October  1952

Wed. Oct. 1. 1952./ 5. eggs today/Well, Elbert didn’t do only what he had to do today again, his bowels & stomach are tired, he goes at it & works to hard & now he has to rest untill he gets the strength back in the cords & nerves & muscels, I do wish he’d us judgement & turn to Jesus & be healed.    I did the washing & my daily round.   Elbert went to Huron & got a few fish & mailed Audrey a letter & the card that came back, She seem happy,  she didn’t say anything about Martha,    I’m trusting God will take care of her in every way    I’ll thank Thee & give Thee all the praise for ever & ever. Amen.   Reve. Buser is on the Radio, he truly preaches well for Our Jesus.   May God bless him & his family, allways. I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things great or small.  & pray Thou will keep us both, close to Thee, close to Thee  There was a very fresh breeze from South & little West & a hot sun & cloths dried fast,  & I thought I just couldn’t was but got it all done   cooked meals & washed dishes  scoured pans & washed milk bottles   & I Praise God in Jesus Name   He gave me the strength, Amen. 

Thurs. Oct 2. 1952./ 4. eggs today./ I mended the wool blanket we use on the big chair & we had dinner & I did a few odds & ends & Elbert started to go that hen house & met Ineze & Henry Huter   they to, have wished to come to us, but her mother was with her for 6 months   she’s 81 yrs. old. & was so sick they couldn’t leave her,   she, lots better & come back home, We gave them some pears 1/2 cucumbers & a big bunch of dahlias & another of “colendens. I spell it wrong.”  & some butter sweets   Henry had to go to work so they didn’t stay very long but said they would be back again before very long.   I do enjoy visiting with them.   Elbert felt bum yet today & it was sort of chilly  a fresh breeze,  N. West & we had a 

Thurs. Oct. 2. 1952./ page. 2987./ 4. eggs this day,/No mail 2 day./ wood fire allday & Elbert put in two lumps of coal tonight,   it has been mostly cloudy today & tried to rain,  we only got a light shower & that was before Hunt’s came,   While they were still out the car, a big flock & wild geese flew over  quite close to the House,   they are the first ones we’ve seen this Fall. I thank Thee Jesus for all Thy love & care today.   Elbert went to Vermilion & sold the eggs 2. doz.  he brought 1. doz. back. Jesus Bessed Jesus I’m trusting for my healing. 

Fri. Oct. 3. 1952./ 7. eggs today./  Elbert burned brush awhile this a-m. , & then odds & ends of work.    I did the ironing   I had 3 skirts  3 dresses & 1. shirt for Elbert.   Have to darn his socks yet.   it’s been a beautiful day.   No. mail today.   I have to write a cared to Audrey & Martha & wish I knew who could use these cucumbers.   Well, my head has hurt me all day & I blew out a piece of cloted blood & day before yesterday I did, to,   I wonder the cause.   Elbert fixed eve trouth today & we hope to trim & tie up roses on end of house tomorrow.   I Praise The Jesus for all thing both great & small & thank Thee for my healings in Jesus Holy Name forever & ever, Amen.

Sat. Oct. 4. 1952/ 5. eggs today./ I didn’t do much today   darned Elbert’s socks  cleaned up table & kitchen   went over the long trail & gave birds there water & then I washed dishes & cooked & crocheted several rows on the deer chair back   I want to send 2 sets   one for Annabell & one for Anna Mae “her daughter.”   so I have it well on the way    Elbert received his Social Security check 52.__   he got a raise of 5.00 & 5.– on old age pension so he went to Huron & got it cashed & went to Berliin Hightes & got a piece of pork shoulder   we had some for supper & 2 slices for tomorrow, & a big piece to roast so I have roast all done & hope to make some dressing to go with it.   I wish some of the folks would come out, but guess not.   I received few lines from Nellie & a letter from Martha today.   I thank God for our blessing in Jesus Name & pray I can go to Church at least once tomorrow.   Help me Jesus I thank & Praise Thee.

Sun. Oct. 5. 1952./ 4. eggs today/  We didn’t go to Vermilion this morning, but went to Huron tonight & had a wonderful meeting & prayer Service & they are many filled with the Holy Ghost   I praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things   It was a nice day partly cloudy & cooler with S. West breeze.   I wrote two cards one to Martha & one to Nellie   Elbert Put them in his pocket & forgot to mail them.   Now I hope they get mailed tomorrow,   I do thank & Praise Thee Jesus.

Mon. Oct. 6. 1952./ page. 2988./ 4. eggs today./ Country Gentleman/  Well Elbert helped Clayton  a very little today.   he was shaking when he came back home,   he was shoveling corn   he does such foolish things & he helped moved some machinery   I don’t know how heavy it was, but his back is aching again tonight & I’ve rubbed it & put on some terpo ointment.   I pray he will turn to the Lord before long.   I baked 2 tins & 1. loaf of bread today & haven’t felt to well in body   but, trust God will soon take care of me in Jesus holy Name, Amen.   It’s been cool to day   We have had several light frosts,   I don’t Know Why Elbert didn’t pick the squashes,   the vines are dead & he was up to take Mrs Kilbride some fish, “he was up to Huron this morning” & she said she had a water mellon & several muskmellows & when she went out to get them they were gone,   some one took one of ours   the bigest one.   I just hope they don’t get the potatoes & those few squash.   Mrs. Kilbride sent me a beautiful bunch of glads the frost hadn’t got & some pork bones,   she’s so pleased with the fish so we had fish for dinner & supper & there’s enough left for breakfast. Well, Elbert wants me to go for food with him tomorrow & I don’t know if I can   I feel so heavy & it’s tires me so bad to walk around on my sore feet.   My Yellow dahlias are just getting started to bloom good   Elbert took Mrs. Kilbride some   she has some big ones, different collor than mine & said she’d save me some bulbs.   Well, I pray God will fix me up so I can work for Him & do my work also.   DeHaans book came & a Country Gentleman   thats 2. we have had  a Sept. & Oct. number & it is to come for five years.   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for the strength & blessing of today, Glory to Thy Name.  

Tue. Oct. 7. 1952./ 4. eggs today./ Elbert dug potatoes awhile then busted some more brush & then we went to Vermilion after dinner & bought 23.78 worth of food  27.76 he spent in all  & then he spent 2.08 at Rathbuns & 1.90 at drug store 3.88 & then there were a few things we forgot.   We each had & ice cream cone.  & then we stopped & talked to Mr. & Mrs. West,   she’s been having flu.   I earnestly pray she will be healed & regain her strength & thank God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, I pray Thou wilt show her in a dream or vision what is wrong & how to get right,  Oh God have mercy & help us to all be of one accord in Thee   I thank Thee & give Thee all Praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.

Tue. Oct. 6 [should be 7] 1952./ page 2989./ 4-eggs this day./ We had a pleasent card from sister Audrey today   she’s happy because she can work & be close home,  she says Martha has a groth of some sort on her right arm or wrist near the thumb   Dr’s. say they can peal it out & she will be O.K. in 4. days.   Oh, how I wish she knew Jesus & I pray she will try hard to learn & do His Will & Ways & be healed & fill with His Holy Spirit.   It’s been a fine day,  chilly air, nice sun.   Was cold last night  froze ice in birds bath out side, sun came out rather slow & easy & so some things are still green.   potatoes good but not many of them,   but we do thank God & Praise  Jesus for all we have,   he picked squashes & put them in the grainery.   & now has to put potatoes down in basement,  some are outside in boxes yet,   Wests gave us some lima beans & little musck mellons size of a cup  wasn’t much good, but lima beans look good.   & a little cabbage a little bigger than your fist,   it was solid   I cooked if for supper.    I long to get out side but seems there’s just enough inside to keep me busy & I don’t have any thing but my good coats to wear out side   I want to get me a sweater & hat & shoes & wool under skirt & Elbert has to have shoes & pants & shirts a  hat & he needs a light top coat & so We have to plan & get them some how.   DeHaan’s book came   I thought I’d get to go visit Mrs. Douglas before she went back to cleveland & call on Mrs. J. Ward to see if they will go to Church up to Huron, Jesus, I praise Thee.

Wed. Oct. 7. [should be 8] 1952./ 5. eggs today./ I had most all the washing done when in came Inez & Henry & Inez’s daughter & so I had to visit   I combed up my hair & put on a different dress.   & then we looked at crochet work   the daughter gave me two pot holders woven out of some-thing they buy at the 10 cent store,   they call noodles,   it’s course thread of a sort & Inez brought back 6 pints of pickles & sauce   she said she had brought me my cucumbers back, in pickles,   well that truly wonderful & she gave us a fine beef rib roast & can of cheeries in can ready to put in crust for pie & a box of jello.   We gave them a few pears a sprig of evergreen with it’s blue berries  some rose cutting & when they come back they want roses, wisteria & bitter sweet.   they dug a few baby evergreens & they gave me dahlia’s, beets & 2 squash.   After they went I did out Elbert’s washing & got it most dry here in the house,   Elbert has done so many things  sawed & pulled up big limbs he had cut & then he went for the milk & took care of the hens  carried water & he put iron sement in crack on one end or side of fire drum & Henry helped him get out side screwed back in place & Elbert cleaned up the muss.  Well we did a scramble to get things finished  Elbert put potatoes away & built a fire & emptied ashes & helped get supper   most of it while I got clothes finished.   I thank God in my Jesus Name for my blessing.   I love & Praise only Thee.

Thurs. Oct. 7. 1952./ page. 2990./ 2 eggs today./ I got up intime to do a little & get dinner    Elbert went to Vermilion & sold the egg 2. doz. 1.60. he bought the few things we forgot & he got 1/2 bu. corn .   1/2 wheat 2.18. & he dug 2 1/2 or 3. bu potatoes today yesterday  after dinner we finished triming & tying up ramblers on end of house & I got supper,   While Elbert took care of his potatoes & tools, we ate, rested a few minutes & then dressed & went to church to prayer meeting at Huron   Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Dear are the ministers, but tonight they had another minister & his wife, she played the piano,    Before we went  the wind begin to get colder   it’s been N. east all day & sort of damp & rather fresh, sun was warm,   but, white as ice.  wasn’t cold, one end of house but begin to get cool before we were done,   & soon after it clouded up & wind got real fresh & puffy & strong when we got back from church   it nearly blew me of the steps   I droped my purse behind the step & my had went in-to the rose bush   Elbert had gone to open carshed doors   he came back & with flash light helped me gather up my belongings & he held the door untill I got in & I could harly hold it untill I got it hooked & then I got every thing straighten & put away & back door opened for Elbert & we had hot tea & ice cream,   he fixed the fire   it feels good,   he says his back is paining him bad tonight   I have rubbed his back in alchol, & turpo & he’s tucked in. 11-20-p-m.  & now I will read some & go to my bed.   I’ve had to cork one North window & will put another paper up behind Jacky.   Inez said she left her bird in a draft, he acted cold & sick in the morning & next morning he died   he was a nice singer & now she misses him so she almost crys when speaking of him,   I try to take good care of Jacky,   We would miss him terribly,   we have taught him tricks & he’s so cute & like a ball of yellow butter.   Oh, God, I do thank Thee so much   Thou art & ever will be,   I Praise Thee from the depth of my soul for Thy Love & Tender Mercys, all Praise Glory & Honor truly belongest to Thee, I love Thee.

Fri. Oct. 8. 1952. / 6. eggs today./ Been a beautiful Fall day.   Wind died down at midnight & came up with the sun rather cool concidering the hot wave we been having   but a nice day  partly cloudy   we have had & still have a little fire.   I went down to basement & looked around & most of the cans fruit is gone   I have 22 cans of fruit on the ice box   lets see how long it stays there,   No mail today, except a little farm paper & Elbert seems to enjoy it’s contents   I mended his blanket, cooked & washed dishes & crocheted a little   I Praise God for His word & that He help me to understand, keep me Jesus close to Thee   I thank I love Thee.

[earlier she repeated oct 7, and now there is a gap from oct 8 -11]

Sat. Oct. 11. 1952./ page. 2991./ 4 eggs today/ Elbert done a lot of odds & end   Fri. he cleaned up rose trimmings, put the pieces of burlap over those ventelation holes above windows in hen house & we have to buy one window yet.   I Pray We can get it before it gets to cold.   Elbert wants to get coop cleaned, soon.   & he dug potatoes this morning & cut some wood.   Wind went down in the night & it was a beautiful day today  hardly no breeze   We pick some Juniper sprigs & berries & some Chinnesse lanterns   they are so red now,   & I want to pick some bitter sweets to-morrow, then I hope to pack a box & send to Anabel.   I’d like to send a box to Miss Mc. Govern, but I don’t Know if she’s still alive.   Well we went to Church tonight at Huron & they prayed for me   I felt the heat go through me & it made me sweat   Praise God from Whom all blessing flow,  Praise Him all creatures here below   Praise Him all ye heavenly Hosts Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost forever & ever Amen.   We received our checks today  no word from the girls   guess they are to busy to write.   I feel happy in my soul & heart.   Glory Hallelujah  I Praise Thee & Thy Holy Name, Amen. I cook a qt & a 1/2 of apple sauce & the peelings for jelly.   Elbert picked up a dozen or more apples today.   I fasted since supper Fri night, was so dizzy.   Elbert got some cream & we had hot tea & a few crackers   Elbert saw 4. pheasants a few days a go, but we haven’t seen a rabbit since we heard that one squirrel one a-m & go over the hill to toilet & it was so dark I stood in the window to know he got there & back, he doesn’t hear very good, either   We heard 2 flock geese go over, or I did, he said he couldnt hear them, that was toward morning.   I was out side a little today & long to get out everyday.

Sun. Oct. 12. 1952./ Page. 2992./ 5 eggs this day./Church   but if the power of God was there& today there are thousands of people that think they can’t go to any other Church but the one they call there own,  & so many don’t have the power of God & even reject it   Oh God, people Who are so well educated in the life of this world, & some of them are my own relatives  God help them find themselves before it’s to late, I  thank Thee Jesus Glory to God in the Highest, I Praise Jesus  Thank Thee Jesus Glory to God in the Highest,  I Praise Jesus    Wind’s been blows from S. west hard all day & evening & now seems as if it had eased off a lot at 11-30-p-m.   Elbert’s in bed,   I have rubbed his back in alcohol & turpo.   I Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for my healing, Amen. 

Mon. Oct. 13. 1952/ 3. eggs today./  I helped Elbert, he dug potatoes & I picked up   we only had 1/2 bu. fair sized & pk. of small ones, then we picked up a few cucumbers & then dug half the glads, have 1/2 row glads & 2 or 3 rows of dahlias   its been a fine day   Wind was North then went South little west.   & at 11-p-m we’ve had several light showers,   Elbert dug my India lillie bulb   didn’t get enough water, so it’s small & glads are same as potatoe  few bulbs.   I cooked & washed dishes & did my daily round;  Elbert went to Huron & got 5 nice pike   we ate 3. for supper & he has two for the morning   he got a very little bal’?] liver & 2 slices of pork, we ate liver for dinner & hope to have the pork for dinner tomorrow & I can hardly eat any more, thinking of all those who are dying for the want of food, & how little the folks of this side, think of it.   God do have mercy I pray & help me to do Thy Will I thank Thee Jesus & I thank Thee for my healing & healings & my blessings. 

Tue. Oct. 14. 1952./ 3. eggs today./ Well, I just couldn’t seem to get anything done today,   only my daily round of duties. I did pack a box with evergreens & bitter sweets for Annabel, she sent me a five dollar bill in an envelope & didn’t write a word so I have the box & hope to send two more with Chinese lanterns & chair backs & arm pieces for her & Anna Mae “her daughter” & maybe a little to Miss Iny.   No word from the girls & I’m wondering, I haven’t wrote for a week, felt so bum   I laid off.   Elbert cut off a big willow tree this morning.   It rained in heavy showers at intervals all night    been a fine day not cold.   Elbert dug rest of potatoes & glads. & he’s been trying to spade.   I wish he wouldn’t.    I hope to get up & go to town in the morning & mail the box.   I thank God for my many blessing in my Dear Saviors Name.   May all Honor be Thine for ever & ever. Glory Hallelujah, Amen.

Wed. Oct. 15. 1952./ page. 2993./ 2. eggs today./ Well, Elbert forgot to call me so,   we didn’t go to Vermilion this a-m. so I did the washing & dried it in the house,   Elbert cleaned the hen coop,   or, the middle pen & he put the potatoes in basement   he helped John Snyder an hr. or so & we cut some more evergreen sprigs with berries on them & then I did the wash.   Elbert fixed potatoes for dinner & cooked us & egg. & we both cooked supper & now I have to wash dishes it rained last night a very little & today before dinner,   I picked up the potatoes he had on the ground,   it cleared up just befor supper & Radio says rain colder & perhaps snow    that why geese are on the move,   its been a beautiful day   We received a card from Audrey she had done the washing & then went to town with Martha to buy goods to make jackets for Jean Ann’s bride’s maids.   She is to be married Nov. 8. 1952. & Audrey’s making the Jackets.   I pray God’s Will be done.   My heart achs for the many Who fail to grasp the truth from His Holy word as I did & now since I know more I wish every one did.   Oh God Keep me & help me to help others in Jesus Name.   I thank Thee for all things great or small & Praise only Thee. Amen.

Thurs. Oct. 16. 1952./ 5. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t go get up to go to Vermilion & so Elbert went to Huron & got 6 nice pike & cleaned them for dinner   I had potatoes & cabbage on cooking & we had a good dinner,    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things great or small,  & I thank Thee that those of Thine are so sisterly & give me a Kiss of Greeting when I go in to Church or prayer meeting.   I baked a tin of bread biscuits.  & one loaf & a loaf & 1. tin of rusk biscuits made of the bread dough.   Elbert sawed up a little of the willow tree   I had a hard time to keep him from working to hard today; he likes to do that kind of work,  but does to much at a time.   Been a fine day   John Snyder finished picking & storing his corn today,   he has two corn cribs of corn.   Clayton Broad helped him, he un the picker,    I went to Huron & they were haveing a sale at the Drug Store   I got to bottles of alcohol for 80 cents & 2 bottles beef, iron & wine 1.01, & 3 bath towels 1.00, & 6 wash rags 2 for 18 cents  54 cents.   I gave the Rev. Dears 1. loaf sweet biscuits & 6 plain bread biscuits    They seemed pleased with them.   I We thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee,  Thou are a wonderful Jesus  Jesus is all the world to me Glory to His Pure Holy Name. 

Fri. Oct. 17. 1952./ ___ eggs today./ Well, we went to Vermilion & mailed the box to Annabel & got a few things to eat & came home again   Elbert went over & got the chunks of ties John told him he could have & he picked up 2 bu of corn they had dropped & will tell John when he comes back.   We didn’t get the box

Fri. Oct. 17. 1952./ page. 2994./3. eggs this day./ from Audrey yet.   Well its been a beautiful day.   I feel so miserable in my coat   it’s so big.   The rest laugh at me instead of trying to help me,   but maybe God will help me some how.   Well, I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all my & our many blessings  Glory to Thy Name.  

Sat Oct. 18. 1952./ 3. eggs today./  We received a nice letter from Audrey, but no box yet.   Elbert’s been doing a little of every thing carrying water, wood & I did a big wash-ing & dried it most all out side & got it all dried & took care of     I over slept  got up at 11-a-m & started washing & then wiped up the kitchen after sweeping & then got supper & then did ironed a few pieces & now I sure am tired but hope to get up & off to church in the morning.   Elbert’s got toilet jacked up & ready to put new foundation under it & he’s sure tired tonight & lots of aches & pains.   Well all is done that seemed necessary & we have listened to the sermone of a Babtis Minister & he’s just woke up to the truth of the bible that the end is right at the door. & in Audrey’s letter she said the lumps Martha was going to have cut off or out of the flesh on her arm, God has taken away & I’m trusting for her salvation.  Now Jesus I thank Thee for taking a-way the lumps,   but, Oh God, save her soul & her family & her mother & Gertie & all the families that don’t know Jesus.   Oh, if only can help, guide me Jesus  every word & step of the way,   I’ll give Thee all the Praise  Oh may God be Glorified for-ever.   It’s been a beautiful day.   & I thank Thee for the strength Thou hast given each of us & Pray Thou Will draw us closer. 

Sun. Oct. 19. 1952./ 5. eggs today/  Oh, God I thank Thee for answering Prayer & I believe since Thou has heard & ans-wered, that Thou will also turn the souls of each one to Thee & anything I can do or say, I’ll gladly do with Thy help, Amen.   It’s been another beautiful Fall day.   We went to Vermilion to Church & had a wonderful healing & confession & prayermeeting service   Mrs. Eppler talked & explained the word of God & answered question & prayed & anointed & I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Power & Glory forever & ever Amen.   Now,  We are going to Huron to church to-night.   Well, we went & God blessed us but still I can’t Praise Him in Spirit   I wish so much I could so much,   Many thank & lots of Love to Thee Jesus & I do believe I shall Praise Thee be-fore I die, Glory to God, Hallelujah   I thank Thee for all things Amen.   make us Holy Thine.  The wind is blowing hard tonight & the radio says 25 or 30 miles & hour   I hope it wont do us any dam-age.   Well we took the cards to Vermilion & brought them back & to Huron tonight & brought them back,   I’m wondering Why.   We saw a big flock of geese going south this afternoon.   It isn’t cold, not chilly, but maybe some bad weather is on it’s way  Wind’s north West strong & Puffy.

Mon. Oct. 20. 1952./ page. 2995./ 3. eggs today./ Pa’s & Ma’s wedding anaveryty & they were married by the justice of Peace in Elyria, by Mr. Dolittle, 73 yrs.  Pa was 18 & Ma 22 yrs old when the married,   ma was 23 Nov. 29. & the following Jan 28. pa was 19.  Ma was 26 when Elbert was born on Dec. 6. 1882. & he will be 70 yrs. old Dec.6. 1952.  I’ll be 77. Jan. 16. 1953.   Been a great day   snowed a blizard & sun shone bright for 5 or 10 minutes  most all after noon came in little snow balls at first  hit the grainery roof bound up 8 or 10 inches then roll off,   it was a little colder than Sunday   north West wind 15 to 20 miles an hour, but there were big blue patches of sky between the cloud of which some were white & some were dark & it only lasted 3. or 4 hrs.   wind went north east & got a little colder.   Windows steamed up & we had little more fire than usual.   It’s been a very unusual day.   Snyders dog hunts the rabbits & the pheasents,   rabbits are scarce   We saw one Sun. for the firsyt time since we hurd than one squeel that early morning  when Elbert went to toilet,   I waited at the window,   it was so terribly dark & he can’t hear very good.   Elbert saw one last night   same one I guess.  & 2 flocks of geese went over while it was storming today.   the dog scared out the 5 pheasents   they are young ones, half grown.   I only cooked washed dishes took care of bed & aired rooms today & crocheted   haven’t felt able to do more  Praise God, He is so good to me   I’m so thankful   I’m not compeled to dig in everyday al-though I’d like to if I were able   I thank Thee for all things Jesus, Pure True & Holy, & give Thee Honor & Glory.   Thou are wonderful.

Tue. Oct. 21. 1952./ 5. eggs today./  Been a wonderful, beautiful day.   Elbert sawed down another willow tree & he aches all over tonight   I rubbed him back good with alcohol & he’s sleeping.   I longed to get out & walk around but only got to toilet & back   Elbert went to Huron to get his battery fixed up   he let it get almost dry,   I ask him about it, but he doesn’t listen to me,   the bread truck man pushed him up the road & it started   he Kept it go-ing & went to Huron & mailed the card to Nellie,   I had put Huron instead of Elyria on it.    We had a little peace of steak for dinner & salmon for sup-per,   I got it turned around   we had the meat for dinner & salmon for supper.   I cut out & made a pajama jacket for Elbert & made button holes (5) & sewed buttons on so he could have it for tonight   & he dug the dahlias & put them below.   not so much breeze today & warmer than it was Mon.   Oh God,  I thank Thee & Praise Thee  I feeling stronger again & pray all things will work out for Thy good & Glory in Jesus Name.   I love Thee first & most of all Glory Hallelujah May all Power & Glory be Thine forever & ever. Amen.

Wed. Oct. 22. 1952./ page. 2996./ 1. eggs today./  Elbert cut wood & done odds & ends & he ached so bad tonight   I rubbed his back,   he was up to Huron but didn’t get any fish.   I took one sleeve out of is Sleeper Jacket & turned it the right way & then I mended 3 of his old work shirts & so I’m tired also.   He said he was going to Lorain tomorrow   but tonight he decided he won’t untill he got another pay check Nov. 4th.   I was going to go with him but am glad not to go for I want to go to prayermeeting.   It’s been such a beautiful day   I’d like to get out & walk around but feet can’t stand it    Elbert fell another big willow today.   Oh God,  I thank Thee for Thy Love & Mercy & care & pray for the thousands who need Thee.  Glory to God in the Highest, for ever & ever Amen.

Thurs. Oct. 23. 1952./ 6. eggs today/  Two hen’s are really sheding & are al-most naked,   I hope the others will molt.   Only light card today.   I only did what I had to do & washed Elbert’s 2 bedroom windows & woodwork   now I’ll have to do the curtains but they are plastic so only wash wrinse & dry & put them up wish the rest were done.   I give my teeth a good cleaning also today.   It’s really been another beautiful Fall day,   wind was strong last night but not much breeze today.   Elbert hasn’t felt good, cut a tree Wed. & I notice it’s to much & the next day he’s all in.   he’s talking of going to Huron in the morning.   I missed prayer-meeting tonight.   Well, I hope he doesn’t have something, Sun.  I thank Thee Jesus & pray I wont be kept away from Church,   I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & Glory in Thy Name. 

Fri. Oct. 24. 1952./ 4. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron   got a good mess of fish,   I had washing almost done when he came back & I hung most of it out while he dress the fish & then I had started the dinner so when he got the catfish & stone rollers dressed & cleaned out I salted them & fried em.   We ate dinner & he went out & cleaned the perch, so I washed out 5 grain & mash bags & have 5 more to do in the morning.   got them & cloths all dried & put awayIt’s been another beautiful day.   The Bible history is working out with the seasons & times typhones & hurrycanes & sub mountianous wave washing, the sea shores & cleaning the islands & such wickedness as the bible tells us about in goverments & High places,   Oh, truly Jesus will be coming soon.   We have never had such a filthy goverment or election for present as this one.    Oh, Dear Heavenly Father Keep me close to Thee I ask In Jesus Name, Amen.   I thank Thee for all things & pray I may be able to do more for Thee.   I have the chair back almost done.   We had a card from Audrey today.

Sat. Oct 25. 1952./ page. 2997./ 1. eggs today./ Elbert took pump out & at last took it to Huron & left part of it up there    has to have a new rod    that one has been in use 24. or 25. yrs.   A fellow at Huron said he’d have it done so he could get it Mon.   I do hope so but hope it wont take half the check to pay for it,    Elbert took it  the pump out alone.   He’s borrowed Bill Snyders stilson wrench,   he tried to use the one Rue let him take but it had been sprung & he couldn’t get it open wide enough,   he gave Elbert some kind of smoke saucage.  that some friends of Rue’s father  they brought it from Penn.   Elbert’s tired tonight & so am I for I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits   done some cleaning & washed & hung the plastic curtians in Elbert’s room & they look nice.   I washed those for my room to but have to wash windows & wood work.    I wanted to paint it but I will hope to get it in Spring, God Willing.   & now I have to try to do kitchen windows before it gets cold for I take them right out.   & I have to be careful  Jackie done get a cold.   I thank God & Praise Him for my many blessings, healings & the added strength He has given me once more.   I pray He will use me   Oh Jesus I feel I’d really like to do much more for Thee than I do or have ever done,    help me to do it;   We see two more flocks of geese.   It isn’t cold out.   Been a beautiful day, just a little colder with N. West breeze.   I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for all things, Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 26. 1952./ 2. eggs today./ We went to Vermilion to church this morning & to Huron tonight,   both were good services   some how I like Huron church best.    I loaned Tom Eppler’s mother a book “on divine healing” & she was telling me about how she & her husband read it & discussed it.  together & she had got a lot of good ideas from it   They help her in all the ways she needs & the rest all so.   Dorthy seems some what cool & distant, but she may have reasons.   Oh, Well,  I thank & praise God for all things in Jesus Name.   It’s been a wonderful day,   only the air is full of smoke,  they are having forest fires here & there no rain & everythings dry   We saw a small flock of geese today. flying very low.  

Mon. Oct. 27. 1952./ 2. eggs today./  Well I didn’t do much today    just felt to heavy & tired   Elbert didn’t do as much as usual    he put pump back together & I helped a little as he put it back into the well,  to much heavy lifting for him,   he’s so tired,   now he plans on finishing the toilet  the foundation under it .  Wind has been to strong today N. West wind. & a little colder and another flock of geese.   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things, made me Thy helper.

Tue. Oct. 28. 1952./ page. 2998./ 1. egg today./  I slept late & Elbert took care of the hens & went for milk,  he sawed some wood & carried the water,   I finished the chair back, crochet for Annabel,   I pray she’s well,   she was so greived the last time she was here & didn’t have her usual smile   I don’t know what was her trouble, but,   he & her husband were talking about going to a home for the aged & I haven’t heard from her since last yr.   she hasn’t wrote much these last few years,   maybe life has been hard    Oh God help her & help her to write me.   It has been anothers windy, mostly cloudy, colder day   N. West wind,  penatrating cold, & it snowed ball as big as the end of my big finger 3 or 4 times this afternoon & eving,  wind’s puffy tonight.   & sings at times in evergreen tops.   I thank Thee Jesus for all things although I don’t allways under stand   Glory to God for ever & ever. 

Wed. Oct. 28. 1952./ 3. eggs. today./ Been mostly cloudy today,   wind went from the N. West to N. east & back to South west today.   & was a little chilly untill noon & it warmed up some   Elbert cut some more willows & trimed them to logs & brought up some he had cut,   he let hens out for 1/2 or 34 hour   2 are naked, one was sick, but better tonight.  been fine day.   We sent Annabel a nice box of evergreens & bitter sweets but,  she hasn’t sent even a card as yet,    I only hope she is well & will send me a card.   I have the crochet work ready to send her.   I washed my south bedroom window & woodwork & put up the curtian    now I have the west one to do next & I haven’t done any washing yet this week  have-n’t got much as I washed Sat.   so I could do windows this week.   We hope to go to Vermilion tomorrow evening to hear the missionary that preached & then prayed for a man 94 yrs. old who was dead 4 days & he got up & told them how to teach people Gods word,   he had not been one of God’s people,   but, now he was anxious to be & to help others to be.   So Myrtle said she was coming to Vermilion & I pray that God will “through her” raise up Harry Miller   help him to be well & strong & live for Jesus, Glory I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & for this missionary & her faith & courage & the strength & power Thou doeth give her,  Hallelujah  I Praise Thee forever & ever Amen,  I hope she can help Elbert,   I to know & be strong in spirit and power to over come & all the & the rest of the families & many others & that she may do a lot of good  all about this part of the country & I hope I can help her in some way.   God help me to be able Amen.  Glory to God in the highest Glory, Glory, Glory.  I Praise only Thee.

Thurs. Oct. 30. 1952./ page. 2999./ 1. egg today./ Elberts got toilet done & ready to fill in;   he’s Oh, so tired & so am I,   made 6 glasses, big & small of apple jelly & plumb.  & swept took care of beds  washed dishes & cooked & ironed a shirt for Elbert & now I have the soup about ready for supper,   then we hope to go to church to hear the Missinary that prayed for a man 94 after he had been dead 4 day & he got up by himself, she’ll more than likely tell us again tonight about it.   & she heals through the Lord. “she has the gift of healing.” & we went tonight & Miss Rev Beatrice Bowman, she’s going back to South America,  she is truely a wonderful woman.   We sure feel as she does,   that, the people here need Jesus more or as much as the natives,    We have so much & they so little   I thank Thee Jesus for all Thou hast given in many ways & I feel I’m so unworthy, that I do so little for Him, but I know He is able to help me & put me where ever He wants me    I pray He will.   I Praise Thee & All Power Honor & Glory forever & ever.

Fri. Oct. 31. 1952./ 2. eggs today./ Elbert finished putting the dirt around the foundation of toilet & did a lot of odds & he’s tired sore & lame   but when you get old & can do for the others they forget you might need a helping hand,   but, Jesus allways takes care of us & I hope trust & pray We can step out before to many hardships,   but I pray Thy will be done, not mine   I want to Thy Will & pray for Thy help to understand.   I did the washing & have it most dry over heating stove.  I’m tired, my head’s felt so bad all day & my members all need strength,  it’s been beautiful day, but windy, not cold.   I thank Thee Jesus for Mercy, Love & Thy wonderful care.  Glory to God.

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