[Thrs. Apr. 1. 1915]  Thurs.April.1.[1915]  My hen hatched out 11 chicken from 13 eggs. she was setting out doors.  Ive been trying to work as hard as of old, but it don’t agree with me

[Fri. Apr. 2. 1915]  Fri.2.  Just a week ago today  Mr. O’Neil sent me his pictyure a nice large one & a good one. & a Easter post card & a letter with $10 in it.  I had to go to the office for the letter. _____ wind is cold & raw

[Sat. Apr. 3. 1915]  Sat.3.  Well I tried to work but its hard work 

[Sun. Apr. 4. 1915]  Sun.4. Elbert  Nellie Lucia & I were up aboard the Str. Shenango, it’s a large boat & finnish & furnished well.  Tired me all out.  I took some pictures up there, three. Easter Sun. 

[Mon. Apr. 5. 1915]   Mon.5 I sewed most of the day & help do house work.

[Tue. Apr. 6. 1915] Tue.6.  I backed bread today & sewed. 

[Wed. Apr. 7. 1915] Page 177. Wed.7.  I did a big wash, finnished 5-30. 

Thrs. Apr. 8. 1915]  Thurs.8. Sewed & did house work

[Fri. Apr. 9. 1915] Fri. 9. Sewed & helped do house work

[Sat. Apr. 10. 1915]  Sat.10.  Sewed all day, am tired tonight

[Sun. Apr. 11. 1915]  Sun.11. [1915 April]April showers all day hard one’s -Lucia & Mr. Geo. Anthony were here today & Lucia is here most every day.  Mr. An_ is the washman on the Str. Shenango, has been staying with shipkeeper on the Schoonmaker.  The romer is that the shipkeeper of Schoonmaker married Hellen Arscott after a 4 Months acquintance  I have been getting from 20 to 24 eggs a day. 

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