June 1947

Sun. June. 1. 1947./ 12. eggs today./  We went to Sunday School & Church & today was communion Sun.   It was a beautiful morning, but when we came out of Church at noon it was raining & kept at it all after noon in heavy down pours    I picked a few lillies of the Valley, nice bunch & I made 2 tins of Baking Powder biscuits & a qt. of rhubard sauce & tonight I took them & a doz eggs to the preachers, they were eat out of food for supper, they had a colored preachers & 4 singers for supper & they sang church hyms, for the young folks & children & for the church folk tonight & they went over & sang for Harry Miller (Who is bed ridden) & after Church they were going to drive back to Ackron, then from there in a few days, to Dover.  They are very good singers, they don’t have any help from musical insturments.  2. were black & 2 Chocolate. & they act out there songs.  They are all Christians to.  Praise God.   It’s almost midnight & pouring rain yet.  Elbert got a pt of cream & we had it & a cup of tea when we got home.   We took Miss Clark home & 2. of the Smith children.  I Praise Thee Jesus.

Mon. June.2. 1947./ 9. eggs. today./  Well, Elbert went to work, & it rained or poured all day in showers, he was inside laying floor & he’s sure is sure tired tonight, said he came through water hub deep & tonight it snowed little fine snow flakes. Wind was S. early this morning & went W. at noon & on to N. W. 2-30 or 3.p.m. & got colder    Water’s been ankle deep & running over the hills in streams, Bills lot is like a pond & I believe they planted it Sun. to corn, God’s day of rest, there were just lots of people out planting gardens.   We ought to have planted potatoes when the time was right in May, but, well, there were so many excuses we didn’t get it done, & there’s been no chance since.  Radio said they had a slight earth quake in Ashtabula & Conneaut Ohio, but no severe damage was done as far as they new & tornado in Arkansas & floods in some places.  I received a letter from Mrs Helen Greene this a.m. she said they had “what she called” a flash flood

Mon. June. 2. 1947./page. 1098. / 9. eggs this day./  said it was 2. yrs. in Aug since they had such a flood, & it seemed to bring in all the weed seed from the vacant lots, so she was busy cleaning house pulling weeds & trying to plant a garden, said she was feeling better than she had for a long time since she had cut out eating pork & a few other things that she don’t have gall stone  spells any more, she said she see Frank Bonney [Elinor’s brother, 1890-1965] Ruby [Ruby Gillmore Bonney, 1893-1970. ] was living in the old hme place & then that Ruby had diabetis & she finished her letter by asking me what we could say for ourselves. she had been to ridge-hill & Elm Wood Cemeteries on Decoration day.  Well I’m sure glad to hear she is getting so much better, she’s been sickly for so long.  She said she hadn’t seen her sister since Jan.  that she was coming to visit her soon & that they would have a lot to talk about. Queer World isn’t it? Oh. me.  Well I took care of chicks & hens & birds & did my daily dozen & it sure was wet out side, we have a fire to keep the dampness & chill out, the water’s running through the basement like a river & since I can’t open the windows to dry it up, makes it damp & chilly up here.  Elbert sold 3. doz. eggs to Mrs. Cranage & 1. doz. to Mrs. West. & Miss Clark had a doz. Sun. & I gave preachers a doz Sun.    I had Elbert mail a card to Nellie today, he mailed it in Lorain. 

Tue. June. 3. 1947./ 8. eggs today/ Martha [Martha Elizabeth Carlisle, born to Audrey Lelia Bonney Carlisle, born to Martha Jane Wheeler Bonney,  1912-______, Elinor’s niece] is 35 yrs. old today,  I was in Ashtabula taking care of her & her mother. and neither of them think to even write me card, ever for I’m really old in their estamation.  Well it’s been a nice day, cloudy this moring, but sun came out & it’s been a fine day.  Martha was born at 2-a,m, & it was pouring rain, in torants, a robin was beat against the window & I opened the window took it, shut the window & put it in the bath tub & after Martha & her mother were O.K. I let the robin out  it was dry & feeling frisky     Audrey (M’s mother) was in a bed & she came through just fine, wish I could hop around now like I did in those days, then I could earn my own living & not have to be begging for help, I detest this sort of life, with all the kicks & cuffs, snears & abuse at this age.  Well as the children & young folks. I think of My Dear Jesus day & night of all the abuse He had to take before He died on the Cross, for me and all Who are His, I have been getting a big taste of the abuse for 14 long years now, not counting the rest of my life, for even then, it was so unbearable I thought I couldn’t endure it, at times, but some 

Tue. June. 3. 1947./page. 1099./ 8. eggs this day. /  how in His own way Jesus leads us all the way  Praises to His Holy Name.  I’m trusting He will get me through this mess to some how, and I’ll thank Him & give Him the praise for ever & ever.  Elbert worked all day he didn’t think he could & he don’t see how he can go tomorrow, but he’s going to try.  he’s got about 4 hundred dollars to pay off before Winter    I don’t know how he’s going to do that either, poor brother.  I pray God will have mercy on us & help us, as He Knows how, tonight his union suit I mended so well was tore again clear acrossed the back, so, once more I have mended it, since he went to bed.   I didn’t wash yet this week.  I wrote another card today, for him to mail in the morning to the Red Cross.  and I’m going to write a letter to Mr Miller also & maybe one to Govener Hurburt  Washington D.C.  I have done my daily daily today & am tired tonight. 

Wed. June. 4. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  I did the washing & got it all done except 3 big pieces, can’t do them tomorrow for gas is gone. 8 days short this time, last time it was 2. days, they sure get it out of you one way or another.  I had to use Electric tonight & that will mean a big lump at the end of the mo. for Electric, they are crooks to.  Elbert took coop keys this a-m. I had a bad time trying to get in to take care of little chicks  he turn light out & then opened east window    N. E. wind blowing & they were getting chilled by the time I managed to get in, I hope they don’t get stunted, it was 12 noon by the time I found a key to open the lock & I was glad I had taken there feed in last night, for today, hens had to go with out there greens.  It was a beautiful day    clothes dried quite well    air was damp, we have a little fire night & mornings.  Praise God He has taken care of us today. Glory, Glory, Glory to God  Praise the Lord Hallelujah, Glory. Elbert worked all day. 

Thurs. June. 5. 1947./ 10 eggs today. /  Elbert worked today & he’s going to try to go tomorrow.  I have only done what had to do today, it’s been to hot & a strong south wind.  Bill’s [Bill Snyder, Elinor’s neighbor] pond dried up about half.  I took care of hens & chicks & we let the hens out a little while after supper & watched the trap door to see that no rats got in.  I paid the Rawleigh man his money today out of the egg money & we got to get hens mash Sat. Elbert will have to go to Vermilion & do the shopping & come back then we’ll go to Nellie’s, she sent me a letter   I received it this morning saying  Bonita would like to have Elbert come K& take her to the store so to get her shopping home in his car.  Nellie has been in bed for a couple of days  she said.  I thank God He helps me to get up & about.  The Whole

Thurs. June.5. 1947./ page. 2000./ 10. eggs this day/  World is in a terrible bad fix.   Elbert has to go to the bank Sat. to, so we wont have any time to waist all day, we have to clean the chick pen to   I don’t know just when or how as yet & we have to get sand from the beach     I wonder, Oh, I wonder if the sun will shine.  I prayed for Elbert, at 10-a-m that God would take the pains out of him & give him strength & tonight he told me, he had told Ben “a fellow worker” he didn’t know if he could hang on the hammer any longer & they were going down from the attic for plaster board they got the board & he ask Ben what time it was & he said, 10-oclock & he said the pains have left me.  So God ans. prayer & I thank Him & Praise Him and pray He will take this cold out of me tonight.  I pray the Ministers will pray hard for me tonight.   I pray the Ministers will pray hard for me tonight & I believe they will & God will hear in Jesus Name and will take all this cold out of me once more.  I’ll Give Him all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen

Fri. June.6. 1947./ 13. eggs today./  Well Elbert went to work & I swept and dusted & wiped up part the kitchen cleaned birds cages took care of hens & chicks & the day has been a nice day with only one light shower    I have been feeling bad all the week & today have a bad cold.  I seem to be so weak    I sweat terrible.

Sat. June.7. 1947./ 11 eggs today./  Elbert has gone to Nellie’s, she was up and feeling better she said but Bonney Bell [Bonney Bell Harnish -to marry as Dudiak, 1923-2019, Elinor’s neice] is home for 5. or 6. days.  I’m so glad she’s better & Praise the Lord & hope she will get well, she has the De Haan books I let Mrs. Beesie take    she took them to Nellie’s & my qt. can.  Elbert took Bonita & the kids to Elyria &    Bonita did a lot of shopping, he ate dinner with them & came back to Vermilion, he sold eggs to Mrs. West  2. doz. & 1. doz. to Miss Clark. this morning on his way to Nellie’s & he went through Lorain where he made a payment at the Bank on his car Engine & bought himself 5. prs. of socks at 10 cents store for 39 cents per. pr.    he came back through Amherst the short cut,  home to Vermilion where he bought 2 white fish  1. pt. of cream & a sack of hen mash 4.75    Well he took Nellie 2. W. fish & she sent us a piece of salt pork.  he got some trimmings for the hens.  It has been sunshine & showers all day, it thundered & lightened so hard this morning, Elbert said it poured rain half way between Lorain & Nellie’s  then cleared off & they had a heavy fog in Lorain    we only got a little of that about 2-30.p-m.   He cleaned chicks pen after he got 

Sat. June. 7. 1947./ page 2001./ 11 eggs this day/  here & rested & had a lunch.   I felt so bad this morning   he made me 2 slices sour bread toast (boughen bread) & gave me a cup of coffee in bed    I thought I couldn’t get up had to spit big lumps of flem every few minutes, guess I took cold trying to rid the basement of water, it runs like a river from the south end to the drain at N. end. & it’s damp & chilly down there    We have Kept a little fire to keep damp & chill out up here & have opened the windows when we could, lots of airplanes are been lost to. & to much rain all over.  Wind & rain came from N & was so cool this afternoon.  I left my fish plater at Nellies, so they sent me some potatoe salid on it today    They had a tornado in Penn. today & lots of floods in Iowa 1000 homeless

Sun. June.8. 1947./ 9. eggs today/   Showery & some sunshine, heavy rain, I felt so bad I didn’t get up untill 1-p-m., then I thanked the Lord & got up. hung my night gown & blankets out in the sun they were wet with sweat, it sure thundered & lightened terrible early this 1-m.  Elbert was so tired, he slept right through it.  Well, I had to lay down several times today, was out to coop & in the yard   took care of brids & beds & laid around   I sure felt punk & dread the night. 

Mon. June. 9. 1947./ 13. eggs today./  Well, I was so bad all night & morning Elbert stayed home, I realy haven’t been fit to be up, but, prayed for strength.  Praised God & got up. took care of beds  air bedding  & made beds & took care of birds & cooked one meal & done some other odds & ends & dishes & am sure tired tonight.  Elbert has taken care of hens & chicks & been to Vermilion for a little food & he cut grass & loosened up the ground for the potatoes once more.  it’s been a fine day  hot sun & cool breeze from the S. & I was out to hen house & back yard & am still dreading tonight.

Tue. June.10. 1947./ 8. eggs today/   Elbert worked & he looked all in tonight, then he planted 2. rows of potatoes.   sun has been to hot 80 degrees today & that we would get thunder, lightening & rain before morning, tree toads are all yelling tonight.  I still felt to punk to get up this morning but I did & took car of chicks & birds & washed out all the rags & got them dried & aired bedding & made up the beds & got supper & took care of chicks tonight.  I’m rather tired but Praise God for the strength he gives me day after day.

Wed. June.11. 1947./ 12 eggs today./  Elbert went to work & sun was hot but breeze a little cooler but these hot days they are at work up in an attic in side some little close closets & it’s terrible hot in such places with the heat at 80 degrees.   such is life & he looks & I know he feels all tired jout & then he puts in 2 rows of potatoes & he has to dig the trenches    ground is sticky wet.    to night he had such a head ach, to, from heat of the day in a 2X4 closet all day.   I haven’t been able to work    I soaked out a few white pieces to wash in the morning & I ought to bake bead. bakers bread is like a gob of gue. I done usual duties

Thurs. June 12. 1947./ page. 2002./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert worked untill noon & then came home as I am really on the blink, I soaked 2 shirts & my bath towel out yesterday & I managed to suds & wrinse them out & I dried them over the stove     Elbert had made a fire, it was chilly cool.  Wind went N.E. & has been there all day    he took care of chicks & hens when he got here,  I got up at 9-a-m. but went back to bed, this is once I didn’t comb my hair in the morning & am going to brush it & go to bed. I Praise God, He is with me or I’m sure I couldn’t keep up.  I haven’t been out side today either & flowers are so pretty.  the yellow china roses are one big bank of yellow gold.  

Fri. June. 13. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went to work, it was quite cloudy this morning, but cleared off before noon & clouded up again at 4 or a little before & had been fogy for awhile then started after that to rain a light misty rain  I looked after chicks before it rained then Elbert came & fed them & hens & I had let hens out, so, we had supper & he mowed a while then locked ’em all up & came in.  I throat & cold’s a lot better, but, Oh, I’m weak & sweat like rain doing nothing,  I baked 2 tins bread biscuits, bread pan of rolls & it took a lot of strength.   I swept & took care of bedrooms & done my daily dozen.  Elbert called Nellie to tell her he wouldn’t be there tomorrow, & she’s better but poor Bonita fell & hurt her ankle, they have ex-rayed it, but didn’t say if bones were broken or not    it’s very badly swollen & she’s laid up with it for a while, & Nellie there to look after the 3. children. such a life.  Well, the wind went from N.E. to S.W. just, before the rain started & it’s raining in heavy showers & thundering & lightening tonight.

Sat. June. 14. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion & he felt so punk he left part of what he had bought & had to go back & get it, I managed to wash out most of the things I didn’t get before & half of Elbert’s washing, then he carried water & fried catfish & I sudsed & wrinsed & hung & hung out the heavy pieces, after we ate.    then I mended my pants & darned 2 prs. socks & made the beds & went out to the little house & brought in part of the clothes & now have them all in except Elberts pants & most all dry but them & my rags, he mowed the grass all around the back of the house & out as far as

Sat. June. 14. 1947. /page 2003./ 11. eggs this day./  the evergreen tee & he mowed around the front door & a swath along the row of roses north of the front door.  & so we are both tired. my throat & mouth are still sore & it’s hard to eat, drink & swollow.  Cooler tonight & radio said wind would go N.E. before morning.  I received a letter from Nellie & now I know why I saw Bonita looking scart. she fell & hurt her ankle bad & I have learned about the 4.H. & clover loaf in my tea cup. I tell later[?] 4.H  boys were here & ask to paint mail box a free job they said.   I thank God in Jesus name, for His wonderful help He has given us both.

Sun. June 15. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  We were home all day.   It was a nice day, partly cloudy.  Ethel & her husband [Walter C Hendrickson]  & Laura Ann [ Laura Ann Bonney 1/13/35 Fred died in 1957-error died 1936,,Ethel married Walter C Hendricskson 3/24/1945 and here, 1+  years later, Laura Ann is 12 yr, so she was born ~1935, perhaps 3 years before Fred’s death, maybe adoption? ] was here for a little while today    Loura Ann’s a big girl she was 12 yrs. old Jan. 13. 1947.  she picked a big boquet bouquet of flowers 2. of each kind enough for 4 good sized vases.   they left Mrs. Noderer home alone, so, they didn’t stay long, Ethel’s mother is 84. yrs. old this year.  I believe this month.   I felt so bum, I’m going to bed early tonight

Mon. June. 16. 1947./8. eggs today./  Elbert went to work.  It been a beautiful day.  The Red Cross woman came & talked a spell & said she’d see what could be done, & that an other woman would be over to talk to me, but she’d see if they could help me yet this month.  Elbert sold Mrs Cranage 4. doz. eggs today for 59 cents per. doz. $2.36 & he has to get grain for hens & chicks & mash for chicks tomorrow.  We enlarged there pen tonight, they are growing & I hope to keep them coming  They are a month old last week.  I didn’t do much today    Looked after birds & hens, aired my bedding, I sweat so, at night or after I drop of to sleep in the morning, untill I soaked.   We still have a little fire, last rain soaked basement again.  Elbert got in another row of potatoes tonight & he’s so tired.  Well I’ve got dishes done & everything ready for morning.   I didn’t sleep all last night    I ate a very small piece of ham (it was very tender)  I chewed it good, but it most Killed me before morning & we had some more tonight    I pray God will have mercy on me & help it to digest & not hurt me tonight, I feel to weak to work.

Tue. June.17. 1947./ 13. eggs today/  Well, I patched 2. single, sheets  2. shirts, & the big chair seat cover.  Then I ironed & pressed shirts & pants.  I sweep & done my usual daily doz. , & took care of the chick. & hens.  & we had just finished supper when Mrs Rev. Gurney & Miss Louise Brown they visited & then prayed for me & laid there hands on me.  I gave them each an India Lillie

Tue. June. 17. 1947./ page. 2004./ 13. eggs this day./  bulbs & Sister Gurney several slips of plants of different kinds.   it was raining, so they didn’t get any flowers.  They said they were sorry they didn’t come in ans. to the note Elbert. left, I told them how sick I had been & Elbert had stayed home on Mon. & hated to leave me alone all day, they said they were sorry, I’d forgotten untill they mentioned the note but I thought they acted a little queer.  But praise God I do love them both & they are God’s Children & sincere, May God ever bless them & keep them.  Well we are both tired tonight & It’s cooler tonight, he paid 4.60 for a bag of grain for hens today.

Wed. June. 18. 1947./ 10. egg today./  Elbert worked today & yesterday & to-day I did half the wash & Praised God  God all day for healing my throat, it’s wonderful, what the Lord will do for you when you trust Him   Praise the Lord, oh my soul, Glory, Glory, . It’s been a nice daybeen a nice day partly cloudy & N.East breeze, cooler tonight, I still keep a very little fire    basement’s so wet,    I did my usual work & took care of hens birds & chicks.  

Thurs. June. 19. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went to work, he didn’t feel able either & it’s been a beautiful day, N. east breeze & cool, but hot sun.  I shook up beds & opened the windows as usual, then went to mail box & got the letter from the Red Cross Woman,  then to hen house & took care chicks & hens & picked up 10. eggs & let hens out.  Elbert found a young rat in hens drinking pail, the other morning, now I’m anxous to know what to do about the others, they evendeatly have had to get out & hunt there own living & they grow fast.  Well, I set my bread when I got back from coop & got washed again & then I had some toast & piece of lunch meat & cup of tea.   then I swept & carried out pan of scraps to hens & got a pail of well water, being tired, I sat down & mended the pants I had pressed for Elbert, then I mixed the bread into one loaf & two tins of biscuits then I cleaned top of stove & the wall, looked as if Elbert had fried eggs all over the place, then I washed the bread board & what dirty dishes there were & got things going for supper while I baked the bread & biscuits.  then Elbert came & he’d got a bone out in his back & could hardly move & he had to get the mash & grain out the car.    it’s a good thing he can back right up to the door, he got us a piece of pork  I was a little disapointed    thought we were going to have fish, but he felt so bad he only got one fish   didn’t know why so he got the pork after he got to town, well, I rubed his back-

Thurs. June. 19. 1947 /page 2005./ 10 eggs this day/  good with turpo ointment & pray it will be O.K. when he gets up in the morning.  I thank God He takes care of me.  I have & still do pray He will take in several in my place for prayer meeting & send the power & fill them with the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Fri. June. 20. 1947./ 11. eggs today./   Elbert’s back’s so bad he didn’t go to work.  I got dinner & we went to Lorain to Dr. Sifling & he said he had given his back a bad twist    he had a hard time getting the vertebra back in place.  Elbert left me in the car on 9th St. just back of Post Office building & I had to wait for a couple of hrs.  there were so many ahead of Elbert,    then we stopped & I talk a few minutes to Mrs. Cranage & Miss. Baumgart. then we came back to Vermilion got some fish & pt. of ice cream & came home.   I had to look after hens & chicks & lock up the buildings & get supper & I thank God He give me strength from some where to keep going on.  Sun was hot & white  N.E. wind & that was cool today.  I thank God for all the beautiful flowers He give us. 

Sat. June. 21. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Johny’s birthday [John Malcolm Harnish, 1925-2015, Elinor’s nephew]  I think he is 22. yrs old today. Elbert hasnt been hardly able to get up or down today, sat in big chair    only when he had to go out, he went to hen house & tried to help take care of chicks, it made me sick going to Lorain with him Fri. but, I got about the same amount of work done as usual.  I didn’t get to write a card to Nellie, & so they didn’t call either    Maybe they were having a good time.   It’s been a nice day, hot sun, cool N. east wind & quite cool tonight     the new moon is almost N. West & as clear as can be, wet moon. 

Sun. June. 22. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  Elbert has felt so bad he turns a shade whiter at times, when he makes a quick or a wrong move, his back is badly conjested on the left side     I rub it good each night & put a flanel on it, & pray God will help him to get O.K. again.   N. east wind quite strong & cool, dying out as the sun goes down for the last 2 or 3 nights now, hot sun, but white, clear & cool at night.  tomatoes & cabbages came up, but don’t seem to grow much.  The flowers are loaded with blooms, roses & vines & shrubs & everything.    I picked enough straw berries, so, we each had a short cake for supper & it tasted real good    hope to get one or 2 more before they are gone.   It most kills me to pick them.

Mon. June. 23. 1947. /page. 2006./ 12. eggs today./  Another nice day, hot sun & N. E. wind.   Elbert feels a little better but he has to move with care, & it still pains him bad.  The little old man with his suit case was here today., & had a bread sandwitch & some hot coffee, he says it’s to cold yet to sleep at night out side    he was on his way to Cleveland for supplys, so he said, I often wonder.  Well Johny & Marcia came in just before supper but said they had there lunch, so, they visited a little & then Marcia & I gathered a few roses, (coreopsis) & mock orange.  I gave Johny 2. prs. socks one new & the other pr. Elbert had worn once.  & I sent Bonita the salt & pepper shakers & apron I got from Church, for Christmas.  Johny said Bonita’s ankle was better, but she can’t walk on it yet, & Bonney Bell was home yesterday & they had a letter from Ella Jane this morning she’s doing well with her work, she a managing agent for cosmetics    she runs the Office & the sales people buy of her, he said her nose, still gave her a lot of trouble.    she has to have the bone removed every so often, it grows new bone.  When they left I had to rest & then we had some strawberries (I had picked this afternoon).  & some biscuits & coffee & a little piece of ham.  I had just put a clean table cloth on the table & got the lunch ready, all except the tea. 

Tue. June.24. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert’s back is still very bad   he can’t move without growning.  I washed & had to carry water, but didn’t do all the washing.  I did a foolish thing    I raked the big grass Elbert had cut last Sat. had a bout 10 bu. baskets packed & pilled high & had to carry it clear out to the park & dump it, didn’t get the last bu. out there.    I’m terrible tired & I have to rub his back every night.  My back & ankles are bad tonight, & I’ll be so glad when I can go to church again.  I thank Him & Praise Him Who Keeps & watches over us, Glory, Glory to His Name.   It’s been another nice day, hot sun & cool breeze, but clothes dried fast   partly cloudy this after noon but that sun was sure hot.  I did my daily round, wind went around to N.W. late & died out with the sun tonight.

Wed. June. 25. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  Elbert sure feels bum. & he’s going to Lorain if he can in the morning, to the Dr. & to get what money he has coming, & then once more we’ll be on the spot, it’s really terrible.  I haven’t been able to do much today, we were out in the fresh air & sunshine.   Elbert tried to fix up the old seat we sit on in the back yard & he

WEd. June. 25. 1947./ page 2007./ 8. eggs this day./  fixed a brace in 2 boxes so we can sit on them & put a hinge on the gate between first & second pen in the hen house, & his back pains him most every minute & hurts him to move, he looks sick, his rectom hurts him, he says it feels raw & smarts;  Such a world.  I received a card from Miss Brown this a.m. it said, Dear Sister Babcock  We have missed you in our S.S. class.  Praying God will con-tinue to strengthen you.  Hope to see you next Sunday; Sister Brown.  On other sides a picture of an open bible & hour glass & beside them it says. Time is fleeting —And you missed an-other hour of bible Study at Sunday School last Sunday.  “We expect you in our class next Sunday. & close to the hour glass it says (Study to show thyself approved unto God ) II. Tim.2: 15-a.) Well, I’m sure sorry I have to miss one, or any lesson or service & I get the most good at prayer meeting usually.  If only they could come & talk & pray, at least once in a month, but they don’t have time to run around after me Sister Gurney says & so, what can a poor old soul do, not one of God’s children that want to even come & talk & pray the bible tells us Jesus visited the poor, today it’s so different, so terribly different, but the young, are young yet & can get about & they believe we ought to do so & so, but What Would Jesus do, Well, What Would He do?   is it What we think or What He thinks, I’m glad it is He Who Knows Where my path leads.  And I thank Him & praise Him, He comforts me, When it seems as if I can’t go on & there’s not a soul here be-low that wants to comfort , each have more sorrows than I & so, I tell mine to Jesus Who Knows, sees & hears,  He Knows how sick I am of this life & all the things my spirit loaths, how I long to be with Him  in Peace, but I want to do His Will & finish the work  He has left for me or told me I must do, I pray the rest will turn to Him before they go & I know the time is fleeting & He soon will be coming & calling us home   my heart is so greived, because they are so set they wont turn to Him with there Whole heart (to Know Him)  We have to trust Him  believe He will take care of us as he does the sparrow and the Lillies of the fields trust

Wed. June. 25. 1947./page. 2008/ 8. eggs this day/   & believe even though it kills us, for we know not His Will.  But We do know if we are His, We Know When we are born again, We Know When He lays His Hand on us.  I’m so glad I’m His, but Oh how I wish I had lived His way & done better & could even do more now for His Good & Glory, for Oh how I love Him, my best my Dearest Friend.  How little We do for Him.  Oh God, help me to do more & be more Worthy, in Jesus Name.  Well, it’s been a beautiful day & we haven’t been able to work either of us, & I can’t understand, but I know Jesus does, & I still have a song in my heart & Love & Praise my Jesus. Glory, Glory, Glory to God, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, Oh my soul.  It’s been partly cloudy the breeze, S. & W. 

Thurs. June. 26. 1947./ 12 eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain at 7-a-m.  he called Dr. & got a treatment & the bone put clear back so he said, as he also said before, but, it don’t feel as if it & it pains him bad tonight.  I want so much to go to prayer meeting tonight, he changed clothes to go, but kept complaining his head felt so bad, well, I wasn’t fit to go either, so he fried a white fish he had bought & we ate supper & stayed home, he’s moaning each time he moves & I know how bad he feels.  It’s been hot today    I swept & wiped up the floors & ironed; I got dinner at 2-p-m. & I only eat twice a day any more sometimes I get a snack before noon, but not often.  Wind was n.W. & went N. E.  We had a light shower early this morning    Elbert said it looked as if it had rained hard in Lorain, for there were puddles of water standing on the pavement here & there, he got what money he had coming & did a little shopping for things we needed most & came home,   he sold the eggs to Miss Clark, he said they ask about me & said they were praying for me.  Well, God Knows & I’m trusting He will help me in the ways I am in need. & I thank Him that they pray. & trust He will reveal to us, each one, what we ought to do, & help us to do it.  I thank & praise him for all things great & small I love Him & those that belong to Him.   I had Elbert mail a card to Miss. Brown & Nellie this morning, my feet have tortured me all day to the place, where it seemed as if I couldn’t endure any more & it makes me sick to my stomach.

Fri. June. 27. 1947./page. 2009. 10. eggs today./  It’s been terribly hot but a cool breeze.  I washed out a few clothes & hung them out & then a thick smoke began to come south the track    Elbert walked up there & Clayton Brode had cut the grass & brush on the 5 acers or so that use to belong to Snyders & he was burning it in rows (long rows) so my clothes smell like woods smoke.  I didn’t finish had 3 blankets the table cloth & a bag, left.   I haven’t felt able to work, & Elbert hasn’t either.   The man that cuts the weeds along the road hit the mil box post & turned the post & box clear around to the south    he got out & straightened it back.  Elbert had just got a new post set & the box fixed up    It’s terrible the things they do around here, to us.   We had the ground around the hill clean & since Frank’s gone the country men have cleaned the ditch & throwed the willow bush along side the ditch & now it’s worse than when we first bought it.  & I see them looking at it today, so they may make a swamp of it this time & I’m helpless to do anything about it.  I do pray God will help me.  Elbert went to the beach to see about getting some sand & said the water’s clear up to the high bank   I have rubed his back good with ointment & he’s in bed.  

Sat. June. 28. 1947./ 10. 3ggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion & got grain & mash $6.35    he got a few things for us & he paid 5.72 & 11 cents for money order for my taxers & said I should forget it.  I do lots for him. I baked 2 big tins of biscuits & one loaf of of bread today beside my daily round.  & I picked enough strawberries for tomorrows dinner.   Elberts head feels terrible bad tonight it’s been a very hot day  95 here in the house & all door & part the windows open.  It rained a very light shower toward morning & there has been a breeze all day S.W. 

Sun. June29. 1947./ 12. eggs today. /  Well Elbert’s head felt so bad we didn’t get to Church today.  We had a bad storm at 4-p-m. lightening, thunder & wind.  but it didn’t do any harm let down lots of water & Bill’s lot is flooded again.   then a 9-p-m. in came Johny, Nellie, Bonita & the children.   they didn’t stay very long, Nellie had been in bed alday.  she looks bad, I think she’s worried & is afraid of this & that, that might be wrong with her, if only she could have a good strong christian   one with strong faith & filled with the Holy Ghost, to come in & talk K& pray earnestly with him every 

Sun. June.29. 1947./page.2010./ 12. eggs this day.  2. or 3. days.  I know how much that could help.  I’\m so sorry for her, I’d love to help her, & help her over come her fears.  I pray God will heal us soul & body in Jesus name Amen.  She didn’t get to see much out side, only where the head lights shone & Johny is working every day so it was late and they had to go back, I hope it don’t tucker her out . 

Mon. June. 30. 1947./ 11 eggs today./  Well I did my daily round & pulled 3. bu. weed & found quite a number of tomatoe plants   some are just ready to bloom.  little chicks are growning,    We have to put up the park fence for them so they can get out on the dirt.  Elberts hip has been bad today & his knee, he went to Huron & couldn’t get any fish so came back    I was out in the back yard when he came.   I hung the bedding out to air.   It’s been a fine day, breeze S west.  & I don’t hardly believe we’ll get a frost tonight.  Nellie said Ella Jane called her from New Mexico & she is so home sick   she’s wanting to come home.  I got the letter today, Nellie said she mailed Sat.   I have a letter wrote to send to Governor Herbert.

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