[Tue. Dec. 1.- Sat. Dec. 26. 1914]  Dec.Tue.1. – Sat.26 Elinor lists the dates down the page but writes one solid paragraph to go with this whole period. Well we have had several letters & some Thanksgiving cards from the folks and I have been so busy I have neglected my writing so have written just what I can remember  Elbert was 32 yrs. old today. just think. Well Ruby & Frank & the babies have been here two or three time this mo.  they have a big nice baby.  Well I have worked & worked untill my eyes are getting so tired  it’s hard to crochet.  Well the hens laid (5.) eggs and quit. must be for X’mas. Mar-tha has been feeling bad for several weeks and has been quite ill for the last few days  had to have a Dr. & Evelyn had a simeral attack  they are both quite well again.  I got a X’mas card from Ward’s(2) from Constables & a pair of hose supporters elastic, pink, drawn through crocheted insertion with pink ribbon bow on them & a pin tray of ribbon bound hoops a flowered piece acrossed one side with 3 glass leggs & roset on topside  I sent them 3 handkerchiefs with crocheted hems & corners.   Miss Baumgart sent me a card  Aubrey Brekenridge sent me a card  Georgia Rosecrans send me a card & Daisy Coles sent me a card & a crocheted Hat for a pin cushion, Aunt Hat

[Tue. Dec. 1.- Sat. Dec. 26. 1914, cont. ]Page 170.  Mastin was here & spent the after noon & evening and she gave us girls $2.00 for X’mas. Grace Mc Henry sent Martha a man’s shoe box of grapes & oranges & candy, Verginia gave her a box of candy & a book & Evelyn sent her a box of candy an orange & some crackers & Uncle Will’s girls gave her candy nuts oranges apple & Tessie gave her a big doll most as big as she all she can tug. Mr. O’Neil sent me $10.00 for X’mas, I haven’t got over the shock yet.  Well my crochet work.  Well my crochet work is at an end I guess. I have Nellie’s cap to finish & A’s slipper. and then some work to do for next X’mas.  I have ans. most all my letters and all my cards.  

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