January 1946

LorainMap of Hahn Rd, Berlin Township, OH

Jan. 1. 1946.Tue. /page 830./  New Years Day & We spent it at home. We got 23 eggs today. It snowed untill noon then broke away & sun came through clear & warm & it thawed some but at 4-p-m  there was a lull, wind shifted from N & little W. to South & at 8-30 it began to snow. it clouded up at 4-p-m.  was snowing a light snow at 9-30-p-m.  not very cold, sort of chilly And todays weather is for Aug. 1946.  I’d like to get back to Church,  Oh God, of Love & Mercy.  I pray Thou Will help me in the way I need.  I’ll give Thee all the Praise and Glory for ever & ever Amen. 

Wed.Jan.2. 1946./ Elbert went to Vermilion & I did out the washing  did my usual work & took care of the birds.  We got 22. eggs today. got 10 doz on hand.  He’s going to see if he can sell them tomorrow.  cleared off early this morning about 3 or 3-30-a-m. and the sun came up nice & clear this morning & staid untill about 3-30 & clouded up. but didn’t get dark  Wind S. & cloudy at 10-p-m. tonight & todays weather is for Sept.  going to be a nice month. 

Thurs. Jan.3.1946./  Nellie’s, John died today.  Well, Bill Snyder came & knocked on the door at 6-a-m. he said, “after I yelled hellow & opened the window” that Harnishes  call & ask him to tell us that John Harnish passed away at 2-o’clock this Morning, I had my warning yesterday & the night before & last night  I couldn’t sleep so just laid there & prayed God would take charge. We got up & did the morning tasks & fixed every thing for the day & the fire & went,  they had taken John to Elyria to undertaking parlors & they were all very cheerful & getting things done as usual  children were laughing crying & playing, baby is cutting teeth, he has 12 & wont be a yr. old untill Jan. 27.  Little |Geo. was asking where his grandpa was & would they bring him back.  Little Bonita just stood looking sad at times, with her big eyes full of wonder.  Johny was sleeping & Geo. was doing odds & ends. they had lunch & then Nellie & Bonney Bell got dressed for town the undertaker came & got John’s clothes & took Bonney Bell & Nellie to look after some of the necessary things & to go to the Cemetery to buy a burying space or lot. Elbert went to Stoughtons & got Laura Bell & brought her over to stay With & help Bonita, so, they said they didn’t need us & we left.  We stopped to talk to Martha. 

Thurs.Jan.3.1946./831./ at the slaughter house office, she was very direct & indifferent, so, we went to see her mother,  she said she had called the place Where her mother worked & they said she had been home sick for 2 days, so, she had called her mother & learned, she had strained her eyes sewing on to many black suits  We went to see her & she said her head had been aching so bad she thought it best to rest a few days  She said the Co. had given her a $25.00 bond for Christmas & she showed it to us. She seemed real pleased to have us stop in & Visit & she made coffee & set out a lunch, We wanted her to except a doz. fresh eggs, but she only would take 6.  We sold a dozen to Mrs. Cranage & the rest to the White in, in Vermilion. 60cents per. doz.  I visited with Mrs. Cranage & Miss Baumgart for a few minutes & also I stopped and talked 15 minutes to Mrs. Katy Stang Schmidt, she said Ralph Wards Wife  had got a divorce & his eldest daughter was married & living in Toledo. Ohio. & Grant Ward has to wear a straight jacket in order to Work. Mrs. Ward would be deeply greived, if she were here. We got a sack of scratch grain in Vermilion & some meat. & got home at 4-p-m. in time to feed hen & got 27 eggs.  I got supper  & then was all in & haven’t done the dishes.  Oh, I’m so exausted  I just sit & sweat now, but Praise God He’s helping me through.  Audrey said, Gertie told her there might be some money coming to her by & by & I pray  God Will see to it that we all get at least the thousand dollars each that Uncle Harve Bonney left in his trust for us.  I sure would like to use my to pay up our few little little bills we had When Frank went.  Oh how I thank God for taking care of me all these yrs.  I Praise Father, son & Holy Ghost, Amen.  I didn’t sleep for the passed two nights, got 2 hrs. yesterday morning, but not this one and then went all day on a cup of milk & two little (baker) rolls, & cup of coffee that I seemed to have to drink & it burned my stomach most up, then I ate a frankforter & that’s the last straw, hope it will some ease off so I can go to bed. Nellie sent Ella Jane money a few days ago to come home & to come by air plane to Chi, & from there to Elyria  by train, if it wasn’t E.J’s money, she’ll have to work & pay it all back  such a world. she wont stay long  when she gets here.

Fri Jan.4. 1946./ 832./ We were home all day, I fixed the hem in my good dress “the blue one” today & it tires me terrible to sew or even try to do any sewing.  We went to church to prayer meeting  tonight & my hears so full & nerves so weak  I cried, but God knows  and understands  Praise His blessed Name  Elbert’s been going into church of late & I’m so glad, I feel better when he’s with me.  We got 22. eggs today.  Its been a fine  day  Wind S. & S.W. warm & cloudy with sun coming through at intervals  We went to the beach & got sand, & bird grit to day  snow is about 5 or 6 ft deep at waters edge. but sand was all free, but quite wet.  I picked up a few clam shells & pretty stones clam shells

Sat. Jan.5. 1945./  It was Dec. 26. 1945 the blue & white dove came in the morning & light on the North Window & after we both looked at it, we see it join another red & white dove that had been making a circule as if waiting for the blue & white one & they flew rapidly South in the snow storm, I had been asking God to let me know about john & I feel He sent the doves to me. Sun Jan Well, today is Sat. We either have to go or phone to Nellie but they phoned to us at 12-30 noon that the funeral would be at 2-p-m. so we had to hurry, for I didn’t get up very early didn’t sleep all night, so slept this morning, 2. hrs. Elbert took a notion to go the long way round & it was a little passed 2-p-m when we got to the funeral home & they ask us to sit out with in the back seat instead of being with the mourners, We didn’t mind setting there. there were 20 carloads of people & the police car took the lead to the City limit’s, We went to Elm Wood Cemetery, to the new section. I ask for a basket of flower & they gave me one after the cars had all left, We went to the Care Taker & ask about our lot with 6 burial spaces, Elbert paid for it & I helped as I had promised, by staying home & keeping every thing going at home but pa went in & ask for the deed & they gave it to him & he kept it, so they tell Elbert to get it back.  We want to bury those that are left of us there Gertie, Audrey Elbert & myself. and thought it would be a good plan to have those names marked in the spaces where they are to be laid. but we have to get the deed & go to the City Hall to have it fixed.  John didn’t look like hisself  I was shocked at first, he had bloated & turned dark, he always was so fair, Oh, it didn”t look like him, poor fellow  I know he must have suffered all these long months.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to the family. Nellie looked so

Sat. Jan. 5. 1946./833./  White & as if she were in a far off haze, dazed, or something maybe it was better I didn’t talk to her, John was only 48. yrs. old.  would be 49. Feb. 7. 1946. Johny & Bonney Bell held up O.K & Bonita & George   Ella Jane looked all broke up as if shed cried her eyes most out. Jim & Hazel were there & all our family’s, but, Gertie, Uncle Wills girls (Elsie & Lillie) & Georgia & her daughter & Frank Wheeler & his Wife, Evelyn & Francis & her husband & Frank Bonney, Ruby didn’t come.  felt to ill. Harvey & his wife & Armond & Ethel Bonney—Mr & Mrs Stoughton & Laura Bell  were there & I don’t rememb-er the rest, but there church folks turned out well.  We took the flowers to the 4. Square Church in Vermilion, got some few things to eat in Vermilion & got home in time to feed hens at 5-p-m. Sun shone today untill 3-p-m.  Wind Was S. West this a-m. but S. east & strong tonight   has been so hot for this time of year, to hot for winter clothes. & todays weather is for Dec. 1946.  I thank God it wasn’t cold, it’s hard enough to have to bury a body but, When it’s cold, it makes things so hard for the family. I was cold When we buried Fred, Pa, & Frank & Will Gilmore. Oh, may God have Mercy on our souls, Amen.  Well the little old hens laid for us 25 eggs today Praise God. 

Sun. Jan. 6. 1945./ [she meant 1946]  Clyde Greene has been dead 6 yrs today.  My Check came yesterday & DeHaan’s sermons & my tax blank came first of last mo.  We went to Church tonight, had a good prayer service.  I gave some walnuts to Hambly’s & the Ministers Family & some cake to Minister & his wife & Family. Hambly’s were hungry to night, but, they wanted meat & I am sorry but we only had boiled meat & that wasn’t more than a good cup full here at home & one garlic saucage.  It’s been a fine day  wind was strong all night & this a-m  & partly cloudy with some sunshine, wind eased off tonight S.W. wind. I have signed my name to my check & made out a money order for $5.72  for my taxes, Elbert’s going to Huron in the morning. 

Mon. Jan.7. 1946./  I did part of the washing & Elbert washed out his own clothes  but I’ll still have the chair cover & table cloth & the cover on my chair to wash  hope I can do it tomorrow. but I’m so tired tonight  I don’t Know if I’ll be able to get it done. It’s to hot outside & in & took a little cold in my throat & have to cough.  been murky thick all day.  had heavy fog last night  Wind went N.E., still is

Mon. Jan. 7. 1946. /834./ We stopped at the Cemetery office Sat. Elbert wanted to talk to the Care-taker & I sat in the car, it’s strait across from John’s grave & I couldn’t help watching them as they set the flowers away right in the mud & one they set a goodly number of times & it wouldn’t set up it was all covered with dirt, so I ask the Caretaker, it I might have it, he said yes  it’s spoiled, & said to take a good one, but I told Elbert to bring that one & he did, he laid it on some papers in the back of the car & we took it to the Church & wrinced it off & set it in the Church, I felt Nellie & John wouldn’t care under circumstances, but now, some how, I feel Nellie wouldn’t want me to have taken it, so, I’m sorry  I did & Pray When I explain, she will forgive me, I didn’t take it for myself, but thought if it wasn’t spoiled after washing it they would like them in the Church. Oh God, Please help me to know it’s O.K. I wouldn’t want to do wrong by any one of them, & Thou dust know my heart. Amen. 

Tue.Jan.8. 1946./ Elbert Went to Lorain to Hunt for work but nothing doing, he cought more cold & his throat is sore & I’ve got a touch of it, I’m so run down & weak  I sweat like rain  When I feel the least bit tired & today  I’ve surely been to all in to do anything, I slept this morning, but was sick all night, seem as if I’d die for a while but I Kept on praying & at last this a-m. “daylight” I slept from 6 till 9-a-m.  & then I got up.  Elbert  came  10-30 & got us something to eat, I had a bowl of broth. & I went & laid down & slept this after noon.  I had some more broth for supper & milk & Elbert feels worse to-night  but I pray God Will take us in hand & fix us up again, I feel better in some ways, I can’t explain  just how. Rev. Singleton had a bad cold & Brynt’s eyes are bad again, I do pray God will fix them up & make them whole in Jesus name, Amen.  I pray He’ll take care of each one in the Church as He sees they need  I thank Him for ans. to prayer, Glory to His Name, We had

Tue. Jan. 8.1946. /835./ some sun shine today & I’m so thankful for it We need it & every thing needs it, Praise God.  Wind N. east & to-night it is a fine snow turning to water.  29 eggs, one double yolked one.  We got Condons seed book today.  It’s lots to warm & lots of colds & flu. I thought we’d get to go to Nellie’s, but I’m not able. & Elbert has lumps in his throat, to, so we better not. 

Wed.  Jan.9. 1946./  Well, it’s been a dark day with very little sun shine & it rained a fine misty rain just before night  wind backed up to S then came back to W. still to warm for winter clothes, the flesh & cords of my neck have been so terrible sore  hurt to bend over or to move around but I got the ironing done & wish the washing & the floors were wiped up, Elbert helped me get the dishes done up & a clean table cloth on the table, he Killed & dressed a hen, to, so we could have some broth, he’s had a bad sore throat, but he’s feeling better today, I’m better than yesterday.  We got 23. eggs today, he put bags on the two end window holes above the windows & took the papers off, it was to hot in the coop. he had the windows open to much yesterday & I hope they don’t any of them get a cold. the hen he killed didn’t even have the makings of one egg inside of her.  Elbert called Nellies home Mon. & talked to Ella Jane & she said she’d be home this week & Bonney Bell also.  then Bonney Bell goes back to Crile Hospital & E.J. to her place in New Mexico, Albuquerque. & Frank’s wife “Ruby” is going there Sat.Jan.12th 1946, So, he, & the children told me last Sat.  I wanted to go see them, but with this cold I’d best stay home, for it seems every one has a cold or is just getting over one.  I had a nice letter from Mrs. Clyde Greene today, she sent me the clipping about John & his death, & said she called Gertrude Bonney & had quite a visit with her, that Gertie said she had a cold & didn’t feel able to go to John’s funeral, but she never goes to a funeral if she can help it, she didn’t go to Mother’s, Fred’s Uncle Will’s or Aunt Edith’s but she did go to Pa’s & now, she didn’t go to John’s.  Mrs Greene said her sister was sick & so her Christmas wasn’t as she had planed, for her sister & Niece was to have come to her home. instead she went to her sisters home & had turkey dinner. I’m glad for her sake

John M Harnish Sr obit

Wed. Jan. 9.1946./836./ She said Clyde had been gone 6. yrs. Jan. 4th. & I know how she misses him, she isn’t a bit well & he did so much to help & now only her to do things

Thurs. Jan.10.1946./ Well, Praises to God We are both better again, my flesh isn’t so sore, but I cough some yet. but I got the floor wiped up today & hope to clean the bird cages tomorrow. We got 25 eggs today & still eating chicken. I made biscuits to take the place of bread so we had them with gravey. I’m so weak  I dread to think of mixing bread.  Elbert is planing on going to look after work & sell eggs in the morning.  The wind was west today. seems a trifle cooler. 

Fri. Jan.11.1946./ Well, Elbert Went to Elyria  then clear back to Lorain & then back out to Nellie’s, he ate lunch with her & Ella Jane & than they came home with him, he brought some ice cream, so I made tea for them  We talked some time & then I got supper  I fixed the chicken’s breast up last night so we could have them for supper tonight, so I made them into meat balls fried them brown on both side & put the last of the chicken broth on them let them cook about 5 minutes on both sides & made gravey of the broth, I fried some potatoes & fixed some sweet corn  had biscuits & pickels & jam & more hot tea, they, all ate & seemed to enjoy it. We then talked & Elbert took them up to get the buss at 6-20-p.m. they were going to Lorain  change buss & go to Elyria & they get off at there own door. Ella Jane, Ruby & I believe Armond, all go back to Albuequerque New Mexico starting in the Morning  Armond back to the service in California  some where.  Nellie wishes she was going to & would if she had her business afairs fix up so she could. Bonney Bell went back to Cleveland to Crile Hospital Wed. Jan. 9. 1946.  I washed dishes after Elbert left to take them up to get the buss. had to sit done twice but got them done & put away before 10-p-m. glad I had the house cleaned up before they came & I was cleaned up to  I didn’t look so well today, but had a bad night coughing. Nellie said she was glad I took the basket of flowers & would have been welcome to more if I had wanted them  I thank God, she felt that way, she’s not very well & can’t do very much, but like myself, she gets around every day & does a little, but she says she didn’t Know what she was going to do, or how, Johny’s going to school & Geo

Fri.Jan.11.1945 / 837./  Ev & Bonita haven’t decided whither to stay there or not, Nellie thinks if they do stay they ought to pay all expences & take care of her & Johny When he’s there, but I can’t see Why they should take over all the expences, I still think it’s a queer world.  Geo & Bonita have 3 children  makes 5 to feed & cloth & 7 with Johny & Nellie  I don’t see how on the small wages Geo gets how they could all live & pay the bills.  Nellie says if they move out it Will be O.K.  she’d like to have it quite & she’d like to rest. but Bonita does the washing, ironing, dishes, & cleaning & 40-11 other odd jobs & so I don’t see how Nellie will be able to do it by her self, any more. I do hope they all use good judgement, and live happy & with out arguements. Well we got 25 eggs today & Elbert only sold 2 doz out of 15 and a half doz. today, been cloudy all day & rained fine mist rains tonight  then wet snow just as the girls left to get the buss & now it’s raining hard. 11-p-m.  I thank God & Praise Him for our blessing & that He helped me to testify for Him today & give him all the Praise & Glory. for ever & ever, Amen. Today is Ruby Jean’s birthday (that’s Evelyn’s & Red’s daughter)  she’s 8 or 9 yrs. old  I have forgot. 

Sat. Jan.12. 1946./  Well believe it or not I did manage to get up & while Elbert went to Vermilion I washed out all the rags  been having to use to & 3 nose rags every day & night so I had a bunch of them & then I wash my night gown it was so sweaty & the flannel I use on my pillow  my stockings & dress & the chair seat cover & table cloth & got them dry  before bed time  was sick & threw up my dinner & coughed all night or most of it  I haven’t eat enough to say eat all day & I’m to tired tonight. I aired the beds & rooms as usual & make up the bed, but, it’s got my stomach all up set.  We got 26 eggs today, We sure got to sell eggs soon or give them away & the price has dropped way down.  Wind is west & a little cooler, it made a little ice last night also.  Wind freshened up after dark. I sent E.J. a letter today  she left Elyria this morning with Aunt (Bonney), Ruby on her way back to Albuequerque.

Sun. Jan.13. 1945./ [she meant 1946] This is Laura Ann’s birthday, she is 11. yrs. old  We been home all day with the exceptions of Elbert, he goes for the milk & he stopped to see if Mr. Ellis wanted eggs , he bought 5 doz for 50cents per doz. ($2.50) he sold 2 doz for 1.20 in Lorain the other day- in Lorain. & I have felt quite weak, but I know the Minister & his wife will pray for me & God will hear & fix me up to give me more strength again  Glory to God & Jesus our Saviour & the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Sun. Jan.13.1946./ page 838./  The wind was west & quite cold last night & been cold all day, today, Elbert hung the Thermometer out side by the back door & it was 12 above zero & it’s cold to night, the wind has backed up to the S. west tonight & there’s a big black curtian come over us from that way, moon’s been shining all evening but will soon be covered up, it’s 10-30-p.m. now.  sun did shine through among the Clouds all after noon. 

Mon. Jan.14.1946./ Elbert says Nellie told him, Johny was studying to be a minister at Bald-Win Wallace College  Berea Ohio He goes & comes with there minister.  Well, we are all out of eats, Elbert was going to Lorain, but, he felt so bum today his head hurt & so he didn’t go, I haven’t done much today, I believe if I could have What I need to eat I’d feel better & stronger again but, I’m terrible weak. Mr Ellis & his boy came tonight & got 10. doz eggs for $5.00 he gets 70 cents or 75 cents per doz. Elberts no good at selling eggs, he takes them for a ride & brings them back, he’s going to Vermilion in the morning he says & he has 5 doz. more to sell so we can have a few more lunches, he’s going to buy scratch grain.  We got 21 eggs today.  Wind was so cold & strong all last night, moon shone clean most of the night & We had sunshine today  clear & cold  it warmed up after dinner & thawed out  the bird bath out side, West Wind, it eased up tonight & not quite so cold either.  I sewed the snaps & buttons on my new house dress today. 

Tue. Jan. 15.1946./  Well Elbert Went to Vermilion sold 5 doz. egg for $2.50 & he bought 100 lb sack grain & a few things to eat, some gas & 2. qts. oil. & while he was gone I washed out my dirty clothes & the towels & got them dry before he got back, now his washing is next. & I’ve got 2. prs. of light blankets to wash, he said I looked sick when he came & I sure felt all in, but, I hoped to & got dinner for he was so hungry he got some nice greens for the hens & for us to. I washed the dishes he got the supper & I did the dishes. I rested awhile after dinner & then stitched a hem in my neck scarf, made one pillow case & stitched in my sleeves & finished neck of my house dress, but, looks as if I’ll have to take one sleeve out doesn’t look right some how. We got 25 eggs today. Wind Went N. east & it’s quite chilly. snowed hard this morning almost a cover, but all melted When the sun came out  been broken clouds all day. It’s been like a nice early Spring day, and evening. We have moonshine a-gain tonight, as last night, moon’s 3/4 full & mo most half gone already

Wed.Jan.16.1946./ Today is my birthday  61 yrs. old, but, the weather isn’t anything like the morning I came to that little log cabin in the woods in Michigan, mother has often told me how pa drove in & out all winter over the fence post by the drive way & he had thought he was over the drive & how he fastned a small pole to each post either side of the drive  the next winter, fearing something might happen to the oxen driving in & out if they were not on the drive, ma was just 28. yrs. old then, Dad 23. his birthday being Jan. 28th, ma was from Nov. 29th to Jan. 28 older than pa & I had a brother “Elbert” who was 2. yrs. old Dec. 6. & just before I came they owned 160 acre farm, that was all woods & had to be cleared. Pa had

Wed.Jan.16.1946./839./abu  about 2. acres. the trees were big a-round & tall  he used the logs for the house & barn, he had a driving horse “Flora” & a nice cow “Jersy” that gave a big pail full of milk & 100 or so of brown leghorn hens & a spring in the basement where the got nice clear cold water the yr. round.  Pa’s mother was bedriden & so We or I only lived in that place 1 1/2 yrs.  then they sold out & come back to his father & mother where ma worked herself most to death trying to take care of grandpa & grandma & there adopted daughter Lottie & pa & ma & us to children & brother Fred came along shortly after me, “in 20 mo.” & in 2 yrs. more Sister Gertrude & ma working for all of us & milking 16 cows making butter & doing the odds & ends untill she decided to get out, so she came to visit her sister & brought along us 4. youngsters & Aunt got dad to come & fix up a house & bring his house hold goods & live in Lorain & she got him a job of carpenter work so he did Aunt’s repair work on 5-2 story houses & kept them painted for his rent, the house we lived in was in the same yard with hers & a fence all around the big yard, it was 2 big lots & we staid on our side and we were never alowed to go out side the fence unless our parents told us to go & then we did our erand & got right back or got a licking.  I was 3. yrs. old when we came there to live & ma’s mother & father came shortly after to live with Aunt Edith  they were only there a little while & died 4 days apart. Aunt had 3 children Wyn 13. yrs. old  Aubrey 10.yrs. old & Georgia 3.yrs.old. she was 3. the 16th[?] of the 16th day of Aug. I was 3. the 16th of Jan  just before making her 7 months younger than I. Well, we lived there for several yrs.  Frank was born to the family next then Audrey then Mildred  then Nellie Bell & then the house burned down to the ground & the snow was a good 2.ft.deep, that was on Feb.9.1897. & that’s 49. yrs. ago.  Mable was born in Aug after the house burned, but she only lived 3. weeks. & Mildred died before Nellie was born. Pa went acrossed the river & bought a big lot & put up a rough shanty & that was where Mable was born. Uncle Will Wheeler had come to Aunt Edith’s a year before the house burned & bought a lot “after they had rented awhile” right acrossed the road from us on the bank of Black river on Hargison Sta. [?]  Well, we all lived there & grew up, added on two more rooms & ma died there & so did pa. Frank got married then Audrey. then Fred then Nellie then me (Elinor) then pa left Gertie a lot by herself  came to stay with me & poor Elbert was the one left most lonely  he slept there & got his meals out, they pa & Gertie got all the money they could out of him & then my husband died & I got Elbert to come live with me  we get along good together, he takes care of me when I’m sick & I do the same by him & the same When we are Well enough to work. Now he

Wed. Jan.16.1945./840./ [she meant 1946] has been with me 13. yrs. this coming June. & Frank’s been dead 13. yrs. Feb. 19. 1946.  After Frank died  Sister Nellie & John stayed with me for 3. weeks  Nellie  one week & John the next, then they left me alone untill school was out & Ella Jane came & then Elbert came & then I wasn’t fit to do anything, but I put forth every effort to help myself , in 1934. a car ran into my old ford & all but killed me & if it hadn’t been that I belonged to the Lord I’d be dead to, but I believed he would heal me & He did  it was a mericil how He healed my paralyzed stomach & bowels & healed & straightened my bones, I’m not as well or able bodied or strong as I’d like to be, but I still rub out the weekly wash on the wash board & do the ironing baking, mending, darning, sewing  make beds  sweep & wipe up floors  take care of 3 birds (canarys)  my house plants & untill this last few weeks  have been to church  Sun. & Tue. & Fri. evenings. To night the Rev. & his Wife called on us & had prayer.  I was still feeling bad after the shock  I got at supper time, I started to put the eggs in the basket from off the table & my arm has been so bad, the nerve in it & I don’t Know just how it all happened, but I had moved my soup away & had my hand full of eggs & the nerve gave a jirk & away went the soup all over the eggs in the basket on my lap & I broke 3 for my hand went into the basket, Elbert washed them off after supper. I had been feeling so bad because, I’m so hungry for a little butter & a little meat  I can eat & when I need it most I have to go with out it & I wish I could get out & do things, but I can’t & my nerves get so up set, I do get so tired of broth, it’s like living on water with a little meat flavor & salt & peper. & sometimes it seems as if I just can endure it. I try hard to not talk about it but tonight I did & because I was to tired I spilled my rice & veal broth & broke 3 eggs. The preacher looked sick & said he had been on Sun morning so that was Why I had to pray so hard for him Sat night & Sun. & tonight he’s going to Ackron for plumbing fix-tures to fix up his living rooms in the upstairs rooms in the church. That man has worked hisself most to death every since he came here, they neither have had a square deal. But God will give him a big reward one of these days & all of us who have failed to

Wed. Jan.16.1946./841./ receive much less. Oh how I do Wish I could do more & not have to lay a-round so much.  I pray God’s Will be done, not mine.  We got 25 eggs today & its cold out yet  the sun shone all day & moonlight tonight.  

Thurs. Jan.17.1946./ Well my arm felt better this morning after aching all night. So I washed out Uncles clothes & what few I had & he washed his heavy underwear & work shirt, his socks & kercheifs.  & he hung a few things  outside they got almost dry & smell so fresh & nice. We had such a heavy frost last night that it looked like snow in the moon light ground was as white as if it had snowed.  Sunshine  all day, today, clouding tonight & moon don’t shine through. Wind was S. east this a-m. then slowly went on around to S.W. & quite warm out at 9-p-m. Blue water in lake as far as you can see, but beach is frozen yet with lots of snow & ice there. the clothes are all dry except the heavy union suit. I ought to iron in the morning, poor old arm don’t get much chance to rest  I got most the supper & did the washing of the dishes  Elbert dried them. We only got 20 eggs  today looks like a chicken dinner ahead. did-n’t thaw untill toward night & Elbert says it’s warmer tonight. He says his head has hurt him bad all day  But I thank God we have been able to keep going & I sure feeling terrible miserable myself.

Fri. Jan.18.1946./ Well Elbert went to Huron & got a little bacon & I did the ironing & got most of the supper, Elbert bought a news paper, he’s anxious to see the strikes settled, there are so many out on strike & some pending, just waiting to go out, the steel workers, carpenters, telephone, electrical, meat packers, textile workers & I can’t remember all the others. Hope we can hold out untill he can get to work, he isn’t feeling very well & his eyes are bothering him of late. My stomach has the nervous jitters tonight as if some-thing terrible was about to happen. I did my usual work in the house & went out back today, first time in several weeks. It isn’t very cold & wind West birds bath almost thawed out little scum around the edges. Only 19. eggs today. Sunshine all day with some clouds & only a little moon shine tonight. uper current of clouds are coming from the North & they are flying fast  we have had quite a lot of wind these passed few days. Got the price list from Dr Haan today. Well  I have everything ready for the morning & I’m going to bed now.

Sat. Jan.19. 1946./ Well I got the mending done & I feel much in need of repair myself tonight  I did the things I had to do that’s all. it’s much colder out side than, it was, freezing  & it tried to give us some snow this noon  came down thick for only a few minutes not enough to stay on the ground. I received an anouncement of the birth of Rose Braikers baby, it’s a girl  Little Miss Ann Ellen born 9:25-p-m. on Jan 13th 1946.  she weighed 7lbs  131/2oz.  It also stated-Mother fine-baby wonderful  father-recovering.  she hasnt been very well so I’m glad all  is well. Received a letter from Nellie said they missed there buss so took city buss to Audrey’s , she wasn’t home, so they waited in Loby of theater where it was warm, said Audrey. come along & they went home with her she had been to the 

Sat. Jan.19. 1946 /842/ (Audrey) had been to the Dr.  they went home with her & had a cup of tea. Audrey’s heart is bad  skips every other beat, she don’t look a bit well poor girl. I’m so sorry she’s all alone  no one she could call for help if she took sick there by herself & not even a phone. It’s sure queer  folk’s in this old world  When a mother with only one child & that a daughter can’t live peaceably together, & then there’s Gertie there in the old home place & she says she wouldn’t call any of us if she knew she were going to die in the next 15 minutes.  Well, Nellie said, they got home tired, Wet & cold. & that E.J. left next morning, that (they) I think she ment Frank Bonney, Ruby his wife & Aarmond there son & stopped for her & they all went to the train & Ella Jane, Ruby & Armond took passage on the Stream Line (New York Central) for Chicago where they transfer & go on to New Mexico.  But when they got into Chi. E.J. was so broke up, she left  Ruby & Armond to go on & she went to a woman she calls Bethene & has been there every since (she, E.J.) phoned Nellie Fri. night Jan.18. & said her nerves were so bad she just couldn’t go on to Mexico & Nellie said she’s in the same fix herself, & that mabe E.J. would come back home. She said Bethene is a wonderful Christian woman & that she’s glad they are together. then she said she’d try to write to me again. Love Nellie & All.)  Well, I’m sorry but she was so set on not giving way to her feeling & it’s so hard on the nervous system to hold in your grief & sorrow it’s natural to mourn & cry over the departure of a loved one, it would help her nerves if she would cry. And of course things will never be the same again, but, we can’t turn back, We do have to grope around & go on some how. She said Bramen “that was John’s half brother” died Jan.6. on Sun. & John on Jan. 3. & he John was laid to rest Jan.5. 1946. Then she sent me a clipping from the news paper, telling of Dr. Easton’s death & funeral. Dr. died Jan.6. on Sun. 1946. & I believe from the clipping he was laid away Jan. 8. So there are a great many morrn mourn & greive. Dr. had been in Lorain for a goodly number of yrs.  I was just a young girl when he set up office in Lorain & he was a young man & rather bashful. Mother took me to him once at that time, I had hurt my back bone in a fall & my or my he was bashful, ma said he’s so bashfull  I don’t see how he’ll ever make a go of his work, but he did & was worked most to death at times, & now he to has gone, his wife is a nurce & has kept at it all these yrs.  We got 22 eggs today.    Elbert killed & dressed a hen & she was full of eggs  she must have laid today & would have laid every day. We ate most of her for supper, she was small but in real good order. I made biscuits for dinner & we had some in the gravy for supper. We saved the breast & one thigh to grind & make meat balls for dinner tomorrow.  Wish I could go to church but don’t think I will  I dreamed of ma & Audrey  got a letter from Nellie today. Looks like A is bad. 

Sun. Jan.20. 1946./ We have been home all day  sun was nice this morning although the air was cold & frosty, then it clouded up & has been a thick gray blanket all the rest of the day & tonight wind backed up to S. east & quite out side  we can hear the passenger whistle just before he pass-es into Vermilion & that’s 7 miles east of us. Elbert went for the milk & thats as far as he went today. I pray God will Bless the meetings at Church today.

Sun. Jan.20.1946./843./ & tonight & help the preacher & his Wife and family. I pray He will strengthen the minister, he need it so much & give Brynt What ever it is he needs for his eyes & health & give to each of those of Thine what they need Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name I ask, Amen.  I thank Thee for my healings & all Thou do’eth give me & give Elbert & I ask Thy care on him as he goes tomorrow & comes & help his car Keys to be returned to him. And God of Love and Mercy, Deal with those Who mourn & teach them Thy ways, in Jesus Name, Amen. 23 eggs today. & we have over 10. doz. on hand  I hope Elbert sells them all so we can eat this week. We thought Mr. Ellis might come for them, but, he didn’t. 

Mon. Jan.21. 1946./ Well it sure snowed last night & early this a-m. & it’s been cold all day. Georgia Snyder came over & told us Elbert’s boss called up for him to come to work Tue. morning that’s tomorrow, so he got out his new overalls that he wanted me to fix, some time ago. & I got them done, my arm has been bad today, nerve jirks so & pains me so bad  seem as if I could pick the pain out. Well, I got most the supper, When I made the biscuits my hand just let go the oven door & it shut with a bang & I yelled, it gave me such a shock & went over me so fast for & hr. or more & when it eased up I sweat & felt so weak, my feet got so cold & I said to Elbert, they were so cold, & he said  I set around so much I didn’t get exercise enough, seems as if each one in the family would like to see me dig in untill I drop in my tracts & as one of them said once, if I died  all they craved of me would be my brains, so they could manage as well as I.  always had in the passed. but they wont do one any good When I’m done with them, & Elbert says he’s going to see to it, “if I die before he does” that none of the rest get anything that belongs to me. Well, sometimes I wish I were miles away with Jesus & didn’t have anything, for any one to want. I have give away alot of things & think I’ll give away more & more untill I only have just the barest neccesities, if I were to be left alone I think I’d even sell the place & go & live in a home where I could work for my food clothes & bed. I don’t crave for a thing any one of them have got & never have, and I never have had much of this world’s goods, the place is in my name & several of them would like to have it in there’s but I paid for it in a hard way & hope I can live here in my (little home) (soak box) (barn) & what so ever they’ve cared to call it. It’s quite out here & God is near me & talks to me & takes care of me, it would be nicer for them, sometimes, if I lived closer to them, as they have wished  I’d sell & come nearer, but I 

Mon. Jan.21.1946./ 844./[she meant to page it 845]  O.K here, I’d like to be able to go & do things for myself sometimes & not have to tell what for 7 why but; God knows best & I Know He will see me through.  20 eggs today  We lack 2 of having 12 doz. on hand. & Elbert is all prepared to go to work in the morning. I pray he wont catch a cold, for, it’s turned cold & he isn’t use to being outside all day, and I haven’t been out but once in several weeks & it’s forcing me out to take care of hens & I’m not able. 

Tue. Jan.22. 1946./ Well it was 6 blow zero “so they told Elbert “last night & it was terrible cold this morn. & Elbert went to Lorain & they told him to come back next, he was so angry  thinks it is a trick, but, he don’t know, I hope it will all work out O.K.  it’s to cold to work out all day right now after being so warm. & I haven’t done anything outside the daily round  haven’t felt quite so strong today. I went out & took care of hens at 10-and give them there cabbage & sour milk & gathered 13 eggs K& then Elbert came about 2-p-m & he fed at 4-p-m & gathered 8 more making 21. eggs today,  had sunshine all day  thawed on the road a little, but is still snappy cold & moonshine & stars tonight5. wind south. house cools off so quick to I know it’s getting colder out side it’s 10-p-m. & I’m going to bed. I had Elbert mail a letter to Nellie this morning. I thank God for His care & and pray, He will have blessed the meeting tonight. Elbert talked to Mrs. Henry “Daisy Mead” today &  she ask us to call on her, she spoke to him or he wouldn’t have noticed her  he said she has rooms on 4th St. 

Wed. Jan.23. 1946./ 21 eggs today  We were home all day sunshone all day it clouded up just before dark, there wasn’t much wind untill tonight & now it comes in strong puffs. it thawed some today, but was cold out, I only did what had to be done & tried to finish a handkercheif edge, but, didn’t finish it. Elbert went for milk & back, no. mail, only  light bill. today. I went out to the toilet & back today, haven’t felt good all day  stomach needs different Kind of food, it’s tired of milk & soup, again. 

Thurs. Jan. 24. 1946./ 23 eggs today  Well Elberts going to Vermilion this morning to sell the eggs & perhaps get us a little more to eat. Well he had such a head ach he didn’t feel able to go but he took 2 anicin & at 12-30-noon he went & sold the 10 doz for 48cents per doz. $4.80  for them all. & got us some eats  just a little a piece of boiling meat  a very small piece of beef steak, 3 grape fruit & 4 pears & a yeast cake, he spent little over a dollar. I sent 2 doz. eggs to Rev. & Mrs. Singleton, he & Mr. Hambly were working at the church up stairs. Elbert talked to Miss Clark today, she told him all the news

Thurs. Jan.24. 1946 /844./ [this would be 846] she said the church folks were all sore because the preacher went to live in another house for the winter & they had to pay $25.00 rent for them & 2 water bills & 2 phone bills.  how could he help it if they over seeres told him to not do the living quarters first but the Church rooms  he couldn’t live up there in the cold & draft with 3 little children, would anyone of the |Church folks have lived up there in such conditions? Would they? Would they do by Jesus the way they do by our minister, & his family?  would they?  Well, they fell in love with Bueser, call him nice looking, he waves his hair & dashes around saying bright things, spicy, cute, &. & the women loved to hear him say they were mighty good cooks & they’d have his favorite pies & sandwitches for lunch, just a certain few, after the church folks  left the services. Well, I pray God will bless the Minister’s effors & bring in other folks to tight pay in there tenth to help keep them in food & clothes. I like to be able to give them lots more, but God is able to bless those young folks of His & show the others where they stand. I hope Lindy & Dorthy have a chance to think it over to for if they preach, they know not what they will run into & this ought to teach them some lessons, worth thinking over.  Well, I got my clothes & the house laundry done, but have to get Elbert’s & his bed blankets done yet. I’m so tired tonight. Elbert helped get the supper, I made a rice pudding & fried the steak  Elbert boiled potatoes & made the milk gravy  I felt to tired to eat. It’s warmer out side & tried to snow, it thawed quite a lot today. we only have 7 more days this month.

Fri. Jan. 25. 1946./ 22 eggs today  Elbert left at 12-30-nooon for Lorain to see about his job & they told him to come back Tue. Jan.29.  he came back 2-30 p-m.  I had the soup just about done, he got a piece of bacon today & some of those big black grapes  the meat is firm in them & they are so good & he really got me  1/4 lb. of butter & a yeast cake to make bread tomorrow. & we hope to wash out his cloth’s & perhaps the blankets. We had two snow squals to day, wind is strong & puffy. Elbert say, it’s not so cold tonight. We got 22 eggs today. Elbert paid light bill. I crocheted a little finished my kercheif today. only little sun this after  noon & evening, no moon  dark out. my shoulder pained  me so bad all night, I slept couple hrs, this morning, then it began to hurt & I got up it’s hurt all day I sure need to get back into the meetings, I’ll be so happy when I can, some how I can’t endure  the cold at all. Elbert called Martha, she said the familys were all O.K. & that Merlin was on his Norwalk route today. Oh I thank God for Our Ministers his wife & children & His blessings. Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 26. 1946./845./  Elbert’s been on the bum all day his back and his head, he’s been taking anicins. only 12 eggs today  I baked 3 loaves of bread & 1 tin rusk biscuits (6 larger ones) & did the sweeping but just didn’t have the pep to wipe up the floors & they sure need it. Saw 3. rabbits, Elbert went out with his gun, but didn’t get one  I wish we could have some, I crave the wild meat. & we don’t have any meat for tomorrow. Elbert didn’t get washing done he’ll be home  Mon. yet, so I’ll have to get everything going with out talking about it. I can’t do his heavy union suits, & blankets & he don’t care to do them either.  would have been a good day to dry them. Wish I could go to church tomorrow but haven’t been out side for several days now, took cold the last time but will keep trying and hope to get more strength to  Praise God in Jesus Name the pain has left my shoulder  I thank God for our Minister & his family & the one in the Church Who behave & pray  I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 27.1945./ Well, we didn’t go any where today & I did-n’t get the floors wiped up & didn’t even get a clean dress on  20 eggs today  Elbert got up & Killed a hen dressed & cooked it & took his bath & slept a while in big chair before I got up, then I got up & my room was terrible cold, I could hardly dress. so I didn’t take my bath  Sat. night for some reason, but I was praising God for in Jesus Name for taking that terrible pain from my back, shoulder & arm, now it left me so suddn I was weak as a rat &K so I comb my hair & washed  I cooked some spiggetti in chicken broth & we ate our dinner  hadn’t done the dishes when in came Our Minister & his wife, We had a good visit, Miss Clark met, Elbert one day in Ver-milion & told him all the news, she said all the members were mad, because the minister had rented a little house to live in untill they could get the rooms done up over the Church & So he & his wife both said all the members took a note on it & said they thought he should get a warm place to live in, now they think he could have lived there anyway, its wasn’t K& still isn’t liveable, they hadn’t got the walls done, or the water or the toilet in & not anyway to heat the rooms. Miss Clark told Elbert it was terrible all the bills the preacher had run for the members to pay she said there were 2 light, 2 water & 2 phone bills & 25 dollars per. month rent, so they haven’t even given him his small weekly pay of 20 dollars a mo. for 4. weeks now. If it was Jesus in Person they most broke there necks to wait on Him, Well these Children are His ministers.

Sun. Jan.27. 1946./ 846. & in Gods Holy Word it says, a good Minister is worth his Keep & it also says, In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have also done it unto me. I would gladly do more if I could. I had Elbert go out & Kill a hen for them to take back home to cook & he picked & singed it  I gave them 4 jars of jam a can & beans & 1. of peas & loaf of bread, they look under fed & he puts in an average of 100, hrs. a week working on the church, with out pay,  Will God forgive us? Will He?  I have been asking God day & night to feed those Children of His even if stranger had to take a hand for He had revealed the condition to me & then they admitted that strangers had come to help them, to pay there rent & to feed them, Oh, I so sorry I can’t help them more & so ashamed of the conditions. But Happy in Jesus to Know He hears us when we cry to Him & He ans. our cry for help & takes care of His own. Oh, Hallaleugh  Praise His Name & May God ever be Magnafied  Glory to our King. But God of Love & Mercy, forgive us our ignorance & reveal to each one, even those who have been blessed with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, teach us Thy Ways & deal with us I Pray that we may walk in, & think in Thy Way. Amen. Oh, Yes today is Nelson K Eddys birthday, he’s one yr. old. 

Mon. Jan. 28. 1946./ Pa’s birthday & we were not able to go to the cemetery, he would be 85 yrs. old. & just think, ma would be 89. yrs. old. last Nov.29. & 90 this coming Nov. my, how time is flying  Elbert’s 63. & I am 61. & so I Praise God  He give me life & strength to work, but I often over do, & I have done that today. 23 eggs today. I got up & got the washing started & did half of it & Elbert did the rest  he washed his under wear & work shirt  2 blankets & his work pants & I did the towels handkercheifs & 2. blankets he sudsed & wrinsed the heavy pieces & I looked after drying them & then I pressed his pants & ironed his shirt & sewed the ends of one pr. of blankets together & put them on his bed. I aired the beds & made them up, while he went to Huron & got some boiling meat & lunch meat, for they told him to come to work in morning. So he’s all ready to go I hop it

Mon. Jan.28. 1946./ Wont be very cold, for he hasn’t been out very long at a time, & he feels the cold so bad.  he set some traps & one was sprung off, but, no rabbit;  Well I hope we get one tonight or two  I’d like to have the Minister & family  to supper one night this week. They told me a Catholic man was paying there rent & the woman, who owns the place came to see them & told them, as long as the man would pay the rent it was O.K. & when he couldn”t just not to worry, it would be O.K. anyway the bread man gives them bread & he even put some grocierys in there car & Sister Singleton just happened to see him doing it;  Bockman has given them vegetables but he is going to Florida, this week, for the rest of the winter & Lindy & Dorthy are going to California & Mrs. West has heart trouble, so she says, but what one of us don’t have lots of heart troubles, & I don’t wonder at it, I often wonder how God endures us. This is a portion of that Vision I had, before Frank died. I do wonder how long it will be untill things are changed. Well. When Elbert got back from Huron we ate some noodles & then, he went for milk & I wiped up the floor & did a few more odds & ends & we had supper, the blankets all dried & everything else I stacked the dishes. but no wash  Elbert seems to be to nervous to sleep & it’s getting late. 

Tue. Jan. 29. 1946./ We only have 30 hens.  24 eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain to Steel plant to job & they are not quite ready for him yet  he got there at 11-a-m  We had dinner & he took the eggs to Vermilion & sold them got a very few things to eat & sack of flour. While he was gone I mended his union suit & was just done  when he got back, I haven’t felt very good today  done to much yesterday  It’s been a wonderfull day, windy, but sunshine all day, S. west wind. snow about all gone. Elbert sold 10. doz eggs for $4.80 & had to use 1.00 for gas & some for oil, & we have to get grain with the next money. We got an ans. from the oil burner weed killer today. 

Wed. Jan.30. 1946./ Been to home all day rained fine misty rain all morning & part of the after noon & evening but at 8-p-m. moon & starlight & a strong south wind. I darned several holes in my silk wool union suit & one pr. stockings, that’s the extent of my work out side my usual house hold duties. I dug out some old hymm books & sang & whistled a goodly number to God & the birds & they sang with me. I didn’t sleep last night, got the bone out between my shoulders again & it hurt me so bad. 

Wed. Jan.30.1946./ 848./ all night & early morning, but I did get it in a position sometime after daylight so it got easy & I slept a little before noon, got up at noon & felt all foged out. Elbert hasn’t felt so good either today. but he has done all the out side chores, only 18. eggs today, wind getting strong tonight.  He Killed a laying hen for the minister & his Wife & Family. Oh. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost.

Thurs. Jan 31. 1946./ Wyn Grant is 71. yrs. old today & it’s cold & snowing to cold to snow good. received a book from DeHaan to-day & those books explain the bible so plain that a child could understand  I read them clear through before I lay them down, & I like to study my bible with them, usually I do. I haven’t done only my usual round of duties today, Elbert feels the cold bad today, it had warmed up & thawed, but turn cold so quick again last night, it makes everything feel it. Well we had to kill a hen today  she hurt her leg some how & she laid every day, had an egg ready  for tomorrow so we’ll be short on eggs before long  wish I could get a few baby chicks now, they would be laying, early in Aug. If I could only scratch up the money, I could get 200 assorted heanys for $19.70  a real bargan. Oh Well, I just don’t know how I can. 

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