Thee Jesus that I’m learning even though I’m getting old    All the Honor & Glory truly belongest to Thee, Amen.     It rained hard tonight just before dark & is raining yet. 

Mon. July. 9. 1951./ 16. eggs today/ Well, I managed to get the washing done but only one line full dry    it’s rained in showers both light & heavy.    Elbert went for milk, then came back & went to Huron to get enough fish for 3. meals    he went back & got bottle grape juice & a can of ovaltine 5 boxes tea balls.  3 boxes cheeries & 1 box red raspberries    he cleaned the fish & I cooked them & potatoes for dinner    We ate some of the roast pork, dressing & gravy for supper.    It has cleared off out side & new moon shining bright,    it’s a very wet moon, sun was terrible hot & it’s been sultry all day,  S. west breeze.    Radio said wind had done a million dollars or more damage in State of Wisconsin & they didn’t know yet about Minnsota & some of the other states & it was thought we would be getting some tonight or tomorrow.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for looking after & caring for us & Pray I may be more useful in His work:  Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus Wonderful, wonderful is He, He’s healed my paralized stomach & bowels mended my broken bone,    He’s marvelous & Gracious to me.    Oh how I love Jesus because He first loved me, Glory to God.  All Praise, Glory, Honor, Power and love belongest to Thee.

Tue. July. 10. 1951./ 15. eggs today./ Well I did my genral daily round & did the ironing & baked 2 cherry pies & 1. pie shell & cooked two meals & I’m tired    I hung all the clothes out & finished drying them & then took care of them & it’s been terrible hot & sultry all day    Wind went N. east late “or just after noon” & it’s a very light breeze but enough to bring the dirty rotten smelling smoke from Bert Ward’s fire, where He burns up rubbish,    air is getting cooler & Damp    Elbert went for milk tonight & Mrs. K. said they had a light shower    it’s mostly cloudy allday & tonight.    I thank God for his word & pray He will help to do His will.

Wed. July. 11. 1951./ page. 2771./ 18 eggs today./  I haven’t done much today    was sick all night  stomach & bowels    they moved toward morning & again 10-a-m.    I was still sick both ways untill 4-30-p-m.    I began to feel better    I ate a very little & stomach is still hurting.    I tried to sew but only got one dress basted together    hope I feel better tomorrow.    Elbert hopes to go with the eggs & phone to Audrey.    she was coming out to help me with my dresses,    but, I guess by the card she wrote to day, it wont matter if she don’t come, for she said she’s hunting a job, so if she wants to come Elbert will go get her,    but, I’m not able to sew & so,    maybe she’d rather come later on. if I don’t get them done.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.    Rained in early morning & cloudy most all day.

Thurs. July. 12. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Been punk all day    got a pain around the heart & can’t get a full breath    am trusting & praying God will have dimion over it as it’s now 10-p-m & I’m hoping it wont last all night    I feel so tired out.    Elbert’s feeling the same way,    he’s tried to clean south end of hen house this after noon,    it’s been a dark misty day,    he went & sold the eggs & bought the grain & oyster schell cost 4.85 for grain & 1.10 for schell. & he’s selling eggs for 65 cents 9. doz. & they are 78 cents in the stores,    I wanted him to see about it several weeks ago, but he didn’t & the women all asking him about the price & at last they told him, so he went to Lorain & found out.    He got my olive Oil 1.79 while he was in Lorain & talked to Audrey    she said it was O.K. if she didn’t come today,    & I’m sure it would have been a very pleasent day for her or Elbert & then she was going to bring Nellie & Bonita’s children & Jean Ann    Oh I sure would have had to go to bed,    so A. called Nellie & they will wait for a nicer day & more convinient day.    I thank Thee Jesus that I’ve been able to stay up allday.    & I Praise Thee for all things & am still trusting to be filled & heal.

Fri. July. 13. 1951./ 18. eggs today./  Well, I sort of felt as if Miss. Clark & Mrs. Sprunk would come in for dinner & sure enough they did.    I was so sick yesterday & that terrible pain around my heart & couldn’t get a full breath & so,     I prayed & prayed & told Jesus I was excepting a healing when they prayed for the sick & then I thanked Him & I got ready for bed & for-got about the pain & knelt & prayed as usual & when I turned over in bed I began to Praise Him,    for, He had taken the pain all out & even the soreness,    Oh, Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free, where Jesus is tis Heaven to me, Amen Glory Hallelujah.    He’s so Merciful, Kind & Loveable and all I ask to be like Him.    Well they prayed for me   Mrs. Sprunk & Miss Clark, after I got out in the kitchen  I wasn’t all dressed when they came & was combing my hair,    but, I got out got washed & made a 

Fri. July. 13. 1951./page. 2772/ 18 eggs this day./ I had to use can twice while trying to get dinner,    but, I cook green cabbage    Mrs. Sprunk & Elbert got the potatoes ready & Miss. Clark had brought hamberg & she fried that & I made a black raspberry short cake & we set the table & sat down & ate & they sure must have enjoyed it for they ate the most of it & it was a big one    I ate light    only at a tablespoonful, least seeds get after me again.    they picked what current there were left not quite a qt. & a qt of goose berries & I gave the bag of potatoes back that they brought,    sorry I didn’t Know what Miss. Clark needed but I’ll try to make it up to her soon,    I gave her the 2 meat balls that were left over,    she’ll have enough for Sat.     Sun only shone a little while been dark, cloudy & damp.    Elbert took them both home, Mrs. S. took some slips of red coleus & wondering Jew & some Voilet leaves I had sprouted & some wild tiger lilly blooms & each took a bag of black walnuts.    Well I washed the dishes & put things away & then Elbert brought ice cream & then I got supper & washed dishes & now I’m going to read & go to bed.    I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing, Amen.

Sat. July. 14. 1951./ 16. eggs today./ I didn’t do only the daily grind today,    Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of perch, while I lay in bed trying to rest,    had a rather bad night.     I got up washed & dressed & cooked dinner & he rested a little & then went out & worked in garden a while    then a young couple & 3. children drove in & ask if they could eat a picnic dinner under the butter nut trees     they did & we invited them to come back again   they were from Columbus Ohio. & late this afternoon Frank Bonney & his two boys, Harvey, & Armond they, or, Frank, got only one    the other boys didn’t get any.  the gave Elbert the woodchuck & he got it dressed.    Elbert went to Vermilion  got some food & cashed my check & he couldn’t account for 90 cents    Well I gave him 20.00 for my half of food & gas & oil    we have to pay coal bill & that’s what he hates,    I have paid the taxes & coal bill & gas & he paid food & car expenses    I don’t eat 20 dollars worth of food a mo. but he acts ornery about it,    he took Harry Miller 3 or 4  & Miss Clark 2.    she was there looking after Harry while his sister was out    & I know she’ll enjoy the fish.    Wish my dress was done, but it isn’t.    I hope to finish it next week.   & she & Mrs Sprunk say Brother Braman will be in Toledo next week,    Oh, I Praise the Lord & trust He will ans. my prayers,   that I may be filled healed & a living testemony for the Lord,    Oh, I’d be so happy & I pray Nellie Audrey & Jean can go with us.    I hope I don’t miss it.    I pray God will bless him & give him strength & health,    Oh, Glory to God Bless him & through him bless us,    Jesus blessed Jesus;    I thank Thee, Amen.    Oh Praise the Lord & give thanks unto Him Amen.

Sun. July. 15. 1951./ page 2773./ 15. eggs today./  Sun. & we were home all day & I have been trusting & praying Jesus will fill & heal me soul, spirit, body & bones in Jesus Holy Name I love Thee Jesus & I know Thou art able but what is wrong with me?    Oh God; help me to endure for I know Thou will heal me for another testimony when the time & place is right.    I want to do Thy will & give Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever.    We listened to the preacher in Nebraska this morning & to Rev Zimmer of Toledo Ohio after dinner & Rev. Buser tonight & it’s true we should be on fire for Christ,    I’d like to do lots more, than I do,    but don’t know how,    I pray He will reveal to me & help me.    I owe my life, my all to Him    I can never repay Him in words or deeds for all He means to me  Praise His Name.    been a nice day with sunshine, N. east breeze.  wind died out tonight & clouded up in the West, sun hot & sultry. 

Mon. July. 16. 1951./ 16. eggs today./  I did the washing,   it’s been a terrible hot day    I hope trust & pray that Brother Bra-ham come this way,    I hear he’s coming to Toledo & has his first meeting tomorrow,    if he isn’t coming this way, I pray I will have a chance to go there.    Oh God help & bless those of Thine & give the strength in spirit & soul,    We all need so much,    I thank Thee.    Elbert has felt bad all day & I didn’t think I could wash but Praise God I got most of it done,    I have 3 or 4 blankets yet & my rugs to get washed & dried    Elbert took his double blanket to Vermilion & got it washed & dried for 65 cents & it was done when he got back for it,    so, he brought it home    I sewed bottom together & he slept in it that night  a few days before he got 3. prs. work pants done for 40 cents,    it’s better & easier for us both.    I do hope I can sew tomorrow.   Been to hot  partly cloudy 83. degrees; 

Tue. July. 17. 1951./ 15. eggs today./  My bowels never moved alday Mon. & this morning I could hardly keep from fainting,    but after I did get them started, they sure did move me,    been so shaky & weak alday & sick to me stomach,    I basted rick rack  braid around neck & sleeves & to form yoke in front of waist & hope to stitch it tomorrow if I can    Elbert’s back’s been paining him as he decribes it,    it sounds like lumbago,    he’s forever catching just a little cold,    & he is careless.    Well, guess we are all are at times.    I thank God for all things & pray we may live closer to Him, Oh Jesus. 

Wed. July. 18. 1951./ 15 eggs today./ Elbert plans on going with eggs tomorrow,    he hasn’t been feeling very well, he’s got a cold & his stomach & bowels are bad & so are mine & my rectum bleeds when they move,    I managed to get the stitching all done on one dress today except hem & I have to have it marked,    I’m going to try to do the others tomorrow,    it’s been terrible

Wed. July 18. 1951./ page. 2774./ 15. eggs this day./hot in sun, 87. degrees & N. east breeze  very light & it’s gone S. west tonight,   it’s cooler now at 10-p-m.    It would been a good day to have washed the rugs only I’m feeling to bad to do it,    Oh. how I wish I could see & talk to Brother Braham.    I trust & hope I’ll get to go to him unless He is coming closer,    so I wont have to go so far,    Oh God, I pray in Jesus Name for help.    I made a short cake for supper & some cup cake.    I thank Thee Jesus for helping to prepare a way for my healing   Glory Hallelujah. 

Thurs. July. 19. 1951./ 17. eggs today./  Well I got one dress all done except the hem in bottom of skirt,    I sewed on snaps & buttons & made button holes & my eyes are bad    I can’t see to work & my eyes are sure tired tonight.     I cooked two meals  washed dishes & done my general round,    I don’t get out side as much as I’d like to,    hope I get the sewing done & blankets washed & the rugs    the rugs are so terribly dirty.    Radio said it would be cooler this after noon & clear off tonight & they hit the nail on the head, for once, for it’s real cool & the wind backed from N. east to N. west,    feels & looks like Sept.    & Elbert’s tomatoes are just blooming,    his early potatoes are done blooming & they said over the radio today,    that, the early potatoes are just in bloom.    I planted a little potatoe that grew on the top of the vine last year & it’s coming big & strong.    So cold nights, he put in some seed papers, for me    only one come    its was 10 inches high & such a cold due one night turned the leaves yellow but the poor thing started more green leaves & was getting ready to bloom last week & tonight is another wild & woolly night & I’m hoping it don’t get another frost bite. Well the stars are clear & bright & a big yellow full moon hanging low in the South east “& what gets full every month but never gets drunk?”        Oh I just can’t keep my mind off the meetings in Toledo Ohio, Brother Braham is there & may God bless him & I pray many will give there hearts to Jesus & some one will get there names & get them into one of His Temples of wor-ship    Miss. Clark & Mrs. Sprunk were going to let me know how or when I might go with some of them,    but, I haven’t heard a word.    Well I thank Jesus for all my many blessing & pray for all of His for I don’t know who are His,  He said he’d put evil spirits into some of His, to do the work He wants done,    I pray His will be done & that I may help Him in doing good work    May all the Glory, Praise & Honor be HIs,  He is Worthy, Amen.

Fri. July. 20. 1951./ 15 eggs today  one broke/   Well, I felt so  bum & Elbert has to.    I can’t understand why he insists on doing the things he knows he hadn’t ought to do & I talk & talk to try to keep him out of the sun when its so hot & he says there’s a good breeze, it wont hurt me & now

Fri. July. 20. 1951./ page. 2774./ 14. eggs today 1. B. that’s one broke/ he don’t know whats wrong with his head    he got to hot   was soaking wet & sat in the shade & cooled off    he has a cold now & lame & sore all over,    well, how can I help him,     it’s sure a great world,    Well the ladys were going to let me know about going to Toledo & neither has written a word & Elbert never enquired for me, while he was in Vermilion    I sure thank God,   He sees knows & understands all things,    I Praise Him & thank Him in Jesus Name.    I baked two tins of bread biscuits today & cooked one meal & am sick tonight    bowels wont move.    I ironed & darned two prs. socks & swept & did my daily round of household duties    We received a card from Audrey,   she said she’d ment to write, but, thought we’d write,  but she or the others don’t know how hard it is for us to do, what just has to be done,   if we can do it.     she hoped we were better.    said she had eight more days & she’s quiting her job.    She said if she had the money she’d like to go visit Johny & Marcie.    she sent us a hundred or so when we were in such a hard fix & I told her not to because we didn’t know how we’d ever be able to pay it back, & I would starve a little more now to give it back if I could,     I was sure she’d want it back sooner or later,    I haven’t got anything left I could sell, but, I pray God will help me give it back to her somehow.   she says “if I can help you in any way let me know,  with love, Audrey.    We were glad to hear from her & know she’s able to work,     she didn’t say anything about the rest of the families & I haven’t heard a word from Nellie for some time,   guess she’s to busy as they all say. 

Sat. July 21. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Well I have felt some better, bowels moved good today,    rectum’s still sore,   How I do wish I could be made whole & prove once more to the whole gang that God is able, some wouldn’t believe, any more than Elbert does, but there are a few that would,    Praise God.    I do believe, no matter what any one says or what they think    Glory to God, I pray Thou will find me a way to go to Brother Bramham & be healed, and I’ll never forget to give God the Praise & Glory.

Sat. July. 21. 1951./ page. 2775./14. eggs this day/ It’s been a nice day    hot S. west wind, but, partly cloudy alday,     Elbert got up & cut another patch of weeds, & decided that’s what made him sick for the last few days.    Frank Bonney came to-night to hunt woodchuck    he shot 2 & got one “he said he’s got arthritis in his fingers & the joints are terrible,    he’s telling us how good they live & have all the beef they want to eat.    Well it’s sure nice to know they have something to eat,    I sorry for them,    I’d rather eat the Lord’s food & be happy in Jesus even though the rest of them hate me, than to have plenty of this world’s good & not know the Lord,     but I pray they will learn before it’s to late,    that they must know the Lord. Amen. 

Sun. July. 22. 1951./ 13. eggs today./ Been a fine day partly cloudy & last night it thundered & lightened & poured down rain    We pick up a pk. of appricots & then picked a good big pk. from the tree & then Mrs. Charls M Smith & her son, his wife & there 10 months old baby boy stopped to ask about a place to live,    they looked at the building we call the cottage & couldn’t decide about fixing it up,    I do pray God will help me,    that I don’t do anything wrong.   Smith’s don’t have a very good repation but some of the children go to church & have went to the altar,    but it seems to be very hard for them to live right    first the children are put in a home of correction & then the father.    I pray that Jesus will keep them as well as me from making the wrong move.    A young couple run off the edge of the road into the ditch just above the Elm tree & gave Elbert 2.00 for pulling them out,  just after the Smith’s left.    It was a terrible hot night last night    I sweat all night & my gown was so wet    I hope it wont be so warm tonight.     I gave Mrs Smith a few apricots    they are small but will make a few tasty jars of jam, “if they don’t eat them up before she gets them cooked.   I haven’t heard a word from the church folks,  I wonder why.    they promised to let me know & not a word yet.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things great or small. Amen.

Mon. July 23. 1951./ 11. eggs today./   Well, Elbert went to fish house after he got the milk & I felt so horribly punk I turned over after he left & dropped off to sleep    I awoke with a start & got up thinking Elbert would be coming in at any minute    I put the water on for a cup of tea & for the washing, then I washed myself & dressed & combed my hair & made the tea & got at the washing & Elbert came with a big mess of perch,    he drank a cup of tea & went out to clean fish     & I finished the washing & hung it out & the sun & wind soon had them dry,    I fried two fry pans of fish & we ate bread & fish & drank hot coffee,    then we rested a few minutes & I took down the dry things & hung up the rest of the wet ones & one light wool blanket & they all got dry.    Elbert went down to Vermilion & took fish to Millers.

Mon. July. 23. 1951./ page 2776./ 11. eggs this day/ Miss Clark, Mrs. Eppler, Mrs. Lindy West. & Mrs. Sprunk. & they were all cleaned except Eppler’s & West’s & Elbert didn’t feel able to clean them all.    I had him get a cabbage & 3. cards rick rack braid  2. green & 1. white for my other 2 dresses.    I sent Audrey a card.    Mrs. S. said they had all been over to the meeting & West were going to stop for us but she didn’t know why they didn’t  they all had plenty of room,  they are an independent lot.   What would Jesus do?    I think I’ll send a card or phone to Sister Hance maybe they can take me one day this week.     I hope I wont have to miss out for I feel sure that God Will bless me if I go.    & I hope for Elbert also.    I pray Jesus will get me there or bring Brother Bramham here,    help me Jesus & I’ll give Thee the Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen. 

Tue. July. 24. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Audrey’s birthday  she 59. yrs old./ Well, it’s been a great day, I got up at 11-a-m & got the dinner ready & we ate & I was still sitting here basting the braid on to form a yoke on my dress & I put some on the pocket & Mertle & Dorthy came in with Dorthy’s little girl & boy,    they had been to Berlin Hights & said they thought they wouldn’t go passed with out stopping in a few minutes,    they didn’t stay long & didn’t  pray for me While they were here.     I haven’t felt very well after washing yesterday,    so, didn’t do much     I did cut up 1/2 bu. or nearly so of apricots to cook tomorrow & make Jam.   They Mr & Mrs. West & Mrs. Sprunk told us some things about the meetings in Toledo    they came in just after supper    & they told us about an old minister 90. yrs. old.    he had preached for 45 yrs. or more & he was all crippled up & wanted to be filled & healed & he was, right there before a few thousand people & he jumped & swung his arms & kicked his feet & legs around & praised God in spirit    I thank God & Praise Him for the good He has done the worthy, though Brother Bramham.    Now they say he is going to Jerusalem & I’m wondering if he will come back before Russia makes her attack on Jerusalem, for Russia is surely but slowly getting ready to take over the Checks & Hungarians, & I ran,    as it tells us she will in Ezekil. Chap. 38 & 39.    I feel blessings on Bramham & his folks.    And all praise Honor & truely belongeth to Him for ever & ever Amen, N.E. Wind. 

Wed. July 25. 1951./ 13 eggs today./    I have done much today basted a little on my dress & did the daily round.    Church women had there prayer meeting this afternoon.    I felt a light touch & thank God for my healing all the Praise truly belongeth to Him I owe my all to Him & I’ll never be able to

Wed. July 25. 1951./ page 2778./ 13. eggs this day./ thank Him & Praise Him enough for His Great Salvation, His wonderful love & His mercy for me,     I never will cease to love Him,    He’s done so much for me    He’s all the world to me With out Him life wouldn’t be worth living.     Oh, God I do Praise Thee, Glory Hallelujah,    I thank Thee for my healing & give Thee the Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.   Not much breeze but N. east    It’s been a hot sultry day & been hot for a few nights getting quite cool before morning    it’s hot today.

Thurs. July 26. 1951./ 15. eggs to day./ Well, I made 3 batches of apricot jam & one qt. cheeries & it was 95 degrees in the Kitchen & I was sick when I got up & leening on my feet in the heat & sweating so long     didn’t do me any good.    I sent Elbert to Beulah Beach to find out the Devine healing services     they gave him a leaflet & it says Mon. 9.00 & I gathered from that that it was in the morning but it doesn’t say if it’s July or Aug.     I’m going to try to get my dress hemed so I can go Sun. & find out for my self.    Elbert don’t feel very good either & I hope I can go in the mornng.    I pray God will have mercy & forgive me & help me.    it to hot to sleep last night & tonight.    I’m going to read & go to bed.     I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for all things small or great Amen

Fri. July. 27. 1951./ 11. eggs today./ Frank Bonney’s birthday  he’s 61. yrs. old./  Well, I washed out all the dirty clothes & got them all dry & it’s been so hot     Elbert went to Huron got a big bunch all clean & filited some the dressed for a man & he didn’t come for them.    All 3 fish houses were arrested & Huron house had to pay 40.00 for sell fish under size & there were also.     Elbert went for the milk & gave a few to Mrs. Kilbride she gave him a few cucumbers & 8 or 10 peaches,    We fried fish for dinner & more fish for supper & I rapped up six fish hot    I had just fried & sent Elbert over to Duglas’s with them,    Elbert said her face light up & she said they would surely soon,    I’ve had a feeling we ought to go see them,    she said Mrs. D was 85. yrs. old & they look as if they haven’t much longer to live.    Elbert said she looked real poorly,  they said they had spent the winter in Cleveland, but didn’t say who with.    It’s been a hot day, but we got a nice shower & cooled the air some 

Fri. July. 27. 1951./ page. 2779./11. eggs this today. We received a card from Audrey this morning.    I told her we would try to pay her some on the money she let us have son’s I got the coal paid for & on this card she said to forget it I don’t owe her anything,     but I will try hard to get it together so I can give it back to her,     it was wonderful    she loved us enough to give us a little at a time so we could live,    I pray God will help me to be able to sell the red coop & pay off Speary & the Lumber Co. at Huron.    There are a few things I’d like to do & soon.    I thank God & Praise Thee Jesus for helping me & pray I may praise Thee in spirit & be made perfectly whole in Thee Amen.  

Sat. July. 28. 1951./ 15. eggs today./ Well I washed my dress,  Elbert’s sleepers & 3 blankets & my corset & then ironed my two house dress & Elbert’s shirt & went out in the park with him & we got about 2 qts. apricots,    I heard some one out there & called Elbert instead of going right out, he looked out the window & went back to bed.    it sounded as if a limb broke & there was such a noise,    then all was still, this morning    Elbert went out & see a limb in the top of the tree broke & two smaller one’s,    it sounded as if they fell down through & on to the ground,  I pray, God will deal with them I don’t know who it was,  but 15 or 20 minutes later a flash light went along the south line to the road & then I saw it in Snyders yard & the dog always makes a fuss if anyone strange is around but he didn’t say a word,    so, it could have been.    Now I heard almost the same noise like the limbs cracking but not the thud, like last night.    Elbert went out,   but he can’t see or hear very well,    so, he came back,    I suppose as things go from bad to worse we won’t be able to have anything, from here on.    I thank God for what I have & wish my dress was done so I could go to church.   Well, I’ll try to write some cards to go, When ever Elbert goes to town.    I’ll still try to  get a dress done for this coming week.    I pray Jesus will help me some how,    I know He can  I believe He will,    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Praise.   

Sun. July. 29. 1951./ 12. eggs today./ It’s been a nice day but not a soul come near all day,    I laid a bed untill noon & the swelling did leave my feet some,    they haven’t pained me quite so bad,    I took my bath & dressed & got the dinner,    Elbert’s felt bum all day, his bowels out of fix again & he don’t seem to have the ambition to do the things that need to be done.    I’m in the same fix,    I have the ambition but not the strength     I didn’t get any letters or cards wrote today.    I hope Nellie & Bonita & the children are O.K.    they haven’t written a word since they were all here for picnic lunch {that was June 17} well

Sun. July. 29. 1951./ page. 2780./ 12. eggs this day./ I will try to send a card & see if they are still alive.    I had hoped we’d both be feeling better so we could over, but didn’t turn out that way.    I had a vision of Mr. Branham driving into our yard & he got out & came part way to meet me,    I didn’t understand then, but, I do now,    but, I didn’t get a chance to go to Toledo, not a soul came to see me or ask to take me & they said after word they had plenty of room.     I hope to go soon to Beulah Beach where they are having healing meetings & Rev. Ziemer’s    I thank Thee Jesus, that I can go & am trusting Thee for the healing.     Oh, Glory to God in the Highest I will testify & Praise Thee Jesus.

Mon. July. 30. 1951./ 18 eggs today/  Well I got my dress marked for the hem & I don’t know how it will be,    Elbert done the best he could     I’ve felt to weak & my feet hurt so I couldn’t hardly stand long enough for him to mark it for me,    he went to the fish house early & so they got in late, so he got back late,    & I slept a worried sleep, dreaming that Aunt Veinie wanted me to go take care of Pearl,    Elbert & I went & the wind had took there house just off the foundation & they had it all fixed & the house back on it but it had to be shingled they had got the chimney rebuilt, but couldn’t get shingles,    Elbert went to work 6. hrs. per. day looking after some men, doing some re-pare work,     so, I helped Lillie dump inselation in between lath & saiding    we got it all done & then went out & started painting     Elbert had renailed all the siding & looked after the windows    We ate a little & I took my corset off & slept in my clothes on a couch,    Elbert ate what Lillie fix & he went to work & so did.we & finished painting the out side of the house & as I finished the last but I fell over     Lillie was so frightened she cried but I got up & in on the couch & drank some hot tea & felt better,    but, Lillie cried so hard    I got her to stop it  & Aunt Veinie came & ask me to look after Pearl    I said I would but Lillie & I Knew Pearl had gone with Tessie to work     we talked it over, Lillie said she was so over bearing at times,    but, Tessie always took (“Lillie’s”) her part,    she’d hate to have any thing happen to her though,    a man came to the door for a cup of coffee & bite to eat Lillie was afraid so I took him 2 eggs fried two slices of bread & a cup of coffee,    he said a man hired him to do adays work & said he pay him soon as he had finished & then he wouldn’t give him his money so while he ate I phoned the police,    he came & went away with the man    he look 60 yrs. or more & then Elbert came,    he had that job done & Frank Bonney had got Lillie’s shingles & got them all on with Armonds and Harvey’s help, so we came home

Mon. July. 30. 1951./ page/ 2781./ 18. eggs this day./  I don’t remember seeing Pearl all the time we were there but aunt Veinie looked just as she use to & came to me 3 times & ask me to take care of Pearl,    so, although I don’t understand,    I’m wondering what it’s all about,    for I dreamed Branham came here & got out his car & came to meet me, as I was going to greet him,  & he came to Toledo & not a soul came to ask me to go,    I did cry, I wanted to go so bad & Mrs. Sprunk Knew I did for she & Miss. Clark were here & talked about it.     & so, God showed me & after word talked to me, Now I pray He will show me what to do this time be-fore it’s to late in Jesus Blessed Holy Name    I ask & I thank Thee Jesus, Amen.    it’s been quite hot today I did make a couple of pies after I got dinner the fish were good,    he took Mr & Mrs. Douglas 6 after he’d cleaned them.    & he said she seemed so glad to get them, she said Mr. Douglas wasn’t well, they wont let him drive the car any more so he sold it & they have the place up for sale    Mr D. fell awhile ago & his side was black from the middle of his front to middle of his back from top of hip up & a big lump that stayed for some time    He’s 85 yrs old he says but I think he is older than pa & pa would be 87. this last Jan 28. 1951. at least he looked older     out of the six hot fried fish    Elbert took them the other day at noon   she said she gave old Mr Young 3 of them,    Well Praise God Elbert does lots of good things & gets very little if anythanks for it, but God Knows & He wont forget;    He got the post card up in time to go out on the morning mail.    I thank Thee Jesus for all our blessing & Praise Thee always.  

Tue. July. 31. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Been partly cloud & a haze quite thick & late this after noon it rained in a steady rain then gave us several showers & got dark early tonight,    I did my daily round & mended 2 work shirts for rickrack braid around Neck yoke & pocket, then put the machine away untill another day.  Elbert’s worked cutting the weeds & grass, it makes him so sore & stiff it’s cooler tonight after the rain,    he didn’t get his paper today.   but I heard the postman at the box or I felt sure it was him as it sounded same as when he stops, no other mail of any interest. I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for His Love & care & I pray that I may be worthy of all His many blessings Amen.

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