October 1950

Sun. Oct. 1. 1950./ 25. Hens eggs today./    Well my bowels started to run off to freely & I haven’t been a way from home to day, my legs & arms feel so tired.    I went out & cut a few flowers & gave to John & Ethel Snyder’s daughter    she said, her mother had been looking at them & had even wished she could take a bouquet home to Toledo  with her & she was all excited because, she was going to take them to her mother    they were across the road to Jhons tool shed,    John was doing something over there today.   Elbert’s tired, lame & sore from mowing.    It’s been a beautiful day.    I Praise God for His word & even though I’m terrible slow of heart, yet He reveals the meanings to me,    I’m still trusting to be filled and made whole in Jesus,    I thank & Praise Him for all things. 

Mon. Oct.2. 1950./ 18 Hens eggs today/  Well, I riped my waist under the arm & now I have it back together & ready to try on tomorrow    I hope Elbert took his car to the garage this am & come home home another & he’s going to take it back in the morning,  God Willing,  and I hope He will be.    I received one of DeHaan’s books today    they are such good books, they explain the bible so well even a child could understand it,    the last was called Sodom and Gomorrah & this one is Russia and the Final war.    I read it tonight aloud so Elbert could hear it to.    Georgia Snyder came in at noon to see if our Elictric was off & it was,    said she had her wash half done & she wanted to get if done,    she said Georgia May was going to College in Oberlin & she & Bob came home week ends & that Bill would be home tonight that she went to her son’s “Bill Jr.” home a lot,   he & his mother in law bought out Shoops Grocery store & were doing quite well with it.    Bilkies wife Marne is Bonnie Jean

Mon. Oct.2. 1950./ page. 2678.[this would be 2668] / 18 Hens eggs this day./  she went home & the Electric had come on & she soon had the clothes on the line in the S West breeze, & sunshine,    it’s been a fine day.    The little old man was here & I gave him a hot dinner, potatoes cabbag & ham, bread & hot coffee & I gave him 4 sanwitches & a pt. of coffee with sugar & milk in it & his cover to the can was no good so I put a rubber & new can cover on it for him,    he sleeps out side & said his feet were so cold he could hardly walk this morning so he went into a factory & ask to get warm & they gave him coffee & bread & he got warm & then he walked the railroad track here (10 miles) & we had finished our dinner, but I warmed up that was left & he was happy, as he went on his way toward Cleveland, Where he stays untill Spring,    He says he has a shack with a cot in it for 4.00 per. week & no heat, & he’s al-ways glad when Spring comes,    only it don’t last long enough.    I gave him 1.00 for 2 Knife sharpeners    I don’t think they are worth it but it will help him alittle perhaps.    I thank God for his, Love & Grace & tender mercys for saving my soul & pray He will help me to help others to call on His Name & be saved    I thank & Praise Thee, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name forever & ever Amen.    Elbert took the papers & he cleaned the stew pan for me, that we heat water in for our hot tea.

Tue. Oct. 3. 1950./ 22. Hens eggs today./  Elbert got up & left early for Lorain & he thought he’d be here by 11 or 12 oclock, but it was 5-15-p-m & the papers came at 5- 40-p-m.   Little woman said she’d call & have them send a man to take the papers, but Elbert went right back with them,    he’s to tired to sleep.    I got a pail of well water & one of coal, so he got the cystern water & took care of hens.    The car they let him take got all most there then refused to go    they sent a man & he pushed & it went 2 blocks.    & he put in some gas & choked her & got her to the junk lot    it took all day to get his car done & he came home in it tonight,   cost over 100 dollars so his 5 hundred is about spent    then he thinks he’ll get the old age pension & he hates to do that & I don’t blame him for that.    I’ll have to pay almost 9.00 for a tank of gas & that will sure spoil 

Tue. Oct. 3. 1950./ page 2669./ 22. hens eggs this day./ check & we are going to try to keep check on the bills this mo.  I think I sure pay my half,    but, we’ll see if I can gets him to keep the bill slips.   I have one for meat & butter tonight (2.36)    I hope I can keep account of every thing, he uses the car to earn his money,    so, I don’t feel I should pay for that.    only when I go in the car,    he gave me the egg money & I gave it all back but 2.00 & I usually give it most all back.    so I feel he gets his gas & oil money any way.    Well I just couldn’t get to work    I got up at 9-a-m- to,    it was trying to rain,    I built a little fire to take the chill out of the house & did my usual round & got dinner started & Elbert didn’t come so I ate a bit & crocheted part of an edge on a handkercheif & could hardly keep myself at it    I wanted to go to Church but haven’t got there yet,    I am still trusting I will.    I thank my Father in Heaven for His wonderous love & care & pray I may be all His before he comes & I pray the same for many more,  in Jesus Name, Amen.    S. west breeze this after noon N. this a-m. 

Wed. Oct. 4. 1950./ 21. Hens eggs today/  I did the washing,    Elbert hung it on the line & I got them most all dry ex- cept Elbert’s sleepers    the neck & bands & his work shirts I dried them in short order over the fire    then got supper   washed & dressed & went to Amherst to Church & was prayed for by the healing Minister    you can feel the power go all through you when & there a bout 3 1/2 dozen that have been healed    a little girl 7 or 8 yrs old with cancer on her chest was prayed for & when she got ready for bed she called her mother to show her the thing was gone & no sign left to tell where it had been    & a little boy received his eyesight in one eye & the other was strengthened,    he had put out one falling on some shears & some have been healed of one thing & some of another    it’s truly more wonderful than I can tell in words    I thank Him & praise him for my healing in Jesus Holy Name for His word & Grace & all the wonderful things

Wed. Oct. 4. 1950./ page 2670./ 21 eggs this day. /  He reveales unto me & for my salvation,    Oh Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus, Glory to God, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, Amen.    I recieived a card from Ethel today, from N. Carlinia. 

Thurs. Oct. 5. 1950./ 22. Hens eggs today./ The swellin was most all gone this a-m. & I have felt better today    & I thank & Praise God for His Love for us when we are so unworthy in such a lot of ways,     I got up & did the odds & ends     & Elbert came at 10-15-a-m  & he looked after the hens & did a few things & then I started dinner & we at few minutes after 11-a-m    & I washed the dishes & set the bread & then I swept & pulled out the machine & stitched a little on my dress,    then Elbert got a snack    & I mixed bread into biscuits  3. tiins & one small loaf.   & I got them in the oven before supper & done before we finished supper.   Elbert sold 15 doz. eggs 65 cents per. doz. & not quite enough to pay for a bag of grain & one of mash.     & they didn’t have the grain & wont have it untill Mon.    He tired tonight & says he’s going to stop taking the papers    it just like taking them free,     car repares cost over 1. hundred dollars.    Well, I’m going to bed thank- ing and Praising God for His promises & His wonderful blessing    all the Glory truly belongest to Him.    Wind was N.W. & lots of it in the sky all blowed in feathery streaks     & tonight wind S. east. 

Fri. Oct.6. 1950./ 23. Hens eggs today./  Elbert went to fish house & got 8 pike    We had 4 for dinner.    I got up at 9 & did a few so far I haven’t got the sleeves in it yet.    I hope to cut out the good one soon so to have one to wear to Church    mine looks so bad    it’s been washed so many times.    It’s been a beautiful day & a little warmer again    Elbert’s back is paining him tonight.    I am thanking & praising God in Jesus Name for my healing & standing on His promises & believing,    my feet feel better & I know Jesus is able    Glory, Hallelujah,    I Praise Thee Jesus & love Thee more than anything else,    I love Thee & want to be all Thine, Amen.     I wrote a letter to Mrs. Gall & a card to Sister Hance, Lorain & card for gas.   I cut one of my petticoats & fixed it over today.

Sat. Oct. 7. 1950./ 18. Hens eggs today/  Elbert cleaned the grates & saucer tray on the cook stove yesterday,    now I have to dig out down in the bottom,    it’s. the worst it’s ever been.   Well, I fix- ed the tops of my underskirts today,    put new elastic across the the top in the back    did my usual round.   Now I must 

Sat. Oct.7. 1950./ page. 2671./ 18. Hens eggs this day./  things ready to bath & go to Sun. school & Church in the morning.     I hope we have a real service & that more people will come in, some strangers or that are not just the relatives of the Ministers    I’m truly glad they come, but wish so much it could be a real community Church and not just a family reunion.    They have got in quite a few children, but the grown ups done all come the same day.    We really need an expieranced couple that’s no relation to any one for miles around & who know the Lord & willing to work with a world of pat- ience & strength that can run things & direct things,    so everything will work together,    & I pray it will be so & that I can do my share for the good & Glory of the Lord Amen.    It’s been another beautiful day     Elbert went to Vermilion & got a new stove pipe & elbow for the stove & cleaned out inisde of stove & clean out down in basement & took a tin of bread biscuits to Epplers & part a tin to Harry Miller and he took the papers tonight, he’s tired.

Sun. Oct. 8. 1950./ 21. Hens eggs today./  We went to S. school & church this a.m. & I took two nice bouquets & Tom put them in the vases with out any water & let them set all day    so I guess they don’t care for them any more    We went to evening service & no water on the flowers tonight,    not many out to church   Mr. & Mrs. Weikle & little girl   Mrs Day & her 3. girls & Lindy, Dorthy & there 2 children & Mrs. Crole & her daughter & Rony, Tom, Mutte & I.  Mrs. Day ask me to come to a clothes demonstration at her home Sat evening,    but I dont believe I’ll go.    Elbert is feeling bad tonight    coming down with a cold I guess.    Well, I thank & praise God for all our blessing & I pray Tom & his family get over there colds & that more will come into Church.    It’s been a wonderful Fall day.   Praise Thee Jesus.

Mon. Oct. 9. 1950./ 20 Hens eggs today/  Well I haven’t done any work outside my usual round except cleaning out the top of the gas stove    Elbert boiled the soup over & such a mess    but I got it farly 

Mon. Oct.9. 1950./ page. 2672./ 20 eggs this day./   clean    it’s a miserable thing to clean & it takes all the strength I have    Elbert cleaned top saucer & grates Sat.   Rained most of the day or all morning & eased up after dinner    fog horn blew all Morning and part after noon    Elbert put potatoes in basment,    not very cold out side, but the flies are terrible    they form big patches on the screens toward evening.    We have Kept a little fire for several days    it went out & Elbert got the new pipe & put it on & we had fire Sat Night & every since, night are so cool    I had a cold Sun. night but Praise God in Jesus Name He took it all away & my feet are better & I’m trusting for the filling & healing & I know He’s able & I’m standing on His promises & Giving Him the Praise & Glory,   I do, for there is no One else like Him, Amen. 

Tue. Oct. 10. 1950./ 20. Hens eggs today./  Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish & when he took the papers he took some to Miss Clark Mr Miller & Epplers. & picked Mrs. Sprunk up & took her home & no fish to give her, with him,    he could have taken her some, but he thought if her son was there, he didn’t want to go,    there, he’s rather queer at times.    Well, he had to tell her we had fish & he had taken the others some & she said she’d ought to have come over before this    she promises but don’t keep them very often,    she works a day or two a week & & she’s in her 70ties, to & so guess she don’t feel to strong.    Well I feel better in some ways & I’m still believing Jesus will fill me & heal me, Glory to God in the Highest,    I Praise Thee & love Thee & pray I may be strong in faith & health & give Thee the Praise for I know it is Thee Who does all things & I want to be all thine for ever & ever Amen, Glory, Hallelujah,     I did out half the washing & got part of it dry over the stove    sun shone early then clouded up & all most rained.    I received a card from Nellie,    she calls us dear Folks as if we were, outside the family,    she said she had heard from all tthe familie’s     they are all well & Laurabel Stoughton was over to see Ella Jane & was on her way Tue. “today” for Elyria, to help her father & mother pack to go back to California with her.    she didn’t say Ella Jane was coming home, but I wonder.    We hope to go to Lorain tomorrow.    I don’t feel like going either but it’s when the other fellow is ready & if my check comes.    The screw fell out one side my glasses, so that cost me 25 cents.    Elbert took them down yesterday & was lucky enough to get them before he came home.  

Wed. Oct. 11. 1950./ 20. Hens eggs today./    I haven’t done only what had to be done & I should have wiped up the floors but I didn’t    I hope to do it in the morning & Elbert has 12 doz eggs to sell if he can, in the morning    been partly cloudy & rained a little off & on     Elbert took the papers & I fried some fish & sent them to Mrs. Sprunk    she’s lonesome    her son & wife went back to California Oct. 9. she said.    I thank God for all our blessing in Jesus Name. 

Thurs. Oct. 12. 1950./ page. 2673./  22. Hens eggs today./ Well Elbert sold 12. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz. & has to use it for there feed this time,    there were some who didn’t get there eggs this time & some who had quit are getting so many bad eggs at the store, they are sorry they stopped but the hens are molting & not so many eggs now,    We went to Vermilion after my check came today & spent 23.00 for caned foods & fresh.    & we don’t get as much as we use to.    I’d like a hat & coat but just can’t see how I’ll get them.   We were only here a few minutes when papers came & E had to go right back,    he wasn’t gone long    we had supper & I figured untill I was tired & then read & studyed the word of God for a while,    tonight was prayer meeting but Elbert was not only so tired but has a cold     his eyes all blood shot & he complained of aching,    I pray God will spare him from a cold & me also,    I long to go to prayer meeting,    but, it’s not like it use to be,    they still like to hurt others & Sun. I took to very nice bouquets, b ig ones to & Tom put them in the vases with out any water & let them stand there all day & they still were dry after, even service 9-30-p-m.    & some like to say hateful things & I pray God will convict them & help them to live His ways    I thank God in Jesus Dear Holy Name for all things & pray He will keep me humble & true in Jesus Name.    I love & Praise Thee Jesus.

Fri. Oct. 13. 1950./ 22 Hens eggs today./  Well it’s been a great day    Annabel  her husband & a lady friend of hers came to the door at 12 noon    they had eat there dinner in Huron & she thought she could remember right where I lived,    but she went passed our road yesterday to Willow creek beyond Huron a few miles and today they came back    went passed then came back & found the name of the road & the place.    We had a nice visit & they went back,     were going to Penn. & pick up a couple they had left there & going on home tomorrow,     she said if they left at 5-a-m they’d get home at 6-p-m.     Annabell says she’s 61 yrs. old.     They had been to Mich & several places North & back to Ackron & Cleveland Elyria- Lorain & several places,     she & Bob are talking of going to a Methodist home for the aged,    she has a friend in one of the homes & she thinks it’s wonderful.   Well, when Elbert took the papers tonight, I left the floor 3/4 scrubbed & got ready & picked two big bouquets

Fri. Oct. 13. 1950./ page. 2674./      Hens eggs this day/  I took one to Mrs. Cranage, she is 74 yrs. old tomorrow Oct.. 14.     she had washed her white hair & waved it & it Looked very nice,    she’s lost 4 1/2 lbs off her stomach & bowels & she’s only drank hot water for 3 months.    I had told her that a long time ago & now some man they knew had told them the same thing    & since he had weighed over 3 hundred lbs. & had got back to normal weight she thought she would try it, half a lemon twice a week in the 3 glasses of hot water “only as hot as you would drink coffee or tea” or a little lemon in the drinking water during the day,  or slice a lemon & put honey on it in the morning & eat half of it with your dinner & other half later in week with your dinner it will sure do the trick.    Well, she cried she was so happy to have the flowers,    she hasn’t been able to work in her garden this year,    so, not any flowers to speak of.    We went over to see Madaline (Hunter) Todd & Bill,    he’s been sick for such a long time with diabetes,    he’s lame & stiff & has taken some sort of dope for 20 yrs. now and it’s queer how they don’t believe in God & that God can heal us, but I know He can & I have told them & they seem to think I’m crazy.    Well I sure had a nice visit with Madaline    she told me a- bout each of her sisters & brothers,    she 56 I believe she said & her hairs so white & pretty,    May has 5 children.     2 are twins    Nellie has 2. children & she has 2 girls, one lives acrossed the street & has 2 little boys,    the other has 3 children and Aleck is still working on the Great Lakes on the freight boats,    David & Grace sold there home in New Orleans & went to Arizona & the Ship Yard called him back,    so they are living in Hotel rooms in New Orleans now    M. didn’t say where there daughter was.    She said Daisy (Mead) Jim Henry had left the Methodist Home,    she didn’t like it there, & is in Lorain some where,    I’d like to see her & maybe have her with me a little while.    I always liked her.     Well I gave M a big bunch of yellow dahlias,    they are just beautiful & she seemed to think so to & appeared to be very much pleased with them.    Bill went out to the car & sit in the car & talked to Elbert & they had quite a visit     Bill had been working in the Lorain Hardware Co’s store clerking & that he had been off a yr.    hadn’t been able to work & they called him today to come back if he felt able in the morning. 

Fri. 13. Oct. 1950./ page. 2675./ 22. H. eggs this day./ and try again.    he said he was going    he didn’t know if he’d be able to stick.    Well, we headed for home    decided to get some cream at the end of the road “on the highway” & go to Mrs. Sprunks & eat it & visit,     so,k we did & she had just got home from Lorain    she’d been with Mrs. West helping her to buy a dress or two.,    she’s going on a vacation with Mr. West next week & Mrs. S. had made up her mind to come & stay with me a few days.    so I’ll have to shake the timbers & clean up a little.   I don’t mind her coming, if only I could work & get cleaned up & I’ll have to do a lot of cleaning     that is the wood work & shelf & corners but I’ll try to get it done if I can & the Lord gives me strength & I hope we will have a good visit & prayer service all to ourselves Glory to God in Highest  I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things in Thy Name. 

Sat. Oct. 14. 1950./ 21. Hens eggs to day./  I got up late & Elbert had been to Huron & got 18- pike, came back & dressed them & I got up & had everything ready to fry them    the potatoes were about done & was before the fish were,    I fried 6′ & we ate 3 & there’s 3. for big boy’s breakfast.    I then washed all the dirty clothes so I wont have so many Mon.     Elbert took the papers & took fish to Harry Miller & Mrs. Sprunk & he’s lame & sore yet from cold, I guess.    I thank Jesus that & My God for the life & breath He gives me & for even thinking & caring for so humble a person as I,    Oh, God of love & mercy teach me Thy ways & Keep me close to Thee & please have mercy on me a sinner in these last days,    help me to know what to do & how to do it Thy way I ask, in Jesus Name, Jesus, Blessed, Truth, Holy & Pure,    I wish I might be, as Thou art.    I Praise Thee & love Thee more than all else in this world. Amen.     We had N. East breeze today not cold just chilly and partly cloudy,     a fire feels good tonight. 

Sun. Oct. 15. 1950./ 17. hens eggs today./  We went to Sun. School & Church this morning & took broccoli to Them & Mertle & tonight I took some more “when we went to evening service” for Mrs. Crole & her daughter Mrs. Peters.    We had a good service but only a few there  Mr, & Mrs. Weikle “young folks” & Mrs. Day & Mrs. Peters & Mr. Whitman, Thom & Mertle & 6 children  Mrs. Day’s 3 girls  Mrs Peters sister a little girl they call Nancie & Rony.    It’s been a fine day  chilly breeze, white sun & partly cloudy today.    I do Praise God from the very dept of my soul for saving my soul, for healings which have been miracles & more won- derful than I can tell,    I have to walk with Jesus & talk With Him & I love it,    but, I do feel so all alone at times,    but the time is close at hand when Jesus will soon be coming    Praise His Holy Name. 

Mon. Oct. 16. 1950./ page. 2676./ 21. Hens eggs today./  Well, it was a beautiful day,  south breeze    warm sun but white.    I washed 4 blankets the big chair seat cover & all the general washing    I’m much to tired tonight    my arms & legs & feet are paining me so bad    seems as if I can’t endure it.    Elbert helped suds & wrinse the blankets & chair cover & he hung up most of the wash out side & he brought in half of it & I the rest     & it’s most dry except seams     I did his sleepers & my night gown so I had a big washing,    I usually do the sleepers one morning by themselves or maybe a few small pieces with them.    Elbert went to Lorain & left the car    He went to Lillie’s & left the flowers,    she was pleased with them he said.    I was going but he seemed anxious to go by himself    he got all ready to go, before he called me,    but I had been awake & listening & even to the joy in his voice,    he got home about 10 oclock & I got dinner & than did out all that washing    it’s now 5-45-p-m.    He says he’s going back in the morning to get his car & I can go along.    Well I don’t know if I can.    We have to get supper now,    he’s feeding hens now.    I had to set down    I ached so bad, even had cramps over my ribs trying to turn my mattress & make my bed.    Elbert took the papers & been feeding & doing, odds & ends     he dug the farther row of glads & has picked them up.    I know he’s as tired as I.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for my healings & blessings.

Tue. Oct. 17. 1950. [fancy scrolled T on Tue] 15 Henseggs today./  I haven’t earned my salt today,  it was quite hot yesterday & I did to much,    so, couldn’t work  just did what I had to & didn’t feel able to do that.    I went out & walked around in the park & I picked up the winter pears & there are a few left on the tree & north of the fence    I picked up 8 dutches pears, good ones,    there are a few on the tree west of the dutches tree,    radio said it was 83. degrees today,  they said there’s a hurricane, it hit a part of Cuba & now has turned & coming at Florida,    a wind 100 miles or more & hour.    It’s been to warm,    Elbert girdled some of the little elm trees in the hollow & I called him up,    it was to hot & he sure looked it.    he took the papers to Vermilion & came back & we had a vegetable supper,    it’s terrible warm.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for every thing I am & have,    Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus, My Jesus, Dear Presious, Holy Jesus, wonderful & Marvelous, I love only Thee.

Wed. Oct. 18. 1950./ 22. Hens eggs today./  We went to Huron & I got a few things I needed & for got the ticking for pillows.    I got 4. prs. stockings for my-self & a piece of hand toweling 5. yds. & a piece of dress goods for a good dress,    it’s house dress print but it a very nice looking & fine finish piece 1.59 cents per. yd. I got 6. yds.     Well, I got Elbert a pr. pants 8.95 & a shirt 2.95.    We then went toward Berlin Hights & turned on the Masson rd. & bought 1 bu apples one place & 1. bu. in another place.     So I’m broke    got only 2 cents left    apples were 3.00 first place & 2.50 second place    Elbert put in a dime.    I have to take pants back, to tight in seat    I don’t know about the shirt yet.    Been a wonderful day    Florida has suffered & 8 million dollors  tornado.    Well I have to go

Wed. Oct. 18. 1950./ page. 2677./ 22. eggs this day./  take pants back tomorrow after dinner & get the ticking, if I can & oil cloth.    I do thank God in Our Dear Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings, for saving my soul & healing me so many times, I Praise Thee Jesus, all the Glory belongest to Thee Truly.

Thurs. Oct. 19. 1950./17. Hens eggs today./   Well Elbert went & sold 11. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz. & colected on a doz. for last week.& had to spend it for feed, most of it & & light bill    I took the shirt & pants back this morning & got a pr. pants that just go good with Elberts coat,   rayon & wool  dark blue with pin stripe & I cut the bottoms of leg’s & turned the hen & sewed on buttons for suppenders,    they look good on him.    he thinks he’ll get another pr. if he can get the same size.    I got the pillow ticking, enough for 2. prs. & 2. yds. oil cloth to clean up the wash bench, 2. spools of thread & 1 1/2 doz. wash clothes & 8. turkish towels  medium size 29cents. each for foot bath.     Elbert bought alcohol 2 for prise of one & 1 cents & same for mouth wash & he bought shaving cream.    Well, I do hope he get another pr. pants. his shirts & socks & shoes & hat.    I still need coat hat & shoes.    Seems queer no prayer meeting tonight, I pray God Will, in Jesus Name bless all the folks in His meetings tonight.& I thank Him for His Grace & for salvation & all His tender mercies, Amen.

Fri. Oct. 20. 1950./     Hens eggs this day/  Ma’s & Pa’s weding anniversery. 71. yrs. ago today    they were married in Elyria Ohio by a Mr. Dolittle, & they went to Avon to Uncle Jack’s & Aunt Minna’s farm home,    they drove a dashing team, horses, a pr. chesnuts.    Pa was only 18. yrs. old so his parents went with them to Elyria & see them married     ma was 22. yrs. old, then,    but next Month Nov. 29th she was 23. yrs. old & pa was 19. the following Jan 28.th.     he took his team & went to Mich. right after they were married & went to work in a logging camp    He bought 1,80 acers of land from Uncle Porter “Ma’s eldest brother” & he cleared enough for a barn & house  a little log cabin, he bought a cow & some brown leghorn hens & a cock bird & they were begining to pro- sper.    I forgot to say he came back to Welington after 2. yrs. & took ma back with him & what belongings they had     Ma was 26 yrs old when Elbert was born in Cherry Grove Township & Wexford County State of Michigan,     I was born there 2 yrs. later & came to Brighton Ohio with Pa, Ma & Elbert when I was 1 1/2 yrs. old to live with grandpa & grandma    she was bed ridden & want pa to sell & came back home “there only son”     so, he did, but, after we got there ma had Fred, 20. mo. younger than I & 2. yrs. later she had Gertrude “we called her “Gertie”    Ma had to work to hard,    she had 4 children, the 2 grand parents & there adopted daughter & pa to take care of & 10 or more cows to milk & butter to make & all the odds [found what seems to be related to this entry sentence at the 2679 beginning of page for Fri. Oct. 20. 1950 she must have written the whole primary story and finished this sentence twice.] & ends 

Mon. Oct. 20. 1950./ page. 2678./     Hens eggs today./   to look after. [again, from above page] & grandma in bed.    Aunt Jennie & Lotti were the adopted daughters,    Aunt Jennie was learning the tailor traide in Wellington & wasn’t home much, but Lottie was just a young girl of 10 or 12 yrs. & didn’t like to even help with the work,     she had some very pretty dolls  big one’s & she played with them & the big shepherd dog,  they called Rover,     he brought the cows home when it was time, with out being told.    Well, ma come to Lorain Ohio to Visit Aunt Edith Ma’s eldest & only sister & she never went back,    Pa got a job doing carpenter work & Aunt had him take the new barn      her man had built & another small building & put them together & make a nice house out of them after a few yrs. gradpa died    he had gall stones & grand- ma and Lottie came to live with us     They lived on a part of Uncle Harve Bonney’s farm,    Uncle Harne was brother to grandpa Bonney & had one adopted son, Lenord     he broke his neck in an airplane, he & his friend built     that’s quite a story.    Aunt Jen. had her own tailor shop later on in life & Lottie went to live with her & Chan Jillet, Aunt’s husband.    & latter married Fred Bilky & had a daughter Easel & a son Persy.    Aunt Edith had 3. children, Wyn,  Aubrey & Georgie Breckenridge,    Uncle George died just a mo or two before Georgie was born    she’s 7. mos. to the day   younger than I.   her  birthday’s  Aug. 16.     I’ll be 66. Jan. 16. 1951.    Wynafred is 10 yrs. older than I, her birthday is Jan. 31.    Aubrey was 3. yrs. younger than Wyn.     Aubrey’s dead now. and his mother also.    When I was 3. yrs. old grandpa & grand -ma Wheeler “ma’s & Aunt Edith’s mother” came to live with Aunt Edith,     they had a small place in Michigan near to pa & ma & Uncle Will “ma’s youngest brother” came with them & live with them & he married Aunt Venie    She came from Virginia, near St. Petersberg, from a peanut & hopp plantation a fine estate “or it had been once”    she lived with her grandpa, she being & orphan & so went back just before he died, henc, ma’s parents came to Aunt Edith & Edith & us & stayed untill he gor a job at the shipyard & he got a house at the top of the hill & lived there untill our house burned up & pa & uncle bought lots on Georgia Ave.   & built & lived there untill they died.    Uncle Porter had 5. children Minnie, Lillie, Pearl, Fred & Earl Wheeler     & Uncle Will had 6 children,    they had a pair of twon boys & lost them    then they had Pearl, Lillie, Tessie, Francis “a boy” & Elsie & Edith Wheeler.    Now a lot of them are gone.    Ma’s been gone since 1915 & time is fast drawing to a close for the whole world.

Fri. Oct.20. 1950./ page. 2679./ 22. eggs this day./  Well, I went to Huron with Elbert & got him another pr. of pants 8.95 & a nice sweater coat 9.95 & a pr. of suppenders 1.59, then we came back  cooked the dinner  did the dishes & washed all my dirty clothes  the towels & wash rags,    then I talked for some time with one of the ministers of Jehova’s Wittness came to the door & talked so long I began to think I wouldn’t get the washing finished,    but, we sure covered a lot of scripture & he often seemed confused,    but at last he went U said as he left he’d try to come back again for I had talked to him of things he didn’t understand,    I hope he will put his mind on Jesus & pray untill he really feels the great change that comes at such a time.     Glory to God in the Highest Glory Glory, Hallelujah I Praise Thee & thank Thee for all things in Jesus Blessed & Holy Name.    Well, I got the clothes washed & dried    I finished them over the stove    my dress & Elbert’s work shirt isn’t quite dry but all those towels wash rags  nose rags, the hand & dish towels & my shirts & stocking are dried & I’ve put most of them away,    I Praise Thee Jesus .   It’s been a beautiful day with a cold North east breeze. & John Snyder cut his sowy beans across the road,    but, corn stands yet.  

Sat. Oct. 21. 1950. / 19. Hens eggs today./  Well, Elbert hopped out & went to Huron & got a nice mess of fresh pike while I lay & slept untill he came back 10-30-a-m    then I washed & dressed & thanked God for my rest & our many many blessings & then I got the potaotes on & fry pan & warmed the cabbage & while I waited I washed up what dirty dishes there was & put the pork hock on to cook,     then washed the wash bench & oil cloth around the bench & the door casing & door,    by that time Elbert was back with the fish dressed & cleaned & ready to fry so I salted floured & put them on to fry,      one fry pan full is enough for our dinner,    I salted the rest & later took, out 4 & done them up & he took them to Harry Miller,    he tried to get two stew pan for me at the Kroger store     & I can’t understand why he didn’t get the ones I ask for first    he brought me a 4. qt. & I measured the top of mine & told him it was 7 1/4 in. across the top & I felt sure it was a 2. qt. pan,    so he took the other one back & brought home 2. 1. qt. pans,    maybe he’s proving to them, I’m foolish,     but I thought I give one to Mrs sprunk & one to Miss. Clark.    She said last week she was coming over this week to spend 2. days & 1. night with us,    but she never showed up, or sent the card as she said she would,   that’s the way they are

Sat. Oct. 28. 1950./ page. 2680./ 19. eggs. this day./  I can’t forget, if I promise & don’t promise if I can’t do a thing & if for a very good reason I can’t keep a promise    I let it be known by card or note.    I bake two apple pies & will have to bake a tin of biscuits tomorrow,  if all goes well.    
Elbert’s complaining his head feels so bad for several days & his stomach is not taking care of his food, as it should.    Well, I pray my Heavenly Father in Jesus Name to fill us with the Holy Ghost & heal us & teach us to do His will & His Ways, Amen. 

Mon. Oct. 29. 1950./ 20. eggs today./   I slept late & Elbert got up as usual & looked after chickens & odds & ends & then he sat in the big chair & slept,    he’s sit around all day   took cold in his head & his stomach feels bad & he hasn’t felt much like eating today, or Sun,     but he looks better today,   I Praise God in Jesus Holy Blessed Name   He hears & cares for us   Glory to His Name I love Thee Jesus, help me to be a blessing in Thy work & I’ll give Thee all the Glory & Honor for ever & ever for it belongest to Thee    I Praise & Adore Thee Thou art Wonderful.    It’s been a nice Fall day    Cool breeze from N. east,    We had a frost but it didn’t kill the flowers yet.    I sewed up the slits & rips in my coat today.    it’s been dark, to cloudy, making it hard to sew    & I have been feeling so heavy on my feet. 

Sun. Oct. 27. 1950./ 18. eggs today/  I forgot to do my writing Sun. night, for it was late when we got home,    We had a song service & Praise Service & gave testomony’s & prayer & it was surely wonderful    Jesus came across the rostrmm & around in front the pullet & held up His hands,    He was dressed all in White;    Surly the time is growing short & as yet I can’t praise Him in Spirit.    I went to Church in the morning     Mrs Sprunk was there & said she’d been sick all week so hadn’t been able to come out here as she thought she would,    but I knew about it & that she wasn’t coming, for it was revealed to me on Mon. 

Tue. Oct. 24 1950. 19. eggs today./  Did do much today   so dark & cloudy & the wind shifted,     it was N. east & it went N. West, West & South west,    I don’t know if it backed up or went clear around     but, it backed up from the N. West to S. west, we Know & seemed to all most die out & just before dark seemed to be south,    We hadn’t had a Killing frost yet,    flowers still look beautiful.    I gave Ethel 4. Juniper’s evergreen trees  little one 2. ft. high    she said she had some (5.) to be exate) colias & she’d bring me some slips of them all different & she brought me 2. just alikes

Tue. Oct. 24. 1950./ page. 2681./ 19. eggs this day/  the trees are expensive,    she did offer to pay me    she ask if she couldn’t pay me something & since she was so tight with the slips I reckon it wouldn’t been much,    she’d offer for them,    Oh Well, she might open up sometime    one can never tell,    & if you don’t give them some one steals them any way,    seems one’s lucky to get away with what you can keep now adays,     We put a walnut on the S side & it was coming good    got to be 4. ft high & now it died rather suden,    the neighbors say they know the bible says love your neighbor, as your self but they don’t practice, it;    Been another dark day & neither of us have done much.    Elbert took the papers & got the milk.    It’s warmer tonight.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for all our blessing & Pray I may help to do more for His Good & Glory.  Amen. 

Wed. Oct. 25. 1950./ 13 eggs today./   I got up at 10-a-m  washed, combed, dressed & prepared dinner,    then did out the washing    Elbert went to Huron this morning    but, no fish.    his knees are paining him again    his cold & perhaps to much acid again,    he’s carried the water & hung out the clothes & brought in,    I thought when I got up, I’d never be able to do even a little washing, but now it’s done      & Elbert hasn’t gone with the paper yet    I got done at 3-30 & it 4-30 now.    We received a card from Nellie this a-m.    they’re all well, she said   & for us to come over when we can,    they still seem to think because Elbert has the car that we can just come & go as we choose,     & they think we should go into an old peoples home to live.     May God help us to be human & keep us humble & true in Jesus Name,    Oh God there are so many things Thou hast said for us to do,    I pray Thou wilt help help us to do them, help usto do them,    help us to love one another as Thou doeth love us,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee, truly Thou art Worthy.    Sun came out & it was a fine day,    Wind went back to N. West & it’s been much cooler    we had a white due but flowers are still looking good,     little colder tonight. 

Thurs. Oct. 26. 1950./ 15. Hens eggs today./   Elbert went & sold 10. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz.    not quite enough to pay for there grain,    he got two bags & next week he’ll have to get mash,    so thaat will cost a little more than the grain    but week after next I hope he can get back what he has to spend out of his own money,    they are molting, but lay farely good.    When he got home, he went to fish house & got 1/2 buc & cleaned them all,    We had 4 for dinner & we gave a few to Mr. Miller, Mrs. Eppler, Mrs. Sprunk  Miss. Clark.  Mr. Carl Riber & Helen Sarr & we have plenty left for Fri. 

Thurs. Oct. 26. 1950./ page. 2682./ 15. eggs this day./   -tomorrow    I wished so much we could have taken some to Nellie, Martha & several of the others “but,” we don’t have enough money.     I spent a little for 2. stew pans,     I gave one to Mrs. Sprunk & one to Miss Clark,    Mrs. Sprunk thanked me & said she would enjoy it,    & Miss Clark went out of Church & took Mrs. Fredrick home & then went to Millers, where Elbert left her stewpan & fish, “for we had been to both places where she stay at times & couldn’t find her”     & when we got back to Church there she was & mrs. Fredricks,    she went out & got in the car & argued with Elbert about the pan,  that we shouldn’t have got it,    I wish she hadn’t     Elbert didn’t like it,    such is life.     but she looked pleased & I hope she will like it,     & Mrs. Sprunk also.    It’s been a beautiful day & the flowers are still blooming Yellow dahlias & asters Marigolds & Celendians & Zinias.    I picked some broccolie & we had some for dinner    & I took some to Mrs. Eppler.     Some one took the peppermint & wintergreen candy out of my pocket book    I dont know just when     since I wear false teeth    I’ll have to be careful or they may try to get away with them.     Well, we had a good meting tonigh   she don’t look very well & is so pale,    it’s a big job,    but if she keeps trying God will help her.    I thank My Father in Heaven in Jesus Holy Name    We can feel His Power & that He Kept us. Amen.     I did the ironing & got the dinner & then salted 4-5 -pike & rapped up 6. bundles & then went with Elbert & delivered them before prayer meeting & he’s so tired tonight,    he helped carry in fish at the fish house today for the 1/2 bu. & he took the papers & all in all he’s tired.    I pray God will help him to feel rested & able to do what every he’s going to do tomorrow,    he wanted to go to Lorain. 

Fri. Oct. 27. 1950./ 21. Hens eggs day. /  Well, it rained most of the morning,     I tried to rest, but got up, cooked dinner & caned 4. cans of pears, (3. lbs. Crisco cans),    I steamed pears for pickles & got them done,    did my daily dozen & my stomach has been hurting me for two days now,    there’s a conjestion & pains me so bad,    feel as if it would strangle me,     then I get the hick- cups,     I took a peppermint & it straightened up & I ate a little sup- per & drank hot coffee,    I’m slowing but surely getting thin & I’m wondering once again what’s wrong    it cleared up for a little & rained again to- night,     but, it’s been like a nice Fall day,     fly’s & bugs out side yet & not so cold tonight,    flowers still blooming & I know everything enjoyed the rain    it was getting dry although we had heavy dues every night.    Some one has been in my pocket book & took some handkercheifs & now a roll of mints & winter greens & I do wonder Who it can be,     it’s done here while I’m out side for a few minutes or at Church but still I seldom lay my perse down in Church,    so I just don’t know what to do about it.    I thank God He knows & unless they come & repent I pray God’s will be done

Sat. Oct. 29. 1950./ page. 2683./ 17. Hens eggs today./   Well, today I made a new skirt for my night gown.    I washed the waist & hung it out & made the skirt & then I ironed the waist & Elbert had got up & washed two pr’s. pants so I pressed his pant’s & I had fix one pr. of his new pants & I cut of the bottoms & turned the hem ont he other pair before I pressed the pants so I pressed the bottoms of the 2 new pr’s. then put everything away & sewed waist & skirt together then made beds,    Elbert’s been working up the dirt he had spaded     he took his papers & bought two ducks & some gizzards & I had him take one duck back,    he ought to have known 2 was two much,    but he thought they would be small one’s    they weighed 9. lbs    they put on the deep freeze for him & he can get it later on,    of course the breast is about all there is to them,    they were in good order, quite fat.    I started to cut it up to stew for he couldn’t get any bread for dressing & I haven’t made any for 2. weeks     he forgot the yeast so there we are having stewed duck instead of roasted,    I can make biscuits & it will be good any way & maybe roast the other one.   Now it’s 9-p-m.     Winds been south all day & has covered the moon with clouds now.    We have to tie up rose vines & do some triming this coming week if we can    it’s been so warm today, 70. degrees.    the last rain we had it thundered & lightened & I thought maybe it would turn colder,     but, flowers are still blooming & broccolie is still good.     I do thank God for all our many blessing & pray I will be worthy in Jesus Name      I pray many will come into Church & S. school in the morning, & help me to get there also. Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 29. 1950./ 14. Hens eggs tonight/   We went to Sun. school & church this morn- ing     there were ,38, young & old & Miss Clar was in the car talkiing to Elbert when I got out    I ask her to come home to dinner & she said, she was going to ask me if it would be all right for her to come    so we flew for home,    Elbert had pared the potatoes & put them in the water & a cover over them & I had fixed the broccolie in cold water with cover & I had the biscuits all ready to add water & mould out with my hands & put on tins     & so when I lite the oven when I came in, & put water on to heat & when the biscuits were in, I poured boiling water on broccolie & let it stand 5 or 10 minutes    I had put the salt on it     so I drained & put it on to cook & the potatoes & then I heat the duck & pour broth in stew pan & made the gravey & then I made the coffee & we put it on the table & all sat down & ate.    We talked awhile & then had hot tea & went back to church & it was getting

Sun. Oct.29. 1950./ page. 2683./ 14. eggs this day./   quite foggy     there were quite a few out to church  Lindy  Dorthy  there two children & they brought a young couple that has just been converted,  Mr. & Mrs. Smith & one daughter,   Mr. Whitman  Mrs Petters, Mrs. Sprunk, Mr. & Mrs. Weikle, Tom, Mertle & Rony,  Miss. Clark & Myself.  & one other little boy size of Rony,    so Mrs. Eppler preached about the infilling of the Holy Ghost.    We took Mrs. Sprunk home & the fog was dense but the Lord brought us safely home.    The fog horn was blowing this afternoon & it’s been to warm so the cold wave caused the fog.     I thank & Praise God for all my blessing & the Holy Ghost.  

Mon. Oct. 30. 1950./ 11. Hens eggs today./    I haven’t done much today    I have had a pain in my side Since Sat.    I bumped it, but didn’t think I had hurt me much    how ever, I felt to ill for wards Sun. & all night      could hardly turn over & I laid in bed most of the moring,     Elbert went to Lorain to garage to see what was wrong with his car,    Well, they tightened up a few nuts & said they thought it would be O.K. now.    Elbert dug balance of glads & pink, dahlias & I picked a bouquet & a few more seeds,     dahlias are blooming good yet & the asters, marigolds & some of the others     & the cabbages are growing good now,     it’s been a wonderful beautiful day & quite warm,    with West & S. west wind.    It’s a fine day. nice moon making it gloomy in the fog & Holee’n pranks.     I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all of our many blessings,     I pray I may be found worthy in His sight.    & I’m thankful for the ducks Elbert bought    they had such a good flavor & cooked so tender & nice.    I gave Miss Clark 2 mash bags & a handkercheif I had crocheted & edge also. 

Tue. Oct. 31. 1950./ 12 Hens eggs today./    Hole’e night.    I hope & pray God will help us that no one bothers anything out here & I will thank Him in Jesus Name & I thank Him for the strength He has given me today & for my healing & healings    All have been wonderful,    some have been Maricules    I love Thee Jesus & am still trusting for the infilling of the Holy Spirit,    I hope to praise Thee in Spirit & in Truths & all the glory belongest to Thee forever & ever.    I did most of the washing today & Elbert hasn’t felt very well,     but he tried to work in the garden plowing out old strawberry plants.    It’s been a wonderful day  85 degrees here in the kitchen    windows & doors all open     South breeze hot sun      clothes dried fast.    Sky looked all the colors of the rain bow to- night.    When the sun set only not in perfect widths & not in a circle but wide dashes of colors & beautiful with white sun.  

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