Elinor’s 1919 Diary Pages

[During 1919, Elinor’s sister Audrey and husband George have split up and Audrey has their child Martha and Audrey is using legal action to try to secure child support from George Carlisle, husband.  Also, during this year Frank Babcock comes into view and will eventually propose to and marry Elinor.  Prior to meeting Frank Babcock, Elinor seems to be being courted by Dan, who loans family members cash at times]

Thurs.Feb.26 [1919]  Spademan’s brought me two barrels of chicken feathers & I have sorted some of them, have got to finish tomorrrow.  Lillie sent me X’Mas card & handkerchief.  cold cloudy, spits with snow with sunchiining through sometimes.  South westerly wind.
Fri March.27.  South to west wind snow flurrys, little sunshine . I sorted 1 barrel of feathers, put them through a tub of cold water through the wringer   thru a tub of boiling water & then another cold wash.  began to get sick about 2 p.m. & when I finished the feathers at 4-30 I had to give it up sit down.  & then go to bed.  Fred & Ethel & Nellie & John  were here a little while after supper, Martha spent the after noon & evening with Nellie, Fred & Ethel  ate supper with Nellie & John. 
Sat.April.28. Heavy snow fall early this morning   Westerly wind snow flurrys all day.
Sat.29.May.  Light snow flury this morning cloudy all after noon westerly wind.  I was sick all Fri night got up feeling worse out Sat. got dinner & had cramp & back door trot & had to go to bed with chills sick all night & not feel able to work today. Nellie & John here this after noon & for lunch & then they & Audrey & Martha went to Church.  Audrey bought Gibsons organ & payed $6.00 for it.  
Mon June30  Cloudy all morn until 10-30 sun shinny all p.m. warm & thawed south to S.E.  Mon night beginning to rain heavy showers 9 p.m.
tue.July 31.  Dark and Cloudy  heavy mist wind S & S.w.  Heavy fog all after noon 4.p.m. rain evening colder I did Part the washing

Wed.1. August[1919] wet wind a little in N in morning. colder today with rain to heavy mist all day  Dark and Cloudy all day No company today.  every thing as usual & as dead as anything
Jan.Thurs.2.  Nice bright sunshine but cold all day  Two eggs.  I finished the washing today. 
Jan.Fri.3  Sunshiny but Oh so cold  I moped the floor and picked up & cleaned up & did some ironing.  two eggs.
Sat.4.Jan.  Oh so cold, but the sun shone bright & the wind is & has been in west & S.W.  I ironed & mended & sewed on buttons. 
Sun.5.  Haven’t felt very well today
Jan.Mon.6.  Not so well today, swepted & cooked the meals  about all.
Tues.7.  Did my general house work.
Wed.8.  Audrey, Martha & I went to Court to testify to George’s non-support  his brother Ernest wrote Audrey from France & told her that George was in elpasso Texas & that he is Superentendent of the Picific Ship building Co.  Nellie stayed here at the house while we were gone, Oh, but it made me tired.
Thurs.9.  I did my house work & sewed on my dress some. 
Fri.10.  I did the washing & feel about tired out.
Sat.11.  I baked 8 loaves of bread  3 graham  5 white.
Sun.12.  Finds me to ill to work or do anything. 
Mon.13.  Just cooked the meals & sewed some  Ethel Bonney, Fred’s wife. was here & spent the day & Nellie was home to.  Ethel brought some home made -S- sausage
Tue.14.  Nellie came with Martha to dinner  I have my dress most done today
Tue.15.  I did my house work & went to Prayer Meeting  Mrs Green called on me today  I like her
Thurs.16.  & I am 34 yrs. old today & Audrey gave me a pretty silk shirt waist & Dan wrote me a letter & I got it this morn.  Elbert went to work in the shipyard last Wed. morn. had to stay home sick on Fri. but, worked Sat & Sun Mon & Tue & Wed & today  he didnt work he has a cold.  & Frank is not working.  he has a cold.
Fri.17.  I washed today  Nellie came home for 1 hr.  this after noon  Mrs Nagy was here so long this morn I did not get my wash started untill after dinner  and finished at 5 oclock, my back hurts tonight.  Audrey & Nellie & John have gone to their Sun school class party tonight over to Mrs. ______  Elbert went to town all after noon & gone tonight  Martha & I are all alone.
Sat.18.  I have baked 4 loaves of graham & 5 loaves of white bread.
Feb.17.  Mrs. Mc Kenney died today
Feb    Elbert & Frank & Uncle Will were pall bearers with several others for Mrs. McKenney
Sat.22.  Audrey seriously ill fever 103 2/8
Sun.23.  fever 100 3/8  very weak
Mon.Feb.24.  Audrey’s “fever 100 3/8 very weak.  Mrs Bert Farayer died today. 
Tue.25.  Audrey fever still high am taking care of her day & night & trying out lord  Elbert & I both got lumbaygo

Wed 26.  Audrey don’t seem any better  Dr. seems as anxious as I do,  am doing all I can for her.  poor child. 

Thurs.27.  Everything going as they were yesterday.  Elbert hasn’t worked any since, well, before Audrey took sick

Fri. 28.  I sent a card to pa & Gertie for Audrey is sure in bad shape  

March 1. Sat.[1919]  I’m getting tired out.  Back so bad can hardley get up or down. 

March.Sun.2. Audrey’s better today  I thank God  My back most killing me & Elbert’s hurts him to.  I only did the cooking and took care of Audrey today.  

Mon.3. Audrey is better.  We have the lard most done & have got to put hot in brine.

Tue.4.  Audrey is gaining  Elbert is about the same & I feel no good, but working hard  Maybe I’ll workit off.

Wed.5.  Audrey sat up a few minutes today.  We have lard finished today & have some over 200 lbs as near as one can figure.  Elbert complains so bitterly of his back, I am sorry but don’t known  What to do for him, he is Dr. with Easton.

Thurs.6.  Audrey sat up half hr. & feels quite good  Hope nothing goes wrong nora she’s so anxious to get back to work.  

Fri.  Everything going fine with Audrey but Elbert don’t seem to mend.  

Sat.8.  Audrey up walking around. 

Sun.9.  A. getting better but me, I’m getting more lazy each day. 

Mon.[March]10. Tue.11 Wed. 12.  Thurs.13 Fri.14 Sat 15. Sun 16. Mon 17 Tue 18.[1919]  I believe Audrey started back to work  Tues. 18.

Well I sort of lost track of things  Martha lost three weeks of school had measles & had it hard. & I have had to care of her most of the time.  I think she started back to school on the ______

I have had to go to Nellie’s quite a lot for some days  she don’t feel so well.  Pa & Gertie came home_____

Clate & Easel & Aunt Jen & Earl D’s wife was here April 13.  Pa brought several gal. of Maple surrupe home to some for Fred, Frank & Nellie.  John ‘s half-sister died April 15.  I stayed with Nellie all day

I made pie plant pie gathered from the garden & done greens & sent to Nellie & pie. by John. 

Thur. April 17 [2019]  I stayed with Nellie all day.  They buried Johns sister today, his mother to C     eame to from Tenessee. 

Fri.18.  I’m so lazy  oh i’ts terrible.  Gertie washed today.  Elbert went to work 

April 7 Sat 19.  I only did what I had to do.  Gertie has been doing most of the cooking since she got home, but its me for odds & ends. & thats how I feel to.  

Sun.20.  I was going to Nellies to bake chicken pie, but took with that pain in my side & had to stay home all day.  John’s mother & C (E?) were with them today  Nellie don’t feel her best. 

Mon.21.  I feel week  I did a good big washing today, hope nellie don’t call.

Tue.22.  Nellie called 6-30.  I got right up and dressed & went , she called John back from the yard, I did her work up made her a cornstarch pie she wanted

April 22  so bad & got dinner we ate & did up the dishes & the Dr. Smith came & we left for the hospital a little after 3 oclock mountain time & at 4-30 Nellie was in bed made as comfortable as possible with a baby girl 6 3/4  lbs.   Little Ella Jane Harnish  she has a mop of dark brown hair  a round head, long eyelashes, very plump & short, & has slept good up till I left.

April.Wed.23.  Well I havent’t b een feeling very well & I came home with a sick head ach last night, it lasted all night, but I look after my incuba-tor & went up & saw Nellie & the baby  both good & getting along fine.  pa took me in a row boat up to the round-house bend & helped me up the hill, then I ask a man if I might ride with him down to the Nickle Plate & he said I could & so I did & I bought meat & macironi and a can of yellow stiing beans & can of salmon & slices minced ham & 1 lb niger toes & phoned home to Gertie  came with my rugbbers & an umberla for it rained and I wore Audreys new hat. 

[April 24-July 09 1919 Gap that seems to be summarized here]

Nellie took cold in her left breast & I brought her home on the 10th day  I worked hard day & night for a week with her, but she had to have her left breast lanced & I had the incubator to take care of, & oh such a time, after three weeks I was so tiered out I took cold, it settled on my lungs, I stayed in bed one day & thought I’d stay in bed the next, but the roof caught fire & I got up & helped put out the fire.  Gertie tried to climb up the roof on the dry shingle & roll off & hurt her back & yelled like a lunatic & then  She had to have the Dr. & laterr I took her to Dr Easton & she got able to work, the took cold & had guinsey & couldn’t do any thing for three weeks,  Audrey’s heart is feeling bad again but she has been working steady, I have been working hard to picking peas & beans & canning  washing up double blankets & comfor lovers.  I caned 1 qut of pea’s & picked 3 pks. & picked 1 1/2 by string beans & canned 10 quts. & 1 pt.  Nellie & John & Ella Jane or in ther own home doing well.  Fred has been sick for a mo with rehumatism.  I haven’t heard from Dan since May 25, 1919.  Mr Babcock came in for a visit one evening while Nellie was home & later he sent me a card.  Cousin Aubrey Breckenridge sent me a Card.  Cousin Francis Wheeler came home from France June 27. 1919.  Pa & the boys shingled the south side of roof July 5. 1919

Thurs. July 10 [1919] Dan lent John & Nellie $400.  Four hundred dollars  4cents interest.  Dan came shortly after dinner & I gave him a lunch, he took a nap until supper time, for he came from Port Huron and was tired and the weather has been some worm.  We spent the evening with Nellie & John, & then Dan & I visited a little while after we came home.  

Fri. 11.  Audrey hasn’t been feeling very well for the passed few days  she & she felt so bad all night  everything goin bothways & still feeliing the same this morn.  but she has gone to work, came home at noon & went to bed & she sure is sick.  I called the Dr.  her fever 103 3/5.  Dan went home this morn. 

Sat.July.12. El feeling worse had to call Frederick at midnight  couldnt get McGarver  he was out on a C, case worked hard to fast soaked her feet in strong mustard water  gave hot Duck & Dr said that’s all that saved her but her  (??) was softened & she is in bad shape, her heart is weak & she hasn’t any strength.  poor child. 

Sun.13.  El resting a little more easy but hd to give her medicine every hr. 

Mon.14.  I can’t  see as she’s any better only that her eyes look brighter & her fever is gone. 

Tue.15.  she seems about the same.  I got a letter from Dan & one from B.

Wed.16. A has some fever again today

Thurs.17.  Dr. came & said we must take A. to hospital so I took her after dinner.  I came back at 5-30  ate my supper & canned a 24 qt crate of red rasberrys & 1/2 bu. beans.  took a bath & got to bed at 12 pm.

July Fri.18.  Got up early did a few odds & ends & went to hospital at 9 a.a.  Dr Wheatly operated on Audrey 11-30 & Dr McGarvey gave either.  I stood by her & at 2.pm.  I went out & ate a bite & had a cup of tea  went back & stayed untill 5-30.  got home at 6pm.  Did some washing & a lot of little things, I cought by heel in the fairie stepts at top of hill and threw me & wrenched me all over, cracked my head two.  

Sat.19.  Had to get up & face the bottom of my silk skirt and ironed & sweed some before going to El.  I took Martha with me, had to give her a bath & comb & dress her, then I took my sewing & worked all the time I was their.  M. got so tired, I went to Miss Baumgartens to supper & then to the Dr’s & we came home in a car.  I found a new pocket knife. little

Sun.20.  Oh, but I feel ited & old this morn.  got to bed at 12 pm.  but did not sleep untill day was breaking.  got up at noon, did’nt go to El. today.  but, Pa & Nellie & John went, and they said she was all right.  Mr Polk & Hylma were here after dinner & stayed until. 7.pm. then Frank & the kids & Ruby came, then Helen & Mable Bosswick.  Now it was about 10 pm.  when Pa & Elbert came & I have to write some letters yet.

Mon.21.  Wel I have lost a few weeks but I went to A each dayh only missed three or four days while sshe was there I brought her home after she had been week & we took her back & Oh it was terrible the operation she had to go through with.  Dr Wheatly took out on overy & both tuves & the apendicts, he said he did not have the least hopes for her, but he for my sake he would do all he could & there was a bit puss bag in her & that was terrible & for 8 weeks I only misssed the few day’s I have spoke of and I didn’t miss those until I knew she was much better, but the Dr. said it was my coming & looking after her regular that ever saved her , the nurses are good but oh so neglectful & I help care for her all day & the last thing at night before I* came home at 8-30 or 9 pm.  then I cam home so tired & ate a cold supper & canned fruit & sewed & washed & ironed & done the thing I had to do to make the rest as comfortable as possible, in the way of planning out the meals & so forth and at length when I brought Audrey home, I momeadatly took ill myself & could only do just what had to be done for several days, but soon took heart and got back to my job,  I had to go each night for severl nights and take care of Nellie just when Audrey was the worst, she had a bag case of grimzy but now things are looking better again,  I have turned in my war stamp book & received 77.64  & Pa gave 30.00 & Elbert 25.00 & with the 185.00 I had in the bank I have paid all the hospital bill & part of the Dr’s. bills  Elbert paid $50.00 on Dr. Wheatly bill & there is still 75.00 to pay & Dr. Ward we owe $6.15 & McGarvey___ & I only have a very little in the bank  Well God has helped me so far  He will see me through  I have heard from Dan & all so from Babcock quite regular, the boats were laid up for a few weeks then made a few more trips.  Pa left the last of Sept for Mich.  he wrote for a while but it is more than three weeks since we heard from him now.  

[Note: This is a map of the Steamer Merchant ships that Frank and Dan worked on, sometimes passing the Bonney/Black River site on Georgia Ave]

[Gap in entries from July 21, 1919-Nov 19, 1919]

Nov. 19.1919.  On. Nov 15 Frank & Elbert & F’s contractor & foreman went to Carriers at Rochester Ohio hunting rabbit  Frank shot eight & Elbert one & the other two men shot 3 each  Elbert shot one after he got home & they went from hear at 5 am & got home before 1.p.m.  Frank gave us 3 of his rabbit & I made a pie of 3 for (Sun, Nov 16.)  dinner  Nellie & John & the baby were here to dinner  I have been attending Church & prayer meetings quite regular of late.  Rev. Lucas is our Pastor & he is just fine.  

Nov.17.  I went to town with Nellie & baby. fine day most to warm for winter coat & we met Aunt Edie & stoped to Miss Bammgarto a min.  Warm & Sunshiny. 

Nov.The.18.  I washed 4 big dowuble blankets today  turned cold last night & the wind blew hard from N.W. after dinner  it snowed little balls.  Nellie came home to diner & Martha & Audrey were to Nellie’s for super & came home 10-30 p.m.  cold all night and wind blowing hard  I received letter from Babcock today from Ellowey.Superior Wis. & ans. it tonight.  

Nov.Wed.19.  Warmer today  I did the washing.  Warmer tonight.  I baked two big cakes one in big milk pan & 1 in small milk pan  bread dough cakes.  Received letter from Dan today from Fort William Ont Canada  ans tonight I started giving the hens more eggs pills Tue. 

Thurs.20.  Been about sick only did what I had to do felt to ill to go to prayer meeting  Audrey went with John & Nellie.  40 persons there.

Fri.21  Don’t feel any better, tried to finish Nellies waist took care of brine pickels.

Sat.22.  Gertie did the scrubbing Thurs.  Fred& Ethel were here to diner & down to John & Nellies for Supper & they went to prayer meeting with N.J. & A today  I washed everything that was direty & did some ironing & sewing & cooking  Nellie came for diner & she (we had/crossed out) brought beef steak & lettuce  We roasted steak over fire. 

Sun.23.  The weather is & has been, ever so warm, ground is not froze a bit. I didn’t feel able to walk to church, so Elbert & I stayed at home & we had a visit. 

Mon.24.  Sewed today and did what had to be done. 

Tue.25.  Pa came home today from Mich.  I have Nellie collar most done.  rained this morn. 

Wed.26.  Rained & sleet most all day  sewed Nellie’s collar to her waist, now when I get the edging sewed on it will be done.  Gertie baked 5 loaves of bread & I baked 4 apple and 2 pumpkin and 1 custard, pies, dress a chicken & cooked it and did several odds & ends . read my bible.

(added in –  I made Ella Jane a little jacket today  she is 7 mo. old and weigh 16 lbs. )

Thurs.27.  Today is Thanksgiving or the day to give Thanks and I do thank God the Father, Jesus my Savour & the Holy Gost for the many many blessings he has bestowed upon me, in as many  ways as there has been blessing.  I pray I will always be true to God, then he will keep me true to myself & to those all about me, and I trust he will call those I pray for, if it be His will & make them soul workers for Him.  I went to Nellies this morn & cooked Thanksgiving  John helped me do all the odds & ends & when we had finished he looked at me, as if in deep thought & I ask, What is it John and he smilled, and said it’s a lot of work to get dinner for 9 I wonder now how you have done it so often for so many and often more, alalone.  I have cooked for 20 many time before  I were 20 yrs old.  Well for dinner We had 3 baked chickens (not hens) with dressing creamed potatoes biscuits in gravey, hot biscuits & butter & jelly & lettuce & celery & pickles & pies apple, custard & pumpkin tea & coffee & and frozen nut salad with whipped cream &  english walnuts on top prettily decorated.  Mr Pa & Elbert, Miss Gertie Bonney, Mrs. Audrey & Miss Martha  hn                                  nCarlisle, Mrs Nellie & John Harnish & Mr Jimi Harnish & Little Miss Ella Jane Harnish were present for dinner. & supper & Mr Aubrey Breckenridge our cousin came un-expected to supper.  we had diner warmed over for supper then we had cake & sauce & cherry pie (for/crossed out) tea & coffee.  I finished Nellies collar & waist tonight.  

Fri.28.  Worked to hard, can’t do much to day  (added in- got letter from Babcock) sewed a little & thats about al.

Sat.29.  I finished Martha’s coat it looks nice brown out side & light blue inside (added in –  We had the worst wind storm tonight  we have had in yrs.  & I (crossed out -cut out two) did some stitching for Audrey swept & dusted  colder tonight  (added in- I went to N before super & came home 11.p.m.)

Sun.30. To punk to do any thing or go any where

Mon.Dec.1.[1919]  Sewed to day got letter from B (added in -=still cold)  Fred came to dinner & went before supper. (added in – I cut out two gingham under skirts for my self.)

Tue.2.  Pa & Gertie went early to Fred’s & Ethels.  I did two weeks wash to day & got it all dried & put away before they got home & feel tired out, all though I have had a day of rest on my nerves  Audrey help cook & do dishes.  Pa & Gertie came home 11-p.m. & ate a lunch & went to bed at 12.  F. shot 2 rabbit & they ate them for supper.  I took a bath & got in 11-30

Wed.3.  I sewed & crocheted today, got my skirts all done but hems & buttons & button holes  am making lace for my collar, Audrey went to Nellies today  N went to town  Martha was with A except when she was in school this after noon they came home before 9.p.m.  Cloudy indoors today but sunshiny out door cold with snow flurrys.  cramps in my shoulders.  

[Gap in entries from Dec 3, 1919-Dec 31 1919]