[Elinor is continuing to feel like Cinderella, though she also plays her own evil step mother.  She calls the house the “Bonney Hotel” because of all the people dropping in for meals she will prepare. Audrey comes and takes loaves of bread to her home that Elinor baked.  Elinor brags that her uncle says her bread is like “Motts” bread (might refer to bread made with Motts applesauce, still sold today).   Washing is even more cumbersome since it has to be hung to dry in the dining room.  Her sister Nellie is only 16 years old and certainly watched over and cared for by Elinor, along with Martha, Audrey’s toddler. ” Gripp” (Flu ) and colds continue with Audrey, George (her husband), Martha, “Ma” & Gertie all sick.  Her parents are going to the dentist to “have their teeth reset” which means soup for supper.   With all the illness, she changes the tag name “Just took care of my hospital & done the house work…Bonney’s Hospital.”  Of course she doesn’t know that in 5 years the situation will be much worse with the Flu of 1918 hitting the entire extended family, leaving her as the primary caregiver.  

[Sat. Feb. 1. 1913] Sat.Feb.1.Ma & Elbert were going to Oberlin to see Aunt Edith [Edith Grant nee’ Wheeler, daughter of Valoris Wheeler & Charity Pomoroy, Elinor’s maternal Aunt] & Cousin Georgia  R.(osecrane) [Georgia R.Grant, daughter of Edith Grant nee’ Wheeler, Georgia is Elinor’s maternal cousin, once removed (I think?) ] her husband & son Aubrey [ but ma didn’t feel able  Sat is general day at Hotel Bonney. I believe.
[Sun. Feb. 2. 1913] Sun.2.  Elbert & Fred stayed home last night & we had chicken for dinner. only Elbert, Fred, Nellie, Ma & I here for dinner  ma is feeling better  Fred is better & so are we all. 

[Mon. Feb. 3. 1913] Mon.3. I washed, had a big washing  ma helped me

[Tue. Feb. 4. 1913] Tue. 4. Uncle Porter Wheeler’s birthday  he is 66 yrs old [Porter would be the child of Valoris P Wheeler and Charity Wheeler nee’ Pomoroy , Elinor’s maternal Uncle] I have got to send him a little birthday present. I baked ten loaves of bread today. am tired. Porter Valourus Wheeler

[Wed. Feb. 5. 1913] Wed.5.  Well I done most of the ironing today

[Thurs. Feb. 6. 1913] Thur.6.  Ma & Elbert went to Oberlin today  Ma is going on to Wellington to see Pa  Elbert came home & Gertie & the folks  Nellie is 16 yrs. old today & is in the first half of the third year.

[Fri. Feb. 7. 1913] Feb.7.Fri.  Oh every thing looks blue to me  I have been about all in for a week or so but the work must be done

[Sat. Feb. 8. 1913] Sat.8. Uncle Will [William Wheeler son of Valoris Wheeler & Charity Pomoroy, Elinor’s maternal uncle] is going to the farm  Pearl [Pearl Wheeler, daughter of William, Elinor’s maternal cousin]isn’t very well & Elsie [Elsie Wheeler, daughter of William, Elinor’s maternal cousin] has had a bad fainting spell.  Today is Ship Yard pay day  I’most out of bread. Audrey  come & took one loaf & I’ll have to bake Biscuits

[Sun. Feb. 9. 1913] Sun.9.  Frank & Ruby & baby Evelyn [Evelyn Bonney (later McGinnis), Elinor’s neice]

Nellie holding Martha Carlisle in her lap

were here for dinner, Ma came in time for supper & Audrey & baby Martha, Geo. went to town & didn’t come home untill 7 oclock.  Uncle Will is home, Ma, Frank, Ruby & baby went over and called on him. A busy day for me.

[Mon. Feb. 10. 1913] Mon.10.  I baked bread 10 loaves & gave Lillie some sponge & she had three big loave, call on her for about tonight, she said her pa ask if it was Motts bread??

[Tue. Feb. 11. 1913] Tue.11.  Well I washed today got through before four oclock before Nellie had come from school. ma don’t feel a bit well I guess she has taken cold.  

[Wed. Feb. 12. 1913] Wed.12. Ironed plain clothes & done the house work

[Thurs. Feb. 13. 1913] Thurs.13.  Finished the ironing & cut out ma’s dress got the skirt stitched together & did part of the work.

[Fri. Feb. 14. 1913] Fri.14. Pa came home & ask ma if she wanted a Valentine. The Epworth League have a social at the church tonight. I done part of the work & sewed today, ma’s back or hips & limbs ach so she doesn’t know what to do. 

[Sat. Feb. 15. 1913] Sat.15.  Finished ma’s dress & help do up the Sat wash  Pa has a bad cold  this has been a dreary day

Ma (Martha Wheeler Bonney) inside the house

[Sun. Feb. 16. 1913] Sun 16.  Frank called up today  Audrey has bad cold Ma set a hen

[Mon. Feb. 17. 1913] Mon.17.  I washed, Ma & Pa went over the have their teeth reset & so we have soup for supper

Mechanical Quoin – British Letterpress in 100 ObjectsThe GYSI "Simplex" Articulator Produced in 1912 - UTHealth School of ...Category:Historical dental equipment - Wikimedia Commons

[Tue. Feb. 18. 1913] Tue.18. Oh I baked 10 loaves of bread & have a cold & Gertie has a bad cold & gripp & I have had my hand more than full trying to do the house work and take care of her & I ach so my self I think

[Tue. Feb. 18. 1913] Page 58.  I’d be sick if I didn’t have to work  ma & pa had to go to town  Audrey & baby & Geo have hard colds & Nellie had to come home Fri & has been a bed every day more or less (Bonney Hospital) Pa’ is cross I think he’s getting well. 

[Wed. Feb. 19. 1913] Wed.19.  Just took care of my hospital & done the house work

[Thurs. Feb. 20. 1913] Thurs.20. Can’t get time to do my ironing.

[Fri. Feb. 21. 1913] Fri.21.  Nellie Gertie & all but Audrey & baby are feeling better  I did most the ironing but guess I have the gripp  Oh how I do ach   seems as though I just couldn’t work

[Sat. Feb. 22. 1913] Sat.22.  Well one more day wearyed through

[Sun. Feb. 23. 1913] Sun.23. Oh it is so cold out door snowing a gale & it has been so warm all week.  Well I took the day off and layd a bed half the day. Pa bought two chickens & ma backed them with dressing for dinner  Audrey has been a bed most all day. Geo went to Ashtabula Sat. night  Well I put my sick to bed & cared for them & now I’ll roll in for a while  Oh,ho,dee,dee.

[Mon. Feb. 24. 1913] Mon.24.  Ma didn’t want me to wash today she thought I wasn’t able, but I’m better

[Tue. Feb. 25. 1913] Tue.25.  Did the white wash.  Audrey Looks terrible & feels as bad  Geo. came home last night. Pa went back to Wellington yesterday after noon.

[Wed. Feb. 26. 1913] Page 59Wed.26.  I scrubed & done house work today

[Thurs. Feb. 27. 1913] Thurs.27.  Done part of my ironing & done house work

[Fri. Feb. 28. 1913] Fri.28.  Finished the ironing & done the house work

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