November 1950

Wed. Nov. 1. 1950./ 15: eggs today/  Wish I had a few Anconias for next year just for ourselves.    We only have 8 1/2 doz. this week 5.95 & he has to buy mash & all the 

Wed. Nov. 1. 1950./ page. 2685./ 15. eggs today/ wear & tear on the car & its just cost him over 100 dollars for repair.    I haven’t done much today,    Elbert went to fish house     only got 8 white bass while he cleaned them     Inize & her man came in “it was 1-30-p-m” we hadn’t had a bite to eat all morning & so I was getting things ready to fry fish    but they didn’t stay long.     I gave her the pink violet,     I can’t take care of them.    Mrs. Robinson’s Sister died, & she’s feeling bad, & Inize & her man were on there way to Berlyn Ill to see his cousin “Who had a heart attack” & to Millan to see his brother     she said they’d be back again soon,    she brought a box of tea bags, & I gave her eggs enough to pay for the tea.    It’s been a hot day   strong South breeze & a very white sun.    A fine day for Nov. 1.    I thank My Heavenly Father in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all He has given me & us & pray He will save the souls of all the families,    it’s going to take a big jolt to wake them up.    flowers are still blooming out side & look beautiful.  

Thurs. Nov. 2. 1950./ 16. yrs today./  Well, I baked 3 tins of bread biscuits & sent Miss Clark quite a lump of dough in a wax paper by & I sent her six apples in an other bag, I took a small tin of biscuits when I went to prayer meeting for Mrs. Sprunk,    but she wasn’t at the church & not at home, so brought em home again.    It’s turned quite cool with fresh N. wind,     so the flowers will soon be gone     they are beautiful& the asters are so pretty right now,    I was going to pick some to take to Lorain if we go in the morning but didn’t get it done.    I swept & dusted & did my usual chores, but have to say I didn’t feel like.    Elbert went to Lorain & bought himself a suit    I, don’t like it    it doesn’t fit him at all, so he’s taking it back, “God Willing” tomorrow    he wants me to go & I pray God will help him to get a good suit.    he got home at noon,    he sold the eggs on his way down & got the mash (4.45) on his way home.    It’s been cloudy & windy all day. not freezing, just a Chilly breeze.    I thank God & Praise Thee Jesus for thine blessings.

Fri. Nov. 3. 1950./ 12. eggs today/  Well it turned colder & rained every little while all day,    We didn’t go to Lorain.    I slept un- till late then,     Elbert’s stomach felt so bad he didn’t want to eat so I didn’t get dinner     I did my daily round & got every thing ready for supper, we had a cup of tea a 4-30-p-m.    He had to wait so long for the papers 5-3–p-m.    We ate when he got back,    he tried to get Mrs. Sprunk on phone but no ans.    hope she’s O.K.    The bible said they would use horses in the war in the last days & sure enought (they) Russia is using horses    they told us over the Radio tonight    Oh God of love & mercy forgive us & help us to turn to Thee faster    there are so many who are lost.    I ask in Jesus Name.

Fri. Nov. 3. 1950./ page. 2685./ 12. eggs this day./  Oh Jesus, Blessed Jesus Call loud to each one of the family & help them to call on Thy Name before it’s forever to late,    I thank Thee & give Thee      all the praise & Glory for – ever & ever Amen.    The winds N. east strong & puffy & it rains cold hard showers at intervals & weeps & wales. 

Sat. Nov.4. 1950./ 14. eggs today./  Well, today was worse than yesterday    strong N.E. wind with heavy showers of rain, is cold,    Elbert put the bags over the window gaps above the windows “ventelation holes” & so the hens will be warmer tonight,      he did shut the windows last night, but the holes were open & cold wind    he said hens were all scratching when he went in coop this a-m.    He went out at 10-p-m & drained his radiator,     so, if it does freeze, it wont freeze his car up, been a very dark dreary day, to dark to sew,   crochet or read. & Tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month when we partake of bread & wine in rem-emberance of Jesus death for our salvation.    May God help us to live & do His will.     Oh God of Love & Mercy  Keep me Close to Thee & help me, through Thee & Thy help in me to help the rest of the brothers, sisters & sister in laws, nephews, neices cousins & all there families to turn to Thee & do Thy Will be- fore it’s to late.    Jesus, Blessed, Pure & Holy,   We need Thee.    hear my cry for help & tell me what to do, in Jesus Name, Amen.    Elbert cut up the duck “he brought the one home he had put in the deep freeze at the market & he washed & cut it up & I put an onion in with it & cooked it,    it’s all done nice & tender.    I have to read & go to bed    I love God the Father, Jesus the Son & the Holy Ghost & pray I will be filled to over flowing in Jesus Name.    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah,    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sun. Nov. 5. 1950./ 14. eggs today./  Well, I managed to get up   dress & go to sunday school & Church,    I took a nice bouquet of asters I took them in a crisco can & they left them in it & set it on the altar.     We had bread & wine in rememberance of Jesus death on the cross for us & we Praised & thanked Him for all the things he did for us & prayed we might be worthy of our salvation in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.     We had duck for diner & I did up the dishes   read my bible awhile & prayed & whistled while Jackie sang,    he like to hear me Whistle,   he stops & listens to see if I’m still whistling,    then he go at it with a vim.    I dread to go & leave him alone,    now Jipsy’s gone & Jackie is so lonesome,    they use to talk together   argue & even fight    but if anything happened to one or the other they mourned for each other.    We both went to church tonight & went into church.    there were quite a few there tonight    6. children & 11 “I believe” adults.    It snowed a light snow toward morning but, didn’t do any harm to flowers & was melted away before sun came out     clouded up this afternoon, & wind backing up last night clear back to the south & is still there tonight at midnight.    It’s not very cold out, unless one stand still in the wind. 

Mon. Nov. 6. 1950./ page. 2687[should be 2686]./ 15. eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Huron but no fish.    I did half the washing & got it dry.    He carried the water & hung up the bigest pieces out side,    wind’s been strong from the south & sun was hot & breeze rather chilly,  warmed up this after noon some.    Elbert braced up the mail box    it hat fallen over, rotted off at bottom of post     have to get another.    haven’t had any mail for several days,   it fell over Fri. or Sat.     Fri. for he thought he’d get it up Sat.     I’m to tired to night & Elbert wants me to go to Lorain in the morning,     he bought a suit of clothes & brought them home with the privelege of taking them back if not satisfied with them    & so after trying them on he decided to take them back & have me help in getting a good suit & one that fits him     this one would have to be all made over both pants & coat.    So, I’ll have to tumble out & go & not think of how I feel.    I pray & thank God for His love & mercy & the strength He has given me today in Jesus Holy Blessed Name.    Glory to His Name. 

Tue. Nov. 7. 1950./ 13. eggs today/  Elbert painted hen house roof this a-m- & after noon & he’s sure tired tonight      & I did the ironing & my feet pained me so,    he warmed up the supper,    I had started it & he finished it.    We warmed up potatoes & knockers & made hot tea.    Was a fine day,    got cloudy this after noon,    but sun came out before dark, white as ice.    I thank God & my Jesus for all my & our many blessings    I love Jesus   He’s truly wonderfull.

Wed. Nov. 8. 1950./ 15. eggs today./  I swept both bedrooms & Kitchen.    Elbert went to fish house & got a mess of fish & some pork that was sliced so thin  & no blood in it,    was like whang[?] leather    discusting,    he got a mutton shoulder to roast & it’s quite tender,    I put it on to cook & it all done, for tomorrow    it rained some & we had a heavy fog & so we didn’t go to Lorain    & I don’t know if he plans on going tomorrow after he sells the eggs, or not.    I’m not feeling like getting around on my feet very much, but did my daily doz.    I Praise God for my salvation and for every thing I have    & we received a card from Nellie & DeHaan’s book,    they’re good. 

Thurs. Nov. 9. 1950./ 12 eggs today/  Rained several times during the night,    wind blew hard from S. west. & got colder  partly cloudy more or less    & Elbert sold 9. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz, this a-m & got up & got dinner,    bowels run all day like water so I haven’t done any more than I had to do.      I gave Elbert the money left from feed 1.70 & some cents  Elbert dug few dahlias & put them in basement    he don’t feel very good,    made him sore & lame to paint henhouse roof,    he got it all done, but hasn’t got toilet[?] & we have to tie roses on end of house yet all so.    I felt bad be- cause I couldn’t go to prayer meeting tonight,    I pray God will blessed there meeting & forgive me for not being there.    I thank Him & Praise Him in Jesus Name.

Fri. Nov. 10. 1950./ page. 2687./ 13. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain,    got the money on the suit,    then he got a pr. of shoes & a hat & left it there untill he went to the Tea store    & he forgot to stop & get it on his way back    so, his hat is still there     & he didn’t get another suit,     so, he wants me to go if & when the sun shines.    I would like to get my coat & hat & shoes & over shoes,     but the roof paint is 12.89 & Church dues 5.00    so thatll will be 17.85    & there wont be much left.    & we want to get the paint for the house so to have it ready to put on early as we can in the Spring.    Snowed last night before dark & a little today    melted as it fell,   S. west wind & sure is cold    we went out & picked broccollie & what flowers that were good & the bitter sweets      I brought in some batchlor button roots & put them in a crock of dirt,    I hope they will grow & bloom.    Elbert put the cabbages down below,    there isn’t very many of them.    I haven’t done much, just my daily rounds,    I crocheted some today, also & hurt my hand, the lower part of my thumb,  just leaning on it, blood vein puffed up turned all black & then thumb turned black,    thought I had broken it,    but I ask Jesus to fix it quicke & He did Praise His Holy Name, Glory   I thank Thee Jesus,    Thou art wonderful, truly wonderful, Amen   I thank Thee for all the many blessings of this day,   I give Thee the Praise & Pray Thou will forgive us our sins & keep us close to Thee. Amen, & Glory to Thee forever & ever;  I love Thee Jesus,   help me to live & do they will always,   forgive us our sins. Amen.   We received a nice letter from Mrs. Bracket this morning.,   The air has a sting & bite in it   chills one through in just a few minutes.

Sat. Nov.11. 1950./ 14 eggs today./  Elbert got a letter from social security to come to office    so he went to Lorain & they are going to give him e- nough to make up fifty dollars per. mo. with what he earns. & so he has some coming.     Elbert went to Huron, but no fish,      so he got two more 5. ga. pails of roofing paint & came back & he still has the north side to do & the toilet roof & in the Spring perhaps we can paint the house & out building.    We have to tie up the rose bush    & maybe give the end a trim coat of paint,    he wants to get some to use on front steps     I hope he can still get it done,    he don’t feel very well & like me he can’t get a lot done,     he takes papers every day.    I washed his sleepers & pillow slip & pr. socks & my night gown, petticoat, shirt, 2. prs. pants & 2. prs. stockings, 2. dish towels, 2 hand towels & rags & got them all dry.    & I’m sure enough tired,     but thank God in Jesus Name for the strength He gives me each day    I did my daily dozen also,    so many odds & ends.   S. west wind & not quite so cold today.    I love Jesus. 

Sun. Nov.12. 1950./ 10. eggs today./   We been home all day    my bowels been to loose    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name,    He is & always will be & for all His Love & Tender Mercies,   for saving my soul & I’m trusting for the infilling of the Holy Ghost & that He will save Elbert’s & the rest of the families souls & help me to be of more use in His Work.   Been a fine day S.W. breeze & partly cloudy.   Glory to God in Jesus Name. 

Mon. Nov. 13. 1950./ page. 2678./ 14. eggs. today./   Well I’ve done only as much as I had to do    felt so sick at noon I couldn’t eat & felt as if it might go both ways,     but Elbert made coffee & I drank a little & waited a fewminutes & drank a little more     & in an hour or so it passed away or the most of it,   felt dizzy all after noon     & tonight I ate potatoes & milk gravey & some small little pieces of steak that had lots of fat on them,     but at 10 p-m- I feel sick again,    tomorrow after noon they have prayer meeting & they pray for the sick also,     so I’ll except my healing & thank God in Jesus Name,    I Know He is able & willing but I don’t understand why I don’t receive it.    I’m so tired I don’t feel like writing even a card,    I owed one to Nellie & we received one from Audrey today so I ans. them both & Elbert mailed them when he took the papers.    Audrey’s hands are sore again    she gets dyd poisen from the goods she sews on & said she had her fingers all bandaged up again,    I do hope & pray they get better soon again    last time she scratched her head & got it on her head & had a bad time with it.       We were going to Lorain tomorrow, but now I wont be going,     for he’s taking car to garage & I wouldn’t have any place to stay     besides I feel to weak to go.    I ought to sweep & wipe up the kitchen floor.     but I don’t know whether I can or not.     I do thank & Praise God for hearing & ans. prayer for saving my soul & all the many many blessings in healings & pertection,    for talking to my soul & spirit & guiding Me    truly all the Glory, Power, Honor, & Praise belongest to Him.    Teach me Thy Will & Thy ways, Amen.    S. west wind partly cloudy & quite cold     it froze the bird bath so hard it shrunk from sides.    Elbert fix North side & painted it this morning& got the paper ready for toilet roof & hopes to get it done tomorrow.    Radio said it would be 26. degrees tonight, &, it’s getting colder.

Tue. Nov. 14. 1950./ 9. eggs today./  Well, I got up at 9-30-a-m.     thought I’d get a little stitching done on my dress & it was a little.    I swept all 3 room & dusted    & then pulled out the sewing machine     & then fixed the fire & got potatoes ready for dinner & broccolie,     then Elbert came & so I fixed him some lunch & hot drink,    then he went to Huron & got a big mess of fish,    he cleaned enough for Mr. Miller, Miss. Clark,  Mrs. Eppler & Mrs. Sprunk    & I salted & done them each in a seperate package & he put them in the car so he could take them when, he took the papers & he did.    I didn’t have much time to stitch & I washed up the dishes & boiled potaotes & the broccolie & fried a nice white fish & some little catfish for supper    I prayed for fish. & got them.    & put machine & sewing away.    It’s been a beautiful day  not very cold.    I thank & Praise my God in Jesus Blessed Name for all our blessings and for ans to prayer.

Wed. Nov. 15. 1950./ page. 2689 [should be 2679, gained 10 ]/ 11. eggs today./   First day of hunting season,    & it rained a drizzle most all day,    but there were quite a lot of hunters out    Elbert fixed the toilet roof.    and did several other things,    he was over to Carl Ribbers & I don’t know where else,    he took Carl some fish & Helen Sarr.    & we have a big plater full all fried    we only at 3 for our supper,    I’ve felt to weak to work today but did my daily round    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Name. 

Thurs. Nov.16. 1950./ 12. eggs today./  Well I’m terrible weak & miseraable but I did out what dirty clothes there were.    I had to have some of them & there were only a few     seemed as if I’d never get ’em done,     sat down so many times    seem so queer how I use to go & help people & they done believe in help others today    Oh Jesus, I’m so glad Thou art Human & soon we we  be with Thee,    no teaars or sorrows & we wont be told we are a big brute of a person, just because we are a large person    & a heap of other things just as bad,    after we have done all we could to make them happy & comfortable & even went hungry & witht the clothes we could have had because we loved & felt sorry for them,    it’s still a queer world & so much wickedness,    I be so glad to be with Jesus,     but I still want to do what he wants me to do here.    I love & Praise Thee Jesus, Blessed Pure & Holy, Amen.   Elbert sold 6 1/2 doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz    had enough to buy there mash,    there’s such a lot of them died out of this flock,    they run around & fall over dead.    It’s been a nice day,    winds been so strong since last night & still is at 10-p-m.  S. W. Wind. 

Fri. Nov. 17. 1950./ 10. eggs today./  Well, another day I laid around    only took care of rooms, swept cooked & washed dishes,    but, I feel better in some way, I can’t tell just how.    It snowed & rained today, this morning, but it didn’t last long,    was mostly cloudy rest of the day,     Elbert went up to Killbrides & found he could get milk there,    we use to get it there     then there cow went dry & we had to change again,    we been getting the milk of Carl Rieber & he charged 1.00 for 8 days. & Mrs. Killbridge charges 15 cents per. qt. Elbert 1.45 toward milk    & in both cases we have to finish our bottle & [?]tyanl] after it.    It’s a still cold tonight,    wind died out just before dark & frost on the leaves at dark    going to freeze hard.   Mrs. Killbride sent me some cottage chees & tomorrow we will start our milk for 13 days & pay her 1.95 in advance & the first of the Dec.    We will give her 4.65 for the mo. of Dec.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for His love & care and ans too

Sat. Nov. 18. 1950./ page. 2691.[now 11 ahead]/ 13. eggs today./   I baked 4. tins bread biscuits & then scrubed the the floors & Elbert went for the milk & took his papers.    The wind came up again this morning, been partly cloudy,  but a nice day, not to bed     morning, been partly cloudy, but a nice day, not to bed but sort of penatrating wind, and puffy.    Sun was white but at sun set, we couldn’t see the sun, but clouds were purple on horrizon & then carnary yellows & a deep pea green & lavender & pink deep pink & all sorts of colors in big & small patches     it looked beautiful & I hope it didn’t mean any harm for there were swift moving wind Clouds east, of the others.    Elbert put up the storm door today & took care of hens as he does every day.     I thank, & We Praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Sun. Nov. 19. 1950./ 10 eggs today./  been mostly cloudy & started to rain at dark & still at it at 10-30-p-m.    quite warm out    wind is still S. a little W. but mostly died out    same as last night,    but it blew terrible before morning so perhaps it will come up again before morning     raining as if it had to     easy  & gentle & the boys freezing over there     they say more are dying from freezing than in battle,    Oh God, I pray they will cry to Thee in Jesus Name, for Thou has’t promised to hear.  Help us to do Thy Will in all things greaat or small things,     I thank Thee Jesus.    Help me to do more for Thy good & Glory, forgive me & us our sins    fill us with the Holy Ghost & give us the strength & courage to do Thy Will,    We thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.    We are all wicked    each in there & our own ways,    We have all sined & come short of the Glory of God.    But I know all things will work out for Thy Glory for Thou has told us.     I’m Glad Thou art the judge & pray we hold our peace & judge not.     We been home all day    somethings wrong eith me    water dripps all the time,    they have prayed for me & I believe, but can’t understand just what is wrong,    but pray God will in Jesus Name take care of me Amen. 

Mon. Nov. 20. 1950./9. eggs today./  It poured rain during the night & all the morning    it came in showers & after dinner a wet snow & begin to get colder & snow be- gan to stick & the ground has a light covering of snow     now the wind went N. West & it’s blowing in heavy puffs      & in California they have had a flood     7 thousand had to leave there homes, because of it.     Paper said 15 degrees along the Lake tonight     I have only done my usual daily round & read the bible & studied some as I generally do & croched some    Elbert looked after water & coal took care of hens & took the papers.     No mail today.    I feel some better in some ways but water leak is still bad.    got to wash out rags again tomorrow or Wed.    haven’t washed yet this week so that’s got to be done before long.     World is in bad condition all over & not getting any better    the bible history is working out just as God said it would,    Oh, I pray He will forgive & save us    there are so many yet who must come to him or be lost

Mon. Nov. 20. 1950./ page. 2691 [12 ahead]/ 9. eggs this day./   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for teaching me His word & for saving my soul & I trust Him for the infilling of the Holy Ghost.    I know He will fill me, for He said if we wanted it He would give it & I’ve ask & trusting Him for it,    I thank Him more than I can tell for all my many blessings.    He is a Marvelous Saviour, Phyician, & Friend and I love Him more than anything in this world  Amen.  

Tue. Nov. 21. 1950./ 7. eggs today./  Wind went S. West & has been puffy allday    Elbert & I have done the usual chores,    & I haven’t been out doors for a few days.    I thank God in Jesus Name for His Love & care & I feel so terribly unworthy    wish I could be with some of the christians that go from one place to another preaching & give my testimony,    the end is right at the door & we will soon see our beloved Jesus, but the terrible things that are to come to pass yet,    Oh God give us the strength foaith & courage to face it,    I Praise THee, Amen. 

Wed. Nov. 22. 1950./ 13. eggs today./  Elbert went & sold 5 doz. egg 70 cents per. doz.    not quite enough to pay for a bag of grain or mash, he took the radio down to Lorain & left it at a shop to get some new bulbs in it.    So, I got up & did the washing & then washed Elbert’s double blanket,    it’s so thick    I only got half of it dry, so I used half of it & an old one for tonight on his bed,    I can baste it together at foot tomorrow.    the other half is dry now,     but, he’s in bed,    he’s tired    he goes for the milk a good mile every morning & then he take the papers  looks after hens, take out the ashes & gets the coal up & it use to tire me & I know it does him.    I received a card from Mrs. Eddy [Bonita] today,   a black woman with a black pup leading her on a black rope & it said Dear aunt Elinor    & Uncle;   How are you?    It really feels like winter today.    We’ve had some colds but are getting over them.    We went to town yesterday   had some errands, rain or not.    We would like to have you come Thanksgiving day, to have dinner with us at noon.    We will be alone otherwise & would like to have you come    A neighbor has been putting on our wood work in the living room so we’ve had some mess & I guess I’ll never get the house cleaning done   Do try to come Thurs.   Love from All, Bonita     &Mrs Eppler sent a please get well soon,  card,    but, it will be 5 meeting I have missed tomorrow night & not a soul been out to see me & this is the only card I’ve received.    Well, I to, pray, God will get me fixed & able to go back to Church & prayermeeting.     I thank God for there prayers & I pray God will in Jesus Dear Holy Name give each of them 4 fold what they ask for me & I thank Him & give Him all the Praise & Glory,   it truly belongest to Him Amen.    It’s been partly cloudy but not very cold    wind gone N. East tonight.

Thurs. Nov. 23. 1950./ page. 2693 [should be 2692, still 10 ahead]/      eggs today./  Well, they called today  Thanks- giving, but we didn’t   I didn’t do much today, but Elbert went over on John Snyders corn patch “where they picked corn last week with a corn picker”  & picked up corn they missed,    “John told him to go & pick it up & we thanked him,    Elbert worked part the morning & untill 4-p-m  after dinner    & I had to rub his back in alcohol tonight,    he feels about sick    I think he tried to do to much for one time,     I crochet some & ripped it out 3. times,   hope it’s O.K. this time,     I did my daily round & was out & picked a couple of cabbages & out back today.    I thank & Praise my God in Jesus Holy Name for all He does for me & for us,    was nice untill this afternoon,    it clouded up     rained tonight turned to snow an now the ground has a real White covering. 

Fri. Nov. 24. 1950./ 11. eggs today./  lbert went to Huron but no fish    I only did my daily round,    I made dressing for the pork loin & hot muffins.   no mail today.    Been quite cold,  for 2 nights now & going to be cold tonight a still cold,  winds been S. west all day,   tired me bad just getting the supper.     Elbert took the papers & he helped me get the supper     his back’s been bad all day.    We got a nice fall of snow last night & it didn’t all melted off today.   Partly cloudy. 

Sat. Nov. 25. 1950./ 6 eggs today./   Been blustery squals   fine snow this morning & came so thick we couldn’t see Snyders house    then it would ease off & then come again     & this after noon flake was much larger & about 4-p-m- it began to sleet,   then rained    wind eased up from N. West then came from N. East & been sleeting some in squals, not so very cold    snow drifted high in places,    Elbert put short chains on back tires & shoveled out to get car to road to go with papers,     but, no paper, so he’s two days short on his pay this week,    he did all the chores out side & as usual took my can out for me,    I feel some better & am hoping to be able to get back to church soon.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name,    He hears and answers prayer & for all the blessings he gives us & pray for all who will have to suffer during the cold weather & pray God will take care of them through some of His,    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the praise & Glory_ for ever & ever Amen.    A pheasent flew across the road west, today,    everything out side will suffer,     I saw a mouse come from under the grainer & the wind cought him & rolled over & over a number of times    then he scrabbled to his feet & tried to find a bite to eat but wind hit him again & banged him against a rose stalk    he got

Sat. Nov. 25. 1950./ page. 2694./ 6 egg this day./  up & crawled up to the house & waited for the wind to ease up     then he ran back toward the grainery & wind swooped him under the ever green,    but he got up & went back under the grainery & I didn’t see him any more.    It’s queer, but this is the first year I haven’t heard the geese going south.    We both slept late,    I slept even after Elbert got up to look after the hens,    I didn’t sleep much last night,   it stormed so hard.    Hope Nellie, Bonita & Children have fire enough & coal for Bonita said they had been having cold, but were better.    What they try to save in heat, they pay the doctor.    Elbert has cold in bones in his hands & they been paining him bad    it don’t pay to do things that cause a person to suffer unless it’s a real necessity & he didn’t have to pick up that corn.    it was cold & wet,    now he’s got to suffer with back & hands.     I’m so sorry, I didn’t want him to do it,    I pray God will have mercy. 

Sun. Nov. 26. 1950./ 8 eggs today/   We been home all day & it stormed all night & most of today & cleared off tonight & moon am ashinning, not so very cold though,    but it sure did snow today.    We ate to meals today & did chores as usual,    not a car over the road today & tonight about 7-30p-m.  the snow plow went through & cleaned the road,    so if it did snow before morning, the road will be free & Elbert can go for milk,    those roads are usaully bad when it snows.    My canary “Jacky” watched the birds out side,    he talks to me about it & fluf his feathers & I talke to him about it & tell him it’s cold & they haven’t got any seeds, poor little birdies cold & hungry but wind & snow was so bad we couldn’t feed them,    snow covered it up so fast,    I am surely greatful we have a warm dry comfortable place & enough to Keep us warm & dry.    I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Name, Amen.

Mon. Nov. 27. 1950./ 5. eggs today/ They cleared the road last night & again today    Elbert went up & got the milk this morning & he got the papers today yesterds  Sat. & todays so he had two days papers to deliver & it states that most every thing was tied up, trucks, busses, cars & trains & there’s not many trains running yet & the war is bad, as well as floods & storms.    I Pray God will in Jesus Name have mercy on the boys who are freezing to death while trying to fight & help them to remember to call on HIs Name for He said He would hear, & I pray He will take care of the poor, hungry, cold homeless & miserable through some of His & I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    I did the washing today & my stomach & back are bad.    There’s been some rabbits around the house. 

Tue. Nov. 28. 1950./ 11. eggs today./      It snow & blowed & the Evergreen trees looked like Christmas trees      & a pr. of pretty little birds came into the evergreens east of the house  were trying to eat the berries     the one had a dark brownish red brest & head & legs & underpart of tail was a deep tan    the mate was a grayis breast & darker back    they stayed al day.     Elbert went with the papers after 5-p-m & we saw 5 geese going N. west.   The

Tue. Nov. 28. 1950./ page. 2695./ 11. eggs this day./  paper says it’s the worst storm since 1913., but I know we had another after that that was the year John Harnish went on the Lakes with Frank Babcock     or, well, it was when Audrey & John Mourer were living on the east side in Lorain.    that was before Martha was married & she’s been married 18. yrs. Jan. 1951.    Well I’ve only done my daily dozen & crocheted a little.     Sun came through tonight & set red with black cloud all around it & lots of wind clouds.    Elbert saw 4 rats by the grainery step & put out 4. rat bixcuits & they came back & each took one & ran away.    hope that’s the last of them.    I thank My Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for all our many many blessing, & I’m so sorry for those in a worse condition then we are in & I’m wondering about Nellie & the children.  

Wed. Nov. 29. 1950./ 5. eggs today./  Today would be mothers birthday & she would be 94. yrs. old    a sweet little old lady.    Well, Elbert got out & got the milk & he took the papers about 4-30-p-m.    I only did my usual round & I’m better again,    can’t be on my feet to long,    stomach is better Praise God in Jesus Name for that & the many other times He has taken care of me     I thank Thee more than I can express in words,  Jesus Blessed Jesus.    Wind is blowing a little but not bad,  tonight & Elbert hopes to sell 5 1/2 doz. eggs tomorrow. morning,     I crocheted some today & darned 2. prs. my stockings & pr. socks last night. only wish I could hope around & do several things I’d like to do. 

Thurs. Nov. 30. 1950./ 6. eggs today./ Elbert  sold the eggs for 3.50 & collected 20 cents total 3.70& the grain cost 4.23 & he had last week’s 3.50 & he bought oyster schell 1.10, so, now he has $1.27 left toward next weeks feed.     He took the papers quarter to five did little shopping for our food & it didn’t take him long,     While he was gone this a-m.    I swept & dusted & got the dinner ready & he came just as it was done.   I crocheted a while then made an apple pie & one elderberry pie & got the supper,    we had lamb chops, I fried them brown & then added enough water to simmer them tender, put in two potatoes & 1 carrot & few dumplins    it was good.     Elbert bought a few grapes & some ripe black figs, they are very good, figs look like large pruns.   The snow caused a lot of trouble & they are talking of using the bombs in the war, those terrible ones.    I thank God      He is & ever will be & for all He give to me & us & I pray we will do His will in Jesus Name.    I sent Marthe a card. 

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