July 1946

Mon. July. 1. 1946./ 21 eggs today/   It got quite cool before morning & fog horn blew most all night & this morning.  Rained in sheets this morning but was nice after dinner & we cleaned the weed out the yellow roses & tied them up & put a stake of some of the yucca lillies & tied them up & planted a few more dahlias & cut a few limbs off the big apple tree, by the path, where we have the seat.  We sold had 681 eggs last month thats 56 doz. and 9 eggs I don’t know how many we used. but had we sold them all, it would have brought 25.42 1/2 cents, but we used some to eat & drink in milk, we sell 10 doz. a week  & some weeks are apart of the mo. before, so I don’t know exactly how many we sell.  We have 5 doz now with todays eggs

Mon. July.1. 1946./ 924./ 21 eggs today./  & I am going to keep track of them  We do take in, we have feed left over from last mo. all so & I’m going to Keep tab on that to & see how we come out this mo. hens are starting to molt, now, to.  I’ve done the dishes & are ready to go to bed. it’s cool, tonight.  Elbert set out a lot of cabbages & tomatoes tonight. his garden begins to look better now.  We had broccoli Sun. from his garden & we had a big mess of peas from his garden today, the tomatoes are in bloom.  I hope they come fast & that we don’t get a frost be-fore they get ripe, I’d like to can a few. & sell some.  I hope we have enough cabbages & carrots & beets for winter & I’d like to can greens to, Our canned fruit is getting thined out to. & every thing is so high priced  we can’t hardly live. 

Tue. July 2. 1946./ 18 eggs today/  I did the washing & wiped up the floors & got supper.  Elbert sold 4 doz. eggs & bought some meat to boil & they told him there would be lots of meat from next week on. he got 3 gal of gas in the car  we had a bit to eat when he got back at 11-30-p-m. then he fixed the wheel barrow & put the hen men  nure on the garden   I took care of hens & birds, then after supper we went to church & learned they had all gone to Elyria to the Street meeting  Tom & his wife didn’t go  they called them  so late, so we talked a bit & came back home, I pray God’s blessing on the meetings & that souls will be saved. 

Wed. July. . 3. 1946. ./ 17. eggs today/ Elbert got up at 8-a-m & worked  in the garden after he gave the hens mash & water  I got up & uncovered the birds & went back to bed & just laid & tried to rest  I couldn’t relax all night & only got 1. hr. this a-m between 9 & 10a-m. and I haven’t done much today  felt sick all day & to tired.  I took a bag of broccoli to the ministers & a little to Miss Clark last night   had to leave it by there doors as they were gone & we have been having N. east wind & to cold nights for gardens.

Thurs. July. 4th. 1946./ 925./ 17 eggs today /  Today is the fourth of July but no fire works like they use to have  We been home all day & no collers, Elbert has worked at first one thing & then an other allday  I have done dishes & cleaned the gas stove good  made 2 tins of biscuits & cooked broccoli & took care of hens & birds  Elbert killed & dressed the one we called duck neck & she was full of eggs so that’s one less egg each day now.  only 24.. left & no young ones for Fall eggs.  I got supper & got the dishes done once more & Elbert hasn’t felt very good to day or me ither. Fri. morning ((that’s tomorrow)) Elbert’s talking of going to Lorain in the morning after he sells the eggs  I like to go but there’s no use  I can’t do the things I’d like to do, So I’ll stay here & pray & Praise the Lord God of Hosts.  wind’s been N. East & cool & colder nights. 

Fri. July. 5. 1946./ 15 eggs today  / Rev. Mrs. Gurney & Mrs. Reese came here today for flowers.  Mrs. Reese was fix-ing a basket of flowers “such as they fix for funerals” and they wanted some other colors than they had so they took burgamont & tonight at Church they had it setting on a table, they had to get a ribbon & card to put on it saying it was from Vermilion, and the Memoral Service will be held Sun. after noon aat 2-p-m. in Amherst Church.4.Square. The flowers looked beautiful.  We had a good prayer meeting tonight & the Lord Blessed me so much & they anoited me & prayed for me, that the Lord God would in Jesus Name give me more strength,  I thanked Him in Jesus Name for I’m beleiving I’ll get it.  Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee. Glory I thank Thee Jesus.  I had to make biscuits for supper & I took the Preacher & his wife a tin. Elbert went to Lorain this morning & he all so took eggs to West’s & Miss Clark & I sent Miss Clark a couple of biscuits but she said to-night she had lost her apetite, but that the broccoli was good & the biscuits  she went with the Preachers to Ackron

Fri. July. 5. 1946./926./ 15 eggs today /  & that she was tired most to death. there is trouble in the Black family & Mrs. Black don’t get to church & Gerry “there eldest son is a born again soul & he is so troubled & he wanted to come tonight but had to stay home with the children & little baby while his parents went to town, then we heard  there had been & accident & either there son or son-in-law was badly hurt. & not one of the West family were out to church & the young Sprunk’s were not there either & they were going to be preachers & spent 2. yrs. in California at the Amie’s Temple studying & We met them the other night at Tom Epplers & she who was so much in earnest, was clad in a sailor suit of blue pants & blouse trimed in red, I was really shocked, & I’m glad Rev. Mrs. Gurney tells us the truth about things she says, they can’t fool me, I know if they are a born again soul & I know wheather they have been overshadowed with the Holy Ghost Praise God Oh I do Praise God in Jesus Name, Glory, Glory  Hallelujala, Amen.  Elbert has a job for Mon. I hope he will be able & keep well, he planted 200 cabages tonight, he washed out 4. prs. of his work pants today. after he got home.  It’s been a beautiful day, hot sun & cool N. east wind.  They are having street dances in Vermilion, & you should see the big crowdes that turn out to them, while Jesus is waiting & calling, still calling to them. 

Sat. July.6. 1946./ 17. eggs tonight /  I washed out what dirty clothes there were & done what ever else I had to, and my feet are so tired they drag. Frank & Armond came out and a Mr. Noon & they went woodchuck hunting & never got a one, Noon wasn’t gone long, he’s to tired to walk, he’s only 66. yrs. old, but worrying hisself to death because all his old pals were dropping off so fast, he said Johny Right Worked last Mon. July 1. & died Tue. July 2. & was laid away today ((July 6th) 1946.))  elbert has known him for yrs. & Mr. Matt. Noon also. Matt is a carpenter contractor, but he don’t work much any more, his wife died, & he’s alone & has plenty of money, so he says, & he only works a couple or 3 days a week as he feels able, any more.  the boys got back just at dusk & they went home. Armond said he had hoped to come out & have a visit, but had been working with his father at carpentery work & was so tired, at night he didn’t go far & got home so he could rest, if he went out at all. he’s so much different from Harvey & more polite, he’s a nice looking young man to. 

Sat. July. 6. 1946./ 927./ 17 eggs today /  It was a little warmer last night than it has been.  N. east breeze dying out toward night & has been the same today. fog horn started to blow late this after noon & is still at it at 10-p-m.  Well they  the Preachers & church folks were going to have a meeting on the street corner in Vermilion tonight  Wish I could have gone, but we are hard put for food & gas. 

Sun. July.7. 1946./ 16 eggs today/    Elbert got to hot & his head is feeling real bad & I don’t feel tops me self, it’s been to hot & we don’t have what we need to eat, but I thank God for all we do have & that the garden is beginning to give us a little more now, we had fresh green beans today. It’s been to hot & sultry for the last few days.  I’m so sorry I didn’t get to Church all day & this was cummunion Sun. to, I pray God will help me to over come all difficulty & to be able to get to church,  I do hope the rest all went & that they didn’t tell anything I didn’t say, for I know Epplers must have said some-thing about Tue. night, or some of them, but I didn’t feel hurt because they went to Elyria to the street meeting, I wanted them to pray for me, was all. Tom was hurt because they didn’t let him know sooner & the young Sprunks were going out for a good time.  I pray God will cleanse our church & help us all to go & do our part in His way.  Well it rained a good shower & came easy  the winds been all way round & rained from S.west. 

Mon. July.8.1946./ 17 eggs today /  It’s been so hot we neither have done much today, just sweat & not much to eat & we both feel all in. Elbert picked what currents there were & I made 16 ozs of Jelly. & tonight I planted afew zenias [?] seeds  it’s rather late, but perhaps they may bloom yet. We got 2 or 3 showers last night, looked as if we get some tonight but it passed over. I got a 

Mon. July.8.1946./928./ 17 eggs today/   card from Annabell today, she’s having her vacation in Colorado Springs & says she wont get to Ohio this year. & I’m wondering if she is sick. for she didn’t write only that she left home last Sun & ((that would be June 30.” out here for 2 months wont get to Ohio this summer.  Beautiful seenery. Best regards to all. Love. Anna & Bob. she wrote the card Fri. July 5th  The picture was of Tejon Street Colorado Springs Colorado.  Then I received a letter from Mrs. Sharp & the book from DeHaan, about the Seven Miracles in the book of John in the Bible & it says it’s The plan of salvation in the Gospel through John

Tue. July.9.1946./ Been a nice day quite strong N.east wind dying out toward night. Elbert took the eggs down & for got to mail a card I was to send to Sandusky about my widows pension papers   A man came here this a-m to get what infirmation he could get from Frank’s world war. 1. discarge paper & belive it or not I couldn’t find it & so he went back without get what he needed to Know, he left his & another man’s cards & said I was to send him word as soon as I found them   I began to pray about it, for they couldn’t help me with out that paper & by &K by the Lord showed me  where the paper was & I found it just there, Praise God from Whom all blessing flow. But I let Elbert get a way with out the card  he was to mail, when I found the papers. I haven’t done much else today  been feeling all in, not been having enough to eat. meats 50 & 65 cents per. lb. Oh it’s terrible  I didn’t get to go to church either tonight  But I hope I can go Fri.  

Wed.  July.10. 1946./ 20 eggs today / Elbert went to Huron & he mailed my card & couldn’t find out yet who it really was that punched the back end of his car, he hasn’t felt very well  his head bothers him. Snyder’s have given him 2. woodchuck, 1. today & one day before  yesterday. I just cooked the first one this morning, he has eat half of it & says he feels sick to his stomach tonight it heavy meat & maybe he ate to much, for he was hungry. & since I don’t like it, I haven’t had much to eat today so half to drink milk & be satisfied. I fixed the ends of 2. blankets for his bed today  aired the blanket cover & turned the mattress over & made bed up fresh. I had the pillows out doors all day & made 2 pillow cases & patched my nightgown.

Wed. July. 10. 1946./ 929./ 20 eggs today/ & got supper & did the dishes and I’m tired  it’s so hot & breeze is N. east & cool. went west tonight & looks cloudy & like rain. 

Thurs.  July. 11.  1946./14 eggs today/ I washed 4 blankets & did all the other washing except Elberts 2 work shirts & my dress & they dried so fast  the sun was so hot & there was a good strong S. wind  the  it clouded up before I got the last 2 blankets out & thundered & lightened & poured rain in sheets, then it eased up & stopped raining & Elbert hung the cotton blankets out & they got almost dry & its nice out doors this evening  moon is shining through the broken cloud’s.  I got a letter from Shirley today & Flora has had a [   ?] & her eyes are in bad shape  she can’t see out of one & the other only a very little K& there is a clot of blood that is troubling her, she sits up each after noon, now, poor Flora, I pray God will heal her  He took a big clot of blood 3/4. in.  thick & as big as a saucer from behind my hip & I know He can take that one away for Flora & heal her soul K& body in in Jesus Name, I thank You Jesus for you have told us, if we believed, it would be done & I’m trusting & beliving & I Praise Thee Jesus  All the praise belongs to Thee. Amen.  I got my check today to & thank God in Jesus Name. Amen.  Elbert hasnt felt very well all day  I pray hell be 

Thurs. July. 11. 1946./ 930./ 14 eggs today/ feel better in the morning. It’s been a fine day & nise evening with moon shining. 

Fri. July.12. 1946./ 19 eggs today./ I ironed today & did 40-11-odds & ends.  Elbert went to Huron cashed my check & got a few things to eat & brought them home in 3 little paper bags & they cost $4.00- 1.lb. nuts, 2. grape fruits, 3. lemons, can baking powder, 1. lb. onions, 1. lb. coffee, 1. pt. can mustard. & a piece of beef about the size of lmy fists, not quite & that wasn’t half of what we needed. but we cooked or boiled half the beef & saved a nice piece to grind for hamberger. Sun has been terrible hot & the breeze quite cool from N. east  I hung the blankets out & Elbert’s under wear & finished drying them in the sun & fresh air.  I pressed 4. prs.  work pants for him today & I’ve got a lot of mending to do on them, underwear, socks, & blankets. I made soup for supper & took care of the hens & birds. took a bath & went to church tonight, Rev. Miss. Greg “Who is teaching bible class this week & next” did the preaching to night. & believe it or not there were only Lindy & Dorthy West Tom & Myrtle Eppler, Mrs. Sprunk Cr. & Miss Clark & myself there.  Gerry Black came but he went back home again for he didn’t want to go home alone 4 miles & walk it. Elbert sold the eggs tonight 4. doz. 1.80 to Wests, 1. to Miss Clark. 

Sat. July. 13. 1945./ 18 eggs today/ Elbert went to Vermilion & got a bag of grain $4.25. & little for us to eat. Elbert’s head is feeling so bad because of the heat & I am not feeling to good. We picked what goose berries there were & sold 2. qts to Frank Bonney & Armond for 70 cents  they were here with there car hunting woodchucks again (and) Frank wants to buy Elbert’s lots, he only wants to pay him 7. hundred & 50 dollars & Elbert said he wanted 9 hundred & Frank lost his temper & said you’ll never sell them for that, you’d better let me have them now, Elbert said, no & F. said, Red was coming out to buy them. & that Red wanted to cut Gertie off so she can’t use those lots, her walk is on Elbert’s lot & her step & he says he wont sell to Frank or Red  I hope & pray that I can help keep things as they should be. I don’t want any trouble to come to Gertie over the lots   Elbert does want to sell them but not to make trouble. I pray God will help. 

Sun. July.14. 1946./18 eggs today./ I couldn’t sleep last night so I slept & dreamed of John & his mother & they are both gone. & of Elbert almost going off with out me, but I over take him & we got in a boat together & the water was so clear & blue we

Sun. July  14. 1946./ [page not numbered-would be 931] 18. eggs. today. / could see the sand & gravel on the bottom of the Lake as we road along toward the peirs. on our way home. in my dream John & his mother was laughing because they had stole my shoes & over shoes, & Elbert was so angry he almost went off & left me. But praise the Lord  I over took him & we went home together.  It wake me up & I got up & looked after birds & hens & got some beans beets carrots & broccoli from the garden & made soup & fixed a bag with some of each in it for the ministers. & took it to church to them tonight.  Miss Clark gave us a 5.lb. sack of flour & I gave her beans beets carrots & 1. qt. goose berries & ministers 1.qt. goose berries.  We had a good service tonight, Mrs. Gregg did the preaching.  wind went from S. west to N. east  rained a light mist all the way home & has kept at it every since(Strong wind.

Mon. July 15. 1946./ 18 eggs today/ Well the service man came & said, I was out of luck for a widows pension, but said he felt sure I would be given more from the Sailors & Soldiers Releif commission if I would get  one of the 3 men that sign my check to re-comend me for an increase  I’d get it, so he ask if I’d go get one of them to do it, and we went to Burdue & ask him  I had wrote down just what I spent the 20 dollars for this month & Burdue, wrote on the bottom & said he thought an increase would be O.K. it seemed a queer way, but he addressed the envelope & put the paper inside & Elbert mailed it & the card I wrote to Nellie & her family.  I have to write to Flora poor woman, I have not done only the most neccessary things today  I feel all in.  Elbert don’t feel so very good either & he set more cabbage today  sun has been hot & N. east wind strong & cold.

Tue. July. 16. 1946./ 19 eggs today./ Been so all in today & I haven’t got much of anything done, Elbert wanted a gooseberry pie & I made one  I cooked the rest of them & put them through the sieve ready for jam, he sold the eggs (4. doz.) this morning for 2.00, 60 cents per. doz. & 1/2 bu beans for 65 cents & bought bag of lime 45 cents some bread & potatoes 10 lbs 42.  5 lb. sugar, 39 cents and 1. yeast cake. 3. & 4. gal. gas. for car 87 cents meat 45 cents 2.04, thats the way the money goes, Wind N.E. & cold.  We had a heavy White due last night to cold for any thing to grow, the sw3eet corn has come up he planted the other day but it’s to cold for things to grow at night & some things show they have been chilled. Elbert lined the garden tonight it’s down right chilly tonight, we had light fire to warm the room last night.

Tue. July.16. 1946./ 932./19 eggs today/  Moon is clear & bright as if we might get a frost tonight, I hope we don’t, the tomatoes plant are just starting to get tomatoes on them & cabbages & beets are coming quite well. & carrots to. cucumbers are slow.  I didn’t get out to prayer meeting tonight, but prayed for each one & that some one or many would fill my place. 

Wed. July.17. 1946./ 20 eggs today/ Well I haven’t been worth the powder to blow me up with today, Elbert hasn’t felt good either but he got up early & did some mowing & then he raked up the grass & weeds he had cut a few days ago & put it down on the pile over the ivy patch.  I only did what I had to do. I finished the goose berry jam, had 7 large jars, a pt. or more each, & that tires me so bad. & getting the meals & doing dishes & sweeping  I ought to wash, but just can’t get at it.  We got a card from Nellie today.  I dreamed about John & his mother the other morning that they stole my new shoes & over shoes & wouldn’t give them back to me & just laughed because I needed them & couldn’t find them.  Nellie only said she had got some magazines she had told us about & that she learned Ralph Ward was here in Columbus for a rest, but that he was going back to China  when he was able to go, she said she’d be out in a few days to see us & bring the magazines.  Frank Bonney & Armond was here tonight, Woodchuck hunting  there got one  & said Aubrey Breckenridge (our cousin) was over to see them two weeks ago, came on Sat. & stayed over till Mon. he had to go back to the Clinic, his heart is bad.  Wind is cool, sun hot, N.E. wind cold nights

Thurs. July. 18. 1946./ 15 eggs today/ It’s been a terrible hot day & we haven’t worked today  my side pained me most of the day, Where they took out the gall & bladder & I been so full of gas & belching all day  Elbert bought a lb of shank meat & it cost 55 cents they put in some bones & I boiled them & made soup 1/2 lb smoked saucage 39 cents 5. lb potatoes 27cents & sweet corn is selling for 75 cents per. doz.  WE don’t buy that  we got 12 little buns 18 cents  I don’t know how people are going to live, We only exist . we were hoping it would give us a shower, for it’s been so hot & dry, sultry, air heavy with heat, but the milk man hopes it don’t rain  he wants to cut oats in the morning. but everything needs water.  I do hope wont be quite so hot tomorrow. 6 young men & women came in & ask for a drink today  they were out riding bicycls in this terrible heat.

Fri. July. 19. 1946./933./ 18 eggs today/  It rained so hard after midnight, came down in torrents, was worse over toward where we get the milk, most drowned out the corn, didn’t do us any harm, milk man wants to cut his oat cleared off & was so hot this morning to hot to work & Elbert was cutting plumb bush & got to hot again  Sister Nellie & her son Johny drove in about noon or a little after, we had just eat, soup & had a bite of pie, so then I was washing dishes & so I stopped & fixed them a lunch  they brought meat & a cucumber & Johny got a loaf of bread & I had coffee & pie for them so they ate & visited & left early  they brought us a little radio table size to use for awhile  if we wants to so Johny set it up & played it a while & we got the news tonight  I gave them some broccoli & a few beets after they left about 4-30 or 4-45-p-m, Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 5 doz. eggs & went for the milk on way back & while he was gone I did out half the washing, my side has been so bad & I was allin when Elbert got back, he fed hens & then washed out his clothes K& “they” the half I hung out got dry  the rest I hung on the line in the house & it rained a heavy shower just at dark & wind blew.  then broke away  heat was 108 today,  too hot  I’d like to have gone to Church so much, but didn’t get my under slip mended yet. 

Sat. July. 20. 1946./ 17. eggs today./ Well, it sure did rain, just poured & Elbert set the rest of the tomatoes & over 100 cabages  today  its been hot & sultry but mostly cloudy, I did the ironing & mended my slip so I can go to Church tomorrow. & did the cooking, I helped Elbert with the planting, some.  Frank & Armond came & went hunting they got 4 woodchucks & gave Elbert one, so he has meat for tomorrow.  I must try to write to Flora  I do hope & pray God, in Jesus Name will heal her soul

Sat. July.20. 1946./ 934./ 17 eggs today/ and body & teach her to live for Him Oh, Glory to God, I thank Thee & praise Thee. Amen. 

Sun. July.21. 1946./ 18 eggs today/ We went to Church tonight  There were not very many there & we had such a wonderful sermon  Oh Dear Heavenly Father bless the efforts of those young Ministers & help me to be able to help, in Jesus Name I ask.  We have been having terible hot weather & to night it’s getting cooler, it rained While I was in church.  One of the little Hambly girls told me tonight  Ellen went to Kentucky & got married & was now on her way to Texas with her husband, not a very good example. 

Mon. July.22. 1946./17. eggs today/  got up at 9.a.m. & ate a bite & drank milk, that was 12. noon  when we ate & then I started to mend  I put a big patch under each arm hole of my shirt & riped off the 3 old ones & what with jumping up to do this & that it took me 2. hrs. weasted  I went out side for 20 or 30 minutes, looked after hens & collected the eggs & let Peter out the east side & hens out into the park talked to Elbert a few minutes, he had been mowing the grass & weeds once more, I got him in out of the sun & to rest a few minutes, then he went out & I mended his pants, put a patch on, under the hip pocket & darned the cut down on to the patch, had to cut off part of the wide hem on bottoms of legs & turn new hems, so to get my patch.  then Elbert went for a little meat, (up here by Ruggles’) he sold a doz. eggs for 50 cents & bought a little slice of plate beef for soup (it cost 28 cents)  then he got enough hamberg to make 3 hambergers, for 30 cents and it was rather stale  I boiled potatoes for dinner & had enough left for supper to fry & I chopped green cabbage ((from the head Frank Bonney gave us )) for slaw. & made fried biscuits & so when he came with the milk I had supper well on the way & had been out & fed hens & got a pail of well water  he looked after the supper while I strained the milk & put it in cold water to cool. I aired the bed blankets

Mon. July. 22. 1946./935./ 17 eggs today./ today & took care of beds & birds,  and I sure feel tired, it’s been sultry in the house a cool N.W. breeze out side, partly cloudy all day. I’m weak & sweat just terrible, everything just seems to tire me, so, as if it was hard work.  I heard some one around out side before I went to bed last night & smelt the smoke from a cigar & told Elbert, “he don’t seem to be interested” this morning he said a car had been on the grass between the ever green & the road, he could see where it had been. There has always been a lot of queer thing going on a-round here at night, I have never been disturbed in the house or out, but have seen & heard things.  We saw Rue Sarr & two men looking over a gun, out by his barn, as we passed on our way to church last night   I can’t ever get my rest at night & there are a lot of things I just can’t understand  I have hated my life in this world & hope & pray, it maybe better in the next world.

Tue. July. 23. 1946./ 14 eggs today/ Well I did the washing & carried the water & it’s been ever so hot & tonight I’m sick  my bowels don’t want to move  I’ve been praying all day about it, I should have waited for them this morning, but insted I started to work, but at last thank God, they moved  made me so sick & shaky.  I’m so glad I got the washing done. last night I mended Elbert’s un-ion suits “2” & then wrote Flora & Sherley a letter & he mailed the letter today when he took the eggs to Vermilion, but I for got to mail the book I got from Rev. Dehaan of Detroit. 

Wed. July.24. 1946./ 17 eggs today./ Today’s Audrey’s birthday  she is 54. yrs. old.  I wish her well, soul & body & hope she saves enough to help herself by & by, instead of giving it all away. She usually gives untill when she get sick or has & accident  she’s out of money. Last time she had a long hard row.  Well I haven’t done much today but Elbert is bound to go the limit & he worked yesterday & today, untill, today, he’s sick to his stomach & then his stomach & bowels  it don’t do much good to try to keep him he wants to work, I’m sorry for him & talk & talk to try to get him to stay quite through the heat, but he just wont.  What can I do.?  Elbert’s talking of going to Lorain in the morning  I do hope & pray he will use good judgement & get home safe, he’s going to bum his way down & back. I sure did rain, or pour tonight at 5-30p-m. Elbert was up here by Ruggles at the store on his way back home after getting the milk.  It was just a good shower & sure did everything good & cooled the air. N. W. wind & shower.

Thurs. July.25. 1946./ 936./ 19 eggs today./ Elbert called me early, but I had such cramp from my knees down to & in my feet, I couldn’t get up, he got my window screen out & climbed in & shut the South window  wind was N. east & cold all night.  put another blanket over my legs & cramps eased off, but, since it’s so cool & cloudy I laid & rested & even got one nap out of it, now, I been to the mail box “for exercise” & to the garden to take hens there greens & pick up the eggs, got 19 & before tomorrow night we have to have 1. dozen & 4 eggs to make the five doz. for West’s & Miss Clark. we now 4 doz. & 8 eggs, no sun so far today & to cool after being so hot, cool & cloudy S.W. breeze. I set bread had 2 large loaves & one in a low flat coffee can  don’t look good but smells good.  Elbert came  little after one o’clock tired & hungry  I had the potatoes most done & beets  he brought 4 little slices of blogna  I fried it  we ate & felt better  I hadn’t had any thing to eat all morning but he ate this morning & had a lunch at noon  he needed it, he bumed his way down to Lorain & back.  I had him kill a hen tonight  she’s been queer, although she’s laid every day & she was full of eggs, she was in good order. there are only 22 white hens left now & 2 Anconias & Pete he isn’t very well  seem to be weak in his legs like my self. No mail today. sun came out late this afternoon, cool & shivery tonight. 

Fri. July.26. 1946./ 17 eggs today/ I haven’t done much  I’m sort of all in, we don’t have enough to eat  We still had some broth from yesterday & I cooked rice in it, but we can’t buy rice anymore so when that’s gone I don’t know what we can do for something substantual to keep us going.  I took a bath & we went to Church  Elbert took the eggs to Wests’ & Miss Clark. he gave me a dollar, kept a dollar & had 50 cents left for food. It’s been a nice day  still cool N. east. wind. hot sun. 

Sat. July. 27. 1946./16 eggs today./ We are 1. egg less now we Killed that hen she was full of eggs.  Today is Frank Bonney’s birth-day he’s 56. yrs. old today. & been married 35. yrs today.  he has 4. children  3. of whom are married, youngest son lives at home. Evelyn & Red have 3. children. Francis Cora & Howard have 2 children & Harvey has a blond stout wife  I don’t know her maiden name & he says they expect a baby this Sept. 1946. Elbert bout bought a very little meat for 50 cents up here to the store & he said a woman bought an 8 pound ham & paid 75 cents per. lb. for it (6.00) all told.  if you only bought a lb. it would be 80 cents per. lb. just think what a whole pig or haf would cost at that rate. & steak (beef). $1.50 per. so we can’t eat meat anymore

Sun. July. 28. 1946./ 17 eggs today/  [page not numbered]  We went to Church, the juniors had a mock wedding, it was all acted out just fine, just a simple affair, Tom and his wife were the wedding couple  the Minister’s Wife & Mary Crole were bride’s maids & Mary’s boy friend was best man & a boy, ” I don’t remember his name” was ring bearer & Mr. Bockman gave Mrs. Epplers to Tom, the Minister preform-ed the marriage, they marched up the isle & all took there places, and, the Ministers Wife was beautiful  more so, than the bride or Marry. & I saw the Minister looking at her with great  admiration in his eyes. after word we had a good sermon & prayer service.  They have several persons, they have won on the St. corner that came to Church Sun. night  Mrs. Reese sang two hymns  Mr. Reese came with her and another Lady came & played piano with an accomplyment  she brought & attached to the piano.  The Minister & Mrs. Eppler plays different kinds of horns  Minister’s wife plays an acordian Mrs. Dorthy West plays other piano and Young Mr. Sprunk plays a violin & they play quite well.  But there wasn’t many to church  N. East wind and cool all evening & quite cool before

Mon. July. 29. 1946./ 14 eggs today/ Well, Elbert went to Huron & got 90 cents worth of meat, I don’t see how it was so much but he said it was that.  I did out the washing  he washed his 2. prs. work pants, it’s been terrible hot today   N. east breeze, light.  I’m so weak seems as if I can’t work but God gave me enough strength to get it done & look after the hens.  Elbert gave them mash, grit & fresh water tonight  they broke 2. eggs & I broke one.  cool again tonight, I aired blankets allso today.

Tue. July. 30. 1946./ 18 eggs today/ Today I’m feeling so weak after yes-terdays work and only God Knows how really hungry I am, my stomach & bowels pain me, I’m so empty, I have done the ironing & looked after the birds & hens & we each has some warmed up potatoes bread & I had a half slice of lunch meat size of two fingers, we each had a cup of tea this after noon, now Elbert has taken the eggs to Vermilion 4-doz.$2.00 & he went at 3-30-p-m & got back 5-45-p-m. & spent 1.40 for food  he bought qt. of 

Tue. July.30. 1946./ 938./ 18. eggs today/  vinagar box (8. oz. ) of tea, 1. lb. coffee, little piece of lunch meat 40 cents about as your arm & one in. thick.  We have had several meals of new potatoes from our own garden & they are swell white clean smooth skins & white mealy flesh, I’m so tired of rotten & green potatoes. Elbert has felt to ill to work today although he tried & I got him to rest or at least stay out the sun it was hot to-day, 91. degrees. N. east wind  getting quite strong before dark, the sky was full of fog flying thick & fast & looked like white thick mist, while it looked blue, near the earth. wind to cool to just sit in it  not so bad if you are busy, but even then it send a chill over me, if I stop just a second. 

Wed. July.31. 1946./ 18 eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & paid the light bill 75 cents & spent the rest of 2.00 for meat & food so there is only 1.75 cents left toward the feed for hens out of 5.00, we get so hungry we just have to eat & you can’t hardly get anything for a dollar, oh, it’s sure terrible, I received a card from the Soldiers & Sailors Releif, saying I would get my releif for six mo. at 25.00 per mo. starting this mo.  5.00 more than I’ve been getting, it will help 5.00 worth, but we can live any better for the coal bill has to be paid yet & the fire pot has to be fixed for winter & the door has to be fixed.  such a world if I only had my teeth paid for, that would give 5.00 more toward coal & stove, Oh, how I wish I could only endure it to work out. I’m in a hole up to my neck, I don’t know how I’ll get out, am trusting God will lend me a hand.  I cut out a dress today, just a plain house dress, but it tired me all out, Elbert hasn’t felt very good but tried to work  he can’t stand the heat & he can’t stand the cool breeze from the N. east, so we have been a bum pair today.  That 5.00 will be a big help, if we can only get even a gain, I’ll be so glad, and I thank God for the 5.00– Elbert mailed a card to Dr. Millers & one to Nellie one for tracts & book to Flora.  I prayed from one oclock till 2-p-m in the prayer chain all day & often

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