Elinor Bonney’s Sister Nellie eventually is married to John Harnish shown upper right

The earliest Bonney photo. This is Cordin L. Bonney who would be Elinor’s grandfather circa 1800.


Elinor Bonney’s parents’ marriage certificate (Harvey Bonney and Martha Wheeler)


[Elinor Diary Pages 1912-1915 & gap to 1920

(She was living on Georgia Ave on the Black River in Lorain and her parents (Martha Wheeler Bonney and Harvey Bonney, Ma and Pa) owned the Bonney Boathouse. She lived with her siblings Nellie, Ruby, Gertrude “Gertie” Audrey, Elbert, Fred, and Frank at least part of the time.  Her sister Audrey was married a year earlier to George Carlisle and in 1912 they had the first niece to Elinor whose name was Martha Carlisle. Audrey’s marriage was a difficult one and later ended.   Her brother Frank married Ruby in 1911 and they had a child Evelyn the next year.  The military and the flu and other illnesses brought the family members back together to live at the Georgia Ave homestead during times of personal or community crisis.  Not to confuse things, later in the 20’s Elinor was to marry another Frank, Frank Babcock who bought and built the Huron/Hahn Rd homestead but died 10 yrs later.  When that happened, her brother Elbert moved in with Elinor at the Huron/Hahn Road homestead that is at the center of most of Elinor’s 3000 page diary.  Her brother Fred married Ethyl Noderer.  Her sister Nellie was to marry John Mckinley Harnish and they eventually moved from the Georgia Ave home to Vincent, Ohio, and then to West River Rd. in Elyria, Ohio.  Nellie and John had Elinor’s nieces and nephews Bonita, Bonney Bell, Ella Jane, and Johny (John Malcolm Harnish)  John Mckinley was involved in WWI.  John Malcolm was involved in WWII).  John Malcolm married Marcella Gremore and they have the children who have been at the center of creating this website.  However,  it was John Malcolm who collected, labeled and archived all the photos.  To do that he also interviewed his mother Nellie about the photos.  Its easy to tell when John has labeled the photos which he does in script in black magic marker on the front of the pictures.  He did get some argument from others about “defacing” the photos but he kept that trademark and labeled every single picture and placed them in large 3 ring binders by taping them together. Even the earliest ones were well preserved through the years.   The transcription of the diary is true to her text including spelling and formatting and punctuation.  Names, places or special events are bolded.  There are bracketed bolded notes throughout to clarify the content.  Entries that are more flowery or poetic are italisized.  Pictures have been inserted of people and places mentioned in the diary but the pictures are often from a different year or decade.]


1910, “Bonney hill, 1910, Lorain, O..Black River” [back shows it is a postcard]





1910, “Est 1910, Lorain OH”, On building: “BONNEY’S BOAT HOUSE, GAS LAUNCH, ROW BOATS TO LET, PHONE 438 White, E5525 ?”

1907, “Elinor Bonney, est 1907, Lorain, O”, [by looking on the back you can see it is a postcard]

[Page 1-22 all in March 1912 written in a -“Standard Notebook” Then she will restart with page 1-177 Sept 1912-April 1915]

[Tue. Mar. 19. 1912.]Tue.19 March 1912   Well, its just two weeks today they brought me home from the hospital.  While there I became acquainted with the two nurses and the cook; All three were bright young girls.  The day nures was quite a pretty bloond of twenty-two years, whom every one seemed to love. she had an attracktive pleasent little smile and a cheery word for one and all.  Something in her appearance call-ed my attention and I desided to study the characters of the three girls.  Now my room was the third room from their dining room, but I could hear every word of their conversations when they were at dinner.  This would help me to study much better,  And I often heard them relating there past

[Tue. Mar. 19. 1912.] Page 2  experiences both joys and sorrows and hear them laugh and jest, just as plain, as though they had been in my room, this for two weeks afford-ed some amusement for me.  The night nurse had dark hair and little black eyes, an oval shaped face & sallow complection a very nervous little body of twenty-four years.  She seemed ever on the alert for the least sound; when alarmed (she crossed out) reminded one of a wild animal, when cornered by hunters.  She moved about with a quick noiseless tread, her presence would awaken me from a sound sleep  With a feeling of fear. but when I opened my eyes (it was crossed out), she would say its only I, & sometimes ask, why I didn’t sleep more sound.  I told her she looked tired and I believed need rest more than I, to which she answered, Oh, I’m 

[Tue. Mar. 19. 1912.]Page 3   so tired I feel like jumping up and down and yelling or screaming, and everything has went wrong today & I don’t believe anything good will every come my way  I’m an orphan & every one seems to be more ready to give me a kick or knock than to help her in anyway, she and the day nurse couldn’t get along for some reason, and there seems to be nothing but trouble and sorrow for me and I just feel cross every day.  Now I told her the day nurse never said anything against her to me but often said, she though you were not strong enough for the work & that she felt sorry for you & and I am sure

[Tue. Mar. 19. 1912.] Page 4   if you watch and study her you will think better of her.  Well I feel sorry for her, She is so nervous, she gave up her work to go to her sister’s home to rest, the day before I came home, she took my address but haven’t heard from her as yet.  The Cook was stout & round face rosy cheeked girl of twenty and one years.  Who was neither brunette nor blond.  She swept & dusted the patients rooms each day a jolly good natured appearing person but two.sided.  I gave her an apron pattern for which she was to have given me one of hers, but I never have gotten it yet.) and shirt pattern to be used for a laun-dry bag & a thimble holder crocheted on a chickens wish

[Tue. Mar. 19. 1912.]Page 5   bone, they were made of pink silk with white ribbon drawn around the edge & tied in bows with a loop to hang them up by.  the nurse phoned to me yesterday & thanked me for hers & reminding me how carefull I must be, not to catch cold and bidding me come back to see her as soon as I were able.  She said there were to be three operating cases for this week; that will mean 24 hrs with out sleep three times this week for her al-though she didn’t mention it.

[Wed. Mar. 20. 1912] Wed.20th  A week ago to night I took a relaps & haven’t been gain-ing as rapidly as before.  But God teaches to Ask and receive Trust and believe,

1910 ” Bonney’s Dog, Our dog Shorty”

1900, “Taken about 1900, Martha Wheeler Bonney and daughter Nellie Belle (later Harnish), Dog: “Sport”, First part of home at 760 Georgia Ave. Lorain, O.” labeled by John Malcolm, note written by Nellie B Harnish “Nellie B, dog Sport and Mother Martha Jane Bonney, first part of home built 1899 taken about 1900 “

[Wed. Mar. 20. 1912]Page 6  Mar.Wed.20.  and I know He doeth all things well.  Received a card from Pa, and one from Audrey today, and wrote five to mail in the morning.  Dr. Smith phoned saying he would call tomorrow.  Well I’ll be glad to be able to work again.  To night the sleet and snow pelt the windows with such terrific force that it seems almost deafening, while only yesterday morning as I dressed before the open west window I could see the woods nearby and hear the birds twitering and larks singing, the sun was shining warm and bright and all the out door world seemed to have awakened to the call of Spring, but today a cold March wind

[Wed. Mar. 20. 1912] Page 7.  Mar.Wed.20.  with sleep and snow causes the earth to groan and shudder.  I’m wondering what the poor little birdies will do to keep warm, for I have most all day beside the fire.

[Thurs. Mar. 21.1912]Thurs.21.  Dr. came this after noon.  He said he would have to send me back to the hospital if I didn’t take life more easy.  I wonder.  Well let me see, all I’ve done today has been a little reading, sewing, crocheting and take pills, Oh yes, I took care of my own room and helped ma do dishes, doesn’t seem as though that ought to hurt me, it is raining tonight

[Fri. Mar. 22. 1912] Fri.22.  Everything is a glare of ice out of doors this morning.  Didn’t get up untill ten

[Fri. Mar. 22. 1912]Page 8   oclock, for I sit up with Nellie, and read or write while she does her school work. she doesn’t like to be alone.  I crocheted on the pillow top, I have been mak-ing for Audrey and George for there weding present  I have croched a pillow top for Frank and Ruby.  I crocheted a square with a wreath of roses in it and in the center I put. (Wed July 27th. 1911)  For Frank and Ruby & for Audrey and George I put in the center (Wed  Oct 6th. 1911.)  I made a pillow tick of white muslin & filled it with cattail down, then made a plain pillow cover of old rose poplin, with hem of ruffle

1911, Audrey Carlisle -Elinor’s sister Audrey who married George Carlisle

[Fri. Mar. 22. 1912]Page 9   Mar.Fri.22  brier stitched with No.50 white thread, the same as I use to crochet with, then I fasten with needle and thread the crocheted square to the top of plain cover thus forming a pretty wedding Gift.  I have felt stronger today, but had my nerves shook into a volcanic eruption the last thing tonight by accidently answering the phone, Yes, I a fright late this after noon and now I think I’ll go to bed and try to quite my nerves, And may God watch over and take care of me  His humble servant girl.  The sun has shone all day and everything glitters and sparkles, the branches

[Fri. Mar. 22. 1912]Page 10    of the trees, the weeds and bushes look as though they were full of stars.  Tonight we have a pale moon, throw- out a flood of shimmering light, making a picture to behold. Fred and Gertie have gone to a St Patricks social given in the Delaware Ave M.E. Church Sun. school

1914 Gertie Bonney with the parrots” Gertie is Elinor’s sister

Fred Bonney, Elinor’s brother

Mar.Sat.23. rooms this evening.  Oh, me. Games, Music & Refrishments were enjoyed by

1919 “Ella Jane Harnish 1919 Aug. (held by) Elinor Bonney E.J.H. 4 mths old ” labeled by Nellie Bonney (Harnish) and son John Harnish. Ella Jane is Elinor’s niece, daughter of sister Nellie.

the young folks last night, Miss Marry Snyder’s Art Gallery (of crossed out) being of great interest, having placed a Blarny Stone at the en- trance, to which

1915 Nellie Bonney” at 760 Georgia home tending roses covering front of house, Note house numbers above roses.

each person must kneel, make a wish and kiss before entering the gallery. First glance one beheld, The Horse Fair not a picture but a dish of shell-ed corn.  Next. Cast Up By The

[Fri. Mar. 22. 1912]Page 11   Sea. A pretty sea shell ans-wered this.  After a bath, this inscription, written on a slip of paper was laid on A Bath towel, as were all others.  The Swimming Match, represented by a glass of water, where up on a match was swim-ming.  A Bit of

1910 Grandmother Bonney (Martha Wheeler Bonney) and Elbert Bonney” Elbert is Elinor’s brother with whom she lived after her husband Frank Babcock died.

Old Ruin in China, was an amusing sight.  An old china plate with the decoration partly worn off and a crack china cup with out a handle.  The Aurora A Bronzed Loin Penny Bank, Tax on Tea.  Tax laying on dry tea in a saucer.  The charge of a light brigade, A little heap of powder a match near by.  Washington’s Bust, shown on a two cent stamp. The Seasons . A little salt and pepper. The

[Fri. Mar. 22. 1912] Page 12          Trapper. A Mouse Trap. Sweet Hearts.  Two heart shaped cookies hid together.  The bust of a Great Commentator.  Was a large potatoes broke half into.  The Last chord, A Book. Pleasant Reflections. A Looking Glass.   The Acrobat.  A glass tumbler.  Deer in Winter. Straw Berry.  This was a more elaborate Art Gallery than the young folk expected to see, or at least one that proved very fasinating. And I believe I have enjoyed it as well as the most of them.  Well I done my duties today but have felt any thing but well.  Didn’t get to sleep until three oclock this morning, and have been having nervous chills all day, Ma and Nellie have gone to town to meet Pa.  Gertie took

[Fri. Mar. 22. 1912] Page 13    cold and is ill today.  Fred has a boil on his neck.  Frank came home this morning and he and Elbert went duck hunting up the river. Frank shot and brought home three ducks.  Snow and ice have been thaw-ing fast today. A bit of news from our evening paper:  Mr Green was seeing his lady friend home from church last night, when a dog bit him on the Public Square, and that Mr. Jones, While harnesing his horse was kicked just south of his corn crib. A boy threw a tin can and cut Mr. Pike in the alley.  Mr Jelly fell from the roof of his house and bruised him on his piazza.  Great is it not. Eight oclock Fred and Gertie have gone to bed, and I’m

[Fri. Mar. 22. 1912]Page 14   waiting for the folks, ten oclock, the folks have come, I have a lunch with hot coffee and tea ready for them,

1910, “Bonney hill, 1910, Lorain, O..Black River” [back shows it is a postcard]

[Sun. Mar. 24. 1912] 2012.March.Sun.24 they brought sausages for lunch. and fruit, twelve oclock, Fred went over to Frank’s for dinner.  Ma, Elbert, Gertie Nellie and I were home to visit with pa, it has snowed hard all day and a cold wind blows tonight. Pa tells us Uncle Jack’s folks all have the gripp. and the horses have the distemper the little lambs arriving by one’s two’s and three’s and no one to care for them, neighbor all around are having cold’s and gripp.  Aunt Cornealia and Aunt Marinda have gotten all moved to town at last.  Fred and Elbert

1910, “Bonney Hill, Georgia Ave, Lorain, Ohio”

[Mon. Mar. 25. 1912Page 15]  1912 Mar.Mon.25.  have gone to church.  Gertie doesn’t feel is well tonight Gertie doesn’t feel any better  Pa and the boys have been to town, pa hired a dray to bring his trunk and bagage home from the Electric package.  Will Coals and His father were here to tell us Uncle Mort Mastin died yesterday and Aunt Hat is quite ill. Rosie Coals is dead, Mercy me, I dread to think of tomorrow

[Tue. Mar. 26. 1912] Tue.26.  Frank called Pa and Ma over there this morning at three oclock, Ruby had been ill since twelve oclock, pa came home for breakfast, I done part of the work and got dinner  A letter came to ma. from Audrey this morning, say-ing, George has been in bed

[Tue. Mar. 26. 1912]Page 16   1912 Mar.  for a week and she has been up day and night with him and wished some on could come and help her, pa went back to gilmore’s and told ma about Geo. Ruby has a nice baby girl  Ma and pa came home, pa packed his suit case and has left for Ashtabula to help Audrey and take care of Geo.  Gertie is terriblily ill today; I hope every one feel 

[Wed. Mar. 27. 1912] Wed. 27.  better tomorrow.  Im weary.  I have been on my feet to much today trying to help ma for she is almost tired out, she washed to day and I have done the house work and took care of Gertie, she feels a little better but is in bed, she

[Wed. Mar. 27. 1912]Page 17   1912 Mar.  has the gripp and has it bad, she coughs untill she is sore and lame all over, Nellie took dinner with Gilmore’s today, Ruby and the baby are doing nicely.  As Ruby is the only child her baby will more than likely be spoiled, Ruby was eighteen last June.  Didn’t hear anything from Audrey today.  It is raining.  Oh, ho.

[Thurs. Mar. 28. 1912] Thurs.28. Gertie and Ruby are better, but George, poor boy has the typhoid fever, so pa wrote in this letter he sent to ma this morning, and that Audrey and Geo. were both happy when he walked in, Audrey has been up day and night & hasn’t had her cloths off for a week, Poor Audrey this is

[Thurs. Mar. 28. 1912]Page 181912.Mar.Thurs.28.  the first real expierence she is only nineteen and Geo. is twenty. Elbert work for Spadman today, Frank was home today, Fred went to prayermeeting. Ma, poor dear ma has gone to bed tired out. It’s been raining a little alday, but it’s coming down hard and steady tonight.  I sent a card to Georgia Rosencrane. and one to Hazel Dupont. today. Nellie is going to bed, so am I.

1912, “Martha Jane Wheeler Bonney, wife of Harvey; mother of Gertie, Nellie Harnish, Elenor Babcock, Audrey Carlisle, Elbert Bonney

[Fri. Mar. 29. 1912] Fri.29.  Nellie didn’t go to school.for its been pouring rain alday.  Ma and pa are tired, I ironed part of the starched pieces.  Gertie doesn’t seem any better.  George is better.

[Sat. Mar. 30. 1912] Sat.30. 1912.  Well we have been trying to get straightened up

1911 ~ “Nellie Bonney Est. 1911” standing in front of a brick pile in front of wooden walkway

[Sat. Mar. 30. 1912] Page 19.  today; Nellie and I have been ironing but didn’t get it all done. Sun has been shining warm and bright today  Elizabeth Thomas called on me this after noon and brought me two books to read.  Ma Nd I are ever so worried about Gertie.  Geo. and Ruby are better.  I am going to bed for it’s 11-55  Oh.  Mercy me.  

[Sun. Mar. 31. 1912] Sun.31.  We think Gertie is a little better, How glad I’ll be when summer comes and we all get well again.  It looked pleasent out of doors untill noon, then shortly after it begin to rain.  Well this has been a long day to me.

 [ note: this is the last entry in this “Standard Notebook E”  Elinore switches to single paper 8.5X10? , the first page is labeled Page 13. ]

[Sun. Mar. 31. 1912] Page 13. Sun.31.  Well Gertie is some better we think today.  Looked pleasant out of the door untill noon  when short-ly after it began to rain  it’s been a long day. Oh how glad I’ll be when summer comes.  If I am only get strong. 

[Mon. Apr. 1. 1912] Mon.April 1.  Gertie seems no better & no worse ma says but Oh how dreadful her cough is it frightens me so each time that I hold my breath & dread to think.  I made for Nellie a blue silk hat today but haven’t trimmed it yet. ripped Gertie’s brown braid had prepartory to making over & Nellie & I finished the ironing.  To day is the beginning of Nellies week vacation.  She & I read alternately the Book, David Copperfield. evenings, about which she is to write a theme. 

[Tue. Apr. 2. 1912] Page 14:  Tue.2.  Gertie is the same.  Ruby gaining. baby well. George is doing fine  Frank was over to day  Ma received a letter from pa & Audrey. & one from aunt Edith.  Nellie & I have been sewing on her new dress, an old rose poplin & oh how tired we are for she tryed to help me by treadlying the machine & it was trying to us both  This morning we woke to found the ground & everything out of doors covered with snow the sun began to shine about noon the snow is disappearing poor Gertie I’m worried most to death about her wish she would begin to gain, but she so queer when she once gets down does-n’t try to get up and it’s so hard for her and every body.  Well Home doesn’t seem like home any more with part of the children away & pa to & ma has been gone so much & Gertie sick & Fred isn’t a bit well  Oh, Oh, I’ll be glad when I can work & glad when al are well. 

[Wed. Apr. 3. 1912] Wed.3.  Snow most all gone & been shining  Oh how glad we will all be when we can go out & back in the warm sunshine.

Page 15.:  Gertie about the same George gaining.  Received a letter from Miss Julie Kauf. the Hospital cook who has of late been converted to night nurse. jolly girl. ma washed today & I was permitted to hang them up to dry, ma is look-ing more anxious every day about Gertie, but Gertie crys & makes such a fuss, tiring herself completely out when ma says she think she will call a doctor, that ma tells her at last that she wont, something has got to be done soon. Wish pa was here. 

[Thurs. Apr. 4. 1912] Thurs.4.  Well mother has wakened me looking more troubled than ever.  she expresses her fears.  I try to reason with Gertie, who makes all sorts of threats if a Doctor comes near her.  Well mother at least desides to send me to a near neighbor to call Dr. Smith. thinking perhaps it wouldn’t worry Gertie so much if she did-n’t know he were coming, but one of the boys came up hill intime to see me go & ask aloud where I was going.  Gertie guess & begged of mother not to call the Dr. & she would take

[Thurs. Apr. 4. 1912] Page 16. most anything. so ma called me & said not. so I didn’t . ma has given a few doses of golden ointment & tonight she is coughing less & looking better but is ever so week.  Nellie & I have been sewing alittle on her dress again today but my nerves are all jumping about like lunatics & I’m ashamed of myself  I’ve been so impatient although we have both laughed about it Knowing I didn’t mean to be so.  Oh my Dear tired parents.

1910, labled “Pa Ma” , “walnut tree”, “thorn apple tree” and “Pa Bonney sawing wood” [Black river is in background]

[Fri. Apr. 5. 1912] Fri.5. Just a month ago today I came home, and am glad to say I’m ever so much stronger today than on that day, & it’s been just beautiful out of doors today the birds all singing for joy and the frogs all croaking in one big chorus untill it’s almost deafening as one stops to listen.  The wind has blown stiff from the south making it tedious for one to walk, the crow have sailed about calling so loud that the pariots have been dreadfully un-easy flapping their wings & calling

[Fri. Apr. 5. 1912]Page 17:  most all day.  We has all had our turn ironing today will finish it tomorrow I received a card from Audrey & one from pa they are both tired out  pa can’t leave george for he’s so hunger he might help himself. poor fellow he told pa yesterday he’d give his check for one of ma’s, pies or some of her chicken with biscuitt & gravey. & an Easter card from Alice Cothier  telling Edwin is still in Chicago but is coming home soon, & that she is looking forward to wearing her Easter bonnet Sun.  I have crocheted quite a little on Audrey pillow top today.  Well it’s 9-30 and I have still to write a letter to pa, Audrey & Geo.  Gertie sat up a little while today & so did Ruby yesterday & today.  Ma received a card from Cora Bracey saying they were all getting better & that the Dr. has given all hope for Charlie Parkers baby. poor little thing.  Aunt Delia sent Gertie a post card saying she had made maple sugar three times this spring & that she isn’t very well.  I’ve written my letter & Now I’m going to bed.

[Sat. Apr. 6. 1912] Page 18:Sat.6.  Still the wind blows a gale.  I’ve been doing some mending today on my clothes, haven’t been able to be on my feet much & so, have sewed, croched & read. it’s worrying me to death because I can’t work and I must see ma working so hard, Oh sometimes when tired out I’ve said I be happy if I didn’t have to work.  This is the first time I’ve been strickly forbidden to work as hard or as much as I pleased, but, Oh.  I’ve got to look like sunshine & be as pleasent as though the flesh & all were well  I used to endure five years ago but thats a long time ago.  Received a card from pa.  We sent him some cloth by mail said he’d look after them, George is gaining slow he(pa) & Audrey are well but tired.  Gertie is gaining but its very very slow poor child.  The boys launched the wiynyah today & she ready to run Boys dreadfully tired to night.

[Sun. Apr. 7. 1912] Page 19:  Sun.7.  Well it hasn’t been a very pleasent Easter  the wind is still blowing & it’s cold & peircing  Oh. dear.  I’ll be glad when to-morrow gets here. I can do a little. 

[Mon. Apr. 8. 1912] Mon.8.  No word from pa or Audrey today so we don’t know how Geo. is.  Gertie is gaining slow & Ruby can walk about once more.  ma washed & I did the house work crocheted a little on my square. ma received a letter from Mrs. Pardee. who is the Isle of Pines.W.I.  Well I printed two doz pictyures tonight but spoiled six or eight, its 11-15 by the clock & I’m still sitting up, to keep Nellie company, she stayed home Fri. it rained so hard & now must make up back lessons, so guess I’ll write a few lines to pa  he will want to hear from Gertie.  We had our first fresh fish “perch” for supper.

[note: Ma and Pa Martha and Harvey and Elinor’s sister Gertie often went to Isle of Pines (Cuba)  in the winter, found a place to stay and did work picking/farming]

1913 “H.D. Bonney picking grape-fruit on the Isle of Pines” in Cuba. Labeled by Nellie Belle Bonney

[Tue. Apr. 9. 1912] Tue 9.  Well every body seems to be gaining slow  ma & I have only done what had to be done.

[Wed. Apr. 10. 1912] Page 20: Wed 10.  Ma ironed the plain cloths & I the starched ones. word from pa says he can’t leave Geo. yet, he might eat to much  Gertie has seemed a hopeless case today says she hungry but won’t eat.  

[Thurs. Apr. 11. 1912] Thurs.11.  Well its so warm & nice out doors, that I’ve washed the windows & tacked one screen on & sewed an read a little, been reading the Book Jane Cable.  Gertie feels better again today & Geo & Ruby llike wise.

[Fri. Apr. 12. 1912] Fri.12.  We have been having Apr. showers today & it’s little colder tonight.  sweep my room & put it to order, washed the chairs & wood work took a walk through the woods.  Gertie received a card from pa wishing her well & saying they were gaining, ma moped the dining room & done the house work, boys been working for Mat Kennedy on the rivers & lake.  Nellie is studying & I’m ever so tired, wish we were in bed.  Poor dear ma & Pa no one knows how I love them

[Sat. Apr. 13. 1912] Page 21:  Sat.13.  Been sewing & crocheting & doing little odd bits of work.  Doctor Smith came this after noon.  I had him examine Gertie, poor girl her case looks doutful.  Well the stitching is all done on Nellie’s dress.  Will sew hooks & eyes & buttons on Mon.  Pa came home today. Geo. is able to sit up every day poor children, wish they were home,. don’t know what they are going to do, they are have bad luck.  Frank was home today  Ruby is quite well again & it’s getting nice out of doors. 

[Sun. Apr. 14. 1912] Sun.14.  It’s fine out today only the wind blows so. Pa, Elbert & Fred all went to the woods & brought home pretty bouquets of hepatiticas our first spring flowers,  I have sent a bon bon box, full, by Fred to mail, to Audrey & Geo. to-night.  They will be glad when they get them in the morning.  I had the tooth ach all night and until 3am, then slept till 9am & still it has been such a long day.  I think Gertie seems a little better today.

[This ends a section written on half pages front and back covering the first half of April 1912.  From April 14, 1912-Sept 8, 1912 there are  no entries] 

[Mon. Sept. 9. 1912] Mon Sept 9. 1912 Page 1.  [note this is a re-start at page  # 1] Well I have landed in Elyria at last and I dont know, but think I’ll be sick of my job be-fore the week is any where near at an end  I haven’t had to do much today, baked a raisen cake & got supper & listened to trials & tribulations all the after noon  tomorrow we are going to wash,  I know it will be dreadful, for my Miss tress has to take care of her mother in law & she is more helpless than a baby & makes lots of washing & poor thing she cant hear & they don’t use any patients with her at times she had dinner 1-30 & supper 8-20 & a bath before she had her supper & the blessings re-ceived while they gave her that

[Mon. Sept. 9. 1912]Page 2  both were more than I will ever be able to decribe.  They own a pretty home but a scolding wife will spoil the best of homes  I’m not satis-fie here & this is my first day but suppose I’ll have to stick untill I find something better or worse.  Yes I do feel home sick tonight, but its no wonder, I were ill before I came this morning & my head feel as though it would split, it achs so hard.  Well I must go to bed & see if I can’t sleep. 

[Tue. Sept. 10. 1912] Tue.10.  We did wash today & had as much for four as we do at home for nine & I dressed chick-en for supper and the Old lady here had to have a lot of care & a bath to night, she’s just as good as she can be, nevery complains, my left 

[Tue. Sept. 10. 1912]Page 3.  foot is so sore that it looks as though it has been scalded & it hurts me so.  Anna was here about a half hour tonight.  Well its most eleven oclock & I have got my supper work done bread set & my mending done & ought to have been long in bed.  I haven’t written home yet.  

[Wed. Sept. 11. 1912] Wed 11.  Well I over slept & Mrs S. got breakfast & I came done just as they had finished & so after drinking a cup of coffee  I washed the dishes, mixed my bread in a hard loaf, swept & done the ironing, had a lunch & made my bread in loaves then baked a four layer cake baked the bread four loaves & got supper  took a bath & went to bed at nine-thirty  home sick. 

[Thurs. Sept. 12. 1912] Thur.12.  Arose at five oclock cooked breakfast for Mr. S & packed his dinner, then made toast for Mrs. S. & myself & drank a cup of coffee, washed the dishes swept & dusted. Mrs. S. has gone on a business trip so she called it, up town & over to old Lorain, Well Ive been up to see the old 

[Thurs. Sept. 12. 1912]Page 4  lady & she’s sleeping, All’s well.  I called ma & they are all as well as useral & now I can rest a little while I guess & the lord knows I feel as though it would do me good its almost twelve oclock.  the school children are going to school, the sun is warm but the wind makes one shiver. Guess I embroider a little while. Mrs. S. sent a basket of graps a qt of peaches & half a dozen bannaqnaes for me.  Oh yes I got to write a letter now.  Well I have finished my letter given the old lady her dinner & ans. telephone & door calls & now have gotten supper  Mr. S. came back at six oclock  Mr. S came at five-thirty.  Tomorrow I have to sweep & I dont know what more.

[Fri. Sept. 13. 1912] Fri.13.  Well I have sweep & dusted after cooking breakfast for Mr. S. packing him a lunch & cooking break-

[Fri. Sept. 13. 1912] Page 5  -fast for Mrs. S.  We had lunch & then I washed the bath room & kitchen floors, washed & dressed & combed my hair & helped Mrs. S (Lorain Ohio) take care of her mother-in-law rested about 15 minutes & cooked supper, straightened up the house & went to bed. Yes. I set breads. 

[Sat. Sept. 14. 1912] Sat.14.  Breakfast over for 4 at last mixed my bread dress-d 2 chickens, made beds & helped care for old lady, had lunch for three  washed dishes, baked a loaf mince meat cake & frosted it & 12 cup cake mixed my bread in loaves mixed up cinnimen rolls baked bread then the rolls then cooked supper.  Mr. S. home 5-35. Mrs S. went to town came home at 6 had supper 6-15 done up work & washed & dressed & went home

[Sat. Sept. 14. 1912] Page 6   talked with Carrie & met her at the waiting room before taking Lorain care.  I got off the care at 5th St. Stoped at F. hospital saw Julia, then went to Dr. S. office  left my suit case, went down to Opfere & Hursts did my shoping went to office phoned home, pa & the boys all up town.  I waited for Dr. & then Elbert met me at the loop & we walked home   Nellie was waiting for me  Audrey & baby  Both a sleep  ma & pa both in bed  ma came to great me.  went to bed 11-30-rose

[Sun. Sept. 15. 1912] Sun.15. 7-30  picked up a few of my belonging & visited & age dinner & I missed Gertie & Frank   helped with work  went down to Draw Bridge with

1910, “Black River, Lorain, O, 1910, from Bonney home”

[Sun. Sept. 15. 1912]Pa, Ma, Nellie, Audrey & baby, George & Fred on the Not So Bad then I took the care for Elyria & reached here at dusk, had a lunch  visited a while & went to bed.  my foot is so sore. 

[Mon. Sept. 16. 1912] Mon.16  Cooked pan cake & fried potatoes made coffee & gave Mr. S. for his bf.  packed chicken rolls & cake for his lunch.  went down seller & prepared to wash  went up & washed dishes  went down & washed a while & Mrs. S. came down  I let her get her own bf. & then she helped me wash, we were all through at 1-20 & had 5 long lines of clothes then had lunch  tidied up the house & went up stairs & put things to order & I head a noise in the old lady’s 

[Mon. Sept. 16. 1912]Page 8  room & told Mrs. S. & I opened the door & there between bed & comode hanging by the arms was the old lady. the had a stroke & turn black as coal, we work with her till 5-30 then I went down & cooked supper took a bath & went to bed. tired?  Oh yes, 

[Tue. Sept. 17. 1912] Tue.17.  We both Ironed after the work was done & after dinner  Mrs. S went  calling & I ironed till 4-30 rested a few minutes & Fried chicken for supper Anna Jube came just as we were getting the old lady ready for bed.  we had little visit & she went home & I went to BED—

[Wed. Sept 18. 1912] Wed 12 [she may have meant 18 here] I was up 4-30-this morn. done the work  sweeped & dusted & then cooked breakfast for Mrs. S.  my left foot is

[Wed. Sept 18. 1912] Page 9  so sore & swollen  I can hardly step on it tonight, fried chicken & cooked supper & now am going to bed my eyes hurt tonight.

[Thurs. Sept. 19. 1912] Thurs.19.  The same old story  swepit dusted  baked devil food cake  and three elderberrry pies  cook four meals & scrubed the kitchen floor.  Mr. & Mrs. S. went to the fair this after noon & it rained hard & Mrs. gave Mr. S the greatest call-ing ever for leaving her talk-ing & running around with other men, instead of waiting for her to gossip, Mr. S. called it instead of talking  asking her to the art hall & so forth.  he’s he easyest man that ever walk-ed the face of the earth, no question of his own, no head on him, and what would she look like if she were in his place  Oh, she never saw such a man.

[Thurs. Sept. 19. 1912] Page 10  received a card from pa saying he ma Fred & Elbert Mr & Mrs. Krantz & Mr. & Mrs Harris were at Put in bay  Well my tooth ached so hard I was oblidged to waken Mrs. S. to find some dope for it, but it ached so hard I was most crazy & didn’t get Mr. S. his breakfast, but arose at 7  put the house to rights & then cooked breakfast for Mrs. S. my tooth still bugging  swept up stairs and dusted  Mr. S. came home said he was going to the fair & Oh, of all the blessings great & small, he received them all, he ask Mrs. S. to go & she wouldn’t go for I had said I was going to have some thing done to my tooth this after noon or tomorrow & she said I had better have it done to day for she wanted to go to church Sun. morn & Sun after noon  she wanted to take

[Thurs. Sept. 19. 1912] Page 11  some pictures & she want me here, so if she went to the fair I would have went home Sat. night & came back Sun night & that she didn’t want for some reason  she doesn’t want me to have any time for myself that she can’t have her say about, well I went home  couldn’t get my tooth fixed till Sat. morning, so I stopped at Dr. Smiths a minute & then at Auntie Dudeans & then went home.  Nellie Audrey & George were just eating supper  the baby lay in her cab cooing, so I sat down & ate my supper with them.  We visited untill 9-10 & went to bed then Nellie & I talked till late for my tooth ached so I couldn’t sleep & when I did sleep I talked aloud to Nellie telling her I didn’t like Boarding house fair, she ask me why

[Thurs. Sept. 19. 1912]Page 12   and I told her the lights all had to be out at 9 oclock, but I play a joke on’em one night & didn’t fill the lamps, then Nellie ask me what happened & I told her the lights went out & the boarders went to bed & we gorls went to the Kitchen & laughed & jollied & had a nice time, then Nellie ask, well how many girl were there? and I mumbled a dozen names or so and Mon-tana  Hillabrant.  Well that the first time I ever talked to anyone in my sleep  it has always woke me up be fore if anyone ask me a ques-tion.  I half realized Nellie was talking to me and that I were talking to her, but didn’t know what I was saying, but this morn when she ask me, what I was doing

[Thurs. Sept. 19. 1912]Page 13.  last night I told her I knew she was asking me questions & that I were ans. but couldn’t remember much about it.  then she told me

[Sat. Sept. 21. 1912] Sat.21.  I left the girls this morn.  Nellie went to the end of the St. with me  didn’t get back here till after 1 oclock  had my tooth treated twice & ate dinner with Anna J & Clara. B. & cooked supper & Mrs. S. put the four loaves of bread in a damp place & because it mildewed she said it wasn’t very good bread anyway that it was soggy, it was baked a week ago today & was nice & she said so, but now its me to blame because it has spoiled.  I told her she said it was good bread & that they all enjoyed it & she said she thought it was but good bread wouldn’t mildew.

[Sat. Sept. 21. 1912]Page 14  and my pie crust is so rich she can’t eat it, she says she makes her pie crust just so it can be cut with a knife not tuff, but just right.   I baked biscuits for supper  they both said they were fine & after they had ate the most of them said they never ate much biscuite that were to greesy, well I’m looking for work & wont stay here only long enough to fine an other job & hope that wont be long.  Carrie Masten Called me over the Phone tonight & I talked with Mrs. Lapp in Fre-ricks hospital to day she has typhoid fever & has been there three weeks and she likes Anne.  Well I must go to bed, but Ought to write some letters & Post cards to night. Such is life.

[Sat. Sept. 21. 1912] Page 15.   and Mr. S. had to take another lecture tonight because he’s so easy & hasn’t a business head & ought to come home & ask Mrs. S what he should do & now he will lose all   more than likely.  Mr. S. is a black smith & was in pardner with another man who sold out his share to another Mr Haun & now it seems, the man of whom they rent the shop wants Mr. S. to pay  the rent that his first pardner skipped out & left. but his contract was fixed so he didn’t need to pay only his half & tonight when his land lord told him he guessed he (Mr. S.) would have to pay the rent the other man left un paid, Mr. S. said he supposed he would, So his wife must once more scold him, for she

[Sat. Sept. 21. 1912] Page 16    has never seen another man like him & she expects to go crazy yet. 

[Sun. Sept. 22. 1912] Sun.22.I arose at 7-30 and prepared toast & milk for breakf  Mr. S is ill, two step, I believe.  Mrs. S. didn’t go to church & its raining  I have a chicken dressed & cooking for dinner.  Mrs. S has amused her self watching to see if Mrs. Sumers went to church.  Mrs. S. calls her old belzybub & says Mrs. Summ. never goes to church only to show her pretty new clothes and that she’s & old devil of the worst stamp & to hear Mrs. S. stell it she is perfect and if she isn’t she has an exeuse that it was an imposible-ity to be.  she doesn’t like it because Mr. S. praises my cooking, she says no one can cook to please Mr. S. as well as she can.

[Sun. Sept. 22. 1912] Page 17    well of all things I’d like to know what will happen next.  We had breakfast 9-15 and Mrs. S. told me no hurry about dinner, to but the chicken on to cook at 1 oclock and I did but there was hardly gas enough to keep one burner going, so , consequently the chick-en wasn’t done untill 2-10 & then the gas went out & Mrs. S. came done to informed me that she had told me last night that the gas was going to be turned off, well, she was in her room reading to Mr. S. aloud and I didn’t hear her, for I sat in my room writing & my door was shut. and why didn’t she tell me, when I ask what time she wanted dinner.  I’d like to know she went up stairs & told Mr. S. & he came down if we were going to have

[Sun. Sept. 22. 1912] Page 18   dinner and I told him. I didn’t know the gas was going to be turned off & that Mrs. S. should have told me, when I ask about get-ting dinner & that I wasn’t a bit to blame & he said he didn’t care he would just as soon have bread & milk but she is another Mrs. Spray.  We had a finnish about that mouldy bread this morn.  she said good bread ought never to spoil, but I told her I never see any bread yet that wouldn’t mould if it was kept in a damp place & that, that bread was fine as any body need ask for before it spoilt, she done it up in two table cloths & plac-ed it in a bucket & put a cover on it & then blamed me, because it spoilt.  Oh she said her bread was al

[Sun. Sept. 22. 1912]Page 19    yellow & that she used 2 yeast cakes for four loaves of bread & today she said her bread was always light & spongy & she nevery kneeded it untill it wouldnt take more flour. & when we ate our dinner she remarked, how light my biscuits were even now they were old.  Well I wonder what will be next  Mr. S. has gone to town & it is & has rained all day.  Mrs. Miller & her daughter Ethel came in to spend the evening just as I was finishing the supper dishes & Mrs. S. showed me how to play the Graphone & so after playing a dozen pieces with out making any mistakes & the company gone, she told me the floor didn’t look as though I had dusted, I don’t know what to think, I beleive she’s loosing her mind.  Oh, dear.

[Mon. Sept. 23. 1912] Page 20 Mon 23.  Well after making pan cakes for breakfast I finally starting my washing & had it about half done when Mrs S came down, she said she didn’t feel like washing & I told her as I did last week that if she didn’t feel good  I’d do the washing, for she always washes out her mothers clothes, I could never was them   I have some sores on me now from scratches the old lady gave me & I’m having a time to heel them up.  Mrs. S. said she liked to make her own starch & so when she insis-ted on helping to finish the washing & told her to make the starch if she would rather & I’d do the rest, she 

[Mon. Sept. 23. 1912] Page 21     made the starch & sards & rinse part of the clothes & we were through before dinner.  I got din-ner & all went well untill we were most through.  then I said I guessed I’d Iron & she said she was tired & I said yes so was I but I wanted to get through & she said she didn’t feel like paying me 3-50 & doing half the work her self, well I told her, I would do all the work if she would let me, I had told her I would & always ask every day for more to do than she would give me to do, so I’m sure I’m not to blame for what she wouldn’t let me do.  Well she change the subject & said I had to after noons & evenings off & she ?never?  

[Mon. Sept. 23. 1912] Page 22   let a girl have only their evenings & that she was-n’t going to pay me for time I didn’t work so after talking untill I was so vexed  I couldn’t reason any longer  I phoned & had my box took to the waiting room & told her I wanted & expected my weeks pay before my box left the house & she gave it to me & I came home & on my way   Mrs. Miller came over? to talk to me greatly supprise that I were leave-ing, but after I told. her she said I did just right. for Mrs. S. had told her a dozen times or more that she liked me & that I did my work just right to suit her & kept

[Mon. Sept. 23. 1912] Page 23   so much baking done up that she didn’t need worry if some one came in unex-pected for dinner or supper.  Well I’m sorry for Mrs. S. but I can’t live in a jacket & be pick on all the time so, I called home from the Nickol Plate Depot & Nellie & George came to the farey boat & ma & Elbert came from Vermillion where they left pa & Fred on the Not So-bad  Mr. & Mrs Krantz & Harris came to Lorain with ma & Elbert they had been to Put in bay on a fishing tripe & ma brought a black bass home she caught.  that weighed three lbs. 

1912, “Mr Krantz’s back and Not so Bad [name of the boat] taken with my camera. E.A.Bonney, Fred Bonney took this from the top of the little hill, Lorain, O”

[Tue. Sept. 24. 1912] Tue.24. We had a lot of little things to do & a lot of ironing.  some graps ? to can

Oct 1912 [error -its still Sept, 1912]

[Tue. Sept. 24. 1912] Page 24  & Aunt Edie came for dinner & is going to stay un-till tomorrow after noon.  Well we have got pretty well straightened up & my tooth is just more than buzzing tonight. 

[Wed. Sept. 25. 1912] Wed 25  We finished ironing.  I baked eight loaves of bread & my tooth achs so I’m most crazy.  Aunt Edie went home tonight  I sent a bowl to Georgia.  I had gotten for her birthday  the 16the of Aug

[Thurs. Sept. 26. 1912] Thur 26.  I have done a big white washing to day & baked a five layer cake with lemon jelly filling & my tooth has ached all day just hard enough to be agervating  Oh dear. Oh dear. 

[Fri. Sept. 27. 1912] Page 25 Fri.27.  Well I washed the colored clothes & helped cook & sweep & haven’t had time to say my soul’s my own & tomorrow’s Sat. 

[Sat. Sept. 28. 1912] Sat.28.  Well I set bread & so with all the other work I have been busy today, had 11 loaves of bread & the tooth ach allday.  Gertie come home tonight from Rochester.

[Sun. Sept. 29. 1912] Sun.29  George Carlisle’s mother & brother came this morn from Ashtabula, she brought the baby a pretty crocheted bonnet, well it’s been the same old story cook & eat. [note: Elinor’s sister Audrey married George Carlisle]

[Mon. Sept. 30. 1912] Mon.30. Four weeks ago today Gertie came home from Wellington  We washed today & my tooth is still busy.  Oh. dee. 

[Tue. Oct. 1. 1912] Tue. Oct. 1  This morn I ironed & after dinner ma & I went to town to Hall’s office had my tooth treated, went to ten cent store & Ophers & to hospital

[Tue. Oct. 1. 1912] Page 26  to see Anna a minute & my tooth is still aching  Oh me.  Well, I’m going to bed for tomorrow is another day

[Wed. Oct. 2. 1912] Wed.2.  I sweep & ironed & cook-ed & baked a loaf cake & a coconut layer cake & Ruby & the baby came to dinner & then Frank came home for supper  We had fish & we were all here  well Ive been so busy all day  caned some grapes today.  Gertie feels so bad she went to bed. Pa wants me to go to Wellington with him in the morning. 

[Thurs. Oct. 3. 1912] Thurs.3. Pa called me early this morn. but ma said there was so much to be done here it would keep two women busy to get it done, well I told her I would stay.  Pa urged me to go a dozen time or more & he hadn’t been gone long when ma told Gertie

[Thurs. Oct. 3. 1912] Page 27   she guessed the work would get done just the same if I wasn’t here.  Well I don’t know just where I belong in this world, but hope I’ll find my place soon.  I set bread last night, but ma went at it as though I wasn’t her & mixed it up, I straightened up the house swept & dusted up stairs, washed my head & bathed myself & dressed clar?? & helped get supper & done up the dishes & now am going to bed for I didn’t go to sleep untill after 12 last night & then took only cat naps  Audrey & the baby are sleeping in my bed with me.  Audrey & George are agoing to try to buy the house & lot next to us & I have been ask to do the over seeing of it.  Mr. Hageman 

[Thurs. Oct. 3. 1912] Page 28   called up to-night & ask if she would go & pick out the paper & paint tomorrow so I have been ask by she & G to go & help her do that tomorrow after noon & tomorrow morn she wants me to help her scrub the wood work.  I hope I’ll find some work for my self soon, no pay in this, only , ma works so hard now & it will be more easy(er crossed out), if they do there own work & so I’m trying to help out all I can.  

[Fri. Oct. 4. 1912] Fri.4.  Well we scrubed one room this morning & I have a kink in my back & a sore foot (Nellie stepped on my foot a few nights ago & it has been swollen so it hurts to walk on it, so A has gone to town to meet Nellie & pick her own paint & paper  I worked untill supper time

[Fri. Oct. 4. 1912]Page 29  then went home & washed & changed my dress. I don’t believe I’ll go down there tomorrow. 

[Sat. Oct. 5. 1912] Sat.5.  I have been helping here today & I have been feeling rather mean or ill rather today & A & G & baby went out to Oberlin to Georgia(‘s crossed out)R’s.  They left here just at dark

[Sun. Oct. 6. 1912] Sun.6.  Well. do you know We, Ma, Elbert, Fred, Gertie, Nellie and I were here for din-ner & no company  We had 3 chickens biscuit & gravy &. & then Lucia Fletcher came to call on Nellie & after supper Frank & Ruby & the baby came & I fixed some hot supper for them & gave them enough to pack Franks bucket in the morning.  Gertie & Fred went to church  I wanted to go, but couldn’t for Nellie wanted

[Sun. Oct. 6. 1912] Page 30  to go if I went & that would have ma here alone.  Well after Frank & Ruby had been gone about 15 min A call home telling me to make hot tea, she & G. were car/sick so I built a fire & Gertie & Nellie took the go cart & went to meet them & Elbert went to hang out his lanterns & the children came & had tea & went to bed 11-30.  the baby was so happy to get home. 

[Mon. Oct. 7. 1912] Mon.7. Gertie & Ma washed & I have done house work & sewed & Geo. hasn’t spoke to me since Sat. & tonight he has been act-ing so ugly as he knows how A went to town & sent $10 to Ashtabula to the grocies & Doctor & laid $12.50 away to help make the first pay-ment on there home & to night, George told her he want

[Mon. Oct. 7. 1912] Page 31   it & at last to have peace she gave it to him & he took it & went to town with out his supper & when he came home 8-30, A had put babe to bed & he gave A $6.00 to give ma  A had given her $4.00 & so there payment has gone & then he told A to bring the baby to him & she said (no) she is a bed & asleep & he said  well I said bring her here but A went to bed & he went outdoors & then up stairs to bed, he ought to be horse whipped & I’d like to be the one to give it to him.  Ma set bread this morn & it isn’t in the oven yet & its 10-5.  Elbert & Fred haven’t come yet & Elbert here 10-15  Fred here 10-30 bread 5 loaves done 11-30 & 1 loaf in oven

[Mon. Oct. 7. 1912]Page 32  that is done 12-30 & I’ am go-ing to bed some tired, I made two oil cloth pillow slips for A’s baby & stitched Nellies skirt together swept & dust-ed & cook & baked a 5 layer cake & shampooed Freds head in (Og crossed out) Osgood’s linement bath-ed his forehead temples & neck with Sloans linement with golden ointment over it, he has such a cold.  Hunders are quarantined in.   May has diptheria but not bad. John & Adam are both out  Adam is studying in Berea & preaching at French Creek & comes home Sat. nights  May isn’t very sick, I’m glad she isn’t & I hope Nellie keeps well  Ma got a card from pa today saying Aunts were all moved & he is haulling wood. 

[Thurs. Oct. 10. 1912] Page 33 Thurs.10 Fri 11. And I’m tired & blue.  I been helping A finnish her scribing & helping here & would feel glad if the two kids would only live more peaceable.  I’ve done about the same kind of work as useral. Well it’s Sat.12. & I’ve been more than busy, Ma & Nellie (are going crossed out) went to Wellington after dinner & I have done all my work scrubed to floors & Elbert went to town & Fred stayed for G’s sake or for ours rather so he went to town & returned 10-50– F. had to work today  Elbert ask Geo. to go to Vermilion with him He & Mr Perkeson were going to take Mr. Ps launch Ceph there for winter docking & repairs, but lake was ruff

[Thurs. Oct. 10. 1912] Page 34  & they didn’t go far  Geo. & one other fellow were sea sick ha.ha.ha.  Ma & Nellie came home for supper. Elbert went to meet them with the launch & bring them home.  They had a nice time & I’m so glad they did

[Mon. Oct. 14. 1912] Mon.14. Ma & Gertie did the wash & I the house work & I went to the dentist’s office stopped & talked with Anna awhile & of all things great & small the horrid wrong stories Mrs. S told Anna about me.  I’m glad I left, Oh, it honestly makes the cold shivers creep over me to think & if Anna had been in my place, it’s more than likely she would have had a like cause to shiver.  Such is life. Oh May God ever be with me. (10-15 Elbert has just come (home crossed out) over to see Wyn & Grant tonight) Then I went over to Frank’s & Ruby’s to supper, Ruby phoned & told ma I was here & A. & G. came over & we all went over to 1338 Second St. where I went in ans to a want add. but finding no one at home left a note & came back to Oberlin Ave. where we bid F. & R. good night & A. G. & I came home & nellie has been trying to keep me here with her while she studys but I’m weary & ach all over  it’s 10-30 wish we were both in bed for there lots to do tomorrow. 

[Tue. Oct. 15. 1912] Tue.15.  Well I phoned Mrs Un-derhill ans. the phone, she ask me how old I were & if I were a widown & wheather I were black or white & said she would talk it over with mother & maybe come to see me at noon.  & they did &

[Tue. Oct. 15. 1912] Page 36 & I’m going to try once more  I’ve ironed & worked all morning & then cooked dinner.  Ma & Elbert went to Oberlin to see Aunt Edith. I baked bread today & tonight at 7 oclock Mr. & Mrs. Under of 1338 Second St will call for me & take me to their home. I believe I’m going to like them.

[Wed. Oct. 16. 1912] Wed.16.  I got up 5-45 & cooked breakfast done up the work & ironed cooked dinner & ironed cooked supper done dishes & after visiting awhile went to bed with a sick nervous head ache & the U.H.S. were so good to me I do believe I’m next to the be-st place I’ll ever reach on earth at least I feel so contented here

[Thurs. Oct. 17. 1912] Thurs.17.  I swept down stairs & cooked breakfast & dinner & then went to the dentist office, & after phoning home, went to the fairy

[Thurs. Oct. 17. 1912] Page 37   where Nellie met me with a row boat & took me home had a pleasent time, went to prayer meeting with Fred & he came home with me after meeting. Oh. dee.

[Fri. Oct. 18. 1912] Fri.18.  Well I swept upstairs today & dusted & cooked & am tired tonight  Mrs U.H.Jr. is ill. more so than the think I believe

[Sat. Oct. 19. 1912] Sat.19. I backed two pies a cake to tins of cinnamon rolls & 6 loaves of bread & went to town in the car with Jr. Mr & Sr.Mrs. U.H. & did my shoping. I don’t know what to think or say, they are so considerate & kind to me. 

[Sun. Oct. 20 1912] Sun.20. I was up at seven had breakfast 9-30 & dinner 1-30 & the folks took me home in the car  Ma went to Wellington yesterday so she & pa could spend their 33 weding aniversity together.  Sr. Mr & Mrs. U.h. have their 42 weding aniversity also today. 

[Sun. Oct. 20 1912]Page 38 I went to church & the good folks called for me after church & took me home in the car. 

[Mon. Oct. 21. 1912] Mon.21 Swept & dusted & cooked & caned 4 qts of pairs & Now am going to bed with a bad feeling in my ears & head. 

[Tue. Oct. 22. 1912] Tue 22. Mrs. U.H.S. washed to-day, but it rained so they did not hang them out  Mr. Deminico Catjatus is here from New York. 

[Wed. Oct. 23. 1912] Wed.23  We have caned 23 qts of pair in all this week.  Oh dee

[Thurs. Oct. 24. 1912] Thurs.24.  Went home this after noon did some shoping  Hall wasn’t in his office so my old tooth isn’t filled yet

[Fri. Oct. 25. 1912] Fri.25. Mrs. L. U.H. cleaned out one room & fixed it up nice for Mr. D.C. & I feel bad tonight all over. 

[Sat. Oct. 26. 1912] Sat.26. Mrs W.H. hung out cloth today & ironed some & I’ve been 

[Sat. Oct. 26. 1912] Page 39  cooking & trying to put things in order & am sick allover & ach & Oh, dee, me am all in. 

[Sun. Oct. 27. 1912] Sun.27.  I arose 8-10 this morn  the M.H.S. gave me a bu of pairs & Elbert came around to the bend to get them but couldn’t get ashore so Mr. L. W. H. took the pairs & I over the bridge to our dock & E. came with The Bonita & took us in gave us a ride out on the lake & then he & I & the pairs went home & after dinner we, the four Whs. Mr. D.C. & pa & I took a launch ride out on the lake saw the launch race Shoes  Two & Al.Sims. & then we went up to the Isleland & back & they went home & Elbert, pa & I walk-ed to the church together & met Fred & they went to church & E came over with me. 

[Sun. Oct. 27. 1912]Page 40   Mon.28.  Well We have been cleaning & moving again today  I ironed all afternoon & finished  Was up and dressed & down stair at 6 oclock & have been on my feet all day. 

[Tue. Oct. 29. 1912] Tue.29. 5-10 & I’m going down stairs & down seller & do my own wash for I can’t bear to wear my clothes like they was them, for they don’t boil them & they smell sweaty when I iron them.  Well I did my wash & cook breakfast & cleaned & moved the rest of the day & it most 10-15 & I’m just ready for bed. 

[Wed. Oct. 30. 1912] Wed.30.  Called up home this morn.  every able to be up I ironed awhile & after breakfast Helped young Mrs. Uh. clean & move things about & we are both stiff tonight & tired.  & I’m sick all over to much lifting.

[Thurs. Oct. 31. 1912] Page 41  Thurs.31. I was up 4-30 this morn  Oh so sick (both ways, as the old darky told his master) with such (most crossed out) dreadfull cramps in the pit of my stomach.  I can hardly stand up.  I scrubed the windows & floor & cooked breakfast & they all felt so tired & bad they sent me home. I could scarely walk  I felt so bad, but Frank came to the bridge & took me home in the launch. 

Fri.Nov.1.1912.  Well I’ve been helping with the house work.  Gertie feels so bad today she hasn’t done anything.  I ironed the last of the cloth to day.

[Sat. Nov. 2. 1912] Sat.2. swepted cooked & Helped do the work & scrubed the dining room & kitchen & Mrs UH phoned & said the work

[Sat. Nov. 2. 1912] Page 42  was to heavy for me so she thought I had better come get my things. Ha, ha, ha,ha.

[Sun. Nov. 3. 1912] Sun.3.  I went over & pack my box. & Young Mr UH. & Mr D.C. took my box & I to the old boat house dock & Elbert was there, where I left him, waiting to take me home in the launch. ha,ha,ha.

[Mon. Nov. 4. 1912] Mon.4.  I done the washing today, Ma & Elbert helped me finish & I dried most all the white clothes out doors. 

[Tue. Nov. 5. 1912] Tue.5.  Hung out the rest of cloth & ironed all the plain ones swept & helped with the house work  

[Wed. Nov. 6. 1912] Wed.6. Ma & I both have dread-ful colds & sore throats  I finished the ironing to day & helped with house work  it has been raining most all day

[Thurs. Nov. 7. 1912] Thurs.7. Tried to sew I have four corset covers cut out ready

[Thurs. Nov. 7. 1912] Page 43   to sew but it seems as though I would never get them done, it has been raining most all day and Gertie has felt real bad she has to cough so hard & I have had most every thing to do ma feel so bad to. 

[Fri. Nov. 8. 1912] Fri.8. Well I have finished one cover, done some mending & house work & I have felt so bad my self to day, it seemed as though I couldn’t work  ma & Gertie feel better

[Sat. Nov. 9. 1912] Sat.9.  Well I don’t know, but I feel so achy all over, I have not done much more than was necessary  Ma wanted me to lay done but I guess I must be getting lazy. I have worked just as hard as I could all after noon but can’t see as I feel any better to-night.  I’m going to take a hot bath & go to bed

[Sun. Nov. 10. 1912] Page 44 Sun.10.  Frank & Ruby & Audrey & Geo. were here today, so we didn’t get our day of rest today & I didn’t go to church. 

[Mon. Nov. 11. 1912] Mon.11.  Frank & Ruby were here all night last night & have been here all day so we couldn’t wash today

[Tue. Nov. 12. 1912] Tue.12. I washed today &-Frank turned out part of the clothes so I finished before dark & dry the white clothes out doors & the colored ones in the house. Oh.dee.

[Wed. Nov. 13. 1912] Wed.13. I ironed plain clothes & sewed some & helped do house work. 

[Fri. Nov. 15. 1912] Fri.15.  Well today is the first day of rabbit season & the hunters are rovine about the field with guns, Frank & Fred each shot a duck & Frank 2 rabbit & Fred one.  Ever so many different persons [??] have tried to fire the march but it seems to be to green to burn. I finished the ironing & did some sewing today.  Audrey comes home everyday & brings the baby. 

[Sat. Nov. 16. 1912] Sat.16.  I scrubed & helped with house work & finished all the stitching on my corset covers  fix my blue skirt & my two gingham skirts & its 10-30 I am going to bed, to dead for words. 

[Sun. Nov. 17. 1912] Sun.17.  Helped do up the work  took my bath & have been trying to do some writing.

[Mon. Nov. 18. 1912 Half Page ] Mon. Nov.18.  I washed today & dried part of the clothes & am tired. 

[Tue. Nov. 19. 1912] Tue.19. I ironed the plain clothes & helped with other house work

[Wed. Nov. 20. 1912] Wed.20.  I went to town to call on Mis Baumgart & arange to work. & then to the Dr. office. Oh dee.

[Thurs. Nov. 21. 1912] Thurs.21.  Well I finished the ironing today & did some sewing

[Fri. Nov. 22. 1912] Fri.22. Oh its the same old story today  house work in general

[Sat. Nov. 23. 1912] Sat.22. I’m allmost stiff & I don’t  [page is cut in half and sentence not finished]

[Mon. Nov. 25. 1912] Mon.25 Well I was agoing to work for a Miss Boumgart today but have been ill & Dr. S. & Mother & father thought best I should not go so I had to phone & tell her so I’ve done house work that is light work all day. Mother would like to have me stay at home to help her anyway she said. 

[Tue. Nov. 26. 1912] Tue.26. Oh it cold & ma baked bread

[Tue. Nov. 26. 1912] Page 46 I have swep & cleaned & cook & sewed & tomorrow is wash day

[Wed. Nov. 27. 1912] Wed. 27.  Well pa turned the tub for me & I washed, We had a big wash & my back was stiff all night

[Thurs. Nov. 28. 1912] Thurs.28.  the men all went hunting this morning & ma & I cook chicken for dinner it didn’t get cooked for dinner so we ate it for supper.

[Fri. Nov. 29. 1912] Fri.29. I ironed & scrubed four floors & the men have been get-ting ready to pull out the Not-So-bad & we are all some tired.

1912, “Mr Krantz’s back and Not so Bad taken with my camera. E.A.Bonney, Fred Bonney took this from the top of the little Hill, Lorain, O”

[Sat. Nov. 30. 1912] Sat.30.  Yesterday was ma’s birthday  She was 55 years old pa gaave her five dollars & some of the children gave her little gifts. I washed the windows & sweep & dusted & dressed 9 lbs. of perch & helped cook dinner & serve Frank & Audrey & Geo & Aunt Nine & Uncle Jack & Lillie Faragar were here to dinner & spent the after noon here. 

[Sun. Dec. 1. 1912] Sun Dec.1, Well Miss B phoned to me & wants me to come to work. 

[Mon. Dec. 2. 1912] Page 47  Mon, Dec.2. Well I prepared to go to work this morning but it has been raining all morn, so I washed most of the white clothes & pa turned the tub, after dinner I went over to Miss Baumgarts, Well she is an old maid of 54 years, Oh joy.  Her cousin Mrs. Fields. of Amherst has been staying with her for the past two weeks & after I had been there an hour or so, she went home.  That night exactly at 6 oclock we ate our    [again, a half page continues on back]  evening meal of dry bread & cake a (a crossed out) dish of peaches & a cup of cereal that I prepared & after we had finish-ed I done up the dishes, went down seller & fixed the fire in the furn-ice for the night, shut & fastened the windows & then went up stairs to the kitchen  locked the seller door.  I lit the gas lights before supper  covered the carnary & pulled down the shades. I locked the front door put the tea kettle to boil.  Miss.B. has come to bed. I carried a cup of hot water to her to drink

[Mon. Dec. 2. 1912] Page 48 & the hot water bottle to warm the bed & then I went up stairs to my room & dressed for bed & came down & opened the window & went to bed in the parlar in a little 3/4 three quarter wooden bed that was as hard as a brick

[Tue. Dec. 3. 1912] Tue.Dec.3.  I awoke this morning by Miss. B’s callings me I had only sleep one hr. from 5 untill six.  I shut the windows & went up stairs & washed & dress & went down the back way to the kitchen put the tea Kettle to boil & went down seller fixed the fire & carried out the ashes & then carried Miss.B. a cup of hot water, her wash rag & the hot water bottle & put the shades up & then uncovered the bird then made coffee & carried Miss.B. her tray with hot corn flakes a cup of coffee, a cup of hot water a butter dab of butter a plate with a slice of bread cut in half with two graham crackers a little pitcher of cream & one of milk & a knife & spoon.

[This is the end of the small sheets where Elinor switches to 8.5/11 sheets both sides.  On the back of this last small page she has doodling that looks like practice “clothe-to clothe   clothes-garments  clothes-    Father Pa Papa dady a small pack Mother Ma Mama  Tue, Wed 3 Thurs 4 Fri 5 Sat 6 Sun7 Mon 8”]

[Tue. Dec. 3. 1912]  Tue.Dec.3.  Well Miss B. had hired another girl before me, but as she hadn’t come she took me I have swept & dusted and we had dinner, Miss Addie Field of Amherst took dinner with us  she writes the Amherst news for our daily  paper & she we’ll be back for supper.  The other girl will be here in the morn  Oh. Dee. Dee.

[Wed. Dec. 4. 1912] Dec.4. Wed. The same duties of the morning before done in order then a lot of little odds & end to finnish that some one else has left & then the other girl came a Pollish girl of 17 summers.  Now Miss B. ask me to show her what she was expected to do, so I took her to her room & then explained her work  I help her wash some windows & showed her how to get dinner & she said she didn’t know how to cook & do things unless some one could be right with her. ha.ha.ha. We washed some curtains but had to leave them in the tub.  Nellie called for me and we came home together Oh.ho.ho.

[Thurs. Dec. 5. 1912] Thurs.Dec.5.  I did a lot of little bits of sewing that had to be done, and am just happy it done. 

[Fri. Dec. 6. 1912] Fri. 6  I’ve just helped with house work today

[Sat. Dec. 7. 1912]  Sat.7. Aunt Delia & her husband Charlie Campbell & Lillie Farager were here to spend the day. I had to go over to Miss Baumgarts after dinner & put up part of her white curtains & her girl (Minnie)said she hadn’t had a bath since hot weather & that she didn’t want to take one while it was so cold.hahahahahahaho. Oh. ho.ho.ho.ho. if you could have seen Miss.B’s face.ha,ha,ha and when she regain her breath she said  Why Minnie, do you mean that?  Yes ma’m, came Minnies reply and to think she slept in my bed.  Oh, Minnie, said Miss.B. when did you take your last bath, Minnie seemed to be thinking for a few minutes & then said I don’t know I can’t remember, it was when the weath first got real hot. Oh,ho,hohoha, ha,ha,ha,ha, Miss B looked so astonished, annoyed & perplexed, I was nearly dead with convulsions. 

[Sun. Dec. 8. 1912]  Sun.Dec.8.  Oh it rained, and I was glad we could rest.

[Mon. Dec. 9. 1912] Mon.9. Pa turned the tub until I wash the white clothes, but felt so bad he had to lie down & I turned out half of the colored clothes & Elbert the rest so  I got them all washed, & we hung them up in the dinning room and dried them

[Tue. Dec. 10. 1912] Tue.10.  Didn’t feel able to iron so I set around and sewed today & crocheted a little to. Oh.ho

[Wed. Dec. 11. 1912] Wed.11. Ironed the plain pieces & did house work

[Thurs. Dec. 12. 1912] Thurs.12. Ironed starched pieces & did house work

[Fri. Dec. 13. 1912] Fri.13.  Swept, dusted, & scrubed three rooms & helped with other work & crocheted tonight

[Sat. Dec. 14. 1912] Sat.14.  Sewed on Nellie dress skirt to helped do house work & tomorrow is another —

[Sun. Dec. 15. 1912] Sun.15. Frank & Ruby & the baby & Mrs. Gilmore & Audrey

[Sun. Dec. 15. 1912]Dec.Sun.15.  were here for dinner & all but Audrey were here for supper & Ma & I cooked a chicken dinner & serve a light supper, Oh.dee. I ach so and my bunion has pained me so for the passed three days it makes me sitck to my stomach and I have been sitting up with Nellie nights while she does her studying and it make me so tired. 

[Mon. Dec. 16. 1912] Mon.16.  Pa & I washed untill noon then he went to town to get his upper plate fixed, he had cracked it. I finished the wash & we had a big one & we were tired. 

[Tue. Dec. 17. 1912] Tue.17.  Pa & Ma went to Elyria to pay taxes and it has keep me busy baking & doing house work today

[Wed. Dec. 18. 1912] Wed 18.  Nellie was sick with a cold & had to come home at noon & ma & pa came home tonight they went to Operlin Oberlin & to Wellington stayed with Aund Edie & Georgia Tue. night then went to Wellington.  Aunt Marina is quite ill. 

[Thurs. Dec. 19. 1912]  Thurs.19.  Nellie has been home all day pa is going back to take care of Aunt M. & Nellie feels bad today

1917 “Martha Carlisle 5 yrs old 1917 Anna Mae Mariner 1 yr & at 760 Georgia Ave. Lorain, O.” labeled by Nellie Bonney and son John Harnish.

1913-14 “M[artha] Carlisle at 760 Ga. Ave. 1913 or ’14” Peeking out of front door

1914, “Elbert Bonney [with axe and ] Martha Carlisle 1 1/2 yrs “

1919~ “Ella Jane Harnish, Martha Carlisle, Glenn est. 1919 Lorain O.” [presumably Glenn Haught]

Fri. Dec. 20. 1912] Fri.20.  Nellie went to school today is short Fred, pa went to Wellington this afternoon  ma sent the Aunts each a crocheted thimble holder.  I had made for her to send

[Sat. Dec. 21. 1912] Sat.21.  I done all the work I could here & then went to Miss Baumgarts & hung 4 pair lace curtins, took Minnie & went to town & done her shoping & sent it back by M.   My throat has felt bad for a week & I have ached so all over & I feel so tired tonight.O.dee.

[Sun. Dec. 22. 1912]  Sun.22. We didn’t get up very early, but ma & I dressed two chickens for dinner, she ask Audrey to come to dinner but she said they had veal for dinner so we ate & just doing the dishes when they came for dinner so we had to fix them some  Oh.me.

[Mon. Dec. 23. 1912] Mon.23.  Elbert went to work in the Stove works today. I went done to see if A was sick she felt so bad when she came home this morn, but be fore I got there she had started for home so I went to Mrs Hunters a minute then stood & talked with Mrs Hally till my teeth chattered, Ethel has been quite ill and to day is no better grippe & bealings in ears. 

[Tue. Dec. 24. 1912] Tue.24.  I washed white clothes ours & most of A  Ruby came over this afternoon & she gave each of us girls a handkerchief & ma a dress. from her to Frank he come for supper its a beautifull moon light night. Oh.dee. 

[Wed. Dec. 25. 1912] Wed. 25. Christmas. Aunt Marinda birthday.79. Audrey was so ill I went down & gave her a bath & put

[Wed. Dec. 25. 1912]Page 52. Wed.25. her to bed & today I finished the wash & done all the plain ironing  I’ve got such a cold & have had to work & I am so sore my head achs & ma don’t feel well & Oh me

[Fri. Dec. 27. 1912] Fri.27. I scrubed & Gertie finished Ironing

[Sat. Dec. 28. 1912]  Sat.28.  I done house work today & odds & ends  Fred went to Berea to see the Wards tonight.  Audrey took sick & Dr. Smith came 11-30. I was up all night & gave pills every 15 mi.  her fever was 102. George is a bull head. 

[Sun. Dec. 29. 1912]  Sun.29. I slept until noon then ma called me for dinner & I work as hard as ever un-till ten-30 then got up twice & fixed the fire & took care Audrey

[Mon. Dec. 30. 1912] Mon.30. I baked 12 loaves of bread & a four layer cake & done house work & sewed. 

[Tue. Dec. 31. 1912] Tue.31. I done all the wash & Nellie hung then out doors fore me & Miss Baumgart call me tonight

[Elinor’s Diary 1913 (page 52)]

Wed.Jan.1.1913.  I ironed & done house work.  Elbert & Frank went fishing Elbert has a bad sore throat  both boys here to dinner & Fred came home tonight  I gave Elbert a good doping & sent him to bed with hot bottle. 

[Thurs. Jan. 2. 1913] Thurs.2. I got a card from Aunt Em. & I have been finishing the ironing & sewing to day & my cold is better & Elberts so is

[Fri. Jan. 3. 1912] Fri.3. Martha Eles______Carlisle is 7 months old today & weighs 20 1/2 lbs. done house work & help Nellie finish her skirt. and she is going to press it tomorrow

1913 “Martha Carlisle 1 yr old “

[Sat. Jan. 4. 1913]  Sat.4. Well I baked 7 loaves of bread today.

[Sat. Jan. 4. 1913]Page 53. Sat.4. Jan.  & helped do a bu. & one things today. 

[Sun. Jan. 5. 1913] Sun.5.  Ma & Fred went over to Franks for dinner & Pa came home just in time to eat dinner with us & after he had gone out doors I phoned to ma & she & Fred came home it is raining & freezing & its slipery. Ma & I went down to McHenery’s Meat Market & bought 3.lbs. pork steak round one slice round beef steak, its was hard walking 

[note: McHenry’s Meat Market at 1020 Broadway opened in 1908 and closed in 1947.  It was owned by Vincent and Edna McHenry]

[Mon. Jan. 6. 1913] Mon.6. Pa didn’t go back it is still raining & Pa & I went & called on Miss Tristram . Then went over to Frank for supper & after supper we called on Wyn & Grant & then we called on Miss Baumgart on our way home.

[Tue. Jan. 7. 1913] Tue.7. Pa went back to Wellington this morn. I washed all our white wash & 3/4 of Audreys & am some tired.

[Wed. Jan. 8. 1913] Wed.8.  Well I finished all the washing today scrubed the kitchen & Pa phoned & said Aunt Marinda died at 7 oclock this morn & the funeral will be Fri. after noon at 1 clock & for ma to come. Oh Dee.  Auntie Wills daughter plan to ????? today. 

Thurs. Jan. 9. 1913] Thur.9. Well, I helped Ma get away this morn  I have baked 9 loaveds of bread & a 4 layer cake cooked & cleaned & worked all day, doped Fred & Elbert & sent them to bed & now I am going to bed. Elberts cold is no better  he get a little more each day so its hard to get ride of it. Gertie has been sick for two days  hope she feels better tomorrow. Oh.dee.dee. I called Anna Oldham Dorman tonight & talked with Ruby Bonney & told her about Aunt Marind & I called & talk to Mr. Thomas, his wife is ill & been in bed since Sun. & isn’t any better & then I talked with Miss Baumgart she has been feeling better today. 

[Fri. Jan. 10. 1913] Fri.10.  Well 5 oclock came early but I got the boys & Nellie away on time & I’ve had a hard day, only setting down long enough to eat my meals.  Elbert came home feeling so bad, he looked like a corps.  I compelled him to drink 2 cups of hot water gave him a light sup-per & just before he went to bed. gave him a hot bath down to his belt rubbed him with sollane linement & hot ointment, gave him ointment & hot water.  Oh, he just had a great time trying to get out of it but, he had to do it & I’ll have to look after him for a few days now & get him well.

[Sat. Jan. 11. 1913]  Sat.11.  Elbert feels better, I gave him hot water then hot toast & milk & Fred to & have my Sat. work done at last & Elbert  Dr. & sent to bed & I’m tired. Fred & Geo went to town & came home at 10-30 the baby cried & freted & Audrey looked as tired as I know she felt  All to bed & Me to.

[Sun. Jan. 12. 1913] Sun.12.  Had breakfast at 10 oclock dinner 2-5 supper 5-30  Fred went to church, Nellie went down to Audreys to dinner & they all came up home for supper  Fred went to the Plant to Church & Elbert went over to Uncle Wills.E. is feeling a lot better & I Dr. him tonight & hope he will soon get ride of that cold, boys home at 9-15 & Geo & Audrey went home 8-20 & now we are all going to bed.  I’m glad.  Hope we will hear from Ma & Pa tomorrow. 

[Mon. Jan. 13. 1913] Mon.13.  Washed our clothes & Audreys, Gertie sud & rinsed & she dried them in the dinning room

[Tue. Jan. 14. 1913] Tue.14.  Baked 9 loaves of bread and I ache so I don’t know what to do, and although I feel as though it wasn’t much use, I must smile & be pleasant. Fred feels worse every day, but is working

[Wed. Jan. 15. 1913] Wed.15.  Oh we all ironed a little  I have sewed, done house work, crocheted & am all in but dare not say it.  

[Thurs. Jan. 16. 1913] Thurs.16.  I’m 28 years old today. Fred is worse today his face is all broke out & he has a bad cold & didn’t go to work, poor kid  he feels so bad.  Such is life

[Thurs. Jan. 16. 1913] Page 55  Thurs.16.  I don’t believe I ever felt more cross in my life than I do today, and to be agreeable I must go over to Frank & Rubys to dinner & I believe everybody that I ever knew spoke to me. and just to think I had to smile and speake pleasant and I felt so cross, and then I had to be sociable so ma would have a nice time, then I left ma & Ruby at 2-30. Nellie went to meat ma & I calld on Mis Baumgart & had to borrow an umberella then I went to the Dr. & he wants me to go to the hospital next week  I cant think of it  Oh.dee.dee.  What next

[Fri. Jan. 17. 1913] Fri.17.  Was the warmest it has been for 42 yrs, I scrubed 3 floors & swept & dusted & cooked.

[Sat. Jan. 18. 1913] Sat.18.  Fred is looking like a small pox case ma & I baked bread & rolls today & done house work  Pa came home to night  glad to see him. 

[Sun. Jan. 19. 1913] Sun.19.  Frank & Ruby & baby & Audrey, George & baby we were all here for dinner.  Dr.S. came to see Fred after dinner he will be all right in a few day he has ezema  Mrs. Baumgart calld this morn & said Mrs Anderson wants me to come to work Tue

[Mon. Jan. 20. 1913] Mon.20.  Well it rained all day Sun. & froze last night so its dreaadful walking for those who have to walk. I did all the washing today & Miss Baumgart phoned tonight & those people are foreigners & I told her I wasn’t going, she didn’t like it , but I’m an Americano.  I’ve got to bake bread tomorrow. 

[Tue. Jan. 21. 1913] Tue.21. I baked 12 loaves of bread and took cold last night  the kitchen door came open while we were eating supper & after I began to shiver. I went to see if the window was open & fond that it was the door.  Wel I drank hot drinks & took a rub down & went to bed early thiinking I would be as well as useral, but ach all over, its realy been & effort to work today

[Wed. Jan. 22. 1913] Wed.22. Dr. came to see Fred today, he can’t go out till Mon. I ironed some Gertie did most of the ironing. Nellie did her own. she has been home today & will be the rest of the week, had her exam Mon & Tue. worked all day. but oh what a sore throat my left tonsil is so badly swollen I dread to go to bed tonight.

[Thurs. Jan. 23. 1913] Thurs.23. Fred to work but haven’t done much today. Oh.dee.

[Fri. Jan. 24. 1913] Page 56 Fri.24.  I most all in to day, sure am. I have got the guinsy & ear ach am going to draw it on the out side-night  Oh such is life but I be all right by Sunday. 

[Sat. Jan. 25. 1913] Sat.25. Thought I would choke to death Thurs. & Fri, night  I soaked a cloth in coal oil & bound it on my throat & now the worst is over. my neck is sore but will be well in a few days now. crocheted a lot today & helped with house work

[Sun. Jan. 26. 1913] Sun.26.  Gertie went over to Franks for dinner & I’ve been teasing the boys & Nellie all day. Dr. is coming tomorrow.

[Mon. Jan. 27. 1913] Mon.27.  Washed to day and moped the floor. Dr. came, he told Fred he must stay in a little while longer

[Tue. Jan. 28. 1913] Tue.28.  Pa is 52 years old today  he send ma a card dated Jan.28.1861. ha,ha,ha,  I haven’t finish his shaving pad yet.  I did part of the ironing my neck healing good

1911 “Martha Bonney Parrots on ladder Lorain, O. 760 Georgia Ave” also see back of photo where she is giving this picture as a birthday card to Harvey: “Will you except this lovely picture for your birth day card, for a remembrence from Mother”

[Wed. Jan. 29. 1913] Wed.29.  Pa came home today  ma doesnt feel very well I ironed & did some sewing on ma’s waist. 

[Thurs. Jan. 30. 1913] Thurs.30. Pa and Gertie went to Wellington today  I have been doing general house work & sewing a little. 

[Fri. Jan. 31. 1913] Fri.31. Today is Cousin Wyn Grants birthday she is 38 yrs old.  Well it has been the same old story. 

[Sat. Feb. 1. 1913] Sat.Feb.1.Ma & Elbert were going to Oberlin to see Aunt Edith [Edith Grant Wheeler, daughter of Valoris Wheeler & Charity Pomoroy, Elinor’s maternal Aunt] & Cousin Georgia  R. [Georgia R. ____, daughter of Edith Grant Wheeler, Georgia is Elinor’s maternal cousin] her husband & son Aubrey [ but ma didn’t feel able  Sat is general day at Hotel Bonney. I believe.

[Sun. Feb. 2. 1913] Sun.2.  Elbert & Fred stayed home last night & we had chicken for dinner. only Elbert, Fred, Nellie, Ma & I here for dinner  ma is feeling better  Fred is better & so are we all. 

[Mon. Feb. 3. 1913] Mon.3. I washed, had a big washing  ma helped me

[Tue. Feb. 4. 1913] Tue. 4. Uncle Porter Wheeler’s birthday  he is 66 yrs old [child of Valoris P Wheeler and Charity Pomoroy Wheeler, Elinor’s maternal Uncle] I have got to send him a little birthday present. I baked ten loaves of bread today. am tired. 

[Wed. Feb. 5. 1913] Wed.5.  Well I done most of the ironing today

[Thurs. Feb. 6. 1913] Thur.6.  Ma & Elbert went to Oberlin today  Ma is going on to Wellington to see Pa  Elbert came home & Gertie & the folks  Nellie is 16 yrs. old today & is in the first half of the third year.

[Fri. Feb. 7. 1913] Feb.7.Fri.  Oh every thing looks blue to me  I have been about all iin for a week or so but the work must be done

[Sat. Feb. 8. 1913] Sat.8. Uncle Will [William Wheeler son of Valoris Wheeler & Charity Pomoroy, Elinor’s maternal uncle] is going to the farm  Pearl [Pearl Wheeler, daughter of William, Elinor’s maternal cousin]isn’t very well & Elsie [Elsie Wheeler, daughter of William, Elinor’s maternal cousin] has had a bad fainting spell.  Today is Ship Yard pay day  I’most out of bread. Audrey  come & took one loaf & I’ll have to bake Biscuits

[Sun. Feb. 9. 1913] Sun.9.  Frank & Ruby & baby Evelyn [Evelyn Bonney (later McGinnis), Elinor’s neice] were here for dinner, Ma came in time for supper & Audrey & baby Martha, Geo. went to town & didn’t come home untill 7 oclock.  Uncle Will is home, Ma, Frank, Ruby & baby went over and called on him. A busy day for me. 

[Mon. Feb. 10. 1913] Mon.10.  I baked bread 10 loaves & gave Lillie some sponge & she had three big loave, call on her for about tonight, she said her pa ask if it was Motts bread??

[Tue. Feb. 11. 1913] Tue.11.  Well I washed today got through before four oclock before Nellie had come from school. ma don’t feel a bit well I guess she has taken cold.  

[Wed. Feb. 12. 1913] Wed.12. Ironed plain clothes & done the house work

[Thurs. Feb. 13. 1913] Thurs.13.  Finished the ironing & cut out ma’s dress got the skirt stitched together & did part of the work. 

[Fri. Feb. 14. 1913] Fri.14. Pa came home & ask ma if she wanted a Valentine. The Epworth League have a social at the church tonight. I done part of the work & sewed today, ma’s back or hips & limbs ach so she doesn’t know what to do. 

[Sat. Feb. 15. 1913] Sat.15.  Finished ma’s dress & help do up the Sat wash  Pa has a bad cold  this has been a dreary day

[Sun. Feb. 16. 1913] Sun 16.  Frank called up today  Audrey has bad cold Ma set a hen

[Mon. Feb. 17. 1913] Mon.17.  I washed, Ma & Pa went over the have their teeth reset & so we have soup for supper

[Tue. Feb. 18. 1913] Tue.18. Oh I baked 10 loaves of bread & have a cold & Gertie has a bad cold & gripp & I have had my hand more than full trying to do the house work and take care of her & I ach so my self I think

[Tue. Feb. 18. 1913] Page 58.  I’d be sick if I didn’t have to work  ma & pa had to go to town  Audrey & baby & Geo have hard colds & Nellie had to come home Fri & has been a bed every day more or less (Bonney Hospital) Pa’ is cross I thiink he’s getting well. 

[Wed. Feb. 19. 1913] Wed.19.  Just took care of my hospital & done the house work

[Thurs. Feb. 20. 1913] Thurs.20. Can’t get time to do my ironing.

[Fri. Feb. 21. 1913] Fri.21.  Nellie Gertie & all but Audrey & baby are feeling better  I did most the ironing but guess I have the gripp  Oh how I do ach   seems as though I just couldn’t work

[Sat. Feb. 22. 1913] Sat.22.  Well one more day wearyed through

[Sun. Feb. 23. 1913] Sun.23. Oh it is so cold out door snowing a gale & it has been so warm all week.  Well I took the day off and layd a bed half the day. Pa bought two chickens & ma backed them with dressing for dinner  Audrey has been a bed most all day. Geo went to Ashtabula Sat. night  Well I put my sick to bed & cared for them & now I’ll roll in for a while  Oh,ho,dee,dee.

[Mon. Feb. 24. 1913] Mon.24.  Ma didn’t want me to wash today she thought I wasn’t able, but I’m better

[Tue. Feb. 25. 1913] Tue.25.  Did the white wash.  Audrey Looks terrible & feels as bad  Geo. came home last night. Pa went back to Wellington yesterday after noon.

[Wed. Feb. 26. 1913] Page 59Wed.26.  I scrubed & done house work today

[Thurs. Feb. 27. 1913] Thurs.27.  Done part of my ironing & done house work

[Fri. Feb. 28. 1913] Fri.28.  Finished the ironing & done the house work

[Sat. Mar. 1. 1913] Sat.March.1. Did house work & some sewing

[Sun. Mar. 2. 1913] Sun.2. Frank is sick with a hard cold. 

[Mon. Mar. 3. 1913] Mon.3.  I baked 12 loaves of bread today & done house work

[Tue. Mar. 4. 1913] Tue.4.  Done the washing to day. Pa came home tonight

[Wed. Mar. 5. 1913] Wed.5.  Elbert has been out all day getting signers to have the Isle of Pines anexed to the U.States.

[Thurs. Mar. 6. 1913] Thurs.6.  Have most of my ironing done today

[Fri. Mar. 7. 1913] Fri.7.  Frank hasn’t worked this week, has been home two day, Ruby and baby had bad colds. 

[Sat. Mar. 8. 1913] Sat.8.  Scrubed & done house work today. Martha isn’t feeling very well for a few days. 

[Sun. Mar. 9. 1912] Sun.9.  Audrey Geo. & baby came home this morning but Geo. felt Ugly & wouldn’t stay for dinner. All come home for supper & Geo went to church with Elbert to hear Mr. T.S.Ward Preach. Wish I could have went

[Mon. Mar. 10, 1913] Mon.10.  Washed today didn’t have very much. Pa went back to Wellington this morn  He hasn’t been very well, he has a cold & dreads to go away from home

[Tue. Mar. 11. 1913] Tue.11. Done all the ironing but a four pieces

[Wed. Mar. 12. 1913] Wed. 12. Baked 9 loaves of bredd & ma made the bread cake & 2 doz. rusk buisits & we done house work together

[Thurs. Mar. 13. 1913] Thurs.13. Did some sewing today with all the rest

[Fri. Mar. 14. 1913] Fri.14.  Oh I have such a cold in my head I don’t feel able to work but have to any way

[Sat. Mar. 15. 1913] Sat.15.  I’m all in but had to scrub & do house work

[Sun. Mar. 16. 1913] Sun.16.  So cold  Frank & Ruby didn’t come home  Ruby has bad cold again.

[Mon. Mar. 17. 1913] Page 60 Mon.17.  Didn’t wash so I finish all stitching on ma waist  I made Nellie a hat to day  E. went to work in shipyard today

[Tue. Mar. 18. 1913] Tue.18.  Audrey brought her washing up & she sudsed & wrinsed & hung them out & I turned them out & I had to hump to get done at 6 oclock. had big wash of ours & to double blankets  am, so tired  I don’t know where I ach the worst. I set bread last night & ma took care of it to day  she had 9 loaves & a loaf of bread cake  ma looks tired out to night

[Wed. Mar. 19. 1913] Wed.19.  I finished some pictures two nights last week. Fred gave me a dollar last week & Nellie bought developer 10 cents two tray 20 cents printing paper 25 cents Film 20 cents Acid Hipo 15 cents then Fred gave me 10 cents & I had 5 cents & gave it to Nellie & she had 10 cents left from the dollar, making a 25 cents in all & she bought a printing frame. Well I have been sewing & done housework

[Thurs. Mar. 20. 1913] Thurs.20. We all ironed some today  I’m tired

[Fri. Mar. 21. 1913] Fri.21.  Fred. didnot work today  Pa came home this after noon  We. finished ironing today

[Sat. Mar. 22. 1913] Sat.22. Fred & Frank didn’t couldn’t work & F. came home Audrey, Geo & baby went to Ashtabula tonight Pa, Ma, Nellie & Fred & Elbert went to town Elbert brought 10 1/2 lbs of fresh fish 1 1/2 lbs smoked ham 2 lbs lettus  three big grape fruit & 1 flim. Ma Pa & Nellie brought Blonna  Fred brought oranges & bananas. We had a lunch & hot coffee & tea & cocoa & I scrubed & cleaned all day  Oh, dee

[Sun. Mar. 23. 1913]  Sun.23.  I got up  eat a little. swept. helped with dishes. set the table & cooked dinner & done up the work. got supper & done up work. Frank, Ruby & baby were here to dinner & supper

[Sun. Mar. 23. 1913]Page 61 [ THE FLOOD 1913]

[Sun. Mar 23. 1913] Sun.23. It has rain very since they came & they are going to stay all night.  Oh..Dee.

[Mon. Mar. 24. 1913] Mon.24. Well Frank & Ruby are still here & the river is raising  the men expect a flood. Ruby has fretted every since last night.

1910, “Est 1910, Lorain OH”, On building: “BONNEY’S BOAT HOUSE, GAS LAUNCH, ROW BOATS TO LET, PHONE 438 White, E5525 ?”

1910, “Black River, Lorain, O, 1910, from BONNEY Home”

1910 looking S(outh) from Bonney Hill before river was dredged wider. This ship [on the left] tied for winter”

1905, “The Bonita, HD and Martha Bonney, The “Bonita” 1905 or 1904, [John Harnish’s maternal Grandparents]”

[Tue. Mar. 25. 1913] Tue.25  Well our flood is here men been working all day & will have to work all night Bob has been helping them today & night

[Wed. Mar. 26. 1913] Wed.26. I was up untill three oclock keeping fires & drying mens cloths & cooked 12 oclock supper for then the had to take launch houses roofs off to let the launches float then took the rest down in sections & pulled it upon the hill. they took the roof partly of boat house & brought the row boats a shore & pulled them up the hill part way & then look after launches (7 or 9) & timbers & blocking  Bob came & took Ruby & the baby home  Tue.25. & what a reiefe

[Thurs. Mar. 27. 1913] Thurs.27. I washed to day am tired tonight  Well there has been big storms all over the state  Daton, O. has been almost washed away  Thousands have been killed & drownded & as many hundred left homeless & starving

[Fri. Mar. 28. 1913] Fri.28. Water is going down fast  everybody tired, snow & ice storm add to horrors

Not-So-Bad docked at Bonney’s Lorain Ohio

[Sat. Mar. 29. 1913] Sat.29.  Well I’ve been all round girl today  Uncle Will ask me to clean up for him, Girls

[Sat. Mar. 29. 1913] Page 62 all out to farm stormed in. Went & aired Audreys house. done lot of work here, Oh.ho.

[Sun. Mar. 30. 1913]  Sun 30 Audrey & Geo & baby came home last night & were here to dinner & supper. had six wild duck for dinner today

[Mon. Mar. 31. 1913] Mon.31. Ma & Pa went to Welliington  I baked 11 loaves of bread & Audrey & I cooked & packed 3 hot dinners for the boys. Pa & Ma came home to night in time for supper

[Tue. Apr. 1. 1913] Tue.April.1. We didn’t wash I sewed & crochet

[Wed. Apr. 2. 1913] Wed.2. I washed and Oh such a time

[Thurs. Apr. 3. 1913] Thurs.3. did house work & that’s all.

[Fri. Apr. 4. 1913] Fri.4. baked 10 loaves of bread & worked

[Sat. Apr. 5. 1913] Sat.5.  I worked till noon & then dressed to go to town. Mis Baumgart phoned the other & wanted me to come Sat. noon & stay until Sun. night. So pa took me to the L.P.R. dock in the launch & I went to Miss. B. her hired girl had gone home to Berea. Well. I baked two cakes & cooked supper & done up the work & fixed the furnace & went to bed Miss.B. heard a noise & I had to get up & go clear to the garret then down seller then after laughing the old maid out of her fright went back to bed. Sun.6. She called me at 6 oclock and I went through with her daily routine  her girl came at 9 oclock & I phoned home. then met Frank Ruby & Nellie

[Sat. Apr. 5. 1913] Page 63. & after ex-changing greetings Nellie came home with me & the children went to there home.

[Mon. Apr. 7. 1913] Mon.7. I did a big washing today and got through at 3 oclock

[Tue. Apr. 8. 1913] Tue.8. I baked 10 loaves of bread

[Wed. Apr. 9. 1913] Wed.9. I ironed & did house work. 

[Thurs. Apr. 10. 1913] Thurs.10. General & crocheted some

[Fri. Apr. 11. 1913] Fri.11. General & crocheted some

[Sat. Apr. 12. 1913] Sat.12. Baked 12 loaves of bread swept, dusted, & scrubed and I am so hired my shoulder ach. 

[Sun. Apr. 13. 1913] Sun.13.  Showery. ma & pa went down to Audreys to chicken dinner  I cooked dinner & Nellie & Gertie did the dishes & I cook to suppers & done the dishes finnished at ten oclock & am going to bed tired. 

[Mon. Apr. 14. 1913] Mon.14.  Did a big wash today. 

[Tue. Apr. 15. 1913] Tue.15. Did a big bakiing 13 loaves of bread.

[Wed. Apr. 16. 1913] Wed.16.  Ironed today. 

[Thurs. Apr. 17. 1913] Thurs.17.  Sewed some today 

[Fri. Apr. 18. 1913] Fri.18.  Cleaned & swept up stairs. 

[Sat. Apr. 19. 1913] Page 64    Sat.19.  Made  Flower beds, 

[Sun. Apr. 20. 1913] Sun.20.  Nursing sore throat

[Mon. Apr. 21. 1913] Mon.21.  didn’t do a big? washing

[Tue. Apr. 22. 1913] Tue. 22.  Oh. I have a house cleaning wash to day

[Wed. Apr. 23. 1913] Wed.23.  I haven’t been a bit well for a month my stomach & a cold most of the time. Oh.dee.

[Thurs. Apr. 24. 1913] Thurs.24. Ironing & house work & spaded & raked some flower beds & planted a bed of onions & beets & gather half bu. of greens for sup. I sent Mr Opfer some wild tiger lillie bulbs & he sent me some daylayays bulbs.

[Fri. Apr. 25. 1913] Fri.25.  Baked bread & work

[Sat. Apr. 26. 1913] Sat.26.  scrubed & cleaned

[Sun. Apr. 27. 1913] Sun.27.  Rested today. 

[Mon. Apr. 28. 1913] Mon.28.  Sewed & crocheted

[Tue. Apr. 29. 1913]  Tue.29.  Washed today

[Wed. Apr. 30. 1913]  Wed.30.  Baked 8 loaves of w bread  3 loaves graham  10 little chickens hatched today Ma & Pa went to Vermillion.

[Thurs. May. 1. 1913] Page 65  thurs.May 1.[1913]  Pa is making garden & straighening up things around home here. The ange-ier on the Str. Wolvrine bought the No.28 steel row boat & paid 25 dollars for it.

[Fri. May. 2. 1913] Fri.2. Man called for me today wanting me to work for his wife, Oh dee. I am going to make a dress for Anna McDonlnel this week or next.am finishing the lace for Gertie’s birthday apron. have it most done. 

[Sat. May. 3. 1913] Sat.3. Martha [Martha Carlisle, daughter of Audrey Lelia Bonney, Elinor’s neice]  is 11 months old today.  I did all Sat morn   I could this morn.  Aunt Edith Wyn & Grant & Virginia were her for dinner. I worked all after noon on Wyn’s dress  They were all here but grant for supper, Audrey & Geo & Martha were there for supper

[Sun. May. 4. 1913] Page 66. Sun.4.Well I am all in today my stomach & head feel so bad I haven’t done only what had to be done. Oh. ho. 

[Mon. May. 5. 1913] Mon.5 Well, I couldn’t work today, that is to do the work

[Tue. May. 6. 1913] Tue.6. I did the wash today 

[Wed. May. 7. 1913] Wed. 7. I work all morn & went over to wyn’s to helped her with her dress. Nellie stoped there & we stayed for supper. I. called on Miss Baum-gart & Mrs. Duddan & the Dr. medicine coset 50 cents. 

[Thurs. May. 8. 1913] Thurs.8.  Alice Faragare called up & telling me Mrs. Miller has a 10 1/4 baby girl & wants me to come to work until she can get some one else, I’ve been trying for a week to get a hired girl for her. Ma isn’t very well & I ought not go. but

[Thurs. May. 8. 1913] Page 67 Thurs.May.8.  I will have to go, for I told her I would if she couldn’t get any one else. & I have put in a great day with 5 children ages from 2yrs. to 9 yrs. a nurse & Mr Miller.  I worked from 6-30 untill 1-20 before I set me done to rest & eating dinner & again untill 6-30 done up the supper work & came home 8-45. tired.  couldn’t eat hardly any thing today my stomach hurt so & my head ached worse  I baked a four layer cake & washed dishes untill I began to believe there was no end to them milk pans, pails & crocks butter bowl & churn & sweeping dusting cleaning, picking up after the children washing & dressing them up & down seller untill I’m stiff & my muscles ache and then walk home 1/4 mile, 

[Fri. May. 9. 1913] Fri.9.  Well this has been another long day with all the daily routine & I baked

[Fri. May. 9. 1913] Page 68. seven loaves of bread from 1/4 year cake Mrs. M   & the nurse could unstand how I could make such good bread out of that amount of yeast.  they said they couldn’t.  home at 8-55 tonight

[Sat. May. 10. 1913] Sat.10.  Another long day. Ma has been ill all day  I have just got to find some one to take my place over there, 

[Sun. May. 11. 1913] Sun.11.  Ma looks dreadful ill & hasn’t done o bite. of work to day, poor ma. 

[Mon. May. 12. 1913] Mon.12.  Well I found a girl, but she can’t go to work untill Wed. 

[Tue. May. 13. 1913] Tue.13.  Well I have had along hard week & to morrow I am in hopes of being to home again.  Oh, dee.dee.dee.

[Wed. May. 14. 1913] Wed.14.  I went over & got break-fast & the other girl came & I showed her about her work & then came, home & washed the windows  planted some flower seed

[Thurs. May. 15. 1913] Thurs.15. helped pa between showers block up a launch & get it ready to go in the water & painted window screens

[Fri. May. 16. 1913] Fri.16. general & done out door work  did my sweeping & dusting & scrubing

[Sat. May. 17. 1913] Sat.17.  did bits of odds & ends today & pa & the boys launched the Not-So-Bad

[Sun. May. 18. 1913]  Sun.18.  Frank & Ruby & Evelyn have been here all day & Audrey & Geo. & Martha were here & Fred took a party out for ride in the launch  Oh.dee. dee.dee.

[Mon. May. 19. 1913] Mon.19.  I did all the wash today & I’m ever so tired & so is ma. 

[Tue. May. 20. 1913] Tue.20.  Well I thought I would rest doday, but after doing up the morn-ings work & preparing for an early dinner, in walked cousin Lucy Scott of Toledo, well I din’t get any rest Gertie had the head ache & ma visited well she came out & visited in the kitchen with me while I worked she told me all about her adopted daughter’s love affair it was great, Bell has been fitted for society & she taught school for 

[Tue. May. 20. 1913] Page 70.   3 years & about 2 yrs. ago she met a young man 4 yrs. her senior at that time he was cashier in a Theatere Cousin Lucy wanted Bell to forget him and only be courted by wealthty men but Bell would  alowed that poor boy to call too see her & always invited him to there socials & parties, Now said Cousin Lucy I was afraid Bell might learn to like him & all though his parents had been quite well to do. he was now poor and I didn’t want him coming to see Bell, So he came to see Bell one evening and I told him I did-n’t want him to come any more & told him why as I had already told Bell, well he said he would try for a better position & then the subject ended for that time. 

[Tue. May. 20. 1913] Page 71.  But he still continued to eat then he took suddenly ill & after two days Bell told her mother that Shay had been ill for 2 days & he was al a lone in his batchlor apartments & she aske me to go & see him, I told her I couldn’t but she insisted so I consoled her with(I will talk it over with father & Geo (that’s Mr Scott)  said I ought to go, for Shay is a nice clean boy & alone in the world, the next morning I drove over in my car & met the Dr. & went up to see Shay, he was sick & no one to car for him, so I told him to let the Dr. make any all arange-ment & take him to the hospital that night Bell seemed more at ease  We call each day for three week to see Shay to take flowers & only things that might cheer him at length

[Tue. May. 20. 1913] Page 72.  when he was abt to be moved Mr. Scott said to bring him home until he was able to work, well we brought him home & when. he was able to work I told him he sould go to his boarding place & find some work (as he had lost his job through his long illness (heart trouble  so he went out to find a loging & work, but was so week no one would hire him & he went the the yacht club house, where he was  member & owned an anzziliery yacht there  he roomed for some time an looked for work in vaine.  He called twice a week to see Bell & I told him once more that I didn’t know how hard he had looked for work, but he mustn’t come to see Bell any more as it didn’t look well for her to be teaching school & him come to see her

[Tue. May. 20. 1913] Page 73. when he was loaffing, Well Shay took offence & didn’t call for two week, and at the end of that time.  Bell came to me feeling rather down  cast & said, Mama Shay has tried in vain for work, but no one will take him he looks so ill, well I repented & said I would see what I could do for him.  Next day I chanced to meet a buisness man & old acquaintance of ours & ask him if he could give a good clean young man a job, book-keeping or something better maybe he said send him over  I do, the best I can for him so I told Bell & she told Shay & the next day found Shay book keeping & he ask to come to see Bell & I let him come, after his second raise in wages, he ask to marry Bell & we gave our consent & after

[Tue. May. 20. 1913] Page 74. his third raise We had a wedding for them & Now he’s a lovely young man & has saved $100. in the four months they have been married, Cousin Lucy was once a servant girl & married a  man as poor, as they tell Jobes turkey was, he joined the Macka Bees & is now United States Secntary of that Lodge  Cousin Lucy is as common as we although she trys to be stylish & can’t, as she acknow-ledge’s after supper she went to her brother’s & the next day she went to Cleveland to meet Mr Seoth

[Wed. May. 21. 1913] Wed.21.  I have been sewing to day making a dress for one of the neighbor girls Miseblane  silk, salmon color trimmed in, cream inserting edging & bead and I feel so tired sitting all day

[Thurs. May. 22. 1913] Thurs.22.  another long day of 

[Thurs. May. 22. 1913] Page 75.  sewing & the dress is half done

[Fri. May. 23. 1913] Fri.23.  Well I don’t beleive I could make a living by sewing  it tir me so & make me nervous. 

[Sat. May. 24. 1913] Sat.24.  Sat. work alday & Aunt Edie of Oberlin came for dinner & supper & stayed over night

[Sun. May. 25. 1913] Sun.25.  She & ma & Uncle Will went to the Cemetery after dinner looked for relatives burired there & then they went to Franks & Rubys for supper & pa met them there & took supper with them.  Audrey Geo. & Martha were here for din ner & Oh how my head achs  Pa gave me an inter duction to Mr. Merbalgh & Mr Jones of Elyria today. M has bought the yacht Solace of Harry A & He & Jones are repairing her they scraped her hull & put new canvas on her deck & paint

[Sun. May. 25. 1913] Page 76.  -ed the deck blue. sky blue.  6 oclock every one gone but me  Nellie came a few minutes after seven then Audrey Geo & Martha came & stayed untill Ma & Pa came then Gertie come & Fred & Elbert

[Mon. May. 26. 1913] Mon.26.  I did white wash & it has rained al day steady, so they are not dry. Pa went to the bridge to meet Nellie with the launch & she slipped & threw her left shoulder out of joint.  pa pull it back in place  but she is just about sick to night, poor girl  this is the second time that shoulder has been out of joint.  Oh, Dee.

[Tue. May. 27. 1913] Tue.27.  Ma has 17 little chicks out today. Sewed all day, I have to rub bath & bandage Nellies arm & shoulder twice a day  She doesn’t feel very well

[Wed. May. 28. 1913] Wed.28.  I did Audrey’s wash & our colered wash today  am tired & scrubed

[Wed. May. 28. 1913] Page 77. the kitchen & helped get supper

[Thurs. May. 29. 1913] Thurs.29.  My but I have had a day ironing & house work ma doesn’t feel as well as useral & I finished Easter dress it is truly beautiful & she will wear it to night to the part her class (the Juniors A’s) are giving in honor to the Senior A’s in the high school boys

[Fri. May. 30. 1913]  Fri.30.  Scrubing sweeping & dusting 

[Sat. May. 31. 1913] Sat.31.  All Sat. work today. 

[Sun. Je. 1. 1913]  Sun.June.1.Oh dear it stays so cold it mostly cloudy & rainy & we  nearly freeze then comes so warm we allmost bake & the flowers look as though it were March instead of June

[Mon. Je. 2. 1913] Mon.2.  I did the wash today

[Tue. Je. 3. 1913] Tue.3.  Martha’s birth day  she is 1 one year old I gave her & Evelyn each a little gold blue enameled bluebird pin to pin there bibs with.  I ironed some & sewed some & did house work

Martha Carlisle about 3 yrs Aunt Nellie Bonney”

[Wed. Je. 4. 1913] Wed.4.  New Moon today  I am making

[Wed. Je. 4. 1913] Page 78. a white emboierdery dress for Beisie hadn’t any pattern so it took some time to cut it out & when I fit it, it was to farge & so that took more time

[Thurs. Je. 5. 1913] Thurs.5.  Ma & Pa went to Cleveland today to visit with Mr. & Mrs. Walker at Uclid Beach Park & they went to call on Mrs. Haught but codn’t find them they had moved.  I have done more house work then I have sewing today.  Pa & Ma back at 8.  

[Fri. Je. 6. 1913] Fri.6.  Sewed all day am tired

[Sat. Je. 7. 1913] Sat.7. Been out among my flowers most all day put in some seed

[Sun. Je. 8. 1913] Jun.8.  Geo. Mother & brother came to day I heard Martha calling so I went down their a little while  Mr Merbaugh & his mother & father & Mr. Jones & Mr. Hurd came over in there car this morn.  I Baked a cake for Audrey & am going to give Gertie the apron I made for her

[Mon. Je. 9. 1913] Page 79. Mon.9.  Well I washed today but it was so warm I couldn’t make any headway & A’s mother in-law here half the time

[Tue. Je. 10. 1913] Tue.10.  Oh, I’m so tired  I’ve been on the jump all day doing every thing for most every body  Oh. dee.dee. dee.

[Wed. Je. 11. 1913] Wed.11.  I scrubed yesterday & ironed & baked today & sewed some. 

[Thurs. Je. 12. 1913] Thurs.12.  Sewed all day  feel like flying

[Fri. Je. 13. 1913] Fri. 13.  Well I fiinished my sewing to day & Mrs. C. & Son E. are going home Sun & A & G. are more than glad. 

[Sat. Je. 14. 1913]  Sat.14.  Ma gave Billy to Mrs. C & he will go to Ashtabula in the morn. [note Billy is probably a pet bird]

[Sun. Je. 15. 1913] Sun.15.  A’s company gone & A & R. & baby here for dinner & then Lenord & Aunt Cornelia came just as we had finished so we fixed dinner for them, they drove over in Len’s 60 horse power Car, he took me out for a nice drive  they went home before supper  drove her from Wellington

[Sun. Je. 15. 1913] Page 80. in two hrs.  F. R. & E went home in the evening. beautiful moon light

[Mon. Je. 15-27. 1913] Mon.16. Tue.17. Wed 18. Thurs.19. Fri.20. Sat. Sun. 22. Mon.23. Tue.24. Wed 25. Thurs. 26. Fri 27.

[Sat. Je. 28. 1913] Sat. 28. Well I did the wash & washed my [??]  hair pet. ironed, scrubed, sewed, have been sick all the week  had a fit some time in the night  Mon.night so its been rather hard to work & its so hot one has to wipe sweat most of the time  ma has been feeling so bad,  I have had to work other wise I beieve I should have taken a rest this week.  Audrey, Nellie & Martha have gone to Oberlin & Wellington for a weeks visit, George went to Ashtabula

[Sun. Je. 29. 1913] Sun 29. his father came here to dinner, for he didn’t know the children were goine

[Mon. Je. 30. 1913] Mon.30.  I washed 5 double blankets, two comfort covers & done all the wash today

[Tue. Jly. 1. 1913] Tue.July.1 did house work & put one comfort together & sweat like rain  Oh dee

[Wed. Jly. 2. 1913] Wed.2.  I fixed ma’s skirt finished her

[Wed. Jly. 2. 1913] Page 81 Wed.2.  pajamas & made her two aprons & half a waist done for myself.   Weather hot 90 degreess. I scrub-ed half the Notsobad’s cabin in side from 12-30 till 4.  Pa gave me 50 cents. cheap.  worked all morning in the house

[Thrs. Jly. 3. 1913] Thurs.3rd of July, Pa, Fred, Mr. Krantz.Jr. & Senior & their wifes & Miss Kenidy & Mr & Mrs Prince, left here this after noon for Put-in-bay  on the Not so bad

[Fri. Jly. 4. 1913]  Fri.4th of July  I made myself two aprons & finnished my waist.  Elbert took Colord Brown & his children & relatives up the river for a picnic & at 3-30 he went to bring them down & saw two boys drwn, he could reach them soon enough to save them so came home & I called the Life Saving Station & they had them out in 30 min, after they went down  Geo. C. & Geo.Thomas & his two sisters Etta & Elysibeth & Elbert & I went

[Fri. Jly. 4. 1913] Page 82 out to the lake for a ride  it was nice & we came in just before a heavy storn, the folk wouldn’t wait & got wet before they got home & we had a bad storm. 

[Sat. Jly. 5. 1913] Sat.5.  Swept scrubed & sewed some. Notsobad came back this after noon all O.K.

[Sun. Jly. 6. 1913] Sun.6. Geo. here most every meal since Audrey left.  She & Nellie & Martha came home this after noon were all here to supper. Oh. ho. 

[Mon. Jly. 7. 1913] Mon.7.  Audrey sewed & I sewed, finish some work I had partly done & & Ma, Elbert & I. went to town, to see Dr. Easton  a         then did some shoping & came home, nervery was I more tired in my life. Oh.dee. 

[Tue. Jly. 8. 1913] Tue.8.  Well I have been feeling rather ill for some time & Gertie had to help finnish the the wash to day.  Oh, dee. dee.dee.

[Wed. Jly. 9. 1913] Wed.9.  Gertie ironed & A Ne. & I sewed. 

[Thrs. Jly. 10. 1913] Thurs.10.  I scrubed & served am all in tonight. took a bath & sewed am all in tonight. took a bath & went to bed.

[Fri. Jly. 11. 1913] Fri.11.  sewed most all day did my general dutys.

[Sat. Jly. 12. 1913] Page 83.Sat.12.  I have been sewing on some heavy canvas curtians, mending, mending , puting on squart patches & heming them for pa. for the Not so bad. most half the day, the rest the day I sewed for N & I. 

[Sun. Jly. 13. 1913] Sun.13  the wind have been blowing a gail for the past three days.  Frank & Elbert have gone to Vermillion, they want  to bring the Bonnita home but surely can’t the way the wind is blowing . the lake must be tossing in great shape & it is get worse.  Geo. C. went to Detroit Thurs. borrowed 5$ of pa, said he would be home next day & has not come yet, his father stoped here on his way home to Ashtabula  he. & Geo. had been to Detroit to Mr. Charlies C. fathers funersl.  Well Geo came home this evening, Audrey has been ill for the past three days with a hard cold she could hardly get home last night with ma’s & Nellie’s help.  She came home this morn & had to go right to bed & hasn’t felt able to set up long at atime. Geo. laughed & talked with the baby for 20 mi. or more then ask ma where Audrey was & ma told him she was sick & hadn’t eat up much all day, he went to her & ask her to go home, she told him she didn’t feel like going to night, so he tore around & scolded & swore

[Sun. Jly. 13. 1913] Page 84. at Francie W. then went some when he came

[Mon. Jly. 14. 1913] Mon.14. Geo. came up told A he had packed his belongings & was going to Port Arthur & would ship his things there. he gave her the keys to the house & told her he had left her things there well she colapsed after he had gone for she had no idea of his doing such a thing it was terrible she look so hurt, crushed & so terrified when he stormed about or came near.  Oh.dee.dee

[Tue. Jly. 15. 1913] Tue.15.  Well we washed to day. Oh.ho. 

[Wed. Jly. 16. 1913] Wed.16.  Sewed done house work & ironed some

[Thrs. Jly. 17. 1913] Thurs.17.  Helped Audrey bring her bed & things home poor child she is so weak heart broke & weary  Life’s Sweet’s Dreams have turned out so much different than she could. ever have thought they could have done. Oh.dee.dee.dee.

[Fri. Jly. 18. 1913] Fri.18.  cleaning & scrubing & digging all day

[Sat. Jly. 19. 1913] Sat.19.  Same job a gain to day  Geo. came here from Ashtabula today to see the baby & try to querrel with A but she wouldn’t,so he left telling her he would [note:this is probably a mistake for wouldn’t] take care of her, but he would care for the baby. [note: probably he said he wouldn’t take care of Audrey but would take care for the babe]

[Sun. Jly. 20. 1913] Sun.20.  Rained to day all is at rest Thank God.  and.  we have no company today. 

[Mon. Jly. 21. 1913] Page 85. Mon.21. Washed to day had a terrible big wash and ever body is so tired tonight. 

[Tue. Jly. 22. 1913] Tue.22.  I sewed over to Millers all day today & Oh she is the a great woman with a family of six little children  the oldest (Douglas is 9 yrs. next Madeleane 8.,yrs  & then Wayne  7., Marian 5,  Verna.2,  & the baby  2 month & a half.  she thinks its just horric but I know many women with more chileren who get on in the world happier than she & all because she makes life a burdon, not only for herself, and family but for all who become well acquainted with her, she’s a great, talker it tired

[Wed. Jly. 23. 1913] Wed. 23.  Ma& Pa, Fred& Nellie, Mr & Mrs Krantz & Mr & Mrs Craig went to Put-in-Bay on the Not So -bad.  Oh. Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee

[Thrs. Jly. 24. 1913] Thurs.24.  Audrey’s. Birthday Ma sent her a card  I helped the girls to day  Gertie’s keeping house this week & she made a batch of bread all her self, it was good to . one can do if they try. 

[Fri. Jly. 25. 1913] Fri.25.  Another day at Millers I never will go to sew again if for time smiles on me

[Sat. Jly. 26. 1913] Sat.26. scrubed & cleaned & ironed my belong ings & help with the house work. Oh. ho. 

[Sun. Jly. 27. 1913] Sun.27.  Sweet day of rest  ha.ha.ha. I cook a big dinner & am so worn & tired

[Mon. Jly. 28. 1913] Page 86. Mon.28. Well we look for the folks home today but hey haven’t come. I have sewed today

[Tue. Jly. 29. 1913] Tue.29.  I did a big wash today did a lot of extras. 

[Wed. Jly. 30. 1913] Wed.30. I cleaned ma’s & pa’s room & the cloths press & up stairs & Geo.C. came & Elbert told him we had orders for him to stay out. he said a lot of mean things-then Elbert & I gave him a good scolding & told him he had brought this all on his self, he went over to Gilmore’s & imparted the new that he had brought the contract for the house back & that he had received the money, he had given Audrey to order to draw.  Well the folks came, just in time for supper all Brown & sick form something they had eat but safe & had a good time  I so tired  I’m stiff tonight took a bath & am going to b ed to rest at last  try to. 

[Thrs. Jly. 31 1913] Thurs.31.  Well I have done out another big wash to day  there is no end to work

[Fri. Au. 1. 1913] Fri.Aug.1. swept & scrubed & ironed

[Sat. Au. 2. 1913] Sat.2.  Every ironing & working to do  Pa & ma went to Wellington

[Sun. Au. 3. 1913] Sun.3.  Well we are all alone  Pa & ma came home tonight. Frank & Ruby were here Fri & Sat back & shoulder & hp shook there home what a releife to have been home. Ruby has her crying spell before going home

[Mon. Au. 4. 1913] Page 87.Mon.4.  Well need less to say  We din’t wash to day  I have been doing house work & sewing & odds and ends all day

[Tue. Au. 5. 1913] Tue.5.  I washed to day & we got through early & all were gold & tired. 

[Wed. Au. 6. 1913] Wed.6.  I have been doing odds & ends help Mrs. Mackey thanked Elysyebthe a laun drid

[Thrs. Au. 7. 1913] Thurs.7.  ironed & sewed & today

[Fri. Au. 8. 1913] Fri.8. Scrubed & done house work

[Sat. Au. 9. 1913] Sat.9.  Worked all day house work. 

[Sun. Au. 10. 1913] Sun. 10.  Rained to day & I fell & hurt my arm, back & hip, Shook me up & I feel week & sick, lame & sore

[Mon. Au. 11. 1913] Mon.11.  Done house work today

[Tue. Au. 12. 1913] Tue.12.  Well we washed today that is the white clothes &, Oh, how I ach. 

[Wed. Au. 13. 1913] Wed.13.  I wash a solid tub of colred clothes sudsed & wrinsed & starched then help get supper & do up the work

[Thrs. Au. 14. 1913] Thurs.14. scrubed Kitchen done house work

[Fri. Au. 15. 1913] Fri. 15.  Gertie went to work in the ten cent store  Wed. & I have been sewing & ironing

[Sat. Au. 16. 1913] Sat.16. ironing sewing & house work . 

[Sat. Au. 16. 1913]Page 88.Sat.16. Georgia’s birthday 28 yrs old & Cousin Tessie Wheeler was 23. yrs. old & Aunt Edith spent the day with me. 

[Sun. Au. 17. 1913] Sun.17.  Home gown dinner chicken, sweet corn tomatoes potatoes cucumbers & beet from our garden. pa’s choice.  No company today.  Frank & Ruby & baby & his mother-in-law & father in law have gone up the river in the Wynah for dinner

[Au. 18-29] Mon.18.  Tue.19 Wed. 20. Thurs 21.  Fri 22  Sat 23. Sun.24. Mon.25. Tue 26. Wed.27. Thurs.28. Fri.29. 

[Sat.& Sun.  Au. 30 & 31. 1913] Sat.30. Sun. 31.  I’ve been so busy I have lost track of what occured each day but I remember Aunt Edie, Wyn & Virginia Ed, Georgia & Aubrey were here one Sun. for dinner & supper & that I received a card from Albrey Breckenridge & several from a Mr. Wm  Diringer & Ma received a letter from Mrs. Bracket  a good letter & she wished each one to write to her & I received a card from Lillie Constable & I have washed & scrubbed & baked & sewed & done house work   the same as useral and some things I have forgotten by this time

[Mon. Sept. 1. 1913] Sept.Mon.1 Nellie is back to school again

[Sept. 2-15. 1913]Tues.2. Wed 3. Thurs 4. Fri.5. Sat.6. Sun.7 Mon.8 Tue.9. Wed.10. Thurs.11. Fri.12.  Sat.13 Sun 14 Mon.15. 

[Tue. Sept. 16. 1913] Tue.16. Cousin Lucy Scott & Aunt Hat 

[Tue. Sept. 16. 1913]Page 89.  Mastin were here  Lucy spent part of the day, one day & a five days before Aunt Hat visited and afternoon & evening & stayed over night.

[Sept 17-29] Wed.17  Thurs.18. Fri. 19. Sat.20 Sun  Mon.22. Tue.23.Wed. 24. Thurs.25. Fri.26. Sat.27. Sun.28. Mon.29.

[Tue. Sept. 30. 1913] Tue.30.  Aunt Hat spent another day with us.  Frank & Ruby & baby were here one Sun.  Aunt Jen was here a couple of days & one night.  then Pa & the folk took her to Lake Breeze on the Boat & the next day Pa & Ma & Fred & Krantz & some of his folk went to the bay. Aunt Jen came came back here to dinner a few days later & then went home.  Gilbert Pomeroy’s wife is sick & in the hospital.  she has been ill for a long time.  I helped Fred pull out the Wynah out one day & one day Frank & I went up the river & gathered 8 bu. of walnuts & 1/2 pk. butternuts

[Oct. 1-14. 1913] Oct.Wed.1.  Thurs.2. Fri.3. Sat.4. Sun.5. Mon.6. Tue.7. Wed.8. Thurs.9. Fri 10. Sat.11. Sun. 12. Mon. 13. Tue.14.

[Wed. Oct. 15. 1913] Wed.15.  Well. Pa has been out to Wellington for a week & he came home Sat & went back Mon. & Aunt Jen, Easel & her husband spent Sun with us. a dreadful rainy day & they took a boat ride in the rain.  Oh they went home after supper & it was such a releife.  Oh dear.

[Thrs. Oct. 16. 1913] Page 90.Thurs.16.  I went to sew for Mrs. McGill to day sewed all day. or 7 1/2 hrs. for 1.00$  went to Spade mans store & met Nellie  bought oysters & came home  Audrey & baby  Martha came to meet us, for a walk.  Geo. C. is working at Hobs store.  I am tired but more hungrey than I’ve been for a week. 

[Fri. Oct. 17. 1913] Fri.17.  Well I cut a coat from & old cape & have it half maked, for Nellie today. 

[Sat. Oct. 18. 1913] Sat.18.  House work & finished Nellies coat

[Sun. Oct. 19. 1913] Sun.19.  Pa came home last night & we had a beef roast with dressing for dinner & it rained

[Mon. Oct. 20. 1913] Mon.20.  Oh it rains, I sewed all day  Oh.dee

[Tue. Oct. 21. 1913] Tue.21.  I did a big washing & have been sick 4 days

[Wed. Oct. 22. 1913] Wed.22. Swept the house & dusted & cleaned & helped Gertie cut out her white linen dress. 

[Thrs. Oct. 23. 1913] Thurs.23.  Mrs. Leon Wonderhill called me over long distance phone today she wanted to hear my voice she said, she called to make an apointment for Mrs. Pitkin  & her daughter to meet Pa & Ma Sun. that they might make arangments to go south with Pa & Ma so I calledPa & they are all to meet at Mr. Wrights hojme (he is Mrs.Pitkins brother)  So I will call Mrs Wonderhill  [? underhill] & tell her where Mrs. P. can meet the folks   Gertie is so ill I gave her a bath & grease her & put her to bed & put hot flannels on her.

[Thrs. Oct. 23. 1913] Page 1. every 15 minutes  Oh  dee dee dee dee dee-

[Fri. Oct. 24. 1913] Fr.24.  Well I took care of Gertie then phoned Mrs. Underhill. she had ask me & still asks me to come out for a visit for any length of tme I can & they will be glad to see me. well I appricate (partly crossed out) the fact, it seems good to know one is welcome.  Oh how much we have to thank God for.  Well along with all my other duties I have at last finished a black silk turban hat for mother & its 12 oclock standard time.  I have been caring for Gertie & it’s most 1 oclock & will be before I can get to bed. ma is going to Wellington tomorrow. 

[Sat. Oct. 25. 1913] Sat.25. Ma went after dinner -to W.  I have baked 11 loaves of bread scrubed two floors swept dusted, washed Martha’s clothes & took care of her & Gertie & put Martha to sleep at noon & night & cook-ed the meals & finished at 9-30 & got a hot lunch for Gertie & Audrey.  A worked in ten cent store today.  And I have taken care of Gertie today- that is, I gave her a bath this morn. then bathed the length of her body alover in sloans linement & then golden ointment, gave her her ointment & cough medicine fix her some breakfast & then her dinner & then her supper & take them  Then before she goes to bed I bath

[Note: Next page numbered 100]

[Sat. Oct. 25. 1913] with alcohol, then S. linement & ointment & give her, her medicine & put a hot blanket under her & a hot flannel over her & tuck her in  Elbert came home with Audrey, from town and Fred & Nellie came a few minutes later & I had to heat Gertie’s blankets three or four times & give her more cough med. before she could rest.  Then I took my bath & went to bed Sun. Morn. at 120clock  Oh.dee.dee.  Sweet day of rest. 

[Sun. Oct. 26. 1913] Sun.26.  Well I got up at 7 oclock & broiled steak over the wood coals & cooked breakfast & took care of Martha & gave her breakfast & Audrey done the dishes & I swept & straightened the house & skinned 5 chickens & dressed them & boiled them & make them in a pie & boiled & creamed potatoes & all the rest that goes with a chicken dinner & Frank & Ruby & baby Evelyn came for dinner,  Elbert went to the bridge down below & brought them in the Bonita & they had a good time.  I made butter scotch & stirred it to sugar. & gave Ruby some to take home & they seemed quite happy.  Well its 12 oclock & I have taken care of them all & now I going to bed, dead tired, to much so to rest. 

[Mon. Oct. 27. 1913] Mon.27.  Oh.dee.  I have done the general work took care of Gertie & done the white wash & cooked supper for all. Ma came for

[Mon. Oct. 27. 1913]Page 101.for supper; & Van Talor & her brother Athur Mastin came for supper from Cleveland & I have done up the dishes & took care of Gertie & now I’m going to bed oh, so tired. but thank God he has given me strength & that Gertie seems some better today.  The tug Burton smashed the canopy off the Bonnita this afternoon.  Elbert phoned & told pa, the Burton is a Government tug. 

[Tue. Oct. 28. 1913] Tue.28. Oh dee.  I’ve felt so bad all day I’ve tried to sew but haven’t accomplished much for Gertie & Audrey are sewing & betwext showing them & helping do house work, I don’t know what is going to become of me  my patience and endurance seem to have flown as chaff on the wind & left me trembling lest I might say something I ought not say & the only thing I can do is pray & sing song of praise untill I have for gotten for the time my troubles.  Oh how I wish I were good always good.

[Wed. Oct. 29. 1913] Wed.29.  I became so ill last night the family got up & doctored me with all sorts of dope, but we desided it was gas & they gave me medicine for gas & we all went to bed at . 3 oclock this morn.  I got up at eight oclock & worked allday. 

[Thrs. Oct. 30. 1913] Thurs. 30  Sewed all day & went to prayer meet-ing & took care of Gertie every morning & night  was gone an hour its raining now. 

[Fri. Oct. 31. 1913] Page 102. Fri.31.  worked all morn & Ma & I went to town met Nellie & did a lot of shopping, had all the bundles we could carry home. tired. 

[Sat. Nov. 1. 1913] Sat.Nov.1.   Mrs. Pomeroy died yesterday 3-15 at St. Joseph Hospital, Audrey worked in the ten cent store & I have taken care of Gertie & Martha & washed Martha’s daily wash & Fred & Nellie & Elbert went to town, went part way in the launch & Pa & Aunt Jen & Audrey came home with Elbert Fred & Nellie.  & ma cooked oysters & set out cold lunch & they had supper at midnight & we went to bed Sun. morn. 

[Sun. Nov. 2. 1913] Sun.2.  Well Nellie & Fred went to Sun.school. & church & after I cooked dinner & Ma & Pa had gone, (to Mrs. Pomeroy’s funeral which was held at the chapel)  I made my neglected toilet then then gave the folks a warm over supper & washed up the dishes & Pa & Ma came at 8.oclock.  they went to the cemetery then Stoped to Wyn’s a few minutes, then went over to Frank’s for supper. then had a lunch when they came home.  I wanted to go to Church but had to stay home. Oh.ho. 

[Mon. Nov. 3. 1913] Mon.3.  Martha is 17 months old today, sew some today done house work & cared for Gertie & 

[Mon. Nov. 3. 1913] Page 103.  & Martha & done house work & Ma & Audrey & Aunt Jen went to town after dinner.  Pa went back to Wellington this Morn & Aunt Jen this after noon  Ma & Audrey did a lot more shopping came home just before supper, Nellie met them & came with them.  Fred took them part way & went part way & got them, supper over everything done & I’m going to bed.  my nerves are a fright tonight. 

[Tue. Nov. 4. 1913] Tue.4.  Gertie is ever-so-much better, I did all the wash today & we had a big one began at 7 a.m. & finished at 5 p.m. am tired but have to help with supper & do up the work, for ma don’t feel very well and she is tired  she has worked all day to. 

[Wed. Nov. 5. 1913] Wed.5.  Oh I have swept & cleaned & done house work & helped Gertie & Audrey with their dresses, Audrey is making a black dress for the store & Gertie a white linen for the Pines.  [note: this is referencing their planned trip to Isle of Pines Cuba for the winter where they could get work]

[Thrs. Nov. 6. 1913] Thurs.6.  Well I’ve been busy all morn & then had to cook dinner for Aunt Edith ma’s sister & after dinner Audrey & I went to town, was going to get some coat ?? goods, but it cost 2 1/2 dollars instead of 2 so I couldn’t get it.  Met Miss Tristram she would like to go with the folks south 

[Thrs. Nov. 6. 1913]Page 104. but is so weak she feels all most a fraid to try & she don’t know what to do

[Fri. Nov. 7. 1913] Fri.7.  I helped Audrey & Gertie & done house work all day  am tired, Nellie & I went to prayer meeting last night

[Sat. Nov. 8. 1913] Sat.8.  Audrey finished her dress & wore it to the store to day  I rambed half a white headed pin in the ball of my thumb as far as it would go & it’s pained me so I didn’t get any sleep all night & Nellie & I have done a bu. & starched ironing a bu dampened & packed down. Pa came home with Audrey  Elbert & Fred tonight

[Sun. Nov. 9. 1913]  Sun.9.  The ground is covered with wet snow & snowing & blowing a gale, we had chicken dinner.  Oh, how I pity the poor people tonight

[Mon. Nov. 10. 1913] Mon.10.  We we were nearly snowed in this morn. and it’s still storming telephone & telegraph wires out or most of them & both steam & Electric cars only runing part way, while others were snow bound.  big steel steam boats 500 hundred feet long turned over & some run on the rocks & some sank & Calvin Smith & his son Dan were both drown & hundred more.  Well I have sewed today for I couldn’t wash no wood only to cook with.  To cold to work. 

[Tue. Nov. 11. 1913] Tue.11. Well I did a, dreadful big wash am tired

[Tue. Nov. 11. 1913] Page 105.Tue.11.  but had to help with supper & work

[Wed. Nov. 12. 1913] Wed.12.  Sewed all day & part of evening & finished ma’s silk mull dress.  cut out two calico dresses

[Thrs. Nov. 13. 1913] Thurs.13.  Sewed all day  it rains & Frank was here today & said he would pay me to cut & make Ruby a dress like one I cut for Gertie  I told Frank I’d cut & fit it but did-nt think I would have time to make it but he said he want-ed me to make it  [Insert here a sketch of a shirtwaist with short sleeves and a ruffle all down the front middle, and a waist belt.]  I haven’t much time. 

[Fri. Nov. 14. 1913] Fri.14. Well Ruby came & walk through snow & wather & was all tired out when she got here. Pa & Elbert, Fred, & Frank and two other men have been helping pull out the Ruffit Seminole Bonnita, Ed-ward. J. & Notsobad. & some Fisher men have pull there fish boat out here & I cut & fited & almost finished Ruby’s dress with Gertie’s help at basting & I have been helping Gertie all week with her dresses waists & skirts.  Oh, ho, dee,dee. 

[Sat. Nov. 15. 1913] Sat.15.  I scrubed & sewed the rest of the day & helped care for little Martha, little doll. Mr. Clyde Green was here for dinner  he went hunting with our men they shot 27 rabbits  I dress three for dinner, ma fried them

[Sun. Nov. 16. 1913] Sun.16. Sweet day of rest.  We had a rabbit pie for dinner  Carl Betz came & spent the after noon, ma &

[Sun. Nov. 16. 1913]Page 106. pa went to call on Miss Tristram  Audrey & Nellie went to church. Oh. 

[Mon. Nov. 17. 1913] Mon.17  Well I washed & Ruby & her ma came over & Frank & Ruby were angry because I washed she wanted me to finish her dress & Frank said he didn’t ask me to make her dress & a lot of dirty mean thing I can’t write & ma felt bad, but Frank has the rheutism & is so tired from pulling out boats & hunting he feels cross.  but this has been a trying day for us all

[Tue. Nov. 18. 1913] Tue.18.  Sewed all day, I’m so sorry for ma, she dreads to go south & leave us four children & the baby  so bad. poor dear ma. 

[Wed. Nov. 19. 1913] Wed. 19.  Sewed all day  Cousin Lucy Scott came just after dinner & Ma & Pa & Audrey went to town but, she, Gertie & I had a good visit.  George Carlisle came here to see the baby a few minutes this after noon.  Well when Elbert went & got the folks, Lucy went to the river  bid the folk a pleasent journey & success & Elbert took her to the bridge & I cooked supper & cared for Martha & am tired tonight. 

[Thrs. Nov. 20. 1913] Thurs.20.  Sewed all day.  Elbert. & I

Page 107. went to town to Dr. office, for medicine for my stomach.  Oh, dee.dee.

[Fri. Nov. 21. 1913] Fri.21. I swept the dining room & kitchen and then sewed all the long day.  Mrs. Well came this after noon.  Ma & Pa came from town before she left. 

[Sat. Nov. 22. 1913] Sat.22.  Well I have helped ma bake bread cake 4 layers & doughnuts. today & Pa & Fred have been packing all day & Audrey has worked in ten cent store & I picked 4 chicken & cook 4 lbs veal & packed two half bu. baskets of lunch bread & butter, biscuits & butter, chicken, veal. dried beef, cheese, baked beans, pickles, pies, apple, elder berry, & black berry, cake, 4 layers, lemon filling, Powdered sugar frosting & doughnuts & cookie & spread lunch & went to bed tired heart sore & weary. 

[Sun. Nov. 23. 1913] Sun.23.  Well this has been a long day  the folks left this morn. Pa, Ma, Fred, Gertie, Frank & Ruby & baby & Carl Betz & Elbert & Audrey & Martha took them to the bridge in the Wynak & went to the car to see them off & I have cried my self sick today.  I couldn’t bear to see them go & when Mr. Hurd came a while after they

[Sun. Nov. 23. 1913] Page 108.  had gone I could hardly talk to him. & when Elbert & Audrey & baby came back it seemed as though there had been a funeral.  Pa gave me eight dollars for ma’s & Nellie’s sewing

[Mon. Nov. 24. 1913] Mon.24.  Worked hard  washed until 4 four oclock, lone some day.  oh, dee, dee,

[Tue. Nov. 25. 1913] Tue.25.  Sweep the whole house & then scrubbed the dinning room & kitchen.  

[Wed. Nov. 26. 1913] Wed. 26.  Did another good wash to day & scrubbed the clothes press floor & Mas & Gertie’s bedroom floors & cooked supper  I had Audrey get me 5 calico pieces for waists & one piece white nemsake for under  Audrey went to town & she put 10$ in the bank for me. I earned it yes me. 

[Thrs. Nov. 27. 1913.] Thurs.27.  Today is Thanks giving & We are thankful that all is well as far as we know & for the many blessing God hath given us.  We had rabbit & dressing & gravey & peaches, bread & butter & tea at 4 oclock for dinner & a light lunch for supper.  (I had 5 dollars earned sewing & Pa’s 8 eight makes 13 dollars.  I haven’t done any more than I had to today. 

[Fri. Nov. 28. 1913] Fri.28.  Well I have ironed most all day with exception to getting the meals.  

[Sat. Nov. 29. 1913] Sat.29.  Swept & dusted & took care of Martha all day & put her to sleep at seven after supper but she woke up before her ma came at 10-30 oclock.  Ma’s birthday  she was 56 yrs.We had a lunch  Elbert nearly fainted he hasn’t been as well as useral for a few days. he went

[Sat. Nov. 29. 1913] Page 109. to see Audrey home from the store to night, well we are all in bed at eleven. 

[Sun. Nov. 30. 1913] Sun.30.  Well we are all tired this morn. a foreigner from a foreign land had been dranking & he felt quite happy playing & playing his accordeon which was new & he receited his music & gave directions to others, he tried to sing like a horn & said it was to hard for him, he wasn’t acustomed to the horn so he couldn’t play it, he became angry & said if we didn’t let him in & he could find his gun or a club he’d kill some one  then he changed his mind & said he was a good man & had a wife & children & he had drank to much & was afraid to go back across the track the engines go so fast, there was a big dog, mamath big dog that stayed close to him & when Elbert opened the window and ask what he wanted he told him where he lived & so forth & the dog went & sit down close to the man & growled so savage that I told Elbert he couldn’t go take him home as he had suggested so Elbert went to Uncle Wills & tried to wake them & but they were so afraid they didn’t ans so he went down to the end of the st. to Taxlers & phoned for an officer, or some one had a receiver up on our line & we couldn’t get Central, well Elbert wasn’t gone long & we girls stayed in our room  I had Elbert’s shot gun close at hand & although I should hate to hurt anyone  I can & will shoot in self defence & to protect the girls,  That man & dog stayed untill three oclock, leaving his hat & music box when he & the dog left.  so we have felt rather tired today

[Mon. Dec. 1. 1913] Dec. 1. Mon  Well I had a fit this morn the children said, chewed my face or inside of cheeks & my lips, and my head & eyes are sore & I’m weak & lame all over so I didn’t do much today.  Oh, dee.dee.

[Tue. Dec. 2. 1913] Tue.2.  Well I did the wash & we had six sheets & 3 pair work trousers & 3 jumpers for Elbert.  am tired oh so tired tonight.

[Wed. Dec. 3. 1913] Wed. 3. I have ironed most all day, cooked the meals & helped care for Martha.  Martha is 18 months old today

[Thrs. Dec. 4. 1913] Thurs.4.  Well I finnished all my work at noon, cooked Audrey baby & I a bite & then sit down to sew & then in walk

[Thrs. Dec. 4. 1913] Page 111. -ed Mrs. Gilmore to my sorrow, the came to see Martha & tell some gossip & I was never more happy than when she had gone, did some patching & darned Elberts socks & then cooked supper. 

[Fri. Dec. 5. 1913] Fri.5. Swept dusted & cleaned & cooked the meals.  We have had several cards from the folks  they have had a good trip except the part on the boat from Tampa Fla. to Havana which was rather rocky  am anxious to hear from them

[Sat. Dec. 6. 1913] Sat.6.  Scrubed & cooked & took care of Martha, Elbert went after Audrey. to day is Elberts birth day. 31 yrs.  it began to rain at noon & has showered all after noon & evening rained hard just befor they came home.  Audrey was sick & So I have been alday. 

[Sun. Dec. 7. 1913] Sun.7.  Rained most all night & this morn & then the sun shone a little while then some more rain, hail then snowed a gail & Uncle Will & Edith came over & spent the evening. 

[Mon. Dec. 8. 1913] Mon.8.  We over slept & Nellie didn’t go to 

[Mon. Dec. 8. 1913] Page 112. school untill noon & Audrey didn’t go to work at all, for she has a bad pain in her left side since Sat. she feels better tonight, the wind is cold & it snows  I cut & two corset covers for Nellie & partly made them, swept, dusted & cooked the meals. 

[Tue. Dec. 9. 1913] Tue.9.  Washed a double blanket & single blanket wool. for Audrey & did the wash was through at 4 oclock took care of Martha & cooked 3 meals & done the dishes & some mending & am tired enough to go to bed.  & the hens laid 2 eggs(underlined)

[Wed. Dec. 10. 1913] Wed.10.  swepted, dusted. cooked ironed & sewed. and we have the pleasure of announcing the hen laid two eggs agin today.  Oh.dee. 

[Thrs. Dec. 11. 1913] Thurs.11. washed finnished the other ironing & performed my useral household duties 1 egg  Elsie Wheelers birthday 18 yrs.

[Fri. Dec. 12. 1913] Fri.12.  Did my useral work & cared for Martha & she is one busy body.  2 eggs & I sold 6 for 25 cents (c)  We have had several card from the folks & a birthday card for Elbert & a letter for me or for us from Fred all & he wrote

                                                                                                                                                                                               Dec.5, 1913.

Dear Ones at Home

                                We arrived here all O.K. but it took a  long time.  Such a time, we were held

Page 113.up in Cincinnati because we missed the train.  We staid all night at the waiting room and took the train at 7-30 or there about.  We made good time to Tampa Fla.  but had to wait 2 day for a boat; Then we started for Havana Cuba arriving safe.  We spent two days in Havana after which we took a boat out of Havana & went around Cuba to the Isle. of Pines Cuba and [drawing here /map?)  landed at the Los. Indos dock.  from there the folks were transfered in an Outo to Santa Barbara.  I rode my wheel.  Some ride 14 or 16 miles.  We found out we couldn’t get the house we expected to, and had to stop at a rooming house, that cost to much, so we hunted for a house & such luck, all to small, or we couldn’t rent them untill night.  We decided to go to Pardees & sleep and sleep on the floor  Then some one told of a house near, and Fran & Carl went to see about it, and we moved in at once, two beds & a couch.  Carl & I bunked on the floor.  We went out fishing yesterday and brought home 35 nice fish, had them for supper  Today we looked for work and have the promise of a job about 5 miles away, but will try for one near at hand so we wont have to board away from here  Pa has a job in sight  we don’t know how long we will stay.

Page 114. in this house, as the man who owns it, sails tomorrow for here but we will have our eye on a better one by that time, hope to find house close together so we wont be to far aparth.  Tell Elbert to look on pa’s key ring and find the key for a yale lock No.55. and put it in a letter & send it right a way.  Did Elbert find that compass in the boat, I lost it out of my pocket & It’s 9-30 p.m. so must go to bed.  We are all well but tired; Hope your all well. 

                                                         Love to all   Fred and the Folks. 

                                                          Santa Barbara

                                                                     Isle of Pines


[Sat. Dec. 13. 1913]  Sat.13.  I washed the windows and done some mending & washed out the baby things & cooked & only 1 egg today

[Sun. Dec. 14. 1913] Sun.14.  3 eggs  no company and I have felt to lazy for any thing so have rested some. 

[Mon. Dec. 15. 1913] Mon.15.  Washed today & had such a time.  cooked three meals & ans. telephone & Nellie helped me when she came home from school   I have been sick all day & went to bed after eat a very light supper  Oh, dee, dee, dee.

[Tues. Dec. 16. 1913] Tue.16. Audrey didn’t go to work. this morn. but she didn’t do the supper dishes or the breakfast dishes or sweep or any thing & I had to work like a sailer & had to get dinner & do up the dishes & put Martha to sleep.

[Tues. Dec. 16. 1913] Page 115.for Audrey went to work at noon. Oh, ho.  

[Wed. Dec. 17. 1913] Wed.17.  Ironed, scrubbed & cooked today.  

[Thrs. Dec. 18. 1913] Thurs.18.  Mrs. Gilmore was here Tue, after noon, and she ask me in a round a bout way to make her a turban like the one I made for ma, I told her I’d help her make one, she is coming again Tue. oh dee.  I sewed some today for N. 

[Fri. Dec. 19. 1913] Fri.19.  Sweep, dusted, ironed & cooked. 

[Sat. Dec. 20. 1913]  Sat.20.  Oh. I’m about all in & Elbert has gone to bring Elbert home.  [I think she means Audrey here]  We received a letter from Gertie today & some cards from Frank & Ruby.  They say They are well. 

[Sun. Dec. 21. 1913] Sun.21. A dreary Sun.  no company

[Mon. Dec. 22. 1913] Mon.22.  Did a big wash.  Nellie has been out of school since Fri. noon, for her Xmas Vacation, so she helped me today. 

[Tue. Dec. 23. 1913] Tue.23.  I have been feeling so nervous & having such sick head aches can’t account for it, feel so weak in my knees, have had a bad catch in my left hip joint & knee & oh, such cramps in the thick meat just above my knee & in my calf.

[Tue. Dec. 23. 1913]  Page 116. & have such a nervous sick head ach that it seems as though I can’t work, but I have made three loaves of graham bread & 7 loaves of white bread & made Mrs. Gilmore‘s black satin turban, She came at 1-20 oclock & was here to supper & Bob (her brother) came to see her home. she gave me 3 yd. of calico for a waist  I gave her 1/2 loaf graham, she gave Martha 2 pair stockings. she seemed pleased with her hat, & I hope she is. Geo. sent Martha a card telling her he would be down the second week in Jan.  he & his mother sent me a card, thanking me for the baby’s pictures & telling me Billy runs the house & family flies where he pleases in the house & she would hat to part with him.  [note -Billy is likely one of their parakeets]

[Wed. Dec. 24. 1913] Wed.24.  Well this has been a long hard day  Audrey has been home all this week so far from work.  Audrey, Nellie & Elsie went to town  Audrey bought herself a new coat astercom & a corset for Nellie.  Elbert Nellie & Elsie went to town this evening  Uncle Will spent the evening here he went home at 10-30 & I felt so bad I went to the bedroom to go to bed, fainted & fell in such a heap that my left knee

[Wed. Dec. 24. 1913] Page 117.  went out of joint with a great deal of pulling & my pushing Audrey got it back in place  I hitched to the bed & pulled my self on it.  The children & Uncle Will were badly frightened but I rubed my knee good with Olive oil linement & undressed for bed.  guess I wont sleep though

[Thrs. Dec. 25. 1913] Thurs.25. Christmas  not a white one either  We are all well & my knee is swllen bad but, I am up & dressed & will be all right in a day or so  A, gave each of us girls & herself 3 hand kerchiefs & Martha 2 pair stockens & Elbert 2 pair socks.  Uncle Will gave Martha a long braided string of blue & white beads & Lillie gave her & orange.  Constables sent me a shamy skin an ivory darner & a spool of darning cotten & a silk bag to keep them in.  a lavender ribbon & ivory ring to hang the bag up fastened at one side  Cousin Lucy Scott, Mrs. Ward, Miss Baumgart & Aunt Hall Mastin sent me Xma’s cards & booklets.  Uncle Will ate dinner with us. 

[Fri. Dec. 26. 1913] Fri.26.  Sit here all day  crocheted made. three thimble holders to sent to Constables & started my lace for Cousin Lucy Scott for pillow slips she will pay me for that.  I am going

[Fri. Dec. 26. 1913] Page. 118. to send her & Bell each a thimble holder I have sold $1.25 worth of egg  that is 2 1/2 dozen  I have used 3 eggs but can’t aford to use many more

[Sat. Dec. 27. 1913] Sat.27.  Audrey scrubed Nellie & went to town  she has helped me to get 7 subscribers for the Needle Craft 25 cents per yr.  Elbert went to town & brought home fish for. Sun. Dinner. Elbert went to town to night & Nellie & Elsie went to market and drug store.  Nellie mailed a box to Constables Amarills Texas with three thimble holders in it for 3 cents.  I sent them 1 1/2 lbs. of candy & it cost 43 cents & I sent them each a card for Xmas to Uncle Will & Francise came over & brought their graphone & played all the pieces they have, they finish & went home at 10-30 & then Elbert came & we had hot tea & coffee & a lunch & cholates then went to bed 11-45. & tomorrow is Sun. 

[Sun. Dec. 28. 1913] Sun.28.  I pushed myself & chair to kitchen & baked 2 dozen cup cakes Sun and made apple sause.  Well we didn’t have any company & Elbert bought a lot of fish & so we’ll have to fish untill the’re gone. it seems as though I had been sitting around for a month or more now.

[Mon. Dec. 29. 1913] Mon.29.  Well I have to sit around A isn’t going to wash.  This is terrible to sit here every thing is waiting to be done but not a thing done yet & its most noon. Oh.dee.

[Tue. Dec. 30. 1913] Tue.30.  Well A washed out a few things

[Tue. Dec. 30. 1913] Page 119. & Mrs. Gilmore was coming over to bring her subscription, but hasn’t come yet. 

[Wed. Dec. 31. 1913] Wed.31.  The last day of the old year  Uncle Will spent the evening here   Mrs. Gilmore’s brother brought the price of her subscription just a week tonight. 

Elinor’s Diary 1914

Thurs Jan.1.1914   Elbert brought a pork roast home for dinner. A made dressing & mashed potatoes & brown gravy for dinner  Uncle Will. ate dinner with us.  A long lonesome evening  Elbert has gone to town.  Went to church first. 

[Fri. Jan. 2. 1914] Fri.2.  Gilbert’s girl Grace has diphtheria & Walter & Seth [Pomeroy]phone to see if they could come here, they cant go home.  Elbert told them they could come here. but I told him not until they see the Dr. for they might have it in their systems. but. Dr. examined them & said they were all right so they came here for supper & to board for a week or two  Russell is shut in  Will left Thurs. & Mable is taking care of Grace  Gilbert has a room in the lower part of the house & he still works at the Mill. I have all my 10 subscribers for needle craft. 

[Sat. Jan. 3. 1914]  Sat.3. A got up & packed the two boys & she & Nellie  fixed breakfast for us & then Nellie did the dishes & Audrey sweep and its 11-15 oclock.  baby 19 mo. old today   had chicken dinner. 

[Sun. Jan. 4. 1914] Page 120 Sun.4. Mr. & Mrs Baker were here this evening & Mr Casava  they made me tired. Seth P was 19 yrs. old.

[Mon. Jan. 5. 1914] Mon.5.  Well this is and other day, have sewed some & pushed my chair around the house some hopping on one foot wiped dishes & wrote. 

[Tue. Jan. 6. 1914] Tue. 6. Elbert helped Audrey wash, they were through before noon. A was plenty tired though.  Walter Pomeroy went home to night  sent my subscriptions in to day for needlecraft. 

[Wed. Jan. 7. 1914]  Wed.7.  I ironed six starched pieces for my self  it is hard to stand on one foot & work  Seth went home tonight. 

[Thrs. Jan. 8. 1914]  Thurs.8.  A beautifull day out door today

[Fri. Jan. 9. 1914] Fri.9.  I mixed up a patch of spong for A that made 13 loaves of bread & she took out enough spong for 3 loaves & made Bread cake  I wipe dishes & sew & crochet & write some

[Sat. Jan. 10. 1914]  Sat.10.  Mr. Casave spent a halh hr. or so here  Mr. Baker passed & Mr. C. went with him to town  Mr. Seahill stoped for Elbert and they went to town  then he came back & was here an hr. or so & Elsie was here all evening.ha.h.,ha,ha.

[Sun. Jan. 11. 1914]  Sun.11.  Mr. & Mrs. Aimes  & there 2 girls–Mr. Seahill were here to pay us a visit today. 

[Mon. Jan. 12. 1914]  Mon.12.  Useral dutys.  Mr. Seahill came in & spent the evening & I was glad Elbert gave him a hint to go early, well it was 10-30 for there are several things I don’t like about S. he is so nervous seemingly on the out look & then he was so soft & silly, took such a liking to me.

[Mon. Jan. 12. 1914]  Page 121.he had the nerve to walk over beside me & tell Nellie he would sit beside his friend, & for his pains I gave him a look that. Nellie said was enough to cause one to fade, but he did n’t seem to notice, his heart fluttered on his coat sleeve, as though enjoying my wrath which indeed [?} during a game or so of flinch, where upon S was to tender hearted to flinch me, saying he didn’t want to flinch his friend, and I was so angry I told him to play fair  we wouldn’t play any longer, but Elbert came to my rescue, we changed games & so after S bade us good night for which we were all glad:  Oh dee Whats next I wonder. 

[Tue. Jan. 13. 1914]  Tue.13.  Well Audrey is making the best of if doing the work her self, I help with what ever I can do iron my own pieces & wipe dishes & prepare for dinner & supper & help cook & bake . Oh! Seahill went past to town & talk with Mr. Casava, & Mr. Baker, Elbert & I told a different story to each one, said, he wasn’t coming back to night.  Mr. C. spoke as he pass on his way to town said he was going up to the Gylid [?] to a dance.  Baker passed & when he came back stoped and talked to Elbert on the wood pile, I heard them relate S. storeys & each say he was a pecular fellow.  Well, whats next. 

[Wed. Jan. 14. 1914]  Wed 14.  Elbert has been working at the car dump for a few days and the old man on the Santaga has taken him accross the river last night, this morn. & this noon, He told Elbert that S had stole his gold watch  he stoped here & told Audrey on his way to town & while he was up town S. went aboard & got his few clothes, S had been drunk the night before & came, back to the boat but, Casava said he told him he couldn’t make the old man hear him & wanted to know if he could stay with C. that night.  C had heard not a word about S. so fixed him a bed & alowed him to stay, it was rainy to, but when he woke S. was gone, C. hastened up thinking S. might have taken some of his money or his watch, but he could find not a thing gone and had just finished his search when S. came back with his few clothes.  C. wondered & S. said he was going to Cleveland & C. said he had been thinking of go to Cleveland & would go with S. C. cook their breakfast & Dinner in one, and after doing up the work dressed to go & as they went across the river S. said he had changed his mind & was going to Elyria, C. stoped a minute or so to bail out his boat  S said he would go on & meet him a certain barbor shop but when C got there, nothing had been seen of S. C. went to Cleveland & was gone allday.

[Thrs. Jan. 15. 1914] Page 123. Thurs.15.  Well I have sewed & crocheted some today  Casava stoped here a few minutes & said he didn’t know anything was wrong or he wouldn’t have let S. stay with him allnight but said he had thought about S. & how funny he had appeared so ill at rest so uneasy, he’s gone maybe we will never see him again. 

Fri. Jan 16. 1914.  Mending & darning & today I am 29 years old. & Ma sent me a birthday card & Ruby sent a card & Georgia Rosecranes sent me a letter & handkercheif & Audrey gave me a Jabot & Elbert payed my doctor bill & Nellie wish she could gave given me something but couldn’t. 

[Sat. Jan. 17. 1914]  Sat.17.  Same old thing sitting around, Knee didn’t gain very fast  Uncle Will & Edith came & brought the graphenola and played untill 10-30  we enjoyed it , they have been over often since I hurt my knee & Bakers always stop & C. & Aimers & every one is so good to me. 

[Sun. Jan. 18. 1914]   Sun.18.  Well we didn’t get up very early & I pared the potatoes and while they boiled I roasted the beef & before I had finished Baker put his head in at the kitchen door and ask if I were able to work & meanwhile Mr. Casava had come in at the front door & to my horror; said Elinor is in the kitchen.  Baker laughed & went his way & I went to

[Sun. Jan. 18. 1914]  Page. 124. the diniing room & had a visit with Mr. Casava; for an hour or so, detaining dinner & although we were all hungry as bears we had to laugh.  Rev. (La Croix, Croy)began tonight with a two weeks revival service, and I pray God will Bless him. 

[Mon. Jan. 19. 1914]  Mon.19.  A. didn’t wash today  been a long day 

[Tue. Jan. 20. 1914]  Tue.20 Elbert helped A wash today, Casava spent the evening here & we all played flinch. 

[Wed. Jan. 21. 1914]  Wed.21. Elbert went to work in the shipyard today

[Fri. Jan. 23. 1914] Fri.23.  Patched & darned all day & helped get supper. Uncle Will & Elsie came over with there music box  I enjoy that so much. Elbert went to town. 

[Sun. Jan. 25. 1914]  Sun.25.  Well Elbert found the hunky that the accordian belong to & he came & got it this morn.  Grace Ciscal & Rue Bensen called or spent the after noon with Nellie. N took them aboard the Str. Sterns & Bakers showed them over the boat Grace. & Bakers had never had that treat before & enjoyed emencely

[Sun. Jan. 25. 1914] Page 125. Mon.26.  Well I done the washing with A’s help  I turned out most all the clothes & sudsed & wrinsed & starched them all but 1/2 dozen pieces, got a scolding from every one & the outsider but it didn’t hurt me neither the scolding or washing  ha,ha, A was more tired than I. 

[Tue. Jan. 27. 1914] Tue.27.  Well I am suposed to feel half dead today but feel as well as useral  ha.ha,ha.

[Wed. Jan. 28. 1914]  Wed.28.  Pa’s birthday  he is 52 yrs. old today  I sent him a letter & birthday card a week ago he must have got them for his birthday, hope he’s well. 

[Thrs. Jan. 29. 1914]  Thurs.29.  Ship keepers all call for which I’m glad, as it helps to pass the time more pleasent  I do get tired, but still I go from one room to the other & wait on myself & help the rest some times, will know how to appreciate my drumm sticks .  The Aimes’es put their music box out on the stern deck & turned the horn up here , for me to hear the music the wind was in the south & I heard it as plain as could be, for two hours or more. 

[Fri. Jan. 30. 1914]  Fri.30.  Mended & crocheted some today  Mr. Casava was here a little while this after noon

[Sat. Jan. 31. 1914]  Sat.31.  Wyn Grant’s birth day she is 38 I think.  Elbert went to town & Uncle & Elsie came with music box & when Elbert came and Music was done we all had a lunch & then Uncle & Elsie went home & we went to bed ha,ha.ha,

[Sun. Feb. 1. 1914]  Sun.Feb.1.  Today has been long & lonesome, we had no company & missed to homefolks so. 

[Mon Feb. 2. 1914]  Page 126. Feb.Mon.2.Ground hog day & he can see his shadow.  Baker came & got water & his mail & wants Elbert to Look after his boat for a few days while he & his wife go to celerbrate her mothers 50th weding anaverser, Casasa & Elsie were here & we all played flinch  Elbert was cross & because we each had a cup of cocoa & a piece of cak  Elbert was mad about that, I wonder if there is a man in this old world that doesn’t have grouchy spells. Oh.dee.

[Tue. Feb. 3. 1914]  Tue.3.  This is a beautiful morn just like Spring

[Wed. Feb. 4. 1914]  Wed.4.  Nellie went to bed before I did, she was apparently angry at every one, gave us each a calling down before she went.  The wind had shifted North west & felt as though if might have come straight from Greenlands icy shore.  When I went to bed, the room was so cold I shivered, as one might with ezzue, Nellie had opened the west window the width of a pane & pined a towel over it, but the breeze was coming right in, I told her she had better shut it, but she only replyed, you foolish thing  haven’t you got any sence ?  its a wonder were not all sick with only a crack of the window open at night, we need fresh air, I tried to get Audrey up but, nothing doing, I feel a little afraid

[Wed. Feb. 4. 1914]  Page 127.to travel around in the dark with my bad knee so covered up a little more & waited untill the wind was most lifting the bed comfort off, and my head so stuffed up I could hardly breathe, then told Nellie to get up & shut the window, she didn’t want to but I told her I’d push her out of bed if she didn’t so muttering she arouse & closed the window, she took cold.

[Thrs. Feb. 5. 1914] Mon. &  not only gave me a bad one, but added some to her own much to my sorrow.  Nellie was so sick, but went to school. Nellie didn’t go to school today.  Audrey washed, she ask me if I felt like sudzing & wrinsing & I said I would do it, she was washing on the board, when I finnished what she had ready for me , I got dinner & I ached all over & oh my back felt as though it would break, but I haven’t as much strength in my right limb as useral && told the girls after I had every thing cook & ready for the table, they would have to put them on the table & cute the bread & my the tea to which Audrey spoke up & said, she suposed if they didn’t help they couldn’t have anything to eat, I didn’t look at her & didn’t know she was angry & laughing I said no.  well we got thing all done & ready to eat & she said she warn’t going to eat.  I ask her what was wrong & she, ssid, it didn’t matter to me

[Thrs. Feb. 5. 1914] Page 128. & I might as well keep still for she wasn’t going to eat.  Well you can only imagine how I felt.  she looked as stuborn as any mule you ever saw, but, when everything was cold & Nellie had coaxed & pleaded half & hour or more she came & ate a cold but hearty dinner.  Well I helped her finnish the wash & hoped around & got the dishes in the pan ready to wash, breakfast & dinner dishes  Nellie took Martha out for a little walk & then she washed the dishes.  I sat down just before supper & the girls got supper & when it was on the table A. ask me if I wasn’t going to eat & I said yes, but I don’t feel very hungry but guessed I eat as the old (saying was to feed a cold) then A gave me such a look, fire blazed in her eye & startled me & I left unfinnished the last part of my sentence & ask what was wrong & she said it wouldn’t spite her any if I didn’t eat, but next time I cooked a meal she wouldn’t eat if she was starving & she draw her lips together un-till they were white, I just looked for a min so hurt  I didn’t know what to say then Elbert look a me & said, you haven’t got any business in the kitchen & you stay out of it, do you hear?  Now I were bothe hurt & angry & then Audrey re-peated what had took a place at noon & that I said no then I said, I didn’t know you were angry & any

[Thrs. Feb. 5. 1914]Page 129. one would have known that heard me, that I was joking & besides & wouldn’t have laughed when I said it, had I ment it.  but she only looked more angry & Elbert told me no more nor less then a doz. times to shut up, keep quite, never mind, keep still, it over with & you don’t need to explain, and to stay out the kitchen & let A do the work, she’s doing the best she can & she don’t need your help, Keep quite or your knee will never get well.  I told him the Dr. said I might hop around & push a chair  If I sat down & rested when I got tired,, but Elbert said, who’s going to pay your Dr. bill  I wont if you don’t mind me  do you hear?  Now I was so angry I hadn’t ought to have said any thing, but a thought of what Ruby had written came to me & I said, I’m my own boss & you don’t need to think you have got me under your thumb if Ruby does that  infernel little huzzy, I farly hate the little wrech, I do just as I please & go to the kitchen as often as I please & you, each one can say all you want you might as well talk to a stone mummy.  You’ll find out if it takes more than a sore knee for you to humble me & get me just where you want me, Now Elbert once more tossed up the Dr. bill & I told him 

[Thrs. Feb. 5. 1914] Page 130. he wasn’t in the habit of paying my bill, & I didn’t care to have him even think of it for that was non of his afares & now so hurt & cried at the supper table & didn’t finnish supper.  Oh God, only knows whether I’ll have any nerves left when I get able to walk & the Dr. thinks it will be a year before I can work.  I wonder what will (underlined) be next.  

[Fri. Feb. 6. 1914]  Fri.6.  Nellie is 17 yrs. old today, it does seem that long ago, she was running around here a little golden headed girl simeral to Martha  I’ve all ways done all her sewing from her long baby dresses to her gowns of today  always looked after when I was home from school & took her with me. as often as I could have always spent a great deal of my earnings for her, going without myself, things I often longed for, to see her pleased & happy & have taken as much interest & pride in her a though she were my own, she passed & is in the forth yr. high school, I should like to see her finnish & go to college, all the things I would have liked I have tried to have the others have  Gertie didn’t want to go to school & Audrey finnished the grades & took a business coarse & married without asking either mother or father, Frank took part of the grades & quit then he married with out asking father or mother  Elbert took part of the grades & so did Fred & I.  Elbert was hard to learn & quit  Fred liked to study but, pa wanted him to help him so took him from school, but he has studied just the same every since nights the boys are good worker. & good to we girls generally, my health was so poor father wouldn’t let me take the 8th grade, but I took it at Wards, evening with there boys & some besides Mr. Ward was Professer of the graded schools & High school  I was there 2 1/2 yrs. but always came home Sat. afternoons & went back Mon. Morn’s. Audrey gave Nellie a Jabot & I gave her a collar & cuff set crocheted, Venetian Style.  We are getting 4 & 5 eggs a day  they are 45 cents per. doz. yet. Oh. Dee.

[Sat. Feb. 7. 1914]  Sat.7. Sewed & read Quincey Adams Sawyer. Quincy Adams Sawyer.jpg

[Sun. Feb. 8. 1914]  Sun.8.  Nellie & I have been reading The Trail of The Lonesome Pine. Lucia Fletcher came to see Nellie took supper & spent the evening here & Mr Casivi was here an hr. or so after supper  Lucia will be 16 yrs old the 19th of A. pril 1914 She is a nice girl and I am sorry for her, she is the eldest of 6 children an am-bitious girl & she has always had to work hard, her father is a drunkard & her mother not far from one & and she takes in washings & Lucia left home & went to work they were so hateful to her, she had just started into highschool & felt bad to give it up, but she bought herself enought for a yr & saved some money & this yr. her folks wanted her to come home, so she came & is going to highschool again

[Sun. Feb. 8. 1914]Page 132. Mon.9.  Audrey & I did the washing today  I sat in a chair and turned the tub & while Audrey took out the clean & put in more to be washed.  I sudsed & wrinsed & I’m so tired  I ach, been so sick allday haven’t felt like work.

[Tue. Feb. 10, 1914]  Tue.10.  Read my book & didn’t work much. 

[Wed. Feb. 11. 1914]  Wed.11. Darned & mended & cared for Martha as Audrey went to town this afternoon & the wind was so cold she was most froze. Oh Dee.

[Thrs. Feb. 12. 1914]  Thurs.12.  Well I have read & sewed & crocheted & Mr & Mrs. Baker came back tonight from Bay City Mich. where they went to attend her mothers & fathers golden wedding, they had a glorious good time & so glad they had gone, they were most froze when they got here, its a mile & a quarter from town here & he had two suit cases & her a hand scathel, they came in & got warm & then went down to their boat.  

[Fri. Feb. 13. 1914]  Fri.13.  Well, I got up at 8-30 & have worked all-day, washed the window & chair & mixed up a batch of spong that made 10 loave of bread & a dripping pan & jelly tin of rolls & some odds & ends.  Mr. Cassivi was coming tonight, but didn’t for some reason. 

[Sat. Feb. 14. 1914]  Sat.14.  I washed & windows & scrubed the chairs & have felt so ill all week, but guess I get around on one foot to much & my face looks like

[Sat. Feb. 14. 1914] Page 133. Sat.14.  an old maid. 40 yrs old. today is St. Valintine Dad.  Oh. yes. Mr Cassivi stoped inon his way to town, Elbert had gone, Uncle Will  & Elsie came, with their music box & Uncle met Mr. Cassivi for the first time.  He was here about  & hour then went to town to the dance, he always looks so neat & clean.  Uncle & Elsie stayed untill 11 oclock & Nellie & I went to bed at 2 a.m. she studied while I sat near & read to keep her company. Oh.Dee.

[Sun. Feb. 15. 1914]  Sun.15.  We didn’t get up very early & had a late dinner (4-30) chickens 2 noodles gravy creamed potatoes, pickles & all that goes with such a dinner. Mr. Cassivi took dinner with us. Mr. &Mrs. Baker sent us each a dish of ice cream  it was fine, it was late (No) early when Nellie & I went to bed, for she & I were reading. 

[Mon. Feb. 16. 1914]  Mon.16.  Audrey and I have sewed today & crocheted L. Constable sent me a Valentine card & oh, it said A reminder of my love, but the picture of the girl on it looked as though she begrudged it. Mr.& Mrs. Baker, Mr. Cassivi, Lillie & Elsie Wheeler spent the evening here Elsie & Lillie brought over the music box & Mr C. & Mrs. B tried to teach the girls to dance,  Elsie had practiced some with 

[Tue. Feb. 17. 1914]  Tue.17.  her sisters but although she is 18 yrs. old shhe said, when Mr. C. told her to put her hand

[Tue. Feb. 17. 1914]Page 134. on his shoulder, took her other hand in his then put his other hand against her back, she thought she would faint, she came over this noon & told us, but I knew while watching her last night, she said she felt as though she had a sock of elictricity & when they started to turn around quick she let go & pushed him a way, all in a fury, leaving Mr. C. standing with, oh, such a look of surprise  then I laughed, Elsie looked at me, smiled.  then went to the kitchen, then all laughed but, today, she said she thought he was trying a trick, to whirl her around so. Oh.ho.ho.ho.  Mr. Baker stoped & laughed & talk a minute.  Audrey & Elbert & I played flinch-then I sat up untill 2-a.m. & finnished the lace for the sleeve on Nellies waist & made the button holes & sewed on the buttons, Elbert treated us to a box of chocolats. 

[Wed. Feb. 18. 1914]  Wed.18.  Didn’t get up untill noon.  Wrote five sheets of tablet paper full on each side to Ma, Pa, Fred & Gertie & Frank & Ruby & that all to-day

[Thrs. Feb. 19. 1914]  Thurs.19.  Well we washed & I turned the tub & shifted the clothes & Audrey sudsed & wrinsed half of them & I the other half & I have been feeling so miseraable for a week or more that I haven’t as much strength as useral. Oh, Dee.  

[Fri. Feb. 20. 1914]  Fri.20.  Elbert has been home three day with 

[Fri. Feb. 20. 1914] Page 135.Fri.20.  his rheumatism in his left hip & leg.  Sewed & crocheted & after supper Elsie & Mr. Cassivi came in & spent the evening  Elsie brought the music over & we had a concert untill 10-30 then we each had a piece of cake & cup of tea after which we played finch untill 12 oclock, then all went their way but Nellie & I  & Nellie studied until most two oclock then we went to bed

[Sat. Feb. 21. 1914]  Sat.21.  We received a letter from pa a good one telling us they had bought a goat & 4 hens & a rooster & all about Fred, Frank & Carl go-ing fishing, how they set there trap net made of hen park wire & how the gaitors broke a hole in & ate most all the fish & I’ll just keep his letter so it can go in here.I have ironed & cook & baked & sewed today. 

[Sun. Feb. 22. 1914]  Sun.22.  Geo. Washingtons birthday.  Mr. Cassivi is going for a sleigh ride tonight, said his conscience has hurt him. he knew he ought not go but he went & Mr. & Mrs. Baker went down to Saffs.  it has been a bad day cold & snowy & to night it’s terrible  Mr. Baker came back stopped here  an hr. or so, he said he waded snow knee deep & he was most froze & hated to walk up to C’s boat, both boats are alive with cockroaches & they have been trying to freeze them to death, but don’t make much headway. my stomach is all out of sorts & my head achs guess Nellie & I have been up to late nights. she studying & me reading Oh do.dee.dee.

[Mon. Feb. 23. 1914]  Page 136. Mon.23.  Well we did not wash, A didn’t want to

[Tue. Feb. 24. 1914]  Tu.24.  We washed & was all through at noon & Audrey went to town  Mr. C & Mr B went to town A & B came back together, both came in the front door  Baker is a queer man think a lot & says little, but he like to tease so he held out a bag & ask me to have a Kiss Thank you since there candy, beleive I will then he smiled  & passed them around. one might he took a plug of tobaco from his pocket & ask Nellie if she didn’t want a chew. 

[Wed. Feb. 25. 1914]  Wed.25.  I ironed some Tue. afternoon & evening & some today & crocheted some. Oh,ho.ho.ha.

[Thrs. Feb. 26. 1914]  Thurs.26.  Yesterday  Mr. Cassivi introduced his friend Mr. Duram a cook & I did all my ironing & all the plain ironing & then sewed & crocheted some.  The old man walk here a few mis. from the Satago & Elbert says the old gent think I’m all right.ha.ha.

[Fri. Feb. 27. 1914]  Fri.27.  Sewed some & helped, cook & bake & wash windows  Cassovi & his friend spent the evening here played flinch & had a lunch & it was 12 oclock when they went. 

[Sat. Feb. 28. 1914]  Sat.28.  Audrey scrubed the dinning room & kitchen & I mended & sewed some & baked a cake.

[Sun. Mar. 1. 1914]  Sun. Mar.1  March came in howling & is still at it. 

[Mon. Mar. 2. 1914]  Mon.2.  Sewed and mended & crocheted some.

[Tue. Mar. 3. 1914]  Tue.3. Audrey went to town. Uncle Will was sick all day Mon. but is better today & came over to see me a while, when he went home. Mrs Baker came up & stay till Audrey & Nellie come  I helped get supper 

[Wed. Mar. 4. 1914]  Wed.4. Sewed some & started a letter to ma

[Thrs. Mar. 5. 1914]  Thurs.5.  I did the washing  Audrey took them out of the boiler & suds & wrinsed part of them & hung most of the white clothes out on the line  Audrey says she’s tired most to death, well she hasn’t done any more work than I have & I’m sure if I had two feet I wouldn’t have been 1/3 as tired as I am, but I have work on one foot from 10 un-till 4-30 oclock & the side of me achs, then A says if she were as stout as I , she would be tired. I’m going to take a bath & go to bed, Nellie thinks it is terrible that I wont set up with her while she studys but I can’t tonight & am, in bed, after my bath. 

[Fri. Mar. 6. 1914]  Fri.6.  I haven’t done much to day. wrote or finnished writing an 18 page letter to ma & the folks.  I wrote a letter to Cousin Georgia Rosecrans’s to sent for some flower seed  don’t know how I’m going to plant them. 

[Sat. Mar. 7. 1914]  Sat.7.  Audrey went to town.  I got supper & had it ready a few mi. after she and Nellie & Elbert came, I made hot biscuit brown gravy creamed potatoes & fried pork stake & A was so mad because there wasn’t any milk for tea, she pouted & looked at me ‘ like she wanted to eat me, she thought Nellie might went after the milk, but, I scrubbed the dinning room & kitchen & had to have her move things & change water for me so she was busy besides she swept our bedroom & cleaned all the lamps & it strains me to work on one foot very long at a time.  I so shaky  I’m most afraid to trust my self to move one my one foot any more, A said (after supper) I supose I got to wash the dishes that means 1 1/2 hrs.  she done them & Nellie went clear over to Miller to get milk so A could have some tea. & she didn’t even thank Nellie. Oh.Dee Dee Dee.

[Sun. Mar. 8. 1914]  Sun.8.  Elbert didn’t work yesterday, he has a bad cold in his head & so frety, Oh. Oh. Oh. No. Letter from the folks this week either.  

[Mon. Mar. 9. 1914]  Mon.9.  Well I got Ester’s dress out & work on it a while she came down & tried it on& she told me more about her beau. she told me she went to visit her aunt at Green-town a yr. ago last summer, her aunt is a nurse & at that thime was nursing a typhoid case ( a young man, little more than 20 yrs. of age, Ester called at the patient’s home to see her aunt and after visiting an hour or so with her aunt, her aunt ask her to come in the next room to see her patient, Ester said she wasn’t able to talk so she sympathized with (Mr. Leo Eavers) and wished him a speedy recovery  she said he looked like a boy of 15 yrs. he was so poor & thin, she talked to him about 5 minutes & never gave him another thought, then last summer, her aunt came over for a few days & told Ester Mr. Eavers inquired often about her, and said she gave him Ester’s address, and in a few days Ester received a card from Mr. Eavers, she ans. with a card, he ans. in a letter & she replyed by letter  he sent her a band ring, it was to large & she sent it back & he changed it & sent another, he sent his picture & Ester re-turned her’s, Oh, I told her she would be going some day, not to return as Ester Pratt, but Mrs. Eavers, she laught & said she didn’t know.  She will go a way to school some day & forget the way to go to Elyria instead. 

[Tue. Mar. 10. 1914]  Tue.10.  I washed today & had to do so much & it alone, I’m dead tired, Audrey hung most of the clothes out & they got dry, then A felt so tired I helped get supper & Lucia phoned to Nellie asking her to help her with some school work & she came in just after supper then before I could get the dishes down Uncle Will came in & then Mr. Cassovi & at last Mr. & Mrs. Baker & they knew I’ve been washing all day, but, they stayed & played card untill 12 oclock then Nellie & I sat here until 2 a.m. so she could get her lessons.  Oh how dreadfull.  

[Wed. Mar. 11. 1914]  Wed.11. A to ill to get up, Elbert had such a cold in her head he didn’t go to work & Nellie got up & went to school, Oh, I can’t see why I must be one legged, but am more than glad to be able to get around on one leg, it would be horrible if I could-n’t work at all, I do most of the work & on one foot & leg to.  Oh, how weak & sinful or well, I can’t express, it. but how little we fore see & re-alize what is before us. Oh God have murcy on me and help me to be forever thine, give me strength dear Heavenly Father through thy Devine Power to do thy will, each day & minute be with me.  I have ironed all last weeks & this weeks plain clothes & a few starched pieces & swept & washed dishes * cooked & I ach so. Oh, dee, dee.

[Thrs. Mar. 12. 1914]  Thurs.12.  I have ironed all day & until 8 oclock tonight, starched clothes, Nellies & my & have six pieces to finnished in the morn.  

[Fri. Mar. 13. 1914]   Fri.13.  Finnished the six pieces.  Nellie came home at noon  A. has been sick all day  We discovered she had a tape worm today.  I sewed some to day.  Ester was here she came to show me Mr. Eavers picture he isn’t a bad looking fellow, but Ester says he came last Sat, & stayed untill Mon. took Ester to school & then went home to Greentown & hes coming again Sat. tomorrow. Oh.oh.oh; 

[Sat. Mar. 14. 1914]  Sat.14.  Nellie & I cleaned the stove pipe to crock & such a muss & I scrubbed the floor  I’ve work all day & so has Nellie.

[Sun. Mar. 15. 1914]  Sun.15.  Every ones tired the boat folks were here for water & uncle Will & Elsie & Edith.  & I haven’t done any more than had to be done.  

[Sun. Mar. 15. 1914]  Page 141.  Sun.15.  Well Baker comes up for water every morning, and some time says queer thing about his wife, I must say I’ve never liked since I first saw her and dis-liked her more after there first visit one evening.  she said she like to play cards untill one, two oclock in the morning then she want her limberger cheese, onion, bread and butter and beer & she looked it.  Oh. Well she has tried to keep pretty close on Mr. Cassovi & of late he has been getting his eyes opened & yesterday he told me she had been trying to get him to go over town & visit a family by the name of Ward & Cassovi didn’t want to go & told her he’d think it over so he came up here at three oclock on his way to town & had only been here a few minutes, when in walked Mr. Baker saying, so you’re here are you? meaning (C.)  B. sat down & stay un-till C. arose put on his coat and hat & said he was going up town & would see us again  B. said, well, I guess I’ll go along & they both left  When they reached the Nickol plate Willie Mackey saw them pass & run out the house putting on his overcoat as he ran to over take B. & C. which he did & at seven-thirty C came back & told us he had a great time to lose M. & B. & that he would like to hid untill Mr & Mrs. Baker went past. Elbert asked C. to excuse him as he had an engagement & C. hid & I hid his hat & gloves just a B’s came up hill & Elbert went out just in time to meet them & Mrs. B. came in to cast her eagle eye all over & peered about in the corner.  I ask her to sit down to rest but she said she was going to spend the evening with the Wards & Mr. B. was waiting for her & she thought she would come in just a minute, have you Mr.C. today? and I ans. yes, he came here this after noon & said he was going to town & I didn’t ask him when he was coming back and she said, well he was going with us tonight. well, he’s a good one.  Well, C. heard all that was said & could hardly keep from yelling he was so tickled & after they were well out of sight, he came into the dining room & we visited untill ten or ten-thirty the went up to his boat. oh. such times on the Petomick.  I bet Mrs. B will get him roped in to some other game to pay for this  It dreadful

[Mon. Mar. 16. 1914]  Mon.16.  We didn’t wash so, I sewed & what do you think, Elbert was done to the river & Baker passed & stop to visit a minute & said they were going down the river in his boat if Cassovi would go (Cassovi) is using B.’s boat, till he gets his repaired, he lent it to Aimes & he stove a hole in it, in the 

[Mon. Mar. 16. 1914]Page 143. ice, so C. has been fixing it up & painting it. Oh yes, he said Mrs. B wanted to go in the boat.  Well, now, what did I tell you, she’s at her game. 

[Tue. Mar. 17. 1914]  Tue.17.  We washed & I’m some tired I have been having such nervoous head achs, today is St. Patrick’s Day.  Audrey sent some St. Patrick. cards South to the folks. I . didn’t get mine wrote, so didn’t send any.  Mr. Cassovi was here a few minutes today he has been sick every since he fell in the river, but is feeling & looking bad, he trys to be jolly and keep up and going. Mr. B came up for water & the mail & said. We went down the river in my little boat & Mr. C. was with us & we landed near the fish house, it was so muddy (yellow clay) and we had a great time getting up the hill, we went up to Saphs, and my  wife telephoned Miss Mollie Ward to come over, and it was after (nine thirty) but Mollie came & and at one oclock Mr. & Mrs. B. said they were going & Mrs. B said , Now Ambrosus you see Mollie home & Mr. B. & I will wait at the bridge for you, they all left Saphs to gether and when they reached the bridge Mrs. B said, I guess I’ll go over with you & John can get the boat & bring it where they could get in, with out getting in the mud. C. said he would go get the boat & Mr. B. could go but Mr. B. left them & went to get the boat. so, C went over the bridge with Mollie & Mrs. B & of coarse he came back with my wife, said Mr. B. they had a great time getting Mrs. B loaded into the boat & Mrs. B fell down & was plastered from head to foot & when they got to their boat & got out Mr. C. stayed in the boat & started on to his boat but Mrs. B insisted he come back & have a lunch & some hot drink, but C said he didn’t feel eable & thank them just the same , but still she urged & Mr. B. said let him go home if he wants to whats

[Tue. Mar. 17. 1914] Page 144.wrong with you.  don’t you suppose he’s tired. 

[Wed. Mar. 18. 1914]  Wed.18.  I ironed to day and my legs & knees ach

[Thrs. Mar. 19. 1914]  Thurs.19. Oh. I’ll be so glad when the boats are out of the river, we have enjoyed mr. C’s company & Aimes to But not those Bakers.  Oh, dee, dee,dee,dee,me.

[Fri. Mar. 20. 1914]  Fri.20.  Sewed today & did house work. 

[Sat. Mar. 21. 1914]  Sat.21.  First day of Spring  I mopped both floors. 

[Sun. Mar. 22. 1914]  Sun 22. Mr. C. took dinner with us & I cook chicken & made buscuites and we had buscuites & gravey & creamed potatoes, pickles, cheese, peaches & cake & tea.  Mr. C. ate harty but said he didn’t feel good  he looks yellow even the whites of his eyes, we have been trying to get him to go to a doctor, but he didn’t know what to do, but said if he didn’t feel better in a day or so he’d go. 

[Mon. Mar. 23. 1914]  Mon.23.  I sewed some today & we didn’t wash  I don’t feel very stout in my leg & have been so nervous.  Mr. & Mrs. B. came in to spent the evening & about nine oclock Mrs. B’s sister came (Mrs. Hill) & after telling of all the time she had, had to find the place after dark, they depart about 9-30 & I felt like hoisting the stars & the stripes.  the worse is yet to come. 

[Tue. Mar. 24. 1914]  Tue.24. We sewed & did house work  Mr. B. came for water & mail & Mr. O’Neil came & brought me a paper, he has brought me a paper every other day all winter. he’s 70 years old a little dryed up Irishman Oh.ho.ho,ho,. Well, he hasn’t any relatives maybe he wants to leave leave his will to me  Oh, ho, ha, ha,ha. poor old man.  

[Wed. Mar. 25. 1914]  Wed.25. We sewed & did house work Mr. C. has been here quite often of late & to B’s less. martha is getting to be such a pretty little girl every one loves her. 

[Thrs. Mar. 26. 1914]  Thurs.26.  We washed to day & the sun did shine & we had such a big wash & Mrs. B & H. went to town  

[Fri. Mar. 27. 1914]  Fri.27.  Mr B left for Detroit Mich. to paint & repair their house.  she said she’d be glad 

[Fri. Mar. 27. 1914] Page 145. to get rid of him for a week, but he told us he wasn’t coming back  Mr. C said he ask him to look after his boat, but, he told him he was sick & couldn’t.  C. hasn’t been to B’s for more than a week  Mr. C. ate supper here to night. 

[Sat. Mar. 28. 1914]  Sat.28.I was so tired I didn’t scrub  & have had so many other things to do I’m most crazy. Oh. dee. Mr. C spent the evening here. 

[Sun. Mar. 29. 1914]  Sun. 29.  Mr. C. was coming up to dinner, but a lot of boys came  just as he weas leaving, so he had to stay & what do you think. Mrs. B. & H. went up to Cs boat & went aboard while all those boys were there & C. said he was so shocked & horrifide he didn’t know what to do or say & as sooon as he got rid of them he came down here & Elbert & I persuaded him to go to Cleveland to the Marina Hospitale, so he went back & pack up & came up to make arrangement for Elbert to look after his boat. Audrey hasn’t eaten anything since Fri.(27) night & this morn she took her medicine & lost her tape worm & now she feels better.  Thank God. 

[Mon. Mar. 30. 1914]  Mon.30.  Well this week is Nellie vacation, but she has to work so much of late & now A is so week & my one leg is so tired. Oh. ho. dee.  The Two Thomas girls Etta & Elizabeth call on me.  We had a delightfull visit. Mr. C. left for Cleveland to day. my but he’s yellow

[Tue. Mar. 31. 1914]  Tue.31 Nellie & I washed & was all through at 3 oclock. but it tires me worse each week & Nellie has lost 10 lbs. in the last two week. 

[Wed. Apr. 2. 1914]  April 1 Wed. I ironed all the plain clothes today & did house work cooking & sweeping. Oh, dee.dee.

[Thrs. Apr. 2. 1914]  Thurs. 2. I finished my starched ironing today. Mrs. Hill comes for the water & mail  I’ll be glad when they are gone. 

[Fri. Apr. 3. 1914]  Fri.3.  I finished the jabot I was making for Gertie’s birthday. Mrs. Aimes and her two little girls (ages 8 & 12) came over and spent the after noon, they brought their graphone and 17 plate disks songs & music on each side.and of all the racket you ever heard, the children were dancing and singing, laughing, talking, squeeling,& running around and playing the graphone & Mrs Aimes & I were trying to visit, it was great.ha,ha,ha,  Well they are nice people any way or seem to be, they left the graphone here for us to enjoy for a couple of days saying they were going to Cleveland and we might as well have it.  There seems to be such a differance in people. Nellie & Elsie went to the Libary, Nellie had to get enough material for a theme, the they went to the ten cent store & Nellie bought a half dozen cups and saucers & an American Beauty rose bush and a dark red rambler.  We got a letter from ma & a card from Mr. Cassovi

[Sat. Apr. 4. 1914]  Sat.4. We set a hen today  I finished Esters dress & baked a devil food cake and I wonder why anyone should give a cake such a name. When it ought to be cake Cocoa Cake.  This is the recipt. 2 cups dark brown sugar  1/2 cup butter (beat sugar & butter together un till light & foamy) 2 eggs (beaten in well) 1/2 cup boiling wather with 3 tablespoonful of cocoa beat up smooth in it (then add to butter sugar & eggs and beat) 1/2 cup of sour milk, dissolve 1/2 teaspoonful soda in milk (then add to mixture(beat in seperately 2 1/2 cups of sifted flour.  This can be baked in layers or in a loaf. I have used it fore layer cake, for loaf cake and for cup cakes.  Well I have been feeling bad for a couple of week & my stomach hurts just terrible but I have to work just the same.

[Sun. Apr. 5. 1914]  Sun.5.  Elbert had to work today. it has tryed to snow today we planted our rose bushes & my dahlia bulbs I were out doors 15 mi. maybe 20 mi. & shivered till my teeth chattered  will have a cold I expect. Oh. ha. 

[Mon. Apr. 6. 1914]  Mon 6.  I have written 17 Easter Post cards & sent part of them. It rained most all last week & so far today I’ve been doing house work all day  Martha doesn’t feel very well & has been whimpy all day  chickens out in the rain all dripping wet sure sign rain tomorrow.

[Tue. Apr. 7. 1914]  Tue. 7.  Nellie didn’t go to school it rained so all morn & has rained steady all day, stopped to night & getting colder. done house work all day.  a Mr. Babcock brought a letter from manager Oaks, that Mr. Bab-cock was going to keep ship untill the crew came & Mr. B. & his half brother Dave Mc.Carthy came in & in-troduced them selves. Mr. Bab. bought a loaf of bread (10cents) and a dozen of eggs for (25 cents) & he has been here often since, gave his family petty gree & an account of his own character, and had nerve enough to give me his address and said he like to write and exchange card and would send Me some if 

[Tue. Apr. 7. 1914]  Page 148. I would give him my address she’d send me post cards. and Nellie & Audrey were in the kitchen laughing to them selves & Nellie said she expected to hear his perpose before he left. Oh.ha.

[Wed. Apr. 8. 1914]  Wed.8.  We washed today  was most through at noon when Cousin Lucy Scott of Toledo came in to spend the after noon & evening, We had a pleasant visit she paid me a dollar for the lace insertion  I crocheted for her pillow slips & what do you think  she is going to send me a graphone a new one Cousin Geo Scott paid ($29) dollars for it at the factory  it has two horns I & she thought about 10 disk records & she only ask me to pay ($4.00) dollars for it and the express. she’s go-ing to send it by electric package.  I been dreadfully sick all day such a head ach.  Well Lucy says Bell’s husband is sick, has heart trouble & his lungs are bad so they have gone down to the Gulf coast  they have been gone two weeks & he doesnt seem to be any better  after supper Lucy went over and called on Uncle Wills then Elbert took her over to the care, sh’e going back to cousin Gilberts to-night & tomorrow she’s going to Cleveland to visit a friend for a few day & wait for Mr. Scott. then they are both going back to Toledo. Oh.dee.mee.

[Thrs. Apr. 9. 1914]Thurs. 9.  Received a letter from Mr. Cassovi. saying he was soon going back to his boarding house. poor boy.   I’ ve done house work all day. 

[Fri. Apr. 10. 1914]  Fri.10. I baked bread & loaves of white & 3 loaves of graham. (Last night Mr. & Mrs. Aimes & their two girls came over and spent the evening & we had a lunch & I didn’t go to bed until (2.a.m.) this morning at two oclock. had to set bread, bake cake, and make a custard so there would be something for Elberts dinner bucket) I have done most of the house work & did my own ironing. today, and have had several callers & am tired tonight.

[Sat. Apr. 11. 1914]  Sat.11.  Well I thought I would get a little more done today, but, I have so much of the house work to look after, that it seems most impos-ible to get any sewing done at all, I have mend-d three pair of uner drawers & four outside shirts for Elbert today & visited while I sewed with Mr. Bab.

[Sun. Apr. 12. 1914]  Sun.12.  Well today is Easter Sunday (underlined) , the windhas been cold but the Sun shone warm & bright allday  I cooked chickens for dinner. Mr. Aimes & his two girls came over for water at noon with Mr. O’Neil, the girls stayed to play with Martha & her dollies & the men off the Stearns came for water just as we  were eating our dinner & Elbert had to get up several time to let them in, then before we had finnished Mr. Bab. & his friend Mr. Wildy came for water & we had no sooner finnished our dinner before Mr. & Mrs. Aimes came in & they hadn’t reached the end of our walk when Mr. O’Neil came in & brought me the Sun Paper & visited an hour & when he left he wished me a pleasant after noon & the top of the evening to to yea.ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.

[Sun. Apr. 12. 1914]  Page 149. Sun.12. Poor old man. I am sorry for him, he’s so thoughtfull to bring me the papers, but he’s so nice about it & blushes like a boy, Oh, its so funny. Oh, h,h,h,h. poor old soul. then Tessie came in with a pretty little basket filled with Easter eggs, big & little for Martha & Martha huged Tessi & kissed her & laughed & carried the basket around and showed it to each one of us and ask if it was -n’t pitty, then went to Tessie and said take Marcie up I hug you, kiss to, dandy, Tessie? thank you shankie. after she went home I washed and dressed & went over to Uncle Wills a little while & when I came back Uncle came withe me & Elsie then, he and Elsie went home & Edith & Elsie came back & Edith didn’t stay long, but Elsie stayed untill Elbert came from church Oh yes, while I was over to Uncle Wills Aimes came back from Miller (where they had gone for milk) & Madeline Miller came back with them and brought our milk and stay a little while So we have had a busy day. Oh.dee,dee. 

[Mon. Apr. 13. 1914]  Mon.13    Francis Wheeler was 21 years. old today. A man he says & I sencerly hope he will be. The weather is fine but, oh its to warm, for we can’t hardly work, with out seeting A hasn’t been feeling very well so we didn’t wash today. 

[Tue. Apr. 14. 1914]  Tue.14.  A letter from Ma & one from Gertie they are wishing they were home & so do I, pa spraint his wrist some time a go and can’t use it very well yet, poor pa. I’ve been sewing yesterday and today, making a waist. 

[Wed. Apr. 15. 1914]  Wed.15. We washed today and it raiined all day & Elbert came home from the yard  he has such a cold.  Mr. Delainey has been sitting around all the after noon waiting for the rain to stop, but has gone at last, sailors to glore, come & go some to use the phone & some to get water, I’ll be glad when they are gone & some lonesome to I recken.

[Thrs. Apr. 16. 1914]  Page 150. Thurs.16.  Well it’s, nice out doors to day & we hung the clothes out & dried them. I been working alday

[Fri. Apr. 17. 1914]  Fri.17.  Still nice out door have sewed & cooked today

[Sat. Apr. 18. 1914]  Sat.18. I scrubed both floors & cooked supper & sewed untill midnight  Mr. Babcock stoped a mi. & Mr. O’Neil stoped an hour or so on his way home from town. Elbert hadn’t come yet, but Uncle Will was here so I didn’t care and after they had both gone Mr & Mrs. McDonald  (cooks on the St. Stearns) came from town and stop to visit and rest & then Elbert came and we had a cup of tea & lunch & went to bed

[Sun. Apr. 19. 1914]  Sun.19.  Well Elbert sold our last wooden flat bottom boat for $15 dollars & traded a pressed steele , square stearn 14 ft row boat to Mr. Aimes for there graphophone & __ disk records. traded even. both parties satisfied. Mr. Babcock, Mr. Wildey and Mr. Fernuir came in for half an hour they are to leave on the St Western Star. Mon.  Elbert and the girls went for flowers and gathered them iin large bunches.  The girls Audrey & Nellie & Martha & Elsie went over aboard Aime’s boat, to spend the evening.  Uncle Will & Francis came to spend the evening with me, Elbert went to to Church, when he came home Uncle & Francis went & the girls came & we went to bed.  Aimes were here an hour or so before supper

[Mon. Apr. 20. 1914]  Mon.20.  We’re having a snow storm today & the ground is frozzen, three men have been here for water, Capt Sloan of the Western Star came for his mail (a letter from Mr. Cassovie saying he was painting for $5.00 a day & would have work all summer, so he wouldn’t go

[Mon. Apr. 20. 1914]Page 151.boat swain on the Star  Capt. said he would be pleased to send me some Post cards, if I chose to give him my address so I did.  He’s and old batch. 30 some yrs. old. ha, ha, ha.  Francis is sick & had to have a Doctor this morn. he’s been having such a cold & he has catarrh so bad to. Mr. Delainey came in to warm his dinner & eat it. Well Mr. O’Neil came to spend the evening, and the Str. Western Star went down passed at 8-30 going out tonight with a cargo of coal, Wonder how long it will be, before I get some cards now. 

[Tue. Apr. 21. 1914]  Tue.21.  Well, a letter from Mr. Cassovie this morn saying, he feels quite well again, and is painting Luna Park Cleveland Ohio $5.00 per day. goes to a dance occasionally and will be over to see us in a week or so.  Nellie had such a cold she didn’t go to school. & about four oclock Mr. O’Neil came down in the scow for water and just before he got to the dock he lost his balance and fell over board, he caught his knees over the railing (crossed out) side of the scow & held on with his hand but couldn’t help him self so Audrey & Nellie went down to help him out, he let go with on hand just as the girls got there, he didn’t see them & I called to Nellie & told her to tell him to hang on & they would get him out & she did & his face lit up when he heard her voice & he renewed his hold & they lifted him out, well he’s 70 yrs. old & that was a strain on him the girls brought up his water cans & I gave him a cup of hot tea, and after he rested awhile he carried the water to the scow & sculled back to the Schooner Santiaga After supper Mrs. Mc.Donald the cook’s wife from the St. Stearns came up for me to trim her hat, she had worked half the day & done not a thing, well I trimed her hat & she & her husband stayed untill 10-30 she is going to Buffalo in the morning to get her scotch collie dog, they tried to send him through as bagage & he got a way & they have had one great time trying to fine him. they sent a telegrame to a man to get the dog & keep it for them & the police were looking for him to & when they found the dog & man & the man wouldn’t give him up, they put both dog & man in jail, the cheif of police & Mr. Mc’Donald exchanged telegrams & they let the man out of jail. all the expenses were $40.00 such a time and all over one dog Dee.Dee. We washed today small wash this week. 

[Wed. Apr. 22. 1914]  Wed. 22. I sewed most all day with the except-tions of the house work. Mr. O’ yes Aime were here a little while tonight

[Thrs. Apr. 23. 1914]  Thurs.23.  Well betwixt house work & work I havn’t anything done today  Aunt Edie spent the after noon with us & Uncle Will & Mr. O’Neil this evening.Oh.dee.

Fri. Apr. 24. 1914]  Page 153.Fr Sat.25.  Baked 7 loaves of bread & a tin of rise buscuits & worked untill I ach tonight  Elbert went to town  Uncl Will came over & spent the evening  Mr O’Neil stoped a few Minutes & I’ll be happy when his boat goes.  got a letter Wed. from Cousin Lucy Scott of Toledo Ohio

[Sun. Apr. 26. 1914]  Sun.26.  Well, Mr. Aimes & his cousin came over & then Mr. O’Neil came up for dinner & after dinner All Aime’s came over & the cook & engine-iers came for water and visitited & so the day is done & I am tired as I can be tonight to. 

[Mon. Apr. 27. 1914]  Mon.27.  I’ve sewed & helped with house work. I wrote a letter to Cassie. men came after water. Oh,dee,dee.

[Tue. Apr. 28. 1914]  Tue.28. Did house work & sewed. got a card from Cousin Lucy, men came for water, Oh but I m tired of them, 

[Wed. Apr. 29. 1914]  Wed. 29.  Well the Tomas Barlum came in for coal & Mr. & Mrs. Dupont & Hazel were on, cookiing & they came up to spend the evening & Aimes’s came over & we had quite a visit. Mrs. Aimes & the girls were here all afternoon, went home for supper & all came back.  We got a letter from Ma & Fred & Frank today.  Well I have been so busy  have washed windows & wood work & visited.

[note* page numbers interrupted. back of pg 153 is 155. Next top page is 154. ]

[Thrs. Apr. 30. 1914]  Page 154. Thurs.30. Worked all day & visited 2 hrs. planted tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers & lettus & mended the net, have to fix some board around the bottom of the net on the lower side. Frank and Ruby & baby came home from the Isle of Pines this Morn. the left the Island Sun. at 4 oclock in the afternoon, and phoned to us as soon as they landed here, Elbert told Mr. Gilmore & he quite work & went home.ha.ha.  Nice out today but rather cold wind. Im tired I washed out a lot of things light clothes on the board & crocheted with Mrs. Mc.Donald. 

[Fri. May. 1. 1914]  Fri. May.1 Well I went out & fix up part of those boards & eat a bite of dinner & worked 1/2 hr. & Frank came out & yelled at me, well he looks a lot better than when he left here last fall, but the wind is so cold today he’s nearly Froze, he brought home some mangoes some Japanese lilie bulbs & some Isle of Pines canna bulbs & a snake hide (he cought & skined a mahaw 8 ft. long & 15 in around & a small gaitor skin from an alagaitor he shot) & gaitor hide 4 ft. long pa shot & skinned & sent home for me to tan. & he brought some oranges. he helped me finnish my work in the garden then, I cooked supper & we visited un-till 9 oclock. then Frank went home & I went to

[Fri. May. 1. 1914] Page 155.  bed, but felt so bad  I couldn’t stay in bed, Nellie got up & built a fire & Elbert got up & they gave me hot drinks & all kinds & applied hot towels, diped in mustard wather & they rubbed me but no releife came & they phoned for the Dr. & he came 2.am. Sat. & gave me a dose with his needle in my arm. I became more easy at 3.am & could lay down at 4.am. but vometed all night & most all day Sat. 

[Sat. May. 2. 1914]  Sat. May 2.  So I layed a ed until 3 p.m. then got up & dressed, ate half slice toast & drank a cup of tea & went to bed 7-30 p.m. 

[Sun. May. 3. 1914]  Sun. 3.  Well I managed to get up & dress at 9.am. But haven’t done much today  Mrs. Mc.Donald & the cheif engineers wife Mrs. Crow. came & spent the after noon & Glen Haught came over from Cleveland & Frank & Ruby & Evelyn were here part the after noon & evening, so I’m tired as well a weak tonight. 

[Mon. May. 4. 1914]  Mon.4. Not able to wash  crocheted some today 

[Tue. May. 5. 1914]  Tue.5.  Mrs. McD. came up a little while today. 

[Wed. May. 6. 1914]  Wed. 6.  Tired to work some today (hard work.)

[Thrs. May. 7. 1914]  Thur.7.  Worked most all day am wobbly in my knees

[Fri. May. 8. 1914]  Fri.8.  Washed until 2-30. have a bad cold, it came on to me Tue. have been so hoarse every since, hard work to speak above a whisper. 

[Sat. May. 9. 1914]  Sat.9.  Worked alday  am tired tonight & so weak yet. 

[Sun. May. 10. 1914]  Sun.10.  Well Frank & Ruby & baby were here & the children all went after flowers but Elbert &

[Sun. May. 10. 1914] Page 156.  the two babys, Evelyn slept & Martha played && work all after noon & had supper redy when they got back & nearly fainted just before they came back. Oh, but I feel miserable 

[Mon. May. 11. 1914]  Mon.11.  Old hen hatching today, got a card from Geo. Carlisle saying he was going back to the Hospital for a second operation.

[Tue. May. 12. 1914]  Tue.9. poor boy he’s haveing a terrible expierance. cut out two waists & helped Audrey cut out her dress. Well We are having a bad thunder shower tonight and it makes my head ach. Lillie & Jessie were here & spent. the evening  Frank is working on the notsobad & we girls have done the house work & some sewing. Oh. Dee. Dee. Dee.

[Wed. May. 13. 1914]  Wed.13.  Well it has rained every day this week and we have just got to wash tomorrow. Rain or shine.

[Thrs. May. 14. 1914]  Thurs. 14. The sun is shining and we dried all the clothes & was all through at 3 pm. then I swept & then got supper and am tired & we all three have cold & ach. all over. Martha is ell & oh so mischeifious. 

[Fri. May. 15. 1914]  Fri. 15.  I got a card from pa with his picture standing be side & aligater skin 12 ft. long.  Frank shot the gaitor & had a great time with him.  its a good picture.  Audrey & I have Ironed today 7 done the house work  Nellie has been sick all day she doesn’t seem to be very well of late & has a hard row at her lessons to.  I washed the windows & chairs & put up the window screens  am tired. 

[Sat. May. 16. 1914]  Sat.16. Well I’ve scrubed both floors & swept & worked allday

[Sun. May. 17. 1914]  Sun.17. Rainy today & cool, not. very well today . 

[Mon. May. 18. 1914]  Mon.18.  Audrey sewed  I were sick all night so feel to limp to work any more than I have to, but have to work some, Elbert got a bad bump on his ankle & the Dr. brought him home at noon. seems as though we’re all feel ing miserable some way.  A. all ways gets sick when I am 

[Mon. May. 18. 1914] Page 157. then I have to work as long as I can stand up & some times wehn I have to set done, for she can’t work & wont when she is sick, Well I’m so glad Elbert didn’t get any bones broke and that the Lord gave me a strong construction.  Cousin gilbert was here & spent the after noon  Sun. & took supper with us. 

[Tue. May. 19. 1914]  Tue.19. Haven’t heard from Cassovie for ages. wonder what has happened to him now, but I did get a post card with a beautiful dark red rose on it from Capt B.J. Sloan this morn , under the rose it read many Golden days be yours.  I’ve waited long am waiting still for a few of those happy days though God has blested me in many way.  Well I’ve been on the jump all morn  Elbert is so fretty  I cooked dinner & went on a strike.  I only eat on meals a day and milk or liqued the rest of the time, can’t eat so don’t feel very stout. I’m only 29 yrs old and getting gray fast have found of silvery gray hairs among the brown of late. Oh.God; help me. 

[Wed. May. 20. 1914]  Wed. 20.  It has rained all this week so far, hope it clears off tomorrow for I must get the washing done, Audrey does-n’t seem to take any interest in any thing and it’s a hard row for me alone & she & Nellie can’t get along at all, Nellie is getting poor, but Audrey looks the best she has looked for several years. Well I have found plenty to do all day & to morrow we are going to wash  I cooked supper & A says she wont wash the dishes & has left them for morning, Oh, such a life, Oh dee.

[Thrs. May. 21. 1914]  Thurs.21.  One great day, I got up & started the wash  A & N got up later   E & F. had to have a lunch & I had two double blankets & a tenis nightgown for four of us washed & ready for the line & A. hung them out & then washed supper & breakfast & dinner dish-es  I did all the wash & sudes & wrinsed & starched them & A siad I did’t need to think she was going to hang them all out it was to hot out there.  the sun has been hot & the breeze cool all day today

[Fri. May. 22. 1914]  Fri. 22.  Did house work all morn & cooked dinner & ironed all the plain clothes & visited & crocheted all after noon & evening with Mrs Mc. Donald, she is teach ing me to make a comonia. Jacket, They are nice I have mine

[Fri. May. 22. 1914]  Page 158.most done. I have given her several paterns of lace & insertions & a thimble holder.  Oh, I’m so sick allover, 

[Sat. May. 23. 1914]  Sat.23.  Scrubed both floors & finnished my ironing  I have to take care of Elberts foot every other day  I soak it in hot salt water put warm putty on it cotton over that & bandage it.  he goes all over on my crutches.   Frank is here every day, he’s working on the Notsobad

[Sun. May. 24. 1914]  Sun.24.  Well I let Nellie & Audrey get dinner  chicken dinner.  Frank & Ruby & Evelyn were here for dinner & the girls let me get supper, Nellie helped me do the dishes  I. baked a Devil food cake (layers) for supper two & so Nellie could have some for her lunch 

[Mon. May. 25. 1914]  Mon.25.  A. has a head ach & so we didnt  wash.  We received a letter from ma & pa this morn  they were fine  JUNE   Well I’ve been so busy or tired I have neglect my writting for this month & part of July. 

[June,  , 1914]  JUNE. Well Nellie has had to have a suit for the finishing of school & a party  I sold eggs enough to buy her a white crepe dress  the goods cost $1.50-the lace 35 cents ribbon for belt 30 cents wide ribbon with red & pink roses with green for leaves in lace for under clothes 35 cents, white stockings 50 cents & black enamel 3 strap slippers $3.00.  I made her dress & belt & trimed her under clothes & she wore pink roses in her dark thick hair, she look like a bride, she’s a senior Ed. and is back in two study. on account of a bad shoulder & week nerves; The third week of June Nellie with her class attended the funeral of Hurbert. Bird, one of her class mates, he fell in the hole of the freighter. Under Capt Loin’s management.  We have heard from the folks from down south quite regular & I have heard from all my acquaintances  We visited Mr & Mr. Mc, ‘Donald on the Str. Stearns

[June,  , 1914]Page 159. Frank & R & E. are living in Vermillion F is running the boat fairy for Mr. Knoel or Cloudy

[July,  , 1014]  July  The goat the folks have down south has two kids, they have named them Jack & Jill. They tell us Jack has a habit of running & jumping stiff legged up on the well curb.  Well Fred was drawing water and Jack run & took a high diver & went to the bottom of the well & pa & fred put a ladder down & jack tried to climb out, F. lifted him out he was swimming round the well, crying every other breath.  and acres of pine apples going to waist.  Ma has 4 baby parrots to bring home and they Fred & Ma were ready to come home July 6 but heard they would be held in Cuba, as they have bubonic plague in Havana (see history connection)

[July,  , 1014]  Nellie & Elsie & Edith are picking berrys out at Avon for Mr. & Mrs. Seaf. Smith  Nellie earned $3.35 last week & has paid $3.00 on her new suit case and has one more to pay. Mr. & Mrs. Mc. Donald were here & spent the evening one night & she brought two dress-es for me to make for her but changed her mind & left them here utill I hear from her again. Capt. Stuart says the Str. Western Star has laid up at Green Bay Wis. So Capt. Sloan wont get my card  I don’t suppose.  Oh; dee, dee, dee

[Sat. Jly. 18. 1914]  Sat.July 18.  Well I’m tired I have been clean-ing house, washing blankets and Comfort covers rugs, carpet and sewing & mending; washing & ironing, sweeping & baking & digging all day & today I’m baking bread.  I got a card from Nellie & a letter from Mr. Cassovie. Elbert got a check for $15.00 for the scow rent this mo.- & I a letter from Mr. Dan O’Neil & must ans. it right away. We hear Gorgia R & Aubrey are coming to dinner tomorrow & a card to Ebert from Edt R. that he would be here also.  We are all getting along good Elbert has been running the shipyard launch every since his ankle got well enough to walk on  Nellie wont be home untill next week so her card said, for they expect to be through in three or 4 days now, they have been pick-ing rasberrys, tieing grapes, & picking black berrys

[Sun. Jly. 19. 1914]  Sun.19.  Well Elbert called me 7 a.m. & I got up & baked 5 pies with black rasberrys & 2 elderberrys then I did part of the bedroom work sweept out & washed the supper & breakfast dishes & Elbert went to the fish house & bought 5 big herring & Audrey got the potatoes & fish ready & on to cook & the phone rung & Wyn Grant told Audrey Ed & Georgia & Aubrey were ready to come over  Elbert went afterr them I expected them all & so did Elbert so when Geo. came I ask why the rest didn’t come & she said they thought we wouldn’t be looking for them all so they didn’t come.  I called Wyn & told her we had planed enough for them all & for them to come right away so she said they would be ready at one oclock. Elbert went & got them in the launch & A & I had dinner ready when they got here, but EDD did a great trick he went with E to get the

[Sun. Jly. 19. 1914] Page 161. rest of the folk & then wouldn’t come back  Wyn, Grant, Virginia & Aunt Edie came so we had 7 visitors  6 staying for dinner & the 6 stayed for lunch & Uncle will took lunch with us then E took us all down to the bridge. Then I came back & washed up the lunch dishes & we all went to bed.  Oh.ho. 

[Mon. Jly. 20. 1914]  Mon.20.  Well I’ve felt to ill to work but have cooked the meals & washed the dishes today

[Tue. Jly. 21. 1914]  Tue.21. Oh.  but it’s so hot we haven’t worked any more than Ive had to today & tonight or when Elbert came to supper. he told us to get dressed to go to Vermillion , he called, Payton & ask for the use of the Liddia W. & got it I called Lillie Faragar & she & Jay went with Audrey, Martha, Elbert & I.  We saw Frank & Ruby & Elbert sold 4 pair of oars to Knoels for $4.50 & we came back home all enjoyed the trip

[Wed. Jly. 22. 1914]  Wed.22.  Well we ought to do the wash but it’s to hot.  We got a letter from Fred Tue.21. & he said they didn’t think they would come home and that we shouldn’t write any lonesome storys to make ma home sick, for they would be as lonesome with out her as we were. Well I think they are unjust  they have had her 8 months & we have sent money enough for her & Fred to come home $125.00- We sent them & deprived ourselves of necesaties for the sake of seeing ma, and now she isn’t coming.  Such is life

[Thrs. Jly. 23. 1914]  Thurs.23.  Well we washed to day but A had to do more than useral for I have been sick all day & hadn’t strength

[Fri. Jly. 24. 1914]  Fri.24.  Audreys birthday she’s 22 yrs. & the baby is 2 yrs.  Oh.Ho. dee, dee,dee.

[Sat. Jly. 25. 1914]  Page 162. Sat.25.  Well N. phoned Fri. & said she would be home but it rained to hard;  I have caned 17 qts of currents & 19 qts. of black berrys  I had 16 qts of current and 7 qts caned 32 qt5s B. berys & 19 qts canned. 7 glasses of current jelly & 12 of black berry. & I’m tired tonight & the girls & Elbert have gone to town & Uncle Will came & visited with me till they come  E. brought some ice cream & we had salt crackers, cream & hot tea.  Great. Oh. my.  Elbert gave me three dollars & I have paid $4.00 for my new shoes & I have 3.00 left. 

[Sun. Jly. 26. 1914]  Sun.26.  No. company. today & we had a pork roast, & tomatoes for dinner to day. 

[Mon. Jly. 27. 1914]  Mon. 27.  Frank’s birthday, he is 24 yrs. old

[Tue. Jly. 28. 1914]  Tue.28.  I’ve been so tired for the past 3 days  I’m not worth three cents.  Grace Mc.Henry & Daisy Coles was here this after noon.  We had a fine time, they are only two yrs. older than I. and I am 29 yrs. old  We got a letter from ma & Ma’s picture with her four baby pllys.  Ma wants to come home.  poor Ma

[Wed. Jly. 29. 1914]  Wed.29.  Audrey & I did a big washing today.

[Thrs. Jly. 30. 1914]  Thurs.30.  We ironed & ironed & I have worked untill I’m all tired out and do wish I might have a rest. Nellie & E & G finnished thier work & came home tonight.   I got a card from Aunt Corneal.  Audrey & Martha & I went to town to moving picture, show & had a dish of cream in the candy kitchen  

[Fri. Jly. 31. 1914]  Fri.31.  Audrey went to town paid my doctor bill $2.50 & bought me some blue scollops for a little white linen hat I made for Martha.

[Sat. Au. 1. 1914]  Aug.Sat.1. Audrey, Martha & Nellie, Elsie & Edith went to town, to Seaf Smith’s, had chicken dinner there & all drove over to Beach Park to the farmers picnic  had a good time, I baked bread & scrubed & finnished the ironing & went down to the car with Martha’s bugy & met them. Elbert had to work over time, didn’t come to supper & when he did, it was all hot in the warming oven but he didn’t look for it & wouldn’t eat when I got home he was so angry because I was gone & so went to bed with out his supper, poor boy.  Well I can’t be in to places at once. 

[Sun. Au. 2. 1914]  Sun.2. Well it seems good to have Nellie home a-gain & we five here together for dinner today. 

[Mon. Au. 3. 1914]  Mon.3.  Uncle Will & Francis left for Mich. this Morn.  We have been picking up & cleaning & doing house work  My back is feeling so b ad I don’t know how I’m going to wash this week. We got a letter from pa K& a bunch of films & two pictures, pa & the goats & pa & ma in a boat, ma holding up a big fish  pa wrote a nice letter.  they are well. 

[Tue. Au. 4. 1914]  Tue.4.  We washed  the girls had to do more than useral.  Oh, how my back does ach tonight.  

[Wed. Au. 4. 1914]  Wed.5.  Frank phoned from Vermillion & Nellie Audrey & Martha went to Ver. on the St. car & then Frank & Ruby & Evelyn & the girls went to Huron & spent the day & the girls got home 10-30. p. m. & Frank & Ruby & E. the next day

[Thrs. Au. 6. 1914]  Thurs.6. & they were here all day  I’m always gald when they go home  R. is so fretty.

[Thrs. Au. 6. 1914]  Page 164. & I have felt so bad all week so far & had to work just the same. I scrubed Wed & today you would never know it by the mud that has been tramped in, bath sprung a leak & Elbert & Frank have been digging them out & we have to carry water from Uncle Wills. 

[insert:  Fri.7-Mon.24. 1914]   I can’t remember just the things that happened each day this month. Iva Mastin died. Lillie Fargar phoned. I left here Tue.(18th) morning and went to her funeral & oh how warm I was almost melted. I stayed with Aunt Jen Easel & Clate 10 day, had a quite rest then came home on Fri the 28th . & Audrey went to work the the coal office, in Ediths place, so she could have a month to rest in, Well A. has been getting more & more off the right track every day, so far; and is sorry she can’t keep the job she say. Mercy. 

[Sept. 1-30. 1914]  Sept.1. first to 30th. I’ve been sorry more than once A. ever went to that coal office & am afraid of what may come of it all yet. Elbert is out of work & Nellie is taking her last years of high school and so far is doing well.

[Oct. 1-16. 1914]  Oct.1. first to 16. Well I’ve had my hands more than full with A.  Smith calls her up on some pretence or an other every day and A goes to the office to talk with him & at last he came most to the fairy to meet her & I sent Nellie on an earand  so she could keep track of A & N. was so angrey that, when S & A. stoped on the Nickle Plate Crossing she ask A. if she wasn’t going to town with her & Mr. S. spoke up & ask A if she wasn’t going to see Mrs. S. with him as they had arranged to do and she said she was & N left them & went one 

[Oct. 1-19. 1914, cont.]Page 165. way & they went the other.  Well, A wouldn’t talk, so we didn’t quarrel, but I gave her a talking to and tried to show her where she was wrong & her duty to her baby girl, but she is so head strong & stubborn it’s hard to do any thing with her.  Well I’m lossing some flesh.  I weighed 180 lbs. 

[Tue. Oct. 20. 1914]  Tue. Oct 20  Ma & Pa have been married 35 yrs. today

[Wed. Oct. 21. 1914]  Wed.21.  Sold 2 doz. eggs 75 cents & bought 3 1/2 yds goods for tight fitting under waists  .63 cents & gave A. what was left  7 cents  A. went to town delivered the eggs stoped to Wyns & met Nellie & did some shoping Aunt Edie, Wyn & Virginia were here Sat.17. & Sun.18.  Frank & Ruby & Evelyn were here for dinner & supper.  I finnished my skirt Mon. & washed Tue.  A. didn’t help me much & I was to tired tonight, Got a letter from the folks.   am glad it is getting nice there 

[Thrs. Oct. 22. 1914]  Thurs.22.  Aunt Edie came over after dinner today  I had a bad sick spell  Wed. night & don’t feel very good today, crocheted a little today & done some house work, but feel so limp. Oh dee, 

[Fri. Oct. 23. 1914]  Fri.23.  Aunt Edie went home after dinner & then W. called & wanted her to take her place for a day, but I said no. & A. was as angrey as I.  I wand her to stay away from evil in fluence & try to be what she will want Martha to be, a good woman.  Mrs. Hunter invited me there this after noon but I am glad now I didn’t go as I had intended to do,  Well I am all tired out but have to do more when A gets here.

[Sat. Oct. 24. 1914]  Page 166Sat.24.  Well I haven’t done any scrubbing to-day, it rained last night & the wind is getting cold & icy  we are going to get a tast of winter. 

[Sun. Oct. 25. 1914]  Sun.25.  Mr. & Mrs. Bob Wheatley & son spent the after noon here, they are friends of Audrys. son was so ill from 2 until 5 a.m. had Dr. Carver. Ice 1/2 in thick in chickens drinking dish this morn. & a cold sharp wind is blowing.  I was so ill I had to have a Dr. 2.a.m. this morn

[Mon. Oct. 26. 1914]  Mon.26  I didn’t wash so I sewed today. 

[Tue. Oct. 27. 1914]Tue.27.  Sewed & did house work don’t feel as though I could wash my back & side hurt so. 

[Wed. Oct. 28. 1914]  Wed.28.  Felt bad all day, but made two aprons & finnished my waist & helped do house work & took sick while wash-ing supper dishes had them most done  was in the worst distress  I were ever in yet & sweet until my shirt was soaking wet, of all things that is a terrible pain under my right short rib. 

[Thrs. Oct. 29. 1914]  Thurs.29.  Well I’m all tired out & no washing done this week so far, Oh. dee! Pendenus White rented boat today.  got a letter from Lillie & Iva today.  

[Fri. Oct. 30. 1914]  Fri.30.  Well I did the wah & am tired. 

[Sat. Oct. 31. 1914]  Sat.31. I scrubbed both floors & part house work & did the house worked & Oh how I ach. 

[Sun. Nov. 1. 1914]  Sun.Nov.1   A pretty day & I’ve stayed home all day.  Audrey & Martha went over to Wyns, Aunt Edie & Geogia were ther. A. stayed for supper

[Mon. Nov. 2. 1914]  Mon.2. I sewed & crocheted on Audreys & Georgia’s Kimona Jackets.  wish they were done.  Wyn wants me to make another for

[Tue. Nov. 3. 1914]  Page 167. Tue 3.  Its rained hard this morn. A got breakfast & went back to bed & I got up & washed.  Frank turned the tub & we were through at one oclock  then I scrubbed the chairs. 

[Wed. Nov. 4. 1914]  Wed.4.  I washed the Dinning room windows & sweep & dust & cleaned until one oclock then I crocheted & helped A. with her skirt. I have been crocheting jackets to earn money for my clothes.  & help Nellie through this, Her last year of high school & it keeps me busy  I’ll tell you

[Thrs. Nov. 5. 1914]  Thurs.5.  We all, except Nellie, have dreadful colds & just sick, I have been getting up through & getting breakfast until Tue.  A got up. Oh. Dee. 

[Fri. Nov. 6. 1914]  Fri.6.  Well Elbert has been working quite steady  hope he can stick $3.50 per.day.  crocheted & sewed to day & did housework. 

[Sat. Nov. 7. 1914]  Sat.7.  Well I only did what I had to do. 

[Sun. Nov. 8. 1914]  Sun.8.  A beautiful day & I have been indoors

[Mon. Nov. 9. 1914]  Mon.9.  Still feeling bad  crocheted allday today  Elbert was laid off today. 

[Tue. Nov. 10. 1914]  Tue. 10.  Well I’ve done my useral house hole duties  & crocheted to day, am tired tonight.  Elbert went to Wellington today. 

[Wed. Nov. 11. 1914]  Wed.11.  I washed today alovely day  I cleaned the hen coop & then Tessie came over & we visited until 12-30. Roosters crowing when we went to bed. Oh dee. 

[Thrs. Nov. 12. 1914]  Thurs.12.  Well I have done the house work and sewed & crocheted & am tired

[Fri. Nov. 13. 1914]  Fri.13.  Frank & Ruby have a nice boy born to day  little before noon

[Sat. Nov. 14. 1914]  Page 168.Sat.14. Frank looks happy to-day for he says he has a Bonney boy.  I have worked hard to day  Audrey & Martha went to deliver eggs for me & then went to see Ruby & the boy .  Elbert Phone me to day saying he will be home Sun. or Mon. night.  Earl Krantz want the boys to pull out his launch. 

[Sun. Nov. 15. 1914]  Sun.15.  Well this has been one long day. & we haven’t had any letters for two week from the folks down south & only one card.  It started to rain along toward morn & has kept a steady drizzle alday, now it getting dark & I’ll be glad when tomorrow dawns. 

[Mon. Nov. 16. 1914]  Mon.16.  Elbert came home tonight. 

[Tue. Nov. 17. 1914]  Tue.17.  Well I have helped a little each day with the house work done the washing scrubbing & baking & my ironing, and I have crocheted six Jackets for Mrs. Sandford (2) for Wyn Grant (2) for Mrs. Weigand (3) for Miss Griffin (1) for Mrs Essig of Elyria.  I made and gave one to Audrey & Nellie, Ruby & Georgia for there birthdays. & I made (1) pair of crocheted slipper tops for Miss. Baumgart (1) pair for Ma & a pair for A. and apair of afagan stich booties for Ruby baby (Harvey Liman Bonney) came way up over his knees like stockings.  The boys Frank Elbert & Bob shot several rabbits before and after Thanksgiving & Ma’s birth-day was the (29th) she was (57) years old. just think

[Tue. Nov. 17. 1914] Page 169. The boys & Mr. Krantz pulled out the Notsobad & senior Krantz has been under the weather every since Mrs. Gillmore don’t like the baby & she eats Moraphine pills and she most lost her mind of late they have been having one great time & now are talking of sending her to the State Sanitorium. Frank has make to rooms of. the shed, painted the ceiling & papered the walls & is ready to move in.  Elbert built a coal house & wood shed for us & F has fixed up old corn crib for his coal shed.  River has been frozzen over for 4 or more weeks(crossed out) several days looks like a looking glass. & lots of young folks skating. 

[Tue. Dec. 1.- Sat. Dec. 26. 1914]  Dec.Tue.1. – Sat.26 Elinor lists the dates down the page but writes one solid paragraph to go with this whole period. Well we have had several letters & some Thanksgiving cards from the folks and I have been so busy I have neglected my writing so have written just what I can remember  Elbert was 32 yrs. old today. just think. Well Ruby & Frank & the babies have been here two or three time this mo.  they have a big nice baby.  Well I have worked & worked untill my eyes are getting so tired  it’s hard to crochet.  Well the hens laid (5.) eggs and quit. must be for X’mas. Mar-tha has been feeling bad for several weeks and has been quite ill for the last few days  had to have a Dr. & Evelyn had a simeral attack  they are both quite well again.  I got a X’mas card from Ward’s(2) from Constables & a pair of hose supporters elastic, pink, drawn through crocheted insertion with pink ribbon bow on them & a pin tray of ribbon bound hoops a flowered piece acrossed one side with 3 glass leggs & roset on topside  I sent them 3 handkerchiefs with crocheted hems & corners.   Miss Baumgart sent me a card  Aubrey Brekenridge sent me a card  Georgia Rosecrans send me a card & Daisy Coles sent me a card & a crocheted Hat for a pin cushion, Aunt Hat

[Tue. Dec. 1.- Sat. Dec. 26. 1914, cont. ]Page 170.  Mastin was here & spent the after noon & evening and she gave us girls $2.00 for X’mas. Grace Mc Henry sent Martha a man’s shoe box of grapes & oranges & candy, Verginia gave her a box of candy & a book & Evelyn sent her a box of candy an orange & some crackers & Uncle Will’s girls gave her candy nuts oranges apple & Tessie gave her a big doll most as big as she all she can tug. Mr. O’Neil sent me $10.00 for X’mas, I haven’t got over the shock yet.  Well my crochet work.  Well my crochet work is at an end I guess. I have Nellie’s cap to finish & A’s slipper. and then some work to do for next X’mas.  I have ans. most all my letters and all my cards. 


Elinor’s 1915 Diary

[Sun. Jan. 3. 1915]  Jan.Sun.3.  Well of all the skaters, there has been two or three Hundred on the river to day  Elbert has gone to church.  Frank wasn’t here  Sat. & not today.  It was nice out doors today

[Mon. Jan. 4. 1915]  Mon.4.  Well Frank has everything to move the shed all papered & seiling painted & they are coming tomorrow.  Oh.my.  Well I’ll be blessed 

[Tue. Jan. 5. 1915]  Tue. 5.  F.& R. & children all moved in & such a mix up but Audrey & Frank got the carpets down & Elbert & F. set up stove & they were puting things up & making it look like home & R. is all tired out & Hasn’t done anything ha,ha,ha,  I’d like a good husband but would-n’t want him to cook my meals do the dishes washing & sweeping. Oh! no.  Oh, no, ho, ho.  

[Wed. Jan. 6. 1915]  Wed.6.  Well F. is still workiing getting things put to rights.  Ive been trying to get cought up with my work.

[Thrs. Jan. 7. 1915]  Page 171 Thurs.7.  I washed to-day & of all things if I didn’t have one big wash & A. not feeling very good & I’ve worked untill I’m stiff to night & A has gone to bed & the supper dishes, I’ll have to wash in the morn, so I’m going to take my bath & roll in. 

[Fri. Jan. 8. 1915]  Fri.8.  Well, I baked loaves of bread and done my house work, seems to me as though I would never get my mending cought up again.  The boys have been getting coal up to the car dump hard job but they have several tons. 

[Sat. Jan. 9. 1915]  Sat.9.  Scrubbed the dinning room & kitchen today and did my house work & some mending. 

[Sun. Jan. 10. 1915]  Sun.10. A very pretty day out side & Lucia Fletcher, Elsie & Edith Wheeler were here a while today, I’ve been on the jump allday and am ever so tired tonight. Oh. Dee.  Audrey & Martha went to Sunday School this morn. 

[Mon. Jan. 11. 1915]  Mon.11.  Well I think the skating is over for a while, ice is so soft, Nice & warm out door. 

[Tue. Jan. 12. 1915]  Tue.12.  Sewed and done my house work today and aired all the beding & sweeped the house Mon.11. and sweapt & dusted today haven’t been feeling very well for several days. so nervous as though something was going to happen. got a letter from Mr. O’Neil today & one from Franci

[Wed. Jan. 3. 1915]  Wed.3.  Little Harvey Liman Bonney [? maybe Frank’s son, Elinor’s nephew, but his name is Harvey W Bonney] is 2 mo old today.  I washed untill 2 oclock this afternoon & finnished my waist which took untill mid night, was in bed a little be fore one a.m. & went two sleep before 2 a.m.  slept until the clock struck 4

[Thrs. Jan. 4. 1915]  Thur 4.  Got up at five dressed, cooked breakfast & dressed for my trip to Elyria Elbert Audrey Martha & I hired a taxi to take us to the waiting room, We had to go

[Thrs. Jan. 4. 1915]Page 172. as wittnesses for A. on her diverse case. Dr. Smith & Lawer Strunick were also wittnesses & Mr. Thompson was A’s Lawer, Glitch was for Geo.  Well A. was granted a divorse & the    of Martha & 500. dollars a yr. in payment of $20.00 a mo. & bal. at end of yr.  Wel it’s a dreadful thing & my head aches so. Oh. Dee. Geo.  wasn’t there to fight they case. thank God 

[Gap from jan 5-Jan 14. 1915][Fri. Jan. 15, 1915]  Fri.15. Well I have had a sick nervous head ach every since yesterday, was most cray last night  feel a little better today, but it’s all I can do to work.  hope I fell better tomorrow. 

[Sat. Jan. 16. 1915]  Sat.16.  Well. A. was tired but after a good hot dinner Thurs. & a rest she was alright. but if I feel this miserable as her wittness I don’t know how I should have felt had I been in her place.  Well. the postman brought me a package from Georgia Rosecrans. Oberlin. O. which proved to be a night dress stamped, to be embroidered & floss &K embroider it with, as a rememberance of my birthday  today I’m 30 yrs. old. and old old maid. Oh.   Audrey done the scrubbing today & I the sweeping & the house work & odds & ends a hard day. 

[Sun. Jan. 17. 1915]  Sun.17.  A beautiful day & I’ve worked all day  Audrey, Martha & Evelyn to Sunday School this morn. I’ve had another hard day today. 

[Mon. Jan. 18. 1915]  Mon.18.  Made myself a waist & did my work.  Ice most all gone only aloong shore  Oh.Dee

[Tue. Jan. 19. 1915]  Tue.19.  Did my house work & helped Ruby make herself a waist today & am tired & so nervous.

[Wed. Jan. 20. 1915]  Page 173. Wed.20.  Well I wash-ed to day was through at noon  Elbert turned out most of them. then I mended while guess it will take all the rest of this week to finnish up the mending

[Thrs. Jan. 21. 1915]  Thurs.21. Got up at 6 a.m. cooked breakfast for Elbert & Nellie straightened up dinning room  feed & watered the chickens  sweept & dusted & mended 9 1/2 pairs of socks  1/2 suit of Elberts under wear, ate supper washed dishes  sprinkeled Nellie’s & my clothes set my bread & straighten up house for night & now must try & write a letter or two while Nellie is doing her studying.  The man on the Shenago brought Martha a bag of candy canes today.  This is the first of our acquaintance. 

[Fri. Jan. 22. 1915]  Fri.22.  Ironed today & done house work. 

[Sat. Jan. 23. 1915.]  Sat.23.  Audrey did the scrubbing & I the housework

[Sun. Jan. 24. 1915]  Sun.24.  We haven’t had a letter from the folk this week

[Mon. Jan. 25. 1915]  Mon.25.  Well it’s the same old story sewing & housework. 

[Tue. Jan. 26. 1915]  Tue. 26.  I washed, Elbert turned the tub, All through at Noon, then I helped get dinner & scrubbed the to floors, and am so tired I can hardly set up, going to take my bath and go to bed.  Oh dee dee dee

[Wed. Jan. 27. 1915]  Wed.27.  Nellie & I have sewed to day, she has to day, Thurs off & Fri. morn. so we must sew she & Elbert went to commencement to night. 

[Thrs. Jan. 28. 1915]  Thurs.28.  Pa’s birthday  he is 54 yrs. old. today & we have sewed & done house work.

[Fri. Jan. 29. 1915]  Page 174. Fri.29.  I have ironed all Nellies & my pieces & sewed & done house work and am some weary. 

[Sat. Jan. 30. 1915]  Sat.30.  Swept & cleaned & done my work & got another letter from Mr. O’Neil with   2 cent[?-?]HIUE DOIIARS   in it., well I don’t know what to think or do & no one else seemes to know  I don’t know wheather he is in his right mind or not  he is 71 yrs. of age.  his sister died & left him all her money.  We have a lot of snow good Sleighing & coasting. 

[Sun. Jan. 31. 1915]  Sun.31.Today is Wyn’s birthday  she is 39 yrs old and it has rained more or less since midnight all day & is still raining, boy’s are looking for high water tomorrow. a dreary day and tiresome one. 

[Mon. Feb. 1. 1915]  Feb.Mon.1.Done house work, have had headach

[Tue. Feb. 2. 1915]  Tue.2.  Groundhog saw his shadow  sewing & house work

[Wed. Feb. 3. 1915]  Wed.3.  Oh Im sort of all. in to day.  sewed. 

[Thrs. Feb. 4. 1915]  Thurs.4.  We washed and I had so much of it to do  I so tired  I don’t know what to do today. oh. dee. 

[Fri. Feb. 5. 1915]  Fri.5.  I haven’t done any more than I had to today. 

[Sat. Feb. 6. 1915]  Sat.6.  Well Nellie is eighteen (underlined) to day  18 yrs old.  my it doesn’t seem so long & yet it does when I think of all that has happened in the last 16 yrs.  I have sweep & cleaned allday and am tired. Mrs. Gilmore was judged insane today, she has taken so much -morphine. 

[Sun. Feb. 7. 1915]  Sun.7. Well I have been busy about the house most alday

[Mon. Feb. 8. 1915]  Mon.8. Washed today and am so stiff tonight I can hardly move.  Tessie came over & stayed untill 10 p.m. I took my bath & rolled in 11-30 & Nellie finninshed studying & came half hr. later. Oh it’s great. No. mail from the folks. 

[Tue. Feb. 9. 1915]  Tue.9. I got up & cooked breakfast. I got a letter from Mr. O’Neil

[Wed. Feb. 10.-Sun. Feb. 14.  1915]  Page 175. Wed.10.  Thurs. 11. Fri 12. Sat.13.  Little Harvey’s 3 mo. old. Sun.14.

[Mon. Feb. 15-Sun. Feb. 15. 1915]  Mon.15 [listing continues to Sun.28.]  My but I still feel bad. 

[Fri. Feb. 19. 1915]  Fri.19. I had a bad sick spell, wasn’t able to get up untill Mon.22. at noon wasn’t able to work much then. Audrey & M. & Elbert went to Elyria  Thurs.18. A & M. went to Oberlin & came back Tue 23.  Nellie did -nt have any school 

[Mon. Feb. 22. 1915]  Mon.22.  Washington’s birthday.  Uncle Will, Lillie & Elsie & Lucia Fletcher  came to se me, Uncle Will’s girls sent me a hyacynth.  Fri.26.  I backed 11 loaves of bread  Sat.27. I mended & Sun.28 I swept & washed the dishes while the girls went to Sun. school. 

[Mon. Mar. 1. 1915]  March.Mon.1.I did a two weeks wash  Elbert turned the tub. Tue.2.  got a letter from Mr. O’Neil & card from Easel saying she was on her way to hospital here.

1910, “Easel Bilky Barrick, 1910, Ohio”, [label on back]: “Easel Bilkey Barrick on farm at sugar bush, gathering maple sap”

[Wed. Mar. 3. 1915] Wed.3.  Nellie & I went to Hospital to see Easel

[Thrs. Mar. 4. 1915]  Thurs.4.  I went to hospital to see Dr. Wheatley he says I full of gal stones, see Easel, she getting well.  Elbert & Frank went to work at noon on boat at Plan’t 

[Fri. Mar. 5. 1915]  Fri.5.  Mended & did odds & ends today & went to bed before supper with sick nervous headache

[Sat. Mar. 6. 1915]  Sat.6. Nellie has a bad cold & sick today. 

[Sun. Mar. 7. 1915]  Sun.7.  Frank & Ruby & children went over to Gilmores & Frank goes to work firing at ice plan in the morn. 

[Mon. Mar. 8. 1915]  Mon.8.  Well, Nellie couldn’t go to school today & I have been feeling just terrible. Oh. Dee, Dee, Dee. 

[Tue. Mar. 9. 1915]  Tue.9.  Well, I called Dr. Mc. Garvey, Audrey went over to his office, and got me some medicine. 

[Wed. Mar. 10. 1915]  Wed.10. Dr. came over, thinks I’m getting along good but I’ve laid abed most all day, hope I feel better tomorrow  Oh, ho. Dee Dee.

[Thrs. Mar. 11. 1915]  Page 176.thurs.11.  Well I set up all day am tired. 

[Fri. Mar. 12. 1915] Fri.12. Feel dreadfully weak but have walked around some, received a letter from Mr. O’Neil LBC in it (check cryptograph)  

[Sat. Mar. 13. 1915]  Sat.13. [ listing days through Sat. 20.]  Well I feel a little Stronger have helped with the work. 

[Sun. Sun.21.1915]  Lucia Fletcher & Elsie was here today  Lucie is going to be Married some time this summer to Frank Wargo.

[Mon. Mar. 21. 1915]  Mon.22  [listing through Wed.31.]  Lucia & I were over town last week one day & it rained & we were wet to the hide.  We were over & called on Miss Baumgart.  Had several letters from the folks but don’t know when they are coming home  Ma wants to come so bad and I hope she come this summer.  Sold quite a lot of eggs

[Thrs. Apr. 1. 1915]  Thurs.April.1.[1915]  My hen hatched out 11 chicken from 13 eggs. she was setting out doors.  Ive been trying to work as hard as of old, but it don’t agree with me

[Fri. Apr. 2. 1915]  Fri.2.  Just a week ago today  Mr. O’Neil sent me his pictyure a nice large one & a good one. & a Easter post card & a letter with $10 in it.  I had to go to the office for the letter. _____ wind is cold & raw

[Sat. Apr. 3. 1915]  Sat.3.  Well I tried to work but its hard work 

[Sun. Apr. 4. 1915]  Sun.4. Elbert  Nellie Lucia & I were up aboard the Str. Shenango, it’s a large boat & finnish & furnished well.  Tired me all out.  I took some pictures up there, three. Easter Sun. 

[Mon. Apr. 5. 1915]   Mon.5 I sewed most of the day & help do house work.

[Tue. Apr. 6. 1915] Tue.6.  I backed bread today & sewed. 

[Wed. Apr. 7. 1915] Page 177. Wed.7.  I did a big wash, finnished 5-30. 

Thrs. Apr. 8. 1915]  Thurs.8. Sewed & did house work

[Fri. Apr. 9. 1915] Fri. 9. Sewed & helped do house work

[Sat. Apr. 10. 1915]  Sat.10.  Sewed all day, am tired tonight

[Sun. Apr. 11. 1915]  Sun.11. [1915 April]April showers all day hard one’s -Lucia & Mr. Geo. Anthony were here today & Lucia is here most every day.  Mr. An_ is the washman on the Str. Shenango, has been staying with shipkeeper on the Schoonmaker.  The romer is that the shipkeeper of Schoonmaker married Hellen Arscott after a 4 Months acquintance  I have been getting from 20 to 24 eggs a day.