July 1950

Sat. July. 1. 1950./ 40.y.p.-2-H-eggs today./  Another nice day, partly cloudy, North east wind & so cool & I haven’t done much today    I was out side for a little while but had to work and wash dishes & wipe up dust & then Elbert went with papers & beets & cooked greens for supper,    Elbert has hoed & got his garden all spick & span for, he can’t work tomorrow, it’s Sunday & we have to go to Church & the traffic is bad, for Tue. is the 4th of July. & the cars are going & coming & I’ll be glad when they are all settled for work again.    We re- cieved a card from Audrey & she’s been out to Nellie’s & she see, the baby boy, of Johny & Marcie’s  Nellie’s grand-son & Audrey’s great nephew & ours.    Bonney Bell & her Joe tried twice & got 2 girls & hope to receive there boy in Aug. & here we are in another war.    Elbert says, the flower seeds are up that we planted last week. Mon. June. 26.    I do hope they all grow & bloom.    Audrey said she might be out this week.    So, Ill have to try to wipe off

Sat. July.1.1950./ page. 2620./ 40.y.p. -2-H-eggs this day./ the kitchen floor & clean up a little if I can,    my feet pain me so bad,    it’s terrible when I stand on them just a little while.    Well I praise God I can still walk & pray He will continue to heal them, in Jesus Name.    I know he is able, Glory to His Name.

Sun. July. 2. 1950./ 37y.p. -2-H-eggs today./ Well, Praise God we got to Sunday school & Church this morning & Church tonight,    & the traffic is bad, but not as bad we had ex- pect,    we were blessed & I praise God in Jesus Name Glory, Glory Hallelujah,    We Praise Thee Jesus & Thank Thee for all things.     It’s been partly cloudy with a cool South West breeze. 

Mon. July 3. 1950./ 39.y.p. 3. H.- eggs today./  Well of all things if Ethel didn’t pop up this morning,    I felt rather bum so was just laying there resting & thinking about getting up for Elbert had goen down in the basement to clean out,    then I heard them talking & so I got up & dressed & washed & then she & Elbert came in,    Walter went up to Huron to fish off the pier,    Elbert went to in a few minutes & got a pk. of fish all perch    he dressed enough for dinner,    I put the potatoes on & warmed the beets & fried two pans of fish   made the coffee & we ate,    he went out & finished cleaning & then came in & visited some & got ready to go with the papers but Walter came & they went     he didn’t even get out the car,    he doesn’t look very well & the Dr. told him he was working to hard.    So they decided to come back & visit among friends & his & her relatives,    he likes to fish & hunt.    Well, I gave her the last baby voilet plant that had just begun to bloom & a Christmas cactus & a few slips & some slips & envelopes for the work basket, if she & her friend send a dollar she’ll get a lot of patters of all sorts tatting, crochet, embroidery, & quilt work & lots of other things.    She’s well & healthy & says her mother is well & Laura Ann Walter & Ethel were going to Elyria & he hoped to go fishing to- night with the man where they were stoppiing & tomorrow they were going to Cleveland to the ball game & then I don’t know if they were going back home, or what they were going to do.    Well, I only did my usual round.    It’s been mostly cloudy & rained a hard shower before supper & while we ate and again after supper & now at bed time it’s lightening & thundering, but, not severe.    I thank God my Heavenly Father in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for my salvation & His tender love & care of us,    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray THou will make it possible for me to get fill with Power from on High & Praise Thee in Spirit & Truth, Amen

Tue. July. 4. 1950./ page. 2621./ 38.y.p. -2-H-eggs today./ It’s been a very quite forth,    not much fire works here but they are fighting on the other side & lots of talk a- bout peace, just as Jesus said, when they all talk peace the end was near even at the door     May God help us in Jesus Name, Amen.    We have been home all day, Audrey said she would be out one day this week & we sort of thought it would be today,    but not a soul came.    I had a bad dream,   seemed some one called Snyders & ask them to tell us to come right over to Nellie’s & when we got there the children each had a bucket of warm water to take there bath & go to bed    George & Bonita Jr. had gone up stairs & Nelson was crying his eyes most out, as I met him in the living room    he said the other two had gone up stairs & left him    I ask about the bucket of water & he said they couldn’t use the bath room tonight,    he said grandma was sick & wouldn’t talk to them, never, any more, and I said now auntie will give you your bath & see that the other two get theres & maybe it wont be so bad if you get in bed & go to sleep & don’t make a noise, everything might be better in the morning     I hope it will, so I washed Geo. & Bonita & then went up stairs & talked to Nelson, he was crying again    I told them storys & they were soon asleep & I went doen & Bonita said mom is asking if you come,   so I went in    she was very weak, but ask me to pray for her,    Elbert came in & then Johny     we gathered about the bed    I took her hand in mine & Prayed & prayed untill at last God sent the power & she got it to & smiled & said it’s all right now     then we thanked God & praised him in Jesus Holy Name that all well was well with her soul & she was gone      Bonney Bell & Joe came to late to talk to her & Ella Jane came for the funeral    Live looked hard for Bonita, but we stayed with her for awhile & then I got a good christian woman to stay with her & get her to Church & prayer meeting & she began to mend & get out of the tide,    it will be hard to loose her, but I pray God’s will be done in all things.    It rained hard from dark untill most day

Tue. July.4. 1950./ page. 2622./ 38.y.p.-2-H-eggs this day/ light & rain sunk in about 2 in.    I wondered if everything would be washed out the way it came down,    but it didn’t ,    been very cloudy most of the day. & quite.    They have said at last, they feel the war will get worse instead of better.    I have felt as if today was Sunday & I ought to go to Church & Elbert said he felt that way to.    He did some mowing this morning    I did the ironing & we have done our usual round of duties.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for my healings & strength, Amen.    Glory to God in the Highest  I Praise Thee Jesus.    My Check came yesterday from Soldier’s Releif yesterday for which I am very greatful & thankfull, to them & God.   We see the little plants are up from the flower seeds & look good. 

Wed. July.5. 1950./ 30. y.p. 3-H-eggs today./  Well, it rained untill 9-a-m. then cleared off.    after dinner a man & a little boy came here     they slept out & were soaked, this a-m    they built a fire by the rail road track & dried there clothes.    the boy is 11 yrs. old & the man 53. yrs.   they went to Cleveland    bumed a ride & walked to visit a brother or sister, for he wanted to get the boy away from home,    he said the Dr. told him to go for a mo. or so,    his home 9. room burned up & his wife, “who was helpless with infantile par- alise couldn’t move her arms or legs” & his barn a team of horses, his cows & over a 150 shoats & hots, all the out buildings everything they had except what they had on, two trackers & his car,     it seems rather queer some how,    he was in world war one & only has one lung & one bad foot    he has been a brick layer he said & had just got things coming his way when this thing happened 3 or 4 weeks ago.    the little boy can hardly talk about it, but some how it seems queer,    some of the story is confusing or complicated.    We are letting them sleep in the building we call the cottage & he & Elbert took down the chimney to the roof, this evening & now they think it will be better to lay it up with brick & put fire clay tile inside for a liner, that’s going to cost, to much, but looks like we have no chose.    I only hope we can get the brick & tile     so much building building going on,    brick & tile are hard to get.    Well, Elbert has to go with eggs in the morning,    I don’t know if they will go with him or not.    I wrote a card to Marcie & one to Audrey & one to Corset shop & Elbert mailed them & I got the letter ready to go for the spray we wanted to get, it will be Aug. I guess, by the time we get it,    he didn’t get the money order tonight, for Post office was closed, papers were late, he didn’t pay for the hen yet “the paper man.”    I thank God for our blessing

Thurs. July. 6. 1950./ page. 2623./ 37.y.p. -3-H-eggs today./ Well, Elbert sold eggs & got back at noon, 23. doz. eggs 50 cents per. doz. & bought a bag of mash & one of grain 8.48 & he ordered brick for the chimney,    these blocks are not very good looking, not as firm & strong as they should be,     so we will have the brick to pay for,    he’s going to take the blocks back & alow us the price on them, on the brick, which cost a- bout 23.00 more,    I don’t know how we will ever make it but hope we can.     This man & boy are here yet & he helped Elbert take down the old chimney & they are now ready to lay up the new one, as soon as brick come tomorrow.    it’s a terrible mess & I’ll be glad when it’s over.    Elbert’s so tired he aches & so is Mr. Hamond,    Mr. H. went over & worked for John Snyder after supper,    John told him he’d give him 6.00 to finish the windows & put on the cornish & before John left he came & gave me the 6.00 & said     When H. had the work done to give him the money.    The little fellow almost chokes when he talks of home & his mother     he’d like to go home then he thinks of mother & everything gone poor child.    Well, I thank God He is able to do all things. & I Praise Him for His love salvation & care in Jesus Blessed Holy Name;    I thank Him for my healings & strength for I sure am tired tonight.    But I thank Thee Jesus.

Fri. July 7. 1950./ 38.y.p. 2-H-eggs today./ Well, I did the wash     Elbert & Mr. Hamond & the boy went to Huron to get fish & so they could look around a little,    he & Elbert got the chimney most done & hope to finish tomorrow,    they both ach so bad they could hardly eat there supper & me, well, I got there supper & after they had all gone to bed I swept & washed up the dishes & it’s now 10- p- m. my feet are buzzing half way to my knees but I thank God for the strength He has given me & us,    I washed the little boys suit & under wear & mended his pants   got him washed & read for bed,    he’s not much biger than little Geo. & Bonita, he’s so small for 11. yrs. old.

Fri. July. 8. 1950./ page 2624./ 38.y.p. -2-H-eggs today/  I received a card from Nellie & she hopes to come back for another few day    how am I, or What am I to do     if I had another room & I wish so much I had.    but I don’t know what to do since the war is getting worse.   Well, I thank God for saving my soul & trust Him for the power to praise Him in Spirit in Jesus Name.    I love Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things.    Blessed Jesus. 

Sat. July. 9. 1950./ 35-y.p. 2-H-eggs today./ Well, they finished the chimney    it isn’t a first class job but maybe it will do.    I’m sick tonight to tired.    I ironed 1/2 doz. pieces  cooked to meals & baked 3 tins of bread biscuits & the 11. yr. old boy, is like a child of 7.    I gave his father 10 dollors for laying the chimney    it isn’t very even but per-haps it will do,    I don’t like it but maybe Elbert can smooth & even it up with a coat of cement by & by,    they made a terrible dirty streak on the roof,    pa & I did a good clean even job.    Elbert but it’s hard on the men they both had cramps, & Elbert had the hens & all the odd jobs to do & went to Vermilion twice;    My bowels are on the bum & I wanted to go to Vermilion to Church & Sunday school in the morning & I don’t know if I can,    I’m sorry for the man & his son & hope they can find a way to earn a living but he ought to take what money he has & go home, if he’s going, before he spends it & don’t have enough & it’s a sin to walk that boy all the way back to uper Michigan.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Dear Name for my blessings, Amen.   

Sun. July.10. 1950./ 41.y.p. -2-H-eggs today/ I wasn’t able to go to S. school or Church all day.    Mr Hamond & the little fellow said some one was here before we were up & drove up to the back door,    but, they didn’t wake us up so we don’t know who it was.    after noon, Martha, Merlin, Audrey & Jean Ann came in    I wasn’t up, was sick alnight & am still sick today .    but I got up     Audrey brought us a phylco radio   its real clear toned.    They took Nellie’s back with them    I gave Jean a piece of dress goods for her & Joan & Audrey some dishes & slips of plants,    Merlyn brought a power lawn mower & cut the grass on Sun. Well, What a body going to do about it    seems every one does the things I don’t want done.    Well, then I had to get a bit of dinner & then supper & seemed as if I just couldn’t do it but now it’s over & dishes done & I’m going back to bed.    I thank my Father in heaven in Jesus Name for all things; Amen.

Mon. July. 10. 1950./ page/ 2625./ 38-y.p.- 2.H-eggs today/ WEll, I felt bad all night and all day today but Ive cook two meals and washed the dishes & cleaned up some of the messes [note there is code of some sort here, just above “some of the messes]  & I feel all in tonight.    I couldn’t sleep, I felt so bad.    I received a card from the Corset shop     they want 2. doz. eggs.  when I go, & I can’t go untill Wed, Fri. or Sat.    I feel as if I might pass out tonight and I did last night also.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all my blessings, Amen. 

Tue. July. 11. 1950./ 41:y.p. 3-H-eggs today/ WEll, I did the washing & cooked 2 meals & I’m tired.    I had planed on going to prayer meeting, but didn’t make it    Elbert’s as nerveous as a hen on a hot Johny Cake,  another very queer thing happened today    the Lord spoke to me about my pocket book “a little perse I carry in my pocket”    I had put it under my plate & put the plate just so.    & only Elbert was in the house    I should have taken care of it when the Lord told me to look after it,    so a pin is missing   a little pin Frank gave to me    I don’t know how valuaeable it was,    it was pretty    had little dimonds on it.    Well that’s one more lesson,    I suppose the Devil will be getting his own before long, tonight    Harmon took a hoe out the grainery with out asking to use  took it to use, if they had all I have they’d want to take my life for some unknown reason all there own,     I trust Elbert to look after things but so long as it isn’t his it seems to be O.K. with him.    John Snyder got Hamond to hoe for him & so he just took the hoe with out asking for it to do John’s hoeing.    Well he can furnish his own tools    mine are all most worn out    he wouldn’t pay for the hoe or buy a new one if anything happen to Mine that it got broke.    I don’t owe the Snyder’s anything but they owe me a heap of apoliges,    Well, I’ll be glad when they are on there way home again,    seems as if it’s hard to find an honest person any more.    I hope & trust God will in Jesus Name fill me that I may be all His,    Jesus please help me to get rid of all the evil in this house   I pray Thou wilt. Amen. 

Wed. July. 12. 1950./ 35-y.p. 2-H-eggs today–/ Well, I tried to sew    only got 6 or 7 hand kercheifs & 2. dish towels & run out of thread   got  had dinner & Mrs. Eppler & Mrs. Sprunk came in & talked & visited an hour or so & then I got supper    went out side for a little while then see that the little boy got washed & ready for bed    then I washed dishes & got my self ready for bed &

Wed. July. 12. 1950./ [no page number 2625] /35. y.p.-2-H-eggs today./ I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for the interest Sister Eppler has taken in me and that she came clear out here to see us.    Elbert gave her a few fish all fried,    While we were out side gathering flowers Mrs. Sprunk were in the house & she was having a good visit & eating fish, so he gave Mrs. Eppler 6 or so to take home,    they said Miss Clark is sick   heart & maybe other causes.    I thank my Heavenly Father for His wonderful love & care of me in Jesus Dear Blessed Holy Name for all things great or small & I pray I may live His way & be as near holy as possible for His Name’s sake  I love & Praise Thee. Amen. 

Thurs. July. 13. 1950./ 42.y.p.-1-H-eggs today/ Well it’s been quite cool & rained a shower or so this noon     Elbert sold all the eggs 21. doz. all but 3 doz. sold for 55 cents & the 3 doz. for 45 cents & he spent all but 6.84 of it.    he gave that to me & knows he’ll get it back for this or that.    He didn’t get home untill 12-40-p-m. then we cooked dinner I had the cabbage & potatoes done, but he brought pork shoulder & I had to fry it & before we could get our dinner eat Vernie came in to see what we were eating & then his father came in & Vernie said to Elbert “you’re tricky, but I know you had ice cream last night”   well Elbert was sure mad,    he Knew the kid had been told to say it,    I had given him a piece of pork be fore his father came in & Elbert said, I got a right to buy what I please & eat the same way,    they stick so close & stick there nose in where they have no right, even in our personal affairs,    so When the father & Elbert went out  I told Vinnie Elbert was mad “as they express it” at him so he’d best be more careful,    they sneak in like an indian & so I hook the door when Elbert goes with thte papers & the Mr tried to pull the screen open & after Elbert started with the papers he almost run for the grainery,    he had set the  [?fyn] inside     I don’t know what for but I had taken it out & snaped the lock    we are thinking of going to Elyria in the morning early & I hope they don’t get into anything while we are gone    I’d like to have some trust worthy person to watch but I will trust Jesus to take care of every thing untill we get back, and hope we wont be gone long.    Mr. H. took the old fire pot that was in the cottage & made a stove to cook on & he cooks there meals out there,    I’m begining to believe he has a bad temper.   He has 180 acre farm in Michiigan near Soo. or upper pen. . near the Indain reservation.    Well I do hope God will help everything to be O.K.  & that I can get the things all 

Thurs. July.13. 1950./ page. 2626./ 42-y.p. 1-H-eggs this day./   done that I want to do.    but it seems when I go it’s hurry up  so I can’t even enjoy going,    & now we got these two here,    I wouldn’t mind if they knew there place & kept it.    The paper man was here yesterday to talk to Elbert about the stopping untill he could get his old age pen- sion through,     again, he said he’d find out & let him knkow.    I thank God in My Jesus Name for everything Amen.   I got my tax blank 9.25, hope I don’t have to pay it.    it’s so cool it’s shivery tonight.

Fri. July. 14. 1950./ 33.y.p. 1-H-eggs today./ Well it’s been a fine day    warm sun but so white     & cool breeze, to cold for gardens at night & they are not growing very fast, been tomatoes on the vines for a month & not big enough to eat even if they were ripe, but they are still very green.    What’s the use working so hard to make a garden & not giving it fertilizer water or lime?   I’ll sure enough be glad, When Mr Hamond & his son move on & pray God will ease the tension on my nerves soon,    I have all I feel able to endure with out them.    Mrs. Eppler & Roney came just as we were trying to eat our supper,    we gave them each a piece of short cake    they said they had there supper but enjoyed the short  cake.    She came the other day just to ask us to go to the Sunday school picknic & forgot to ask us,    so came back today to ask us,    Well I don’t want to go, under circumstances,    so, Elbert says he’s going to the fish house in the morning.    I wrote & ask if I had to send the relief board the 35.00 back since the goverment check came today. & I ask, if I had to pay the taxes, for the tax blank has come also.  We are sure in a mess.    Elbert’s blank didn’t come yet.    I made 8 jars of current jam last evening & we had planed on going to Elyria this a-m. but I felt as if I couldn’t go.    I washed out the few remaining dirty pieces & got them dried & then felt so sick to my stomach,    Elbert’s so nervous, he wants me to hurry up & do this & that & then eh’s impedent to says thing with a snear & gets things all mixed up when anyone comes in & he starts telling them things as if he was afraid someone else might get ahead of him.   I sure get

Fri. July.14. 1950./ page. 2627./34.y.p. -2-hens eggs this day/ so vexed at all the terrible wickedness, lies, & excuses, Oh God help me & keep me in Jesus Name I ask, Amen. 

Sat. July. 15. 1950. 32.y.p. -2H-eggs today/ new moon/ Well I managed with lots of grunts and groans to sweep both bedrooms dust & wipe up the floors, get supper do the dishes & ironed my dress, 2 peticoats, Elberts shirt  the table cloth & under cover & my feet hurt all most unbearable     now I’ll read & go to bed for I have to get up & take a bath & go to Church,    I forgot to take care of the piece of pork shoulder Elbert brought for dinner tomorrow,    so I left my writting to sear it over & start it cookiing & my poor feet    I can’t begin to tell you how they pain me.    I got the dope I sent for plant spray, bustiem & root grower, today while all 3 had gone to fish house for fish    they didn’t get any.    Well it been a hot sun & cool very cool breeze, all day & it’s cool tonight.    I thank & Praise my Father in Heaven for all things & trust & pray He will have mercy on me & stamp me with the Seal of promose & I will give Him all the praise forever in Jesus Holy Name.    I gave Vernie a bath to his waist line & he washed up to his knees, so he wont have much more to do & then I washed out his shirt & dried it & he went over in the corn field & threw dust in a circule all over him after being told at least a doz. time to Keep clean now for it’s most bed time,    he’s 11. yrs. old & needs a slat on his seat 111 times a day,    he misses his play things, but he’s sure old enough to do what he ought to after being told so many times,    his dad wrote & ask about his insurance & he said he had told them to send it to Wayne Indiana & they said they had sent it, as he said, to his sister there, 48 hundred & 15 dollars,    so when he has John Snyders work done, John said he’d pick him up & take him on his caboose to Toledo Ohio where he hopes to visit another sister & then go on to Indiana    I’ll sure be glad when they are on there way,    they are not very tidy & the building where they sleep is a fright.   & all around the door & where they cook,    I give them some things     they can’t cook much out there, & Vernie eats in here once a day at least    he has a nasty temper and a mean way in showing it,    he knows the screen is hooked    he’ll pull & let it slam & they both seem to think we ought to jump & run when they yell.

Sun. July. 16. 1950./ page. 2628./ 36.y.p. 1.-H-eggs today./  Well I really got off to Sunday school & Church & home again & Elbert’s head has been bad all day & he didn’t feel like going back to night so here we are    Vernie went to S. school & church with me & Elbert & V’s, father went to the beach, then came back & we came home.    I wish so much I could go to church    I don’t get away very often & then it’s rush over & back & E. usually feels bad one way or another & sometime irtable.   Well, I’m so happy & thankful I could go this morning.    I do Praise the Blessed Holy Lord God of Hosts in Jesus Name.

Mon. July. 17. 1950./ 40.y.p.-1-H eggs today./ WEll, today’s been a great day    I got up late & had just got out to get things going for dinner when the two Miss. Clark’s came in & we had a cup of tea all round & then I tried to make biscuits & Miss Lidda talking & I got a little to much crisco in & then she kept telling me I had to much water, but they were good    & I had a small round short cake,    & I made a one of raspberries & warmed up potatoes & beef & cabbage & they seemed to make out a meal    Miss Eleanor & Elbert walk all around the place then we ate dinner.    & had hardly finished when Mr Hamond had to walk in & start talking as big a cuffy[?] to Elbert about his job & that John give him 35.00 & gave the kid 60 cents what change he had in his pocket    Elbert got him out,    John Snyder drove in & he told him & got up & went with him then the kid stuck around & got in as soon as the screen was unhooked so he could, as if he had a perfect right.    I’ll sure be happy.    I don’t mind helping people, but I like to have them kknow there place & keep it.    but he laughs as if it were smart & funny to be iriitating, & worry us.    Miss Clarks are going to Chicago to visit there brother who isn’t very well,    Miss Lidda isn’t very well either   her bowels haven’t moved for 5 days she said, & it effects her heart.    Well, I have felt so bum, & now Elbert wants to go to Elyria in the morning,    I don’t feel able to go,    & so by morning maybe we wont.    Eleanor told Elbert she didn’t believe I’d live very loong I looked so white & miserable,    Well, God knows [?] and I thank Him & Praise Him, for I know He knows althings& He hears & answers prayors    I prayed if it were possible he would help me, that I need not have to give back the 35.00

Mon. Jully. 17. 1950./ page. 2629./ 40.y.p.-1-H-eggs thiday/ dollars the releaf board gave me & today I received a letter stating I need not send it back,    I know God heard & ans. my prayer    Jesus, Wonderful Jesus, Who hears the cries of His children and takes care of them,    now I have to cry for the promise of the Spirit to be made whole in Jesus Name Glory to God in the Highest     I love Thee Jesus & pray I may do Thy Will & not mine, Amen    It’s been terrible hot today then we had a shower or two & a good breeze.

Tue. July. 18. 1950./ 41y.p.-1.-H-eggs today/  It’s been one of those tiresome days, when we set down to eat the man or boy come in 2 or 3. times to see what we are eating & he’s eat up with that strong tobaco,    his breath is as bad as his pipe, it makes me sick,    he’s got the corn crib  well on the way & he can’t get done to fast to suit me,    he uses our tools & Elbert’s careless about looking after them & he leaves the grainery unlocked & they walk right in & help them selves & if they don’t make off with something it will be a wonder,    they have 3 wool blankets  1. cotton one & the old quilt & a pillow & the back yard is filthy .    tobaco papers & boxes & food papers & cans & today another man came & ask if he could rent the shed when the other 2 were out & he’s a smoker    when he come back I’ll tell him “No.”  I told him today but he said he’d be back so if he bothers, I’ll set the police on him    I couldn’t bear the looks of him,    he says he gets 100. pension a mo. & earns enough for his meals room & smokes working for Charles Ruggles, mowing picking up papers  scrubbing park chairs & benches & doing odds & ends.    Elbert seems queer,    he lets every one do to suit them -selves so I’ll have to be boss & he even trys to shove me around,   Oh God I pray in Jesus Name Thou will help me,    I need thee so terribly much    I pray Thou will take care of all my worries    I thank Thee Jesus Thou hast said to cast all our burdens on Thee & I know Thou art able to take care of everything    I’ll thank Thee & give Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever, Amen.   Rained several showers in the night & early morning & done everything good & put water in the cystern & I Praise God from Whom all blessings flow in Jesus Name,    The wickedness of this world surely vex my soul every day.

Wed. July. 19. 1950./ page. 2629[should be 2630]/ 38.y.p. 1.-H- eggs today./ Well I got the washing done & I started early but the air is or was so damp they didn’t dry good & I had to hang half of them up in the house or about that & bring the others in damp enough to iron, but I’m glad they are washed & most dry    I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & for a roof over us & all our many, many , blessings,   it’s been & still is raining in heavy sheets & the hollow on John’s side of the road is full of water,    it’s thunders & lightens once in awhile also.    I feed the Hamond’s there supper & dinner today & they fled out to there bed.    Elbert went to Huron this A.M. & got a nice mess of fish    he cleaned them    I salted them & sent 1/2. doz. to Harry Miller & 8. to Mrs. Eppler & Rony.   I wanted to go to the prayer meeting they had to day “but” Elbert has had his way for some time,     now, I’m going to have mine for a while & I pray he gives in & meets the Lord face to face.    No mail today.    Well, I haven’t ans. the letters yet so, my fault, perhaps

Thurs. July 20. 1950./ 40 y.p.-2–H-eggs today/  Elbert went with the eggs & sold 19 doz & collected for 18. doz. 900 9.90 & paid 8.48 for mash & grain & 4.88 for food. & I had him cash my check & I gave him 5.00    he’s been paying for the food & I have been trying to save enough to pay the bills & now we have to pay the coal bill & I have to give him what he paid for chimney & steps & I’ll be free again.    been cloudy & very cool today  today with strong N.East wind that seemed to go to the marrow    Elbert cut the grass, Merlin left around the evergreens,  & makes the yard look so much better.    Mr. Hamond has got his job almost done but looks as if he won’t get finished this week.    Elbert hopes to go to Huron in the morning & get fish & I hope to set bread & wash out a few pieces    I wish I could get at the sewing a- gain.    & the paper job is such a pesky nusence.    I do thank God for all we have & I know what we have He gives to us.    I Praise Him for His greaat love to me & trust for the Holy Ghost, for He said if we ask He would give    I thank Him in Jesus Name & pray for His Holy Mountian for Jerelsem & her people, for all the slaves & captives for the missionarys ministers prists & preachers teachers scolars & all the Saints & all of God’s people Who ever & where ever they are & that my prayers will be one in faith with theres in Jesus Name Glory, Hallelujah.Amen. 

Fri. July. 21. 1950./ 41.y.p. -2-H-eggs today/ I sent a card to Nellie & Audrey yesterday & I re-ceived a card from Nellie saying the crowd were coming to eat a dinner out doors here on Sunday July 23.   the 24th. is Audrey’s birthday & Frank’s is the 27th.    I don’t like picnic lunches on Sunday, but Lord

Fri. July. 21. 1950./ page. 2630./ 41.y.p. 2-H-eggs this day./ God of Hosts What am I to do?    I pray Thou will be very near to each one present & teach each one a new lesson that will strike home with such force,    We will call in a loud voice to Thee    I thank Thee & praise Thee in Jesus  Name & give Thee all the Glory for ever & ever.    I gave Elbert 30.00 to pay on the coal bill & he paid the balance $4.00, so now I have that done & I gave him 3.30, on the chimney leaving _____ yet to pay & I have to pay for porch lumber,     I’ll have to look at the bills for I can’t remember.   I want to get it all paid, so. I can feel free again,     I had [meant hate] to owe any one;    Ethel Snyder came in today & gave the little boy “Vern” a wool bathing suit “dark red”    she thought they ought to be cut off at the top,     but, I don’t know,    Well, I’ll have to wash out my dress & iron it tomorrow for Sun. if I can,     I been sick today    a terrible pain in my stomach & chest & throat.     I baked 3 tins of biscuits & a little loaf of bread     haven’t been out side today.     Oh God, help me.    I got most the dinner    Elbert fried the meat,    I bake a rice custard also & night before last some cup cakes    & I am to tired & pray God will send some one to help me soon.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Holy Pure true & Sacred. 

Sat. July. 22. 1950/ 37.y.p. 1.H-eggs today./  Well, I managed to cook & wash the dishes & wash out my dresses & rags & the little boys pants & then I ironed them.     I sewed a very little on my new dress & then tonight I sewed on the snaps & buttons & made the button wholes. I have to finish sleeves, neck & hem in the bottom & stitch the belt.    I will be glad when it’s done,    I hope to get off to church in the morning.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for my blessings & Praise His Name for answeriong pray,    I pray He will dsoon fill me will the Spirit that I may praise HIm with a new tongue & Give Him all the praise & Glory Amen

Sun, July, 23. 1950./ ___.y.p. -H-eggs today/ Well, we went to Sunday school & Church & came home & got dinner ready & then 3 cars came in with Bonney Bell & Joe & there 2. children  Martha, Merlin & Jim & Audrey & Johny, Marcie & there 2 children & Bonita & her 3 children & Nellie,   they took some of the old chimney blocks & made an out door stove & fried steaks & made Coffee & they had most anything from sweet corn

Sun. July. 23. 1950./ Page. 2631./ ___ y.p.  H-eggs this day./ on the ear fresh & cucumbers.    We had a wonderful dinner,    Martha fried the steaks & the young folks looked after serving the dinner & taking care the children    We had a nice visit also & they left at 4-p-m. or there about.    & although they were tired they seemed to have enjoyed them selves    Johny even brought camp chairs.    I took Vernie Hamond to Sunday school & Church last Sun & again this Sun. & back to church tonight,    moon is little better than half full & shining bright tonight    & it’s not quite so cold tonight    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all our many many blessing, Amen. 

Mon. July. 24. 1950./ 37.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./  Audrey’s birthday    she’s 58. yrs old.    Well, I washed,    but , we had showers all day & I didn’t get them all dry,     so, I’ll have to put them out again, in the morning.    & tonight the Shirff came & picked up the old man that wanted the bed after Hammond left; & another old guy that was with him,  who had broke the Lock on Bessie’s trailer & been sleeping there,    he wasn’t drunk, but Vern & the other one, was so he came here & checked on Vern as he had been over there & laying down drunk with the other man,    he checked on the other two & he’s going to take care of them, he wanted to take Vern, in to Sandusky, but at last I said he could let him stay tonight since John Snyder was going to pay him & then take Him & the bogy on, to, Toledo to Vern’s sister,    then he hopes to stop & see another sister in Waynn Indiana & from there back to his home,    I do hope his sister “Who he says ” is a widow 65 yrs. old,”will go home with him & see he keeps straight & takes care of Vernnie “Who will be 12 yrs. old Sept. 3. 1950,”     he’s a nice little little boy & needs some one dependable to take care of him.    Going back where his wife’s ashes lay & all the unhappy thoughts of the fire will be hard,    but, if he wasn’t to blame.    he ought to prove Him self, by keeping sober & looking after his son.    Well, I hope he will & pray God will take care of them.    It’s cool tonight & the N. west rain was cold today    sun came out hot between times,    well, I’ll read & go to bed for I’m so tired.    I thank God in Jesus Name     We got things fixed up through Him,    I know He takes 

Mon. July. 24. 1950/ page. 2632./ 37.y.p.-1-H- eggs this day./ care of me,    I’m so glad & praise Him with all my heart, mind soul & strength, that we have a never failing Divine Power to call up on & depend on .    Glory, Hallelujah I Praise Thee, Jesus, Blessed Jesus. 

Tue. July 25. 1950./ 37.y.p. 2H-eggs today./ Well, I didn’t do much today,    Vernie ate dinner with us, but Vern, had been sick    guess the drink didn’t agree with him,    he drank some hot coffee & gave me 5.00 to get the blankets washed again.    We threw the pillow on the rubbish pile & the mattress I think we’ll burn all so.    They left shortly after noon with John Snyder    I hope John gives him all his money, they were going to his “Vern’s” sister’s place in Toledo,    they seemed happy to be on there way & it’s quite a rest to us,    I went to prayer meeting tonight,    there were only Mr. Whitman, Mertle & I there & 5 children.    but we had a good meeting,    I thank & praise Jesus for His Great love and care & give Him all the praise & Glory for all things great or small    I Praise Thee & Love Thee, Amen. 

Wed. July 26. 1950./ 37.y.p. 1-H eggs today./ This morning Elbert went to Lorain,    he went and told Bessie Smith about the fellow breakiing open her trailer & sleeping in it & so she came back home with him & they went over to the trailer    she came back & I made her a cup of tea,    she had longed so much to be able to come there & live during the summer     but, never has, so she walked around & lived over the past & cried awhile & then came over here & had tea & visited,     she went in my room & cleaned up  changed her dress & combed her hair,    she’s had a rather hard life & now she’s begun to believe she must live close to the Lord,    I tried to help her about some things,    but, she’s been so upset,    she’s alot like Nellie in her thinking about some things,    but I’ll pray God will help her in all the ways & she forgot a pini she had on the front of her dress,    she gave me a linen handkercheif & a pretty hand bag leather    I didn’t want her to but she insisted so I thanked her & took them.   but I’ll try to make it up to her sometime & pray for her often, & Mrs. Eppler didn’t tell me she would come for me so I wasn’t looking for her when she came in    We visited a little & she went,    the paper boy about 2 minutes & in drove Ineze & Henry Hunt & they were here untill 5-30 or 6-p-m & we had more tea & they left for home    then Elbert fed hens & we ate supper & now he’s in bed

Wed July. 26. 1950/ page. 2632 [should be 2633]. / 37. y.p. -1.H. eggs this day./ for he hopes to go sell eggs in the morning,    so, I will be here by my self untill noon to- morrow.   but I’m never lonesome for as I work & pray the time flys & sometimes & rest untill 9-30 before get up. the swelling was mostly gone from my ankles this a- m. when I got up but they are swollen tonight not as bad as sometimes though & I’m trusting in God to heal them,    He is wonderfully able.  & I believe He will in Jesus Holy Name.    I wanted so much to go to that prayer meeting today , but didn’t get a chance.    I’ll trust He will get me there next Wed, for sure.    It’s been a nice day   hot sun & cool breeze.   N. West  I thank & Praise God m y Heavenly Father in my Saviors Blessed Holy Name for his tender love & care, and for each & every thing He give me,    I know, He’s a Wonderful Jesus.  

Thurs. July. 27. 1950./ 34.y.p. 1. -H- eggs today/ Frank Bonney is 60. yrs. old today.    Audrey was 58. July. 24. & Nellie our baby sister is 53. yrs. old this last Feb. 6.th     old age is creeping up on us fast & so is the war & I pray God will help us & [?] be able to praise Him in Spirit  & in truth I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever, Amen      I sent the tax blank back & said to get in touch with Mr. Platta at the Division of aid for the aged,     so I had Elbert mail a card right back to Mr. Platto, when he went with the papers    I hope he answers it as promptly, so I’ll know what to do    I do pray they will take care of it for we are having a tight rub,    but hope we will get through O.K.    I thought we’d go to Elyria in the morning,     but, Radio says it’s going to be hot tomorrow 90 degrees so I don’t think we’ll go untill Tue     perhaps it will be cooler again by that time so may be I’ll get up early & wash the blankets & if it’s so hot they ought to get real dry,    so I’m hoping to get it over, 5 big pieces & Elbert’s double cotton blanket & his sleepers.    I hate to think about it,    just have to get at it & get it over with,    it’s so hard on me.   Elbert ordered the gas so there goes $9.00    it’s terrible how we have to spend so much for such things.    I washed up the dirty dishes & got dinner & supper, & Elbert only had 12. doz. eggs to sell & he didn’t get back untill 11-30 about the same time as usual,    I don’t understand for he has been selling 29 & 34 doz. in the same length of time, & doing the shopping 12 doz. 55 cents per dox. $6.60 & he sold 3 doz. here at 1.50  total 8.10 for eggs

Thurs. July. 27. 1950./ page. 2634./ 34.y.p.-1-H-eggs this day./ Well, I was going to get up early & start the washing, but I didn’t,    I got up at 10 fast time   that’s really 8-a-m. & we had some lunch & hot drink,    I then washed out Elbert’s sleepers & pillow slip  some dish  hand towels & nose & wash rags & my change of clothes & then I washed the heavy cotton blanket & double “light” one from Elbert’s bed & put his pillow out & turned it often in the sun & hung my own night gown out & put my pillow out,    then we had another snack & rested a little then I washed one heavy cotton blanket, the old quilt, the light wool blanket we use in the car   & the gray heavy wool blanket we use on the bed,     I didn’t get the wool army blanket done, 5 pieces are what Vern & his son used,    now, I’m sure glad they’re all done but one & I do hope to get that also tomorrow     the 4. didn’t get dry so I’ll have to hang them out in the morning then wash the other one & get it up to dry.    Elbert’s dog tired    he’s work hard early picking up & cleaning up the rubbish Vern had out around the cottage,  papers, cans, boxes & the fire pot & a barrel, then he cultivaated the garden, corn & potatoes & then he helped me suds & rince & wring blankets.    then he went with papers,  & came back & took care of hens & then we ate & listened to the new     went out side a few minutes, looked at the road,     they tared it & put crushed fine stone on it & rolled it into the tar     some one must have complained about how rough it was,    so now it’s better but should have a cold pack then it would be good for a long time.  well. I have to get after the stove pipe job next & I hope I can get the sealing painted & wood work & then wash windows & put up clean curtions once more & then maybe I can have a little more time to sew & write cards & letters    It’s been hot to day but a little cool breeze most of the day.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name forever, Amen.

Sat. July. 29. 1950./ page. 2635./ 38.-y.p.-1.-H-eggs today/ Well, we sure worked today    I got up early & cut my toe nails & then I dressed & washed & hung out the quilt & four blankets     then I opened up Elbert’s windows & shook up his bed, & put his pillow out to air then washed again & got a bite to eat & while we ate the water was heating & I washed out a few dirty pieces  then a wool & cotton blanket off my bed then the big chair back & seat cover, then we ate a lunch & then over hauled about 6 or 8 prs. work pants & found 2. prs. he might wear & we tore out what good patches there were & done away with the rest, saving the buttons     I washed care seat covers, he went with the papers & I ironed & he came back with a pr. of wege sole summer slippers $4.10    well, they fit, only the strap around the ankle is to long    man, said if it was to bring them back & he’d fix it.    I am glad to have them    my feet suffer so with the heat.    he got some pork shoulder for tomorrows dinner,    I got supper & he put the pants & patches in grainery untill Mon.   & fed hens & locked up the buildings & I shut the windows for a thunder storm was right onto us,     didn’t last loong, but was a got heavy rain & cooled. the air off    it’s been, 90 degrees today with a light cool breeze,    I washed supper dishes  patched the back of big chair back cover & did a little on the seat part, then made a glass “16. oz.” of current jam & put the goose berries through the sieve also & got 8 cups & have added 8 cups sugar & will have to cook it tomorrow if I can,    I had to mend my night gown to so now I’ll read & go to bed     hoping to go to Sunday school & church in the morning,  I received card from Miss Clark today.     I truly Praise God in Jesus Name for all the strength he has given me this day.     Oh how I love Jesus    Oh how I love Jesus because    He first loved me.    I Praise Thee Jesus & love Thee.

Sun. July. 30. 1950./ 35.y.p. 1.-H-eggs today./  We went to Sunday school & church this morning, but it was so terrible hot coming back home & Elbert’s head felt so bad    he didn’t want to go back tonight,     so, I could see he was- n’t feeling able to drive & the lights would have hurt his eyes & his head would have felt lots worse,     so, I pray God has taken care to send in a few more to take my place & that he will give each a bless & make it 4 fold for 

Sun. July. 30. 1950./ page. 2636./ 35.y.p. -1-H-eggs this day./  each one who remembers me in prayer    I pray God will bless them all & strengthen there faith & mine in Jesus Dear Presious Holy Name & help us to live His ways & do His way We Praise Thee & give Thee all, Glory for ever and ever.   I love Thee & wish I were as Holy as Thou art.    To be like Jesus, to be like Jesus, all I ask to be like Him All through lif’s journey  From earth to Glory All I ask to be like Him.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, Pure & Holy. 

Mon. July. 31. 1950./ 37.yp.-2-H-eggs today/ It was terrible hot before noon,    Elbert cultaved the garden & cut some grass & after dinner we went to Huron & I bought me a piece of dress goods 47 cents per. yd 6. yds. and a pr. of stocking 1.35,    I owe for the dress goods & hope to get a few pieces put away for cotton is going up.    I need 2 table clothes & hope to get them    I hope I can get my corsets fixed up satisfactory, & I we hope to go after them in the early morning.    I washed up the dishes after supper,     we stopped & called on Mr. & Mrs. Duglas on the way home from Huron    He had a bad spell, she said & he looks as if he had had a partial stroke,    but he’s out mowing the lawn & does the odds & ends,    she said she didn’t know what she’d do if anything happened to Will.    she couldn’t take care of the furnace & do all the things that would need to be done.    Some of there relatives come & got them & took them home to Cleveland & them and several others went out to the outskirts of Cleveland, where one man has a summer home    & Douglas’s were gone for a week & had a good time & then they brought them home again,   that was nice,  she said she enjoyed it& had a fine time.    We came home & Elbert went with the papers,    we met the paper man as we were coming down the hill,    so Elbert wasn’t late & he had just got back when it began to rain    We only got a light shower & it’s much cooler.    Postman left card in box, stating there was a letter for us at the post office 3 cents due on it & it was from Bessie Seneff-    she gave Elbert a lock to put on but couldn’t find the keys then,    so sent keys in letter, so he got the letter & he opened it,    it was addressed to me, but he opened it& got mad & said send me over, if you want to,    he could have ask first,    but, I wonder, he wouldn’t want me to do so by him & I’d rather open my own mail also.    Well I must read & go to bed, get up  take a bath & dress to go in the morn    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for His love & His wonderful care & trust for the Promise before much longer.

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