January 1941

Jan.1.Wed.1941./ New Years Day Elbert & I were home all day, he does the chores when he is here  my hip is partlys out of joint hurts me to walk more than I can tell today is for Aug. weather, nice sun un-till 2.p.m. warmed up & tried to rain, Wind N.E. sky full of wind

 -skuds and quite warm tonight. I thank God for our Blessings. 

Jan.Thurs.2.1941./  Elbert went to work  and I did the washing & house work & chores and hip hurts me so bad can’t hardly walk or steop on right ft. Weather for Sept. / Wind went south & it rained like April showers with sun coming through at times, wind went West in middle of day.3.p.m. Wind N. West & got a little colder, so looks like quite a nice Sept. Elbert came limping in tonight his knee is hurti ng him began to hurt at 3.P.m. 

Fri.an.3.1941./ Elbert gone to work. I could hardly get dressed my hip is so bad, but I have done the most ncessary things & the chores except the ashes and water  he done those & his knee is so bad, he is limping bad tonight. Weather for Oct. South wind sun shines through at intervals all morning  lots of dark clouds & wind clouds quite warm groun d hasn’t frozen all winter only crust on topo once is now wet & soft even slushy sun shone all after noon from 3.p.m. untill sun down /White sun/  wind went west a 3.p.m. I dried some clothes out doors its been a nice day  looks like wed have a mild Oct & it is moon light tonight. I am praying day & night God will put my hip joint back, I believe He will.

Sat.Jan.4.1941./  Well I only done the most necessary things & Elbert rested. Wed. night he went to Berlin hights for milk ‘3 bottles” called on the Minister to see how they were fixed for eats, his wife is sick & his folks taking care of them, and he call on Mrs. Hildebrandt. to let her know I wasn’t fit to get out & I don’t think I can go to church as it has turned colder & I cought cold & my hip0 & knee are to badly swollen, Knee went out of joint, but I prayed all night & both knee & hip went back into place  they are sore. didn’t do only meals today  Sun. shone all day a little cloudy early this morn. cold sun & wind, west & sure cold  windows all frosted this a.m. north west wind tonight & freezing. So looks like a cold Nov.