February 1941

Sun. Feb.1. 1942./ Didn’t get to church all day. Elberts got a bad cold and fever. I thank God He took mine away and I’m weak but still going. Snowed a good blanket of snow & is still cold, snow on ground yet getting colder tonight  I pray and thank God for my many blessings. Amen.

Mon. Feb.2. 1942/ Ground hog day & he could, “if he came out” see his shadow. sun shone through several times quite clear. Elbert didn’t go to work, but has gone to Dr. to get his throat swabbed to kill the germs. I do Pray he will be able to over come it, he wants to work & get his car paid for. sun is shining so bright it’s blinding. well while Elberts gone I ought to work. but my legs feel rather weak. & he wont be gone long. 20 mi. to 2-p-m. when he went I got a letter from Miss. Mc.Govern & she’s going to the hospital poor soul I do Pray the Lord will take care of her. I got my tax blank this morning $4.94 for half a yr. cheapest they have ever been Elbert got back at 4-p-m. he sent a money order for

Mon. Feb.2.1942./=161=/ to Elyria Ohio to pay his taxes & I had him send a money order to Sandusky Ohio to pay my taxes  he got a few groceries & a nice Michigan White fish fresh one, it tasted so good for supper, he got veal for broth & it’s all ready for breakfast, he brought some ice cream to & it sure does me good. wish I could have a little When ever I feel the need of it, While he was gone I swept & did up dishes & got things ready for supper, then took some empty cans down to the basement. went to the grainery & put 5 qts of mash in a pail & got a can of coarse sand for the birds cages & took out some tin cans got a basin of scratch grain for hens supper, bought condition powder today of Relige man.  came in and mixed 1. cup of condition powder into the 5. qts. of mash for the hens, I give them a little hot mash, I mix up a little mash & hot water & give them in the mornings & carry them fresh warm waater to drink. they have just got started to lay again. Well, I fed the hens & got 4. eggs. & Elbert came just as I got back in he feels so bad tonight, cold got down in his bronchial tubes, has a raspy cough & sore head & a fever, I got him greesed & doped & hot flannel on his chest, he took a hot brandy-ginjger & now he’s sleeping, still quite cold out side. I have my work done up fire fixed  its quarter to 12.p.m. and am going to bed.

Tue. Feb.3. 1942./ Jim & Jean Monagan are 8. yrs. old today & Joan will be seven next month. nice children. I send Miss. Mc a letter and martha a card today yesterday & forgot to send the twins a birthday card. Have got to get some things for Evelyn’s & Francis Cora’s children & Laura Ann. When I can get to town. 8. of them, great neices & nephews now to buy birthday gifts for. I only did what had to be done today  Elbert feels better but I had to greese him & put hot flannel on him.

Wed. Feb.4. 1942./ Elbert feels better in some ways, his cough makes his throat feel bad yet, it’s been raining today in light showers; My head had been aching enough to split got a vertebra bone out in my neck, I washed out half the clothes & got them dried in the house got supper & the dishes done birds covered & a hot flannel on Elbert, he fed the hens today, I wiped up the floor & took care of bed as usual & now have to fix fire for night. I pray God Will help the bone to go back in place before morning. Got my tax receipt back from Sandusky & a letter from Carl Betz to Elbert & I this morning  he is Clearlake Highlands Lake Co., Box. 356. California, he says they are having lots of rain there, he wrote a nice letter and said he was so glad to hear from us, that his folks in Elyria never wrote just sent a Christmas Card with out writing a message anymore.

Thurs. Feb. 5.1942./=162=/ Elbert went to Vermilion & got some food for supper & tomorrow I fed & carried fo mash to hens got 3. eggs. empted ashes got a pail of well water swept made beds & did dinner dishes & got things ready for supper, my head ached so hard, I been most blind today  bone at base of skull out of place my head face & jaws are so sore. I’m wondering how Miss Mc.Govern is. Dear Heavenly Father please do take care of her as Thou seeth she needs. I pray Thou will be in the little Hall at Berlin Hights Bless strenghten and help each to see and understand as Thou hast intend us to Oh, Father, have mercy on Thy People and hear all those Who call on Thy name even at the end as Thou hast promised. Oh, Jesus, help us to help those about us in Thy Name & for Thy good and Glory I want to do What ever Thou would that I should do for Thee, and give Thee all the praise & Glory. Keep me meek & humble in all things, great of small & help me to be as true, as Thou would be, I ask in Jesus Name. Amen.  It rained yesterday, last night & some today. Elbert mailed a dollar money order for some pellets for making shrub plants & seeds & bulbs bloom to Conden Bro’s Seedmen Rockford Ill & he sent for some more capsules $6.00 worth to Chic  I’ll Sumway Co. I have some good rich broth ready for breakfast.

Fri. Feb.6. 1942./ Nellie is 45. yrs. old today. Elbert went to Work again this morning & worked all day, he went to the Dr. after work got his throat & nose swabbed & paid up his Dr. bill, got some groceries & scratch grain & bird seeds he seems to feel quite well after his days work, I ‘am better today the Lord did put the bone back in place in face neck & shoulders, but I did the ironing & took care of the hens this morning & evening & did the chores & got supper & washed dishes & got things ready for morning. no mail today. It has been such a foggy rainy days, gloomy, all day.

Sat. Feb.7. 1942./ John is 45 yrs. old today. Elbert had a bad spell & fell over in the corner of the toilet, he didn’t go to work, I got wet Fri. & it settled in my head & back. I’m in such misery with cramps under my shoulder blade nerves are so sore I don’t feel able to be up, Elbert began to feel better at noon, he had to take care of the hens. Wet snow outside

Sun. Feb. 8. 1942./=Page 163.=/ We couldn’t go to Church today I feel so sore and ach so bad. Elbert is feeling lot better. no one came in today It’s been quite a nice day some sunshine.

Mon. Feb.9.1942./ Elbert has gone to work had to get one hr earlier this morning & will get home one hr. earlier, he’ll soon be going and coming in the day light. I’m lots better but so sore, my head, face, back and back of my legs & hips, Oh me. No washing to day. It’s been a beautiful day but just going to henhouse twice today has my face & head & shoulders aching again. I tried to sew managed to mend my dress Where I cought the pocket & tore it, took the pocket off & set it lower down, stiched it, & the belt on the new one & the shoulder seems, now got to get the sleeves & neck & bottom done & then cut an other one out to sew I’m going to need them to by the time I can get them done I got the sup-per & the dishes over  the birds Covered for night & Elbert’s gone to bed, now the fire and then me for bed, not so cold today. Read my bible & going to bed.

Tue. Feb.10. 1942./ Well Elbert went to work & I sewed didn’t get much done, fed hens hot mash & give them warm water this morning, and when I give there grain tonight I got 9 eggs. I wrote to the Electraply Laboratories, City Centre Building, Philadelphia, Pa. and to Ethel Bonney to Miss. Baumgart  Mrs. Moher & Rev. Buturin. Elbert had cramps tonight, he must have taken more cold again.

Wed. Feb.11.1942./ Elbert went to work I swept & wiped up the floor and straightened up the house & took care of hens & birds & sewed a little, fed hens tonight, only 2. eggs. Received the pellets from Condon & a nice letter from Miss Rose Winstein; 2937. Doris Avenue. Detroit Michigan. & Elbert got his capsules. We have a light covering of snow yet but not very cold outside.

Thurs. Feb.12. 1942./ Elbert went to work his Knee is troubling him again. I took care of hens & birds & did the most of the washing had to carry 6 pails of water, got some bones out between my shoulders, hurt so bad, just made me feel sick for a while they are hurting me yet, but not so bad now, I can’t finish the wash tomorrow I’m to tired. hens laid 7. eggs to day. Elberty’s knee swollen tonight & he’s dog tired he went to bed a little after 8-p-m. & was soon sleeping, It has been a beautiful day sun shone all day & it thawed untill it was mudy but started to freeze before dark tonight. Well I have supper dishes done & things ready for breakfast. Going to read my Good Book & go to bed & Thank God for my blessingsj

Fri. 13.Feb. 1942./=164= Elbert went to work at noon he felt so bad his knee is troubling him, swelling again, he left here 9-15-a-m. Martha & Mac. came in about 9-20-a-m. he left Martha and went to the T.N.T. Plant to get his tools, he’s done over there, We had a lunch & visit & Martha marked the bottom of my dress, so I can turn the hem. Mac came at one oclock & they went to Lorain to several earans, so they said. Martha bought 4 doz eggs 1.60 dollar sixty cents. 40 cents per doz.   Martha said Nellie was feeling better  Ella Jane had another job & Bonita has moved into two room house near Martha. Geo. isn’t working yet. I got 9 eggs to tonight We Got a card from Akron Ohio from Mrs. Momher, she & Opal are visiting there folks.  Well I didn’t do much today so tired I felt sick to stomach, to tired to work, so I darned socks cooked washed the dishes took care of hens & birds & got things read for breakfast now I’ll read the bible , and write a letter for Elbert & go to bed. It was a very nice day, not very cold tonight, but not as clear a sky as yesterday. Elbert brought me a cookie sheet to bake cookies on tonight.

Sat. Feb. 14. 1942./ Elbert went to work and I washed the rest of the clothes and dried them indoors, it has been a nice day thawed yesterday & today. my feet pain me so I can hardly work  Wish I knew how Miss Mc.Govern is I don’t know if she will try to write me or not. had to carry several pails of waater & my back is in bad shape. tracer card came back today. I sent that money the 3rd of Jan. Elbert mailed it in Lorain & got the $6.25 money order there, they sent the tracer card Feb.11. and one it, when it got here today it said (up till Feb.5. it hadn’t been cashed there, but what a-bout the 6 days from Feb. 5 to the 11th they didn’t mail the card back from Columbus untill the 13th. some more crooked work some where, such a world. only got 3. eggs today.  got supper & dishes over & Elbert is sleeping  I mended 2 prs. of socks & now I’ll read a little & go to bed  I had cramps in my stomach for 3 days.

Sun. Feb.15.1942./ Wasn’t able to go to church all day and how I long to talk to some of Jesus’s people, how I wish I could do more for Jesus, but, Oh, God, Why wont people listen when they can see What is coming, be not only with my own people but the thousands of peoples Who has lived good moral lives, yet, do not belong to Thee, & think they stand as good a chance as those Who are Christians  Oh Lord have mercy and help them to understand before it’s forever to late, help me to help some to understand

=165=/  I’ll give thee all the Praise for ever and ever; Amen.  Elbert did the chores. We got 10 eggs today  not a very bright day, not cold, although it snowed about 4.in. last night and melted most of it off today. I wrote a card to John & Nellie. and one to Los Angeles to Voice of Prophecy for literature  got everything done now  its 11.p-m. I must go to bed. Elbert went at 10 p-m.

Mon. Feb. 16. 1942./ Elbert went to work quarter to six and the rain was pouring down  he got there safe and got through the day safe although he got quite wet, and home safe  rained most of the day & got real thick & foggy just before dark  I took care of hens & got wet and pray the Lord will keep us both from getting a cold. We got 8 eggs today. Elbert brought 6 cans of Lye. 6 pears. 1.doz. oranges  6. yeast cakes & 2 lbs oyster crackers  the weather is to warm I sweat like rain when I work  I cleaned & cooked a hen for supper. got the dishes done & lunch ready for morning got to read my bible  fix the fire clean my teeth & go to bed


Tue. Feb.17.1942./ Elbert went to work  snowed light blanket last night, not cold out, melted most all the snow away today  car cut in drive way 4. or 5. in. deep. sun shone through this after noon, looked like a cake of ice; said over radio it was going to get cold and would be 10 above  zero. tonight. I took care of hens & birds & swept & wiped up the floors made the beds got supper done  the dishes  got things ready for breakfast covered birds at 8-p-m. & Elbert went to bed at 9.p.m. I have cleaned my teeth. wrote a letter to Mr. Miller. Got one from Dr. Korda RaMayne today  He got the money order & said I would soon have my reading & book. My check hadn’t come so I wrote to Mr. Miller.

Wed. Feb.18.1942./  Elbert went to work it had snowed during the night and was just a light flury when he left at 20. to 6.a.m.  I always watch him going up the highway then I go back to bed for 2 or 2 1/2 hrs. and when I got up it was snowing so thick & such big soft flakes, it was ankle deep from house to hen house, gave hens hot mash & warm water & green feed  got a pail of cystern water fixed the fire heated water for cup of tea & to set bread, had some tea & hot spaghetti  mixed the bread, 2 brown & 2 white loaves then washed out the dirty clothes got them all done, but my dress  have to waite a day or to now, my back & feet were so bad today. snowed all day  sun shone through several times this fore noon, but really snowed this after noon. I fed the hens got 9 eggs. got to clean the hen roost it’s getting to dirty  I got some well water  empted ashes & got supper done up all the dishes and have things ready for morning and I’m tired. I thank God I have been able to get it done.

Thurs. Feb. 19.1942./=166.=/  Elbert over slept and didn’t go to work and I was taken with cramps in my flesh & nerves  it was just terrible  my lower jaw just went up & down & I couldn’t hold it only with my hand & then the hands & arms started &  Oh, it was terrible  I got back in bed after fixing the fire and Elbert got up, heat a blanket & put over me, give me a hot drink and I shook untill the bed shook at after awhile it eased up & my flesh is so sore today, it’s almost unbearable but I’ve cooked & washed dishes. Elbert did the out side chores & took care of the hens. it was terrible today cold at 4.a.m went below zero last night and early this morning, the change was to sudden. Frank has been dead 7. yrs today. We only got 8 eggs today. Got a letter from Miss Baumgart this morning & Elbert got my reading I sent for, at the Post Office, they are so crooked soaked me 20 cents & the postage was paid & it only weighed 6 ozs.  I’ll have to find out what can be done about that.  Well I have everything ready for lunch & breakfast & gotthe fire fixed for the night the birds covered & now it’s me for bed. 

Fri. Feb.20.1942./ Elbert went to work  it was real cold this morning. N.W. wind. and quite fresh all day. I took care of hens & birds, ironed today & mended my to dresses & Elberts underweaar. I made dressing for supper with mutton & browned potatoes. I did all the out side chores, except empting the water dishes, Elbert did that & bated & set the mouse trapes again. We cought 8 in the trapes & the hens killed one  there are such a lot of them this year. Elbert went to Huron & got my dress. tonight, he saw & talkerd to the Bosteader girls, they told him Mrs. Moher was going to hold her meeting in the Town Hall at Huron soon, I’m wondering what has taken place where the Minister has gone. that was at Huron.

Sat. Feb.21. 1942./ Elbert went to work. I swept & wiped up the floors. Elberts seat covers came this morning, I hope he keeps them, he came home in good season tonight, he fed the hens cleaned & fried the fish, We were just having bread and fish & Mrs. Moher came in & ate fish with us & had quite a visit, she watched Elbert fry the fish & he enjoyed that. We had prayer after supper & she left at eight oclock, it was quite dark. but God does take care of His Own. He has always taken care of me Praise His Holy Name.

Sun. Feb.22. 1942./=167=/ Elbert had to work today & he’s so tired, They say there are so many thousands of men out of work and then make the men work 7 days a week  how terrible foolish. Mrs. Moher said Mr. Moher has to work 7 days a week 10 hrs. per. day. Why don’t they put a few of the idle men to work.? Mrs. Moher came for me to go to church but my face is still so bad  it swells up just going to the coop & back so , I didn’t go, she has gone back to Huron & rented the town Hall, seems as if they could get more into the meeting if they went out and called on people, they want folks to just come to church, but most people have wandered away & don’t feel at home in church any more When We were young, we went out & called on the young folk & oft times got the whole family to going, just by going every Sun. & waiting for them to get ready to go & when we got them going We’d say, we had to go see why So & So wasn’t getting to church next Sun. but that we’d expect to see them there when we got there thus we helped to fill the church untill it was full & we had a good Minister & his family were good workers also  those were the good days  75. and oft times more just young people at Epworth League and there was real preaching and praying Amens & Hallulas & we were filled with the Holy Spirit and had lots of food for thought till Thurs. night pray meet when we were refilled again untill Sun. & I never missed a ser4vice if I could get there and the Lord did wonderfully Bless not only me but many of the rest. But now the time has come when we need workers who can be as brave as the missionary who can go out & bring them in some one who can drop all pride and talk to them as if they were on the same level who is strong enough in Jesus, to let Him lead the way. If I only could help to do more I’d be so glad to do it. Mrs. Moher ask me to pray for them & I did.

Mon. Feb.23. 1942./ Elbert went to work & I did the washing had to carry water to. I fed the hens & gave them there warm water to drink. I got supper & we were resting when Brother Frank & Ruby came in they were here a couple of hrs. it is real unsual, and I don’t know just what they wanted  they were talking about how nice it would be to have a summer home out here, somewhere. they said pa had a bad cold to. I haven’t heard from Martha either so don’t know if Joan is in the hospital or not she said she’d let me know, but some how they don’t

=168=/ keep there promises very well. F& R. had the dog with them. Queenie.  I do hope Joan is O.K.  Ruby said with the exception of pa, the rest were all right as far as she knew. I do hope that’s right. Oh, Lord, do help them to do unto others as they’d want to bed done by. The wind went N.E. and has freshened up & blowing quite strong at 10-30-p-m. Got to write to Mr. Miller, no check yet & a card to Martha then fix fire & go to bed  I did all the chores tonight and I have done supper dish & got everything ready for morn.

Tue.Feb.24.1942./ Elbert has bad sore throat again, he went to work at noon & going to Dr. tonight, he forgot to take the out going mail.  I got my check, dated Feb.6. & mailed Feb.21. I got it this morn, Feb.23.  So I wrote same to Mr. Miller & sent the envelope so he would know.  Check came in. Elbert went to Lorain & to the Dr. he was so hoarse he couldn’t talk when he got into Lorain and he don’t seem any better tonight, he took care of hens be-fore he left & took care of them tonight  While I got supper  I haven’t done much to day, my self, washing tired me so. Well I wrote a card to Flora, & hope she will write to me. N.E. wind and chilly.

Wed. Feb.25. 1942./  Elbert did not work today, but he says his throat is lots better tonight & he’s going in the morning. Wind went N.W. today. little colder. Elbert took care of hens today  only 5 eggs to. I have only done the house work & crocheted a little & darned to prs. of socks. & took care of the birds. Mrs. Moher was here this after noon said they had rented the building she first started out with in Huron & would soon be having there meeting there again, they had a meeting Sun. in the Town Hall in Huron  she said there were 25 out to the meeting and now every one seemed happy. Praise the Lord. I ask Mr, Miller in my letter if I had to file a paper for tax for they had said over the raadio that every one had to file, and I also ask him about getting Franks insurance, and what I could do to help the Red Cross.

Thurs. Feb.20. 1942./ Elbert did not work today, he went down at Noon to Lorain & went to the Dr. did some buying in food & drugs telephoned Martha  picked up Hellen Sarr & Mrs. Myers who had gone down on the buss & planned to come back with him, & came home  I cooked the hen & made biscuits & gravy for supper Elbert was hungry so was I. it snowed last night and melted off today  not very cold  Mrs Moher came for me, I couldn’t go.

Fri.Feb.27./1942./=169=/ Elbert did not work today, and I didn’t get any thing done to speak of, he went to Lorain at noon to get his pay was gone 5 hrs. of which he didn’t talk much about  he bought a few groceries he got home at 5-p-m. I did most of the chores. it snowed little flurrys of snow allday & is getting at in in earnest tonight  not cold outside.

Sat. Feb.28./1942/  Well Elbert did not work today  he gave the hens there water & I gave them there mash & green feed he got the mail I got ans from Mr. Miller, not any good ans. E’s gone at 1.p.m. to Huron  got back 2-15-p-m. I got a Kettle of soup made while he was gone & a few odds & ends done. Elbert finished paying Coal bill & Dr. at Huron, he’s got the stove & car to finish paying for yet he’s going to clean the hen roost & put the new seat covers on seats in car. I wrote a card to Flora. Hope she writes soon. God of Love and Mercy Please let me  What I must do point out the way more clearly  Please Oh. Jesus Blessed Jesus help me now.