[Sat. Feb. 1. 1913] Sat.Feb.1.Ma & Elbert were going to Oberlin to see Aunt Edith [Edith Grant Wheeler, daughter of Valoris Wheeler & Charity Pomoroy, Elinor’s maternal Aunt] & Cousin Georgia  R. [Georgia R. ____, daughter of Edith Grant Wheeler, Georgia is Elinor’s maternal cousin] her husband & son Aubrey [ but ma didn’t feel able  Sat is general day at Hotel Bonney. I believe.
[Sun. Feb. 2. 1913] Sun.2.  Elbert & Fred stayed home last night & we had chicken for dinner. only Elbert, Fred, Nellie, Ma & I here for dinner  ma is feeling better  Fred is better & so are we all. 

[Mon. Feb. 3. 1913] Mon.3. I washed, had a big washing  ma helped me

[Tue. Feb. 4. 1913] Tue. 4. Uncle Porter Wheeler’s birthday  he is 66 yrs old [child of Valoris P Wheeler and Charity Pomoroy Wheeler, Elinor’s maternal Uncle] I have got to send him a little birthday present. I baked ten loaves of bread today. am tired. 

[Wed. Feb. 5. 1913] Wed.5.  Well I done most of the ironing today

[Thurs. Feb. 6. 1913] Thur.6.  Ma & Elbert went to Oberlin today  Ma is going on to Wellington to see Pa  Elbert came home & Gertie & the folks  Nellie is 16 yrs. old today & is in the first half of the third year.

[Fri. Feb. 7. 1913] Feb.7.Fri.  Oh every thing looks blue to me  I have been about all iin for a week or so but the work must be done

[Sat. Feb. 8. 1913] Sat.8. Uncle Will [William Wheeler son of Valoris Wheeler & Charity Pomoroy, Elinor’s maternal uncle] is going to the farm  Pearl [Pearl Wheeler, daughter of William, Elinor’s maternal cousin]isn’t very well & Elsie [Elsie Wheeler, daughter of William, Elinor’s maternal cousin] has had a bad fainting spell.  Today is Ship Yard pay day  I’most out of bread. Audrey  come & took one loaf & I’ll have to bake Biscuits

[Sun. Feb. 9. 1913] Sun.9.  Frank & Ruby & baby Evelyn [Evelyn Bonney (later McGinnis), Elinor’s neice] were here for dinner, Ma came in time for supper & Audrey & baby Martha, Geo. went to town & didn’t come home untill 7 oclock.  Uncle Will is home, Ma, Frank, Ruby & baby went over and called on him. A busy day for me. 

[Mon. Feb. 10. 1913] Mon.10.  I baked bread 10 loaves & gave Lillie some sponge & she had three big loave, call on her for about tonight, she said her pa ask if it was Motts bread??

[Tue. Feb. 11. 1913] Tue.11.  Well I washed today got through before four oclock before Nellie had come from school. ma don’t feel a bit well I guess she has taken cold.  

[Wed. Feb. 12. 1913] Wed.12. Ironed plain clothes & done the house work

[Thurs. Feb. 13. 1913] Thurs.13.  Finished the ironing & cut out ma’s dress got the skirt stitched together & did part of the work. 

[Fri. Feb. 14. 1913] Fri.14. Pa came home & ask ma if she wanted a Valentine. The Epworth League have a social at the church tonight. I done part of the work & sewed today, ma’s back or hips & limbs ach so she doesn’t know what to do. 

[Sat. Feb. 15. 1913] Sat.15.  Finished ma’s dress & help do up the Sat wash  Pa has a bad cold  this has been a dreary day

[Sun. Feb. 16. 1913] Sun 16.  Frank called up today  Audrey has bad cold Ma set a hen

[Mon. Feb. 17. 1913] Mon.17.  I washed, Ma & Pa went over the have their teeth reset & so we have soup for supper

[Tue. Feb. 18. 1913] Tue.18. Oh I baked 10 loaves of bread & have a cold & Gertie has a bad cold & gripp & I have had my hand more than full trying to do the house work and take care of her & I ach so my self I think

[Tue. Feb. 18. 1913] Page 58.  I’d be sick if I didn’t have to work  ma & pa had to go to town  Audrey & baby & Geo have hard colds & Nellie had to come home Fri & has been a bed every day more or less (Bonney Hospital) Pa’ is cross I thiink he’s getting well. 

[Wed. Feb. 19. 1913] Wed.19.  Just took care of my hospital & done the house work

[Thurs. Feb. 20. 1913] Thurs.20. Can’t get time to do my ironing.

[Fri. Feb. 21. 1913] Fri.21.  Nellie Gertie & all but Audrey & baby are feeling better  I did most the ironing but guess I have the gripp  Oh how I do ach   seems as though I just couldn’t work

[Sat. Feb. 22. 1913] Sat.22.  Well one more day wearyed through

[Sun. Feb. 23. 1913] Sun.23. Oh it is so cold out door snowing a gale & it has been so warm all week.  Well I took the day off and layd a bed half the day. Pa bought two chickens & ma backed them with dressing for dinner  Audrey has been a bed most all day. Geo went to Ashtabula Sat. night  Well I put my sick to bed & cared for them & now I’ll roll in for a while  Oh,ho,dee,dee.

[Mon. Feb. 24. 1913] Mon.24.  Ma didn’t want me to wash today she thought I wasn’t able, but I’m better

[Tue. Feb. 25. 1913] Tue.25.  Did the white wash.  Audrey Looks terrible & feels as bad  Geo. came home last night. Pa went back to Wellington yesterday after noon.

[Wed. Feb. 26. 1913] Page 59Wed.26.  I scrubed & done house work today

[Thurs. Feb. 27. 1913] Thurs.27.  Done part of my ironing & done house work

[Fri. Feb. 28. 1913] Fri.28.  Finished the ironing & done the house work

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