August 1946

Thurs. Aug. 1. 1946./ 14 eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain, but he did not get his social C. money he is lacking 2 week, they have to have 21 weeks of work in, to get it & he’s short 2 weeks. like my widows pen-sion  short just a few days. Well, I had the soup all hot & made the coffee when he got here, but he feels sort of licked.  I don’t the County gives me 20. dollars & now they have raised it to 25.00 but still we are & will be in the hole for some time yet. & I sure am weak from lack of some

Thurs. Aug. 1. 1946./ 939./ 14 eggs today/ thing  I need for strength  I haven’t done much today  wrote a letter to Miss. Mc.Govern & one to the Relief Board & thanked them for the 5.00 extra & a card to Miss Baumgart, now I have got to ans. Ethels letter. next & I ought to write to Carl Betz.  A bat got in the house some way & it flew around in Elbert’s room all night.  I didn’t get any sleep till morning. I received a card from Miss. Baumgart  said she had, had, a stroke & was wishing I’d write for missie liked com-pany, she ment misery.  N. E. Wind & cool nights. 

Fri. Aug. 2. 1946./ 17 eggs today/  Well, I put a binding around 4 wash rags  made of string, made a pillow case & put a yoke on one under slip & took a bath & went to church  We had a real good service with God’s word, songs or hyms & prayer,  We had prayer for the sick & weak & the power went from my fingers to my toes   Praise God in Jesus Holy Name, Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Glory, Oh Praise Him, Oh my soul.  Wed . as I prayed for 2. hrs. the power went through & through me.  I love Father Son & Holy Ghost  I thank Thee Jesus.  I was so weak I didn’t feel able to go, but God blessed me wonderfully for going with more strength & I’m trusting & believing for more. 

Sat. Aug.3. 1946./ 17 eggs today/  My check came $25.00 & we went to Vermilion & sold 4  1. doz eggs 60. & Mrs. West paid for Fri. eggs 2.20, 55 cents per doz. & we had 1.36 cents left from the 25 dollars for a months food, so that egg money made 4.16 for food & I took out 2.50 for Church dues, 5.00 I paid Dentist, 7.44 paid for milk & 8.70 for hens grain & mash. We used what I had saved for hens grain & mash [she used ” marks rather than repeating grain & mash on the next line]  so we could keep on existing & now I hope to Keep enough to pay there’s out of this egg money this time, we took in 20.50 on eggs & there feed was 8.70 this time  45 cents more than last time. We came home tired & broke. Frank’s care was in the yard  he went woodchuck hunting  got several, gave Elbert

Sat. Aug. 3. 1946./940./ 17 eggs today/We got a tank of gas/  2. small ones & he dressed them & put them in salt water   he came in & talked a few minutes untill the other man came that was with him & then they went home.  I washed up dishes & now I’m going to bed so I can go to Church in the a-m. 

Sun. Aug. 4. 1946./ 14 eggs today. / I went to sunday school & Morning servise & we went to church to night   Tom’s wife is quite a preacher, she does an expert job at it.  We had an exconvict Who has been converted & preaching for fev    5 1/2 yrs. he was All Capon’s Lieutenant in the bigest gang of thieves, murders, & bank robbers in America but he don’t look like the man that was with Al, the night he talked to me at Ceylon junction but his wife says he don’t look like he use to, that he was lots more thin   he’s lots to big for his hight now. looks to me as if he has a tumor.  Well, it rained hard at supper time, just poured down & the sun shone while it rain. just before we started for church  well this man Mr. Piffer & his wife are going to be here for a week & holding a revival.  I pray God will fill the church & keep it filled with christian people & that He will use me in what ever way he sees best.  Cleared off tonight & moon am a shining. 

Mon. Aug. 5. 1946. / 17 eggs today/ Mable’s birthday/  I did the washing, most of it, Elbert washed his under wear, work shirt and socks & some new hand towels I put the hems in and straps on when I was sewing the other day, it has not been a good drying day, partly cloudy & damp air most everything got dry but not real dry  some of them finished on the line in the house   I aired the pillows  had them out all day, I put more feathers in my pillow today & baked 3 loaves of bread   Elbert’s been cook today & I’m to tired tonight. 

Tue. Aug. 6. 1946./ 17 eggs today/ Cloudy all night & it thundered & lightened before daylight & poured rain & my milk soured. I slept over time this morning, I dreamed of my mother, Mrs. Hunter, Fred & Dave Hunter & I couldn’t remember going to a funeral, but it seemed as if I had been to one & then I met Dave & ma & Mrs Hunter & they wondered if I would take Dave’s grandson & take care of him, for his father was & orphan & since his mother & grandmother were goine & there wasn’t any of Dave’s folks that would

Tue. Aug. 6. 1946./ 941./ 17. eggs today./  take him, so I said I’d take him if they could pay for his keep, so Dave gave me an interduction to little Dave’s father & he said he be glad to pay me for taking care of his boy & so Dave said I have his clothes & mine over to Madiline’s & will go get them, so Elbert drove over & we got the clothes & Dave & the little fellow & Elbert & I went over to the old home place & on the way we stopped at the meat market on Col-orado & got a few things for dinner.  I called Gertie & ask if we could come there & have dinner, told her we’d furnish the dinner if we could come there & cook it & she ask me to bring a few things she needed & we went & had dinner & a good visit, then came back home, Dave came along & he slept on the cot in the kitchen & the little boy slept with me, he was such a nice little boy, a little passed 4. yrs. old.  Dave said he had a friend in New Mexico, and he had told him he could have a job with him any time he wanted it so he thought he’d go & see about it, after he went back home & sold out & gathered what few things he wanted to save, so if Elbert would go with him down & back he’d be glad, he had paid a man with a truck to go & bring his things back, the little Dave would stay with me.  I hope nothing will happen to Grace & her daughter.  I have always liked Grace, but have never seen her daughter only in a picture, she looked there just like Grace use to. I pray God will take care of them & help them to Know Him.  The old saying is, dream of the dead  you hear from the living, lets see

Wed. Aug.7. 1946./ 16 eggs today/  I ans. a contest or sent in a few lines to win a prize.  I had Elbert get me a blank at Nagles & it said, “I like Robin Hood Flour because:” and this is what I added:  it gives us the most wholesome satisfying breads rolls biscuits and fine pastrys, all of which are so appetizing and seem geatly appreciated. Thank You”  That Company is giving the winers 3 Buicks, 25. R.C.A. Radio-Phonographs, 25. Frigidaire Deluxe Refrigerators, 25. Bendix washers. 

Wed. Aug. 7. 1946./942./ 16 eggs today/  25 frigidaire Home freezers, 100 sunbeam Mixmasters, 200. Toastmaster toasters and 250 Westinghouse Electric Irons.   I pray I’ll get a Buick & I’ll thank God for it  the money, the price of it in other words  I’m asking God to give me the price of one of those Buicks.  I haven’t done much today, I wrote a letter to Ethel & Elbert went & mailed both letters before he got the milk. so, here I’m trusting  believing & anxiously waiting for the anouncements on Aug. 27. 1946.  I picked a nice big cucumber today & there are several more out there. Hauff gave Elbert some sweet corn tonight. We have a few cabbages big enough to eat little pointed heads. I like De Hahn’s books  this one is so plain & put together well.  I like his bible study lessons better than any I have ever had.  Wish  I could give them to the many folks I love.  Well, I prayed an Hour or two for the one’s that’s out of church & for those who went to Ashland today, asking God to take them & there cars there & back safely and that they would learn some-thing new to tell us, about God’s word, and that He would help each one to remember there hour of prayer & that He will be with each one in the street meeting. and help them to make there testimonys clear to those who listen and many will come to Church and really & truly worship the Lord God of Hosts. 

Thurs. Aug. 9. 1946./ 18. todays eggs/ Elbert had to go the second time for the milk again tonight, two trips gas  I might have had to go to church. It’s been mostly cloudy today hot & sultry, but, tonight it’s cool again.  Hauff gave Elbert a few ears of sweet corn and it’s started to get hard all ready. I sewed a little on my house dress, it’s so hard to hop up & do this & that & try to sew  I mended two work shirts in peace, but when I started on my dress it was get up for this & that & the other thing. I am so hungry for this last week, I can’t see, hardly, even washed dishes & drank a cup of malted milk & milk & now I’m going to bed, so tired & weary, I didn’t sleep last night and so I slept this morning untill 10-a-m. while Elbert cultavated all morning & then after dinner he gathered a few cabbage worms.  we haven’t eat any cabbages yet. I’d like some good salt pork, and bacon & butter.  We went out in the back to the apple trees & got a lot of worms off them to-day. enough to eat up all the leaves on all the trees & we didn’t get over all the trees yet. 

Thurs. Aug. 8. 1946./ 943./ 18 eggs today & 60 cents per. doz. /  I dreamed of Mr. & Mrs. Hunter & all there children, this a-m. they were talking of water & if we had enough, if they came out here to live, they said if Nellie & her family are with you, it will take lots of water, would there be enough for us to?  and then they said, the goverment was drilling wells for any one that had an under ground stream on there place free of charge and all I had to do was to fill out a blank that was in the news paper & send it in, so she (Mrs. Hunter)  gave me the paper & I cut out the blank, filled it out & told them the drilling machine was clost to my place now & ask them to send it to my place.  I woke up, and don’t know what did happen.  I seemed to be taking care of a little baby boy, that laughed & cooed at me. 

Fri. Aug. 9. 1946. / 11. eggs today/ Well, we haven’t felt good, we have been so hungry and the hens ate 2 egg & I used one & so we were short 3. egg to make 4. doz. & Miss Clark wants her doz. tonight, she wasn’t there last week, & as far as we Knew, left no word, she talks so low I couldn’t hear what she said.  We had a good service & prayer meeting and Rev  I don’t know if they call him Rev. Piffier, but he is preaching, & is wonderfuly converted and filled with the Holy Spirit.  I have been missing some of the meetings and I’m sorry   I’m hoping to go tomorrow evening. & I pray God will help me to be able to give something towards feeding the ones who are coming to help in God’s work to fill our church. I took a few beets & carrots & 4 cucumbers tonight  Tom is going to give potatoes  I’ll take broccoli & cabbage if I can & maybe some more cucumbers. I thank God for saving my soul. Mrs. Sprunk talked in other tongues & wept tonight so hard  I believe, for her children.  I pray God will bring them back into church & comfort her heart, in Jesus Name.  There wasn’t many to church tonight.  But Mr. Piffer says he’s going to fill that church with Gods help. It. look like rain most of the morning clear off this afternoon so the sun shone through & lightened hard all around the sides while the moon shone clear & bright tonight  radio said rain tonight. 

Sat. Aug. 10. 1946./ 15 eggs today./  Well, all I got done today, was to sweep, iron & wipe the floors, wash dishes & cook, & look after hens & birds & do my daily round of chores, I wanted to go to the Street meeting in Vermilion tonight, but, Frank & Armond little Frank Page & a neighbor of Franik’s & the lawyer Hartland was out to hunt woodchucks & little Frank got tired & Armond sent him over to us untill they came back & then it was to late for us to go, they gave Elbert 2 chucks & he went down in the basement to dress them

Sat. Aug.10. 1946./ 944./ 15. eggs today /  It turned cold tonight  cold S.W. wind & it went N.W. after dinner  Sun was hot, but that wind made me shiver.  Elbert went to Huron & got 10 lbs. flour 69 cents boiling meat & lunch meat $1.09  and 1 roll of toilet paper 9 cents a total of 1.87 and no lard or sugar;  me, oh my, and I’m expected to take bread, cake or a pie to the ministers, Well, It can’t be did.  Wind N. east tonight.

Sun. Aug. 11. 1946./ 14 eggs today. /  I felt so tired and so weak I didn’t get out to Church this morning, but we went tonight and had a good meeting & prayer service & the Lord laid His hand on me, they anointed me & prayed for me, I have some bones out in my back & neck & wrist, We don’t have enough to eat & things are sure to get after you when you get in a weakened condition. God fixes me up & I pray He Will Keep me this time.   Mr. & Mrs. Black went to the Alter tonight  we have been praying for them for such a long time & I pray he’ll came back with her often & the children that they will know the Lord & be happy in there home, I  like her so much, & the children.  I received the healing as the power went through me & I thank God in Jesus name, Praise the Lord, Glory, Glory Hallalujah.  Well the little old man that sells notions stopped here today & had a bowl of hot broth  3 slices of home made bread & big table. spoon of jelly & tea, he gave me a pr. of silk shoe laces, I needed them, so I took them  I don’t take things of him very often, I don’t know what his condition is. 

Mon. Aug. 12. 1946./ 13 eggs today/  Well it was sure cold before morning  Elbert got up & made a fire in the heater, even the canarys were complaining of being cold.  it warmed up around 2-p-m. but, began to get cool at 5-30-p-m & I locked the hens in after I fed them & then I shut up the house to keep the heat in while I cooked supper, I’m so hungry & I only had 60 cents for the 1. doz. eggs  Miss. Clark gage me last night  Elbert took it and on the way for the milk, he stopped at the store & get a bottle of clorox 40 cents & 25 cents worth of smoked saucage  I ate it for my supper  not quite 1/2 lb.   he ate wood chuck & has enough left for two more meals  While I have to wait, and wait, and wish, I could have something I could relish. and it looks as if we’ll have to about starve to death the rest of the mo. for the hens have to molt & they are cutting down on the eggs.  I haven’t done much to-day, only mended 2. prs. work pants & done my daily dozon  breeze mostly S. & it rained hard at 11-1-m. and untill 12-30 or 2-p-m then it’s been mostly cloudy only little sunshine this afternoon

Mon. Aug. 12. 1946. /945.XXX/13. eggs today/ cans.4-they now have/  I took a qt. can of appricots 4 or 5 cucumbers 1. head of cabbage & 1. qt. of green string beans, all cut, ready to cook. Frank gave us two cabbages, so I gave them one, the folks that came Sat. night, was his sister her son & there neice all do work for the Lord & play nucice[?] instruments  they stayed with miss Clark, so she told me last night. they went back Sun. Morning. to Detroit. 

Tue. Aug. 13. 1946./ 12 eggs today/  Sun was shining this morning & there wasn’t much breeze & that was N.E. Elbert hoed in the garden to long & looked it, I tried to get him to come in, but he wouldn’t come.  I did the washing & didn’t feel able but did a little at a time untill I got it done & I dried all, sun was so hot   Elbert went to Vermilion got some boiling meat  50 cents & got his car greesed $2.80 & he sold the 3. doz. eggs 1.80 & she owed him 15 cents making $1.95, he got a piece of lunch meat 29 cents & 15 cents for rolls & yeast cake  3 cents & 80 cents of the egg money went on the greese job, so, I had saved 2.00 that I gave him for the car, so, now we had 19 cents for food for 2 days We’ll have the broth for tomorrow & if the weather is cool we might make it last two days.  We feel half starved most of the time & it wont get any better for I have a coal bill & the fire pot to pay for & more coal to buy. I thank God for what we have & pray we can have more by & by. I’m sorry I couldn’t go to Church tonight.

Wed. Aug. 14. 1946./ 14 eggs today/ Oh, I haven’t done much over the daily round, I made 3 loaves of bread & mended two shirts, swept, & cooked & washed dishes & I’m to tired & so terrible hungry  I could cry, but, it wouldn’t help, only take more of my strength. & I have to keep what I got to work as long as I can No mail  for so long, I guess they have all disenharited us.  I’m so sorry for I love them all, even if I don’t like some of the things they say & do. I wanted to sew but just haven’t got the pep & so maybe if I linger along untill we can live again.  I might be able to do more by and by. The wind light has been N. east, and sun hot, there has been sort of a lull all day   it’s been so quite.  Elbert went to Huron had to walk most of the way going & coming, said no one would pick him up and it seemed queer, but I said you do the same to others and he said, I  Know it, he usually say as he passes them, walking is good. 

Thurs. Aug 15. 1946./ 18. eggs today/  Only did my usual round & rake up the dirt in the flowers a little south wind hot sun and mostly cloudy with light Showers tonight.  I mended 3. prs. my stockings & 1. pr sock for Elbert. We have both been to hungry today & we ate 2. eggs apiece for supper. & mine didn’t fit me well.  

Thurs. Aug. 15. 1946./ 946./ 18. eggs today.  I wish I could have gone to church tonight but Elbert has to take the eggs tomorrow & get us some food & the birds some seed. with Elbert’s help  I turned the box springs around today, they are a-bout as bad; well, I think they are as bad as my old ones. I can’t rest on them either they sag to the front and I feel miserable & can’t rest till morning when I get worn out trying to find the place where I wont roll down hill. 

Fri. Aug. 16. 1946./15 eggs today/ Cousin Georgie’s birthday [Georgia Wheeler Breckenridge, Elinors maternal cousin] She is 61. yrs. old.  I have written her a card, sorry I had only a U.W. Postal, but it’s a rememberance anyway. & I have wrote one to Sister Nellie, also.  We don’t have money for gas to go & call on them, we would like to though.  I received a card from Nellie & mailed one to her today, she has been sick as I had expected. I had told Elbert, I had seem her at home & in a hospital bed & I felt sure she must be sick & so today she stated she had been in the hospital for a week & in bed at home-2 weeks & came home Aug.10. from hospital. she said  they gave her 17 seventeen shots of penicillin, and that she is up part time, they took several exray pictures, she said, but didn’t explain what that was for.  She’s a lot like pa  she don’t tell or want any one to know she is sick or gone to Hospital & when she gets home she only says shes been & got back, but don’t tell what for or why.  Well, we would have to borrow the money for gas to go & we are half starved most of the time & I’m not fit to work  neither is Elbert, but he has more strength than I, for he can eat more, and most anything, I can’t digest so well & can’t eat heavy food, my liver is bad & I have to have lighter foods. But Praises to God in Jesus Name, I’m able to help myself & do a little work yet  I helped Elbert for 2 hrs. today,. trim & carry away, the tomatoes trimings a back breaking job bending to trim, or carrying away   they grew to many suckers, big strong vines.  I did my usual house work & looked after birds & hens, poor little girls they sure have & still are laying good & molting two.  It rained hard after midnight & all rest of the early morn-ing hrs. & it didn’t soak in very much, sun was to hot & we both got to hot.  Elbert felt it bad when he came in,  I got the eggs from the coop & he picked the broccoli & tomatoes  the cucumbers & I pick 3 big bunches of flowers for Miss. Clark & gave 

Fri. Aug. 16. 1946./ 947./ 15 eggs today/ her a cucumber & gave the Ministers broccoli & cucumbers, & he sold 3 doz. eggs to Wests & w. doz. to Miss. Clark, she gets them Sun but paid for them today.  Elbert bought meat to fry & butter 1/4 lb. 60cents  48 cents for boiling meat, gas for car 20 cents  post card 5 & newspaper 4 cents, 15 cents for bird seed,  so he spent 1.52 & he took in 2.40 & gave me a dollar, he had a few cents in his pocket.  the 1.00 he gave me would make $2.52 cents spent a   We had a good supper & I have the boiling meat done for tomorrow. 

Sat. Aug. 17. 1946./12 eggs today./  Well, it sure got at it & rained sun came through a couple of times  it cleared off last night & moon came out clear and bright and tonight it’s partly cloudy, but looks as if it might clear off again tonight, radio said rain tomorrow.  I ironed & did my daily round & looked after the hens. Tract Society sent me a bunch of tracts    they came today.

Sun. Aug. 18. 1946./ 17 eggs today/  I went to Sunday School & then Elbert & I went to Nellie’s  she’s up part time but surely does look bad, the family were all at home & Marcie was there Johny & Marcie went to dinner some where & Bonney Bell & a few of her classmates “Nurses” she graduated with all were going out for a late dinner over at Monraevile[?] the other side of Sandusky Ohio. Geo. & Bonita & the children were out in there care but came in a few minutes after we got there & Bonita got dinner, she had roast lamb, creamed potatoes, sweet corn, green beans, pickles, bread, butter & coffee with sugar & cream.  They had just had a letter from Ella Jane, she said there rainy season had started & she Had been feeling bad, but was better again, had to have anoids taken out her nose again.  Nellie said her trouble was arthritis & low blood pressure   We stayed untill Johny & Marcie came back, Bonita did the dishes & took a bath, then Elbert decide we should go & the car wouldn’t start  they found it was water in the gas  they poured the water out & she started on the gas O.K.,  We stopped to Martha’s but she & her family wasn’t home so we flew along home the sun was so hot & I felt so all in, I could hardly get supper, I fed the hens & we got ready for Church, ” Elbert let hen out as soon as we got home quarter to five.”  We left 7-30-p-m for church  I took Miss Clark her eggs & a cucumber & 4 slices of short bread & the ministers 4 cucumbers. ” they are still selling at 10 cents each” ours are big ones & so sweet. 

Sun. Aug.18. 1946./ 948./ 17 eggs today./ Well We had quite a few ministers & other folks out to church & some went to the alter & Mr. West was one of them, I came out before they showed us the slide pictures, Elbert sent word in by Ronie Epler that he was going home, so Miss Clark’s sister “Who is also a maiden lady” went to the car with me & got the eggs, bread & cucumber. & she said she felt sure I could get a widows pension and is going to send me an address to write to, it was 11-p-m. when we got home & it had turned cold. 

Mon. Aug. 19. 1946./ 14 eggs today. / Sun came out early this a-m but I didn’t sleep all night & so just had to rest   it was most noon when I got up & fixed our dinner & started to wash   I got it done & most all dried, I did dishes & got supper & took care of hens and birds & I’m tired tonight & it turned cold as soon as the sun started to go down.  I heard from Robinson, I don’t like his ideas & I’m not going to take his lessons.,  I received a Lane Brynt winter book also, today.  I don’t like the short dresses either.  Oh, I pray God will send the Holy Ghost to me & give me more power, strength, & financial means, to keep us, Amen

Tue. Aug. 20. 1946./ I mended & did the usual round, I only did half the washing  didn’t dry so good Monday it rained last night & was cooler   I went to church  Miss Brown did the preaching to 15 children & 4 grown up beside the minister & his wife. to cool with out my coat. 

Wed. Aug. 21. 1946./14 eggs./  I finished the washing & washed 3 blank-ets from  Elbert’s bed & got them baked dry, sun’s so hot it made our heads feel bad to be in it very long.  I made beds up fresh, been a fine day for heavy piece to dry & tonight it started to rain a light rain at 5-p-m & be-fore dark was coming in sheets, “a train passing was a queer sight  sheets of rain going from one box car across a coal car to another box car, just a thick white sheet of rain   it began to lighten & thunder & pour rain, but let up at 8-p-m. & lightened up & got quite cool, to cool for the garden tomatoes  are not doing well & cucumber vines are dying. 

Thurs. Aug.22.1946./  Sun came out clear & bright. N.E. wind & shivery cold. we gather a few vegetables, potatoes, beets & carrots & 4 tomatoes for our dinner  Elbert spent the last dollar for food. We had onions &

Thurs. Aug.22.1946./949./14 eggs today/ carrots & beets & a few ears of sweet corn.  Mr. Hauff gave Elbert the corn when he went for the milk, we cooked a little piece of shank meat a bone & with the broth I have put macaroni for tomorrows dinner.  Its been cool in the breeze & hot in the sun today   cloudy tonight & quite dark out tonight. We shut the house up early to keep in the heat.  Mis Brown was to preach last night & tonight, so sorry I couldn’t go but I don’t know how to manage tomorrow  Elbert has to take the eggs & get grain & mash & pay light bill & get a bite to eat for Sun. & we only have 2. doz. & 4. eggs with todays eggs. 

Fri. Aug. 23. 1946./ 14 eggs tod/ I did what I had to in the house & I went out & helped Elbert trim the derrtzia bush[?] & I cut all the big old limbs out of the white rose bush by the well.  We cut a limb off the apple tree by the toilet path & I was to tired to do anymore.  I got supper & we went to Church, there was another young preacher there & Miss. Brown did the preaching.  they sang several songs. & we had a good prayer meeting, but I like the old fashion prayer meetings best.  Well it cold tonight N.E. wind and tempture going down to 50, the radio said.  Received a letter from Miss. Willitts, she wants money & we need some the worst kind of way.  I thank God he take care of us & Pray He will take care of all. 

Sat. Aug.24. 1946./ 14 eggs./ Well, I went with Elbert down to Hambly’s & Gave the old folks the 2 eggs we owed them. & I took broccoli to them & they didn’t know if they liked it, so they wouldn’t, keep it, I gave it to Mrs. West and she said they liked it & wanted to pay me for it, I told her I gave it to her. then she thanked me.  We stopped to see Mrs. Sprunk & I gave her a small bunch of broccoli a cucumber & a big yellow tomatoe, she’s not feeling very well  has a cold all over her makes her sore & stiff like Elbert & I. Well we got some boiling meat and a little piece of bacon that cost 75 cents and only enough for 2 meals  8, slices, that’s terrible.  We are out of most everything. I got 2 bags grain & had them charged.  It’s been a nice day, but quite cool, we didn’t sweat from the heat today.  We got back at 5-15-p-m & it was 2-30-p-m when we went, that wasn’t bad for all the stops we made.  Well I had only had one egg & 1. fried biscuit & so I was empty when we got home, I boiled potatoes  opened a can of string beans & made milk gravy in with them & fried part the bacon & we had supper   When Elbert got  back with the milk while he got washed I strained the milk & made tea.  I washed up the dishes & Elbert put the meat on to boil.  Now we are going to bed.  Mrs Hambly says the Preachers wife ask her little girl what sort of mother she 

Sat. Aug. 24. 1946./950./14 eggs today/  she had to ask to be prayed for and then not come to church, & the old lady said Rony is a bad boy, sometimes he punches his thumb in her ribs & pinches her legs & she’s old & I think I’d put Rony in his place if it was me & any way, Why should he take the place of an other soul that wants to go to church & the preacher said if there was only the old lady & the Hambly children he wasn’t going after them, it’s a queer world, it sure is.  I do hope :& pray God Will take a hand & do something about it. 

Sun. Aug. 25.1946./14 egg today/  Well, I didn’t go to church all day & it was a beautiful Fall day, we had a fire last night and it felt comfortable, been having cold white due at night & tomatoes have hard time to grow enough & to ripen  We have had a few & a few cucumbers & carrots, beets, potatoes & cabbage. Well. I pray God will be in the services & send His power & convirt the souls & reveal unto those of His & help them to understand. 

Mon. Aug. 26.1946./14 eggs today./ I cleaned my room today  moved out & moved in again  wiped the walls & ceiling  Elbert got up early & went to Huron or was going to Huron and a man picked Him up & took him to Huron & said he was going to Sandusky, so he went to Sandusky got a ride back to Huron & walk from there home dog tired :& hungry, he can work at the canning factory, but it only pays 80cents per. hour, but he says he’s going to try it in the morning. it’s been a fine day  N. east breeze & hot sun. I took care of hens & birds, we have 4 or 5 hens that’s lost most of there feathers now.  Cold White due again  last night & shivery again tonight. Well, I got supper & everything ready for the morning.

Tue. Aug. 27. 1946./14 eggs today / Well I laid & rested untill 9-a-m.  Post man came before 10 & he had a letter from Miss. Baumgart & one from Mr. Keep the lawyer, just stating he had moved his office up stairs at the corner of 4th. St. & Broadway in Lorain.  I got dinner & looked after hens only got 8 eggs & they had broke one & eat it most up, a little later about 2-30-p-m  we got two more & then we went to Vermilion & sold 4 doz. 60 cents per doz. 2.40,  We paid light bill  1.00 bought 3 gal gas that cost 56 cents a piece of boiling meat 37 cents, 1. lb. lard 35 cents & came back to Hauff’s for the milk & home.  We 

Tue. Aug. 27. 1946./ 951./ 14 eggs today/ went to the mill & got a bag of oyster shell, 1.00, & had to have it added to grain bill so I will owe 8.60 to the mill  7.44 for milk & 1.00 for the light bill & 2.50 for church  that will only leave us 4.40 to live on for Sept.  We are hard-ly existing & to weak most the time to work. It’s been a nice day hot sun cool shivery breeze. 

Wed. Aug. 28. 1946./13 eggs today./  The sun was baking hot today, but the S. breeze was cool. I had to mend the toe of one stocking before I could dress my feet then I washed & dressed & combed my hair & I pray each morning. then I made noodles & got dinner early then I did out the washing, Elbert rubbed out his 3. prs. of socks & I cleaned up the wreck[?] & got myself cleaned up & he warmed up the supper, then he went for milk & I cleaned the birds cages & washed the dishes & we had a light shower just after supper.  I Praise God I can still do that much although it does tire me out. & Elbert has been busy all day helping me, he carried the water & empted the water cut weeds & hoed some, he don’t feel half so well since he did all that walking the other day to & from Sandusky. We haven’t much to eat in the house  We are out of flour, coffee, tea, flakes, yeast cake & Baking powder, Lemons, rice beans, speggetti, macaroni, lard & I’d give a lot for some butter, bacon & a little meat to fry. but we are only existing.  Our potatoes will soon be gone to.  We have a few beans & beets & carrots, cabbage & tomatoes, but need bread & my check is a week off. 

Thurs. Aug. 29. 1946./15. eggs today/  I darned 3. prs. socks. cooked what I could find to cook & did dishes, took care of hens & birds & did odds & ends. I made two tins of biscuits boiled potaotes & cooked broccoli & string beans & made gravey with the beans. Elbert pealed what apples there were left & I made apple sauce of them yesterday. N.W. wind & so cold we have a fire & it feels good, been mostly cloudy all day  it rained showers all night & a little early this a-m.  grass wet all day but dirt didn’t get wet enough to say wet partly cloudy tonight

Fri. Aug. 30. 1946./ 10 eggs today/ Well, hens only laid 10 eggs today & took all day to do it, so we didn’t go to town with the eggs or buy anything to eat  we haven’t any bread or flour no coffee or tea or anything left, just tomatoes string beans & a few potatoes so we have to go to the store after we sell 3. doz. eggs for $1.80 cents & get a 10. lb. sack of flour  some lard & a little piece of boiling beef to last us untill Tue. looks as if we

Fri. Aug.30. 1946./ 952./ 10 eggs today/  will have to fast a day or so.  I do wish so much, that I were able to work & earn a little so we could have more to do with & get things done be-fore freezing weather gets here & buy a few clothes we need so much.  Even the relatives have forgot us & all those that use to come just to eat all they could stuff, I dont begrudge them what they had, but wish I could have a little more to eat just now. Elbert wont be fit to work if we don’t get more to eat soon. N.W. breeze & cool & weather report said tempture would go down to 52 degrees tonight & cloudy & cool tomorrow.  It was that way today. We had a little fire last night & tonight.  I have only done what I had to do today, & didn’t go to Church because of gas, I Pray God will help me or us in His Own Way, in Jesus Name. 

Sat. Aug 31. 1946./10 eggs today/  Well I just haven’t done only what I had to do, Elbert felt so bad he started off to Vermilion with out the eggs, he had put the old greese in the car, but forgot the egg & had to come back, but he had only got out on the main road as far as the little German church & was going to sell the eggs & buy flour yeast cake  lard & a lemon & a little boiling meat  Well he exchanged the greese for fresh lard  got the other 3 things but no meat, Miss Clark couldn’t pay for her meat, she had left her pocket book in the church last night. so its no meat for tomorrow  Its been a fine day, partly cloudy warm sun.  Elbert hurt his hip today wrenched it some way as he stepped out of the store & its pained him bad all the rest of the day   I pray God will fix it and give me the price of one new car from that Robin hood flour. Elbert said he was wondering which would be better for me to give him the new car & sell his or sell the new one & get his fixed up.  I have Known for some time that was what he had in his mind, he’d like to have the

Sat. Aug.31.1946./[no page number, would have been 955]10 eggs today/  money.  Well I would pay the repair on his car if I got it, & the coal bill & stove repair & for the coal this winter & maybe get the shoes I need so bad. I had to fry biscuits for our dinner & I baked two tins of biscuits for supper.  we had string beans & gravey & warmed up potatoes & apple sauce & hot water to drink for supper.

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