May 1951

Tue. May 1. 1951./ 23. eggs today./ Well I got the general washing done & I dried most of it out side,    I have blankets next to wash & wish it was over.    Elbert put in 3 rows of potatoes today & so tired he can’t seem to rest besides all the odds & ends he has done    carried the water for me to wash   took care of hens & I don’t know what else,    I got dinner & supper & took care of dishes & darned 2 prs. of sock & ironed my skirt, dress, scarf & kercheifs & I’m tired.    It’s been a beautiful day, warm sun, cool N. east breeze.    John Snyder was over to his place & disk the corn stalks,    hope we get to put in a few beets, carrots, beans, cabbages & my flowers.    I do thank & praise God for our garden & hens but don’t know how much longer we can have hens   feed so high.

Wed. May. 2. 1951./ Page 2741./ 22. eggs today./  Well, we both managed to get up,    Elbert went to fish house & got a big mess of fish & he cleaned them all & now is planning on giving Harry Miller 6.  Mrs. Sprunk 6, & Epplers 10.   to much work for they don’t even tell him how much they enjoyed them,    Mr Miller does but the rest never say anything  just take them all cleaned & salted & all they have to do is flour & fry them & eat them.    Elbert isn’t very well,    he wont be able to help them much longer,    he’s planing on selling eggs tomorrow ___ doz.     We did get the rose on end of house & in the middle & part of the one on the post in front of hen house    & I got most of Westeria vine trimed before dinner,    no, it was a beautiful day,    was a little cloudy this after noon & then cloudied up at dusk & rained a good shower at 9-30-p-m.    I feel rather dead on my feet, the bones are down so bad in ball of feet so bad,    I know the Lord is able & I believe He will fix them.    I Praise Him    there’s no one in all the whole world like Jesus.    I believe Audrey is sending Lorain news paper to Elbert    hes got 2, one yesterday & one today.    We are both terrible tired    Elbert went to bed & I was going out by the toilet & get the 4 tine rake,    I forgot it    had it on my mind, but told him to tell me when he was coming into the house & so,     he told me then kept telling me, that agervates me,    Well, I came & so,    he got up & dressed & went & got the rake,    he didn’t want me to go in the rain & maybe fall down,    I nearly fell twice today & I got a swat across the eyes the other day & to-day on my finger next to little finger on right hand,    it pains & is sore & so does me eyes.    I heard the pheasent out in the back.    peaches & pears are in bloom,    it was quite warm today.    I thank God for His wonder love & the care He give me.   

Thurs. May. 3. 1951./ 16. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went out & sold 10 doz. eggs 6.50 & he bought mash 4.76 & he got a few things for us to eat & he stopped to Epplers & left a pan of fish all cleaned & told Rony to give Mrs. Sprunk 5 or 6,    he told Elbert his mother had the flu.    We didn’t go to Church to night    Elbert isn’t well,    & he work a little while & he’s all tired out,    I’m the same way,    but my feet torture me so bad I can’t stand on them very long & it does hurt to try to walk & have your heel sink into a mole hole,    We trimed the rose rambler in front of hen house & finished the ones on the park fence & he put out a lot of the Weiglia & golden bell bush that winter killed    lots of the rose vines winter killed & honey suckle    Well we only have a little to trim & a big heap of brush to take a way.    then the place won’t look quite so bad    & then if we can get the house painted it will be nice & look so much cleaner.    I’m sorry we didn’t go to church,    but since Elbert wont go in I felt it better to pray here.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for saving my soul & for all He gives us & Pray I may do more for Him.    Elbert took fish to Harry Miller.

Fri. May. 4. 1951./ Page. 2742./ 17. eggs today./ I baked 2 large tins of bread biscuits & one large loaf of bread & 12 cup cake & one square layer.    I got dinner & washed dishes & was out side to toilet & in the park where Elbert was cleaning up brush    he sawed some limbs of the oak & has 3 more to saw off,    he sawed a piece of the tamarix    I have 3. young ramblers on the fence, yet to trim.    had card from Nellie,    said she got her garden plowed & now had to get it planted.    wish we had ours plowed    it’s to hard for Elbert to spade so much,    he isn’t phyically fit to do it,    he says he was tired when he got up & sore & lame all over from planting the potatoes,    May 1 & 2nd. he received 2 news papers    yesterday it didn’t come & today he got 2.    I believe it was left next door.    It’s been a fine day to work    N. east breeze yesterday & today,     Thurs. morning between 12-30-a-m & 8- we had several showers, 2 heavy ones.   last after dinner yesterday there was, a fog & it got so shivery cold we came in before dark    & the fire felt good & has felt good alday today & tonight,      little colder tonight than last night,    Well Elbert’s in bed & I wish I was in mine.    I ought to sweep & wipe up floors in morning.    I thank God and Jesus for all our many blessings & pray We may both be His be-fore we are taken away,    I sure would miss Elbert    he’s so good & does so many things,    but, I do wish he wouldn’t do so much at atime & tire himself all out,    he worries because he can’t do enough to suit him.    May God help us to take it more easy & not worry & help us to live His will & His ways.    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen.

Sat. May. 5. 1951./ 18. eggs today./  Well, I got the two big blankets washed, but not dried     I aired Elbert’s bedding & washed his sleepers & pillow slip & a few kercheifs & rags my petticoat & a few other small pieces.    Elbert worked in garden untill he felt so sick he got as far as the door & set down,    he’s doing to much at a time.    We ate two lunches & no hot supper    It was a nice day    clothes didn’t dry good    air seemed damp.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray many will go to Church & truly learn more about Thee    I thank Thee & I thank Thee for healing Mrs. Eppler   all the praise & Glory belongest to Thee for ever & ever, bless the efforts of all Thine Who strive to preach Thy word & help it to ring true to Thee, in Jesus Name. 

Sun. May. 6. 1951./ 22. eggs today./ Oh, God, I thank & praise Thee in Jesus Name for Thy wonderfull Power, for Thy Love & Grace  for saving my soul & I crave to be filled with the Holy Ghost & to be able to praise Thee in spirit    help me Jesus that I may Be with Mr. Whitman & bless him & strengthen him in soul & body    We will give thee all the glory & honor for ever & ever, Amen.    It’s been a fine day,    N. east breeze cool, cool nights, but every things growing, that stays in over winter.     Voilets are beautiful,    but I guess the rabbits eat my clove pinks,    I don’t find any.    & Mrs. Cranage wanted some

Mon. May. 7. 1951./ Page. 2743./ 22. eggs today/ It’s been a fine day.    Elbert hasn’t felt very well all day    he went to Huron but got no fish,    he went to Killbrides & got qt. of milk,    it’s a relief after trying to put up with that dope from the milk wagon full of soada & that can milk my blood pressure drop most out of sight when I have to do with out good fresh milk,    this milk isn’t as good as it might be,    but I’m sure glad to get it.    Elbert tried to work in the garden,    but, came in & slept in big chair for an hr. or so then went out tried it again.    While I tired myself all out trying to get my dress basted together, but I made it,    one side of skirt seems to be wider than the other,    but, that’s a puzzle for another day,    if it were not for that I’d have it done, all but neck, bottom & buttons,     How-ever, I’ll have to try again on the skirt,    I need it so bad to wear & I’ve got to cut out a couple more so to have a thin light dress or so for summer.    Cool N. West wind all day,    White sun with a few clouds,  to cold at night for garden to grow,    wish I could take care of my flowers & clean them up.    We see a rabbit out between the evergreen trees at 2-p-m., just sitting looking around, in the tall grass.    Well, I thank Thee Jesus “Dear & Holy Thou art to me” for the blessings of this day    Oh God, help us to know what we ought to be doing & how to get at it I pray,     I thank Thee.

Tue. May. 8. 1951./ 17. eggs today./  Elbert got up early    went & got the milk & then came back home & decided to go for fish,    he got about a doz.    came back & cleaned them, ate dinner & went to Ver-milion for hens greens & a little for us    he got a piece of smoked pressed ham & cheese, cabbage, broccoli, nuts chocolate & ice cream,    so I made tea & we ate cream,    we had fish for supper    they were good.    I was sick all night    we had soup & it had a little to much greese in it,    my stomach hurt so bad    then it began to go the other way & I rushed the can untill daylight,    so I didn’t do any more than I had to about work today,    & after supper Mr. & Mrs. Ottis West & Mrs. Sprunk came out to invite us to a annavary party tomorrow night,    it’s for Tom & Mertle Eppler & they were taking up a collection,    I gave a dollar for Elbert & I but I don’t want to go.    We don’t have the nice clothes any more & have been along so long, it’s hard to mingle, now.    I pray they have a nice time   all who go,    & remember the Lord & give Him Honor & Glory for all things.     I gave them rhubarb & they looked at the garden & trees & flowers, then came in & looked at crochet work & my new coat    then after visiting awhile departed for home.    I was out to the garden, but tomie hurt to bad to do any stooping.    I thank & praise God for His wonderful Love & care & I Praise Jesus for the wonderful example He set for us & that He is ever ready & willing to give strength & courage & lift us    He’s wonderful.

Tue. May. 8. 1951. page. 2744./ 17 eggs this to day./ He’s all the world to me,    I love Him more than anything or any one on earth,    if only people would read there bible, study & pray, earnestly,    He said He’d hear & save there souls if they would call on His Name,    He is Blessed, True & so pure & Holy,    I love 
Thee Jesus.    It’s been a nice day but cool.  wind went S.W. tonight,    it’s been quite fresh for a few days.

Wed. May. 9. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Well, I helped ELbert finish tie up Westeria Vine & then clean up, muss, then we got at the yellow chinna roses    everything winter killed so bad    the are over half killed out    we cut out a big pile of brush & then were both so tired & heavy we crawled back to the Kitchen    Elberts back was paining him bad,  I made hot tea & we washed & drank & rested a while,    then, I got the broccoli pealed & ready to cook    I warmed potatoes  fried steak  couple pieces size the palm of my hand that cost 74 cents & got the corn hot & we ate supper    then he fed hens, locked up for night,    then I washed dishes & we rested & listened to radio for half hr.    then I read the Rev. DeHaan’s sermons that came Mon. Called the Signs of the Times.    The times are coming so true to God’s word & He’s coming back soon    all signs tell us so,    the men of the Nations are talking & have been for some time, of reorginizing the United Nations into a federation of Nations, & that is what the bible calls it & it’s in the end time of the world    I pray God will help people come quickly to Him,    I haven’t done the washing yet & it seems a big job.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for saving my soul & all my many healing & for answering many prayers & I believe He will help all the family in His way to be saved     Oh God help us fast to do Thy biding & will, Amen. 

Thurs. May 10. 1951./ 21. eggs today/ Elbert went for milk    then went to Vermilion & sold 10 doz. 65 cents per. doz. 6.50 & he bought a 100 lb bag of mash 4.60 & a 100 lb. bag of grain 4.76 a total 9.36    he had some money left over from left over from last week     so had enough to pay for it he said but I believe he used a little of his own money 1.74 cents to be exact    he got back at 11-30-a-m.    he still don’t feel very good so I was glad he could work out side    it was cloudy all morning & began a fine misty rain just before he got here & then it came heavier & at last in heavy showers & cold     & then took care of hens early & put car in shed,    we had toast & milk for supper & he got up some coal & fixed the fire    listened to the news over the radio & then went to bed.    I didn’t much today    crocheted a couple of corners for Kercheifs & read my bible a while & then got me 

Thurs. May. 10. 1951./ page. 2745./ 21. eggs this day/ self off to bed.   I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for His Wonderful care for us,    I pray Elbert will soon be turned to Him,    God help    I know it is Thee who turns us to Thee & I thank Thee with my Whole heart, soul & mind, Amen.    Cloudy all day   Cold N.E. wind & rain. 

Fri. May. 11. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Well, I washed out all my clothes except night gown & I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get it down & now it’s dry    it’s rained in showers all day & wind shifted tonight from N. East to S. West.    & it’s been pouring rain.    Elbert hasn’t felt able to work     he tried to mow between showers & his stomach is bad tonight.    I do thank God for all His blessing & pray He will help me to be worthy,   Oh Jesus, please help me to do Thy Holy Will, & help me to help others, use me in Thy own way    I thank Thee. Amen.

Sat. May. 12. 1951./20 eggs today./ Well I swept & wiped up the floors & ironed my petticoat & finished the handkercheif I made for Mrs. Eppler    it tires me to work at it to long.    but it rests me a lot to chrochet a little.    I must take a bath & go to Sunday school & Church in the morning    It’s been a nice day with sunshine but N. E. wind & cool & more cool to-night   clear   the stars & new moon are as clear as can be. Had nice letter from Nellie “tomorrow is mothers day” & she said  Johny phoned her,    he’s very busy in his last term of school & they are all well.    Bonita & Nellie have been making things for school,      children are going to wind the May Pole in gay colors & wear fancy dresses & they are making a dress for the music teacher.    Georgie has been home 4 days sick,    they took him to Dr.    Nellie taught 4th & 5th grades at the school where George & Bonita go “the twins” & they won blue ribbons in spelling,    Nellie said she planted peas, lettuce & radishes & they are up, but wished she had some corn in     it’s been raining & to wet now.    Elbert turned over a lot of dirt today,    he went & got the milk & went to Vermilion    got hens greens & then to Huron hoping to get some fish, but no luck    I had dinner about ready when he came in at 1-30-p-m,  half starved, he said he didn’t eat any breakfast this morning,    so we both we in same fix as I hadn’t eat or drank.    I thank my God in Jesus Holy Name, for His love & care, Amen. 

Sun. May. 13. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Well, I missed Sunday school & church this a-m. but we went tonight     Elbert picked a big bunch of flowers “voilets” & I took them a handkercheif to Mrs. Eppler & I put in my tenth for church 1. for Missionary bank & 50 cents for Sun. school.    Sister Eppler was please with her gifts & they did have 98 to sunday school & I thank God for ans. prayer & that the love us & does hear when we cry to Him    Praise His Holy Name    It’s been a fine day, but so cool    tomatoes & cabbages turning yellow    We have had two white dues, almost frost but perhaps in 2. weeks more it will warm up, lets hope & pray God will help us. 

Mon. May. 14. 1951./ Page. 2746./ 20. eggs today./ Well I baked two tins bread biscuits & two big tins of rusk biscuits    I swept & did my usual round & I’m tired     Elbert worked spading & got over heat & after doing it once, I thought he’d use judgement & not go back,    but while I was busy he went back & could hardly get to the grainery where he set down    & I urged him untill he came in & had some hot drink & his face looked terrible all red & yellow,    he looked terrible sick & I believe he felt that way.    & he just said he did,    I’ve tried to get him to let the spading go,    but he wont    he isn’t able & it’s been extra hot to day in the sun 95 here in the Kitchen,    I thank God we are His & can call on Him when ever we wish & He hears & ans our cry,   but I wish so much I could do more for Him, help me Jesus.

Tue. May. 15. 1951./ 21. eggs today./  Well Elberts sick yet & he looks it    hope he will be careful from here on for some days will be to hot.    I washed today     it was 95 here by the sink & so I don’t feel very frisky myself.    I made out an order for flower & vegetable seeds, but don’t know if I can get them all.    When I stop to think of all the hungry people I feel as if I can’t get the flower seeds,    so I’ll have to think & pray about it.    they sell cheaper than any others at Mills & now throw off 20 cents on a dollar & they give 2. pks. extra,    so for a dollar you get 1.20 worth of seeds.    I have tried to hoe a little but don’t seem to be able to do much.    Well I thank & praise God for all I have & I do not want to do anything wrong.    So I trust He will help me to decide on what to get,     I pray He will help Elbert to be O.K. again & that we will be ready to go with Him when He calls.    I got a catalog from Mills for seeds today.    I’m tired & stomach is bad nerves are so bad, sends chills clear up into my face & jaws    I done Elbert’s washing also today 3 suits under wear 2 work shirts 3. prs. sock  bath towel 5 nose rags & the old seat cover for big chair & my own change of clothes & the odds & ends & daily round. 

Wed. May. 16. 1951./ 22. eggs today./ Well, I been to bum to do much & so did as little as possible    was out side for 1/2 hr. or so    couldn’t endure it to just rake leaves    heat was 100 in the corner of Kitchen by the sink.    I crocheted a little    finished a handkercheif for Audrey & have to finish one for Gertie    her birthday was Sun. May 13.  she was 63 yrs. old. & she works each weak day for Good Will Co. on Broadway a blk from where she & Audrey live.    I hope to go to see them & take them some lilacs & lillies of the valley     weather has been bad for them,    so cold nights,   we had it a little warmer last night & tonight.     John Snyder plowed half “or very near so” the 36 acres across from us today,    I thought he was going to finish but he left a small corner,    there is a little breeze from S. West & it’s cool.    We haven’t any fire, last night, or tonight.    I thank God for all our many blessing & Pray He will help me to be of more service to Him. Amen.

Thurs. May. 17. 1951./ Page. 2747./ 18. eggs today./  We were married 31. yrs. ago today./ Elbert went & sold 13. doz. eggs 8.45    he bought 1. ton of sand 3.98, 2. bags lime 1.22 & fertilizer 2.60    he had 75 cents left from the eggs money,    he bought 2 fish a herring and a white fish & had to take one back    it was spoilt,    they gave him one fresh, todays catch,   & it was larger  he had to take the other one back 14 miles round trip,    he went for milk, but couldn’t get any,    so, he’ll go in morning for milk again.    I’ve cooked & washed dishes & I tried to cut out the flox in the flower border,    it has-n’t been cleaned out for several yrs. & weeds & grass are pack down untill flowers that are left are all most choked out,    Well I hardly made & empression but if I can cut a little one aday maybe I’ll get through before Fall,    it will help me to get a little fr4esh air & excersize out side & I need to get out a little more,    Ella Jane is 32 yrs. old April 22 1951.    Wind’s been North east all day & cold    we had a little fire all day,    fog was thick as milk & damp late this after noon,    so I didn’t stay out very long & then could hardly keep from fainting after I got in & cleaned up & got the supper started    Mrs. Goll sent me some more papers today    I wish she wouldn’t for it costs to much.    I thank God for His Love & mercy    & Elbert felt so bad last night but better in some ways today,    he does so many things.   I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things great, or small.

Fri. May. 18. 1951./ 21. eggs today./ Elbert went & got the qt. of milk & he’s worked in garden all day,    I got up & washed out what dirty clothes there were & got dinner darned 3 prs socks & 2. prs my old stocking   then washed dishes & ironed big chair back cover & my petticoat,    Elberts 2. work shirts & a mash bag I use over the bed room window    then I rested awhile & got supper    hope to sweep & wipe up floors tomorrow & maybe sew a little,    air is thick as if it was fogy,   it was bad after midnigh & grass was as wet as if it had rained    War is bad on the other side & our rulers quareling among themselves.    a tornado in Texas, fires & trains having collisions,   steam boats & air planes & bible history coming true every day & Why, oh Why don’t the people call on the Lord.    I pray for all Thy people & that they will cling to The through thick & thin    I Praise Thee Jesus.    Sun shone all day.    I pray I can get off to Church Sun, morning. 

Sat. May. 19. 1951./ 21. eggs today./  Was sick all night   liver gas or another gall stone,    I slept an hour or so after daylight,     then got up & dressed, but was so tuckered out I couldn’t work.    I ask for the needs of the sick, should we fast all those who sick, should they pray in earnestness or just pray & say it’s your falt if you don’t get healed,   I’ve seen some of that   it’s no good

Sat. May 19. 1951./ page. 2748./ 21. eggs this day./ I like to be in a prayerful mood & prepared, not laughing joking & then pray & run away,    I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of me & trust I’ll receive strength & be filled with the Holy Ghost soon & then I pray He will help me to be of more service to Him.    We have had a nice day with Sun shine & a S. east breeze.    & 84 degrees heat.    Elbert has been working in the garden,    his potatoes are coming up & its only been about 3 weeks,   thats good,   the cabbages are coming & so the tomatoes & pepers ought to be coming all so & some of the Zinnias are up from last year’s self sowing.    but I ought to have got the seeds I have, in this last week.    I’d like to get in what seeds I’ve got.    I thank God for all things & pray He will guide me all the way,   I Praise Thee Jesus, help me. 

Sun. May. 20. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ My stomach & bowels & liver have been so bad all this week    I just didn’t feel I could be hauled to Vermilion & back, if they pray earnestly for me, I know Jesus will hear & ans. prayer & I’m trusting they will,    some how, as long as I can walk no one seems to think I sick, but, God knows all things.   What they “as well as I” think.    I couldn’t work Sat. & didn’t feel able to do anything all week,    I’ve felt to dead to skin, as if I weigh 2 ton, not certian on my feet for several days,    Elbert killed a hen & dressed & cooked & all I did was take care of beds & washed up the dishes tonight    sure hope & pray for more strength & I thank God for all the many things He does for me  & pray & thank Him for hearing & ans. prayer,    I trust to be able again before long to get my strength & go to church & Praise Thee with the others.    Wind’s been S. & went S. West & is still blowing    it sure thundered & lightened hard this afternoon & sun shining bright.    We didn’t get to church all day    hurts me more than they that I’m not able to go.    I pray the Lord will help them in His own Way.

Mon. May. 21. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much of anything today but am feeling a little better Praise the Lord God of Hosts    Elbert went to Vermilion,    he saw Mertle   she didn’t ask how I was,    he said, she told him she was terribly busy & when she failed to ask he told her & she said it was to bad    Well, maybe so, however, God knows all our hearts.    Oh how glad I am.    They sure like to say mean thing in what they call a polite way,    but they can’t know it all, for they are very young & I’m 66 yrs. old & don’t begin to know a protion of it,    so I pray God will help them & bless there good efforts Amen.    Sun was hot 84 degrees, more or less cool S.W. breeze & tonight just before dark it went S. east,    Sarr’s had a big fire & it turned it back to them, the smoke.    Bill Snyder has Haufman plowing for him & right after supper, he’s been plowing over on mine each year. 

Tue. May. 22. 1951./ page. 2749./ 25. eggs today/ Well it’s been damp & chilly & rained in showers    Elbert mowed the grass & cut out a lot of grass weeds & flox in the back    I can’t take care of it any more.    I tried to help him some but wasn’t much help;    he bought a package of pie quick & I tried a rhubarb pie,    he went to Huron this morning, “after he’d been for the milk” & got a mess of fish,    he cleaned enough for dinner & I fried them    he came in & ate & then cleaned the rest & I salted them,    he went to Vermilion & took Harry Miller some, just at supper time,    he said Harry had been sick & throwing up for a couple of days,    I pray God will in Jesus Holy Name raise him up & make him whole    I thank Thee Jesus, all the Praise & Glory truly belongest to Thee forever, Amen.    I didn’t feel able to sew,    so, just did odds & ends K& Praised the Lord.    Oh, how could we ever live with out Jesus. Amen.

Wed. May. 23. 1951./ 18. eggs today./  Well, the sun shone most all day with a very cool N. West breeze, changing N. east this after noon.    I tried to sew but felt so miserable I gave it up.    Elbert worked in garden    his potatoes are up & the cabbages  some of the tomatoes,   but it’s so cold nights,  tempture drops to 40 or 45 after being 75 or 80 degrees all day.    Elbert has a weak wrist,     I bandages it for him tonight.    he hopes to sell eggs tomorrow,    & I hope to feel better,    I’m so week in body,  legs & arms,    Oh, how I wish I had some one to help me just a little, about my sewing & house work.    But I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, that I can get up & do a little each day,    Elbert is so tired he’s spaded & got more ground ready to put in the rest of his potatoes,    he’s getting some ready for corn also.    I thought I’d be able to help put in my bulbs & a few flower seeds but I’ve been so weak I can hardly do anything all week. 

Thurs. May. 24. 1951./ 18. eggs today./ Elbert’s spraned his wrist bad & after he got up & got ready to go with the egg he called me    he was is such misery,    I dressed & tried to take care of his wrist     & hand looks as if he has bruised the butt of the hand,    I gave him some anacins    he rested a little,    but tonight it’s paining him bad again    & I’ve got him fixed up & in bed,    but he need a little stronger portion to ease the pain,    I pray God will at least for my sake to ease the pain & heal the whole thing in Jesus Name,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee,  Jesus Blessed Jesus, Amen.    I’m weak & not feeling able to do anything myself,    but, when he’s sick I feel so sorry & try to do what I can for him.   We’ve had sun-shine & showers all day   S. W. wind going N. west tonight    I Praise Thee Jesus for the strength Thou has given me today.    I received two letters for both of us     one from Clark Sisters & (two weeks now) one from Martha, she has new job for

Fri. May. 25/ 1951/ Page. 2750./ 18. eggs today./   I did the washing    only missed my dress but I have a clean one for Sun so I wont have to wash this one, this week.    I’m so terribly tired,    Elbert’s hand pained him untill 1-30 or 2. a.m    & then he slept    I wanted him to go to the 
Dr. to see if he had broken any bone, yesterday,    but he went & sold the egg 7.17-11. doz. said Dr. wouldn’t be in untill 2-p-m.   then went & had to wait for several ahead of him    Tom Eppler was there & said he had to go back Sat. again “tomorrow”  Oh Jesus, What’s wrong with Tom he should be all Thine.     Oh, God I beseach Thee in Jesus Name to help us christians,    We do truly need Thee, help us to lean on Thee, to trust Thee fully.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee all the Glory Truly belongest to Thee    Well I thank Thee for taking care of Elbert,    he said his hand was bruised, as I had told him & Dr gave him some electric current in it to take the swelling out & he bandaged it up & said he sould come back Mon. for another dose of electric,    he tried to scare him & tell him it could get a lot worse & some people even lost there hands     if it isn’t lots better Mon.I will try to get to go Dr. Powel.    I do wish he would go to Jesus    I know He can heal it    he has it fastened to a board, so Elbert can’t move it    he’s only been in bed a few minutes & is sleeping hard.    It’s been a hot day S. west wind quite strong.    Elbert was al-most having nervous chills when he got there tonight,    but I told him Dr was trying to scare him & get a little money out of him.

Sat. May. 26. 1951./ 18. eggs today./  Elbert went out this a-m. before I was up & put the potatoes in & after dinner he partly covered them    his hand & arm pain him bad & he walked the floor for a while,    he drove up & got the milk this morning also    I haven’t felt able to be on my feet alday    infact I haven’t felt able to be up,    but, I did go shut shed doors & covered the sand pile,    took care of my can & got a pail of water & emptied slop pain  washed & scoured roaster & frying pan & stew pan & did dishes & got to meals    I’ve felt as if I’d land on my nose all day & I can’t tell you how terribly weak I feel    & not a living soul one can turn to here    God of Love & Mercy I pray for help from Thee    I know Thou are able,    I thank Thee, Amen    Been showery all after noon & tonight. with sun come between    Elbert’s in bed & sleeping so I think I’ll go to my bed also.   We receeived card from Nellie today.

Sun. May. 27. 1951./ 21. eggs today./  We been home all day & it’s bee showery sometimes come in sheets,    sun come out this morning early  didn’t stay long & then two or 3 times this afternoon for a few seconds,   sun white as ice    I thank God for our many blessings & pray for all of His & that many will turn to Him before it’s for ever to late.    I Praise Thee Jesus Holy & Pure.

Mon. May. 28. 1951./ page. 2751./ 17. eggs today./ We went after dinner to Lorain to Dr. Powel,    he said we’d have to get the swelling out & then he’d exray it to see whats really wrong with it,    he doesn’t believe there are any broken bones but some of the legiments might be crossed,     I believe, if the swelling goes out it’s a bad sprain,    he had a bone out of place & when I touched it I felt it go back & then his wrist felt O.K.    rest is what it needs now so it can heal,    I believe God will heal it,    Dr. wants 10.00 to exray it.    Well I pray God will have His Way.    We called on Martha & came back to Vermilion,    I bought a little over 7. dollars worth of food & could have carried it all out in one bag, but had it in two, for he was determined to carry it,    his nerves are very bad,   he has nerfious chills.    I put cold well water on his hand & arm untill he went to bed,   then we put vick’s ointment on it.    I do hope it mends fast & that we can go to Church together & belong to the Lord,    I Praise Thee Jesus,   My flower & garden seeds came this morning   hope I can plant some

Tue. May. 29. 1951./ 18. eggs today./ Well, I baked two flat loaves of bread & be-lieve it or not I’m so tired & me arms ach & my legs & my body feels like a lump of lead.    Praise God Elbert’s arm & hand are better    the swelling has gone down quite a lot & he got it fixed for night & he’s in bed,    he took an anacin & his liver pills    arm is paining him some, but I reckon he’ll soon be sleeping & I pray Jesus will turn his heart to him & heal him,    I thank Thee Jesus & all Power, Praise & Honor belongeth to Him,    I pray His will be done for ever & ever.    It’s been warmer today but cool wind & it cleared up last night & was partly cloudy today & it’s clouded up tonight & radio says rain tomorrow    I re-ceived letter from Audrey today,    she’s tired,    she got me some shirts 96 cents a piece, 3 of them,    I paid $1.19 a piece up hear     I sort of wonder what they will be like but maybe they’ll be O.K.   I hope so.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things great & small, Amen. 

Wed. May. 30. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Memoral day,    we wont get over to the graves tomorrow but maybe later on we will go see if things are O.K.    Audrey & Martha were talking of coming out here today    don’t know if they will if it rains.    Well, it’s been a beautiful day & No rain & no one came, Martha, Merlin & there 3. children & Audrey were coming out to day so they said    We looked for them all day but no one showed up.   Well it’s O.K.   I hope they are O.K.   We never know what’s going to happen.    Elbert used his arm to much & it’s swollen bad again tonight     & he’s planing on going to sell 9. doz. eggs in morning.    I do Praise my Heavenly Father for taking care of us & saving my soul & I’m still trusting for the souls of all the others & Elbert. Amen.    Glory to God in the highest,  All Power, Honor & Glory be Thine for ever & ever.

May. 31. Thurs. 1951./ Page. 2752./ 15. eggs today./  Well, I feel a little better today    that is, I can get up a little easier than I’ve been able to of late    I got the Lorain paper, “Audrey sends to Elbert” & the DeHaan book that Mrs. Crangle has sends to me & I like them very much,     they explain so many things from the bible & so clear.    the title of this one is “The Love of God”    I have only glanced at it but know it will be good.    I took the rayon dress apart & cut some of the top of skirt in back & a little from waist in back & basted them back together & took one sleeve out & cut it out in arm hole a little more & basted it in again & maybe I will try it on in morning when I get up,    but, I’ll have to try to wash out rags & few pieces of clothing if I can,    I am terribly weak.    Elbert went & sold the eggs & got 6 cans ox tail soup & a few other things,    we had steak for dinner   two small pieces  carrots, potatoes, beans & gravy.    I took a walk around the yard & out to the garden & back,   legs don’t feel much like toting me around    hope to get my strength back before long,    I wont be able to work when it gets hot.    it’s so cool nights,    I don’t know how I’ll get my bulbs planted.    Well, if I could get the Smith girl to come out she might help me,    it’s hard to get any one to help just a little.    I thank Thee Jesus & love Thee more than all else in the world. 

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