February 1946

Fri. Feb. 1. 1946./849./ 18 eggs today / Oh God of Love & Mercy teach us Thy ways, and help us to talk to Thee & do as Thou would that we should do, and not figure it out our way for Thou hast said Man has a way that seemeth right that are not My Ways. Oh Dear Heavenly Father forgive us, Amen.

Sat. Feb 2, 1946./ 24 eggs today 29 hens/  Elbert went to Vermilion  couldn’t sell the eggs he got a sack of grain & then went to Huron & run in debt for some of Cook’s meat that was on the point of spoiling & had been rubbed in soda  I ate some of the broth & it made me sick all night, but while he was gone I rubbed out my change of clothes & was done when he got back  he got a piece of pressed ham, wasn’t quite as salt as usual. colder & wind has gone on around to N. east again,

Sun. Feb.3. 1946./ 22 eggs/  Jim & Jean are 12 yrs old today/, & John has been gone a month all ready. Nellie don’t write & she’s so miserable in health  I feel anxious about her & about Audrey to she don’t write either, not even a post card. & We haven’t heard anything from Gertie  Evelyn said she was quite well, but she had been having a cold,  Mrs Clyde Greene called her & said she still had a cold & that she didn’t think she ought to go out in public & give it to others. Haven’t heard anything about Ruby since she left for Albuquerque New Mexico. or whither Ella Jane went on or came back home, and I haven’t been able to go & see how they are. We couldn’t go to church  I have been out a couple of times & my arm gets so bad  I have to stay in Where it’s warm   wish I could be in every meeting  I feel sure I’d feel better fast. I’ve sung Praises with the canary & prayed & read my bible & Pray God will help me to live His way. 

Mon. Feb.4. 1946./ 20 eggs./ Well, I haven’t done only my daily round of house hold duties today. Elbert left at 10-a-m for Lorain & he took the eggs with him, sold only 2. doz. those to Mrs. Cranage. He went to the bank in Vermilion & borrowed 20. dollars, I just can’t see why men must run in debt. His boss told him to come to work Wed. Feb. 6. & Im wondering if he means it this time, this will be the third time he has told him to come. We had a fine letter from Carl Betz today  poor fellow has been in bed with the flu & almost passed on, he said, then he told us about the weather & said they usually get plenty of rain but it had been terrible dry, said he though he would feel better if it would rain, that they had only been having lots of fog. & Dr wanted him to go Where it was more dry & no fog, he said his sister Florence had been to see him while he was so sick through Christmas time, but that he’d like 

Mon. Feb.4. 1946./ 850./ to come back to Ohio for awhile that it looked as if there wouldn’t be any one left that he would know (I had told him at Christmas of the many different one’s that had passed on) he said he would be 57 yrs. old. Feb.7. 1946. & that he was getting old. He said he didnt  want me to pay him the money I had borrowed in 1920 that he couldn’t live on 20.00 per. month & couldn’t see how we managed. I Praise God for His Kindness & pray he will give Carl an added blessing by giving him his health back fast & turning him to God with all his heart soul mind & strength Amen. I told him I’d give him the bed spread that Frank’s mother knit for me, it cost (just the thread 180. one hundred & eighty dollars) that didn’t enclude the tax on the thread, three cents on a dollar. I think I’ll send it to him. I know His wife would like it & she probbly has a nice home where she can use it & I want to send a chair back set I crocheted with it. but Ive got to do the arm pieces yet. Wish I could send the money, but, perhaps it’s better this way since I don’t have the money.  I wrote a letter to Mrs. Greene today also & now I have to write to Flora.  I sent some of DeHaan’s books up to Mrs. Bonnett to Huron by Elbert Sat. Feb. 2.  Well the wind has gone back south & it’s warmer tonight

Tue. Feb. 5. 1946./ 21 eggs today/   Well Elbert went to Vermilion  then to Huron  he didn’t sell the eggs, and he got some food there & the rest in Huron, then he cleaned hen roost & fed hens & went for the milk;  It rained hard this a-m & a gain tonight   Sun didn’t shine all day   wind went on around to S.W.  We got 21. eggs today  only 29 pullets & 3 old hens & I think one old hen is laying.  Pete froze his comb bad but he’s coming along & is crowing again, poor old fellow  I’m so sorry, but, sometimes my brains just don’t work.  I sent a card to Nellie  a letter to Mrs. Greene in the morning, he’s going to work as they told him to & if they play a trick this time hes trying for another job in Elyria Suberbs.  Now I’m going to bed. Praising God

Wed Feb. 6 1946./ 21 eggs today / Elbert went to work & it was raining & sleeting hgard. was bad untill noon  Sun came through at 11-30-a-m. & the gray solid blanket broke up into clouds & so we had sunshine most the after noon. I went to mail box, the little house & hen house & tonight I fed hens & got 1 pail Well water & got supper, did ironing only 4 pieces & my general house work.  no word from Nellie yet or any of them. Elbert is sore & lame tonight. he bought a press, they back out on strike for a month. 

Thurs. Feb.7. 1946./851./ 21 eggs. / Nellie’s birthday yesterday  she is 49 yrs. old .  today is John’s birthday  he is 49. yrs. old today & Carl Betz is 57. yrs. old today.  Well, besides my every day round I baked 3 loaves of bread  one gram & two ginger breads. & I have been terrible full of pain   I got a letter from the box for Elbert   no word from any of the home folks   I gave hens there greens at noon & collected 19 eggs & found 2 broke  making 21 for today.  I watered them & fed them tonight  was out to little house & to the well for 1. pail of water for us.  I was down to basement for ham & hens greens & I’ve prayed all day & Thanked God in Jesus Name  I’ve been able to keep going   my joints & nerves are sure bad  but I know God will fix one up before  long.  I pray He Will reveal to me & take away every doubt & fear & make me well.  I know it must be my fault in some way, but I don’t know what. way.  He says we are slow of heart &, I know we are.  Elbert is full of pain & achs tonight & so tired, then he had to do a lot of extra work after supper for the grate was full of cinders  had to take all the fire out & rebuild it.  I opened car shed for him & put pail on door so he could bring cystern water & he puts water in hen house  fresh each morning   Well I had supper all ready, but we were to tired to enjoy it, wind blew hard all day, went down with the sun & moon shines clear tonight  Elbert counted 2. doz. eggs into 3 bags & I wraped them & tied them  he has orders for them of the men he works for & with 48C per doz. 2.94 for the 6 doz.  I had him give the Preacher 2 doz last Sat. 

Fri. Feb.8. 1946./  20 eggs today /  Well, Elbert was so tired out  so sore & lame he couldn’t hardly move today   But Praise God I was better this morning, and I’m trusting God will help me to know what to eat & drink to make me strong again.  My {?] neck is on the bum & I need a little lemon juice. but the lemons are so green, that Elbert got, I ate a piece of Grape fruit with honey in it  they are so sour to.  Well I feel lots better when I don’t work, but I want to work, I’d like to be out side triming trees & soon the grapes & then the roses that we didn’t get last Fall & then we’ve got a lot of brush & briers to dig & clean out & the garden to spade & make ready to plant, & then we dumped the beets on the basement floor & now we’ll have the dirt to clean up & put in small boxes for tomatoe cabbage & pepper   I do wish we could have a good growing year & raise enough for winter.  It’s been a nice Spring day with just a tang of nippy air, no strong wind today but tonight it got cloudy & wind has freshened up again  froze last night but thawed again today, Nice Sun, but no moon. Glory Glory. Praise the Lord.  no mail from any one today & me not able to go to see what’s wrong, I hope they are well as usual, at least.

Sat. Feb.9. 1946./ 852./ 21 eggs today/  Well, Elbert well to Vermilion to shop & sell eggs, he only sold 2 doz. for 1.00 & so we have about 11. doz. on hand right now, While he was gone I did out most of the wash all but his union suit & two work shirts, he went up to Huron before coming home to get some things he couldn’t get in Vermilion, then we had a lunch, he then carried 3 pails of water for me & then went to beach & got quite a lot of sand for hen house floor, but it’s so wet it will have to dry a lot.  then he went up to Burdue’s & cashed my check for me & When he came back he washed out the union suit shirts. & I got most of them dry over stove, he hung a few pieces out side & they were all dry but hems,  I finished them over stove & now we had supper but I didn’t wash dishes, in stead I darned his socks & now I take my bath & go to bed.  I am tired & so is Elbert & he’s full of pains, he’s been working with his hands & feet in the water & helping to set forms for concreat.  It’s been a beautiful day  hardly any wind, but wind is puffy tonight.  We has sun most all day, white sun. & we have moonshine tonight.  I got a letter from Nellie  she’s been out to a din-ner among the church folks & to Audrey’s for a supper, she & Johny & they had a birthday dinner for her Feb. 6. & gave he perfume & bath salts & a scarf & house dress & pin  the first from Bonita & Johny & his Marcia & Bonney Bell, and she didn’t even mention Ella Jane.  It’s a queer World isn’t it.  

Sun. Feb.10. 1946./ 853./  22 eggs today/ We were home all day, but will be so glad when we can get back to Church again.  It’s been a beautiful day, only wind is cold & raw.  I thank God in Jesus Name for our many blessings.  

Mon. Feb.11. 1946./ Only 12 eggs today./  Elbert went to work. he sold 6 doz for 3.00. It’s been a fine day not very cold, no snow, but water in bird bath outside was froze all day. I took care of hens got the mail “a calender from pyrofax Gas Co. Where our tank gas comes from ” & a style book from Lane Bryant Indianapolis In-diana.  Elbert got an insurance letter.  I swept, was out back & emptied ashes, made beds, got supper, did the dishes, & chro crocheted 5 times across-ed on one chair arm piece.  I’m so tired tonight.  Elbert mailed 2 letters to Ella Jane this a-m-on his way to work, he’s terrible tired tonight.  We only got 12 eggs today.  It’s cloudy tonight  wind is south. 

Tue. Feb. 12. 1946./  20 eggs today  / Elbert went to  work & I did the washing & had to carry some 3 pails of water 7 1. pail well water.  got them all dry but Elbert’s union suits & got supper, Elbert brought salt water red perch for supper 7; this is the 3rd. night we have had to let the fire go out because of the cinders that clog the grate so we can’t shake out the ashes down, but it didn’t take long to get the fire going again.  I had everything ready to start the new fire& it didn’t even get cold here.  Elbert is so lame he can’t hardly move & I try to have everything done so he wont have so much to do, he’s been in the water & mud almost to top of his big over shoes, I don’t see Why they pick an old men to do the jobs a younger man could do better since they could get around easier & quicker, but some even quite rather than get there feet in the mud & water, such is life.  Well I’m going to let the dishes stand.  Received a card from Miss. Clark today, a get well fast card  she wants a report on my condition.  I pray God will give her what ever He sees she needs, Amen.  It’s been a wonderfull day like early Spring, ice thawed in the bird bath outside & it was fun to watch the birds hop into the water & skate across to the other side with them on the edge flapping there wings & looked as if they were laughing they played a while, then flew away, I like to watch them. Nice sun today and a strong south wind all day except this morning untill 9.a.m. it was N. east.  I Praise God for His blessings. 

Wed. Feb.13. 1946./  Elbert only worked 2 hrs. it rained so steady he got here at noon & just before the supper the preacher & his wife & Joe came in they had been out calling on 6 other people or families  Rev. Coon was going to be to church to have a board meeting  they wanted me to come, but I still am not fit to go. they thought they would be here for supper tomorrow night.  It froze ice tonight & is colder wind blowing hard tonight.

Wed. Feb.13.1946./ 854./ 21 eggs today /Wind S.W. no important mail today. I swept & felt so tired I didn’t try to do any more, after I got everything ready for supper.  I took care of hens gave them greens & water & Elbert fed them tonight. Oh, I love those two children off God’s & Pray His Blessings on them.  They look better than when they were here last.  I gave them 2 doz. eggs. & my tenth for Church.  We Praise Thee Jesus. 

Thurs. Feb.14. 1946./ 21 eggs today / Valintine’s Day.  Elbert went to work.  The wind blew a living gale all night  seemed as if the house rocked & I prayed often God would spare us & the house, it blew the cystern pump over  it sure was terrible, it wasn’t near so bad today, but snowed a blizard this morning as Elbert was leaving  then eased up & sun came out clear at 9-a-m.  and then it showered snow flurrys off & on all day like May showers only snow for rain & sun be-tween showers & once or twice while it snowed, sunshone.  & again tonight wind is howling & ground is white with snow.  Elbert is so tired tonight & he tried to mend his rubber over shoe, it tore & he got his foot soaked in cold mudy water, had to wash his feet & put on clean socks soon as he got here.  He met Sister Singleton & the two boys in Vermilion & she said she was so sorry they couldn’t come, she said the Sunday school supertendent was there & they were to have an-other meeting tonight. Well, I swept & wiped up the floors & dusted & done the daily round took care of hens & birds & shut the rat out side  Elbert locked up the buildings tonight.  I had supper all ready & hot coffee & he was glad, Praise God. Glory to God, Praise the Lord, Glory, Glory, Glory, Blessed Jesus. 

Fri Feb. 15. 1946./ 21 egg’s today./ Elbert was so all in he couldn’t work today, he had a tumble while working that wrenched him & put some vertebras out of place  he can hardly get up or down & his back is stiff & pained him all day, I have been nursing my shoulder & head today & resting, wind blew again last night & uprooted trees in some places & tipped over corn shucks & broke of limbs of trees & a limb off my apricot tree & it was cold last night  the windows froze & I corked my west window, it sounded as if it would crush the glass out but God took care of us & the little house  Praise His Name  I want to g o back to church & Pray I may, soon. God Willing.

Saat. Feb. 16.1946./855./ 16 eggs today/   Elbert cleaned South end, or pen, in the hen house & put in m ore sand & fresh straw, he went to Vermilion & got a few things to eat & some grain for hens  they played a trick on him, he said, & bought eggs of an other person & didn’t take his, he sold 2 doz. to Wests for 90 cents.  I washed out what clothes were dirty & ironed & darned his sock & cooked & did dishes  cleaned & made beds & we are both terrible tired.  South W. wind but not so bad today or last night as it was.  Milk man said the wind lifted half his hay stack & strewed it far & wide in the telegraph wires & in the fences & now he has a hard job cleaning it up. sun shone nice & warm today, but wind rather chilly  I started to clean my lower teeth & they broke into, so now I’ll have to do something about new teeth. the joys seem to be many of late but I Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. 

Sun. Feb.17. 1946./  21 eggs today/   I did want so much to go to Church today but here I am with my broken teeth & I’ll have to put forth some effort now to get my teeth fixed up, or, just go with out them & that I can’t do for I can’t eat & digest my food, so I’m praying God will help me fast.  I was so tired las t night & knowing I’d not go to church I laid & rested & didn’t get up untill noon  I didn’t sleep the last few nights the wind blew so hard & my arm pained me bad & I only slept a couple of hrs.  this morning.  I was just dressing when Johny & Nellie Bonita & the children came in  We had a nice visit & a cup of tea together.  We didn’t have much in the house to eat, we didn’t sell the eggs Sat. & Fri. Elbert didn’t work so he didn’t get his pay & we dont have company very often, so this time we didn’t have much for company, but, they didn’t care for they were looking for Bonney home & they had a nice chicken dinner already when they got back home.  Ella Jane didn’t go back to New Mexico  more people died in Lorain

Sun. Feb.17. 1946. 856./ 21 eggs./ that we knew. she didn’t have much to say about the rest of our family. It’s been a beautiful sunshining day & the big full moon is clear & bright.  We have a rat in the hen house & we tried to get it tonight but no luck, I can’t get any baby chicks untill we know he’s gone.  Well I had to bake biscuits for supper & I have every thing ready for morning.  I Praise God, Glory to His Name. 

Mon. Feb.18. 1946./ 24 eggs today/   Elbert went to work & has a dirty job & I’m wondering now for he’s been in a concreat tunnel they have just made, taking out the wood forms & it’s not only a back breaking job but to hot for him, he was soaking wet even his heavy wool jacket & his rubber over shoe tore & one foot was so wet & cold & he was in misery when he got home, but I waited on him  got hot water & dry clothes & he soon was dried & fresh & ate his sup-per got coal, water, emptied ashes & locked car shed & coop & read the paper & now he’s gone to bed to tired to sleep  I have tried to write a letter to Audrey, & then looked over all the Christmas cards to see how many I had to ans. & put the rest away, so thats partly done.  I took care of the hens & birds & went to empty mail box, he stopped. to box but no mail   I fed & watered hens tonight. It’s been a beautiful day warm quite & nice sun  Elbert mailed a letter to Ella Jane this morning.

Tue.Feb.19.1946./  Frank’s been gone some 13 yrs. & today Elbert only worked till noon  it rained & snowed & was wet & it got thick with fog about 2-p-m. he came at 4p-m I was just going out to feed & open car shed doors so he fed hens tonight 

Tue. Feb.19.1946./ 857./ 21 eggs today /   I made nice vegetable soup for supper, but couldn’t eat much, I threw up part of my lunch but he ate & drank as if it tasted real good & he went to bed shortly after eight-p-m.  said he didn’t sleep good last night & felt so tired tonight, he spent several hrs. trying to find some rubber over shoes he could wear but only thing he could find were Knee boots  he sold 10. doz of eggs 45. cents per. doz. today & has a few doz. in packages yet.  I gave hens greens & water & no important mail.  he mailed a letter to Ella Jane this moring & I haven’t done much today only daily duties   It’s been a terrible bad day after being so nice yesterday & snowing tonight  wind N.E.

Wed. Feb. 20. 1946./ 24 eggs today/   Elbert went to work & stayed all his 8. hrs. & I did a little baking besides looking after hens & birds & doing my house work and I’m dead tired tonight  I washed out 3 hand towels & 1 dish towel & the cold just got after my nerves & cords & stiffened me up so bad I could hardly get the supper, I’ll sure be glad when it gets warm out side & stays warm  I have to pray all day & most of the night to keep me going.  I know if I could only get to church regular I’d feel 100. per. cent better.  I know my body is getting old & I know it needs a rest, but, how is a body going to get that needed rest? if only I could have some one I could trust with me for a few months, When Elbert goes the limit he just lays around & rests, doing only enough for daily exercise, but I have just so much every day & a little more tucked on quite often, When it seems as if I just can’t do another stroke, he was going to bring bread tonight so I would have to make biscuits, but no bread.  But Praise God I got every thing of importants done.  He brought meat to make a meat loaf for today  I bake that  a cake & the biscuits.  It snowed hard as he went to work this a-m.  & again at 10 & at noon a blizard came from S.W. & N.W. & blowed, & snowed so hard couldn’t see beyond the evergreens.  then sun came through & melted most the snow, so it was all day showers of snow & then the sun bright & clear, wind freshen up some tonight from N.W. little colder tonight.  I received a sociable letter from Miss. Mc.Govern today & she’s most begging me to write & still wanting to know what she said to offend me, she seems to be offended because I sent all her books back, she ask for them, now what could I do, & I was glad to send them, for something might happen to them since some one comes in here every now & again & helps themselves.  

Thurs. Feb. 21. 1946./ 21. eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I washed  I didn’t get it all done for I stopped at 9-p-m & got dried off & cooled.  I sweat like rain, I had them all dry, but the colored pieces & things put away when the Minister, his wife & 3 children came in, Well I had been out to fed & watered the hens & picked up the eggs & got 2 pails of cystern water & made the starch before they came & starched my dress & the big chair cover, so I cleaned the starch basin

Thurs  Feb. 21. 1946./ 858./ & had them put there things raps on my bead ( I had got that made up) & then we sit down & visited for maybe 15 minutes, then I cleared the table put in a leaf & reset it for supper  I couldn’t start supper, for we were out of every thing & Elbert was bringing things for supper & not knowing what or how much he would bring for we didn’t know they were coming, but Elbert had enough sausage for a cake around & 2 or 3 over & I fixed corn & po-tatoes & gravey, hot coffee, black berries & cup cakes & sweet pickles  cold biscuits & bread  Elbert went to Burdues & got bread while I got supper & it was ready soon after he got back & every one seemed to have enough.  Praise the Lord.  They told me all the church news & that Jane Reese didn’t come any more to church & that she is soon to Marry & most of the folks are sticking to church Glory to God I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost amen.  Well, it’s been a fairly nice day, today with sunshine.  Elbert had to work to hard today, they made a goat of him. 

Fri. Feb.22.1946./ 22 eggs today /  Elbert felt to bad to work, He did go to Vermilion late this after noon & sold 4. doz eggs & got a few more things to eat, he took the white bread & 2 doz eggs to the Minister, I forgot them last night. While Elbert was gone to Vermilion I washed his union suit & bath towel 2 dish towels & my nose rages & my dress & table cloth & they are all dry but the union suit  It was cloudy most the morning the sun came out & stayed untill just before Elbert went , it clouded up again & still is, but not cold. 

Sat. Feb. 23. 1946./ Elbert went to Vermilion 3 times today, he got some money orders for me, I ment to get one money order & be-cause Elbert was in a hurry the last last minute I did it my my  he went back to see how to get the money orders exchanged for the one, I signed them so he could cash them & they said I signed on the wrong space & so he went to Huron & they wouldn’t cash them & he went back to Vermilion when he went for the milk & still I had to write Elberts name on them, I think they are trying to make a fool of us because I made the mistake, in the first place, so now he’s got to take them & get them cashed Monday (if he can)  Well, I swept & wiped up floors & ironed & patched his union suit once more & fixed the button holes.  I’m not washing the dishes.  Been cloudy with N.E. wind or light breeze today.  Elbert sold Mrs. West Sr. 2. doz. eggs today & she ask how I was

Sat. Feb. 23. 1946./ 859./ 22 eggs today./ & he told her how weak I was & said the Minister’s, wife noticed it the other night when they were here for supper & she (Mrs. West) said, I wouldn’t cook for them if I was like that.  I ask them to come & prayed God would help them to come & He ans. my prayers. Praise His Holy Name, & If some of them understood God better & prayed more earnestly from there heart, seems to me I would be feeling O.K. by this time, but, However I’m better & I know God will heal me, for he always does, & all things work out for His good & Glory, Amen. Glory to God, Hallelujiah, Praise His Name, I give all the Praise & Glory to Him for He Knows & understand.  We run out of gas & Elbert had to call them, they brought it.

Sun. Feb. 24. 1946./  21 eggs today /  Well, I’m still not able to get up & dust ( or get around to do things) I just haven’t been any good Sat. & Sun. I’m not as good as Fri. so, I’ll just have to be contributed untill I can get out & doing & I can’t half eat with out my teeth.  Wished all day I had some broth & for once we didn’t have any, my stomach’s on the bum already.  It snowed early this morning  from the N.W. & We had snow showers all day & it’s been quite cold, below freezing paint. I haven’t done anything today only got dinner & done the dishes  Elbert did all out side chores & he hasn’t felt very well today, So sorry I can’t feel able to get to church, I know I’d feel better in spirit any way, for I need that spiritual food so much, I tried to sing Praises & Whistle them today, for I love the Lord And I have prayed God would fill the Church & Bless every effort. 

Mon. Feb. 25. 1946./  22 eggs today /  Elbert has felt stricly on the bum today his bowels are on a rampage & his stomach, I pray he will be O.K. tomorrow, he’s got pains in his hip joints so bad & his back he can hardly get up or down, I’m so tired seems as if I just can’t force myself to work, but while he went to Vermilion to get some boiling meat & get the money order fixed up, I made a batch of rolled oat cookies, only have to stir them up & drop them on the cookie sheet & bake.  I had the sheet 3 times full. haven’t done anything else only meals & dishes, beds & take care of birds. & it was cloudy most of the day  sun came out 2 or 3 times during the day & tonight just before dark it began to snow & now we have quite a white blanket.  The rat is still in the coop.  We owe for 2. tanks of gas, not very cold wind S.E. 

Tue. Feb. 26. 1946./ 20 eggs today / Elbert has felt bad all day his head & back & his stomach & bowels.  I feel better but still weak.  I baked 4. loaves of bread 2 white 2 brown & the daily dozens.

Tue. Feb. 26. 1946./ 860./ Sun came out & melted all the snow & tonight it rained  started to sprinkle before Elbert went for milk, he went a mile west to filling station & got milk a news paper then on east & South for the milk. We have had several good showers of rain from 7-to  11-p-m. the wind is south West not strong. & it’s not cold out.

Wed. Feb. 27. 1946./ 23 eggs today/   Elbert has been feeling bad all day   his in-testines are so sore it hurts him to touch them or “touch his belly”  he has done outside chores & went for milk. I cleaned the cook stove top & inwards today & that’s a terrible job for me  so much scrubbing & scouring to do but I got it done & I’m a-bout done, by the way I feel, so tired I ached so bad I could hardly eat any supper after I had it ready, but I have the dishes done & wish I was in bed, Elbert’s gone to bed, the ach in my arm is lots better, but the smell in my head is bad I pray God will cleans me, soul, & body, Kill the roots of all the bad & plant good in there places, for I love the Lord.  It rained fine misty rain & froze on, it showered all night & most of the day, it was so dark I couldn’t see the South bedroom window after I turned the Kitchen light off. & it’s the same tonight  sun shone through at verious times during the day & set red tonight. The wind’s been N. east & not much of it, but shivery cold.  Mrs Walaper’s barn burned up a few nights ago about 1 1/2 miles west of us on main highway. 

Thurs. Feb. 28. 1946./ 24 eggs today/  Well, I washed, Elbert’s got the same kind of pain in his shoulder as I have, he complains bitterly, but he did rub out his union suit shirt socks & kercheif but, I did all the sud-ing & wrincing & ringing by hand & cooked the meals  he helped with supper  we had them all dry before bedtime except his union suit.  it’s been a fairly nice day, but I’m achin  my body aches like the tooth ack & I feel as if I’d just have to cry.  Elbert went to Vermilion & paid light bill & got a very small piece of beef to boil & a little sausage & a news paper, we can’t aford one, but thats all the news we get once “or twice a week if he’s working” 5cents per paper

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