September  1949

Thurs. Sept. 1. 1949./ 1-H-11-P. eggs today./  Well, I darned socks & mended the big chair cover,    cooked & washed dishes & picked up a couple of bu. of apples & then we had a lunch.    it’s been a cool day & tonight the winds all died out & clear a very clear moon & Elbert has covered tomatoes & peppers    looks like we’d have a frost sure tonight.    Elbert built a fire this morning & we Kept it all day & it feels good.    We finished tying up the roses on the south end of the house today, while the sun was warm & flies so thick it was hard to work.  I’m glad that is over & vines cleaned up & carried away.    Elbert cut & trimed & carried it away & he tied the roses up, for I can’t do it any more.    We are going to try to get the others cleaned up this month so to have it done before it gets to cold.   He cut the broken peach tree & apricot & put the limbs we can use for wood in a pile over the fence & the branches to be taken over the hill in another pile     & he went with the eggs to Lorain 6. doz. 85 cents per. doz. total 5.10,   bag of growing mash cost $4.60 cents & gas for car 50 cents     so there wasn’t any for food for us,     but, We are glad they can still pay there way & feed baby chicks, they have paid for mash & grain, oyster schell & straw for hens & chicks.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all His many blessing to us,    I pray He will help me to live His way & do His will Amen, Glory to God.

Fri. Sept. 2. 1949./ 2.H-11. P. eggs today./  Well, Elbert kept his promise & took Mige & her brother Earnie to Berlin Hights    they took there dog to the vete. & feeding there chickens while they are gone Sat. & Sun. night.   I hope & pray he don’t get lead into a trap of any sort.    men are so foolish,    he took them to town so many time, when things were so hard in depression time & then Migie stole the button 

Fri. Sept. 2. 1949./ page. 2399./ 2.H. 11. P. eggs today./  off his work hat,    he had to have, while he was working in the Shipyard & they were quite strick,    they took the men’s pictures & put them on a button with a pin on the back,    so they were pined securely to the hat band in the middle of the front,    he saw Migie trying to get it off, but thought she couldn’t for it was hard for him to get it on,    but between her & Jean they did it    & when Jean came in we ask her to get it & told her how bad it was for a man to loose his button & she went home & told some out landish yarn & Helen came up & called us all sorts of things    & when she had finished we explained what had happened    but, she said, she didn’t believe they had taken the pin    she called me a liar    & Now he has been roped a-gain,    I hope he gets out with out a scratch & that I don’t have to be draged in.    Bob Snyder got it wrong for being “as Elbert says ”  just neighborly.    I hate such things.  Well, I did all I could to keep him from doing it, but he’s just as stubborn as the most stubborn jackass you ever saw or heard tell of.    I sure am tired of this world & all the wickedness in it & to think when you have been kicked once you’d be foolish enough to go back for more.   Rue is talking of getting a divorse “so Helen told Elbert” but she use to say bloods thicker than water you know & she loved the dirt Rue walked on.    I pray God will help me & keep me free from any stench.    I thank Thee Jesus & pray all will be well in Thy Name, Amen.    It’s been a beautiful Fall day    hot sun, South breeze & I did the washing & one wool blanket only 2. more to wash now.    The clothes dried fast & the blanket got real dry,    I thank God for the strength He have given me.    I got to bed tired & get up tired, & I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do any-thing today,    but I did my nightgown & under skirt & dress & what nose rags there were & the towels & dish towels & my pillow slip & Elberts sleepers & pillow slip & his shirt & the blanket.    Hellen was to pay him for going to Berlin Hights & she didn’t & so now he don’t know what he’s going to do for gas,    I gave him my last dollar to get a can of milk & so he wants the rest for gas.    I do wonder what Jesus would do in my place.

Sat. Sept. 3. 1949./ 2-H-9. P. eggs today/  I haven’t done much today, to tired     cooked & washed dishes,    done my usual work    made a birds nest “or apple Johny, as some folks call them” for supper & hot biscuits & canned 1. qt of apples.    & sorted 1. bu. pears.    I have to start caning pickles & pears next week.   We have 

Sat. Sept. 3. 1949./ page. 2400./ 2. H. 9. P. eggs today./  to pay for a tank of gas soon & I hope we can make it.    It’s been a fine Fall day 82 degrees hot.    Elbert has been doing odd jobs all day, mowing weeds, digging potatoes spading some,    he picked up apples & pears. carried water & took care of hens & chick & carried feed to them & water & he had to feed Sarr’s chickens & shut them in tonight Sun-night.    Well I’ll have to sweep & change the table cloth     ought to done it today, but I’m so tired,    I picked up pk of pears & picked a few dahlias,    hail just about spoilt them.    I thank & praise God for giving me strength today & for the song He puts in my heart & soul;   I Love Jesus. Glory. 

Sun. Sept. 4. 1949./ 2-H-11-P. eggs today./ It’s been a fine day, we’ve been home all day.    Elbert cook a hen for dinner & he got the potatoes ready & put them on & I creamed them,    he made gravy    we had two or 3 tomatoes for dinner & about the same number of biscuits & I’m out of flowur & tomorrow is “Labor Day”   the day they don’t labor & so, I don’t know what we will eat for bread,    I have a box of pancake flour     maybe I can make it into biscuits     We wont have any meat , so will have to eat beets, carrots & cabbage & at 9-30-p-m tonight Johny Harnish his wife & baby came in & stayed maybe an hour,    they are going to Boston    have sold part of there goods & are all packed & ready to start Tue. Sept.     they said they had to live with one of the professers untill there rooms were ready for them,    they have a trailer & will take it with there belongings & drive there car.     they have paid 50.00 down on the trailer & if they can pay 50.00 more in 6. months it will be theres,    they say it only takes 18. hrs. to drive straight through, but they will take 2. days. resting at night.    Well it’s 11-30-p-m. so I must get to bed,    I want to work a little tomorrow, God Willing, and I thank & praise Him for His great love & care for us,   Glory, Glory to God in Jesus Name.    We sent the 1/2 bu. pears I had sorted for pickles to Nellie, by Johny.  

started on new/ Mon. Sept. 5. 1949./ 2-H-7-P. eggs today/  It’s been a fine day,    I went out & picked up a pk of Dutches pears & 1/2 bu. peaches & cleaned up wind fall apples under the tree by path.   I canned 2. qts. pears that Bessie gave us “Bartletts.” then I peeled & canned 4. qts of the peaches & got about as many more to can & I have 1/2 bu. apples to can & the dutches pears, & I did my daily round.    I’m tired, but thank God for HIs care & all our many blessing in Jesus Name & hope & pray He will soon deliver me from my presdent condition in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    I thank Jesus & give Thee all the Glory for ever & ever, Amen.

Tue. Sept. 6. 1949./ 4-H. 11-P. eggs today./  Elbert’s check came & he got off to town in such a rush I couldn’t remember the most important things we needed,    but I wrote

Tue. Sept. 6. 1949./ page. 2401./ 4.-H-11.-P. eggs today/  a few things, flour, butter & milk & to pay Baker 5.00 & he paid the meat bill & he bought a bag of mash for the hens & that was, $4.25,    he thought he’d have enough to last untill Thurs.     but, he didn’t so he got it out of his check & plans on taking it out of the egg money Thurs.    We got a new tank of gas today & I used my shoe money to pay for it,    Well, it don’t seem fair for me to have to pay for the coal & gas & buy most of the food,    I have to put up with a lot ,    if he’d get his lots sold & get squared around & get the old age pension we could have a little more    he could at least pay half the bills.    The things said and done leave a bad impression oft times, & I pray God will Keep me, in Jesus Holy, Blessed Name, Amen.    Elbert got a can of putty,    I’ve been trying to get him to putty in the window lights while the weather is good,    I hope he dont wait as long to get at the job, as he has to get the putty,    he tried to make me believe he couldn’t get the putty.    & he can find & think of so many other things to do instead of the windows or cementing up around the foundation.    My check didn’t come this morning & Elbert waited to ask him “the Postman” if he had over looked it & he looked straight ahead & flew past.    They told me the checks would be mailed on the 3rd of each mo.    I hope it comes tomorrow.    We had some trouble sometime ago over aa payment to the bank,    we got the money order & sent or put the letter in the mail box at the post office & the bank called us twice & said they hadn’t received it & they got a Dick on the job & the check was mailed from Elyria, so you can’t even trust the post office force.    Well, I haven’t done only my usual round today,    I had a dizzy spell this morning     upset the can, but I cleaned it up,    Elbert was out side    he’s been spading some, to turn the weeds under.    Well I have to pay 10.00 on the coal bill & put back the 10.00 for my shoes.    I gave Elbert 50 cents for gas out of that last dollar so,    I have to take that out & put it with the $10.00 & fast a little more than usual this mo.    but I thank the Good Lord for all our many blessings.    The young man that brought the gas is the managers son-in-law & we gave him a bag of apples,    he seemed greatly pleased with them, he likes apple sauce.

Wed. Sept. 7. 1949./ 4.-H-15-Pullets eggs today/  Well, I canned 5. qts. peaches & 5. qts. dutches pears.   Elbert went to the fish house & got a good big mess of ifsh so fish for dinner & fish for supper & a plater full left for breakfast & dinner & perhaps supper tomorrow.    I went out & picked up what pears were on the ground & then peared & cored them & caned them    I picked up what apples fell last night.    & I picked up the eggs the last to days.    I hope they can lay enough to pay for there keep for we are having a hard time to make both ends meet as they say.   I got my check & 

Wed. Sept. 7. 1949./ page. 2402./ 4-H-15.P. eggs this day/  thank God for it.     I got a card from Mrs. West Sr.    it is a note paper card with a bunch of batchlor buttons and a real bow of blue ribbon on the front, up in right hand corner    it says “Missing You” and in side it says “The same old things to see and hear- The same old things to do- But there’s been a change-Everything seems strange-Must be-Just Missing You!    Bro. & Sister West or Otis & Lillian.    So, I would take it “reading between the lines” that the pot still boils in the same old way, in seeing, hearing & doing, but the change is not a desirable one as yet & it’s strange after getting such a good start & paying our money into that Church we should be given such a raw deal & scartered like sheep to find pasture where ever we can.     What would Jesus do?    What Would He think    What would He say in like condition?     Oh God,   I pray Thou will have Thine own way & I pray Thou will deal with each one of us & reveal to us the things to do & say,    bless each one with a stronger faith, help us to live for the Spirit & not for lust,    take out all the faulce pride, stubborness, bitterness, malace from our hears, help us to have as man & woman filled with the Holy Ghost that are able to work for Thee Willingly,    Who can love the poor as much as the well to do, that will be honest & true to Thee, then we will know they will be honest & true to Us.    I pray Thy Will be done & not ours,    only help us to understand that we may do Thy Will & we will do it gladly, We ask in Jesus Holy Name, Trust & believing for the answer. Amen.

Thurs. Sept. 8. 1949./ 3-H-8-P. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 6. doz. eggs 80 cents per. doz. $5.60 total & collected a dime that was due making $5.70 for eggs,    he bought a bag of grain 3.69, 4. boxes of oats 1.80, car gas 1.00, total 6.49,    I gave him my check 35.00, he paid 10.00, on coal bill & he bought a big box of Duz. soap powder 73 cents & 3 cents tax  some milk 6. cans 1. bottle clorox, 3 cake fells soap & 3 cake lava soap, 1. bottle bluing  1. can crisco, 1. box spice, 2. boxes brown sugar & 79 cents came out my check for hens & chicks,    he brought back 20.00 & 61 cents out of my check & I have to take out the 10. for my shoes,    I used the shoes money for the gas tank so now I have to take it out & my church money will have to come out of the shoe money, in order for us to live this mo. & he didn’t have enough egg money to pay for the wheat, so that will have to come out of my check & we have to get some more condition powder   that will be 8.00,    I suppose.    Well, I did the washing & then washed 8 mash & grain bags & thats a hard job.    I’m so tired my arms & legs ach & I didn’t feel as if I could work, but I got it done.   Elbert got the

Thurs. Sept. 8. 1949./ page 2403./ 3-H-8-P. eggs this day./  supper     he peeled potatoes & made gravy in the string beans & we had cold fish; he’s got fish enough for breakfast & potatoes to warm up & beans.     I thank God in Jesus Name for His Love & Care & I’m trusting we can soon go back to prayer meeting again. 

Fri. Sept. 9. 1949./ 2-H-12-P. eggs today./ Well, We sure had a busy week in away.    I slept anhour after Elbert left for Huron to get fish “or I laid & rested a little & then got up & started to clean up & straighten up for dinner, got potatoes ready & cabbage on cooking & water heating for drink & Elbert came with a basket of fish    he got a pan & Knife & went out to get enough ready for dinner & in walked Nellie & little Nelson Eddy so I gave the little man a pan & told him to go get enough fish for me to fry so he went & I fried 6 nice pike & then Nelson went & called Elbert & we ate,    Nellie said that was once she really hit luck.    Elbert finished dressing the fish & got 2. baskets of pears & agrain bag full of apples for Nellie  some beets 

Sat. Sept. 10. 1949./ page 2404./ 2-H-12.P. eggs this day./& cabbage & some for Audrey & Gertie but he didn’t take the apples for Audrey    I gave Nelson some stones & clam shells I’d picked up on the lake beach & some bright pictures I’d cut off the vegetable cans & they didn’t bother much while we visited    they were looking the pictures over & the schells     we left right after supper & took them home,    we stopped & got the powder & visited a little    they gave us big 1/2 bu. of peaches, wonderfully good, big, red around the pit, yellow flesh & good flavor.    We gave Nellie 1/2 pk & Audrey 1/2 pk & we had a pk left     we bought meat milk & loaf of bread & had a lunch at Nellie’s & we had a little visit with Audrey & Gertie,    they take in extra work to do at home, sewing mending, crocheting & altering & even do an extra wash for some one now & a gain     & tonight Gertie was squaring up some big salt bags to make sheets for a man & she had mended 6. prs. of pants for him & had a stack of shirts to sew the buttons onto.    Audrey had my watch repaired & gave it to me tonight & I gave her ma’s watch & chain,    she gave back ma’s apron & handkercheif I let her take     I am going to give it back to her after I shew it to some of the women of the church that wanted to see them.    Well the girl gave us some candy 4 or 5 bars & some chocolate mints,    they were cooking a ham for tomorrow.    Well, Jean & Joan come home tomorrow, no Mon. & Merlin is in bed yesterday & today,     Audrey said she didn’t know for sure what was the trouble,    he has a bad heart.    Elbert is terribly tired & gone to bed some time ago. & now I must go all so for it’s getting cool hear.   I thank God for the wonderfull blessing of this day & praise Him, for I Know it’s only through Him they are made possible.    The Walkins Man & his wife seem to be such nice people,    they like us, are glad to give the peaches away to get them cleaned up,     the ground is covered.    they said to come back & get all we wanted     Nellie was so sorry she didn’t have some thing to get some in & hoped she could go back some how & get some,    she seemed so gready to get them,     well, it does take a lot to keep 5 of them     & the children are growing.   Oh God of Love & Mercy. I Love & Praise Thee for Thy tender love & kindness & pray I may be found worthy in Jesus Blessed Holy Name Amen. 

Sun. Sept. 11. 1949./ 2-H-14P. eggs today./  Well, we are both about tired out yet & I lay & rested untill noon then got up got dinner & got what few peaches we had left ready to cook & my surup burned    so Elbert was cooking soup and

Sun. Sept. 11. 1949./ page. 2405./ 2-H-14-P-eggs this day/  said, it smells like pie burning & never took the Kettle of untill I said has my surup burned?    then he took it off & cleaned & scoured the kettle & I made more surup and put peaches in & cooked & caned 4. qts, out of the big 1/2 bu. that were given to us.    We ate rice soup for supper & now dishes are done & I’m so tired    & I’m so discusted with the life[lye?]  Nellie lit into me just before we got to her house & said if you write to Mrs. Bessie, don’t you mention any of us to her do you hear?    Nellie wants to be so much & sounds so terribly ignorant,    I’m so sorry, & she likes to talk to me as if I were 3. or 4. yrs. old. ,    the last time I was there I thought I wouldn’t go again for at least a yr. & this time I hope I don’t,    they set out the meat we had bought to us & bread & we got a bottle of milk & they had plenty & never even offered me a glass of milk but put it in the ice box,    they gave us a dish of peaches & cup of coffee & talked over there personal affairs-    We had to spend 2.00 out of our food money to take her home with the apples & pears & then she said such scorching things to me about, my writing to Mrs. Beesie,    I never talk to Mrs. B about them or any one else    We only talk about our selves & whats news in church affairs about Ralph Ward, “he’s a missionary in China.”    Elbert sort of enjoys saying things to, to make it look as if I was a crank or fret & stew.    Oh, I’ll be so glad when I can be with Jesus,    they don’t hurt me, but I’m sick of all there tricks,    I don’t like an argament or to say mean things before several others to give a wrong impression,     but, seems, some of the rest of the family do.    I felt O.K. when we left Audrey’s,    but, not for long,    Elbert began to grumble about going places & getting back in the night and it wasn’t my fault Nellie wanted him to take her back so she could have the apples & he said he would.”I ask him,” but I wont do the asking next time, believe it or not, but he don’t like to take me even in the day time,    he seldom bothers to ask me to go with him    he likes to go by himself & do as he pleases.    I often wish I had my own car,    but, I can’t see why we can’t us the car together,    I urged him into getting the car & help him in little ways all I could,    he don’t give me one bit of credit,    I wash & mend his clothes as long as they will hold together   keep his bed & room & have furnished his bath towels & wash rags & his bedding,   & bought quite a lot of socks, shirts, under wear suppenders, hats & so forth & I got him a nice pr. of slippers & he’s been dirt mean about them, so I wish I could live with Jesus, where all is Peace &

Sun. Sept. 11. 1949./ page. 2406./ 2-H-14-P. eggs this day./ and no one to say mean things to me.    I want to do His Will & I pray I will in all things & I pray He will teach the rest to do His will & show them & help them before it’s forever to late Glory to God in Jesus Name.

Mon. Sept. 12. 1949./ 3-H-13-P. eggs today./ Well, I just couldn’t get to work    my arms & legs are so tired & then I went out & cleaned up apples    I dumped 1 bu. in the park & 2 1/2 in bu. basket & box & then we both pick pears & what peaches there were left & I brought in what cucumbers there were so I’ll have plenty to do this week, if I can hold up under it.    It’s been a truely beautiful Sept Day.    I’m craving to go to Church.   birds  & yellow birds flying in flocks & they’ve had 7 1/2 in. of snow in some  mountains & in DeCata 5. in. of snow.    I do hope we don’t get a cold snape yet,    I hope to pick a few apples to put in for winters use.    I truely thank My Heavenly Father in Jesus Dear Holy Name for all the many blessing He gives us and I wish so much I could do more for Him,   I love Him more & more.

tue. Sept. 13. 1949./ 3-H-14-P. eggs today/ We got the condition powder 100. lbs. 8.00 & we paid 2. dollars on it leaving 6.00 to be paid    that was on Fri. Sept. 9. 1949.     & today we went down to Vermilion to get some food,    We took a big bag of apples to Mrs. Sprunk    & she was just on her way to town so she got in the car & went back & put them in her house     & then went on to town with us & to the post office & Krogers store & over to the mill,    on the way from the store we picked up Miss Clark & her bag of food & we went to mill & Elbert got 1/2 bu Wheat & Mrs. Sprunk ordered some coal      then we took Miss. C. home & then stopped at market    Elbert got a ham & some short steaks & we let Mrs. S. off at Mrs. Wests “her daughters” house & then we came home,    When I undone the steaks, they stunk so,    Elbert smelt & he said he was taking them back,    so, we decided to take apples & we went & picked up 3. bu. & put them in the car & went over to Brownhelm to the powder man’s house & gave them  a bu.    she gave us a bu. & not quite a half of peaches    we visited about 10 minutes & then went through Amherst to Lorain to 29th St    Audrey was home & glad to get a bu. of apples & 1. doz. my pt. cans & the pk. of peaches     she gave me some saucage (cooked) to eat & a cup of hot tea to drink & we hurried on back toward home     We stopped to Krogers & got a piece of steak & 3 cans of milk then on to West’s home & gave them a bu. of apples & Mr. West put a dollar bill in Elbert’s pocket,    We stopped to Cranages & sold 2. doz. eggs & I talked a few minutes while Elbert went to the other customers & sold 3. doz. more, 85 cents per. doz. 4.25 for eggs & 1.00 for apples & I have $5.29 cents now toward the hen’s mash & more oats & wheat he will have to go again Thurs & sell eggs at Vermilion on the Lake.    Well we had just finished

Tue. Sept. 13. 1949./ page. 2407./ 3.-H.-14.P. eggs this day./ or about finished our supper when Miss. Clark came in with the Preacher’s wife from Beulah Beach,    they preach in a dwelling house a few doors from the 4-Square church,    she invited us to there Church untill things get settled at ours,     but, I’m not sure about going yet.    Miss. C. hadn’t had any supper & wouldn’t hear to my getting her some but I made tea for them,    I am out of bread, got to bake tomorrow,     & they ate pears, then we went out & picked flowers & gave the ministers wife a pk of beets    & then they went back.    I began to think Miss. Clark wanted to stay all night, but I was so tired I didn’t un-derstand untill they had gone.     I pray she’ll have some thing to eat & that she will come back if she wants to.    I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Blessed Holy Name. for all our many blessings, Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus.

Wed. Sept. 14. 1949./ 3-H-12.P. eggs today./  Well, another great day,    I did the washing & I made 2 big tins of bread biscuits & one big pan of cinnimemon rolls.     I got, or helped get, the dinner & Elbert got the peaches ready to cook & I got them canned & now all the dishes done & supper over & I didn’t do supper dishes    to tired.    I received letter from Nora today     her man’s been sick for over a yr. now,    Dr’s just found out he has to have an aperation,    but she is feeling a lot better,    she had a stroke.    Clothes dried good for getting them out so late.    It’s been partly cloudy, hot sun & a south breeze,    it rained a fine thick misty rain when we came home last night but had stopped by the time we got here & it cleared off & the moon light was bright, & clear,     I wondered if we’d gt a frost but breeze came up & no frost    I thank God in Jesus Name,    for we need all the fruit & vegetables we can take care of & give to others that don’t have     I thank God for saving my soul & taking such good care of us & pray He will help us to live for Him, to be clean & Holy & do His will in all things,    I pray He will cleanse each one of us in the Church & reveal to us the things we ought to be doing for Him.    I feel sure the time is near at hand for His coming & pray I may be counted worthy & that His coming wont be on a Sabath nor in the winter & that He will keep me close ever closer to Him.    I Praise thee Jesus, Blessed, Pure & Holy Jesus,   I love Thee Jesus  pray Thou will keep me from being sifted by the Devil as he wanted to do with Peter,    give us a quicker better under-standing of Thy Ways we ask in Thy Name Amen.

Thurs. Sept. 15. 1949./ 3-H-15-P. eggs today/  Another big day.    I pared & caned 4. qts. apple sauce.    Elbert peeled the peaches & I canned 4 qts. and we will have 2 or 3 cans of Whole peaches pickled,    then I hope to make a few cans green tomatoe pickles & I have a few cucumbrs yet to make chunk pickles of.    Elbert went to Huron & got just 21. perch,    they were so good for dinner & supper    At 2-p-m. we went to Vermilion,    he thought maybe he could

Thurs. Sept. 15. 1949./ page. 2408./ 3-H-15-P. eggs this day./  get some greens for hens but he was lots to late.    I got 10 lbs sugar 91 cents & 1. bunch cellery 15 cents,    We took Mrs. Miller 4. fish  !/2 bu. of apples & a few pears & I had quitea nice visit with them.    We stopped at Nagles store & got a boiling piece & on toward home & left a bu. of apples to the poor little Millers home    They live in a place that’s called the poor alotment    Mrs. Sprunk lives out there in her son’s house,    it’s nice out there.    Well we came back & finished the caning we had started & had supper & now dishes are done & Elbert’s in bed & I’m going soon.    It’s been partly cloudy & looked as if it would rain,     it did do a light shower this morning early but winds S. & little W. & not so cold tonight and starlight out.    I have been & still am trembling from head to toe, I’m so tired, I don’t know where else I could get so much strength only through the Dear Lord.    I thank & Praise Him more than I can tell    He a Wonder Jesus to me.   , Hallalujah,   Praise the Lord Glory to God Glory, Glory , Glory     We met Mrs. Eppler in Krogers & visited a little,    she said Tom started to work today in Elyria & she had been in Elyria, Lorain & Vermilion looking after some advertizing    said she’s trying to get things started, but can’t find a place she can have to use only Thurs nights    & so they are having prayer meetings. Thurs. nights.

Fri. Sept. 16. 1949./ 3-H-20-P. eggs today./   Well, I caned 1. qt. baldwin apples & I cooked up the parings for jelly & I made a custard pie & we ate it for lunch    & I made 2 apple & peach pie & one apple turn over.     I did my daily round & am to tired tonight.    I thank God in Jesus Blessed Name for all my blessings & His loving care & that He helps me to understand    & I pray He will help me to do His Will in all things great or small for His good & Glory.   I love Thee Jesus & Praise Thee & I pray Thou will help my brothers & sisters to really know Thee, as well as all my nephews & neices sister-in-laws & cousins & all there families    I will give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    Tonight, Rev. Ellery & a young man were in the radio station & they told us how God takes care of His own for the young man had fell from an air plane 1000 feet to earth & had pray God would help him to land with-out breaking him all up or doing him any harm & God answered His believing prayer, he wasn’t hurt in any way,    he said he felt as if some one eased him gently to earth the last few yds. of his fall & he landed as he had believed h would on the balls of his feet & ran a little & then walked to where he could report,    they didn’t tell as how he happened to fall.   God Wonderful kind and mercyfull, Glory Hallalujah I Love thee Jesus. 

[internet search about this event:  Fort Benning, GA Paratrooper Falls 1000 Ft., Sept 1949  Ft. Benning, Ga.-(UP)-An army paratrooper, screaming for divine help, plunged 1,000 feet in an almost free fall yesterday and escaped with a case of nerves and bruises Master Sgt. James P. Hendrix, Lepanto, Ark., was the 13th man to bail out of the plane nine miles from here during a routine jump while qualifying for his paratrooper wings.Hendrix said his main chute was caught in the backwash of the prop and blew against him, the chute shrouds becoming entangled in his boot buckles. At 500 feet he jerked the emergency chute rip cord. It opened for a moment then became enmeshed with the other chute and Hendrix plummeted earthward with nothing above him but flapping silk and tangled lines. “I screamed to God for help as I fell helpless,” Hendrix said. An instant before he hit the ground, Hendrix said he summoned all his strength and pulled his body into a V-shape, head and feet high. That permitted him to roll when he hit the ground. Hendrix said he couldn’t move for a few minutes after hitting, but after the initial shock his faculties returned. He was rushed to the hospital where he said this morning he was feeling fine. Doctors kept him under observation but said he apparently only had a case of nerves and minor bruises. Hendrix, a wartime Congressional Medal of Honor winner, is married and is the father of a two-year-old child.  Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan, WI 9 Sept 1949]

Tue. Sept. 17. 1949./ page. 2409./ 2.-H.-10.Pullets  eggs this day./   Well, I washed all the dirty clothes    wipe up floors after I swept & then ironed my under skirt & my dress   2. shirts for Elbert & the table cloth & 17 grain & mash bags.   & did my daily round & picked up the apples under the tree here by the house,    so I sure am tired tonight    & Elbert went to Vermilion on the Lake & sold the eggs 80 cents per. doz. 7. doz. $5.60 cents & I gave him 3. dollars of my money, “church money 5.00   I had given to Miss Clark to turn in for me & she gave it back,”     They are having a bad time trying to get rid of the preacher,    so, they decide not to make the payment on the church untill we get a better man for the job,    he says he’s only payed to preach & he wont go calling or go out to pray for the sick & he told me, he didn’t have time to come out here to pray for me,    so, most every one’s going to other churches     Elbert bought hens mash 4.25 & pullets mash 4.60    he had 8.60 & said he had 25 cents in his pocket.    he’s spaded & took care of chickens,    he made another screen frame & put new screen on it for my west window & put a patch on his east bedroom window,    he’s got to paint henhouse roof & finish puttying in window glass.    I can’t see Why he’s so bent on spading.    I thank my Heavenly Father for in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & for His Love & Care. It’s been a beautiful day    south breeze & a hot sun.

Sun. Sept. 18. 1949./ 2-H-17-Pullets eggs today./ Rained in heavy showers today, all day, West & little south wind.   Sun came out at intervals & was hot    We are both tired yet today & I think I will take it a little more easy this week.    Well, some how the subject got around to the finger marks on the trap door in the attic & on the little cupboard underneath it,   then to the morning    I felt as if I’d been dopped & he said with a silly grin, that he must have got some of it to, & maybe if I laid still a while I’d get over it, but I got up & opened the window & breathed in the fresh air & he was trembling like a theif cought in the act,    I was furious,   a lot of things have happened., he don’t even know what he’d do in such cases if it were him in my place,    he gets mad & says it looks as if he was to blame if he isn’t why should he be so angry & why wouldn’t he want to help find out who is toblame,    he said he fix the trap door but he hasn’t & he gets so angry when I mention it & when I wanted the screen nailed in he said, Oh no,     it’s to thin a piece to nail & he’d put a nail at each corner on the out side & that’s what he did    but, I’ll put some on the inside also. Why

Sun. Sept. 18. 1949./ page. 2410/ 2-H-17-P eggs this day/  should he care if I want it nailed inside,    I’m tired   out staying awake,   some one tried my door from the outside, twice, then left it.    I can’t move as free as I once could    I do feel righteously angry sometimes.    I’ve really got to do something about it & I don’t know just what.    I pray God will help me, by revealing to me, in some way.    He has been wonderfull to me always,    I love Him & praise Him, He’s the only truth I’ve ever been able to find.    I thank Him & praise Him for all things.     I woke up early yesterday morning with a terrible head ach     room seemed so stuffy & I had a bad pain between my shoulders & in small of my back & my hip joint out a little    I managed to get that back, be-fore I got up & then opened the window & let a lot of fresh air in & when it was daylight found 2 of my fingers black & blue & swollen,    I washed & worked & today they are better again,   but hand is sore & lame,    I pray God will send some one to help me.

Mon. Sept. 19. 1949./ 3-H-18-P-eggs today/  Freds birthday, he would be 63. yrs. old.    Elbert went to Huron got a big mess of fish    he cleaned 13. perch & I cooked them for dinner    he went out to clean the rest & all 13 heads were gone so he watched & a rat was carrying them away    he come & took the gun & got the rat,     While he cleaned the rest of the fish I caned a big malted milk jar & 4 crisco jars of pears,    I made them pickled pears,    then I got supper & then, we got in the car & went to Vermilion & took Mrs. Sprunk 5. nice pike,    we visited a while & gave her pk. of apples & went to give Miss. Clark. some fish but she had gone to Lima Ohio,    so we gave the old lady she stays with 5. fish then we went to Millers, & gave them 6. fish & a pk. of apples     they seemed so pleased with them, then we hit the trail for home & had a cup of hot drink & Elbert’s in bed & I am soon going.    I picked up apples today & Elbert took some to the fisherman, that gives him fish.   I truly thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & He took us & brought us back safe tonight    Oh Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free, Where Jesus tis Heaven to me, Glory to God, I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. Sept. 20. 1949./ 3-H-15-P-eggs today./ Well I caned 1. malted Milk jar, big can, & 3 3. lb crisco cans of pickled pears today & 4- 1-qt. jars & 1. pt. of pears sweetened,  ” the dutches pears” & I’m to tired tonight   & got a few more dutches to can, about 8 or 10 qts.    I guess,    & then a few qts of apples & I’ll call the caning over.    Elbert has a bone out between his shoulders & so I rubed it & tried to put it back    I think he’s been

Tue. Sept. 20. 1949./ page 2411./ 3.H. 15. P. eggs this day./   spading to long & getting to tired.    Well I pray God will keep me ever close to Him in Jesus name,    I do earnestly pray He will give us a man of God & his wife filled with the Holy Spirit that will love young & old alike & that will work hard & let us do what ever we are able to do    Some that are truly filled with Power & trust & believe & pray earnestly in Jesus Name Glory to God I praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy,   I love & praise Thee & pray Thou will reveal unto me stronger & keep me strong in Thee, Amen.

Wed. Sept. 21. 1949./ 3-H-13-Pullets eggs today./  Well I mend the other corset & did half the washing & my daily round & picked up a bu. apples & made 3 glasses apple jelly,   & I’m tired but, Praise God in Jesus Name, I can do as much as I do & pray He will fill me with the Holy Ghost & power from on High that I may do more for Him, in His work. Amen.     Today the wind was S.W. & partly cloudy & real cloudy tonight. 

Thurs. Sept. 22. 1949./ 3.H. 18-P. eggs today. /  Elbert went to Lorain & sold 5 doz. eggs for 90 cents per. doz. & 1.1/2 doz in Vermillion on the Lake for 80 cents per doz. 1.20. & 4.50 total 5.70,    he bought bird gritte 10 cents, gas. 50, meat 44 cents, wheat 95 cents & a bag of scratch feed 3.69 & brought home 2 cents    I recooke the tram with fresh cabbage onions & potatoes & made dumplins with it & we had fresh tomatoes. & hot drink;    I finished the washing today & with Elberts help washed to blankets    they’re re-versable cotton on his bed & a heavy wool blanket     now I have the same to do for my bed & I’ll be done with the heavy ones.     I picked up a few apples.    Elbert has a pain in his neck, thinks he has another bone out of place & we ran into an arguement tonight,    he told Nellie, I poured all the juice off the peas & beans in the slop bucket & she had to give me a little talk on that,    Well Elbert don’t like all of the juice on the string beans & I do pour off some of it but why tell her    & why catch it from two side when I try to please him,    he was hurt & said he could find some one else to cook for him,    Well, I’m sorry,     I ought to take all they want to say,    but I get out of sorts a it some time,    what I call righously angry.      Oh, Well, I’ll let it go.    and pray we may do better from here on.    He called Mrs Robinson & she said they were well & she’d remind Inaies about her promise to come back to see me & get the things she wanted.,     he called Ruby & they are as well as usual.     He met Carl Oppher & he said his wife had gone east for a while,    he gave Mrs Uline his egg custermer 1/2 bu. apples & he left a few for Etta Thomas & her mother      he got home at noon & took care of chickens & helped 

Thurs. Sept. 22. 1949./ page. 2412./ 3.H. 18. P. eggs today./ me wash out the two blankets     it was after 2-p-m & I got the cotton one dry for his bed & the wool almost dry.    I got supper but didn’t wash up dishes.    I thank & Praise my Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for our blessings     We got one heavy shower after 8-p-m. tonight       wind was S.W. this forenoon & went N.W. after dinner & got cool. 

Fri. Sept. 23. 1949./ 3.-H.-16. -P. eggs today./  Well Praise the Lord,     I got the last 2 blankets done today.    Elbert help me & it didn’t take long & we got them almost dry & finished them in the house     we have been having a wood fire every day    it’s rather cool nights & mornings & it isn’t bad, with just enough fire to keep it from going out.     Well, I baked 2 big tins of bread biscuits & one small one & picked up 5 1/2 bu. baskets of apples & Elbert picked up 5-1/2-bu. -baskets.    & we had quite a few maybe 3 or 3 1/2 bu. in the crates.    I hope to take some to Lillie, Pearl , Tessie & Elsie,     they all live together     then I’d like to give Mrs. Robinson some & Edith Wheeler Wagner some     they sent food to us when we were really hungry.     I’d like to give the Ministers in Elyria some also.     I made vege-table soup for supper & did all the dishes,     so, I’m tired,     Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, Praise, Glory & Honor be-longest to Thee,  I pray I may be found worthy in Jesus Name Amen.    We had one heavy shower & many have gone over us today. 

Sat. Sept. 24. 1949./ 3.-H.-15.-P. eggs today/   Well, I haven’t felt to good today,     I swept all 3. rooms wiped the walls & ceiling cooked and washed dishes was only out side about 10 minutes today air fresh & cool,    we’ve had a little fire alday    Elbert had to pull the well pump & put in a new leather flapper or valve     the other one was broke clear off,    now it pumps good     He went to Huron & got a good mess of fish this morning  3. bull heads & 8 pike,   they tasted quite good     waters getting colder makes them more firm & hard.      I thank God for all our blessing & pray He Will gather us up & strengthen all both spiritually & physically,     we are like sheep with out a shepard to guide us,    some going to one church & some to ano-other & I’ve stayed home trying to regain my bodily strength.    I pray we can soon have a new start & that we can all work together for the good & Glory of the Lord in Jesus Name, Amen.

Sun. Sept. 25. 1949./ 3-H-19-P-eggs today/  It’s been a beautiful day, hot sun  & hardly any breeze at all,     I picked up 1/2 bu. apples & Elbert & I picked what tomatoes there was & now I can make my chillie sauce & green tomatoe pickles.    I have to get covers for cans, brown sugar, cellery, & peppers.      No one came in today & we’ve been home all day.    I have Praised God in Jesus Name & pray He will soon help us to be able to get together & pray earnestly all in one accord for His Good/

Mon. Sept. 26. 1949./ page. 2413./ 3-H-15-P. eggs today./  Well; it’s been a beautiful day,    We picked up  & sorted apples & then after dinner we went to Lorain to Edith’s & Carl Wagners home,     our cousins, thought they might like some apples but they picked 11. bu. from there few trees, so we went to Mrs. Robinson’s & she was happy to have them     we visited a little,     she has been sick & her sister has been with her,     her ice box exploded.     Well we went to Lillie’s (Wheeler) next,     she & Elsie were there & Elsie’s daughter Phillis now Mrs. Smith”     they have there trailer on Lillie’s lot,    they were married 2. weeks ago & sleep & eat in the trailer,     We gave them a bu. & a half to Philli’s & her man” & a 1/2 bu. to Pages & a little over 1/2 bu, to divide between Ruby & Evelyn.     & then we hurried on homeward,     we stopped at the Kroger store & bought can covers, peppers & cellery & I had to give 1.00 for gas,     the  gas money usually come out of my check & egg money,     Elbert got a peice of pork & we or I cut of enough for supper & warmed potatoes & peas & made tea & had sliced tomatoes & I washed dishes & read a little, a thing I seldom do any more.     & Elbert’s been in bed 2 or 3 hrs. now.     & now I’m going to my bed & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing this day.     Lillie & the girls & Francis Page seemed so pleased with the apples.    I met Mr. & Mrs. West in Krogers & had a chat,     she said the preacher seems to be working since we all got out & had 18 to sun-day school last Sun, or yesterday,     Well, I Praise God in Jesus Holy Name.     I don’t see how we could have been a hinderance, but I pray God’s will be done, Amen.

Tue. Sept. 27. 1949./ 3.H. 12. P. eggs today./  Well, I got one batch of chillie sauce ready for the cans,     I’ll have to cook it a little more in the morning,     I put it in crocks tonight.    I’ll have to wash cans in the morning     some one took my cans away full & brought them back empty & dirty & kept the covers      I used mostly new covers last time I caned,     I have a few more pears to can & one more batch of Chillie sauce,     then I think I’ll call it done.     It’s been a beautiful day & tonight at dark it got ready to rain & it sure am raining thundering & lightening,     We need the rain badly in cystern & I know everything will enjoy a drink & to get washed & refreshed.     Elbert went to fish house & got to many for us,     I hope they keep & that he can give Helen some.     I wish some of the folks in Vermilion had some of them.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Blessed Name for His Love & care Amen.

Tue. Sept. 27. 1949./ page. 2414./ 3.H. 12.P. eggs this day./  I received a card from Mrs. Frankie Bessie today     she said she thanked me for the nice dinner I sent her by Nellie (I ask Nellie to take her some hot fried fish,     for I had promised to try to take her some & hadn’t been able to)     So Nellie took the fish & what went with it & she enjoyed it more, not knowing she was going to have it.  “This is what she wrote”    It’s about time I thanked you for the de-licious hot supper which you sent to me by the children.    Did I enjoy it?    Come drink of cup of tea from China, with me,      Ralph Ward sent it.    Nellie tells me you are not extra well, your-self.    I can not gain any strength,    I weigh 102 lbs.    Hope to see you & your brother before 1959    Love to you   Frankie Beesie, my address 3037. W. River Rd; 7. Elyria Ohio.     She’s getting old & wont be here much longer,    May God Bless her.    Glory to God, I praise Thee Jesus Glory Glory Hallelujah Amen. 

Wed. Sept. 28. 1949./ 2.-H.-14.-P. eggs today./  Well, Elbert left at 8-30-a-m. for Huron & so I got up & took care of the bed rooms & brushed up the Kitchen & put the chillie back in the Kettle & got it started to cook,     then, I got the Kettle on to heat & picked up the dirty clothes & just got to washing when Elbert got back,     so we had a lunch then     I washed a while,     then I picked up 1/2 bu. apples & then washed some more,     I ironed my dress & under skirt before Elbert came & then when I had to sit, I got my dress partly washed.   Elbert gave Helen & Douglas some of he fish he had cleaned.     I got the washing all most done,     I still have my dress & the double blanket & 3. mash bags     I think I’ll leave them untill Fri. or Sat.     I’m so tired, my arms & legs are so terrible tired tonight,     I just feel as if I licked tonight,    I’m much to tired.    I thank God for His Love & that He care for me & praise His Holy Name,    I praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for ever, Amen.

Thurs. Sept. 29. 1949./ 2.H.14.P. eggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion & sold the egg 10. doz. ” 80 cents per. doz.” 8.00 – 5.24 – he brought back & he spent 1.20 for light bill, 50 cents for gas, wheat was 1.10 for 2 bu. [?] celly 29, parkay 40,    he says he didn’t pay for gas    that would still be 21 cents more than the eggs come to.  so I don’t know.    Well, he got back at 12-30:noon & helped me get dinner,    I had potatoes on cooking     he opened a can of meat & sliced & fried it while I got a dish of fresh tomatoes ready,     I got up & took care of the bed rooms & got water hot to wash & I washed my shirt-stockings & house dress & then Elbert’s double blanket he sleeps between & aired his other blanket & made up his bed fresh & washed dishes & got supper & am to tired to do any more to-night.     I thank God in Jesus Blessed name for all my & our many blessing.    I picked up 2. bu. apples & helped Elbert get 2 or 3 bu. down in the basement tonight.

Thurs. Sept. 29. 1949./ page. 2415./ 2. H. 14. P. eggs this day. /  It’s been a nice day, but rather cool untill noon then warmed up but got cool again tonight,    it’s moon light tonight.    We been keeping a little wood fire to keep chill out of house.     I have to repot some of my plants soon     I’m not having as many as usual.    Elbert’s back hurts him so bad he can’t hardly get around & he set in the house some today,    I pray God will help him to get alright soon.    I’m lots to tired again tonight     no strength left in my arms.    But I thank God for the strength He has given me today.

Fri. Sept. 30. 1949./ 2.-H.-14.P. eggs today./ Well, I thought I’d iron but I got up & took care of bed room & kitchen & got things ready for dinner     I killed flies for an hr. or so & went out to see how many apples were on the ground & there were only a doz or so.    Elbert came with too many fish for us,     so he give Snyders a doz.    they had to clean them “but he said” Georgia said Bob & his father would do that,     I ask him to give the fish to them    he don’t like to but,    they would only spoil if he dressed them all & then he had so many he took 8 or 10 to Helen & her children,    she put them in the ice box for tomorrow    her brother & wife will be there for dinner,    they take care of Helen’s boy “he’s 3. yrs. old” while she works & she has her daughter’s girl & her own daughter with her all the time but the boy has to stay with her sister-in-law untill Fri. night or Sat.    she said he cried a lot the first week but was better this week,    Rue is talking divorse & he stays in Cleveland sometimes 5. wks at a time.    Helen use to say she worshiped the ground he walked on, but now it’s all changed since his father died     no one to talk to Rue, to keep him up & going half way straight.    Snyder’s are having a party for Joan,    she’s soon to become a mother & they are still all light up over there & lots of cars there.    Well, I went out & helped Elbert pick up apples west of the park fence 2 1/2 bu.    I made 2 big tins of bread   cook & washed up all the dishes & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for the strength He gives me,    I hope to go to Church Sun. morning & Pray God will help me to get there.    It’s been a beautiful day.    We had a light frost last night.    I received nice card from Bonita & one from Nellie. 

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