[Elinor’s sister Gertie got a job out of the home, working at a ten cent store.  Elinor’s Maternal Aunt Edith’s daughter Georgia & her Maternal Uncle William’s daughter Tessie were both in their 20s during this period. Aunt Edith’s children were Wyn, Aubrey & Georgia.  Her daughter Ethel Wyn’s married name was Grant (possibly married Ed Grant) and they had a daughter Virginia Ruth.  Elinor’s brother Frank and Wife Ruby, baby, and Ruby’s parents took a launch Wynah “up the river ..for dinner” 
[Fri. Au. 1. 1913] Fri.Aug.1. swept & scrubed & ironed

[Sat. Au. 2. 1913] Sat.2.  Every ironing & working to do  Pa & ma went to Wellington

[Sun. Au. 3. 1913] Sun.3.  Well we are all alone  Pa & ma came home tonight. Frank & Ruby were here Fri & Sat back & shoulder & hp shook there home  Oh what a releife to have been home. Ruby always has her crying spell before going home

[Mon. Au. 4. 1913] Page 87.Mon.4.  Well need less to say  We didnot wash to day  I have been doing house work & sewing & odds and ends all day

[Tue. Au. 5. 1913] Tue.5.  I washed to day & we got through early & all were gold & tired. 

[Wed. Au. 6. 1913] Wed.6.  I have been doing odds & ends help Mrs. Mackey thanked Elysyebthe a laun drid

[Thrs. Au. 7. 1913] Thurs.7.  ironed & sewed & today

[Fri. Au. 8. 1913] Fri.8. Scrubed & done house work

[Sat. Au. 9. 1913] Sat.9.  Worked all day house work. 

[Sun. Au. 10. 1913] Sun. 10.  Rained to day & I fell & hurt my arm, back & hip, Shook me up & I feel week & sick, lame & sore

[Mon. Au. 11. 1913] Mon.11.  Done house work today

[Tue. Au. 12. 1913] Tue.12.  Well we washed today that is the white clothes &, Oh, how I ach. 

[Wed. Au. 13. 1913] Wed.13.  I wash a solid tub of colred clothes sudsed & wrinsed & starched then help get supper & do up the work

[Thrs. Au. 14. 1913] Thurs.14. scrubed Kitchen done house work

[Fri. Au. 15. 1913] Fri. 15.  Gertie went to work in the ten cent store  Wed. & I have been sewing & ironing

[Sat. Au. 16. 1913] Sat.16. ironing sewing & house work . 

[Sat. Au. 16. 1913]Page 88.Sat.16. Georgia’s birthday 28 yrs old & Cousin Tessie Wheeler was 23. yrs. old & Aunt Edith spent the day with me. 

[Sun. Au. 17. 1913] Sun.17.  Home gown dinner chicken, sweet corn tomatoes potatoes cucumbers & beet from our garden. pa’s choice.  No company today.  Frank & Ruby & baby & his mother-in-law & father in law have gone up the river in the Wynah for dinner

[Au. 18-29] Mon.18.  Tue.19 Wed. 20. Thurs 21.  Fri 22  Sat 23. Sun.24. Mon.25. Tue 26. Wed.27. Thurs.28. Fri.29. 

[Sat.& Sun.  Au. 30 & 31. 1913] Sat.30. Sun. 31.  I’ve been so busy I have lost track of what occured each day but I remember Aunt Edie, Wyn & Virginia Ed, Georgia & Aubrey were here one Sun. for dinner & supper & that I received a card from Albrey Breckenridge & several from a Mr. Wm  Diringer & Ma received a letter from Mrs. Bracket  a good letter & she wished each one to write to her & I received a card from Lillie Constable & I have washed & scrubbed & baked & sewed & done house work   the same as useral and some things I have forgotten by this time

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