January 1947

Wed. Jan. 1. 1947./ 2 eggs today/ And we were home all day & had the duck with creamed potatoes hot baking Powder biscuits & gravey & canned cherrys with hot biscuits, butter, & coffee, for dinner. & I laid & slept & rested some   I bumped myself in hen house coming through from first pen & my back hip leg & ankle ached allnight so I prayed untill I’d have to doze this a.m.  Elbert got up took a bath & dressed  put duck on to cook & the beets, I got ready to cook last night, then he peeled potatoes & put them on & I got up & made the biscuits  while he peeled beets & creamed potatoes he made the gravey with some of my help & together we put it on the table then I sat a spell & then did up the dishes   I did out side chores & thanked God I could rest today.  Sun came out for an hour or so this a.m. snowed a little before 8 & then just before clouds closed sun out stopped untill 2.p.m. but stayed cloudy & at 2-p-m started to snow again light   but was coming down thick at 4-p-m   & now we have a light blanket with frozen sleet on the top, so it’s crunchy under foot.  Wind N. east. not very cold. no moon tonight but it was a clear moon last night with heavy clouds out over the lake that look really black.  The duck had a very good flavor & it was very tender & good. 

Thurs. Jan. 2. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I washed his 2 heavy union suits bath towel & was rag, work shirt & socks  my dress towels  was rags “4” & nose rags & got supper, did dishes, took care of hens & birds & did the chores outside & in & I’m sure tired tonight.  I got a dress & two blankets yet to wash & the ironing to do & floors to wipe up   hope to get done yet this week.  We have had a thick white fog started Wed. afternoon  been so bad all day I couldn’t see Snyders house or buildings, part of the time. & it’s rained off & on all day, cloudy tonight, but fog has lifted. & at 10 its raining.  Elbert got a ride home, so he was here early 5-30 tonight.

[Letter from Nellie Harnish to her son John Malcolm Harnish:   Fri. Jan. 3. 1947. Dear Johnny & all:  Your letter of the 30 Dec. on Mon., came this morning.  We are so glad to hear from you.   I think it was Mon we received one from you & Herman & one from Bonita.  Of course we are wondering if the box arrived O.K. for Grace & Herman’s Christmas.      Ella Jane hasn’t heard from Laurabelle lately but today she received a nice letter from George Cox.  He wrote a very nice letter indeed.  Laurabelle takes him to picture shows right there at the hospital I think, in a wheel chair.   They have met several stars like Jenifer Jones.     It is winter here too.  There is still some light dry snow where the sun couldn’t get at it and there are some little icicles on the porch leaves next door.  The pavements and walks are clean.    (2) I bet Nelson is sweet in his snow suit.  You said it is red.  Is it the one Pink had last winter?  I am rather lonesome for them and all of you.  I guess we all are.   I had one letter from the bank that they would send some papers but as yet haven’t received them. If I get the house I think I will, I will send a picture of it.  It is cute inside.  I just answered the door and a real estate man was here.  He has shown me a number of houses and has some more to show us.  Some of them are very attractive and furnished and have a very attractive high price.  I sort of intend to take the small new one which we can easily pay for instead of something too far over our heads in price.     It is nice the Eddy children (3) could come up to play with ours.  I know they enjoy living together.  But I reckin I would not rather have Teddy move in there.  It feels as if it would be best not to have him.  George and Bonita need to be by themselves and I think it was understood that you were to always have your room there.    You probably wonder what brought this conversation about Bonita about  it.  I hope it will be O.K. without any hard feelings.    Sorry you have a cold Johnny.  Hope you are soon over it.   Surley there will be a letter from Bonita tomorrow.  We just love getting her letters and wish we were all together again.   I think how we use to have a cup of coffee and write our letters in the evening.   Glad you are getting your car fixed up.  I know you will enjoy it more.   You said it is cold in the living room.  Well I am sitting in the (4.) kitchen right now.  The rooms we have just do not heat up.  Of course if we close off the sun porch the larger room does better.  There isn’t any heat in the sun porch for $5 a week.  She gave us a little oil heater but it didn’t heat it last night.  She wants the thermostat at 70 degrees days and she turns it off at night.    We received a card from Jean Barnett and I hope to send her a card.  It was nice she could come up for a visit and it is quite nice she came out to our place.    Marci better hurry her application at B.W. or she won’t get in.    I do so hope that we can see you married.  I just don’t know what to think about it.    Or Maybe you two could come to see us at least for your honeymoon trip.  I hope you can have (5.) a pair of wedding rings.  So happy that Bonita & children went to church.  I went in the evening last Sun.  but not in the morning.    Pinky and her warm iron.  Where there’s a will theres surely a way.  That was cute & clever.    I hope we get to see that new show of Walt Disneys.  We seldom get a newspaper so its hard to know which shows are on.   I have hardly been down on central lately.    Glad you can still make soome money drumming.  I guess it is work but it is enjoyable work too.  This is surely a sweet looking couple in the pictures you sent.  I take it the girl is Marci’s cousin.    Guess you are attending your (6) conference these three days.   I suppose January will slip away to join other past months.    Ella Jane had an appointment this afternoon to give a presentation or a skin analasis.  She sold a chest of cosmetics and was paid in full.   Yesterday Florence had her skin analysis & she bought the whole outfit for cash.   So if E.J. gets started Well, I think she can make good  A chest of cosmetics is 16.25 including federal tax.  The idea is that the client tries out the preparations entirely before buying.  It is like having a facial free.  The products simply sell themselves.  They have a gorgeous overnight traveling case which is fitted with Beauty Counselor products and has room also a plenty for overnight clothes.   Hope this finds you all well in your wintry weather.  Hope you have fuel & food.  Loads of love & best wishes.  Mother, E.J. & B.B.  Kisses for all XXXXXXXXXXX   

Elinor’s Diary Continued:]   Fri. Jan.3. 1947./ 1 egg today/  Elbert went to work had to catch the bus this morn-ing. Wet morning rainy a very fine misty rain & kept at it all day   froze as it hit the ground & it’s slippery under foot.  got my check today; took care of hens & birds & house work & I made another batch of bread dough fruit cake 1. white loaf of bread & tin of biscuits & wiped up kitchen floor & got supper & the dishes done

Fri. Jan.3. 1947./page 1022./ 1. egg today./  It’s been cloudy all day & frozen fog or fine frozen rain & Elbert on the roof to work. another fellow took him to the bus so he got home before dark.  It clears up in the wee hrs. of the morning & storms in the day. 

Sat. Jan.4. 1947./1. egg today./  Elbert went to work, I slept late.  Then got up the sun was shining, so I dressed & put the water on to heat & went out & emptied ashes, went to cystern & got a pail of water after I took the hens there green lunch & gave them fresh water, there wasn’t any mail, I shook dust mop & wiped the cloths line then took all the blankets out & hung them up to air in the sunshine then I cleaned rooms turned mattresses & opened windows  fixed the fire & washed my corset & 2. house dress & what few things that were dirty then I fixed a hot cup of tea & bit of lunch & rested 10 minutes, then I ironed 2. dresses & 1. work shirt.  Then patched 1. old dress & put it on & washed out the new one I’d been wearing so now I have it ironed to put on in the morning again. it’s the only one I have, fit to be seen in, the others are patches.  it’s been a fine day, this day, rules , Nov.  clouded up just before dark but cleared up at & noon  was shining through & at 8-p-m. moon bright & sky clear. My throat achs as if I were going to cry tonight.   Elbert got a ride part of the way & bus the rest of the way & he’s so tired tonight went to bed at 9 & is sleeping hard now10-10.p.m.  The wind has freshened up & makes house creak & groan.

Sun. Jan.5. 1947./ 3 eggs today/  Well John’s been gone laid to rest a yr. today. & Nellie Ella Jane & Bonney Bell are in Albuquerque New Mexico, far from home & home sick I know, for Nellie said she didn’t know what she’d do with out the letters from home.  I wanted so much to go to church today, but Elbert’s car’s not done.  We been home all day & it’s been a nice day.  Sun came out nice & clear this morning & stayed untill after noon then clouded up, but cleared & the moon came out nice & clear   there’s a little snow on the ground & a little ice   been cold today   S.W. wind not strong.  Poor old Pete, he don’t feel so good these last 2 days, I gave him a dose of salts tonight put him in first pen & the white one in with the hens.  Hope to get some early chicks.  But I sure have a time to get them.  The last bag of grain we got is musty.  I hate the smell of it & so do the hens. 

Mon. Jan. 6. 1947. /2 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I haven’t done only what I had to do all day & he worked on the roof putting on roofing all day & brought the grociers in a big bag on his back at 7 p.m. tonight.  & his back’s most killing him. I bathed his back with alcohol & put a flannel on it. I can’t seem to endure the cold very well this winter, & Poor old Pete died last night. 

Mon. Jan.6. 1947./ page 1023./ 2 eggs today/  Received letter from Mrs. Sharp today.  Wind S.W. just a little west. 23 below zero & froze the water bucket in coop  hens don’t feel cold, they were scratching & diging & came to the gate, to meet me, for there supper. Well, I got supper & washed the dishes & had to clean out cinders from the fire, then go out & empty ash pan, such poor coal.  Elbert’s stomach is hurting him & his back so he can’t sleep. 

Tue. Jan. 7. 1947./1 egg today/  Elbert went to work, I slept late & it snowed big heavy, feathery, snow flakes & made a white blanket about 6 inches thick, I did all my usual work, I set bread & had 2 tins biscuits & 1. loaf of bread.  I cut out a house dress, did evening chores & got supper & we ate 20 minutes to 8-p-m, Elbert got here 7-30-p-m, & I now have dishes done & my teeth cleaned & everything ready for the morning   Received letter from Sister Nellie & the Girls. She says there rooms are so cold they are in misery & Bonney Bell gets in at midnight & has to walk 2. block from the buss. Well I rubbed Elbert’s back in alcohol & put flannel on him & he’s sleeping.  now I must fix fire & go to bed as it’s 11-30-p-m. 

Wed. Jan. 8. 1947. / 2 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & it snowed little snow balls light & dry  N.W. wind & cold at 10-a-m it warmed up & after dinner it thawed a little but at 4. p-m. got a little colder wind N.W. at 10-30-p-m.  I did my usual round of work & stitched the pieces on the sides of the front & back gores[?]  of my house dress & cut out another dress or the skirt & stitched the pieces on, then put it away & did out side chores, took care of can, fed hens, emptied ashes, brought in hens grain, got well water & emptied slop pail, then put goods a-way & sewing machine & made up beds & fixed up file, pealed some onions to stew & potatoes to boil & got pork chops up for supper, then sat down to rest my feet, so put two patches under each arm hole of my old shirt   had it most done, When Elbert came to front door   I hopped up & let him in & then put the sup-per on. to cook & while he washed  I dipped up a bowl of broth for each of us & we thanked God for it & ate crackers in it, then he went out & fixed one of the ventalation holes in the hen coop & I had supper ready when he got back, then I did dishes & finished a crochet edge on a handkercheif I had started   I think I’ll send it to Laura Ann Bonney for her birthday.

Thurs. Jan. 9. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  No, Elbert’s back felt so bad he didn’t go to work but after dinner he went to Lorain to see about his car & it’s going to cost him 4 hundred & 78 dollars  new engine & every thing repared & in tip top condition if they had new one’s on hand he’d sell this one now & only have 4 or 5 hundred to pay for the new one.  he went to Dr Siffling & had his back bone ajusted & then came home on the buss right to the end of our road, he got the bird’s seed to

Thurs. Jan. 9. 1947./page 1024./ 2. eggs today/  while he was right near Lipp Store.  I wasn’t looking for him quite so soon, but was glad he came back before dark, I did all the outside chores at 4-p-m & then washed out what dirty clothes there were didn’t have water to suds & wrinse but got them washed & then I got things ready for supper & then I sat down & only 5 minutes or so & Elbert was at the door.  I thought he’d been coming in the car, but it wasn’t quite done yet. after he left at noon I fixed his union suit, they always make the button hole wrong way to so I sewed it up & put a little patch on the underside & made a new button hole, sewed a patch on other side & sewed a button on & took the other button off.  So I’ve been busy.  I made up the beds before I decided to wash, I only had a few things & had them done at 5-p-m & every thing cleaned up & supper ready to cook when Elbert come.  He see Miss. Clark in Vermilion, he got a ride with a fellow from our road to Vermilion, then took buss to Lorain & Miss. Clark was helping a woman on to the bus with a suit case.  Well it snowed quite hard a 4-p-m but didn’t last long. N.W. wind. Didn’t get a thing done to my dress today, hope to tomorrow. 

Fri. Jan. 10. 1947./ 1. egg today/  Elbert went to work  I slept till 9-30-a-m-then dressed & combed my hair & washed & cleaned my teeth shook up my bed & opened the window & then shut the door & shook the fire & fixed it up, uncovered birds cages then shook up Elbert’s bed & opened the window & shut the door then took pan of sour milk & went to hen house & looked after hens gritt & mash & gave them a cabbage head & then got the mail. gas booklet.  Wind went S. & is real strong, but not very cold.  Elbert thumbed his way & gotr here at 7-p.m. I finished cutting out my dress & got one stitched ready to bast together & I hope it fits, so it wont take so long to get it & other one done.  before Spring.  I wrote a letter to Ethel & put the handkercheif in it for Laura Ann [not sure if this is Ethel Noderer or another Ethel Elinor mentions, an Ethel Hendrickson] that I crocheted the pink edge on, & I sent money order for my taxes & an envelope for return receipt. 

[Letter from Nellie Harnish to her son John Malcolm Harnish:   Fri. Jan. 10. 1947. Dear Johnny: Received a nice letter from you and marci this morning and this afternoon a letter and card from gannetts and a letter from Bonita.   We surely do appreciate the mail from each of you.    You mentioned that your room rent is $30 for 3 months and your board $84.  Surely that $84 couldn’t be for 3 mos.  How long is it for.  Ella Jane was paying $55 per month for both room and board combined.  But the talk is that it is to be higher this next semester.    I thought that Marci surely put in her application last fall for her place at B.W.  I hope she got in O.K.  Now I am reading your letter of Sun. Jan. 5.   So glad you and Marci are happy.  And I hope you get over your cold and feel up to par for school.   How wonderful that you have a (2.) room in Koeler Hall.   I am sure it is a very pleasant and lovely room.  Yes, Gannetts came to visit us and will be back home when you get this.  We figure they will be home Sat. night.  Their letter today was mailed from Sayer Okla. but they wrote it in Amerillo.  Their card was mailed from Santa Rosa, N. Mex.  We had a nice visit.    We hope that we can all get together for your wedding.  That is a lot of hope but I think it is possible.    Thank you, son, for the compliment on cooking.  I am glad Bonita does so well.  Yes I remember the Vocational Conference.  It is a fine thing.    Bonita told me you went to see Elinor & Elbert.  I do appreciate that very much.  We are glad they are O.K.  Hope the bump doesn’t bother Elbert later on though. I have been in bed 2 days with arthritis.  The rooms are too cold.  Nice & warm tonight though. Love, Mother   I will write Marci very soon.  Give her my love.  So glad you enjoy Avon Church.  I am so happy about you and Marci too.   

Elinor’s Diary Continued: ]   Sat. Jan. 11. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  Elbert went to work K I slept untill something wake me up with a start, but I couldnt see anything or any one, I dressed & started my daily round, I looked after hens & cleaned bird cages & ironed 3. shirts & my dress & skirt & a bread towel & rested 10 or 15 mi.  & tried to sew, but it had clouded up so I couldn’t see to sew.  I fed hens & did outside chores. & got the supper started.  I killed two of those big things they call mosquito hawks (looks like big mosquito) the other day & today  I killed a fly on the south Window in Elbert’s room. S. breeze & warm. Cloudy before dark & it’s quit dark out tonight, it’s been moon for several nights.  Elbert got here 15 to 8-p-m.

Sun. Jan. 12. 1947./ page 1026./ 3. eggs today/  No car so we been home all day & this afternoon Ethel & her husband came in for just one hour, she said, Walter wanted to get back, we had a good visit  she gave me a picture of Laura Ann with her dog & calf[?]  she will be 12. yrs. old tomorrow & she gave me a crocheted yarn holder  a red rose in the center with a creamish white around it & red finish around outer edge  real pretty.  I never use any thing like that, guess I’ll put it in the holder case Bonita gave me & keep them for relics.  Bonita cave me the case when she was in grade school, she went through high school then got married & now has 3. children, twins are 3. yrs. old 8th & 9th of Feb. 1947 & baby 2. yrs. old Jan 27, 1947.  Ethel & her man are looking good & she said hr mother & Laura Ann were well.  Elbert has acted as if his mind wasn’t here or with him, all day, he went out & opened the coop window “by the door ” & then opened south coop door & left them for over an hour with a good N. E. wind sailing right through.  I went to feed hens, when Ethel & Walter left & the poor hens were running around shaking there feathers as if they were most froze & even the rooster, I cried, & prayed God would keep them from getting a cold, Elbert killed my rooster & dressed him, I liked him, he was tame & talked to me & crowed if anything made a noise around the coop.  I still feel so hurt about it, for I’ve taken good care of all of them & they have molted fine & we got 3. eggs today. first 3 birds got between the storm door & house door one Sun. night after we came home from Church, then, Elbert had to put car in for repair, had to get all new engine 4.85 & was in the hospital for exrays, then had to go for back bone ajustments & he still don’t feel right & now what he did to the hens today, my mean, we’ll have to kill them to save them.  I felt all broke up about it wish I had not let him try to look after them   looks as if I’ll have to be on gard all the time in the future.  I don’t know how I can manage to get chicks & feed this Spring, he’s got to pay for the car & that’s going to take time & they say they may be out of work before very long such is life, he got the water & emptied the ashes tonight.  Well, I’m praying & trusting God will come to my rescue.  I know He can. I believe he will. To night Elbert said he lost his license & it had worried him all day, so thats what his mind was on.  I do hope he finds it. 

Sun. Jan.12.1947./page. 1026./ 3. eggs today/  Well he sure is having his troubles, I, am , sorry for him if I had known how worried he was I would have looked after the hens   Well, only thing now is trust & wait, but I hope he wont worry all day Mon. for he can’t find his license untill tomorrow night, if he did leave it where he got his driving permit as he thinks he did, he didn’t look after getting his bill of sale for his car back from Vermilion & i ask him about that 2 or 3 times & he got angry & said they’d mail it to him and I shouldn’t bother, he’d take care of his own affairs, so now he needs it & they have not sent it back & he was to know from the bank last night where it was & the presendent wasnt there as he said he’d be, & the girl didn’t know anything. So he’s been worrying about that untill he’s about sick tonight.  I’m terribly sorry, but he wont let me help him. 

Mon. Jan. 13. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  Elbert went to work K& he found the papers he was rather sure the bank hadn’t sent back to him.  I thank God for that, I Praise Thee Jesus for answering prayer.  Well today Laura Ann is 12. yrs. old & she’s a big girl tall & well built. very fair & black hair, thick & long. she weighed 145 & I weighed 150 when I was 12. yrs. old & was 5 ft. 9 inches.  tall.  Well I carried water & washed, all but Elberts union suit  towel & sleepers, I washed his 2 heavy work shirts his socks & handkercheifs & they & everythings dry except heavy shirt & socks. Winds been S.East all day   I got to set my bread untill noon & it sure did come good & had it all done before Elbert came, he gets here so late, it was 20 minutes to 8-p-m bread was done at 7.  I have dishes done & now I’ll fix fire & go to bed.  Oh how I thank God in Jesus Name for excepting me as one of His children, I thank thank Him for all the many many blessings and even the trials that teach me His ways.  Glory Glory to His Precious Holy Name, I couldn’t live with out my Jesus.  I feel as if I’d been away from Church a year  I hope & can get back soon, I like to be among God’s people, I pray He will reveal to all those of His strengthen there faith & help us to be strong Spiritually and phyically, Amen.  & Glory to God in the Highest. 

Tue. Jan 14. 1947./ 3. eggs today/  Elbert went to see John Warner & paid him 10.00 he owed him, he tried to get him to take 2.00 for interest but John put it back in Elbert’s pocket & said it’s to bad if we can’t be human any more, so Elbert thanked him & said I was hoping to borrow a little more but I’ll pay it back each week untill I had it all paid & John said he was sorry, but he didn’t have it right now, that he was almost 12 thousand dollars in the hole by the time they got started to fish again so after they talked a spell. Elbert went to the Cleveland Trust Bank & got the loan,.

Tue. Jan. 14. 1947/ page 1027/3. eggs today/  Elbert saw Al. Sims before he saw John & told him, he was going to try to get a loan of John & if he couldn’t he thought of going to the Bank, but he didn’t know if he knew any one there any more & he might want Al. to identify him, so, as Al works there, part time, he had it all fixed up when Elbert got back to the Bank, So, now he may get his car Sat.  I hope it may even be sooner than that. for it’s a hard & a long day to go 20 miles & work hard all day & get back that 20 miles at night & do the shopping if he has a chance  it’s 20 mi. to eight when he gets home at night & he leaves 20 mi. past six in the morning. I got up at ten & tried to sew, it’s been a dark, dark, day & it worries me so when I can’t see but I did my usual round & did a little sewing, I’ll keep trying & maybe I’ll get some dressed done before summer.  & now everything’s ready for morning once more & I thank God for all my many blessings.  Winds South West & to warm for winter clothes   I see some house flies out side on the window screen today.  It started to rain at 3-30-p-m it had been so fogy & at 4 it rained hard & again after Elbert got here it poured down, he got the 4-30. bus tonight & came straight through from Lorain, I was so glad he was here at 5-30-p-m, he cought a ride this morn to Vermilion & another to sunny side & cought the buss there & went on, buss was terribly late.  he took his lunch went in a resturant got cup coffee & worked this afternoon. 

Wed. Jan. 15. 1947./ 3. eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I haven’t done much more than my daily round, morning chores & evening chores & a little sewing  to dark to sew.  Elbert came in his own car to night, and got here at 6-p-m  I sure was glad.  It snowed a good finger depth of snow, after Elbert left at 6-20-a-m. & got the buss in about 10. minutes after he got to the highway, he said tonight, WEll. wind was S.W. & very light  warmed up K& snow is most all gone tonight.  I got my tax receipt today, not cold out  I fed hens & emptied ashes & got water & grain for hens for tomorrow, I keep it in here so it’s warm for them. 

Thurs. Jan. 16. 1947./ no eggs today/  Well Elinor is 62. yrs. old today & I never got one card & only one gift that was the little crocheted holder that Ethel brought.  I got my dress basted together today  did my usual round of work & darned two prs. sock & put patches on 3 fingers & thumb of Elberts old work glove, I have to put his union suit to soak tomorrow & wash out the sleepers, pillow case & towels.  I did supper dishes & now I’m going to bed.  Elbert went at 9. oclock but I mended his glove fingers & got to fix fire yet before I can go & I’m tired.  No mail today

Fri. Jan. 17. 1947./ 4 eggs today./  Elbert went to work & it was quite dark this morning S. west wind & chilly  Sun came out at 8.a.m. & staid untill 3-p-m. then it clouded up again.  I carried water & washed out my rags, 3 hand towels & 3 dish towels & my stockings then in fresh water I washed Elbert’s towel pillow slip & sleepers & his two blankets  I still have his union suit

Fri. Jan. 17. 1947. /page 1028/4 eggs today/  & my 2. blankets to wash & some grain bags  hope I get cought up soon.  I wiped the kitchen floor & got supper. Elbert came a little after 6-p-m.  he seemed extra tired tonight.  I got dishes done & bath blankets dried before supper & everything else, but the rags & they are most dry now  I put the meat on to boil & it’s boiling good. so now I guess I fix the fire & hike to bed.  Elbert got a letter from Carl Betz   nice letter telling about his work & the weather & his garden   he said they raised all they had for Christmas dinner in the garden even the goose.  We received a card from Johny Harnish, from Berea Ohio, he’s studying at Baldwin Wallace College there.  he said Gannets had just got home from Aluquerque New Mexico where they had been visiting   Nellie & the girls.  & that they were as well as usual.  I got 2 birthday cards, one from Ethel & one from Georgie R. & I thank God in Jesus Dear name for the strength He gives me & how well he cares for us.

Sat. Jan. 18. 1947./ 4 eggs today/  Elbert went to work it was dark this morning more so than yesterday   I slept untill 9-30 then hopped out & heat the water to wash his union suit & the other 2 blankets & they are dry, but not the suit it’s that stiff heavy old stuff worse than a blanket to handle & wash & wring by hand  I swept all 3 rooms & wiped up dust & took care of hens & birds & got biscuits ready  now to bake at 6-p-m.  It’s been a perfectly beautiful day, no snow. or breeze today untill tonight E. little S.  not cold out & a fly was crawling on the screen today.  Elbert came at 6-30-p-m.  I had biscuits most done & potatoes & he brought veal to fry it was real good with all the rest we had.  Wind’s S. east, mostly east. Well I’ve got to go to Church in the morning.  but don’t know if Elbert will go.  Well, I hadn’t been in bed only 2 or 3 hrs. when Elbert woke up coughing & all stopped up, so, I got up & greesed him & got a flannel on him &K gave him & anicin, crushed with cup of warm water, he went to sleep. 

Sun. Jan. 19. 1947./ 1. egg today/  No Church today  Elbert has doctored his cold allday  he offered to take me but he wasn’t fit to go, he showed by his looks how miserable he  felt, so, I done by him as I’d want to be done by & I do hope & pray God will remove his cold & it’s cause.  It’s been a beautiful day, raw wind S.E. & nice sun, but didn’t thaw much only little on the top snow all gone ground is bare.

Mon. Jan. 20. 1947./ page. 1029./ 3. eggs today./  Elbert’s cold’s so bad & he had to cough so hard, he stayed home & has been in the house all day, sleeping when he could between coughs, I’ve only done my daily round & tried to do what I could for him.  It’s been a stormy day rain & snow tonight, but melted as it fell.  Wind has freshened up quite strong since dark S.W. radio says we are to get a severe drop tonight to 5 below zero.  Elbert has gone to put more freezezone in his radiator   I pray God will pertect his car, it’s the best way for him to go to & from his work & the only way for me to get to Church.  We recieved a letter from Nellie, & one from Laura Ann Bonney telling me she liked the hankie I sent, her & of the other gifts she got & the Christmas Gifts she recieved, also.  Radio told of another air liner burning up & of a ship that was mined & the men took off in the life boats & left the women & children to drown-300 or more   Nellie says she has bought a place & it’s out of town but on the buss line, infact buss goes right past the house, she said there inlaid linonium a Cheif, white enamel stove built in  beds, no table or chairs or mattresses, so She bought mattresses & had the gas man look after the gas & heater to see they were working right & they will “more than likely have to buy dishes & other things.   Well I hope it proves to be O.K. since she never wants to see Ohio again.   Oh, it’s wonderful, they can look down on the town & they can see the mountains & look fare beyond.  God help them.  

Tue. Jan. 21. 1947./ 1. egg. today/  Well, I was up several times last night & heat the hot water bottle for Elbert & put more greese on him & fixed the fire & his cough has eased up a lot, but he’s been out side several times & carried some water & its turned cold as blixon during the night last night & allday today   cold raw puffy wind, it rained then snowed & blowed & been at it all morning   then sun came out  off & on all after noon untill evening   that’s tonight & it’s still blowing & sure is getting colder   radio said 5 below tonight & not much change tomorrow.  It’s 11-p-m & I had Elbert all greesed & hot water bottle on him & now he’s had to get up & go over the hill to the little house, in that cold wind. but now he’s back & only coughed a very little so hope & pray & trust he’ll soon be free from his cold again & I thank God in my Dear Jesus Name, I know they will pray for me at Church to & God & Jesus will hear & answer prayer, I thank Him for all of them & all of His people  Who trust & believe & know Him  Oh Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, Amen.  I pray He will strengthen the faith of each one of His children and help them not to be afraid to step out on His promises & trust Him with all there heart soul spirit mind, & body   He wants us to trust Him fully. He said so. I believe Him.

Tue. Jan. 21`. 1947. / page 1030./ 1. egg today./  I did my daily round & finished mend-ing my corset, & got a garter fixed to go on the corset  I have on, then I basted the inside belt on my house dress, that’s all I got done besides hot drinks & lunches & fixing fire & cleaning up ashes & coal dirt.  Elbert’s thinking of going to the store in Huron in the morning, he wants some meat.  I received a card from Mrs. Frankie Beesie this a.m. 

Wed. Jan. 22. 1947. / 2 eggs today/  Well I got up at 8 & went back & stayed untill 10-a-m then I tumbled out & dressed   washed & combed & cleaned my teeth & put the water on to heat & Elbert went up to Huron for meat   I had the rubbing all done but his handkerchiefs, I finished & he brought 2 pails of water, part of the clothes were dry   when he got here & while I finished & cleaned up he fried some saucage & we had a lunch.  then I rested 15. mi. & got the sewing machine out & stitched the pocket & the yoke & belt of my dress & put the machine away, while I stitched  Elbert cut up a young hen & put it on to cook   it was done at 4-p-m   I made biscuits & he fed hens & done chores out side   then while I basted the braid on my dress he pealed potatoes & so together we got the supper   he made the gravey & took up the supper   I hadn’t eat much today & haven’t been eating enough for the passed week or so   supper was good, meat so tender & sweet.   I washed dishes & he wiped them, it’s been quite cold all day, he bought ham & boiling meat, it’s so cold it will Keep good.  Wind S.W. & radio said wind wouldn’t blow so hard tonight & it isn’t & it seems warmer than last night    I’m going to fix fire & go to bed, got to fix hot water bottle for Elbert to put on his chest, he got more pectoral for his cold, some terpo [likely terpin hydrate :A popular cough medicines in pharmacies for over 100 years was terpin hydrate. It was an expectorant,  to loosen mucus and ease congestion. It was derived from compounds found in plants like oregano, thyme and eucalyptus, and also manufactured from oil of turpentine. This was obtained from the resin of pine trees and used to be applied topically to joints and muscles to ease pain and inflammation  & cough dropps]  I do so wish I could do more for Jesus in some way  He’s so good to me.

Thurs. Jan. 23. 1946. [she means 1947] / 3 eggs today/  Well, I felt so bum I didn’t do only the very most necessary things   Well I did wipe the floor it sure was a mess.   no mail.   Elbert gave the Postman my letter to Nellie & the girls.    I had a wonderful dream this morning early, seemed as if I rented the cottage & Tom Manning had sent the folks to me & then they had a couple that was looking for a house or rooms & so they came & it turned out to be Edd Kendall & his wife & they had another couple in mind & then I had to go to Nellie & the girls for Nellie was in bed & the girls both had to work so they could live & they were having a hard time of it, so Edd had been transferred to Cleveland & he had 2 mo. he wouldn’t be working & he & his wife & baby “who was an orphan of some friends of theres” decided to go with us & there friends came to stay in the house, at last there were 5 couples

Thurs. Jan. 23. 1947./ page 1031./ 3 eggs today/   But only 4 couple to stay here, we had 9 trailers full of things   bedding & blankets table & chairs beds & dishes  my stove & Edd’s ice box & tent  a big one as big as this house 20X30 ft. & a lot of canned stuff tub & wash board our clothes & the hens for one couple had 200 baby chicks about 8 weeks old & his first remark was, he was so happy when he see the Chicken coop.  We got to Nellie’s after a long drive & called E.J. & she came part way & met up & we drove out to where they  were living   Nellie was in bed, but rather happy when she knew we had come & Elbert & Edd & his wife help to get things unloaded & the tent put up & beds set up & every thing in order  while I made hot coffee & got them a hot meal   the hens were as happy to land as we were, we were sure tired.  Nellie was home sick & soon began to feel better with us there & it wasn’t long before we had her up & able to get out doors, & then Edd found me a place to go to Church, they worshiped the same & believed the same & since we went there we took Nellie & at last she turned & the Lord wond-erfully healed her & helped her to see, what she had failed to learn in the passed & then the rest soon fell in line & we were all so happy.  We went to a lake a few miles away where lived a man by a lake, he had some boats & we could catch such good fish there & he was there for his health   he came to see us & he showed the boys how to build a house out of a kind of tree, that cured quick after it was out & sawed in half, he had some sort of clear liquid he painted the yellowish green bark with & he made a plaster tha    of mud thick as it could be bixed  put something in it that made it stick like plaster & they made lath out of little trees the trees grew the same size many feet straight up, so in spare time he & Elbert & Edd made a nice big roomy house & plastered it & later, painted the plaster in pretty collors in the different rooms & we got it fixed up so it was really home like & they made a hen house & park & what hens didn’t lay we ate & in the Fall, when we were coming home Nellie & the girls came & that man staid to look after the place, they rented it while they were home & the man had one room & ate with the renters, & the just before we started home we went to church  I was so happy,. 

Thurs. Jan. 23. 1947./page 1032./ 3. eggs this day./   I shouted Glory to God Hallelujah & it wake me up.  I would be glad to do it all, if it would turn out as well as the dream. 

Fri. Jan. 24. 1947. / 2 eggs today/ I think it’s Pearl Wheelers birthday./  Elbert got up early & went to Lorain & left his car at the garage to have engine tightened up & then went out to the job  got ready to work & they told him he was laid off with several others last Sat. he worked last Sat. & took sure a severe cold, it was a battle to lick it. & he isn’t fit to work but, because of that price  $474.07 cents on the new engine  he paid 100.00 so has 300 & some odd cents to pay yet.  he felt he just had to work, so, now he hunted all day for another job with out luck, he paid up 3 month a head at the bank, so hope he’ll be able to make enough to get at it before 3 mo’s are up.  he got what they call his seperation papers, by mail today & got his money & tools at the job. he got home early, well, I had a fine time mending his dirty union suit   it tore from the crotch down the leg 6 inches then 6 or 7 in. across the back of the leg,  I sewed it together carefullly then sewed a piece of tape over it, to help strengthen it.  then I did a few small jobs of repairs & was just wishing Elbert would come & we’d have a bite & hot cup of tea & when the water started to boil, he knock at the door, so we did have a snack & cup of tea & he told me where he had been & he couldn’t find a job any where, he really bought himself a pr. of pants, part wool, nice looking dark blue with dark brick red hair line,  I have the job of turning up the bottoms & letting out the waist line. &, I got half the supper & he got half & I did the ironing & mended my night gown today, did my usual chores.  It has warmed up a lot today & thawed untill the mud is slippery.   Elbert got another car lisence in the mail, he sent for it, as he had lost the old one.  It’s been a fine day, S.W. plenty strong, & a white sun all day.  

Sat. Jan. 25. 1947./ 2 eggs today.  It’s been a beautiful day, mild, with nice sunshine and a south breeze   I did out all the washing there was left to do, except 2 old wool blankets I used on Elbert for his cold & dried them outside     his underwear didn’t get all dry, but, it is nearly dry now.  I had just got done & partly up when Brother & Sister Gurney came in   we had quite a visit & we had a cup of tea together   Elbert had gone to Huron to get some terpo he had ordered & came back after they had been here only a few minutes.  I received a letter from them this morning    seems I should have got it sooner, well, I’m so thankful to God that He hears & ans. prayers, I had seen her face & believed she was sick so I prayed for her and ask God to send the Power from her head to her feet, so she would know he had healed her & He did Praise His Holy Name  then later again for Mrs Sprunk & she got up & praised the Lord & shouted Glory to His Name & I’ve been praying for Black’s, Cralls, Epplers, & Miss. Clark, & for Rev’s. & Mr. & Mrs. Harwell & Miss. Brown, Tom & his wife & son  Miss. Horning & her husband & children, Paps & there children

Sat. Jan. 25. 1947./ page 1033. / 2 eggs this day./   & All the children & that come to the Sunday school & there parents & for the Hambly’s & there Family’s & it seems God is really ans. prayers for today Rev. & Mrs Gurney said there had been from 50-54 out to Church & that there was as many to prayer meeting Thurs. night   Oh Dear Heavenly Father  I thank Thee in Jesus Name & we give Thee the praise, We know Thee in Jesus Name & we give Thee the praise, we know Thou doth hear an ans. if we stand Wholly for Thee, Oh Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Glory to God, Hosanna to His Name.  Well. I got supper cleaned up    the dishes & now my baath & then to bed.   Elbert brought cream today & a few things to eat. 

[Letter from Nellie Harnish to her son John Malcolm Harnish:   Sat. Jan. 25, 1947. Dear Son Johnny:  It is so nice to get cards and letters from you personally.   Your letters are like sweet medicine.  They take effect right away and we all show immediate improvement.  We all seem so different and so much happier in this little sunshine flooded home.  There is a strong wind again today.  It doesn’t bother me in the least.  The sun is brilliant and the sky so blue.     We are glad you like your new rooms at school too.  But try to stop at Gannetts and Bonita’s as often as possible.  I think they all miss you & Marci a great deal and are rather lonesome.    I sent the pamphlet home to Bonita, of our new home. so after you see it, I want her to mail it to Elinor & Elbert.  (2.) If the radio man wanted to buy the radio, it seems to me he really could fix it.   Else he would not want it.  Make him fix it now you paid him.  I think B.M. would be so glad to have it.  I wish you would read the letters I wrote to Bonita.  So then I wouldn’t repeat.  But if she should plan to leave there I hope we can take care of things.     Mrs. Streiker is expecting to drive a car to Elyria and a new one back beofore long.  I don’t know whether or not she will be alone.     We have talked twice with B.M. and I told her to not be hasty.  but now she has heard from George she has a different attitude.    I still hope & pray that things will work out for them.   I would rather Joyce be there with Bonita than Teddy and his wife.   I don’t want the latter there at all.  The table we bought is gatileg with six leg. to go with it.  one swings out each side to support the leaves.  It is walnut & beautiful.  Have 2 chairs – (3) If she and Joyce should move, I wonder about packing some more of my things.  Maybe the boys are going to send for them.  In my letter she said they weren’t sure where the boys phoned from as they were so sleepy when the call came thru.  We didn’t get our mail today so have to wait until Mon.  I wrote Bonita to send her mail box packed full and in a large enough carton to hold a few things.   It could be sent express if too heavy.  B.B. wants H.B.G. to package and express her little ironing board.   It is at Gannetts now.  We thought the dust mop and the wet mop handle (Stanley) could be put in with the ironing board.  Bonita could pack the egg beater and some things I mentioned with the mail box.  This is city mail delivery by automobile, Maybe you could paint off the name on her maill box with aluminum.  E.J. could paint ours on it. (4.) hence the rural boxes.  I have just written to Marci.  Tell me if she gets it O.K.  We are thinking a great deal of the wedding.   Hope you can let us know when you get plans made definitely.   Will it be a big wedding and are you coming out here for a trip after it.  Or shall we plan a little bit on it.  Any way will be O.K. with us.   We are very interested naturally.     Brice was here two nights for dinner but he thought he shouldn’t come the second night.   But we were real glad to have him.   I know you would all like him.  He is a fine, clean boy, always going to church services.  I wrote four letters yesterday. one was to Bonita, 1 Stoughtons, 1 Baldwins & one to Elinor & Elbert.   Glad you aare over your cold.  Loads of love, Mother & the girls always looking for mail. I always thought the girl in the picture was Marci’s cousin. 

Elinor’s Diary Continued:]   Sun. Jan. 26. 1947./ 1. egg today/  Well, we went to Sunday school & Church then we came home ate dinner & then went to see Bonita & Mrs. Beese.   I sure had a good visit with Mrs. Beese she had a nice long letter from Ralph Ward “typed” & she had wrote me a letter & told me to come so as Elbert could go   we did   we had a cup of coffee & bite of lunch with her & then run off & left her to clean up the muses, she’s real spry for 82. yrs. & I’ve been praying God would help her to learn His ways & Praise His Holy Name, He lead the way, a woman she knews ask her to go to the Elyria 4 Square Church & she said she said she expriranced some thing new    that she couldn’t explain, so I testified to her & she began to understand.  I pray that woman will take her many times untill she really does understands.  Oh, praise God in Jesus Name.  Bonita wasnt home so we went on to Mrs Beese’s & then we stopped at the way back & she was there & an other woman, Mrs. Dean   the wife & the 3 children of the man Geo. was working with & between the two I learned that the two men had run off to go to the west coast 3 weeks ago & 

Sun. Jan. 26. 1947./ page 1034/ 1 egg today. /  they haven’t heard from them since & Mrs Dean is work in a shop & Bonita takes care of the 6 babys & does the house work & washing ironing & general house work   Mrs Dean does the cooking or helps as much as she can when she gets home & it’s a sad picture.  when we went in they had the 5 children round the table feeding them, the baby was in a little bounce chair & they said they thought they would be able to make a go of it but it was sure a hard scrabble & they were talking of putting the kids to bed & then going out to a show, I was horrified.  We came back to Vermilion to Church & then home. I sure feel sick & tired, but trust My Jesus Will take care of me.  We took cabbages beets & carrots to Bonita. 1. qt. of preaches Apricots to Mrs. Beese & gave the loaf of Bread to the wife.

Mon. Jan.27. 1947. /3. eggs today./ Nelson’s birth day he is 2. yrs. old./  Elbert went clear down, about 3 miles the other side of Avon.   he got back about 1-p-m   I had the washing about 2/3 done & he washed & sudsed & wrinsed his heavy under wear.  I washed a wool blanket   hung it out & got it dry   sun came out early & went down in a bank of clouds tonight   wind was south untill 4-p-m & went S.west, been strong all day.  Elbert did a lot of walking, trying to find work.   but no work yet.  So we are both tired    He fixed the dinner, & I helped & same way for supper & now I did dishes & am soon coming to bed tired hoping to get up rested & Elbert gave the Dentist my five dollars, on my teeth out of my check & I have 10.00 yet to pay.  It’s to warm for this time of year, frost about all gone out of dirt. now .

Tue. Jan. 28. 1947./ 2. eggs today. /  Pa’s birthday  he’d be 86./   Well, I didn’t get much done today.  Elbert went to Vermilion & I slept late.  I set bread & made 2 tins of biscuits & 1. little loaf. & I cut off bottom legs of his pants,  the new ones & turned them up & then let out seam in back 3/4 way to crotch & he put them on, guess he was really sick of the old ones at last “they” the old ones, were to rotten to hold the thread any more.  

Tue. Jan. 28. 1947./ page 1035./ 2. eggs this day./  Well, it’s been to warm, but tonight it’s colder & at 10-p-mit’s snowing & the wind seems to be N. a little & more to the east.  Elbert sold 2. doz. eggs for 60 cents per. doz. today.  I gave the Preachers 2. doz. Sat.  a tin of biscuits & a can of apricots & a can of pears. & Sun a loaf of bread.  I carried all those pears & cheeries up & put them in my close closet & they walked off   I can’t see who could have taken them, I told Elbert I put them there & they were gone, so soon, I like pears & so after all that work I am deprived of even a few pears.  I’m sure they go out the door & I said so & he said, it looked that way.  I can’t understand how anyone can be so deceitfull and it sure does make me so angry, if it’s anything I like or en-joy    it’s sure to disapear.  God Knows & I’m thankful for that.  Elbert cleaned up the cabbages in the coop today & put sand on the floor & he cleaned up part of the ones down stairs & I don’t know what else.  He took back some rotten boiling beef, he got at Nagles in Vermilion & got some more, but it didn’t look very good either.  Well, we got a letter from Nellie today, she says she feels better since they moved & has been up & dressed every day, & hopes to be able to get a little more done now she’s more comfortable.  They only have a house and lot as I understand it.  a small house a kitchen bath with toilet & 3. beds she bought a table & 2 chairs & still uses boxes to sit on.  Good  Year is putting up houses there & hers is one of them & her stove came from Detroit, she said it was like mine, & so now they had begun to live better   being by themselves again.  Bonney has been keeping company with one of there neighbor boys there for some time & he brings eggs to them & she said she thought that Bonita would make out O.K.   there is something queer about her story & the one Bonita & her woman friend told me, but maybe Bonita hasn’t told her mother the whole story yet.  

Wed. Jan. 29. 1947./4. eggs today/  It’s been a dark gray day, raining early in the evening turning to snow later, & is still at it & it’s colder & a strong wind wind still N east.   I had a queer spell today   drank some tea with a little bottled milk in it & had to throw it up, felt so bad I laid down for 2. hrs.  I prayed & prayed & thanked God & Praised him for the right for truth & His Love & ask Brother & Sister Gurney to pray for me  I know they did & I thank them & Our God more than I’ll ever be able to tell & I also thank Him that Ralph is O.K. & I’m so sorry for them that must be told the sad news of there Missionarys.  I pray God will comfort them Who mourn the loss here of those He took, for He knows how much we miss our loved one’s.  I Know He understand’s He came to comfort me & He still comes to help me in such a lot of ways & I thank

Wed. Jan. 29. 1947./ page. 1036/ 4. eggs this day/  Him & Praise Him for ever & ever Amen. I haven’t done much today, took care of beds & aired rooms & cooked one meal & Elbert fixed the vegetables & put them in the meat broth for our supper   We cut them in small pieces like peas & use a can of peas, beans, corn, 3. onions  2. small potatoes & 4 or 5 small carrots & a cup & a half of speggetti & seasoning.  some times I use lima beans in place of caned string beans & sometimes I take out into another stew pan about what we will eat for a meal & put in a little cabbage & a little chilli sauce. & a gain I use a can of brown kidney beans in the place of the other beans & sometimes I use a few string bean & a few either lima or the brown Kidneys & sometimes a little cellery & sometimes I change it by using some tomatoes in place of chilli S. & sometimes I use macaroni or noodles in place of speggetti.  it’s good anyway, and fills one up.  a small hot pepper or garlic to is good. 

Thurs. Jan. 30. 1947. / 4. egg today. /   I have been feeling punk all day & only done just what had to be done   was raining & cloudy all morning & up till after noon the sun came out for a very short space of time  it clouded up at 4-30-p-m & a black one went down the lake part of it came over us & it rained.  Radio said same kind of weather tomorrow only its going to get cold tonight & stay cold tomorrow with snow instead of rain. & they have been having snow & rain & tornadoes al around up kill-ing & injuring people.  Elbert hasn’t felt so good & I’m glad he has been home, for his sake & mine.  I recieved a letter from Sleepy Hollow N. Y.   Am wondering who sent my name in to them for a book that I’m to pay for.  I got another book from DeHaan today & they are good. 

Fri. Jan. 31. 1947./ 1. egg today./  Wyn Grant’s birthday 72 yrs. old today.  It’s been colder today, tried to snow several times today.  I tried to sew, but didn’t make much headway, got neck baisted & ready to stitch & sleeves basted in & hems basted in & skirt trimed & ready to stitch, then I’ll have buttons, holes & snaps to sew  it will be done, and I sure do need it if ever I did.  I thank God for His people & for those Who believe & can shed more light on His word that I can understand it better & I thank Him that He helps me to understand & I wish I were as true & good in every way as Daniel was & I pray God will in Jesus Name for-give me my sins & help me to be more as He would have me to. be. I give Him all the Praise & Glory, for it trully belongs to Him, for ever and ever, Amen. I can’t understand a lot of things but I know He knows & He takes care of His own, no matter what the other fellow says or thinks or does.  I did my

Fri. Jan. 31. 1947/ page 1037. / 1 egg today/  daily round of house work. but Elbert did all the outside chores I haven’t felt so good since last Sun. got to tired.  sun shone here at intervals today even while it snowed. 

[Letter from Nellie Harnish to her son John Malcolm Harnish:   Fri. Jan. 31, 1947. Dear son:  No letter this week from you and none for two days from Bonita.  Guess I expect too much mail.   We get our mail out here now.  One of our neighbors let us use their box.   We are hoping will send us her mail box which is on a standing there in the basement.  There are several things we have asked her to send.   Maybe you or Herman will take it to mail or to the express office.  We would be very thankful for Bonney’s little ironing board which is at Gannetts.  They are very high in price & we don’t want to buy one new.   I thought the dust mop & dusters etc(2) could be packed in with it   It would have to be crated in a carton or box of some kind.   Well, exams will be finished here tomorrow morning.  Some of them have been as early as 7.a.m.  Brice had to go Wed. morning when B.B. went to work.  He had exam at 7 and she had to be at work at 7.     He has a cute little dog, tan & white, named “Dussty” She is real cute.  He brings her over sometimes.  How is Jiggs & did you get his licence on time?   How is my business coming along.  I hope it is finished up soon.  Write when you can.  I know you are busy.  Loads of love and best wishes from Mother & the girls.   Glad you & Marci are happier.(3) guess I thought I had finished my space.  Did any word ever come about the “stone “ after you send it back? I hope it can be up before decoration day this year.  Do you ever see Jim & Hazel or everyone else?    We enjoy the Newspapers Herman & Grace send.  I see in one that Judge Webber is 95 yrs old and he spoke at the meeting which was held concerning a new addition on a new Court House.    He was a graduate of B.W. in 1876 and began law practice in Elyria that year.  He is still pretty active and goes for a walk every day & types.   We enjoy the papers very much. I had a real nice letter from Aunt Bea and one from Aunt Vivian too.(4) I guess Bonita is pretty busy with five in the nursery. She says she isn’t telling yet where George is at but she hears from him.  We did have at least 3 letters from her this week.  I will write a few lines to Herman & Grace.  We surely enjoy their faithful letters.  You must all get together & tell what’s in my letters or read them so I wont repeat in each one.    Johnny, I sure miss you more than I can say.  Sometimes I am very lonely but guess I can stand it.  I like it out here.  Read in the Cronicle that an Elyria visiting in Los Angeles said it has rained for 8 days.  But the Rio Grande is about to flood over. 

Elinor’s Diary Continued with February 1947:]

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