September  1948

Wed. Sept. 1. 1948./ 13. eggs today/   We went to Lorain    Elbert was going to Audrey’s to put in a new threshhole, but he didn’t know which piece of oak Frank ment for him to take so he didn’t go.   I mailed her a card & told her he was coming.   Well, I got several orders for cards (8.) & some money 2.00 on 2. boxes.   WEll, I’m terrible tired, but hope I can sell a few every 2. or 3. days a week.   I’m not abl to do it.   We talked to Ruby   had lunch there 2 slices tomatoes slice of bread & cup of tea.   I hadn’t had anything to eat before then & had a head ach.   I spent the money for a soup bone ham-berg & yeast cake up to Schures Store, near home here.   it was most supper time when we got here so I changed clothes & got supper & put bone on to cook,   it was tender meat & cooked quick.   It’s been a fine day   Frank & Armond came out hunting & brought Elbert’s piece of oak & pk tomatoes & 1/2 doz. onions.

Thurs. Sept. 2. 1948./10. eggs today./   Well, I set bread cleaned & cook & canned ___qts. of elderberries & made vegetable soup. & cooked & washed dishes & washed & dressed & went to prayer meeting   only 10 of us there Mr & Mrs. West Sr. & Dorthy West & baby   Mr. & Mrs. Smith  Gracie Day & REv. & Sister Scharein & myself.   getting to be terrible how people stay home.   Miss Clark’s gone visiting.  & Mrs. Sprunk has gone visiting. & the rest have excuses.   I pray God will deal with there souls in Jesus Name. 

Thurs. Sept. 2. 1948./page. 2204/ 10 eggs this day. /  Sister Scharein ordered 2 boxes cards tonight.   So I’ll have to send in my small order & keep on trying for more.   It’s been a fine day.   I thank & Praise God He is & Allway Will be.   Glory to His Name,   I love Jesus, All the glory belongs to Him. 

Fri. Sept.3. 1948./ 12. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain & sold 8. doz. eggs. 75cents per. Doz. 6.00    this time we are using it for food. 2.00 of it for olive oil. 1.00 for milk  little for food.   I did out half the washing & got to finish in morning if I can. then clean birds cages, then sweep & dust & wipe up floor & then iron a few pieces    seems like a big job, but I’ll have to try hard to get it all done.   It’s been a nice day  N.East breeze  hot sun, 4-p.m. a thick haze covered sun & made a golden over it.  A. mountain on an island, “I did catch the name” that has-n’t belched for 70 yrs. started to over flow & radio said there were over 3000 people cought between it & the sea & that 3 boats had been sent to see if they could rescue them & some air planes.   & a hurry cane headed for Louisianna & it looked like a rough one.   things are in a terrible mess  & getting worse every day just as the bible tells us they will & so many souls not ready to meet there Maker.   Oh God I pray Thou will help me to help others to find thee in Jesus Holy Name.   Lord have Mercy I pray.    I thank Thee for all things great & small & Praise Thee. 

Sat. Sept.4. 1948./ 11. eggs today./   Well, I got it all done washing, ironing cleaned bird cages & took care of them took care of beds & swept dusted & wiped up the floor with all the other odds & ends now, tired & aching   I read & write & take a bath & tumble in after a prayer meeting with Jesus.   Elbert got his check to day & went back to Vermilion & got food.   he went to Audreys & worked today & didn’t get done.   Glory to His Name.  Church & Sunday school in the morning.   I thank Thee Dear heavenly father in Jesus Name for all the many, many blessing He givs me & for the ex-tra $10.00 on the check & for the check   Glory to God in the Highest   I love Thee Blessed Jesus.  N.E. Breeze all day.,  

Sun. Sept. 5. 1948./ 15. eggs today./  We went to Sunday school & church & I felt so bad thought I couldn’t go back tonight, but I Praised the Lord & went    & God wonderfully blessed me, pain left the ankle & I felt better all over, Praise His Holy Name Glory to God.   only a very few to Church tonight, but Jesus met & blessed

Sun. Sept. 5. 1948./ page. 2204 [with 5 written over the 4]/  15. eggs this day/  The minister won a Victory this morning over his sinus trouble that was why the Lord put a burden on my heart for him all week & I have a burden for Harry Day & his mother, also.   Glory to God in the highest I praise Thee Jesus.   They all prayed for me tonight & before I left the church steps the pain left my ankle, the power went through me at the Alter & I sweat like rain.   Who on  earth could do such a wonderful job & so quickly.   Oh, I love my Jesus and all the Glory belongeth to Him.   I thank Thee Jesus Blessed, Holy & so devine. Amen. 

Mon. Sept. 6. 1948./ 12 eggs today/  Labour Day & all who can are doing anything else but labour   I haven’t done much, darned 3. prs. sock & tried to write a letter, but, I can’t write when any ones around to talk to me, anymore, so letter isn’t done   it’s been a nice day mostly cloudy & tonight it thundered & lightened “not hard” & it rained showers during the Night.  Tue.  Elbert sawed up the tree & took care of wood & branches the one he had gurdled out in front of garden. 

Tue. Sept.7. 1948./ 8. eggs today./   Elbert went to fish house & got a good mess of fish, few pike, & mostly perch & we had some (6) for dinner.    Bill Long came after Elbert to get his house done,   he likes Elbert’s work, but Elbert’s knee has been so bad all this week he just had to sit down & rest it often & today all so.   I got the dinner, but am not to pert myself.   I had Elbert get one money order 16.00 for baby chicks & am getting one more for 16.00 & they cost 13 cents each,   I want to send it so we can get the chicks by Oct. 15th. if possible.   I have to pay the coal bill 11.83   Elbert paid 2.00 to Mrs. Gunsenhauser for dress goods & I’m in need of blankets & a fire pot & shoes & a hat for winter   Well, Elbert decide to go take Nellie part of the fish, he had 43. fish, so we went, he took care of everything outside & I took care of everything in side;   I had the money order made out & letter ready to mail for the chicken & we stopped in Vermilion    got the money order & I put it in the letter with the other one & sealed it & he put it in the mail box in front of Post Office, so now I’m trusting all will be well,    I ‘ll have to send 10.00 more next mo. to finish paying for them.   I got to pay 11.83 on the coal bill    that will finish last winters coal bill.   Elbert went in & paid 2.00 for me on my dress goods. 

Tue. Sept. 7. 1948./ page 2205./ 8 eggs this day./  this morning.   We went on to Nellie’s    she was peeling peaches & caning them with Bonita’s help.   Elbert took Bonita to the store for sugar & to Stoughtens for a wagon that belonged to B’s.  children,   it’s got to have some repair done on it & Stoughtens are going to leave Thurs. morning for California with another elderly couple that are going to drive down,   they didn’t sell there home,    some one of there folks is going to stay there and take care of it.  Well, we told Nellie we came, brought fish, & were going to eat supper wit them,   she said that was fine, but she finished peeling & caning peaches before we ate at 7-p-m.   it was 10-p-m. when we got back & Elbert said he didn’t think heded he would be able to go again after, he had got the fish & dressed them   his knee ached so bad & it makes us both to tired,    I didn’t help him as usual,   he though I wasn’t able & I didn’t feel able.   my head still feels bum.   God took care of us & we went & come safly,   I had to fry our fish when I got here   we have no ice box & it was to hot to keep them so I was tired also.   I thank God in Jesus Name for His love and care, I Praise Him, He’s a Wonderful Jesus.

Wed. Sept. 8. 1948./ 10. eggs today./  Elberts head’s been bad today & I did the washing on the strength the Lord gave me,    I’ve felt so weak & all in, all day, but got wash done & dried.   It has rained 2. heavy showers tonight & it did last night to after midnight but earlier tonight.   I wrote a letter to Mrs Sprunk & got it ready to mail tomorrow.   Hope to get some others done soon.   I thank Thee Jesus for the blessing of today & pray for all Thy people, Glory to God in the Highest.

Thurs. Sept. 9. 1948./ 11. eggs today./   Well, it’s been a great day.   I’ve been seeing Aubrey’s face for a week & yester-day all day I’ve prayed for him, that some one would be able to help him “through Jesus” to give his soul to the Lord,   I’ve testified to him many times, but he only laughed it off,   I do pray the Lord will reach the souls that are left, through the minister that will preach the funeral service tomorrow.   We went to Vermilion & Elbert got a new pr. of shoes, his soles & upers were

Tue. Sept. 9. 1948./ page 2206./ 11. eggs this day./ done for & he wouldn’t have got them,   we have such a little to do with. & I haven’t hardly any left after paying out on coal, goods for 2. shirts for Elbert & 2. dresses for myself. a tenth for church missionary & sun. school. & I had spent all I had saved for pullets, enough to have paid for them, out of the eggs money.   Well,. I have to take 10 out of next mo. to finish paying for them, then the fire pot & dentist & 10.00 every month un-till the coal bill is paid for this winter.   So there is never much for food or clothes & I have to have a pr. of shoes soon.   We bought a sack of flour a basket of hand picked apples & they are sure good,  and oleo crisco, can milk, sugar, brand flakes, cheerios 1/2 lb. or little over of hamburge & saucage & a yeast cake when we were getting ready for prayer-meeting Georgia May Snyder came & said Nellie was waiting on the phone for one of us,   Elbert went,  she told us Wyn & Virginia had stopped & told her about Aubrey & she was to tell us, but Frank & Armond had come to go Chuck hunting & told us, they brought us another pk. of tomatoes & these were quite good, the others were not so good.   I picked flowers for Church & I took a bag with 10. or so tomatoes & 4 big apples in it for the Preachers.   Only a few to meeting (10) I believe.   I Praise God in Jesus Name for our many blessings, Glory to God.   I love Jesus & praise Him,   He’s all the world to me

Fri. Sept.10. 1948./ 10. eggs today./ Well it’s been a long day, but I thank the Lord for His Love & answering prayer.   We delivered the eggs & didn’t have enough,   hens are molting every where right now & we only have such a few hens 22. hens,   We ate a lunch on a side street & I talked to Francis Gibson for a few minutes,   he’s still delivering U.S. Mail.   his father died 2. yrs. ago   his mother’s living with his step sister,   she married Young Jim Landis & Francis said his 2 children were married & now he & his wife are alone again, he’s 52. yrs. old he said   We went to Rev   & Cooly’s funeral home & waited out in front for the rest of the relatives, no one had come yet, the undertaker came out & ask us to wait inside but we thanked him & said we would like to wait out there & in a few minutes Wyn Virginia & her husband & daughter came in & we went inside then.   Mrs. Florence Wakins came (Luffburrow) [?]   

Fri. Sept. 10. 1948./ page. 2207./ 10. eggs today./  then Frank & Ruby Bonney & Armond Bonney & his Sister Evelyn  Mrs. Mc.Ginnis  then Georgia & Edd Rosecranes & there Daughter |Dorthy| & then young Aubrey Rosecranes & his wife Dales & Dorthy’s gentleman friend   I didn’t meet him,   Nellie came & sat in the car with Elbert & I & went in with us.  Aubrey Breckenridge had died alone in a clinic for men & they had put in in a big drawer in a cooler room in the basement   Wyn & her children had gone with the undertake to claim his body,   it was so badly swollen she hardly knew him, but the undertaker took the bloat out & made him look quite well   he had become very thin, but you could tell it was him.   They had a sort of Masson service with a lot of scriptures from the bible & the minister dwelt on the scripture about our life after this in the new world   I was glad he fited it together so well that each one couldn’t help understanding   We all ought to take care of our souls & all other things in there order & he didn’t tell much of anything of Aubrey’s past life,   he said his life’s work had been & out door engineer untill he couldn’t work at it any more & he had been  a good Masson.   They had a few church hyms on reckards  one the Old Rugged Cross   it was all done in a slow deliverance & with the expression, in the right place to sink in & make a good & lasting impressions.   Frank Wheeler & his Wife & his Sisters Lillie & Tessie were there also,   We all went to the cemetary,   there were three beautifull baskets of flowers, one with big baseball size bright yellow mum’s with a few clusters of white button mums & some 6 or 8 spikes of butterfly bush “a pretty purple” in one basket   Ruby fixed a basket of glads with purple & white ribbon, big glads & the other bask was equally as pretty all big baskets & about the same size   they put one on Aunt Edith’s grave right close to Aubrey’s   We called on ma & pa & Frank’s graves

Fri. Sept. 10. 1948/page. 2208/ 10 eggs this day./   & John Harnish & then Nellie wanted Elbert to take her to the store so we went to Elyria & she & Elbert went & did her shopping for food & he carried 2 big bags & she 2 smaller ones filled full    I waited in the car feeling so weak & miserable.   seemed as if I couldn’t exist    then when we got back to Nellie’s she & Bonita were going to feel hurt if we didn’t stay & have supper & it took them 2. hrs.   then the long ride home & we had cooked some meat & left it here & it was spoilt & Elberts cold fish were spoilt & so I had to fix a lunch of fried biscuits & vegetables.   he fed hens & let them out as soon as he got here   I was so tired    I couldn’t sleep all night.   I thank God, though, for His care & the strength he give me or I know I’d never get through all the things I have to go through   Praise His Blessed Holy Name. 

Sat. Sept. 11. 1948./ 10. eggs today./ Well I got up & set bread & I baked 4 big pans of bread biscuits & mended my nightgown & crocheted an edge on one hand-kerchief.  cook wiped up dust & done all the dishes so I hope to have a fresh start for tomorrow,   I have to take my bath in the morning & get dressed for Sun. school & church, I aired my nightgown & washed one wash rag & handkerchief  & I thank & Praise Jesus for the wonderful strength & the healings He has given me.   He’s a wonderful, Devine, Pure & Holy & Marvelous Friend to me, I’ll never be able to repay all His wonderful care for me   I love Jesus   He is all the world to me.   Praise His Name, Glory to God, Hallelujah, Amen.

Sun. Sept. 12. 1948. / 10. eggs today./ Well, Praise the Lord, We did get to church & Sunday school this morning & back to church tonight   the young man that was converted on the Navy boat that was with Lindy West is going to bible school & he came to visit Lindy & Dorthy & came into Sun school & church & testified   He talks like a real christian & I pray God will

Sun. Sept. 12. 1948. / page. 2209./ 10 eggs this day./  bless him & made him a blessing   there were 2 more girls came & Mrs. Hambly’s mother came tonight,   she doesn’t look a bit well & she don’t like it over in the old peoples home.   I have thought for a long time that Mrs. Hambly has played a bad trick on her, but, we have still to learn,   the old man said he expected to go in 3 weeks but now he says he don’t know when he’ll go   Mary said to me she didn’t mind taking care of her father but she could-n’t take the old woman & that she’s crazy anyway and didn’t know anthing,   time will tell.   We were all wonderfully blessed this morning with the Holy Spirit and again tonight   Praise the Lord, Glory to God,   I love Thee Jesus & hope to praise Thee in Spirit Soon.  It’s been a terrible hot day, but a white sun like ice. 

Mon. Sept. 13. 1948./ 11. eggs today./   I haven’t don’t much today, only what I had to do    feel weak & it’s been to hot yesterday & today.   I aired the bedding K& did as I said, the things that had to be done.   I thank & Praise the Lord in Jesus Name for all He has done for me,   all the Glory truly belongeth to Him, Amen.

Mon. Sept. 14. 1948./ 10. eggs today./   We went to Vermilion & stopped to Smith’s    she seemed so pleased,   she’s a fine little woman, she sews, makes there dresses & things & she is teaching her 2 girls to sew & they do real well,   the younger one, has a top for a quilt all most done,   one is 12. yrs. old & the other is ___yrs. old & they have a little boy ___yrs old.   she bought the girls each a pretty green coat trimed in a grayish white with black strips in it.   & she made a very pretty dress for the oldest girl  brown & white fine check    looked like silg ginham   they are nice little girls, the eldest is very sober K& the other has pretty eyes and a wining smile.   We left a bag of semet there for use at the church   it was one of the 2 bags Elbert picked up off the pavement some one lost off.   Mrs. Smith ordered 1. box cards of me.   We went to Post Office & I sent the 7.90 for the chickens, last pament   they will be hre Oct. 4. & we got to get sand for the floor.   I just have to keep talking about getting it untill he gets tired hearing about it   then he’ll get it,   he don’t feel able any more than I   but he still can do it, as

Tue. Sept. 14. 1948. /page. 2210./ 10. eggs this day./  I have to do each day.   I made 3. pies this morning   a peach, apple, and elderberry. before we went to town in the car, it’s 7. miles one way,   it tires me to ride.   We went to mrs. West’s,   I had quite a visit, and she ordered one box of cards.   We mailed Elbert’s insurance also $15.00 ___  _____  ____ of ____ yr.   I got supper when we got back   didn’t feel able to stand on my feet but did & got dishes done again Praise the Lord,    my Strength and my Redeemer, Amen.   Glory to His name.   I truly pray God will give His children more strength more faith wisdom and knoledge.   I pray He will reveal unto us and help us in all the ways we need to do His will, in Jesus Holy Name I ask   I’m trusting and believing for the answer. Amen.   Take every doubt & fear out of us & help us to lean on the Everlasting arms.   We’ll give all the Praise & Glory to Him for ever and ever.   

Wed. Sept. 15. 1948./ 10. eggs today./   Month half gone & moon’s almost full.   Elbert went to Audreys & fixed the door.   got one all done now, but, one more to do,    she gave him $10.00   I gave him 1.50 this a-m.   he gave me 7.95 Sat. to pay bal on chickens & he gave me back a dollar bill tonight so I’ll have to give back 7.45 & he don, figure on the 30.00 I gave him in dribs for gas that I’d saved to buy my chicks this Spring & I have taken 32.00 out of my checks to pay for these chicks,   he helps take care of them & clean the coop & sell the eggs & has his full share of the profits, but often talks as if he didn’t.   Well I’m glad the chicks will soon be coming & wish we could have had them this Spring, for we will be with out eggs for a while now   part of the hens are molting & we only have 22 left.   & the feed will have to come out of my checks untill they start to lay & that will be in Jan or Feb.   I’ve got to pay the express when they come to.   & I have to get condition powder 8.00 or 10.00 dollars.  Such a World, it’s sure hard scrabble   While Elbert was gone I did the washing,   he got here at 3-30-p-m.   I rested a few minutes & got supper with his help   then I ironed 2 of my dresses & a slip & 2 of his shirts.   I’m so tired & so is he,   he cleaned the hen roost after supper.

Wed. Sept. 15. 1948./ page 2211./ 10 egg this day./  It’s been partly cloud & tried to rain twice, then sun would come out hot & my clothes dried good.   I Praise God for all our many many blessing,   he has taken Elbert & brought him safly & given me strength   He’s a wonder-ful Saviour & the best Friend I have,   I love Jesus.  Glory, Glory, Glory Hallelujah,   I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Thurs. Sept 16. 1948./ 11. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t do much today,    I did manage to mend the big chair cover & my slip & that’s all the extra work I did,   Elbert went to Huron to see if he could get some fish, no luck, so, he came home & then went to the beach & got a lot of sand for coop floor & then he rested, whaat he could   his legs has pained him bad all day,   it’s been bad for the past 2. weeks, now, he almost crys it hurts so.   We went to prayer meeting & had a good prayer meeting service & God was in the midst,   there are so few that come to Church any more.   I Praise God in Jesus Name,   I Praise Jesus,   He always comes and gives us a blessing, Glory, Glory  Hallelujah, I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus,   We are trusting for victory through Thee, Amen.   It’s been a nice Fall day,   the blue jays come & drink & bath & yell & I like to hear them,   I had a vision Jesus standing on the top of a mountain & as I looked at him it started to split in the middle and spread & he had one foot on one side & the other foot on the other side and as I looked & wondered what He would do, when it spread to far, He bent forward & looked down, so I looked down & a great valley was forming below,   then He said redemption drawest nigh,   I wanted to ask What to do,   but He left & also the picture.   Oh Jesus help me to know what I can be doing to draw others to Thee   Please reveal unto me,   I will give Thee all the praise & Glory, for ever & ever Amen.   I love Thee Jesus, Blessed, Holy Jesus.  

Fri. Sept. 17. 1948./ 12 eggs today./ Bonita’s birthday 28. yrs old. today/   Elbert went & sold the eggs    he wasnt gone long,   I didn’t do only what I had to do all day.   it’s been a nice day.   Elbert got sand today.   I thank God for our many blessing & Praise His Holy Name.

Sat. Sept. 18. 1948./ page. 2212./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went to beach & got more sand & he went to fish house & got more fish   they are sure good, & we needed them so bad   I thank God for them   Elbert got his check back from the Insurance Co.   said they would have to drop him if he couldn’t work steady.   Well, I couldn’t make his payments so it’s O.K.   When you get old there’s no one but the Lord that wants to help you any more,   Oh how I love Jesus & I’m sorry for all those Who don’t know him & for Mrs Hambly’s mother,   they don’t want her to pray, poor old soul,   it’s terrible.   she’s so nervous, she can’t sit still any more & can’t hardly keep from crying, God help her,    I pray & I thank Thee & praise Thee, Jesus, Blessed, Holy, Jesus.  We received a card from Nellie & one from the Chicks saying they had received the 7.90 & would ship Oct. 4. 

Sun. Sept. 19. 1948./ 8. eggs today./ We went to Sunday School & Church and Mrs. Cregge preached the morning Ser-vice, sermon, and she said her mother was in a serious condition,   she had just received a telegram & she hadn’t been here long enough to get rested & is going back Mon. Sept. 20. she’s looking much better & stronger & preached    preached a good sermon   she’s learning to love the Lord more than all else.   Mrs. West is having a bad time,    Mr. West is so agerveting, like a foolish boy,   he likes to be loved & petted.   I brought Gracie Day home to dinner,   she’s surely a rattled headed thing if ever one could be, she says she’s in the seventh grade at school,   I wonder how she ever got there.   She says her mother & Harry don’t like Rev. Scharien & neither does any of the rest that use to come,   I pray God will have mercy on there souls,  Jesus Blessed Jesus.   Well we went back to Church with only a few of us there tonight   Mrs. West Sr. Lindy & Dorthy   Mr. & Mrs. Smith & there 2 girls the Minister  his wife & Gracie & my self.   We had a good bible lesson & prayer meeting.   I left 5. one dollar bills  a 50 cents piece 4 quarters & a 5 cent piece under my plate & a dollar bill came up missing.   I do thank & praise God for all our many many blessings   Help us Lord to live Thy way in Jesus Name. Amen.   I rained a light shower this afternoon but not enough to do any good.

Sun. Sept. 19. 1948./ page. 2213./ 8. eggs this day./  It rained several showers last night, but the dirt is so dry, you wouldn’t know there had been any showers last night or tonight & the weather is so sultry hot days.   Well today is my brother Fred’s birthday   he would be 63. yrs. old. 

Mon. Sept. 20. 1948./ 12/ eggs today./  We went to Vermilion got hen’s mash & a piece of boiling meat.   We ask what the express on a hundred lbs would be & he said 100 $5.75 and 150 lbs. $7.95,  the hens mash was $4.49,  then if they can get the growing mash it will be $5.25 a bag   such a world.   We didn’t find out anything about the fire pot for the stove.   We got one yeast cake 4 cents.   I took Mrs. Smith a nice big bouquet of dahlias & glads.   I cooked the beef & made broth & put some macironi & rice in & we ate some for supper,   I cooked some beets & put sweet vinegar on them & did dishes   took care of birds & I’ve felt to punk for anything,   felt as if I couldn’t sit up,  but I thank God for all our many blessing & His care & I’m trusting His care to get me out the jam I’m in.   I love Him   he’s so good to me anyway & like [I think she means life] is realy becoming hard & unbearable,   I just exist on such a very small portion    if the Good Lord didn’t supply strength I sure couldn’t keep going.   I like that song, “Close to Thee,” on page 146.  I praise Thee Jesus.  It tried to rain several times today but didn’t, but it rained hard in Vermilion yesterday in the late afternoon.

[Thou my everlasting portion,
More than friend or life to me,
All along my pilgrim journey,
Savior, let me walk with Thee.Refrain 1:
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Close to Thee, close to Thee;
All along my pilgrim journey,
Savior, let me walk with Thee.

Not for ease or worldly pleasure,
Nor for fame my prayer shall be;
Gladly will I toil and suffer,
Only let me walk with Thee.Refrain 2:
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Gladly will I toil and suffer,
Only let me walk with Thee.

Lead me through the vale of shadows,
Bear me o’er life’s fitful sea;
Then the gate of life eternal
May I enter, Lord, with Thee.Refrain 3:
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Then the gate of life eternal
May I enter, Lord, with Thee.]

Tue. Sept. 21. 1948./ 14. eggs today./   Well, it’s a cooler day,   it rained for 2. or 3. hrs. from N. east   we have had a little fire and it really feels good.   Elbert’s knee has been so bad & I have been so tired for the passed few weeks & so to-day,  I haven’t done much only sit & lie around, to, to weary for any good use;   We were to have gone to Amherst to Church, but here we are,   we were to have picked up Day’s, and I’m so sorry about that,   I don’t know what her reactions will be on that.   I pray God will take many and really bless them for there efforts to get there.   I thank Him for taking care of us and pray for health & strength in Jesus Name, Amen.  Glory to God I Praise Thee. 

Wed. Sept. 22. 1948./ 9. eggs today./  Well, I’m so tired & my ankle smarts as if it were scraped raw.   I baked bread 3. big loaves & I did about half the washing & got them all dried   air was damp this morning but sun came out clear after 2-p-m. 

Wed. Sept. 22. 1948./ page. 2214./ 9. eggs this day./   & there was a good N. East breeze, so they dried fast & I thanked Jesus, I ask His help & got it in several ways.   Elbert went to the fish house at 9-20-a.-m & got back 1-20-p.m. or there a-bout.   I mixed the bread into loaves after we ate & by the way I hadn’t had a bite to eat all day untill he got home or any hot drink,   there wasn’t any milk for it.   I’m getting rather weak   hope I don’t fall & get all battered or hammered up, like last Dec.   that wasn’t only terrible but brutal,    God knows & I’m so glad He Knows & Sees.  I thank Him for all I have & that I have & that I’m His & He takes care of me   I praise Thee Jesus, Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Glory to God, Amen.   Wind has been so cold, nipy, like early Fall weather.  

Thurs. Sept. 23. 1948./ 11. eggs today./  I haven’t done much today,  tried to fix my old corset, got the stitching all done, have a little hand sewing to do yt,   wish I could have a couple new ones.   Been a windy cloudy day, and radio said frost inland tonight,    I have a few plants to take up, & my glads & dahlias.   We have had a little fire in the heatrolla all day & yesterday to,   winds cold.   Radio said tempture would drop to 48 tonight & we have only had one tomatoe get partly ripe,  crickets eat it all over the top.   We have had sweet corn twice & it’s sure good.   We have a few beet & carrots to put below.   rabbits ate most of the cabbages while small sq [?] for Chickens this Winter.   Looks as if it will be hard to get the pullets through the winter.   I’m praying the Lord, God of Hosts will help us through.   Well, I thank God for all our many blessing and praise His Holy Name,   I love Him more than anything else on earth. Glory.   Nothing but the Light card, in the way of mail, today.

Fri. Sept. 24. 1948./ 8. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain and sold 6 1/2 doz. eggs of our own & 6 eggs h bought   he had to pay 36 cents for 6 eggs & he only gets 78 cents for a doz. of ours,   he sold all 7. doz. 5.46,   he paid 17.95 for 2. gas tanks,   he cashed his check for 15.00 & put 2.95 with it from the egg money to pay it.   then he paid 1.00 on light bill & 67 cents to Shures store & he got a can of milk 18. & 2. gal. gas 50 cents & paid 15 cents on the half doz. eggs & owes 21. cents,  such a world.   I haven’t done much today,   Elbert started the fire before he left & I slept untill after the postman came & went,   cool damp morning & it be-gin to rain before Elbert got back,   he left at 9-a-m & got here at 1-45-p-m,  & at last they have ordered the fire pot,   it will be cold by the time we can get it & put it in & we or I have tried so hard to get him to order it this Spring so we could get it cemented & ready to use this Fall, but he just wouldn’t do it,   I can’t understand why he wont do anything untill you pester him about it.   I think I should have wrote to the company myself &

Fri. Sept. 24. 1948./ page. 2215./ 8. eggs this day./   ordered it.   I wont wait next time.   We have to have a little fire when it’s damp & cool   his knee has been so bad & his stomach is bad also.   I think he drinks to much coffee for one thing, and we don’t have enough food & no greens at all, no fresh green beans or cabbage or lettuce.   Well, we are even except for that 21 cents for eggs even if we do starve.   Of course We owe Audrey all that she has given us but I hope to make it up by & by, or as much of it as I can.   I have to have a few dollars to pay freight with & to send for Christmas cards.   I haven’t done much today   feel weak & so tired.   Elbert isn’t a bit well either & we are out of most everything again.   But I thank God for His care & tender Mercies in Jesus Name,  I Praise the Lord & trust in Him Glory Hallelujah.   It did rain hard & steady for 2. or 3. hrs. this afternoon.

Sat. Sept. 25. 1948./ 9. eggs today./   Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish,   I rested a couple of hrs. then got up & got things ready for dinner & after we ate a fish dinner, Elbert went out & dressed the rest & washed & scraped them & I got both corsets repaired, a big job,   I’ve been so blind  going on such a little food, but Praise the Good Lord, I feel better with a good dinner & supper,   I’m terribly weak in my arms & legs, yet.   It’s been a beautiful Fall day partly cloudy, but not so cold last night, but tonight it’s colder,    it’s still and clear   hope we don’t get a frost.   Well, I hope to get off to Church & Sun. school in the morning.   I have to pick flowers & perhaps fry fish in the morning.   So, I’ll read & then go to bed, Praising the Lord for He does so much for us, Glory to God in the Highest,   I Praise Thee Jesus.

Sun. Sept. 26. 1948./ 6. eggs today./   We went to Church & Sunday school at the usual time & they had set the clocks back one hr. so there we sat & waited one hr. & 2. children at the other church got there & waited an hr.   I took a big bouquet to & the Minister’s wife came down in her house coat   they moved in to there rooms above the Church yesterday.   They are two nice children,  in thre twenties,   She ask us up to see how they had got them fixed up, but I ask her to excuse us tonight,   I didn’t feel able to climb the stairs.   Elbert went into church tonight   wasn’t only a few of us there, the West’s & Smith’s Gracie Day & Elbert & I &K the Minister & his wife.   Been a fine Sept. Day cool N. East breeze & a few clouds.   gets cold before morning.

Mon. Sept. 27. 1948./ page. 2216./ 12. eggs today./  Well it’s been a beautiful day,   I got most of the wash-ing done,   I left 2 union suits & 2 bath towels of Elberts,    I washed his good dress shirt & 2 work shirts  his wash rags handkercheifs, & socks,    I’ll have to wash his sleeping pants & Jacket & blanket to.   & pillow case; so there will be plenty to wash   I’m out of wash soap hand & bath soap.   I don’t think I can do them tomorrow,   I Praise God in Jesus Name for the wonderful strength He gives me,   all the Praise & Glory surely does belong to Him.   I’d like to receive the Holy Ghost so I could Praise Him in Spirit.   Elbert has been carrying away the grass & weeds he had cut & doing odds & ends of jobs all day   I’m trying to write with out my glasses on. 

Tue. Sept. 28. 1948./ 8. eggs to day./ Elbert went to Huron and got 9. nice sized pike,   he got back about 12-30 or 15 mi. to one & he dressed 4 & I cooked them.   I had the coffee & I chopped some fresh cabbage,   I had & onion with mine.   While he was gone I did out the rest of the washing & one wool blanket, we use in car for cover & in house on big chair cool mornings,   had everything done when he came so didn’t get to rest,    I made the coffee & put the bread on the table & fixed beets & sweet vinegar & then he came with the fish & I fried them   He finished the others 5 & got washed & we ate & rested for an hr. or so then I took care of the clothes,   I aired Elbert’s bedding & I made up the beds & swept the rooms & did dishes & while I did the darning on 3. prs. sock & mended 2 union suits, Elbert made me a new stool for my room,   he made a real nice one, said 3.00 please,   well, he’s had lots more than 3.00 for gas, but I just laughed & thanked him for it,   I’ve need it for such a long time.   It will have to

Tue. Sept. 28. 1948./ page 2217./ 8. eggs this day./  have a good coat of paint next.   I got supper & did the dishes & I am so tired,   I for got to go out for the mail & Elbert was sure he looked, but at 10-30-p-m. I went out & got the country Gentleman magazine & a letter he had put in our box that belonged to Jean Sarr.   Postman is getting so careless of late.   Well, it’s been a beautiful day & the blue jays come 10 or 15 of them & drink & wash in the birds bath & yell & make a lot of fuss   I do enjoy them in the Fall & they are prety.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing today   for Elbert  & that he took him & brought him back safe & gave us the fish & the wonderful strength that I didn’t think I had to do all the many things I did today,   I Praise His Holy Name, Amen. 

Wed. Sept. 29. 1948./ 8. eggs today. /   I haven’t earned my salt today   We eat potaotes carrots & bread & bread corn & potatoes & beats, potaatoes & bread,    Well, Elbert’s thinking of goint to the fish house in the morning,   he had a soup bone ordered from the store up here at Shures & he got it tonight,   they soaked him 35 cents & had taken all the meat off it, because he had ask them to save it   he thought he ought to take it    he had told them he wanted some meat on it for soup,   it’s sure terrible the really dirty triks they do today,   I’m sure glad God will be the Judge at the Judgement Day & thats just around the corner & it seems, we get our souls vexed most out of us.   hole, I pray God will help him to get it in the morning.   It rained a good shower early this morning & it’s raining again now   Elbert forgot he had cought water & left the down fall pipe off & he ran out in his sleeper to put it back on   such a world.   I dreamed of 3 niger children 1. girl 2. boys about 8. years old & they were bickering with  some one of our family, I can’t remember who & Elbert very seldom dreams, but he dreamed pa was beating Gertie or Audrey with a slat,    I was in the Kitchen & he came in & took care of dad,   he said it was at the old home place & Frank Bonney lives there now.  I have had a tight feeling in my throat for 2. days now & I usually have to cry about some thing,   when I have that.

Wed. Sept. 29. 1948./ page 2218./ 8. eggs this day./  I’ll have to iron God Willing in the morning.   I should have sewed & mended today.   instead I went out doors & pulled a few weeds,   maybe I pulled them for 10 or 15 minutes & had to stop my back & hip yelled so loud.   I do thank Jesus for all our many blessings & when things go wrong, I pray for strength to ovrcome & go on for Him,   I Praise Him & Love Him & Hope to be like Him.   I got a boodk from De Haan (Cain and Abel) bible study lessons  & good ones to.   Praise the Lord. 

Thurs. Sept. 30. 1948./ 12. eggs today./  Well, I ironed this mornoing,   Elbert went to Huron for fish & got enough for dinner & supper & there will be enough for his breakfast.   I had the potatoes done & coffee water hot    he dressed the fish & scraped them & I salted them & then I had been out to the toilet & found the flash, light with the big wire, but Elbert had the coop & grainery keys & I could-n’t get in to get a hoe or rake, so before we cooked the fish we lifted the flash light out,   I lifted it out with a hoe & he held a torch for me to see,   it was so funy,   I looked for it in the opsite hole from the one it fell in & located it & he thought it was in the one it fell in   it must have bounced over,   it was dirty,   he wrinced it & he poured water over it while I scrub-ed it with the broom & when it was cleaned he opened it & it was dry inside & the light was as bright as ever.   poor old flash, it’s mine,   Frank bought two one for his-self & that one for me,  his was shorter than mine, so it, he could hang it on a strap from his belt when he needed both hands to climb the ladder aboard the boat,   both have metal cases & are good & cost plenty,   I hated to loose it,   the Lord showed me where to look & I found it & got it back, Praise His Blessed Name.   I put a new yoke in the skirt of my old night gown   got that all done, except the button holes & sewing the button on.   I made a pillow slip & out of the scraps I made a bag for the snout of the cystern pump.   then I cleared away my sewing   put machine away & made the beds  got everything ready to get supper, heat tea kettle for my bath & went out & picked a big bouquet of flowers for Church,   Elbert decided to get the supper so I took my bath & dressed for prayer meeting,   he ate & I ate a little when I came out & then he dressed.   & we went   it has been partly cloudy & showery all day.   I picked a wild bouquet of asters, white, blue, pink & deep lavender for Mrs. Cranage tomorrow,   I want to send her some dahalia to if I can.

Thurs. Sept. 30. 1948./ page. 2219./ 12. eggs this day./  Well.   I was so tired that after prayer meeting I walked out & left my pocket book with the door keys in it & we got clear to the end of our road before I noticed it so Elbert turned around & went back,   we were about half way when the iner tube blew out,   so Elbert & I got out   I held the flash & he changed the tire   it took about 10 minutes, so the preacher had taken Grace Day home & got back & went to Lindy West’s to pray for Lindy’s father,   he’s a wreck of late,   we waited in the car for awhile for the lights were burning in the Church then, Elbert said he didn’t have gas enough to do anything & he went & got some gas & left me sitting on a bag on the church steps    when he got back I sent him over to West’s not knowing the Preachers were there    while I sat & waited, it began to sprinkle & I wondered if I were to get a second bath,   at long last they both came & they gave me my perce   I thanked them & we come home,   had hot cocoa & pears & Elbert’s gone to bed & I am going now.   I thank God for hearing & answering prayer & Praise Him for all things great or small.

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