3//9/1944  John’s mother had been married in 1918 and had 5 children (4 had lived). She lived first in Lorain Ward 1, on F. Street with John McKinley, John’s brother Jimmie, and her daughter Ella Jane in 1920.  They lived next to John McKinley’s parents, Emma and William Cody Baker. She lived  with her 4 children Ella Jane, Bonita, Bonney, and Johnny, on Stoughten Street in Sheffield Lake Lorain Ohio in 1930. By 1940 this same family moved to a rental on West River Road in Elyria Ohio, also known as Vincent Twnshp.  John Jr was 14 years old. By 1950 the only people left on  West River Road (note not sure if same address) were Nellie, her daughter Bonita and Bonita’s 3 children, Nellie’s grandchildren. John by that time, April 1950,  is married and living with Marcella Gremore Harnish and his 1 year old daughter on Bay and Tate Road near Boston, Massachusetts in North Salem, New Hampshire, Suffolk County. 

What follows are letters to help track John Malcolm’s life from this point on.  But he did not start keeping his own diary until 1950, so for 1947-50 there are only letters to get a perspective on his life then. 

May 1944: typed letter from The First Christian Church, Arthur J. Stanley, Minister, to John’s mother, Nellie Belle Bonney Harnish.  The church was at Corner Seventh and Pennsylvania La Grande, Oregon: Dear Mr & Mrs Harnish:  Last Sunday Chaplain R.C. Calvert gave the message at the morning worship service on “God’s Great Need.”  It was a good message.    Several of the aviation students were at the service since Chaplain Calvrt is assigned to the A.A.F.C.T.D. in La Grande and is here the first part of each month.    Your son was among the group and we were happy to welcome him.  We are glad to let you know about the service.  We hope your son will soon be home again because we pray that this war may soon end.  Sincerely Yours, Arthur J. Stanley

5-14-44  Mothers Day Greetings.Dear Mother & all.  I was planning on calling home & to Jean today but there is a 3 or 4 hr. delay in Chicago.  I’m in the USO.  Oren and I went to church and were invited to dinner by the minister & his wife. We just came from there.  There is a sub district rally there this afternoon so we will go back soon.   A worker from Nashville arrives there for the rally.  She ate dinner with us. Before we went to the parsonage I pointed out an attractive girl to Oren and she turned out to be the minister’s daughter.  I’ll include the program in this note.  Love to all,   Johnny

7/26/44 Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. Dear Family. [typed form copied letter from Ella Jane signed “Took this trip Sun Afternoon]   Ive finally found time to write.  You will see from the map on inside pages a general view of the top of Lookout Mountain.  Space does not permit mentioning every point of interest but only a few of the principle places, and the map does not show cross streets, public buildings and residenses.  [4 pages of info about the location, pre-printed]

Friday Aug. 31, 1945. Dear Johnny: Your letters are so very gladly welcomed.  Yes, Elinor & Elbert mailed our letters in Vermilion once lately.   I am preparing a note to enclose with your picture to Elinor Andrews tonight.  So glad you sent the address again.  I will give Jeann one when she comes.  She called up today & is back from her vacation  She sent us & Bonita cards from Philadelphia.    I really hope you get home home before long.  George 

Eleanore Andrew & Friend

said in one letter this week that he may eat Thanksgiving dinner with us.  In today’s letter he said not to send any more packages and he thought she would understand.  They have just been all repaired again.  He is sendding home some of his things.  Mrs. Gebara says Tony (3.) expects to come home.   We just went in to listen to a broadcast about discharging the men in service and we also heard Johnathan Wainwright broadcasting from Tokyo.    Of course you know how very much I wish you were here.  First because of your father’s condition and second because we would so like to have you home.   I know you you would do a lot around here to improve things.    Our yard is in a terrible condition.  We can look up and forward and hope and trust.  I always pray that daddy will be given new strength to stay a while longer.  He either does not realize or wont seem to, just how serious his condition is.  We never talk about that.  He really talks about going back to work.   I just say, well you can just rest now for a while anyway.  I really think the service men will be discharged as rapidly as possible.  We are dreaming (4.) too of when you and George too will be home.  Be it ever so humble there is no place like home with loved ones around us also.    I think I better take care of these turkeys and have them ready to kill.     It rained a little here today and we needed much more.  We bought a load of water yesterday.    Mrs. Hurlbut was buried today.  Ella Jane went in uniform to the funeral at Vincent Church.   Ida Conde is to be married Sept. 1. in Delaware Ave. Church.  She is marrying an out of town men.    Mr. & Mrs. Stoughton were here this evening.  This after noon Rebecca & Reanette were here and Sunday School sent daddy a very beautiful bouquet from Sova the Florist      Jiggs killed a big rat in the basement last night.  Monday when Elinor & Elbert were here   he put in a pane of glass in the basement window by the stepps   I gave him money to get more for the other basement window.    Rev. Krantz called on daddy this week.    Last night at 3:35 this morn. I had to give daddy a stronger sedative so he could rest.   He just couldn’t get to sleep.   Then I knapped after that and this morning after the girls got up I really slept until noon.    E.J. had dinner all prepared.  That is something I really appreciate.   I must try to get a knap before the girls go to bed. Hope this finds you and your family crew members O.K.  Loads of love, Mother & all.

Sun. Sept. 2. 1945. Dear Johnny:  It was two years ago – and the house siding came that day too.  Maybe in two months more – we can all dream and wish and hope, can’t we.  You should see the gorgeous mixed bouquet the Sunday school sent daddy.  I guess I mentioned it in my last letter.   I am writing on my letter boxes on my lap, in the bed room.  Daddy had the best nights sleep last night that he has had in a very long.  This morning Jake Schmitt came about 9 and we were still sleeping.   He had not been talkinig or speaking to daddy.  Now he wanted him to do some plumbing.   I really think he had a lot of nerve.  About four this afteernoon Jim & Hazel came with Aunt Molly Baker and Horace.  They didn’t stay very long.  Jim shaved daddy.   Tonight Mrs. Knight and Betty Rowland came over and brought a dozen sweet corn.  Mr. Stoughton brought corn yesterday.    Sat. Elbert & Elinor came just as E.J. and I were about to board the bus out here to go to town.  It was afternoon.  So I waved the bus on after it stopped for us.  Elinor came in and E.J. & I (we) and the twins went with Elbert.  He sat in the car with Geo. & Bonita while E.J. & I did our shopping.  Then we came back & had dinner.  Elbert put 3 more panes in the east windows of the basement.   I had given him money last time to buy them.  There is still one east pane to be put in above the shelf.    I suppose I told you of the big rat Jiggs killed in the basement.  Maybe we will be able to repair sufficiently to keep them out.    Tonight we heard a peace program on which the President spoke briefly. Last night we heard the uncondition surrender program about the S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay.    It has turned very cool here.  First the wind was hot and strong but it changed yesterday afternoon.   It is grand to have Ella Jane’s help and to just have her home.  Time flies rapidly and soon you will be coming home.   I hope daddy stays as good as he has been the last few days and gets better also. Love, Mother & all

Mon. Sept. 3, 1945. Dear Johnny: This is George’s birthday.  He is 23 years old.    It has been a long full day here even though we all slept until ten this morning.  That is; all, except little George who was upstairs in mischeif.  His mother has slept up with Ella Jane for two nights.    Marci phoned and came out on the eleven thirty bus.  We had a roast beef dinner and musk melon for desert.  Nicky came on his motorcycle, a new one, and was here in time for dinner too.    Then after dinner Marci went back to work and got a ride with Mrs. Sprague and Elaine and her husband.  Ella Jane got ready to go to Kent by bus and Micky left early for home so he could get dressed and take his car tto meet Ella Jane at Stow.   She would have had to change buses there.    Then Bonita and I rushed the dishes. (2.) I had to sew a patch on Ella Jane’s left service dress sleeve and her discharge patch above the right pocket.  She only has one discharge patch.  That is all they issue except a lapel button that needs a button hole.   She took hers to be made into a pin at McCervel’s.     Mr. Stoughton brought some home made ice cream to daddy.    Bonita and I hurried up and had potato salad etc ready for supper when Gannetts brought Bonney Belle.    Mrs. G. brought a pink romper suit for Nelson his first colored garment.    He crawls on his tummy at a good rate too.    After supper dishes were done Mr. G. and B.B. and our twins went to Johnson’s for ice cream.    Marci had received your telegram.  We thought when B.B. was a student nurse that her mail was all read before she received it & M. says some of your letters are not sealed or only partially.  When Nickey left George said “I hope he doesn’t fall off that thing” & Pinky said “He is riding behind the wheel and if he falls off there won’t be any more Nickey”   Love, Mother & All. 

Tues. Sept. 4, 1945.  Dear Johnny:  After Sunday and Labor day Monday, we surely thought to get some mail from our boys.   But we didn’t.  I heard from the Red Cross today that you couldn’t come home.  I didn’t expect that you could.     But under the circumstances I had sent the wire.  Daddy has really slept the last three nights and so have I.  Although we are up several times we get a pretty good rest.   Don’t worry as there is nothing in particular you could do. The Red Cross worker, Miss Metcalfe said that we probably wont get the allotment until the first of Oct.  But I told you, it has been authorized and will come sometime.   Bonita went to town today.  We had a short letter from Aunt Vivian.  Marurice McIntyre brought back the extension ladder.  Mr. Kolops called on daddy tonight. I prepared a gallon on pickles in slices.  Once before I made four jars of pickles from cukes Gannetts brought.  It has been very nice out today, hot summer days.  How fast the days & months slip by.    I got four eggs today.  Really wanted to dress some chickens but didn’t get it done.    I really hope you get home by mid winter.  They certainly will discharge as many as possible to cut down the budget.  We have been well supplied with vegetables and are enjoying them very much.   We record the sedatives that we give daddy, the hour & the quantity.  He really seems much better.  Loads of love, Mother & all.  You evidently don’t have mail call every day. only how often?

Thurs. Sept, 6, 1945.  Dear Johnny:  It is extra warm here for Sept.  The twins have only worn a pair of brief panties today.    Ella Jane came home from Kent by bus yesterday evening.    Bonita did a big washing and we had to shut off the pump once for a short time.  I didn’t write last night.    Tonight Bonita went to town to meet Marcella.  She (M) had missed the 7:45 to come out here so Bonita got ready & went in to meet her.    Maybe they will go to a show.  We had chicken dinner today which was very good.  It was fresh and I made milk gravy and biscuits.    It seems as though we should have had a letter from you this week but there are still two days left.   Marci has not heard either by letter, only your telegram.    Bonneybelle phone tonight she gets off this Saturday at 12:30 noon and H.B.G. will get her about 1.00 P.M.  She has Sat. night and Sunday off.    Daddy says for you to send us some of your cool weather.   Pretty soon it will be cool enough I guess.    Write and tell us all about your daily routines.  You know we like to hear anything you can find to write about.   Ella Jane is making preparations to go to school.  The University of New Mexico at Albuquerque begins its term the first of November.    The Dr. was here this evening.  He said the secondary blood pressure was better than it has been for a long time.   But the first one is high.  He wants him to rest more carefully and keep his feet up off the floor.    We are all about the same.  Hope you are well and that you will write.  Loads of love, Mother & all.

Sept. 9, 1945.  Dear Johnny:  It is 11:45 and I have just cooked and strained some tomatoes.   Now I have jars sterilizing and the tomato reheating to can.    I was up all night and so I slept in naps until noon when Gannetts and Bonney arrived for dinner.  I cooked the pork roast last night & shelled the peck of lima beans.  Elbert & Elinor brought the beans yesterday.  That is the first pork roast we have had in ages.   We have not been having potatoes so I kept the gravy & made biscuits for it at supper time.  Also made a ginger bread, and B.M. made butterscotch pudding for it.    After dinner Gannetts & E.J. went to their house and I washed my hair & took a bath in the tub   Then we came back for supper.  The Stoughtons came in before Gannett’s left so Herman took them home when they left to take B.B. back to Crila [?], The cange of writers ? waiters occurred because Mother is putting some parboild tom puree’d tomato in the jars.  We had to cook some very ripe tomatoes to keep them from spoiling.  H.B.G. brouught us summer squash tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, & a stalk of celery.  The celery came from the Medina Fair which they & Bonney went to yesterday afternoon.   Grace also brought some brick cheese which we had for supper.    We just had a cup of green tea (donation of Grand Ma Geus) and we need to get to bed before Daddy gets restless again.   So Ill sign off for tonight & say goodnight from Mom   With Love from all of us   Ella Jane.

Tues. Sept. 11, 1945.  Dear Johnny: Two letters came from you today.  One you wrote 9-1 and the other one 9-3.  We are so glad to hear from you.  Sorry your eyes are bothering you but I think it is because you are so unstrung and on such a high tension.    Tonight we heard in the late news that they are going to set up a plan to discharge the air corps cadets.  After you get home you will have improvement in your eyes and be able to go to school.   Yes it has been very warm until yesterday.  The twins have worn sun suits and are as brown as berries.  Today they had to wear sweaters and light thin coats.   Do you wear your coats in the house?   I am sorry that your mail and Marci’s is not going strait but you know we thought Bonney’s mail was opened at the (2.) hospital.  Marci doesnt get away from there as she is having classes, and right now is working the afternoon shift until eleven o’clock.  Don’t worry about her.  She  is O.K. about you too.   There was a tiny spot cut out of one of your letters.  It was ___ miles away from home.   Once before you said it was about 4000 miles so I think that is what was cut out this time.    So glad you can have the nice little radio to enjoy.    Yes we received one allottment check for July and August together, $136.   I will tell you when your bonds come.   I don’t believe Bonney will be able to get out of the service.   I would not be surprised if she goes over seas but I sincerely wish she would never have to go.   Ella Jane went to see Audrey today and they went together to see Gertie.  Then Ella Jane and Audrey came in time for supper.  Aunt Jessie and Uncle John Hobbs and Martha and Earl Moore and their (3.) two children came to see daddy.  They are all leaving very soon for California.  They are going to drive and take a two wheel trailer with a few things in it.  Their baby is only four months old.  I think they are taking a lot of risk considering the young and the old.    Just before they left Hazel & Jim came.  He shaved daddy.  Hazel wants one of the turkeys for Thanksgiving.    It is 12:30 a.m. and I must get to bed.  We have stayed in bed the last few nights but we get up a good many times.  Sometimes I make cocoa at 3 a.m. and give him the rest of it at 5 a.m.    Last night Mr. & Mrs. Cook came and brought tomatoes and green peppers and 2 nice cauliflower.  We had the cauliflower tonight for supper covered with cheese sauce.  Yesterday Mrs. Bowman brought us some sweet corn and a peck of tomatoes.  Then she came back with 2 quarts of drop peaches from Mrs Sinsiks.  Mr. Sprague is still in the hospital.    Well, I surely hope things are going smoothly with you.  Do you have to use heat in your huts or isn’t it necessary?    We got some more medicine today. That is; just had two of the prescriptions filled.   Daddy is anxious to go out of doors.   Bonney said she will pay for getting the plaster put it on if Mr. Love will put it on. Hope you are well and will soon be finding out what will happen next in the air corps.  Loads of love and best wishes.  Mother & all. 

back labels for pictures ” Nellie Belle Bonney Harnish, Lorain, Ohio 1915; Mother of John Malcolm Harnish.  John McKinley Harnish Lorain, Ohio 1918; Father of John Malcolm Harnish. 

Western Union Telegram [Nov 7 but rest of date obscured] Extra Collect=WX Minneapol 13 Minn 7 1045ASgt John M. Harnish Jr=Route #3 Elyria Ohio=Ten day extension granted    Report 1454 AAF BU ATC Twenty Nov Four Five= [November 20, 1945]John L Headman 1st Lt Air Corps Asst Adjutant.

Western Union Extra Collect=WX Minneapol 13 Minn 7 1045ASgt John M. Harnish Jr=Route #3 Elyria Ohio=Ten day extension granted report one four five four AAF BU ATC Thirty November Four Five=[November 30, 1945]John L Headman 1st Lt Air Corps  Assistant Adjutant

Western Union H222 24 Govt 6 Extra=WX Minneapolis Minn 28 345PSgt John M Harnish Jr=RTE 3  IG=Fifteen day extension granted report reception station six camp Atterbury Ind one five December four five for reassignment= [December 15, 1945]

John L Headman 2 ST Lt Air Corps   Asst Adjutant 1454 AAF BU ATC. 

Western Union Telegram December 11 1945; to Sgt John M. Harnish 35913749 R.R. 3  Elyria Ohio.  Message: Return Immediately unit personnel Reception station no 6 for Dependency Discharge stop to reply cite.. [there is a stamp on it that looks like they called his sister but the line was busy] 

Tues. June 4, 1946. Dear Johnny:  Tonight Bonney and Marci and I had our supper at Walt’s restaurant.  Then Marci had to rush back to go on at 7 P.M.  She worked this morning.   I took a big bouquet of roses & peonies and a cake recipe to Margaret Styevie.  I had promised her the apple sauce cake recipe a long time ago.     I rode uptown with George when he went to work.  It has been sunshiny today but I wore the big bath robe all day.   It was probably cooler inside than out.    Jiggs is in disgrace and we just can’t stand him near.  He must have a bath.  Elbert phoned that he had fish for us so Bonita had to call Long dis-tance to Eddy’s as Martha’s phone is out of order.  So Martha & Jean Anne came & I went with them to Aunt Elinors.  The fish were all cleaned.  Elbert had cleaned them.  There were 24, some perch, pike & white bass.   So Martha only took nine.  That was all she wanted.  They are quite small.    It is 11:30 P.M. and Nelson is still awake.  We got home before ten and H.B.G. was here, We had coffee.    Ella jane lives at the residence of Mrs. D.A. Porterfield, 302 South Edith St.  Albuquerque, N. Mex.    She will be real happy if you phone her, I know.   If you don’t find her there you could have the operator try at Winnie Baldwin, 117 S. Edith.    I was glad you are enjoying your trip.  We are all O.K. here.  Bonney went to Dr. last evening for a treatment   I think she looks better tonight But she gets so little rest.   Marci read some of your letters to B.B. & me.  Loads of love from Mother.  Write when you can.   I know you are not having writing time.  But Marci will share us your letters. Love

Sat. June 8th 1946.   Dear Johnny:  Your nice long letter came today and I guess you will get this one O.K. if you will be there until the 13th.  Today George brought my 100 chicks when he came from work this morning.  I was up & had had my coffee & tomato juice.  We hung or suspended the metal box which came out of the top of the old refrigerator  It lifted out and was the part the ice rested in. He helped me put out a light.  I put out the two extension cords which seemed to have become shorter then before.  He connected a double wire then & made it reach. We  (2) still had the orange bulb & he put the light in the box.   If the box is high enough above their leeds so they run in under.  Then I put a circle of that stiff wire around them to keep them quite close to the heat until they are used to it.   They began to eat & drink O.K.  I threw the old hen out and her eight chicks were so hungry & thirsty that they were quite busy.  So I guess the will be alright.  I will write again.  B.B. will mail this.  Loads of love, Mother. I guess I mail this later. Herman brought 2 qts of strawberries.  I have been so hungry for them. (3) Herman had sold $1000 this week up to Thurs. nite and still had 2 days to go.  So he should have made a good salary alright.  Bonney went to Lorain with him yesterday and bought groceries.  Then she went with him to their house.  They, H & G. and B.B. & Jim went out to dinner.  It was Gannetts silver 25 yr anniversary.  He just brought B.B. & flew in to Lorain yesterday morn.  He bought a new grill in Cleveland  and thru the Lorain garage.  He is getting one new fender.  The garage is putting in a new motor next Tues. for him.  I guess you fellows can do something about putting in the rest.  He brought my baby chic feed yesterday  it is $4.90.   Will try to mail you one more letter.  E.J. is anxious to hear from you.  Love, Mother & All.

Fri. Jan. 3. 1947. Dear Johnny & all:  Your letter of the 30 Dec. on Mon., came this morning.  We are so glad to hear from you.   I think it was Mon we received one from you & Herman & one from Bonita.  Of course we are wondering if the box arrived O.K. for Grace & Herman’s Christmas.      Ella Jane hasn’t heard from Laurabelle lately but today she received a nice letter from George Cox.  He wrote a very nice letter indeed.  Laurabelle takes him to picture shows right there at the hospital I think, in a wheel chair.   They have met several stars like Jenifer Jones.     It is winter here too.  There is still some light dry snow where the sun couldn’t get at it and there are some little icicles on the porch leaves next door.  The pavements and walks are clean.    (2) I bet Nelson is sweet in his snow suit.  You said it is red.  Is it the one Pink had last winter?  I am rather lonesome for them and all of you.  I guess we all are.   I had one letter from the bank that they would send some papers but as yet haven’t received them. If I get the house I think I will, I will send a picture of it.  It is cute inside.  I just answered the door and a real estate man was here.  He has shown me a number of houses and has some more to show us.  Some of them are very attractive and furnished and have a very attractive high price.  I sort of intend to take the small new one which we can easily pay for instead of something too far over our heads in price.     It is nice the Eddy children (3) could come up to play with ours.  I know they enjoy living together.  But I reckin I would not rather have Teddy move in there.  It feels as if it would be best not to have him.  George and Bonita need to be by themselves and I think it was understood that you were to always have your room there.    You probably wonder what brought this conversation about Bonita about  it.  I hope it will be O.K. without any hard feelings.    Sorry you have a cold Johnny.  Hope you are soon over it.   Surley there will be a letter from Bonita tomorrow.  We just love getting her letters and wish we were all together again.   I think how we use to have a cup of coffee and write our letters in the evening.   Glad you are getting your car fixed up.  I know you will enjoy it more.   You said it is cold in the living room.  Well I am sitting in the (4.) kitchen right now.  The rooms we have just do not heat up.  Of course if we close off the sun porch the larger room does better.  There isn’t any heat in the sun porch for $5 a week.  She gave us a little oil heater but it didn’t heat it last night.  She wants the thermostat at 70 degrees days and she turns it off at night.    We received a card from Jean Barnett and I hope to send her a card.  It was nice she could come up for a visit and it is quite nice she came out to our place.    Marci better hurry her application at B.W. or she won’t get in.    I do so hope that we can see you married.  I just don’t know what to think about it.    Or Maybe you two could come to see us at least for your honeymoon trip.  I hope you can have (5.) a pair of wedding rings.  So happy that Bonita & children went to church.  I went in the evening last Sun.  but not in the morning.    Pinky and her warm iron.  Where there’s a will theres surely a way.  That was cute & clever.    I hope we get to see that new show of Walt Disneys.  We seldom get a newspaper so its hard to know which shows are on.   I have hardly been down on central lately.    Glad you can still make soome money drumming.  I guess it is work but it is enjoyable work too.  This is surely a sweet looking couple in the pictures you sent.  I take it the girl is Marci’s cousin.    Guess you are attending your (6) conference these three days.   I suppose January will slip away to join other past months.    Ella Jane had an appointment this afternoon to give a presentation or a skin analasis.  She sold a chest of cosmetics and was paid in full.   Yesterday Florence had her skin analysis & she bought the whole outfit for cash.   So if E.J. gets started Well, I think she can make good  A chest of cosmetics is 16.25 including federal tax.  The idea is that the client tries out the preparations entirely before buying.  It is like having a facial free.  The products simply sell themselves.  They have a gorgeous overnight traveling case which is fitted with Beauty Counselor products and has room also a plenty for overnight clothes.   Hope this finds you all well in your wintry weather.  Hope you have fuel & food.  Loads of love & best wishes.  Mother, E.J. & B.B.  Kisses for all XXXXXXXXXXX

Fri. Jan. 10. 1947. Dear Johnny: Received a nice letter from you and marci this morning and this afternoon a letter and card from gannetts and a letter from Bonita.   We surely do appreciate the mail from each of you.    You mentioned that your room rent is $30 for 3 months and your board $84.  Surely that $84 couldn’t be for 3 mos.  How long is it for.  Ella Jane was paying $55 per month for both room and board combined.  But the talk is that it is to be higher this next semester.    I thought that Marci surely put in her application last fall for her place at B.W.  I hope she got in O.K.  Now I am reading your letter of Sun. Jan. 5.   So glad you and Marci are happy.  And I hope you get over your cold and feel up to par for school.   How wonderful that you have a (2.) room in Koeler Hall.   I am sure it is a very pleasant and lovely room.  Yes, Gannetts came to visit us and will be back home when you get this.  We figure they will be home Sat. night.  Their letter today was mailed from Sayer Okla. but they wrote it in Amerillo.  Their card was mailed from Santa Rosa, N. Mex.  We had a nice visit.    We hope that we can all get together for your wedding.  That is a lot of hope but I think it is possible.    Thank you, son, for the compliment on cooking.  I am glad Bonita does so well.  Yes I remember the Vocational Conference.  It is a fine thing.    Bonita told me you went to see Elinor & Elbert.  I do appreciate that very much.  We are glad they are O.K.  Hope the bump doesn’t bother Elbert later on though. I have been in bed 2 days with arthritis.  The rooms are too cold.  Nice & warm tonight though. Love, Mother   I will write Marci very soon.  Give her my love.  So glad you enjoy Avon Church.  I am so happy about you and Marci too. 

Sat. Jan. 25, 1947. Dear Son Johnny:  It is so nice to get cards and letters from you personally.   Your letters are like sweet medicine.  They take effect right away and we all show immediate improvement.  We all seem so different and so much happier in this little sunshine flooded home.  There is a strong wind again today.  It doesn’t bother me in the least.  The sun is brilliant and the sky so blue.     We are glad you like your new rooms at school too.  But try to stop at Gannetts and Bonita’s as often as possible.  I think they all miss you & Marci a great deal and are rather lonesome.    I sent the pamphlet home to Bonita, of our new home. so after you see it, I want her to mail it to Elinor & Elbert.  (2.) If the radio man wanted to buy the radio, it seems to me he really could fix it.   Else he would not want it.  Make him fix it now you paid him.  I think B.M. would be so glad to have it.  I wish you would read the letters I wrote to Bonita.  So then I wouldn’t repeat.  But if she should plan to leave there I hope we can take care of things.     Mrs. Streiker is expecting to drive a car to Elyria and a new one back beofore long.  I don’t know whether or not she will be alone.     We have talked twice with B.M. and I told her to not be hasty.  but now she has heard from George she has a different attitude.    I still hope & pray that things will work out for them.   I would rather Joyce be there with Bonita than Teddy and his wife.   I don’t want the latter there at all.  The table we bought is gatileg with six leg. to go with it.  one swings out each side to support the leaves.  It is walnut & beautiful.  Have 2 chairs – (3) If she and Joyce should move, I wonder about packing some more of my things.  Maybe the boys are going to send for them.  In my letter she said they weren’t sure where the boys phoned from as they were so sleepy when the call came thru.  We didn’t get our mail today so have to wait until Mon.  I wrote Bonita to send her mail box packed full and in a large enough carton to hold a few things.   It could be sent express if too heavy.  B.B. wants H.B.G. to package and express her little ironing board.   It is at Gannetts now.  We thought the dust mop and the wet mop handle (Stanley) could be put in with the ironing board.  Bonita could pack the egg beater and some things I mentioned with the mail box.  This is city mail delivery by automobile, Maybe you could paint off the name on her maill box with aluminum.  E.J. could paint ours on it. (4.) hence the rural boxes.  I have just written to Marci.  Tell me if she gets it O.K.  We are thinking a great deal of the wedding.   Hope you can let us know when you get plans made definitely.   Will it be a big wedding and are you coming out here for a trip after it.  Or shall we plan a little bit on it.  Any way will be O.K. with us.   We are very interested naturally.     Brice was here two nights for dinner but he thought he shouldn’t come the second night.   But we were real glad to have him.   I know you would all like him.  He is a fine, clean boy, always going to church services.  I wrote four letters yesterday. one was to Bonita, 1 Stoughtons, 1 Baldwins & one to Elinor & Elbert.   Glad you aare over your cold.  Loads of love, Mother & the girls always looking for mail. I always thought the girl in the picture was Marci’s cousin.

Thurs. May 2, 1946.  Dear folks at home.  Last night we stayed in E.J.’s old room where Ruby just Left.  But Ruby & her friend had lived accross the hall for a long time and some other girls had the room.  So they left and we got the room.  But there were bed fellows that pestered all night so we got a room today in a hotel which we hope is clean.  We hope our clothes are clean and that we didn’t move any live stock with us.   The landlady says she will fumigate and it may be we will move back.  But we really hope to get an apartment so as to cook our meals.  (2) Everything is crowded and it is difficult to find anything.  I sincerely hope Bonney has sent my pension letter for we will need the pension desperately.  If you think of renting the house or even talk of it the rent will have to be $45 a month.  Of course I told Bonita you would not have to pay that this summer or that much if you should stay there.   But beleive me it is hard to find a room to live in out here. We are trying and hoping to get settled in a few days as it costs too much this way. We went to a show accross the street to rest & relax a little tonight. (3.) E.J. washed her stockings & went to bed.  This is the latest I have been up since being home.  Now I washed my hose and will finish this.  My one night in Waukegan I went to bed about 7P.M. and didn’t even hear the phone when E.J. tried to call me.  So I had a good night.  Then on the train we slept good.   The first night we went to bed when we got on the train.  Then the next night we all went to bed  extra early, but I got up & was dressed before 6 a.m.  So I could see the scenery I knew that might when we went through the tunnel and when we passed Raton Pass nearly daylight but not quite.  Ella Jane said she never knew the wind to blow so strong but we are up on the third floor.  The picture tonight was “San Antonio” in color and only 35 cents.    We went to call on Mrs. Strieker today and she drove us around to try to find a place but no success.   It is very beautiful here.  We saw a great deal from the bus going out to her place.  Loads of love, Mother & E.J.   (a kiss for Nelson & Pinky & Jimmy & all)

Fri. Jan. 31, 1947. Dear son:  No letter this week from you and none for two days from Bonita.  Guess I expect too much mail.   We get our mail out here now.  One of our neighbors let us use their box.   We are hoping will send us her mail box which is on a standing there in the basement.  There are several things we have asked her to send.   Maybe you or Herman will take it to mail or to the express office.  We would be very thankful for Bonney’s little ironing board which is at Gannetts.  They are very high in price & we don’t want to buy one new.   I thought the dust mop & dusters etc(2) could be packed in with it   It would have to be crated in a carton or box of some kind.   Well, exams will be finished here tomorrow morning.  Some of them have been as early as 7.a.m.  Brice had to go Wed. morning when B.B. went to work.  He had exam at 7 and she had to be at work at 7.     He has a cute little dog, tan & white, named “Dussty” She is real cute.  He brings her over sometimes.  How is Jiggs & did you get his licence on time?   How is my business coming along.  I hope it is finished up soon.  Write when you can.  I know you are busy.  Loads of love and best wishes from Mother & the girls.   Glad you & Marci are happier.(3) guess I thought I had finished my space.  Did any word ever come about the “stone “ after you send it back? I hope it can be up before decoration day this year.  Do you ever see Jim & Hazel or everyone else?    We enjoy the Newspapers Herman & Grace send.  I see in one that Judge Webber is 95 yrs old and he spoke at the meeting which was held concerning a new addition on a new Court House.    He was a graduate of B.W. in 1876 and began law practice in Elyria that year.  He is still pretty active and goes for a walk every day & types.   We enjoy the papers very much. I had a real nice letter from Aunt Bea and one from Aunt Vivian too.(4) I guess Bonita is pretty busy with five in the nursery. She says she isn’t telling yet where George is at but she hears from him.  We did have at least 3 letters from her this week.  I will write a few lines to Herman & Grace.  We surely enjoy their faithful letters.  You must all get together & tell what’s in my letters or read them so I wont repeat in each one.    Johnny, I sure miss you more than I can say.  Sometimes I am very lonely but guess I can stand it.  I like it out here.  Read in the Cronicle that an Elyria visiting in Los Angeles said it has rained for 8 days.  But the Rio Grande is about to flood over.

[letter from Ella Jane Harnish to Johnny Harnish. ] Sun. 7pm. Feb 2. 1947Dear Johnny- Mother is answering your letter and just reminded me that you do write to all of us—so I’ll try to tell you my side of the news- I do enjoy your letters but I’m really not much of a letter writer.            Tomorrow is registration day at the University.  I have every thing rearranged at last so I am taking 2 courses in Sociology; one of which is “Race & Culture Relations”, and the other is “Juvenile Delinquency”; 2 courses in Home Economics (in order to complete a minor) one in “Foods” and one in “Clothing” and one course in Intermediate French (since I have 2 years of hi-school French)   That adds up to 14 hours which is just about right since I hope to work eight hours a week or more.            I like “Beauty Counselors” very much and enjoy my work – besides after I get just a little farther along it will be quite lucrative!   Each appointment only takes an hour and never nets me less than $5.            Finally pumped up enough energy tonight to shampoo my hair and get a shower.   Now I have my hair to put up, a manicure and “facial” – a Beauty Counselor “Dinner Party-Pick-Up” really instead of a facial –and then to bed.   We have our weekly sales meeting on Mon. Morn. & registration will probably take up most of the [this is from Ella Jane Harnish.  The 3rd page of letter accidentally not copied]

Mon. Feb. 10, 1947.   Dear son:  It is so nice to visit with you directly.  Your letter came Sat. but I’m slow in writing.   I rec’d one today from Aunt Elinor, a nice long one and one of the best she has ever written, and a short one from Elbert.  He was so glad I wrote to him separately I guess.   Winnie and Marian were just here a little while.  They have been been quite disappointed about the apartment they were getting but aren’t taking.  They have to move by the end of March.      I am again reading your letter to visit with you.  So glad we don’t have the kind of weather that you are having up there.  I don’t think I ever want to spend a winter there again.   I really hope to make this my home.   We are real glad to be in our little home.  It is convenient and has all the necessities at our finger tips.  There are pairs of electric outlets in each bedroom, one in the bathroom fixture, a pair near the refrigerator, a pair over the working cabinets, and a pair on each side of the living room.  That is, six pair of doubles and the single in the bathroom light fixture side.  Then too we have all the clear cold and hot water we want.  The hot water tank heater is automatic and has a heat control on it.  That is the only thing I miss about the range.            Yes, the mail box and the other box came Saturday.  We are very thankful for all the things.  They arrived in perfect condition and Nelson’s birthday cake was very delicious.  We haven’t had any like it.   I think the boys, Brice and Fred, are going to see to putting it on a post for us.  That was sweet of you to send Bonita the five dollars and the stamps.   I wish I could help her more. But I have paid my hospital insurance today for six months.   I paid the Equitable Life insurance for a year as it is only 5.20 on both Bonita & myself (5 cents a week on each.)  But the taxes aren’t paid at home.        If they send out the tax duplicate soon I think Bonita will send it right to me and I’ll pay it by postal M.O.  They are only 5 cents each and look like a bank check.  The other day I sent the $3.60 for the bank box, $2 to Novating, $5 to Meredith and $5 to the hospital and $5.20 to Equitable Life.  The hospitalization was transferred here from Cleveland and is a little cheaper.  I paid $4.50 for six months and up there it was $2.85 a quarter.  That is the only thing I have heard of that is cheaper here.  Food costs are a little higher here.               I am sorry your radiator leaks.  If I had plenty of money I would surely see to it that you and Bonita had some.   I am glad she has the house to live in.  I think you did fine in your Sociology.  Congratulations to Henry and Dorthy.  We do hope Herman sends the ironing board and a few things Bonita will have ready, dust mops etc.            Bonita sent me the short letter she had from Aunt Hazel in which she says she has high blood pressure of 130/108 but mine is a great deal higher.       I guess that is why I am in bed every few days.  I am not to drink any tea and only one cup of coffee a day. You know I use to have such a pathetically low pressure.  I presume my age has something to do with it and it may be partly due to this high altitude.              I had a complete physical for $25 on the 21st of January and am taking three prescriptions.  Now in case you meet the above mentioned relative you can tell all you want to. Ha.Ha.!  But I am usually up and about even though I have to rest some.  I do lie down to read.  Imagine that.                     I owe a letter to each Bea & Vivian and I will tell them you think of them when I write.  I notice in the Vincent news that it says Henry S. preached a visiting pastor from Cleveland preached.  Why don’t Vincent wake up and find out Henry is there with them to stay a while period.       I really wish for you & Marci to visit us in Aug.  We are thinking a lot about it.  I would like for B.B. to get her trip north & maybe she could be there for the wedding.  Loads of love  Mother.

Wed. Feb. 19. 1947 Dear Son: Thank you so much for the picture.   It is just fine and it looks so life like of daddy.  One of the neighbors brought it tonight.  It had been in their box.  But I met the post men today& he gave me some mail.   We haven’t had any letters from you or Bonita yet this week.  She said she was out of paper.  I had sent her some stamps and then Sat. night we sent her $3 by special delivery air mail.   I  thought she should really get it safely that way but I know the special o would only mean that some one would sign for it.  By her letters she is evidently pretty tired. (Could you take her a pile of typing paper?)  with all the 2 families to work for and she said they were grumbling about spending so much for groceries.     If they can’t buy milk so the babies don’t have to cry all night for it I think they better buckle down a little or move out.        After all I don’t have to recognize them as tenants.   They don’t pay me any rent. (I mean Deans.) They ought too be glad to do their share.    Bonita told me that Gertie lives with Audrey now.  So I wonder if Audrey would still want the house if Bonita should leave there.  If we have to help Bonita it would be better for her to be out here.   She could work & I could look after the 3 children days.      But if they should come in a trailer I will not let the other family park on us as there are places the cars park & pay for.  Thanks again for the picture  I love it.  Love from Mother.

Mon. Afternoon. Feb. 24. 1947.  Dear Johnny:  Your letter came today that you wrote Tues the 18th.  I usually get it on Saturday.  But of course this last Sat. was a holiday for the mail men.  So glad to hear from you.  I tell E.J. and B.B. they should write once in a while.  I went to S.S. & church yesterday morning out here in the school house.  I walked about a block to one of the neighbors and her daughter took us to the school house in the car.  It was only about 2 blocks farther.  I think but the older women can’t walk very well in the deep sand.  It is just like walking on the beach.  Some of the neighbors roads are paved.  Ours is a hard bed road but covered with sand which abounds everywhere.  We have a lot of strong wind but the sun is brilliant and the sky so ever-lasting blue that clouds to decorate it are quite welcome.       We had an early telegram from Bonita this morning that we should send $12 at once if possible.  E.J. went to town and thought she would call B.B. & tell her and perhaps phone to Bonita.  We are not very well off financially but we should want to help her.   I wish I knew what ought to be done.  If G. doesn’t show up pretty soon to help her we will have to do something.  Bonney had Sat. & Sun. off.  She worked today and then will go on afternoons Tues. Wed. Thurs & Fri.  Then she has Sat off again.     Tues.  We have just finished lunch.  I must watch for the mail.  Did I ever tell you tht Brice put up our box on a nice pole and dug the hole with a post hole digger.  But I think there are enough on our road for us to have the boxes in front of our houses like the other streets do.  E.J. got a special from Bethene at 7:30 this a.m.   Ella Jane phoned Bonita.  She says the phone will be taken out if she doesn’t pay it.  If George doesn’t contact her & send some money we have to do something.  Maybe Audrey would want the phone if she were to have the house. She could take it out of the rent.           The forsythia or golden bells are in bloom.  I wish I had some here.   I have a number of small ones started   there near the big one by the drive.  One of our neighbors in a lovely home has pansies in bloom and her sweet peas are about as high as this paper is wide.  I wish I could be outside more.   I walked down to the other end of the block to see if the mail man had left any papers in the neighbors mail box.  But I didn’t get any.  I wonder if Gannetts sent them.  Maybe I’ll get them today.             We enjoy your letters very much.  I had another letter from Francis and last week one from Ma Baldwin again.  Mr. Stoughton has not written for a long time.  I had another letter from L.S.           There are quite a few meadow larks singing.  They don’t usually show up at home until in May.  I suppose they live here all year around.  I am so glad you take home those nice bones.  Bonita always tells me when you bring them.  She makes a delicious soup with them.  I guess Jiggs finally gets them.  But a raw bone once in a while is very good for him.         I wish we could have the mail box in front of our house.  I think there are enough living on this block.  Brice put it on a nice pole and set the post in the ground for us down by the other boxes.  But it is close to us.      Sun. night we had hot dog sandwiches pickles & cake after they came from church.  I guess I mixed up some of this letter and repeated.  I was writing to Bonita too and that’s how come.   So glad for your letters.  Loads of love to you and to Marci.   Mother & the girls.

Thurs. Feb. 27. 1947. Dear Johnny: It really rained hard here today just like April showers with spots of sunshine and some hail.  There is a strong wind and moonlight tonight.  Be sure to send the stamps on this letter for Bonita.  I have just written her with the same kind of stamp and I enclosed 7 or eight kinds too.  Some were two alike but there were that many different ones.  Yesterday Bonney did an awful big washing, a barracks bag full, over at Venables.  Then I went about dark and Fred helped take them down.  In the after noon Ella Jane came with Mrs. Stuckey & Mrs. Fiedler who use to live in Berea.  When they left Ella Jane went with them to town.  She came home in time to go to meeting with me at the Ladies Society The Loveland Community Church.  The new church is to be built almost across the street from us but down a few houses.  They have a square of lots between Dety Drive  Berea west drive.  There were 22 Ladies at the meeting.  They are all very fine people and interested in getting the new church built.  The two news stores are to open Sat. One is on the corner of Berquist & Blue Water & the other on the corner of Blue Water and Delores.  Datily is Between Berquist and Delores.  And we are nearly down to Blue Water on Datil.  They figured to have the church in quite a central location so I guess our location should be pretty good too.      We had a nice letter from Herman yesterday.   It was for all of us.   I was glad you told me about Grace’s Valentine in her lunch.   Well I hope all you Northern folks are able to stand your weather and get over cold O.K.     I had a very nice letter from Jean Ann Monogan today.   She said she enjoys the lovely Valentine I sent.    Mrs. Wyn & Mrs V. were here for dinner tonight.  They brought E.J. with her groceries.  I was abed with a tension headache but I got up and ate.  I have taken Aspirin and am feeling a little better.   I really intend to write to Marci. Tell her I think of her just the same.  If you should get that apartment would you need furniture? Loads of love.  Mother & girls.  I will be glad if you send my bed spring expense.  I will pay for them COD.

unday nite March 9, 1947.  Dear Johnny   Mother has had an awfully severe headache for several days and is in bed, so I am writing for her.   Her blood pressure is quite high & the Dr has changed her medicine so she is feeling better.   Nothing to be alarmed about so don’t worry.  She hasn’t felt like doing anything of course, but was worrying because she hadn’t written her letter.   Bonney isn’t home from young people’s meeting yet but I came right home from Church so I could get some lunch for Mother.               I wrote to Bonita and told her about working for Beauty Counselors.  It would be very nice work for her and I think she could manage to do it at home.  Just thought I’d tell you cause she’ll probably talk it over with you.              Bonney just came in so will probably be getting to bed soon.  Today’s another work day.  I’ve been getting up part of the time and getting breakfast for Bonney   She leaves the house at 6:10 to catch her bus at 6:20 at the foot of the hill.  Then I stay up and usually get started on my work at 9 or 9:30.       I have 5 appointments for tomorrow and want to make some contacts for other appointments.           Mom will probably be able to write in a couple of days so will sign off for now.  Love to you   Ella Jane

Tues. Mar. 11. 1947.    Dear Johnny;  Today a card came saying the springs are at the depot.  Thank you very much for sending them.   I think I will be sleeping on them tomorrow night.  Also I received a nice letter from Elinor.  She sent a few seeds and told me her India lily is in bloom.  She only sent a few seeds of a melon, yellow tomatoes and a pod of sweet pea seeds.  So maybe I can have a couple of fresh tomatoes and a hill of melons if I water them.           I am sitting at the table to write though I have had my meals in bed.  Maybe I can dress tomorrow.             My blood pressure had gone so high   I had to lie down & stay down.  But Dr. on Fri. change my medicine to work on the blood pressure.  I have to go back as soon as I finish this bottle of med. Ella Jane is working this evening.  Bonney is writing.  She had Sun off & will have Tues. for this week.   She works 40 hrs.for same pay.  She joined the A. Legion as she just about had to.  Bill belongs to the reserves & he goes to meetings for that.   Bonney had chicken dinner at Venebles Sunday.  Read Bonita letters when you go home & I won’t have to repeat quite everything.  I like the people out here as they are so friendly.  The most common remark instead of the weather is “where are you from,” as the majority are from some where else.  Fri when I went to the drug store to get the new prescription filled the Dr. had just given me, I ordered some rubber stockings.   I said I had ordered some in Ohio in Oct. but had not received them.  A woman immediately asked me what part of Ohio?  She was from Cincinnati.  Right now the cattle men are having a big meeting here & E.J. says the town is too full of people.   I had to miss S.S. & church this Sun.  Tomorrow night is the Women’s Society meeting of the L[? oveland] District Community Church.  It is just a few houses away & I hope I can go but don’t know yet.  E.J. & I went last meeting.   The new church will be quite handy.  I think I told you it will be close to us in this block.   Hope you are much better and Tell Jiggs I hope he is better.  Give my love to Marci.   Loads of love to you, my dear son,  Mother.

4-6 1947 Happy Easter.    April 2, 1947. Dear Johnny: It must be nice to have a vacation.  But I bet you are doing the plumbing job.  Guess you like to keep busy and earn what you can.       Maybe if you have a tiny bit of time after we can get home together   We can make a clean up improvement there at home.  I’m sure Bonita will be happy to really paint and so on.   Haven’t heard from you lately.  But I understand really I do.    I haven’t done so much writing, lately, either.  I did write a note to Marci tonight and I also wrote to bonita and to each of the three little people.        I might write to Grace & Herman and Brother & Laurabelle soon.    My dear son, I do enjoy the radio and my springs a great deal.              It is very tiresome to hold this up to write.  Still lying down you know.       Hope you are getting along nicely.  Will be glad for a letter whenever you find time.  I’m glad you  can work some to help and I have appreciated more than I can say, what you have helped Bonita.   It will relieve you when we come home in that way (?)  Guess I’ll have to stop.   Loads of love, Mother.

[Letters from Nellie Harnish to her son Johnny Harnish which he kept];   April 15, 1947. Tues.  Dear Johnny: Received your card.  So glad you wrote.  It was about two weeks or more since you had written.  I just can’t use my eyes very much.  That’s why I have written such short notes.         Ella Jane is visiting Bethene in Okla.  We had a short letter today from her and a card from Bethen   She was enjoying driving the car while there.            April 16. Wed. Morning.  Hoping there is some mail from Home.  I couldn’t walk to Bathroom first time this morn. About 8:15.  But I had to let B.B. [Bonney Belle] wait on me.  She is sleeping now.  She put a chair here so I was just to the Bathroom by aid of a chair, pushing it along in front of me.   One of my legs, the right one, isn’t very good.  But I am getting along and just think next Wed. I will wake up at home.   Winnie & Marian came to see us last evening.  I subscribed to the Christian Advocate.  But I don’t read now.  I have a new Upper Room too but haven’t started in it & a home quarterly.   I read every bit of the last upper room & marked my bible from it.  Sometimes I just read a marked place in my Bible.   I had company this afternoon & this evening.    Love and anxious to see you & Marci too.   Mother

unknown date   (letter missing first page from Ella Jane to Johnny Harnish)   We could have rented our apartment this afternoon – for “business only” for $50 a month – there’s no reason why it couldn’t be lived in too since it is complete with bath & Kitchenette.  Except that O.P.A. regulations restrict it for business only.  Half of the apartment buildings in town have been turned into business houses which is very discouraging.    I had thought that there might be a chance of your obtaining the things that are needed for this apartment & expressing them to us.  I don’t know exactly what is needed but Catherina & Wynn are going back kout there tonight to find out.  If you can possibly help us out I know you’ll do so – I’d do anything I could to help Catherine and Wynn – they have been wonderful to me personally – and we’re already good friends – and besides that they are wonderful business associates.              I like my work more every day and it probably won’t be too long until I’ll be doing it full time and really going to town on it.      We received your welcome letter yesterday -We surely do look for our mail.  Mother is feeling better than she has  I think – and she certainly likes it here.          Hope you are well & are not working to hard.  Give my love to Marci.  With Love  Ella Jane   Didn’t get the exact specifications – but we need soil pipe – and bathroom fixtures.  At any rate, see what you can find & we’ll send along the exact specifications in a few days.  Also let us know costs- any soil pipe would do -even if we have to piece it.   EJ



John Harnish at 15 looking remarkably like his son Wesley James

John Malcolm Harnish and siblings Bonita and Bonney playing John’s drums

John Malcolm Harnish graduation Clearview High School

John Malcolm Harnish and his siblings, Bonita, Ella Jane, and Bonney Belle

John Malcolm Harnish and his sister Ella Jane both in the military 1944

John Malcolm Harnish in uniform 1944

John Malcolm Harnish in uniform smiling

John Harnish kept a diary mostly in small bound red books and then, like Aunt Elinor, on full sheets of paper in long hand.  Most of the content involves church work, committee meetings, visitation, travel for work, conferences, and office time.  He maintained a “system” for most everything in his life assigning numbers to a list of things and then maintaining an index with cross referencing. So by this approach, almost anything can be labeled with numbers, which are symbols for other labels that can be alphabetized or categorized in any way.  The pages of the day books or journals offer time schedules divided by half hour but  suprisingly to me, these are ignored.  In parts of the diary he had a cross hatch table in the upper margin and he summarized his day by the number of hours spent in each “category” of work. It is not exactly clear what his categories are.  I suppose the nature of his church work would be a topic of interest to some but I had decided to pull out information that informed photos, or time-line information.  This tendency to re-frame everything in the external world in numbers, compartments, and indexes was definitely inherited or taught to me and to Marci Jo, not so much Wesley or Mom.  

The diary for 1952 is embossed with “The Rev. John M. Harnish” on the front and also (of course) in black magic marker he penned the number “52 ” for the year, at the top, in case anyone had questions about what it was.  We have photos colelected by John Malcolm Harnish that give a sense of the people in his diary.  Here are Marcella Rose Gremore’s teenage photos with her sisters and best friends some of whom she went to nursing school with, one of whom was John Malcolm’s girlfriend.  It certainly shows Marcella in what appear to be some of her happiest days.  

Marcella Harnish on last day of high school with best friends

Marcella Gremore and Gloria Tubbs 


Marcella and Jim (possibly Pete Sukey’s twin, Audrey’s husband’s brother, whom Marci almost married)

This is the twin brother of Pete Sukey married to Audrey Gremore.  Marci almost marrried Johnny Sukey instead of Johny Harnish.  

High School group fun 

Marci and Dot Griffin (went on to nursing school together, also early girlfriend of John Malcolm Harnish, Marcella’s husband to be)

Best friends in iconic trio pose of solidarity

Marcella early college course in archery (possibly)

archery prowess

a rare picture of Marcella as a child. surrounding  Helen Kulas SassmanHausan. Marcella and Audrey at top, then Wesley Gremore and then Lois Gremore, Rosemarie Faine Spiggle and Harold Faine in leg braces

Pauline Dubert Gremore, mother of Marcella Rose Gremore, Pauline dies of heart disease when Marcella is only 7 years old

In the middle is “Aunt Chubby” who raised the Gremore children with “Dad Gremore” She sadly long after the children are grown, dies of Alzheimers as does Marcella Gremore. (Dad Gremore and all the other Gremore children die of different types of cancer)

Aunt Chubby Dubert with a Nellie Noster and unknown other. This is not Nellie Bonney Harnish.

Jan. 1, 1952; Box-Chub & Lois [this would be referencing a box from or to Aunt Chubby, Marcella’s aunt, and Lois, Marcella’s sister]  Studied all day.  Finished Missions term paper.  Helped w/ dishes.   We got a box of things from Aunt chub & Lois.  Marci wrote letters in the evening while I studied.

Early photo of John Mark Harnish possibly the day he came home from the hospital and Marcella Harnish, holding her third child.

Rare photo of Aunt Hazel who figures prominently in the Harnish family success. (much like Aunt Edith did for Elinor). Also this photo gives a sense of John Malcolm when he wrote these early journal entries.

Marcella, John Malcolm, and Marcella Jo Harnish, their first (of 4) born.

Marcella, Mark Harnish and again, Aunt Hazel who supported John Malcolm’s life financially, allowing the move back to Ohio where the extended family of both Marci and John lived.

Jan. 2, 1952: 2-CW; 10-ST; 3-C [these are probably references to courses he was taking, CW might be church work] Studied most all day.  Calling.   Rested in afternoon.  Wrote Analysis for Pastoral Psych & finished an interview   Bed at 2:45 A.M. 

Jan 3, 1952; Dad’s Letter; Up at 6; Rode w/ Bob Wentworth to school.  Got an extension for the Ethics paper.   Handed in missions paper, psych analysis & interview, & work for Homiletics.(?) After supper I wrote a letter to relatives in memory of Dad.   It is 6 years ago today that he died.  (I put 5 on the letter which is a mistake)




Nellie Belle and John Mckinley Harnish, John Malcolm’s parents looking very happy after 25 years of marriage and 4 children (Bonita, Bonney, Ella Jane, Johnny) several years before his father’s death

John Mckinley Harnish with his siblings Vivian and Jimmy

Marci says she feels real good tonight.   She hasn’t been quite up to par. 

Jan. 4, 1952; Worked on reports for tonight’s Annual Church Conf.  Went to D’s for a while to work on the treas report.   Had a fair meeting.  C. said if I would like to move I should let him know.  All the reports were in & he was pleased.   Marci made a pie & some shell macaroni for the covered dish supper.   About 20 attended the meeting.   Talked  w/ P’s.   Marci & I talked a while & then to bed.  M.J. isn’t feeling well.  Reports to D.S. [probably refers to District Superintendent’ 

Jan 5, 1952: Much snow; Up about 8.  Went to Depot & got a haircut.  Came back & made a snow plow out of the lawnmower & cleared the driveway.  Went to Bon Secours Hosp for some dressings for Mrs. Annis, to the Depot for some chicken, and de-livered the dressings to Mrs. A. Helped Marci a tiny bit   Rested awhile.  Prepared the bulletin.  Cleaned up the study.  Bed at midnight.  

Jan 6. 1952 Sunday; Dr. Cameron & Jack Haney HereAbout 20 to lunch.  Dr. Cameron came alone (Mrs. C. is ill.)  He served Communion.  R. did a good job of making a parking place & lanes to the church in the snow. He ate dinner & went home at 2 or so.   Junior MYF in eve.  Jack & Patty were here for the evening.  We had a good time talking. 

Jan 7 1952; Touring is progressing  Called on B. & on Mrs. E. (Mr. E. died this A.M.  He had Parkinson’s disease.) O. was there w/ Mrs. A.   Mrs. A cried when she talked with me.    Marci went to the hairdresser (Cherry & Willis) & I stayed here & read Cabot & Dicks (and stayed w/ children).  She got home at 6 or so looking very pretty but we had an argument because I hadn’t made formula for little Jimmie.   She took some drug store articles over to Mrs. A.  Bed about 11.  We slept on couch because it was too cold upstairs. (I didn’t put the storm windows on our bedroom yet.)  

Jan 8, 1952: 12-ST; Drove into Boston taking P. W.(picked him up at Arl. Park) Vern, Bob. W., Fay G & Alan Studied a little for tomorrow’s Ethics final exam.  Car Pool to Boston; 

Jan 9, 1952; 1-Funeral paper stapled to page about funeral: A G E. Derry Road North Salem  Died Jan 7, 1952; Age 65 yrs. 6mos-Days; Funeral from J.B. Emmer & Son Chapel; Jan. 9 1952; 2 P.M.  Internment in Pine Grove Cemetery Salem Centre N.H. Rev. John M. Harnish Officiating Clergy;  Rode w/ V. E.  Took a very complex Ethics exam.  Back at Lawrence at 1 for the 2 oclock funeral.  I used the Meth. Book of Worship  it lasted about 15 min.  Everyone seemed pleased w/ the service  The undertaker gave me a record slip & a ten dollar bill.   Called on a new family.  Mrs. T. & son C were there.   We’ve been having nice evening meals in the dining room.  Wrote notes  to all people who gave us gifts for Christmas (in North Salem).  the gifts were of money & (coal from WSCS).  funeral #1  Evening Meals-D.R. 

Jan 10, 1952; Letter re Vatican M, MJ, MK to store  8-Up, read paper  Breakfast 9-10. at desk 8:30; planned day.  Desk at 10.  Worked on sermon material.  Lunch at 12:15.  Desk at 1:15.  sermon material.  Study on sermon & office work (started bulletin) (typed up news) till 5:30.  Did some dishes while M. took MJ & Mark to store (wagon & bike).  Its starting to snow again.  Supper in dining room 6-6:30.  Got ready to go out.  Left at 7 for Bob & Mary’ L’s.  Studied missions there w/ Bob & B. W. Saw Ls new baby.   Home at 10:30. Bed at 11:30   Sent a letter to Sen. Tobey – a petition from our people against sending an ambassador to the Vatican.  

Jan. 11, 1952; 8-@T; 2-CW;  Went to school (Bob W. drove.)  Had a missions final exam at 1:30.  Home about 6.  Studied in the eve for sermon. 

Jan 12, 1952; Haneys here; 8-CW  Worked on sermon most of day.  Had Tommy here in the study for 1/2 hr.  He played w/ M.J.  Mark for 1 1/2 hrs.   Haney’s came in the evening & we talked until 11.   Finished bulletin & nearly finished sermon. 

Jan. 13, 1952 Sunday; Haneys Here; 8-CW; 1-M; About 30 to church   Up at 7.  Got ready for SS & church.  Went & picked up Mrs. S & the D children as usual.   Rested in the afternoon.  Prepared for MYF Tonight.  Took kids out for a walk.  6. Junior MYF met in my study & we had worship, planning, & a game – also we had ice cream.   Haneys came again (we called them) & we played monopoly till 10:30.A.M.   Marci won. 

Jan 14, 1952; 12-ST; 2 CW; 1 C; 1 M  Read Ashton, MIW most of day   Called on Mrs B. for 1/2 hr.  Marci went to the doctor in the afternoon & took the baby.   All O.K   In the evening went to church for board of Education meeting but only L A. came.   Studied – writing home quiz in music until 1:30 AM.   Went to bed for 4 1/2 hrs.  

Jan 15, 1952; 12-S.T.  Up at 6.  Worked on music test.  Left at 7:30.  Bob W. drove to school.  I finished the music test there & studied psych   Psych test at 1:30   Home at 6:30  Rested in evening  Bed at 10 (feeling very worn out). 

Jan 16, 1952; 3 ST; Up at 8.  Built fire in study by 8:45  Breakfast-9:15- Washed clothes till noon because Marci’s been having trouble w/ her hands & arms going to sleep.   Washed clothes till 4 in fact, scrubbed bathroom & back porch.  Went to the Depot.   Got my new ins. policy for the car.   Stopped at store & Jack & Patty’s.   Supper at 6.   In study at 7:30 to Read Knudson, PCE in prep. to write Ethics term paper.   Marci went to WSG so I took care of Jimmie & studied.   Took a few moments to re-arrange the living room.  Bed at 12. (I think).  (Car broke down for Marci  wouldn’t start.) 

Jan 17, Ws here overn’t; 3 ST; 2 CW; Studied in the morning.   D& T.W. came at noon.  We (D &I) went down to be w/ organ man as he inspected the chrch organ.   Looks like he can put a blower on it for $100.00  Had ham supper.  D & I went to the store.   The garage took car & called to say that the battery is shot.   Ordered a new one.  Very icy out tonight.   D & I prepared our schedules for next semester & then started working out a sermon on Pentacost scripture.   D & T slept on couch downstairs. 

Jan. 18, 1952; Up at 8:30, breakfast,  DT went home (dropped MJ & I off at the garage & we got the car with it’s new battery.   Summed up the year’s expenditures.   Found it took $675 to run the car (almost 5 cents per mile).   Started reading church material at 5.   Supper at 5:30.   Bath at 6.  Wrote a sermon complete (first draft).   Bed at 1.   Wrote home.   Got a note from H.J.S. in Berea. 

Jan 19, 1952; Haneys here; 8 CW; 1-C; Up at 9.  Called on HH about S.S.   Worked all afternoon at the church cleaning room behind organ and putting in new bulbs overhead.  Vacuumed furnace filters.  Repaired music rack on the organ & fastened up thermostat.   Jack & Patty came & brought a bean supper w/ cherry cobler.   We furnished weiners.   Made bullitin.  Bed at 11:30

January 20, 1952, Sunday; 16 CW; 26 to church   Up at 7:30.  Worked over the sermon.   Got Ss & D.   Mailed bulletins to all service men.   Junior MYF at 6 & Service at 7:30  D K & J H stayed until midnight.  26 to church.

Jan 21, 1952; 8 ST; Ethics paper; Worked on ethics paper most of day.   LS came & put in thee other heat line.  Went to Depot for pipe for furnace    Finished paper and got in bed about 1.   Marci typed for me.    T  B  didn’t come at. to Sunday school Sunday, & I didn’t go to see them today.. 

Jan 22, 1952; Big Snow; MJ -Play Car;  Registered 12 Hrs.  10 ST; 2 CW; 2 C; 1-S   Was going to drive to school but the car didn’t act right so I just took it to the Lawrence and we rode w/ B W .   Registered at  school for 12 hours for the semester.  We got home about 7.   Rested a while & then did a little reading.   Its starting to snow.   M took MJ. & Mark to store.   Called on Mrs. E.  Mrs. F E., & stopped at Cs.   Fixed MJ a play car out of a crate.   Tonight she thanked God for her happy day.   Big snow storm started tonight..  It is quite cold.  Got notebook for school, etc.  Bed about 10:30. 

Jan 23, 1952; 14 ST; 2 CW; 1 M; Cubs at Cs;  Drove to school w/ 6 riders.   Had class 4-6.  Home at 8 & went to meeting.   Had Den Mother’s meeting at Cs.   We thought in terms of a party for the cubs soon.   Home at 10:50; Bed at 11:00. 

Jan 24, 1952; 1-S; 12-S T; 3-CW; 4-C; Drove to school w/ 3 riders.  Home at 6:30.  Stopped at Cs  Called on MN.  , Gil, S. & L. WJS re: cub scout achievement   G re. scout work & girls for MYF  L -re baptism  Home at 10.  Bed at 10:30.  V E. is thinking of giving up the ministry .  V E.  Letter from home. 

Jan 25, 1952; 7-ST; 3-CW; B L; B L drove to school  Had 1st class in Ethical Aspects.  Home at 2.  Took a nap.  Worked on a sermon.    

Jan 26, 1952. 8-CW;  Worked on sermon.   Had T here 10-11.   Haney’s came in the evening.   We discussed my deciding not to try for graduate work.  Bed at 12. 

Jan 27, 1952 Sunday; 12 CW  Ls here;  Up at 6.  35 church  MT. came to church today  (incl. L. on furlough from Marines)  Also Mr. & Mrs. T. came.   M L. came in afternoon.  B &ML& 1 month old J stayed for supper.   Junior MYF at Bs.   Good meet. The Gs haven’t been coming.   D & J  came for 3 hrs.   Bed at 11:30.  

Jan 28, 1952; 7 CW; 1-M; Up at 8.  Did up washing & breakfast till 9:30.  Wrote up Board of Ed. meeting report   Straightened desk. till 10:45.  Studied till 12:45  Went store  ate lunch & rested till 3.  Went to Lawrence at 4:15.  Got the sweeper from repair ($200) gto 2 cub scout books, took Mark for a haircut -he cried most of time.  Sandy took care of children & Marci & I went to council of churches at Ds & it is snowing hard.   Marci got 2 dresses from Elaine & Dick. 

Jan 29, 1952. School -rode w/ BW.  Home at 8.  (Had N. T. seminar 4-6)

Jan 30, 19523-CW; 14-ST; 2-CW; Radio Class talk;  Drove to school.  Worked on speech most of day & gave it at 5:30 in my 4-6 Speech Radio class.  Home at 8.  Called on Mrs. C & T.  Mr. & Mrs. A. & Mrs C .  Sent cards to Official Board members.

Jan 31, 1952; Letters -Aunt H & Home  ; 12-ST; 2-C; 2-CW; BL drove to school.  V came along today.  He has definitely quit school now.   Stopped & got some bandages from Bon Secour for Mrs. A Called on the Dfamily re : cub scouts and Mrs. A.   Letters from Aunt Hazel & Home   Marci wrote home. 

Feb 1, 1952; 5 at official Bd;  1-M;  B w drove to school.  Home at 2.  Rested  Prepared for Official Board meeting & did general CW.   Official board  Only 5 showed up .   Finished writing sermon for Sunday.  Marci wrote to Aunt chub, Aunt Hazel & Aunts Audrey & Gertie.  

Up 7:30 T came at 10:30.  He just spent his time study typing.  I asked him about JDbut & he said they were getting along ok now.  After lunch I brought in a little dresser which just fits in for the mimiograph machine.   Made. Bulletin, worked on sermon & SS lesson in eve.  Filed Income tax   Sent back book to NH Assocl Blind.  Wrote to M B.  AR S. J. A.    

Sunday Feb 3, 195: Haneys Here.  Up aat 8  Cloudy day Mrs. G. sick in bed told story of their having to move from their former home.  She seems bothered by this.  Mrs. R. is very discouraged that she isn’t improving.  S. very friendly  he showed us his well-kept stock of flower bulbs.  E.  talked of general things.  N. came before we left.  Junior MYF at G. I led worship.  T. B. came -first time.  Haneys were here in evening till 11.

Feb. 4., 1952: Up at 8:45.  Worked in study till 9:15.  Breakfast, shaved, washed some clothes till 11.  Marc i Jo is finger painting in the kitchen.  Westley was sitting in the high chair.  Mark was plugging in the mixer from gate on playroom.  … Went out & split some logs, had supper, took bath (w/ Mark & MJ), studied for an hour, left for PTA conference ..Studied & talked to Marcy for couple hrs.  

Tues. Feb 5, 1952:  I drove to school and we picked up our new pool rider.  She is CP& she goes to a college in Cambridge.  She is a spastic but gets along very well.   Bishop Werner was there today.  We ate dinner w/ him in the Ss House.  H. H. came & gave up the SS superintendency-feels its too much for her. (Bishop Werner at BUST) (boston university ??)

Feb 6, 1952.  I drove to school.  Home at 8 Worked on sermon for tomorrow’s preaching club.    “Stone Fences Around the Soul”   Got about 4 hrs. sleep

Feb 7, 1952; BL. drove to school.   I preached a full length sermon in the big chapel to the preaching club.  Chalmers was very pleased w/ it.  We met downstairs in the Marsh chap lounge to discuss it.  Others in the club are D W, B W,J R, E P, R, J S.   M& I listened to the radio in the evening. 

Feb. 8, 1952.  B W. drove to school. Home at 2.  Read Time magazine.  Called on D. E.  She is down again w/ lung infection.  She has a psych conflict.  Talking to L. A. in store.  She has invited J G to help her w/ her SS calss.  J. hasn’t been comeing to SS.   Called on G.P. & asked her to lead SS. sunday.  She consented but will not take on the job full time. 

Feb 9, 1952;  Work on sermon & washed clothes all day.  Bed at 10.  Nice letter from home. 

Feb 10. Sunday: Up at 6:30  Finished sermon & made bulletin in morning.  20 to church.  G. B. led Sunday School.   Marci had Kindergarden in vestry during church.   Rested after lunch.  Talked to M.L. re worship for tonights MYF.  Marci went to choir practice at church for Easter music.  Haneys came for a few minutes.   Junior MYF at 6.  Only the 2 L. girls came.  We went through w/ a regular meeting & had a good time.  Bed at 9. 

Feb. 11. 1952.  Up at 7:45.  In study at 8:45.  Wrote in journal for about an hour.  Studied most of day from Sperry, Jesus Then & Now.   Canceled Board of Ed. meeting.  Called on LA. and M M G.  Stayed at Gs about 2 hrs.   This afternoon we went to Lawrence & stopped at Jack & Patty’s Wrote home.  Bath & bed at 12:30.

Feb. 12. 1952:  Bob ..drove to school.  Heard Henry Hitt Crane and the Theodore Parker Ferris at preaching conference.  Read in Baile, DLBT

Feb. 13, 1952; Stayed home from school (3rd day of preaching conf.   Read Baily, DLBT alday.  Marci went to WSCS (E.) & I met here w/ D.M ..We planed a parent’s night for mar. 1st.  D says she will quit after that.   Earlier I… invited him to come to Scout Committee meeting. 

Feb. 14. 1952; Bob W drove to school.  Our pool is working out very well.  It cost us 85 cents a ride this week.  Back to Lawrence about 1:30 Called in … She is in hospital as a result of a cerebral hemorrage.  She was able to talk.  His left side is affected.   Home about 3.  Emptied ashes, wrung some clothes, played w/ children, had supper.  did a bit of reading & planning for bulletin in the evening.  Bed at 10.   Mark is sleeping in the big bed w/ M.J. He gets out constantly.   

Thurs.  Ride home on train after class 4-6.  Met w scout committee & they chose g.h. to be scoutmaster. he accepted.  Went to see M. M but she was sleeping at hospital

Feb. 15.  Received letters from home   Aunt Chub, Aunt Jo – Got $2 from Aunt Jo & $5 from home.   Marci went and got pictures of Wesley (COD at P.O.)

Up at 7.  Mark & MJ came over to our bed & MJ cried because she couldn’t take Mark back to her bed.   Read & wrote in journal 1.5 hrs   Breakfast & chopped wood for 1.5 hr.  Made bulletin for 1 1/2 hr.  (T came at 10:30 & I let him type.)  Finished reading Booth’s Experience to Faith which we are giving to M.H & her fiancé F.D.   Marci left at 1:30 to go see M. M. w/ M. C.   Marci went to party for M. H.   G B. led sunday school.  called on G. a while in the evening.  Mr. G. has been ill.  No MYF  too much snow

Feb. 18, 1952.  Up at 7:30  shoveled snow.  wrote to ray.  cleared desk (had Mark up here)   Read, Teaching a little child to Pray.   Lunch at 12.  Did dishes & washing while Marci went to Doctor w/ Mark.   Sub district MYF was supposed to be here but was called off.  M. & I went to Jack’s church for a young adult meeting.  Jack & I led two groups in discussion on child upbringing after a film was shown.    M & I talked for a while to couple whose daughter gives them a hard time.  

Feb. 19, 1952;  BL. drove to school.  Got home at 6. & went to H. T. Meth to judge a minstrel show of the SS children.  V. E. & Mrs. S. were also judges

Feb. 20. 1952. I drove to school.  Gave a speech in “Speech Radio!  Home at 8.  Marci entertained the Weslyan Services Guild.  

Feb. 21.  Bob W. drove to school.  Home at 6.  Did some casual reading. 

Feb. 22. 1952.  Home for holiday.  Worked on sermon.  Wrote a letter to c ub scout parents.  Called on E. C. & D. C.    We went to Haney’s for supper,  V & B. E were there also.   We discussed religious conviction after we ate.

Feb. 23. 1952. Found out our bill at Palmer’s was $117.  Decided & went to see Cooke (district supt.)  He offered me a church for 2600/a year but I wouuld have to stay at least three years.   Went to see C.G.  (He will lead the service to-morrow & D.C. will preach)

Bed about ten.   The children all got to crying.  Settled down in hour or so.  

Feb. 24 Sunday:  30 to church.  D.C. did a good job-preached on brotherhood more or less.  Called on M. M.   She’s a little better.  Called on M. H. (she has pleurisy now).  Stopped to see F.D.E. (N. were there)   No MYF   Read Hurlock, Child Development & the Christian Homje magazinea while.  M& I listened to radiofor a while   Bed at 10

Feb. 25, 1952.  Up at 6:45.  Took our broken washer apart & got the broken connecting rod out.  Went to bank & got papers for a $200 loan (Lawrence)   Came home & had Marci sign them,  went back, got the money.  bought.  Home at 2.  Marci took Mark to the doctor.  He has an ear infection.   Paid Palmers $128, C.E. 17$, the garage $2300   

[This begins a 15 year period of their lives and it’s odd to me that dad doesn’t give more detail about what must have been shocking, when Mark began to have seizures (convulsions).  They take him to Boston Children’s Hospital, likely at that time the best pediatric treatment center . He is evaluated, put on liquid phenobarbatal and they were told it was something he would grow out of by age 3 or 4.  When he doesn’t and he in fact gets worse, it is likely that they were devastated.  Even then, dad hardly mentions anything except mom’s saddness about Mark.]  

Mark seems to be getting worse so we are going to take him into Children’s Hosp. Boston tomorrow.  He has crying spells & esp from time to time to convulses for a second at a time. 

Left Wesley & MJ at Cs & took Mark to Boston.  Ate at BWST  they admitted Mark to hospital.  We went to V’s & had supper.  Saw Mark in evening .  they took information for his Case History & will give him a lot of tests.   Home late.  No children in house for first time.

Feb. 27. 1952; I went to school  I drove.  Went to hospt & left a toy for Mark- a peg board toy town.  Speech class 4-6.  Home at 9:30 (3.5 hr) because of bad snow storm.  M.J. is home but not Wesley.   Registered for voting on the way home.  

Feb. 28. 1952. MJ & Marci came to school w/ me.  We all ate breakfast at BUST.   They went to Vs.  Went to see Mark in evening.  Went home late. 

Feb. 29 1952. We 3 came in afteer World Day of Prayer aat Pleasant St. Meth.  …to F.V’s on Syphony Rd.  Marci Jo & Bill Dudley had a great day together.  M & I went to see Mark in the evening.  He was sleeping but after a few minutes he woke up & later got quite happy.   The dr. said he’s to go home tomorrow after the neurologist interprets his encephalagram.  Stayed at V’s all night.   Today I went to Bookstore & got Booth’s two new books for Marci & got music for Easter choir.  

Mar 1, 1952.  The Neurologist examined Mark’s encephalagram & diagnosed him as having a brain disturbance.   B.V. & I went to school library & studied.  Marci & I went & got Mark out of the hospital at 1 (paid &60 of our bill which will be added to later.)   Mark was happy to get out.  We all got home to find the back door open & ?? at about 4.  I built a fire while Marci went to Cs w/ MJ & M.  Wesley is there.  Had a successful Parents night for the cub scouts about 17 w/ 25 parents   Finished bulletin in the evening & worked on sermon   Bonita, Audrey & Aunt Bea called to ask about Mark.   Mark has to take phenobarb because he has petie mall seizures.  Prognosis unknown

Mar 2, Sunday.  20 to church.  Typed about the entire sermon 7-9  G.B. led SS  the sermon was good acc to Marci & several others.  V & B.E. came with their Mark.  We chatted for an hour.  Worked at my desk a bit & then called on E.C. re scouts & M. R.  she’s in oxygen tent in D. Hosp.  She is able to talk & seems fairly comfortable   MYF here-discussed Jesus & theology & creation.  Jack & Patty here from 8-11.

Mar. 3. 1952. Up at 8  In study 830 looking for a fountain pen (never found one) Mark is getting around ok and is happy but he is uncoordinated & Marci is depressed about his condition.   Wrote in jounal till 940  Sent $40 to Genny & Carl Dahlgren.  The ten dollar check was from Bonita & she & mother said they would pay our bank payment (gift of 3700).  The Dahlgrens loaned us $50 in all & the V’s loaned us 20 to pay the hospital Saturday.   Got $25 from WSC so sent $10 in all to Ds & Vs.  Also got $15 from Audrey & Pete and $10 from Aunt Hazel.   Worked on scoutwork (sending for certificates & reporting the Parents Night to the paper)   At 1 I ate fast & toook E.C. and son D. to a clinic in Nashua .  He has writing difficulty.  Bought a pen filler-ball point. Home by 3, went store, took a nap, read a few minutes, ate supper, read for an hour,  Went to Salem Council of Churches meeting. 

Mar 4. 1952  B. drove to school.  Had an exam in Ethical Aspects.  I probably did a “C” job on it.   Didn’t get much of anything done (except news reading etc) in the evening. 

Mar 5 1952.  I drove to school.  It was a verry slushy day   I had to dry out the carburater twice.   Gave a speech in Speech & Radio at 4 & left class right after (4:30) & drove home.   BL & BW. went w/ me.  Didn’t do much in evening.  feeling quite worn out. 

Mar. 6. 1952.  B W. drove to school.  I talked w/ P.M. today & he suggested I finish up fast as I can’t head back to Ohio in light of my finances & nearness to completion (I will have 14 hrs. after thhis semester while I may can finish in summer.  Went to PTA in evening.  C.M. was there & spoke about thee school comittee budget.  He is up for reelection to the committee.  Wrote to Mother, P.M. (ref. to Credit Union).

Mar 7. 1952.  I drove to school.  Found out that CP who rides w/ us knows a way to go which is all of a mile shorter thru medford and cambridge.  Home at 3.   Bought new car registration (due by Apr. 1st) $15.  A lawyer came & talked to me about an accident we witnessed last Sept. 3. at Rts 1118  28.  Took C C. to Baptist church where she will help serve the Gordon College Singers  In evening I went to hear the singers (sponsored by the Salem Council of churches.)  They were good except they were inclined to be gospel-type harmonies   the words were good  G.D. gave the prayer.  E.O. blessed the offering

Mar. 8. 1952.  Up at 7.  Worked in study.  Called on B, D, Dis going to do my secretary work, & went to drug store for some pennicillin for Mark.  Put a new door knob & latch on back door.  Made the bulletin.   In the evening Jack & I went to town meeting (forum on the school committee prposed budget) & afterward went to E. for a snack.  The meeting was good.  The town (race track) machine were against the increase in school budget.  Worked on sermon .  Bed at 130.  Today paid 17.40 (electric & $10. car ins. payment

Mar 9. Sunday.  20 to church.  Up at 6 to finish sermon.  L. A. led SS   Marci didn’t go to church -stayed w/ mark at home.   Had roast beef for dinner.  We took a nap (all 4 of us) & It took a while for the kids to settle.   I didn’t attend MYF because I wasn’t feeling too well.  Repaired the washer.  Talked to D.C. about church finances.  called on L.  If this church is going to progress then they will have to press for more money from this community.  I brought Wesley James home from C.  He’s been there since Mark went to the hosp.  We read from 9-10  & then to bed.

Mar 10. 1952.  Up at 6.  Washed, shaved, fixed fire, did dishes & ate till 8.  Cleaned up study  various things such as checking attendance role for yesterday.  More dishes 9:30-10:30  Marci took the children & went to G. to take care of the Nursery which she & C. are starting.  Wrote in journal from 1030j-11  Sent a thank you note to WSCS for their $25 check.   We had to order our 6th ton of coal the other day, (the WSCS paid for 2 of them).  Mark has been quite well.  He has only had a total of about 5 seizures since coming home.   He gets his elixer of phenobarb 3 times a day.  He is cutting teeth now & drools a whole lot.  MJ is beautiful & bright -we can hardly keep up w/ her.  Wesley raises himself up on his hands & toes.  Mrs. T.C. called to ask about Mark.  Washed & sorted  cclothes from 11-12.  Read Cadoux Life of Jesus & washed clothes & made & ate lunch.  After supper I glued some chairs which were coming apart and read Cadoux, Historic Mission of Jesus   Mr. M. called & wants me to see his wife.  Bed at 11.  

Mar. 11.  Bob. W. drove to school.  I came home on train.  Stopped to see M. M. She’s beginning to fret because she isn’t getting well. 

Mar 12 , 1952. I drove to school.  Got several hrs work in on Hom? Stopped to see M. M on way home.  Marci went to WSCS  I called on M. H. 

Mar. 13, 1952. B L drove.  C hasn’t ridden all week.  We had Founder’s Day address by Pres. Case.   Called on M. M  on way home.  M & I attended the Salem Council Lenten Service at Mt Arat Church.  V. E. spoke   After we went to see QVin Lawrence.  Enjoyed it very much. 

Mar 14, 1952.  I drrove to school.  Visited Mrs. M. on way  thru Andover   Got altered suit from tailor for 7$ gray one.   Marci went to dentist   Had Off Board meeting at 730.  I told them in order to stay another year I had to have 10$ more per week.  They are going to have a covered dish supper in two weeks to discuss the whole matter.   

Mar 15, 1952.  Puttered in study.  Went to vote at High School & back at 3 to hear the outcome.  N. I won over C.M. for School Com Chairman.  I voted for M. D E. & I called on her cousin, m.j.H.  Bed at 9.  Talked to BP.  Call on CG, FE, H.  Wrote home. 

Mar 16 Sunday; 18 to church.   Up at 5:30 to fiinish sermon.  Had a pretty good sermon  G.B. led SS After dinner I called on A. G. W. R, C,AE,L,M.  Only Marci showed up for MYF (went to her house afterward.   Jack & Patty took us to Andover to see MM but she was sleeping.  We left car at garage for body repair & painting.  Lunch at Haney’s (Sandy had children)  Haney’s came her for a bit.  Bed at 12;30  (whew  19 hr day)

Mar 17, 1952. Up at 7.  Cleaned study after breakfast till 1030.  The baby is quite sick.  Mark is also sick w/ germ of some time.  Wrote in journal till 11.  Did quite a lot of missel reading all day such as Time mag & Christian Home, Social action.  Bed at 10.  Dr. was here (kids have head colds)   Jack brought some drugs to us. 

Notes to MB, HF, V, D,  Wrote Mahoney (pub of Lawrence SS)

Mar. 18, 1952.  Up at 6 –not feeling well.  In study at 815.  Studied about 6 hrs. during the day.  Marci went to choir practice and to a committee meeting in the evening. Bed at 12.  Mother called about 1145.  We talked about our plans for the future. . 

Mar. 19. 1952.  Up at 8.  Cleaned up the kitchen for Marci. In study at 10.  Studied Living Religions until 1130.  Jack came for 1/2 hr.  Lunch till 1.  Rested till 3.   Marci went to Guild meeting in evening at MA.  Got in abo 3 more hrs. on Living Religions (Finished reading Blofield  The Jewel in the Lotus.

Mar 20, 1952.  Worked on a sermon.  Jack & Patty here for lunch.  Jack & I went to their house while Patty stayed here.  We studied then Supper at our house.  Jack preached here for the Salem Council Lenten Service.  I preach at his church next Thurs.  After the service (about 30 people came) the E. & Haney’s came here for a snack & some discussion.  Stayed for about 2 hrs.  Mrs. F.E. has called several times in relation to the Nursery Home Role which she is superintending.

Mar. 21, 1952. Prepared buletin to have D mimeograph it.   Jack took Marci, Marci Jo, Mark & I int Boston for Mark’s appointment at the Children’s Hospital Out Patient clinic.  The doctor (specialist Dr. Dairdson) said Mark would out grow his seizures by 3 or 4 yrs. at last (?best)  We have another appointment in a month.   We ate supper at s.  Jack got us home about 8 & we got Wesley Jim from C.  Car still at the garage. 

Mar. 22, 1952.  Began a very large wall map of N. Salem.  tried to get some sermon prep done but soon found myself on way to town meeting with the Haney’s at 1.  Town meeting lasted till 430  C.G. made an announcement  W S. did a lot of talking.  Haney’s ate supper w/ us (We also went to see the car.  Its all ready for it’s coat of paint.)    Outlined sermon for tomorrow. 

Sun Mar 23, 1952  25 to church.  Up at 6 to develop outlined sermon.  M.B. didn’t show up at SS.  Read & rested in the afternoon.  Read in Pratt, Pilgrimage to Buddhism.   Junior MYF at 6 but only M L. came.  We talked for an hour.  Wrote in journal in evening.  Bed at 12:15.  Wrote to Aunt Hazel.  Called Mom.

Mar 24, 1952.  Up at 7:15  In study at 8.  Read Time mag.  Worked on Lenten sermon for thurs. Took 20 min to glue Mark’s bed & the washer wringer.  Read Fosdick, The Men from Nayaville for 45 min.   Lunch at 1120.  Back 12.  Worked on map till 12 15.  Read Fordick NFN until 230 when I got ready to go to the dentist.  V.E. took me while BN stayed here w/ Marci.  The dentist took an hour or so… we were talking (he is a liberal Jew). Got a haircut.  We all ate supper here at talked for a while.  I stayed up late & wrote to Aunt Hazel, asking her if she wanted to help us out for the next year so we could stay here.

Mar 25, 1952.  B W. drove to school .  I stayed for N.T. 4-6 so came home on train.  MS. met me & took me to their garage for the car.  It looks wonderful with its new paint job & rides well with balanced tires and new shock absorbers.   Went to the town school meeting.  It had started at 730 but it lasted till 12 15.  They cut off 15000. of the proposed budget & voted not to build new buildings.   Bed at 1. 

Mar. 26, 1952. I drove to school.  Had speech & radio class 4-6 w/ Prof Diamond at the B.U. radio station.  Took B, F, Bill DudleyV home with me.  Bob & I studied for an hour here in the study.  Aunt Hazel called to say she will take over our loan payments for a year.  She will arrange it with Mother.  This makes us very happy because now no matter what the church does we c an stay & I can finish school. 

Mar. 27. 1952. Bob L drove to school.  B.V had to go in on the train as our 6 pool riders filled up the car.  BW. preached in preaching club.  Found out Mr. V died early this morning.  Went to visit Mrs. V.  She is shocked but seems to be holding her own.   The funeral will be Sunday at Hanna Tenney church.  Preached at the Cong. churc h on “Whistling In The Dark”.   Mrs. C stayed here while M & Fwent to the service.  Bed at 11:30

Mar. 28. 1952. I drove to school & took F & Bill Dudley home.  MJ went to V’s & came home at noon w/ us.  Stopped at the garage.  Home at 3.  Prepared the bulletin for stencil & got ready to go to the Asirian Chavis (Indian prof at school)  We went there to supper (in Malden, Mass)  Sandy & later Nicky stayed here w/ the children.  Bed at 1130.  (asirvathens food)

Maar 29. 1952. Up at 815.  Breakfast, fixed fire,  V & B came and then A M. came   A came after his typewriter (fixed by BR) Vjust got his car back with a rebuilt engine, directional light, seat covers & new wiper motor.  Began writing sermon.  Patty & Jack came.  Fellowship covered dish supper at church.  We discussed the future of the church & the people seem to want to have more fellowship and keep the church going.  I told them I would stay another year at 1560.  BD had to come to repair the church furnace.  Bed at 11. 

Mar. 30 Sunday.  31 to church.  Up at 6.  Nice Spring day.  G B led SS worship.  Cs took care of the 3 children so Marci was there at church for both SS & for church.   Aided G D at Hanna Tenny for funeral of T M. (she’s about same) M & Fwere here & want me to marry them here at the parsonage Saturday.  MYF at Little woods (used F G’s tape recorder.) Bed at 11

Mar. 31. 1952.  Up at 715  Fooled w/ tape recorder.  Went to see D. E. re nursery home role.  Went to bank & found they wont cash the 700 check Mother sent and so I have to wait while they send it to Elyria to collect it.  Stopped at the garage & got horn fixed.  Went to dentist.  He discovered 2 cavities by exray & filled one.  I have to go back yet a third time.   All of us went to o B&V’s and ate & looked at television.  Home at 11.  Studied till 1 on 40 weeks of sermon outlines.  

April 1, 1952. B W. drove to school  Home at 630.

Apr 2, 1952.  I drove Home at 8.  Went to choir practice.  

Apr 3, 1952.  B. W. drove to school.  In evening went to Lenten Service (Salem Council) at the Baptist Church.  Rev. Goegeyier spoke on faith.  Marci is feeling ill tonight.  Called on M.H. & M

Apr. 4. 1952.  B L. drove.  Stopped at F’s , got $700 collected check money from Arl Trust.  Paid off loan there.  Got a special checking account.  Got a charge acct; at McQuades Men’s Store.  Paid car insurance & electric.  Stopped at drug store & coal office (pd. $25 down on next winter’s coal). Got groceries at Brown’s Market, Stopped at garage & paid the $210 bill, paid Palmer’s $40 (got $25 from Aunt Bea.   Went to Es for supper (took bulletin form to D& ??   Board meeting at 730.  They took names of people to call on & write to supper Apr. 27th.  Talked over marriage vows w/ F D & M H.  Marci in depressed mood tonite. 

Apr. 5, 1952.  Got ready for the marriage of F& M H Ds here at the parsonage.  It was at 10 AM.  Jack pronounced them man & wife although I read the ceremony.  We recorded it on F’s tape recorder.  G &  H (bro & sister) stood up with them.  They seemed very content. All went well.  Took care of the children while Marci went with B. C. to Lawrence & then to choir practice.  Worked on sermon in the evening.  Marci went to bed at 9.  I went at 1.  (Finished writing sermon longhand. ) Typed out copies of baptismal vow & took them to 4 parents.  

Apr. 6, 1952 Sunday 50 to church 7 babies.  Up at 7  Typed sermon.  church was full. Baptized 5 babies.  Marci sang a solo.  V, B& ME & P & Jack Haney were here for dinner & supper.  We had a nice day of it & broke up about midnite discussing infidelity in our culture.  Dinner  beef stew.  supper  popcorn & bacon lettuce tomato sandwich. Midnight snack waffels & ice cream.  Coffee all time   I had MYF at 6 They dec ied to clean the church for Easter.  Marci wore her blue dress & looked wonderful. 

Apr 7. 1952.  Up at 8:30. Worked in study on odds & ends till 12-lunch.  Went to dentist  Got a haircut.  Got a clothesline post (cedar) Called on M&M Aover in Sweethill Rd. Rest Haven, Pl? (Took MJ w/ me)  Met with G H. & C. G on Scouting.  Went to Salem Council of churches meeting at Haney’s   marci is worried about the fact that she is very tired lately.  Recd card from Aunt Hazel.  She is in Florida.  

Apr 8. 1952.  B W. drove to school.  I came home on the 555 train (had to leave class early to make it.  Dr. Booth was there (his mother died) but one of his students conducted the class.  Called on Mrs. V.  She has her niece to help her out  is getting along o.k.   Stopped at S & talked a few minutes w/ them.  Chatted w/ Bar.  at the store (they moved away from the house next door) & saw Pasty & Dick.  Studied in the evening.  Bed at 10.

Apr. 9. 1952. I drove to school.  Bought R’s “Harry Gross & His Divining Rod” for Dad Gremore.  Marci went to WSCS at B.  

Apr. 10. 1952. B L. drove to school. B W. didn’t go.  Called on D.E.  Took M. T and went to communion service at Hannah Tenney Church sponsored by the Salem Council of churches.  I had a reading part in the service.  I’ve been reading the Technocracy Study Course. 

Apr. 11. 1952.  Up at 6.  Put in a good day of study & churchwork.  Wrote 2/3 of sermon.  Prepared bulletin.  Wrote out news.  Paraphrased Scripture for Sunday,   V. B. ME. were here for a while.  Called on M. S. (had heart attack)   Marci & I attended a Good Friday service at Jack’s church   Went to Haney’s afterward & discussed marital relations.  Home at 11.   Sandy & Wally were here w/ the children.  

Apr. 12, Up at 6.  Helped Marci take care of kids & got breakfast.  Brought Mrs. C’s Monitor washer over for Marci to use. Hauled split wood from C’s garden.  Chonged a flat tire.  Helped organ electrician at church.  C Chase & C G. turned the organ around as it is backed against rear wall of church & the new blower works very well.  Also during the moving I set a clothes line pole for Marci.  Home again at 330.  Marci went to choir practice. 

Apr. 13 Sunday 1952; Full house at church.  Went to Es for dinner.  Called on A. over in ?  Had a Candleite Memorial Service.  Showed a film strip on the life of Christ.  Went to Es after.  Haneys went also.  Stayed at Es all night. 

Apr 14. 1952.  Missel work in study. Dentist at 2.  Marci went to Lawrence to the Union of Meth. women   Went to bed early

Apr. 15 1952.  B W. drove to school 

Apr. 16, 1952. BL drove to school.  Marci drove in & we went to the service banquet at 630.  Had a swell time.  Had lunch at Vandivers at 11pm w/ Hs there too.   Home at 1245. Sandy stayed w/ the children.   Bonita called, she’s been trying to get us all wk.  

Apr. 17. 1952.  Bob. L drove to school.  In the evening Marci took Mrs. N, T, E, to hear Dr. Booth at Vine St. Church Lawrence

Apr. 18. 1952.  I had a flat & had to leave the boys go to school on their own.  Got it changed & went on to school.  Water… came to Salem w/ me.  Had a tire fixed & new tube put in another one.  Called on W.S. Jr & Sr.  Made bulletin & took it to D.  Made a gate for the children’s bedroom.  Bed at 8.  Letters to Gannetts, Karsten, Brights, Aunt Bea & Aunt Hazel. 

Apr. 19, 1952.  Up at 6. Washed clothes & helped get breakfast until 830.  Cleaned up study until 1130  S called so I went & fixed the hole in her classroom, then scrubbed the room – & cleaned up the dead bees that had come in the hole.   She asked me whether I was running a Sunday School or a beehive.  She was very perturbed by the situation.  Talked w/ D.A. & E. K.  they couldn’t help me out (re. getting the behive out of the church wall. )  Back in study at 5.  Found it hard to get to work.  Left most of sermon prep till morning.  

Apr. 20. 1952.  Up at 6.  Outlined a sermon. 18 in church.  Studied & took a nap in the afternoon   no one showed up for MYF  Bed at  8. 

Apr. 21. 1952. Up at 6. Worked all AM. on home quiz for Ethical Aspects.  We all left at 1130. & went to Boston.  Ate lunch w/ the M. & M (they live together) & then took Mark to clinic   Hes doing ok.  Back home at 7.  Had MYF sub district at church.  D & P cleaned up the basement.  N & S served the refreshments.  Only D.M. (St Pauls Meth) came w/ 2 cars of young people.  D C spoke on boy-girl relations.  No real discussion was had.  Bed at 10.

Apr. 22. 1952.  B. W. drove.  J. F spoke in our Eth Aspects class.  PMis ill in hosp so his son in law (don’t know the name) took the class in Social Actions.   Had class in N.T. w/ Booth.  Came home on train.   Home at 8.  Got treas. book from Mrs. D. & gave cards to D to send out advertizing our Sunday Evening Fellowship.  Bed at 10

Apr. 23. 1952.  I drove & took Marci & children.  They went to Vs  came to Baby Show at 230.  Mark was named “Romeo” and Wesley “most athletic.  We didn’t enter Marci Jo.  Home at 630.  Took BC & went to FE where we audited the treas. book.  F is chairman.  B C & HH on the comm  HH was there.  D.E. served coffee afterwards. Bed by 11.  

Apr. 24. 1952. I drove to school. Decided to stay home tomorrow.  M & I spent nice evening together.  Bed at 11.  Called Aunt Bea. 

Apr. 25. 1952.  Up at 6. Breakfast. Straightened garage.  Study at 8 reading Brunner.  (Stayed home from school to do this home quiz for Eth Aspects of Social Reconstruction.)   Lunch 1120 Back 1210  Made bulletin till 110. Read Brunner till 545. Supper of pancakes & sausage.  Back at 7.   Marci went to Dr. today.  Wesley got a shot & the Dr. looked at Marci’s arms & hands which are broken out w/ an allergy.  Bathed at 730 & got ready to go to a see C.G. about the Sunday night program.  On the way I called on J & LC. (living near Palmers)  Talked w/ C on Sunday’s program.  Bed at 10:30.  

Apr. 26, 1952.  Up at 6.  Breakfast till 7.  Read Time till 9  Read Speech book till 930 (Marci is getting ready to leave the children at C & go to Lawrence)  Wrote in journal & saw Marci off  Started working on sermon at 1015.  Got half the sermon done by supper time when the Haneys came.  We had supper & discussion (of group leadership) till 11.  Finished sermon.  Time changed ahead one hr.  Bed at 245.  

Apr. 27. 1952.  Up at 6    23 to church.  The two boys went to Cs, Marci MJ & I visited G’s & as, took a nap (1 hr.) previewed the filmstrip  No Easy Answer.  Sunday Evening Fellowship at 6. About 2 came.  Good discussion on film.  All the children at Cs.  M & I went to Es for an hr.  I took M to her first night at Bon Secour   WORKING NIGHTS  April 27-May 25

Apr. 28. 1952. Up at 630, got M from hospit.  We ate breakfast at the ? Diner.  M D. R. came in while we were there.  M went to bed & I took car for oil change.  At desk at 1030.  Typed up last night’s meeting.  Went down & ate.  Only got about 1 hr. reading done all morning & afternoon  feeling punk.

Apr. 29. 1952.  In study at 9:30 & began reading & taking couple notes of F, CD (Lunch 1/2 hr)  Read all day (stayed home)

Apr. 30. 1952. Drove to school

My 1, 1952. Drove to school.  Went to a committee meeting at Ts

My. 2. 1952.  Read for Eth. Aspects most of day.   Made bulletin out for D.  Official Board. 

My 3. 1952.  Up at 630. Breakfast, washed clothes, did dishes desk about 8, Wrote notes & letters etc.   10 started working on sermon.  Sent letter & evaluation sheet to G C.  Sent appl card to P O for Credit Union  A note to Time re ?  Sent a note to Cokesbury re. church acct.  a note to MQ. ?  Sent bulletins, clippings & storifilms home.  Paid B.  

My 4.  Sunday  25 to church.  Woke up w/ nose bleed.  Stayed home from SS  Wrote sermon in 2 hours.  Had nose bleeds in afternoon.  Dr. A (Congregational head in N.H.  w/ Jack wants me to consider a comunity church in Hudson for 3000 a year.  Had to go to Dr. Kellet twice to get nose packs  Second time he gave me a shot of demoral & I came home groggy & went to sleep.  \

My. 5. 1952.  Read Cadoax Life of Jesus.  in bed most of day.  Had to go get another nose pack.  It’s ok tho.  Marci went to work.  The two boys are at Cates (they were home Friday, Sat, Sun.) M.J. is here.  

My 6. 1952.  Nose OK  MJ is 4 yrs. old today.  We 3 went to Boston.  I had my 4-6 class in N.T. Ate supper at Vs.  Home at 9.  Studied a bit.   Got a letter from home.  Phoned home. 

My 7. 1952. Worked on Eth. Aspects home quiz all day.  Didn’t go in to school.   M. went to work.  M.J. here w/ me

My 8. 1952.  Worked on home quiz in AM  Went to school for my 1 oclock Living Religions.  Got an extension for the L. term papers.  Finished up Eth Asp home quiz.   Took Marci to Es & she took their car to work.  This is the 3rd time she’s taken their car.  

My. 9. 1952. I drove to school.  Stopped at the garage.  He took 2 1/2 hrs. working on the clutch adjustment to make it smoother.  Bought a squirt oil can.  Ells came over for a few minutes.  Read Tawney Rel to Rise of Capitalism in the evening.  Bed at 11.  Marci Jo & Mark are both here tonight. 

My 10. 1952.  Up at 6. Cared for Mark & M.J.   Marci home at 8.  breakfast, In study by 9. (Marci took kids to Cs so she can sleep)  However, talked to Marci till 11 about the routine needed in our life.  Worked on sermon a while & then began considering the ethical aspects of another year here or somewhere else.  My conclusion:  realizing that we are now in debt to tune of about 1500- it did not seem right to plunge any more w/ otho leveling off.  Also another year would be hard on us psychologically w/ little chance for doing the community any good.  I called C & he will move me.  I suggested joining Pleasant Street & North Salem together & he sounded willing. 

My 11. 1952. Sunday. 38 to church.  Studied & rested.  Had MYF in the evening. 

My 12, 1952. Worked on Living Religion paper  

My 13. 1952. Drove to school & had Ethical Aspects exam (I think I did ok)   In the evening had a meeting w/ Scout executive W.K.  Decided to try & get a more active sponsor for scouts & to not renew the Pack charter. Bed.  Marci’s night off.

My 14, 1952. Drove to school & had Living Rel exam (not too bad).  Wesley has been having an intestinal upset.  Marci’s night off

My 15. 1952. Worked hard all day & finished a 16 page paper on Buddhism.  Es were here for lunch. 

My. 16. 1952. Began study day about 930  Wrote notes or letters to Bishop Werner & others in Ohio re. our future.  Can’t send them now (see below)  Wrote to Mass Genl Hosp recommending N Cfor nursing, wrote home, Aunt Audrey, birthday cards to Aunt Jessie & Aunt Gertie.  M & I went to the bank, had supper w/ Jack & Patty.  Told Cs we aren’t going to stay another year.  Went to see C & he offered us Hampton at 2200   I guess we will take it, move in Aug. 1st after a summer in Ohio

My 17. 1952. Up at 8 when M. came home.  Called news to ?  Called C & asked some ques about Hampton.  Wrote in journal.  Marci gave her resig notice to the hospit.  Started work on sermon at 11.  Marci got up about 2 & baked pies for tonight’s supper.  The S’s (who are at Hampton now) came over & we told them they could stay till Aug 18th  In the meantime will ? in Ohio.  Had supper at the church.  Called on B. C. next door & told her we were leaving.  Worked on sermon in evening.  

May 18, 1952.  Marci had a flat at work so I had to send E. S. to change it.  Announced we would leave at conference time this morning.  Everyone said they were sorry we were going.  Rested in the afternoon.  Es were here for a 1/2 hour.  They aren’t going to Brentwood as they thought.  Haneys came over & we went to P  M & I went to see MM A.  We all went to Es in evening.  Took Marci to work at 11.

My 19. 1952. I cleaned the house.  Marci & I took Mark to Childrens Hospt at 1 for a check.  He’s ok.  Picked up B.M. L’s baby (they are busy packing)  B & N came for supper  & stayed all night as planned. 

My 20, 1952.  Up about 8.  Took M.J. & Mark to C.  B & I went to the garage for a fuel pump (his ’39 ford).  I mowed the front lawn w/ old electric lawnmower.  B M.J. & I went to Lawrence & then to Fitchberg.  Got M. T. T. (wife of Baptist minister)  She spoke at Senior banquet tonight.  Marci & I went, had a good time. & to Salem Council banqueted the High School seniors.  Marci looked very pretty (wore a flower at her throat & had grey suit on.  B & I took sign board of church office over to  he painted.  Marci went to work.  It very rainly  out.  I stayed up till 1230 & worked on my report to Annual Conf.   Mom called   She wants me to call Supt C  re.  to churches open in Ohio.

My 21. 1952. Marci left the car at S. garage & Mrs S. took it & got custom made seat covers put on it for $19.50  They are green & look very nice.  Ls left about noon.  Marci & I took ML. to D. hosp.  She had a girl- their sixth.  I wrote a couple letters.  Es came & took M.J. for the evening.  M& I went to Ws  B & Afor the evening.  Gs & Ms were also there.  Got back here about 10 when Marci dropped in on Guild meeting & they gave her lapel pins.  I took M to work & got M.J.   Wrote to Bishop Werner expressing my Bishop Werner expressing my regret that in order to take Hampton I thought it best to transfer to this conference.  

My 22. 1952.  Got Marci.  Left M.J. at C.  Straightened kitchen.  Read a while in living room.  In study at 930 or so.  Worked on paper for Living Religions/.  Audit Committee met in the evening at F.E. home at 9 & worked on paper some more. 

My 23, 1952. Worked on L.R. paper till noon.  Took MJ & went to school (to take papers in)   Met B V, brought Bill Dudley Vhome w/ me.  He & MJ had fun.  Went to Haney’s for a cook out.  Es were there too. 

My. 24. 1952. Got hot water heater working, mowed lawn, called on Mrs. R.  M. L. and M S. (her son, M died) .  Wrote sermon in evening.  

My 25. 1952 Sunday.  36 to church.  Took Bill Dudley home.  MJ was going to stay at his house but she decided not to.  Home for Fellowship Supper.  Supt. Cwas here & the people voted to go in w/ Pleasant St. & get a full time man.    Took Marci to work (her last night) & stopped to see V Es a minute. 

My 26. 1952. Got Marci from work.  Ate breakfast at Haneys. Home, then took MJ & went to City Glass for new windshield (which was broken on our honeymoon)  Stopped at garage.  Got lunch At desk for an hr.   We took the boys to Cs.  Mj M & I went to see A.  & then went on to Hampton to see our future church & parsonage & its very nice.  Everything is in good shape.  Home late. 

My. 27. 1952. Up at 930.  Went to Lawrence to get an axel for new lawnmower.  called on m.m. in Andover (she is still in bed but now at home,) stopped at garage & got holes drilled for mower.  Had parsonage committee meeting here.  …..came.  We looked at the defects of the parsonage. 

My. 28. 1952. Marci, H.W. & I went to the N.H. Conf. at Clairmont.  I saw the Board of Min Training & they expect to ordain me a deacon if my transfer comes through from the N.E. Ohio Conf.  Had a nice dinner in the evening.  Bishop Shaw, Baltimore Ave is presiding over the conf.  

My 29. 1952.  H. V. I went to Clairmont in my car. 

My 30. 1952. M, J, V, I went to Claremont in V’s Ford.round trip.  Attended a social action luncheon & a Bd of education banquet.  Hs mother stayed with the children.  

My 31. 1952.  Up early.  H, V, J, & I went to Claremont in V’s “39 ford.  During these days we have been stopping for breakfast at a diner in Bradford.  I’ve had a bad cold & getting very little sleep

Je. 1. 1952. no service.  Got started about 9 for Claremont.  Muffler blew out & fuel pump started leaking.  Went on ok  Es & Ws were with us.  We took M.J. , left Mark at Es w/ baby sitter & left W.J. w/ the elder Mrs. E.   My transfer to this conf. never came so I wasn’t ordained.  We were appointed to supply Hampton.  Raining badly, stopped at H? to eat. got home about 8 or 9   called ?  Ate strawberry shortcake at Es. 

Je 2.1952. took car into the garage & he brought me home.  Stopped at D. for my check.  Went to Council of churches meeting at ?  Picked up car.  Had ice cream at Haney’s   Bill for car was $.  incl fuel pump & muffler.  Called C & made a date for tomorrow. 

Je. 3. 1952.  Went to see T C & I decided since my transfer didn’t come through from Ohio that I would go to Ohio & stay. He was sorry to see me go but was very understanding about it.   Marci, M.J. , Mark & I went to Boston.  Mark had an encephlagram which shows he is much improved.  We all ate at a Howard Johnson restaurant and then went out route #1 to Hampton & told the Ss we were not going to serve Hampton.  They were some-what disappointed.   Called C & told him I would like a church in Ohio.  He is going to work on Seville-Chippewa for me (if they will take a student).   Called C & sent him a letter (see copy). 

History of Seville Methodist Church:  https://www.seville-umc.org/history/

Seville United Methodist Church was established in 1826 by The Rev. John Hazzard as part of the Black River Circuit — which extended from Lake Erie on the north to Wayne County on the south, and from the Cuyahoga River on the east to the Firelands on the west. If you were writing a Hollywood script about a frontier circuit rider, you couldn’t make up any better name than “John Hazzard.”Hazzard was interesting in that he had other careers besides preaching. He was also a schoolteacher and farmer. While many circuit riders died in their 30s due to the strain of the work and exposure to the elements, Hazzard spent 65 years in ministry and lived to the age of 90. He’s buried not far from Seville in West Salem’s Hazzard Cemetery.The Seville Methodist Society met in homes and schoolhouses before constructing a frame building in 1830. It was the first church in the village. Seville itself had been founded by Henry Hosmer of Connecticut in 1816. The cornerstone of today’s brick building was laid in 1859. The church underwent significant expansions and renovations in 1905 and 1951.In 1968, the Methodist Church and the United Brethren Church merged denominations to form the present-day United Methodist Church. That same year in Seville, the Fellowship Hall addition was constructed, including classrooms, a nursery and commercial kitchen. The project was made possible by a donation of $85,000 from Seville’s Fred and Ida Mae Lowrey. Church members pledged an additional $60,000 over three years. That would total more than $1 million today.In 1974, a blizzard shut down area highways. Farmers used tractors to ferry stranded travelers to the church for food and shelter. Many members hosted families in their homes. In all, the church served 500 beleaguered travelers in 24 hours.This church is a vital part of community life in Seville. The building is utilized throughout the week for Scouting events, concerts, meetings, Red Cross blood drives, Seville Historical Society dinners, Seville Kiwanis Club pancake breakfasts, and more.For almost 200 years, Seville United Methodist Church has been a beacon of God’s grace in the community. It’s a place where children and adults can grow in their faith, and where God’s love is put into action by serving our neighbors in Seville and around the world.

History of Chippewa Methodist Church. https://www.chippewaumc.org/history “Frontier Religion”Worship at Chippewa began on the frontier in 1796 as territory north of the Ohio River opened for settlement. Beginning with Abraham Powers and his family, along with the Stratton, Welsh and Inman families, meetings were held at the Powers’ house. Within a short time, the group would construct a small church of sandstone of 25 feet by 20 feet near the old Stratton Farm, 200 feet east of the present Shenango Road. This small church remained the house of worship and study for this community of methodists until 1848, as a spark from the fireplace set fire to a portion of the interior during a service. While those present subdued the fire, the damage was done and efforts on a new, larger church commenced.

“Red Bricks”Needing to rebuild after the fire, the early church fathers recognized the need for a larger church in a more suitable location, and so finally securing a plot of land of about a half acre in 1857. Here would come to sit the foundation of a church that continues to grow to this day. The Red Brick Church, as it was called, was mostly constructed by the members themselves, and served the congregation well until 1925 when the first of many additions would be added. This first addition saw the church raised and the then crawl space dug into a proper basement, providing a kitchen and room for Sunday School. As the community and church continued to grow, the congregation implemented an expansion program to facilitate a long-range building fund. A ground breaking service was held in September of 1949, adding a new entrance way, additional rooms and the church’s steeple. While the first service was held in this “new” church in January of 1951, the project would not be finished until late in the year.

“Community Church”With the explosion of population in Chippewa Township, it became clear that yet another expansion project was needed to keep up with growing needs. The church had purchased and remodeled the old fire hall to provide church classrooms; the site of the next addition. Construction began in July of 1963 on a three story educational wing, providing offices, classrooms, a church library, music rooms and basement social rooms. This project also brought a new enterence facing Shenagno Rd. Several small renovations and donations would be made to maintain and continuously improve the church.

Je. 4. 1952.  Wrote letters & made phone calls all morning.  Wrote up parsonage report.  Went to the Depot & Center on errands.  Brought Patty here.  V& B came for a while. Jack came later.  Called on ?   Bed at 12  Helped Marci apply solution to her arms when she is having an alergic reaction.   Wrote to A C., Bishop Werner & sent ? to J.L. W.  Mom called.  Wrote home   note to B M,  wrote to B D, sent transfer to G D….

Je. 5 1952. Up at 8  In study 830 Did odds & ends.  Found out I can rent a truck to move us for $200 for a week.  Went to Depot at 11 & took Mark for a haircut  Left a book at Jack Patty’s   Took down storm windows, put up screens,  & mowed lawn in late afternoon while Marci went to a silver tea at E C.  We went to Es for a shrimp supper in the evening, taking M.J. but leaving the boys at C.   Marci went to WSSC at D Es while we (Jack Patty VB & I ) sat around looking at television & then arguing about the use of Fastabs   a diet aid.  Jack claims to use them is planing on too high a level-making too big an issue out of the subject.  Jack is back in school now   has a seminar w/ Dr. B.  Home w/ the boys & all late.  Bed at 12. 

Je. 6. 1952. Up at 830.  Tinkered in garage.  Ate jelly doughnut for breakfast.  In study at 915.  General work & reading.  Mowed lawn in afternoon.  Mark helped me.  Board meeting in the evening.  Voted $100 on apportionments. 

Je. 7. 1952. Lined up JH, S, N B, to put on a skit tomorrow in place of the sermon “Family Crisis”   R C, organ repairman came.   Marci went to a lecture on health w Mrs. C.  We are be-ginning to pack & get ready to p. Found out a moving van will be about $155.   Bonita called.  Wanted to know when we are coming home. 

Je. 8. Sunday.  The skit went well.  Mark walked up the aisle.  After church we went ? for beef dinner.  Took Mrs. G. for a ride.  Nicky told me she was accepted at Mass Gen’l Hosp. for Nurses Training.   Home for supper.  I went to Baccalaureate at High School  sat w/ Patty (Jack preached).  Saw D (new minister) at Es.  Home for snack & discussion w/ Haney’s. 

Je. 9. 1952.  Up at 8.  Worked around house most of day, washing dishes etc.  Went to Depot to look at a trailer.  Tried to call mom all day but w/ no success.  Finally called Grace  Herman & Grace said the West River Rd lines are out of order.  Called on FE. (he won’t take the treasurers’ job- feels he is to tied up w/ things to do.)   Our FASTABS came.  M & I are beginning to take them.   Worked in study for an hr. or so this afternoon.  Marci is busy preparing clothing for packing.  I have a bad cough & Marci has one too.  W.J. has cold.  In bed about 1130.  

Je. 10. 1952.  Up at 7.  Washed clothes & dishes till 1030.  In study till 1.   Went to garage  had fender repaired & trailer hitch put.  Got windshield sealed.  Es was here for supper.  Stayed up till 130 AM putting pictures in albums. 

Je. 11. 1952. Up at 8:30  Housework till 10:30  Study till noon.  Counted up calls & hours  I made ? N. Salem.  Worked all day on reports to give to Ds.  

Je. 12. 1952. Cleaned garage & did alot of packing Marci is packing clothes.  We are both trying to do a thorough job.  Recd. $250  from Mother.  

Je. 13. 1952. Worked on oil burner.  Did some packing.  Had car washed.  Went to bank & Gs.  V, B Jack, Patty M.J. Marci & I ate outdoors for supper.  We had good time, laughing & talking all evening.  Had Boston coolers later for refreshments.  Vern poppped corn.  For a little while V Jack & I went over J BD a hand moving into Pleasant St. parsonage. 

Je. 14. 1952.  Worked on oil burner.  V & I chased all over looking for a trailer to buy  didn’t find any.  Called the van service & their representative came out & figured our moving bill would be $115 plus $20 to put it in storage until a van was ready.  Called D W & told him we might leave monday.  Our phone was disconnected today be-cause we are moving.  Jack & Patty were here in the evening.   Marci broke the 2nd wringer handle today on Mrs. C’s washer (I broke the first one)  

Je 15. 1952. Up at 8.  The Es went to their church in Milford & I worked on a short talk I’m going to give to the children today at church.  We are celebrating Children’s Day.   Mark through up this AM but appears ok otherwise.  B D & I toured N. Salem & I pointed out parishoners.  Jack & Patty came for a while.  Marci & I stayed up to 3 AM packing.

Je. 16. 1952.  The movers came at 7:30 & took all our stuff.  We cleaned the house.  Stopped at midnight to eat watermelon w/ the Ells .  Marci called Haney’s & they h? to stay for Patty’s baby (due the 19th).  M & I slept in the study on the mattress.  

Je. 17. 1952. Up at 830 & undecided about leaving.  the car’s full to overflow V went to Lawrence  got a roof rack.  Left N. Salem parsonage. 2 in afternoon.  Full gas (gal at 126582.  Arr Ws -Cherry Valley 12 pm. 126663  Stayed the night.

Je. 18. 1952.  Up at 7.  Looked at D’s church  left at 940 126663.  Stopped to tighten load.  Stopped for an hr. at noon.  Food for $3.00  M.J. sat on a stool. Gas 10 gal & 1 oil at 126724.  Cherry Valley NY- Ate at Valley Brook Restaurant at 5 pm 126866. Left at 620. Cost #3.00 Gas 10 1/2 gal at $2.93.  Oil & rest room Mobile at 720  126902  Esso 14 1/2 at $4.00 at 1130  127051   Marci started driving 2 AM 127130.  

Je. 19. 1952. 11 gal gas at $2.85. Gulf. 5 AM 127228  Arr. at Dix (1816 Chapen? , Cleveland 127286 at 7 AM.  (Marci drove the last 50 miles.) Got home on West River by noon.  Ella Jane is home.  M & I took a nap.

Je. 20. 1952.  Worked in yard.  Aunt Hazel came & was there for supper.  

Je. 21. 1952. Went to New London in Dix’s new Mercury

Je. 22. Sunday.  Went to Aunt Hazel’s (all of us) for lunch & supper.

Je. 23. 1952.  Spent quit a bit of time getting an accelerator link for car, gas, oil change, light.  Mowed lawn w/ new power lawnmower.  Made a picnic table.  We all had supper in yard.   Rented a trailer.  E.J. Bonita Marci, & I went to Aunt Jo’s & got some furniture.  It rained on it on way home.  Bed about 2.  Furniture from Aunt Jo: couch, coffee table; roll away bed; mattress; highboy.  

Je. 24. 1952. Mom, Marci & I went to conference at Lakeside.  Found out I’m to have Seville-Chippiwah for sure.  Got $35 expense for attending conference.  Home about 8:30   Decidecd to all go to Lakeside for rest of week.  Aunt Hazel took Jimmie home w/ her. 

Je. 25. 1952. Up at 730 to pack up & go to Lakeside.  Got there about 1030 AM  Got a cottage from McFarland Real Estate (223 Cedar “Sacred Cow”).  It costing $35 till monday noon.  Conference & fighting the heat.  Had beans for lunch & supper & the kids (Geo. Bonita, Nelson, Mark & M.J. ) went swimming.  The heat is terrific.  Mother & I went to the evening service  the rest stayed at the cottage.  

Je. 26. 1952. Conference all day.  We are all enjoying our stay here.  G& W H are next door as well as the Ws.  Bishop Werner has been inspiring us w/ his morning messages.  

Je. 27. 1952.  Conference till noon.  Marci, M.J. Mark & I went w/ Henry Dorthyt Sedlacek in their Mercury to Seville (& saw the parsonage) & went to their church at Lodi.  Got back to Lakeside by 11.  

Je. 28. 1952.  Conference in the AM  Marci & Mother went w/ me.  Saw D W there.  D had lunch w/ us.  We went to a strawberry social at Epworth Lodge -pretty expensive.  Reading of appartments in the evening. D & PW came over at 11:30 PM & ate a light lunch w/ us.  Tonight M. J. said she asked God to teach us to take her to meetings w/ her.  Aunt Hazel called.  She isn’t coming today.

Ordainment of John Malcolm Harnish. See also men who played significant roles in John’s life, Don Walton, Bob Muffley, and of course Bishop Werner, who all come up in the diary.

Je. 28. 1952.  church there at Conf.  Ordained deacon at 2:30 service.

We packed & left about 6PM  Took a long time to get out to main road due to traffic.  A few miles from Vermillliion the car went dead.  It had been & was raining hard.  A gas station man (M) came & towed us in, worked on ignition, but finally gave up & took us all to Aunt Hazels where I took us home in her car (about 3-4 AM)

Je. 30. 1952.  About noon Marci & I went to Aunt Hazels, ate lunch, went after our car($26-for coil, condenser, etc).  Stopped to see an old trailer for $35. in So Lorain.  Went back and bought it in the evening.  Started planning how to put sides on. 

Jly 1. 1952.  Took a load of furniture to Seville.  Talked to the Cs a while. 

Jly 2. 1952. Put racks on the trailer.  Got to Seville about 10PM.  Unloaded load in garage, went to Aunt Jo’s in Cleveland, got a rug & some chairs.  Home about 3 AM.  

Jly 3. 1952.  Got to Seville  Bonita Marci & I  on this rainy afternoon after picking up a refrigerator at New London but having to leave a load of furniture which would have gotten ?  Ds came for a few minutes   We couldn’t unload the refrigerator because it was leaking gas.   Worked in the office for a while.  Home again on W. River Rd. late. 

Jly 4. 1952.  Stayed home at Mothers  Aunt Hazel came in afternoon.   we had a picnic supper.  Took children down to Lorain to see fireworks display.   

Jly 5. 1952.  Got here in Seville w/ Bonita Marci & children. bout noon.  Worked on Seville bulletin board.  Mrs. & I washed & wiped all the letters & numerals.  Worked on sermon.   JGlent us a refrigerator since ours isn’t working. 

Jly 6. 1952. Got up early & worked some on sermon.  Both services (Chipp at 10 & Seville at 11) worked out well.  All the people seem friendly.  Mr & Mrs. W. were at Chipp.  Relaxed & read rest of day.  MYF at 730 group not enthusiastic.  Got them to sort letters for bulleten board. 

Jly 7. 1952. Ran errands till 10. Got checking account at the bank, got P.O. box. etc.  Worked in office till 3.  Bonita & I took the trailer & went home, picked up furniture at New London.  Got back here at 730.  Had an MYF cabinet meeting & nominated new officers   planned to have an election Sun.  Sat in NA Scout committee meeting.  Listened to best of McArthur speech (at Repub. convention). 

Jly 8. 1952.  Up at 6, to bathe, & went to Oberlin to school.  Signed up for 2 courses (8-1030) 4 days a wk, 3 wks.  Ate at Campus restaurant.  Stopped at Chippewa & changed the bulletin board. Called on Mr M.  H for lunch.  Put up 2 gates to keep Mark in his bedroom & the study downstairs.  Called on the newspaper man in town.  He reminds me of LA.  Called on Mrs. AB She was in bed but got out into a wheel chair.  She is 92 yrs. old, very religious, & was very happy to see me.  She gave me crocheted center pieces for Marci.  Stayed about 1/2 hr or more.   Worked in office an hour.  Wrote up news for the Friday Weekly.   Supper.   Called on LM, P, L’s wife.  L He is treas. of the Chipp. Lake church  P was at church Sunday & took up offering.  Called on D & Mrs. K.  He is Lay Leader at Chipp.   They are a fine family- very interested in the church.  She is District Officer in WSCS- children’s work

Jly 9. 1952.  Up at 1030 Woke up feeling pretty tough.  Marci got very little sleep taking care of the children.  It turned quite cold.  The children all seem pretty fair this A.M. Refrigerator man came.  Also the baker.  The Baptist minister (V H) came   Wrote in journal.  Put sweeper together .  In bed rest of the day.

Jly 10. Spent most of the day in bed w/ temperature. 



Grace Gannett

Herman Gannett, husband of Grace (above), long term very close friends  to John and Marcella Harnish


Jly 11. 1952. Went to school.  Bonita went w/ me & I took her home.  Ate lunch at Gannetts.  Got a dresser at home & 2 from Gannetts.

An early picture of Jim Gannett who was part of the community with the Bonneys in Elyria.  Posed with Bonney Belle Harnish (the first of two)

Jly 12. 1952.  Sick in bed afternoon & evening.  Got up long enough to go down & mimeograph the bulletin.   

Jly 13. 1952. Sunday. Up at 7.  Worked on sermon.  Feeling punk.  Services went well.  Car blew a soft plug.  Read & rested in afternoon.  MYF at 730.  Elected new officers.  B & V Mcame to call in evening. 

Jly 14. 1952. Up at 730.  Took car to garage for soft plug.  Worked in office 2 hrs.  Went to Chip. to change bulletin board.  Worked on cutting lawn etc in evening.  

Jly 15. 1952.  School. Went home & then to Elyria for a bed from Mrs. O.  Got mattress from home.  Seville about 6.  bathed, wrote up church news. 

Jly 16. 1952. School in AM  Came home & went to bed- feeling punk   Up at 4 for supper.  Wrote to Jack & Patty, V& B, & to Aunt Bea & Uncle Boykin. 

Jly 17. 1952.  School.  Went to optometrist to get new lenses in my glasses (they got broken.) Stopped at doctors.  He says I have bad sore throat.  Gave me penicillin. & I have to go back tomorrow.   Called on Ss  P & R were home.  Talked to K R. on the road.  Called on S. next to the church.  They are presbyterian.  Had meeting of ? Commission on Education.  BM, RK & D A. came.  

Jly 18. 1952. School. Stopped at Gannetts & at Sedleceks.  Rested till 3.  

Jly 19. 1952.  Worked in office for a little while.  Worked on parsonage law lawn? all afternoon.  Dad Gremore and Aunt Chub came.  He nearly ran over my lawn mower.   Went after Mom, Bonita , E.J. & kids.  

Jly 20. 1952.  Sunday.  Communion at both churches.  All went well.  Joe & Bonney came (that made ten children here.   MYF in evening

Jly 21. 1952. Ella Jane came back w/ car & kids about noon.  I read in Smith, The church in Our Town  most of day (it seems like).  Got a new tire at Shumaker’s for $15.  EJ. had flat last nite.  C Changed bulletin boards.  Talked to M for an hr.  Reception in evening for us.  The other ministers C only Presbyterian, H- Baptist & Bishop – Luthern spoke.  Mrs. K. read a poem  I ?  B M was M.C. -led hymns  About 30 there.  Talked w/ M/M Js.  They want to adopt a baby. 

Jly 22. 1952. School – E.J. & Geo, Bonita & Nelson went w/ me.  They went home & E.J. was going to return to Seville but had me take her home to help them sand the floors.  Brought Pinky w/ me to Seville (stopped at Sukeys).  Home about 2.  In office writing up news.  rested an hr.  had supper, began to work on 2 short term papers for school.  Marci went to Dr. for a check (wasn’t feeling well) & Dr. says she is ok.  Worked till 3:30 A.M. on papers.  They are very short. 

Jly 23. 1952.  School.  Went home & helped lay linoleum in kitchen.   Studied a bit  Went w/ the workers w. youth at 8. 

Jly 24. 1952. School. Studied, rested, & had a long talk with ED.  He has a good grasp of people & membership & evangelism.  He & S used to be Mennonites.  E has been reading John Wesley.   Got home & found that the moving van was in town.  Went down & had him drive the van into our drive.  He had to have the $199.33 in cash before unloading so he won’t be able to get it until tomorrow.  Read Miolton?  for 2. hrs. 

Jly 25. 1952. School.  Got home about 11.  The moving man was already unloading the van.  He had got a man from Seville to help him. (F) I helped them.  Went down to the church for a couple hrs. studying & making the bulletin.  Called on C. but didn’t stay because he wasn’t there.  Called on M.M. B across the street.  He is ill.  They are affiliated w/ no church.   Set up the oak desk in the study.  Bed at 11:30

Jly 26. 1952. Up at 8.  Marci & I have been sleeping on the couch down stairs.  Pinky & MJ have been sleeping on our bed.  Pinky mowed the lawn lately & has been a real helper.  MJ looked beautiful as she came down & talked to us this A.M. with her blond hair, dark hair, & blue eyes.  Breakfast at 9.  Repaired a small table.  Unpacked a crate of books.  M.J. fixed two chairs for a desk & is reading while I study.  It is 10:20    Pinky is at the door wondering why M.J. doesn’t come out.  She came in to read too.  Sermon coming along ok  Repaired screens, mowed lawn (in back where its tall)  Had to come because it rained.  Mr. B next door came over and told me what were flowers & what weeds along back fence.  Bed at 9:30 or so.  

Jly 27. 1952. Sunday.  Our 5th Wed. Aniv.   Up at 7.  Typed sermon.  All went well.  Aunt Hazel Aunt Bea, Aunt Viv.  Uncle Boykin, & Bobby came to church & took Mark.  Pinky w/ them to Lorain.  M & I went to Lorain via Gannetts & moms.  Had a good time at Central Park -Baker-Harnish reunion.  Went to Aunt Hazel’s after for late lunch.  M & I were presented w/ a set of dishes for our anniv. (the 3 aunts picked them out).  Aunt Madelyn gave us $5.00.  Got home at Seville about 2 AM.

Ella Ione Baker Harnish, married to James Vance Harnish, shown here with Cody Baker and Olive England

James Vance Harnish who married Ella Ione Baker Harnish parents of John McKinley Harnish, father of John Malcolm Harnish

John Mckinley Harnish and brothers Foster, James and Cecil born to Ella Iona Baker Harnish at her funeral Nashville, Tenn. 

children of Ella Iona Baker Harnish at her burial: John, Foster, James, Cecil, Vivian, Bea, Hazel

Jly 28. 1952. Didn’t get to my desk (at home) till 11.  Planned out day.  Went to Medina  got okeyed for marriages in Medina County  Bought some folders, cards, etc.  Went to Chipp. & Talked w M. & changed bull board.  Went to Wadsworth & saw church where I will marry F-W  Sat.  Supper.  Took Mark to doctor- he is OK  No one showed up for meeting at Chipp (workers w/ youth).  Called on M. L. (Met A M M & daughter B & J), talked long while w/ M. L. M. (re: her sons death. ) Called on VW re: her coming marriage to BL  Home at 12.  Mailed electric bill to Portab Tools Inc.  Mailed tarp to v

Jly 29. 1952. Desk 11-2.  Wrote out news.  Called on FW is critically ill.  Called on MM Went to S. & cut out a pants hanger on his band saw.  Called on ML at Chipp (she is elderly & very sensitive).  Called on MB. She is good (had an op).  Went upstairs at Bs & met Mrs. JT & her brother.  She is young (about 20) & want baby baptized.  Home by 7.  At 8 I counseled B. L & V W till 9 in my study -young but good couple I think.  M & I spent the evening reading & talking together.

Jly 30. 1952. Up at 9.  Puttered around fixing things including putting gate on Ls (next door ) play yard.  We will use the play yard too.  Went to auction on M. farm   I couldn’t buy anything.  Went out calling at 3.  Called on S, S, T, E, M  Signed up 5 youth for institute _ET, PS JR, JM & JE. Home about 9. 

Jly 31. Went to New London & got a new pulpit gown at Wards for $40.00  Got a table from Aunt Chub.  Took couch (which Aunt Audrey gave us several yrs. ago) home to W. River.  Got back, cleaned up for meeting of the Comm on Community & World Service.  It was interrupted by news of S. Ds chicken house on fire.  Only S., Mrs D, & WR were present.  We went to the fire of course.  About 100 hens were suffocated but they dressed them right away for freezing.  Went to Aunt Jo’s (left about ten)  Got a roll-a -way bed , mattress, & many missel items.  Home about 2.30. Bed at 3-

August 1, 1952. Did some reading.  (Can’t remember what I did rest of day.)  Went to wedding rehearsal.  D & EB were here for late supper.  Had good time.  They left about 12.  

Sug. 2. 1952. Up at 9.  Worked on sermon on & off all day.  In the morning I got ready for the wedding.  It took place at 2.30 at Wadsworth church w/ reception following & picture taking.  All went well.  The couple was VJW (Chipp Lake) and REL jr. (L)  It was a closed church wedding.  Home about 9 to work on sermon.   Aunt Jo & Uncle Ralph & Mrs. Bryant were here for supper.  We agreed to buy Aunt Jo’s automatic washer ($250)  Bed about 2.  2 gen. Persian rugs (900) Piano -50.  We pay $20 per month or as we can.  Rec. word from ME. they now have a Marci Beth.  

Aug. 3. Sunday.  Services as usual.  Marci took WJ w/ us to chipp.  Nelson took M.M. & Mark to Sev. SS.  All of us had naps after lunch.  Called on JE. MYF at 730  Good meeting.  JE led it.  Worked in office on map for a while.  Bed about 11.

Aug. 4. 1952. Up about 9.  Worked on map.  Called MD & BT  They want A baptized & they will join church.  Met ac there.  Paid down payment on our new Frigidaire refrigerator from Gambel’s Hdwr. (29$ down).   Spent afternoon in Hudson garage getting grease, oil etc & looking at 1949 Hudson I would like to buy.  We all went to Mother’s w/ intention of going to Aunt Hazel’s but Aunt H. wasn’t home.   Home about 1. 

Aug. 5. 1952.  Up at 8.30.  Down to office about 10.  Wrote news.  Changed bulletin board.  Worked on survey map.  Got a check from Board of Missions for Chippewa help.  (No money from the Chipp. church yet.)  Worked in office till about 4, house, ate, took MJ  Nelson to see statue of giant lady in cemetery & talked to Mr S the caretaker, in office 1/2 hr., took some bills over to treas (ND) home for supper.  Went to Ms & then to Chipp. church.  Worked on map there & waited in vain for the Comm on Worship & Evangelism.  Made a 2nd call on M. (no money yet)  She gave us some meat & vegetables.  Called on Ks & discussed church work for an hour.  Home at 11.30  Wrote Haney’s a note.  Marci wrote a letter.   Wrote card to D in N.H.  Recd. letter fr. Jack & Patty. 

Up at 9.   Outside breakfast till 10.  Worked in study on maps & missel till 11.30   Wrote in record till 12.15.  Went home, W. River, got trailer, went to Aunt Hazels & got coal out of her bin (she has gas furnace now) & her dining room set & our new set of dishes which she gave us for our anniv.  Talked w/ mother & E.J. a bit  had supper there.   Back in Seville by 7:30.  Dressed & at Chippewa church by 8.  Had a meeting of the Comm. on Education.  MS, Mb, err,dk, bl were there.  We discussed the duties of the commission.  Stopped at M for my checks.  Called on DC & wife  He is a school teacher.  He is a good thinker & he may transfer here in a month.  Bed at 1. 

Au. 7. 1952.  Boyd B. is a man about 49 yrs. old -good strong build (was a tumbler).  From time to time he goes on drinking spree.  He quotes scripture & expressed these things as he sat there still drinking  He’s been in both wars.  “I want to help the boys who have the chickens to come to church”  “I want to do something useful “(I supplied the word) ” The Lord can do all things”  “I guess I’m a sinner”  “We are answerable only to God”  “I want to get into your church -thats the problem”  “You gotta get me on the ball”  Repeatedly:  “What do ou think”  “I like your grey suit , it means youre going somewhere. 

Up at 9.  Worked in yard cleaning up area near garage.  till about 1.  Got down to the bank by 2.30 to cash the $83 check for salary & $20 on moving expence from the Chippewa church.  They still owe $46 on moving expence.  Paid some bills.  Picked up my watch which cleaned & repaired ($5.25) got repaired motor ($9:15) Talked w/ MS   At office for a while.  Called some of the Official board members   Called on hb & his mother.   Marci had a sharp chest pain (left side high) so I bathed Mark for her.  Mr. B. from next door came over & said B B. (next door to the north) was drinking & wanted me to come over.  I couldn’t go then but told him I’d go after the Board meeting.  Official Board w/ 12 present.  Had a good meeting They  agreed to let us install the washer & drier in our kitchen & move the stove.   Talked w/ Bd B. about an hour.  He was intoxicated.  Bed at 12. 

Au. 8. 1952. Up at 8:30.  Checked over one of the old refrigerators which are still on our back porch.  Hung mirror above buffet.  Wrote in record.  Started work on sermon at 11.10.  HS. called to say he wants me on as sub-district chairman of Adult Ed.   Lunch at 12.  Went t & got a new door seal for the old refrigerator.  In study 2.30-4.  Went down to office & made out bulletin.  Supper.  Called on MJ She & D. want to adopt a child.  Worked on sermon in evening.  Home about 11.  Bed at 1. 

Au. 9. 1953.  Up at 8.  In study at 10  Worked till 3 (hr off for lunch). Cleaned house w/ Marci the rest of the after noon.  Mrs w. (Prospect St.) stayed w/ children while we went to Fellowship Class at B & B F’s (K Funeral Home).  Several couples were there our age.  Had a picnic supper (indoors), short meeting, & talked small talk till about 10   Mrs. w. got along o.k.  She charged only a dollar.  She lives alone.  Her husband is dead.

Au 10 Sunday 1952.  Up at 7.30  Marci went to SS at Seville & missed both church services.  Had quite a few extra people at Chippewa.  We all went to see Aunt Elinor & Uncle Elbert.  On way I called on Mrs. F. (Chipp church) who is in Medina hosp.  We stopped at N. London but no one was home.  MYF at 7.30  Discussion on Christology.  Bed at 10.  Asleep at 12.30.  

Au. 11. 1952. Up at 8.  Got car fixed (yesterday the shift broke & we drove it home in high gear w/ no shifting).  No charge.  Went to bank & post office.  In office at 10 or so.  Lunch 1-2.30  In office all afternoon (wrote letters, went over prospect cards, drew up chart of officers for the Chipp. church & a roster of its Official Board.)  Supper from 6-7   Office till 11.30 Home & wrote in record.  Wrote to two pastors in Pa.  asking for the Taylor transfers.  Wrote to L in Medina   We got letter from Mrs. C.  Marci wrote her a letter. 

Au. 12. 1952. Up at 7. Bathed & dressed.  IN study at 8.  Breakfasted 830-930  In study till 10.45.  Down to office till 3 writing news & a letter to D M.  Talked w/ L & gc for a while.  Marci said CK called while I was gone.  Called on fw.  Called on wk, md, min, en, ec, mc, (daughter E& grandson D).   Mrs. Good drove over to baby sit & Marci & I went to Chippewah for a reception by WSCS.  About 30-40 people were there & we had a good time talking to people.  Home at 11.  Talked to Mrs. Gfor a while.  Took her home.  Bed at 12.30. 

Au. 13. 1952. Up at 7.  In office w/out bfast 815  Home for bfast 9-10  In office till 2.  Home to put up pants hanger (holds 14 pair) in my closet door and fasten repair a screen.  Put the refrigerator (which originally came from Uncle Cecil) together but it not get cold.  Will junk it I guess.  Went to Chippewa about 630.  Tried to make call & found no one home.  Official Board meeting at Chipp. w/ 8 present.  Good meeting. DK gave $10 for evangelistic mission and the other members of the Board gave $25 for our office typewriter.  

Au. 14. 1952.  Started working on the plugged toilet & in the process took it up from the floor -on my way downstiars w/ it in my arms I fell turning my ankle & letting the toilet roll to the bottom of the stairs.  Went to Ls & got some sweeet corn.  My ankle swelled up & I had to go to bed & cancel the Educational meeting for tonight at Seville.  

Au. 15. 1952.  In bed most of day reading.  Got up about supper  time to prepare the bulletin.  Read in the evening.  M& I discussed finances.  Asleep about 12.  

Au 16.  1952.  Mr B next door took me to Medina Hosp for an exray of my foot.  No break showed up.  Dr. Avery, new associate of Dr. W, taped my foot.  Worked in office for an hour.  Rested in afternoon   Prepared sermon for tomorrow.  No SS at Seville tomorrow due to out-break of polio. 

Au. 17 Sunday. 1952. After church we all went home to Mother’s Left Nelson there & went to Hs to Nurse’s reunion.  Left MJ at Gannetts (they took her to Mothers) & home here for MYF.  the MYF played ball till dark.  jm, md, ps, came here for popcorn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAu. 18. 1952.  Went & got a half month’s pay from L M at Chipp. ($42.)  Paid grocery bill.  Mimeographed cards (for year) for members of commissions on Worship & Evangelism.  Talked to L about 2 hrs. about religion.  He tends to be a literalist.  Called on MM   Kept foot up most of evening.  Wrote to Biship Werner.  Send cards to Com. MW&E. 

Au 19 1952.  Got out the news, sitting on couch, foot up , using typewriter.  Had a scheduled meeting of the MYF council but only 2 came & so we postponed it. 

Au. 20. 1952. J M went w/ us to Cleveland where Uncle Cecil helped him load Aunt Jo’s automatic washer & 2 persian rugs.  reading Alan Barth’s The Loyalty of Free Men.  Got a haircut.  Meeting of the Comm on Worship & Evangelism -Chipp.  Had good meeting but only dk and ms came.  We got from Dix’s GE automatic washer $250 and Persian (original ) rugs @ 450 = 900.  

Au 21. 1952.  Kept my foot up much of the day.  Comm on Worship & Evangelism in the evening.  Had good meeting & discussion.  Called on mj. 

Au. 22. 1952.  Stayed in bed with foot up till noon.  Had Dr. Avery retape it.  It is discolored all over & quite sore.  We offered the Averys a place to stay till their home is ready (but they will live w/ Dr. W)  Did some reading.   Frank & Helen Sassmanhausen came in the evening for supper.  D & H stopped in also for a bit.

the best photo we have of Helen Sassmanhausen with the Gremore sisters

solemn view of Frank Sassmanhausen, husband of Helen

Au. 23. 1952.  Up at 8.  Marci, Mark, Wesley & I went to Mothers & hauled some furniture for Bonita.  Bonita & Marci Jo came home w/ us (3pm) & she bought Marci a beautiful cedar chest for $5.00 from Mrs. O.  (Its worth about $50).   Ran off the bulletin and worked on sermon.  SJ died today of polio.

Au. 24. 1952 Sunday.  Up at 8  Wore new robe for first time at churches.  Baptized At atChippewa Lake.  Kept my foot up all day.  Read Time magazine.  Read to Marci Jo.  We sang together.  M M H K came to call.  They brought us sweet corn.  Mark is still untrained for toilet but is really talking a lot more lately.  Wesley is a huskey, wiggly guy. 

Au. 25. 1952. Breakfast in bed at 9.30  Went down to work in study 1030.  The weather is still quite cool.   During the day I went down cellar & got the automatic washedr to working better.   Worked on map of parish most of time in study.  Stopped about 1230 after midnight.  Read : 2 full Time med, Barth Loyalty of Free Men 250 pp.  Weatherhead, Will of god 55pp. Smith Church in Our Town  180 pp.  Reading Hewit, God’s Back Pasture.  sent order to Tidings for evangelistic materials.  

Au. 26.  Up at 830.  In study working on map at 10:30.  Keeping injured foot off w/ hot water bottle on it.  Marci went to change the bulletin board at the churches.  Read for an hour.  Lunch 1245. Changed clothes.  Marci & I went to funeral SJ grandaughter MS.  She is 3 or 4 & died of polio  (the only polio case in Seville village this year.) Rev B. a former minister read the service & gave a sermon.  I gave a prayer.  A. gave me five dollars which I will give to the J.  B,V,M were here in the evening.  R S, Preach the word 126pp; Hewit 137 ppp.  

Au 27. 1952.  Read 5 hours.  Checked my reading speed & found it to be only 250-300 wpm  very slow.  About 5 we all packed up and took Bonita home.  Ate supper there & enjoyed the evening talking.  Back home about 1030 Bed 11. when we read newspaper till 12.  Phoned the RA, MD, HJ, & inquired about how things were.  

Au. 28. 1952.  Up at 9. Kept foot up.  Marci found the missing check book.  Read a little   Feeling under the weather.  Marci looks very nice w/ her new haircut & permanent from V M.   Worked in office.  Went to bank, P.O. etc.   Read Time magazine. about 5 hrs. in evening (reading only 266 wpm)   Went to bed at 11.  Marci went up a few min before & began her bath.  She is tired .  The children get her up several times a night.  Mark has his room at top of stairs & Wesley next to bathroom.  M.J. sleeps on rollaway bed in Marks room but has a bed in Wesley’s room also.  M.J. does a lot of drawing as ever.  Mark is rapidly using more words.  W.J. walks quite well.  Wrote to Cooper, Portable Tools, Inc. (got repaired drill back)

Au. 29. 1952.  Read most of day. 

Au.30 1952.  Read most of day   Worked on sermon 2 hrs.  D& Ecame about 9 & we talked till midnight when we all went to bed.  Finished reading john steinbeck Grapes of Wrath 570 pp.  RH.Tawney  Religion & the Rise of Capitalism 235pp  Read most of it in May)  

Au. 31. 1952. Sunday   I went to Chipp church alone.  D & E& M.J. were at the Sev. service.  Marci had to walk out w/ the two boys.  Had a nice day of visiting w/ D& E.  Dick & I tried to connect up the toilet tank but another connection leaks & so we had to wait to get a part.  I may get in Tues.   Started walking w/out crutches.  They left about midnight.  B M typed up some questions in connection w/ my sermon. 

Sept 1. 1952. Getting along ok w/out crutches.  Worked in study a little & then down to office.   Got a rabbit from M for M.J. & fixed it up out beside the garage.  Read in the evening M & I talked a hr. or so.  Bed at 12. 

Sept 2. 1952. Up at 830  In study at 9 working on sermon.  Figured finances  went to bank & got a 90 day note for $200.  P.O. paid grocery 11.45 and dry cleaning $15 , & $20 went to Wards (pulpit gown payment).  Lunched.  In office to write news.  Made out cards of invitation to official board members.  This took a lot of time.  Had B M address & mail the cards.   Quick supper at 6.  Got eggs at Kauffmans  Talked to M.  Went to Chippewa, changed the bulletin board. ( I had called M)  called on the United Breth minister in Chipp & on SF, stopped at D, called on H, called on a family named L  (just stopped in to find out who lived there), called on Mrs S., stopped at M’s & card on them-thats all.  Stopped at the Seville church, called MJ (to see if they were home to a call but D wasnt)  Marci & I had coffee while I checked my cards.  She broke open the blisters which form on my right foot.  Bed at 12.  Letter from Bonita

Se. 3. 1952. Up at 8. Breakfast.  Went to bank . Office at 930 Lunch 130-2  Office till 330.  Called on W, HJ, CM, IF, LM, P, D&M J (not home,) M/M Lw. Home at 10. 

Se. 4. 1952.  Henry Sedlacek & I went to the Pastor’s School at Delaware for the day.  Board Meeting at Seville w/ 12 present.  Finances low. 

Se. 5. 1952.  Did some reading   Called on FW  Her husband F just died of cancer of the lung.  We all went to New London  found no one home, went on to Audrey & Pete Sukey’s  Stayed for supper & evening.  Home at 12.

Se. 6. 1952. MFW came (got us out of bed at 8) & wanted me to have funeral for her husband (B was going to have but couldn’t make it)  Talked to her for 1/2 hr. at funeral home.  Worked at office for while.  Tried to call on MJD but they weren’t home.  Called on C.   Marci called me home & was very depressed for awhile.  Ran off bulletin & prepared some cards.  Bed at 1.  

Se. 7. 1952.  Marci didn’t go to either church.  Preached well I think  fair attendance in both churches.  Funeral of FW at 230.  Called on MMPC, We all went to Gannets for supper & home later in evening.  Back home at 1230 w/ W.J. asleep in Marci’s arms, Mark on back seat & MJ on back floor. 

Se. 8. 1952. Up at 8:15.  Worked on plans for file cabinet & typewriter desk for office.  Went to bank, PO, & Lumber Co.  Sent out cards for comission & board meetings.  At noon I scraped dirt away from garage doors.  In office in afternoon till 7.  Comm. on Ed meeting at Chipp at 8. 

Se. 9. 1952.  Went w/ comm of W.& E of both churches at Chipp church.  Had car greased at Chaney’s Texaco Sta.  Talk to him & son, Don for a while. 

Se. 10. 1952. Met w/ Official Board -Chipp.  Spoke at Seville WSCS. 

Se. 11. 1952.  Met w/ Com on Ed -Seville, in evening.  Attempted call at S, They were in bed I think. 

Se. 12. 1952.  Took Marci & the kids home while I went to a District Educationsal staff meeting . Dr. C led it  D & A K were there.  Ate supper w/ mom & Bonita.  Leaving the children there Marci & I went back to Seville & got there at 730.  Made up bulletin.  We attempted calls on SD, K, and called on Masons (Virginia only was home.) Bed about 11.  

Se. 13. 1952.  M & I went took tests for Ohio drivers license.  Ate at Ts restaurant.  Studied an hr.   V. M came.  Went to Fellowship Class picnic.  Back at 11  worked on sermon an hr.  

Se. 14. Sunday 1952. Up at 6.  Met M/M L at Chipp & ML out Dinner w/ the Ms.  Bob & I called at the S home , at Medina Hospt & saw Mrs. S., attempted a call at S in Wadsworth (no one home) & on ALJ.   Myf 730 Over at 930  We just played games w/ the 3 that came.  Bob Mwas there too.  Went home to W. River Rd for the nite.  

Se. 15. 1952. Arrived here at Sev. w/ whole family at 10.  Did nothing for 2 hrs.  Went to Oberlin about 1230  Registered.  Took psych test for entrance.  Home again at 6.   On way home I stopped at Chippewa, talked to M.  Met DC wife & 4 children.  Went to bed as soon as I ate. 

Se. 16. 1952.  up-8 helped around house, breakfast.  Office 9:30  Lunch at 2.  Made a schedule today for my day.  Never got to calling really.  Talked w/ MS, who runs the little store.  Went to K for eggs.  Marci went & had her eyes tested & ordered new glasses.  MMK & MS came & looked at the side porch to see about putting a railing there.   We had W N come to take care of the children.  I met Mrs..   M & I went to Brotherhood & Sisterhood meeting at the church.  MMPC were in charge of the program.  Mrs S D had devotions. Bed at 1115.  Rec’d Vols 7 & 8 of Interpreters Bible.  Letters to PH, NYork Cincinnatti, sent $5 back to M FWL  Card saying I’d come to meeting of young ministers at Akron (Bd of Education).  Order new MPH catalogue. 

Se. 17. 1952.  Up at 6:30 w/ the alarm.  Worked in the garage  at church at ten-talked to S D for a half hour.  went to ministers meeting for an hour & half.  lunch 1230-1.  Went to the office but didn’t get anything done.  Rested.  Finally got out calling about 4.   Called on ML, ate supper at ERR, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs H, stopped at Ss, called on MS. at Med. hospt.  stopped at W. (who attend at Poe) and called on MS & her daughter in law MDLR.  Home at 10.  Mark has a stuffed nose.  Got some Vix from V. Mason.  She finished making a velvet hat for marci. 

Se. 18. 1952.  Up at 8. breakfast at 830.  M & I both extremely grouchy.  Read in my new interpreters bible in parlor while wesley played.  Took a bath at 1230 & got ready to go calling.  Talked w/ the Duncans (got a date to come back), tried to call on MS (she wasn’t home), went to Wadsworth and talked w MPS (PS has cancer of the nerve) called on SC 1 1/4 hr.) (He has a lot of memories to talk about) , supper, called on MMLS (M.J. was there for supper.) Went to C& ML but C was sick so I didn’t go in, stopped at Chipp church for a few minutes & sat in on WSCS executive meeting.  Called on DK family but they weren’t home.  Stopped at Sedlaceks for a few min.  Bed at 11.  Called on B (go to UB) E.(catholic) & W (children go to Chipp SS.)

Se. 19. 1952.  Work in office etc 4 hr.  Went to Gremores in N. London for supper & evening  Had good talk w/ Dad Gremore.  

Se. 20. 1952.  In office 2 hr.  Went to Akron w/ Masons   Marci is ill so went after Bonita about ten.  Worked on sermon an hr.  

Se. 21 Sunday 1952.  Up at 6:30  TW was at Chipp.  Aunt Jo & Uncle Ralph were here for church & lunch.  Went to see D & LR but D didn’t arrive back from a “walk”  Stopped at S (not home)  saw them at ED.  Talked to E, E, M (J) awhile P S is critical  MYF at 730  Took Bonita home.  Bed at 1. 

Se 22. 1952. In Akron at Bd of Ed. headquarters from 10-3 (left home at 9)  Oberlin school 3-4, Home on W. River 4-6, Oberlin 6-9.  Home at 10  Bed at 11:30.  

Se. 23. 1952.  Up at 8.  PCGO were here & put a raining on the side porch *to be paid for by the Sisterhood class.)  Down at the office at ten.  JG (Northeastern Mutual Ins. Co agent ) called on me.  MJ called me to come to Wadsworth to her sisters house (PS -4 yr. old girl was dying).  I picked up Grandmother D & went.  Pwas dead when we got there.  I called the doctor & Funeral Home .  Went after ED at his work in Ritman.  Stayed a while talking to P &  In office a while.  Stopped at K and M.  Stopped at the County Home & checked on MA (who had an eye operation) called on ms, called on H & had a good session w/ them for 1 1/2 hrs.  No committment made but a good relationship started.  He has “no great need of religion” but believes in the church work.  Called on D A K gave D. religious census & evangelism material  Discussed reviving & improving the Young Adult Class  Home at 11.  Bed at 12. 

Se. 24. 1952. Up at 8.  Worked in study.  Went out calling at 1:30  Called on the Duncans for membership training.  Called on M. A. M Stopped at ED talked to WR, STopped at Kauffmans & HB  Called on MDJ.  Mrs. W stayed w/ children while we (M & I) went w/ E E D, WR, MC, HB, to the Mass Evangelistic meeting at Akron Armory.  Bishop Werner spoke.  Bed at 12.  

Se. 25. 1952.  Up at 8:30  In office at 11.  Caaught up on journal & a card index till 2  Lunch.  In evening M & I went to program at Bapt church . BR from Wadsworth showed a film on Translation of the Bible   Counseled DM & JH for their wedding Oct 18. 

Se. 26. 1952.  Prepared bulletins for the PS memorial service at the church BJB were here gave   We went to Ds after.  In the late afternoon Marci, the kids & I took flowers & went home & went to Dad’s & Uncle Jim’s graves w/ the flowers.  Ate supper there.  

Se. 27.  Took Mrs EG SD, T, S, to Teacher Training School in Canton.  Ran off bulletin.  

Se. 28. sunday 1952.  Wrote sermon.  Its fun using the 1950 Olds. Church Services as usual  Almost a full house at Seville.  MYF council meeting at church 230.  M. They brought MJ home were here.  I talked to J about her wedding next month.  They left about 4.  MYF at 730-930. 

Se. 29. 1952.  In office couple hrs.  The salesman came & took back the 1950 Olds I was trying out -no sale.  Went to Oberlin to P & CH class.  Went home West River Rd for supper.  At Seville to dress.  Went to Teacher’s meeting at Chipp  led by MS from Conference Bd. of Education.  Left meeting early to go to a Seville PTA when I spoke on “The church & the PTA.”  Marci was there too.  Mrs. W took care of our kids. 

Se. 30 1952.  Went to Oberlin- that took all morning.  Stopped at both churches & changed bulletin boards.  Talked w/ mm,   Got $50 of my pay from  LM for Chippewas $83. monthly salary.  In office for a while Talked w/ M. C. W. for an hour.  she came to se me.  8 pm at Presbyterians church -we had a Bible observance.  Dr. RY spoke from Wooster.  Counseled w/ DJ at 9:30. 

Oct 1. 1952. In office 3 hrs.  Took old refrigerators away & sold for $4.  Broke spring on car so took it to garage.  The owner isn’t there so the man who’s running it let me take one of their Hudsons until I decide if I want our repaired.  Called on JW, CML, Home and bed 930 since the storm caused the lights to go out.  

Oct. 2. 1952.  Marci isn’t feeling well.  Up at 7 In office 9  Worked on church history. lunch 12. In office an hr. Called on PS & S.  Went to garage to check on c car but G lagers aren’t back yet  in office 4  home about 5.  Aunt Hazel came.  Sev. Board meeting at 8 & Counseled… Aunt Hazel Marci & I stayed up talking till 1.  She slept in our bed room  We slept w MJ & Mark in their bedroom next to bathroom.  MJ was delighted to have me sleep w/ her. 

Oct 3. 1952.  Up at 8.  Dug some potatoes  talked to B  Called on S D who is in hosp at Wadsworth, on EP (s’s dgter) & on Mrs. D.  Stopped to talk to ED.  Called on IM, later VM (they will lend us $250 which along with our car will make a down payment on a 1948 Hudson * w/ 23000 miles on it.  In office at 3.  reading mail etc.  still here 4:30-530.  C & IG came & brought their 2 yr. old Mark.  We had supper & talked till about 1130 when they went back home to Cleveland

Oct 4. 1952.  Up at 830  Went to bank to cash the 250 check  B M loaned to us   In office by 10.  About 4 we all went home to W. River .  Mrs. B died today.

Oct 5. Sunday 1952.  Served communion today.  Called on HB , MME., The MYF had a weiner roast at Ds. About 20 came. 

Oct 6.1952.  Worked on John HUs paper all morning.  Gave the paper in church history.  Went home on W. River for supper. 

Oct 7. 1952.  Got the 1948 two-tone -blue Hudson we are buying.  Paid 250 down along w/ our ’39 Hudson.  The balance along w/ insurance & financing amounted to about $1159.  Also we have to pay $100 more downpayment (will get it from the Masons).  Called on HB. Worked in office.  Had AB funeral.  We all went to N. London for supper.  Back by 8.  I presented film strip on the Revised Standard Version of the Bible at our church.  Then I went to E Nclass meeting at christians.

Oct 8. 1952. Studied.  Called on Duncans.  Chippewa Lake Official Board in evening.  Seville WSCS (came in at half time, Marci was already there)  L C stayed w/ the children  Called on X5.  

Oct 9 1952  Left at 9  B M MT, MC, MS, went w/ us to Port Clinton to District Conf.  They gave me $5.00 for expenses.  Home about 2.  Frank Helen, Audrey, & Aunt Jo dropped in on us.  Sev. Comm on Education meet.  The folks left just after I got back from churc h at 930. 

Oct. 10. 1952.  Felt tough today.  Took a nap in afternoon   Cleaned garage partly & burned some brush   Got $2. worth of coal.  Grace Herman came for supper.  We had a good time.  They stayed till 1 AM  HB is active in church work at Laporte.  

Oct 11. 1952.  Painted on church half a day w/ B M.  Worked on sermon.  Made bulletin & mimeographed it.

oct 12; went home in afternoon to mom’s   Geo Bonita & I … Marci drove to Elyria. 

oct 13 went home to W. River for supper

oct 14 Switched rugs in the study (put a small brown one in than Frank v Helen gave us (they were here Thurs nite)   Children are all quiet  Marci says mark is a “little dickens”  Wesley is running a temperature.  marci is doing dishes.

oct 15 saw duncans.  Mrs. anderson stayed with the children while Marci & I …MJ is up & delighted that we are home & happy with some halloween candles we brought home.  

oct 16 Hauled a second load of coal in trunk of car.  Built furnace fire, hauled out ashes   

oct 17 Worked around home all day.  Dug potatoes, helped WR shovel in a ton of cool in our basement.  He will bring 7 more ton (got it from Ohio strip mines) next week, built a coal chute for use next time, washed the car, planted some raspberries  put turn buttons on basement windows, built a low bench, put Ohio plates on car , raked leaves for an hr. with M.J.  Marci MG next door & … Wesley looked on 

oct 19 laid down all afternoon w/ headache

oct 21 WR brought 7 ton of coal Unloaded 2/3 of it & will unload rest of it in the morning

oct 24 1952.  Went home for supper to mothers

oct 25  Marcxi & I went to Fellowship Class Halloween Party.  She wore a Graecian robe.  I wore flying suit, goggles etc.   W N stayed w/ the children. 

Oct 26 sunday.. I joined marci at Gremores.  MJ had gone home w/ Terry & scott. 

oct. 27. Marci is feeling ill.  Marci went to doctor at 330, got back about 5.  I went home to supper.  Stopped at Gremores … Marci is better

oct 28  slept in mj bed because Mark made our bed too crowded (he came over early in the night) Helped Marci in kitchen   L Cbabysat for us   put in storm windows

oct 30  Marci, wesley, mark & I (MJ is still at Sukeys) went to the C home on county rd 16.  We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly & her daughter  F is there at home.  It is Percy’s 82nd birthday.  …the boys took their naps after dinner there.  I’ve been having light dizziness for 2 weeks.  

oct 31 1952.  went to Audrey & Petes( MJ had gone home to mother) stopped to see Aunt Hazel (not home) We all went to a fish supper at Vincent.  Aunt Hazel came during the evening.  Also Frank, Helen, Pete, Audrey Scott & Terry

nov 1. 1952  took Bonita & Pinky home.  

nov 2. went to masts   Left the children there while M & I went to first meeting of Ch lake myf

nov. 3. 1952.  Went home to mother’s for supper.  EJ is coming home soon.

nov 4. 1952. Voted in the morning straight Republican ticket.  Marci voted about noon. Home for church supper w/ Marci & kids.  M F stayed with Wesley  M were here in the evening.

nov 5 1952.  tried to repair the heat lamp Read Reader’s Digest & rested till supper.  

Nov 7. 1952.  We went home starting at 5, had generator trouble in Elyria & had to get pushed by … Marci went w/ mom & bonita to a shower for jean ann.   Nelson stapled & folded the parish papers up till 3AM

Nov 8.  Nelson came home w us today

Nov. 10 took Nelson to school  Saw jean monogan & Bill Freda re their wedding.. stopped to see Bonney in Cleveland

Nov 11  W N stayed w/ the children.  baby being placed for adoption    Got ready to go to Cleveland (for Bonney) & Elyria.  Went to Elyria first & got registered there to marry in Lorain County.  Got Bonney & 4 chldren  Wedding rehersal for Jean & Bill   Stayed at Gannetts all nite

Nov 15. monogan Freda wedding at 8 w Nelson as ring bearer & M. J. & Cathy as flower girls.  The boys ( Mark & Wesley) stayed w/ Audrey (she brought them to Mother’s ) MJ, M & W stayed w/ Mom   

Nov 16. sunday..  M & I went & got kids. 

nov. 17. E.J. will be coming back home soon

Nov 18. 1952.  Met w/ M F at the Lafayette church.    W N stayed w/ the children. 

Nov 19. 1952. Marci & I took MJ & Mark home to New London.  I read Technocrat mag stayed up till 1. 

nov 20. 1952. Helped Marci get house ready for WSCS

nov 21. Went to New London & got the kids.  

nov 22.  ..came & we put the garage up on blocks.  

nov 26. 1952.  I gave a poor sermon.  Marci & Marci jo came too.  Went after Mother, Bonita & children to come to Seville for Thanksgiving.

nov 27. The folks are still w/ us & will go back tomorrow

nov 28. Took Mom Bonita, Geo, Bonita & Nelson home. (MJ & Mark rode along.) 

dec 1. home to Mom’s for supper  

dec. 4. 1952.  called on Duncans,    Mrs A stayed w the children 930-1130 while we went to see the L  Had a good time.

dec. 5. 1952.  called on m C & husband (her father just died).    MJ came down at 5

dec. 10  Marci led WSCS worship.  

dec. 12. Played w/ MJ & Mark.  

Dad Gremore & Aunt Chub came.  M, MJ, Mark & I went to the ….christmas supper.  

Dec. 14 Sunday 1952.  WE all went to Mom’s & picked EJ up as she came in from Los Angeles on bus. 

dec. 15.  took mother to clearview.  home at mom’s for supper (M & kids there all day)  M, Bonita & I went to Lorain , did some shoveling , took Aunt Hazel home at 9 & stayed there till 10:30.  Back at moms at 11  (went up to bus station for E.J’s suitcase) talked w/ EJ about B’hai faith.  Bed (there at mom’s ) about 2. 

dec 16. 1952. Decided to take the day off.  We called on Frank & Helen (only saw Helen – she gave me a nice hat that Frank doesn’t wear)  Took Marci & kids ovr to Audrey’s .. Got back to Elyria ..ate supper at Audrey.  

M.J. went w/ me ..out to C. & got a Christmas tree.  We drove way back in the field to get it.  Tok it home and set it up. …she in a semi coma from a stroke.  Dick & Elaine came & brought gifts.  There were here 8-1am.  M.J. is sick so they stayed home from church.  

dec. 24. 1952.  after supper we went to Elyria   stopped at Gannets (Jim  Joy were there) & then home.  Mother helped me fold some parish papers & stamp them.  Bed very late (stayed there at Mom’s)

dec 25. 1952 We had fun watching children open their gifts.  Had big Christmas dinner.  M & I & kids left at 3:30, went to see Aunt Elinor & Uncle Elbert (she gave M.J. a harp) & to New London where we talked w/ 

dec. 26.  Built a little cupboard for M.J. to put her new cooking sets etc into.  P & AS came & took a family picture.  

dec. 27. helped marci clean house till 1:30-2  

dec. 28.  art george, aunt hazel, mom bonita EJ Geo Pink & Nelson came for supper.

dec. 29. take mark to Dr. for penicillin.  Went to drug store (& got Wesley another new bottle)

dec. 30. ate lunch w/ Lois Gremore, ..home at Mom’s for supper.




dec. 31. At 9 Marci & I left the children w/ M L F & went to the Ms for New Year’s Eve.  We talked about 1) the devil 2) having convictions 3) economics 4) extra curricular activities in schools and 5) attitudes in our society relative to giving & receiving   Saw the New Year in w the aid of Television (N.Y. Times Sq.)


Jan 1, 1953 Thurs.  Up at 8 did some dishes had breakfast, in study at 930. Finished compiling pastoral statistics.  Took MJ & went to .. (Chippewa Lake) & stopped at Masts for the monthly check.  Had Seville Off. Board meeting 8-9 (only 6 or so came) Read 9-11.

Jan 2, 1953. Up at 8. In gear about 10. Tried to study. Called on Mrs. Duncan & M  M gave us a bag of groceries (as she does often)  Had popcorn in our new corn popper.  (Mark had a couple seizures the other day so Marci stepped up his dosages of Milontin).  Read in the evening. 

Jan 3. 1953.  Up at 8.  In gear by 930 Went to bank & P.O.  In office till noon.  Rested after lunch. & read Time ( coming down w/ a cold)  Took Mark to doctor at 3 (he’s ok)  Read newspaper (MJ in study w/ me).  Supper of weiners, eggs & popcorn.  Went to Maswons, then out to see the two W families who marrie4d E & NC.  They (the men a) are going to bein membership training w/ me.   Called on Dick & Mildred J. (D doesnt want to start membership trainings) In office for 2 1/2 hrs.

Jan 4, 1953.  Up at 745.  Mark is sick w/ ear infection so Marci stayed home.  Had Communion & all went well.  M.M joe Duncncan joined the Chipp church as well as xx The Duncans had their 3 boys baptizred.  Read & rested after lunch.  MYF council 2-3 .  Saw ED 3-4.  MJ & I went to x 4-6 Supper 6-630. Went for Chipp MYF 630-730 I spent time time rearranging the church (no one came so) .  Talked to Bob Mason about preacher licensing 730-830.  Took Mark for a penicillin shot.  Read Augustine 9-1130. Bed at 12. 

Jan 5. 1953. Up at 7.  In Oberlin at 830.  Studied all morning & ha classes as usual.  Went home to supper.  EJ gave me a green sport shirt . Its snowing a lot.  Had membership training session w/ D.. wife 10-1130.  Home at 12

Jan 6 1953.  Up 745. Cleared some snow.  At garage all morning.  Had to get a new battery for the car.  Lunch 12. Wrote up news & sent it out. Studied most of afternoon.  Had membership training session.

Jan 7. Up at 745 but laid around after I dressed.  In office at 10 Lunch 12  Called on… Went to Chipp. Called on… Had Comm on Education mtg 8 present.  Decided to sponsor preachers going to Medina Sun. for training school.  Quite cold tonight.  Home by ten.

Jan 8 1953. Up 745. Routine day.  Took it easy in the evening.  Marci & I listened to the radio. (no one came to comm on Ed meeting Seville-  I forgot to put it in the bulletin.  

Jan 9 1953.  Mark had a convulsion last night.  Up at 845. In office 930-12  Went & got X at 1 and we installed the new office cabinets he made (mimeograph & chest of drawers & X. finished (natural finish.  Geo came to the church also.  We put moulding around the office window.   I took X home & came & got Mason’s supper for Marci.  Back to office to rearrange it & sort out papers etc etc.  Supper at 6.  Pete, Audrey, Scott, & Terry Sukey came.  Stayed till 11.  Bed at 12. 

Jan 10 1953.  Went down to the P.O., talked w x , went to the bank.  Worked in office a while. Lunch, back to office , went to Chipp. (took Mark), changed bulletin board, talked to x.  worked in office 4-6 & 730-9 while Marci went & got Mom, E.J. , Bonita, & the children.   Marci & I then went to the Fellowship class meeting till 11.   Worked in office finishing up sermon until 1 AM  We sat up till 230.  Everyone in bed finally at 3.  

Jan 11, 1953. Up 7. Down to office an hr.  Marci went w/ me to chipp.  At 130 I took the Seville choir & we held a service at the Medina County Home.  All went well.   Went to Wadsworth Hosp & saw X (elder).  Went to Medina Hosp & saw x  While there I went a group of 4 adults & 2 children who had been in an accident.  I took them home to Cleveland.  The roads were very slippery.  Got battery charged & generator adjusted.  Got back home about 9.  We sat up till 11.  

Jan 12, 1953. Up 9.  Emptied ashes & fixed ifre.  Went to Canton to get my typewriter (not fixed yet).  Took Mom & everyone home.  M.J. went w/ them   Went to Oberlin.  Had exam in Augustine.   Home on W. River to supper.  Jeremiah class 715-9.  Had membership training session w x 10-1130  Home at 12.  (Marci had a man come who was hitchiking to Cleveland.  Also gave him supper & $5 – Bob Mason took him to Medina. 

Jan. 13. 1953.  Up at 9.  Office 10-12. Lunch   Marci took Wesley to doctor (still has infection, while I stayed w/ mark -in for his nap -studied.  Had membership training session w/ X. 

Jan. 14. 1953.  Worked on Jeremiah paper.  Stopped a Masts. Called on X  Had Chip.Official Board.  Called on X. 

Jan 15. 1953.  Worked on Jeremiah paper.  Had Com on Membership & Evangelism at Seville   talked to X for some time afterward. 

Jan 16. 1953. Worked on Jeremiah paper all day.  

Jan 17. 1953.  Up at 9.  Made bulletin & X stenciled it & typed some letters.  Worked in office in afternoon.  Didn’t really get started on the sermon till after supper.  Worked till 330 AM. 

Jan 18. 1953.  Up at 830.  Marci & the boys went w/ me to both churches.  Rested after church . Called on X (they aren’t going to be youth counselors) and Masons.  Went to Seville MYF   Starting working on Jeremiah paper but the typewriter broke down.  Went & got Henry’s, got back, typed a while, & went to bed.  

Jan 19. 1953.  (Art History Theol. class.)  Up at 10.  Worked on Jeremiah paper all day.  Took Marci & children home to Mother’s while I went to Oberlin & took final exam in Jeremiah class.  Did poorly I think.   We all got back to Seville by 12. 

Jan 20. 1953.  Up at 9.  Went on errands all day such as to Medina for car clock, Marcis girdle & to find out about the people’s car whom I took home a week ago Sun,  stopped at Masts,   X had a book I lost, changed the Chipp bulletin board,  went to Creston & rented a typewriter.  Picked up saw I had sharpened.  Went to P.O. , bank & dry cleaning store.  Wrote up news & distributed it.   In the evening I went to Medina Meth. to ask questions concerning the Evang. Mission.  X  was there.  Spoke at the Brotherhood & Sisterhood Class.  Had them in a discussion of the church & ministry.  Home at 1030. Bed at 12.  Pres. Eisenhauer inaugurated today. 

Jan 21, 1953.  Up at 9.  Went to see X & went to R to go with him aafter coal.  However X had an accident w/ the car so we didn’t go.  I worked a bit around the barn came home by noon.    Finished a combination saw horse & desk for the kids.   A man named X came.  By his credentials he was a newspaper man from San Francisco  He was neat & well dressed but was out of money & had been standing in Seville trying to get a ride for 2 hrs.  I took him to Ashland & got him settled there & gave him some money for supper and breakfast.  Stopped at X on way back thru Lodi.  Home for supper.  Chipp Comm on Member & Evang.  Home at 10  Bed at 12. 

Jan 22. 1953.  Up at 815.  X was here to say we couldn’t go after coal today.  Studied in office 3 hr.  Put a seat & foot reests on the horse- desk.  Studied in study & then at office (Read Time).  Supper 630. X cancelled their appointment at 9   Went to X for 3 1/2 hrs. discussing membership & evangelism.  Home at 1115. Bed at 12 (feeling very worn out). 

Jan 23, 1953.  up at 845.  Breakfast at 10  During day at office I finished letter to members to go w/ questionare.  Took Chippewa’s over to X to send out.  X. called from Findley & wanted $15.  I went to Medina to send it but the office (telegraph) was closed.  He called here twice & I called him twice in the process.

Jan 24. 1953. Up 730 Went to Med. early and sent a telegram of 15 dollars to X   At office Made bulletin.  Wrote sermon.  Called on X  Worked till midnite or so on sermon.  X came w/ a ton of coal.  His truck has a bad rod so he just left it here.  I will unload it Monday.  

Jan. 25. 1953.  Up at 8.  Worked an hr. on sermon.  Marci stayed home w/ measles exposed children.   Went to Chipp. at 1 for fellowship dinner.  Called on X  Went to MYF at Chipp.  Mason’s came over & we discussed theology & redemption.  Bob didn’t like the way I presented the Holy Spirit topic this morning.  Had X prepare a questionare for mailing on church attendance and preference for service.

Jan 26. 1953. Got up at 645 & put in the truckload (7 ton) of coal.  We all went to Oberlin.  I found out I got a D. in Church History so I can’t finish by summer.  I signed up for 3 hrs. N.T. and 2 hrs. OT (new and old testiment)

Jan 27, 1953. Up at 9. We all got back to Seville by 11.  Got out the news. Called on X. He’s very ill now.  Worked in the office in the afternoon.  Dad & Aunt Chub came for supper.  He & I spent most of the time looking at cars down at the Hudson garage & trying one out.  They left by 11.   Found a note from X outlining how he would preach the sermon on “Methodists Believe In the Bible” [ to be given next Sun. ]

Jan 28 1953. Up 830  Marci is sick so she had to manage the house . (Got in some reading)   Took the children to stay w/ Aunt Chubby & got back about 6.  Attended a Commission on Finance meeting at Chipp. at X house.  good meeting they voted chairman, secretary to hold meetings once a month on the 4th Wednesday.  Called on X after the Finance meeting.  Home at 1130. 

Jan 29 1953.  Up at 830.  Worked around the house most of the day & got things for Marci.  Got ready at 7.  Went to Chipp. WSCS. where Rev. Chang spoke.  Home 1130  Marci is some better. 

Jan 30 1953. Up 830 w/ call from Aunt Chubby saying Mark had a siezure.  Marci is feeling fair.  She got up & dressed.  We went to Oberlin leaving at 945 and to New London.  A couple of inches of snow are on the ground.  Left Marci at N.L.  Called on Masons & X & spent several hrs. w/ Boyd next door who is on a drinking spree.  

Jan 31 1953. Up 830. Office, post office etc.  Lunch at Mason’s  Made bulletin (typed it too.)  Washed the car at Chaney’s  Talked to X re his daughter’s husband left her.  X came to the office & talked with me for an hr.  Talked w/ Boyd a while Stopped to see X about envelopes she is addressing.   Supper at Mason’s Back to office & then home to study.  Worked on sermon till 1030 & then went to talk w/ Boyd till 2.  Bed at 3. 

Feb. 1. 1953. Up 7.  Worked on sermon an hr.  Called on X  (couldn’t see her- too sick) after church.  Beef roast dinner at Mason’s  Talked w/ them awhile .  Got to New London about 3.  We, Marci & children left after supper & got back to Seville at 730.  Did some reading. Bed at 10. 

Feb. 2. 1953. Up 830. Got to Oberlin at 1015 for Minister’s book club.  Ate lunch there & attended the “retreat 130-330.  Went to Elyria Home For the Aged& called on X    has been ill.  Went home to Mothers & taked w/ them from 5-7 about their troubles.  Called on Gannetts.  Home in Seville at 9:30 (came via Rt 82, 42, and 3.– Its 30 miles from cor 82 & 16)  Talked w/ Boyd from 10-12.  Bed at 12.  (Count Oberlin as 2 meetings.   Count calls at Elyria Home -church work. 

Feb. 3. 1953. Up 830.  PO, bank, etc.  Checked over mailing w/ X & got the questionares mailed to members.  Lunch. Did some glueing.  Made out news.  Home for a minute at 330  Office 330-430   Home w/ kids & supper 430-630.  In study 630-8.  In office 8-845  At X for membership training 930  Back home at 1130  Went to see Boyd for an hour or two.  Bed at 3.  

Feb. 4. 1953  Up 9. Spent morning w/ Boyd.  Talked w/ x re Acoholics Anonymous & Boyd.  Back w/ Boyd for an hr.  X from Creston came for a 1/2 hr.  Read some in commentary on Acts.   Rested X called me on the phone.  Made up Chippewa bulletin & talked w/ X 1/2 hr at the office.    Supper. Talked w/ Boyd. (fixed his fires -still drinking) ) Chippewa Comm. on Education at 8.  Back home at 930.  Read for an hr.  Went to see Boyd & found X there as well as X member of Meth church. Both men are members of AA.   Talked w/ Boyd 1030-1130.  He still drinking  Read in hr.  Started studying at 1130 : in prep for discussion w/ X tomorrow.

Feb. 5. 1953. Saw Boyd for an hr.  Went to Oberlin for apt w/ Dr. Kepler.  Home & ate lunch w/ Mom , Nelson, & E.J.  Took mom to school & saw her kindergarten room.  Home at Seville about 2.   Took Mark to Dr. (running eyes) & got a physical exam to get 3000 more life insurance..  Went to see X  Home for supper.  Saw Boyd.  Seville Official Board at 8.  They voted a fund for my use in helping transients.  Went to see X  but they were abed. home at 11. Saw Boyd.  Bed at 1.  

Feb. 6. 1953. Spent time w/ Boyd.  I have a bad cold.  Met w/ other 2 ministers in Seville re Lenten services.  More time w/ Boyd.  The main thing  I do is keep his heating fires going & give non-directive counseling.  Stayed home in evening (canceling apt w/ X) while Marci went to Masons & had a permanent.

Feb. 7. 1953. Up 9. Never got down to office because I felt so rough w/ bad cold.  Read some during day.  Talked w/ Bob Mason.  Went to office at midnite & made the bulletin.  (Over to see Boyd several times during day). 

Feb. 8, 1953.  Up at 8  Completed sermon outline.  Good congregation at both churches  Lunch 12 Saw Boyd for an hr.  Called on X (she is going to join the church) Had membership training session w/ X   She is engaged to X. & is going to join the church.  Went home at 4, put car in, saw Boyd, home & rested, supper, talked w/ the Masons who were here from 9-1130. (we had popcorn, coffee, and ham sandwiches).    Talked w/ Boyd for an hr.  He’s still nursing a baf cold & is still drinking.  His brother, Ben came over to see him tonite & scolded him for drinkiing,   He claims he intends to stop drinking for good if I will help him & continue to work w/ him.  / mens trio (X, X & X) sang at Chippewa.  

Feb. 9. 1953. Up 9 Breakfast.  Saw Boyd for 1/2 hr.  Rearranged the study & took till noon doing it.  Lunch 1215.  Wrote in journal 1245-115.  Went to town till 230.  In office till 315.  Home talking to X till 330.  At desk till 345.  To Chippewa -called on x, x, x,    Home to supper.  Read & rested in evening.  Marci went to a guild meeting.  Saw Boyd 11-12.  Bed 1230

Feb. 10, 1953.  Up 830.  Still feeling pretty rough w/ sore throat & head cold.  Over to see Boyd at 10…He is still driking but is improving in that he is eating much more & drinking less.   Read a while.  Went to office for a few things, wrote up news.   Saw Boyd a couple times during day.  He decided to quit drinking so I stayed w/ him for a while – then got X to stay while I had membership training w/ X.  Also called in John Johnson (S.S. man ) who brought Charles Ditch.  They helped Boyd decide to go to the AA ward in St. Thomas hosp. Akron.  Stayed w/ Boyd late when the others went home.   The AA men got him a bottle to calm his nerves for the night. 

Feb. 11. 1953. Funeral.  X & Mr X from Chipp Lake & took Boyd to hosp.  I took his clothes to cleaner so they will be ready when he is well (about 5 days)  Missed work.  Chipp Off Bd.  Met for M. train w/ X & X Bed at 12 .  Had a funeral for X an old man (90) related to a X in Chipp Lake.  Despite the fact I refused fee they stuffed $20 in my pocket. Since I didn’t know the ones who gave it I kept it.  

Feb. 12. 1953. Up 8. Went to Oberlin  ate at restaurant.  Conferred w/ Dr. X at 10.  Bought a boook.  Home w/ Mom & EJ for lunch.  Took Mom to school and EJ to town.  Home at Seville by 2.  We all went to Akron & I saw Boyd in the St. Thomas hospital.  He is shakey but is getting doing ok.  Comm. on Education at 730.  One hr of study w/ me as teacher & one hr. of business.  Home at 10. Cathy & X here for the evening.  Bed at 12. 

Feb. 13. 1953. Up 930.  Read Bryan.  Called on X  she has flu.  I relayed message of her cousin’s death]  X [he has a bad infection in his face & grip] got Don Jr. to sign as a evang. visitor.  Saw X  He is going to join church Sunday & will be an evang. worker.   Called on X, X, X, X, X,, and X.  Had a nice talk w/ X.  Home at 10.  Bed at 11.  Read Bryan, Building Church Membership Thru Evangelism.  

Feb. 14. 1953.  X called & said Boyd was doing ok.  Started day w/ phone call from X at 8.  X were in town.  XX were in town   They came over to the church .  Prepared bulletin for Sev.   Talked w/ X (Boyd’s sister) They came over to clean up the house for Boyd.  Talked to X on the phone.  Conferred w/ X.  Got ready & went to PO, dry cleaners, & on to Akron to see Boyd.  The whole family went w/ me.  I brought an biog of Lloyd Douglas for Boyd’s birthday.  Found him doing well.  Home about 6. Worked on sermon till 245. AM.

Feb. 15. 1953. X died today.  Up at 8.  Marci stayed home since Wesley is running a temp.  Talked w/ x.  Talked for an hr. or so w/ Bob Bason.  Took X x to Sharon Center to Youth Rally.  Home at 5.  Have a backache so putting heating pad on it & rested.  Read some 1/2 hr.  Masons came up in the evening.  * wrote a letter to Rev. X (guest pastor coming for evang. mission)  I mailed it. Bed at 12.  

Up at 930. Read most of day.  Went to PO & to garage.  Built fires for Boyd (he came home at 5 from hosp).  Boyd was here for supper.  He is looking very good /  Marci went to guild meeting.  Bed at 12. 

Feb. 17. 1953. Routine

Feb. 18. 1953.  Had a dedication service at Seville at 730 & Chipp at 830.  -got a large attendance. 

Feb. 19. 1953.  Called on X & X & got them to be visitation workers next week.  Got X to join the church. 

Feb. 20. 1953. Picked up X & went to Willard for District meeting.  Met X guest pastor from Goshan Ohio who will preach & instruct workers at Seville during the Week of Evangelism.  Banquet there.  Home at 10.  X is staying with the X this week. 

Feb. 21. 1953.  Worked on sermon.  Talked w/ X. 

Feb. 22. 1953. Membership: X.  Up 8.  X read Scripture at Seville.  Met w/ Chipp workers at 230 [X inst. w/ Seville group] in afternoon.  Had an hr of instruction & they went out.  Met w/ some success.  The workers were X.. Preaching service at 730 (I’m using Series on Springtime of Faith-Summer, Fall, Winter, etc.   Home at 10. 

Feb. 23. 1953.  To Oberlin.  I drove.  Supper at church prepared by X.  7-730 Instructions of the workers .  730-830 Preaching service. 930 Visitors reported back in.  Home at 11.  

Feb. 24. 1953.  To Oberlin .  I drove.  Supper at X  Home at 11. 

Feb. 25. 1953. Oberlin- X drove his new Buick(hit a dog).  He showed X & X around Oberlin College.  Supper at Masts.  Instruction, Worship, Report in, Home at 11.  Early night.  I have to figure up the report & take it to Oberlin the next day.  

Feb. 26. 1953. Oberlin in AM  Came back thru New London & brought Aunt Chubby.  Supper at church.  X prepared it.  Instruction, Worship, Report in,  Back at Seville at 10.  In office till 11.  Went to see X who was hit by an auto (Lodi Hosp)   The workers are doing very well & are thrilled w/ the visitation evangelism. 

Feb. 27. 1953. X didn’t go to Oberlin today.  X went w/ me.  Supper at Chip.  instruction, etc.  Back at Sev. 930 & saw X off.  Marci went w/ me to Chipp & sang a solo.  Back at Seville we visited w/ the Masons for an hr. or so. Seville 17 committments.  Chippewa 37 committments.  

Feb. 28. 1953. Worked on sermon.  Made bulletin. 

Mar. 1. 1953. Up  8. Marci, MJ, & I went to Norwalk to the District Victory Rally (for week of evangelism) at 3 leaving Aunt Chub in New London w/ the boys.   Back N.L. for supper and stay all night. 

Mar. 2. 1953.  We all went from N. London to the Norwalk District Book Club at Plymouth.  X spoke about the success at Chipp. lake during the sermon (37 committments)  We went home to Mothers later in the evening to Bonney & Joe’s.  Home at 12. 

Mar. 3. 1953. Up 7.  Read Steinback & Craig.  Made up Chipp bulletin   Talked to X   Read Steinbeck, The Wayward Bus.  

Mar. 4. 1953. Up. at 7. Read Craig all day.  The Beginning of Christianity.  Chipp Comm. on Education. Bed at 12. 

Mar. 5. 1953.  Up at 7 & went to Oberlin.  Lunch w/ Mother.  Stopped to see Dr. Knautz & X at Berea.  Seville Off. Bd. at 8.  Membership training w/ the X, X, & X. Bed at 12.  

Mar. 6. 1953. Up at 7.  Read Time most of day.  Went to lunch to help decide on a new kindergarten table.  Got car back from the garage, w/ new brakes.  Mark had a pretty bad day today.  Two seizures but drunk w/ sedative & unable to walk.  Marci went to V. Mason’s in the evening & had her hair done.   After supper Martha X came & wants to be married a week from tomorrow.  Wrote sermon for Sun.  Bed at 12. 

Mar. 7. 1953. Up at 7.  Did errands, etc. Called on the X  Worked in the office.  Helped Marci clean house.  Wanda stayed w/ children while Marci & I went to the Athletic banquet at our church.  Met Mr. X coach at Wooster, X , coach at Seville. Home at 10.  

Mar. 8. 1953.  Up at 8 to finish up sermon.  Marci stayed home w/ the children.  Snow on the roads.  We were supposed to have Aunt Hazel, the folks, Bonney & Jo & Grace & Herman for dinner but no one came on account of the bad driving.  Our emergency brake stuck so we wouldn’t go to them either.  Rested all afternoon   MYF potluck at 630.  Talked w/ Masons (they came here) 9-11.  Bed at 12. 

Mar. 9. 1953. Up at 7. Read in study several hours.  Worked in office all afternoon.  Called on X at the rest home.  Called on X (funeral home-their daughter X had a heart operation this week – is doing ok)  Went upstairs there to call on X who is confined to her room because of a stroke  Called on Joe & Dorothy Duncan.  Stopped at X but they had gone to bed.  Worked in office an hr.  Home at 11. 

Mar. 10, 1953. Up 9. Went down to PO, bank, etc.  Had clutch oil put in the car & emergency brake adjusted again.  Skipped lunch.  Worked in office 11-2.  Home & got ready & we all went to Grandma’s   Arrived at 530.  Pinky  & I went to a Father-daughter dinner/ girl scouts.   Got back to Mom’s about 9.   We stayed till after Bonita got home from work till 1230.  Home in Seville at 145.  Bed at 2. 

Mar 11. 1953.  Up at 930.  Helped Marci go to WSCS brunch at Seville.  She took MJ & Mark & left WJ w/ me.  Mark is somewhat improved & seems to have adjusted to the phoenebarb.  He is now getting dilantin, milontin & the phenobarb.  Wrote in journal 10:45-1.  X came & brought some coal -also to tell us that our coal bill balance of #7.00 has been paid by X.  Read Robinson, The Gospel of John 1-5.  Chipp. Off. Bd 8-9   Membership training w/ x & X  They will be joining the church a week from Sunday.  Bed at 1.  Sketched thru Robinson, Gospel of John. 

Mar 12. 1953. Up at 7.  Went to Oberlin -had breakfast – saw Dr. X 10-1015.  Home for lunch w/ Mom, Bonita, & EJ.  Took EJ to town & brought her back.  Bonita paid for 3 pr. stockings for Marci.  Home by 4.  Comm on Ed. Seville 730-9 had a good discussion on concept of God.  Bed at 12. 

Mar 13. 1953. Studied in study in AM.  In office all afternoon.  Had marriage counseling w X   Marci went to Style show at school.  Planned out a new kitchen arrangement.  Bed at 12.  

Mar 14, 1953.  Wedding.  Up at 9.  Worked around home most of day.  Moved stove close to refrigerator .  Planned out a better kitchen arrangement.   Did some trimming etc. outside   Began working at sermon late in day.   Married X , & X at the church (Seville).  7 PM  hey gave $10 & insised. I keep it.  Marci & I went to Felowhip class at X.  Worked on sermon 1130-2AM.  Mark is getting along pretty we but w an occassional seizure. 

Mar. 15. 1953.  Up 7. Finished sermon.  After church Marci Jo went to Detwilers (w/ Pauline Storm] for dinner.  Marci & I went to Chipp Lake for Fellowship dinner at church.  Home at 3.  The Storms came for an hr.  M.J. & I took a nap together on couch while Marci did dishes.  Then we played for an hour.  Wanda Newcomer stayed w/ children while Marci & I went to Union service at Bapt. church. DeChant (presb pastor-Crestor) was speaker   Conley is ill.  We all went home to mother’s stopping at Gannett’s on way.  Bed at 1. 

Mar. 16. 1953.  Up at 830.  Worked until about 4 putting in a cement floor in basement (the unfinished corner) a walk outside.    Cement mixer  delivered the cement.     Aunt Hazel there for supper.  EJ came home to Seville w/ us.  Got there at 7.  Built fire.  EJ babysat.  Marci went to Guild at X.   I went to have first session of membership training w/ X (X not in) 9-10.  EJ, Marci, & I talked till 2 on the home situation (tension between mom, Bonita & EJ)  Bed at 2. 

Mar 17. 1953. Up 9. In study 10-11 Bathed & ate lunch  Talked w X.  In office about 6 hrs.  Supper Called on X & X   Attended Brotherhood Sisterhood class 8-930 (EJ & Marci went too (  Beverly Kissinger stayed w/ children.)  Had last session w/ the X of membership training.  The two men will join church  be baptized soon.  Home at 1130.  Bed at 1:30.  Today the Storms (Arthur & Pauline) came & got MJ for an overnight visit   Wadsworth.  

Mar. 18. 1953. Routine (I guess)  In evening – Chipp Commission on Membership & Evangelism.  Met with X & X (last membership training session together) Home at 11. 

Mar. 19. 1953.  EJ went w/ me to Oberlin & after class we went home for lunch.  Stayed at home in afternoon until 4 when Mom came home & I took her to Seville w/ me.  EJ is going to take her kindergarten class tomorrow.  Home for supper (Seville)  Storms brought Marci Jo back.  Seville Comm on Memb & Evang at 8-9.  Talked to X till 10. Bed at 12.  

Mar. 20. 1953. Routine day.  Did some trimming outside about noon   Had 3 hrs. w/ x & X Baptized them in their home.  Home at 1130  Up talking (Mom, Marci & I ) until 2. 

Mar. 21. 1953. Up at 8.  In gear by 10.  Worked at office some.  Called on X, X, X, X; Stopped at X (she gave us groceries) & at X. Back to office [beautiful day outside ]  Bed about 11.  Called on X (her father’s funeral is tomorrow). 

Mar 22. 1953. Funeral.  Up at 7.  Finished sermon.  Never got the bulletin memeographed for Seville this Sun.  Good attendance both churches.  Funeral for X at Armstrongs.  They gave me $5 which I will turn over to the treasurer.  Took Mother home & we had supper there.  Back to Seville in time for 730 Lenten Servic e -our church.  X spoke on “Telling the Story” said the only reason we are left on this earth after being saved was to “tell the story”   Masons came from 9-11;  5 Baptized; 5 Received into church.

Mar 23. 1953. Up at 7.  Got ready to go to Norwalk Dist Missions Institute at Milan.  I took X , X, & X w/ me.  X came & took X, X, & X w/ her.  Dr. Stockwell (missionary to china imprisoned for 2 yrs.) & Miss X (young missionary home from Africa were the speakers)   During the morning Dr. Sivard (pastor-Elyria) had a heart attack & had to be taken out.  Mrs. X helped take care of him.   The program lasted till 3 & we all went home.   Rested a while (have quite a headache)  Gave invocation at PTA (Marci went w/ me)   The speaker was Patrolman Miller -State Highway Patrol on saftey.  Mary Lou Fair baby sat for us.  We stopped to see X 10-11.  Home at 11 & bed at 12.  

Mar 24. 1953.  Up 8.  Had a 10AM apt of 2 ? (who will have baby baptized Sun)  Worked inn office, yard, office, home for supper, in study 11 am -7pm.  Called on X  Met w/ X (nom. comm)  Stopped at X.  Had 930 apt w/ X   Home at 1030.  Bed at 11.  Called Dr. Cooper today & found out X is doing ok & has gone home to Elyria.

Mar. 25. 1953. Up 9 (long sleep).  In study 10-  Had funeral for 81 yr. old X at Armstrongs.  Worked in office till supper.  MJ came down to come home w/ me.  Got ready for the Chipp. Comm on Finance.  Met at X at 8 pm  They voted a $10 a month for pastor’s travel expense.  Had good meeting all arounng.  Stopped at X & talked Methodist Men.  Home at 12.  Rested awhile.  Bed by 2.  

Mar 26. 1953.  Up at 7 to go to Oberlin.  Dr. Kepler scolded me for not putting in 9 hours a week at study!  Stopped at Elyria & called at X  (jim is doing ok). Home for lunch w EJ & Mother.  Stopped at Sassmanhauzen’s  talked to Helen a few minutes.  Stopped at X.  Called on X who is in the Lodi Hosp.  Called on X & X , X X, Talked w/ the X for one hour.  Tthey gave us a lot of groceries.  Talked w/ a woman who pulled into the church while I was changing the bulletin board.  She is a Catholic but wants to change back to becoming a Protestant.  Home at 6.  Ate & went -got X truck & took away the ashes (found my blue pen in the ash pile)   Took Marci to WSCS at X while I had finance conference w/ X  Went & got Marci.  Took Wanda home.  Bed at 1. 

Mar. 27. 1953. Up 845.  Read for 1/2 hr.  Had breakfast.  Went to X (not home) Back in study at 1030.  Worked on Nominations  – Read Weatherhead -RL   Met w/ Seville Nominating Committee at 8 here at the office.  Back home at 10.

Mar 28. 1953.  Routine. 

Mar. 29. 1953. Up 7. finish sermon.  Had baptisms & Recept. of members at the Seville church  5 baptized , 1 received. 

Mar 30. 1953.  Off at 10 to Greentown to size up X future church.  Also went to Akron & got razor repaired.  Back home about 3.  In office 330-6.  X from Temperance League called on me.  Herman & Grace came at 7 & Herman & I went to Father-Sson banquet.  I left at 730 to speak at Lenton service at Bapt. church.  & got back about 830 (Meth church).  The banquet – sponsored by the Fellowship – had 100 present  & they cleared about $73.00  H & G stayed until about 11.  They are going to Penn. Thurs & will use our car.  We had a good talk.

Mar 31. 1953.  Off to Ashland at 10.  Talked to X  Sold pastor’s wife of Poe Meth. Church (L is at Oberlin getting an MA) They live near Ashland College.  I told her about wanting to annex Poe in my circuit if possible.  Their plans are uncertain.  Went to Norwalk to see Dr. Cooper but only saw Mrs.   Told her of my Poe proposal.   Home about 2  Ate lunch.  Worked in office -5 Worked yard an hr.  Lenten service at our church w/ X reading Scripture & X speaking   Called on X.  Home at 10.  Marci wentt to Mason’s & had a dress fitted.  Bed at 12.  

Apr. 1. 1953.  Up at 845. answering phone.  V Mason called & wanted MJ to come for her permanent.  Took Mark to hospt for a blood count.  Marion X left Andy at our house for today.  Stopped at Masts.  They gave us eggs & butter.  In study for an hr. reading Shepherds.  In office at 2-3  Went to see X & stayed quite a while.  Called on X. Supper at 630.  Lenten service at the Presb. church w/ X speaking.  Went to X 930-1130. 

Apr. 2. 1953.  Up at 730 w/ Grace & Herman coming in for breakfast & taking the Hudson to Penn.  (leaving the DeSoto herre with its poor brakes).  Spent 4 hrs. in office preparing sermon for high school  -gave it at 1250.  Loafed the rest of the afternoon.  Took Marci & kids to Wadsworth.  This DeSoto is ok but I like the Hudson better for handling & riding.  In office at 630.  Brought X to baby sit while Marci went to communion service at the Bapt. church (nice communion service).  Took Mildred home & went to Comm. on Finance meeting at the C.  Home 1130;  Bed 1230.  

Apr. 3. 1953.  Up 815. by a phone call from M G. (her boy is having convulsions)  Marci was already up & dressed.  Left house at 930 for PO, bank & office.  Good Friday at Bapt. church w/ talks on 7 last words.  Sseville Comm on Finance at X  They decided to follow Chippewa Lake & give me $120 more for traveling expence.  Stopped at X  Went to Chipp. Lake but no one showed up for the Nom. Committee.  Home about 10.

Apr. 4. 1953. Routine.  Called on X  She has had a heart attack. 

Apr. 5. 1953. Both churches very well filled.  X, pastor of the Poe church stopped to see me.  I told him of my desire to annex Poe in my circuit & he would stand in way.  There are some barriers, however.   We all went to Mother’s for dinner.  Aunt Hazel was there.  We all went to see Bonney at Bay View Hosp where she just had Penelopi (5th).  Back at Seville at 8.  At X at 830 for Meth Men planning meeting.  Home at 11. 

Apr. 6. 1953. Had laarengitis & couldn’t talk – had to cancel appointment w/ X  In bed part of day. 

Apr. 7. 1953. Still can’t talk.  Had to cancel appt. w/ X8

Apr. 8. 1953. Chipp Off. Bd in evening. 

Apr. 9. 1953.  Up 645.  Marci & the kids went to Oberlin w/ me.  We went to Aunt Hazel’s but she wasn’t home.  Went to Mothers had lunch, left MJ there.  EJ is working now.  Went to New London (returned home W. River after going 8 miles in order to leave EJ’s hat.)  Left Wesley w/ Aunt Chubby & got to Seville about 5.  Got mail etc.  Ate supper & bathed.  Virginia Mason is ill so Bob didn’t come to Comm on Education meeting.  We discussed Children’s Day.  At 9 we got B Kisinger to stay w/ Mark & we called on the Storms in Wadsworth.  Pauline wasn’t home butt we talked w/ Stormy awhile.  Tried to call on the X but they weren’t home.  Home at 1030.  Bed at 11. 

Apr. 10. 1953. Routine.  Called on X at Crile Hospt.  Marci Mark & I went to Dick & Elaine Brights for supper (Cathe & Don Gill too) & overnite – Mark slept w/ Dick & Elaine.  Dick is going to make an appointment for him at Western Reserve’s Med School Lakeside Hosp.  He has been have quite a few seizures lately & the medication doesn’t seem to control him.  Reading Chabuners Candles in the Wind. 

Apr. 11. 1953.  Up at 7.  Got away from Brights about 11.  Stopped & saw Bonney & new baby. Home about 130.  Picked up X at 2 & we went to Talmage for a Young Adult Conf.  He had a good time & wants to work in it.   Marci & I went to Creston to Fellowship Class at Rick and X   X led group into plan to be host to Young Adults of the County next month.  Beverly Kinsinger stayed w/ Mark.  Home at 1130. 

Apr. 12. 1953.  Up at 730.  Dinner at X.  Took X, X, & X to Norwalk Dist. Youth Rally at Milan.   Back at Seville at 930.  Went to X & got in on tail end of council meeting for Methodist Men.  They have planned a supper for April 26.  Home at 11.  

Apr. 13.. 1953.  Up at 9:30.  Read in Chalmers , C/W. 2 hrs. PO,  Bank, Haircut, etc.  Went to New London & got Wesley.  Back in Seville about 5.  Had supper.  Called on X  Had training session w/ X  Bed at 1030.

Apr. 14. 1953.  Up at 7.  Helped Marci w/ breakfast.  Down to office from 830-12.  Had lunch, shaved, in office an hr.  X, X, X, were here w/ man from Sears to figure kitchen cupboards.  In office 230-330 – took news around.  called on X.  Went to Granger & called on X  then to Chippewa & stopped at the X.  They go to Med Meth.  She is daughter of X.  Saw X on road & stopped to talk to him.  He has tickets done for Methodist Men supper.  Home for supper an hr.   Stopped at funeral home & talked to children of X whose funeral I will have tomorrow.  Talked w/ Bob & Virginia Mason for an hr.  Tried to call on X but he wasn’t home.  Talked w/ X for awhile.  Home at 930.  Bed at___

Apr. 15. 1953.  Marci & boys got up about 745 but I slept till 930.  Started studying commentary on Revelation for NT about 10  Studied off & on till 2 AM Thurs.  Had X funeral at 230.  Met w/ X 8-930.  Had 1st membership training session w/ X 945-11.  We had good discussion on God & Christ.  Home studying till 2. 

Apr. 16.1953. Up 730  Went to Oberlin too class & got MJ from Mother’s   Seville at 3.  Read in Lockridge, Raintree County till 5.  Supper.  Rested a couple hrs.  Called on X.  Seville Comm on M & E. 8 till 9.  Went to X for a meeting of Meth Men council.  X served hot dogs & coffee.  Stopped at X an hr.  Bed at 1.  MJ is happy to be home.  

Apr. 17. 1953.  Up 915.  Got away about 1015.  Downtown & then to office & there till late afternoon.  Called on X  Stopped at X.  Talked an hr or so w/ X Chipp Nom committee met at X from 8-10. – finished the job for Quart. Conf. 

Apr. 18. 1953.  In office much of day.  Had to stencil bulletin.  Up late w/ sermon.  Called on X  (she just had a baby & her husband left her recently).  

Apr 19. 1953.  Up 7.  Snowed today.  We all went to Elyria Home for the Aged where the Seville choir sang, I spoke & Wesley was baptized of Rev. McAlpine.  Home at Mother’s for supper.  Seville for MYF at 730.  Masons were down from 9-11   We talked on Economics.  

Apr. 20. 1953. In office most of day.  Now its over in the other room  its just beginning to be straightened up.  Had membership training w X  Stopped at X a  minute.  Marci went to EBGuild.  

Apr. 21. 1953.  Up 830.  In office 930.  1130 left office to deliver news to reporters (walking) brought a heavy duty wagon from X for $5  Home for lunch 1230-130.  In office till 345. & then tried to call on Masts (no one home)  Stopped at X  He wasn’t home.  she was getting supper.   Took letters off Chipp. bulletin board so X can repair it.  Stopped & saw X a minute.  Home at 430.  Get into work clothes & made sides  & ends for the new wagon.   Dad & Aunt Chub came for supper.  Marci & I went to Brotherhood & Sisterhood at 8.  Mary Lou w/ children.  Home at 1045. Bed at 11.  Mark is doing pretty well lately.  He claims the new wagon is his.  

Apr. 22. 1953.  Up 745.  Built a furnace fire & took junk out to the curb for town clean-up.  10  Called on Mrs. Mast & talked to her for some time about ‘Lyle’s leaving to the Jehovahs Witness faith.  1130-5: office, lunch and resting, office, at Chipp. church for membership training [no one showed up] Read Roll.  5-8 Home studying 8-11 Finance meeting at X.  11-1 Reading Roll Premillenianism.  

Apr. 23. 1953. Up 7. To Oberlin for my 15 min. w/ Kepler.  Read in library (chalamers, Commonplace  Prodigal).  Home for lunch w/ Mother.  She came to Seville for a week.    Seville at 330.  At office – 2 boys showed up for membership training   I talked w/ them a while.  Home 6-8.  Had talk w/ X  Home at 1030  Bed at 12. 

Apr. 24. 1953.  Up 8.  Went to Methodist Headquarters for half day w/ Dr. Cox (he invited new ministers).  Called on Masts & talked to Lyle 1/2 hr.  Called on X  she’s not lookiing well)  Called on X  She’s going to transfer into our church from Medina.  Talked w/ her for an hr & 1/4.  Supper etc 630-8.  Met w/ Vern Caston 8-930.  Talked w/ Lowry’s 930-10:30.  Home at 1030; Bed at 1130.  

In 1968, the Methodist Church and the United Brethren Church merged denominations to form the present-day United Methodist Church. That same year in Seville, the Fellowship Hall addition was constructed, including classrooms, a nursery and commercial kitchen. The project was made possible by a donation of $85,000 from Seville’s Fred and Ida Mae Lowrey. Church members pledged an additional $60,000 over three years. That would total more than $1 million today

Apr. 25. 1953.  Tore out base cabinet in kitchen while X’s men installed the plumbing for the washer to be in the kitchen.  They bruised it up pretty bad getting it upstairs.  Bob & Jim Mason came & helped me bring up the dryer.  In office 2 hrs.  X typed 7 letters for me (one to X re. the Vincent situation).  Got a new tire for my bike & fixed a trailer hitch on it for the wagon & pulled the kids around in it.  They had fun.  I got exhausted.   Talked w/ Masons 9-10  Worked on sermon a few minutes but went to bed at 1130 fast time.  Time change. 

Apr. 26. 1953. Up 7. to work kon sermon.  M & I had an argument & she got out of the car uptown rather than go on to Chippewa Lake w/ me.  Rested in the afternoon.  Had a highly successful 40 min Methodist Men dinner at Chipp.  Dr. Harvey -jFirst Church Akron was the speaker.  Left about 12.  

Apr. 27. 953.  Worked all morning on getting the washer & drier moved.  The washer needs repair.  Took a nap in the afternoon.  Finally went down to the PO , bank & to the office Called on X, X, X,  Trustees met at 8 at X & we discussed pledges.  Membership training w/ X. at 930-11  Read in bed till 2. 

Apr. 28. 1953.  Up at 815 w/ a call from Mrs. Lowry.  Down to office 930.  Ministers met at 11 & decided not to have Vacation Bible School.   Went to Norwalk for council meeting in prep. for Intermediate Camp.  I’m going to be one of the counselors.  Brought X, Conf Youth Worker, to Akron.  Home for quick supper at 730.  Stopped in to see the Lowry’s as they were there w/ her father [who is failing]  Had memb. training w/ X  Called on X & X  They don’t want to start memb. training.  Home at 1015. Read in bed till 11. 

Apr. 29. 1953.  Up at 845 when X camme after his chisle.  915 breakfast .945 in study;  Routine.  Memb training w/ X 

Apr. 30. 1953. Routine. 

My. 1. 1953. Routine.  Canceled Comm on Me Missions upon learning of death of X 31/2 yr old son of X  [X just joined the church not long ago]  Went out there stopping at X on the way .  Stopped at X & X.

My 2. 1953.  Routine.  Called on X  talked w X. 

My. 3. 1953.  Up at 7.  Made bulletin for Seville where we had a fine Children’s Day Program.  Preached a sermon at Chipp.  Went out to the X  right after lunch.  1pm took X, X, & X to Bellvue to an Intermediate Youth Rally.  Home at 830   9 Went out to X & talked w/ them.  They have the body of X there in the house & many people came in & their house was full even while I was there.  They (X.) are doing well.  

My 4. 1953. Funeral.  Up at 8.  Prepared for X funeral.  Got car washed, greased, etc.  Barbara Leslie stayed w/ children while Marci & I went to X for a 1 oclock service there at home.  X  a good friend & neighbor (of Apostolic church) had a ten minute service.  We M & I led the procession back to town to our church where I led the service at 2.  The church was full.  The burial was in Seville.  We all came back to the church to eat at 3.  Rested around home.  Took Mark for a bike ride.  Took MJ for a car ride.  Stopped at X but he wasn’t home.  Called on X who is in Med. Hospt.  Membership Training at 8 w/ X and at 930 w/ X.  

My 5. 1953.  Went out to see the X at noon.  Had talk w/ them.  Called on X  missed.  Went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at X, B. X at Medina.  They presented me w/ a big book on A.A.  

My 6. 1953.  Routine.  Com on Ed at 8 at chipp. 

My 7. 1953.  Routine.  At Seville Official Board they voted $5. more salary.  Memb Training w/ X  Marci & I addressed envelopes for a Seville mailing. 

My 8. 1953.  Routine.  No evening meetings.  Funeral for X, father of Mrs. Lowry.  

My 9. 1953.  In office several hrs.  Had to make bulletin.  X was hit by a car.  I went to hosp & watched Dr. Avery stitch the cuts.  Took X home to change clothes & took her back to hospt.  Prepared something to say at Young Adult Program.  County Young Adults met here at Seville (about 35 of them) for a Sub-Dist meeting.  I presented a film “Young Adults -Wake up” & led a discussion.  X (Conf board of Ed] was here & spoke briefly.  X was host president  Bob Detweiler led devotions & X led games.  The X  served refreshments.  Home about 11. 

My 10. 1953.  Up 6. to finished sermon.  Marci stayed home from church.  Stopped at Mason’s after church[ He didn’t like it because I didn’t preach a Mother’s Day sermon today]   We all went to New London for the Day.   Got back at 730 for Youth Fellowship at Seville.  They invited Brusnswick.   Called on X & while there talked to X  He accepted nom ination as Lay Leader for next year.  Masons were here from 10-1130. 

My 11.1953. In office several hrs.  Took long nap in afternoon.  Memb train w/ X at 8 & w/ Boyd 930. 

My 12. 1953. Up 815 as Mr. Lowry came knocking on the door to give me a fee for his father in law’s funeral.  He insisted I keep it & not turn it over to the church.   Went to Medinal & ordered a motor for the lawnmower.   Read in the afternoon.  In office 2-3.  Went to X, Chipp church & X   Talked w/ X re the benevolence budget.  Home at 6.  In office 830-10  called X Home studying till 11.  

Up at 730  Wrote in journal.  Took letters to PO X was here when I returned to say his new hotwater tank had arrived [I told him I’d help him hook it up w/in a week]  Breakfast 9-930.  Studied 930-130  4 hrs.  Lunch 130-2.  Studied 930-130.  Studied 2-5   (reading Stratter The Primitive Church.  Marci got ready & went to a mother -daughter bandquet while fed the kids supper & straightened up the house & put the kids to bed.  Mark is very unsteady and is “doped” these days.  Mary Lou came at 730 & I left for the Chipp. Board meeting.  Home at 10.  Read from 1030-145  Bed at 2. 

My 14. 1953.  Up 7. Off to school at 8.  After class tried to see LeX but didn’t catch him (pastor of Poe Meth.)   Home to lunch w/ Mom and Bonita.  Took Bonita to Lorain for groceries.  Went to Bonney & Joe’s & stayed for steak supper.  Stopped at Elaine & Dick Brights.  Dick is trying to get an appt for Mark at Lakeside Hospt.   In Seville at 730 for the Comm on Ed. Meeting.  Memb. training w/ X 945-1045.  She had a Lakeside piecture which I was in.  Home at 11.  Bed 12.  

My 15. 1953.  Up at 10. (really slept in)  tho Marci got up at 8.  Mark is not good at all.  He’s not been having milontin (out of it -waiting for Boston to send it) and today Marci cut his phenabarb.  He just lies on couch twitching much of the time.   Dick Bright called to day to say we have an appointment for Mark at Lakeside Hosp.(Western Reserve Med. School ) Thurs. at 2.  Went to Medina & got some new medicine for Mark & also a new ball bearing motor for the lawnmower ($29)  Stopped at Masts.  Called on X & X Stopped at X  In office  w while.  Put new motor on lawnmower & mowed lawn   This took all evening. 

My. 16. 1953. Up 8 to finish lawn.  Made up bulletin.  Went to Akron for 4 hrs of school for camp counselors.   Stayed around home for a couple hrs.  Called on X  Went to Rittman from 8-11 to an AA meeting w/ Boyd & X.  Got a letter today saying a woman has left 300. in her will to the Seville Church.  

My 17. 1953. Up 7  In office 8-9 (preparing for finance talk this afternoon at Chipp)  Went to Chipp when Lawrence Rottrock (Ohio Temerance League) preached the sermon.  He also preached at Seville.  After Seville service I went to Chipp & ate w/ the people.  After dinner I showed a film strip -“More For Your Money” & explained the new pledge system to them.  Every family pledged there[?] 13 pledges $704 to Current Expenses $520 to Benevolences   This ? pledging represents more than twice this years giving for the whole congregation.  The 1st $500 will go to the conf treas & the rest w/ go into our own mission ie: church repair.  Marci Kids & I ..We all went to Mother’s for supper .  Mark is very poor.  Back home at 12.  Bed at 1. 

My 18. 1953.  Mark is getting worse w/ his constant twitching & vomitting.  We got ready  took Marci Jo to Masons, Westley to Kotaseks , and took Mark to Babies & Childrens Hospital in Cleveland.  It’s going to cost $192.00 a week.  Supper w/ Elaine & Dick.  Stayed the night.  

My 19. 1953.  Had lunch w/ Warren Ruinburg and worked 3 hrs. starting to hook up his new hot water tank.  Took MJ w/ me to Akron & got a couple of records from Headquarters.  Brotherhood at 8:30   I presented a program of a recording of a discussion on adult work. 

My 20. 1953. Worked part of morning.  Visited MJ at Masons and Wesley at Kotanik’s Left bulletin at X  Went to hosp. where Marci is staying w/ Mark.  He is pretty well sedated with shots of phenobarb.  The doctor said he had probably been in a state of status epilecticus.  Supper w. the Brights after visiting Aunt Jo & Uncle Ralph. (they wanted us to have Mark “prayed for” by an evangelist We said No.  Slept at Brights.  

Up 630  Went to Oberlin.  Confered w/ Dr. K at 9  Also talked w/  Leonard Solt (pastor at Poe) & he said he is going to resign in June.  Went to Norwalk & talked w/ Dr. Cooper.  He’s agreed to my taking Poe into this circuit.   Home to lunch w/ Mom & Bonita.  Took their lawnmower up to Sears for repairs.  Stopped at Audrey’s & Pete’s    At Seville at 3.  Stopped at Kotaseks & Masons.  Wesley & MJ are doing ok.  Had membership training class at 4.  Supper at Masons 530-630.  Marriage counseling w/ X 7-8. Left at 9 (taking MJ ) & went to Brights.

My 22. 1953.  Back in Seville at 10.  Worked in house some.  In office for a while.    Kauffman’s for lunch.  Coffee break at Masons.  Stopped & saw Vernon.  Called on the X  930-1030  Supper w/ the X  finished the plumbing on their hot water tank 530-9. 

My 23. 1953.  Back in Seville at 845.  Got brakes adjusted on the car.  Worked in office   Called on John & W in X (she said she’d be glad to do secretarial work for me).  Mrs X & X came to see about spring house cleaning for Marci.  Mowed lawn all afternoon.  Supper w/ X and X (Found out that X is sueing for a divorce from Mary.)   Called on X at Wads. hospt.  Stopped at Storms but they weren’t home.  Stopped at Elmer Detwiler’s but he wasn’t home.  Marriage counseling w/ X & X 8-9.  Coffee break w/ Masons.  In study 945-1015. 

My 24. 1953. Up 7.  In office an hr.  X Akron accountant spoke on the 4 Methodist Colleges & the Wesley Foundation.   Pot-luck dinner at Seville (about 30 present) & pledging.  I showed a film (Jim Mason ran his record player ) on money.  Trustees meeting 3-330.  Left church at 4 and went to the hosp. to see Mark.   Took MJ home from Brightes (she’s been there since Thurs. nite)   She stayed w/ X while I attended the 2nd meeting of Meth Men at Chipp.  Harry Chang showed slides & talked.  Had chow-mein dinner. [Mrs. M let MJ pick out 3 bags full of free groceries].   Home at 1130.  MJ slept here.  

My 25. 1953. Worked around here in morning.  Went to Oberlin to library in afternoon then home (Elyria ) to supper.  Went to Brights & stayed all nite.  

My 26. 1953. Had appointment w/ X at the hospt & he cut our charge rate down to a mere $5.00 a day.  Left after lunch.  Worked in office all afternoon. Left Quarterly Conf report blanks w/ several officers.  Supper at Masons.  Back at Masons 9-10.  Meeting at X 10-11 for Meth Men.  

My 27. 1953. Studied most of day. Went to Bright’s in the evening & worked on a synopsis for each book book I’ve read for my reading course w/ Dr. Kepler.  

My. 28. 1953. To Oberlin.  Handed in my paper to Dr. Kepler at 10. To Mother’s for lunch.  Took their lawn mower to be repaired.  Back to Seville to clean up & go to Kindigs for supper.  I helped them make out their Quart. Conf reports.  Called on X , X, X, & stopped at X.  Called up Marci.  Mark is progressing O.K.  

My 29. 1953.  Went to see Mark & Marci.  Found out we could take mark home.  Ate supper in Strongsville (Chicken in basket at Bangor Drive in).  I got home about 5.  Mark is doing well -having a few seizures a day but getting so he can walk again (on less medication) his chief ailment was (I guess) too much medicine.  The doctors talked w/ us at some length & have taken a real interest in him.  Our bill (by the way) was only $55.00 for the eleven days. Called on X (to give her a report to fill out, called on X for 1/2 hr and on X for 2 hrs.  The McCullough’s gave us a large bag of groceries (they do this about once ever 2 weeks.   Went to Strongsville after Marci’s purse which she left at the drive-in

My 30. 1953. In office 830-930 Washed car   Went to Memorial Day services at the park -Harry Chang gave a very patriotic talk stressing both brotherhood (among races ) & nationalism at same time.    Marci, Mark & I went & got Marci jo, Wesley, & Pinky from Elyria.  Back home about 8.  In office and in study 8-1  Made up pastor’s report for the 4the Quarterly Conf to be held tomorrow.  Marci helped me.  

My 31. 1953.  Up 8.  In office a few minutes. Clark Cooper -DS preached at both Chipp & Seville.  Had pot-luck dinner at Chipp & then the 4th Quarterly Conf.   Everything went well.  All the reports were given in good style.  About 40 attended.  Dr. Cooper was very complimentary to the churches & to me on progress.  Seville voted salary up from $2000 to 2500 – Chip came up $120.  Back in office 4-6 to write prayer & check over conf reports.  Home to rest 6-7.  High School baccalaureate 730-830 -Huffman spoke & I gave the Scripture & prayers.  Home figuring up finances 9-12 Bob Mason here for 1/2 hr.  Since Mark has been ill we have received $75 from Sev. WSCS, Entre Nous Fellowship Class.  $75 from Brotherhood & Sisterhood Classes.  ; 75 from Chipp WSCS ; 50 from friends at Chipp Lake.  total 275. 

Je. 1. 1953. Up 8.  Went to Meth Headquarters in Akron.  Took back film strip, saw the Treasurer, and saw Dr. Cox about adult work -I’m to be Director of Adult Work in the Norwalk District.  Stopped at Masts & talked w/ Lyle for 2 hrs or so re: the Bible.  He is pretty much of a literalist & millenienist.  Home about 3.  Worked most of afternoon on lawnmower & mowed back lawn.  Stayed home all evening.  Went to bed early. 

Je. 2. 1953. Up 745. Down to office from 930-130.  Home, tinkered with lawnmower, went to Medina, saw Russel Linton, picked up a repaired bicycle wheel.  Out to Rumburgs a few minutes at 4.  In office till 6.  Rebuilt lawn mower & mowed out front.  Quit at 9.  Got ready & called on X & X He is going to transfer into our church & she is going to train for membership.  Bed at 11:30

Je. 3. 1953.  Routine.  Called on X.  Had invocation at Seville High commencement.  Speaker was the speech prof at Ashland.  a lot of attention getting wind -w/ minor bits of content.  Called on the Masons. 

Je. 4. 1953.  In office 2 hr.  Brought Mark in for a check-up by Dr. Kennell.  Back in Seville about 5.  Official Board at Seville.  

Je. 5. 1953.  In office for a while.  Called on X.  Went to Camp Crag & looked it over.  Called on X, X, X, X,  Stopped at X & X.  Saw X at Martin’s Service Station.  Home & ate.  Stayed home all evening & thought about & wrote sermon.  

Je. 6. 1953.  Started morning by building a new rabbit pen & fastening it to the garage.  Buried a large rock.  Cleaned up back yard & garage.  No lunch [too hot to eat]  Pinkey got the mail for me.  Worked on lawnmower.  To my disquiet the new blade [from Western Auto reauired rebuilding the ? again.  Finally late in afternoon I got it finished satsifactorily.  It was raining by then.   Cleaned up & worked on sermon & did some reading.   Marci is depressed w/ Mark’s condition.  He is jerking quite a bit. [This mowing he played outside & in the garage & ended up by banging his head in the slag – probably had a seizure.]  Made bulletin late.  Bob Mason helped me make both this week’s & next.  [He will preach next Sun when I go to Y. Adulg Worship-Alliance] Bed at 1. 

Je. 7. 1953.  Baptism.  Preached for 1st time in 4 weeks.  Marci called Dr. Kennell because Mark has been doing a lot of jerking.  We took him in to the hospt after I baptized 2 of X children at the her father & mother’s home.  Left Marci & Mark at hospt & went to Mothers where I left Pinky MJ & Wesley.  Back for Seville MYF at 8.  Called Leonard Salt & found out he is going to stay at Poe another year.  Called Henry on a question of the Conference Payments.  Went to Masons for coffee & talk.  

Je. 8. Mowed part of lawn.  Went to bank & PO Bought some sport shoes, Shirt , socks, shorts & ordered 2 slack suits.  Mom had given me $20  for my birthday.   Got ready to go to camp.  Virginia cuffed a pair of pants Dick Bright had given me   I mended a blue pair.  Gave S food for our cats.  The 2nd little rabbit was dead in his pen [the cats ate the 1st one]  Called on X.  Tried to call on X  noone home.  Checked in at camp at 3.  [Camp Crag near Hinkley -YMCA camp in charge of Harry Chang.  For this week Indeterminate Camp Norwalk District w/ Larry Miller as Deacon]  Fortunately there was an extra man counsellor & so I got to go home for sleeping.  Called Marci.  Went to Moms in the bad storm [Tornado winds struck this area-worst hit: West Cleveland]  Bed about 2. 

Je. 9. 1953.  Tornado.  Up 645.  Back to Camp & told them about the Tornado.  Took a class out on field trip.  Talked to Henry   In the afternoon Marci called & said Mark’s spinal fluid pressure was up & they might have to do surgery.  I went right in to the hospt.   They had only done a spinal tap & finally decided against surgery.  About 6 doctors were in to look at him.   Marci & I ate supper about 8 in a restaurant.  Back to hospt. for an hr.  Slept at Elaine & Dicks   They have been very generous w/ hospitality all allong.  

Je. 10. 1953. Up about 7.  Breakfast & bath.  We got to hospt. about 915.  I went out for awhile & got a few things.  Mark is about as he was.  He has ataxia & is quite irritable.  He is under oxygen part of the time.   Stayed w/ Mark all day.  He started to choke up & turn blue a couple of times which upset Marci a lot.  They put him in a private room.  I got some reading done.   We went to Bright’s for supper & sleep   Elaine spend the evening & half the night planning a work schedule for her nurses.  

Je. 11. 1953.  Wedding. Went to Seville in the late afternoon after taking Marci to Aunt Jo’s to stay.  Had wedding rehearsal for the X marriage.  Stopped at Masons & talked to Virginia.  Went home to Masons.  Up at 7 to go to Camp Crag & got my bag & went back to Mother’s   The twins, Nelson MJ Wesley Mom & I all went out to Aunt Elinor’s  Her house was struck by the Tornado & is off the foundation.  EJ had been out there to help her but was “ready & waiting ” to come home.  EJ came to Seville w/ me bringing WJ, MJ & Nelson.  X marriage at 7.  Everything went well.  X rehersal till 1030 & then lunch at X Home at 1130. 

Je. 13. 1953. Worked outside most of day, mowing lawn, cleaning up lilac bush which blew down , etc.  At 230 -X & I officiated at the wedding of X here at the Sev. church.  WEnt back to working aoround yard .  X called for a few minutes.  Called Marci.  She said Mark is slightly improved.  X came today w/ his folks [they just gave x a 1951 Plymouth]  X came for a few minutes.  X stopped for a minute. 

Je. 14. 1953.  X & I left at 8 & went to Alliance for the 2nd half of the Young Adult Worship.  [Bob Mason is taking care of the preaching today]   We were in a discussion group on teaching.  We had lunch & supper – left at 6.  Back to Seville at 730.  Ella Jane, Marci Jo, Wesley, Nelson & I went to Cleveland & saw Marci at Dix’s  She said she had Mark out of bed walking him in the hall.  Back in Seville 1130. 

Je. 15. 1953.  Slept till 9 & then up for a pancake breakfast.  In office at 1030.  Read till 6 & worked on sermon excluding lunch 1-2.  Played w/ children & had supper.  Had membership training w/ X  he sat in on it too -930-11. 

Je. 16. 1953.  Up 8. w/ a call from Tommy Mason.  Went down to office before breakfast.  Breakfast at 9.  Called on X  In office at 1010 for most of afternoon.  Counseled X & X 930-1030. 

Je. 17. 1953.  Not getting much done this day or this week.   Went to see Mark.  Took him a jeep w/ headlights that turn on & off.  Since EJ took the car to mom’s I went to Cleveland on bus. (took 3 hrs. ) Mark was happy to see me & overwhelmed w/ new toy.  He was sitting up & is in good condition.   Saw Marci at Aunt Jo’s  Dick & Elaine came & got us & took us to their place for the night.  

Je. 18. 1953.  EJ, Nelson MJ & Wesley met my bus in Medina at 730.  Chipp Bible School 1030-11.  Picked up repaired bicycle wheel in Medina.  Worked in office3.  Membership Training Class at 4.  Called on X.  They have been ill.  Played w/ children. 

Je. 19. 1953. Routine.  Went to Chipp. Lake Bible School finale at 8 & had X wedding rehearsal at 915.  

Je. 20. 1953. Wedding.   Took 6 of MYF to Canton to Youth Rally.  Very hot & dry.  WEnt to Cleveland, got Marci, back to Canton, drove in Seville by 6.  Wedding of X at 7.  All went well.  Marci & I went to the X to the reception.  Worked on sermon till about 12. 

Je. 21. 1953. Very warm day.  Marci went w/ me to both churches.  Had the funeral at 230 for X  Canton..  Kindig had the burial.  Called on Masons in afternoon.  They went w/ us to Meth Men Ladies  Night at Chipp. Lake.  Dr. M. S. X spoke.  They served home made ice cream & strawberries.  Had coffee & talked economics at Mason’s 10-11.  Took Marci to the Brights & came back to Sev.  Bed -2AM. 

Je. 22. 1953.  Up 745.  Worked in office in general got ready to go to Lakeside.  Went to Masts.  Had talk w/ X  Went to Moms where we really loaded the car w/ luggage & people.  Arrived at Lakeside about 4:30.   Our cottage is 351 Laurel Ave & has room to sleep 12.  Coswt $50.  Late in evening I put on one pair of my 2 new slack suits & Mom went w/ me to Marblehead to look for a baby stroller for Wesley.  No find.   Called Marci.  She said they did the Air tudies on Mark today & he is doing real well.  I will call her from Seville tomorrow when I go there for a wedding rehearsal.  Today X gave me $25.  Grace & Herman also gave Mark & I $25. 

Je. 23. 1953.  X arrived to stay w/ us .  In evening I went to Seville (EJ w/ me)  for wedding rehearsal. 

Je. 24. 1953. Routine. 

Je 25. 1953.  EJ brought Marci & Mark from Cleveland.  Mark is progressing. 

Je. 26. 1953.  routine day at Conf.  Heard Buttrick in the evening.  His theology sounds too mechanical for me. 

Je. 27. 1953.  Wedding.  I got ready about noon & went to Lodi where I got a haircut & bought a new summer suit 9#30 at Hower Bros).  In Seville I mowed lawn.  ate at Masons & got ready for wedding of X which took place at 8.  The church was full & a photographer took motion pictures of it all.   Back to Lakeside (got car washed at Kindig’s station) by 1130. 

Je. 28. 1953.  Met Runburgs & Detwilers  They ate a picnic lunch at our cottage.  They were the only ones to come to Lakeside.  Morning worship at Hoover Auditorium w/ Dr. Hough preaching.  Ordination service 230-330.  Thelma had taken the kids to the beach Don & I joined them.  Jack & Patty came over & we (incl Don & Thelma) talked all evening – theology, economics, counseling, gab. 

Je. 29. 1953. Don & Thelma took Marci & kids home to Seville.  I took Mom, Bonita, EJ & kids to Vincent.  Got there about 230.  Took Bonita to work at 330.  In Seville at 5.  Set up Wesley’s bed.  Had supper (just iced tea), bathed, got milk, In office 6-7.  Took some work to X Called on X, X, X, & had memb train w/ X& X.  Home at 11.  Mark is able to walk & talk much better now & isn’t having seizures excpt occasionally. 

Je. 30. 1953. Up 8. In office 930-1230.  Lunch & then went Wooster. Called on X & X 330 In study 40430.  In office 430-530.  Home 6-8 & was going to do the much needed lawn mowing but it rained.   In office at 8. went to Chipp Lake, got the film strip projector, gave the bulletin form to X & then went to X at 930-1130.  He is training to be the lay leader.   Had a rough night.  Mark had one grand mal siezure. 

Jly 1. 1953.  Up 840.  On job at 930.  In office till 1230.  Lunched  then went to PO & to see X.  Very hot & humid   Today.  Back to office till 4.  Home to mow lawn but discovered shaft of motor is bent.  Chipp. official Board 8-915.  Don Kindig is the chairman.  Home at 930  Read in Raintree County until 1145. 

Jly 2. 1953.  Up 820  In study at 9.  We all left at 12 to go to Cleveland & Mark had his check up  He is doing very well, however still having at least a seizure per day.  Back in Seville at 5 for supper.  Reading in Raintree County 6-7; Membership Training Class 7-8; Official Board Sev. 8-10.  X presided & I showed a film on Methodist Organization.  Read 11-1  .  Recently we have received $25 from Hilda Cahoon; 25 from Grace & Herman. 25 from X  5 from Aunt Hazel

Jly 3. 1953.  Up at 830  In study at 9 reading interrupted bgy breakfast 930-945. and by taking car to garage 1030-11.  Got directional lite hooked up on the car.  Worked in office all day.  Called on X in regard to MYF.  Reading in evening.

Jly 4. 1953. Worked in yard all day.  Built a twin car seat for the boys.  Picked cherries.  Mowed back lawn by hand (electric mower broken down).   Jim Mason had an accident demolishing his car & so I cleaned up about 6 & went to see him. He’s ok.  Read in Raintree County several hours.  In office 2 hrs.  Bed at 2. 

Jly 5. 1953. Alarm failed to go off.  Got up at 730.  Made Seville bulletin & finished sermon.  MYF program committee at 1 till 3 at X. WE all went to Kindigs 5-7.  MYF at Seville 730-830.  Reading R.C. 10-2AM.  

Jly 6. 1953.  In office 9-12.  Jack & Patty Haney & Debby arrived.  Jack went to the office with me in the afternoon.  Tought some work down to Winnie.  Sent letter & copy of funeral service to X Accepted her #10 & put her husband’s name in Vol. I of the Interpreter’s Bible & decided to do use such files for my own library.  Jack suggested it & it sounds like a good idea.   Membership Training w/ X 930-10-30.  Discussion & counselling w/ Jack & Patty until 2 AM & reading in Raintree County until 4. am. 

Jly 7. 1953.  Up at 9 or so.  Went to PO & banked some money.  Got the lawnmower motor back from X  he straightened the shaft on it free of charge.  I had bent it last week by hitting a tree.  Called on X.  Jack & I had a discussion on the ills on a non-vital profession aligned church organization & the value of ministry thru lay men.  Jack tends to favor the congregational system these days.  I retain my respect for Methodist organization which finds value only w/ involved interested laymen.  .  Mowed some lawn.  Read.  We all went to Chippewa Lake for a ride -saw the church & then to Seville & saw the statue of the giant Mrs. Bates.  Home all evening.  Read about 12 after a snack of ice cream & some discussion w/ Haneys.  

Jly 8. 1953.  Up at 9.  Went & got eggs for breakfast from X  Elizabeth’s mother is there now & is dying of cancer.   Helped the Haney’s get off to N.H.  Read Raintree County the most of the day.  This book has been very interesting.  It is a quest of humanity in the setting of a mythical Raintree County.  445 wrote in journal  & prepared to go out calling.  Called on X.  Chipp Comm on M & E w/ only Don Kendig & X present.  Membership Training session w/ Mrs. Geo X.  Finished Raintree County by Lockridge.  1060 pages.  

Jly 9. 1953. In office by 10.  Home at 12.  We took MJ to S in Wadsworth & Mark to Cleveland for check up.  He’s doing well, having only occasional siezure & much better control.  Home at 6.  Rested 6-730.  Sev. Comm. on Memb & Evang 8-930  Marriage counseling w/ X &X.  They are very introverted.  930-1030.  Read in bed 11-1230.  

Jly 10. 1953.  Up at 8.  Its a very cool day.  Got in motion by 9:30.  Mark is starting to ride the little tricycle.  In office much of day.  Membership training w/ X 930-11.

Jly 11. 1953.  Home all day- put screens in – new screen in 3 storm doors.   4.  Committal service for new born child.  7  Intermediate Membership Class.  Storms came for 1/2 hr. & brought MJ’s suit case (she stayed there 2 days this week).  

Jly 12. 1953.  Up 8 lunch as usual   -not too many for Communion Service.  X joined the Seville church.  Home in afternoon.  MYF 730-9  Masons came 930-11.  

Jly 13. 1953.  In office at 10  Worked on sermon  in study, made up news.  Went out calling .  Calling 9 people Membership training X 930-11.  Home.  Bed at 12.  

Jly 14. 1953.  Worked at home till 2.  Mowed back lawn, washed car & waxed part of it.  Got ready to go out calling  Called on 3, one at Rose Rest home.  One’s mother is in hosp. Clevel.  Home 530.  Shirley X came re marriage & stayed 7-830   Mrs. McDougal whose daughter is getting married next Sat.  X at station.  Home at 10 .  Bed early . 

Jly 15. 1953. Up at 8.  Wrote a note to Aunt Bea & one to Aunt Hazel.  Had Mark in study w/ me for a while.  Started to study about 11.  Pauline Storm came after MJ to take her too the circus.  Marci called Dr. Kennle re. Marks continuing un-steadiness & petite mall seizures.  He told her to bring Mark in tomorrow for check-up.  Mixed study w/ financial planning.  Decided to pay the Dix’s $10 a month. Wrote them.  Am studying the Int Bible on Gospel of John.   Stopped at 3 to bathe & get ready.  Called on X, X, X,X  Stopped at Grimm’s c7 called X (met their daughter’s family). 

Jly 16. 1953. Up 8. In office 2 hr.  We all got ready & went to Mothers, leaving MJ & Wesley there & took Mark to see Dr. Kennel  We found out definitely that our druggist down here made a mistake in filling one of our prescriptions.  Mark is poor but is holding his own today.  The Dr. increased his dosage hoping to control his seizures.  Back to Vincent about 630  Left MJ there, got Wesley , came back to Seville by 8.  Comm on Ed. Meet.  Bed at 11. 

Jly 17. 1953. Up at 8.  Studying by 10.  Mark is irritable & doing a lot of crying.  Called on X  Had marriage counseling w/ X.  

Jly 18. 1953. In study in morning .  The foolks drove in with a new car.   Gremore’s also came a little later.  Aunt Chubby & Bonita helped Marci clean house.  Supperr all togetheer.  Talked in stud w/ Weck for a couple hours.  Married X at 7.  Marci & I went to the reception at the house.  Folks went home,  Worked on sermon late.  

Jly 19. 1953. Baptized X child & wo children of X.  Read & rested in afternoon.  Did some washing for Marci.  Our automatic washer has been broke for several days & we haven’t been able to get service for it.  Virginia Mason came in the evening for an hr. 

Jly 20. 1953.  Took Marci Jo & Cinda Mason & went to Don Waltons.  He & Thelma witnessed our signature on a credit Union loan application.  Back to Seville about 1.  In office in afternoon.  Membership training w/ Franks.  Called on X.. 

Jly 21. 1953. Called on X in hospt.  Routine.  No appointment made several minor stops.  

Jly 22. 1953.  Conference w/ Don Kindig.  Called on X & had membership training w X.  

Jly 23. 1953.  In office 9-12.  We took MJ & Wesley to Vincent & took Mark for his check-up in Cleveland.  Dr. Kennel says we should bring him in to the hospt. if he gets worse since he’s been having a difficult time.   Home in Vincent for supper.  Marci & I went to Elyria hospt. to see Audrey (she had some kind of heart attack) She seems to be OK.  In Seville by 12.  

Jly 24. 1953.  In office for a part of day.  Called on X, X, X, & had membership training w/ X.  Stayed there till eleven  They showed me some albums of their baby.  John is going to join  church Sunday. Called on X & new baby boy. Got $400 loan from the Conference Credit Union.