May 1950

Mon. May. 1. 1950./ 47.y.p. & 9-eggs today/  Been a cloudy day or mostly so, dark & fogy this morning.    I ate some garlic blogna last night and it kept me awake all night,    I was just sleeping good when Elbert decided to go to Huron & he pounded the door & woke me with shock,    I need to sleep so bad but no one seems to care,    I pray God will help me soon    I had the nose bleed last night, soak a large hankercheif full of fresh blood,   my nose never blead so much in all my life & tonight it’s bleeding again,    I’m to tired & I washed out half the washing,    I’ve been sort of dizy all day.    I thank God for the wonderful strength he gives me.    Elbert got such a big mess of fish several catfish & a few bullheads & a good pan of pike & perch    we cooked catfish & bullheads for dinner & supper    Elbert got the supper.    I felt so bad thought I wasn’t going to be able to eat but I did eat a little,    I washed dinner dishes, but not the supper ones.    Elbert saw & talked to Tom Todd in Huron to-day    he’s working on a small tug & they are doing something to the west peir & the tug pull a scow.    Elbert says Tom is terribly thin & gravy, he’s about Fred’s age & Fred was 63 last Sept.    Wind’s been south east most of the day. fogy on the lake. 

Tue. May. 2. 1950./ 45.y.p.-10-H-eggs today/ I haven’t felt very good today,    Elbert hasn’t either    his hip pains him so bad.    My stomach has been bad but, better than it has been & I’m trusting God for my healing,     of late there seems to be some reason I can’t go to Church or prayermeeting so I’ve got to do something about it, right away.    We went to Vermilion with the papers, I wasn’t fit to go & sweat like rain    it cost me so much effort & strength,     We bought 15.24 worth of caned food,    I got a Kroger add & it was really a bargain in caned foods, but

Tue. May. 2. 1950./ page. 2584./ 45. y.p. 10. H- eggs today/  when we went to Vermilion it was all different    not so many cans for a 1.00 & not the same brands,     Oh Well, I’ll be sure about it next time, if there’s a next time.    We went over to Lindy’s & Dorthy West & took them a pan of fish & ask Lindy a-bout helping Elbert fix the chimney.    & he said he’d help him,    so now, we have to get the ladders & rope & planks & Elbert ordered the blocks, but I don’t think he ordered enough.    he told me 12 & he ordered 10.    Well he & I have to take down the 10 or 12 & get it all cleaned up ready to set the new blocks on & that will be at the end of this month, or first of next,    Elbert said Lindy gets 2.50 or more an hour,    so, that will take 4. or 5. hrs. & that will be 10.00 or so,    Well that’s life & if we stay, we have to have the Chimney.    We have enough caned food to last a mo. now & so I can use my alowance for the chimney or most of it.    I pray & thank God for all He help me to do & that He seems to stretcy the money some how at times    Oh God I pray you will help me to be worthy in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.  To-night Elbert & I saw a buck & doe (deer) jump over the rail-road fence & come acrossed the field up to Bessie’s place & come across the road on to the brow of Rue Sarrs hill & go down into the creek hollow,    they were the bigt ones,    they run as if they were stiff that’s the second time I’ve seen 2. deers.  Ground is terribly wet.   Some one came & left Elbert’s check & a newspaper while we were gone.    Partly cloudy today & a cold N, east breeze allday.

Wed. May. 3. 1950./ 46. y.p. -8-H-eggs today./ Well I got the dinner & supper & washed dishes & swept & dusted all 3. rooms & ironed 2 skirts 2 dresses & chair back cover.     It’s been a nice day  70 degrees heat but cold N. east wind.    Elbert went with the papers & then he went to the mill & got some pieces (cost 2.06) of 2X2 to fix up the partitian in the hen house & now we have to get some wire fencing 1/2 in mesh for it & then some fencing for hen park.    & some boards for some front door steps & that’s the way the money goes,   no coat,    hat or dress.  & I have had these for, so loong    I’m sick of them, if I was able I’d fix my old Spring coat over.    I don’t get much done, any day, only the things we just have to have done.    it been to warm to work to day,     I sweat like rain, yesterday & today.    I went to the outside toilet & over by the car shed & back in the corner to see what was in bloom & it was the little peach trees that had come up from pits.     apricots got froze, most of them, the pear teree in the corner is full of buds but it’s so cold they are undecided about coming out     sun shone most all day, but there’s a thick haze all through a white fog.   We still have a fire & water’s still runing through the basement.    I received my check today & I thank God for it & hope they decide to send the next one.    I wrote to them about it, but they don’t let me know untill time to get

Thurs. May. 4. 1950./ page. 2585./43y.p. 7.H-eggs today./  Elbert sold a few eggs 34 doz.  he got 55 cents for 5. doz & 50 cents a doz for 28 1/2 a doz. & then spent most of it for feed & mash & a little food    he gave me 6.00 & so we have to save for Chimney & next tank of gas & next winters coal.    Well it’s been 95 degrees here in the Kitchen    I slept untill 9-a-m     got so hot it woke me up so I got up,    Jackie was calling me to     always sounds to me as if he says, get up, get up.    I told him I was coming,  then he started singing,    I got the mail a card from Audrey & DeHaans book,    I got every thing ready for dinner & put some beets on to cook & then as I sat down to drink a cup of tea Elbert came & he was all most cooked    he has his heavy under wear on yet,    but he did go get some lighter weight undies today & I hope he wont catch cold after he changes,    it’s been a terribly hot day, today.    I gave him a cup of tea & he rested a few minutes & went & gave hens water & then I had dinner ready     & we ate and set awhile & then went out side & then the papers came & he went back to Vermilion but wasn’t gone long,    the census taker came just after he left & her name was Marlyn Cool, she said she was 23. yrs. old, looked as if she’d weigh 150 lbs a nice looking dark hair & eyed, girl.    We had a nice visit to & she said she’d come back to finish our visit someday, “I wonder.”   Audrey says they are moving again, but will be home Sun.    she climbs 80 stepps at the factory where she works & 30 where they now live    they are all O.K as far as she knows & hoped we were & was glad to hear from us.    & she said sh’d try to get Martha to come out again soon “signed” Love Audrey.    I’m sorry for Audrey    she isn’t very well or strong, but sure keep going & it’s going to hard on her before long for we sure seem to have to ease up by & by.    Well I thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name, Amen.

Fri. May. 5. 1950./ 48.y.p. 5.H-eggs today/ WEll the wind sure blew,    I don’t know if it blew Bell, but it blew the water all out of Elberts . 2 heavy union suits & 3 work shirts in just 1. (one) hr or so & Elbert brought them in,    he hung them out just before supper & brought them in just after.    I’m so glad for now I wont have to bother with them tomorrow.    I went with Elbert over where he gets the milk,    we took the girl (she’s about 16 yrs old some tame tiger lillie bulbs & she gave me some chives 4 bulbs,    I ask them over & the girl said she would like to come,     but she wants to ride her horse over & I don’t know where she can tie him.    I’m tired     I washed up all the dirty clothes & got the supper    Elbert brought slice of beef for supper & it happened to be very tender & good   I ate 2 small pieces.   he ate the rest.

Fri. May. 5. 1950./ page. 2586./ 48 y.p. 5 H. eggs this day/  been 90 degrees in Kitchen yesterday & today    sweat runs off me as if it were Aug. & the wind is so strong & puffy.    I thank & praise God for His Love & strength He has given me & all our many blessings.    I praise Him & give him all the Glory, He is Truth & truly worthy, Glory to His Name.    We received a card from Nellie, very short here it is,    Dear Folks weare all better.    Fish & chicken were wonderful.   B.B. & family were here yesterday after noon.    Every one is well.  Write us. Love Nellie.    I ans. it & Elbert mailed it when he went with the papers so she’ll get it Sat. or Mon. She lonesome

Sat. May. 6. 1950./ 49.y.p. 6.H. eggs today./ Well, the wind has been truly strong & I have not done only my daily grind & Elbert the same,    it has been a little cooler tonight but so hot during middle of the day 80 in the Kitchen with windows open wide.    & trees & flowers & shrubs are coming fast    some of them look as if they get to cool at night.    lots of birds every morning out in back yard,    seem to come for a meeting every morning, brown thrush, red birds, cardnals blue birds, little wild canarys chic-a-dees & snow birds orchard oreoles, finch, the gold ones, ground sparrows & sparrows, starlings & blue jays all talking & singing at once & the robbins, some whipper wills & kill deers & meadow larks & cat birds & mourning doves & cotton birds,    I don’t know if I missed any or not    but, its surely a great  sight & noise,    Oh yes, the black birds & red wings black birds. & Elbert said there were tippups & snipe, sort of wild wood choir,  & frogs all croaking,    there are lots of hornets, wasps, spiders & flies & bugs all so.    I thank My Father in Heaven for His Love & Mercy & pray I will be worthy in Jesus Name.    I want to pray through & hope I can. 

Sun. May.7. 1950./ 45 y.p.  6-H. eggs today/  We got out & went to church in Vermilion & sunday school & then we learned there had been a fire on the same street & one across the river     We came home, ate dinner & set a while then got off to 31. street church.     & we had a real blessing there tonight    & oh, I was drunk with the Spirit & the power is still going through me    Glory to God I praise Thee in Jesus Holy Name, Hallelujah, Amen.    We got home 11-10-p-m. tonight.    The wind went N. east last night & it’s cold & raw, nice sun, but so white & cold looking.    I sure enjoy the birds in the back yard & the flowers    tame voilets & wild are like a carpet of blue & white trees are blooming & leaving out fast & the strong wind drying the ground fast.    Hope we can plant a few potatoes & cabbage & tomatoes & maybe a few other things    Elbert’s hip and back are feeling lots better, but a little sore  in back

Mon. May. 8. 1950./ page 2587./ 48. y.p. 8-H-eggs today/  Well, I slept late, but, got dinner & did out the washing & got it dry except my corset.   Elbert has felt terrible bad all day    did his daily round & tried to spade,    his head & his back hurt him bad & I am tired,    He killed & dressed a hen yesterday morning,    but I’m sick of chicken, so I didn’t enjoy it.    John Schnider came here Sun. after noon & wants Elbert to build a small building about 16 X 24 ft. with an A. roof   & sided up with roofing paper on roof.    I do hope all will be well    Christe & Will are crooked & I don’t know about John,    he’s filthy mouthed, I do know & I wish Elbert wouldn’t work for him, but, I as Elbert says most men are that way, some better, some worse.     It’s been a fine day, Cold N. east wind, nice warm sun,     I haven’t been out side but once I got a pail of water & put some in bird bath    they love to bath & drink & I like to wath them do it     I do pray God will fill me & help me to praise him in spirit & in truth in Jesus Holy Name.   Glory to God, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Tue. May 9. 1950./ 45. y.p. -5 H eggs today/ Well I have felt all sort of broke up & knew it was something about the place    So, here comes a man today & said I would have to go to Sandusky in the Morning & sign my applacation for old age pension,    Well, I’ll have a place to live for a while at least,    then only God knows what’s next.    They are talking war & getting ready for it with all the worst of fire & de-struction implements they can make    The bible says, the last will be days of vengence & it’s truly coming,    I pray God will fill me before that day of Jesus coming.   Glory to His Name.   We went Vermilion to prayer meeting & only Mrs. Eppler, Mr. Whitman, & I were there but, God met up & refreshed our spirits Praise His Name    Warm S. west wind hot sun. strong puffy wind & it did sprinkle a very little this morning & again tonight.    Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish for dinner & we had fish for supper & lots left for tomorrow,    he took the papers to Vermilion & got a ham  salt as brime,    I don’t see why he gets them but he does    I can’t eat it & he hadn’t ought to.    unless we freshen it a lot & that take away the real ham flavor .    I dug a big mess of greens this after noon.    but didn’t get them cooked & now I have to go in the morning so, can’t cook them I don’t believe, in time for dinner such a world.    So I didn’t get much done today.    I do hope all is well

Wed. May. 10. 1950./ 39. y.p. -5-H- eggs today./ Well, we went to Sandusky & turned my place over to the Goverment for 39.00 per. mo. as long as I live & they pay the taxes & insurance,    so the place isn’t mine any longer more only to live on.    I can’t sell it,   if I were to exchange it I’d have to be sure they don’t loose a cent!    Well, I have to live some where & this is as good as any place as far as I know.    We were in Krogers Store & they have a nice

Wed. May. 10. 1950./ page. 2588./ 39. y.p. 5-H-egg this day/ store,  they had a special on young friers today, all cut ready to fry done in celephand paper. & such a price.    We bought 4. pork 53 cents & a small piece of, a so called lamb.   & a few slices of bacon.    then we came back to Huron & I bought 4 sheet blankets for 11.33 & I have got to pay for them yet.    Oh, such a world,    but I do thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    The man in the Veterans Office said I should have had Frank’s pension, but it was so long now it would take to much work to get it through    Well I’m glad I can still have a place to live & 39.00 & some odd cents to live on, as long as I live,    & they pay the taxes & insurance on the buildings.    Well I’m feeling rather tired tonight    I have to get my shoes soled & get me an-other pr. for Sunday day. It’s been a fine day nice Sun. cool breeze. & tonight, sun set white as ice & then looked red just before dark.    Well, I’m wishing to get out side a little more .   air feels to cold & I can’t hardly walk my feet hurt so bad.    Well I’ll read & go to bed ,    we have a little fire tonight. 

Thurs. May. 11. 1950./ 49.y.p. 4. H-eggs today/ Well I hunted for the deed, looks as if it wasn’t transfered back into my Name so that will have to be taken care of.    I spent all my time looking for it today, in the chest.    I found the old one’s    Well the man for the Goverment will be coming along to pick it up in a day or two so he said.    I let him do a little looking & see if it was transfered back into my name.    I’m all tired out just looking    I was sure I had it in the lock box but it wasn’t there so I don’t know what to do about it.    It’s been a nice day   cool wind but not so strong today;    Elbert went to Vermilion on the Lake & sold 23 doz. eggs at 50 cents per. doz. bought 2 bags mash. 1. loaf bread & 1. for gas & gave me 1.25     looks as if we’ll never get the chimney block’s.    Oh, I’m glad there wont be sick-ness, sorrow, tears or crocked works of any kind in Jesus World.    God of Love & Mercy help me to live, talk, think & walk in Thy ways,    I give Thee the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    Grass & weeds are growing fast,    the flowering thorn is as red as a cardnal    blossoms are so bright    I’ve got to do something about a dress & soon for every day & Sun.  

Fri. May. 12. 1950./ 42. y.p. 8.H- eggs today/ I did up what washing there was & washed my good dress & my house dress & now I’ll have to get them ironed    Elbert washed out his pants    so I’ll have them to press & mend also.    It’s been a beautiful day warm & sunshiny & N east breeze.    John Snyder came over & plowed a little strip of dirt north of the cottage,    Elbert thought he’d plant a few potatoes & maybe some beans or corn out there,    his hip & backs so bad, he don’t know what to do.    Well I’m tired I haven’t felt able to work

Fri. May. 12. 1950./ page. 2589./ 42. y.p. 8.H-eggs this day./   Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish  2 bulhead 2 catfish & a few pike.    Elbert just told me John came through the back yard with the tractor & crushed my flowers that were just ready to bloom & I don’t know if he crushed the peonies or not & I’m just boiliing    men are such contemptible things,    Oh, God help me & take away the anger.    I only have a few flowers to enjoy & each yr some dirty skunk has to spoil part of them just when thry’re most ready to bloom or come in & pull the flowers off & leave them on the ground    Oh, I wish so much I could be with Thee Jesus    I’m so terribly sick of this life.    Well, press & iron tomorrow & I hope to wipe up the floor to if I can    & I want to trim the wisteria vine & trumpet vine. & the rose bush in front of the coop,    the post has rotted off    we have to put in another post & then fasten the vine up & trim it & fasten it,  the place need some one to get out & clean it up the brushes & berry bushes are terrible in the back, & the trees need care & spraying.   Oh, well, let the govement do it.  I signed it over to them.   been hot all day & two cool tonight.    Well I found the deed to the place but the man didn’t come for it yet.    Well, I thank God, He can do all things in Jesus Name    the flowers wasn’t hurt that Elbert thought were crushed. 

Sat. May. 13. 1950./ 45. y.p. 6.H. eggs today./  Gertie’s birthday   she is 62 yrs. old today just 3. yrs. younger then I & she looks well & strong, but Audrey has always worked & she looks tired out most of the time,    but, Gertie never hurt herself working, she let every one else do the work.    I’m glad any way, if I am old & worked out, that, I didn’t ever shirk my duties off onto any one else.    I still believe in being honest in every thing small or great.   Well, I got up at 8.a.m. & did a few odds & ends & then get the dinner  read, after dinner    I trimed the grapes out beyond the well pump & the wisteria, didn’t get quite done,    but enough so it wont do any harm if I can finish it.    Elbert put a new post in for the rambler in front of the coop & tied it up but it has to be trimed yet,  he went with the papers & I came in & ironed my dress & under skirt & 3 work shirts & pressed my dress & belt & 3. prs. pants for Elbert & he cooked the supper, he got pork chops & bread while in Vermilion,    he isn’t feeling a bit well    his back is so bad & he hurt his wrist.    I have a bad feeling in the rectum like something, well it feels like an angle worm sounds when coming up out of the dirt, makes me dizzy headed.     It’s been a beautiful Spring day warm, but, cool   N. west breeze  rained a light shower

Sun. May. 14. 1950./ page. 2590./ 46.y.p. 7.H-eggs today./ Well. I was to sick to go to Sunday school & church this morning & begin to think I wasn’t going tonight bowels, run like water, I felt to sick to pray tonight, so gave it up & came back home. my head feels so bad & my nose tried to bleed while I tried to pray, my recturm is still got that terrible feeling in it,    I hope I can soon be able to pray through,  then God will heal me, again    Praise His Name, All the Glory Power & honor truly belongest to Him, I give all Praise to Thee for ever & ever. 

Mon. May. 15. 1950./ 48.y.p. 8. H. eggs today./ 30. yrs. When. I was married to Frank in Elyria, Well I didn’t get up very early, then I did a few odds & ends & got dinner & did dishes & went out & trimed the yellow roses they winter killed bad & there is a yellow,    or, orange powder on some of them    I don’t know what it can be,     but, now we will have to spray them,    I only worked about 1/2 hr. & my feet hurt so bad seemed as if they would kill me,    I pray God is working in them.    I picked a large bunch of voilets & hope to pick as many more in the moring & I got a bag of grain bags. 2. dresses,  one for Nellie & one for Bonita 2. qts. butter nuts   1.qt. Hickory nuts & Elbert killed & dressed a hen for Nellie & one for Mrs. Bracket & cleaned out one apiece.    & the girl where we get the milk “Mander’s is the there name”  she wants some orange lillies & flax, I gave her some tiger lillie bulbs a short time ago & she gave me some shives “you use tope for seasoning or to but in with meat or soup”.    Mrs. Cranage wants some of them & an elderbery bush.    I thank God He heard & answered prayer & that terrible feeling has stopped, that was in my recturn.    All the glory truly belongest to Him,    He is more than wonderful    I love & ador Him, He’s pure & Holy & I wish I were like Him.    Well, We hope God Willing to go to Elyria in the morning & to get my corset & perhaps a hat.    & we want to go early.

Tue. May. 16. 1950./ .48y.p. 5H. eggs today./   Well we rise up early washed & dressed & picked the extra big bunch of voilets & put them with the one’s I had picked yesterday in a gal. crock.    & a voilet plant that was just full of flowers on a paper & put the two basins of chickens in bags & in the car & a few hickory & butter nuts & a doz. or so of grain bags in the car & some red coleus slips & we went to Elyria to see about my corset & I gave the More Women a big bunch of the voilets & a coleus & then we went to Mrs. Bracket’s home,    she was in the back yard feeling so sorry for a Robin the cat had cought & broken it’s wing. 

Tue. May. 16. 1950./ page. 2591./ 48. y.p. 5.H. eggs this day./ She came in the house & we gave her the hen we had dress & cut up, in my pan with paper bag over it, & I’ll never forget the smile on her face as she looked at it, then in her jovel way she said, what did I do to deserve all this    & said excuse me I put it in the ice box & she hurried out with happy tears coming into her eyes & the eggs,    she said looked so fresh & nice,    she said how can I pay you for all this & We said if you enjoy them we’ll be well paid & she said, Oh I sure will enjoy them,    & when we had visited a bit she gave me a piece of a very fine little vine called Job’s tears & I gave her a big bunch of voilets & a coleus slip,    then we went to Nellie’s & Bonita’s , all the children had the mumps,    Nelson is still confined, but about over them.    I gave Nellie & Bonita the big bunch of voilets & C. slip & nuts & bags & eggs & Bonita got the chicken in the ice box, with out her mother seeing it & when Nellie went to get something from the box she smiled & burst out with,  Oh, chicken.    she & Bonita don’t get along together & they both look sour & grim & both determined to has things there own way,    it’s sure terrible,    They wish I’d come & live with them or near them    but, if they treaated me as they do each other, it would be unbearable.    Well we bought hamberg & Nellie cooked it & we had dinner with them & visited some & started home    We only had time for a lunch & hot tea & Elbert went with papers,    he had just gone when the old age pension man came, a Mr. Platto from Sandusky to get my deed to the place & he says he don’t know yet how things will turn out as I don’t or Elbert don’t have a birth certificate & the country has got down to that point where each one has to have one,     he has visited to Michigan to see if he can find them there & if not he’ll write to Washington he said,    I wouldn’t know what to do about it.    He talk for some time,    He said if I were dead before Elbert he would have the privilege to stay here as long as he was able & wanted to & if any of my brothers or sisters were living on old age pension & came here to live they could have the same privilege & then he said he wished we could pay $250.00/ two hundred & 50 dollars into the bank for funeral expenses, 500 for the two of us    he said we could have a little better caskets    I didn’t know Elbert had 500 in the bank, but he has & he

Tue. May. 16. 1950./ page. 2592./ 40. y.p. 5. H. eggs todays/ don’t want to spend it for our funerel expenses & he says he is taking it out of the bank & using it for clothes & the car.    Well, he only has this week to make up his mind    I don’t know what he will do about it & he feels so disagreeable about it.    It don’t matter what they put me in     just a box would be O.K.    Well, I thank & praise God for all our many blessing & pray He will save our souls & fill us with the Holy Spirit in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    I love the Lord & Praise His Name.

Wed. May. 17. 1950./ 43.y.p. 7.H. eggs today./  Well, I got dinner after Elbert came back from Huron with a nice mess of fish, some of the little catfish were alive yet,    he dressed them & we had a good dinner praise the Lord & then I washed the dishes & then we went to Vermilion with the papers & Elbert let me out at Mrs. West’s & I talked with her a little   Elbert took some fish to Harry Miller & came back & we came home,    I wiped up kitchen floor & got the supper & he sharpened the sythe so he can cut the grass.    his back is better, but he still feels bad in hip & back.    We thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Holy Name. 

Thurs. May. 18. 1950./ 44. y.p. 6.H. eggs today/ Well I did half the washing & got it all dried.    The young man that brings the papers here brought his wife & little boy 2. 1/2. or 3. yrs. old,    they stay quite a while,    they dug 2 ever greens, several tiger lillie bulbs that were under the door step   a piece of red honey suckle, yellow rose, & a few other plants & I gave her some Rhubarb for a pie    she’s going to have a baby & she smokes,    it’s terrible, he does to,   & they offered us some but I told them I was a christian & lived for the Lord & we never did such things, no tobacco & no drinks, or the life that went with it, for us.    they stay an hour or two  then decided to go home, he said he had to stop in Huron & get 1/2 bu. of fish then they were going back home to Sandusky, he works in the Bendic washing-machine factory, making washers, at night, he brings the papers now instead of the woman.    Elbert thinks he’ll give the job up, road is so ruff, it’s so hard on the car., & his back is so bad he can’t hardly do his work, he’s going to Lorain tomorrow, if he can in the morning I thought I go, but on second thought guess I wont.    looks like Spring with trees & things in bloom it was so hot where the breeze didn’t hit.   I’m tired    guess I’ll read my bible & go to bed,    I use to say the good book but, Hitler had one, he call that, so I hope to go back over my papers & change it, some day.    I thank God & give Him the Praise in Jesus Name for all our blessings, Glory to God.

Fri. May. 19. 1950./ page. 2593. / 49.y.p. 6-H-eggs today/ Well, I slept rather late & then got up & got Elbert’s wash soaped out & got things ready for dinner & he came,     so I got it ready & we had just finished when Miss. Clark came so I fixed her a bite of dinner & then we went out side,    she picked a big bunch of the voilets & she marked my dress so I can turn the hem in it again.    & we visited & she rested in the big chair a little    she seemed to be all in,    I gave her some eggs & wished I had had, some chicken for her or something she could eat,    I try to fix up something for her soon as I can,    there are lots of old women that need someone to do just a little for them.    Well she took some voilet leaves I had sprouted & some slips of red coleus & then I gave her a few bulbs of tame tiger lillies. & some blue myrtle & vine.    she wanted something    I don’t know what,    but I think it was eats & I’ll try to send her some tomorrow.    I know Elbert’s tired for he got up early & went to Lorain to garage & had some work done on the car    he got back at noon 12-noon & I got the washing out & dried & I’m so tired tonight,    So I’m going to read & pray & go to bed hoping I can rest tonight,    We received a card from Bonita today thanking us for everything and saying they enjoyed the chicken,     I wish & trust & pray God will help them to live for Him & to be happy together instead of fighting.    Oh God, of Love & Mercy,   I pray in Jesus Holy Blessed Name.    It’s been a beautiful day with hot sun & cold N. east breeze.

Sat. May 20. 1950./ 38. y.p. 5-H-eggs today./ Well, another day I didn’t get much done,    I got the dinner & washed dishes & ground the chicken after I washed it & I washed another & cut it in half & gave Miss. Clark & Mrs. Sprunk.    Elbert took it after he delivered the papers,   his back has & is paining him bad     & there has been asuch a cold raw N. east wind for 2 or 3 days now & hot sun although it looks cold & white     now we have a fire & it’s comfortable.    I’m wondering about Nellie & her children if they will have enough heat to keep the chill out.    I made 2 tins biscuits & the Little old man with his suit case of notions came in just after dinner & I gave him a dish of pork & beans 2 eggs a slice of bread & 2 cups hot coffee    he only has 3 or 4 teeth left so he cant chew very well.    he was cold    said the wind nearly had him froze.    at last he got out & started on his way, he’s so dirty he stinks & make the room stink if he’s in it very long,    I fumigated & air out after he left,    he was walking east going to Cleveland,    he goes to Toledo & back & forth (& I wonder). 

Sat. May. 20. 1950./ page. 2594./ 38.y.p. 5-H-eggs this day./  Just before supper Elbert came in & in a couple of minutes Mr. Haufman came in & he stayed half hour or so, then he went & I got supper    & Elbert’s gone to bed & his back pains him so bad.    I’ve been rubbing it & putting hot flannel on, but he catches a little cold & just keeps it going.    Well my feet pain, bad, can hardly walk on them.    I believe God is fixing them & I thank Him & Praise Him, Oh, it surely would be wonderful to be able to have the use of my feet & not be in such pain, Glory to God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    He is wonderful & worthy Amen.

Sun. May. 21. 1950./ 40.y.p. 5-H.eggs today/ Well, Elbert’s felt terribly bum    he thinks he has intestinal flu. his bowels has run him for 2 days now & are so sore    so I didn’t get out to church today    hope & pray he will be lots better tomorrow.    I pray God will in Jesus Name reach down & touch many souls to- night, bless the church meetings & the people, convert heal & fill us with the Holy Ghost, Glory to God in Jesus Holy Blessed Name Amen.    Cold N. east breeze that died before dark & we still like the heat from the fire tonight,    There was a lull last night & again tonight.    I prayed most all night    my feet pained me so bad, so terribly bad.    I thank God & Praise Him & Jesus I Holy & Blessed Saviour for all things great or small & trust He will keep me & fill me.  

Mon. May. 22. 1950./ 43. yp-5-H. eggs today/ Frank’s mother died 24. yrs ago today/ Well, I did part the washing & didn’t get it quite all dry.    Clouded up after dinner & gave us a nice shower,    Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish so we have a mess for Nellie & the children     Elbert dressed two hens one for the Moore women & one for Rev. Hance & he dug out several plants, flowering current or old fashion spice bush  golden bells (2.) corroppises tiger lillies, orange lillies  few iriss some chives, Kenegely{?] morn, Addams needle or ukelilie & babys breath. & Russian grass for Rev. & some pie plant for them & for Nellie.    Well, I have to hop or hobble off to bed for we want to get started early in the morning    Elbert’s back’s paining him bad    I rubbed it in alcohol & then terpo ointment & put a flannel on it.    Well its been a nice Spring day with cool breeze from S. west,    I hope we have as good a day, tomorrow,    I thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name & pray for the Holy Ghost.    I wish we could see & talk to Martha, but we wont have time

Tue. May. 23. 1950./ page. 2595./ 47.y.p. 4.H. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a great day,    we got up early    I took my bath & dress- ed & then, we put all the stuff in the car,     We went to Highland Park & drove around a while before we found Rev & Mrs. Hance place & I went in visited 5 or 10 minutes   had prayer “Praise God in Jesus Name then after leaving the flowers & chicken we went on to Nellie’s place & left the pan of fish & rhubarb & then went to Elyria & took the chicken to the Moore Sisters & the rhubarb & 6. fish, got my corset    & Elbert had found Bonita & her bags of food & they waited for me in the car & we went back to Nellie’s had a cup of tea & sanwitch & Johny & Marcie & the little girl came in so they sat down to lunch     & we all ate & had a little visit,    Nellie had cooked some rhubarb & had it ready for lunch,    she’d been wanting some so bad.   Bonita seemed so happy to see Johny & Marcie & I hope they do her good, for she needs young com- pany.    We started back home at 1-p-m & got here little after 2. P.M.    Elbert went & left car shed open    he’s been feeling so bum,   his bowels are better,    but, his head & back are still bad.    We had a hot garlic knocker & a biscuit & hot cup of tea,    then he took the papers & after he had done a few odds & ends, the man that’s been looking after, getting old age pension for us came in “Mr. Platto” & said he thought he was going to be able to get it    He said, if they could get our birth certificates, we would be termed aliens, even though we were born & brought up in this country “such a world” and our parents were born here in Ohio, pa in Brighton Ohio & Ma in Amherst & the farthest away they ever got was Michigan where they bought 160 acres & built a log cabbin & lived for 4 1.2 yrs.    they came back to Brighton to take care of pa’s mother & father,     his mother was bed ridden    I was a year & a half old when they came back to Ohio & I was 3 1/2 when we came to Lorain & pa took the new barn Uncle George had built, but never used & made a house of it, moving another small new building up & joining it to make a dining room & Kitchen,    that & the barn gave 3 big rooms & 1 bedroom down stairs & 2 big bedrooms up

Tue. May. 23. 1950./ page 2596./ 47.y.p. 4.H.eggs this day./ up stairs & later on pa built on a lean to a place for the cart & such like & a coal bin & a large carpenter room where he kept his tools & paints,     he did all of Aunt Edith’s repair work on her home & the other three houses, she rented, families up stairs & a family down for our rent & he work at his trade on other jobs doing hers on days he couldn’t work away,    we lived there untill I was 12. yrs. old (in Jan. on 16th.) the the house burned to the ground on the 9th of Feb,   the coldest night we had all winter,    then I went to live “for a while” with mr. & Mrs. Fletcher D. Ward superentendent of the Lorain schools.    I stayed with them from Feb. untill school was out,    then my folks moved in with Ma’s brother & his wife & family “Uncle Will Wheeler”    then pa bought a lot on the bank of black river on Harrison Ave & Uncle bought across the street where I grew up & at the age of 35 married Frank W. Babcock (Frank was 38 yrs.) May 17, 1920. & in 1921 we bought this 5 63/100 acers here & I’ve been here 29. yrs. the 16th of Aug. 1950.    It’s a very queer world, or the folks that live on it.    But isn’t it wonderful, God knows all about it & us.    Praise His Holy Name.    Well, we had fish for supper & then went down to 4 square church for prayer meeting    We had a good prayer meeting with only Tom & his wife & Son & Miss Clark & I.    I took 3. pike to Miss Clark & she talked about it so much Tom ask to see the fish & when she opened it up, he took the bigest one out & began to eat it & said Oh, boy, but this is good    so she flew off home saying she was going home to eat the rest for they were still hot.    I enjoyed watching Tom eat that fish as if it was the best ever.    Well, it’s been a fine day & I Praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name.     & Elbert’s been in bed for some time.    So I’m going to my bed.

Wed. May. 24. 1950./ page. 2597./ 48.y.p. 5. H. eggs this day./ to keep out the damp chill.    I can’t help thinking about Nellie   she’s so worried & so nervous, & Bonita is to & was over joyed to see Johny & Marcie.    Well I left my granit bowl over with the Ministers,    I don’t know how I’ll get it,    I hope to cut out another dress or two, to- morrow for house dresses.    & I’ll have to turn the hem in the “bags” dress.    & I’ve got to have a good dress for Church & an other hat & coat.    didn’t get much done today, hope for tomorrow.    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow in Jesus Name.

Thurs. May. 25. 1950./ 43.y.p. 5-H-eggs today./ Well, Elbert brought water to wash,    so I did the balance of the washing    I didn’t feel able, thought several times I’d have to give it up,    but I kept pluging & got it done.    Elbert sold eggs this morning 21 1/2 doz. 50 cents per. doz. & the feed has took another jump so there’s not much left after he pays for feed, gas & oil & gritt,    he paid the light bill    so, I’ll not have any for blankets this time.    I owe 11.95 for summer blankets or blanket sheets.    I want to get some house dress goods to, if I can.    I’m lots to tired tonight    we went out & set about 28, 14 cabbages & 14 tomatoes    & now we had a light shower & may get some more.    That’s all I got done today,    & I’m so tired    I had to make biscuits for supper.    I didn’t wash supper dishes yet.    I must try to write wome letters    I don’t get any, for I owe every one.    I thank God for the strength of today & Praise Him in our blessed Saviours Name.    Elbert has felt terrible bad today.

Fri. May. 26. 1950./ 47.y.p.-5-H-eggs today./ Well, it’s been for me a hard day, but I got a dress partly cut out but seams as if I can’t get anything done for my self,    I feel so discusted with life     cook, eat & wash iron mend do dishes scrub & sweep make beds & bake & my feet just killing me,    & not a soul to help lighten the burden, just do it if you possibly can, and oft times the things said & done make me feel there isn’t one thing left to live for.    the family are so disagreeable they’d like to make me go there way,    it’s swell, yes, just swell when I go out my way to do them a good deed, but they life to just smack me down or ignore me with the next breath or act,    Well, I’m glad Jesus know & will be the judge at that day & I pray He will change them to- ward Him before it’s to late.    It’s been hard to keep sweet today because of just such things as have been going on for yrs. around here,    I canned up apple sauce though to last a couple of yrs. & it’s terrible scarse right now.

Fri. May. 25 [should be 26]. 1950./ page. 2598./ 47.y.p.-5-H-eggs this day./ Where does it go,?    It looks like an inside job.    We received a nice letter from Mrs. Bracket today, saying she had enjoyed the chicken & eggs such a lot    We are glad she did    she was expecting company & she tried to clean the house & then they changed there plans & she said she was as limp as a dish rag,    she doesn’t look very strong,    Wish I could work, I’d have offered to help her,    Elbert planted sweet corn, today.    I can’t do much for myself, cleaning or sewing, or anything else.    Well it’s nice to know she enjoyed it enough to write to us about it, poor soul, may God help her.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name,    He is & always will be, & I pray for every soul that belongs to Him.    & for us Who haven’t as yet received the Holy Ghost.

Sat. May. 26 [should be 27]. 1950./ 45. y.p. 3-H-eggs today./ Well, my feet still pain me so bad today they make me feel sick & just about pull the heart out of me,    seems as if I can’t endure it much longer,    it take my strength so bad,    I’m sick & limp.    We haven’t heard from Audrey for some time   3 or 4 weeks    All I’ve done today is sweep & wash dishes aired & made up beds,     but Elbert has put in 2 rows broccoli & he had to work up the dirt first so that was hard work    & he has been mowing the grass with the cythe & that makes him sorte & lame all over.    I Praise God for all our many blessing & for saving my soul & pray He will fill me with the Holy Ghost, in Jesus Name, Amen.    Elbert went to Huron for fish this morning but had no luck. 

Sun. May. 27 [should be 28]. 1950./ 49.y.p.-5-H-eggs today/  We went to Vermilion to Sun. school & church this morning & come home & had dinner    & Elbert cleaned a hen for Audrey & I picked a few more flowers “lillies of the val- ley’s & some lilaces & then we went down & took a big bunch of lilace’s & lillies to Audrey     & Elbert & I forgot the hen, so he promised to go back tomorrow & take it to her when he goes with the papers     I wish I could go but I wont    she wants to tell Elbert something & she told him she’d tell him later just as I came in where they were.    Something I’m not suppossed to know about evidently.    We went to 31st. Church & God so wonderfully bless us    there I had a vision Jesus on the Cross then He came down & was all dressed in White & said    Will You go with me?   I. said yes.

Sun. May. 28. 1950./page. 2599./49.y.p. 5-H-this day./ He said go home, so I went.    I pray He will fill me yet,    & I’ll give Him all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.    I took a big bunch of lillie’s of the valley to the Ministers wife & family,    they were well pleased.    Glory to God He’s wonderful, Glory Hallelujah.   

Mon. May. 29. 1950./ 39.y.p. 3-H-eggs today./  Well, we got up a little earlier today.    Elbert went to Huron & got 20 pike & he cleaned them. & we ate dinner, (not fish) but what lamb we had left over from Sun. with cabbage potatoes & dumplins, then we prepared to go to Lorain to see Audrey & Gertie.    I picked another bunch of lillies of the valley for Mrs. West & salted all the fish & rapped 4. for Harry Miller, 3. for Mrs. Sprunk, 6. for Audrey & Gertie & we have 7. left for us tomorrow.    We left the flowers & Mrs. Sprunks fish with Mrs. West & took news papers to news stand & fish over to Mr Miller.    then went toward Lorain,    we stopped & look at some of the potted plants & flowers.    then we went to see Mrs. Cranage.    she & Ruth are trying to Clean house & they are having a hard time of it    all Miss. Baumgart’s things & there own to sort & clean out    Ruth looked tired to death, herself.    I got a fine rose rambler this morning by mail from the cole Nursery Co. Painesville Ohio.    Well, I thought of Mrs. Cranage & when Elbert come,   he confirmed my belief, that she had sent it.    I thanked her for it.   & told her it was a fine plant with for good stalks that had been pruned back & Elbert & I planted it by his front bedroom window    I hope it will be a beauty.    Well, we went to Audrey’s & Gerties & me visited a little & gave her a hen, fish, & 1. doz. eggs & then she marked the hem in my dress. & we came back to- ward home,    we got a qt. of ice cream in Vermilion & came home & I fixed speggetti for supper, made tea & we ate the cream & drank    then Elbert looked after the hens.     on the way out of Lorain a small group of men were dressed in Kaky & marching carrying there guns getting ready for tomorrow, Declaration day.    & perhaps there will be another war before very long.    I’m tired & I know Elbert is & the girls were & they look- ed it.    I thank God more than I can tell for all our many blessing in Jesus Blessed Holy Name. Amen.    Christmas days are coming true   hot days & to cold at night & weeds grow best of all. 

Tue. May. 30. 1950./ page. 2600./ 43.y.p.-4-H-eggs today/  We slept awhile this morning so a man knocked hard on the back door, said he wanted 2. doz. eggs,     so, Elbert got up & sold him 2. doz. for 90 cents & then he stayed up    but I rested awhile then got & got the dinner, fried fish boiled potatoes & creamed them & stewed onions, for supper we had beef soup made of vegetables rice & beef broth    & then, I thought I had a can of beans & had spinnage, so we ate spinage with our soup & we had rhubarb sauce.    I tried to hoe a little around front door,     grass & weed are knee deep,    then I hacked up the dirt & planted a few blue morning glory seeds.    My feet torture me most to death,    I hope the Lord is fixing them.    Elbert work hard on the hill North the cottage today.    Well I don’t seem to have the pep to work any more, but I’m still trusting, I’ll get better & stronger.    I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name,    He still has patients with me & helps me to endure some how.

Wed. May. 31. 1950./ 46.y.p.-5-H-eggs today/ Elbert’s been working the dirt today & Bill was disking his dirt & he really came over & disk the front yard in front of the henhouse untill it was quite fine, some of it, but there is some that seemed to be more soggy & packed down harder.    Elbert’s mucsels are so tired they cramp & over his ribs & that’s hard to endure, & I know.  I pray God will help him to get his rest,    for, he plans on going to Lorain to sell eggs in the morning & then to Vermilion & Alberta Beach.    I did out half the washing, was thinking of going with Elbert,    but it will be better if I wait & go on a day he don’t sell eggs.   had to dry cloth’s in house    been mostly cloudy today & it rained good shower at supper time & it is quite cool tonight    we have a little fire to keep chills out of house.    I thank & praise God for His Mercies & Care in Jesus Name.

Thurs. June. 1. 1950./ 43y.p.-4-H-eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain & didn’t sell very many eggs, only 3. doz. in Lorain & he took Audrey a bundle of Rhubarb & told me he wasn’t going to Audrey’s today    & so he went & didn’t take the plates reciept or buttons that she wanted,     so, now I’ll have to write her a card & tell her Elbert forgot to bring the rest,     & he said he wanted take it up till I went, then for got.    Well I’m sorry, but seems as if I can’t help what the other one does.    He received a letter from Carl Betz this morning a nice friendly letter telling us all the news out there way.

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