August 1950

Tue. Aug. 1. 1950./ page. 2637./ 34.y.p. -1.-H- eggs today./ We got up early washed & dressed    Elbert cut some flowers & I put a voilet plant in a carton & cramed news papers around it, to take to the Moore Sisters    they seemed to like the flowers & plant,    I told Elbert I was going to take them 2. doz. eggs & he did both me & them a raw deal, by putting in 6 half sized eggs,    he had sorted out as to small to sell to his customers & I charged them 55 cents per. doz.    I can’t understand why he does me such tricks,    I can’t help feeling hurt & he gets so angry when I ask him about it    I discovered the 6 eggs were gone off the table & ask what he did with them & he hesatated & then said he put them in Moore cartons    Oh God, help him to learn to Know Thee & do Thy will. in Jesus Holy Name I ask, Amen.    Why my own brothers, sisters, father, Nephews & neices want to do such dasterly tricks on me is more than I can explain,    but I know Thou art able to turn them about face & I’m trusting & believing  Thou Wilt.   I will give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever. Amen.    Been a hot day  cool breeze.    Bill & Georgie & Georgia Mae packed there suit cases & put them & there hangers for suits & dresses in the car & left just before noon yesterday    & a big covered truck was there after dark a few nights ago,    We are wondering, if they have sold the place or gone for a good time.     Georgia Mae finished High school this yr. & Elbert saw 1 white cow & 4 or 5 calves in Snyders barn yard this. a-m,     It’s a queer World & I thank God the Son & Holy Ghost there are & ever will be. 

Wed. Aug. 2. 1950./ 37.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ Well, I haven’t done much today,    went out to the garden to see if I could find any plants from the seeds I put in     only found a very few.    I haven’t felt so good from stooping over out there    & I should have done out the washing today    I couldn’t see well enough to try to sew & I’m badly in need of a couple more dresses & a dress for good,    I’ll have to buy one if I don’t get one made before much longer,    if only I had some one to help me just a little.    No mail today & it’s been a nice day   cooler breeze & partly cloudy,    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all His tender mercies & pray I may be of more service to Him,    I wish I knew just what I ought to be doing.   about His work.   I Praise Jesus.

Thurs. Aug. 3. 1950./ page. 2638./ 30.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ WE had lunch with Nellie & the children Mon.    I got one corset & left the others to be fixed a little so I’ll have to go back again.    We call at Ineze home but she wasn’t home.    Today I did the washing,   Elbert went & sold eggs & his Knee is terribly swollen & pains him bad.      It’s been a partly cloudy day hot sun very cool breeze.    We got a shower of little hail stones the other day size of the end of my big finger only over the house for a second & was gone & melted just about as fast as it hit.   & the Radio going down to 50 degree tonight.   De Haan’s book came today, (called) God’s Miracle Book Our Bible.  

Fri. Aug. 4. 1950./ 37-y.p. 2-H-eggs today./ Well I haven’t felt able to work to- day so only did what I had to do.    Elbert’s Knee is swollen bad    so it’s hard for him to get around on it & I’m not able to wait on him    so life is really miserable.    I managed to get a couple of meals today & hope tomorrow will find us both better.    Some one’s stealing my rags & has been for a long time now    I pray God will punish them, it’s so hard for me to wash & bleach the grain bags, but the skunk that takes them don’t care.   Lord help me before it’s to late   And teach Laura Ann to live close to Thee in Jesus Name I ask, Amen.   Received letter from Ethel today. on a sheet of note paper with two red roses with green leaves & a red double [?].   It’s been a nice day, like early Sept. hot sun, partly cloudy & so cool at night.    I received a letter from Ethel telling me about Loura Ann    she been in the Hospital for 2 week with appendicitis,    she never said a word about her mother,    she said Walter took to Elyria a good mess of fish,    when they were down here last & she cleaned them,    I’m wondering, if she really scaled & cleaned them or cleaned up on them after they were cooked,    she never use to like to do the cleaning.    We had fish dinner the day she was here & so she said to tell “Elbert” she enjoyed the fish.    I’m glad she enjoyed them.

Sat. Aug. 5. 1950./ page 2639 [should be 2640]./ 37.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ We9ll, I didn’t do only what I had todo all day & Elbert took my shoes down to get soles & heels on them & I wrote a note in bold hand writing & said only sole & heels & so,    he ask Elbert if the other job wasn’t satisfactry & he said her feet are so bad,    I told Elbert twice, no wedges on my shoes so he brought them home with wedges on both shoes clear to the center & they hurt me so bad    I’ve said a plenty,    seems I can’t get a thing done right unless I’m there to see about it & he says he can’t help it if he can’t remember,    but he can remember,    he don’t like Tommy & so the spite comes out on me.    I pray God will in Jesus Name help me & that I can get the wedge taken out without to much trouble, & that it wont spoil my shoes.    We got a letter from Vern Hammond today,    he said his sister was in the Hospital 3 1/2 weeks & died after he got there & the funeral would be tomorrow, Aug. [looks like 2nd] it was the sister he had hoped to take back to his home    he said Vern. Jr. was O.K & that he would write again.    I do hope to be able to go to church tomorrow.    It’s been cool breeze partly cloudy & hot sun & it’s cool again tonight.    I thank and Praise God for all my blessings in Jesus Holy Name and wish I was more like Him that I might do more to help in His work and be stronger that I might endure all the hardships better than I do,    help me Jesus, I pray, Amen.    Frank Bonney was here and went wood chuck hunting & got one & gave it to Elbert,    he didn’t say whether he got any more,    he came in & talked a few minutes    He ask how I liked the onions & I said they were fine    but Elbert said they were so hot she can’t take more than two or 3 bite at a meal & Frank said that was the first time he’d had a complaint & he’d give away quite a few to several different people,    so, maybe I wont get any more,    I don’t know what’s wrong with Elbert of late,    he seems to make things as difficult as possible for me, and I’ve tried so hard to help him, but just one more lesson of gratitude, I suppose.   

Sun. Aug. 6. 1950./ 34.y.p. 2-H-eggs today/  Well Praise the Lord I got to Sunday school & church this morning & we got back to church tonight.    Mrs. Croll & her son & his wife & baby were there & her & her two daughters Marry Petters & the little girl, & Mr Whitman & 

Sun. Aug. 6. 1950./ page. 2640 [should be 2641]./ 34. y.p.-2–H-eggs this day./ Sister Mables birthday/ & Dorthy & Lindy & there two children Tom & Mertle & Rony & I.   She had a sermon on the same subject only in a different way so I got two lessons on the same subjects.    We took Thom & Mertle some Chicken balls & gravey & some wood- chuck & a piece or so of Chicken & a big bunch of fox. for the church.    Tom was expecting to go on his truck run yet tonight.    The highway was jamed with trucks cars & Busses, hard to get in line or get out.     Been a hot day with just a little N. east breeze.    No one at Snyders, only Bob,     he comes & going.    & the war is bad & Bob will probably be called to go fight before long.    These will be our last wars.    Oh, God, help me to be ready in Jesus Holy Name.    & there are so many others I love & would like to see them go home to peace & Glory With Thee,    I ask Thy Will be done.    I thank & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 7. 1950./ 29y.p. 1 H-eggs today./ Well my feets been torturing me so bad all day.    Elbert got a few apples & I made an apple pie & a little thin one & a custard pie we ate for supper.    I washed up the roaster, fry pan & stew pan & baking dishes & my feet killing me by degrees    We ate what chicken balls were left & the custard & drank hot coffee,    I ought to have sewed all day, but just couldn’t put my mind to it.    Elbert seemed sullen & ugly when I got in the car after church last night, car smelt as if he’d been sleeping & it had been all shut up & no air & I ask if he’d been sleeping & he said, no, but he was tired waiting around all night,     I ought to get out as soon as I could & not stop to talk alnight,    I explained they were talking & asking me questions & I didn’t want to be im- plite,    I changed the subject as soon as I could,     he said we’d have half the night to get in line, there were so many cars so close together but soon a man honked for Elbert to go & he waited & kept every one behind him waiting,  untill we passed over & I told Elbert to honk back to thank him, so he did,     & I said, well, he was human any way & then, I said looks as if they are a mile long & he said guess lots of them been over to Ceder Point & just getting back,    our side didn’t have very many ahead of us all the way to end of our road     & we got onto our road just before another long string of cars got to us    I don’t get a chance to go any where & it seems a pity I have to be jared at every time I go     it don’t matter where.    I sure wish I had my own car.    But I do as much for him as he does for me, so I feel I have a right to go & to have my freedom,    I pray I’ll be found

Mon. Aug. 7. 1950./ page 2641./ 29.y.p. 1-H-eggs this day./ worthy at the judgement day.    Tonight we were talking of things that had passed & he squinted his eyes to narrow slits as if he’d like to kill me.    You know when pa was here he kept & under ground war going on & now I have another & I’ll be glad when it’s all over.   God help me in Jesus Name to win, for I haven’t any use for Satan or anything that’s his.    I thank God He has loved me & pray I may be all His, in Jesus Name for ever & ever, Amen.     Elbert said he saw Mrs. Eppler in Vermilion, when he took the papers down today.    I had him get a money order for $9.25 for my taxes & I have it all fixed & ready to send Aug. (tomorrow)    I have several letters to ans. yet.    hope I can get up & sew tomorrow.    I have to fix my nightgown    it’s split oppen on the back.    cool again tonight,    Radio said it was dropping to 50 degrees or maybe a little lower tonight.    It’s been a nice day, hot sun cool N.E. breeze.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy care & I’m trusting & believing, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 8. 1950./ 38y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ Well, I did do a very little sewing to- day, put a patch on the back of my night gown yoke  made 2 handkercheifs & a pillow slip & sewed the sleeves into my house dress & got the binding around one arm hole  sewed the belt on to waist & the skirt on the belt,   got to put binding round another armhole & fix the neck & face bottoms of sleeves  turn hem in skirt make 3 buttonholes sew on 2 buttons & stitch the pocket.    I hope to buy another dress & hat & perhaps coat for church,    I don’t know if I’ll get to sew tomorrow for I have to wash the rags, so might as well do all if I can.    Mrs. Eppler came & want me to go with her & Mrs. Crole & her daughter Marry & the baby “the well fare works brought her” to Cleveland to a tent meeting, an Evangelest who has the gift of healing, is going to be there all this week,    I didn’t have much time to take a bath & dress & go back with her, but I guess if I had taken my bath & dressed as soon as she left I’d have had time to get to Vermilion be- fore they left, for West’s hadn’t left when Elbert got down there & they & Mr. Whitman, Mrs. Sprunk Dorthy & Lindy were all going in two or 3 cars.    I hope to go Wed. to Vermilion to our women’s prayer meeting and then find out about going Thurs. to tent meeting.    I pray God will send the Power tonight & that it will be a wonderfull meeting & many will be blessed

Tue. Aug. 8. 1950./ page. 2642./ 38.y.p. 1-H eggs this day./ I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all His love & His tender mercys & am Trusting & believing for my healing to be made complete,    I believe it will be,    I love Thee Jesus & pray I didn’t sin by not goiing tonight, Amen.    Very light cool breeze, part time wasn’t any. N. E.    What there was, hot sun.    I just got the nose bleed    had it sunday morning in church,    Mrs Crole prayed for me & it didn’t last long & I know Jesus sees hears & knows, I pray He will Help me now & I thank Him & am so glad He’s able.

Wed. Aug. 9. 1950./ 28.y.p.-1-H eggs today./ I washed over half the wash & then took a bath & went with Elbert to Vermilion with the papers & the paper man was extra late so I didn’t get in even on the tale end of the prayer meeting    they’d all gone when we got there,    sister Eppler brought the basin & cover ant [?] to the car, climbed in & we sat & visited for sometime about the healing meetings in Cleveland    I want to go & I have to find a way,  for Elbert don’t want to go & he wont put forth an effort unlest I do.   So I’ve got to find a way.    I received a note from Sister Hance,    she told me of the verious ones in Church who have received the Holy Ghost & 40 of the young folk that were in the summer camp meetings also received the Holy Ghost Praise the Lord   Praise God in the highest  Jesus Blessed Jesus I pray Thou wont pass me by, but forgive me & made me strong in Thee for- ever & ever & help me to do Thy Will in all things Amen    I love each one Lord & pray Thou will help me or some one of Thine to win them over to Thee,   help me Jesus.    It rained a light shower & was partly cloudy all day,    We went over to see Dorthy & Lindy & I gave Dorthy the bags I had promised her 6. of them    quite a few of the folks went over to Cleveland from Vermilion & Church & St. are talking about the whole church going this Sun.    Oh, I pray God will take me & take care of me in Jesus Name   I’m willing to do what ever He wants me to do & give Him all the Glory for ever & ever. Amen.

Thurs. Aug. 10. 1950./ page. 2643./ 27.y.p.-2-H-eggs Today,/ Well it been a hard day in a lot of ways for me.    my bowels want to move, but wont & my feet have pained me bad all day    I got up at 9-30 & hung out the wet clothes I wash Wed. & the pillows to air,    then I got things ready for dinner,    then I put the remainder of the dirty clothes to soak & washed out a few     & Elbert came in after selling eggs this a m    he sold 16 1/2. doz. 60. per. doz. & bought the feed for hens, had to use 1.50 for car & he got a little piece of meat for dinner,    I put the potatoes, carrots & water on when I see him coming in,    I had just made my- self a cup of tea so gave him a cup    we ate & I finished the washing, all but my good dress & the one I had on & my skarf & so I got them on the line just as the paper man came & then I ironed my old patched one & put it on so iron was hot & I ironed my good dress & petticoat & scarf & two work shirts    then Elbert brought cream & we ate it & drank coffee & I feel stuff for my bowels don’t move.    been quite hot, S. breeze that’s gone N. East tonight.    Received my tax receipt today.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray I get to those meetings Amen

Fri Aug. 11. 1950./ 34y.p. -0 H-eggs today./ Well, another off day, feet & legs swollen so bad couldn’t get my shoes on & they hurt so bad      I didn’t get up untill after 12 oclock,    we had a thunder & lighten storm last night & it soured the milk, potatoes I had boiled & carrots that were left over & because I felt so bad last night I forgot to get a milk bottle ready for morning,     Elbert didn’t go for the milk so, fast again,    seems as if I have to do that a terrible lot of late again,    he went & took a qt jar at one oclock or a little after & he got a small piece of pressed ham when he went to Vermilion with the papers,     he got a piece of boiling meat also. & some ice cream a pt. for both of us, 31    I swept both bedrooms & Kitchen & did I sweet just dripped off me.    I pray God will bless the meet- ings in Cleveland & for that matter, where ever God is, in all the meetings of His. Amen.    Cool today, N.East breeze hot sun.    Elberts other knee is hurting him.    & he feels real punk. & 2 bumble bees stung him while he was mowing this morning,    & he’s sore & lame from hoeing cultiviting & mowing,    I Praise God for all our many blessing & healing & revelations He gives to me. Amen. I can hear Bonney Bell ramihose[?]  maybe her boy has come.    I heard her Wed or Thurs night.

Sat. Aug. 12. 1950./ page. 2644./ 34 yp-1-H-eggs today./ I was sick all night    Elbert amptied the can twice & as soon as I got up a- gain.    I don’t know what’s wrong, but Elbert gets the same kind of spells yesterday    his bowels were running him & he just told me they hadn’t moved all day,    so I had him get up & take an olive tablet,     his stomach don’t digest very good, either, of late.    I helped get the meals & do the dishes.    Frank Bonney & Armond & Frankie Page “Franks grandson, our great nephew” came with them & ate supper with us,     he is a big boy 13. yrs. old.    he cut his foot with the shovel & Dr took several stitches in Frankie’s ankle.    he did it Aug. 4th.    Elbert killed & dressed & cut up a hen & I put it on to cook,    we saved the breast & thight to grind for meat balls.    I got everything ready to so I can go to church in the morning.    Received one card from Miss. Clark & No one has seems to know where she is,    Well, I sure hope to get back to St. church where I can feel the Power of God, Glory, Hallelujah    Power goes through me just talking about it.    Praise the Lord in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, for ever, Amen.     My Check came today & a card saying the family reunion would be at Lake View Park Aug. 20. so we wont be there,    they could have had it on Labour Day,    but, if they did what would they do Sun.    I don’t believe in having picnics on Sun,    that’s God’s Day & He said to keep it Holy.    Frankie said “Ruby & Frank” his grandmother & father have a nice television set & a nice big new deep freeze & everything that goes with it,    & has berries & things in it all ready,    he says they are going to pack in lots of meat & fruit.yet,    Well, I don’t care for the likes.    Frankie said Bonney Bell has her baby boy.    She told Joe, “when they were here” if it wasn’t a boy, he was out of luck, for they couldn’t take care of any more.    Well I finished reading Rev. DeHaans little book of sermons called “Gods Miracle Book, Our Bible”    He does explain the bible so very plain.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Dear Holy Name Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 13. 1950./ 28.y.p.-1.H eggs today./ We were home all day    felt to miserable to go out & Elbert’s head ached all day & he didn’t feel able to drive,    Snyders came home Fri. & there have been a lot of cars coming & going all day over there,    It’s been a fine Sept. day    very cool & it was extra cool last night with a heavy due as if it had rained    I pray we will be able to go to Cleveland to Church & that I do get filled & healed in Jesus Name. Glory to God in Jesus Blessed Name. 

Mon. Aug. 14. 1950./ Page. 2645./ 33 y.p. 1.-H-eggs today./ Well, I sure felt bum today,    But Praise the Lord in Jesus Holy Name the swelling was most gone in my ankles & legs this morning,    I thank Thee Jesus & am trusting & believing for the healing of the bones in the balls of my feet, they pain me so bad they make me sick to my stomach,    they smart & burn as if they were scraped raw,    it’s all most unbearable,    but I am still trusting God will in Jesus Name, fill & heal me, & teach me how to stay whole in Jesus    I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen:    I did the washing today & I washed & scoured all the pots & pans & did up all the dishes.    My rectum has been paining me for several days & my bowels haven’t been working very good,    but they got at it today 3 times.    been cool   breeze & hot sun,   been to cool nights for garden.    flowers are just begining to bloom,    I wasn’t able to transplant any so they are to thick & wont do very well,    glads haven’t any blossoms yet,    & no corn yet  beans didn’t grow  only have a few cabbages & tomatoes    they ought to rippen soon,    but only 4 or 5 have so far.    I thank & praise Thee and Jesus for all we have & pray all things work kout for Thy good Glory.

Tue. Aug. 15. 1950./ 33.y.p. 1.-H-eggs today/ Well, I so tired tonight couldn’t see with the glasses on or with them off    eyes were so bad today,    but, I riped up the waist of the green bag dress & cut a wider piece & sewed on to the front & under the arm,    for it was to tight to be comfortable,    so, that mean I took out the lower half of each sleeve from the arm hole    took yoke off the front & took the belt off just passed under arm seam,    then I cut the neck V. shape & put the braid & facing back on & one button    & I got it all done, from five oclock untill 7.     all the stitching was done.    after supper I filed the belt down inside    now it’s ready to be washed.    Elbert got a nice piece of steak for supper, b ut it cost 1.25.    I want juicy steak so bad,    but, my gums are so sore     can’t chew it.    guess we’ll have to grind all our meat in the future.    Elbert went to see Mrs. Eppler    she wrote a note & sent Roney to give it to Elbert but Elbert went over to Martins & he saw her out on the walk    so went & talked to her,     she said she was going tonight to take some folks who were not save & for me to pray for them & that she would be going Thurs. & would take us, at about 11. or 12 oclock to Cleveland    I thank God & pray all will be well in Jesus Name, with both of us.    I Praise Thee Jesus. Amen.

Wed. Aug. 16. 1950./ page. 2646./ 36y.p. 1-H-eggs today–/ Well, I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits   swept & pressed Elbert’s pants,    he washed them before he took the papers & he washed 2 more prs. when he got back.    I haven’t felt able to be on my feet, but am trusting God will forgive me & fill & heal me in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    It’s been a nice day    S. West breeze but no rain & we need the rain so bad,    I hope it wont do a lot of damage when it comes,    I received a card from Sister Hance,    she says the buss goes to Cleveland every day except Sat. & Sun. & they will be looking for me,    May God ever bless them & help me to get there & go with them.    Oh I Praise Thee Jesus & pray I’ll be so filled & heal,    I’ll dance for Joy in Jesus Name, Glory, Hallelujah.   & I pray no one will bother the house while we’re gone    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things, Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 17. 1950./ 33. y.p. 1-H-eggs today/ We got up early & washed & dressed & went to Vermilion & left the car at the Church & went in her car with her, Roney & Mrs. Sprunk to Cleveland to the tent meeting Where lots are being save & heal of bodily ills & of Satin being driven out    there were lots of folk on cots  in Wheele chairs & all sorts of plagues & ills, crippled & all in veraious ways, eyes were of cripples made strait & the lame to walk,    the power went through me again & again & went up & joined the line of those to be healed,    he, the man praying for the sick “said” I was healed in Jesus Name,    I thank & praised God in Jesus Name.   All the praise truly belongest to Him.    We stayed for the evening service,    I hope to go again at least once next week with the folks at St. church    they go in there buss    we got back at 12 & took our car from the church & Mrs Sprunk to her home    then we came home,    I took a sponge bath & went to bed, but Elbert went with out washing

Fri. Aug. 18. 1950    & his pillow case is terrible    he isn’t feeling very good & told me today, I exaggerate things so bad,    well thats news to me & when I ask what I had exaggerated on he couldn’t remember one thing & got angry & said we wouldn’t talk a- bout it any more,    I’m glad the Lord is for me & that He help me,    things are so wicked & cruel these days.    I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for my blessings. Amen.

Fri. Aug. 18. 1950./ 32y.p. -1-H-eggs today./  I forgot to put the date up where I started to write for Fri.    guess Im tired yet,    I did- n’t get up untill 2 p-m or there about.    Elbert went to Huron & didn’t get any fish & he went & got the milk & then slept in big chair had dinner at [?] p.m.

Sat. Aug. 19. 1950./ 31.y.p.-1-H- eggs today./ Well, I did the washing today    was so cloudy I thought maybe I was foolish but part of them dried & the rest got very nearly dry,    so they are clean for over Sun.    I thank Jesus for they had rain below us    Frank was here to hunt wood chucks & said it rained in Lorain & untill he got thru to [S?]irtyside    I hope we get some more,    it rained here yesterday about 5-p.m, slow, steady rain & it came in heavy shower after dark & untill most morning, so everything got a good washing & good drink.    Frank said some one took all the cucumbers that were ready to pick,    he didn’t like it,    well, other folks don’t like it either but he & some of the others thought it was funny a few yrs. ago.    I was in the bed room tonight about 5-30p.m. & some one opened the seller door    it jared things & I yelled to Elbert & ask what he was doing,    he didn’t ans. so I hurried out to see & there was no one in sight but the basement door was unhooked & not latched,    I had Elbert go down & see if all the windows were fastened shut, but I feel rather curioous & Elbert acts rather queer about such tings, & it don’t seem worry him, one bit;    Well I hope to take a bath & get off to Church in the morning,    so I’ll have to be getting to bed.    I picked a few flowers & put them in some water out side & got the mutton cooked for tomorrows dinner.    but, I didn’t get the dishes done or the table cleaned up.    I thank God with all my heart for fixing me up & my feet are better    Oh, Praise the Lord & I’m trusting for the Holy Ghost    I want to Praise the Lord in Spirit & know I have His seal of approval,    Glory to His Name, Praise Thee Jesus.

Sun. Aug. 20. 1950./ 32. y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ We got off to S.S. & church this morning & got back for church tonight    wasn’t many there.   Mr. Whitman Tom, Mertle & Roney a young couple that Sister Eppler & Tom have been trying to get in church for some time & she took them to Cleveland & they were converted both of them. & Mrs. Crole & her 2 girls & the little boy Marry & her man has adopted, he’s 3. yrs. old a welfare child, & myself.   Mr. & Mrs. Smith were to church this morning but not tonight.    Praise the Lord.   Oh God we are such worthless sort of things in such alot of ways    we pray for wisdom & Knowledge & guiding in Jesus Name.    I Praise Thee & trust in Thy promises, Amen. 

Mon. Aug. 21. 1950./ page. 2648./ 32.y.p. 1-H-eggs today,/ I did the washing   didn’t have so much since I washed most every thing Sat. but the blankets    & I didn’t do them, today,    I’d like to go to Lorain one day this week, God Willing,    I need to get a dress & look after a coat & hat for winter,     & I’d like to see about getting some paint & wire fencing.    & I want Elbert to look after getting some shoes and under wear & shirts    there are so many things we ought to have & so little to buy them with.    It’s been a fine day  hot sun cool  S.west breeze clothes dried good.    & I got done with less pain than usual    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name,    for all things & for the good lessons I am learning,    I ask Him to teach me,   & was prompted to buy a book that tells a lot of things I have often thought of & now I know,    When I’m filled with the Holy Ghost I’ll be free & can do more for the Lord, Glory to God, I thank Thee. 

Tue. Aug. 22. 1950./ 32.y.p. 1-H.-eggs today./  I wash 12 grain & mash bags & got the paint all out & 4 were quite white    the rest are pink,    but another wash or two & they will be white,    I have to make a night gown yoke & pillow slips & dish towels.    I’m so tired, for I also baked 2 tins white bread biscuits & one tin of rusk biscuits & it’s 10 to 1-a-m now,    it take the rusks so long to rise, but I felt I needed a little taste.    I have mended 4 of my shirts & now I’m going to bed.    It’s been a fine day  S. breeze.   it was real cold last night went to 40 degrees & we had to put on an extra blankets.    I thank & Praise God for all our many blessings.    Elbert’s Knee got a lot better & now it’s all swelled up again & it’s stiff & pains him bad,    God help us, Amen.    I want to go to prayer meeting, but, his Knee & the biscuits    His Knee hurt so bad, he didn’t feel able to go with the papers. 

Wed. Aug. 23. 1950./ 29.y.p.-1-H-eggs today/ Well I mended the shirt I had on yesterday so now they are all mended,    I felt to tired to do much else to day    washed up dishes    did a little cooking & sweeping    Elberts knee is bad again    he went with the 

Wed. Aug. 23. 1950/page 2649/29y.p.-1.H-egg this day/ papers    said it hurt to use his leg & knee to drive,    he went over to Sister Epplers & took 2 cucumbers fresh from the garden & she was glad he came,     She said we were to come in time to go with her at 9-a-m in the morning for Cleveland     so I persuaded Elbert to go & I pray he will be converted & healed,    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for answering prayer & for all our blessings.     Now I have packed our lunch & God Willing  I’ll take my bath & be ready to go early in the morning    I thank God for another chance & trust for my fill- ing & healing & for his.    Oh God, help us.

Thurs. Aug 24 1950/ 30.y.p.-1.-H-eggs today./ Well we went to Cleveland with Mrs. Eppler, Mrs. Crole & her daughter & baby, & Elbert & I & then Dorthy West & her two children Mrs. Sprunk & Eddy’s wife (Mrs. Dorthy West & Mrs. West Sr. went in the West car with us.    so we had a full day.    The sermons & healings were great    the deft & dumb & blind were healed & cripples could walk again.    Well. I got a great deal of good from the meetings & Praise the Lord the Minister said I was healed, in Jesus Name. Glory to God, I Praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.    I thank Thee for all things   all things, & for the card from Nellie.

Fri. Aug. 25. 1950./ 29.y.p.-1-H-eggs today/ Elbert went & sold 15. doz. eggs today & had to buy both mash & grain    he brought home 2.73 & got her at 12-30.    he took the bag of feed out the car & put them in the grainery & got feed ready for hens supper     then he came in & ate dinner,    I had it most done except frying the meat.    I did out all the washing & got it dry & washed dishes & did my daily round & I’m tired but Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for the strength He has given me, trust[?], & I hope to iron tomorrow & be ready for Church Sun.    Been hot today with S. breeze all morning, going N. east after dinner & wind dies all out before dark each evenings

Fri. Aug. 25. 1950./ page. 2650./ 30.y.p.-1-H-eggs this day./ I thank Thee Jesus for my healing & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    I’m so glad we can call on Thee & pray Thou will give Rev. Branham & his brother & workers renewed strength to carry on there work & I also thank Thee for answering prayer & sending him & his workers to us    We knee some one like him among us daily to help strengthen the weak in Thee.    Now I pray for more strength & faith that I may be of more help for Thee & help me to be among those of Thine more often send the visions & help me to do Thy Will.    I thank Thee Jesus, Blessed, Presious & Holy, Amen.

Sat. Aug. 26. 1950./ 31.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ Well, it’s been a fine day     been hot but a nice S. breeze untill noon going N. east after dinner.     I swept & wiped up the floors & then ironed 6 kercheifs, 2. work shirts, a slip & petticoat & 2 house dresses & my scarf.    & darned a pr. of socks,    had to darn foot of one stocking of mine last night,     Elbert’s feeling better & he got supper tonight, for which, I was so thankful    & he got ice cream, after he delivered the papers & took 6 fish to Harry Miller.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all things Amen.

Sun. Aug. 27. 1950./ 29.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ We got away to Sun school & church & I had Elbert pick some tomatoes, cucumbers corn & a cabbage & a nice bunch of glads & I picked a nice bunch of dahlias, Zinnias & a few small flowers & a few clusters of polly anthian roses.    &   Mrs. Sprunk at dinner with Tom & his wife & son so she got some of the corn & vegetables.    We went back to Church tonight & had such a good prayer service    I saw Rev. Branham with a golden light about Him & the Areina full of people & Rev. Branhams brother geting him to a chair, as he seemed about ready to pass out.    Marry’s little boy is getting real active & to talk more.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing.    A man tried to turn his car around on the N.Y.Central Rail Road crossing today & slipped off on to the end of the ties & broke the gas tank & enjine pulled him back on the crossing & he flew up to the highway as fast as he could go, to get some place before all the gas was gone,    Elbert said, He didn’t think he had any.    We thank & Praise our Maker for taking & bringing us home safe.

Mon. Aug. 28. 1950./ 32.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./    Oh, I only fold the belt of my house dress down & I have to fix neck sleaves & the bottom hem.    I hope to get an other cut out before tonight.

Mon. Aug. 28. 1950./ page. 2651./ 32.y.p.-1-H-eggs this day/ Been partly cloudy all day & it thundered & lightened but no rain here,    it rained in Cleveland Lorain & Sandusky,    We had a good shower some time early this morning, so the dirt was quite wet, but sun was so hot today & the little old man with his suit case of notions came just a few minutes after Elbert left with the papers,    he said he slept in a box car at Sandusky last night,    he’s terrible thin,    I feel sorry for him, but don’t know what to do,   I could have let him stay in the shed but I don’t know him or what his idea is buying a suit case of notions & going clear back to Toledo to sell them.    I gave him 35 cents for a comb & I gave him a bread biscuit & a piece of saucage between 2 layers & one rusk biscuit    he says he has ulsers in his stomach & cant eat tomatoes & he hasn’t hardly any teeth,    he’s in his 60’ties & so thin.    it been to hot to work today,    & Elbert went to Lorain, said he got a little done on the car;   he done think the man got it fixed right yet.    He stopped & talked with Mrs. Cranage a few minutes & was gone all morning,   got back at 11-a-m.    he’s seemed to feel the heat bad today & my eyes have been rather bad, so I didn’t get much done    hope I can do more tomorrow.    I thank Thee Jesus for today blessing Amen

Tue. Aug. 29. 1950./ 32-y.p.-1.-H-eggs today./ I didn’t do much today, & it’s been partly cloudy & so hot.    We went to prayer meeting & took corn for Mrs. Sprunk, but she’s been sick all day    Mrs. Eppler went & prayed for her & her knees felt better    then she said this after noon, she felt she had a fever & believed she was going to have a cold,    so we prayed for her again tonight    & Whitman’s daughter Mrs. Mock had a heart attact,    she said it was her fault,    she’s been rejecting God & now she’s willing to turn to God if only He will make her well again,    she’s in the Hospital under an oxegen tent.    We pray for the sick all over the world, for soul & body.   For the Rulers of each country & Nation & for all who govern the people.    for the boys & men that are fighting.    & all the nurses & women.  & the little woman who has arthritis was with us tonight    there were only a few of us there, but Jesus was there with us    I thank Him & Praise His Holy Name & saving Grace & for the Power He has,   He is truly wonderful.    It’s a beautiful night, full moon.  N. east breeze & cool    We took corn & cucumbers to Mrs. Sprunk but she wasn’t there.    Maybe Mertle will take her part of it,    I hope.    I mailed a card to Caroline Mill’s for them to send a catalog to Nellie.    I Praise God for all things. 

Wed. Aug. 30. 1950./ Page. 2652./ 31y.p. 0-H-eggs today./    I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father for this day & it’s many blessing in Jesus Holy Name.    I Pray the Honor and Glory. ge all Thine for ever & ever Amen.    I did the washing   couldn’t hang it out    the air was so damp    I didn’t have many pieces so hung them in the house     I have the rags to hang up yet,    perhaps I can hange them out in the morning.    Elbert hasn’t felt very good, but he mowed a lot of grass & weeds & he hopes to sell eggs tomorrow.    he can hardly get up or down he’s so sore & lame & he will be waling if he sells eggs tomorrow,    his knee isn’t as bad as it was, but bad enough.    We had a can of chicken soup for supper,    I added rice & noodles & a little onion.    It’s real cloudy, so is getting dark early.   Wish we could have fish to- morrow, but he wont get home in time.    no mail today.    I thank Thee Jesus, Blessed True & Holy for all things small or great.

Thurs. Aug. 31. 1950./ 31.y.p. 1.H-eggs today/ Well, I got up at 9-30 & started to straighten up & get things ready for dinner    Elbert went & sold 19 doz. of eggs & got back 12-30 & we ate dinner at 1-30-p-m.      then I had been to mail box & got a card from Audrey    she was worrying    siad it had been 3. weeks since she had heard from us,    I had sent her a card fore part of last week.    Well we decided to go to her tonight,    so I dressed & when Elbert went with the papers, I went with him & we went on to Lorain to Audrey’s & Gertie’s & had a dish of noodles with them & a piece of muskmellon & cup of tea.    I haven’t eat much today & he had brought peaches so I ate 3 & he ate three for dinner,    We had a heavy mist turning to a drizzly rain & kept at it untill we got back home,    we visited a while & Audrey came down stairs & & walked to the corner with me to show me a place where she buys dresses I knee need a couple real bad. for good dresses,    Elbert took the girls corn, tomatoes, cucumbers & cabbage & I bought a muskmellon a nice big one  35 cents & I took a big bunch of glads & other flowers,    they didn’t want all the glads, so I took a nice bunch to Mrs Cranage & we talked a little while & Elbert walked up to the Loop & out onto the bridge & looked around but didn’t see a sole    he knew so came back & talked a little & we came home as fast as he could it was bad driving, water flying in a mist & head lights, glaring but Praise God we made it & I thank him so much  I pray He will fill me & heal me & make me all His soon, I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy, Amen.

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