October  1948

Fri. Oct. 1. 1948./ page. 2220./ 10. eggs this day./  I have to set bread to & do out a few wash pieces & sweep.   It was partly cloudy & some of the time misty or I’d have tried to do the washing today,   but haven’t got much so I’ll try to do it all tomorrow  God Willing.   I thank God for all & everything.

Sat. Oct. 2. 1948./ 10 eggs today./  Well,  wind went N.W. & strong & cool   mostly cloudy with heavy mist part time.   Elbert did odd jobs   cleaned coop windows & put them in & put the bags on holes above windows for ventilation,    he killed a rat the other night & there was one in the coop tonight, but he got out before Elbert could hit him.   I got my check & Elbert went to Huron & got it cashed & got a piece of pork   can of milk & lb. parkay  & he paid the balance of my bil at Mrs. Gunsenhausers.   So, I got my washing done & baked 3. loaves of white bread & we had a little pork for supper,    I’m tired  real tired, but I Praise God for the wonderful strength, He has given me & for my check today & all the many blessings He gives to me.  I praise His Holy Name   I love Him Dearly, & pray He will heal me & help me to be a true testimony for His Name’s sake, Glory to His Name.

Sun. Oct. 3. 1948./ 8. eggs today./  I got up   took a bath   dressed & picked a nice bouquet for church & we went to Sunday school  church   We had cummunion & a good prayr meeting & again tonight we had a good prayer meeting & they prayed for several of us & the Lord blessed us Glory Glory to God   I praise Thee Jesus.   & after word we took Mr & Mrs. West Sr. home.   they are staying with Dorthy & Lindy.    It’s been a nice cool day partly cloudy N. east wind.   I picked a big bunch of dahlias & took tonight & gave half to Gracie Day & Mrs West took the rest.   The Ministers wife had the morning bouquet,   Oh Praise the Lord.   Glory Glory Glory  Hallelujah, Amen.   Elbert went into the meeting tonight.   Praise the Lord.   On the way home the radiator went dry & he had to stop & ask for water.   I hope & pray it don’t leak.   Oh God of love & mercy help us out of the tight pinch we are in & I’ll give Thee all the praise & Glory

Mon. Oct. 4. 1948./ 2221./ 4. eggs today./  Hens are moulting, only 22 of them left.   Elbert went to Huron but got no fish    lake to rough for fishermen to get out.    Elbert got his check today & no raise.   He’s done odds & ends & hasn’t felt able & neither do I and I’ve only done my daily rounds & potted 6 or 7 plants I had out door.   & there are two or 3 more out there yet.   Well we have to get up & go to Huron for the baby chicks in the morning,   I pray & trust all will be well.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & I pray God will help me to be worthy.   I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost for all things.   I thank Him for the song He puts in my heart no matter what the conditions are.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.  Wind N.E. and cool.

Tue. Oct. 5. 1948./ 8. eggs today/  Wind still N. east & cool   we went up to Huron at 8-30-a-m & waited untill noon.   & no chickens   we came home & looked after things here   had dinner & a lunch supper & went back a 8-p-m & no. chicks yet    so we came home,    both of us have felt so tired today.   They said come back tomorrow noon for the chicks,   I do hope they will be O.K.   they told us they would go to Elyria or maybe Cleveland & then send them back on the local or by truck.   I can’t see the scence in halling them all those extra miles   it’s 27 or 37 miles to Elyria from Huron & about as much more to Cleveland.   & its only 4 miles from here to Huron & all the trains go through Huron station & right passed me hre at home & to think of carrying things all over the country & then bringing it back.   It’s only 10 miles from Sandusky to Huron & they stop there.   I can’t the object, They said it didn’t cost me any more freight, or express rather.   so we have to make another trip, 8 miles round trip.   We bought a bag of pressed hard coal dust, today, it keep a good heat with only a little coal,   it’s pressed lumps about the size of an egg.   We got a very few grocherys 1. lb. parkay. 1. can milk 1. box drz soap & 2 cakes lava hand soap, 1. lb. some liver, 1. box rolled oats.   We are in a bad pinch for money,   I hope & pray God will help us some how.   I thank Him so much more than I can tell that things have worked out so far, just fine.,   only the chicks should have been here today,   they wrote they shipped them Oct. 4.   Well, they’ll be come soon & poor little things will sure be tired.   I Praise Thee Jesus for our many blessing & pray I may be more able to do for Thee, Amen.

Wed. Oct. 6. 1948./ 12. eggs. today./  Well, Elbert went to fish house & got a good big mess of fish & got the chicks at noon,   they took them to Elyria & they were there last night & hauled them in a truck back here to Huron & Elbert got them at 12 noon.   they have a cold & are wheesing hard   we been out several times to see if they were warm & comfortable & they are.   I hope I don’t loose any of 

Wed . Oct. 6. 1948./ page 2222/ 12. eggs this day./  I baked 3 loaves of bread & cooked up 1. pk. of grapes for jelly, or juice.& did my daily dozen & we are both terribly tired tonight.   We have a little fire   it’s cool   wind shifted to S. east tonight.   I thank God for His love & care & pray the chicks will get ovr there cold & be happy tomorrow,   God  He is able & I’m trusting & believing for His protection in Jesus Name & I thank Him, Give Him all the praise & Glory for everything for ever & ever, Amen. Glory to God.

Thurs. Oct. 7. 1948./ 5. eggs today./  Well, one chick died last night   the rest seem better,   they sure were wheezie last night   We put them under the brooder & they are quite tonight,  coops warm & comfortable,   they seemed settled when we left for prayer-meeting  & the same when we came back, but 2 or 3 hen’s got the wheezes tonight,  We had such a good pray meeting & God was there.   I hope God will help them to be O.K in a day or two.  Elbert let them out & it’s to cool for molting hens.   We’ll have to be getting the trimings from now on, from the store.  They expect Mrs Sprunk this coming week about 15th.   Mr Day had a heart attack.   Miss Clark was back tonight    I caned 3-1/2-lb. coffee jars of grape juice & did my daily doz.  & was so tired & so was Elbert tonight. .   but prayer meeting take the ach out of me.   I Praise Jesus & thank him, Glory to God in Jesus Name. 

Fri. Oct. 9. 1948./ 8. eggs today./ Time is flying.   Well, I got up  washed dressed & picked a big bunch of dahlias & 3 of the big ones 2. white & 1. canary yellow a beautiful clear yellow & some of my dahlias marone & yellow & a pink & white & some sprigs of tamarix,    Elbert said she (Mrs. Cranage) was delighted with them.   Elbert sold 4 1/2 doz of our hens eggs for 78 cents per. doz, 3.48 & he bought 2 1/2 doz. for 55 cents per doz & he sold them for 1.92 & made 54 cents on them,   he bought grain 4.45 & he got a box of grit for my birds & a box of seeds & can of milk, a lb of saucage & 2 little pieces of boiling meat as big as your 2 fists   not enough to make good flavored broth   we had saucag for dinner at 2-p-m.   Elbert got trimmings for hens & chicks.    when Elbert got home he brought me a slip of angel wing begonia with a big cluster of deep pink blossoms   it’s like one I use to have, but I let it freeze,   they get so big.   Mrs. Cranage sent it.   Well, I did all the washing while Elbert was gone & I had to dry them in the house, for it rained evry little while,   then the sun would come out between showers & the sun was so white, like ice & I didn’t get the clothes all dry yet.   The baby chicks are better today, and all eating    the hens are bad yet,    Elbert has to learn the hard way, no matter what I tell him, he left the windows open all night & the cold north east wind blowing on them all night & I ask him several times to close them at night.   now several of the hens have the snuffles & he’s sorry.   I hate

Fri. Oct. 9. 1948./ page. 2223./ 8. eggs this day./  to make him angry, to get him to do what ought to be done, but I should have insisted.   I had him mail a card to the chick Co. & one to Nellie,   she addressed her last card Dear folks,  as if we were no relation, but, perhaps she doesn’t consider us a dear brother & sister,    I’m sorry she’s so miserable & she will only be 52 this Feb. 6.   she said she wished we’d come for a visit,   she likes to have Elbert take her to town & bring hr grocierys for her,   then it’s nice to have us go & get out of there way.   Ella Jane hasn’t writen me a word & she hardly said any thing to either of us when we were there last.  I wish I were in bed I’m so tired,   and it’s thundering again.   I do thank and praise God in Jesus Holy Blessed Name for all our many blessing & pray He will save our souls and deliver us from the wrath to come.   Glory to God.

Sat. Oct. 9. 1948./ 5 eggs today./  Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish   I did the bal washing & dried it in the house.   I felt as if I wouldn’t get up Fri. morning,    I had a cold & it had settled all over me,   I felt heavy & doppy, but we felt the power of God in our meeting,    it made me laugh & laugh & Praise the Lord & so when I got ready for bed I thanked Him for my healing,    I didn’t feel 3/4 as bad Fri. & Sat. the cold was gone,   Praise the Lord,  Glory to His Name,   He’s a wonderful Jesus to me.   It has warmed up quite a little although air is real cool.

Sun. Oct. 10. 1948./ 6. eggs today./ I got up took my bath & went to Church & Sunday school   Miss. Clark taught & there wre a few more out to for both services   Rev. Scheriens Mother, father & brother were there.   They are christians.   I came home  Elbert & I, & got our dinner & then I picked two big bunches of flowers & toook them in the evening to Church,   Rev. got the vases   I put the flowers in & sister Scharein took them upstairs & rearranged them & put water on them, “or in the vases” & brought them back & set them on the Alter & after servcice they divided them up among the Ladys.   it was late when we got out & got home,   chicks were O.K. though, & they are begining to feel better & are all eating    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Holy Name.

Mon. Oct. 11. 1948./ 4 eggs today./  I cleaned & steamed & canned 4. big cans & 1. qt of pears in sweet spiced vinegar.   the big cans hold about 1 3/4 qts.   & did my usual round & I’m so tired  to-night.

Tue. Oct. 12. 1948./ page. 2224./ 2. eggs today/  Elbert went to Bill Long’s to see about the work & he’s still waiting for Elbert to come & finish the job,    he went to Amhrst and ordered some lumber,    he found the Wakin place, but there wasn’t any one home & he never thought to leave the order for the condition powder, so I’ll have to write for it   anyway, he said he was going back that way tomorrow & can leave the order,   he went to Lorain this morn.    I did all the washing except the table cloth & was to tired to do wash it so that’s seed for next time as ma use to say.   Elbert came at 2-p-m.   I fried the rest of the fish & got the dinner & we ate,   he heat up water & washed his work pants & did a few odds & ends & took care of the chicks,   they are happy & begining to grow,    a few have the snuffles yet, but are active   hens are about the same, not wheezing quite so much.   Some bad loooking storms went down the Lake today,   sun shone between times,   sun was warm & wind South, but quite high up.    I picked up a few walnuts & piled them & I picked a few more chinese lanterns today.   Preachers wife let the other ones I gave her, lay all in a pile & spoilt & we worked 3. hrs. to pick the best ones & those with the most lanterns on  & big ones   they were so pretty.   Oh, Well I’ll know better another time.   I am so glad God gives me strength each day   I thank him & give Him all the praise   I Love Jesus   He’s all the world to me.   The wind is shifting & the air is quit frosty tonight,    hope no frost tonight.

Wed. Oct. 13. 1948./ 2. eggs today./  Elbert went to Amherst & left my note in Watkin man’s mail box & on to Bill Longs place & on to town    The little old man with his notion came in here, in time to eat breakfast with Elbert & went all the way to Lorain with him,   he was on his way to Cleveland for the winter, he said   & that he thought he’d stop at Avon on the way   he got a 20 mi. lift, from here to Lorain.   Elbert worked 3 1/2 hrs. & got back here little after noon & it poured rain a little while later.   I swept & wiped up the floors & I was so tired &K still feel that way.   I have done my daily doz. & I thank God with my Whole heart, soul, mind & strength for Him & His wonder Power to Keep Glory to God in the Hightest in Jesus Name.   I received letter from Berrys about chicks.   We were 10 short but since Elbert didn’t count them at express office. I’ll lose that much,   there are so many crooks in all walks of life.

Thurs. Oct. 14. 1948./ 2. eggs today./   Elbert went to work & worked eight hrs. today   It’s been a beautiful day.   I baked 3 loaves of bread & 1. tin of bread biscuits & 4. doz. roll oat cookies & took care of little chicks & hens & my birds.   I washed up all the dishes.

Thurs. Oct. 14. 1948./ page. 2225./ 2 eggs this day./  I had pealed the potatoes & chopped the cabbage & had everything ready to cook for supper & started it when Elbert turned in on the drive,   he brought some pork & I fried it & made milk gravy & hot coffee,    We had pickled beets & fresh bread also.   I ran out after I got the supper cooked & while Elbert was feeding chicks & picked a few flowers to take to the preachers wife & I took her a loaf of bread & 6 rolled oat cookies & I took a small tin of bread biscuits & 6 cookies to Miss. Clark, she, well, both seemed much pleased with them.    Miss. Clark’s living with mrs. Fredrick & they neither one are very strong in body.   There were only a few to prayer meeting, Lindy & Dorthy & baby,  Mr. Bockman,  Miss. Clark, Gracie Day, the Minister & his wife, & myself.    We had a good prayermeeting,   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing, but we pray we may be worthy & that all the praise & Glory maybe Thine for ever & ever. Amen.   I (or) we, received a card from Nellie,   she was wanting to meet Elbert tomorrow & come home with him,   he phoned tonight to tell her, he was working,   Bonita ans. phone & said her mother had gone to church & she didn’t know what her ma would do.   Elbert said he’d look for her at 4-30, if she wanted to stay all night & go back next morning, with him,   Bonita said she didn’t think she’d stay all night, but now he’ll have to go clear down to the waiting room, to see & he’s so tired,    he hasn’t worked for so long.   We both had to take a bath & dress for prayer meeting & we neither felt able.

Fri. Oct. 15. 1948./ 2. eggs today./  Elbert went to work & he was tired this morning, got to tired yesterday & he worked 6 1/2 hrs. today,   he’s been shingling two day now.   he’s got to buy some new tires (4.) of them,    he’s dog tired tonight   his spine at the lower end & his knee is paining him bad,   he went to see if Nellie came, but she wasn’t there,   she don’t like to leave her bed at night, for she’d have to sleep with me & she likes to sleep alone.    Hellen Sarr was here this morning before I got dressed,   I was to tired to yesterday, but I got dressed & let her & her son “Earnie, who is 2. yrs. & a few mo’s old,” in   she wanted to talk to Elbert about compensation,  she’s worked 20 weeks for Deforest Ward.   I don’t know much about it,   they each had a cookie & talked about an hour then she went home   was home & hr or so & went passed in the car,   I guess they get milk over to Haufman’s South the track.   Well I went out & picked what lanterns were left & hung them on the cloth line & took care of hens & chicks & then put on water for a cup of tea & then a truck turned in on the drive,    It was the coal man,   he came to see if I want the coal,   I said I did, & that I thought he wasn’t going to bring it & we’d made our minds to get it at another place

Fri. Oct. 15. 1948./ page. 2226./ 2. eggs this day./  he said he would send it out if I wanted him to, so I told him to send it.    15 dollars and 50 cents pr. ton.  6 ton will be 93.00 & tax 9     Well I hope we don’t have to pay any more than that or we’ll have to find another place to stay,   we wont be able to keep warm & eat, to;   Coal man wanted some of the Chinese lanterns   he offered me 25 cents for a dollars worth, so, I gave them to him,   he wanted them for his wife,   he has been good to wait for the coal bill, & I can only pay 10.00 per mo.   it will take 10. mo’s to pay it this time & we have to pay for a fire pot if it ever gets here.   & I don’t know how much that will cost yet.   I had baked potatoes & baked apples & Elbert got 4. little pieces of stake, for supper, bread & hot drink.   I have dishes done.   Elbert looks after chicks at night & puts hover down for them & sees to it,   that they are all under & warm   they are very active & happy,   I air the coop & take care of them during the day,   it wasn’t very cold today or tonight,   We have a big patch of tomatoes just ready to rippen   I do hate to see them get frosted    hope we can pick some & pack them in crates to rippen,    I ought to make a few tomatoe pickles, yet for winter.  hope I can.    It’s been a beautiful warm Fall Day.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all my many blessings  Glory to His Name, Glory, Glory, Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus.

Sat. Oct. 16. 1948./ 2 eggs today./  Elbert went to work 4. hrs.   he said he put in more, but he hasn’t any watch so he took Bills word    he went right up town & it was 5 minutes to one, he said he’s going to let it go,   I know I wouldn’t.   I did several odds & ends,   have to look after chicks & I aired sleeping garments & got the mail & then brought in the Sleepers & did it rain,   Elbert came at 2-30- and we had dinner & then we both went to Huron    got two bags of growing mash 9.80   that was 4.90 per. bag, & a bag of scratch grain ____ & 2. bags of coal ____   then he got bottle clorox 2. boxes oats  2. cans Ba-bo  1. jar sanwitch spread.   & I called on Mrs. Wosener & gave her a bunch of Chinesse lanterns,   she’s had a lot of hard-ships since Dr. died.   she cought her house coat & burned her hip so bad they had to graft skin on it & last mo she was in a car wreck & hurt 2 fingers quite bad & for all that she’s looking fine    she lives alone in a swell & swanky home, a big place for one poor little soul   she hires some one to come in every 2 weeks & clean & dust,   such a world.   Well I took some Chinesse lanters to Mrs. Gunhauser, to the store & run in debt for 2 prs stockings ____   she said the lanterns were beautiful & she had a brass vase tall & beautiful that they

Sat. Oct. 16. 1948./ page. 2227/ 2 eggs today/  would look just fine in it.   then we came on home & Elbert feed & took care of hens & chicks while I got supper he was in such pain with his knee he could hardly eat he took 2 anicins & I prayed for him     (it) the pain left him all of a sudden & he looked at me so queer & said it had left & then, I said thank the Lord & he said I do, I do, & then he told me how a shock had passed through him & left him sort of dazed the time we went to a meeting at Norwalk, Mr. Haufman had ask us to come to that meeting,   Oh, I wish he had told me then, but, I had a vision in the church last Sunday morning,   It was a big cream colored piece on something black & in big gold letters it said “Jesus never fails.” Praise His Holy Name.  Glory to God, Hallelujah,   I praise Thee Jesus, Wonderful Jesus, I love Jesus.   Well it’s been a nice day showery after noon & it’s been raining quite hard & steady tonight not very cold. 

Sun. Oct. 17. 1948./ 2. eggs today/   I took my bath dressed & went out in the rain & picked two big bouquets & a cabbage for our dinner,   I cooked the pork last night & it was so tender & nice,    when we got to church Rev. Scharien brought the flower vases,    I put the flowers in & his wife put them on the Altar.   Rev. Coon was there this morning.   His job is going from one district to another looking after the churches,   he preached the sermon & we came home had dinner & I felt bum, so laid down a while   I felt to bad to eat supper so Elbert ate & then we went back to Church, there were only Graci Day Miss Clark & Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the Minister & his wife & Elbert & I there.   It’s been a rainy day & tonight it turned cold & spit with snow on our way home & we didn’t get the tomatoes picked.   Elbert put little chicks under brooder when we got back home.   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for our many blessings.

Mon. Oct. 18. 1948./ 2. eggs today./  I haven’t done only little things all day & I’m tired most to death.   Elbert’s back’s been bad today but he’s done some work while things,    he put a piece of quarter round on the upper part of the windows out side to hold the windows closer so the  cold wind can’t get in quite so easy & there’s one more job to find out whre the wind gets in through the locker & blows the doors open.   I can’t understand how that can be, but Elbert says he’ll try to find the trouble to fix it.   he cleaned the out sides of the windows also.   I was going to sew, buty helped with the windows & swept & cleaned & so didn’t sew, or iron   thought I’d get one of them done.   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessing.   I love & Praise Jesus

Mon. Oct. 18. 1948./ page. 2228./ 2. eggs this day./  It’s been a nice day partly cloudy warm (but) white sun,   South West Wind easing up late this after noon,   it froze ice in birds bath last night & it froze some of the tomatoes where the wind hit them,   wind was north west last night & it snowed & melted as it fell at 10-p-m,    my big India lillie bulb is out side,   I have to dig it tomorrow if the top wilts down enough so it will come of the bulb.    I was sick all night    bowels didn’t move all day Sun. then at night after we’d been home an hr. or so they began & keept it up so I felt bum, but have done my daily doz. & Praise the Lord.

Tue. Oct. 19. 1948./ 2. eggs today./  Elbert worked 6. hrs today   he didn’t work away yesterday, but did a good job on the windows here.   Well I did most of the washing hung it out but had to get it in post haste,    a big storm was going down the lake but the sun was shining hear,   I went to the well pump & the wind began to blow untill it was likie a shreik & I got back & in & shut the windows & watched it,   it had turned & coming back with a fury    Wind had been South west & then turned North west & how it blew then   rained wet snow, & then, just rained water,    wind was sure cold   I finished drying clothes in the house,   had just set down to rest & peal potatoes when Elbert came in,   Bill took him & a helper out to a hot dinner,   I’m glad for he would feel more like work   I had a dish of brand flakes & milk, but no milk for tomorrow, unless I get it from the milk man.   Well Elbert brought boiling meat for soup   perhaps I eat a few crackers & some broth.   I thank God for all our many blessings for giving us strength to help our-selves a little & I hope & pray I can work to the last breaath & I’ll Praise Him & give Him all the Glory, Amen.

Wed. Oct. 20. 1948./ 2. eggs today./  Elbert worked 8. hrs. today,   it was a gray Oct. morning, but cleared up late this afternoon    I looked after chicks & got a few beets & carrots out the garden & I dug my India lilly bulb. & the glads Audrey gave me,   wish the rest were dug & put below.   We’ll have the dahlias beets & carrots to dig & that will be the end except for a little cabbages.   I did the ironing & seemed as if my feet would kill me.   I starched my dress & Elberts shirt & dried them & dampened & ironed them    When I had the rest done we received a card from Nellie & that the children were all home Sun.   Bonita & little George had a cold   Johny & Marcia went to New London & the babys are growing fast.   Well, so are, our babys growing & feeling good.   I received a check for 4.39 for the 10 chicks that were missing & the one dead one, from Chick Co.   They must be O.K. & the chicks are coming along good.   I thank God.

Wed. Oct. 20. 1948./ page. 2229./ 2 eggs this day/  for all He does for us, in Jesus Name and wish I could get out & do more for Him.   I can only pray Trust & believe, Praise His Name.   I baked 3. big white loaves of bread.   It’s really been a beautiful Fall day.   N. west breeze. 

Thurs. Oct. 21. 1948./ 2. eggs today./ I only did what I had to do all day & trying to write a letter to Audrey,   she wrote me a very sisterly letter telling how each one were & that Martha’s two girls both had to go to the hospital    one to be examined for stomach & back & one “Joan” to have two ruptures sewed up,   Martha isn’t very well & Merlin has a heart trouble, and Audrey has many a heart ach,   Gertie lives with Audrey & makes life miserable picking on Martha’s family,   But, A. has ask them there for thanksgiving dinner,   it’s her home & she isn’t letting any one else runit.   A. sent me 5.00 in her letter,   she’s real human,   I hate to take it & if she wouldn’t send it, but we do need it bad,   it’s hard to have to spent part of my check, for chicks mash but it wont be for long, as soon as they begin to lay, they will begin to pay there way & a little later give back what I’ve had to spend on them,   we used what I had saved for them, so, that’s that.   I thank God for all our many blessings,   He has help us thus far   He took the wheezes & cold all out the chicks, & hens & hens are molting,   I feel that was really a marical,   I thank God we can depend on His word, if things go a miss.   I’ve found it so.   Elbert worked 7. hrs. yester today.   It’s been a find day.   We both went to prayr meeting.   Elbert mailed Nellie a card today, this morning.

Fri. Oct. 22. 1948./ 2. eggs today./  Elbert worked 7 1/2. hrs. today.   Winds been & is south,   tried to rain late this afternoon   I washed my house dress towels & pillow-slips my under skirt  Elbert’s sleepers & what few odds & ends there were, the table cloth & 2. grain bags & got the supper & did quite a number of odd jobs,   took care of chicks & hens & my birds.   Clothes dried almost dry & I finished them indoors,   Elbert mailed my letter to Audrey this morning & I have to write a thank you note to Chick Co. to be mailed in the morning,& thank them & tell them the chicks are sure up & coming.   Well, we got about 20.00 to pay on the fire pot.   Elbert has drawed 25.00 & he still has 63.37 coming   he can get his tires he needs so bad,   he had to stop & change tires on the top of the hill by Sarr’s, tonight & he’s so tired   when he works 7 or 8. hrs. & he has to do the shopping in Vermilion on his way home   He plans now to come back early about noon to put the fire pot in,    I hope it will be warm & we wont catch a cold or the birds  I truly Praise God for our many blessing in Jesus Holy Name. Glory Glory Glory to God I do Praise Thee, for all things. 

Sat. Oct. 23. 1948. /1. egg today./  Well, Elbert didn’t get home untill 15 to 2-p-m. so I built a fire   it was chilly & damp & raining slow drizzly rain not cold out side, if you wre busy & Elbert dug the dahlias & I dug the glads, then he dug a bu carrots

Sat. Oct. 23. 1948./ page. 2230/ 1. egg this day/  Well I’m so tired I can’t get up to make a cup of tea with out sweating like rain.   I chopped cabbage, pepper & onion & didn’t get the carrot & beet chopped fr put with it.   & I’m to tired to work, so only did what I had to do.   I had a terrible dream, so clear & vivid, but, it didn’t frighten me a bit,   It was this,   Elbert & I went on the train some where   come back we had to wait 1. hr. so he said lets walk over to the street & then we’ll come back,   he had to find a rest room or toilet & left me waiting on the corner   I thought I’d go back & as usual I went the wrong direction    I walked into a big hall   see there were all colored women there sitting every so far apart,   I passed 2 & the third one got up & held out her arm.   I turned & said I beg your parden I’ve got the wrong place   & I hurried back & before the first one got a big buck out   I ran back the way I’d come from,   I saw a white man & yell to him    he waited & I noticed he had turned so white he looked as if he’d faint & we both ran for the station,   Elbert was coming on the run to meet me,   the man said to me,   your lucky you got out,   no white woman ever gets out & they even keep men as slaves so they wont tell things but a few men have got away, & told,    I ask why they were left there doing such things  then    & he said he didn’t understand that either.   I said I prayed God would help me fast & He did   Praise His Blessed Name.   Then Elbert said some one went through your suit case & left it open & there’s only & old dress left in it.   We reported it & the station man said to much of that was going on & he didn’t know why,   but he made a note of it.   We got on the train & went on to Elyria & went to Nellie’s & there was Nellie in one bed & Mrs. Bessie in another & there wasn’t a place to sit down to rest   & Bonney Bell came in all dressed in black with a big wide rimed black hat on turned up on one side,   she sat down at the piano & began to play, & never said, a word, not even hellow,   we seeme to be taking care of first one & then another & then got in our car & came home, so, now, I’m wondering, for all day   I’ve sort of been waiting or expecting something.  I pray all is well, with all my heart soul mind & strength in Jesus Name.   I thank God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for everything Amen.

Sun. Oct. 24. 1948./ page 2231./ 1. egg today/  We got a real killing frost & most all things got killed such as tomatoes & dahlias, glad tops were green & the petunies are under the trees if they are still blooming.   Well wonce again the wash dish has sprung another leak   I bought one, not as large as this on & the only one I could get, then found a fellew that mended the old one, so I just saved the new one, but had to use it.   It was cloudy & not much breeze all Sat. but today it’s been partly cloudy  tonight quite a fresh breeze from the North east.   We went to Church & Sunday school this morning & came home & fix our dinner,   Elbert had bought a small ham but  & I cooked cabbage, onions, potatoes, carrots & dumplings with it for dinner & it did taste so good.   for we haven’t been eating much meat of late or having a big cooked meal   We were most finished when Nellie, Ella Jane, Bonita & her 3. children drove in    Johny had let Ella Jane take his car   Nellie brought 2. cherrie pies & so before they left thy each had a piece of pie & cup of tea,   I gave Nellie a box of green tea,   she had been craving for it,   & I gave Bonita the glass pitcher that had a small crack in the bottom but it didn’t leak & I gave her 3. searel [?] dishes for the children,   they had broken some & hadn’t enough to go around.   & Ella Jane & the children went down to the lower walnut tree & got a few walnuts & out under the buckeye tree & got a lot of buckeyes, to take home to play with.   I like to have them come but they tire me all out,   for they are on the move every minute & into everything.   They were here a couple of hrs. & then went again.   They had stopped at Audrey’s & tried to get her & Gertie to come along, but, Gertie wouldn’t so Audrey didn’t,   but Audrey gave Bonita & envelope to give me & after they went I looked in & there was a 10.00 dollar bill,   I love her & I love them all, but it does worries me to owe her so much   I must pay it all back, for she works hard for all she has.   I will try to give it in chickens if I can.   We went to church tonight   Miss Clark, Mrs. Sprunk Mrs. West Sr. & Mrs. West Jr. & baby & Eddy West & his wife & baby & Gracie Day & the 2. Smith girls & there 2. brothers, Mr. & Mrs. Smith that live in Tom Epplers house the preacher & his wife & I . were all there  were in church tonight.   We had a good sermon.   I spent an hr. fixing up a winter bouquet of ever greens & Chinesses lantuns & white indian tobaco flowrs dried & they looked real pretty.

Sun. Oct. 24. 1948/ page. 2232./ 1. egg this day./  I Praise God for saving my soul & for giving me a spiritual insight.   But I still want to praise Him in Spirit    I’d like a gift to help in the church,   I pray for strength & health to & Give Him all the praise & Glory in Jesus Name Amen. 

Mon. Oct. 25. 1948./ 2. eggs today/  Well, it’s been a beautiful day  not cold & I’m to tired.   Elbert took the heatrolla apart cleaned it & rescemented it & put new fire pot on & such a dirty mess    he had a canvase & papers & boards laid down, but the ash dust all over   & I helped him what I could when he put it back together   I cleaned the outsides & insides of outside parts & I cleaned the pipe & cleaned out ashes from the bottom & took ash pan out & when he got it all back I had to give the floor a good cleaning,   I covered everything I could, light shades & a few other things I’ll still have to clean & I feel to miser-able to be on my feet.   Elbert built a fire  got it to hot & most smoked us out,    it will take a little while for the cement to dry & it ought not have had a fire in it till it had set & dried   such is life   I just could-n’t get him to fix it, or do a thing about it all summer   Well, it’s done if he don’t spoil it now with to much fire & I have begged him not to over heat it.   fog horn is blowing.   no mail today.   I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for our blessings.

Mon. Oct. 26. 1948./ 1. eggs today./   Well, it’s been a fine day with the sunshine, and not cold.    Elbert went to Huron but didn’t get any fish.   I gave him the 5.00 Audrey sent me    he wanted it to pay for eggs & he spent part of it for 2. prs. sock 1. lb. Parkay  a yeast cake   3 lemons & a box of brand & 90 cents for saucage & 1.23 for crisco   he said he spent it all   maybe he did, but not for the things he brought home,   & I need some good nurishing food,   he get more to eat than I do & says he has to have it.   I can’t get to the store & so I can go with out,   he even said I have a qt. of milk all myself, but, I don’t    I use most of it for gravy,   I don’t believe he cares if I kick off   he’d have (he thinks) what I have left to do as he pleases with,   I have to fight to have a little food I can eat.   Well, I’d be glad if God would take me home.   he pulled the carrots & beet today & cleaned the small hen roost in middle pen & did odds & ends & he’s is tired   I know I haven’t done much today   my feet hurt me so bad they makes me sick to my stomach. but, 

Tue. Oct. 26. 1948./ page. 2233./ 1. egg this day./  I thank & praise God for what I have & I pray He’ll see I get more to eat in Jesus Name, Amen.   I Praise thee Jesus.  

Wed. Oct. 27. 1948./ not one./   I only did odds & ends today,   Elbert worked 4 1/2 hrs. for Bill Long this morning then came home at noon,   he bought 3. catfish & while I got dinner cooking, he skined the fish,   he brought in 2 & I washed & salted, floured & got them on to fry   I had just got them in the frying pan when he came in with the other one,   I washed & salted it & had the first ones out the last ones in by the time he got washed & set down.   the fish wre good,   I had everything ready to cook be-fore he came, the potatoes & cabbage.   I made the coffee & he had a cup as soon as he sat down & then fixed his potatoes   by that time I was ready to set down   We thank the Lord & really ate.   I get so empty & haven’t felt so good of late   it’s so hard to work all day with only a snack & sometimes not that.   It’s been a beautiful day, it was after 2-p-m when we finished our dinner & I clipped Elberts hair for him,   then he got the ladders & trimed the middle rose rambler on the south end of the house.  by that time he had to feed the chickens & then we had supper,   were just going to rest a little when Elbert came in & said thre was a rat in the coop, but he must have went in & come out with Elbert for we couldn’t find anything of him & he went out several times after words & there wasn’t a sound, so I hope he’s out side.   Now everythings ready for morning,   I have read my bible & am going to bed,   the stove stinks so bad,   we can’t have much fire,   I so glad the weather is still warm,   takes the cement so long to dry.   I shucked out couple doz walnuts & got a few more to do yet.   I thank & praise God for all our lmany blessing in Jesus Blessed Name. 

Thurs. Oct. 28. 1948./ 2. eggs today./   I baked 3 loaves of bread 2. white 1. graham & I had a small bit of graham dough left & I made 2. doz. doughnuts   they wre good   I took Miss Clark 2.  Mrs. Sprunk 2. & Brothr & Sister Scharien 4.  Sister Scharrien is sick tonight   been in bed all day   she thinks she has the flu.   We prayed for her & for Mr & Mrs. West & for Mrs. Scharien’s mother who lost a sister rather suddenly, her mother had been over to Penn. to visit this sister just recently, so the shock was bad for the Ministers wife also   & she’s so thin of body & they both work in factory in Elyria every day & Tue. night they drove to Ackron Ohio & took their mother so she could make better time getting back to Penn.   so, perhaps she was overly tired & took cold more readly.   I know she is one of the

Thurs. Oct. 28. 1948./ page. 2234./ 2. eggs this day./  Lord’s children & I believe He will heal her body   Praise the Lord in Jesus Holy Name.  Glory, Glory, Glory Hallulejah,   I Praise Thee Jesus.   It’s been a beautiful Fall day & I long to get out side in God’s fresh air & sunshine, but I’m so slow   takes me all day to get anything done.   I thank & Praise God my Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for all our many blessings.

Fri. Oct. 29. 1948./ 2 eggs. today/   Elbert went to Huron this morning & I rested a little while then I got up & did out all the washing but 4 pieces & his socks & kercheif.   When he came back he ate his dinner & went to Lorain & worked for Bill 4 hrs.   I was done at 2-p-m. rubbing but had to look after hanging & drying & putting them away.   Elbert got a white fish & so I fried it for supper, cooked a small head of cabbage & warmed up the potatoes & with bread & coffee we had a good supper & we are both to tired,   I had to feed & look aftr chicks also & it’s to much after doing the wash.   We still have to go & put them under the hover every night, for they are moderen Chicks, been brought up in a heated room & lights alnight,   they are growing & will soon be old enough any way.   & we have to some thing about it.   I do thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name.   It’s been a thick fog & got real bad tonight. N.E. breeze, to.  & Sunshine [?]

Sat. Oct. 30. 1948./ No-not one today./  Most of the little old gals are all pin feather but feeling good & very active, & very cranky.   It’s been a nice day, although quite fogy,   it was terrible thick last night   we couldn’t even see the light from the railroad engines & there has been a lull all morning, but late this after noon it became more noisy & tonight we can see the stars & verious lights along the high way.   I been on the tramp alday just doing little things   looking after chicks & hens & pounding the shucks off a few more walnuts,   doing things about the house & cooking.   Elbert’s been putting cement in the cracks in the foundation of the house & then he went to Huron & got 15 fis, then, we had dinner & then he dressed fish.   I swept & got things ready for supper.   We are both so tired, so terribly tired.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings,   He’s a wonderful Jesus.

Sun, Oct. 31. 1948./ 2. eggs today./ Last day of Oct. and mostly cloudy alday today.   Well, I’ve been sort of on the bum, so weak.  I’m most worthless.   I’ve read my bible & prayed & sit around all day.   It’s been so warm & it’s really been a nice day   sun did try to shine several times, not so fogy tonight.   I wanted to go to Sunday school & church, but felt as if I couldn’t sit up that long . I pray

Sun. Oct. 31. 1948./ page. 2236./ 2.  eggs this day./  God will forgive me & help me to be able to go to prayermeeting Thurs. night.   I’ll thank Him & Praise Him in Jesus Name And I do Praise Him for His love & comfort He gives me, in Jesus Holy Name Amen.

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