[Elinor is still getting things from Mr. O’Neil, a large picture, an easter card, and 10.00.  

In February she starts to mention Lucia Fletcher who was to marry Frank Wargo.  It appears that she and Frank end up being divorced but having 3 or more children.  She continues to describe a friendship with Lucia here who comes almost daily.  Other names are Mr. Geo . Anthony (the washman on the Steamer Shenango) including a rumor that he married Hellen Arscott the ship keeper of the Schoonmaker,  after a 4 month acquaintance.  Perhaps this was a scandel.  

When she and Elbert have chickens, they usually buy a brood of 100 baby chicks rather than having one of the hens hatch babies.  But here she says her hen hatched out 11 chickens from 13 eggs.  She says she is getting almost 24 eggs per day, probably worth 1.00/day if sold. 

[Thrs. Apr. 1. 1915]  Thurs.April.1.[1915]  My hen hatched out 11 chicken from 13 eggs. she was setting out doors.  Ive been trying to work as hard as of old, but it don’t agree with me

[Fri. Apr. 2. 1915]  Fri.2.  Just a week ago today  Mr. O’Neil sent me his pictyure a nice large one & a good one. & a Easter post card & a letter with $10 in it.  I had to go to the office for the letter. _____ wind is cold & raw

[Sat. Apr. 3. 1915]  Sat.3.  Well I tried to work but its hard work 

[Sun. Apr. 4. 1915]  Sun.4. Elbert  Nellie Lucia & I were up aboard the Str. Shenango, it’s a large boat & finnish & furnished well.  Tired me all out.  I took some pictures up there, three. Easter Sun. 

[Mon. Apr. 5. 1915]   Mon.5 I sewed most of the day & help do house work.

[Tue. Apr. 6. 1915] Tue.6.  I backed bread today & sewed. 

[Wed. Apr. 7. 1915] Page 177. Wed.7.  I did a big wash, finnished 5-30. 

Thrs. Apr. 8. 1915]  Thurs.8. Sewed & did house work

[Fri. Apr. 9. 1915] Fri. 9. Sewed & helped do house work

[Sat. Apr. 10. 1915]  Sat.10.  Sewed all day, am tired tonight

[Sun. Apr. 11. 1915]  Sun.11. [1915 April]April showers all day hard one’s -Lucia & Mr. Geo. Anthony were here today & Lucia is here most every day.  Mr. An_ is the washman on the Str. Shenango, has been staying with shipkeeper on the Schoonmaker.  The romer is that the shipkeeper of Schoonmaker married Hellen Arscott after a 4 Months acquintance  I have been getting from 20 to 24 eggs a day. 

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