November 1946

Fri. Nov.1.1946./ 4 eggs today/  Elbert went to work but quit it noon he said. he went to see Dr. De Nardy  got some pills to use in water to soak his feet, Every time I wash his socks my fingers brake out in sores or big pimples  he told me he paid my milk bill & 20.00 on last winter’s coal bill. there’s still about 16.00 to be paid, he’s got his car insurance yet to pay 24.00 & then the garage bill 17 or 18.00 & he did say 17.81 for 2 ton of the dirtiest coal, last week. We still have cabbages to pull &

Fri. Nov. 1. 1946./989./4. eggs today/  a few beets & carrots. I mended 2. of my suits & got one patch felled down on my pants that I had basted on yesterday but still have another to put on the seat & will have to fix the other pair same way.  I washed out all the rags & nose rags I dirtied last night & got them dry over the stove took care of birds & hens   I got one more hen that looks as if she would be dead in the morning.  I sure did push them hard for eggs & some don’t eat enough to keep there bodys & molt, now she’s half feathered out & just hasn’t got pep enough to go on, there are lots of people just like that, as Flora says they haven’t got what it takes, a good constatution, back bone, or grit  in 2 weeks she’d be on top again but she’s giving up.  Well, it’s been mostly cloudy today & rained a little tonight. been a nice day not cold flowers are blooming yet.  Elbert says he feels better tonight, he took a piece of a nature remidy tablet, he has a cold & he got rather nervous about the things he said the other night. 

Sat. Nov.2. 1946./ 1. egg today./  Elbert went to work & tonight he says he’s going to go to work tomorrow, I ask him not to but he says he gets double time & he needs the money, well, he isn’t going to harm any one but hisself, if he is determined he wants to go to Hell, how, can I, keep him, I know he can cut off his own neck if he wants to  I’m more than sorry, for he kknows I’m not trying to boss him, I  love him & have put up with a lot, hoping he would see the the right way out   The Good Lord wont save him just because I ask, we each must be willing to do our own part, I’ll still pray & hope that he will step over on the right path soon, before it to late & I hope he wont wait to long, for time is growing short fast; It’s been so warm today & sort of sultry, mostly cloudy & no breeze.  I picked a dozen or more ripe tomatoes & a big bouquet of roses red yellow & pink, & the honey suckle is in full bloom sweet peas & other flowers & a big dandelion in bloom by the back door. I gathered beets carrots & cabbabe from the garden & broccoli for the birds, today it’s to hot for this time of yr. wish Elbert had put in more corn it would have been so good now.  I wanted so much to go to Sunday school & church in the morning but I have to cough untill I throw up & soak me self.  I have trusted all week I’d be O.K. for Sun.  I felt God ans. pray Fri. but some how I seemed to have to go through the fire & hot water again for His Name’s Sake  I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen. Glory, Glory to God.

Sat. Nov.2. 1946./990./ only 1. egg. today. /  I done my usual rounds of work today  got supper & done dishes, Elbert got home early 5-30-p-m. & he’s so tired. he had cramp in his thighs last night untill he was exausted. he went to bed, but don’t seem to be able to sleep yet.  I lost one more hen, poor old gal. I picked up the bigest baldwin apple today   I’ve seen since the tree in the back yard first started to bear it    ins. around & ___ ins deep. big & red, & smells so good. & they (some one) has picked up all the kull apples, once a-gain, you would think, to see the way they come in every few nights, that those apples were dimonds or gold nugets. Well they have sure cleaned the ground. 

Sun. Nov. 3. 1946./ 4. eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I slept late 10-a-m & then I got up weak as a rat & feeling like a dish rag, dressed combed & washed  cleaned my teeth & put some water on to heat, went to Mail box got my check and DeHaan’s book called (The Times of the Gentiles) then I went to grainery got some mash & mixed in salt & condition powder & went to hen house, went to garden, got armfull of swiss chard & took it & mash in for hens & chicks  some of those poor old girls that were so bare are about half feathered now but I hope they

Mon. Nov.4. 1946. 991./ 4. eggs today. / all got done molting before it gets severe cold, they all seem active so far have only lost two. there are several that have not started to molt yet poor things & I’m hoping they get at it soon. Well, I got back to house had a bad cough-ing spell & was just done when the preachers came in  We had tea, or they did, & we talked & visited & then then Prayed & ask God to deliver me from this cold, to clear it all out & give me strength of body & spirit  Praise God in Jesus name. I thank God for them as His and All of His & I thank Him for my healing & Praise Him for ever & ever Amen;  They were going to Sandusky to pray for a sick man who had sent for them. He said his minister came in & read some prayers off a paper but they didn’t do him any good, but when Brother & Sister Gurney prayed for him, he felt lifted, & blessed Glory Glory Hallulejah Praise the Lord Oh my soul, Praise God from Whom all blessing flow   Well, I had once more got set down to eat a bite when Adan Hauffman came in, He’s a batchlor that lives with his Aunt Lena Bacon, he came in some time ago to get a slip that Lane Bryant had sent to me instead of his Aunt & he wanted me to try to raise a song bird for him, I told him I didn’t raise them any more & hadn’t any females, he said maybe he could get one & I said I didn’t care to raise any, it was such a lot of work but here he came today with a female, well, I didn’t know what to say, he only wants one singer & then I can have the femqale, she’s a nice looking bird & she & Jack were soon talking together, I just don’t feel able to take care of breeding birds, it’s a lot of work to look after them, but I hope she’ll have two males so I can have one for my pay. I don’t care to have Hauffman running here either, such a world.  I do hope he wont come often. Elbert got here late tonight 5-to-6-p-m. he’s plenty tired   I hope he takes a day to rest or he’ll be sick, he got chilled this afternoon & felt cold & shivery tonight, I hope he’s able to throw it off.

Tue. Nov. 5. 1946./992./ 4 eggs today/  Elbert went to work, it’s getting to be rather chilly mornings & he’s still wearing his B.V.D’s. & so tonight he is feeling heavy with a cold coming on & he has taken 3 anasins & I have given him one I hope & pray God will break his cold, so he can Keep working   While the weather is still good. I havent done much today   took care of bedrooms & kitchen cooked supper & done dishes & took care of hens & birds. It’s been a fine day   wind N. west & cool, sun warm. I let hens out for 2. or 3. hrs. & then drove them in & shut up the coop, to keep the heat in & there are 6 or 7 most naked   I got my check yesterday & DeHaan’s book & Elbert got his insurance policy today   I hope he gets it all paid for, so if he gets sick he will have a way to take care of himself   It, cost 60.00 per. yr. but it pays his Dr. amblance & hospital bills & that is a lot & it pays even if he isn’t confined to bed or home.  I think that would be nice to have, it’s life & accident policy.

Wed. Nov. 6. 1946./ 3 eggs today/  Elbert went to work but tonight his cold seems to be the same as last night & he has been taking anacins all evening. I only did my usual round & feel to weak for even that but got the chores done inside & out.  & I got the supper on time & now everythings ready for morning. It’s been a fine day, wind was south untill 4-p-m when it went north & got chilly, but not cold.  We had a white frost but didn’t kill tomatoes or other vegetables. cloudy tonight.

Thurs. Nov.7. 1946./ 3. eggs today/ Elbert went to work & his cold seems worth tonight, he told me his supperentendent dropped dead in the bank in Lorain yesterday & they are burying him Sat.Nov.9.  It was raining this morning but cleared up & sun came out, but it’s cloudy agaiin tonight, wind went south in the night & is still South tonight.  I just done my usual round of duties in side & out & washed 3 windows & put up the curtians in Elberts room, I washed the front door & storm door window. & got the supper, Elbert pulled a few cabbages & put them in the coop. I still have to cough hard   Elbert bought a pk of apples.  I don’t care for them  not very good flavor.  Elbert’s hip joints are paining him tonight & he’s sore lame & stiff. 

Fri. Nov. 8. 1946./ 5. eggs today./  Elbert’s cold so bad & he had cramps in his legs & he didn’t go to work, but he did do some things here that needed to be done, he put up the back storm door & put the cabbages down seller   it’s rataher warm for them yet so will have to open window every day & there are about 100 or more loose or savory cabbages yet to be pulled & took care of. I done my usual round & I’m terrible weak. no mail today. it’s been cloudy most all day & chilly breeze N. west.  fire feels good but coal is sure punk stuff cloggs up the pipe so bad & smokes so, I do hope we can get some better.

Sat. Nov.9. 1946./993./4 eggs today/  Elbert’s cold is bad, his head has felt terrible all day, I rubbed him good last night with alcohol & he greese hisself, but I hadn’t been in bed long, before his ear began to ach & then they both ached & I got up & heat a flanel blanket & put it under his head & all around his head & after a little he got easy & slept, but not as usual, I talked to him several times, he just felt so bad he couldn’t sleep but, I felt tired most to death & slept this morning, he got up at 8-30-a-m & went out & gave hens fresh water & got the mail  a letter from Nellie & she sent a stamped addressed envelope & said the girls had both been sick & in bed for one day but were better again & that they had a light snow fall. but it soon melted and all there was left was a snow man in the back yard & that was all they had left to know it had snowed. I had thought I’d write before this but have had a terrible cold & cough, so thought perhaps it would be better to wait un-till I felt stronger & was sure  I’d got rid of all the germans [? germ and]  then Elbert came down with same kind of cold, he’d been feeling bum for a week, well I give him a good rubbing again tonight, he says he feels better than last night  his back hurt so bad he could hardly get up or down last night but today it, the lameness & the pain in his hip is gone, Thank God. I Praise God in Jesus Name  all he does for us.  We had to go to Huron to get some food for over Sun-day & for Mon.  I had Elbert cash my check & he had to put his thumb print on the check & it seem to worry him for some reason, but he always gives me all the money unless I tell him to use some of it for something.  I got me three shirts  very thin cheap looking but cost 64 cents a piece, I got 3 & she only charged 1.98, tax & all. Well, that’s to much  there isn’t any extra piece under the arms, & Elbert got the grocierys & we came home & I feel terribl bum, I did get an all wool blanket 14.75 & paid 5.00 down on it.  guess I’ll try Lane Bryant’s for pants & shirts & stockings & wool skirts.  I have to get some shoes & maybe over shoes soon.  I pray God will help me to have the things I really need. I’m feeling terrible weak in body. & so tired.  Nellie said in her letter Bonita wrote every day & that she said merlin had a severe cold.  I dreamed of Pa, Ma, Fred & Martha last night. 

Sun. Nov. 10. 1946./994./1. egg today. /  Pa has been gone 2. yrs. today & times surely flying & Jesus will soon be coming.  Glory, Glory to God. I Praise Father , Son & Holy Ghost.  Well, it did shower this morning, light shower before 9.a.m. was cloudy most all day 7 cloudy tonight; We been home all day  Elbert feels punk  his head’s so dizzy, he says he’s going to work in the morning, but I doubt if he works.  I’m so weak in body, I had to cough & raise & sweat takes about all the strength I had, I know they will be praying for me at Church and I believe God will be merciful & heal me again in Jesus Name & I thank Him & all the Praise & Glory belongs to Him forever & ever amen.   I love & ador my Jesus and I think it’s more than wonderful that He listens to us at all, we sin so often. Oh, I’m so glad He forgive us and lifts us and give us another chance   Who on earth would ever even think of being so Kind to us, There’s no one like our Lowly Jesus   He hears  He sees & Knows Blessed, Blessed, Spotless Lamb of God Pure Clean in Spirit Soul & body, a clean heart & pure mind.  Oh if only I could be like Him.  Oh God, give me strength in Spirit & body that I be like Him.  Oh God, give me strength in Spirit & body that I may be in every meeting as a testimony to Thee, I thank thee.

Mon. Nov. 11. 1946./5 eggs today/ today was armistes/   Elbert felt to bum to work  it’s been a wet day showery, sun came out a few times, but not to stay & it’s cloudy tonight   I wrote a letter to Nellie & a card to Indera Mills Co. Winston, Salem; N.C. the sell the wool slips & under skirts, I’ve only done what I had to do today.  Elbert got the water & coal & emptied ashes. & he keeps to hot a fire. He says he’s going to work tomorrow, but, his head feels so bad tonight  he’s still dizzy.  Well I got dishes done and everything ready for morning.  No mail today.  Weather is a little cooler but tomatoes beets & carrots are still green out side yet.  I’m better but weak, Praise God.

Tue. Nov. 12. 1946./4 eggs today/  Elbert felt so bad he didn’t go to work, he carried water & went to Vermilion, but he didn’t feel able to do that, he had a fever last night has felt & looked bad all day. I hate to have him drive when he feels so bad, but, because I did the washing he tried to do what he could, he thought I was foolish to wash, but, I didn’t last week & so had to today, I had to wash rags & nose rags every day last week & didn’t feel like mading beds  sweeping & cooking doing dishes & baking bread, so I had to wash today & the sun was shining to, well got it all done except 3 shirts & 1 dress. 

Wed. Nov. 13. 1946./995./ 4. eggs today./  Elbert looks sick & his head feels so bad & his stomach & bowels are not acting just right but he says he’s going to work in the morning.  Well, I washed 3 shirts & baked 2 loaves of bread & tin of bread biscuits & am so weak   Elbert put supper to cook & I helped & now dishes are done & everythings ready for the morning.  I have to get the sweeping done in the morning &  wipe up the floors, I did take care of beds & birds, hens & feeding today; & it was a fine day S. west wind I Praise God for my blessing. This morning we gave the letter for Nellie & girls & letter for Flora & card to wool Mills to the postman, receiving none.

Thurs. Nov. 14. 1946./3 eggs today/ Elbert went to work & I swept aired the bedding & wiped up the floors, took care of birds & hens & cooked supper & finished mending my pants   Received a letter from Annabel Mariner, Barns, Hackman. today   she’s been over to Mexico Colorado & West Coast this last summer & is now back at her job hoping she can work untill she is 60. yrs. old so she can have her pension & she is now calling herself an old lady   says she will be 57. yrs. old Feb. 1. 1947.  Well it’s been a beautiful day, weather is getting a wintery ting in the air, sort of sharp & brisk.  I guess I must be getting old for I’m tired tonight but thank my dear Heavenly Father   He still takes good care of me. Elbert brought me some nut candy bars, & some figs for both of us.  He was tired tonight, he’s been off work a week yesterday.

Fri. Nov. 15. 1946./3 eggs today./  Elbert went to work & he took grainery & car shed & cook keys with him, I have to think for two or be out of luck so poor hard working little old hens, got the same sort of treatment, I get every once in a while, or I get twice in a while   right now he’s been bringing things I can eat, but in a few days I’ll be like the hens, eat if there’s any-anything I can eat   I went to the cook & put in there mash & scattered the grain, to dark for them to see to eat, but the young roosters groped over to there mash dish & started eating, he said he was sorry & he started getting the coal up & windows in basement shut & he emptied the ashes  While I looked after the chickens, he brought ice cream & I do crave for it :& he brought a pice of smoked ham. he looked after supper untill I got back into the house  now dishes are done & I cooked some beans & got everything ready for morning.  Elbert ate a good supper then had cramps in his legs & now he’s taking piece of N.R. tablets.  I gave him [??] & prayed it only last 10 min. 

Sat. Nov. 16. 1946./ 996./4 eggs today/  Elbert went to work  I thought I’d sure get a little rest this morning, but the combine & two dump carts came & started to work & then Frank drove in with his two boys Harvey & Armond & they started shooting at rabbits all around the house & out in the back yard   I wasn’t sure if it was them so I yelled K& ask them what they were doing out there in my yard, then Harvey came & said they thought they would-n’t wake me up, but the rabbits started getting out & running & they just started shooting & told him to go ahead & to get two for me & they did give me 2 of the smallest ones they had but they will be tender, I dressed them  while they were warm & put them in salt water, The boys ate there lunch in here, Armond’s feet & back were hurting him, he got broken arches in the service & his back’s in bad condition, he’s tall  6 ft. & lean   Harvey’s quite stout & he’s so happy because his wife’s soon to have a baby some time in Jan.  he said, she & her mother came over to Frank’s, Ruby’s been back to the clinic & has a little to much sugar in her blood, she’s always been so gready for candy & she still does eat some, they said.  said they had a letter from Nellie & that she & Bonney Bell had to move & were hunting the city for a place to live, she didn’t say anything about it in my letter, well it was good of her to let them Know they’d better bring a trailer car , or they wouldn’t have a place to stay.  They are making life miserable for Gertie acording to there own story’s, Armond bought the home place, he said, for his father, & has turned it over to Frank & now Frank wants Elbert to sell him his lots for about nothing saying they aren’t worth much, but, who ever owned the home place really ought to have them. he calls every one else dirty cheap skates, that do such things, but it’s O.K. for him to do it.  Well, I told him Elbert wants rent for them if he used them & he looked rather queer, he’s charging Gertie rent for the house & says she can’t use the shop if he don’t want her to & he, had her sign a receipt he

Sat. Nov.16. 1946./997./ 4. eggs. today/  made out & says he can confine her to one room if he wants to, I’m going to find out about that. & I’m going to go talk to her first chance I get.  Frank told us a long time ago he wanted the place & he’s doing her a dirty deal, he says he’s been keeping track of the work he’s done on the docks & sawing her stove wood & if she gets to mean, he’ll make her pay for it about (200) two hundred dollars or more.  I tried to reason with him, but, he’s always been rotten.  Sun came out a little while then clouded up & rain-ned at 3-30-p-m.  I fed hens early & locked them in & done outside chores & just got shed opened as Elbert drove in. Frank & the boys left quarter to six & I was glad they didn’t stay to argue with Elbert, they said the Volock boy shot & kill the old man that has hung around the river, by the home place for so long & that the police went to Red’s to get his rifle but see it hadn’t been used, for it was covered with dust & they (police) had put a piece in the news paper saying they Knew Who did it & the Volock fellow went over & told them he must have done it acidental. while shooting at a hen that was down by the river, he’s 30. yrs. old & was in this last war.  I have a great urge to go home & talk to Gertie about her troubles, I don’t know if I could help her or not, she’s been so spoiled.  I pray God will help things to work out right.

Sun. Nov.17. 1946./2 eggs today/  No Church all day   I’ve been as dizzy as any one could be & get around & I can’t figure out why   Elbert says he hasn’t felt good all day that he sees black spots  it most be his stomach, he eats a lot of cold meat & a cold lunch & no hot drink or cold water   they don’t have any water there to drink & maybe that what’s wrong with him.  but me, I can’t for the life of me think whats wrong. feel as if I’d had a heavy drug to put me out, or, make me sleep.  I for got to say we had a killing frost Fri. night, so tomatoes & flowers, most of them   are done, I picked a few yellow roses & gave them to Harvey for his wife & gave him a qt. of apricots, thought she might like them for he says she’s fussy about her eating just now.  The combine was working most the day & untill dark & now they are done.  It’s been a beautiful Fall day with a little more chill in the air & radio said the had snow in some parts of Ohio this last week.  We had a rabbit pie

Sun. Nov. 17. 1946./997.[should be 998] /2 eggs today./  for supper, I felt to dizzy to make it but got it done.  I done the chores in -side & out & felt to bad to do them. Well, guess I’ll read if I can, & then pray & go to bed believing I’ll be ok in the morning.  Wind blew hard from S. W. last night & was N. East this morning & cooler.  

Mon. Nov. 18. 1946./2 eggs today. / Elbert went to work. I did the washing & had to carry all but 2 pails of the water & did all my other chores  got most of them dried out side it’s been a fine day  wind was S.W. & then S. east & I don’t Know just which way it was tonight.  Recieved letter from woolen skirt Mills giving me the names of stores that sell the skirts & slips saying they only sell to stores but if they wouldn’t order to let them Know, two letters came but one was for a woman at Greenwitch Ohio. so. I put it back in the mail box.  Elbert got home at 5.-30-p-m. to night.  & said we ought to pull the beets. 

Tue. Nov.19. 1946./3. eggs today./  Elbert over slept, he pulled the beets & ate his dinner & went to work at noon. I looked after hens & birds & managed to get my house dress basted together   took care of house & got supper   Elbert brought fresh fish & little white fish  a little over 2. lbs. & cost$1.70, but he was craving fresh fish & meat’s just about as high priced, we ate it all, but one piece left. they were so small I thought they were herrings.  It’s been a beautiful  day   I let the hens out for a short time & then put them in & locked the door, but there is one missing since Sun. Elbert let them out. but I watched them & they were not out very long  When the young one’s went in I put the rest in. I’d like to know if it got a fish hook over the fence, they were watching me all day, next door, Bill’s been home & fussing with the car.  got a card from Bonita today, She said she’d cleaned house & that no one comes to see them, that, Uncle Cicle & his wife were the only one’s that had been there since her mother left. she said Don Aclare is in California with her husband & expects a baby in Feb. that Cecile’s wife’s girl by her first husband,  Bonita says her mother writes most every day & that she (Bonita) is always busy.  Well I pray God will bless our Minister’s efforts & send a goodly number to the meeting tonight.  I man came to the door & ask for Elbert Bonney & I said he was my brother & lived here, but was working   he said I look like Elbert & gave me a check for him, I said I guessed he must have forgot it, or maybe they’d mail it to him, just before he started out to work  a man came in & ask him if he Knew anything about Rue Sarr. said he was out getting referances from the neighbors, that he was sent out to find out & didn’t know Why or What for, he didn’t say Where he was from, or anything, Oh Well, It’s a queer world.  Wind’s been light & S.W. & fog horn’s blowing tonight.  I scart a rabbit out by the prune tree & then I went in the park & one was sitting in the grass just west of the oak tree.

Wed. Nov. 20. 1946./998. [sequence off but continues in order] / 2 eggs today/  Elbert worked/  Oh, but it been such a wonderful day  S.W. breeze & so warm you don’t feel cold with out a jacket on. I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits, 1. loaf of bread took care of hens & birds & did my daily round of chores inside & out.  I cook ham & vegetables for supper then Elbert came with fresh fish “6 perch” so he cleaned them & I fried them & we ate the vegetables with them & maybe we’ll eat ham tomorrow night, have to keep an eye out for the hunters & Keep them away from the house & yard  they sure have a nerve  they come right into the yard & all over the place & never ask to hunt & Snyders are terrible & if any one goes on there place, they cuss them off.  Queer World, or at least the people in it.  I tried my dress on & it’s to big so have to rip it up & do it over, just the waist.  wish I had some one to help me just a little.  Well every things ready for morning. 

Thurs. Nov. 21. 1946./3 eggs today/  Elbert went to work, I did my daily round & there’s plenty to do. I dug the dahlias & glads & put them in the basement & let the hens out for a while then got them in again.  Minister came to tell me they have prayer meeting on Thurs. nights & only once a week now & services Sun. morning & evening.  His wife &  baby have been & still are weak from flu. Garry Black who lives with them is O.K. I gave them a qt. can of apple sauce, pt. can of strawberry jam qt. can of green tomatoe pickles & some green onions & head of savory cabbage 1. head red rock cabbage & some swiss chard & 1. doz. eggs.  We had prayer & I felt God’s power go through me, Praise His Holy Being. Glory to God  All the Praise belongs to Him in Jesus Name, I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen. It’s been a beautiful day  S. W. breeze & light warm sun, tonight the wind is getting strong & whistles  sound like snow.  I just fixed up Elberts letter to mail to the World In-surance Co. Omaha Nebraska U. S A  U.S.A. he’s send-ing balance ($53.00, ) in money order for his accident & Health insurance.  he will mail it in the morning.  Well I got supper, done dishes & everythings ready for morn-ing. Well they had a bad snow storm in Washington, so I guess Annabels flowers will be done for this yr. & will be having our turn soon.

Fri. Nov.22.1946./998 ./1. egg only, today/  Elbert went to work & the weather turned cold, it poured rain at 11-30-p-m. & it showered untill toward morning & the wind blew a gale from the S. W. & today it tore the lower sheet of roofing paper off the car shed & laid it on the ground just a few feet N. east of the shed doors, I had to move it so Elbert could get in shed. & that cold wind just seemed to go right through me, but I did my chores, I ought to have pulled cabbages, but my fingers cramped so bad, I didn’t. So when Elbert came he took the wheel barrow & in 3/4 hr. had them pulled   Wheeled to hen house & stacked in coop. & wheel barrow put up, he fix 2 coop windows & locked coop & shed, & grainery. & then we ate supper & he went out & put some dope in radiator so it wouldn’t freeze. Water was freezing hard & fast at 3-p-m.  birds bath was froze solid  then & I felt as if I would to if I stayed out there very long.  I mend a union suit for Elbert & his sleeper pants & made 2 dish towels & fix the waist of my house dress over, but didn’t get to try it on at 4-p-m, I have to feed hens, empty ashes & can, slop pail & get water for supper, fix open car shed & then get supper started & put away sewing machine & my sewing & mending & clean up thread & clippings, so it sure Keeps me stepping. Elbert sent his insurance money 53.00 this a.m.  Elbert brings up the coal & I must remember to see if he turns out light.  Elbert is having cramps tonigh behind his shoulder blades & on his ribs in his fingers & legs, he’s had to work out side all day said he did not feel cold but his partner shivered so he couldn’t draw strait mark. 

Sat. Nov.23. 1946./ 2 eggs today/  Well, Elbert went to work & it turned out to be a nice day  winds & S. west but nice sun, I washed all the dirty clothes I could find. carried both cystern & well water took care of hens & birds & swept & made up bed & wiped up kitchen & emptied ashes & now for a week or more have to open the basement windows & shut them again at night  fed the hens & locked the coop. I made a Kettle of hot soup for supper. Frank, Harvey & Armond came out to hunt this afternoon   they got a few & gave me one that was shot mostly away it really was a mess one fore shoulder, ribs & belly gone. They are a bad lot. Elbert got here just as they were leaving. Elbert ate supper & went to Huron & got 2 suits of under wear & (2 work shirts 4.65 with tax)  union suits were ______  he got a pork hock 2 cans green beans, little bag choclate coated peanuts, he ate some more soup :& drank more coffee  rested a little got a pail of coal  washed & went to bed he looks tired out tonight  Fred’s been gone 10. yrs. Poor dear Fred.  I loved him so much. T I got a letter from Nellie & she sent me a stamp & said she wished Elbert & I lived there it’s just beautiful weather & she is so she can walk 2 or 3 blocks aday, but she has to, if she’s got to find a room   Bonney Bell is working & from the undertone of her letters they are all quite home sick but trying to be so brave & not let anyone know.

Sun. Nov. 24. 1946./999./1. egg. today. /  I wanted to get out to Sunday school & Church this morning but Elbert was so tired we didn’t go untill tonight & we had such a good Service, both Our Ministers are O. K  but the baby is still sick  God has heard the prayers & I’m sure He will heal her & she will soon be herself again, and I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will bless each of them. Strengthen there bodys all so & please see that they have enough to eat & wear & keep warm. Everyone seemed real sociable to night.  We took Miss Clark home & the 3. Smith Children. The wind is S. & little west & almost blow you off your feet.  Our front door step is going to pieces & its a long step with one gone out & I dont know how we are going to fix it.  I gave [?] in my tenth for Nov. tonight, an extra dollor for something or other.  dI took care of hens & birds & Elbert emptied ashes & got the water  I cooked the rabbit & put potatoes carrots onions & dumplins in with it. for dinner or supper rather & it was good that way. 

Mon. Nov. 25. 1946./ 1 egg today. /  Elbert went to work & I slept untill 9-30.-a.-m. comb my hair & dressed & washed cleaned my teeth & went to hen house, then to mail box for only country gentle-man magazine, then fished clinkers & emptied ashes & got a pail of well water  tried on my dress  guess it will be O.K. now.  but it was to dark to sew, heavy greenish yellow fog & misty rain  I prayed God would take care of Elbert, but tonight he said he’d been on the roof all day & he was wet through, felt as if his throat was getting sore. It was only a misty rain when I fed the hens at 5-30-p-m. but so dark they could hardly see to eat.  I was glad when Elbert come, he stopped to do the shopping & it was 6-p-m when he got here, I had supper ready & every thing done out side, so when he locked  car shed & came in he didn’t need to go back.  he got up a pail of coal & shut windows & got washed  I baked one loaf of bread 1. tin of biscuits, they were hot for supper.  I have the dishes done & he’s long in bed & it’s raining hard  Wind went N. W. & it’s N. & little east now, so will be colder  radio said rain, sleet & then snow. 

Tue. Nov. 26. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Elbert got off to work & it was so dark out side & wet for it rained sleeted & snowed, I slept untill 9.a.m.  it was terrible dark all morning, I didn’t get such a lot done, did my daily round, darned 2 prs. sock 1. pr. hose 1. peticoat, then did little more on my dress, then did evening chores & got supper started, still feeling to dead to work, but got everything done & thank God for His Love & Care & that it didn’t get so cold. was sure is wet, have to pull the carrots for it might freeze after this little spell of weather  Elbert’s so tired he left his jacket, the heavy knitt one & his fruit jar & spoon, I hope he gets his Jacket

Tue. Nov. 26. 1946./1000/ 1. egg today/  he lost one spoon & jar & now if he doesn’t get them one & his jacket, well I’m wondering what he’ll do about it, he lost some tools & some one stole the electric saw a short time ago, if it were me I’d raise cane & able, I’d sure get after them, he can be terrible mean sometimes so I wonder whats going to be doing if he don’t find the jacket in the morning. N. E. breeze.

Wed. Nov. 27. 1946./ 3. eggs today/ Elbert went to work, it was dark early when he left at 6-35-1-m. but sun came through at 8-30, & I got up & got things going, shook up beds opened the windows, put water on to heat to wash & some to drink, then  I went to hen house, & carried water to wash & then to mail box, got DeHaan’s book & an add.  DeHaan’s books are truly good.  It was partly cloudy all day, it was like an early Spring day  sunshine & cloudy instead of showers   Elbert said they had a shower out where he was in S. Lorain at Noon, but it was a fine day here, I prayed for his safety all day & at 5.p.m. I felt like crying, so prayed harder, but when Elbert came, he said another guy gave him a terrible bump in the rear & bent things up bad & he got the mans address, but failed to get his number, the man that worked with him (with Elbert) was in Elbert’s car, he hit them so hard he gave there necks a terrible jirk & so Elbert don’t feel so good tonight   he brought white fish for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, he’s so tired   I thanked God that he don’t have to go to work tomorrow   I’m tired some myself, I did all the washing & got it all dry except Elbert’s heavy union suit  got them heavy suits to wash for 4 mo’s or 16 week’s, maybe longer.  I got supper but am leaving the few dishes at least I think I will, I did the ironing after supper.  Radio said it would be colder tomorrow & we have a new moon. 

Thurs. Nov. 28. 1946./1 egg today. /  For one thing, I’m more thankful that I can tell, that God rules the world & if we Know Know him & trust Him, He takes care of us day & night. I thank Him & praise Him & give Him all the praise & Glory for-ever & ever Amen.  Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, I thank Thee.  I went to prayer meeting tonight & there were only a very few there  Bockman, Lindy West, his wife, his mother-in-law & grandmother, Miss Clark Tom & his wife & son, 6 or 8 children & Rev. Bueser his wife & son from Amherst & Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Osborne & baby a new little baby they were from Penn. & Rev. Mr & Mrs Gurney & my self  we had a good prayer service & I got my request for healing   I Praise God in Jesus Name.  Elbert got some ice cream so we had it for lunch when we got home.  Now I have the fire fixed & am going to bed.  The Minister’s wife came & thanked me for the caned stuff I gave Rev. Gurney when he was here & the cabbages & carrots tonight but 

Thurs. Nov. 28. 1946./1001./1. egg today./  they havent given me back any of my cans yet, they are good children, I do hope they Keep there promises.  Frank Bonney & 3 or 4 other fellows were here hunting today   Frank got a big coon & they got some rabbits but didn’t say how many & didn’t give us any.  Today is Thanksgiving day & Rev. Gurney & his wife & family & Miss Clark ate dinner with Tom Eppler & his family   We had fish & potatoes bread & coffee & string beans. & thanked God we could have it.  It has been a nice day  partly cloudy crisp fresh air, Elbert put more paper on car shed roof today where wind had blown it off.  We had a very heavy White frost last night that stayed untill noon today. 

Fri. Nov. 29. 1946./2. eggs todays/  My Mother’s birthday, today she would be 90. yrs. old, & pa would be 86. yrs. old in Jan. 29. 1947. Elbert will be 64. Dec. 6. 1946 & I will be 62. Jan. 16. 1947. Fred would be 60. Sept. 19, 1946   Gertie was 58. May. 13. 1946.  Frank was 56 July 27. Audrey was 54. July 24. & Nellie will be 50. Feb. 6. 1947 & she is the youngest. & so we are the old folks now.  Elbert, poor fellow, has a stiff neck but, he went to work, he’s so tired he can hardly go & he looks it, to. I went back & rested a couple of hrs. had just dozed off when the guns began to bang & echo against the house & I got up, the sun was shining   air rest snapy, house was warm but when I stepped out side, I stepped fast, hen house felt warm inside & hens all active but one she’s done molting but needs something to give her pep, she eats a little  summer sun & air & good rest, she’s laid heavy & didn’t store up enough fat, she & I are in the same boat, only, if, & when she dies, I’ll give her to the crows, & me?   they may dump me in a box & thank God His Mercy. It’s sure queer how we fight to live & live to fight.  It’s a queer World, or at least the people in it.  No mail today. I emptied the ashes  got two pails well water & fed hens  emptied pail several times K& did my house work, sewed a little on my dress. got supper & had it ready when Elbert got here at 6-p-m.  pig hock, potatoes, cabbage dumplins, coffee &. It’s colder tonight   house cools off fast & must be going to rain   couldn’t hardly keep water enough on the meat, sun looked like cake of ice at noon & went down red tonight   ma use to say, colder & stormy.  It’s been a nice day.  I turned on radio at noon & some man said, it’s a beautiful day here in New York with a nice warm sun.  I always like to here some one who takes an interest in the sun-shine & weather, makes you feel he’s still glad to be alive   I know a few people who would hear the birds or see a squirrel frisking about or see a rabbit leaping & bounding to get away from dogs & guns, poor little bunnies, if they would get under the cottage neither could get them, but I wont let them hunt up here

Fri. Nov. 29. 1946./2 eggs today/ 1002./  on top the hill & you’d think there wasn’t any place to hunt only on my place  it’s so discusting.  

Sat. Nov. 30. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Elbert went to work & this is the last day of Nov. & has been a fine warm day, flys crawling around on the window screens outside, most to warm to wear a jacket, Well, I baked two loaves of bread & 2. tins of biscuits 1. for us & 1. for the Ministers.  I swept & dusted & did my daily dozens & just had to coax myself to keep at it untill I got it all done, but at last even the dishes are done & put away   S. breeze all day & bushels of hunters.  Elbert went did his work & got back safe & I thank God for the highways are a long ways from being safe these days.

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