July 1947

Tue. July.1. 1947./ 12. 3ggs today./  & Elbert didn’t mail it this morning, he went to Huron to get some fish, but it was to ruff out side.  he cut a little grass & raked it & hoed a little   his back pains him bad, his hip & knee also.   I felt so bad I didn’t feel able to get up this a m. & I laid down for a couple of hrs this after noon & then helped Elbert plant a few tomatoes & cabbages, 16. red rock cabbages.  I don’t remember how many tomatoes   I told Elbert maybe there might be some plants come up where we had them last year & there were some nice big ones all ready to bloom a big cluster of buds in the tops.  I hoed half the ground & set half the plants.  16 cabbages 49 tomatoes.  We ought to put in corn in the morning & a few beans.   I rub Elberts back every night, but it don’t seem any better    I don’t think bone is clear back    It turned cool last night & been quite cool all day & tonight. & they are having cloud bursts & the floods are terrible. 

Wed  July.2. 1947./ 13. 2ggs today./  Elbert’s hip back & knee have pained him all day & he planted 2 rows of corn & took care of hens & chicks & cultavated & did odds & ends & went to

Wed. July. 2. 1947  /page 2011./ 13. eggs this day./  Vermilion & only sold 1. doz. eggs to Miss. Clark, she said, she & her sister were going to Salem Ohio. for 2. week & she wont be to prayer meeting to-morrow night, but for Elbert to say hellow & good-by to me.  He got a little meat to boil & a fish.  I had half the wash on the line when he got back & the dinner half ready    we ate & I finished the washing all except table cloth & 3 blanket.  he dug up enough grownd to plant 2 rows of corn & he’s took care of hens & chick.  I have rubed his back & hes sleeping & I have wrote a letter for him to mail in a m     he says he’s going to Lorain in the morning, Wind N. E. & cool, sun hot, but it’s lots cooler than it has been    nicer to work quite cool tonight. 

Thurs. July. 3. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Nellie & Johny & Bonita & 3. children, Bonney Bell & Marcellie or, Marcie they call her & Mr. & Mrs. Gannet & Jimmy,[could only find Joy Gannet b. 1951 at 1024 E. River Rd Elyria with Spouse James Gannet] there adopted son came in with a picnic dinner, Elbert came in between the two car loads & they had a nice time & Part of them went to Huron   rented a row boat & went for a ride & all got back safe, they al-so went down to Ruggles beach what there is of it but did-n’t stay long.  Nellie came in and laid on the bed for awhile & we visited then the crowd came back & they packed up to go home.  Marcie gave us her picture & gave Nellie one, they are nice, she is a nurse & had her uniform on in the picture.   she had a larger one done in color for her parents.  Well  after they were gone  Elbert & I listened to the news & had a bite of supper & he fed & shut up hens & chicks & I picked a few rambler roses to take to Church to prayer meeting     We gave 1. doz. eggs to Ministers also.  We had a good prayer service.   & I got wonderfully blessed, but did not receive the Holy Ghost, I want the Holy Ghost Dear Heavenly Father help me to receive It in Jesus Name. Amen.  We brought the Smith Children to there road, as we came home.  It’s been a Wonderful Day with hot sun & N. W. winds

Fri. July . 4. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Fourth of July, the quitest I have ever heard but there are a lot of cars on the road, the radio said there were 30 million cars on the highways & since last night 218 people had died from accidents & they had a bad tornado that swept through Iowa, Missourie & Wisconsin & more floods & fire had one big town in California helped in big fire, the Lord is sure

Fri. July. 4. 1947. 2012/ 10. eggs this day./  -ly coming soon.  I pray God will fill me with the Holy Ghost before he come & turn the rest to Him all so    Oh, God have mercy on us & fill us in Jesus Name.  I thank Thee, for Thou hast promised to give us those things that we need & I need the Holy Ghost,  I want to praise Thee in Spirit with a new tongue. Amen.    It’s been a wonderful day   Elbert worked some in the garden & took care of hens & chicks.  I barely did my round today.  I cleaned the west window & one north window & put the plants out in the garden by the fence & planted the big India lillie bulb & a few glad bulbs, the tube roses are up, that I put in last week & Elbert’s 4 rows potatoes are up he put in 2 weeks ago, they are about a foot high.  the plants we set the other evening are coming to.  I trimed a rose bush & a rambler & pulled a few weeds & cooked & did dishes.  Moon is full & yellow tonight   breeze is cool.  I’ve seen Jesus all day & pray He fill me with the Holy Ghost, I’ll love Him & Praise Him for ever and ever. 

Sat. July 5. 1947./ 12. eggs today/  elbert went to Huron, but no fish.  Then he went to work here Vermilion we got a little to eat at noon & bnaked 2 tins of bread biscuits & a big loaf of bread.  & then I washed out what few white pieces were dirty, my dress, table cloth & 3 cotton blankets then I ironed my dresses 2. & 2. of Elbert’s shirts & some bags & was to tired to sleep all night.  It was a beautirul day in Ohio.  got a little cloudy & misty but I ask the Lord to dry all my clothes & He did & fast.   I praise His Name, He sure is good to me    Glory, Hallelujah, Glory.  

Sun. July. 6. 1947./ 13. eggs today/  I missed Sunday School but got there for Church.  I promised the Day boy, a bunch of red rambler roses, I took a big bunch & put in a few white & pink ones.    & today we had unexpected callers  Johny & his girl, Johny had taken a delegate over to Lake Side & Marcie with him & they stopped & got the tomatoe plants & eggs they forgot Thurs. & I gave him the loaf of bread, Nellie had wanted one Thurs. but We had just finished the bread & I made baking Powder biscuits Fri. & baked Sat. (today) [?] it, was nice & fresh.  I took a tin of the biscuits to the preachers, so we have one tin of biscuits left.  Elbert got a hen Thurs.  & we had that. for Fri. & today because of the weather, the broth some of it spoiled & I wanted some rice in it so bad.  Well we went to church tonigh, it rained a slow rain half the after noon &

Sun. July 6. 1947./ page 2013/ 13. eggs this day./   evening a big truck trailer overturned down by b beach & the cars had to wait both going & coming & was the same when we came back tonight & the trafic quite heavy, we got a few fresh bones at the Sharres store  Elbert had bargined for & got home safe thank God & I put them on to cook for rice soup tomorrow.  I had a lunch, but, for some reason Elbert didn’t want any & he went to bed, said his stomach hurt him.  I took a big bunch of roses to Mrs. Sprunk tonight, she went home from Sunday school sick this morning.    Johny said his mother had been in bed most of the day.  the weather has been real cool & a heavey fog tonight    We had a beautiful rainbow from the time we started to Church or just before & it lasted about an hour  God’s promise. 

Mon. July 7. 1947./ 12. eggs today/  Well I’ve felt rather bum, I tried to put in a few dahlia bulbs, but just didn’t get in many, no pep, I helped Elbert make a Kettle of soup & thats been our main stay, all day.  We had a mist fog last night     just came rolling over the ground in clouds.   wasn’t bad out this morning, but sure got cool toward morning & N.E. wind, after 2-p-m it rained hard, had misty showers untill most noon then would be quite clear for a spell.   we had a little fire  it was so damp & chilly this morning.    Elbert cut or mowed grass  most of the time, when it didn’t rain & he took care of hens & chicks. I did did my daily round, cooking, dishes, beds & such like .   Received letter from Miss Mc.Govern she’s wondering why I don’t write.  so , I’ll try to dash off a few lines now. 

Tue. July. 8. 1947./ 13. eggs today/  Elbert has worked most of the day to get the dirt ready for a little more corn cabbage & beans.   I haven’t done only what I just had to & I laid down for 1/2 or 3/4 of an hr.  I feel a little better a-gain tonight, we had rice soup yesterday & tonight we had pork chops potatoes & gravey & hot coffee.  Well I wrote Miss Mc.Govern a letter & I wrote a card to Red Cross & one to Mr. Miller & Elbert mailed them in Vermilion this morning & he bought mash cost 5.15 (100 lbs.)  rained light showers   Wind N.E. & cool.   I picked 2 qts. of currents today didn’t get all of them. 

Wed. July. 9. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  Well it rained & has been damp & chilly today & I have only done my daily round.  I’ve felt so exhausted yesterday & today    I hope to go to prayer meeting tomorrow night & maybe make a call or two befoere that    I got my DeHaan book today. 4.H boys painted the mail box.

Thurs. July. 10. 1947./Page. 2014./ 11. eggs today. /  Elbert worked in the garden & took care of hens & chicks & he picked the rest of the currents, I picked half or better yesterday & have them cooked & put through the seive.  I hope to make jam in the morning.   I did the washing today, it was a damp air so when they were as dry as they would get, I brought them in, I washed me self & dressed & went to Church, to prayer meeting.  We had a wonderful prayer meeting & God blessed us & He touched our bodys for healing & I’m weak in flesh but filled with His Spirit  Praise the Lord Glory to God I Praise Thee Jesus.  They gave out some sheets of papers with Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Gurney’s pictures on them and described sermon acted out in a play for July 20th.  Rev. Gurney fell & broke the bone in his ankle & tore the ligements loose & has it in a cast & walks with crutches.  Well it thundered, lightened & poured rain,    about 4-p-m. it started & Elbert went to hen house to feed at 5 & there he had to stay for a while, the clapps & lightening frightened the chicks bad, to,     it cleared off before we went to church.   Was a light fog on the way home   wind backed up before the rain, had been S.W. went S.E. & N. E. & then rained, it was a nice morning with sun, but sun is so white. 

Fri.July. 11. 1947. / 12. eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain & took the bird (Mr. Hauffman brought here, he thought it was a female) to mrs. Cranage to see if it would mate with her female, I know it’s a male from it’s actions.   Well I set bread & made jam 9 fair sized jars & one glass full & I had 2 loaves of bread & 2 big tins of biscuits & I swept & done dishes    Elbert wiped them for me.    He put up the chicken fence today, that’s a big job.   Well, I got supper & then, he came in    said there was a rat in the coop so I went out & we let the rat out the door   it was better than scaring the chicks so bad at night.  It rained 2 heavy showers & sun between showers & we had 2 light showers.   Elbert got home at 1-30-p-m. he sold 5. doz. eggs 60. per. doz for 3.00 & he did-n’t get a job, he couldn’t see his boss.   He did see the Dr. & he said he hadn’t ought to work yet for the cords & muscles are to sore yet.   & no word from the Red Cross yet.    I hope they come to our rescue soon.   & No word from nellie since Johny was here on Sun. July 6.

Sat. July. 12. 1947./ 13 eggs today/   Well, I haven’t done much today, got a cold in my neck, it’s like a stiff neck & pains way down in my back & clear through my ches & ribs in 

Sat. July.12. 1947. / page. 2015/ 13. eggs this day/  my arm & shoulder   makes me feel sick.   I did up dishes & cooked two meals & did my usual house work   put the bread in the crock & washed & covered the glass of current jam.    Yes, I was out in the yard & looked at the flowers & garden & hens & chicks    Elbert let them all out in the park, but only a very few chicks went out, he has taken care of them & he chopped up some limb wood & raked & carried all the grass he had cut in the front yard to the pile down in the hollow.   It’s been a nice day with sunshine all day.    Elbert’s corn is up & the glads & tube roses are up & the house plants look good, but a queer thing is a cluster of pink rambler roses on the White ramblers, strange things do come to pass.  I stuck in some rose cutting 2 or 3. yrs. ago & they all bloomed this yr.  lots of flowers on all the roses this yr. & Honey suckle was beautiful, bitter sweet’s full of berries & red ball poppies are beginning to bloom in front of the hen coop.   heat was 80 degrees today, hot at noon & all after noon, but it’s cool again tonight.  Everet Michael said over the radio that it was a beautiful day in Chicago, heat 80 degrees, but a fine day.  He always says, it’s a beautiful day in Chi. no matter the weather rain or shine & I like to hear him say it,  If it’s a bad day  he will say after word, that it’s a nice day to be alive anyway.  I pray God will make that man His, for he seems to have some of God’s Spirit in him.  No mail today.  So none untill Mon

Sun. July 13. 1947./ 14. eggs today/  I pray God will help me get off to Sun. school & Church on time.  Its been a fine day  S & S.W. wind, not so hot today.  We been home all day, Elberts has felt bum & I’m rather weak in me legs & arms & my eye sight rather bad today., I did what I had to & no more.  I’d love to be in church.  I pray for Gods people all over the world & that my prayer will be one wiht many others, that He will strengthen Our faith & according to faith He will hear & answer prayers. Amen.  & I pray He will give me the filling I crave so much.

Mon July. 14 1947/ Only 9. eggs today./   Only did what had to be done

Mon. July. 14. 1947./page 2015./  only 10 eggs this day./   It’s been a fine day, but not good for things to grow right, to cool evenings for corn & any garden produce to grow like it ought to.  The good Lord is with me & I thank Him & Praise Him and give Him all the Glory for ever & ever     little S & W. & cool & damp.  Elbert went to huron this a.m. but, no fish.  he’s worked what he could around home cultavated the garden pulled weeds raked a place for me to put in a few Jinnias in front of the house, looked after chickens & hens & we went to what use to be the beach, water is clear to drive & high bank. no, sand.  so we will have to clean the coop & put, on straw without the sand, I guess.  I put in some of the plants in the back from the hous today & India lillie bulbs.   My ankles have been badly swollen today & left leg from knee down was so sore I could hardly step on it, so, I ask Jesus, when they prayed for us at Church today, to take it all out & Praise His Dear name, He did it   Oh Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Glory to God, Amen.

Tue. July. 15. 1947./ 11. eggs today/  Well I only did what I had to & I put a new back in Elberts union suit    I used the bottom of one of my old summer shirts & then I darned 2. prs. socks.    I felt so bad all night & not to good today, & no word from Red Cross & no word from Nellie & it seems as if somethings wrong.   I trust & pray all is well.    it poured rain this after-noon    Elbert worked up the dirt in the garden & cut some grass & carried it down on the grass pile    Wind was S. West, but, went around to N. E.    Well it’s sure the deadest yr at the park I’ve ever seen. 

Wed. July. 16. 1947./ 13. eggs today. /  Well it’s been a cloudy day & it rained a very light shower a couple of times.   Elbert planted 4 rows of string beans & I only did the usual round.   We killed 3 of the little chicks & we had half for dinner & the rest for supper   What we are to do & No one says a word so far, if it’s got to the place where we have to just go as long as we can they lay down & die.  Why should this country take 400, thousand from the other side the world to feed & cloth & who ever would have believed I’d ever got into a fix like this    I pray God will come to my rescue.  No mail today.  Well God help us. I pray & thank Him.

Thurs. July. 17. 1947./[no Page number, should be 2016]/ 10. eggs today./  Elbert’s been sick all day, but he’s did the odds & ends.  I did a big washing today, it’s been damp & hot sun & the clothes didn’t dry very good but Elbert kindled a little fire & we dried what we had to use      to-night  it thundered so loud I thought maybe I’d better not hang the clothes out, but I prayed for no rain & it didn’t rain all day;  I Praise the Lord from Whom all blessing flow.  

Fri. July. 18. 1947./ 2 broke.  12. eggs today. /  Elbert went to Lorain to the Dr. & he sold 3. doz. eggs 65 cents per. doz. to Mrs Cranage & visited a bit.  Well, He see Mr. & Mrs. Hambly today in Vermilion, she said she’d be going to the Hospital soon for an operation, of some sort, Elbert didn’t understand what for, he said they seemed to be feel sad a-bout it.  He said Mrs. West took two doz. 60 cents per eggs & Miss Clark 1. doz. 60 cents per.  Miss. Clark said she got home last Sat. she left her sister there where they had been visiting.  He was so tired when he got here.  I got our dinner   a pork chop a piece & warmed over potatoes bread & he had coffee. I had hot water.  I cleaned my dresser & swept all 3 rooms & washed up supper dishes, then went to hen hous & got chicks in, just before a shower & got 7. eggs & no mail, then I washed my corset & change of clothes    I sweat just terrible    yesterday was so wet & miserable  I took a bath before going to bed.  I washed the 2 towels I had on the dresser & the old dress I put on when I do the washing.    I had to hang them up in the house & they are not dry yet.   We had several showers not heavy, Elbert said it just poured down in Lorain & the water was about 4 inches deep on the pavement.  Frank & his son (Armond) & his grandson (Frank Page 10 yrs. old) were here tonight, they went woodchuck hunting & got 3. or 4. they said.  they left at dark.  We got mash 2. hundered lbs. for hens & chicks & grain.   it’s sure wicked the way they do about the feed, because corn is sky high, they put lots to much in the feed for laying hen & even to much for the chicks & charge 5.25. for growing mash  5.20 for hens mash & 520 for scratch grain. $15.65 cents    We’ll have to eat the chicks before they are big enough to make a good meal of one, we have to kill 3.  they are only 2 month old.  Sounds like the fog horn blowing.  We had a heavy fog Wed. & Thurs. nights & looked as if it would be the same tonight.    I thank God for the strength of today & what we had to eat,    we haven’t had enough to keep us feeling well & my head is a bussing so bad I can hardly think & I’m getting blind again.  I pray God will give me that Great Infiling I crave so much, I 

Fri. July. 18. 1947./Page. 2017./ 12. eggs this day. /  will be so happy when I can Praise God in Spirit, Glory, Glory, Glory to God in the Highest,  Oh, Glory, Glory. 

Sat. July. 19. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  I darned 4. prs. of socks.  Elbert has done a lot of odd jobs, he cut weeds & grass & done some hoeing & took care of the chickens, he killed 2. chickens & dressed them & I fried them, he killed a hen & we had to throw it away, she was full of tumors & even her intestines were covered with little one as thick al-most as they could be.  so thats one lost & we have 3 less to feed now, & we are going to Kill another hen that we feel we might loose if we don’t save her now, she has laid heavy. Frank & his grand son (Frank Page) were here again to hunt & got 2. woodchuck.  Frank Page came in when they got back & he ate a piece of raspberry short cake & I gave him 2 legs of fried chicken  he’s a quite little fellow    they have been vaxinated, I didn’t quite understand what for.   & while he was in the house, Frank Bonney told Elbert several things    one was he was cleaning up the old place & rebuild-ing it in some ways &    he said he told Gertie if she didn’t let him have pa’s guns, he would charge her one hundred & 50 dollars for the work he did on the boat docks & if she didn’t pay it, he’d bring suit against her,    he said she took the guns when she moved, but she brought them back to him since,    he said she sold some of pa’s tools & his fishing reels & rods & some other things.   I didn’t get the ironing done.  It’s been cool today with several showers & a heavy miss part of the time & we have had a fire all day it’s so chilly

Sun. July. 20. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  Well Elbert dressed & cooked a hen & she was full of eggs would have laid every day, but she had begun to act queer, stick her head way out & close to the floor & run as if something was after her, so while she was in good condition we killed her & we have another, yet i think we will kill.   We had this one for dinner,   I made biscuits & we had some in gravey.  Nellie, Johny, Bonnita & the children came in about 4-p-m.  Johny & Nellie ask us to come to Avon Methodist Church.  I hope we can go.  he is going to Marry a Nurse formaly from New London, Ohio/ Miss Mar____    I pray God’s blessing on them.   We went out in the yard & I gave Bonita some plants she wanted, & I gave nellie 1. tin of Baking Powder biscuits & a doz eggs to pay for 1/2 lb. green tea & she paid for one doz. & they started on back home for it looked

Sun. July.20. 1947./ page. 2019. [should be 1018]./ 11. eggs this day./  like rain & Nellie wanted to get back before dark she said.   We got ready & went to Church, they had a play for a sermon, it was heart rendering, Called the missing Christmas.  It did start to rain as we left the church, but didn’t last.    it’s so cool that the gardens can’t grow & it really cold at night.   We bring 4 Smith children 1/2 mile out from Vermilion, they live over the other side the new York Central tracks about 2. City blocks.  

Mon. July. 21. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  It’s been cool & we have had a light fire all day    N. E. Wind & tonight it came at us from the N. West. a cold driving rain,    radio said it would be colder tonight & it is.    I sent another card to the Red Cross today, it’s been a month & no word, yet.  Who is there to care today if we live or die, no one but Jesus.  I haven’t done hardly anything today, no pep.   I was so glad to be able to go to Church last night.  & I all ways get a blessing   Praise God.  I love Jesus more than all I have or ever could have here on earth.  I received a letter from Miss Willits today. 

Tue. July. 22. 1947./ 11. eggs tonight./  it rain this morning, cold rain,    Elbert built a fire, & he’s worked out side from 9-a-m. untill noon.   Radio said, they had a blanket of snow in Cleveland & just a few miles out side Cleveland it hailed 6 ins. of fair sized  hail stones.    I did the ironing & swept all 3. rooms today.  & we had to kill 2 more little chicks in order to live & tomorrow Elbert’s going back to Lorain,    I wanted to go, but, I don’t think I will.  I’d like to keep my strength for Thurs. night’s prayer meeting, I going to trust & believe for that third part of the Spirit  the Holy Trinity that I to may praise the Lord in Spirit:  Oh that Will be Glory.   We haven’t been having proper food to eat & my body have a trembling in it & it’s terrible    Oh, God, In Jesus Name I am trusting.  I believe You will come to my (our) rescue soon & I thank You.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, I Praise the Lord, Amen.  

Wed. July. 23. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  Well, believe it or not, the Lord is working out my problem, I received a letter from Governor Thomas J. Herbert & 2. or 3. hrs. later a mrs. _____. welfare worker came & said she had received a letter from Governor Herbert (& a copy of the letter I wrote to him.) that she was to investigate at once & do it quickly.  Oh, Praise the Lord.  Well, Mrs. ____ ask me a bu. of questions & when I told her what Mr. Brown said, she looked as if I had slapped her & she cought her breath & said, did he say that?   she looked hurt and angry & then said, my, how could he?    before she left, I opened the oven & turned the bread biscuits

Tue. July. 22. 1947. /page. 2019 / 9. egg this day./  so they would brown on the other side & her eyes opened wide & she said, I wondered what I could smell, that smelt so good, my but they look good,  I gave her 2. biscuits she wouldn’t take any more,    she said she hadn’t seen anything like that since her mother made them yrs. ago.   I ask how old she might be & she said 42. yrs. & she was getting old.   her husband was in their car waiting for her    she opened the bag & gave him a smell & then put it in the back seat, she was a very nice appearing person.  Elbert & I both thought it was good she had come so soon after I got the letter this morning & she said she felt quite sure I’d be getting the 25.00 per. month back a gain    I thanked thanked her & Praised the Lord.  The little old man with his suit case of notions came in about 1-30-p-m,   he was half starved & so was I,   he hadn’t had as much as I if he told the truth & he ate as if he had told the truth    I didn’t have much    I gave him some coffee & a biscuit & a half & I took a half,   there were only 2. left after Elbert had breakfast, they were baking Powder biscuits, there were 4. pieces of chicken, so I had one leg & gave him one & left the rest for Elbert & he came before we were done so I fried some biscuits & made tea & we ate a little more & drank.  I had the bread biscuits just about ready for the oven & put them in as the little old man left, he says he’s 62. yrs. old & the welfare woman came about 30 minutes later   I had most the clothes dried & 3. more pieces of Elberts clothes & the table cloth to wash, yet, so, I got them washed & sudsed & wrinsed & starched my dress & table cloth & got them out & dried.  I washed up my baking dishes & was so glad I had put a clean table cloth on the table  & straightened it up this morning.  then I got supper & did the dishes    Elbert got fish for supper.   then he called me to the coop    he thought there was a rat in there but we didn’t find any.   I saw one go from the Grainery toward the coop tonight just be-fore dark & I saw 6. geese going S.E. & called to Elbert & he see them.   I had 2. big tins of biscuits & 1. loaf of bread.  It’s cold tonight but we haven’t any fire.  Radio said it was going down to 51. degrees tonight.  I believe it.   We got the light bill today, it’s a dollar & the chick mash is all most gone, they sure do eat like pigs.  I hope my check will get here soon so I can pay it.  work is tied up so bad from lack of coal & Mr. Deitz wont have any work for 2 weeks yet.

Thurs. July. 24. 1947./ page. 2020 / 10. eggs today. /   Well, it’s been a nice day, but wind is cool, sun hot, & garden not coming as it should, the bean have come up, but it’s so cold nights,   Audrey’s birthday she’s 55 yrs old today.  We had a heavy white dew last night & some things eat part the beets off.  Radio said, it’s the coldest summer we have ever had.  I mended today, put 4 patches on Elbert’s work shirt    cut off the sleeves & hemed them used the part I cut off to put on the collar & upper part of both sleeves & a big patch across the whole back.    then I put a patch on the fronts of two of my under skirts where the corset chews    then I cut off a house dress skirt around the top took apiece out down the front sewed it back together & put a belt of same goods on it, so I can use it for under skirt.   Then we had supper & Elbert shut up hen house & locked up all the building & we got washed & dressed & went to prayer meeting    We had such a good service & there were only a very few of us there   Rev. Gurney, Sister Brown & Miss Clark, Mrs. Hambly’s mother, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (a young couple that went to the Altar & were converted Sun. night) Mrs. Day & her children (5) & the right girls 3 & My self.  Mrs. Gurney was up stairs packing, to go to Canada, yet tonight, to be at the opening meetings of a new church to be opened Sat.    they expect to be back here for Sun. school & Church Sun.    they will soon be flying over the highway, it a long trip there & they wont be there long & will be flying over the road back again    I pray God will take care of them    they are taking the baby & they didn’t say about Garry Black, Miss. Brown is going to stay with Miss Clark, she’s working at the pickle factory for 55 cents per. hr. 5 1/2 days a week, wish I could work there to, but, I know I’m not fit to.  But God is with me, Praise his Holy Name, Glory to Him.  Elbert stopped to get a can of milk & they gave him some bones.   I have put them on to cook & they are half (or better) cooked.

Fri. July. 25. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  We picked the goose berries, Elbert did, I did help a little    I washed up dishes & cooked some noodles in the chicken broth from yesterday & I helped pick black raspberries & I made a short cake for supper,    I took the bones out the broth & we chewed the bones tonight.  I have to make soup now in that broth for tomorrow.  I have the dishes all done up so I won’t have so much to do tomorrow.  got my daily doz. over for today.   Radio said it would be warmer tonight but it’s plenty cool & we have closed the doors & windows & we close the coop0 windows every night,    chicks are coming along fine.   no rain today, sun shone all day .  no dew tonight.

Sat. July. 26. 1947. /page 2021./ 13. eggs today/  Well, the farm & home hour speaker (Mr. Everett Mitchel) Said, It’s a great day in Chicago & he hoped it was even better where ever we were,  Well it’s been a fine day (here) in Ohio nice S. west breeze & a down pour of rain this after noon, a heavy shower, was nice, didn’t last long, but sure came down.  Elbert went to Lorain & sold the goose berries 17. qts. for 5.95 & he sold 4. doz. eggs & got 2.80, (70 per. doz)  he borrowed $5.00 from Moore & Myers. & bought 100 lb sack of Chick mash for $5.25, the eggs & berries came to $8.75 so he had $3.50 left    he had to buy gas & get his shoe sewed & he gave me 3.00 & I’ll give that into church or 2. of it & maybe I’ll send Miss Willitts a 1.00  I am behind 1.50 for last mo. as my tenth & for this mo.  I got up soon as Elbert said he was going, 10.a.m & I set bread   made 2 big tins & 1. small one of biscuits   one for the preachers 1. for Nellie & little one for us.   I fixed up the bone broth & made soup, I put in 3 car-rots, 2. onions, 1. cup, rice 3, tablespoons Barley, 1. pt. tomatoes  papparickia  salt & pepper & it tasted quite good. & Elbert drove in just as it was done so I dished it up & then went out & shut the coop windows while he took the mash in grainery & I open shed & he drove in & we got back to the house, just in time to keep dry, it sure did pour down in white sheets  then cleared of before supper    Elbert mowed the grass & weed on south side of garden.  Frank & his neighbor came & went to hunt wood chuck & Armond came just 10 or 15 minutes later    I don’t know how many they got, they gave Elbert one.    It’s a nice evening, Elbert has chuck dressed, now. & salted.

Sun. July. 27. 1947./  Well we took our baths this morning & went to Sun. school & church & on over to nellie’s where we had a ham sandwitch & cup of coffee & then  I left a tin of biscuits for Nellie & 2 cucumbers, 2, peppers & then we took Nellie in our car & Mr. Stoughton & we went to the Avon Methodist Church,  where we all went to see Johny & Marcella Married  Cecil & Jimy Harnish & there wifes were there  Marcie’s 3 Aunts, her father, & one Uncle were there & Gertie & Audrey & Merlin,m Martha & there 3 children Jim, Jean & Joan, Ehtel & her man & her daughter Laura Ann  Mr. & Mrs. Gannet & Jimy & the head supperviser & 5 nurses from Elyria Hospital where Marcie had train & graduated for nurse & Mr. & Mrs. Stoughton & Laura Bell & quite a few others & Mrs. Beesie, who has done a ot for Nellie’s family & lives a few doors away   didn’t get to go, they could have taken her as well as not.  It seemed to bad.  Well, the arrangement was fine, A young Minister stood up with Johny & Jimy Gannett & A young Minister stood up with Johny & Jimy Gannett & a friend of Marcie’s & Bonney Bell with Marcie  It was a double ring serimony & they prayed after they were married & took for the Lor’s Body & wine.  It was all very pretty & solem or done in earnest fashion  Marcie was dressed in white satin silk & white net over with a long train & beautiful white veil & the maids were in pale green & yellow all carried flowers    After it was over we all went down in the dining room in the basement where they had a big wedding cake & sanwicthes, coffee, punch, 2 other kinds of cake, they took a lot of pictures & then as Johny & Marcie left they threw rice over them & after them, We went back to Nellie’s   Elbert took Stoughton home & Johny & Marcie went into the house & rested a while & I don’t know if they left there gifts or not, they got two reversible blankets, both were pink, We gave them a pr of all wool dark brown & white    I had bought them sometime ago, but hadn’t needed to use them they were good cost almost $18.00 & they got a lot of glass wear & quite a few gave money.    after they rest 15. or twenty minutes, they started for New London to Marcie’s home & from there they are going to see Ella Jane also, it sure was to bad she wasn’t here, she gets left out, untill it’s too late.  Well we had supper with Nellie Bonita & the children  they were all at the wedding & Nellie was looking so sick & all in, after Johny was gone, she had thought Johny would look after her & the home I think & some how it was as if he had gone out of her life also, she looked as if she was almost to the breaking point & it seemed so sad to me    also for God revealed it all to me    she said she wished so much that I lived closer to her so we could see each other often & talk to each other. I’m

Sun. July. 27. 1974./ page. 2023./10. eggs today/   so sorry & I wish I could go to hr more often, she’s in very poor health & Bonita isn’t as patient with her as she was with her father, it doesn’t seem to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nellie left them to be with her husband (John) before very long.  I have heard Ella Jane weeping & sometimes Nellie & life is so short here, if we were only sure our souls were prepared to meet Jesus.  May God help us & save us.  It’s Frank Bonney’s birthday, today, he’s 57. yrs. old. today.   It’s been a beautiful day, I thank God & Praise Him & we got back in time for Church, had to wait 15 or 20 minutes, so I called on Mrs. Whitman across from the church.  The ministers got home at 6. oclock this a.m. & they had the same sermon in acts or play, that they had last Sun. but there wasn’t so many there.  They said the biscuits were sure good.  Praise God.  

Mon. July. 28. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  I didn’t do much today outside my daily round, mended my stockings & fixed Elbert’s union suit, I got the new back to long, so had to shorten it up some.  been a hot sun but breeze was nice & cool.  I felt so tired I didn’t sleep till morning. 

Tue. July. 29. 1947./ 10 eggs today/  Well, I didn’t feel able to stand on my feet, but, decided to wash the wool blankets & so I did it & I washed my night gown & a few small pieces & I ought to do the rest of the washing in the morning but I don’t know.  I’d like to know how Nellie & her children are making out.  they didn’t know how they were going to live, I pray God has given them food enough to keep soul & body to-gether  It’s been a hot day in the sun but cool in the shade    We killed 3. chickens for supper, they are small yet, we’ll have enough for dinner tomorrow.  We had just finished supper when the Preacher came in, she didn’t come with him he said she had some work she wanted to do.  Well, I understand & so does God & I pray He will help us to live as He lives & would have us live.  We had prayers before he left & I ask them to come again.  He ate a piece of chicken & said it was really good.  it was getting dark when he left , Elbert thought he acted rather strange.  he did act rather strange & he didn’t know just what to say, when we ask about his wife   He said they had plenty to eat, so I thank God for them.  I often wish they would come in when we have plenty cooked.   & I wish I knew how Nellie & Bonita & the children are for she didn’t know how they were going to live this week.

Wed. July. 30. 1947./ [no page number, would be 2024]/ 10. eggs today/  It’s been a nice day    S. wind & quite strong    I did the washing & clothes dried fast, sun was terrible hot could hardly stand it to hang up the clothes.  I rested a while & planted a few glad bulbs. & I put in a few of the dahlias, the stalks are so big, it’s so late, they may not bloom.  Well I feel sick to my stomach tongith, I ate frankforters & they don’t always like me.    Elbert has work in the garden & took care of chicks & hens.    Yesterday after noon we took the tame canarys out by the apple tree & the wild ones were flying all around & then all of a sudden a weisel came out of the grass & came right up to the out door bird bath & tried to catch a ground sparrow  on the bath, he didn’t get it & so went out the other side the grapes & cought a cat bird  Elbert got his gun but we didn’t see it again    It’s didn’t really look like a weisel to me but Elbert thought it was   I hope it don’t get in the hen coop, after the chickens.  No word from the welfare worker today, either.  Frank & Armond were here tonight to hunt wood chuck. 

Thurs. July. 31. 1947./ 10 eggs today./  WEll, I was worried for fear Nellie, Bon-ita & the 3 children might be with out food, so Elbert dressed 3 chickens for them & 1. for us.  I got ours partly cooked before we left    We took a can of corn & a can of tomatoes & half a cabbage head but when we got there they had got a small check from some one & Bonita had been to town & got enough food for 2 days, then Nellie got her pension check but hadn’t got it cashed yet, so she was glad we had come   she dressed & went with Elbert in the car to Elyria & got them enough food to last 3. weeks, they were cooking chicken for there supper.  Bonita had a big wash on the lines & hgad done the chairs & davonport covers & some bed spreads & drapes  she washed up a big pan of dishes & I wiped them, she had supper most ready when we left & it was 7. p.m. when we reached home.  We went & came through the Vermilion river hollow just a 1. mile this side of Mill Hollow, its a one way road & so crooked & steep, but the road (the main highway) was blocked off for re-pairs & we had to deture around Vermilion & it’s so far, we didn’t get here in time to do the chores & get supper & get back to prayer meeting, I wanted to go so bad, well I pray God will for-give me.   If they had only wrote to me we could have waited & went tomorrow.  Such is life & neither of us felt like going   But praise God  H took us & brought us, safe    well, it’s turned quite cold & we have a fire tonight.  Wind’s N.E. & sounds like fall, it sings & moans, to me it’s weeping & wailing.

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