Elinor Diary 1946


LorainMap of Hahn Rd, Berlin Township, OH

Jan. 1. 1946.Tue. /page 830./  New Years Day & We spent it at home. We got 23 eggs today. It snowed untill noon then broke away & sun came through clear & warm & it thawed some but at 4-p-m  there was a lull, wind shifted from N & little W. to South & at 8-30 it began to snow. it clouded up at 4-p-m.  was snowing a light snow at 9-30-p-m.  not very cold, sort of chilly And todays weather is for Aug. 1946.  I’d like to get back to Church,  Oh God, of Love & Mercy.  I pray Thou Will help me in the way I need.  I’ll give Thee all the Praise and Glory for ever & ever Amen. 

Wed.Jan.2. 1946./ Elbert went to Vermilion & I did out the washing  did my usual work & took care of the birds.  We got 22. eggs today. got 10 doz on hand.  He’s going to see if he can sell them tomorrow.  cleared off early this morning about 3 or 3-30-a-m. and the sun came up nice & clear this morning & staid untill about 3-30 & clouded up. but didn’t get dark  Wind S. & cloudy at 10-p-m. tonight & todays weather is for Sept.  going to be a nice month. 

Thurs. Jan.3.1946./  Nellie’s, John died today.  Well, Bill Snyder came & knocked on the door at 6-a-m. he said, “after I yelled hellow & opened the window” that Harnishes  call & ask him to tell us that John Harnish passed away at 2-o’clock this Morning, I had my warning yesterday & the night before & last night  I couldn’t sleep so just laid there & prayed God would take charge. We got up & did the morning tasks & fixed every thing for the day & the fire & went,  they had taken John to Elyria to undertaking parlors & they were all very cheerful & getting things done as usual  children were laughing crying & playing, baby is cutting teeth, he has 12 & wont be a yr. old untill Jan. 27.  Little |Geo. was asking where his grandpa was & would they bring him back.  Little Bonita just stood looking sad at times, with her big eyes full of wonder.  Johny was sleeping & Geo. was doing odds & ends. they had lunch & then Nellie & Bonney Bell got dressed for town the undertaker came & got John’s clothes & took Bonney Bell & Nellie to look after some of the necessary things & to go to the Cemetery to buy a burying space or lot. Elbert went to Stoughtons & got Laura Bell & brought her over to stay With & help Bonita, so, they said they didn’t need us & we left.  We stopped to talk to Martha. 

Thurs.Jan.3.1946./831./ at the slaughter house office, she was very direct & indifferent, so, we went to see her mother,  she said she had called the place Where her mother worked & they said she had been home sick for 2 days, so, she had called her mother & learned, she had strained her eyes sewing on to many black suits  We went to see her & she said her head had been aching so bad she thought it best to rest a few days  She said the Co. had given her a $25.00 bond for Christmas & she showed it to us. She seemed real pleased to have us stop in & Visit & she made coffee & set out a lunch, We wanted her to except a doz. fresh eggs, but she only would take 6.  We sold a dozen to Mrs. Cranage & the rest to the White in, in Vermilion. 60cents per. doz.  I visited with Mrs. Cranage & Miss Baumgart for a few minutes & also I stopped and talked 15 minutes to Mrs. Katy Stang Schmidt, she said Ralph Wards Wife  had got a divorce & his eldest daughter was married & living in Toledo. Ohio. & Grant Ward has to wear a straight jacket in order to Work. Mrs. Ward would be deeply greived, if she were here. We got a sack of scratch grain in Vermilion & some meat. & got home at 4-p-m. in time to feed hen & got 27 eggs.  I got supper  & then was all in & haven’t done the dishes.  Oh, I’m so exausted  I just sit & sweat now, but Praise God He’s helping me through.  Audrey said, Gertie told her there might be some money coming to her by & by & I pray  God Will see to it that we all get at least the thousand dollars each that Uncle Harve Bonney left in his trust for us.  I sure would like to use my to pay up our few little little bills we had When Frank went.  Oh how I thank God for taking care of me all these yrs.  I Praise Father, son & Holy Ghost, Amen.  I didn’t sleep for the passed two nights, got 2 hrs. yesterday morning, but not this one and then went all day on a cup of milk & two little (baker) rolls, & cup of coffee that I seemed to have to drink & it burned my stomach most up, then I ate a frankforter & that’s the last straw, hope it will some ease off so I can go to bed. Nellie sent Ella Jane money a few days ago to come home & to come by air plane to Chi, & from there to Elyria  by train, if it wasn’t E.J’s money, she’ll have to work & pay it all back  such a world. she wont stay long  when she gets here.

Fri Jan.4. 1946./ 832./ We were home all day, I fixed the hem in my good dress “the blue one” today & it tires me terrible to sew or even try to do any sewing.  We went to church to prayer meeting  tonight & my hears so full & nerves so weak  I cried, but God knows  and understands  Praise His blessed Name  Elbert’s been going into church of late & I’m so glad, I feel better when he’s with me.  We got 22. eggs today.  Its been a fine  day  Wind S. & S.W. warm & cloudy with sun coming through at intervals  We went to the beach & got sand, & bird grit to day  snow is about 5 or 6 ft deep at waters edge. but sand was all free, but quite wet.  I picked up a few clam shells & pretty stones clam shells

Sat. Jan.5. 1945./  It was Dec. 26. 1945 the blue & white dove came in the morning & light on the North Window & after we both looked at it, we see it join another red & white dove that had been making a circule as if waiting for the blue & white one & they flew rapidly South in the snow storm, I had been asking God to let me know about john & I feel He sent the doves to me. Sun Jan Well, today is Sat. We either have to go or phone to Nellie but they phoned to us at 12-30 noon that the funeral would be at 2-p-m. so we had to hurry, for I didn’t get up very early didn’t sleep all night, so slept this morning, 2. hrs. Elbert took a notion to go the long way round & it was a little passed 2-p-m when we got to the funeral home & they ask us to sit out with in the back seat instead of being with the mourners, We didn’t mind setting there. there were 20 carloads of people & the police car took the lead to the City limit’s, We went to Elm Wood Cemetery, to the new section. I ask for a basket of flower & they gave me one after the cars had all left, We went to the Care Taker & ask about our lot with 6 burial spaces, Elbert paid for it & I helped as I had promised, by staying home & keeping every thing going at home but pa went in & ask for the deed & they gave it to him & he kept it, so they tell Elbert to get it back.  We want to bury those that are left of us there Gertie, Audrey Elbert & myself. and thought it would be a good plan to have those names marked in the spaces where they are to be laid. but we have to get the deed & go to the City Hall to have it fixed.  John didn’t look like hisself  I was shocked at first, he had bloated & turned dark, he always was so fair, Oh, it didn”t look like him, poor fellow  I know he must have suffered all these long months.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to the family. Nellie looked so

Sat. Jan. 5. 1946./833./  White & as if she were in a far off haze, dazed, or something maybe it was better I didn’t talk to her, John was only 48. yrs. old.  would be 49. Feb. 7. 1946. Johny & Bonney Bell held up O.K & Bonita & George   Ella Jane looked all broke up as if shed cried her eyes most out. Jim & Hazel were there & all our family’s, but, Gertie, Uncle Wills girls (Elsie & Lillie) & Georgia & her daughter & Frank Wheeler & his Wife, Evelyn & Francis & her husband & Frank Bonney, Ruby didn’t come.  felt to ill. Harvey & his wife & Armond & Ethel Bonney—Mr & Mrs Stoughton & Laura Bell  were there & I don’t rememb-er the rest, but there church folks turned out well.  We took the flowers to the 4. Square Church in Vermilion, got some few things to eat in Vermilion & got home in time to feed hens at 5-p-m. Sun shone today untill 3-p-m.  Wind Was S. West this a-m. but S. east & strong tonight   has been so hot for this time of year, to hot for winter clothes. & todays weather is for Dec. 1946.  I thank God it wasn’t cold, it’s hard enough to have to bury a body but, When it’s cold, it makes things so hard for the family. I was cold When we buried Fred, Pa, & Frank & Will Gilmore. Oh, may God have Mercy on our souls, Amen.  Well the little old hens laid for us 25 eggs today Praise God. 

Sun. Jan. 6. 1945./ [she meant 1946]  Clyde Greene has been dead 6 yrs today.  My Check came yesterday & DeHaan’s sermons & my tax blank came first of last mo.  We went to Church tonight, had a good prayer service.  I gave some walnuts to Hambly’s & the Ministers Family & some cake to Minister & his wife & Family. Hambly’s were hungry to night, but, they wanted meat & I am sorry but we only had boiled meat & that wasn’t more than a good cup full here at home & one garlic saucage.  It’s been a fine day  wind was strong all night & this a-m  & partly cloudy with some sunshine, wind eased off tonight S.W. wind. I have signed my name to my check & made out a money order for $5.72  for my taxes, Elbert’s going to Huron in the morning. 

Mon. Jan.7. 1946./  I did part of the washing & Elbert washed out his own clothes  but I’ll still have the chair cover & table cloth & the cover on my chair to wash  hope I can do it tomorrow. but I’m so tired tonight  I don’t Know if I’ll be able to get it done. It’s to hot outside & in & took a little cold in my throat & have to cough.  been murky thick all day.  had heavy fog last night  Wind went N.E., still is

Mon. Jan. 7. 1946. /834./ We stopped at the Cemetery office Sat. Elbert wanted to talk to the Care-taker & I sat in the car, it’s strait across from John’s grave & I couldn’t help watching them as they set the flowers away right in the mud & one they set a goodly number of times & it wouldn’t set up it was all covered with dirt, so I ask the Caretaker, it I might have it, he said yes  it’s spoiled, & said to take a good one, but I told Elbert to bring that one & he did, he laid it on some papers in the back of the car & we took it to the Church & wrinced it off & set it in the Church, I felt Nellie & John wouldn’t care under circumstances, but now, some how, I feel Nellie wouldn’t want me to have taken it, so, I’m sorry  I did & Pray When I explain, she will forgive me, I didn’t take it for myself, but thought if it wasn’t spoiled after washing it they would like them in the Church. Oh God, Please help me to know it’s O.K. I wouldn’t want to do wrong by any one of them, & Thou dust know my heart. Amen. 

Tue.Jan.8. 1946./ Elbert Went to Lorain to Hunt for work but nothing doing, he cought more cold & his throat is sore & I’ve got a touch of it, I’m so run down & weak  I sweat like rain  When I feel the least bit tired & today  I’ve surely been to all in to do anything, I slept this morning, but was sick all night, seem as if I’d die for a while but I Kept on praying & at last this a-m. “daylight” I slept from 6 till 9-a-m.  & then I got up.  Elbert  came  10-30 & got us something to eat, I had a bowl of broth. & I went & laid down & slept this after noon.  I had some more broth for supper & milk & Elbert feels worse to-night  but I pray God Will take us in hand & fix us up again, I feel better in some ways, I can’t explain  just how. Rev. Singleton had a bad cold & Brynt’s eyes are bad again, I do pray God will fix them up & make them whole in Jesus name, Amen.  I pray He’ll take care of each one in the Church as He sees they need  I thank Him for ans. to prayer, Glory to His Name, We had

Tue. Jan. 8.1946. /835./ some sun shine today & I’m so thankful for it We need it & every thing needs it, Praise God.  Wind N. east & to-night it is a fine snow turning to water.  29 eggs, one double yolked one.  We got Condons seed book today.  It’s lots to warm & lots of colds & flu. I thought we’d get to go to Nellie’s, but I’m not able. & Elbert has lumps in his throat, to, so we better not. 

Wed.  Jan.9. 1946./  Well, it’s been a dark day with very little sun shine & it rained a fine misty rain just before night  wind backed up to S then came back to W. still to warm for winter clothes, the flesh & cords of my neck have been so terrible sore  hurt to bend over or to move around but I got the ironing done & wish the washing & the floors were wiped up, Elbert helped me get the dishes done up & a clean table cloth on the table, he Killed & dressed a hen, to, so we could have some broth, he’s had a bad sore throat, but he’s feeling better today, I’m better than yesterday.  We got 23. eggs today, he put bags on the two end window holes above the windows & took the papers off, it was to hot in the coop. he had the windows open to much yesterday & I hope they don’t any of them get a cold. the hen he killed didn’t even have the makings of one egg inside of her.  Elbert called Nellies home Mon. & talked to Ella Jane & she said she’d be home this week & Bonney Bell also.  then Bonney Bell goes back to Crile Hospital & E.J. to her place in New Mexico, Albuquerque. & Frank’s wife “Ruby” is going there Sat.Jan.12th 1946, So, he, & the children told me last Sat.  I wanted to go see them, but with this cold I’d best stay home, for it seems every one has a cold or is just getting over one.  I had a nice letter from Mrs. Clyde Greene today, she sent me the clipping about John & his death, & said she called Gertrude Bonney & had quite a visit with her, that Gertie said she had a cold & didn’t feel able to go to John’s funeral, but she never goes to a funeral if she can help it, she didn’t go to Mother’s, Fred’s Uncle Will’s or Aunt Edith’s but she did go to Pa’s & now, she didn’t go to John’s.  Mrs Greene said her sister was sick & so her Christmas wasn’t as she had planed, for her sister & Niece was to have come to her home. instead she went to her sisters home & had turkey dinner. I’m glad for her sake

John M Harnish Sr obit

Wed. Jan. 9.1946./836./ She said Clyde had been gone 6. yrs. Jan. 4th. & I know how she misses him, she isn’t a bit well & he did so much to help & now only her to do things

Thurs. Jan.10.1946./ Well, Praises to God We are both better again, my flesh isn’t so sore, but I cough some yet. but I got the floor wiped up today & hope to clean the bird cages tomorrow. We got 25 eggs today & still eating chicken. I made biscuits to take the place of bread so we had them with gravey. I’m so weak  I dread to think of mixing bread.  Elbert is planing on going to look after work & sell eggs in the morning.  The wind was west today. seems a trifle cooler. 

Fri. Jan.11.1946./ Well, Elbert Went to Elyria  then clear back to Lorain & then back out to Nellie’s, he ate lunch with her & Ella Jane & than they came home with him, he brought some ice cream, so I made tea for them  We talked some time & then I got supper  I fixed the chicken’s breast up last night so we could have them for supper tonight, so I made them into meat balls fried them brown on both side & put the last of the chicken broth on them let them cook about 5 minutes on both sides & made gravey of the broth, I fried some potatoes & fixed some sweet corn  had biscuits & pickels & jam & more hot tea, they, all ate & seemed to enjoy it. We then talked & Elbert took them up to get the buss at 6-20-p.m. they were going to Lorain  change buss & go to Elyria & they get off at there own door. Ella Jane, Ruby & I believe Armond, all go back to Albuequerque New Mexico starting in the Morning  Armond back to the service in California  some where.  Nellie wishes she was going to & would if she had her business afairs fix up so she could. Bonney Bell went back to Cleveland to Crile Hospital Wed. Jan. 9. 1946.  I washed dishes after Elbert left to take them up to get the buss. had to sit done twice but got them done & put away before 10-p-m. glad I had the house cleaned up before they came & I was cleaned up to  I didn’t look so well today, but had a bad night coughing. Nellie said she was glad I took the basket of flowers & would have been welcome to more if I had wanted them  I thank God, she felt that way, she’s not very well & can’t do very much, but like myself, she gets around every day & does a little, but she says she didn’t Know what she was going to do, or how, Johny’s going to school & Geo

Fri.Jan.11.1945 / 837./  Ev & Bonita haven’t decided whither to stay there or not, Nellie thinks if they do stay they ought to pay all expences & take care of her & Johny When he’s there, but I can’t see Why they should take over all the expences, I still think it’s a queer world.  Geo & Bonita have 3 children  makes 5 to feed & cloth & 7 with Johny & Nellie  I don’t see how on the small wages Geo gets how they could all live & pay the bills.  Nellie says if they move out it Will be O.K.  she’d like to have it quite & she’d like to rest. but Bonita does the washing, ironing, dishes, & cleaning & 40-11 other odd jobs & so I don’t see how Nellie will be able to do it by her self, any more. I do hope they all use good judgement, and live happy & with out arguements. Well we got 25 eggs today & Elbert only sold 2 doz out of 15 and a half doz. today, been cloudy all day & rained fine mist rains tonight  then wet snow just as the girls left to get the buss & now it’s raining hard. 11-p-m.  I thank God & Praise Him for our blessing & that He helped me to testify for Him today & give him all the Praise & Glory. for ever & ever, Amen. Today is Ruby Jean’s birthday (that’s Evelyn’s & Red’s daughter)  she’s 8 or 9 yrs. old  I have forgot. 

Sat. Jan.12. 1946./  Well believe it or not I did manage to get up & while Elbert went to Vermilion I washed out all the rags  been having to use to & 3 nose rags every day & night so I had a bunch of them & then I wash my night gown it was so sweaty & the flannel I use on my pillow  my stockings & dress & the chair seat cover & table cloth & got them dry  before bed time  was sick & threw up my dinner & coughed all night or most of it  I haven’t eat enough to say eat all day & I’m to tired tonight. I aired the beds & rooms as usual & make up the bed, but, it’s got my stomach all up set.  We got 26 eggs today, We sure got to sell eggs soon or give them away & the price has dropped way down.  Wind is west & a little cooler, it made a little ice last night also.  Wind freshened up after dark. I sent E.J. a letter today  she left Elyria this morning with Aunt (Bonney), Ruby on her way back to Albuequerque.

Sun. Jan.13. 1945./ [she meant 1946] This is Laura Ann’s birthday, she is 11. yrs. old  We been home all day with the exceptions of Elbert, he goes for the milk & he stopped to see if Mr. Ellis wanted eggs , he bought 5 doz for 50cents per doz. ($2.50) he sold 2 doz for 1.20 in Lorain the other day- in Lorain. & I have felt quite weak, but I know the Minister & his wife will pray for me & God will hear & fix me up to give me more strength again  Glory to God & Jesus our Saviour & the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Sun. Jan.13.1946./ page 838./  The wind was west & quite cold last night & been cold all day, today, Elbert hung the Thermometer out side by the back door & it was 12 above zero & it’s cold to night, the wind has backed up to the S. west tonight & there’s a big black curtian come over us from that way, moon’s been shining all evening but will soon be covered up, it’s 10-30-p.m. now.  sun did shine through among the Clouds all after noon. 

Mon. Jan.14.1946./ Elbert says Nellie told him, Johny was studying to be a minister at Bald-Win Wallace College  Berea Ohio He goes & comes with there minister.  Well, we are all out of eats, Elbert was going to Lorain, but, he felt so bum today his head hurt & so he didn’t go, I haven’t done much today, I believe if I could have What I need to eat I’d feel better & stronger again but, I’m terrible weak. Mr Ellis & his boy came tonight & got 10. doz eggs for $5.00 he gets 70 cents or 75 cents per doz. Elberts no good at selling eggs, he takes them for a ride & brings them back, he’s going to Vermilion in the morning he says & he has 5 doz. more to sell so we can have a few more lunches, he’s going to buy scratch grain.  We got 21 eggs today.  Wind was so cold & strong all last night, moon shone clean most of the night & We had sunshine today  clear & cold  it warmed up after dinner & thawed out  the bird bath out side, West Wind, it eased up tonight & not quite so cold either.  I sewed the snaps & buttons on my new house dress today. 

Tue. Jan. 15.1946./  Well Elbert Went to Vermilion sold 5 doz. egg for $2.50 & he bought 100 lb sack grain & a few things to eat, some gas & 2. qts. oil. & while he was gone I washed out my dirty clothes & the towels & got them dry before he got back, now his washing is next. & I’ve got 2. prs. of light blankets to wash, he said I looked sick when he came & I sure felt all in, but, I hoped to & got dinner for he was so hungry he got some nice greens for the hens & for us to. I washed the dishes he got the supper & I did the dishes. I rested awhile after dinner & then stitched a hem in my neck scarf, made one pillow case & stitched in my sleeves & finished neck of my house dress, but, looks as if I’ll have to take one sleeve out doesn’t look right some how. We got 25 eggs today. Wind Went N. east & it’s quite chilly. snowed hard this morning almost a cover, but all melted When the sun came out  been broken clouds all day. It’s been like a nice early Spring day, and evening. We have moonshine a-gain tonight, as last night, moon’s 3/4 full & mo most half gone already

Wed.Jan.16.1946./ Today is my birthday  61 yrs. old, but, the weather isn’t anything like the morning I came to that little log cabin in the woods in Michigan, mother has often told me how pa drove in & out all winter over the fence post by the drive way & he had thought he was over the drive & how he fastned a small pole to each post either side of the drive  the next winter, fearing something might happen to the oxen driving in & out if they were not on the drive, ma was just 28. yrs. old then, Dad 23. his birthday being Jan. 28th, ma was from Nov. 29th to Jan. 28 older than pa & I had a brother “Elbert” who was 2. yrs. old Dec. 6. & just before I came they owned 160 acre farm, that was all woods & had to be cleared. Pa had

Wed.Jan.16.1946./839./abu  about 2. acres. the trees were big a-round & tall  he used the logs for the house & barn, he had a driving horse “Flora” & a nice cow “Jersy” that gave a big pail full of milk & 100 or so of brown leghorn hens & a spring in the basement where the got nice clear cold water the yr. round.  Pa’s mother was bedriden & so We or I only lived in that place 1 1/2 yrs.  then they sold out & come back to his father & mother where ma worked herself most to death trying to take care of grandpa & grandma & there adopted daughter Lottie & pa & ma & us to children & brother Fred came along shortly after me, “in 20 mo.” & in 2 yrs. more Sister Gertrude & ma working for all of us & milking 16 cows making butter & doing the odds & ends untill she decided to get out, so she came to visit her sister & brought along us 4. youngsters & Aunt got dad to come & fix up a house & bring his house hold goods & live in Lorain & she got him a job of carpenter work so he did Aunt’s repair work on 5-2 story houses & kept them painted for his rent, the house we lived in was in the same yard with hers & a fence all around the big yard, it was 2 big lots & we staid on our side and we were never alowed to go out side the fence unless our parents told us to go & then we did our erand & got right back or got a licking.  I was 3. yrs. old when we came there to live & ma’s mother & father came shortly after to live with Aunt Edith  they were only there a little while & died 4 days apart. Aunt had 3 children Wyn 13. yrs. old  Aubrey 10.yrs. old & Georgia 3.yrs.old. she was 3. the 16th[?] of the 16th day of Aug. I was 3. the 16th of Jan  just before making her 7 months younger than I. Well, we lived there for several yrs.  Frank was born to the family next then Audrey then Mildred  then Nellie Bell & then the house burned down to the ground & the snow was a good 2.ft.deep, that was on Feb.9.1897. & that’s 49. yrs. ago.  Mable was born in Aug after the house burned, but she only lived 3. weeks. & Mildred died before Nellie was born. Pa went acrossed the river & bought a big lot & put up a rough shanty & that was where Mable was born. Uncle Will Wheeler had come to Aunt Edith’s a year before the house burned & bought a lot “after they had rented awhile” right acrossed the road from us on the bank of Black river on Hargison Sta. [?]  Well, we all lived there & grew up, added on two more rooms & ma died there & so did pa. Frank got married then Audrey. then Fred then Nellie then me (Elinor) then pa left Gertie a lot by herself  came to stay with me & poor Elbert was the one left most lonely  he slept there & got his meals out, they pa & Gertie got all the money they could out of him & then my husband died & I got Elbert to come live with me  we get along good together, he takes care of me when I’m sick & I do the same by him & the same When we are Well enough to work. Now he

Wed. Jan.16.1945./840./ [she meant 1946] has been with me 13. yrs. this coming June. & Frank’s been dead 13. yrs. Feb. 19. 1946.  After Frank died  Sister Nellie & John stayed with me for 3. weeks  Nellie  one week & John the next, then they left me alone untill school was out & Ella Jane came & then Elbert came & then I wasn’t fit to do anything, but I put forth every effort to help myself , in 1934. a car ran into my old ford & all but killed me & if it hadn’t been that I belonged to the Lord I’d be dead to, but I believed he would heal me & He did  it was a mericil how He healed my paralyzed stomach & bowels & healed & straightened my bones, I’m not as well or able bodied or strong as I’d like to be, but I still rub out the weekly wash on the wash board & do the ironing baking, mending, darning, sewing  make beds  sweep & wipe up floors  take care of 3 birds (canarys)  my house plants & untill this last few weeks  have been to church  Sun. & Tue. & Fri. evenings. To night the Rev. & his Wife called on us & had prayer.  I was still feeling bad after the shock  I got at supper time, I started to put the eggs in the basket from off the table & my arm has been so bad, the nerve in it & I don’t Know just how it all happened, but I had moved my soup away & had my hand full of eggs & the nerve gave a jirk & away went the soup all over the eggs in the basket on my lap & I broke 3 for my hand went into the basket, Elbert washed them off after supper. I had been feeling so bad because, I’m so hungry for a little butter & a little meat  I can eat & when I need it most I have to go with out it & I wish I could get out & do things, but I can’t & my nerves get so up set, I do get so tired of broth, it’s like living on water with a little meat flavor & salt & peper. & sometimes it seems as if I just can endure it. I try hard to not talk about it but tonight I did & because I was to tired I spilled my rice & veal broth & broke 3 eggs. The preacher looked sick & said he had been on Sun morning so that was Why I had to pray so hard for him Sat night & Sun. & tonight he’s going to Ackron for plumbing fix-tures to fix up his living rooms in the upstairs rooms in the church. That man has worked hisself most to death every since he came here, they neither have had a square deal. But God will give him a big reward one of these days & all of us who have failed to

Wed. Jan.16.1946./841./ receive much less. Oh how I do Wish I could do more & not have to lay a-round so much.  I pray God’s Will be done, not mine.  We got 25 eggs today & its cold out yet  the sun shone all day & moonlight tonight.  

Thurs. Jan.17.1946./ Well my arm felt better this morning after aching all night. So I washed out Uncles clothes & what few I had & he washed his heavy underwear & work shirt, his socks & kercheifs.  & he hung a few things  outside they got almost dry & smell so fresh & nice. We had such a heavy frost last night that it looked like snow in the moon light ground was as white as if it had snowed.  Sunshine  all day, today, clouding tonight & moon don’t shine through. Wind was S. east this a-m. then slowly went on around to S.W. & quite warm out at 9-p-m. Blue water in lake as far as you can see, but beach is frozen yet with lots of snow & ice there. the clothes are all dry except the heavy union suit. I ought to iron in the morning, poor old arm don’t get much chance to rest  I got most the supper & did the washing of the dishes  Elbert dried them. We only got 20 eggs  today looks like a chicken dinner ahead. did-n’t thaw untill toward night & Elbert says it’s warmer tonight. He says his head has hurt him bad all day  But I thank God we have been able to keep going & I sure feeling terrible miserable myself.

Fri. Jan.18.1946./ Well Elbert went to Huron & got a little bacon & I did the ironing & got most of the supper, Elbert bought a news paper, he’s anxious to see the strikes settled, there are so many out on strike & some pending, just waiting to go out, the steel workers, carpenters, telephone, electrical, meat packers, textile workers & I can’t remember all the others. Hope we can hold out untill he can get to work, he isn’t feeling very well & his eyes are bothering him of late. My stomach has the nervous jitters tonight as if some-thing terrible was about to happen. I did my usual work in the house & went out back today, first time in several weeks. It isn’t very cold & wind West birds bath almost thawed out little scum around the edges. Only 19. eggs today. Sunshine all day with some clouds & only a little moon shine tonight. uper current of clouds are coming from the North & they are flying fast  we have had quite a lot of wind these passed few days. Got the price list from Dr Haan today. Well  I have everything ready for the morning & I’m going to bed now.

Sat. Jan.19. 1946./ Well I got the mending done & I feel much in need of repair myself tonight  I did the things I had to do that’s all. it’s much colder out side than, it was, freezing  & it tried to give us some snow this noon  came down thick for only a few minutes not enough to stay on the ground. I received an anouncement of the birth of Rose Braikers baby, it’s a girl  Little Miss Ann Ellen born 9:25-p-m. on Jan 13th 1946.  she weighed 7lbs  131/2oz.  It also stated-Mother fine-baby wonderful  father-recovering.  she hasnt been very well so I’m glad all  is well. Received a letter from Nellie said they missed there buss so took city buss to Audrey’s , she wasn’t home, so they waited in Loby of theater where it was warm, said Audrey. come along & they went home with her she had been to the 

Sat. Jan.19. 1946 /842/ (Audrey) had been to the Dr.  they went home with her & had a cup of tea. Audrey’s heart is bad  skips every other beat, she don’t look a bit well poor girl. I’m so sorry she’s all alone  no one she could call for help if she took sick there by herself & not even a phone. It’s sure queer  folk’s in this old world  When a mother with only one child & that a daughter can’t live peaceably together, & then there’s Gertie there in the old home place & she says she wouldn’t call any of us if she knew she were going to die in the next 15 minutes.  Well, Nellie said, they got home tired, Wet & cold. & that E.J. left next morning, that (they) I think she ment Frank Bonney, Ruby his wife & Aarmond there son & stopped for her & they all went to the train & Ella Jane, Ruby & Armond took passage on the Stream Line (New York Central) for Chicago where they transfer & go on to New Mexico.  But when they got into Chi. E.J. was so broke up, she left  Ruby & Armond to go on & she went to a woman she calls Bethene & has been there every since (she, E.J.) phoned Nellie Fri. night Jan.18. & said her nerves were so bad she just couldn’t go on to Mexico & Nellie said she’s in the same fix herself, & that mabe E.J. would come back home. She said Bethene is a wonderful Christian woman & that she’s glad they are together. then she said she’d try to write to me again. Love Nellie & All.)  Well, I’m sorry but she was so set on not giving way to her feeling & it’s so hard on the nervous system to hold in your grief & sorrow it’s natural to mourn & cry over the departure of a loved one, it would help her nerves if she would cry. And of course things will never be the same again, but, we can’t turn back, We do have to grope around & go on some how. She said Bramen “that was John’s half brother” died Jan.6. on Sun. & John on Jan. 3. & he John was laid to rest Jan.5. 1946. Then she sent me a clipping from the news paper, telling of Dr. Easton’s death & funeral. Dr. died Jan.6. on Sun. 1946. & I believe from the clipping he was laid away Jan. 8. So there are a great many morrn mourn & greive. Dr. had been in Lorain for a goodly number of yrs.  I was just a young girl when he set up office in Lorain & he was a young man & rather bashful. Mother took me to him once at that time, I had hurt my back bone in a fall & my or my he was bashful, ma said he’s so bashfull  I don’t see how he’ll ever make a go of his work, but he did & was worked most to death at times, & now he to has gone, his wife is a nurce & has kept at it all these yrs.  We got 22 eggs today.    Elbert killed & dressed a hen & she was full of eggs  she must have laid today & would have laid every day. We ate most of her for supper, she was small but in real good order. I made biscuits for dinner & we had some in the gravy for supper. We saved the breast & one thigh to grind & make meat balls for dinner tomorrow.  Wish I could go to church but don’t think I will  I dreamed of ma & Audrey  got a letter from Nellie today. Looks like A is bad. 

Sun. Jan.20. 1946./ We have been home all day  sun was nice this morning although the air was cold & frosty, then it clouded up & has been a thick gray blanket all the rest of the day & tonight wind backed up to S. east & quite out side  we can hear the passenger whistle just before he pass-es into Vermilion & that’s 7 miles east of us. Elbert went for the milk & thats as far as he went today. I pray God will Bless the meetings at Church today.

Sun. Jan.20.1946./843./ & tonight & help the preacher & his Wife and family. I pray He will strengthen the minister, he need it so much & give Brynt What ever it is he needs for his eyes & health & give to each of those of Thine what they need Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name I ask, Amen.  I thank Thee for my healings & all Thou do’eth give me & give Elbert & I ask Thy care on him as he goes tomorrow & comes & help his car Keys to be returned to him. And God of Love and Mercy, Deal with those Who mourn & teach them Thy ways, in Jesus Name, Amen. 23 eggs today. & we have over 10. doz. on hand  I hope Elbert sells them all so we can eat this week. We thought Mr. Ellis might come for them, but, he didn’t. 

Mon. Jan.21. 1946./ Well it sure snowed last night & early this a-m. & it’s been cold all day. Georgia Snyder came over & told us Elbert’s boss called up for him to come to work Tue. morning that’s tomorrow, so he got out his new overalls that he wanted me to fix, some time ago. & I got them done, my arm has been bad today, nerve jirks so & pains me so bad  seem as if I could pick the pain out. Well, I got most the supper, When I made the biscuits my hand just let go the oven door & it shut with a bang & I yelled, it gave me such a shock & went over me so fast for & hr. or more & when it eased up I sweat & felt so weak, my feet got so cold & I said to Elbert, they were so cold, & he said  I set around so much I didn’t get exercise enough, seems as if each one in the family would like to see me dig in untill I drop in my tracts & as one of them said once, if I died  all they craved of me would be my brains, so they could manage as well as I.  always had in the passed. but they wont do one any good When I’m done with them, & Elbert says he’s going to see to it, “if I die before he does” that none of the rest get anything that belongs to me. Well, sometimes I wish I were miles away with Jesus & didn’t have anything, for any one to want. I have give away alot of things & think I’ll give away more & more untill I only have just the barest neccesities, if I were to be left alone I think I’d even sell the place & go & live in a home where I could work for my food clothes & bed. I don’t crave for a thing any one of them have got & never have, and I never have had much of this world’s goods, the place is in my name & several of them would like to have it in there’s but I paid for it in a hard way & hope I can live here in my (little home) (soak box) (barn) & what so ever they’ve cared to call it. It’s quite out here & God is near me & talks to me & takes care of me, it would be nicer for them, sometimes, if I lived closer to them, as they have wished  I’d sell & come nearer, but I 

Mon. Jan.21.1946./ 844./[she meant to page it 845]  O.K here, I’d like to be able to go & do things for myself sometimes & not have to tell what for 7 why but; God knows best & I Know He will see me through.  20 eggs today  We lack 2 of having 12 doz. on hand. & Elbert is all prepared to go to work in the morning. I pray he wont catch a cold, for, it’s turned cold & he isn’t use to being outside all day, and I haven’t been out but once in several weeks & it’s forcing me out to take care of hens & I’m not able. 

Tue. Jan.22. 1946./ Well it was 6 blow zero “so they told Elbert “last night & it was terrible cold this morn. & Elbert went to Lorain & they told him to come back next, he was so angry  thinks it is a trick, but, he don’t know, I hope it will all work out O.K.  it’s to cold to work out all day right now after being so warm. & I haven’t done anything outside the daily round  haven’t felt quite so strong today. I went out & took care of hens at 10-and give them there cabbage & sour milk & gathered 13 eggs K& then Elbert came about 2-p-m & he fed at 4-p-m & gathered 8 more making 21. eggs today,  had sunshine all day  thawed on the road a little, but is still snappy cold & moonshine & stars tonight5. wind south. house cools off so quick to I know it’s getting colder out side it’s 10-p-m. & I’m going to bed. I had Elbert mail a letter to Nellie this morning. I thank God for His care & and pray, He will have blessed the meeting tonight. Elbert talked to Mrs. Henry “Daisy Mead” today &  she ask us to call on her, she spoke to him or he wouldn’t have noticed her  he said she has rooms on 4th St. 

Wed. Jan.23. 1946./ 21 eggs today  We were home all day sunshone all day it clouded up just before dark, there wasn’t much wind untill tonight & now it comes in strong puffs. it thawed some today, but was cold out, I only did what had to be done & tried to finish a handkercheif edge, but, didn’t finish it. Elbert went for milk & back, no. mail, only  light bill. today. I went out to the toilet & back today, haven’t felt good all day  stomach needs different Kind of food, it’s tired of milk & soup, again. 

Thurs. Jan. 24. 1946./ 23 eggs today  Well Elberts going to Vermilion this morning to sell the eggs & perhaps get us a little more to eat. Well he had such a head ach he didn’t feel able to go but he took 2 anicin & at 12-30-noon he went & sold the 10 doz for 48cents per doz. $4.80  for them all. & got us some eats  just a little a piece of boiling meat  a very small piece of beef steak, 3 grape fruit & 4 pears & a yeast cake, he spent little over a dollar. I sent 2 doz. eggs to Rev. & Mrs. Singleton, he & Mr. Hambly were working at the church up stairs. Elbert talked to Miss Clark today, she told him all the news

Thurs. Jan.24. 1946 /844./ [this would be 846] she said the church folks were all sore because the preacher went to live in another house for the winter & they had to pay $25.00 rent for them & 2 water bills & 2 phone bills.  how could he help it if they over seeres told him to not do the living quarters first but the Church rooms  he couldn’t live up there in the cold & draft with 3 little children, would anyone of the |Church folks have lived up there in such conditions? Would they? Would they do by Jesus the way they do by our minister, & his family?  would they?  Well, they fell in love with Bueser, call him nice looking, he waves his hair & dashes around saying bright things, spicy, cute, &. & the women loved to hear him say they were mighty good cooks & they’d have his favorite pies & sandwitches for lunch, just a certain few, after the church folks  left the services. Well, I pray God will bless the Minister’s effors & bring in other folks to tight pay in there tenth to help keep them in food & clothes. I like to be able to give them lots more, but God is able to bless those young folks of His & show the others where they stand. I hope Lindy & Dorthy have a chance to think it over to for if they preach, they know not what they will run into & this ought to teach them some lessons, worth thinking over.  Well, I got my clothes & the house laundry done, but have to get Elbert’s & his bed blankets done yet. I’m so tired tonight. Elbert helped get the supper, I made a rice pudding & fried the steak  Elbert boiled potatoes & made the milk gravy  I felt to tired to eat. It’s warmer out side & tried to snow, it thawed quite a lot today. we only have 7 more days this month.

Fri. Jan. 25. 1946./ 22 eggs today  Elbert left at 12-30-nooon for Lorain to see about his job & they told him to come back Tue. Jan.29.  he came back 2-30 p-m.  I had the soup just about done, he got a piece of bacon today & some of those big black grapes  the meat is firm in them & they are so good & he really got me  1/4 lb. of butter & a yeast cake to make bread tomorrow. & we hope to wash out his cloth’s & perhaps the blankets. We had two snow squals to day, wind is strong & puffy. Elbert say, it’s not so cold tonight. We got 22 eggs today. Elbert paid light bill. I crocheted a little finished my kercheif today. only little sun this after  noon & evening, no moon  dark out. my shoulder pained  me so bad all night, I slept couple hrs, this morning, then it began to hurt & I got up it’s hurt all day I sure need to get back into the meetings, I’ll be so happy when I can, some how I can’t endure  the cold at all. Elbert called Martha, she said the familys were all O.K. & that Merlin was on his Norwalk route today. Oh I thank God for Our Ministers his wife & children & His blessings. Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 26. 1946./845./  Elbert’s been on the bum all day his back and his head, he’s been taking anicins. only 12 eggs today  I baked 3 loaves of bread & 1 tin rusk biscuits (6 larger ones) & did the sweeping but just didn’t have the pep to wipe up the floors & they sure need it. Saw 3. rabbits, Elbert went out with his gun, but didn’t get one  I wish we could have some, I crave the wild meat. & we don’t have any meat for tomorrow. Elbert didn’t get washing done he’ll be home  Mon. yet, so I’ll have to get everything going with out talking about it. I can’t do his heavy union suits, & blankets & he don’t care to do them either.  would have been a good day to dry them. Wish I could go to church tomorrow but haven’t been out side for several days now, took cold the last time but will keep trying and hope to get more strength to  Praise God in Jesus Name the pain has left my shoulder  I thank God for our Minister & his family & the one in the Church Who behave & pray  I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 27.1945./ Well, we didn’t go any where today & I did-n’t get the floors wiped up & didn’t even get a clean dress on  20 eggs today  Elbert got up & Killed a hen dressed & cooked it & took his bath & slept a while in big chair before I got up, then I got up & my room was terrible cold, I could hardly dress. so I didn’t take my bath  Sat. night for some reason, but I was praising God for in Jesus Name for taking that terrible pain from my back, shoulder & arm, now it left me so suddn I was weak as a rat &K so I comb my hair & washed  I cooked some spiggetti in chicken broth & we ate our dinner  hadn’t done the dishes when in came Our Minister & his wife, We had a good visit, Miss Clark met, Elbert one day in Ver-milion & told him all the news, she said all the members were mad, because the minister had rented a little house to live in untill they could get the rooms done up over the Church & So he & his wife both said all the members took a note on it & said they thought he should get a warm place to live in, now they think he could have lived there anyway, its wasn’t K& still isn’t liveable, they hadn’t got the walls done, or the water or the toilet in & not anyway to heat the rooms. Miss Clark told Elbert it was terrible all the bills the preacher had run for the members to pay she said there were 2 light, 2 water & 2 phone bills & 25 dollars per. month rent, so they haven’t even given him his small weekly pay of 20 dollars a mo. for 4. weeks now. If it was Jesus in Person they most broke there necks to wait on Him, Well these Children are His ministers.

Sun. Jan.27. 1946./ 846. & in Gods Holy Word it says, a good Minister is worth his Keep & it also says, In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have also done it unto me. I would gladly do more if I could. I had Elbert go out & Kill a hen for them to take back home to cook & he picked & singed it  I gave them 4 jars of jam a can & beans & 1. of peas & loaf of bread, they look under fed & he puts in an average of 100, hrs. a week working on the church, with out pay,  Will God forgive us? Will He?  I have been asking God day & night to feed those Children of His even if stranger had to take a hand for He had revealed the condition to me & then they admitted that strangers had come to help them, to pay there rent & to feed them, Oh, I so sorry I can’t help them more & so ashamed of the conditions. But Happy in Jesus to Know He hears us when we cry to Him & He ans. our cry for help & takes care of His own. Oh, Hallaleugh  Praise His Name & May God ever be Magnafied  Glory to our King. But God of Love & Mercy, forgive us our ignorance & reveal to each one, even those who have been blessed with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, teach us Thy Ways & deal with us I Pray that we may walk in, & think in Thy Way. Amen. Oh, Yes today is Nelson K Eddys birthday, he’s one yr. old. 

Mon. Jan. 28. 1946./ Pa’s birthday & we were not able to go to the cemetery, he would be 85 yrs. old. & just think, ma would be 89. yrs. old. last Nov.29. & 90 this coming Nov. my, how time is flying  Elbert’s 63. & I am 61. & so I Praise God  He give me life & strength to work, but I often over do, & I have done that today. 23 eggs today. I got up & got the washing started & did half of it & Elbert did the rest  he washed his under wear & work shirt  2 blankets & his work pants & I did the towels handkercheifs & 2. blankets he sudsed & wrinsed the heavy pieces & I looked after drying them & then I pressed his pants & ironed his shirt & sewed the ends of one pr. of blankets together & put them on his bed. I aired the beds & made them up, while he went to Huron & got some boiling meat & lunch meat, for they told him to come to work in morning. So he’s all ready to go I hop it

Mon. Jan.28. 1946./ Wont be very cold, for he hasn’t been out very long at a time, & he feels the cold so bad.  he set some traps & one was sprung off, but, no rabbit;  Well I hope we get one tonight or two  I’d like to have the Minister & family  to supper one night this week. They told me a Catholic man was paying there rent & the woman, who owns the place came to see them & told them, as long as the man would pay the rent it was O.K. & when he couldn”t just not to worry, it would be O.K. anyway the bread man gives them bread & he even put some grocierys in there car & Sister Singleton just happened to see him doing it;  Bockman has given them vegetables but he is going to Florida, this week, for the rest of the winter & Lindy & Dorthy are going to California & Mrs. West has heart trouble, so she says, but what one of us don’t have lots of heart troubles, & I don’t wonder at it, I often wonder how God endures us. This is a portion of that Vision I had, before Frank died. I do wonder how long it will be untill things are changed. Well. When Elbert got back from Huron we ate some noodles & then, he went for milk & I wiped up the floor & did a few more odds & ends & we had supper, the blankets all dried & everything else I stacked the dishes. but no wash  Elbert seems to be to nervous to sleep & it’s getting late. 

Tue. Jan. 29. 1946./ We only have 30 hens.  24 eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain to Steel plant to job & they are not quite ready for him yet  he got there at 11-a-m  We had dinner & he took the eggs to Vermilion & sold them got a very few things to eat & sack of flour. While he was gone I mended his union suit & was just done  when he got back, I haven’t felt very good today  done to much yesterday  It’s been a wonderfull day, windy, but sunshine all day, S. west wind. snow about all gone. Elbert sold 10. doz eggs for $4.80 & had to use 1.00 for gas & some for oil, & we have to get grain with the next money. We got an ans. from the oil burner weed killer today. 

Wed. Jan.30. 1946./ Been to home all day rained fine misty rain all morning & part of the after noon & evening but at 8-p-m. moon & starlight & a strong south wind. I darned several holes in my silk wool union suit & one pr. stockings, that’s the extent of my work out side my usual house hold duties. I dug out some old hymm books & sang & whistled a goodly number to God & the birds & they sang with me. I didn’t sleep last night, got the bone out between my shoulders again & it hurt me so bad. 

Wed. Jan.30.1946./ 848./ all night & early morning, but I did get it in a position sometime after daylight so it got easy & I slept a little before noon, got up at noon & felt all foged out. Elbert hasn’t felt so good either today. but he has done all the out side chores, only 18. eggs today, wind getting strong tonight.  He Killed a laying hen for the minister & his Wife & Family. Oh. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost.

Thurs. Jan 31. 1946./ Wyn Grant is 71. yrs. old today & it’s cold & snowing to cold to snow good. received a book from DeHaan to-day & those books explain the bible so plain that a child could understand  I read them clear through before I lay them down, & I like to study my bible with them, usually I do. I haven’t done only my usual round of duties today, Elbert feels the cold bad today, it had warmed up & thawed, but turn cold so quick again last night, it makes everything feel it. Well we had to kill a hen today  she hurt her leg some how & she laid every day, had an egg ready  for tomorrow so we’ll be short on eggs before long  wish I could get a few baby chicks now, they would be laying, early in Aug. If I could only scratch up the money, I could get 200 assorted heanys for $19.70  a real bargan. Oh Well, I just don’t know how I can. 

Fri. Feb. 1.1946./ Well I managed to scrub out my change of clothes today & got them dried. sun shone most of the day, but we had a strong high & it’s raw or penetrating, & it’s blowing hard tonight.  I had to make myself a new pillow old tick was letting out the feathers & down outside of my daily round that’s all I could but Praise the Lord, I’m tired and thankful to be able to do that much, Elbert has a swelling coming in his groin & it’s quite large. I do hope he will be O.K. Oh I do Praise God for our many blessing  with all my heart & I pray He will be in the prayer meetings tonight & send down HIs Power & help to Connict souls & turn them to Him, Oh God, fill that little Church to capassity & Bless Brother & Sister Singleton’s efforts  He ought not have to be doing other than wining souls, Help him  Oh God I pray Thou will help him, & I thank Thee & Praise Thee for looking after them.- & feeding & paying there rent & Lord bring in those of Thine & fill up the church & help all those Who are defying Thee to understand, that, they are Thy children & & Thou art able to fill the church & feed & cloth & keep them & when they don’t feed & cloth & care for them, they are not doing it to Thee either, Oh God help them to know it is Thee that rules the world & church

Fri. Feb. 1. 1946./849./ 18 eggs today / Oh God of Love & Mercy teach us Thy ways, and help us to talk to Thee & do as Thou would that we should do, and not figure it out our way for Thou hast said Man has a way that seemeth right that are not My Ways. Oh Dear Heavenly Father forgive us, Amen.

Sat. Feb 2, 1946./ 24 eggs today 29 hens/  Elbert went to Vermilion  couldn’t sell the eggs he got a sack of grain & then went to Huron & run in debt for some of Cook’s meat that was on the point of spoiling & had been rubbed in soda  I ate some of the broth & it made me sick all night, but while he was gone I rubbed out my change of clothes & was done when he got back  he got a piece of pressed ham, wasn’t quite as salt as usual. colder & wind has gone on around to N. east again,

Sun. Feb.3. 1946./ 22 eggs/  Jim & Jean are 12 yrs old today/, & John has been gone a month all ready. Nellie don’t write & she’s so miserable in health  I feel anxious about her & about Audrey to she don’t write either, not even a post card. & We haven’t heard anything from Gertie  Evelyn said she was quite well, but she had been having a cold,  Mrs Clyde Greene called her & said she still had a cold & that she didn’t think she ought to go out in public & give it to others. Haven’t heard anything about Ruby since she left for Albuquerque New Mexico. or whither Ella Jane went on or came back home, and I haven’t been able to go & see how they are. We couldn’t go to church  I have been out a couple of times & my arm gets so bad  I have to stay in Where it’s warm   wish I could be in every meeting  I feel sure I’d feel better fast. I’ve sung Praises with the canary & prayed & read my bible & Pray God will help me to live His way. 

Mon. Feb.4. 1946./ 20 eggs./ Well, I haven’t done only my daily round of house hold duties today. Elbert left at 10-a-m for Lorain & he took the eggs with him, sold only 2. doz. those to Mrs. Cranage. He went to the bank in Vermilion & borrowed 20. dollars, I just can’t see why men must run in debt. His boss told him to come to work Wed. Feb. 6. & Im wondering if he means it this time, this will be the third time he has told him to come. We had a fine letter from Carl Betz today  poor fellow has been in bed with the flu & almost passed on, he said, then he told us about the weather & said they usually get plenty of rain but it had been terrible dry, said he though he would feel better if it would rain, that they had only been having lots of fog. & Dr wanted him to go Where it was more dry & no fog, he said his sister Florence had been to see him while he was so sick through Christmas time, but that he’d like 

Mon. Feb.4. 1946./ 850./ to come back to Ohio for awhile that it looked as if there wouldn’t be any one left that he would know (I had told him at Christmas of the many different one’s that had passed on) he said he would be 57 yrs. old. Feb.7. 1946. & that he was getting old. He said he didnt  want me to pay him the money I had borrowed in 1920 that he couldn’t live on 20.00 per. month & couldn’t see how we managed. I Praise God for His Kindness & pray he will give Carl an added blessing by giving him his health back fast & turning him to God with all his heart soul mind & strength Amen. I told him I’d give him the bed spread that Frank’s mother knit for me, it cost (just the thread 180. one hundred & eighty dollars) that didn’t enclude the tax on the thread, three cents on a dollar. I think I’ll send it to him. I know His wife would like it & she probbly has a nice home where she can use it & I want to send a chair back set I crocheted with it. but Ive got to do the arm pieces yet. Wish I could send the money, but, perhaps it’s better this way since I don’t have the money.  I wrote a letter to Mrs. Greene today also & now I have to write to Flora.  I sent some of DeHaan’s books up to Mrs. Bonnett to Huron by Elbert Sat. Feb. 2.  Well the wind has gone back south & it’s warmer tonight

Tue. Feb. 5. 1946./ 21 eggs today/   Well Elbert went to Vermilion  then to Huron  he didn’t sell the eggs, and he got some food there & the rest in Huron, then he cleaned hen roost & fed hens & went for the milk;  It rained hard this a-m & a gain tonight   Sun didn’t shine all day   wind went on around to S.W.  We got 21. eggs today  only 29 pullets & 3 old hens & I think one old hen is laying.  Pete froze his comb bad but he’s coming along & is crowing again, poor old fellow  I’m so sorry, but, sometimes my brains just don’t work.  I sent a card to Nellie  a letter to Mrs. Greene in the morning, he’s going to work as they told him to & if they play a trick this time hes trying for another job in Elyria Suberbs.  Now I’m going to bed. Praising God

Wed Feb. 6 1946./ 21 eggs today / Elbert went to work & it was raining & sleeting hgard. was bad untill noon  Sun came through at 11-30-a-m. & the gray solid blanket broke up into clouds & so we had sunshine most the after noon. I went to mail box, the little house & hen house & tonight I fed hens & got 1 pail Well water & got supper, did ironing only 4 pieces & my general house work.  no word from Nellie yet or any of them. Elbert is sore & lame tonight. he bought a press, they back out on strike for a month. 

Thurs. Feb.7. 1946./851./ 21 eggs. / Nellie’s birthday yesterday  she is 49 yrs. old .  today is John’s birthday  he is 49. yrs. old today & Carl Betz is 57. yrs. old today.  Well, besides my every day round I baked 3 loaves of bread  one gram & two ginger breads. & I have been terrible full of pain   I got a letter from the box for Elbert   no word from any of the home folks   I gave hens there greens at noon & collected 19 eggs & found 2 broke  making 21 for today.  I watered them & fed them tonight  was out to little house & to the well for 1. pail of water for us.  I was down to basement for ham & hens greens & I’ve prayed all day & Thanked God in Jesus Name  I’ve been able to keep going   my joints & nerves are sure bad  but I know God will fix one up before  long.  I pray He Will reveal to me & take away every doubt & fear & make me well.  I know it must be my fault in some way, but I don’t know what. way.  He says we are slow of heart &, I know we are.  Elbert is full of pain & achs tonight & so tired, then he had to do a lot of extra work after supper for the grate was full of cinders  had to take all the fire out & rebuild it.  I opened car shed for him & put pail on door so he could bring cystern water & he puts water in hen house  fresh each morning   Well I had supper all ready, but we were to tired to enjoy it, wind blew hard all day, went down with the sun & moon shines clear tonight  Elbert counted 2. doz. eggs into 3 bags & I wraped them & tied them  he has orders for them of the men he works for & with 48C per doz. 2.94 for the 6 doz.  I had him give the Preacher 2 doz last Sat. 

Fri. Feb.8. 1946./  20 eggs today /  Well, Elbert was so tired out  so sore & lame he couldn’t hardly move today   But Praise God I was better this morning, and I’m trusting God will help me to know what to eat & drink to make me strong again.  My {?] neck is on the bum & I need a little lemon juice. but the lemons are so green, that Elbert got, I ate a piece of Grape fruit with honey in it  they are so sour to.  Well I feel lots better when I don’t work, but I want to work, I’d like to be out side triming trees & soon the grapes & then the roses that we didn’t get last Fall & then we’ve got a lot of brush & briers to dig & clean out & the garden to spade & make ready to plant, & then we dumped the beets on the basement floor & now we’ll have the dirt to clean up & put in small boxes for tomatoe cabbage & pepper   I do wish we could have a good growing year & raise enough for winter.  It’s been a nice Spring day with just a tang of nippy air, no strong wind today but tonight it got cloudy & wind has freshened up again  froze last night but thawed again today, Nice Sun, but no moon. Glory Glory. Praise the Lord.  no mail from any one today & me not able to go to see what’s wrong, I hope they are well as usual, at least.

Sat. Feb.9. 1946./ 852./ 21 eggs today/  Well, Elbert well to Vermilion to shop & sell eggs, he only sold 2 doz. for 1.00 & so we have about 11. doz. on hand right now, While he was gone I did out most of the wash all but his union suit & two work shirts, he went up to Huron before coming home to get some things he couldn’t get in Vermilion, then we had a lunch, he then carried 3 pails of water for me & then went to beach & got quite a lot of sand for hen house floor, but it’s so wet it will have to dry a lot.  then he went up to Burdue’s & cashed my check for me & When he came back he washed out the union suit shirts. & I got most of them dry over stove, he hung a few pieces out side & they were all dry but hems,  I finished them over stove & now we had supper but I didn’t wash dishes, in stead I darned his socks & now I take my bath & go to bed.  I am tired & so is Elbert & he’s full of pains, he’s been working with his hands & feet in the water & helping to set forms for concreat.  It’s been a beautiful day  hardly any wind, but wind is puffy tonight.  We has sun most all day, white sun. & we have moonshine tonight.  I got a letter from Nellie  she’s been out to a din-ner among the church folks & to Audrey’s for a supper, she & Johny & they had a birthday dinner for her Feb. 6. & gave he perfume & bath salts & a scarf & house dress & pin  the first from Bonita & Johny & his Marcia & Bonney Bell, and she didn’t even mention Ella Jane.  It’s a queer World isn’t it.  

Sun. Feb.10. 1946./ 853./  22 eggs today/ We were home all day, but will be so glad when we can get back to Church again.  It’s been a beautiful day, only wind is cold & raw.  I thank God in Jesus Name for our many blessings.  

Mon. Feb.11. 1946./ Only 12 eggs today./  Elbert went to work. he sold 6 doz for 3.00. It’s been a fine day not very cold, no snow, but water in bird bath outside was froze all day. I took care of hens got the mail “a calender from pyrofax Gas Co. Where our tank gas comes from ” & a style book from Lane Bryant Indianapolis In-diana.  Elbert got an insurance letter.  I swept, was out back & emptied ashes, made beds, got supper, did the dishes, & chro crocheted 5 times across-ed on one chair arm piece.  I’m so tired tonight.  Elbert mailed 2 letters to Ella Jane this a-m-on his way to work, he’s terrible tired tonight.  We only got 12 eggs today.  It’s cloudy tonight  wind is south. 

Tue. Feb. 12. 1946./  20 eggs today  / Elbert went to  work & I did the washing & had to carry some 3 pails of water 7 1. pail well water.  got them all dry but Elbert’s union suits & got supper, Elbert brought salt water red perch for supper 7; this is the 3rd. night we have had to let the fire go out because of the cinders that clog the grate so we can’t shake out the ashes down, but it didn’t take long to get the fire going again.  I had everything ready to start the new fire& it didn’t even get cold here.  Elbert is so lame he can’t hardly move & I try to have everything done so he wont have so much to do, he’s been in the water & mud almost to top of his big over shoes, I don’t see Why they pick an old men to do the jobs a younger man could do better since they could get around easier & quicker, but some even quite rather than get there feet in the mud & water, such is life.  Well I’m going to let the dishes stand.  Received a card from Miss. Clark today, a get well fast card  she wants a report on my condition.  I pray God will give her what ever He sees she needs, Amen.  It’s been a wonderfull day like early Spring, ice thawed in the bird bath outside & it was fun to watch the birds hop into the water & skate across to the other side with them on the edge flapping there wings & looked as if they were laughing they played a while, then flew away, I like to watch them. Nice sun today and a strong south wind all day except this morning untill 9.a.m. it was N. east.  I Praise God for His blessings. 

Wed. Feb.13. 1946./  Elbert only worked 2 hrs. it rained so steady he got here at noon & just before the supper the preacher & his wife & Joe came in they had been out calling on 6 other people or families  Rev. Coon was going to be to church to have a board meeting  they wanted me to come, but I still am not fit to go. they thought they would be here for supper tomorrow night.  It froze ice tonight & is colder wind blowing hard tonight.

Wed. Feb.13.1946./ 854./ 21 eggs today /Wind S.W. no important mail today. I swept & felt so tired I didn’t try to do any more, after I got everything ready for supper.  I took care of hens gave them greens & water & Elbert fed them tonight. Oh, I love those two children off God’s & Pray His Blessings on them.  They look better than when they were here last.  I gave them 2 doz. eggs. & my tenth for Church.  We Praise Thee Jesus. 

Thurs. Feb.14. 1946./ 21 eggs today / Valintine’s Day.  Elbert went to work.  The wind blew a living gale all night  seemed as if the house rocked & I prayed often God would spare us & the house, it blew the cystern pump over  it sure was terrible, it wasn’t near so bad today, but snowed a blizard this morning as Elbert was leaving  then eased up & sun came out clear at 9-a-m.  and then it showered snow flurrys off & on all day like May showers only snow for rain & sun be-tween showers & once or twice while it snowed, sunshone.  & again tonight wind is howling & ground is white with snow.  Elbert is so tired tonight & he tried to mend his rubber over shoe, it tore & he got his foot soaked in cold mudy water, had to wash his feet & put on clean socks soon as he got here.  He met Sister Singleton & the two boys in Vermilion & she said she was so sorry they couldn’t come, she said the Sunday school supertendent was there & they were to have an-other meeting tonight. Well, I swept & wiped up the floors & dusted & done the daily round took care of hens & birds & shut the rat out side  Elbert locked up the buildings tonight.  I had supper all ready & hot coffee & he was glad, Praise God. Glory to God, Praise the Lord, Glory, Glory, Glory, Blessed Jesus. 

Fri Feb. 15. 1946./ 21 egg’s today./ Elbert was so all in he couldn’t work today, he had a tumble while working that wrenched him & put some vertebras out of place  he can hardly get up or down & his back is stiff & pained him all day, I have been nursing my shoulder & head today & resting, wind blew again last night & uprooted trees in some places & tipped over corn shucks & broke of limbs of trees & a limb off my apricot tree & it was cold last night  the windows froze & I corked my west window, it sounded as if it would crush the glass out but God took care of us & the little house  Praise His Name  I want to g o back to church & Pray I may, soon. God Willing.

Saat. Feb. 16.1946./855./ 16 eggs today/   Elbert cleaned South end, or pen, in the hen house & put in m ore sand & fresh straw, he went to Vermilion & got a few things to eat & some grain for hens  they played a trick on him, he said, & bought eggs of an other person & didn’t take his, he sold 2 doz. to Wests for 90 cents.  I washed out what clothes were dirty & ironed & darned his sock & cooked & did dishes  cleaned & made beds & we are both terrible tired.  South W. wind but not so bad today or last night as it was.  Milk man said the wind lifted half his hay stack & strewed it far & wide in the telegraph wires & in the fences & now he has a hard job cleaning it up. sun shone nice & warm today, but wind rather chilly  I started to clean my lower teeth & they broke into, so now I’ll have to do something about new teeth. the joys seem to be many of late but I Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. 

Sun. Feb.17. 1946./  21 eggs today/   I did want so much to go to Church today but here I am with my broken teeth & I’ll have to put forth some effort now to get my teeth fixed up, or, just go with out them & that I can’t do for I can’t eat & digest my food, so I’m praying God will help me fast.  I was so tired las t night & knowing I’d not go to church I laid & rested & didn’t get up untill noon  I didn’t sleep the last few nights the wind blew so hard & my arm pained me bad & I only slept a couple of hrs.  this morning.  I was just dressing when Johny & Nellie Bonita & the children came in  We had a nice visit & a cup of tea together.  We didn’t have much in the house to eat, we didn’t sell the eggs Sat. & Fri. Elbert didn’t work so he didn’t get his pay & we dont have company very often, so this time we didn’t have much for company, but, they didn’t care for they were looking for Bonney home & they had a nice chicken dinner already when they got back home.  Ella Jane didn’t go back to New Mexico  more people died in Lorain

Sun. Feb.17. 1946. 856./ 21 eggs./ that we knew. she didn’t have much to say about the rest of our family. It’s been a beautiful sunshining day & the big full moon is clear & bright.  We have a rat in the hen house & we tried to get it tonight but no luck, I can’t get any baby chicks untill we know he’s gone.  Well I had to bake biscuits for supper & I have every thing ready for morning.  I Praise God, Glory to His Name. 

Mon. Feb.18. 1946./ 24 eggs today/   Elbert went to work & has a dirty job & I’m wondering now for he’s been in a concreat tunnel they have just made, taking out the wood forms & it’s not only a back breaking job but to hot for him, he was soaking wet even his heavy wool jacket & his rubber over shoe tore & one foot was so wet & cold & he was in misery when he got home, but I waited on him  got hot water & dry clothes & he soon was dried & fresh & ate his sup-per got coal, water, emptied ashes & locked car shed & coop & read the paper & now he’s gone to bed to tired to sleep  I have tried to write a letter to Audrey, & then looked over all the Christmas cards to see how many I had to ans. & put the rest away, so thats partly done.  I took care of the hens & birds & went to empty mail box, he stopped. to box but no mail   I fed & watered hens tonight. It’s been a beautiful day warm quite & nice sun  Elbert mailed a letter to Ella Jane this morning.

Tue.Feb.19.1946./  Frank’s been gone some 13 yrs. & today Elbert only worked till noon  it rained & snowed & was wet & it got thick with fog about 2-p-m. he came at 4p-m I was just going out to feed & open car shed doors so he fed hens tonight 

Tue. Feb.19.1946./ 857./ 21 eggs today /   I made nice vegetable soup for supper, but couldn’t eat much, I threw up part of my lunch but he ate & drank as if it tasted real good & he went to bed shortly after eight-p-m.  said he didn’t sleep good last night & felt so tired tonight, he spent several hrs. trying to find some rubber over shoes he could wear but only thing he could find were Knee boots  he sold 10. doz of eggs 45. cents per. doz. today & has a few doz. in packages yet.  I gave hens greens & water & no important mail.  he mailed a letter to Ella Jane this moring & I haven’t done much today only daily duties   It’s been a terrible bad day after being so nice yesterday & snowing tonight  wind N.E.

Wed. Feb. 20. 1946./ 24 eggs today/   Elbert went to work & stayed all his 8. hrs. & I did a little baking besides looking after hens & birds & doing my house work and I’m dead tired tonight  I washed out 3 hand towels & 1 dish towel & the cold just got after my nerves & cords & stiffened me up so bad I could hardly get the supper, I’ll sure be glad when it gets warm out side & stays warm  I have to pray all day & most of the night to keep me going.  I know if I could only get to church regular I’d feel 100. per. cent better.  I know my body is getting old & I know it needs a rest, but, how is a body going to get that needed rest? if only I could have some one I could trust with me for a few months, When Elbert goes the limit he just lays around & rests, doing only enough for daily exercise, but I have just so much every day & a little more tucked on quite often, When it seems as if I just can’t do another stroke, he was going to bring bread tonight so I would have to make biscuits, but no bread.  But Praise God I got every thing of importants done.  He brought meat to make a meat loaf for today  I bake that  a cake & the biscuits.  It snowed hard as he went to work this a-m.  & again at 10 & at noon a blizard came from S.W. & N.W. & blowed, & snowed so hard couldn’t see beyond the evergreens.  then sun came through & melted most the snow, so it was all day showers of snow & then the sun bright & clear, wind freshen up some tonight from N.W. little colder tonight.  I received a sociable letter from Miss. Mc.Govern today & she’s most begging me to write & still wanting to know what she said to offend me, she seems to be offended because I sent all her books back, she ask for them, now what could I do, & I was glad to send them, for something might happen to them since some one comes in here every now & again & helps themselves.  

Thurs. Feb. 21. 1946./ 21. eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I washed  I didn’t get it all done for I stopped at 9-p-m & got dried off & cooled.  I sweat like rain, I had them all dry, but the colored pieces & things put away when the Minister, his wife & 3 children came in, Well I had been out to fed & watered the hens & picked up the eggs & got 2 pails of cystern water & made the starch before they came & starched my dress & the big chair cover, so I cleaned the starch basin

Thurs  Feb. 21. 1946./ 858./ & had them put there things raps on my bead ( I had got that made up) & then we sit down & visited for maybe 15 minutes, then I cleared the table put in a leaf & reset it for supper  I couldn’t start supper, for we were out of every thing & Elbert was bringing things for supper & not knowing what or how much he would bring for we didn’t know they were coming, but Elbert had enough sausage for a cake around & 2 or 3 over & I fixed corn & po-tatoes & gravey, hot coffee, black berries & cup cakes & sweet pickles  cold biscuits & bread  Elbert went to Burdues & got bread while I got supper & it was ready soon after he got back & every one seemed to have enough.  Praise the Lord.  They told me all the church news & that Jane Reese didn’t come any more to church & that she is soon to Marry & most of the folks are sticking to church Glory to God I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost amen.  Well, it’s been a fairly nice day, today with sunshine.  Elbert had to work to hard today, they made a goat of him. 

Fri. Feb.22.1946./ 22 eggs today /  Elbert felt to bad to work, He did go to Vermilion late this after noon & sold 4. doz eggs & got a few more things to eat, he took the white bread & 2 doz eggs to the Minister, I forgot them last night. While Elbert was gone to Vermilion I washed his union suit & bath towel 2 dish towels & my nose rages & my dress & table cloth & they are all dry but the union suit  It was cloudy most the morning the sun came out & stayed untill just before Elbert went , it clouded up again & still is, but not cold. 

Sat. Feb. 23. 1946./ Elbert went to Vermilion 3 times today, he got some money orders for me, I ment to get one money order & be-cause Elbert was in a hurry the last last minute I did it my my  he went back to see how to get the money orders exchanged for the one, I signed them so he could cash them & they said I signed on the wrong space & so he went to Huron & they wouldn’t cash them & he went back to Vermilion when he went for the milk & still I had to write Elberts name on them, I think they are trying to make a fool of us because I made the mistake, in the first place, so now he’s got to take them & get them cashed Monday (if he can)  Well, I swept & wiped up floors & ironed & patched his union suit once more & fixed the button holes.  I’m not washing the dishes.  Been cloudy with N.E. wind or light breeze today.  Elbert sold Mrs. West Sr. 2. doz. eggs today & she ask how I was

Sat. Feb. 23. 1946./ 859./ 22 eggs today./ & he told her how weak I was & said the Minister’s, wife noticed it the other night when they were here for supper & she (Mrs. West) said, I wouldn’t cook for them if I was like that.  I ask them to come & prayed God would help them to come & He ans. my prayers. Praise His Holy Name, & If some of them understood God better & prayed more earnestly from there heart, seems to me I would be feeling O.K. by this time, but, However I’m better & I know God will heal me, for he always does, & all things work out for His good & Glory, Amen. Glory to God, Hallelujiah, Praise His Name, I give all the Praise & Glory to Him for He Knows & understand.  We run out of gas & Elbert had to call them, they brought it.

Sun. Feb. 24. 1946./  21 eggs today /  Well, I’m still not able to get up & dust ( or get around to do things) I just haven’t been any good Sat. & Sun. I’m not as good as Fri. so, I’ll just have to be contributed untill I can get out & doing & I can’t half eat with out my teeth.  Wished all day I had some broth & for once we didn’t have any, my stomach’s on the bum already.  It snowed early this morning  from the N.W. & We had snow showers all day & it’s been quite cold, below freezing paint. I haven’t done anything today only got dinner & done the dishes  Elbert did all out side chores & he hasn’t felt very well today, So sorry I can’t feel able to get to church, I know I’d feel better in spirit any way, for I need that spiritual food so much, I tried to sing Praises & Whistle them today, for I love the Lord And I have prayed God would fill the Church & Bless every effort. 

Mon. Feb. 25. 1946./  22 eggs today /  Elbert has felt stricly on the bum today his bowels are on a rampage & his stomach, I pray he will be O.K. tomorrow, he’s got pains in his hip joints so bad & his back he can hardly get up or down, I’m so tired seems as if I just can’t force myself to work, but while he went to Vermilion to get some boiling meat & get the money order fixed up, I made a batch of rolled oat cookies, only have to stir them up & drop them on the cookie sheet & bake.  I had the sheet 3 times full. haven’t done anything else only meals & dishes, beds & take care of birds. & it was cloudy most of the day  sun came out 2 or 3 times during the day & tonight just before dark it began to snow & now we have quite a white blanket.  The rat is still in the coop.  We owe for 2. tanks of gas, not very cold wind S.E. 

Tue. Feb. 26. 1946./ 20 eggs today / Elbert has felt bad all day his head & back & his stomach & bowels.  I feel better but still weak.  I baked 4. loaves of bread 2 white 2 brown & the daily dozens.

Tue. Feb. 26. 1946./ 860./ Sun came out & melted all the snow & tonight it rained  started to sprinkle before Elbert went for milk, he went a mile west to filling station & got milk a news paper then on east & South for the milk. We have had several good showers of rain from 7-to  11-p-m. the wind is south West not strong. & it’s not cold out.

Wed. Feb. 27. 1946./ 23 eggs today/   Elbert has been feeling bad all day   his in-testines are so sore it hurts him to touch them or “touch his belly”  he has done outside chores & went for milk. I cleaned the cook stove top & inwards today & that’s a terrible job for me  so much scrubbing & scouring to do but I got it done & I’m a-bout done, by the way I feel, so tired I ached so bad I could hardly eat any supper after I had it ready, but I have the dishes done & wish I was in bed, Elbert’s gone to bed, the ach in my arm is lots better, but the smell in my head is bad I pray God will cleans me, soul, & body, Kill the roots of all the bad & plant good in there places, for I love the Lord.  It rained fine misty rain & froze on, it showered all night & most of the day, it was so dark I couldn’t see the South bedroom window after I turned the Kitchen light off. & it’s the same tonight  sun shone through at verious times during the day & set red tonight. The wind’s been N. east & not much of it, but shivery cold.  Mrs Walaper’s barn burned up a few nights ago about 1 1/2 miles west of us on main highway. 

Thurs. Feb. 28. 1946./ 24 eggs today/  Well, I washed, Elbert’s got the same kind of pain in his shoulder as I have, he complains bitterly, but he did rub out his union suit shirt socks & kercheif but, I did all the sud-ing & wrincing & ringing by hand & cooked the meals  he helped with supper  we had them all dry before bedtime except his union suit.  it’s been a fairly nice day, but I’m achin  my body aches like the tooth ack & I feel as if I’d just have to cry.  Elbert went to Vermilion & paid light bill & got a very small piece of beef to boil & a little sausage & a news paper, we can’t aford one, but thats all the news we get once “or twice a week if he’s working” 5cents per paper

Fri. Mar.1. 1946. 20 eggs today  / Well, Elbert got up & went to Lorain  I didn’t feel able to go & it’s a beautiful day  bright sun & S. west wind.  I’ve swept & done dishes this a-m, felt to tired to do them last night.  Elbert came little after one o’clock & I had a kettle of soup ready, so we ate, & then I started getting the groceries put away & to get things ready for supper, he brought red perch salt water fish & broccoli   I boiled a few potatoes & that was our supper & now the dishes are done & Elbert’s gone to bed, it’s been a wonderful day, just like Spring, bamy  sunny, S.W. breeze, tonight   it’s cloudy & like it might rain before morning.  I would like to go to church but I’m still to weak to endure any thing extra. & I got to do

Fri. Mar.1. 1946/ 861./ something about my teeth.  I can’t eat my tomie hurts after I eat  can’t chew my food  what little I do eat. Well, maybe I’ll get up & go to Vermilion with Elbert in the morning & see & talk to the Dentist there  all deppends on how I feel.  Oh God I thank Thee & Praise Thee in Jesus Name; Amen. 

Sat. Mar. 2.1946./ Only 11 eggs today /  Elbert didn’t go anywhere today, only for the milk  he killed & dressed a hen & put it on to cook we had some broth later & to night I made a custard pie & 2 tins of biscuits for supper  I can’t eat much because I can’t chew.  I cleaned my old hat & put some new ribbon around the crown & pleated a piece of white & put in on the side  makes it look fresh & clean untill I can get me another one  didn’t get my dress fixed so I don’t know about getting to church & I wanted to go so bad.  It rained before I went to bed last night & toward morning it showered heavy a couple of times  the got colder & at 7-a-m it snowed hard  wind was N. east & laid a good white cover over the ground & the sun came out in an hour & melted it all away, it’s  been a beautiful Spring day, with nice sun & tonight it clouded up again  wind N.W. & it rained hard at 8-30-p-m. I got dishes done & now We are going to bed for it’s 10-p-m. not cold out. 

Sun. Mar. 3. 1946./ 22 eggs today/  It’s been a beautiful day, the pussy willows are coming out & they look queer so silvery in the sun shine. S. west breeze all day & we were home all day.  Elbert went for the milk. I am going to try to go Tue. night again  I’m truly to week to go places. 

Mon. Mar.4. 1946./ 21 eggs today//  Well it’s been nice out today partly cloudy & it rained some from 5-p-m. to almost 6-p-m & now its like a light mist.  wind has gone N. east tonight a little colder tonight, but to hot in the house all after noon. We went to Vermilion to the Dentist  I left my lower plate to be mended & another tooth put in one was broke & it cut my lip, it was the new one they put in  when they fixed them last.  I went to call on the Preacher & his wife & family  but no one was home.  We bought a little meat  some lemons & can[la?]  a news paper, I saw Mrs Tom Elppler taking in her washing.  It begin to look like spring, weeping willows are buding & look so fresh.  I sure will be happy when, it warms up & I hope I get some strength into my body & legs & arm, I sweat cold sweat at the least exertion, when we got home, I didn’t feel able to get supper.  I made us each a cup of tea & rested one hour & then got at it, but after supper when I had the dishes done I sweat like rain  I feel sure when I get back to Church God will take a hand in this & fix me up again. Praise Thee Jesus. 

Tue. Mar.5.1946./ A nice day with sunshine and showers.  I did the washing  Elbert carried the water to suds & wrinse  when he got back from Vermilion  he sold 10. doz. eggs for 

Tue. Mar.5. 1946. /862./ White in for 4.00, 40 cents per. doz & got 90 cents for 2. doz. making $4.90 cents he gave me four last week & 4 today.  I’d like to get some chicks & get them under the brooder. so we can have some early layers this Fall.  Elbert got some boiling meat & sausage & later was starting to spoil, says he’s going to take it back  he cooked some & we couldn’t eat. it.  I got most the supper & did dishes & got most the clothes dried except his union suit, I wanted to go to church tonight but he felt so bad & his head & stomach & bowels  he almost fell over while we were getting the supper.  Well I’ll pray God will help him to turn to Him & be born again & healed & help us to get to church again.  Well I got a letter from Ella Jane this Morning.  she says she’s feeling better & working & likes her work, but for -got to say What her work was.  She went to a circus & see the tight rope walkers & bicycle riders on the tight ropes high in the air & the animals & a pair of twin Elephants. & they have lost of snow yet Wacckegan I’ll.  she sent 2 pictures of swelling & the rope performers & she said Bonney Bell had been discarged & was going to Fort Sheridan, her mother is going there with Bonney Bell & Ella Jane expects to see them & have a visit before they come back home, she also said Johny & Marci were ingaged to  he had given Marci an engagement ring. “she called it  2 pieces of good news. 

Thurs. Mar. 7. / 22 eggs today/ Cloudy all morning beautiful all afternoon but N.E. breeze I swept scrubbed 3 rooms & washed my dress & I’m so tired tonight

Thurs. Mar. 7. 1946./ 863./ 22 eggs today  Wind went on around to N.E. & on around & back to N.E. getting little colder out side & strong wind Today I pressed my dress & Elbert’s pants, he washed them this morning.  I put the blankets out & aired them 7 did my house work & went to church tonight, the Minister & little Joe started out to buy a loaf of bread & came on out here, to tell me there were 2. missionarys speaking at the Church tonight & Sat. & Sun. nights.  I gave him 2 doz. eggs & then took another doz, a loaf of brown bread & can of coffee & they are in a bad fix  no lights upstairs, I met the ladys Miss. Brown. & Miss Kelly & the Minister & his wife from Elyria   The woman from Krogers Store (ans. my prayers) & one or two others took in food, potatoes, bread & a lot of canned goods & I gave them 5.00 (I’d saved to pay Audrey, for the flowers for John’s funeral,) so they coud have meat.  I had prayed God would show me how to help them most & He said you could give them that money you saved to pay Audrey, & take it out of your check, Praise God in Jesus Name, He ans. prayer  We went to Church & they prayed for my health to be improved to God I Praise Him & Love Father, Son & Holy Ghost. 

Sat. Mar. 9. 1946./ 24. eggs   Well the wind seemed as if it would blow us off the highway  coming home & Elbert said (& I could see) it poured rain, while I was in Church, We had a good sermon from Miss. Brown  Miss Kelly talked to us about the’re work & some of the others & the Elyria Minister lead the song service  This morning, it snowed & blowed a gale & ground and everything was White with snow, it snowed untill after 10-a-m & aat 3-p-m. the wind is blowing hard & snow is most all gone melted. Elbert went to Vermilion & got us some boiling meat & garlic balogna & lettuce leaves for the hens (Trimings) & I sent the preacher a wall bed lamp, a old oil lamp I had fixed over for electric & a cord of wire & a plug & tonight I’m taking my extension wire & socket for 2 plugs & our coil of wire we use for a trouble light.  I got my check this morning & Elbert’s gone to Huron to cash it & get a money order to pay Audrey her 5.00 & the Den-tist had my teeth back & sent them to me, I’m going to pay him, 3.50 tonight & have to go yet this coming week to get the impression taken for new plates. We gave Dentist his money & sent Audrey her’s & Elbert went into church with us tonight  We had a good sermon Oh, Praise God , Oh my Soul.

Sun. Mar. 10.1946./864./  22 eggs today  I got relaxed early this morning so that I slept from 6 in cat naps untill 10 & then just laid there & rested for 2. hrs. got up & shook up beds & aired out the rooms & helped get the supper ready   Elbert washed 3 pig hocks & fried them brown & I took over & put a little water on them & salted them & cooked them all most tender then added potatoes an onion, cabbage & carrots  I made grave in broth, Elbert sure ate a big supper  We went to Church, there were a few more than last night & we sure had a wonderful sermon  Miss Brown did the preaching  she little, but she’s mighty for for God, Glory, Glory, Haliajuia

Praise the Lord.  I took two jars of sour milk & the light cord to the preacher’s tonight she said she had some white corn meal & she was happy for now they could have corn bread.  It’s colder tonight, today  we watched the white clouds cover the sun making a big white ball & then a rain bow all around it, while the sky was clear around the white hall & just wet of the sun was another long white cloud looked about 100 ft long & 25 wide not even on the ends & the rain bow strips ran length wise clear across & were so clear & bright in both clouds.  then there was a long, long narrow cloud shooting out of one place from a cloud, coming up from the west, like a curtin with all most a straight edge & it was traveling a triffic rate of speed. One day, one like the last I just saw came up from the west & spelt Jerusalem, looked like when the air planes spell out things in the sky.  & the next day I didn’t see it in time to see what the word or words were & they were to near, so to tell. 

Mon. Mar.11.1946. / 19 eggs today   It’s been a beautiful day, We went to Vermilion to see if Dentist could fix my teeth grind them of in a couple of places, but he wasn’t home & wouldn’t be untill 5-p-m.  so Elbert bought a little meat & a news paper & I saw Rev Singleton & he ask us up for a few minutes, so, I went & talked to them both a little she said  they had eaten some thing that made her sick & Brynt to, & today he had a sore throat the missionary women had just gone down to Miss Clarks & she’d been jumping around doing dishes sweeping & cleaning up, her cheeks were red & so was Brynts she looked tired & worried  I love them, they are God’s children & it’s terrible the way they have been mistreated  if it were Jesus every one would out do them selves to help them, Well I’ve done all I could & am sorry  I can’t do more, but Pray God will send in more to help.  If the church was full and every one gave in a tenth they could live.

Mon. Mar.11. 1946./ 865./  Oh, God I thank You for ans. prayer & sending them food & I pray Thou will bless them & there children, they have worked so hard & I know you feel they are worthy, for Thou sent in food even by stranger as I ask of Thee & Now Lord, We Know Thou will send in new comers to tith  I pray Oh God in Jesus Name Thou wilt, We will give Thee all the Praise & Glory, Amen. Well we got back home in time to feed the hens & have supper before dark & I had started to make butter of a little cream that had soured we, had some lighting & all my milk soured, so, after supper I finished the butter  it isn’t as thick or, it don’t seem to have the body to it, that it should have.  but I had made some biscuits & I ate one with the new butter, its as white as the biscuits.  Cows don’t get green food yet. 

Tue. Mar.12. 1946./ 23 eggs today/  Elbert went to Vermilion & got a little to eat, he got a check in the morning mail for 36.70 & so he paid the bank what he owed them & now he has them all paid up, he paid for his licence tag for the car & got us some broccoli & little meat to fry for dinner  he sold 10. doz. eggs for 40cents per. doz. & gave me the 4.00   he gave me four twice before this but we had to spend it, but now we will have to save it for hen’s feed again.  I did most of the washing while he was gone, he did his union suit shirt socks & 2 kercheifs & he suds & wrinsed them  I dried them out side & they got dry, the wind has been so strong today  nice sun, the trees & roses are leaving out all ready. I praise God for all our many blessings, Glory to God. 

Wed. Mar.13.1946./ 24 eggs today/ I slept late  I was to tired & then got up & got dinner  Elbert gets up early & did a lot of spading out in front of the cottage. I walked out in the yard some & looked around  Elbert burnt the grass along the ditch out in front just before supper, from south side of drive almost to the Elm tree, or walnut tree  then we had supper & I done the dishes.  S, west wind eased up tonight just before dark, the frogs have been croaking for several days

Wed. Mar. 13. 1946./ 866./ the trees & roses are leaving out & it’s been a real spring day today. 

Thurs. Mar.14.. 1946./  21 eggs today/   It was a fine morning with out hardly any breeze, I got up & took a bath & we ate a lunch & went to Vermilion at 12-30 to the Dentist  he said to come back about 1-15-p-m, so we went over to Hambly’s, her mother & step dad were making a garden & I talked to them for a time then to Mrs Hamburg, she said her man called some of the folks in Church hipocrits & so he wouldn’t go to Church any more, some argument over work & Tom E. not helping do what he ought to do & yarns about others, Well, I gave her my spun rayon dress, she says there is a woman right near her that sews & I’m glad to learn that for now I can go there and get her to help me fix the bottom of my dress   Mr. H. came & I talked to him a few mi. & then a woman friend came in & talked abit  her man has done over 200.00 two hundred dol-lars worth of plumbing in the church free of charge & they are Catholic people. & it was some of the Catholic people that have helped to feed the minister his wife & family  this winter, “she” Mrs H. said they didn’t seem quite the same toward them since they had moved back into the Church. I thought she seemed cool to me. Mon. not so sociable & glad when I got up to go. Oh well.  I don’t mind, & maybe they were worried or in a hard fix.  I should have had better judgement  I got my plate ground off, so it don’t hurt my gums so bad & Elbert got a nice box of greens for the hens & a little meat for us & we came back home  had a lunch and went out

Thurs. Mar.14.1946. /867/  & burned a little more grass in front yard & it began to rain & a thick fog like heavy misty rain has been coming down since 4-30-p-m. & still at it at 11-p-m/ Wind went N. E. & a little cooler.  Fog horn at Huron was blowing at 4-30-p-m

Fri. Mar. 15. 1946./ 20 eggs today. / Well I didn’t do much today & the weather out side is gloomy. I’m so tired. Elbert went to Huron but didn’t get any fish, they don’t expect any untill Mon, strong under currents, so strong it’s hard to set the fish nets & so thick & fogy & ruff.  Well I set bread & baked 3 loaves of brown & 1. white & 1. pan of roll & I washed my change of clothes & rags & 8. grain & mash bags & my neck scarf   got supper & wiped up the floor & am, oh, so tired I feel sick & ach all over & my feet ack like tooth ach & my stomach & bowels back & legs, I’m sure in misery tonight &  each time I think I wont be so foolish again, but that terrible old ambish, sure enough gets me down.  Well, a hen died on the nest today she was in good order as far as we could see. It’s been foggy today, but sun came out a few times W went S. & raining tonight.  I received a letter from Sister Nellie from Wankegan I’ll. where Ella Jane is  she said Bonney Bell went to Ft. Sheridan to get her dis-charge from the Goverment & that Ft. Sheridan is between Chicago & Waukegan so she (Nellie ) went over Thurs.  Bonney Bell was finished & went on to see Ella Jane by the way E.J. is working in a printing office across the street from the Karcher Hotel where Nellie & B.B. are staying, Nellie said, We all had dinner together tonight & we had steak.  She said Sonney was sick when she left home  had a high temp. (she was talking of little George.)  she & Bonney Bell expect to return for home Sun. night & she ment  to have written me sooner but time surely slips away it seems, & then So glad Spring is coming, said it was pouring rain there.  Johny has done a lot of pruning but isn’t done yet, he trimed & tied up one row of grape & chopped out the rest, so the tractor can plow around the one row. (then) write when you can, and are you having any fresh fish? She signed off with. Love, Nellie. (I do). & it’s surely raining here tonight. May God teach us His Ways. Elbert bought a ham and cabbage today  it’s rather salty but tasted good. 

Sun. Mar. 17. 1946./ 23 eggs/ (lost a hen she just up & died.   St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning , & it has been so thick & foggy all day  very light breeze  N. East & rainy

Sun. Mar. 17. 1946. /868./ 23 eggs./  tonight, but we went to Church & God blessed us. I gave the Preacher’s wife a loaf & bread & some rolls & 1. doz. eggs. she was feeling more sociable tonight.  Praise God  I know they have there worries, but they do trust God & He Keeps them & He healed Brynt of a cold & sore throat last week and & Brynt was so happy he stood up & testified & Praised God in Jesus Name. Hallelujah, Glory to God. Oh, Glory.  There were only a very few to Church & some of them live so close to Church to & didn’t come & Miss Brown told of a native running 75 miles to find God & God blessed him on the way, but he still went on to tell the missionary, he had found God on the way there. God wants us to be determined to find & keep him & prone[?] Him.

Mon. Mar.18. 1946./ 24 eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron to see the first catch of fish that came in about 5 hundred lbs. & he didn’t have money enough to buy any, poor boy.  This after noon I went to Vermilion to Dentist to took the impression for my new set of teeth & ground the lower plate off a little more sun shone some today & we had some rain & N.E. Chilly wind.  I haven’t done much today  right side hurt me so bad.  I wrote a letter for Elbert’s insurance & sent (11.95) in money order for a yr & 2. months & wrote a letter to De Haan & sent Him a money order for 4.00 dollars, for, books a dollars worth  12 books, [or (2 books] to each one, Audrey, Gertie, Johny & the Wheeler family.  will mail them tomorrow or Fri.  I hope.  Cloudy tonight but moon shines through now & again as it has for several nights.  

Tue. Mar. 19. 1946./ 24 eggs today./   It’s been quite a nice day, only wind is cold  raw from N.E.  I haven’t done much today, felt so weak.  I wrote a short letter to Miss Baumgart & Cranages & to Georgia R. & a card to Annabell.  Got to keep at it for there are several more to get out & I only have 3 cards & 3 envelopes left & no money for any more.  I’ll be glad when the wind warms up so I can go out doors again  Elbert Killed, dressed & cooked a hen for supper, my milk soured, so I didn’t have much to eat or drink today  but tonight I ate, the rump & 2 wings & 1. slice of bread with gravey on it, this noon I had 2 handfuls of crackers & a cup of beef broth, tonight I’ve drank 3 cups of milk. & 2 cups of tea. thats lots more than a lot of people get on the other side  I Praise God for what I have, We are out of money to so we may have to fast awhile. 

WEd. Mar. 20. 1946./869./ 23 eggs today / We had a heavy frost last night was real snapy cold this morning early.  Elbert went to Huron at 9-30-a-m. didn’t get back untill 1-p-m. & he had a pk of nice fresh fish, he dressed them & washed them & I fried 5 nice ones & he took them over to Mr. & Mrs. Douglas, she said they had, had there supper, but they were going to eat the fish while they were fresh & hot.  He said he picked up the woman that works in the Huron Bank, she’s the daughter of the man that bought Douglas’s farm & it Joins my ground in the back.  Well I aired the bedding & swept & then I had Elbert call the Preacher’s place to see if they would like to come eat fish but they had some preachers there putting shingles on the out side of the Church over the siding & so they couldn’t come & it’s just as well perhaps  I’m so weak today & sweat so hard doing what I had to do.  I have 5 letters & 3 cards wrote & ready to mail.  It’s been a very nice day, sunshiny, but cold N.East wind, I was down in the basement & open-ed up the way for the water to run out, it’s wet down there, I opened the windows & let the air sail through.  I wrote a card to Annabell, one to Miss Clark, one to Virginia & Wyn.  a letter to Miss Baumgart, one to DeHaan, one to Nellie & Elberts insurance, one to Georgia Rosecranse.  Now I have several yet to do & hope to get at them next.  I have the dishes done & have to go to bed got to go to Dentist in morning.  

Thurs.Mar.21.1946./ 20 eggs today/   We went to Vermilion to Dentist & he had take another impression of lower jaw  ground old plate little more, then we came home & I fried fish  we ate & went to Lorain, We stopped to Cranages  sold her 2 doz. eggs for 40 cents per. doz. 80 cents I talked a little & then we went to the Steel plant & I had to wait out side the gate While Elbert went & got his pay, one day’s pay he had coming & then we went & waited untill 4-30-p-m. for Audrey & she was up by the place where she works waiting for a girl friend to pick her up with the car to go to the woods & pick Hepaticas “flowers” so we took her home & gave her a qt of apricots can of quinces  5 fresh fish  small can of greese & a doz. eggs. then I gave her an India lillie bulb & a begonia.  She gave me five dollars for the 5 dollar money order

Thurs. Mar. 21. 1946./870./ 20 eggs/   I sent her for flowers, she was to buy for John”s funeral & because Nellie said each family was to buy there own, she didn’t get some for us & put it in with hers. Oh. well, It’s O.K. by me  they tell you they’ll do this or that & then don’t do it.  We hurried back home & got here in time to feed hens & while Elbert went for milk I got supper & did a few more odds & ends.  We put the letters & cards in the mail box in Vermilion today & didn’t get any more cards or envelops.  Today’s the first day of Spring. & it has been a fine day not much breeze & sunshiny & fog horn blowing all day  We had a heavy frost last night again, & looks as if we’d get one again tonight  although it’s cloudy at 10-p-m. Elbert bought me a piece of butter where we get the milk & it is so frowry [?]  could hardly endure the smell  We  I  undone it.  he bought seeds of them that had bought & then had to many & I do hope the seeds are O.K. Received letter from Audrey this morning.

Fri. Mar. 22, 1946./ 23 eggs today / Elbert went to Huron at 9-15 & I started the washing full out doors, air was damp wind was strong sun was warm & so they were most dry when Elbert came, he went to get me some water & I scaled 5 fish & put them on to cook & while they cooked I wrinsed out the remainder of the clothes, he wrung out his heavy underwear & he hung them all on the line, They all got very near dry   His under wear got half way & I finished them in the house, he went out & dressed the fish after we ate dinner.  I did up dishes & ironed & was so tired & so was he & he looked as sick as I felt, We had another heavy frost last night again, that makes 3 we have had now. Elbert went for the milk & took the butter back  it was most strong enough to clear up a farm  any way   I’d be ashamed to sell any one anything as stinking as that was.  I’m so hungry for a little good butter & I do pray God will give me some  I was so all in & so was Elbert, We went to bed early.  I pray God will Bless the Ministers efforts in Jesus Name Amen. Oh, Yes, I received a U.S. Postal card from Flora  she’s out to the farm packing & sell what she can of her house hold goods & says her leg is bad, I don’t know whats wrong with her leg & she’s so tired & short for breath & will be so glad to be gone from that place.  but I’m wondering if it wont be terrible in two little rooms in town  when it gets hot weather. Well I like to be out where I can breath & have room enough to turn around in.

Sat. Mar. 23. 1946./ 18 eggs today. /  We got up & went to Vermilion to Dentist & he has got the forms or blocks “as he calls them ready to go  I have forgot where he sends them & they make the real set  I’m to use, he was sending them out yet today & said they might be back Thurs. he’d let me Know.  I’ve only paid 20.00 dollars on them & he said they would cost 75.00 dollars.  Elbert’s feeling

Sat. Mar.23. 1946/ 871./ 18 eggs/  so bad again, his bowels are paining him & cold chills go all over him, he’s looked bad today, he couldn’t sell the eggs either, & we have 14. doz. on hand. I do hope we can sell them this week before they let the price down for Easter.  We got clear home before I remembered that I laid my pocket book on the Dentist desk to look at teeth & then stepped to the waiting room door to speak to Elbert & then he looked as if he was so out of sorts  I went out & left the perse, so he kicked open the coal bin window & went in & opened the back door for me & he went back & got my perse & came right back, I changed clothes & had the onions & pota-toes most done & he unlock the grainery & brought in the fish & I cooked 5 or 6 for supper, he bought potatoes, cabbage & boiling meat today, we had vegetable soup for supper. We couldn’t buy a paper, so, could learn any news.  When Elbert went for milk the Riber boy ask him to come & hush 125 shocks of corn for them  12 cents per bu. is what they pay.  Oh, Well we had another frost last night. N.East cold raw wind all day.  

Sun. Mar. 24. 1946./ 22 eggs today / Well, we been having some thunder & showers since early morning. I got up at 9-30-a-m & felt & still feel as tired as when I went to bed  ate a dish of soup & at noon a handful of crackers & two bites of ham triming from a ham bone.  & have drank 3 cups of milk & 2 cups tea.  Elberts bowels are still paining him  he has taken 3 anisins at 1. hr. apart & now has taken 1. of 3. 2. hrs. apart  I do pray God will heal him & make him whole, Amen.  I hope to go to church this evening But Elbert seemed to feel lots worse after supper & so we didn’t get to go.  Winds N. East & to cool but it been a nice day & I Thank God & I prayed all evening God Would send in several in my stead fill the church & fill every one that came & Bless the Minister & his family

Mon. Mar. 25. 1946./ 23 eggs today/  Well, wind went S. West & it was warmer & the sun was quite warm also, We took the pruning shears & went out to trim the ramblers, but, instead we cleaned up the red & yellow roses & Westeria vine & trumpet vine & aspargas asparagus & the hardy Perennial sweet peas, that in on job is a big one  Elbert helped & he carried away the brush, Oh yes we trimed & dug around the goose berries east of the toilet.  then While Elbert went for the milk & fed the hens, I fried the fish & did a few more odds & ends & then strained the milk & he looked after the frying of the last fish 3 fry pans full we had  I covered the birds we talked & rested awhile & he traced out the road up to Wisconsin & to Florida & then I washed dishes & he dried them, then he went to bed he’s as tired as I am & Oh, but I am sure tired & ach all over. 

Mon. Mar. 25. 1946./872./ 23. eggs./ Wind went N. west & got cooler tonight sun was white but went down red. & the ground was pink all over like it was before the tornado.  Not much breeze tonight.  Didn’t get Flora’s letter mailed yet. 

Tue. Mar. 26. 1946./ 21 eggs today/    Today is Evelyn Bonney McGinus birth day. she is 34. yrs old. & has her husband Red & 3 children. Pa & Ma went & walked over to Oberlin Ave. to be at the tea party she was there first grandchild, ma thought it was so foolish to get up in the middle of the night & walk clear over there & sit around & wait & wait & then walk back home a good mile & a half one way.  Ma was 55 yrs. old then & had had 9 children, lost 2 girls & had 7 living. Pa was only 51. yrs. old.  I Know now how tired & worn out ma use to feel, and I’m glad I did all I could to help her.  The washings & ironings were terrible & the scrubbing of floors wood work & windows, the beds 7 bedding to look after & Oh the everlasting cooking job & the baking, the sewing & mending & darning  Ma & I got the meals ready & while I aired the beds & straightened up the rooms & picked up dirty clothes  Ma took car of the hen & young chick when there were some, she liked that, while I swept & dusted she washed dishes & some times one of the other girls would dry them for her.  I loved my mother dearly.  I loved my father but not the most of the things he said & did, Poor old Dad, I  never could see or understand why he was, the way he was. & I’m still so sorry that he was so.  Now pa, ma & Fred are gone & our brother-in-law “John Harnish”  Elbert Bonney 63 yrs, Elinor “Bonney” Babcock 61. yrs. Gertie Bonney 58 yrs, Frank Bonney 56 yrs. , Audrey “Bonney” Carlisle 54 yrs. & Nellie “Bonney” Harnish 49 yrs. are still living.  Well Elbert went to Lorain & got his tools today, he has been feeling rather bum thinks he has flu in his bowels, they are so sore & pain him so, he went this morning 8-30-a-m & got home 2-30-p-m.  I got up at 9.a.m. & have done quite a lot of triming  We had a lunch when he got home  I hadn’t had a bite to eat before  he couldn’t sell the eggs.  Elbert said they were marked 51cents in Fisher’s store in Lorain & they sell as cheap as any one   Lipp’s Tea Store only paying 30 cents & I pray we will sell them to pay for the hens feed

Tue. Mar. 26. 1946. /873./ 21 eggs /   and so ‘we’ can eat also, he got a little boiling meat & he ground a little for supper. I have done dishes & now I am going to bed.  Elbert is sleeping hard, he so tired & so sick & feels bad because he can’t stand it to work. I pray God will heal & convert him in Jesus Name. Amen. Glory to God. 

Wed. Mar. 27. 1946./ 22 eggs today/    I received a letter from Miss Mc.Govern yesterday   said she’s sick with a bad cold & if I was married before 1917 she had a friend she thought could help me get my pension  I was married in 1920.  Well, I did my washing & Elbert washed out his clothes  I baked 4 loaves of bread  2 Brown 2 white & hung clothes out side to dry  it a beautiful day, We trimed rambler in front of hen house  I’m lots to tired.  I got the books from DeHaan instead of his sending them, he sent them to me. Oh Well.  The half of the old apricot tree is in full bloom & Oh but it’s pretty & the golden bell are out & pussy willows in bloom.  They look queer after they turn from the big buds to blooms. Daffidills are most ready to bloom also.  It’s been a wonderful day. 

Thurs. Mar. 28. 1946./ 21 eggs today /  Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 19 doz. eggs today  10 doz. for 38 cents per doz (3.80) & 9 doz for 40 cents per. doz. (3.60)  he paid 3.60 for the last bag of scratch grain  we had to run in dept for its now it’s paid for, he spent 2.16 for food & 52 cents for oil. he don’t feel well  his head is troubling him again & his stomach.  I swept both bedrooms & wiped up the floors & then got dinner  we rested a few minutes after & then Elbert went out & planted beets & carrots & I finished triming the roses N. of the house & the one by the front door & by the drive & we tied up the one in front of hen house  now I only got the ramblers on the 

Thurs. Mar. 28. 1946.  874. / 21 eggs today./  & honey suckle vine & bitter sweet then triming done again but, I got to rake & clean up back yard where the flowers are & clean sod out of peonies or transplant them.  The Dentist stopped in, on his way home from Sandusky , to say my teeth had not come yet & he’d let me know when they came.  Wind N. east, cool but sun hot, I got supper & got dishes done  we let poor old Pete & his 3 hens out in the park this after noon & they sure injoyed them selves, he froze his comb, through our care-lessness last winter, he had such a nice comb  he’s a beautiful cock bird, Elbert cut his spurs last night they were so long he couldnt walk good

Fri. Mar. 29. 1946./ 21 eggs today  /  I got up at 9-30-a-m. Elbert  was go to the fish house, so, I washed the wood wood & oil cloth behind the stove & then got my self washed & Mr. & Mrs. Hambly came & the little boy “youngest” the other 5 were in school  We had a cup of tea together & they walked around out side & looked & enjoyed them selves; I gave them 4 cans of jam & 1 can of fruit.  they had just gone when Elbert came  he ate a lunch & drank tea & then cleaned the fish  30 of them  we kept 12 & put 8 in one package & the rest in a package for Hamblys & we went to prayer meeting & had a real prayer meeting  Elbert went in with me tonight. Mrs. Hambly ask us to take them

Fri  Mar  29  1946  /875./ 21 eggs/  home as they were go-ing to have board meeting & Ellen was home with Margie & Ellen fell & hurt her ankle tore some of the ligements loose & she’s to grad-uate this May & all there parties & things going on next month.  the eldest boy thanked me for the apple sauce & mrs. said it was the best she ever ate.  Oh Well, they must have been hungry for it.  We got back & all was O.K. except the stove was letting off gas & had the place filled so I could hardly breath. I finished all the rose triming to day now the honey suckle & bitter sweet & Ill be done, it’s been a nice day partly cloudy & lots of fog tonight  wind went S w. & on to N.E. again  I darned Elberts socks last night 2. prs. but didn’t get my ironing done yet. 

Sat. Mar 30. 1946./ 22 eggs today/   Well, I thank God He is with our minister, I saw Him walking back & forth behind him as he talked to us last night. I’m glad & Praise Him & pray He will help us to really have a God fearing Church down there yet.  The wind has been cold & raw & strong  I haven’t been out to do any work out side today.  I did my ironing.  I made a batch of drop cakes & did the dishes & not much cooking, as Elbert’s stomach’s on the outs, he went to Vermilion & got grain, & he felt so bad he didn’t eat much today, & he didn’t look to see which grain they gave him & he got wrong kind  I don’t know what he’s going to do about it. he didn’t pay for it, but did pay for the one we’d had before this one.  Well, I thought I’d like to go to church in the morning, but after all that I saw & heard Fri. night I don’t know whether to go or not, I hate gossip & Jelousy & I have been asking Mrs. Tom Eppler & said, you don’t ever shake hands with me any more & she said Oh You’re bad & in fun I turned my back & Mrs. Singleton said, look at the size of her. & she. hasn’t been as friendly as she use to be, of late

Sat. Mar.30. 1946./ 876. / 22 eggs./  She set & stared at me from across the church & when I looked at her she cast her eyes down & turned white, her face looked so flushed, before & her eyes as if sh’d like to do something desperate to me.  My soul is clean before my God & I do pray he will help each one to Keep Clean, they seem to be a jealous bunch.  I don’t want anything  any of them have got & haven’t ever done any thing to any one of them that would be wrong in the sight of God.  Mrs. Sprunk joked with Elbert, & was friendly.  Miss Clark don’t talk to me either, anymore.  Mrs. West came in after church for board meeting & they said to her, this is a nice time to come in after church is over, she turned white & looked angry for a second then started talking fast, said Lindy & his wife & Eddy her son were all on there way home  Some one said Lindy had been trying to preach without a license, but that don’t sound reasonable; Elbert got a news paper today & it said there was a big small pox scare in Califonia & thousands had been vaxinated & that it had come from Japan, but thus far there had only been a few cases of it, but that there was another boat coming & the Captian had reported 2. cases.  I do pray God will be merciful unto us. 

Sun. Mar. 31. 1946./ 21 eggs today /  It’s been a long day cold raw N. east wind & we had a good fire  it felt good  We went to church tonight & every one was as nice as you please  Mrs. Singleton said she’d been having a sore throat & some of the rest been having a sore throat, & some of the rest had colds in one form or another & Ellen Hambly was there she had her ankle well taped, she fell & tore some ligements loose  her mother didn’t come but Margie & the other children & there grandma was there & the Wests’ family, Mrs. West Sr. played the piano tonight. Lindy & his wife & Eddys girl & Mrs Sprunk. Mrs Crole & Marry & the little children were there & Tom & his wife.  & Bockman & a young man I didn’t know, We had a lunch & fixed the fire & going to bed. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. we have had 287 eggs.

Mon. April. 1. 1946./ 877./ 22 eggs today/   I haven’t done much today  finished a hand kerchief & got a couple of lunches . & Elbert spaded & done outside chores & wind shifted  went south gave us a couple of showers & has gone on around to S.W.  wind is still strong at midnight.  Dentist called Snyders for me to come at 1-30-p-m but he said he’d mail a card, I couldn’t go today. 

Tue. April 2, 1946./  23 eggs today /  We Killed a snake today & that reminded me Elbert made a remark something about my being a snake or something to that effect awhile ago & to night he says I’ll soon be as fussy as Miss. Baumgart.  My dad use to say terrible things to me when he got real angry because I would do crooked things & with out a cause he has called me a bitch a nigger wench a hor & said he’d hate to be as big as the broad side of a barn,  I was none of the things he called me, thank God, he only weighed 225. lbs & was 5. ft. 11 in tall. & his termper was that of a spoiled boy.  We had a Godly Mother  else we children might not have grown up respectable, Oh Praise God I’m glad I’ve learned His ways and am learning more each day, how truly kind & patient Jesus was & He to had to take all the Kicks, cuffs & slandering & just for we siners, I use to wish when I was young, I could give back double, but when Jesus came into my heart, I learned to feel sorry  they were so ignorant & wicked & I had to pray lots more day & night that God would rule my heart & mind & stick to my motto (What would Jesus do, or think, or say, if He were in my place) Well, believe it or not, it’s hard sometimes to smile it off, even though it’s the best way in the long run as a rule.  I Praise Thee Jesus.  I got my face slapped & my behind kicked just last Fri. night for no aparent reason, the fire burned firce, but it did me no harm  Praise God, Glory Glory, Halluejah. Elbert spaded & put in 3 rows about 75 ft long of sweet corn & I raked a little  wind is to strong & S.west, he planted my big red rasberry seeds west of Franks rose ramblers.

Tue. April 21. 1946. /878./ 23 eggs./  The Dentist and his wife stopped to see why I didn’t come yesterday, he called Snyders & Gorgie came & told Elbert & visited with him a while out in front where he was spading. my gums have been to sore, so I didn’t go & I forgot to have Elbert call from Hauffs to tell Dentist so, he said come Thurs. 

Wed. April.3. 1946. / 16 eggs today/   Elbert spaded untill 10-a-m. then he went to Huron to see if he could get some fresh fish, they gave him a pk. he helped them carry in there fish into the house in 200 lb. tubs.  I had the washing half done when he got back, I made him some hot tea & he went out & dressed enough fish for dinner & I did all the rest of the rubbing except his work shirt  he coaxed me to leave it & he’d rub it out after we ate, I had only had 2 hand-ful of crackers & a cup of beef broth & cup of tea, so, I ate & then suds & wrinsed the clothes & he hung them out for me, I dried part of them in the house, then I wiped up the floor after I swept & he fed & took care of hens & went for the milk  I ironed what had to be    I washed & dried my corset & after supper I did dishes, I strained the milk when he got back & did a lot of odds & ends he fried more fish, he got quite a lot of them & I salted them & packed them in a crock  think they’ll keep.  I wrote a card to Nellie & Elbert mailed it at Huron. & tonight I’ve written one to Miss. Mc.Govern. to be mailed tomorrow, wind N.E.  Now I got corset mended got to find a steel for one side & take my bath & get to bed.

Thurs. April, 4. 1946./ 879./ 23 eggs today./  I got up took my bath & dressed  drank a cup of tea & we went to Vermilion on the Lake & sold 8 doz  eggs for 40c per doz. $.60 went back to Vermilion bought 5 gals gas.$6.03 2 qts. of oil 1.57 & a very few things to eat 92cents making 1.92 cents spent. then I went in & the dentist fited my new teeth & got what he calls the bite, didn’t take long, then we came home & I fried fish & made hot tea & we ate bread, broccoli & fish.  We have had a terrible strong N.West wind & cold all day.  mostly cloudy all day.  We went over in the Volintary Bay section on our way home to see about work  Elbert heard they wanted a man to drive nails, for $2.00 per. hour.  & they only work Sat’s so Elbert’s going back Sat., he isn’t fit to work, but thought if he could work one or two days a week it would give us a lift, and we sure do need some help, he needs shoes & clothes & so do I, my shoes are most worn through on the bottoms & cracking on the sides & my under clothes are going to fall apart before very long & I need stockings. I thank God for helping us sell the eggs & Praise Him in Jesus Name.  

Fri. April 5. 1946./ 25 eggs today/  Well I haven’t done much today, I mended Elbert’s union suite & cleaned the woodwork & did my usual daily chores & dry & cleaned enough dandeline greens & cooked them for sup-per. & I fried fish & had beets bread & hot coffee.  my back is still so bad it hurts me to work.  it was cold last night, but warmer tonight.  Wind was N.W. but went around to S. tonight & its lots warmer tonight  sun shone most of afternoon  Elbert planted orange tomatoes  they are almost orange color & round non acid, and good tasting, he put in some cucumbers & has cabbage & red tomatoes pepers K& peas, swiss chard & lettuce to put in yet & beans   3. kinds. I havent got the strawberries set yet either or any flower seeds put in yet. We got one dollar stamp back on E’s insurance.

Sat. April, 6. 1946./ 21 eggs today/  Well, God still ans. prayers, for He sent my check & Elbert well to Huron & cashed it & got a pk. of fish & 4 nice white fish about 12 ins long. So I surely

Sat. April 6. 1946./ 880/21 eggs / have much to thank & Praise Him for, he takes good care of me Glory to God in Jesus Name  I give thanks & praise for ever & ever, Amen.  Elbert worked in the garden all morning, he put in about 3 . doz. lima beans at south end of hen house. It thundered & a little lightening early this morning & gave us a light shower then got thick & fogy, but it cleared up at noon & the sun came out a little after 1-30-p-m. & was nice all afternoon  Elbert had to get lard instead of crisco, he got tea & coffee & a yeast cake.  He dressed the white fish & I cooked half of it for supper so maybe he’ll dress some of the others for us.  I slept late  I felt so bad all night couldn’t sleep un-till morning & weather was wet so I slept.  Just did the house work & darned one pr. socks  wind has gone from the N.east to S. east tonight & it’s quite cool, fire feels good.  Elbert took fish to Douglas’s & Myre’s & Hauff. tonight & basket is still full. Elbert got 50cents worth of stamps & 50 cents in change for the dollar stamp. 

Sun. April.7. 1946./ 25 eggs today  / The apricot tree is beautiful & the golden bells the white voilets & purple one’s are in bloom & the flowering almon is most ready to bloom & the cherry tree is flowered out the two little apricot trees are in bloom & the peach trees soon will be & the flowering thorn is in bloom the flowers are such a bright red & the rabbits sure do like it  they have chewed one branch this Spring. everything is coming fast  I raked a little Sat after noon & it’s going to take a lot of raking to get the back cleaned up again & we hope to reset some of the plants.  Elbert went clear to Hamblys & took them the pk. of fish  he wants to go to Huron in the morning & gas money is scarce he’s feeling bum with both head & stomach, so we didn’t go to church either, I like to go to church & feel God is there & thank Him & praise Him in Jesus Name  for our blessing & for the fact, that, He is and always will be.  Glory to God.  We had a heavy frost last night  cleared off & was a fine day but rather cool with a N. east breeze its cloudy tonight, & N.E. wind. 

Mon. April. 8. 1946./ 21 eggs today /  Elbert went to Huron & got a pk of fish some lard & tea, I set bread & did my morning house hold duties & got the books DeHahn sent me for 4.00 ready to mail out.  I had 2 large loaves & 1. small loaf of white bread  I got dinner & we ate & I went out & scaled all but 3 or 4 of the 29 fish & Elbert gutted & washed them then I salted & packed them, he took 8 to the milk man, but we have plenty left & I fixed 8. for supper  they sure do taste good, water is cold & weather cool. he planted pepper seeds & broccoli today. & it’s to cold for any garden seeds to grow.  was wet & misty untill afternoon. sun came out several times  felt warm but looked like ice, winds gone west tonight. 

Tue. April. 9. 1946./881./ 23. eggs today. / Bob Snyder was 18. yrs. old (Sat April 6th) so he told Elbert & said he had been up & signed up for service already. Georgia said the other day that Billy had gone to Germany to the place where his grandfather came from (_____)  I can’t remember the name. Well Elbert says he’s going to sell eggs tomorrow.  day.  I’d like to go but don’t know yet.  Elbert felt to bum to go, so I did the washing & had it most all suds & wrinsed  when the Minister & his wife came in & Joe, so I set & visited a little & then they said they had another minister & his wife from tonight untill Sun. & the men were going to Elyria to preach & the 2 women would preach in Vermilion church tonight  They said they were out of money & I had told them how we were to & that I might not be there regular. I gave them 2 doz. eggs 9 nice sized fish all ready to fry & a bunch of green onions. They didn’t stay very long, Elbert was cleaning out thisles & dock round a-bout the yard. & he didn’t come in to visit. N.W. & N. East tonight, it was warmer last night than it is tonight, & it’s cloudy tonight, has been so most of the day. white sun when it did shine through.  I’m so tired. I made vegetable soup for supper. We had fish for dinner & they were good 4 or 5 left now  cold. 

Wed. April, 10. 1946./ 19 eggs today. / Elbert went to Huron but he couldn’t get any fish, only one boat had any & they went out before daylight & it was terrible rough before they got in, the others didn’t go so, as they didn’t offer him any fish he got a small piece of veal neck meat to boil, with the bones in, so we could have broth to eat.  I shook up beds  swept & made 2. rubbarb & 1 apple pie. We had soup for dinner & cold fish for supper & a rubbarb pie & the oven’s a wreck, I got it about 2/3 cleaned up after supper. Wind N. east & Oh, so cold; looked as if we’d get a frost early tonight but now it’s all clouded up at 10-p-m.  Dentist stopped & said I should come to the office at 1-30-p-m. tomorrow  “So” have to take a bath & hop in bed  for Elbert wants to peddle eggs in the morning  he’s cleaned up brush & rose cuttings today & while he went for milk I emptid ashes & carried a pail of well water & I’m to tired.  Elberts insurance Co. sent him a bill fold of leather he. got it today. 

Thurs. April 11. 1946./ 21 eggs today. /  I slept this morning for I couldn’t rest alnight  Elbert tried to work, but the wind was so cold he came in at 9-a-m & said he wasn’t going to go sell eggs it was such a strong cold N. East wind & it froze ice last night in bird bath out by the well, I got up & took a bath & dressed & we went to the Dentist at 1-30-p-m. he had my teeth ready & they don’t feel right but better in a lot of ways than the old one’s. I paid him $15.00 today, making 35.00 with 

Thurs. April.11. 1946./ 882./  21. eggs./  the 20.00 I had given him, so I now owe him $40.00 & pray God will help me pay it soon.  We came right back home, Elbert went & got some grain for hens & looked around a little while I was in the office.  I do hope it warms up, so we can go & sell the eggs  wind goes right through a person, blew my hat off before I could get in the car to go, today, We gave our fish away & missed them today. but we had a Kettle of broth & some of the soup left from yesterday & tonight we fried spam from out a tin can & had corn starch custard, hot tea & a piece of apple pie from canned apples  my teeth made my head ach & my right arm & shoulder have been at it all day, so I took teeth out, but can’t take the pain from arm. it’s cold tonight  we have a good fire & it feels comfortable. 

Fri. April, 12. 1946./ 21 eggs today.  /I got up quarter to nine & started washing sun was up clean & warm, Elbert went to Vermilion on the lake & sold eggs 16. doz. 40 cents per. doz ($6.40)  he bought grape fruit & peanuts & came back 12-30 or 1-p-m.  ate a lunch & went to Huron & got 1/2 bu. fish  he dressed a few for supper & went for the milk, I got them frying so he could eat when he got back  I washed out my change of clothes  my dress & chair seat cover  Elberts sleeper, pillow slip  & sock & my night gown & the towel & kercheifs.  then I washed table cloth & 5. blankets, one of them cotton & wool.  they all dried out doors except 2 last blankets & they are most dry now  I hung them up in here to finish, now then, I did the dishes & am going to bed.  I got my new teeth yesterday, he made them mostly of black rubber & today my face is sore & my mouth & throat, so I’ll have to take them back  I can’t see why everyone wants to do me dirt, I hate the divelish tricks  every one trys on me now  this is another dirty trick or maybe it some-thing in my system  he said he’d make them out of red rubber & when I go for them, they are black, trimed with pink rubber in front  my mouth burns like fire & I wish it wasn’t mouth & throat burning like anything. Wind was N. today & S tonight & it’s not blowing very much, like a light breeze, warmer tonight.

Sat. April 12.1946./ 21 eggs today.  /Well, Elbert cleaned a big crock of fish for us & another for the Preacher’s family & he had a pk not cleaned & dressed & we went down to Dentist he said he never had used red rubber & that it might be irritation where plates were rubbing the gums, so he ground them off & I said I’d try them again, my mouth & my head ach has made me feel sick since Thurs. Well we went to Miss

Sat. April.13. 1946./883. / 21 eggs./  Clarks & left her 4 fish, she said she’d take 2.  the Preacher & his wife took a crockfull & then we went to Hambly’s & left a pk. & they had to dress them.  We only talked a few minutes & it seems I never get a chance to visit, we started looking for the place where I saw some Mirtle in bloom & at last we found it & I gave 2 lillie bulbs for a couple roots. of Mertle & the woman ask me to come again & visit.  she said her man took care of the flowers & she thought he’d like the bulbs.  We came home fast for it was getting late, Elbert got a bunch of broccoli  I cooked it for our supper & it was so tender & sweet, we had fish also. Elbert fed hens & went for the milk, I got supper & then strained milk. Wind has been S. & S. went today & cold & tonight there is a lull. the birds were feed late (7-30) to-night as if a storm was brewing, fire feels so good. 

Sun April. 14. 1946./ 21 eggs. today /  It’s been a nice day partly cloudy late this after noon & strong S. & a little West, wind  I’ve felt bad all day & didn’t go to church tonight  Hope to be better soon, but unless we have a little more to eat, looks as if we can’t feel better, Elbert’s felt bad also, but it’s his stomach & bowels.  I thank God for His Mercy & Kindness & am sure He will help us in some good way. I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost.  Amen & Pray He  will fill the church with His people & that they will be true Christians, as Jesus Was True

Mon. April 15. 1946/ 23 eggs today  / Elbert went to Vermilion but did not sell & egg  I gave him 3.00 of mine and 3.60 egg money & he paid for one bag of grain 3.60 & brought back 1.60 & says that’s all he has left after paying 89 cents for meat clorox & a yeast cake  meat was marked 41 cents & Clorox 45cents & yeast 3 cents; So that’s how I loose my money. Well, I haven’t done anything today, only mend one shirt  I had ought to have ironed but old arms were so tired I just didn’t  Elbert told dentist I couldn’t come, so he said to come Thurs. afternoon 1-30p-m.  winds been W & N.W. & tonight it’s N.E. & strong, been quite warm today but it’s cooler tonight, it rained hard after midnight last night & untill after noon today then sun came out & was like ice  it was so white set red & windy Moonlight out tonight as day

Tue. April 16. 1946./884./ 23 eggs today / Full moon tonight. Well at last a letter from sister Nellie and this is what she wrote  Palm Sunday April 21, 1946. Dear Elinor & Elbert: Received the card you sent and really meant to write you sooner. I don’t get around much or do anything either. I surely have wanted to come over for a day. but I haven’t been able to lately.  I wonder if you could both come over next Saturday after-noon a little while.  Ella Jane is coming home for a couple of days, that is for Sat & Sun.  She will be pretty tired and will just want to stay home and visit I suppose She will start back Sun night & be there for work Monday morning.  Hope you drop me a card. Love. Nellie.  Johny must have mailed it, for the post mark is Berea. April. 15. Ohio.  So I wrote a card & told her, Elbert was going to try to work Wed; Thurs; & Fri. & Sat. he had eggs to deliver, if he was able after 3 days work, so didn’t know what to tell her, for we couldn’t tell untill Sat.  & we might come for an hour or 2.  Sun. if it was O.K. with them with best wishes to one & all  Elinor & Elbert.  & Elbert mailed it in Huron & said it would go out at 5-p-m this evening & she ought to get it in the morning.  Elbert went up to get meat for his lunch tomorrow, he isn’t able to work & I hate to see him go. but he says he can at least try, once again.  I’m not very strong my self & I’m so glad to have him home , for when I over do just a little & feel so all in, he fixes me a hot drink & looks after things that have to be done, when I can’t do anymore. So I pray God will take care of him each minute he’s gone & bring him safely back to me & convert him  that his soul may rest with Him in peace & like wise that He will take care of Nellie & her families and each of my brothers & sisters  there children & there chilren’s children, my cousins & friends  May God help us to try with all our soul, heart, mind, and strength, to learn to Know Him & strive to gain a home with Him where we can live in that rest & peace  He has told us so much about, time is flying swiftly by & soon Jesus will be coming and calling for His own & I want to be found worthy  Oh, God help us, my heart achs most to the breaking point for the many who believe they will be saved & I tremble with fear least I make to many mis-takes & are left behind. Oh God, have mercy on our souls.  I thank Thee Jesus Thou doth even listen to me, for I’m such a thoughtless wreckless creature. Blessed Jesus who first loved me & died for me, surely all the Glory & Peace belongs to Him for ever & ever, Amen. It’s been a nice day

Tue. April.16.1946./ 885./ 23 eggs./  N. east wind, Elbert got up early & went to Lorain to the buisness agent to see about work & he was back home at noon & said he had a job, if he was able to do it & it’s near the one he had before & for the same outfit only under another name, he said his other boss Mac. had been in the hospital again, this time he had fallen into one of the pitts & hurt his head bad.  Elbert had several falls  &K I was glad when he gave up that job, but now, I’m wondering about this one, & if he works I pray God will give Him health & strength, for I know he isn’t able to work as he is. Wind’s gone S. east tonight & it’s colder tonight  We had sunshine most all day & I managed to sweep & wipe up the floor & wipe the chairs. & I’ve done my daily chores & thats all, Praise God for that, and I pray he will bring in strangers & fill the Church and strengthen his people & fill them & forgive them, Amen

Wed. April.17. 1946./ 21 eggs / Elbert went to work this morning  I went to mail box, got a card from Ella Jane, a letter from Mrs Sharpe & an add for Elbert & one of the magizines Miss. Mc.Govern had sent to me. then I ironed & ironed all the mash bags  I had washed sometime ago. I’m not feeling very good, either, got that pain in my side again & Elbert went to work & he’s sure tired tonight, but, he has one days pay coming.  It’s been a beautiful day  N east wind not strong & nice sunshine  We had a heavy frost last night, thick & white, daffadills were froze and all frosty, but thawed  slow & came out looking swell, it made ice in bird bath out side. I took care of hens & birds & got supper & I’m tired also.  I planted the mertal myrtel  I traded the lillie bulbs for a week ago, it was blooming in the bottle of water here on the floor such a pretty blue, they have 5 petals [??]  Elbert got here 5-30-p-m. sooner than I thought he would & he went for the milk before he come home, he locked the hens, car & then rested a while & went to bed.  Well its so cold not anything can grow. not any of the seeds have come yet. Wind gone South tonight Ella Janes card was typed & come from Waukegan Ill April 15 1946. & this is what it said.  Dear Folks, Am coming home Fri. Apr. 19th. will be home Sat. Sun. & Mon. Hope you can manage to come down, as I wont have time to get around much. but would like to see you all. Hope you are well, now that Spring is here  Am to tired & have to much to do to write letters. Think about it but don’t get it done. Sorry but just can’t get everything in in a day.  Hope to see you this coming week end.  Love to both, Ella Jane.  & we don’t know if we can go or not.

Thurs.April.181946./ 20 eggs today / Elbert went to work & I did the washing dried it out side I dug enough greens for supp0er, they were good, & Elbert brought veal chops & we had peas & gravy 

Thurs. April 18. 1946./886. / 20. eggs. today /  & cold biscuits, so we had a supper.  I took care of hens & birds & put the clothes away and now, I have dishes done & Praise God he has taken care of us an-other day.  It’s been a fine day with sunshine  wind went from the S. west to the N. west & on to N. east tonight  the moon is shining full & yellow, the little green gage plumb is in bloom  it’s like a big white ball, I grew it (with Gods help) from a pit  the body is a little bigger around than a dollar, prune trees are starting to bloom. & the pear trees are about half bloomed out I mean the blossoms are about half opened.  Hope they don’t get froze. No garden up yet. peonies are about 8 inches high & lillies a ft high  things are coming but slow. 

Fri. April. 19. 1946./ 22 eggs today./  Elbert went to work & I didn’t do much today.  The little old man that sells shoe strings & notions came to the door just as it started to rain so I let him in & gave him a dish of water to wash himself & a towel & then gave him 2 fried eggs a bicuit & some tomatoes & hot coffee, his feet were paining him so bad he could hardly walk, but after he had rested and eat his lunch he started on up the track west to Toledo, he’d only been gone about 15 min when it rained hard, well, I still believe his selling is a fake job, but still I can’t prove it,  I’m so dumb.  Elbert came at 5-30-p-m, I had just got the chores done, I shut the coop up so he wouldn’t have4 to & carried the cystern & well water & when he came, he’d wrenched his back just before it was time to start for home, so he could hardly walk & I was glad I’d done the chores  wind was S. west but went to N. east a gain, We had a white frost last night to. Well I thank God he has taken care of us & I love Him, Glory. 

Sat.April20.1946./ 25 eggs today. / Well I got up late  no mail today but yesterday I got a letter from Miss Baumgart  Elbert’s back is still bad, I took my bath & dressed for town-we ate & went to Huron  got a piece of veal shank to boil & some carrots & broccoli. then we fed the hens & went to Nellie’s, she’s in bed half the time, her leggs are so bad & I believe she feels she wont be here long, although she doesn’t say so, I can see her nerves are in very bad condition  I took her & the family a loaf of graham bread & can of apricots  We stayed for supper for they insisted after we left there We went to see Martha she’s been down with intestinal flu. pneumonia but gets up a little while at a time now but didn’t look as if she should be up, they were coloring eggs with a neighbor woman, in the kitchen, for Easter. All of Nellie’s children were home & Johny’s intended wife & I hugged & kissed her as my neice.  When we all did get set down to the table at last they waited for Johny to ask the blessing but he motioned them to ask me, so I did, but Johny’s

Sat. April.20.1946./887./ 25 eggs today/  studying to be a minister & he was hoping theyed get started to eat before he got started to eat, before he got to the table & the blessing would be forgoten, well. We had a nice meal & a good visit, the children make so much noise you can hardly hear yourself think, but at last after Bonita had got them on there way to bed & they had said good night to each one and ask us to come back again & eat with them, they climbed the stairs for bed then Bonita showed us the Easter carts they ha bought for the 3 children  2 wheeled wooden carts with wooden rabbits pulling and pushing them & they are going to fill the carts with green paper grass & put colored eggs in them  Martha’s children colored & egg for Elbert & I & gave to us while we were there. & gave us each a piece of candy. It was 10-p-m when we got home & had a cup of tea & Elbert’s in bed, So now I must go. The wind went back south & I don’t know where it is tonight. it’s cold out. Ella Jane said she would be home again before she goes back to New Mexico, she leaves Mon. night 4-45-p-m. to go back to Waukegan  I’ll. to work. She promised to write, but she always does that. Oh. God of Love & Mercy do help them each & every one to Know Thee before they depart from this world in Jesus Name, Amen.  

Sun. April. 21. 1946./21 eggs today. / Easter Sun. Well, Elbert was rather stiff all morning & he don’t feel any to good to-night, but he took me to Church  We had a very good service  The Minister’s Wife from Elyria (Who is also a Minister) did the preaching.  Mrs. West Sr. played the piano & Mrs Tom Eppler played a horn of some sort, Brynt played piano for choruses & a man & his wife who were invited by Miss Clark came, he sang 2 hyms & she played for him.  they sang a lot & prayed.  there were only a few there its a shame how they all stay away  It’s been a beautiful day  only N. East wind’s cold & we had a frost last night & looks like one tonight. 

Mon. April. 22.1946./ 22 eggs today  / Ella Jane’s birthday she’s 27. yrs. old. today. & she went back to Waukegan this evening to be to work again there, she said she ‘d be home again before she goes to New Mexico, then Nellie said she (Nellie) & Bonney Bell are going with her, I don’t believe Nellie is able to make 

Mon. April, 22.. 1946./888./ 22 eggs today. /  such a long trip, but she’s bent on going & she’s in bed more than half her time now.  Well Elbert went to Huron for fish & got 1/2 bu. & pk. basket full he gave Myers, Snyder & Hauff some & we dressed the rest   I scaled & he took out the innards & cut of the heads  they gave him 3 nice white fish, he called Nellie & E.J. ans. phone & said Johny would come for the fish & we washed & scraped them & salted them  I cleaned the or scrapped the most of them while Elbert went for the milk & I had done the washing & carried the water & was to tired to do the fish, but Elbert’s back & head felt so bad.  I got dinner then helped & it’s 11-p-m & I have dishes done & No Johny yet, so I’m going to bed, Elbert went some time ago. It’s been a terrible hot day & I could hardly work & feel as if I were over heat, so tired, I sweat like rain all day, air’s been hot. I thank God for our blessing & pray He will help us find a place for all those fish, we have enough for Nellies family & there is, 5 grown up ‘& 3 children  1 & 2 yr. old’ Well here is some one, turned out to be Geo. & Bonita, so I went out to grainery & got a box & the fish & Geo carried in the fish & I put wax paper in the box & packed the fish in & did Martha’s up in another wax paper & laid card board on Nellies fish & Martha’s on top, so they could stop d& leave Martha’s as they passed & I hope & pray they will & I hope they all enjoy the fish, it’s such a job for us to clean so many & we were to tired to clean them. Nellie’s been in bed all day & Ella Jane left on the 4-40-p-m. train (New York Central) for her work place, Johny didn’t get home untill 11-p-m. & Geo had to come in John’s car, so it was just 12 midnight when they left here.  I’m glad they came; I’m going to bed. it is lightening hard over the lake. 

Tue. April.23.1946./ 25 eggs today /  Well Elbert’s back’s been so bad to day   he didn’t feel able to drive the car, but we went to Vermilion & left the fish for the preacher & family & another woman & her man came while I was putting the fish from my pan into one of hers & they had brought a long an xtra suit of clothes & carried them up stairs, Brynt went up with me & then went & called his folks (they were at Epplers & we passed them there)  because of the other young folks that had come. We went back to the dentist’s  he ground m plate off some more

Tue. April.23.1946./ 889./ 25 eggs. today./ We came back home after buying a sack of auster shell for hens (95cents) 80 lbs.. & we bought a few potatoes & grape fruits & a little saucage. & then we got home  he fed hens & went for milk & we ate supper when he got back  we are both to tired yet today, to terribly tired  Winds been S. west till morning went N. west & rained a shower or so before & after we got home & tonight wind’s N. east & died out & now a heavy fog.  the fog horn blew all last night & this afternoon & evening.  There’s been a queer lull at verious times the passed 3  days. Received another letter from Miss Mc.Govern today, Oh me.  She thinks she’s going to help me get my pension through a friend of hers.  Oh God, I Praise Thee. 

Wed. April, 24. 1946./ 24 eggs today /  It’s been a fine day, but last night it got so fogy you could only make out the outlines of Snyder’s house, but it settled like a white due & was cool & terribly wet out this morning.  We had dinner, then went to the beach & got a good big load of fine sand for use on the hen roost  I got a sprig from Snyders pink bud tree by above the stone wall, & a sprig from Bessies pear tree, she told me I could have one some time ago  I want to graft it in my pear tree, & the pink bud I’d like to start it to grow, so I could have a tree like it.  It’s beautiful in the spring.  Well, I’m so tired, I washed dishes & cleaned the stove when we got back  I picked up a pk of clam shells & peirwinkles & pretty stones for Bonita’s twins  I thought they might like them to play with  While we were gone some one was here & left lower lock unlocked. & there was mud on the front steps & on the floor. We had a lunch at supper time Elbert’s bowels are paining him again & he says he’s going to peddle eggs tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll go with him or not. Breeze N. East & cool. 

Thurs. April.25. 1946./ 25 eggs today/   Elbert went & sold the eggs today & I went with him, we sold 8 doz at the White Inn & the rest to one customer & Hambly’s & her mother took 5 doz. I had quite a visit at Hambly’s, Seems Mr. Bockman has been stirring up things for Ellen & her boyfriend, they say that Bockman said that the boy hadn’t ought to marry the girl for her folks have-n’t got anything, well the young man gave Ellen an engagement ring & it cost (195) one hundred & ninty five dollars, she, in her simplicity showed

Thurs. April, 25. 1946;/889./ [this should be 890]25. eggs & 2 of them anconia’s/    the Ministers wife the ring & what goes in her ear, comes out her mouth so everyone Knows all about it, she could have done by Ellen like she would have liked to be done by Mr & Mrs. Hambly are angry anyway with the Preacher & his wife & West’s & Tom & his wife, they like the nice things of this world & to travel with the high class & well-dressed. but I told her to hold her peace & let it slide off her back & use good judgement & look to God & to Jesus  go to Church, & ignore there ignorance & her ma told her that to. Oh God, how do they expect to get people in-to Church, how?  I pray Oh God, in Jesus Name Thou will clean the christians and do it fast for they are turning the humble folks minds, to look for another Church, and Thou doesn’t know how they have done by me, since they learned I was very poor, financily, I pray Dear Father in Heaven, that Thou will help Hamblys to look to the Lamb of God & do what is right in Thy sight & not look at the bad ex-ample of others, and help me to & make up strong in Thee & keep us strong in Thee, Oh God, I ask in Jesus Name, Amen.  I have learned we can’t trust even those in the Church.  It rained before we started for home we stopped in Vermilion  got some meat & a little fruit & it rained hard but it stopped after we got home, I fried potatoes & cooked a garlic saucage & we ate supper, Elbert said he felt a little better tonight but his back & bowels are still so bad, he looks sick.  Wind is N. West & quite cool tonight  We have a good fire & it feels comfortable. I have cooked the beef for soup & now I’m going to bed, I ought to write letters, but had to make dish towels. 

Fri. April.26. 1946. / 24 eggs today./  Elbert has felt so bad all day & the wind has been cold & raw from the N. west & is going on around to N. east  We have a good fire & it’s comfortable.  We were out in the back yesterday & picked up a few strawberry plants  some in bloom the fruit trees are all blooming out, early & late apples & pears. My little flowering Almon is full of flowers & it’s so cold & the gooseberries & currants also. I don’t believe it was as cold yesterday as it is today for one didn’t shiver in the breeze, as we do today. They opened up the dance hall at Ruggles Beach tonight & such a noise, I haven’t done so much today, been so tired,  I did the daily round & I have a big square pieced together to be stitched, to use under the table cloth. out of real heavy mash bags & it washed out nice & white.  I pray that God will give me more strength of soul & body & make my faith so strong in Him that I’ll be better able to help others to cling to Him. Oh God of Love & Mercy I ask in Jesus Name & I will give Thee all the Praise K& Glory for ever & ever, Amen.

Sat. April 27. 1946./890/ 21 eggs./  Nice day partly cloudy N.E. cold wind  Elbert went to Vermilion twice, he went out & picked up 7 doz eggs for White in only got 15 cents more for them & he’s so tired. Hauff offered him a setting for what fish he had given him but Elbert told him no, he gave him the fish. I ask him to go to the Ministers & tell them I’m all broke out with poisin and ask them to pray for me but he forgot it, & said his head hurt him so bad & the muffler on the car had give out & it made a terrible noise in the car to   he’s all tired out to night & I’m a terrible looking sight with one eye swollen most shut. but I know when they pray for all the christians that are sick God will forgive me & heal me Praise God Oh, my soul, Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen  A sheppard dog came to us today & is still here   I had Elbert give him some supper  he acts tired  Well Elbert says wind has gone South & its warmer. 

Sun. April 28. 1946./ 22 eggs today / My head’s swelled up like a pumpkin with poisin ivy, so they think, Elbert mailed a card to 4 square church in Elyria & phoned Rev & Mrs. Singlltons, & Sun afternoon Singletons & Miss Clark came out uninvited & prayed for me & I’m a  very little better tonight ich has left my face & So it was Gods Power that I felt. I Praise Him for this healing for ever & ever Amen.  It froze heavy ice in a lump in bird bath last night, was a beautiful day today warm & no wind

Mon.April29.1946./ 21 eggs today/   Can see out of both eyes a little today & its another day like yesterday warm & quite & sunshine. can see a little better since Rev & Mrs Singleton & Rev & Mrs Harlow came & prayed & read me a psalm 1 & 3 & pryed & gave me another anoiting  swelling isnot so bad today.

Tue. April.30.1946./891./ 22 eggs today./ $22.25 for eggs sold. Another beautiful day & Elbert has gone to Lorain to get what money he had coming & a few things we can only get in Lorain  he left 8 or 8-30-a-m,  I can see a little from both eyes but the swelling has gone down  down in my neck so bad I can’t tip my head down. Elbert got home about 1-30-p-m & couldn’t find any olive oil any where & so the face is drying & getting scabby.

Wed. May.1.1946./ 21 eggs today /  Well Elbert went to Huron for fish but didn’t get any, it’s been a nice day quite & sunshiny, when he got home I had washed out my under wear & nose rags & stockings then he did the rest  I head is so sore & it’s terrible to try to work & my right hand & arm are terrible   he hung clothes out & they all dried  it got cloudy for a while & the air got damp then sun came out & dried them good, he hung my bedding out & aired it to   I swept & made beds, I done that every day even though it seemed as if I couldn’t hold my head up & I did lie down some of the time but Elbert washed the dishes today, I so tired

Thurs. May.2. 1946./  23 eggs today/   We got a card from Nellie & Ella Jane yesterday the would be on there way to New Mexico, Wed. May.1. 1946.  so she Nellie said (Nelllie) Well I got up took a bath & ironed my dress while Elbert went to Huron, he got 18 fish 12 Pike 6 perch & 1 white fish  We cook & ate the white fish & then he cleaned the rest & salted them  we cook 9 for supper  got 9 left.  I took care of all but dishes hand is to sore to put in water.  been fine day cool N. east breeze  Elbert hoed a while the beets cabbages tomatoes are up & I think he said carrots & few spires of corn. Now he’s going to Vermilion in the morning to get his car fixed & sell eggs, so he said tonight.

Fri. May.3.2946./ 892./  20 eggs today. sold 10 doz 4.00 today /  Elbert sold 10 doz eggs 40 cents per doz.  he bought 1 bag of scratch grain 3.70 for one bag & 3.60 for one we had, had & mash gone up 20 cents on the 100 lbs. & he was going to have the muffler on the car fixed & they had got the wrong kind or size so he’s got to go a-gain in the morning & be there at 7-a-m. untill 10-a-m.  Today I wiped up the floor & fried the fish 7 took care of most of my daily round of duitys, he got home at 3-p-m or there about & I got my handkerchief back from Miss Willitts & how the Power went through me & it’s been go-ing through me for several days & the head & face & hands & arms are healing fine Praise God, oh, Glory, Hallalue  Glory Praise the Lord he ans. the prayers of those Who beleive, Glory, Glory.  Well tonight after dark Frank & Ruby  Bonney knocked at the door, they came in & talked until after 10-p-m.  they were very sociable  Ruby’s just home from Albuquerque, Frank drove to Chicago & met her. & drove home again  Nellie went that same day & they thought she called Frank to see if she could go with him, but he’d gone. Ruby still has her cough. The lawyer told Elbert, Armond had bought the old home place back for Gertie & to night Frank didn’t know anything about it.  he said Armond was home again. They told us of quite a few folks that have died in Lorain. & We talked about verious ones we have known He said Edd Rosecranes had come back to his self again & takes good care of Georgie once more & that her brother Aubrey is in Cleveland hospital with heart trouble & don’t expect to ever get out a-bout again & that he’s very poor & thin,  they said every one else was as well as usual.

Fri.May.3. 1946./893./ 20 eggs today/  Elbert had to cut some wood after he had his lunch & the wind has been terrible strong, it blowed a hound dog from one side the road to the other down in the hollow by the Elm tree & he look so funny I had to laugh, he stopped & looked as if he was angry & looked all around as if he wondered “who, did that to me, then scratched his feet as if to tear up the sod  looked around & troted up the hill as if he owned the world. Well Elbert said he could hardly keep the road with the car & it sounded every once in awhile as if it would blow the storm door glass out.  I’m glad it has eased up tonight.  I have felt the Power tonight & they have been praying for me so Elbert heard today, at Elyria  Amherst & Vermilion & Glory, God has heard & ans. Glory. How I Praise Him & Love Him & Adore Him  He’s all the world to me Hallulejah, Amen. 

Sat. May 4. 1946. /21 eggs / Elbert went to Vermilion & got the car fixed & went to preachers & no one home, so I don’t know what they have done with my lamps & electric cable & wire & cans & books.  he got home about 10-30-a-m.  I got my check in the mail this morning.  I haven’t done much today but am lots better & I praise the Lord with all there is of me, I can’t stand to be near the fire so Elbert does most the cooking  I made biscuits last night & such a job but even if they were left handers, they were good. 

Sun. May 5. 1945. [she meant 1946]/ 21 eggs today  /Well Praise God we are both feeling better today  Elberts back’s been so bad he could hardly get up or down & I’m still to hot. 

Sun. May.5.1946/894,/ My check came yesterday.  this after noon Johny Harnish & his Marcie came & had Bonita’s twins with them.  they were here an hour or so, they brought John’s clothes to Elbert some pants that were new & only been washed once & they brought 10 lbs. of fresh lard, that Nellie had spoke about.  I gave the twins the shells & stones I picked up for them when I was down to the beach last time.  I was so sorry I could have cooked a lunch for them but may-be they’ll come back again another day.  I have prayed for the sick & church all day & trust God will help them fill the church & that God will bless & strengthen His people.  

Mon. May,6.1946./ 21 eggs today /  Well Praise God & all those of His who believe & pray, I never be able to Praise God enough  He’s so wonderful to me, I’ve been in such misery & I know He could see & under-stand & I’ve been standing on His promises & today I’m free again, Oh Glory, Praise the Lord Oh my Soul  Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.  I pray God will be with all his people & strengthen them day & night in all there troubles & trials now & for ever & ever, Amen.  Elbert has a bad fever & his back & head hurt him so he can hardly get around, I pray God will turn his heart to him & heal his body in Jesus Name., Oh God I pray thou will have mercy & be with Nellie & Ella Jane & teach them to Know Thee & comfort them   Help them just now  Oh God I pray Thou wilt.  We have had showers & sunshine all day K& tonight its raining  Bill Snyder plowed his ground & got it all 

Mon. May.6. 1946./896 [should be 895]./ 21 eggs./   ready to plant  I do so wish we could have ours got ready  maybe we could plant some of it & kill down the weeds.  I haven’t done only what I had to do all day  my right hand has been so bad, but is lots better tonight, I love Jesus, I can’t un-derstand why all the many afflictions that come to me but, He says all things work out for the good and Glory of the Lord So I Praise Him. 

Tue. May.7.1946./ 20 eggs today   Mostly cloudy with sun once in awhile.  N. east breeze & damp, clothes dried but not good.  I washed most all the clothes except Elbert’s union suit, sleepers & 2 work shirts had to hang some up in the house, Elbert went to Huron & cashed my check  10.00 has to go to the Dentist on my teeth & then there will be 30.00 balance.  3 mo. more to pay & Elbert not able to work & we owe for gas & coal & mash, Well, I’d pay if I had to go hungry, but he has to eat  I thank God  I’m better & I used that sore hand to wash with, it’s looks terrible tonight, I got5 it rather badly soaked up but pray it’ll be O.K.  my own back is bad tonight  feel as if I have to walk half bent over.  We didn’t get much rain, the ground could stand aplenty yet.  We have 2 doz eggs now with tonights eggs. cloudy tonight. 

Wed. May.8. 1946./25 eggs today  / Elbert went to Huron got my check cashed & got a pk of fish, his back is so bad he can hardly get up or down, I had the soup hot & nice made some hot coffee & he had a lunch before he dressed the fish, then I fried 8 or 10 some small catfish, perch & pike & he dress all the fish & I salted & packed them, it’s cool tonight  we had a heavy white dew last night & niped the beans, corn not coming very good & to cold nights, I got supper, We had hamberg & gravy & broccoli & cold biscuits & he had coffee.  I had hot water. I have the dishes done and it’s most time to go to bed.  night wind’s N. east.  I hacked a few weed today& Praise God all day & all my waking hours during the night.  Elbert sold 30 cents worth of rags & old card board boxes at supper time tonight.  The milk don’t smell right.  

Thurs. May. 9. 1946./897./ 26 eggs today/  We only have 28 hens, 3 are anconias.  Well Elbert decided to go to Vermillion & sell the eggs, When he got to the traffic light, which was green a man crossed over in front of him & in order not to hit him he put his foot on the brake so hard his two peck baskets of eggs went on the floor from the back seat where he had set them & it most caused a jam behind him, he went on a side street & straight-ened up the eggs as best he could & cleaned the egg off the rug on the floor in back.  then he went in & paid the dentist $10.00 & got a receipt for it written & signed by destist’s wife  then he got a dollar money order for a book we thought might help give us some helpful ideas & then he went over to the ministers house & got back one electric wall lamp & the coil of cable wire, but he didn’t get the oil lamp  I had made into an electric or the small wire, or my fruit jars but they did put in the books from DeHaan.  Elbert came back home all up set because he had waisted the eggs.  We got a pail of water & washed 4 doz & 9 that were not broke & 2 doz. that were cracked & I saved a doz. or so that were badly cracked, he had 10. doz eggs & was going to pay for the mash with the $4.00; but I thank God it was the eggs & not him or the car, but it has made him sick & his stomach is troubling him tonight & he is so tired K& he looks sick  I’m so sorry for him, to.  We received a card from Nellie from New Mexico, saying she may come back soon  that rooms are scarce, but if she will stay or come back & the rail roads are talking of tying up & if she don’t come she might have to stay.  I made some noodles today & fried the rest of the fish & hacked around a little in the garden & I’m sure tired.  I helped Elbert clean up the eggs & muss; he felt so bad & his back was paining him bad, his nerves are bad. 

Fri. May.10. 1946./ 21 eggs today  / Pa has been gone one year and a half today. Elbert took 6 doz eggs over to Hamblys & she & her mother took them all & now he hasn’t enough for the

Fri. May. 10. 1946./ 898/ 21 eggs today /  suply siply the rest of his customers & he don’t seem to care, I always like to let them Know if I can’t suply them, but I don’t know what he’s going to do.  I only done my daily round & ironed today.  Elbert planted a little more garden, he bought food with the egg money & tonight it’s at 9.30.pm., it’s raining,  it started about 3.p.m  been cloudy all day & it’s cool damp & a little chilly.  

Sat. May. 11. `946./ 22 eggs today /  It sure rained right up untill 1- or 1-30- this after noon  Elbert has felt so bad all day & all last night his stomach & bowels & his rectum pains him.  he has set & laid around in the big chair  I haven’t done much either   I let the hens out & pulled a few weeds &K looked at the flowers &K shrubs, ground animal is trying to kill the flowering almon & it was so pretty this Spring, just full of flowers.  I washed out Elbert’s union suit & his 2 nose rags & 1. pr. socks & a dish towel & just done odds & ends  haven’t felt to strong in my legs today, my itch is about gone & the sores & I hope to soon be able to go back to Church   Singletons left Tue May.7. 1946. for Rochester New York & Rev. Taylor & his wife is taking there place.  Rev. & Mrs. Taylor were married Easter Sun. April. 21. 1946.  I received a postal card from Miss Clark  she said they were praying for me, Oh God I thank Thee for all of Thine Who have loved me & prayed for my healing & I pray Thou will bless them all with even a stronger faith in Thee & strengthen them in there trails & reveal unto them, that they may help do a better work for Thee I thank Thee Jesus & All the praise K& Glory truly belongs to Thee, I praise Thee & thank Thee help me to be worthy in Jesus Name, Amen.

Sun. May.12.1946./ 20 eggs today./  Partly cloud & cool to   cool & we have been home all day & not a soul came to see us either.  S. west wind and went on around to N. east.  

Mon. May. 13. 1946./ 23 eggs today / Elbert’s back’s so bad he can hardly get around & the breeze is quite fresh from the N. east, I baked 3 loaves of bread 2 brown, out of the war flour  it tastes as if it had a lot of corn flour in the wheat flour.  I made 2 doz. cup cakes & both they & this bread tastes like corn meal. it wont be so good to eat to much of for a lot of us folks    it might be good for cold blooded people.  Well I really spaded a row about 10 or 14 ft long to day & then cut out a jacket & made it, for Elbert to sleep in

Mon. May.13. 1946./899./ 23 eggs today./  I made them out of mash bags it took 3 or most of 3.  I made 2 dish towels all so.  I even made button hole & sewed the button on the jacket so he could have it to sleep in tonight.  Today is Gertie’s birthday she is 58. yrs. old, today.  Wind is N. east & sure is cold  We still keep a fire.  My itch is all most gone, I’d like to know what it is.  We are all out of money & food, I pray God will take care of us  it hard when we are old, & my heart aches for all those who are starving on the other side.  I pray God will strengthen His people & keep them through all there troubles an afflictions, I thank Thee Jesus. 

Tue. May.14.1946./ 20 eggs today/   Elbert went to the fish house & got a pk of fish, while he was gone I did the washing & had to carry the water, he dressed a few & I fried them for dinner & then he dressed the rest, 29 of them & took 7 to Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & 8 to Hauff, where we get the milk & he gave Elbert back the 12 cents for one qt of milk. ha, ha.  Oh, well maybe he might do better by & by.  I received a card from Miss Baumgart & one from Rev. Mr & Mrs. Harwell from Elyria Ohio.  they came here with Rev & Mr. & Mrs. Singleton to pray for me & they are full of the Holy Ghost all except Mrs. Singleton, I don’t believe she has the fullfillment, that is I don’t believe she talks in other tongues.  I felt the Power roll through me & I Praised God & thanked Him for the healing & for His Children Who prayed for me, believing He would do the work.  Glory to God, Oh Glory, I praise Thee Jesus that we can stand on Thy promises.  I got the washing dry, it was so rainy & cloudy all the morning, but cleared off this afternoon & wind went down with the sun, it has been south all day.  Elberts back is still hurting him & we are both to tired tonight. I washed my house dress & dried it & cut the belt out of it, it is to tight & I thought I had it to loose so that’s a job for tomorrow, I hope God will help me get it done,

Wed. May.15. 1946./ 21 eggs today /  Been cloudy with some sunshine & it got to hot this afternoon  Elbert looks so miserable & he says he feels so bad.  I’m so sorry for him but if I can I’ll try to get him to go & get some more herbs, he has spaded & hoed some today. I got my dress done & now I can starch it & dry it in the morn-ing  Praise the Lord.  I swept & cooked & done my daily dozen & I picked a big bunch of Lillies of the Valley & put them in a box, & 

Wed. May.15. 1946./900./ Elbert went to Vermilion & mailed them to Miss. Anna Mc. Govern. she ought to get them in the morning.  I owe her & several others a letter.  Well it thundered & rained a little, when Elbert came back home he went for milk before he came home   Mrs. Hauff gave us a lb of butter, it was nice of her to think of sending it.  This is better than the last she sent, but all her butter is frowey.

Thurs. May.16. 1946./ Well, it rained & in showers alday.  Elbert went to Huron but didn’t get any fish & I picked a gorgeous bunch of lillies of the Valley & he has cut wood & grass between showers. & I have wrote cards to Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Harwell  Rev. Mr. & Mrs Gusney Miss. Lidia Clark, Mrs. Frankie Beesie & Miss Louise Baumgart & a letter to Bonita & the family & one to Miss Ethel Willitts  I received a card from Miss Baumgart & Mrs. Beesie this a-m.  I have several more letters yet to write. & I Praise God day & night for our blessing.  Elbert killed & dressed a hen last night she was a poor layer.  We had her & the broth to eat today  N. East breeze & cool.

Fri. May. 17. 1946./ 21. eggs today/   My, its 26. yrs ago today, I was married.  Well I starched my dress & the rest of the day I’ve tried to fix a corset, the one with the built up top, I’m having such a time to fit it to me, but at last I have it basted together again ready to try on . hope to get it fixed so I can wear it for good, under my good dresses. & to fit my dresses over it.  Elbert went & sold 12. doz. eggs today, he said Mrs. West Sr. is in bed with heart trouble.  I’m sorry, hope she will soon be better again  Young Mrs West is taking care of her.  Elbert took a big bunch of Lillies of the Valley to Rev. Mr. & Mrs Gurney & one to Mrs. Hambly & one to her mother & father, I’d have sent one to Mrs. West had I known she was in bed sick.  Elbert said they were all pleased with them.  It’s rather cool & we have a wood fire & it’s none to warm.  

Sat. May.18.1946./ 19 eggs today /  Elbert went to the fish house & got a big lot of fish a good 1/2 bu.  I wiped up the floors after I had swept & then I washed out what dirty clothes there were  I ate two handfull of crackers with beef broth before I started to work & I made a vegetable dinner & had it most done when Elbert came, I had been to the mail box also & got a letter from Nellie, she didn’t say much, she likes

Sat. May.18.1946/901./  19 eggs today/  it there but may have to come back for there isn’t any rooms there everything is full & she can’t keep the room they have long & E.J. is going to school in June to finish her course & she wonders why I don’t sell my place & build a house on her place, I don’t know why I should do a thing like that  Elbert’s got 2 lots he could build on if he wanted to go back there to live, he isn’t able to work any way, so, why should I build on her place? No, We don’t want to do anything like that, & Bonita was here tonight said they are getting a widows pension for her & the papers have gone in for it.  Well, I’m glad she’s going to be well taken care of.  John got over 2 hundred dollars back on income tax, & Johny has taken it & paid the balance on the home & now it’s in Nellies name, an acre of ground & the new house they built on it.  Martha isn’t very well & still has to have a Dr. quite often that she has some kind of bad spells  Joan came over with Geo & Bonita & there 3 children to-night & got the fish for them & Martha, Merlin let Geo. come in his car, he had been to Cleveland & back & was to tired to come & Johny had gone with Marcia some where  Bonita thought they were going out to supper & then to a show.  What would Jesus do.?  Geo. isn’t working this week, but will be next week, he’s going to work in an-other garage, the fellows he was with couldn’t pay the rent, they had raised it so high  so they closed it up.  I fried fish for supper & we had just got done eating when they came in.  They visited untill the children got uneasy & then went.  I ironed after supper dinner & mended Elberts pajama pants.  It’s been a cool wet day, wind blew so hard from the south  I hung the clothes out & when they were most dry it rained big drops of water so they were more wet than when I put them out but in 10 or 30 minutes they dry again & I brought them in.  Wlbert said Hauff was in Wellington & he said it was like a cloud burst over there, his daughter lives over there & he went & brought her  & her husband & little boy home for over Sun. I am glad Elbert got the fish & called Bonita for she said they needed them & was glad to get them & pay the phone call.  I thank God he hears & ans. prayers & I praise him for all our blessing & hope I can do more for Him  Oh, Glory, Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus & thank you.

Sun. May.19. 1946./ 902./ 20 eggs today  / Well, I went to church tonight & gave my testimony  they all seem glad to see me, but there wasn’t a lot, there, Mrs. Sprunk  the West  2 other ladys I don’t know & Mrs. Reese  she came in & sung a song for us, Tom & his wife & son  the Hambly Children, Miss Clark & the minister & his wife & myself & we had a good prayer service, & Song Service also.  The weather has warmed a little, mostly cloudy today & quite cloudy tonight.  

Mon. May.20. 1946./ 22 eggs today/    Well, Elbert has a Kink in his back so bad he can hardly move & so, I went to Vermilion & got out & delivered or sold the eggs, 4. doz. to Wests & 1. doz. to Miss Clark 40 cents/doz. 2.00  & I gave them each a nice bunch of flowers, We got a piece of boiling meat & 3. pkts. of seed carrots & 1. cabbage.  I went to the church & got some cans & my lamp & electric cord & you should see the two dents in the lamp bowl  I don’t know how to get them out.  We got quite a few cans  I know some of them are not mine but the minister’s wife said to take them, for all of my cans wasn’t there & they didn’t know who they belonged to, so I did.  My junk got badly abused & we got home just in time for it sure did rain hard thundered & lightened, then at supper time it eased up  Elbert went for milk & he could hardly get in & out the car or to the house, I fed & took care the hens & got 18 more eggs, he had got 4 this morning to make even 5. doz. to sell  the doz Miss Clark bought she got for the minister’s & she was there, when we got there.  Its been foging all evening   Elbert ask Hauffs to call up the gas Co. & tell them we were out of gas, but, they haven’t come yet & it’s 10-30-p.m.  

Tue. May. 21. 1946./ 23 eggs today   gas tank came this after noon. Elbert has been feeling so bad today & it’s been damp & cool, N. West wind, partly cloudy, clearing off tonight & wind went down with the sun  we have a good fire & it’s real comfortable.  everything feels the cold so much  garden not coming just waiting for warmer weather, we got the books from the Golden Dawn Press & I’m going to send them back  they are not worth a dollar  I haven’t done much today  just haven’t felt able & I tried to help Elbert what I could by doing the chores out side that he usually does.  & what few things I have to do in the house for us both  I would liked to have gone to Church but under circumstances we couldn’t go. 

Tue. May. 21.1946./903./ 23 eggs today /  We watched a male & 2 female pheasants go acrossed the field acrossed the road from us today, they were over near the South side near rail road track & went way over to Bessie’s place.  I pray God will Bless & strengthen His people & get them & more back into Church & Bless All His people where ever they are & help our prayers to be one with all who trust & believe. 

Wed. May.22.1946./23 eggs today   Elbert don’t feel any better, he went to see Dr. L. at Huron, but he has changed days to be out & to-day was his day off, so Elbert will have to wait un-till tomorrow after noon.  I did the washing, it was a nice day & warm & clothes dried good  I had to carry the water  I aired all the bed clothes to & put a patch on one blanket & fed & watered the hens, picked up the eggs & let them out in park & fed & shut them in & locked the coop & grainery   Elbert went for the milk & back, he’s in terrible misery, I pray God will fix him up right, soul & body, in Jesus Name, Amen. I went down & got a buck of slack coal & fixed a fire for it was getting chilly tonight, I put a wool blanket under Elbert & I have been bathing or rubbing ointment on his back every night.  Well I have dishes done & now after I read the Word awhile, I’ll go to bed, believing God will take all the achs & pain & tired out of me.  I received a letter from Miss. Willitts today  she thanked me for the dollar I sent her & wrote me a nice apealing letter, I do wish so much, I could give to all, Who need money so bad for God’s work.  May God bless her & All His people with health & strength in soul & body, Amen.  Wind is South tonight

Thurs. May. 23. 1946./ 21 eggs today. / Elbert went & took his treatment today & he owes Dr 8.00  he’s feeling better tonight  I hoed his beans & peas &K carrots & beets today & hacked a few weeds  The queerest thing happen today, I received a rayon jersey un-der Slip from Lane Bryant & ordered by Mrs. Bacon R 2. Huron Ohio.  I don’t even know who she is, it cost  $1.72 size 36  it’s to small for me I’ll have to send it back and exchange it.  I’m badly in need of a slip & I sure thank God & for the love in that woman’s heart & pray God will give her an added blessing, for her Kindness. Its been a

Thurs. May.23.1946 / 904./ 21. eggs./ wonderful day nice warm sun & south breeze We got a gas tank. Bill Snyder has painted his house white & today he & Bob & the 2 girls took off the old paper on the Kitchen roof & put on some new it’s a small roof but it took them all day & I don’t know if they got it all done or not.  Bill’s been home 2 or 3 days now.

Fri. May, 24. 1946./ 20 eggs today. / Well, today has been a nice one, only the wind has been hot & strong & I am not so strong as I use to be, but I thank God I’m not as tired tonight as I have been before now & I tramped around helping sell eggs today.  We got 5 1/2 doz$1.95  35. per doz  eggs of Carl Rieber &   one [??] 27 cents- 2. doz 60cents 30 cents per doz.  from Hauff & we had 8. doz. We gained 20 cents& we sold all but 2. doz. But we’ll need them for Mon. or Tue. & feed has gone up  grain 3.90 & mash 4.25 & we run tick for it. 8.15 & now how are we going to pay for it, Well I went & figured up last months eggs & we had 55 doz. & 10 eggs at 40 cents per doz. they brought  $22.55 & the feed bill was 8.00 & they made a mistake in there favor of a dime for the grain was 3.60 per bag & 2 100lb bags was $7.20 & 1. 100 lb bag mash was 3.70 so it should only have been $7.90 (but he paid 8.00   We only gained 47cents on the 7 1/2 eggs we bought, but we figured that paid for our gas in the car. We owe shoe maker 1. egg & they owe us a dime  Hamblys owe us for 1. doz egg, a neighbor paid us for 2. doz . for them & Mr. Hambly brought out a cut glass bowl & said to give him 3. doz. & I did it  We sold 14 doz & collected 5.10 & Mrs Hamblys mother paid 80 cents she owed from last week making $5.90 we paid 148 cents for food & 80 cent for light  1.00 for gas. 60 cents to Hauff  1.99 to Carl Reiber making 5.81 we paid out, leaving us only 9 cents  Elbert had 6 cents in his pocket when we started out & 15cents when we got home.  We have 50 cents to collect yet & one egg to pay & no money to live on until (we collect or 

Fri. May 24. 1946./ 905/ 20 eggs today / or sell more.  We had a lunch when we got home & had just got done when the little old man who sells shoe strings came in so I cooked him 2 eggs & some whits I had left from our eggs & milk this a.m. each  & gave him a bun & cup of coffee & he gave us each a pr. of shoe strings & was on his way west up the track New York Central track.  I went out & fed the hens & locked up & Elbert went for milk & at 6-p-m it thundered & lightened terrible & rain came down in sheets & then it hailed real ice, but a 9-p-m. it was clear & stars shining.  I worked & went untill 4-p-m on 3/4 glass milk & 1 egg yolk.  I received letter from Miss Mc. Govern with U.S. post card in it, so I ans. it & mailed it & 2 letters for Miss Clark in Vermilion today. she got us a sack of flower for 66 cents, so we owe her that much in eggs. & today there are no trains runing except mail trains, it’s the bigest strike ever, every thing is tied up, no shipping of any sort, they wont send out any mail only letters & cards no packages of any kind  all factorys are closed & only one big grinding mill in each State is runniing  all foods, flour meat & vegetables are limited  we will soon be hog tied. &K the end is fast drawing near as the Dear Lord has said.  Oh, I’m so glad He is and always will be. Amen. I thank God in Jesus Name the milk didn’t sour.

Sat. May.25. 1946./ 20 eggs today./  Well it rained in hard showers most of the night & morning and at noon it cleared off some sun shine came & it was to hot. I raked the grass Elbert had cut & put it in the park I didn’t get it all raked, when the wind changed to N.W.  I came in & washed the dishes & put away the rake & sythe & fed the hens & gave them mash & water & locked the coop  Elbert went for milk & I got 2 pails of water one well & one systern & then I ironed Elberts shirt & my dress, then had supper & tucked the birds in for the night & Elbert has gone to bed so I’ll bath or rub his back.

Sat. May. 25. 1946. /906./ 20 eggs today/   Now I’ll read the word & then I’ll go to bed   I wanted to go to church in the morning , but he’s feeling to bad to go, so I’ll have to wait & pray   wind went N. east tonight and it’s colder, it looked as if it would storm terrible just when I locked up the hens but it all went over  we only got a sprinkle

Sun. May. 26.  1946/ 20 eggs today/  Cold & cloudy & wet & Elbert’s back hurts so bad he can’t hardly endure it- I rub his back good at night but he goes out & gets his feet wet & gets a cold in the back & it don’t do any good to talk to him & try to keep him well, so here we are   I’m tired half to death & have to carry water & do the out side chores & what has to be done in the house & I got a hen & kill, dressed & cooked it so we can have a little to eat tomorrow  I go on a little milk & one egg yolk untill supper time, then we have a biscuit & jam & glass of milk, tonight I opened a can of peas & made gravey with them, I can’t hardly get them down, for I don’t like peas & I wish that some on the other side that needs food had them.  I often wonder if I’ll have to starve to death & I pray God will help me to indure & keep my patience, it’s sure hard sometimes,  we had a little fire to keep the chill out the house  I scraped up what coal dust I could get & if it don’t get warm   soon I don’t know what we can do to keep warm. I could-n’t go to Church & the day has been a long hard one.  I have wrote a few more lines & put in with Flora’s letter, I thought I had Elbert mail it, but found hers didn’t get mailed.  I wrote a letter to Mrs. Lena Bacon, about the lip that came from Lane Bryant’s & now I’ll have to write to Miss McGovern  I have to write to Mr. Miller also & see if he can give us any more help for I don’t know what else to do about it  I do hope he will be able to help us some how.

Mon. May.27. 1946./907./ 25 eggs today /  A wet rainy day. Elbert went out for the mail  I think Elbert is a little better.  got a card from Nellie  she’s on her way home & left Ella Jane there teaching bible class untill June 24, then she starts her own study’s.  Nellie’s card was mailed in Kansas City Mo. she said she’d be home Thurs. after noon.  Poor Ella Jane far from home & she is like her mother   use to be (& I reckon is yet) home sick with none of her folks near by to talk to she stricly on her own.  I’m sorry for her, but hope she musters courage & get done with honors.  I sent a letter to Mrs. Lena Bacon & one to Flora Glover. haven’t done much today  been to tired.  I carried water & feed & looked after hens & emptied ashes & swept up more coal dust & keep a fire & then walked about the yard for it was to hot for me.  Wind was N. east but went N. west & rained some more.  My nerves are so bad that each time I turned over in bed all night they would flash a shock from my stomach all over me & for two night I haven’t been able to sleep untill morning & I get up at 9 or 9-30 a-m. We have only 26 hens & got 25 eggs  today  I hope they  don’t forget to keep it up the one I kill was to fat to lay & full of eggs. 

Tue. May 28. 1946./ 19 eggs today/   I mended 2 work shirts  my night gown & made my daily round & my out side chores, Elbert has tried to do more today. but his back is still bad & he grunt & growns each move.  Well a Mr. Hauffman Who lives with his Aunt Lena Bacon, came for the slip today, he’s been here once or twice before on business  he’s a bachlor  says he’s 51. yrs. old & takes care of his aunt, they live up at Ceylon a little place a mile from us, he always comes in & sits down & visits a bit & he likes canarys and my old walnut chairs.  It’s been mostly cloudy today with cool N. east wind rather strong.  I’m so sorry I can go to church, there are so few to go. Elbert took the eggs down to Wests 4 doz & got 1.60 & paid 1.00 on the feed bill & got us a piece of boiling meat & a cabbage head & he went & come so quick didn’t seem as if he could have had time, but he did it. I did not wash, the wind blew so hard. trains are runing but not as often. 

Wed. May. 29. 1946./ 21 eggs today / It’s been a wonderful day  warm & nice sun & I baked 3 loaves of bread, & did the washing out out doors there was a little N. east breeze & clothes dried good. the drain to sink is pluged & I tried for 2. hrs. to clear it

Wed. May. 24. 1946./908./ 21 eggs today./  but didn’t get it free. Elbert went to fish house & got us 3 meals of fish, maybe 4 meals, we had some for dinner & I only ate 1&1.2 of a pike before I got the washing quite done  Mr. & Mrs. Hambly came, in his fathers car, they wanted some flowers, for the house to sort of dress up Ellen graduates from high school tonight & so after it’s over. the relatives & the Minister & his wife & another young minister that’s with them at present & Ellen’s boy friend, she’s ingaged to, he’s given her a dimond ring “& his folks are all going to have a lunch & visit at Hambly’s. she says Ellen isn’t as perfect a christian as some may think   she told her parents, she warn’t coming home after they were done at school   she’s ashamed of her [huhny] relatives & there shak, Mrs. Hambly said her father said if she didn’t come home, she needn’t ever come back. I hope she will go home & be a real christian. she’s been invited to go up North into Canada & her mother told her she could go, I didn’t get all the details.  My throat has ached for a week, just like it does before I have a hard cry & I’m wondering what it’s all about  Well I suppose Nellie will be home tomorrow & Ella Jane will be so lonesome.  I have the dishes done & now I’m going to bed, tired.

Thurs. May. 30. 1946./ 20 eggs today / Decoration Day /& it’s been a beauty-ful day,  We have been home all day, Elbert has been trying to find out where the sink pipe is pluged but he don’t know yet & is going to disconect the goose neck under the sink in the morning & see if that’s pluged  it’s pluged somewhere for the water wont go down.  I mowed a little today & planted my morning glory seed blue ones & I transplanted a few ball poppies tonight & took care of the hens & did my daily round.  & I know Elbert is so tired, his Knee has been so swollen & hurts him bad & I’m sure tired.  I ought to get some letters wrote but seems as if I can’t get at it.  it’s warmer  wind’s South west

Fri. May. 31. 1946./909./ 20 eggs today /  The last day of May./  It was nice this morning only the wind was blowing quite strong from the south west, sun was hot, Elbert hoed  his gardened & limed it & then it began to get ready to rain   he had taken the sink pipe apart & he put it back together   it leaks & he put putty on it’s joints   I don’t know if it still leaks yet or not & so the things are still on the floor.  I made soup & cooked baby lima beans & picked a big bunch of flowers for church tonight & in the rain & it rained hard & all the time we were in Church all the way home & is still at it & fog horn is blowing.  I pray it doesn’t freeze or have a frost  We had a good prayer service & songs of Praise.  I’m so glad I could go & pray God will make it possible for me to go to each meeting, He’s done so much for me & I’d like to do more for Him.  We ate supper when we got home a bowl of soup.  I didn’t do anything   I didn’t need to do except hack the dirt where we spade to plant  Jimmis & raked up a little grass & plant four o’clocks  And I took care of the hens & canarys. I Praise God for the healing & strength He gives me  I praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for ever & ever amen. 

Sat. June.1. 1946./ 22 eggs today  /  We went to Huron & got a very small meat  we ate up when we got back cost 30 cents. 2. potatoes cost 8. cents.  We just have to go hungry. & now my taxes have to be paid $5.72 so we’ll have to Keep on starving it out.  I went to Huron & took a nice bunch of yellow roses to Mrs. Douglas & one to Mrs. Gunsenhauser  they have both done nice things for me in the past, I can’t do much for them & they enjoy the flowers.  Well, it sure did turn cold after being so warm  N. east wind & it blew hard & rained in torrents all night & most of this morning & we have had a fire out of what every wood we could get.

Sun. June.2.1946./910./ 20 eggs today /  Nice day but N. east wind I got up & went to Church this a-m, but didn’t get back for evening service & I like to go so much, the New Ministers are both good, they both work together  she preaches one sermon & he one on Sun. & help each other with the song service & she plays the piano part of the time & they have other insterments they play. some sort of horns, They are greatly interested in there work & very sincere  Praise God they & the christians of the church prayed for a sick man Fri. night, he was in a terrible condition, an ulser broke in his stomach & blood was runing from his nose, eyes & ears & before they got him off to the hospital blood run out his mouth, they thought there wasn’t much chance for him at the hospital & was going to wait untill Sat morning to operate   his wife is a christian, she was sitting by him. Fri. night & God laid His hand on them & “she said We knew you folks at Church were praying for us, Sat. morning “they” the Dr’s. were surprised he seemed so well & after examinning him said he could go go home that they couldn’t understand how he had got well over night, God is able, but I do hope K& pray he will turn to God with his whole heart, for if he don’t  life will be a terrible thing for him in the future

Mon. June.3. 1946./18 eggs today  / Martha’s birthday, she’s 34 yrs old today.  I did the washing  had to carry the water in & out be-cause of the sink pipe, it leaks, Elbert didn’t put it to-gether right & he cracked the one next to sink, such a world.  Well Elbert had gone up to Huron to see if he could get some fish & he stayed so long, I though he must be getting some but he came back 15 to -1-p-m & no fish & I hadn’t eaten a bit & had half the washing or 2/3 of it done.  I aired the bed clothes & washed up the dishes before starting to wash,  we ate a lunch & Elbert washed his heavy under wear, shirt & 2 towels & I hung them out  they dried good, sun hot  N. east wind   fresh & cool. I rested a little & got him to rest a few minutes then I did the ironing, last weeks & this & then we got supper together  & I did the dishes & we or I got a letter from Stark’s Nursery asking me to take the salesmanship for Erie Co.  I’d like to try it but don’t feel able to work here & it needs good feet & legs  that’s what I don’t have, anymore.  Well I’ll ask God to help me decide, We sure have got to have more money to pay for coal & clothes.

Tue. June.4. 1946./ 911./ 22 eggs today/   Elbert went up to the fish house & was gone 4. hrs. he got quite a few but they were terrible small, I had raked all the grass & clover he had cut & it was nice & dry, it dried green the sun was so hot   I put all we could use in a cock over by the hen house & the other I put in a big cock down in the hollow  I was just done when Elbert came  he had a lunch & then I scalled most of all those fish & he took head & innards out, he scraped & cleaned half of them & I the other half & I fried a bout 4 or 5 for our supper & he took 6 to the milk man & we have 6 for the preacher & his Wife, Martha came out to-night with Jean & Nellie & got 24 all cleaned & dressed & salted  all they have to do is cook & eat them. & Martha said she don’t have to worry about meat, she has what she wants, but never thinks about us not even being able to buy even if we could get it for we haven’t any money.  While Elbert was to Huron a truck hit his car & just ruined the back door on the back end.  I don’t know what he’s going to do a-bout it- it was to late to go to the insurance Co. tonight, he though he’d go in the morning.  He thinks he knows who did it for a fellow came in all out of sorts & said there were to many car around Huron any way and

Tue. June.4. 1946. /912./ 22 eggs today/  When he see Elbert he shut up like a clam.  I cut some yellow roses & Iris for Jean Ann & some red poppies & mock orange blossoms.  Jim had the mumps on one side  got over it & was out doors Sun & Mon. he had them on the other side, he’s O.K. again & rest didn’t get them.  got DeHaas book today.  Elberts gone to bed. whish I was in bed to  sun was hot today  burned my neck but wind went from N.E. to N.W. & it is cold  We have a fire tonight.

Wed. June.5. 1946./ 19 eggs tonight /  Elbert cultivated all his garden & got a place ready for cabages  I raked up the grass in the back yard & planted a few dahlias & cut the rest of the bulbs & got them ready  wont have many  have to put the glads & the garden needs to be spaded & raked & fixed over new.  We are both tired tonight  a nice day. but N. east breeze & cool, thundered lightened & rained last night.  Elbert went to Vermilion this morn9ing but the insurance man wont help unless it costs over 50 dollars.  

Thurs. June.6. 1946./ 20 eggs today/   Well we cleaned the farther end of the hen house today & I shoveled all that sand & straw into a big garbage can & a bu. basket & Elbert carried them out & he brought the sand in & put it on the floor & roost  he cleaned the roost & I put in the straw & picked up 20 eggs, then we had supper, & we went out & picked up the dry grass & Elbert put it in the middle pen in the coop to grainery & back to corner of hen park & I got supper & got the woodchuch on to cook.  I got my letter back to day, I had sent to Flora. it went to some other F.C>over in Jamestown  It got mailed out with some other letters & I didn’t have all her address on it, such is life.  It’s been a beautiful day & lots warmer again  wind was S & a little west I’m so sorry I don’t hear, from Flora hope she’s O.K.

Fri. June.7.1946./ 913. / 17 eggs today / Well I didn’t do much to-day  hoed a few weeds. & then took care of hens while Elbert went for milk & then I picked 3 bunches of flowers & took with me to the church.  I took a bath & combed my hair & dressed after picking the flowers  no one bothered the house while we were gone tonight, but a few weeks ago they came in & took all the grain & mash bags I had washed & bleached for night clothes & pillow slips & every now & a gain other things come up missing, hankercheifs, & caned fruit, Well its been a fine day & nice evening & we had such a good prayer meeting tonight. 

Sat. June.8. 1946./ 22 eggs today. / My check came today & I sure am so thankful  we can pay the milk bill 4.92 & the Dentist 5.00 & light bill____ – 2.00 to Church & 5.72 for my taxes & Elbert got a 24 lb sack of flour for 1.65 out of the check & a bunch of carrots  1 onion  2 yeast cakes & 1 box corn starch & 1 box grapenut flakes, he had 90 cents but now we have to get enough for the light bill & he did pay 2.00 yesterday on the feed bill leaving that $3.25  it should have been less, but mistake is to there credit so we have to pay.  I set my bread at noon & had it baked at supper time  I made 8 big buns & they were good, but not white & fine like they use to be to much corn flour in with wheat for hot weather, but they are going to ration bread & soon the flour so it don’t matter.  It has been a fine day but quite hot was lots warmer last night that it has been nights, but, Elbert said he saw a news paper up town on the news stand & it said cooler tonight & the breeze is already cooler at 9-p-m. I didn’t get the floor wiped up today

Sat./ June 8, 1946./914./ 22 eggs today/   I put part of my house plants out in the dirt today, I want to clean the windows & wash the curtains & this Fall if I’m able I’d like to give the wood work an other coat of paint.  Well I washed the dishes & read my lesson & now I have to wash meself & go to bed.  Oh how I Praise God, He is a wonder  God & how much I owe Him for my Jesus, how terrible He suffered for me  I only wish I could do more for Him. God help me give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.

Sun. June.9. 1946./ 20 eggs today/   I went to Sunday school & church this morning & we went back to church tonight & had such a wonderful meeting  I took 1 pt of Strawberry Jam & 1 of apricots & 2 bread dough buns to Brother & Sister Gurny.  I do hope they will like them, & we took Miss Clark her eggs & we paid the balance on them I visited with them some after Church & we took Miss Clarks eggs up to her & talked a few minutes, it’s been a nice day but to cold  wind & sun went down white tonight & it’s to cold in the house tonight  We both had to put on a jacket while we drank cocoa. 

Mon. June.10. 1946. / 18 eggs today / Elbert went to Huron & on to Sandusky & didn’t get any work, his knee is swollen up again & it’s bad tonight after walking so much today, I washed half the clothes & got them all dry.  I got supper & did dishes. I had opened basement windows so I went & shut them.  I fed the hens & make our beds & am tired, its been a nice day, S.W. wind

Tue. June.11. 1946./ 18 eggs today /  Elbert went to Vermilion & sold some 4. doz. eggs 45 cents per. doz. he paid $1.00 on the feed bill & out of my check he paid Dentist $5.00 & he got me a money order for $5.72 & sent it to Sandusky to pay my taxes, he got a piece of boiling beef, 30 cents I hadn’t eat any thing  When he got home, he also got a small piece of blogna which we ate with bread & he had hot tea.  I washed two wool

Tue. June.11. 1946./ 915./ 18 eggs today/    blankets & got them almost dry before it rained & he spaded up a little dirt for me & I put in aa few dahlia bulbs. & I have to put in the glads yet.  I haven’t done much for we are with out proper food & I’m to all in to work. been a nice warm day  S.w. wind $1.80 he got for eggs. 

Wed. June.12.1946./ 20 eggs today/  Elbert went to Huron & got a bout 20 bullheads  he skined them, then we had a lunch, & he went back & got 20 perch  I fried all the first ones & we creamed all the second batch & then we ate them  I salted the second batch  wish I had some ice, hope the perch dont spoil.  I baked 2 loaves of bread & 8 buns & he got a small piece of beef & I cooked that for soup & put onion & carrots in with it & if it don’t spoil  I’ll add some rice in the morning, it’s thundering & lightening hard, has rained misty showers today.  I fed & watered the hens & pulled a few weeds & I’m dead on my feet tonight. Elbert got a little fresh liver for dinner  it was good.  I put a clean table cloth on the table & in the morning I hope to wash out that things that are dirty & wipe up the floors after I sweep good  I ought to sew & I ought to ans. some letters, but I’m so tired.  Wind is light & S.W. yet today & tonight. I Praise God for His tender mercys, I prayed for more to eat & He ans. my prayers  Bless His Holyness & Praise God from Whom all Blessing flow. 

Thurs. June.13. 1946./ 20 eggs today/   Elbert has been mowing the grass was so wet it poured rain & it thundered & sun came out bright for an hr. or so then clouded up again real chilly.  I made a light wood fire to take chill out of the house.  I swept the house & wiped up the floors & cleaned the rugs good & cooked & washed the dishes & I’m sure tired. I have felt so tired & heavy & hips & legs been on the bum since

Thurs. June.13. 1946./916./ 20 eggs today /   yesterday or daybefore anyway I have been feeling as if I weigh a ton, on my feet, & they ach almost unbearable. God my receipt for my taxes today.  Elbert walked up to Wards store & got a qt of oil for the car it was empty. & now he’s going to Lorain in the morning & I suppose he’ll have to use the 1.35 he gets, on eggs for more oil & gas  he will only have 3. doz. 45cents 1.35 & he sold 1. doz. tonight that 1.80 & there wont be any for food.  I really don’t know what, we are going to do.

Fri. June.14. 1946./ 18 eggs today /  Elbert went to Lorain today & has the promise of a job, he met Harvey Bonney & he told him he was going to have a child in Jan. that his wife owned a cottage on the Lake in Avon Ohio & that he is trying to raise it up & put a better foundation under it, & he said Armond was working with his father at car-pender work; Elbert got back about 2-p-m  I had most of my washing done except table cloth & his shirt & my dress & the little old guy that sells shoe strings & notions came in to eat & to rest  We had a big plate of fish yet & so he ate cold fish bread & elderberry jam & drank hot tea, I called Elbert in to drink tea “he was cultivating in the garden,” so I could finish my washing & a salesman for Hill’s nursery called while I was wrinsing, well, at last I got everything up to dry & then I cut a few flowers, roses & corisopsis enough for a good looking bunch in two vases.  I got a letter from Ella Jane this morning.  We had such a good prayer meeting K& only such a few there 2 Hambley children & there grandmother Mrs. Horning & 2 or 3 of her children  Lindy & Dorthy  Miss. Clark & the Minister & my self  Praise God I pray He’ll ans All those earnest prayers. Glory to God; Its been a fine day  hot sun cold N.E. wind. 

Sat. June.15. 1946./ 16 eggs today /   Elbert went to Huron to get boiling meat, could only get bones, he got a yeast cake & a bottle of Alcohol & said hart is closing his market for 2 weeks  can’t get meat there’s train loads go through every day & no meat  Cold N.E. wind & we have a fire, I have taken a cold in the flesh & muscles & can hardly move  I felt bad for 2 or 3 days & last night old leg pained all night  today, it’s been terrible & my eyeballs are sore & my head.  Oh, Well, I thank God I can get up although it costs me a big ef-fort & for Elbert he’s had to do a lot of extras

Sat. June 16, 1946./ 917./ 16 eggs today/     today & his back is paining him today so I hope to be lots & heaps better tomorrow. (Elbert had to put my stockings on my feet & my slipper) today; hens let us down a couple

Sun. June.16.1946./ 19 eggs today / Month half gone & the Christ-mas days are true so far. It was nice all day untill 5-p-m then storms began to make on all sides & I fed & locked up hens & locked the grainery & then shut the window in the house  While Elbert went for the milk  & back, my hip & leg is better  today, but still as sore as a boil, can’t lay on it, it’s so sore & pains me so, can’t sleep or rest took cold in the flesh & muscles, settled in my right hip & leg, sure is terrible. but I managed to get my stockings & slippers on & get dressed & hobbled about all day.  I prayed God would keep my milk sweet & take care of us & the house & few things we need so long as we stay here, & He did it and it thundered & lightened so hard from 6-p-m untill almost daylight it was the worst electric storm we have had in a long time. it just riped & tore all night & God took care of us it rained in sheets or torrents came so hard that it over-flowed the eve troughs & when you could see by lightening it showed Bills field, like a big pond. 2 hundred ft wide & 3 or 4 long. Wind was S.W. when it started then turned & came back from N. east & went on S.E. & S.W.  it rained in from several places on the N. & E. & around the chimeny so we had to sopped it up. was to hot all morning after the cold snap We had a heavy white due Fri night & leaves look cooked.

Mon. June.17. 1946./ 20 eggs today./  Well, it’s warm or hot rather again today  My leg & hip is lots better  I praise God for that.  Elbert went to Lorain & got a job on the under cut west of Lorain, out by Country Club. they are build forms for a new but-ment for Nickle plate.  I hope he wont be foolish & work all day, he said there were trees & limbs all over the roads & the milk man said he’d been cleaning up trees & rub-bish all day & Lorain was about flooded & Rocky River & Lake Wood Cleveland were flooded & there was a lot of damage done in a lot of places, it’s thundering tonight like a distant grumble & some lightening, warm breeze  Elbert sweat so bad he took off his B.V.D’s & washed them out & dried them after 70p-m, just before dark.  he has been sawing & cutting up the big cherry tree out by the toilet part of it fell on the potatoes & they were just in bloom, but after he got it off, they were not hurt. that was our only loss

Tue. June.18. 1946./918./ 22 eggs today  / Elbert got up K& away to work, but it started to rain & kept at it & they were all sent home & it rained a misty rain most of the day  thundered and lightened after midnight last night let up toward morning but rained after he started for work a little after seven.  my bowels got another spell & didn’t move Mon. & so this morning they were so hard they turned out & bleed hard.  I sure had to fight & pray to get back into bed then I just lay there for several hrs. before I came to my self a-gain, I was as sore as if I’d been beet, from head to foot.  I got up & greesed myself & then got to Kitchen & took a good wash, drank some hot water uncovered the birds & got back into bed.  I heard the postman stop & thought I heard a car come in so I got up again & unlocked the door & went back to my room & call Elbert from the window  he was sitting in the car reading about all the tornados & flood & loss of life, he came in made a fire & got the chill out the house & himself & gave me more hot water to drink.  I got up & dressed at 1-p-m. & sit around untill 8-p-m & went to bed.  I shook up the beds after I got up & got them made again but only God knows how bad I have felt & still feel.  Elbert went to Huron but couldn’t get any meat. 

Wed. June. 19. 1946./ 14 eggs today /   Rained all day more than less & I didn’t get up very early am so sore & weak I don’t feel able to work, so I didn’t do much  sun really tried to shine this after noon & I thank God I got up K& dressed & washed up dishes & took care of birds & beds & helped get one meal.  I Praise God in Jesus Name for our blessings. 

Thurs. June 20. 1946./ 20 eggs today /   Elbert went to work  been a nice day more cloudy than sunshine. & rained a light shower where Elbert was working, but only a misty rain for a few minutes here.  I got a card from Bonita today saying her mother has been in bed for over a week, now, with her back & she said Johny went to Texas & round through Tennessee & they called on his aunts John’s sisters on there way back  she said every one was well but mother & the baby Nelson had his first hair cut June. 11. 1946. quite an event.  Johny was driving for Marcie’s Aunt & Uncle.  she said they went to Cemetary Decoration Day & there was a red geraimum on her Dad’s & Uncle Frank’s  

Thurs. June.20.1946./919./ 20 eggs today/    graves & a flag I suppose the Legand put them on, she said the put on some flowers also, they didn’t say anything about ma & pa’s graves, & Nellie has her baby Harvey her first boy, there, & then there is Uncle Will & Aunt Wenie & Aunt Edith & her husband & grandpa & grandma Wheeler & grand-ma Bonney & my 2 little baby sisters & pa’s Uncle John & Aunt Nellie Martin & there sons Walter & Carl & Wyn’s husband. Fred is in the other cemetery_________  I’m so sorry for Nellie, wish I could do something to help her  God helps me in Jesus Name & I’m sure He would help her if she would only trust & believe Him.  I pray that in some way God will open up her spiritual visiton & show her before it’s to late, for He says if we dont Know Him, He wont Know us, & that we must be-lieve Him & have faith in Him as little children do in threre parents.  He told Tomas to feel His hands & put his hand in His “Jesus” side & to have faith & believe, then He said blessed are those who believe with out feeling or seeing.  Well I took care of hens & birds & did what had to be done in the house & I made a 1/2 lb of butter from the cream I had saved  I had a qt of butter milk milk.  I’m better but so weak & I had ought to have done part of the washing or baked bread today. Elbert work 1 1/2 hrs. over time today & says he’s to tired tonight but that the work isn’t really hard, if he was more able. 

Fri. June.21.1946./18 eggs today./   Elbert went to work, put in 1. hr overtime   Johny Harnish is 21. yrs. old today.  I wrote a letter to Ella Jane & a card to Bonita last night & Elbert mailed them this morning. I rested untill postman came & felt so bad I thought I couldn’t wash but I carried some water & put some on to heat  took care of birds & hens & carried a little more water, then I ate a pancake & little piece of saucage & drank hot water & then went out in the yard & walked around & got greens for the birds & came back & gave them the greens & kept on praying for strength & got the washing started & at last I got it all done & out on the line & then had to take pail of mash to hens, then I was shaking so bad I set down for 10 minutes then carried fresh water to hens & got 2 pails for the house & opened car shed doors for Elbert after feeding hens there supper I had everything ready when Elbert came, but had to lay down before he got here  he got washed & made the tea  the water was hot & he fried saucage, that was all the meat he could get  I had the peas on warming & cold slaw on the table, he gets the milk on way home, he sat down to eat  while I strained the milk & put it to cool in buck of cold water, then I sat down & thanked God

Fri. June.21. 1946./920./  18. eggs today /   for our supper & ate a little with him, they told him, no beef untill July 1.st.  Elbert is terrible tired tonight & he’s gone to bed & I’m going to take a bath & go to my bed.  I pray there were at least half a churchfull of people out to prayer meeting, that the best meeting of them all. 

Sat. June. 22. 1946./ 16 eggs today  / Elbert went to work & worked untill 4-30-p-m. he see the feed man this a-m. on his way to work & made arrangements to get the grain & mash & he got it tonight after work, it cost $8.25 same as last time.  he got some beef bones to boil, that was all he could get.  I baked 3 loaves of bread & aired the pillows, took care of hens & birds, ironed & darn-ed 2 prs. socks & 2. prs. stockings & got supper & we are both to tired tonight again, I can’t rest nights & only get a couple of hrs in the morning.  It’s been a beautiful day S.W. wind dying out tonight & warmer today & tonight.  I thank God in Jesus name for all our blessings

Sun. June. 23./1946./ 18 eggs today/   I was sick all day  bowels wouldn’t move, so here I am not able to go to church  Well, I read the bible sang & played church hyms untill the arm broke when I tryed to change for the Edison, so I had to stop playing phone-agraph. bowels moved at 10-p-m & I’m sick all over, but thank God in Jesus Name, they moved.  A S. west breeze & been to hot all day. 

Mon. June 24. 1946./ 18 eggs today. / Elbert went to work & had to work over time 1. hr.  he’s so tired tonight & has taken his bath & gone to bed.  I haven’t done only what I had to do today  It’s been terrible hot, & breeze all died out this after noon, I wondered about Elbert, but he got through O.K.  I got supper & did dishes cooling off outside 

Mon. June.24. 1946./921./ 18 eggs today/   tonight., breeze S.W.  I took care of hens & birds today & did my dirty dozen, 

Tue. June 25. 1946./  18 eggs today /    Elbert went to Lorain & spent most all his money, he sold West’s 4 doz. eggs $1..80 & he gave it to me to save for feed, he got feed Sat. & paid it today, he used the egg money for us, so he paid the feed bill, today, $8.25  hens are starting to moult  there are only 25 hen, white one’s & 2 anconias   It’s been a nice day  rather hot, but a little S.W. breeze all day & little cooler tonight. I planted my glads. today & Elbert spaded a little more ground for me.  I have a few more dahlias to put in & I didn’t get the zinias in yet,  they should have been in early. Elbert got himself a pr. of shoes today  new ones.  (a big fire trick run off highway up by Haine’s, on lake side by creek & cut the man’s head & arms off.)  I hope he can work & get some more & some clothes he needs so bad  I fell & wrenched me today but I ask God to help me  I wanted to get to church tonight & so He did  Praise His Holy Name.  I picked a few flowers & took & they seemed so pleased with them, sweet peas & American Pillar roses. & Yellow China primroses.  

Wed. June.26.1946./ 19 eggs today./  I was so tired I slept this morning quite late &K it was so warm all night & morning 90 degrees to hot to work so I only did house work that had to be done but Elbert cultivated his garden  & he got so heated up, he hasn’t felt good all after noon  I marked the bottoms of the legs of his pants & turned them up & took in the waist line & sewed on buttons for suppenders. new work pants.  It thundered & lightened hard tonight, started at 5-p-m. but didn’t rain untill 2. hrs. later  Elbert got the milk & got back & we had supper.  I got a man that was plowing for John

Wed. June. 26. 1946./ 922./ 19 eggs today/   Snyder to do a little strip between my garden & Bill’s for 3.00 & he will disk it well for that & he got stuck & Elbert had to help him jack up one wheel & put a plank on under it  then he got out fast  he was just done when he went back toward the road  it will clean up the weeds a little & maybe we can plant some sweet corn, things are growing so slow  Elbert got a small bag of fertilizer but hasn’t got any on garden yet. 

Thurs. June.27. 1946./Elbert got to hot yesterday  been sick all day & just sit around most of the day  it’s been terrible hot although we have had a S.W. breeze allday. I did half the washing & took care of hens & birds & did my usual round of house duties & I ironed my house dress & Elbert’s work pants after supper, it is nice out side tonight  cooler now  sun has gone down  it rained early this a-m.  untill 8-a-m, & all around us today it has thundered & lightened but sun shone most of the day.  I thank God He takes care of me & give me the strength it takes.

Fri. June. 28. 1946./ Elbert went to Lorain & sold the eggs in Vermilion $2.25 & he got home  I had the washing done & it has been to hot  I didn’t have a dry things on above the belt.  I got them dry & we went to church, its sure rained hard from 5-p-m  untill 6 p-m. but it let up & it didn’t rain any more  fog horn blew & kept at it all night.  we had a good prayer service & I thank God  He is & ever will be.  

Sat. June.29. 1946/  I felt so all in  I slept late.  dreamed Nellie was coming up our road a foot & it woke me up & I got up & heard her talking to Elbert out in the garden  I was most dressed & so came out to meet her, her legs & ankles are so bad  it’s terrible hard for her to walk.  We didn’t know she was coming or Elbert would have went to meet her, she went back at 8-57-p-m.  We had a good visit & Elbert took her up to the buss  I washed dishes & have them done up once more. 

Sat. June.29. 1946./ 923./ 19 eggs. today/   It has been such a hot day, but I haven’t done much today only visit, cook & wash dishes & look after beds & birds & tonight its cool a gain  We had a heavy White due last night. 

Sun. June.30. 1946./ 15 eggs  / Oh my, Oh me, it’s been so hot all day & still quite a good breeze  I felt so weak seemed as if I couldn’t go to church tonight, So I have prayed that God would give me strength & He did it.  I took a bath & dressed clean, picked lillies & sweet peas & we had a little thunder shower before  I gathered the flowers, but didn’t rain any more.  cars are thick on the highway to night.  3. young people went to the Alter tonight  Praise God, & Mrs. Cregg did the preaching to night, They are going to have a memoral service for her husband while she’s back here.  Mrs. Sprunk & her son were out to church, but his wife didn’t come.  They all seem to be so nervous. 

Mon. July. 1. 1946./ 21 eggs today/   It got quite cool before morning & fog horn blew most all night & this morning.  Rained in sheets this morning but was nice after dinner & we cleaned the weed out the yellow roses & tied them up & put a stake of some of the yucca lillies & tied them up & planted a few more dahlias & cut a few limbs off the big apple tree, by the path, where we have the seat.  We sold had 681 eggs last month thats 56 doz. and 9 eggs I don’t know how many we used. but had we sold them all, it would have brought 25.42 1/2 cents, but we used some to eat & drink in milk, we sell 10 doz. a week  & some weeks are apart of the mo. before, so I don’t know exactly how many we sell.  We have 5 doz now with todays eggs

Mon. July.1. 1946./ 924./ 21 eggs today./  & I am going to keep track of them  We do take in, we have feed left over from last mo. all so & I’m going to Keep tab on that to & see how we come out this mo. hens are starting to molt, now, to.  I’ve done the dishes & are ready to go to bed. it’s cool, tonight.  Elbert set out a lot of cabbages & tomatoes tonight. his garden begins to look better now.  We had broccoli Sun. from his garden & we had a big mess of peas from his garden today, the tomatoes are in bloom.  I hope they come fast & that we don’t get a frost be-fore they get ripe, I’d like to can a few. & sell some.  I hope we have enough cabbages & carrots & beets for winter & I’d like to can greens to, Our canned fruit is getting thined out to. & every thing is so high priced  we can’t hardly live. 

Tue. July 2. 1946./ 18 eggs today/  I did the washing & wiped up the floors & got supper.  Elbert sold 4 doz. eggs & bought some meat to boil & they told him there would be lots of meat from next week on. he got 3 gal of gas in the car  we had a bit to eat when he got back at 11-30-p-m. then he fixed the wheel barrow & put the hen men  nure on the garden   I took care of hens & birds, then after supper we went to church & learned they had all gone to Elyria to the Street meeting  Tom & his wife didn’t go  they called them  so late, so we talked a bit & came back home, I pray God’s blessing on the meetings & that souls will be saved. 

Wed. July. . 3. 1946. ./ 17. eggs today/ Elbert got up at 8-a-m & worked  in the garden after he gave the hens mash & water  I got up & uncovered the birds & went back to bed & just laid & tried to rest  I couldn’t relax all night & only got 1. hr. this a-m between 9 & 10a-m. and I haven’t done much today  felt sick all day & to tired.  I took a bag of broccoli to the ministers & a little to Miss Clark last night   had to leave it by there doors as they were gone & we have been having N. east wind & to cold nights for gardens.

Thurs. July. 4th. 1946./ 925./ 17 eggs today /  Today is the fourth of July but no fire works like they use to have  We been home all day & no collers, Elbert has worked at first one thing & then an other allday  I have done dishes & cleaned the gas stove good  made 2 tins of biscuits & cooked broccoli & took care of hens & birds  Elbert killed & dressed the one we called duck neck & she was full of eggs so that’s one less egg each day now.  only 24.. left & no young ones for Fall eggs.  I got supper & got the dishes done once more & Elbert hasn’t felt very good to day or me ither. Fri. morning ((that’s tomorrow)) Elbert’s talking of going to Lorain in the morning after he sells the eggs  I like to go but there’s no use  I can’t do the things I’d like to do, So I’ll stay here & pray & Praise the Lord God of Hosts.  wind’s been N. East & cool & colder nights. 

Fri. July. 5. 1946./ 15 eggs today  / Rev. Mrs. Gurney & Mrs. Reese came here today for flowers.  Mrs. Reese was fix-ing a basket of flowers “such as they fix for funerals” and they wanted some other colors than they had so they took burgamont & tonight at Church they had it setting on a table, they had to get a ribbon & card to put on it saying it was from Vermilion, and the Memoral Service will be held Sun. after noon aat 2-p-m. in Amherst Church.4.Square. The flowers looked beautiful.  We had a good prayer meeting tonight & the Lord Blessed me so much & they anoited me & prayed for me, that the Lord God would in Jesus Name give me more strength,  I thanked Him in Jesus Name for I’m beleiving I’ll get it.  Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee. Glory I thank Thee Jesus.  I had to make biscuits for supper & I took the Preacher & his wife a tin. Elbert went to Lorain this morning & he all so took eggs to West’s & Miss Clark & I sent Miss Clark a couple of biscuits but she said to-night she had lost her apetite, but that the broccoli was good & the biscuits  she went with the Preachers to Ackron

Fri. July. 5. 1946./926./ 15 eggs today /  & that she was tired most to death. there is trouble in the Black family & Mrs. Black don’t get to church & Gerry “there eldest son is a born again soul & he is so troubled & he wanted to come tonight but had to stay home with the children & little baby while his parents went to town, then we heard  there had been & accident & either there son or son-in-law was badly hurt. & not one of the West family were out to church & the young Sprunk’s were not there either & they were going to be preachers & spent 2. yrs. in California at the Amie’s Temple studying & We met them the other night at Tom Epplers & she who was so much in earnest, was clad in a sailor suit of blue pants & blouse trimed in red, I was really shocked, & I’m glad Rev. Mrs. Gurney tells us the truth about things she says, they can’t fool me, I know if they are a born again soul & I know wheather they have been overshadowed with the Holy Ghost Praise God Oh I do Praise God in Jesus Name, Glory, Glory  Hallelujala, Amen.  Elbert has a job for Mon. I hope he will be able & keep well, he planted 200 cabages tonight, he washed out 4. prs. of his work pants today. after he got home.  It’s been a beautiful day, hot sun & cool N. east wind.  They are having street dances in Vermilion, & you should see the big crowdes that turn out to them, while Jesus is waiting & calling, still calling to them. 

Sat. July.6. 1946./ 17. eggs tonight /  I washed out what dirty clothes there were & done what ever else I had to, and my feet are so tired they drag. Frank & Armond came out and a Mr. Noon & they went woodchuck hunting & never got a one, Noon wasn’t gone long, he’s to tired to walk, he’s only 66. yrs. old, but worrying hisself to death because all his old pals were dropping off so fast, he said Johny Right Worked last Mon. July 1. & died Tue. July 2. & was laid away today ((July 6th) 1946.))  elbert has known him for yrs. & Mr. Matt. Noon also. Matt is a carpenter contractor, but he don’t work much any more, his wife died, & he’s alone & has plenty of money, so he says, & he only works a couple or 3 days a week as he feels able, any more.  the boys got back just at dusk & they went home. Armond said he had hoped to come out & have a visit, but had been working with his father at carpentery work & was so tired, at night he didn’t go far & got home so he could rest, if he went out at all. he’s so much different from Harvey & more polite, he’s a nice looking young man to. 

Sat. July. 6. 1946./ 927./ 17 eggs today /  It was a little warmer last night than it has been.  N. east breeze dying out toward night & has been the same today. fog horn started to blow late this after noon & is still at it at 10-p-m.  Well they  the Preachers & church folks were going to have a meeting on the street corner in Vermilion tonight  Wish I could have gone, but we are hard put for food & gas. 

Sun. July.7. 1946./ 16 eggs today/    Elbert got to hot & his head is feeling real bad & I don’t feel tops me self, it’s been to hot & we don’t have what we need to eat, but I thank God for all we do have & that the garden is beginning to give us a little more now, we had fresh green beans today. It’s been to hot & sultry for the last few days.  I’m so sorry I didn’t get to Church all day & this was cummunion Sun. to, I pray God will help me to over come all difficulty & to be able to get to church,  I do hope the rest all went & that they didn’t tell anything I didn’t say, for I know Epplers must have said some-thing about Tue. night, or some of them, but I didn’t feel hurt because they went to Elyria to the street meeting, I wanted them to pray for me, was all. Tom was hurt because they didn’t let him know sooner & the young Sprunks were going out for a good time.  I pray God will cleanse our church & help us all to go & do our part in His way.  Well it rained a good shower & came easy  the winds been all way round & rained from S.west. 

Mon. July.8.1946./ 17 eggs today /  It’s been so hot we neither have done much today, just sweat & not much to eat & we both feel all in. Elbert picked what currents there were & I made 16 ozs of Jelly. & tonight I planted afew zenias [?] seeds  it’s rather late, but perhaps they may bloom yet. We got 2 or 3 showers last night, looked as if we get some tonight but it passed over. I got a 

Mon. July.8.1946./928./ 17 eggs today/   card from Annabell today, she’s having her vacation in Colorado Springs & says she wont get to Ohio this year. & I’m wondering if she is sick. for she didn’t write only that she left home last Sun & ((that would be June 30.” out here for 2 months wont get to Ohio this summer.  Beautiful seenery. Best regards to all. Love. Anna & Bob. she wrote the card Fri. July 5th  The picture was of Tejon Street Colorado Springs Colorado.  Then I received a letter from Mrs. Sharp & the book from DeHaan, about the Seven Miracles in the book of John in the Bible & it says it’s The plan of salvation in the Gospel through John

Tue. July.9.1946./ Been a nice day quite strong N.east wind dying out toward night. Elbert took the eggs down & for got to mail a card I was to send to Sandusky about my widows pension papers   A man came here this a-m to get what infirmation he could get from Frank’s world war. 1. discarge paper & belive it or not I couldn’t find it & so he went back without get what he needed to Know, he left his & another man’s cards & said I was to send him word as soon as I found them   I began to pray about it, for they couldn’t help me with out that paper & by &K by the Lord showed me  where the paper was & I found it just there, Praise God from Whom all blessing flow. But I let Elbert get a way with out the card  he was to mail, when I found the papers. I haven’t done much else today  been feeling all in, not been having enough to eat. meats 50 & 65 cents per. lb. Oh it’s terrible  I didn’t get to go to church either tonight  But I hope I can go Fri.  

Wed.  July.10. 1946./ 20 eggs today / Elbert went to Huron & he mailed my card & couldn’t find out yet who it really was that punched the back end of his car, he hasn’t felt very well  his head bothers him. Snyder’s have given him 2. woodchuck, 1. today & one day before  yesterday. I just cooked the first one this morning, he has eat half of it & says he feels sick to his stomach tonight it heavy meat & maybe he ate to much, for he was hungry. & since I don’t like it, I haven’t had much to eat today so half to drink milk & be satisfied. I fixed the ends of 2. blankets for his bed today  aired the blanket cover & turned the mattress over & made bed up fresh. I had the pillows out doors all day & made 2 pillow cases & patched my nightgown.

Wed. July. 10. 1946./ 929./ 20 eggs today/ & got supper & did the dishes and I’m tired  it’s so hot & breeze is N. east & cool. went west tonight & looks cloudy & like rain. 

Thurs.  July. 11.  1946./14 eggs today/ I washed 4 blankets & did all the other washing except Elberts 2 work shirts & my dress & they dried so fast  the sun was so hot & there was a good strong S. wind  the  it clouded up before I got the last 2 blankets out & thundered & lightened & poured rain in sheets, then it eased up & stopped raining & Elbert hung the cotton blankets out & they got almost dry & its nice out doors this evening  moon is shining through the broken cloud’s.  I got a letter from Shirley today & Flora has had a [   ?] & her eyes are in bad shape  she can’t see out of one & the other only a very little K& there is a clot of blood that is troubling her, she sits up each after noon, now, poor Flora, I pray God will heal her  He took a big clot of blood 3/4. in.  thick & as big as a saucer from behind my hip & I know He can take that one away for Flora & heal her soul K& body in in Jesus Name, I thank You Jesus for you have told us, if we believed, it would be done & I’m trusting & beliving & I Praise Thee Jesus  All the praise belongs to Thee. Amen.  I got my check today to & thank God in Jesus Name. Amen.  Elbert hasnt felt very well all day  I pray hell be 

Thurs. July. 11. 1946./ 930./ 14 eggs today/ feel better in the morning. It’s been a fine day & nise evening with moon shining. 

Fri. July.12. 1946./ 19 eggs today./ I ironed today & did 40-11-odds & ends.  Elbert went to Huron cashed my check & got a few things to eat & brought them home in 3 little paper bags & they cost $4.00- 1.lb. nuts, 2. grape fruits, 3. lemons, can baking powder, 1. lb. onions, 1. lb. coffee, 1. pt. can mustard. & a piece of beef about the size of lmy fists, not quite & that wasn’t half of what we needed. but we cooked or boiled half the beef & saved a nice piece to grind for hamberger. Sun has been terrible hot & the breeze quite cool from N. east  I hung the blankets out & Elbert’s under wear & finished drying them in the sun & fresh air.  I pressed 4. prs.  work pants for him today & I’ve got a lot of mending to do on them, underwear, socks, & blankets. I made soup for supper & took care of the hens & birds. took a bath & went to church tonight, Rev. Miss. Greg “Who is teaching bible class this week & next” did the preaching to night. & believe it or not there were only Lindy & Dorthy West Tom & Myrtle Eppler, Mrs. Sprunk Cr. & Miss Clark & myself there.  Gerry Black came but he went back home again for he didn’t want to go home alone 4 miles & walk it. Elbert sold the eggs tonight 4. doz. 1.80 to Wests, 1. to Miss Clark. 

Sat. July. 13. 1945./ 18 eggs today/ Elbert went to Vermilion & got a bag of grain $4.25. & little for us to eat. Elbert’s head is feeling so bad because of the heat & I am not feeling to good. We picked what goose berries there were & sold 2. qts to Frank Bonney & Armond for 70 cents  they were here with there car hunting woodchucks again (and) Frank wants to buy Elbert’s lots, he only wants to pay him 7. hundred & 50 dollars & Elbert said he wanted 9 hundred & Frank lost his temper & said you’ll never sell them for that, you’d better let me have them now, Elbert said, no & F. said, Red was coming out to buy them. & that Red wanted to cut Gertie off so she can’t use those lots, her walk is on Elbert’s lot & her step & he says he wont sell to Frank or Red  I hope & pray that I can help keep things as they should be. I don’t want any trouble to come to Gertie over the lots   Elbert does want to sell them but not to make trouble. I pray God will help. 

Sun. July.14. 1946./18 eggs today./ I couldn’t sleep last night so I slept & dreamed of John & his mother & they are both gone. & of Elbert almost going off with out me, but I over take him & we got in a boat together & the water was so clear & blue we

Sun. July  14. 1946./ [page not numbered-would be 931] 18. eggs. today. / could see the sand & gravel on the bottom of the Lake as we road along toward the peirs. on our way home. in my dream John & his mother was laughing because they had stole my shoes & over shoes, & Elbert was so angry he almost went off & left me. But praise the Lord  I over took him & we went home together.  It wake me up & I got up & looked after birds & hens & got some beans beets carrots & broccoli from the garden & made soup & fixed a bag with some of each in it for the ministers. & took it to church to them tonight.  Miss Clark gave us a 5.lb. sack of flour & I gave her beans beets carrots & 1. qt. goose berries & ministers 1.qt. goose berries.  We had a good service tonight, Mrs. Gregg did the preaching.  wind went from S. west to N. east  rained a light mist all the way home & has kept at it every since(Strong wind.

Mon. July 15. 1946./ 18 eggs today/ Well the service man came & said, I was out of luck for a widows pension, but said he felt sure I would be given more from the Sailors & Soldiers Releif commission if I would get  one of the 3 men that sign my check to re-comend me for an increase  I’d get it, so he ask if I’d go get one of them to do it, and we went to Burdue & ask him  I had wrote down just what I spent the 20 dollars for this month & Burdue, wrote on the bottom & said he thought an increase would be O.K. it seemed a queer way, but he addressed the envelope & put the paper inside & Elbert mailed it & the card I wrote to Nellie & her family.  I have to write to Flora poor woman, I have not done only the most neccessary things today  I feel all in.  Elbert don’t feel so very good either & he set more cabbage today  sun has been hot & N. east wind strong & cold.

Tue. July. 16. 1946./ 19 eggs today./ Been so all in today & I haven’t got much of anything done, Elbert wanted a gooseberry pie & I made one  I cooked the rest of them & put them through the sieve ready for jam, he sold the eggs (4. doz.) this morning for 2.00, 60 cents per. doz. & 1/2 bu beans for 65 cents & bought bag of lime 45 cents some bread & potatoes 10 lbs 42.  5 lb. sugar, 39 cents and 1. yeast cake. 3. & 4. gal. gas. for car 87 cents meat 45 cents 2.04, thats the way the money goes, Wind N.E. & cold.  We had a heavy White due last night to cold for any thing to grow, the sw3eet corn has come up he planted the other day but it’s to cold for things to grow at night & some things show they have been chilled. Elbert lined the garden tonight it’s down right chilly tonight, we had light fire to warm the room last night.

Tue. July.16. 1946./ 932./19 eggs today/  Moon is clear & bright as if we might get a frost tonight, I hope we don’t, the tomatoes plant are just starting to get tomatoes on them & cabbages & beets are coming quite well. & carrots to. cucumbers are slow.  I didn’t get out to prayer meeting tonight, but prayed for each one & that some one or many would fill my place. 

Wed. July.17. 1946./ 20 eggs today/ Well I haven’t been worth the powder to blow me up with today, Elbert hasn’t felt good either but he got up early & did some mowing & then he raked up the grass & weeds he had cut a few days ago & put it down on the pile over the ivy patch.  I only did what I had to do. I finished the goose berry jam, had 7 large jars, a pt. or more each, & that tires me so bad. & getting the meals & doing dishes & sweeping  I ought to wash, but just can’t get at it.  We got a card from Nellie today.  I dreamed about John & his mother the other morning that they stole my new shoes & over shoes & wouldn’t give them back to me & just laughed because I needed them & couldn’t find them.  Nellie only said she had got some magazines she had told us about & that she learned Ralph Ward was here in Columbus for a rest, but that he was going back to China  when he was able to go, she said she’d be out in a few days to see us & bring the magazines.  Frank Bonney & Armond was here tonight, Woodchuck hunting  there got one  & said Aubrey Breckenridge (our cousin) was over to see them two weeks ago, came on Sat. & stayed over till Mon. he had to go back to the Clinic, his heart is bad.  Wind is cool, sun hot, N.E. wind cold nights

Thurs. July. 18. 1946./ 15 eggs today/ It’s been a terrible hot day & we haven’t worked today  my side pained me most of the day, Where they took out the gall & bladder & I been so full of gas & belching all day  Elbert bought a lb of shank meat & it cost 55 cents they put in some bones & I boiled them & made soup 1/2 lb smoked saucage 39 cents 5. lb potatoes 27cents & sweet corn is selling for 75 cents per. doz.  WE don’t buy that  we got 12 little buns 18 cents  I don’t know how people are going to live, We only exist . we were hoping it would give us a shower, for it’s been so hot & dry, sultry, air heavy with heat, but the milk man hopes it don’t rain  he wants to cut oats in the morning. but everything needs water.  I do hope wont be quite so hot tomorrow. 6 young men & women came in & ask for a drink today  they were out riding bicycls in this terrible heat.

Fri. July. 19. 1946./933./ 18 eggs today/  It rained so hard after midnight, came down in torrents, was worse over toward where we get the milk, most drowned out the corn, didn’t do us any harm, milk man wants to cut his oat cleared off & was so hot this morning to hot to work & Elbert was cutting plumb bush & got to hot again  Sister Nellie & her son Johny drove in about noon or a little after, we had just eat, soup & had a bite of pie, so then I was washing dishes & so I stopped & fixed them a lunch  they brought meat & a cucumber & Johny got a loaf of bread & I had coffee & pie for them so they ate & visited & left early  they brought us a little radio table size to use for awhile  if we wants to so Johny set it up & played it a while & we got the news tonight  I gave them some broccoli & a few beets after they left about 4-30 or 4-45-p-m, Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 5 doz. eggs & went for the milk on way back & while he was gone I did out half the washing, my side has been so bad & I was allin when Elbert got back, he fed hens & then washed out his clothes K& “they” the half I hung out got dry  the rest I hung on the line in the house & it rained a heavy shower just at dark & wind blew.  then broke away  heat was 108 today,  too hot  I’d like to have gone to Church so much, but didn’t get my under slip mended yet. 

Sat. July. 20. 1946./ 17. eggs today./ Well, it sure did rain, just poured & Elbert set the rest of the tomatoes & over 100 cabages  today  its been hot & sultry but mostly cloudy, I did the ironing & mended my slip so I can go to Church tomorrow. & did the cooking, I helped Elbert with the planting, some.  Frank & Armond came & went hunting they got 4 woodchucks & gave Elbert one, so he has meat for tomorrow.  I must try to write to Flora  I do hope & pray God, in Jesus Name will heal her soul

Sat. July.20. 1946./ 934./ 17 eggs today/ and body & teach her to live for Him Oh, Glory to God, I thank Thee & praise Thee. Amen. 

Sun. July.21. 1946./ 18 eggs today/ We went to Church tonight  There were not very many there & we had such a wonderful sermon  Oh Dear Heavenly Father bless the efforts of those young Ministers & help me to be able to help, in Jesus Name I ask.  We have been having terible hot weather & to night it’s getting cooler, it rained While I was in church.  One of the little Hambly girls told me tonight  Ellen went to Kentucky & got married & was now on her way to Texas with her husband, not a very good example. 

Mon. July.22. 1946./17. eggs today/  got up at 9.a.m. & ate a bite & drank milk, that was 12. noon  when we ate & then I started to mend  I put a big patch under each arm hole of my shirt & riped off the 3 old ones & what with jumping up to do this & that it took me 2. hrs. weasted  I went out side for 20 or 30 minutes, looked after hens & collected the eggs & let Peter out the east side & hens out into the park talked to Elbert a few minutes, he had been mowing the grass & weeds once more, I got him in out of the sun & to rest a few minutes, then he went out & I mended his pants, put a patch on, under the hip pocket & darned the cut down on to the patch, had to cut off part of the wide hem on bottoms of legs & turn new hems, so to get my patch.  then Elbert went for a little meat, (up here by Ruggles’) he sold a doz. eggs for 50 cents & bought a little slice of plate beef for soup (it cost 28 cents)  then he got enough hamberg to make 3 hambergers, for 30 cents and it was rather stale  I boiled potatoes for dinner & had enough left for supper to fry & I chopped green cabbage ((from the head Frank Bonney gave us )) for slaw. & made fried biscuits & so when he came with the milk I had supper well on the way & had been out & fed hens & got a pail of well water  he looked after the supper while I strained the milk & put it in cold water to cool. I aired the bed blankets

Mon. July. 22. 1946./935./ 17 eggs today./ today & took care of beds & birds,  and I sure feel tired, it’s been sultry in the house a cool N.W. breeze out side, partly cloudy all day. I’m weak & sweat just terrible, everything just seems to tire me, so, as if it was hard work.  I heard some one around out side before I went to bed last night & smelt the smoke from a cigar & told Elbert, “he don’t seem to be interested” this morning he said a car had been on the grass between the ever green & the road, he could see where it had been. There has always been a lot of queer thing going on a-round here at night, I have never been disturbed in the house or out, but have seen & heard things.  We saw Rue Sarr & two men looking over a gun, out by his barn, as we passed on our way to church last night   I can’t ever get my rest at night & there are a lot of things I just can’t understand  I have hated my life in this world & hope & pray, it maybe better in the next world.

Tue. July. 23. 1946./ 14 eggs today/ Well I did the washing & carried the water & it’s been ever so hot & tonight I’m sick  my bowels don’t want to move  I’ve been praying all day about it, I should have waited for them this morning, but insted I started to work, but at last thank God, they moved  made me so sick & shaky.  I’m so glad I got the washing done. last night I mended Elbert’s un-ion suits “2” & then wrote Flora & Sherley a letter & he mailed the letter today when he took the eggs to Vermilion, but I for got to mail the book I got from Rev. Dehaan of Detroit. 

Wed. July.24. 1946./ 17 eggs today./ Today’s Audrey’s birthday  she is 54. yrs. old.  I wish her well, soul & body & hope she saves enough to help herself by & by, instead of giving it all away. She usually gives untill when she get sick or has & accident  she’s out of money. Last time she had a long hard row.  Well I haven’t done much today but Elbert is bound to go the limit & he worked yesterday & today, untill, today, he’s sick to his stomach & then his stomach & bowels  it don’t do much good to try to keep him he wants to work, I’m sorry for him & talk & talk to try to get him to stay quite through the heat, but he just wont.  What can I do.?  Elbert’s talking of going to Lorain in the morning  I do hope & pray he will use good judgement & get home safe, he’s going to bum his way down & back. I sure did rain, or pour tonight at 5-30p-m. Elbert was up here by Ruggles at the store on his way back home after getting the milk.  It was just a good shower & sure did everything good & cooled the air. N. W. wind & shower.

Thurs. July.25. 1946./ 936./ 19 eggs today./ Elbert called me early, but I had such cramp from my knees down to & in my feet, I couldn’t get up, he got my window screen out & climbed in & shut the South window  wind was N. east & cold all night.  put another blanket over my legs & cramps eased off, but, since it’s so cool & cloudy I laid & rested & even got one nap out of it, now, I been to the mail box “for exercise” & to the garden to take hens there greens & pick up the eggs, got 19 & before tomorrow night we have to have 1. dozen & 4 eggs to make the five doz. for West’s & Miss Clark. we now 4 doz. & 8 eggs, no sun so far today & to cool after being so hot, cool & cloudy S.W. breeze. I set bread had 2 large loaves & one in a low flat coffee can  don’t look good but smells good.  Elbert came  little after one o’clock tired & hungry  I had the potatoes most done & beets  he brought 4 little slices of blogna  I fried it  we ate & felt better  I hadn’t had any thing to eat all morning but he ate this morning & had a lunch at noon  he needed it, he bumed his way down to Lorain & back.  I had him kill a hen tonight  she’s been queer, although she’s laid every day & she was full of eggs, she was in good order. there are only 22 white hens left now & 2 Anconias & Pete he isn’t very well  seem to be weak in his legs like my self. No mail today. sun came out late this afternoon, cool & shivery tonight. 

Fri. July.26. 1946./ 17 eggs today/ I haven’t done much  I’m sort of all in, we don’t have enough to eat  We still had some broth from yesterday & I cooked rice in it, but we can’t buy rice anymore so when that’s gone I don’t know what we can do for something substantual to keep us going.  I took a bath & we went to Church  Elbert took the eggs to Wests’ & Miss Clark. he gave me a dollar, kept a dollar & had 50 cents left for food. It’s been a nice day  still cool N. east. wind. hot sun. 

Sat. July. 27. 1946./16 eggs today./ We are 1. egg less now we Killed that hen she was full of eggs.  Today is Frank Bonney’s birth-day he’s 56. yrs. old today. & been married 35. yrs today.  he has 4. children  3. of whom are married, youngest son lives at home. Evelyn & Red have 3. children. Francis Cora & Howard have 2 children & Harvey has a blond stout wife  I don’t know her maiden name & he says they expect a baby this Sept. 1946. Elbert bout bought a very little meat for 50 cents up here to the store & he said a woman bought an 8 pound ham & paid 75 cents per. lb. for it (6.00) all told.  if you only bought a lb. it would be 80 cents per. lb. just think what a whole pig or haf would cost at that rate. & steak (beef). $1.50 per. so we can’t eat meat anymore

Sun. July. 28. 1946./ 17 eggs today/  [page not numbered]  We went to Church, the juniors had a mock wedding, it was all acted out just fine, just a simple affair, Tom and his wife were the wedding couple  the Minister’s Wife & Mary Crole were bride’s maids & Mary’s boy friend was best man & a boy, ” I don’t remember his name” was ring bearer & Mr. Bockman gave Mrs. Epplers to Tom, the Minister preform-ed the marriage, they marched up the isle & all took there places, and, the Ministers Wife was beautiful  more so, than the bride or Marry. & I saw the Minister looking at her with great  admiration in his eyes. after word we had a good sermon & prayer service.  They have several persons, they have won on the St. corner that came to Church Sun. night  Mrs. Reese sang two hymns  Mr. Reese came with her and another Lady came & played piano with an accomplyment  she brought & attached to the piano.  The Minister & Mrs. Eppler plays different kinds of horns  Minister’s wife plays an acordian Mrs. Dorthy West plays other piano and Young Mr. Sprunk plays a violin & they play quite well.  But there wasn’t many to church  N. East wind and cool all evening & quite cool before

Mon. July. 29. 1946./ 14 eggs today/ Well, Elbert went to Huron & got 90 cents worth of meat, I don’t see how it was so much but he said it was that.  I did out the washing  he washed his 2. prs. work pants, it’s been terrible hot today   N. east breeze, light.  I’m so weak seems as if I can’t work but God gave me enough strength to get it done & look after the hens.  Elbert gave them mash, grit & fresh water tonight  they broke 2. eggs & I broke one.  cool again tonight, I aired blankets allso today.

Tue. July. 30. 1946./ 18 eggs today/ Today I’m feeling so weak after yes-terdays work and only God Knows how really hungry I am, my stomach & bowels pain me, I’m so empty, I have done the ironing & looked after the birds & hens & we each has some warmed up potatoes bread & I had a half slice of lunch meat size of two fingers, we each had a cup of tea this after noon, now Elbert has taken the eggs to Vermilion 4-doz.$2.00 & he went at 3-30-p-m & got back 5-45-p-m. & spent 1.40 for food  he bought qt. of 

Tue. July.30. 1946./ 938./ 18. eggs today/  vinagar box (8. oz. ) of tea, 1. lb. coffee, little piece of lunch meat 40 cents about as your arm & one in. thick.  We have had several meals of new potatoes from our own garden & they are swell white clean smooth skins & white mealy flesh, I’m so tired of rotten & green potatoes. Elbert has felt to ill to work today although he tried & I got him to rest or at least stay out the sun it was hot to-day, 91. degrees. N. east wind  getting quite strong before dark, the sky was full of fog flying thick & fast & looked like white thick mist, while it looked blue, near the earth. wind to cool to just sit in it  not so bad if you are busy, but even then it send a chill over me, if I stop just a second. 

Wed. July.31. 1946./ 18 eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & paid the light bill 75 cents & spent the rest of 2.00 for meat & food so there is only 1.75 cents left toward the feed for hens out of 5.00, we get so hungry we just have to eat & you can’t hardly get anything for a dollar, oh, it’s sure terrible, I received a card from the Soldiers & Sailors Releif, saying I would get my releif for six mo. at 25.00 per mo. starting this mo.  5.00 more than I’ve been getting, it will help 5.00 worth, but we can live any better for the coal bill has to be paid yet & the fire pot has to be fixed for winter & the door has to be fixed.  such a world if I only had my teeth paid for, that would give 5.00 more toward coal & stove, Oh, how I wish I could only endure it to work out. I’m in a hole up to my neck, I don’t know how I’ll get out, am trusting God will lend me a hand.  I cut out a dress today, just a plain house dress, but it tired me all out, Elbert hasn’t felt very good but tried to work  he can’t stand the heat & he can’t stand the cool breeze from the N. east, so we have been a bum pair today.  That 5.00 will be a big help, if we can only get even a gain, I’ll be so glad, and I thank God for the 5.00– Elbert mailed a card to Dr. Millers & one to Nellie one for tracts & book to Flora.  I prayed from one oclock till 2-p-m in the prayer chain all day & often

Thurs. Aug. 1. 1946./ 14 eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain, but he did not get his social C. money he is lacking 2 week, they have to have 21 weeks of work in, to get it & he’s short 2 weeks. like my widows pen-sion  short just a few days. Well, I had the soup all hot & made the coffee when he got here, but he feels sort of licked.  I don’t the County gives me 20. dollars & now they have raised it to 25.00 but still we are & will be in the hole for some time yet. & I sure am weak from lack of some

Thurs. Aug. 1. 1946./ 939./ 14 eggs today/ thing  I need for strength  I haven’t done much today  wrote a letter to Miss. Mc.Govern & one to the Relief Board & thanked them for the 5.00 extra & a card to Miss Baumgart, now I have got to ans. Ethels letter. next & I ought to write to Carl Betz.  A bat got in the house some way & it flew around in Elbert’s room all night.  I didn’t get any sleep till morning. I received a card from Miss. Baumgart  said she had, had, a stroke & was wishing I’d write for missie liked com-pany, she ment misery.  N. E. Wind & cool nights. 

Fri. Aug. 2. 1946./ 17 eggs today/  Well, I put a binding around 4 wash rags  made of string, made a pillow case & put a yoke on one under slip & took a bath & went to church  We had a real good service with God’s word, songs or hyms & prayer,  We had prayer for the sick & weak & the power went from my fingers to my toes   Praise God in Jesus Holy Name, Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Glory, Oh Praise Him, Oh my soul.  Wed . as I prayed for 2. hrs. the power went through & through me.  I love Father Son & Holy Ghost  I thank Thee Jesus.  I was so weak I didn’t feel able to go, but God blessed me wonderfully for going with more strength & I’m trusting & believing for more. 

Sat. Aug.3. 1946./ 17 eggs today/  My check came $25.00 & we went to Vermilion & sold 4  1. doz eggs 60. & Mrs. West paid for Fri. eggs 2.20, 55 cents per doz. & we had 1.36 cents left from the 25 dollars for a months food, so that egg money made 4.16 for food & I took out 2.50 for Church dues, 5.00 I paid Dentist, 7.44 paid for milk & 8.70 for hens grain & mash. We used what I had saved for hens grain & mash [she used ” marks rather than repeating grain & mash on the next line]  so we could keep on existing & now I hope to Keep enough to pay there’s out of this egg money this time, we took in 20.50 on eggs & there feed was 8.70 this time  45 cents more than last time. We came home tired & broke. Frank’s care was in the yard  he went woodchuck hunting  got several, gave Elbert

Sat. Aug. 3. 1946./940./ 17 eggs today/We got a tank of gas/  2. small ones & he dressed them & put them in salt water   he came in & talked a few minutes untill the other man came that was with him & then they went home.  I washed up dishes & now I’m going to bed so I can go to Church in the a-m. 

Sun. Aug. 4. 1946./ 14 eggs today. / I went to sunday school & Morning servise & we went to church to night   Tom’s wife is quite a preacher, she does an expert job at it.  We had an exconvict Who has been converted & preaching for fev    5 1/2 yrs. he was All Capon’s Lieutenant in the bigest gang of thieves, murders, & bank robbers in America but he don’t look like the man that was with Al, the night he talked to me at Ceylon junction but his wife says he don’t look like he use to, that he was lots more thin   he’s lots to big for his hight now. looks to me as if he has a tumor.  Well, it rained hard at supper time, just poured down & the sun shone while it rain. just before we started for church  well this man Mr. Piffer & his wife are going to be here for a week & holding a revival.  I pray God will fill the church & keep it filled with christian people & that He will use me in what ever way he sees best.  Cleared off tonight & moon am a shining. 

Mon. Aug. 5. 1946. / 17 eggs today/ Mable’s birthday/  I did the washing, most of it, Elbert washed his under wear, work shirt and socks & some new hand towels I put the hems in and straps on when I was sewing the other day, it has not been a good drying day, partly cloudy & damp air most everything got dry but not real dry  some of them finished on the line in the house   I aired the pillows  had them out all day, I put more feathers in my pillow today & baked 3 loaves of bread   Elbert’s been cook today & I’m to tired tonight. 

Tue. Aug. 6. 1946./ 17 eggs today/ Cloudy all night & it thundered & lightened before daylight & poured rain & my milk soured. I slept over time this morning, I dreamed of my mother, Mrs. Hunter, Fred & Dave Hunter & I couldn’t remember going to a funeral, but it seemed as if I had been to one & then I met Dave & ma & Mrs Hunter & they wondered if I would take Dave’s grandson & take care of him, for his father was & orphan & since his mother & grandmother were goine & there wasn’t any of Dave’s folks that would

Tue. Aug. 6. 1946./ 941./ 17. eggs today./  take him, so I said I’d take him if they could pay for his keep, so Dave gave me an interduction to little Dave’s father & he said he be glad to pay me for taking care of his boy & so Dave said I have his clothes & mine over to Madiline’s & will go get them, so Elbert drove over & we got the clothes & Dave & the little fellow & Elbert & I went over to the old home place & on the way we stopped at the meat market on Col-orado & got a few things for dinner.  I called Gertie & ask if we could come there & have dinner, told her we’d furnish the dinner if we could come there & cook it & she ask me to bring a few things she needed & we went & had dinner & a good visit, then came back home, Dave came along & he slept on the cot in the kitchen & the little boy slept with me, he was such a nice little boy, a little passed 4. yrs. old.  Dave said he had a friend in New Mexico, and he had told him he could have a job with him any time he wanted it so he thought he’d go & see about it, after he went back home & sold out & gathered what few things he wanted to save, so if Elbert would go with him down & back he’d be glad, he had paid a man with a truck to go & bring his things back, the little Dave would stay with me.  I hope nothing will happen to Grace & her daughter.  I have always liked Grace, but have never seen her daughter only in a picture, she looked there just like Grace use to. I pray God will take care of them & help them to Know Him.  The old saying is, dream of the dead  you hear from the living, lets see

Wed. Aug.7. 1946./ 16 eggs today/  I ans. a contest or sent in a few lines to win a prize.  I had Elbert get me a blank at Nagles & it said, “I like Robin Hood Flour because:” and this is what I added:  it gives us the most wholesome satisfying breads rolls biscuits and fine pastrys, all of which are so appetizing and seem geatly appreciated. Thank You”  That Company is giving the winers 3 Buicks, 25. R.C.A. Radio-Phonographs, 25. Frigidaire Deluxe Refrigerators, 25. Bendix washers. 

Wed. Aug. 7. 1946./942./ 16 eggs today/  25 frigidaire Home freezers, 100 sunbeam Mixmasters, 200. Toastmaster toasters and 250 Westinghouse Electric Irons.   I pray I’ll get a Buick & I’ll thank God for it  the money, the price of it in other words  I’m asking God to give me the price of one of those Buicks.  I haven’t done much today, I wrote a letter to Ethel & Elbert went & mailed both letters before he got the milk. so, here I’m trusting  believing & anxiously waiting for the anouncements on Aug. 27. 1946.  I picked a nice big cucumber today & there are several more out there. Hauff gave Elbert some sweet corn tonight. We have a few cabbages big enough to eat little pointed heads. I like De Hahn’s books  this one is so plain & put together well.  I like his bible study lessons better than any I have ever had.  Wish  I could give them to the many folks I love.  Well, I prayed an Hour or two for the one’s that’s out of church & for those who went to Ashland today, asking God to take them & there cars there & back safely and that they would learn some-thing new to tell us, about God’s word, and that He would help each one to remember there hour of prayer & that He will be with each one in the street meeting. and help them to make there testimonys clear to those who listen and many will come to Church and really & truly worship the Lord God of Hosts. 

Thurs. Aug. 9. 1946./ 18. todays eggs/ Elbert had to go the second time for the milk again tonight, two trips gas  I might have had to go to church. It’s been mostly cloudy today hot & sultry, but, tonight it’s cool again.  Hauff gave Elbert a few ears of sweet corn and it’s started to get hard all ready. I sewed a little on my house dress, it’s so hard to hop up & do this & that & try to sew  I mended two work shirts in peace, but when I started on my dress it was get up for this & that & the other thing. I am so hungry for this last week, I can’t see, hardly, even washed dishes & drank a cup of malted milk & milk & now I’m going to bed, so tired & weary, I didn’t sleep last night and so I slept this morning untill 10-a-m. while Elbert cultavated all morning & then after dinner he gathered a few cabbage worms.  we haven’t eat any cabbages yet. I’d like some good salt pork, and bacon & butter.  We went out in the back to the apple trees & got a lot of worms off them to-day. enough to eat up all the leaves on all the trees & we didn’t get over all the trees yet. 

Thurs. Aug. 8. 1946./ 943./ 18 eggs today & 60 cents per. doz. /  I dreamed of Mr. & Mrs. Hunter & all there children, this a-m. they were talking of water & if we had enough, if they came out here to live, they said if Nellie & her family are with you, it will take lots of water, would there be enough for us to?  and then they said, the goverment was drilling wells for any one that had an under ground stream on there place free of charge and all I had to do was to fill out a blank that was in the news paper & send it in, so she (Mrs. Hunter)  gave me the paper & I cut out the blank, filled it out & told them the drilling machine was clost to my place now & ask them to send it to my place.  I woke up, and don’t know what did happen.  I seemed to be taking care of a little baby boy, that laughed & cooed at me. 

Fri. Aug. 9. 1946. / 11. eggs today/ Well, we haven’t felt good, we have been so hungry and the hens ate 2 egg & I used one & so we were short 3. egg to make 4. doz. & Miss Clark wants her doz. tonight, she wasn’t there last week, & as far as we Knew, left no word, she talks so low I couldn’t hear what she said.  We had a good service & prayer meeting and Rev  I don’t know if they call him Rev. Piffier, but he is preaching, & is wonderfuly converted and filled with the Holy Spirit.  I have been missing some of the meetings and I’m sorry   I’m hoping to go tomorrow evening. & I pray God will help me to be able to give something towards feeding the ones who are coming to help in God’s work to fill our church. I took a few beets & carrots & 4 cucumbers tonight  Tom is going to give potatoes  I’ll take broccoli & cabbage if I can & maybe some more cucumbers. I thank God for saving my soul. Mrs. Sprunk talked in other tongues & wept tonight so hard  I believe, for her children.  I pray God will bring them back into church & comfort her heart, in Jesus Name.  There wasn’t many to church tonight.  But Mr. Piffer says he’s going to fill that church with Gods help. It. look like rain most of the morning clear off this afternoon so the sun shone through & lightened hard all around the sides while the moon shone clear & bright tonight  radio said rain tonight. 

Sat. Aug. 10. 1946./ 15 eggs today./  Well, all I got done today, was to sweep, iron & wipe the floors, wash dishes & cook, & look after hens & birds & do my daily round of chores, I wanted to go to the Street meeting in Vermilion tonight, but, Frank & Armond little Frank Page & a neighbor of Franik’s & the lawyer Hartland was out to hunt woodchucks & little Frank got tired & Armond sent him over to us untill they came back & then it was to late for us to go, they gave Elbert 2 chucks & he went down in the basement to dress them

Sat. Aug.10. 1946./ 944./ 15. eggs today /  It turned cold tonight  cold S.W. wind & it went N.W. after dinner  Sun was hot, but that wind made me shiver.  Elbert went to Huron & got 10 lbs. flour 69 cents boiling meat & lunch meat $1.09  and 1 roll of toilet paper 9 cents a total of 1.87 and no lard or sugar;  me, oh my, and I’m expected to take bread, cake or a pie to the ministers, Well, It can’t be did.  Wind N. east tonight.

Sun. Aug. 11. 1946./ 14 eggs today. /  I felt so tired and so weak I didn’t get out to Church this morning, but we went tonight and had a good meeting & prayer service & the Lord laid His hand on me, they anointed me & prayed for me, I have some bones out in my back & neck & wrist, We don’t have enough to eat & things are sure to get after you when you get in a weakened condition. God fixes me up & I pray He Will Keep me this time.   Mr. & Mrs. Black went to the Alter tonight  we have been praying for them for such a long time & I pray he’ll came back with her often & the children that they will know the Lord & be happy in there home, I  like her so much, & the children.  I received the healing as the power went through me & I thank God in Jesus name, Praise the Lord, Glory, Glory Hallalujah.  Well the little old man that sells notions stopped here today & had a bowl of hot broth  3 slices of home made bread & big table. spoon of jelly & tea, he gave me a pr. of silk shoe laces, I needed them, so I took them  I don’t take things of him very often, I don’t know what his condition is. 

Mon. Aug. 12. 1946./ 13 eggs today/  Well it was sure cold before morning  Elbert got up & made a fire in the heater, even the canarys were complaining of being cold.  it warmed up around 2-p-m. but, began to get cool at 5-30-p-m & I locked the hens in after I fed them & then I shut up the house to keep the heat in while I cooked supper, I’m so hungry & I only had 60 cents for the 1. doz. eggs  Miss. Clark gage me last night  Elbert took it and on the way for the milk, he stopped at the store & get a bottle of clorox 40 cents & 25 cents worth of smoked saucage  I ate it for my supper  not quite 1/2 lb.   he ate wood chuck & has enough left for two more meals  While I have to wait, and wait, and wish, I could have something I could relish. and it looks as if we’ll have to about starve to death the rest of the mo. for the hens have to molt & they are cutting down on the eggs.  I haven’t done much to-day, only mended 2. prs. work pants & done my daily dozon  breeze mostly S. & it rained hard at 11-1-m. and untill 12-30 or 2-p-m then it’s been mostly cloudy only little sunshine this afternoon

Mon. Aug. 12. 1946. /945.XXX/13. eggs today/ cans.4-they now have/  I took a qt. can of appricots 4 or 5 cucumbers 1. head of cabbage & 1. qt. of green string beans, all cut, ready to cook. Frank gave us two cabbages, so I gave them one, the folks that came Sat. night, was his sister her son & there neice all do work for the Lord & play nucice[?] instruments  they stayed with miss Clark, so she told me last night. they went back Sun. Morning. to Detroit. 

Tue. Aug. 13. 1946./ 12 eggs today/  Sun was shining this morning & there wasn’t much breeze & that was N.E. Elbert hoed in the garden to long & looked it, I tried to get him to come in, but he wouldn’t come.  I did the washing & didn’t feel able but did a little at a time untill I got it done & I dried all, sun was so hot   Elbert went to Vermilion got some boiling meat  50 cents & got his car greesed $2.80 & he sold the 3. doz. eggs 1.80 & she owed him 15 cents making $1.95, he got a piece of lunch meat 29 cents & 15 cents for rolls & yeast cake  3 cents & 80 cents of the egg money went on the greese job, so, I had saved 2.00 that I gave him for the car, so, now we had 19 cents for food for 2 days We’ll have the broth for tomorrow & if the weather is cool we might make it last two days.  We feel half starved most of the time & it wont get any better for I have a coal bill & the fire pot to pay for & more coal to buy. I thank God for what we have & pray we can have more by & by. I’m sorry I couldn’t go to Church tonight.

Wed. Aug. 14. 1946./ 14 eggs today/ Oh, I haven’t done much over the daily round, I made 3 loaves of bread & mended two shirts, swept, & cooked & washed dishes & I’m to tired & so terrible hungry  I could cry, but, it wouldn’t help, only take more of my strength. & I have to keep what I got to work as long as I can No mail  for so long, I guess they have all disenharited us.  I’m so sorry for I love them all, even if I don’t like some of the things they say & do. I wanted to sew but just haven’t got the pep & so maybe if I linger along untill we can live again.  I might be able to do more by and by. The wind light has been N. east, and sun hot, there has been sort of a lull all day   it’s been so quite.  Elbert went to Huron had to walk most of the way going & coming, said no one would pick him up and it seemed queer, but I said you do the same to others and he said, I  Know it, he usually say as he passes them, walking is good. 

Thurs. Aug 15. 1946./ 18. eggs today/  Only did my usual round & rake up the dirt in the flowers a little south wind hot sun and mostly cloudy with light Showers tonight.  I mended 3. prs. my stockings & 1. pr sock for Elbert. We have both been to hungry today & we ate 2. eggs apiece for supper. & mine didn’t fit me well.  

Thurs. Aug. 15. 1946./ 946./ 18. eggs today.  I wish I could have gone to church tonight but Elbert has to take the eggs tomorrow & get us some food & the birds some seed. with Elbert’s help  I turned the box springs around today, they are a-bout as bad; well, I think they are as bad as my old ones. I can’t rest on them either they sag to the front and I feel miserable & can’t rest till morning when I get worn out trying to find the place where I wont roll down hill. 

Fri. Aug. 16. 1946./15 eggs today/ Cousin Georgie’s birthday [Georgia Wheeler Breckenridge, Elinors maternal cousin] She is 61. yrs. old.  I have written her a card, sorry I had only a U.W. Postal, but it’s a rememberance anyway. & I have wrote one to Sister Nellie, also.  We don’t have money for gas to go & call on them, we would like to though.  I received a card from Nellie & mailed one to her today, she has been sick as I had expected. I had told Elbert, I had seem her at home & in a hospital bed & I felt sure she must be sick & so today she stated she had been in the hospital for a week & in bed at home-2 weeks & came home Aug.10. from hospital. she said  they gave her 17 seventeen shots of penicillin, and that she is up part time, they took several exray pictures, she said, but didn’t explain what that was for.  She’s a lot like pa  she don’t tell or want any one to know she is sick or gone to Hospital & when she gets home she only says shes been & got back, but don’t tell what for or why.  Well, we would have to borrow the money for gas to go & we are half starved most of the time & I’m not fit to work  neither is Elbert, but he has more strength than I, for he can eat more, and most anything, I can’t digest so well & can’t eat heavy food, my liver is bad & I have to have lighter foods. But Praises to God in Jesus Name, I’m able to help myself & do a little work yet  I helped Elbert for 2 hrs. today,. trim & carry away, the tomatoes trimings a back breaking job bending to trim, or carrying away   they grew to many suckers, big strong vines.  I did my usual house work & looked after birds & hens, poor little girls they sure have & still are laying good & molting two.  It rained hard after midnight & all rest of the early morn-ing hrs. & it didn’t soak in very much, sun was to hot & we both got to hot.  Elbert felt it bad when he came in,  I got the eggs from the coop & he picked the broccoli & tomatoes  the cucumbers & I pick 3 big bunches of flowers for Miss. Clark & gave 

Fri. Aug. 16. 1946./ 947./ 15 eggs today/ her a cucumber & gave the Ministers broccoli & cucumbers, & he sold 3 doz. eggs to Wests & w. doz. to Miss. Clark, she gets them Sun but paid for them today.  Elbert bought meat to fry & butter 1/4 lb. 60cents  48 cents for boiling meat, gas for car 20 cents  post card 5 & newspaper 4 cents, 15 cents for bird seed,  so he spent 1.52 & he took in 2.40 & gave me a dollar, he had a few cents in his pocket.  the 1.00 he gave me would make $2.52 cents spent a   We had a good supper & I have the boiling meat done for tomorrow. 

Sat. Aug. 17. 1946./12 eggs today./  Well, it sure got at it & rained sun came through a couple of times  it cleared off last night & moon came out clear and bright and tonight it’s partly cloudy, but looks as if it might clear off again tonight, radio said rain tomorrow.  I ironed & did my daily round & looked after the hens. Tract Society sent me a bunch of tracts    they came today.

Sun. Aug. 18. 1946./ 17 eggs today/  I went to Sunday School & then Elbert & I went to Nellie’s  she’s up part time but surely does look bad, the family were all at home & Marcie was there Johny & Marcie went to dinner some where & Bonney Bell & a few of her classmates “Nurses” she graduated with all were going out for a late dinner over at Monraevile[?] the other side of Sandusky Ohio. Geo. & Bonita & the children were out in there care but came in a few minutes after we got there & Bonita got dinner, she had roast lamb, creamed potatoes, sweet corn, green beans, pickles, bread, butter & coffee with sugar & cream.  They had just had a letter from Ella Jane, she said there rainy season had started & she Had been feeling bad, but was better again, had to have anoids taken out her nose again.  Nellie said her trouble was arthritis & low blood pressure   We stayed untill Johny & Marcie came back, Bonita did the dishes & took a bath, then Elbert decide we should go & the car wouldn’t start  they found it was water in the gas  they poured the water out & she started on the gas O.K.,  We stopped to Martha’s but she & her family wasn’t home so we flew along home the sun was so hot & I felt so all in, I could hardly get supper, I fed the hens & we got ready for Church, ” Elbert let hen out as soon as we got home quarter to five.”  We left 7-30-p-m for church  I took Miss Clark her eggs & a cucumber & 4 slices of short bread & the ministers 4 cucumbers. ” they are still selling at 10 cents each” ours are big ones & so sweet. 

Sun. Aug.18. 1946./ 948./ 17 eggs today./ Well We had quite a few ministers & other folks out to church & some went to the alter & Mr. West was one of them, I came out before they showed us the slide pictures, Elbert sent word in by Ronie Epler that he was going home, so Miss Clark’s sister “Who is also a maiden lady” went to the car with me & got the eggs, bread & cucumber. & she said she felt sure I could get a widows pension and is going to send me an address to write to, it was 11-p-m. when we got home & it had turned cold. 

Mon. Aug. 19. 1946./ 14 eggs today. / Sun came out early this a-m but I didn’t sleep all night & so just had to rest   it was most noon when I got up & fixed our dinner & started to wash   I got it done & most all dried, I did dishes & got supper & took care of hens and birds & I’m tired tonight & it turned cold as soon as the sun started to go down.  I heard from Robinson, I don’t like his ideas & I’m not going to take his lessons.,  I received a Lane Brynt winter book also, today.  I don’t like the short dresses either.  Oh, I pray God will send the Holy Ghost to me & give me more power, strength, & financial means, to keep us, Amen

Tue. Aug. 20. 1946./ I mended & did the usual round, I only did half the washing  didn’t dry so good Monday it rained last night & was cooler   I went to church  Miss Brown did the preaching to 15 children & 4 grown up beside the minister & his wife. to cool with out my coat. 

Wed. Aug. 21. 1946./14 eggs./  I finished the washing & washed 3 blank-ets from  Elbert’s bed & got them baked dry, sun’s so hot it made our heads feel bad to be in it very long.  I made beds up fresh, been a fine day for heavy piece to dry & tonight it started to rain a light rain at 5-p-m & be-fore dark was coming in sheets, “a train passing was a queer sight  sheets of rain going from one box car across a coal car to another box car, just a thick white sheet of rain   it began to lighten & thunder & pour rain, but let up at 8-p-m. & lightened up & got quite cool, to cool for the garden tomatoes  are not doing well & cucumber vines are dying. 

Thurs. Aug.22.1946./  Sun came out clear & bright. N.E. wind & shivery cold. we gather a few vegetables, potatoes, beets & carrots & 4 tomatoes for our dinner  Elbert spent the last dollar for food. We had onions &

Thurs. Aug.22.1946./949./14 eggs today/ carrots & beets & a few ears of sweet corn.  Mr. Hauff gave Elbert the corn when he went for the milk, we cooked a little piece of shank meat a bone & with the broth I have put macaroni for tomorrows dinner.  Its been cool in the breeze & hot in the sun today   cloudy tonight & quite dark out tonight. We shut the house up early to keep in the heat.  Mis Brown was to preach last night & tonight, so sorry I couldn’t go but I don’t know how to manage tomorrow  Elbert has to take the eggs & get grain & mash & pay light bill & get a bite to eat for Sun. & we only have 2. doz. & 4. eggs with todays eggs. 

Fri. Aug. 23. 1946./ 14 eggs tod/ I did what I had to in the house & I went out & helped Elbert trim the derrtzia bush[?] & I cut all the big old limbs out of the white rose bush by the well.  We cut a limb off the apple tree by the toilet path & I was to tired to do anymore.  I got supper & we went to Church, there was another young preacher there & Miss. Brown did the preaching.  they sang several songs. & we had a good prayer meeting, but I like the old fashion prayer meetings best.  Well it cold tonight N.E. wind and tempture going down to 50, the radio said.  Received a letter from Miss. Willitts, she wants money & we need some the worst kind of way.  I thank God he take care of us & Pray He will take care of all. 

Sat. Aug.24. 1946./ 14 eggs./ Well, I went with Elbert down to Hambly’s & Gave the old folks the 2 eggs we owed them. & I took broccoli to them & they didn’t know if they liked it, so they wouldn’t, keep it, I gave it to Mrs. West and she said they liked it & wanted to pay me for it, I told her I gave it to her. then she thanked me.  We stopped to see Mrs. Sprunk & I gave her a small bunch of broccoli a cucumber & a big yellow tomatoe, she’s not feeling very well  has a cold all over her makes her sore & stiff like Elbert & I. Well we got some boiling meat and a little piece of bacon that cost 75 cents and only enough for 2 meals  8, slices, that’s terrible.  We are out of most everything. I got 2 bags grain & had them charged.  It’s been a nice day, but quite cool, we didn’t sweat from the heat today.  We got back at 5-15-p-m & it was 2-30-p-m when we went, that wasn’t bad for all the stops we made.  Well I had only had one egg & 1. fried biscuit & so I was empty when we got home, I boiled potatoes  opened a can of string beans & made milk gravy in with them & fried part the bacon & we had supper   When Elbert got  back with the milk while he got washed I strained the milk & made tea.  I washed up the dishes & Elbert put the meat on to boil.  Now we are going to bed.  Mrs Hambly says the Preachers wife ask her little girl what sort of mother she 

Sat. Aug. 24. 1946./950./14 eggs today/  she had to ask to be prayed for and then not come to church, & the old lady said Rony is a bad boy, sometimes he punches his thumb in her ribs & pinches her legs & she’s old & I think I’d put Rony in his place if it was me & any way, Why should he take the place of an other soul that wants to go to church & the preacher said if there was only the old lady & the Hambly children he wasn’t going after them, it’s a queer world, it sure is.  I do hope :& pray God Will take a hand & do something about it. 

Sun. Aug. 25.1946./14 egg today/  Well, I didn’t go to church all day & it was a beautiful Fall day, we had a fire last night and it felt comfortable, been having cold white due at night & tomatoes have hard time to grow enough & to ripen  We have had a few & a few cucumbers & carrots, beets, potatoes & cabbage. Well. I pray God will be in the services & send His power & convirt the souls & reveal unto those of His & help them to understand. 

Mon. Aug. 26.1946./14 eggs today./ I cleaned my room today  moved out & moved in again  wiped the walls & ceiling  Elbert got up early & went to Huron or was going to Huron and a man picked Him up & took him to Huron & said he was going to Sandusky, so he went to Sandusky got a ride back to Huron & walk from there home dog tired :& hungry, he can work at the canning factory, but it only pays 80cents per. hour, but he says he’s going to try it in the morning. it’s been a fine day  N. east breeze & hot sun. I took care of hens & birds, we have 4 or 5 hens that’s lost most of there feathers now.  Cold White due again  last night & shivery again tonight. Well, I got supper & everything ready for the morning.

Tue. Aug. 27. 1946./14 eggs today / Well I laid & rested untill 9-a-m.  Post man came before 10 & he had a letter from Miss. Baumgart & one from Mr. Keep the lawyer, just stating he had moved his office up stairs at the corner of 4th. St. & Broadway in Lorain.  I got dinner & looked after hens only got 8 eggs & they had broke one & eat it most up, a little later about 2-30-p-m  we got two more & then we went to Vermilion & sold 4 doz. 60 cents per doz. 2.40,  We paid light bill  1.00 bought 3 gal gas that cost 56 cents a piece of boiling meat 37 cents, 1. lb. lard 35 cents & came back to Hauff’s for the milk & home.  We 

Tue. Aug. 27. 1946./ 951./ 14 eggs today/ went to the mill & got a bag of oyster shell, 1.00, & had to have it added to grain bill so I will owe 8.60 to the mill  7.44 for milk & 1.00 for the light bill & 2.50 for church  that will only leave us 4.40 to live on for Sept.  We are hard-ly existing & to weak most the time to work. It’s been a nice day hot sun cool shivery breeze. 

Wed. Aug. 28. 1946./13 eggs today./  The sun was baking hot today, but the S. breeze was cool. I had to mend the toe of one stocking before I could dress my feet then I washed & dressed & combed my hair & I pray each morning. then I made noodles & got dinner early then I did out the washing, Elbert rubbed out his 3. prs. of socks & I cleaned up the wreck[?] & got myself cleaned up & he warmed up the supper, then he went for milk & I cleaned the birds cages & washed the dishes & we had a light shower just after supper.  I Praise God I can still do that much although it does tire me out. & Elbert has been busy all day helping me, he carried the water & empted the water cut weeds & hoed some, he don’t feel half so well since he did all that walking the other day to & from Sandusky. We haven’t much to eat in the house  We are out of flour, coffee, tea, flakes, yeast cake & Baking powder, Lemons, rice beans, speggetti, macaroni, lard & I’d give a lot for some butter, bacon & a little meat to fry. but we are only existing.  Our potatoes will soon be gone to.  We have a few beans & beets & carrots, cabbage & tomatoes, but need bread & my check is a week off. 

Thurs. Aug. 29. 1946./15. eggs today/  I darned 3. prs. socks. cooked what I could find to cook & did dishes, took care of hens & birds & did odds & ends. I made two tins of biscuits boiled potaotes & cooked broccoli & string beans & made gravey with the beans. Elbert pealed what apples there were left & I made apple sauce of them yesterday. N.W. wind & so cold we have a fire & it feels good, been mostly cloudy all day  it rained showers all night & a little early this a-m.  grass wet all day but dirt didn’t get wet enough to say wet partly cloudy tonight

Fri. Aug. 30. 1946./ 10 eggs today/ Well, hens only laid 10 eggs today & took all day to do it, so we didn’t go to town with the eggs or buy anything to eat  we haven’t any bread or flour no coffee or tea or anything left, just tomatoes string beans & a few potatoes so we have to go to the store after we sell 3. doz. eggs for $1.80 cents & get a 10. lb. sack of flour  some lard & a little piece of boiling beef to last us untill Tue. looks as if we

Fri. Aug.30. 1946./ 952./ 10 eggs today/  will have to fast a day or so.  I do wish so much, that I were able to work & earn a little so we could have more to do with & get things done be-fore freezing weather gets here & buy a few clothes we need so much.  Even the relatives have forgot us & all those that use to come just to eat all they could stuff, I dont begrudge them what they had, but wish I could have a little more to eat just now. Elbert wont be fit to work if we don’t get more to eat soon. N.W. breeze & cool & weather report said tempture would go down to 52 degrees tonight & cloudy & cool tomorrow.  It was that way today. We had a little fire last night & tonight.  I have only done what I had to do today, & didn’t go to Church because of gas, I Pray God will help me or us in His Own Way, in Jesus Name. 

Sat. Aug 31. 1946./10 eggs today/  Well I just haven’t done only what I had to do, Elbert felt so bad he started off to Vermilion with out the eggs, he had put the old greese in the car, but forgot the egg & had to come back, but he had only got out on the main road as far as the little German church & was going to sell the eggs & buy flour yeast cake  lard & a lemon & a little boiling meat  Well he exchanged the greese for fresh lard  got the other 3 things but no meat, Miss Clark couldn’t pay for her meat, she had left her pocket book in the church last night. so its no meat for tomorrow  Its been a fine day, partly cloudy warm sun.  Elbert hurt his hip today wrenched it some way as he stepped out of the store & its pained him bad all the rest of the day   I pray God will fix it and give me the price of one new car from that Robin hood flour. Elbert said he was wondering which would be better for me to give him the new car & sell his or sell the new one & get his fixed up.  I have Known for some time that was what he had in his mind, he’d like to have the

Sat. Aug.31.1946./[no page number, would have been 955]10 eggs today/  money.  Well I would pay the repair on his car if I got it, & the coal bill & stove repair & for the coal this winter & maybe get the shoes I need so bad. I had to fry biscuits for our dinner & I baked two tins of biscuits for supper.  we had string beans & gravey & warmed up potatoes & apple sauce & hot water to drink for supper.

Sun. Sept, 1. 1946./ 13 eggs today/  Elbert’s felt bad all day, he has been quite all day only went for the milk & back & he can’t walk or get up or down his back hurts so bad  I bathed it in ointment last night & tonight & put a flanel on it, hope & pray it will be O.K. by morning, he fell off the lower step, or rather he missed the lower step & shook him & he seem to feel worse, but I pray he will be. O. K. in the morning   he wrenched it out & perhaps an other could put it back in place. he’s so nervous. Strong south wind all day  died out tonight & had a couple of light showers after dark. chilly out. No church for me all day, Oh, God help us, I pray. and I’ll thank Thee & give Thee all the praise, Amen. 

Mon. Sept.2.1946./12 eggs today/  I haven’t done anything much to-day  been partly cloudy, hot sun, He’s going with the eggs in the morning if he’s able & we get 6 more eggs to make 3 doz. & I hope my check comes  Well, it’s been a wonderful fall day  I wanted to go to Lorain but don’t look as if I’ll make it tomorrow.  I ought to bake bread any way tomorrow. Today is Labour day and a big holiday. no mail either. 

Tue. Sept.3.1946./14. eggs today/  I baked 3 loaves of bread, cooked, washed dishes & made me a night gown out of mash bags & I been out & gave hens there green feed & we been gathering the eggs more often for they seem to break one or more in the nest quite often, they are getting tired & don’t eat as much grit as they should. 5. of them are half feathered out now

Fri. Sept. 3. 1946./ 954./It’s been a beautiful Fall day & I hate to stay in on a nice day  warm sun but wind real cool  I pulled beets for supper, they were so good sweet & tender. Elbert went to Vermilion this noon & sold the eggs, he bought a piece of veal neck for 50 cents & two chops “61” cents, two boxes corn starch 24 cents  box tea (1/2) lb. 54 cents bird seed 13 cents gas 39 cents for car & oil 25 cents & he owes 10 cents on it.  the eggs were 2.40 with Miss Clark’s & he had 16 cents making 2.56 & he spent it all & owes 10 cents. I roasted the meat  it was tender & nice.  We went to Church tonight  had a good prayer meeting, I talked a few minutes with Miss. Clark & Mrs. Sprunk. Miss. Clark’s brother is quite ill in California, he wants to come back to Ohio but to ill to come, so Miss Clark’s maiden sister from Cleveland has gone to California to help take care of him, she ask me to pray for him to get able to come back, and Oh God of Love & mercy  I do ask in Jesus Name, you will grant his re-quest, Amen.  Mrs Sprunk says, Young Mr. & Mrs. Sprunk have only written once since they went back to California.  Miss. Brown is still with Sister & Brother Gurney. I wish I had a room so she could come & stay with me awhile.  There were 9 of the children & young folk blessed with the baptism of the Holy Ghost last week. Praise God. 

Wed. Sept.4. 1946./ 11 eggs today./  I did the washing & swept both bedrooms looked after the hens & birds & did the cooking & odds & ends & really I’m tired. I received a nice letter from Nellie   she don’t write much as a rule but she told us all about Ella Jane going with Laura Bell Stoughton, this is what she wrote

“Dear Elinor & Elbert: Have been anxious to hear from you. I haven’t been able to come yet.  I haven’t been so well for a couple of days and just had to rest more yesterday & today. Have had 2 letters from Ella Jane. Her school was finished Wed. Aug. 2. Then the next day she moved to the place where she & I were staying.  She has gotten herself a job ov Clerical work, figuring food costs  & in a hotel; She gets her three meals aday, anything on the menu even steaks and $80.00 a month  of course she can only work a month as the school begins again.  She got A’s. & B’s in her studies, wasn’t that fine?  She had wondered how it would be to get back in school and I think she did fine: She went on with Laurabelle to Los Vegas Nevada to the wedding. George Cox had brought a man with him for best man, so, Ella Jane was maid of Honor.  He had made the Hotel reservations, and arranged for the Minister.  They sent there dresses from Albuquerque. Ella Jane got back on Sunday night at 8. o’clock  The wedding was Sat. Aug. 24. at 11-30-a-m. in the first Baptist Church. They were going to spend sometime sightseeing, I think at Boulder Dam. Then they will go to California, a place called Van Nuss[?]

Wed. Sept.4. 1946. /955./11 eggs today/ near Los Angeles. Hope you folks are all right  Please drop a card & come when you can. Love & Best wishes  Nellie & Family.

& she tuckd in two, one dollar bills, but I can’t keep them for she’s under Dr’s care & in bed part or most of the time & it costs a lot to live & pay Dr. bills.  I sure appreciate her thoughtfull-ness. So, Laaurabell is now Mrs. George Cox. & Ella Jane had a little trip & could go back & work a mo. & then dig in-to her school work once again  Nellie & Bonney Bell were going to Albuquerque this mo. to be with Ella Jane, but Nellie’s health is very poor   I don’t know if she will go.  Elbert’s back is swollen & pains him bad but he gets a-round, he went for the milk tonight & I gave him a ten dollar bill to pay the 7.44 for last months milk & Hauff said, it would be 9.30 & so with any notice, now I’m out of luck for the money wont reach as far as I had planned & we can’t have as much to eat as we did last mo. & worse of it is I wont be able to get the milk any longer & it’s half my living, he don’t want to bother with only a qt. & Elbert has to go 4 miles or better & furnish our own bottles, he wants 15 cents per qt. 30 cents per. day  I drink a qt. & use the rest for cooking. We had a strong N. east wind  clothes dried fast, hope to do blankets in the morning.  I thank God in Jesus Name for all I have & He Keep me. 

Thurs. Sept.5. 1946./13 eggs today/ Well sis, I washed 2. double faced blankets & a pr. of wool blankets & carried part the water  I fed the hens & gave them there greens at 10-30-a-m  I did my house work & pulled & tied carrots for Nellie, beets & tomatoes, cucumbers & cabbages & a big bunch of flowers.  I pulled beets & carrots for Mrs. Sprimp, beets carrots a cucumber, few tomatoes for Miss Clark & a few roses, beets, carrots & cucumber for the preachers.  & we had supper & done dishes & now I’ve sewed a piece of flannel in Elbert’s underwear in the back & sewed a garter on my corset & he took his bath & I’m going to take mine & go to bed for I’m sure a tired old girl tonight & we are going to Nellie’s tomorrow if all goes well & God willing . Wind N. east & to cold & sun is hot. I took a little cold today & I pray God will take it all away tonight, in Jesus Name, Amen. & I will thank Him& praise Him for ever & ever Amen. 

Fri. Sept. 6. 1946. 1946. / 12 eggs today/  Well, I got up & thanked God I & we could & we packed all the things in the car & went to Vermilions t& to the ministers & left them some beets & carrots & tomatoes & then we went to the Mill & paid 9.60 & Elbert left me sitting in the sun & it sure was terrible hot, I thought I’d pass out,  he came by & by & we went on & stopped to Miss. Clark’s then I left flowers carrots & beets & tomatoes, she wasn’t there so I laid them by the door & then we went to Wests& left the eggs & got 1.40. 

Fri. Sept.6. 1946 / 956./12. eggs today./ then he stopped at the filling station & got 1. qt. of oil & no gas, I tried to ask him why he wasn’t getting the gas but he went on & went pasted the river road & I was sure worried for I had a big bunch of cut flowers, it ws so hot seemed as if it would bake us & then he turned around & went back to the gas station got 2. gal & turned back  went out the river road & through to Amherst bought Nellie 4 peaches 35 cents & 4. peppers for 10 cents & we had from our garden 3 cabbages 1. a red rock pk. tomatoes, 2 big cucumbers, carrots & beets. We had coffee & bread & lunch meat, Elbert bought the meat & forgot the bread & had to go back & get some bread.  We had a nice visit, Nellie looks pale says she’s in bed more than she’s out, but she’s been getting some dresses ready so she & Bonney can go to New Mexico, the later part of this Mo. or the first part of Oct. She got a letter today from Ella Jane & E.J. had sent the 3 children books from Albuquerque.  Nellie wanted us to keep the 2. dollars, we had to use half or more for gas & oil & the peaches & peppers took the rest then, she gave us 2 little chickens  white rocks about as big as your 2 fists. to fry. & a few apples.  Martha & Jean Ann had been over to Elyria to the Clinic & saw our car in Nellie’s yard so she’d got passed but so took Jean to school & then came back & visited a hr & had coffee with us, then flew off to her job, said she’d have to work hard to catch up her morning’s work at the office, it’s. right close to there home. Merlin has changed jobs again. he’s gathering up farm produce & selling it to the stores We came back to Lorain went to the garage where Elbert bought his car & they looked it over said it would only cost 4.75 for the fluid & it would cost $66.00 to repair the back end & fender of his car  they gave him the estamate on the insurance, yet. $28.00, I don’t know how he will make out with it. Well, we stopped at Lipp’s tea Store and got seeds for the birds & then went to Cranages to see how every one was, Miss. Baumgart was looking good & came to the door to meet me.  Mrs. Cranage came in & we had a good visit  Mrs. Cranage gave me two jars of bacon greese 10 lbs. white flour 5.  lb buckwheat & 5 of the kind we been using, & gave me last weeks news papers. We came back to Vermilion, got more gas & a little piece of boiling meat & one little piece of saucage some coffee & came on home, I fried saucage & potatoes & we had tea & tomatoes & bread & put the meat to boil while Elbert went back for 

Fri. Sept. 6. 1946./ 957./ 12 eggs today/Mildred’s birthday/  for the milk & then I fed the hens & locked the coop for night, I put the baby chicks on the roost in the first pen, they were lonesome & just like 2 babys, they had been in a bunch of 50 Nellie had & she’s been killing them to eat & going to sell 3 to Martha  one of them for Audrey. Martha said she was going to get the folks together & come out “before Nellie & Bonney goes away” for a picnic dinner.  Well we went to prayer meeting after supper & had such a wonderfull prayer meeting & Jesus came & once stood with the open Bible on His left hand & pointing to a chapter & I couldn’t tell the Name or number of the Chap. Seems, that when I felt I should have gone & knelt between Miss Brown & Mrs. Gurney Tue. night, I should have obeyed the Spirit, I pray God will forgive me & baptize me Sun night with the Holy Ghost. Oh, Glory, I thank Thee Jesus.  

Sat. Sept.7. 1946./13. eggs today/ Oh, I have been to tired to work today & the long ride & heat & Elbert seemed so iritable & my nerves were tired, so, my bowels didn’t move this a-m as usual.  I made soup for dinner & we only minced for supper & drank milk, Frank Bonney came out with his neighbor hunting woodchuck’s  he came in & talked a little, said, Ruby was coughing her head about off & that they were thinking about going to New Mexico in Oct. or Nov. & He was wondering about Nellie going with them & Bonney Bell, he said Armond smashed the fender on his car & it was in the shop getting a new one on it, the neighbor has a new Buick, maroone collor. they didn’t have any luck today  its been terrible hot all morning & partly cloudy & cooler this after noon & thundered & tried to rain, we need rain. 

Sun. Sept. 8. 1946. /12. eggs today. / I went to Church this evening, Elbert took me but he wouldn’t go into church, they had a christian sermon or it was a sermon accted out with some talking it was real good & best of all two more children were converted. I thank God in Jesus Name.  It has tried to rain, partly cloudy, I gave the preacher a pr. of pants that were given to Elbert, that he said I could give away for he didn’t like them, they were summer pants. & I gave them swisschard  a qt. of lima beans & few cucumbers, & I talked with several of the women tonight  Mrs. Black said Mr. Black was home taking care the children & new baby  while she came to church & that he was sober that Garry was going home with her, he’s  been staying with the Ministers.  Miss. Brown has been with Brother & Sister Gurney for 2 weeks & now she was going to New York, & then back to Canada for a while.  Mrs. Sprunk was sick she had to go out & throw up, said she was full of gas K& her stomach pained her bad she sat in the seat with me all evening

Mon. Sept. 9. 1946./ 958./ 17 eggs today./  wash day and no soap & I couldn’t bake with out sugar, I fixed some elderberrys for pie, but didn’t make the pie. it’s been a terrible hot day  muggy. We had a heavy fog last night, we have had such a lot of white dues, that the cheeks of some of the tomatoes are white, a white [she wrote while -uncrossed t] due is almost a frost. We picked half bu tomatoes today, Elbert raked up the dirt to keep weeds down & he cut a wide path from the cottage to the ditch down the hill, he’s going to cut some willows for wood, for light fires to take chill out the house on cool days. I haven’t done much today looked after hens & bird. Elbert picked up 2 small baskets of pears acrossed the road. John Snider was there yesterday with his Wife & another couple & he told Elbert we could have what we picked up off the ground. 

Tue. Sept. 10. 1946./15 eggs today/  I did half the washing & did the ironing  I washed & pressed my good dress & then washed miself & dressed & went to Vermilion & I hadn’t had only a little milk to drink & it was 3-p-m.  when we left home, we sold the eggs $2.40 & bought a little piece of meat to boil 38 cents a piece of pressed meat 45 cents lemons 10 cents clorox 25 cents hand soak 22 cent wash powder  28 cents sugar 36 cents gas 39. cents Elbert had 16 cents & he spent 2.50, it don’t seem to come out just right some how, the boiling meat might have been 48 cents  any way we haven’t any thing left but 6 cents so, well, we gave Miss Clark & Mrs Sprunk pears & the preachers pears & few tomatoes.  I felt so all in we didn’t go back to church tonight & we wont have gas enough to more than get the milk & maybe get back to sell eggs Fri.  rained a little here & lots in Vermilion, it was like a Spring shower, but only dampened the grass here.  moon light tonight partly cloudy all day & strong S. wind. 

Wed. Sept. 11. 1946./ 14 eggs today/  Elbert & I picked tomatoes & a few apples & I made apple sauce & then caned 6 qts. tomatoes. I made 3. pies  2 elderberry K& 1. apple & looked after hens chicks & birds & did my house work  Elbert got the supper while I finished up the odds & ends. While he went for milk I fed the hens & locked up the coop & grainery   I was out side only a little today. gave plants a drink  everythings drying up & even tomatoes not doing good it’s so cold night & hot sun & no water & the strong winds, it’s N. west wind late today & cooler   leaves are falling fast, It’s been a beautiful day, partly cloudy & I’m tired tonight. 

Thurs. Sept. 12. 1946./ 13 eggs today/ I washed the rest of the clothes today & looked after the hens done my house work & cooked & then at 3-p-m the little old man with his case of notions came in tired &

Thurs. Sept.12.1946./959/13 eggs today/  hungry & Elbert warmed over the potatoes & made fresh hot tea & he ate the fried biscuits we had left & some pears & I gave him some pears in a bag, he gave me a clothes sprinkler, a rubber cork with a hole through the center & a sprinkler cap fastened to the big end, he said he wouldn’t be back again untill Spring, but, I wonder. Well it’s been quite cool  N. east wind & damp, partly cloudy & is cooler tonight & partly cloudy   hope it don’t spoil the garden & flowers yet I have to take up my house plants yet. Oh, I thank God in Jesus, Name for all we have & He Loves & cares for us. 

Fri. Sept. 13. 1946./13 eggs today./ I haven’t done much all day only house work & looking after birds & hens &. Elbert went to Vermilion & sold 3. doz. eggs for $1.80 & bought beef a little piece 45 cents. & 20 cents worth of hamberger, 10 cents worth of salts, 3 cents yeast cakes, 11 cents macaroni, 28 cents for gas, $1.17 & brought 63 cents back & I had a check back from those lessons & so now I have $1.50, I want to keep it for the light bill, it’s been cloudy alday & light showers that were to light & don’t even wet the dirt only dampen the dust on the top. I picked a few string beans for supper & had them most ready to cook & a few potatoes when Elbert came  I’ve felt to heavy & sort of sufficated most of today, my right ankle has been & still is paining me bad, But God is able & I’m still trusting Him to heal me of what ever it is that causes it. Oh, I praise God in Jesus Name, Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelulajh. Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 14. 1946./11 eggs today/  Today I got up at 8-30-a-m & set my bread, then made 2 tins of biscuits & then went to hen house and gave hens some cabbages, only got 6 eggs, came back & cleaned 3 bird cages & replentished them, swept both bedrooms & the Kitchen, then Elbert came home from Huron, he had been up to see about some work & to see if he could get some fresh fish & he did,  he dressed a few pike & bullheads & one catfish & I fried them & warmed up the potatoes & we ate at 10 minutes passed one o’clock, my first meal today, after we ate he dressed the rest of the fish  I made my bread into 3 loaves & then went for milk & I fed hens & chicks & locked the coop & opened car shed doors &, then I just had to rest a few minutes, then strained that milk & got the macaroni cooking   Elbert helped to look after it, we had supper & listened to the 

Sat. Sept. 14. 1946. /960./ 11. eggs. today/  radio for a while – now I’ll read some & go to bed wishing I could attend each meeting . tomorrow.  I pray for them anyway, it’s all I can do. It’s been a wonderful day, but cooler, & cooler tonight, then it was last night. 

Sun. Sept. 15. 1946./12 eggs today/ We went to church tonight & there were quite a few there . We took a basket 1/2 bu. tomatoes to preacher & some carrots & beets & 2 cabbages & some beets, carrots & tomatoes & small cabbage to Miss Clark & beets & carrots to Mrs. Sprunk  Mr. Hambly & Mrs Hambly’s mother is sick & Ellyn is home & her man. Miss Clark is 67 yrs old this yr & Our milk man “Mr Hauff” is .66 yrs. old.  Mrs Sprunk is 70 yrs. old her son & his wife were to church tonight, I think she said he lived in _______  Well, its been a fine day  N. east wind & quite cool. I potted my plants & brought them in the house to cut a big bunch of flowers, for church & took them tonight. 17 children went to the Altar tonight.  they all belong to Jesus. Praise the Lord.

Mon. Sept. 16. 1946./17 eggs today/  Elbert got up early & went to Elyria & Lorain looking for a job he could do.  he left his car in Vermilion & got a ride to Lorain  a ride back to Vermilion then came on home in his car & he walked 5 or 6 miles from shop to shop & is tired tonight   He got here at 3-p-m  I cook him some dinner & he ate & rested awhile & then we went out & he cut off the flax & I raked it in piles & he took it to the park with the fork  he went for the milk & I fed the hens & then I got supper & now he’s gone to bed & I am going to my bed for I’m tired also. 

Mon. Sept. 16. 1946./961./  Wind light & N. east hot sun cools off fast at night. Mr Merdith died Fri. & I was talking to Elbert about him Fri. & I prayed for him  & his children, they will miss him, he’s been in bed a long time, every since he broke his hip, I believe, Well, he was a Godly man and I know he was glad to go, he miss his wife just terribly, he use to say he wanted her to go first, so he would know she was O.K. & then he’d be glad to go.  They laid him to rest Sat. Sept.14. 1946.   I loved them both. 


Tue. Sept. 17. 1946./ 11 eggs / washed all the clothes & did the ironing & work and then Elbert went to Huron & back & then he in-sisted on pealing tomatoes, I was so tired I had to scold to keep from crying but I cooked & canned 8 qts. of tomatoes, that makes 17 qts. we have got caned.  Oh it’s terrible to be so tired. I had Elbert call Mrs West & tell her he’d bring the egg in the morning.

Wed. Sept. 18. 1946./9 eggs today/  Well, today I patched 3 shirts & mended the table cloth & then we pealed pears & caned qts & I’m so tired with all the other odds & ends  Elbert went to Vermilion & sold the egg & spent the money for lunch meat 33  baking powder 52  onions 35  gas 40. & oil 26, he went to Huron to see if he could get some fish but no luck  it’s been a beautiful day   I aired the blankets & pillows & we picked a few Musk melons & I gave one of the hens a dose of salts & put her in with little chicks & locked coop  Mr. Hauff’s brother  the one from Berlin Hights who was over to Hauffs Sun he’s 69 yrs. old  was helping to move a stone & the fellow on the tractor backed on to him & then was so scart he stopped the truck and the wheel turned over & over on Hauff’s brother before anyone could get the fellow to stop the engine  they sent him to the Hospital & call Mr. Hauff (our milk man) to come & take his sister in law over to the hospital in Sandusky. He was feeling pretty good Sun. & Tue. he’s in bad condition in the hospital, Oh, how much it pays to be ready. 

Thurs. Sept. 19. 1946./14 eggs today. Fred’s [Fred Bonney, b. 1886, d.1957, Elinor’s brother] birthday he would be 50 yrs old today, poor Fred, I loved him so much. Elbert & I pealed pears & caned 17 qts with all we caned last night it’s quite a job  some are so badly brused   then at 4-p-m while the last ones were cooking we went out & picked tomatoes & beets & carrots & Elbert picked up a few more pears & we got washed & dressed & went for the milk & left it to the place where we use to get the milk right near the corner & then went on to martha’s & gave her a big bucket of tomatoes & a big bag full

Thurs. Sept.19. 1946./962./ 14 eggs today/ & a bunch of carrots & a bunch of beets., she warmed up the beef stew & made us a cup of tea & I thanked the Lord for it, for we were terrible hungry, poor Joan [Joan  Mae Monagon, b. 1935, Elinor’s grand neice by her neice Martha Monagon, daughter of Elinor’s sister Audrey Leslie Bonney] is in bed  infection in both feet & they don’t know how she got it, she has a double rupture allso that they haven’t had taken care of yet.  They were real sociable tonight  Jim [James Monagon, Elinor’s grand nephew] was off with a neighbor some where Jean [Jean Mae Monagon, b. 1935, d. 2015,  twin w/ Joan, both Elinor’s grand nieces] and  & one of the Eddy’s boys [Nelson Eddy b. 1945- alive 2021, George Eddy b. 1943, Elinor’s nephews] was running in & out & Ruth Eddy [unsure -may be George Henry Eddy’s relative] was in to see Joan. I didn’t go up to see her she’s up stairs & it’s so hard for me to get up & down. We went over to see Nellie & her family & we gave them a lettuce basket full & we gave them & Martha each 3/4 bu. pears  Elbert picked up .  John Snyder told him he could pick up what fell on the ground & that’s what he’s been doing  We gave them carrots & beets also. Bonita’s Geo came & Johny & Marcia [John Harnish & Marcella Gremore Harnish, Elinor’s nephew & wife to be] came & then Bonney Bell her sienus trouble was after her bad  she said Nellie was sewing  she had made Ella Jane a little white silk blouse & had it all done except making the button holes & sewing on the buttons, Nellie said Virginia & Wyn [Wynn and Virginia Wheeler Breckenridge, Wynn is Elinor’s maternal cousin, child of Edith Wheeler Breckenridge] stopped to see them & that Virginia’s baby is 2. yrs old. & Bonita [Bonita May Bonney, Elinor’s sister] was 25 the 17th. of Sept this year. Virginia is a month older than Aubrey [Aubrey Wheeler Breckenridge, b. 1879, d. unk, Elinor’s nephew]. she only has what the children give her & so still planning on going

Thurs. Sept. 19. 1946./ 963./14 eggs today/  back to Mexico & she wishes Elbert & I were going with her & Bonney Bell.  wish we could but we are in a rut. Nellie said Frank & Ruby [Frank Bonney (Elinor’s brother) & spouse Ruby Gillmore Bonney] were out to see her & said they were going but not untill Dec. & Nellie wants to go before that, & it does seem as if it would be better to go before the weather gets bad here. & Nellie needs some clothes & she don’t feel seem to feel as sure as she did a while ago, she’s talking or renting hers & Johnys rooms while she is gone so she can have the rent money to pay some of her expence, it would be bad for Bonita seems to me. Well we got back home at ten oclock  Martha gave us a small piece of cheese & we roasted some & ate it on a slice of bread & drank milk & its’s been a fine day. I’m dog tired. Praise God for all His Tender Mercies, Oh, how I love Him

Fri. Sept. 20. 1946./12 eggs today. /  Did our usual round & then I put a few pears in a bag for Miss Clark.  We picked tomatoes & put in the grainery  I fed & cared for hens & birds & we washed & dressed & went to church & I took a 1/2 bu. tomatoes for Hambly’s  they are having stomach & intestinal flu. & Mrs. H’s. mother is terrible sick. Elbert dug a lot of flower roots of different kinds & I took them for Mrs. Black & I left them with there son Garry to take home  he said he was going home tonight   we took the eggs to rs. West 2 1/2 doz. & pears up to Miss Clark & I talked with her a few minutes while she got ready to go to church   she paid me for the eggs & gave me a lb. of oleo. “greese,”  When we took her home,  I’m so tired.  We she sure had a good prayer service & mostly all that were there were the children 10 or more & 5 older people. Miss. Clark  Mrs. Day  Mr. & Mrs. Tom Eppler. & the Ministers.  It’s been a beautiful Fall day as anyone could ask for  I thank God & Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost for our blessings Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 21. 1946./ 964./11 eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & he got a q/2 bu. & a pk basket of fish & he had to work for them  he diped fish & helped carry them into the fishhouse & he came home hot & tired & wet through with sweat, he went out & dressed enough for dinner & I got dinner going & went out & got what he had dressed & got them washed & on to cook & gave him some hot coffee for it was 1.-p-m. I washed out what dirty clothes there were & was just done when he came & had the water hot for his coffee, he ate & dressed the rest of what was in the pk. basket & then he went to Vermilion & took part of them to the ministers & some to Miss Clark & two cucumbers & a few string beans.  Migie Sarr was here & wanted eggs, while we were eating dinner & I gave her a fish to eat & then she looked at the tomatoes rather longing & after taking a bit I learned they didn’t have any so I gave her a pk. & in a little bit she came back with not quite a pk of string beans & they are real nice. so I sent Miss Clark a few handfuls. Elbert came right back & got the milk & then came home & I got supper & we ate & rested a bit. I’d been out hunting one of the baby chicks, he got through the fence some where, I didn’t know where to look & he came to me at last  I picked him up & put him in the park & they both ran in the coop & I shut them in & fed them & hens.  I was so tired, but got the supper & then cleared up the table & stacked the dishes in pan, in sink. I know Elbert is dog tired for he got up early & left at 8.-30-a-m for Huron, he phoned Nellie & told her we had enough fish for her & Martha & Audrey. & she said she’d send some one for them but it might be late. I had Elbert get a chunk of ice cost 11 cents to put on the fish to keep them cold, they Geo. & Bonita & there 3 children came at 9. oclock & then we took the flash light & went out & got 1/2 bu. tomatoes & big bunch of carrots & a biger bunch of green onions. Elbert had got 3 cabbages & 2 musk melons & laid by the door for them so with all they had quite a load  A big black cat yowled & yowled while Bonita & I were in the garden, I told it to go away  I didn’t want any cats, he was real friendly, but he went. 

Sat. Sept. 21.1946./965./11 eggs today./  It reminded me of the time we got the telegram that ma was seriously ill & they were in Jacksonvill Florada & Frank & Ruby had just come over home for dinner, they always came every Sun. & I was crying for I Knew, but the rest didn’t , & Elbert & Frank were standing talking about the telegram, when a cat began to yowel & it was so loud & kept at it, that they went out to drive it away but they couldn’t see it, it was just ahead of them where ever they went & it yowled so loud & at last they came back & it stopped & they were both so scart & said it was queer but, they couldn’t find that cat even in the open where there wasn’t any weeds & I said its a four runner of death & looks as if ma isn’t going to live, and it was true, but Jesus had talked with me about it long before that & then I knew it soon would come to pass, Jesus had come to me one night & said I want to take your mother to work for me, you can manage with out her can’t you? and I said oh, not my mother I could do with out my father better, but He said “no,” I need your mother and I cried & said Thy Will be done, not mine, and I’ll do the best I can with Thy help.  I made some mistake, but, He forgave me Oh, How I love Jesus  He’s my all  I couldnt go on with out Him Glory to His Name, I Praise Thee, & Love Only Thee.  It’s been partly cloudy, but hot sun today  a little breeze N.East. 

Sun. Sept. 21. 1946./12 eggs today/  Well, we were home untill evening then we went early & I stopped to see what Mrs. Mc.Cormick wanted, she told Mr & Mrs Eppler’s boy she wanted to see me, I couldn’t figure out who she was, & then it came to me, Mrs. Sharp had told me about her, so I figured she had ask Mrs Mc. to hunt me up for her, for I haven’t ans. her letters, she wants some one to run around after her.  Mrs. Mc. said she wrote & said she was so lonesome & why didn’t I come to see her & write to her that we had a nice car. Well I told her to say I couldn’t buy the gas & even didn’t get to write like I use to.  Mrs Mc. began to pick to find out a lot of things & I said I didn’t know & thats the truth. She use to say she’d be so happy when she could be with her son John again.

Sun. Sept.22.1946./966./12 eggs today/  Now she’s left a lone while he & his wife gad about & they are sick of the big house & want to sell & buy a smaller one & she left (or) turned over the money from her own home to John & now he has it all & she can’t have it, she had lots of chances to rent her rooms up stairs to good Christians so she said I know one of them was but she said John wouldn’t let her, but it was just a gag to live with John   she said she couldn’t live with out him. She says she loves me so, but she didn’t treat me like that. I’m sorry she so ignorant & foolish & pray God will deal with her in His own way. She told me once  said write to me if she only had some post cards so I thought I’d try her out, although I felt she wouldn’t, so I gave her five & I wrote my address on one & she said she wrote them all to John & Ester even the one I had addressed  she pasted a paper over & used, if I took her food she liked she was so nice to me & if it didn’t happen to be just what she wanted she was cool & indifferent, so I’m done.  I didn’t say anything  Mrs. Mc. could tell against me, unless she makes up a yarn of her own and tells her. I hate gossip. We had a good service, there were mostly children there  Tom & his wife, his mother & sister & some of the sisters children  Mrs Day & her children  Mr. & Mrs. Reese Mrs West Sr. & Lindy & Dorthy West & the Minister from Springfield Ohio a young woman. Miss. Clark & a man I didn’t know & myself well, Our Minister, to, were there.  I gave Doris Hambly a bunch of sweet peas for her grand parents & a bag of buckeyes for herself & we took Miss Clark her eggs & little can of jam.  She said the fish were so good they just hit the spot, they were so sweet & good, we enjoyed them to & I hope Nellie & the others liked them to, I also hope they cleaned them & didn’t let Nellie do it, she’s not able.  I hope Audrey got at least a couple.  I wish they would write but they seldom do, to me, they have so many others to write to. Well, I’m tired. Elbert’s been a sleep & I woke him to see what the noise was in the stair way, it was so loud it gave me a shock.  It’s been partly or mostly cloudy all day & it tried to rain when we were on our way home from church  I do wish it would .

Mon. Sept.23.1946./11 eggs today/ I canned more tomatoes 1 qt. can & 7 pt. cans  cloudy all morning & then got quit thick & gray & rained steady most of the after noon & sun came through just before dark  White sun. & radio said cooler & more showers tomorrow. We had S & S.w. breeze today but it’s going N.W. & then it will be cooler. We have had a beautiful Sept. but we have needed

Mon. Sept. 23. 1946. /967./11 eggs today/  rain so bad the sweet corn has ears but they haven’t fill out & beans, lots of pods but few beans & cabbages are just beginning to head up, there are a few nice heads, but lots of very small head. beets & carrots good but small  What potatoes we had we fine, but we only had a very few  I didn’t have money to buy potatoes last fall & so we only had a few cutting  I had saved from a few we bought to eat, so now we are at the bottom of the pit & with out any one to help me, I don’t know how I’ll get out.  Elbert don’t want me to tell him even When he can look back & see it would have been gain[?], if he would have listened, so, I’m at a loss to know what to do or how. When we came home from Church some one had been in the house & it’s some one that knows how to get in & out, some one that who take empty cans as well as full ones & whether they take them to eat or sell or pay bills, is a question.  I’m not able to can  Elbert frets & fumes till I get at it & then, he gets angry & says all sorts of things when I get read to can & ask him to help , he has had to carry the cans up & take them back filled. Oh, it’s terrible, I know he isn’t well, but that don’t hurt him any more than a lot of other things he does & there are a lot of things that need doing a-round here, the fire pot isn’t fixed yet & the seament isn’t put in around under the house & around basement wind-dows & there are the coop windows & door & the sink pipe that leaks & many more jobs. I can’t do them so what? now he wants me to fix his pants tonight & he had all day to think about getting them fixed. I’ll have to do it in the morning, got to cut bottoms off & put hem in. Water has been so dirty it’s a deep redish brown in cystern but what we caught from the house roof is so clear & clean we got some in the tub   cystern ought to been cleaned out before this rain but we only talked about it. I said I’d help, but still it didn’t get done. Oh, well, We picked tomatoes today about a bu. he put them in the grainery  His head has fell bad today   it was to much work to get those fish he had to help dip & that hard back & arm work & then he had to clean ours & he cleaned, Miss. Clark’s & the preachers & had to call Nellie & buy ice & get it home & break it up & get the tub down stairs & carry fish down & put them in the tub & cover with ice papers & bags & then go & get them again when the children came & he was tired, I know.. 

Tues. Sept.24.1946./968./10. eggs today/ Haven’t done much today, been a beautifull day , strong S wind little W. but I haven’t done much today only what I had to do. Elbert went to Vermilion with the eggs he got 1.35 for 2. doz. but owes 5 cents he didn’t have enough change. I gave him 60 cents before he left & he had 6 cents making a total of 2.02 cents & he spent $1.96 cents for food, soap 22 cents, clorox 24 cents & gas 39 cents, food was flakes 10 cents, milk 12 cents, rice 12 cents & flour 77 cents, he left at 3-p-m. got back at 10-p-m. no word from Flora or Shirley or from Nellie or Martha. Not one word.  I cut the bottoms of the legs of Elberts pants & put in hems, & sewed buttons on waist band. 

Wed. Sept.25. 1946./10. eggs today.  Elbert went to Huron & got a nice lot of fish  I didn’t do a lot today but found enough to keep me busy & then He dressed fish & I baked them  we didn’t have any greese to fry them in & we cold packed 3. qts. Elbert was tired to  he got up early & went & came home with out meat or greese & said Scotts boat wouldn’t be in untill noon & I sent him back & we were glad he got the fish. for we we out of most everything & only had enough bread for supper.  We caned a few apples & tomatoes 7. qts. & one pt. of baldwin apples with out sugar. Oh such is life. 7 qts. & 1/2. & so I’m to tired tonight. Elbert could have got sugar yes-terday but didn’t have coupons with him, so, no sugar, it has been a nice day partly cloudy & quite cool breeze hot sun. 

Thurs. Sept. 26. 1946./ 14. eggs today. /  Elbert went to Huron at 7-30-a-m & he went to the market & got a piece of boiling meat 1. lb & 3/4  it cost 75 cents = 50 cents per. lb. he got 4 lbs saucage  4 lb hamberger 5. lb. beef roast & 5 lb veal chops for another man & it cost 7.35 cents & he gave Elbert 50 cents for helping him, he bought lunch meats & told Elbert they were having a lot of people to dinner, that some one of his family was going to be baptized in the lake Sat. Sept. 28th 1946.   Well Elbert bought gas he said with the 50 cents. I got up at 8-30-a-m. & did out the washing & Elbert came with the meat & was done with mine & the towels & house wash, he cost a piece of meat & ground it for our lunch.  then he washed out his change of clothes while I hung up mine & then his & he went out side & washed out 5 prs. old work pants & I hung them up, all the rest of the washing was bone dry, sun hot, & good fresh S. winid everything got dry. K& I took care of hens & birds carried well water & washed dishes & as soon as we had finished lunch Elbert went up to Shures & got me a yeast cake, “he forgot while up town” I had every thing ready to stir up the bread when he got back & I stired & mixed it into hard loaf & that was 1.-[-m. & 2-30  I make it into loaves & got it baked at supper time  3 white loaves & it’s light & white & tender. We ate macaroni for supper. & I felt so lame & stiff all day, could hardly get around, but, thank God He has cared for us & Elbert has a job at Kraut Co. doing carpenter work for $1.00 per. hour. they are building on addition for canning.

Fri. Sept. 27. 1946./ 969/ 9 eggs today/  Elbert went to work at the Kraut factory & worked all day & I washed his sleepers & my dress & what dirty rags there were & then I ironed my dress & ironed Elberts shirt & pillow slip & sleepers & pressed 5 pr. work pants. that have to have patches & stitcher on most of them, 1. pr. is all right, I had to sew the braid on my dress in several places before I washed it, I ironed it & put it back on. breeze was strong & sun hot   I took care of hens & birds & did the odds & ends & only ate 1 slice of bread today diped in milk & drank milk, I cooked string beans for supper & sliced tomatoes & had bread & tea.  I made tea for Elbert   he got here ten minutes after 4-p-m then after he fixed the screen for the coop door, he got a couple pails of water & I picked over a peck of tomatoes & sent to Helen Sarr for a pk. of there string beans & they were as glad for the tomatoes as we were for the beans. he left them on the way for the milk & got bean on way home. We went to Church & he went to Wests with the eggs & then mailed a letter to Flora & Shirley & card to Martha for me & then he called Nellie to see if they wanted to come for tomatoes  & to see how Nellie was, she ans. the phone said Johnny, she never knew where he was going or would be after work & she didn’t know what Geo & Bonita would be doing or whether they’d come, & that she was feeling about the same as usual.  So there’s about 2 bu. tomatoes that some one ought to have to can.  I took a bath & so did Elbert before me dressed for Church, it’s been a real hot day but a beautiful Fall day, makes you feel like living out in the open.  I see a big cock pheasant run down the road then fly over in the bean patch. 

Sat. Sept. 28. 1946./ 13 eggs today/  I slept untill 9. -a-m. then as usual, couldn’t dress fast enough & then washed & combed my hair & went to hen house with pan of sour milk, the hen were walking up & down along the partition singing, talking, & laughing, cheering for there 10-a-m. lunch.  they are good hens, they are so busy scratching & eating & making eggs that some of them drop the eggs on the floor turn & look at it & cackle a little & then hurry on to eat more mash oyster chell or drink milk or eat greens as it may be, the other night as they were flying onto the roost one hen hoped & started to fly & the egg plulped out as she flew, half way in midair & landed on the straw & she on the roost cackling in a half laugh & then discusted cackle, it was really funny & all the hens looking & laughing and then it sounded as if she said, I was going to lay it tomorrow and

Sat. Sept. 28. 1946 / 970/ 13 eggs today/  Pete the cock bird said thats right Sis don’t put off untill tomorrow what you should do today-a, it was like a movie act, I laughed , & picked it up & said that’s fine Sis makes 14 today & catches up on our dozen, they all do well, here, it’s Allmost Oct. & they are molting & laying  a few have laid off that are almost refeathered & that’s no more than fair  they need a little rest & to finish there feather & in a couple of weeks will be back on the job, for they are eating & working & a dose of salts every few days keep them hungry & active & I thank God, for if we didn’t have the eggs  I don’t see how we could keep eating. I went to the mail box to no avail, only couple of odds, then I ate 1 slice of bread & drank cup of milk. I opened the coop doors & windows & walked out to the garden & came back, mended a pr. of sock & listened to the news, then swept & dusted, I had aired the beds when I first got up & opened up the windows & doors after my morning prayer. but now again a terrible burden landed on my heart & I cried & prayed untill it lifted, then I swept both bedroom & & wiped up the floors, empted the water & carried well & systern water. & mash & feed to hens & Elbert came at four oclock he ate a piece of bread & drank  cup of hot tea & went to Vermilion got a bag of growing mash & bag of scratch grain & he went to the bank & borrowed $20.00, he then got 1/2 lb. of butter 1. lb. coffee 1. pkt. of tea, or box, 1/2 lb. I had the string bean on cooking & they were done, he had gone for the milk on way home, so, I strained it & put it to cool & by the time he was washed & ready for supper I had gravey on beans & the bread & hot coffee on the table & we are both terrible tired &  shaky, he had beans & eggs for his breakfast & eggs for his lunch   he couldn’t get meat any where or sugar or greese.  Miss Clark  had fixed some suet with cooking oil, “as she uses it” for us but when we let her out last night he wouldn’t wait for it & he was here with one of his neighbors tonight  they went hunting for woodchucks, but didn’t get any, he said his folks, Gertie & Wheelers were as well as usual.  It’s been another beautiful Fall day. 

Sun. Sept. 29. 1946./ 10 eggs today/ We didn’t get to Church today  Frank & Ruby came out & visited 1. hr. or so & they hadn’t been gone only a few minutes when 

Sun. Sept. 29. 1946./ 971./10 eggs today.  Geo Bonita & there 3. children came out & got a bu. & a half of tomatoes & some cabbages & carrots. & a big bunch of flowers for Nellie, it has rained most all day in heavy showers & so the boys “Elbert & Geo.” picked tomatoes cabbages & Bonita & I carrots & flowers between showers & then they got into the car & sped a way home with the children waving me good bys as long as they could see me, like Nellie’s & John’s children use to do. Time is flying fast.  Frank says he’s going to build a trailer next Month & he & Ruby are going to New Mexico in Nov. or Dec.  Ruby said she went to the clinic & they said her lungs are O.K. but her cough was caused from her bronchial tubes, she says she has coughed 3 yrs. this Christmas, her hair is white & she to act like a lady of great leisure. Well, wind was N. east & went N. & it’s strong & quite cool   we have had a wood fire all day, and it’s felt real comfortable.  I have felt too tired & now the hens are tucked away to bed & the birds & Elbert’s gone & I think I’ll go. I pray God will have saved some souls in the meeting tonight. Oh god, in Jesus Name I pray Thou will. 

Mon. Sept.30. 21946. /11 eggs today/  Elbert worked Fri. & Sat. & today & it’s colder weather wind N. & littly cold west.  I have tried to sew on my new house dress, couldn’t seem to make any headway  I took care of hens & birds & got the supper agoing at 4=15.  I stewed some cabbage & put some potatoes on the top & when Elbert came he brought a can of weiners & so, I opened it & put them in with cabbage & potatoes & we had quite a stew  he got a yeast cake, so it’s bread to make & bake tomorrow. & I hope to get some sewing done to it’s been mostly cloudy, had a couple of showers & one tonight.  the sky looks like winter, radio said they had hail in Cleveland today. 

Tue. Oct.1.1946./12 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I set bread & mended one pr. pants for him & cleaned the birds cages & took care the hens & I set that bread at 11-a-m & 2- I mixed it into loaves, 3 loaves & 7 bread biscuits  on a pie tin & it was so light & nice & I sent Miss. Clark 3 of the bread biscuits & 6 eggs  she paid 35 cents for the eggs 7 Wests got 2 1/2 doz. 1.75, Elbert went there to Vermilion be-fore he got the milk, I didn’t go to church tonight  I was so tired   We went out & picked all the tomatoes, ripe & green & what melons there were before we ate supper  my back & all through my chest & stomach have been paining me all day & tired me most to death.  I dreamed of a baby boy some one left to me a nice good natured little fellow with big brown eyes & curly hair & we both loved him so much & of a clear deep stream of water with a sand bottom & lots of big fish in it & we cought a lot of them & we were traveling in the car with an old woman who had been a cook & house Keeper for two old maids, who died before we left them in a big house with really antick furniture & they had the caskets all made & in the attic & there dresses & bonets were in them, the bonets were white trimed in pink & one in blue & dresses were old fashion  full skirts & tight fitting waists. black walnut caskets hand polished, Elbert

Tue. Oct. 1. 1946./ 12 eggs today/ 972/  & I staid with them for 2. mo. & then it seem we had to go on to Meet nellie & her folks & Wheeler & Gertie, Audrey, Martha, Merlin & there 3 children & Ethel & her man & Laura Ann & Frank & his familys & he said Virginia & her folk were coming behind him, there tires were bad & they must have stopped, he said, but they would catch up before long he thought.  We stopped & camped over night by a river & Francis Wheeler had a pig all dressed out & he’d found a big iron griddle 35 or 40 ins. wide & a little longer & it had legs you could put on or take off, we cleaned it & fried pork & biscuits & untill everyone was full  he said I could have the griddle & we took it, we had a cow that gave more than a bucket of milk & we took good care of her & looked out to see that no one bothered her at night   We were just ready to move on again When I woke up & got up, it was a wonderful dream there were lots of soldiers a mile or so from those old maids home & there Dr & Minister came & helped Elbert dig the double graves, they put both caskets in one big rough box & buried them in there back yard, they left everything they had left to Elbert & I, the old cook had her’s in money & we sold the place to the Goverament & then took the cook & what bedding & things we could use with us in a big covered truck they got us at the army camp, it had bunks in it, so we could sleep in it, I don’t know where we were going but they said if we could make it in 2 weeks we’d be quite safe for a while & it was queer how theyd got all the relatives together & we were under orders to stay together.

It’s been very cool, N.W. breeze & quite fresh. I’ve had a fire all day, “wood fire”. it’s been partly cloudy all day & radio says, frost tonight. 

Wed. Oct.2. 1946./12 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & worked all day he work all day yesterday & 1/2 hr. over time & when he got here tonight, he semented the fire pot in front & the top ends & he had to take the out side partly off to do that & the doors & the lip. I held the flash light, such a dirty mess, Well, thats done & he fixed the big door the screws had come out the nuts, well, I cleaned up the mess & got the supper cooking. I peeled all most a pk. of apples I picked up in the park & made 2. qts. apple sauce, I was out to the grapes & picked a good big pk. they are full of blackberrys high as my head or better, big canes as big as my thumb  I had to cut my way in, to get the grapes on the way back I stopped & got some sweet corn  it’s good sized blisters, but sweet & nice.  I had it in the Kettle & the potatoes & I fixed beans & gravey & Elbert got a piece of lunch meat, we had a slice apiece & now I have dishes done & he has shaved & it’s most bed time, he’s gone out for kindling wood, we don’t have a fire tonight & its quite cool radio said it was  going down to 35 degrees & we would get frost to night   but I still hope we, don’t for at least 7 days yet. We had a beautiful Fall day, nice warm sun & not much breeze  I sure Praise God for all our many blessings, Elbert’s terrible tired & stiff  I pray God will take it from him tonight, in Jesus Name & I give Him all the praise & Glory, Amen. 

Thurs. Oct. 3. 1946./ Well  no frost yet & its warmer today. Elbert had cramps & didn’t go to work, at noon he

Thurs. Oct.3. 1946./973./13. eggs today/  went to Huron & got 25 nice sized pike  I dressed 4 & fried them while he warmed the potatoes  I got his coffee ready & he had a cup or two before dinner  I had taken care of hens & birds & washed cans to put tomatoe pickles in some cans  I got back that Rev. Singleton had & they were rotten dirty, I’ll never understand how they could have got so dirty inside & out & she said she had washed them & had them all ready to bring back to me, now these Ministers have my cans & haven’t given any back so far & I’m not giving them any more untill I get them back.  I know if Jesus said He’d give my cans back He’d sure Keep His word & Ministers are expected to live like Jesus & keep a promise, but they just make excuses & go on, it’s sure a poor example for the young folk & I pray the older folks won’t follow it.  Well, I cut up a 6 gallon crock of green tomatoes  got the salt & boiling water on them & a plate & stone on the top to weight them down, I picked up a pail of apples  might get 2 more qts of apple sauce out of them. Elbert got 2. cakes of lava 2. of life boy 2. of ivory & Yellow soap & 1. box Oxydol soap powder, so, I ought to wash in the morning, I’ve been feeling punk my back & hips ach so bad seems as if I can’t endure it.  I done my daily work & wished I could be out side it’s so nice out door  hot sun but wind have gone N.E. & fog horn is blowing tonight. No mail, only, my check. Fri. Oct. 5. 1946./  Elbert went to Vermilion at 4-p-m. after he had dressed & cleaned the fish & he said we didn’t need so many so, I sent 4. to Miss. Clark & 10. to the Preachers. Miss. Clark sent me the greese, she had fixed for me last week & Elbert wouldn’t wait for me to get it, then. so, I told him to ask & he did so we fried all our fish tonight to be sure they wouldn’t spoil. I have washed up the dishes & cleaned the stove & washed up another bunch of cans. I took up the rest of the plants today. Poor old Pete he can hardly make the roost any more, I don’t know whats the trouble with him. Elbert said preachers were not home so he left fish on the table.  I got my check today, so, he got it cashed & he paid the feed bill $8.90 & he paid milk bill 9.00 & I forgot to have him pay the Dentist 5.00  that will only leave me 2.25 for Church & I’ll have to use some egg money to round it out to 2.50  Oh, well, I gave Elbert the egg money to get a window glass for south hen house door, he broke 2. out of that door this summer. & last night there was some one in the park picking up apples  they sure clean up even the culls & I want that glass put in before they get in & borrow the hens   that would be terrible  just terrible. 

Fri. Oct. 4. 1946./4 eggs today/  Well, I wanted to wash it was such a nice day but instead I caned 7. qts. tomatoe pickles & then was such a nice day.

Fri. Oct. 4. 1946. / 974./4 eggs today/I washed & cut enough to fill the 6 ga. crock again & put the hot brine on them & weighted them down, so I’ll have to can them tomorrow & try to do a little washing,  I aired the bedding today also & I don’t know what happened to the eggs today  the cackled as much as usual  the coop wasn’t locked this a-m & some one may have helped themselves while I was busy in the house,  I really don’t know,  I put a few carrots, beets, green onions, tomatoes & 2 heads of cabbage in a bag for Miss. Clark & a few tomatoe pickles in a small can & a cup of sugar in a bag & gave them to her after church tonight, Elbert & I both took a bath & dressed clean for Church.  I had to rasle around some to get supper, fed hens  got the garden stuff   read.  Elbert had to cut 2 in. off the glass for the coop door  then he put it in & fastened it with the molding then he went for the milk & I had that to strain & put to cool before going church   but we got everything done & off on time & then they didn’t start untill 8-p-m.  We took Miss.  Clark home after church, she said Mr. Miller had an-other bad spell   he threw up & then it went the other way & his poor old mother   Who is 86. yrs old fell & hurt her hip & her hands so it made it harder for her to take care of him, she tripped over a rug, it seems the woman that cleans for her had put it in the wrong place & left a loop or a place where she stepped her foot under the rug, she broke a dish she had in her hands but thank God he spared her bones.  Harry Miller is her son & she has taken care of him for ____ yrs.  Elbert worked all day & is terrible tired again tonight.  I gave Tom Eppler a red rock cabbage tonight & the preachers wife said she bought pork chops today & Miss Clark got greese spry [?] and she gave me a roll of toilet paper, I need that also. 

Sat, Oct. 5. 1946./12 eggs today. / Elbert went to work, he’s been having cramps in the flesh on his ribs & in his hands & legs, they only worked 4-10, I caned 8. qts. more of tomatoe pickles & then got at the washing & got it out & dried, Praise God, then I got supper & rested a while & washed done the dishes & now I’m going to bed hoping to rise & shine for God in the morning, I’m dead tired tonight  I’ve done my usual house work & took care of hens & birds & carried water & all I’ve. had to keep me today, & work on untill supper time was a pt. of milk & an egg yolk. tonight we had string beans potatoes, gravy & liver, bread & a glass of milk  Elbert had coffee.  after supper I ironed my house dress skirt & table cloth. It’s been a wonderful day & how I long to get out & walk around & enjoy the nice warm weather. it was 87 degrees at around noon today. N.E. breeze & 12 eggs today  We kept the coop locked-

Sun. Oct.6. 1946./975./10 eggs today’  Well, I wanted to go to Church this morn-ing, but I didn’t  I have to depend on Elbert & he was so tired he didn’t wake in time, I didn’t sleep all night I was so tired but I wanted to go this morning so Elbert could rest tonight, but here we went tonight instead.  Nellie, Johny, Bonita & her 3. children came in, just after we had, had dinner  I made a cup of tea all round & we tried to visit but, the children were full of mischeif & we couldn’t talk much, We gave them some cabbage & I gave Nellie the black dress I bought & tried to fix over but never got it done, she took it & said, maybe she could pay me by & by, she & Bonney Bell are going Oct. 16. “she said” to New Mexico. & she wanted to come before she left, but she couldn’t visit because of the children, so, said she might get back next Sun.  I don’t know what she wanted to tell me.  We had such a good Service   Mr. & Mrs. Reese sang an old fashion song & the Minister sang a part & then they all finished it together   Jane played the piano  Janes husband was with her at Church   Mrs. Eppler sang a solo on her ______ & Mrs. Eppler & Mrs Gerny played on the horn & ______ I can’t remember what kind of horn Mrs. Eppler plays. & the children’s choir sang a hym & then every one sang, several hyms. & they had prayers several times, then Rev. Mr. Gerny preached on the old time religion, one little Smith girl went to the Altar & a goodly number of children & grown ups.  We took a red rock cabbage to the Ministers & eggs to Wests & Miss Clark  for got to get hers, we went to her house but she wasn’t there & Mrs Reese said she thought she went over to Millers, so we delivered the 4. Smith children to there door, & we came on home  We had a cheese sanwitch & cup of milk cocoa & now Elbert’s in bed & I wish I was.  It’s been a beautiful Fall day warm & sun clear & Moonlight nights. & somehow I wish we could go where it would be warmer for the winter   Ella Jane got rooms for Nellie & Bonney Bell.

Mon. Oct.7. 1946./11 eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got in line & got some boiling meat  a little hamberg & piece of suet & then he went to the fish house & got a big mess of fish  he cleaned & I cooked them for dinner then he went to kraut Plant & worked all after noon & they told him they’d have to ask him to wait the bal. of the week they were out of material, so he’s out of work again  but a breathing [?] wont hurt him, only he wanted to get enough money to pay bills. 

Mon. Oct.7. 1946./976. 11 eggs today. /  Well when he got home tonight he cleaned a few fish for us & 4. for Miss. Clark. I peeled 3 pks. tomatoes & cook them down for ketchup &: got them through the strainer & done my daily round of house work & looked after the hens. I mixed condition powder in there mash today, had to give baby chicks there growing mash & then go back in 2 or 3 hours & let them into the park & then feed them at 5-30-p-m. Elbert decided to take the fish he had not dressed over to Nellie  & I had to husle some to get everything done   I got the milk bottles ready  washed my tomatoe Kettle &, I caned a qt of apple sauce, “baldwin apples.” & I had enough for another qt. but we wanted some to eat & I took a big cupful in a little can to Miss. Clark, with 4. fish & her eggs.” 1/2 doz.  Elbert took them up stairs and said she was sick & laying down she’s tired out [ ?]and hungry half the time. Well I feel a little better since I had a little more to eat, & I been taking an egg yolk in a glass of milk every day. Well we went & got the milk & then we went to Nellie’s  she seemed so pleased to get the fish said they’d been living on chicken & we so tired of them she wanted us to take a dollar, but we didn’t I don’t know just how bad a fix they really are in. She did say the vegetables were a big lift to them. We can’t visit  the children make such a noise Bonita put the twins to bed then we did get to talk a little, Nellie was trying to make pickles out of the green tomatoes  we gave them  she had them ready for the cans but had to fix the vinegar & then can them yet tonight. Bonney Bell was home & doing her hair up in curls & Poor Bonita tired most to death from her many duties with house work & children & she had done such a big washing partly of bed covers for comforters & she was going to iron them & they hope to get them put back on so Nellie can take part of them with her, they say it gets cold in New Mexico at night.  Nellie is so nervous  she said she didn’t know if she’d get every thing done by the time they were to leave on Oct. the 14th.  Well if it will help them to go, I pray God will take care of them & give them that help they need.  Nellie said Howard & Francis house burned up last night & everything the owned, but that they got out safe with there 2 children & she said Gertie was having to pay Armond rent to live on the place & that the lawyer told her if she wanted what was in the shop she’d have to store it in her bedroom. Gertie told us Pa had everything fixed so she wouldn’t have to worry, so, I don’t know. I’d like to go see if she O.K. 

Tue. Oct. 8. 1946./7 eggs today./  I finished my ketchup & baked 3 white loaves of bread & a big tin of bread biscuits & did my daily round & taking care of hens & birds & I’m so tired & so is Elbert  he has been sawing off the big stumps of the old trees & then he

Tue. Oct. 8. 1946./977./7 eggs today/ split up some wood to burn, the wind is N.E. & colder today & I’ve had a little fire so my bread would raise & it did & is so light & nice, we get white flower now, but only in small sacks 5 & 10 lb. sack  Elbert had to get Pillsberry four this time, as it was all they had.  Well the bread is sure good & I thank God in Jesus Name & for all our many blessing.  Elbert is getting so thin in his body.  It’s been a nice day mostly Cloudy & quite a bit cooler. I received a letter from Miss Baumgart with a stamp & 2 U.S. cards in it, they are as well as usual & she wanted to know how we all were. 

Wed/ Oct. 9. 1946./14. eggs today./ Well, I thought I wouldn’t work so hard today, but when I got up Elbert had the tomatoes all peeled & he was pealing the onions so, I got me washed & chopped the pk. to-matoes & green peppers & got them in the big Kettle to cook, then I chopped the 6 onions & put them in with a qtj. of vinegar 4/5 cup salt, 2 1/2 cups sugar & a cup of mixed spices  tied in a clean cheese cloth & then I had to str it every few minutes to keep it from sticing on the bottom, I let it cook 5. hrs. slow, then bottled it. & while it cooked I went to hen house & looked after hens & had Elbert put pail of water in the park for them for he cleaned the floor & roost late this after noon & I did my house work cleaned up bedroom & aired the beds & made them up for night.  I made 1. qt. apple sauce & caned it.  I cleaned bottom of cupboard & wiped up kitchen floor & then tonight while Elbert went for milk, I went out to feed hens & they afraid of the heaps of straw & just wouldn’t come in the coop, I went in the park & tried to drive them in, but no only 2 or 3 came in & then Elbert came & he helped me drive them in, so they went to bed with out there supper poor things. I had Elbert give them a dose of salts this morning & they sure will be hungry in the morning. I left there grain in a feeder  It has been a fine day & I have wished every day for a little more time to be out doors in the sun & air, but there’s so much to keep me in, was cloudy untill after noon, wind has gone from N.E. to S. East partly cloudy tonight.

Thurs. Oct. 10. 1946./6 eggs today/  We haven’t had a killing frost yet & I picked supper last night. I really didn’t do quite so much work today I picked up a bu. of poor apples hoping to get out a few qts of apple sauce  I washed up dishes & cooked & done my usual daily rounds looking after hens & birds & I dug up my big India lilly bulb & the young ones I had out side in the dirt, couldn’t find all of them  cut back the rose bushes on the end of the house, & Elbert did the most & he tied them up  we have the two on the sides to finish yet.  & 4 on the fence & rack & N. end of the house. Elbert picked all the rest of the lima beans, green & dry that were worth picking. I packed away the chilli sauce & put bread in the crock, I aired & suned the crock today. it’s

Thurs. Oct. 10. 1946./ 978./ 6. eggs today. /  been a nice day partly cloudy S.E. breeze & cooler tonight.  last night we saw hundreds of bright lights, like Roman candles shooting thorough the sky toward the S. West, or maybe I should say like a star shooting through the sky with long white tails one was a beautiful blue, even the tail  it was a queer sight.  

Fri. Oct. 11. 1946./13 eggs today./  I washed today   Elbert went to Lorain & I did carry the water, I wasn’t done when Elbert came & he washed out his 2 under suits & his work shirts 2,) & 1. pr. pants & then I took a bath & dressed for prayer meeeting while Elbert went for the milk then I got supper & we ate & went to church  it rainedhard several times & it rained in the night to & the close were most dry I had washed, so I finished them over the stove & Elbert’s clothes also. it’s colder tonight & looks like we would be getting a frost soon  Wind Strong from the South.  We had a wonderful prayer meeting & I got wonderfully blessed & so did several of the others, there were only a few there. 

Sat. Oct. 12.1946./ 11. eggs today./  I washed out a few more pieces & it was showery all morning, Elbert went to Huron but came back with out meat or fish, so, we had a hen an old maid hen that was all done shedding & feathered out good  she was fond of eating & looking nice, so we killed her for Sunday dinner, we had the breast for supper she was fat & tender. it froze ice 3/4 in thick last night. Weather cleared & sun came out after dinner & I dried clothes out side & it’s getting shivery cold tonight, heavy frost. heat feels good 

Sun. Oct. 13. 1946./9 eggs today./  We went to Sunday School & Church this a-m after Elbert had got the milk we got ready & went back to evening service to Church.  I’m not going to get milk at Hauff’s any more, he raised the milk to 15 cents per. qt. & now he wants 18 cents & I can’t pay it for I don’t have enough money, he thinks because the milk in the stores sell for 20 cents he ought to have as much but that milk costs more because they pasturize it & bottle it & we get just fresh milk, furnish our bottles & have to drive over & back making a 4 mile trip, using car, gas & oil.  so I told him to tell Hauff  we wouldn’t get the milk any longer. & the milk hasn’t been very good of late , guess his milking some of the cows that’s going to have calves, to long, milks stringy We went to Church & had a good service, preaching song K& prayer. I praise the Lord, Glory, Glory, Hallalujah, I Praise the Lord. 

Mon. Oct. 14, 1946./ 8. eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain but couldn’t get on to either of the jobs he’d been promised, but he landed another 7 its way out to the Steel Plant on Vine Ave. buidling  what they call baracks, big sheds done off in compartments for a number of families to live in, so men can work for Plant & live near by. I mended on my corset, but didn’t get it done so I’ll have to try again tomorrow.  Elbert got here about 5-30 or quarter to six & had fish, he had called

Mon. Oct. 14. 1946./979. 8. eggs today/ got tank of gas today/  at the gas office & told them our gas was gone  we have only had it a little over 2 months & since we haven’t been boiling meat & using the gas as often or as long for we haven’t had the food to cook, we were puzzled to know what had become of the gas, so, he told them & they said no one could take the gas out from the out side.  Well, When he came with the gas, I told him & he got rather angry, but at last he said, well, I can’t see how they could take gas out of the tank, but if it runs short this time, let me know & we’ll do something about it.  Well, it sure is queer. Well I took care of hens & birds & done my daily chores & odds & ends & I didn’t have much to eat & I can’t seem to do a lot some days, it’s been a fine day here but Elbert said it rained a light rain for an hour in Lorain this morning.  Elbert only worked this after noon & he was tired to, tonight.  We had a wood fire enough to keep chill out the house. 

Tue. Oct. 15. 1946./ 4 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & so did I, went to the hen house & took hens there green feed & let them out in the park  sun was bright & warm & they like to roll in the dirt then I went to mail box, but no mail, then I set my bread, after putting the birds in the sunshine, then I took all the curtains down & washed & suds & wrinsed & starched them & hung them out to dry   by the time I had the last ones up I started taking the first ones down, they all dried so fast wish it didn’t take any longer to clean them, than it took to dry them, I hung my blankets out when I first got up & shook up the beds & opened the windows & shut the doors to keep my bread rising, I had 4 nice loaves.  Elbert came at 5-30-p-m., I had shut the hens in & fed them, but my bread wasn’t done, so I couldn’t go to Huron with him, he had a saw up there being sharpened  he got it & was back before the potatoes were done  he got a piece of meat to boil & a piece of pork steak as tuff as Whang [?] leather   I had sweet corn that was tender  we ate & I did dishes & now, he’s gone to bed 7 I’m so tired I’m going also.  I sent a letter to Miss Baumgart yesterday.  Well I didn’t get my corset done today & I hope to wash windows  its sure been a fine day.  I thank God & Praise him for all things.  

Wed. Oct.16. 1946./7 eggs today/  Well, Elbert worked today & I only got the front door storm door glass & one window & the wood work done & I ironed 3. shirts & 7. prs. of curtains & 2 short curtains  took care of hens & birds & got 4. cabbages & some carrots   I cooked veg-tables in with the boiling beef for supper & cooked a few baby limas so Elbert can have some for his breakfast.  I cut a few roses & honey suckle tamaric & glrdias to took take to Hamblys for Ellen’s & Raymond’s wedding shower (Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Toms.) Well I took a bottle 

Wed. Oct 16. 1946./980./ 7 eggs today/  of chilli sauce  We washed & dressed after supper & pput the things in the car & went  2 cabbages for Hamblys & 2 for her mother & father & the glass fruit dish & little glass dishes for jam or whatever they might want to use them for & the chilli sauce every one wanted that, they say, you can’t buy it in the stores.  Well, the Toms sure got some nice presents   a very pretty water glass set with frosted leaves on them & a set of 8 tumblers in a carrier with baby pink roses around the tops   some  a set of bowls & a salt & peper set in a carrier for the akitchen another set for flour & spices  a big cassarol pyrex & one of earthen wear with flowers on & 2 pyrex pie plates  an electric toaster  2 nice pillows & a pretty tea towel with gay colors & a table clothe in fancy bricks all colors in a brick each brick alike. & one other some thing like it & some kitchen tools seives & forks & spoons & an ironing board & pad & cover & a pyrex coffee maker guess that was all, they served cheese & whole wheat bread sandwitches & hambergers sweet pickles in big slices, cucumber & doughnuts with apple cider & a 3 kinds of bottled drink pepse colla root beer & I don’t know what the other was, it was green & I think they said it was lime.  after the lunch they began leaving for home, I wanted to see Mrs Hamblys mother, but they went to bed early, she has been real sick & in bed   Oh yes, Miss Clark sent a box of scented tissues.  Well, Elbert had a cramp in his leg while we were there & in his ribbs after we got home, he’s so dog tired & so was I, we are not fit for going out at night after working all day & I’ll have to get up in the morning, for Martha said she’d be out & I don’t know if she will or not, but just in case, I’ll have to get up & wash my dress & iron it   I got so dirty today. I was in hopes I’d get the windows all done & curtains up, but, I can’t work so fast any more. & it’s after 11-p-m right now.  I wrote a letter to Nellie & Elbert mailed it today  It’s been a beautiful day real warm sun & south breeze.

Thurs. Oct.17. 1946. 3 eggs today/  Cloudy this morning, Elbert went to work and in & hour it was raining a fine misty rain & has kept at it most of the day   I went out between showers  looked after hens & got corn for supper & then let out hens & later fed them before bed time, it got dark early tonight   I opened car shed for Elbert, he came tired, & hungry  I had cocoa hot, he drank it & cleaned fish, “perch”  I done my usual house work & washed one North window, plugged it or corked it & the east one for winter & put clean curtains up to front door E. & N. window.  I baked 12 cup cakes, 1. loaf cake & I 

Thurs. Oct. 17. 1946./981./3 eggs today/  fried the fish cooked the corn & boiled potaotes  made coffee & had bread for supper & Elbert’s been in bed for an hour & a sleep & I’ve got dishes done & everything ready for morning & it’s raining in heavy showers & fog horn is blowing. Elbert brought a bag of coal  tonight isn’t cold, just damp, but wind gone N.West, so it might get cold.   Well, Nellie said they’d be going Fri. but we got a card today saying Wed. 

Fri. Oct. 18. 1946./9. eggs today./ Elbert went to work I slept a while then in a rush got dressed combed & washed & went to the hen house & gave the hens a pan of sour milk.  I let the young roosters out but it was rather cool  a strong S.W. Wind & a little night chilly & a little rain now & again, after noon sun came out at intervals.  I washed two more windows & wood work & corked them & put the clean curtians up & I still have 4 more to wash & cork & curtians  to put up, I’m so heavy on my feet, it tires me most to death   I picked sweet corn for supper & took 1/2 doz. to Miss. Clark & Mrs. Sprunk   I got supper, Elbert brought short steaks, I boiled potatoes & corn & made coffee & chopped cabbage & mixed it with chillie sauce for relish. & we had home made bread. Young chickens didn’t stay out long  I shut them in at 4-p-m. & fed them all, then went out & husk the corn for supper & picked up a few apples. We got dressed for church & went, only Mrs. Sprunk & Miss Clark, little Garry Black & the preacher was there  Mrs. Gerny was sick & laying down all after noon  the Minister said & there are several others sick   I thank God, He got me off to Church & I pray Mrs. Gerny will be O.K. tomorrow, Oh God, in Jesus Name Please bring in thy people to Church & pray meeting fill them with a craving for Thee, Oh, Dear Heavenly Father forgive us our sins and reveal unto us the things we ought to do & say to help others.  I pray for those who are sick & those who are sorely afflicted & for every soul that belongs to Thee, I pray, Lord God of Hosts Thy Will be done, Glory to God. All the Praise & Glory truly belongs to Thee.  I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sat. Oct. 19. 1946./8 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & he gets time & a half for today.  I slept untill 8-30-a-m.then got up & dressed, combed & washed & put the birds in the front door in the sun light then shook up the bieds opened the windows & fixed the fire a little enough to keep it & went to hen house with pan of sour milk & gave them a cabbage head & some grit & let the roosters out, then carried the water & did out the washing & got it dried.

Sat. Oct. 19. 1946./982./ 8 eggs today/  I washed my corset, I had it partly mended & I can finish it clean, now, I washed both my house dresses & did the ironing & & swept & dusted both bedroom & kitchen washed up dishes, fed & locked coop & got a pail of cystern & well water & made up beds & got supper & done up dishes again, yes, I picked up peck of apples.  It’s been a beautiful day.  Praise God in Jesus Name. 

Sun. Oct. 20. 1946./ 6 eggs today/  I didn’t get to Sunday school  & Church this morning but we went to night  I haven’t felt so good  guess I may have taken a little cold  I was so stiff & lame all over, I didn’t sleep untill morning, then I slept to long to get ready for Church, there wasn-n’t many to church tonight  we took Mrs sprunk & Miss. Clark Home & then the Smith children  they live just west of Epplers. about a mile out of Vermilion.  Today is Pa & ma’s wedding annaversy.  67. yrs. ago today. Pa would be 86 yrs old this Jan 28 1947 and ma 90 yrs old this Nov 29. 1946.  Elbert got a pt. of cream & it sure was good  I haven’t eat much today & was so empty, my bowels have been sort of running off & leaves me empty.   Tonight before supper we saw such a big flock of wild geese they came from the North east & were going south west.  It’s been a fine Fall day partly cloudy. We had a good meeting & prayer Service  Praise the Lord. 

Mon. Oct. 21. 1946./ 7 eggs today/  Elbert went to work, and I slept awhile. then tumbled out & dressed, comb my hair &  got washed  took care of birds  shook up the beds & opened the windows put the water on to heat & went to hen house & mail box  gave the hens some cabbage let young one out & then fixed me a bite to eat & then pealed apples, they are terrible, I only got 2 1/2 qts. from a big peck at 4-p-m. I fed hens & chicks & gave them mash & shut them in & locked the coope & opened car shed doors & then went out & piked what sweet corn there was left   Georgie Snyder came over & I gave her a doz ear or more & she talked so long I was late with my supper, Elbert was late to & I had to hurry to get supper before seven oclock, I fried some steak he brought home  cooked the last of the green lima beans & a potatoe & sliced the beets  I had cooked to made his coffee & got the bread & we had sweet corn to & then after supper I did the dishes & got the meat boiled & now all is done for today. It’s been 

Mon. Oct. 21. 1946./983./7. eggs today./  a perfect day quite, warm sun & no breeze.  I wished I could go out & stay in the open all day, so warm you don’t need a jacket on. Elbert said, tonight as he came along the highway & looked at the lake, he wished he could go fishing once more. 

Tue. Oct.22. 1946./7. eggs today./  Nellie said she & Bonney Bell would be in New Mexico today, Mon  Elbert went to work and so did I   did my morning chores & pealed apples & canned 2. almost 3. qts. & then I went out & trimed the rose rambler on the S.east corner of the house & the sun was so hot I thought it would cook me, but I got it done & cought in place so Elbert only will have to tighten the wires & fix it up in the middle where I couldn’t reach it.  Seems Elbert ans. another insurance add. & a man came to see a-bout it today, I couldn’t tell him so he said he’d come back tonight & he did & Elbert signed up for it  76.00 for the first year & 60.00 each year after & then if he gets hurt or sick even if he isn’t in the hospital  if he can’t work he gets 50.00 a month & if he has to go to hospital they pay all his expenses  ambulance & operating room expense, Elbert thinks that’s a lot to pay a yr. but he’s getting to the place where he’s apt to need it & it’s lots cheaper this way, than the way it was when he was in the hospital last time, he had to borrow money from the bank & mmorgage his car & all the extra trouble he had to get the morgage back.  Well I do hope he will be able to keep this insurance for I don’t have enough to keep us with out the help of the hens.  I got the supper & took care of hens & got the dishes done & pealed a stew pan of apples & got them cooked & now I’ll read a bit & can the apples & go to bed.  I Praise God for a wonder day & for a letter from Flora Glover today.  I pray God will talk to her & help her to understand & live for Him.  Glory, Glory, Hallalujah  Glory to God I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus.

Wed. Oct.23.1946./1. egg. today/  Elbert went to work & the boss sent him over on the east side on the lake front to fit & hang some storm windows way down by the Over Look apartments way down, almost to the end of East Erie Ave & he’s been on a ladder all day, he’s to tired tonight, he sweat untill all his clothes was wet through & he was still soaked when he got home, he ate & took his bath & went to bed, had to fix a garter before he went, I tried to get him to stay home tomorrow but he says the work isn’t going to last long, but we neither can see why he should do such a job  it’s nothing to do with the construction Co. job. I only hope he don’t get any more ladder jobs. I pealed a stew pan full of baldwin apples & picked over & washed 4 qts cheery tomatoes for green pickles. & I picked a pk of green tomatoes off the big tomatoe vines & there are lots of them out there yet, a bu. or 2. but I run out of salt & sugar, so have to wait.  I did my daily rounds  of duties & wiped up the floor & so I’m some what tired, myself   Elbert brought fresh fish for supper.  It’s been a beautiful day & I fasted and fasted & prayed today, the rest were going to do the same for Mr. Horning. 

Thurs. Oct.24.1946./984./5. egg today./  Elbert started for work, but he got as far as the garage, one tire blew out & he got that fixed, then it started missing, he had to have $18.00 worth of work done, he got home little after 4. p.m.  he didn’t get my sugar, so I sent him to Huron & he got 15. lbs.  $1.05  it cost. & he got some nice fresh bones to cook in with the little piece of boiling meat he had brought & a piece of lunch meat & I sent Mrs. Gunenhauser & her brother, the 2 yellow rose bushes they wanted. Well, he went & come before I got finished with my work, I had just got the hens in & fed & locked up when he drove in, I ask what had happened, he had come so early & he told me he’d been at the garage & then done the shopping & come home.  We had a lunch before he went to Huron, I hadn’t had only 1/2 slice of bread cup of hot water & little later cup of cocoa, & I had done all the washing except my rags & his 2 work shirts   I washed his blankets & dired his bedding  had a good sized wash, & have 3 blankets yet to do.  Elbert mailed a card to Bonita, for me today. if I can, I do them & the few other things in the morning. The wind was so strong, it sure dried the cloth fast. I was all ready to get supper when, Elbert come, I made his bed & mine while he was gone to Huron then shaved the corn off the ears & cooked it for supper.  I set bread this morning & baked bread biscuits for supper  had 2 loaves of bread, big ones, It’s been a wonderfully nice day, warm sun.  Oh! how I Praise the Good Lord God of Hosts for everything. 

Fri. Oct. 25. 1946./ 5. eggs today./  Well the wind did blow last night & some time after midnight it rained in heavy showers & I heard some one rattling around the gas tank, heard the cover go up & a rattle & clatter & the same rattle & a different noise when the cover went down,. I don’t know what to do about it.  Elbert went to work & he did so many earns on the way home, I couldn’t go to church for prayer meeting tonight & I just feel sick when I can’t go prayer meeting, I haven’t done so much today, was to tired & it rained most of the day, I picked a bunch of roses & a few carrots & beets & green tomatoes to take to Preachers, Mrs. Clark &K Mrs. Sprunk then had to put vegetables in grainery.  Hens are sure molting off fast  floor is white with feathers.  I got a letter from Nellie today   she said Bonita sent my letter right on to Mexico & she was glad to get it, she said Ella Jane met them at the station & that she was so tired before she started she could stand up straight, but now she was better again & that it was just beautiful there.  I pray God will heal her soul & body in Jesus Name. They got into New Mexico last Sat.

Fri. Oct. 25. 1946./985./ 5. eggs today./  she said they went to Sun. school & church in the morning & to Church in the evening & she & Bonney walked over to the house where Ella Jane rooms with a teacher & several other girls, that it was a large house with large pretty rooms & the girls are learning to keep house.  sounds rather foolish to me, but it might be O.K. Well it said over the radio that it would clear off tonight & be cooler tomorrow & I think it will, also said partly cloudy tomorrow. I do pray God blessed the meeting & that there were lots more there than last Fri. night  I thank Thee Jesus. Sat  I canned 2. qts. cherry tomatoe pickles & did my usual daily chores, and made vegetable soup.  I put barley, carrots, onions & macaroni in the beef broth & tomatoe & lima beans  it was good. 

Sat. Oct. 26. 1946./ 4 eggs today/ Elbert went to work & I slept till 9-a-m & then looked after hens & birds & then I washed what dirty clothes there were & 3 cotton blankets. 2. light & 1. heavy, & carried the water & did my usual round of house work.  Elbert was sore & lame from laying floor yesterday & he’s still tired & lame tonight, I had supper ready & clothes dried & put away & hens fed & locked in, & picked up a pail of apples & now the dishes are done & we have to go to bed, Elbert has gone.  It’s been another fine day   only a strong S. wind. 

Sun. Oct. 27. 1946./ 3. eggs today/  I got up took a bath & dressed   went to Sun school & Church & to Church this evening, we had a good prayer service both this morning & tonight & Mrs. Sprunk’s son & his wife & there son went to the alter tonight she & the Church folks have been praying for them for a long time.  I pray they will come again & again & be holy converted.  We had prayer for healing this morning & a lot of us were anointeed & prayed for, even Sister Gerny.  some for one thing and some for another, Oh how I thank God in Jesus Name that we can go to Him as often as we will & He’s hear and ans. prayer.  Praise His Holy Name, Glory, Glory, Glory, Now, Thurs. night they are having a part (shower) for Mary Krole & Mr. Petters, they are going to be married Sat. Nov. 2nd  1946. in the little 4. Square Church in Vermilion Ohio. & we all are invited, it will be at 7-p-m.  the shower is going to be at Mr & Mrs. Tom Eppler’s.  Tom is Marry’s Uncle.  Well, we had quite a crowd out to Church tonight.  I took Mrs. Sprunk this morn. & tonight I gave preachs 2. cabbages & a bunch of green onions & Miss Clark some beets carrots can apple sauce & little can of Cheerys. & little can of sugar. & we take the 3. or 4. Smith children home for they live on the Main Highway west

Sun. Oct. 27. 1946./ 986./ 3. eggs today./  and we pass there home. & it’s about a mile from Church.  Elbert got a pt. of cream & it was so good for lunch tonigh & its been a fine day.

Mon. Oct.28. 1946./ 6 eggs today/  I swept both bedrooms & Kitchen & I scrubbed the toilet & give her a good one & wrinsed it down with 3 buckets of water, the coal came & the young Eppler boy brought it, We had quite a visit on christianity  he’s young & there are a lot of things he don’t understand  Why, Oh Why don’t the young christians try to help & Why don’t they let those Who want to know things, ask questions, they seem to want to do all the talking   I like a few class where every one can ask the about the things they want to Know, they need help & don’t Know how to get it   Elbert went to work  I have done all my daily chores.  We’re both tired tonight it’s been a fine day  strong, S. wind & we didn’t pull cabbages. 

Tue. Oct. 29. 1946./ 3. eggs today.  Elbert went to work & I got up at 8-30-a-m & I wiped up Kitchen floor & stairway scrubbed the slop pail & wash bench & put clean papers on the shelf & 2. board I set the cystern & well pail on, took care of birds & hens & got some adds from the mail box, then ground a small piece of beef cut off the boiling meat & made meat balls  Mrs. Sprunk said she’d be here today & since it was 11-30 & she hadn’t come, I got the meat balls cooking & when they were most done I went to the well for water & see her coming up the hill I came in with water   put some on to boil for tea & went to meet her, she gave me her purse & went on to see Miss. Jones & I came in & fixed some corn & opened a can of cheeries  got the table set & dinner on & she thanked God for our dinner & then we ate & talked & about 3 we began to pray & were both drunk with the Spirit, at 5-p-m  when we began to come back to earth we went out to feed the hens & I still couldn’t walk straight, Glory Hallilujah, Praise the Lord, Glory, Glory. & then after I’d took care of hens, I put the boiling meat on to cook & we went out & got 1/2 doz. beets 1. savary cabbage 1. green cabbage head & a big piece off a red rock cabbage & a few flowers. then Elbert came, he pulled a few good heads & put them in the middle pen, we got to pull them for they are cracking open so bad then he washed & took Mrs. Sprunk up to highway to catch the buss. It was cloudy untill 10-a-m then sun came out & it was fine  looks like rain tonight & I haven’t done the washing yet. 

Wed. Oct.30.1946./3 eggs today/  Elbert went to work, I was feeling so punk but my cold had broke yesterday, but I felt so tired  I slept untill 9-a-m, before I got up & started   I got the beds & rooms taken care of & then put the water on for the bread & I went to hen house & mail box, got an invitation to Miss. Marry Krolls wedding shower  they are going to have it at Mr. & Mrs. Tom Eppler. 

Wed. Oct.30.1946/ 987./ 3 eggs today./  home(Tom is Marys Uncle)  Well each one was to give a 25 cents for dough-nuts & sider & bring a gift of some sort, I had the bread in a loaf to raise & put water on to start the washing, it was lat but there were only a few clothes to wash & I had them all done at 4-p-m. K& bread biscuits & small loaf of bread done for preachers & Mrs. Sprunk. I made 3 loaves of bread this time for us, When Elbert he looked at the biscuits & smiled & said, boy they look swell & I said I’m going to send them to the preachers this time & he laughed & said he’s going to tell that preacher something. but it was me he told something   we ate supper & listened to the news & then a little play come on & he seemed to be so inter-ested   I didn’t shut if off, it was about a young man, his sister-in-law & himself, man  like he never dreamed his sister-in-law would be jelous of his wife, but she was & started making all the most horrible messes of trouble for the young wife, Who was feeling like she’d like to be alone with her man untill they understood one another better, but “Linda” kept right after things  200.00 dollars came up missing from the wifes purce & Linda saw the purce & opened it & looked through it & she was so bossy & mean & even lied to the man & tried to make him believe all the tricks she was doing herself  was the things the wife did, so of course after her man got sick & into a raving fever over it & Linda wouldn’t let his wife go near her man & she “Linda” fell over from over tired & the wife took care of them both untill they were O.K. then she pack her things & hoofed it to the station a couple of miles away & learned she had to wait untill midnight for a train, so she took out a writing tablet & wrote & explained all to the man she loved so much, it made her cry to write it & she was so deeply interested she didn’t hear her man walk in, then they fixed things up & he took her in the carrage & drove back home with her, & Linda left for good.  Elbert got up & started to go out side with out his jacket & he had sweat untill he was wet through, he wears his overall all day & takes them off at night, & he has a little cold, so I said put your jacket on, please, for it’s getting cooler out side & he flew at me like a cagged animal that had got loose & said, you’re as bossy as Linda & then, he added yes  another old Linda, you’r just like her, Well, I new, but, wasn’t prepared for it just then

Wed. Oct. 30. 1946./988./3 eggs today.  I had baked all that bread & done the washing  carried water and done all my other house hold duties & chores in side & out & got supper & had felt to tired to do a thing all day but just drove myself to it & I was sort of stund & I began to cry & pray & just couldn’t seem to stop & then I had on vision after another untill I was so weak I could hardly get me off to bed & when I once lay down I didn’t know anything untill I came to myself coughing & then I prayed most all night untill I heard him getting out to get off to work, then to eace his own conscience, he said he was sorry it just slipped out & he didn’t mean it & any way it was my own fault   I didn’t need to have taken it to heart, but when I ask him how he would fee, if I had said the same to him, with a cold   vicious look as he had & he said well I wouldn’t like it but I’m 64 yrs old & Know enough to put a jacket on when I need one, but do you I ask & he said well, no, but I don’t need someone to tell me but when, he’s sick he likes to be waited on hand & foot  He said he’d go to church & give his soul to the Lord. (Let’s see if he really means that.  I told him I prayed the Lord wouldn’t give him any peace untill did & I mean it to, I’d hate to see him in Hell, to. with All those feinds & murders.  Oh God, have mercy & help him before it’s forever to late.  It’s been quite a nice day strong S. wind, getting & cloudy tonight.

Thurs. Oct. 31. 1946./ 6. eggs today./  Well Elbert went to work, but he didn’t take the bread. & I have felt so weak and all in, seemed as if I couldn’t go on, but I done my usual round of house work & out side chores & had to mix up mash & carry water to hens today  they are shedding there feathers fast for 5 or 6 almost bare except for wing feathers but they all, except one, seem to feel good & are active.  I darned socks all after noon & put a patch on my pants but didn’t get pants done & then I got supper & am not doing dishes tonight.  It started to raian shortly after we went to bed & has been at it most of the day. in light misty showers, not cold out, just damp & misty. 

Fri. Nov.1.1946./ 4 eggs today/  Elbert went to work but quit it noon he said. he went to see Dr. De Nardy  got some pills to use in water to soak his feet, Every time I wash his socks my fingers brake out in sores or big pimples  he told me he paid my milk bill & 20.00 on last winter’s coal bill. there’s still about 16.00 to be paid, he’s got his car insurance yet to pay 24.00 & then the garage bill 17 or 18.00 & he did say 17.81 for 2 ton of the dirtiest coal, last week. We still have cabbages to pull &

Fri. Nov. 1. 1946./989./4. eggs today/  a few beets & carrots. I mended 2. of my suits & got one patch felled down on my pants that I had basted on yesterday but still have another to put on the seat & will have to fix the other pair same way.  I washed out all the rags & nose rags I dirtied last night & got them dry over the stove took care of birds & hens   I got one more hen that looks as if she would be dead in the morning.  I sure did push them hard for eggs & some don’t eat enough to keep there bodys & molt, now she’s half feathered out & just hasn’t got pep enough to go on, there are lots of people just like that, as Flora says they haven’t got what it takes, a good constatution, back bone, or grit  in 2 weeks she’d be on top again but she’s giving up.  Well, it’s been mostly cloudy today & rained a little tonight. been a nice day not cold flowers are blooming yet.  Elbert says he feels better tonight, he took a piece of a nature remidy tablet, he has a cold & he got rather nervous about the things he said the other night. 

Sat. Nov.2. 1946./ 1. egg today./  Elbert went to work & tonight he says he’s going to go to work tomorrow, I ask him not to but he says he gets double time & he needs the money, well, he isn’t going to harm any one but hisself, if he is determined he wants to go to Hell, how, can I, keep him, I know he can cut off his own neck if he wants to  I’m more than sorry, for he kknows I’m not trying to boss him, I  love him & have put up with a lot, hoping he would see the the right way out   The Good Lord wont save him just because I ask, we each must be willing to do our own part, I’ll still pray & hope that he will step over on the right path soon, before it to late & I hope he wont wait to long, for time is growing short fast; It’s been so warm today & sort of sultry, mostly cloudy & no breeze.  I picked a dozen or more ripe tomatoes & a big bouquet of roses red yellow & pink, & the honey suckle is in full bloom sweet peas & other flowers & a big dandelion in bloom by the back door. I gathered beets carrots & cabbabe from the garden & broccoli for the birds, today it’s to hot for this time of yr. wish Elbert had put in more corn it would have been so good now.  I wanted so much to go to Sunday school & church in the morning but I have to cough untill I throw up & soak me self.  I have trusted all week I’d be O.K. for Sun.  I felt God ans. pray Fri. but some how I seemed to have to go through the fire & hot water again for His Name’s Sake  I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen. Glory, Glory to God.

Sat. Nov.2. 1946./990./ only 1. egg. today. /  I done my usual rounds of work today  got supper & done dishes, Elbert got home early 5-30-p-m. & he’s so tired. he had cramp in his thighs last night untill he was exausted. he went to bed, but don’t seem to be able to sleep yet.  I lost one more hen, poor old gal. I picked up the bigest baldwin apple today   I’ve seen since the tree in the back yard first started to bear it    ins. around & ___ ins deep. big & red, & smells so good. & they (some one) has picked up all the kull apples, once a-gain, you would think, to see the way they come in every few nights, that those apples were dimonds or gold nugets. Well they have sure cleaned the ground. 

Sun. Nov. 3. 1946./ 4. eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I slept late 10-a-m & then I got up weak as a rat & feeling like a dish rag, dressed combed & washed  cleaned my teeth & put some water on to heat, went to Mail box got my check and DeHaan’s book called (The Times of the Gentiles) then I went to grainery got some mash & mixed in salt & condition powder & went to hen house, went to garden, got armfull of swiss chard & took it & mash in for hens & chicks  some of those poor old girls that were so bare are about half feathered now but I hope they

Mon. Nov.4. 1946. 991./ 4. eggs today. / all got done molting before it gets severe cold, they all seem active so far have only lost two. there are several that have not started to molt yet poor things & I’m hoping they get at it soon. Well, I got back to house had a bad cough-ing spell & was just done when the preachers came in  We had tea, or they did, & we talked & visited & then then Prayed & ask God to deliver me from this cold, to clear it all out & give me strength of body & spirit  Praise God in Jesus name. I thank God for them as His and All of His & I thank Him for my healing & Praise Him for ever & ever Amen;  They were going to Sandusky to pray for a sick man who had sent for them. He said his minister came in & read some prayers off a paper but they didn’t do him any good, but when Brother & Sister Gurney prayed for him, he felt lifted, & blessed Glory Glory Hallulejah Praise the Lord Oh my soul, Praise God from Whom all blessing flow   Well, I had once more got set down to eat a bite when Adan Hauffman came in, He’s a batchlor that lives with his Aunt Lena Bacon, he came in some time ago to get a slip that Lane Bryant had sent to me instead of his Aunt & he wanted me to try to raise a song bird for him, I told him I didn’t raise them any more & hadn’t any females, he said maybe he could get one & I said I didn’t care to raise any, it was such a lot of work but here he came today with a female, well, I didn’t know what to say, he only wants one singer & then I can have the femqale, she’s a nice looking bird & she & Jack were soon talking together, I just don’t feel able to take care of breeding birds, it’s a lot of work to look after them, but I hope she’ll have two males so I can have one for my pay. I don’t care to have Hauffman running here either, such a world.  I do hope he wont come often. Elbert got here late tonight 5-to-6-p-m. he’s plenty tired   I hope he takes a day to rest or he’ll be sick, he got chilled this afternoon & felt cold & shivery tonight, I hope he’s able to throw it off.

Tue. Nov. 5. 1946./992./ 4 eggs today/  Elbert went to work, it’s getting to be rather chilly mornings & he’s still wearing his B.V.D’s. & so tonight he is feeling heavy with a cold coming on & he has taken 3 anasins & I have given him one I hope & pray God will break his cold, so he can Keep working   While the weather is still good. I havent done much today   took care of bedrooms & kitchen cooked supper & done dishes & took care of hens & birds. It’s been a fine day   wind N. west & cool, sun warm. I let hens out for 2. or 3. hrs. & then drove them in & shut up the coop, to keep the heat in & there are 6 or 7 most naked   I got my check yesterday & DeHaan’s book & Elbert got his insurance policy today   I hope he gets it all paid for, so if he gets sick he will have a way to take care of himself   It, cost 60.00 per. yr. but it pays his Dr. amblance & hospital bills & that is a lot & it pays even if he isn’t confined to bed or home.  I think that would be nice to have, it’s life & accident policy.

Wed. Nov. 6. 1946./ 3 eggs today/  Elbert went to work but tonight his cold seems to be the same as last night & he has been taking anacins all evening. I only did my usual round & feel to weak for even that but got the chores done inside & out.  & I got the supper on time & now everythings ready for morning. It’s been a fine day, wind was south untill 4-p-m when it went north & got chilly, but not cold.  We had a white frost but didn’t kill tomatoes or other vegetables. cloudy tonight.

Thurs. Nov.7. 1946./ 3. eggs today/ Elbert went to work & his cold seems worth tonight, he told me his supperentendent dropped dead in the bank in Lorain yesterday & they are burying him Sat.Nov.9.  It was raining this morning but cleared up & sun came out, but it’s cloudy agaiin tonight, wind went south in the night & is still South tonight.  I just done my usual round of duties in side & out & washed 3 windows & put up the curtians in Elberts room, I washed the front door & storm door window. & got the supper, Elbert pulled a few cabbages & put them in the coop. I still have to cough hard   Elbert bought a pk of apples.  I don’t care for them  not very good flavor.  Elbert’s hip joints are paining him tonight & he’s sore lame & stiff. 

Fri. Nov. 8. 1946./ 5. eggs today./  Elbert’s cold so bad & he had cramps in his legs & he didn’t go to work, but he did do some things here that needed to be done, he put up the back storm door & put the cabbages down seller   it’s rataher warm for them yet so will have to open window every day & there are about 100 or more loose or savory cabbages yet to be pulled & took care of. I done my usual round & I’m terrible weak. no mail today. it’s been cloudy most all day & chilly breeze N. west.  fire feels good but coal is sure punk stuff cloggs up the pipe so bad & smokes so, I do hope we can get some better.

Sat. Nov.9. 1946./993./4 eggs today/  Elbert’s cold is bad, his head has felt terrible all day, I rubbed him good last night with alcohol & he greese hisself, but I hadn’t been in bed long, before his ear began to ach & then they both ached & I got up & heat a flanel blanket & put it under his head & all around his head & after a little he got easy & slept, but not as usual, I talked to him several times, he just felt so bad he couldn’t sleep but, I felt tired most to death & slept this morning, he got up at 8-30-a-m & went out & gave hens fresh water & got the mail  a letter from Nellie & she sent a stamped addressed envelope & said the girls had both been sick & in bed for one day but were better again & that they had a light snow fall. but it soon melted and all there was left was a snow man in the back yard & that was all they had left to know it had snowed. I had thought I’d write before this but have had a terrible cold & cough, so thought perhaps it would be better to wait un-till I felt stronger & was sure  I’d got rid of all the germans [? germ and]  then Elbert came down with same kind of cold, he’d been feeling bum for a week, well I give him a good rubbing again tonight, he says he feels better than last night  his back hurt so bad he could hardly get up or down last night but today it, the lameness & the pain in his hip is gone, Thank God. I Praise God in Jesus Name  all he does for us.  We had to go to Huron to get some food for over Sun-day & for Mon.  I had Elbert cash my check & he had to put his thumb print on the check & it seem to worry him for some reason, but he always gives me all the money unless I tell him to use some of it for something.  I got me three shirts  very thin cheap looking but cost 64 cents a piece, I got 3 & she only charged 1.98, tax & all. Well, that’s to much  there isn’t any extra piece under the arms, & Elbert got the grocierys & we came home & I feel terribl bum, I did get an all wool blanket 14.75 & paid 5.00 down on it.  guess I’ll try Lane Bryant’s for pants & shirts & stockings & wool skirts.  I have to get some shoes & maybe over shoes soon.  I pray God will help me to have the things I really need. I’m feeling terrible weak in body. & so tired.  Nellie said in her letter Bonita wrote every day & that she said merlin had a severe cold.  I dreamed of Pa, Ma, Fred & Martha last night. 

Sun. Nov. 10. 1946./994./1. egg today. /  Pa has been gone 2. yrs. today & times surely flying & Jesus will soon be coming.  Glory, Glory to God. I Praise Father , Son & Holy Ghost.  Well, it did shower this morning, light shower before 9.a.m. was cloudy most all day 7 cloudy tonight; We been home all day  Elbert feels punk  his head’s so dizzy, he says he’s going to work in the morning, but I doubt if he works.  I’m so weak in body, I had to cough & raise & sweat takes about all the strength I had, I know they will be praying for me at Church and I believe God will be merciful & heal me again in Jesus Name & I thank Him & all the Praise & Glory belongs to Him forever & ever amen.   I love & ador my Jesus and I think it’s more than wonderful that He listens to us at all, we sin so often. Oh, I’m so glad He forgive us and lifts us and give us another chance   Who on earth would ever even think of being so Kind to us, There’s no one like our Lowly Jesus   He hears  He sees & Knows Blessed, Blessed, Spotless Lamb of God Pure Clean in Spirit Soul & body, a clean heart & pure mind.  Oh if only I could be like Him.  Oh God, give me strength in Spirit & body that I be like Him.  Oh God, give me strength in Spirit & body that I may be in every meeting as a testimony to Thee, I thank thee.

Mon. Nov. 11. 1946./5 eggs today/ today was armistes/   Elbert felt to bum to work  it’s been a wet day showery, sun came out a few times, but not to stay & it’s cloudy tonight   I wrote a letter to Nellie & a card to Indera Mills Co. Winston, Salem; N.C. the sell the wool slips & under skirts, I’ve only done what I had to do today.  Elbert got the water & coal & emptied ashes. & he keeps to hot a fire. He says he’s going to work tomorrow, but, his head feels so bad tonight  he’s still dizzy.  Well I got dishes done and everything ready for morning.  No mail today.  Weather is a little cooler but tomatoes beets & carrots are still green out side yet.  I’m better but weak, Praise God.

Tue. Nov. 12. 1946./4 eggs today/  Elbert felt so bad he didn’t go to work, he carried water & went to Vermilion, but he didn’t feel able to do that, he had a fever last night has felt & looked bad all day. I hate to have him drive when he feels so bad, but, because I did the washing he tried to do what he could, he thought I was foolish to wash, but, I didn’t last week & so had to today, I had to wash rags & nose rags every day last week & didn’t feel like mading beds  sweeping & cooking doing dishes & baking bread, so I had to wash today & the sun was shining to, well got it all done except 3 shirts & 1 dress. 

Wed. Nov. 13. 1946./995./ 4. eggs today./  Elbert looks sick & his head feels so bad & his stomach & bowels are not acting just right but he says he’s going to work in the morning.  Well, I washed 3 shirts & baked 2 loaves of bread & tin of bread biscuits & am so weak   Elbert put supper to cook & I helped & now dishes are done & everythings ready for the morning.  I have to get the sweeping done in the morning &  wipe up the floors, I did take care of beds & birds, hens & feeding today; & it was a fine day S. west wind I Praise God for my blessing. This morning we gave the letter for Nellie & girls & letter for Flora & card to wool Mills to the postman, receiving none.

Thurs. Nov. 14. 1946./3 eggs today/ Elbert went to work & I swept aired the bedding & wiped up the floors, took care of birds & hens & cooked supper & finished mending my pants   Received a letter from Annabel Mariner, Barns, Hackman. today   she’s been over to Mexico Colorado & West Coast this last summer & is now back at her job hoping she can work untill she is 60. yrs. old so she can have her pension & she is now calling herself an old lady   says she will be 57. yrs. old Feb. 1. 1947.  Well it’s been a beautiful day, weather is getting a wintery ting in the air, sort of sharp & brisk.  I guess I must be getting old for I’m tired tonight but thank my dear Heavenly Father   He still takes good care of me. Elbert brought me some nut candy bars, & some figs for both of us.  He was tired tonight, he’s been off work a week yesterday.

Fri. Nov. 15. 1946./3 eggs today./  Elbert went to work & he took grainery & car shed & cook keys with him, I have to think for two or be out of luck so poor hard working little old hens, got the same sort of treatment, I get every once in a while, or I get twice in a while   right now he’s been bringing things I can eat, but in a few days I’ll be like the hens, eat if there’s any-anything I can eat   I went to the cook & put in there mash & scattered the grain, to dark for them to see to eat, but the young roosters groped over to there mash dish & started eating, he said he was sorry & he started getting the coal up & windows in basement shut & he emptied the ashes  While I looked after the chickens, he brought ice cream & I do crave for it :& he brought a pice of smoked ham. he looked after supper untill I got back into the house  now dishes are done & I cooked some beans & got everything ready for morning.  Elbert ate a good supper then had cramps in his legs & now he’s taking piece of N.R. tablets.  I gave him [??] & prayed it only last 10 min. 

Sat. Nov. 16. 1946./ 996./4 eggs today/  Elbert went to work  I thought I’d sure get a little rest this morning, but the combine & two dump carts came & started to work & then Frank drove in with his two boys Harvey & Armond & they started shooting at rabbits all around the house & out in the back yard   I wasn’t sure if it was them so I yelled K& ask them what they were doing out there in my yard, then Harvey came & said they thought they would-n’t wake me up, but the rabbits started getting out & running & they just started shooting & told him to go ahead & to get two for me & they did give me 2 of the smallest ones they had but they will be tender, I dressed them  while they were warm & put them in salt water, The boys ate there lunch in here, Armond’s feet & back were hurting him, he got broken arches in the service & his back’s in bad condition, he’s tall  6 ft. & lean   Harvey’s quite stout & he’s so happy because his wife’s soon to have a baby some time in Jan.  he said, she & her mother came over to Frank’s, Ruby’s been back to the clinic & has a little to much sugar in her blood, she’s always been so gready for candy & she still does eat some, they said.  said they had a letter from Nellie & that she & Bonney Bell had to move & were hunting the city for a place to live, she didn’t say anything about it in my letter, well it was good of her to let them Know they’d better bring a trailer car , or they wouldn’t have a place to stay.  They are making life miserable for Gertie acording to there own story’s, Armond bought the home place, he said, for his father, & has turned it over to Frank & now Frank wants Elbert to sell him his lots for about nothing saying they aren’t worth much, but, who ever owned the home place really ought to have them. he calls every one else dirty cheap skates, that do such things, but it’s O.K. for him to do it.  Well, I told him Elbert wants rent for them if he used them & he looked rather queer, he’s charging Gertie rent for the house & says she can’t use the shop if he don’t want her to & he, had her sign a receipt he

Sat. Nov.16. 1946./997./ 4. eggs. today/  made out & says he can confine her to one room if he wants to, I’m going to find out about that. & I’m going to go talk to her first chance I get.  Frank told us a long time ago he wanted the place & he’s doing her a dirty deal, he says he’s been keeping track of the work he’s done on the docks & sawing her stove wood & if she gets to mean, he’ll make her pay for it about (200) two hundred dollars or more.  I tried to reason with him, but, he’s always been rotten.  Sun came out a little while then clouded up & rain-ned at 3-30-p-m.  I fed hens early & locked them in & done outside chores & just got shed opened as Elbert drove in. Frank & the boys left quarter to six & I was glad they didn’t stay to argue with Elbert, they said the Volock boy shot & kill the old man that has hung around the river, by the home place for so long & that the police went to Red’s to get his rifle but see it hadn’t been used, for it was covered with dust & they (police) had put a piece in the news paper saying they Knew Who did it & the Volock fellow went over & told them he must have done it acidental. while shooting at a hen that was down by the river, he’s 30. yrs. old & was in this last war.  I have a great urge to go home & talk to Gertie about her troubles, I don’t know if I could help her or not, she’s been so spoiled.  I pray God will help things to work out right.

Sun. Nov.17. 1946./2 eggs today/  No Church all day   I’ve been as dizzy as any one could be & get around & I can’t figure out why   Elbert says he hasn’t felt good all day that he sees black spots  it most be his stomach, he eats a lot of cold meat & a cold lunch & no hot drink or cold water   they don’t have any water there to drink & maybe that what’s wrong with him.  but me, I can’t for the life of me think whats wrong. feel as if I’d had a heavy drug to put me out, or, make me sleep.  I for got to say we had a killing frost Fri. night, so tomatoes & flowers, most of them   are done, I picked a few yellow roses & gave them to Harvey for his wife & gave him a qt. of apricots, thought she might like them for he says she’s fussy about her eating just now.  The combine was working most the day & untill dark & now they are done.  It’s been a beautiful Fall day with a little more chill in the air & radio said the had snow in some parts of Ohio this last week.  We had a rabbit pie

Sun. Nov. 17. 1946./997.[should be 998] /2 eggs today./  for supper, I felt to dizzy to make it but got it done.  I done the chores in -side & out & felt to bad to do them. Well, guess I’ll read if I can, & then pray & go to bed believing I’ll be ok in the morning.  Wind blew hard from S. W. last night & was N. East this morning & cooler.  

Mon. Nov. 18. 1946./2 eggs today. / Elbert went to work. I did the washing & had to carry all but 2 pails of the water & did all my other chores  got most of them dried out side it’s been a fine day  wind was S.W. & then S. east & I don’t Know just which way it was tonight.  Recieved letter from woolen skirt Mills giving me the names of stores that sell the skirts & slips saying they only sell to stores but if they wouldn’t order to let them Know, two letters came but one was for a woman at Greenwitch Ohio. so. I put it back in the mail box.  Elbert got home at 5.-30-p-m. to night.  & said we ought to pull the beets. 

Tue. Nov.19. 1946./3. eggs today./  Elbert over slept, he pulled the beets & ate his dinner & went to work at noon. I looked after hens & birds & managed to get my house dress basted together   took care of house & got supper   Elbert brought fresh fish & little white fish  a little over 2. lbs. & cost$1.70, but he was craving fresh fish & meat’s just about as high priced, we ate it all, but one piece left. they were so small I thought they were herrings.  It’s been a beautiful  day   I let the hens out for a short time & then put them in & locked the door, but there is one missing since Sun. Elbert let them out. but I watched them & they were not out very long  When the young one’s went in I put the rest in. I’d like to know if it got a fish hook over the fence, they were watching me all day, next door, Bill’s been home & fussing with the car.  got a card from Bonita today, She said she’d cleaned house & that no one comes to see them, that, Uncle Cicle & his wife were the only one’s that had been there since her mother left. she said Don Aclare is in California with her husband & expects a baby in Feb. that Cecile’s wife’s girl by her first husband,  Bonita says her mother writes most every day & that she (Bonita) is always busy.  Well I pray God will bless our Minister’s efforts & send a goodly number to the meeting tonight.  I man came to the door & ask for Elbert Bonney & I said he was my brother & lived here, but was working   he said I look like Elbert & gave me a check for him, I said I guessed he must have forgot it, or maybe they’d mail it to him, just before he started out to work  a man came in & ask him if he Knew anything about Rue Sarr. said he was out getting referances from the neighbors, that he was sent out to find out & didn’t know Why or What for, he didn’t say Where he was from, or anything, Oh Well, It’s a queer world.  Wind’s been light & S.W. & fog horn’s blowing tonight.  I scart a rabbit out by the prune tree & then I went in the park & one was sitting in the grass just west of the oak tree.

Wed. Nov. 20. 1946./998. [sequence off but continues in order] / 2 eggs today/  Elbert worked/  Oh, but it been such a wonderful day  S.W. breeze & so warm you don’t feel cold with out a jacket on. I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits, 1. loaf of bread took care of hens & birds & did my daily round of chores inside & out.  I cook ham & vegetables for supper then Elbert came with fresh fish “6 perch” so he cleaned them & I fried them & we ate the vegetables with them & maybe we’ll eat ham tomorrow night, have to keep an eye out for the hunters & Keep them away from the house & yard  they sure have a nerve  they come right into the yard & all over the place & never ask to hunt & Snyders are terrible & if any one goes on there place, they cuss them off.  Queer World, or at least the people in it.  I tried my dress on & it’s to big so have to rip it up & do it over, just the waist.  wish I had some one to help me just a little.  Well every things ready for morning. 

Thurs. Nov. 21. 1946./3 eggs today/  Elbert went to work, I did my daily round & there’s plenty to do. I dug the dahlias & glads & put them in the basement & let the hens out for a while then got them in again.  Minister came to tell me they have prayer meeting on Thurs. nights & only once a week now & services Sun. morning & evening.  His wife &  baby have been & still are weak from flu. Garry Black who lives with them is O.K. I gave them a qt. can of apple sauce, pt. can of strawberry jam qt. can of green tomatoe pickles & some green onions & head of savory cabbage 1. head red rock cabbage & some swiss chard & 1. doz. eggs.  We had prayer & I felt God’s power go through me, Praise His Holy Being. Glory to God  All the Praise belongs to Him in Jesus Name, I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen. It’s been a beautiful day  S. W. breeze & light warm sun, tonight the wind is getting strong & whistles  sound like snow.  I just fixed up Elberts letter to mail to the World In-surance Co. Omaha Nebraska U. S A  U.S.A. he’s send-ing balance ($53.00, ) in money order for his accident & Health insurance.  he will mail it in the morning.  Well I got supper, done dishes & everythings ready for morn-ing. Well they had a bad snow storm in Washington, so I guess Annabels flowers will be done for this yr. & will be having our turn soon.

Fri. Nov.22.1946./998 ./1. egg only, today/  Elbert went to work & the weather turned cold, it poured rain at 11-30-p-m. & it showered untill toward morning & the wind blew a gale from the S. W. & today it tore the lower sheet of roofing paper off the car shed & laid it on the ground just a few feet N. east of the shed doors, I had to move it so Elbert could get in shed. & that cold wind just seemed to go right through me, but I did my chores, I ought to have pulled cabbages, but my fingers cramped so bad, I didn’t. So when Elbert came he took the wheel barrow & in 3/4 hr. had them pulled   Wheeled to hen house & stacked in coop. & wheel barrow put up, he fix 2 coop windows & locked coop & shed, & grainery. & then we ate supper & he went out & put some dope in radiator so it wouldn’t freeze. Water was freezing hard & fast at 3-p-m.  birds bath was froze solid  then & I felt as if I would to if I stayed out there very long.  I mend a union suit for Elbert & his sleeper pants & made 2 dish towels & fix the waist of my house dress over, but didn’t get to try it on at 4-p-m, I have to feed hens, empty ashes & can, slop pail & get water for supper, fix open car shed & then get supper started & put away sewing machine & my sewing & mending & clean up thread & clippings, so it sure Keeps me stepping. Elbert sent his insurance money 53.00 this a.m.  Elbert brings up the coal & I must remember to see if he turns out light.  Elbert is having cramps tonigh behind his shoulder blades & on his ribs in his fingers & legs, he’s had to work out side all day said he did not feel cold but his partner shivered so he couldn’t draw strait mark. 

Sat. Nov.23. 1946./ 2 eggs today/  Well, Elbert went to work & it turned out to be a nice day  winds & S. west but nice sun, I washed all the dirty clothes I could find. carried both cystern & well water took care of hens & birds & swept & made up bed & wiped up kitchen & emptied ashes & now for a week or more have to open the basement windows & shut them again at night  fed the hens & locked the coop. I made a Kettle of hot soup for supper. Frank, Harvey & Armond came out to hunt this afternoon   they got a few & gave me one that was shot mostly away it really was a mess one fore shoulder, ribs & belly gone. They are a bad lot. Elbert got here just as they were leaving. Elbert ate supper & went to Huron & got 2 suits of under wear & (2 work shirts 4.65 with tax)  union suits were ______  he got a pork hock 2 cans green beans, little bag choclate coated peanuts, he ate some more soup :& drank more coffee  rested a little got a pail of coal  washed & went to bed he looks tired out tonight  Fred’s been gone 10. yrs. Poor dear Fred.  I loved him so much. T I got a letter from Nellie & she sent me a stamp & said she wished Elbert & I lived there it’s just beautiful weather & she is so she can walk 2 or 3 blocks aday, but she has to, if she’s got to find a room   Bonney Bell is working & from the undertone of her letters they are all quite home sick but trying to be so brave & not let anyone know.

Sun. Nov. 24. 1946./999./1. egg. today. /  I wanted to get out to Sunday school & Church this morning but Elbert was so tired we didn’t go untill tonight & we had such a good Service, both Our Ministers are O. K  but the baby is still sick  God has heard the prayers & I’m sure He will heal her & she will soon be herself again, and I thank Thee Jesus & pray Thou will bless each of them. Strengthen there bodys all so & please see that they have enough to eat & wear & keep warm. Everyone seemed real sociable to night.  We took Miss Clark home & the 3. Smith Children. The wind is S. & little west & almost blow you off your feet.  Our front door step is going to pieces & its a long step with one gone out & I dont know how we are going to fix it.  I gave [?] in my tenth for Nov. tonight, an extra dollor for something or other.  dI took care of hens & birds & Elbert emptied ashes & got the water  I cooked the rabbit & put potatoes carrots onions & dumplins in with it. for dinner or supper rather & it was good that way. 

Mon. Nov. 25. 1946./ 1 egg today. /  Elbert went to work & I slept untill 9-30.-a.-m. comb my hair & dressed & washed cleaned my teeth & went to hen house, then to mail box for only country gentle-man magazine, then fished clinkers & emptied ashes & got a pail of well water  tried on my dress  guess it will be O.K. now.  but it was to dark to sew, heavy greenish yellow fog & misty rain  I prayed God would take care of Elbert, but tonight he said he’d been on the roof all day & he was wet through, felt as if his throat was getting sore. It was only a misty rain when I fed the hens at 5-30-p-m. but so dark they could hardly see to eat.  I was glad when Elbert come, he stopped to do the shopping & it was 6-p-m when he got here, I had supper ready & every thing done out side, so when he locked  car shed & came in he didn’t need to go back.  he got up a pail of coal & shut windows & got washed  I baked one loaf of bread 1. tin of biscuits, they were hot for supper.  I have the dishes done & he’s long in bed & it’s raining hard  Wind went N. W. & it’s N. & little east now, so will be colder  radio said rain, sleet & then snow. 

Tue. Nov. 26. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Elbert got off to work & it was so dark out side & wet for it rained sleeted & snowed, I slept untill 9.a.m.  it was terrible dark all morning, I didn’t get such a lot done, did my daily round, darned 2 prs. sock 1. pr. hose 1. peticoat, then did little more on my dress, then did evening chores & got supper started, still feeling to dead to work, but got everything done & thank God for His Love & Care & that it didn’t get so cold. was sure is wet, have to pull the carrots for it might freeze after this little spell of weather  Elbert’s so tired he left his jacket, the heavy knitt one & his fruit jar & spoon, I hope he gets his Jacket

Tue. Nov. 26. 1946./1000/ 1. egg today/  he lost one spoon & jar & now if he doesn’t get them one & his jacket, well I’m wondering what he’ll do about it, he lost some tools & some one stole the electric saw a short time ago, if it were me I’d raise cane & able, I’d sure get after them, he can be terrible mean sometimes so I wonder whats going to be doing if he don’t find the jacket in the morning. N. E. breeze.

Wed. Nov. 27. 1946./ 3. eggs today/ Elbert went to work, it was dark early when he left at 6-35-1-m. but sun came through at 8-30, & I got up & got things going, shook up beds opened the windows, put water on to heat to wash & some to drink, then  I went to hen house, & carried water to wash & then to mail box, got DeHaan’s book & an add.  DeHaan’s books are truly good.  It was partly cloudy all day, it was like an early Spring day  sunshine & cloudy instead of showers   Elbert said they had a shower out where he was in S. Lorain at Noon, but it was a fine day here, I prayed for his safety all day & at 5.p.m. I felt like crying, so prayed harder, but when Elbert came, he said another guy gave him a terrible bump in the rear & bent things up bad & he got the mans address, but failed to get his number, the man that worked with him (with Elbert) was in Elbert’s car, he hit them so hard he gave there necks a terrible jirk & so Elbert don’t feel so good tonight   he brought white fish for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, he’s so tired   I thanked God that he don’t have to go to work tomorrow   I’m tired some myself, I did all the washing & got it all dry except Elbert’s heavy union suit  got them heavy suits to wash for 4 mo’s or 16 week’s, maybe longer.  I got supper but am leaving the few dishes at least I think I will, I did the ironing after supper.  Radio said it would be colder tomorrow & we have a new moon. 

Thurs. Nov. 28. 1946./1 egg today. /  For one thing, I’m more thankful that I can tell, that God rules the world & if we Know Know him & trust Him, He takes care of us day & night. I thank Him & praise Him & give Him all the praise & Glory for-ever & ever Amen.  Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, I thank Thee.  I went to prayer meeting tonight & there were only a very few there  Bockman, Lindy West, his wife, his mother-in-law & grandmother, Miss Clark Tom & his wife & son, 6 or 8 children & Rev. Bueser his wife & son from Amherst & Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Osborne & baby a new little baby they were from Penn. & Rev. Mr & Mrs Gurney & my self  we had a good prayer service & I got my request for healing   I Praise God in Jesus Name.  Elbert got some ice cream so we had it for lunch when we got home.  Now I have the fire fixed & am going to bed.  The Minister’s wife came & thanked me for the caned stuff I gave Rev. Gurney when he was here & the cabbages & carrots tonight but 

Thurs. Nov. 28. 1946./1001./1. egg today./  they havent given me back any of my cans yet, they are good children, I do hope they Keep there promises.  Frank Bonney & 3 or 4 other fellows were here hunting today   Frank got a big coon & they got some rabbits but didn’t say how many & didn’t give us any.  Today is Thanksgiving day & Rev. Gurney & his wife & family & Miss Clark ate dinner with Tom Eppler & his family   We had fish & potatoes bread & coffee & string beans. & thanked God we could have it.  It has been a nice day  partly cloudy crisp fresh air, Elbert put more paper on car shed roof today where wind had blown it off.  We had a very heavy White frost last night that stayed untill noon today. 

Fri. Nov. 29. 1946./2. eggs todays/  My Mother’s birthday, today she would be 90. yrs. old, & pa would be 86. yrs. old in Jan. 29. 1947. Elbert will be 64. Dec. 6. 1946 & I will be 62. Jan. 16. 1947. Fred would be 60. Sept. 19, 1946   Gertie was 58. May. 13. 1946.  Frank was 56 July 27. Audrey was 54. July 24. & Nellie will be 50. Feb. 6. 1947 & she is the youngest. & so we are the old folks now.  Elbert, poor fellow, has a stiff neck but, he went to work, he’s so tired he can hardly go & he looks it, to. I went back & rested a couple of hrs. had just dozed off when the guns began to bang & echo against the house & I got up, the sun was shining   air rest snapy, house was warm but when I stepped out side, I stepped fast, hen house felt warm inside & hens all active but one she’s done molting but needs something to give her pep, she eats a little  summer sun & air & good rest, she’s laid heavy & didn’t store up enough fat, she & I are in the same boat, only, if, & when she dies, I’ll give her to the crows, & me?   they may dump me in a box & thank God His Mercy. It’s sure queer how we fight to live & live to fight.  It’s a queer World, or at least the people in it.  No mail today. I emptied the ashes  got two pails well water & fed hens  emptied pail several times K& did my house work, sewed a little on my dress. got supper & had it ready when Elbert got here at 6-p-m.  pig hock, potatoes, cabbage dumplins, coffee &. It’s colder tonight   house cools off fast & must be going to rain   couldn’t hardly keep water enough on the meat, sun looked like cake of ice at noon & went down red tonight   ma use to say, colder & stormy.  It’s been a nice day.  I turned on radio at noon & some man said, it’s a beautiful day here in New York with a nice warm sun.  I always like to here some one who takes an interest in the sun-shine & weather, makes you feel he’s still glad to be alive   I know a few people who would hear the birds or see a squirrel frisking about or see a rabbit leaping & bounding to get away from dogs & guns, poor little bunnies, if they would get under the cottage neither could get them, but I wont let them hunt up here

Fri. Nov. 29. 1946./2 eggs today/ 1002./  on top the hill & you’d think there wasn’t any place to hunt only on my place  it’s so discusting.  

Sat. Nov. 30. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Elbert went to work & this is the last day of Nov. & has been a fine warm day, flys crawling around on the window screens outside, most to warm to wear a jacket, Well, I baked two loaves of bread & 2. tins of biscuits 1. for us & 1. for the Ministers.  I swept & dusted & did my daily dozens & just had to coax myself to keep at it untill I got it all done, but at last even the dishes are done & put away   S. breeze all day & bushels of hunters.  Elbert went did his work & got back safe & I thank God for the highways are a long ways from being safe these days.

Sun. Dec. 1. 1946./ 1 egg today/  We went to S.School & Church, it started to snow little snow balls, it had turned a colder toward early morning & I felt it when I went to hen house, but they seemed quite happy all scratching & working, even the dopy  one was picking around. they’re all ways glad to see me & glad to see there green lunch.  Elbert had given them there fresh water earlier, I fed them about 15 to 4-p-m. then  locked them up. & I locked the car shed, Elbert’s stomach & bowels are after him again  he has taken another cold & he’s taking some cold capsules that are supposed to be supper, he’s also taking liver pills & phyic tablets.  Well we had good meeting this a-m. but Elbert felt so bad & then it started snowing when we got home & has been snowing & blowing a gal & getting colder & at 7. p.m. front storm door glass we froze all of them, thick so you couldn’t see out wind seems to be going N.E. I put papers behind the plants next to window glass. it still bad, blowing & howling at 11-p-m.  I feel Elbert would be wise to stay home in the morning the way he feels, but, no use my telling him.  It’s sure a terrible sudden change & half the church folks or more are home with flu. today   I pray God will help us use good judgement.  

Mon. Dec. 2. 1946./ 1 egg today/  Elbert went to work & took hen house keys again today so hear after I have to keep them in my pocket, poor hens had to go to bed with out there supper I felt so unhappy to have them go on a cold night to bed empty it’s sure terrible & now he says he’s going to Elyria to-morrow, I’ve been wanting to go, & he thought we’d go Tue. this week, then changed his mind   now tonight he says were going tomorrow, I don’t feel as if I can, but I’ll have to try for I need some shoes & over shoes so bad & a hat & corset   Well I did my other daily rounds & made soup for supper & now Elbert went to hen house & put there feed in so they can eat in the morning

Mon. Dec. 2. 1946./1003./ 1. egg today/  It’s been a fine day, nice sun, but a cold one, looked like a ball of ice & it snowed a good snow shower while sun was shining & it is a cold breeze

Tue. Dec. 3. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Well we got up & went to Elyria  I bought myself a pr. of shoes & over shoes 11.80  cards & stamps 2.87 paid 4.57. then we bought a doz rolls & some lunch meat & went to see Bonita & the children as I expected Geo. had gone real bad after Nellie & Bonney Bell left, he left her for 5 weeks & she had him arested, she had to ask for releif & they put him in jail, well he decided to go back to her, but he isn’t living right, his mother went & stayed with there children untill Bonita went to a lawyer for advise & to the Red Cross for help, they tell her if he don’t work & give her & the children what they need to eat & wear they will have to send him to the pen, Bonita hates that K& so when he came home she told him what they had told her, so he said he’d come back & do the right thing   he hasn’t so far, but she said she was going to try to hold off as long as she could, they had loved each other & got along so well before  he had to go into the service & now he don’t want to work under some one else  he want a buisness of his own  He & another fellow had a repair garage started & then it was sold for cash & they didn’t have enough money to get started again  now he has got another garage, but hasn’t got enough “so he says,” to pay the rent, I feel if the right man was put on his trail & kept tract of him & what he does & perhaps if he could have some help, he might settle down & do the right thing.  Bonita has worked hard since she was just a little child, she use to stand on a box & wash dishes & as she grew she gradualy took over the bedroom work & sweeping & dusting & then the washing, then when she finished high school she & Geo. had kept company for 2. yrs. or so & that decided they’d like to marry, have a home & some baby’s, they both loved children. So that was what they did, then he went off to service & left her with the twins to tiny babys, her mother need some one to do her house work & so Bonita went home & took over the house work washing, ironing, scrubbing, & keeping the rooms clean & helping to take care of her father & part time her mother & two little baby’s & she went to see Geo. once or twice before he went over seas & she had & other baby when the twins were a yr old so all that time she’d been working hard right up to the time she had 

Tue. Dec. 3. 1946./page 1004./ 1. egg today./  to be taken to the hospital in 4. week she was at the work again, some of the neighbors went in & helped with the work untill Bonita could get at it again & one more baby made a lot more work, mean time, John was getting worse & he was so bad at night & Nellie would get Bonita up to take care of him so the poor girl was broke of her rest & tired out all the time untill at last, we (Elbert & I ) started going over once a week to help them get there grociries & do a few odds & ends   I took care of the baby & stayed with John, while Nellie Elbert & the children went to town, we could have done the shopping but I think she wanted to get away from the house for she insisted on going. I wasn’t very able bodied & when John was laid to rest every one needed a rest & they all got it except Bonita & I, she had to keep going & so did I, but I didn’t do any extra’s but she had to go on taking care of 3 babys & her mother & doing the general house work, then the boys came home her man Geo. & her brother Johny  two more to wash for help feed & do dishes & keep one extra bed, they helped her at first but after a little left it for her then   Ella Jane had to go back to Albuquerque New Mexico to finish her schooling  she had left to go into service, she gets home sick enough to die, so, Nellie thought she’d like to go away for a while so she went with E.J.  she wasn’t there long before she came back & wrote E.J. & coaxed her to stay promising to come back to her as soon as she could, she staid home all summer & went back in Oct & took Bonney Bell with her   E.J. had got room, but, they were hardly settled before they had to move & now they are going to move again & this time in a cottage by them selves.  Bonney Bell is working, but E.J. is sick  they say she has asma   Well, Nellie’s going to get her widows pension, so Bonita told us today & she said her mother said if Bonita had to go out to work she would come back & take care of the children.  Bonita said the holidays would be so much different than in the yrs gone by even the last 2. yrs.  the family was all there & they had holliday meals & she said if George’s mother hadn’t brought in a roast & the trimings they wouldn’t have even had a dinner, Thanksgiving day, but, if the children could only have enough to eat & wear & keep them warm she wouldn’t about herself  she & the 

Tue. Dec. 3. 1946./ 1005/ 1 egg today/  children show they are getting thin from lack of food.  Elbert got her 2 bottles of milk  the children ate & drank as if they were starved, Well. I don’t know how to help & she didn’t seem to want me to try, so I told her to write me if she needs me & she promised she would   We didn’t eat as we had planned but went on to Lorain  We see sister Audrey hurrying along toward her home & ask her to get in & ride & while she got her dinner I talked to her & Elbert went back to talk to Merlin  Audrey’s son-in-law, he’s started a bicycle shop  he & Elbert visited a little  he said Martha (our neice, Audrey’s daughter, & his wife)   who had been sick was working today, he didn’t think she was able, but she had gone anyway & Audrey said Frank (our brother) told her, I had been telling everybody they had bought the old home place & I haven’t told any one & haven’t been away from home since he told Elbert & I he had paid Armond for it   Frank’s youngest son bought it, Frank said he had wanted it & got his son to buy it & after he got married he sort of wished he had the money back & it was Frank who said he’d give him the money  if he wanted to turn it over to him   Well, she said  I didn’t know that but I heard   I didn’t get a copy of the first will & I said no, neither did we, but Elbert, Frank Ayre’s & I heard Resek read the will in his office & she said I see Frank Ayre’s once in a while. So now she will more than likely ask him about it. Well. We went on to Lorain to Penney’s Store & Elbert got two work shirts he left me to Cranages to talk to her & Miss. Baumgart while he went to do a few earns then we went to Keep’s office but he wasn’t there so after 10 mi.  we started on for Vermilion where he got two new tires for the car & got them put on & he paid bal. on his car insurance, he left me at the preachers house but neither were there Marry Petters & Garry Black were there & Ministers baby, I had to wait or walk back to where Elbert was & it’s to cold for me, so I waited & at last we were on our way home & he fed hens & locked up everything while

Tue. Dec. 3. 1946 /1006./ 1. egg today/  I fix the fire, it was almost out & started the supper  my window was wide open, I must have forgot to shut it, but I had shut the door so birds were still warm, I’m sure tired tonight & I’ve washed dishes & everythings ready for morning & it’s a still cold out tonight, the radio said it would go down to 26. degrees tonight.  We ate dinner in at a smelly restruant up near 20th Street. Bonita hope some one would report her phone is out of order & I forgot to tell Audrey.  Well, I got my order from Lane Bryants 2 pair wool skirts  3. prs. bloomers 3. prs. stockings & 1. brasiere & they are O.K. Praise God for my blessings. 

Wed. Dec. 4. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Elbert went to work.  Today is Lenny Bonney’s [Leonard Warden Bonney, Elinor’s grand nephew] birthday, he was Uncle Harvey Bonney’s [Harvey Luther Bonney 1844-1911, Elinor’s great uncle] adopted son.  Well, I done my chores this morning &K got the mail & had a lunch.  Easel always sends Elbert a birthday card, he got it this a.m.  I swept & cleaned up the Kitchen went to basement & got beets & carrots & then to grainery & got feed for hens & then put my new shoes on, to start braking them in, then I mended one pr. Elbert’s work pants & it’s such a job, had to use some patches from a pr of John’s old pants.  Poor Bonita, she said just a yr. ago we were all here and now look how things have gone she looked so terribly broken up,  I know how she feels for I to have been through what she’s going through, only I cried out to God to help me & give me what I needed & the rest of the folks never Knew, they thought Frank was wonderful, he was senceable enough to be polite when they were around and sociable & I never told any of them, & I don’t know if I did right or wrong, but, they really thought it was Frank that provided all the nice times they had here & they told me one day, before John died, Well, some day they will know but I hope Bonita will stick to God & ask him in Jesus Name to help her keep right & think right, I hope the rest of the family will try to help her, but none seem to realize what’s really going on, just now, they are not getting enough to eat & Bonita & the children are getting thin.  & I’m truly sorry & pray God will help them & that all things will work out for His good & glory Amen  it’s been a nice day cool west wind, partly cloudy, Elbert came home with such a cold he could hardly talk tonight   I had all the chores done except getting coal up & supper ready & I been doping him & hope he will feel better in the morning, but, he has a very bad cold all over him & he feels heavy & all in tonight   he had hot soup with all else & he ate good

Wed. Dec. 4. 1946./1007./ 1. egg today/  wind is rising tonight. Elbert has a fever, I put carbolic on a rag to catch the germs. partly moon light tonight. I’m terribly tired

Thurs. Dec.5. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Well Elbert’s cold was so bad he couldn’t go to work, I doped him & greesed him & prayed for him, but, he don’t step over on God’s side & cry unto the Lord, so if he don’t hear him how can He help him, but, I’m still trusting God will open up his heart & turn him to Jesus & made him strong in the spirit strong in heart, soul, mind & body.  I did out half the washing & looked after my daily round of chores I emptied the ashes & went to mail box & got a letter in a birthday card for Elbert.  I want to get him a pr. of slippers, soon as I have a chance. & I’d like to get him some pants, he sure needs them & handkercheifs.   I got supper “hot soup” & now he is greesed & hot flanel on him in bed, I have dishes done & got to fix fire & go to bed.  I’m so sorry, he’s got this cold, but I know, God can heal him.   I wonder how many got out to prayer meeting tonight, I’d liked so much to have been there, they will pray for me & God will keep me, Oh, How I love Jesus.  He’s my best my dearest Friend, I praise Him & thank Him for all things Amen.  It’s been a nice day partly cloudy not so cold as yesterday.

Fri. Dec. 6. 1946./ no. egg today./  Elbert’s birthday  he’s 64. yrs. old today. & he has a bad cold a fever with it, he insisted on going to Huron & taking the things back he had bought & couldn’t wear, so we went & he got his money back, he bought 2. prs. socks & I paid bal. of 10.40 on my blanket & got him a nice pr. of all leather slippers for 5.50 for his birthday & he has said all kinds of things about them, he’s been wishing for a new pr. and now he even hated to try them on & they’re all wrong & he didn’t even say thank you.  Oh well, It’s so seldom I get a thank you any way.  I bought him a deep bath pan 1.59 he’s always complaining about the wash bowl & I got myself 3, 13 cent wash rags & two glass dishes one for Marry Petters & one for Mrs. Hambly. maybe I didn’t get anything for the old folks. & if I can’t  I can’t give one to Hamblys.  Well grociers are so high $4.10 for grain  7.63 for meat, $3.33 for grociers & 35 cents for lard 1. lb. & 75 cents for oil for car & the $1.00 for socks.  I spent 10.40 & 5.50 & 2.10 &39 cents So I haven’t much left.  & I can’t help thinking about Bonita & hoping she will come on top, I can’t see how a man could be so low as to let his babys starve.  It’s been a wonderful day warm sunshine & no breeze so that was noticeable & we forgot boiling meat.

Sat. Dec. 7. 1946./ 1008./ 2. eggs today/  Today I made a tin of biscuits & small loaf of bread. We been home all day & it’s been a beautiful day, to warm for a jacket & to cool with out it.  I did my usual daily round & I ironed my dress & cooked meals & looked after hens. fog horn blew along time last night, it’s cloudy tonight, was bright moon light last night.  Elbert’s cold seems some better only he has a bad cough now. 

Sun. Dec. 8. 1946./ no eggs today/  No church for us to day. Elbert’s cold seems better in some ways, but that terrible cough he has rqack his whole body, his eyes look like burnt holes in a blanket & he feels weak & tired. Well I have looked after birds & hens & beds & cooking & dishes & it’s been so warm out side the flies have been flying about & crawling about on the screens & I have killed 5 or 6 that got inside today.  Hens are all feeling good but one old anconia & the poor old girl don’t look so good. the other one wasn’t in so bad as this one & she’s doing fine now, but this one can hardly move & poor old Pete he tries to get her to eat & he tries to keep the other hens away from her.  Well, I gave them there green lunch at noon & then fed them tonight & locked up all the doors   I haven’t felt so good myself today.  Elbert keeps the house to waarm & stuffy for me, anyway. 

Mon. Dec. 9. 1946./ 2. eggs today. /  Well, I’ve only done what I had to do & I finished fixing my clean corset & I need it bad for this one has got a rip started & don’t feel as comfy as it should, I looked after hens & birds & house work & no mail of any account   Oh, yes, I put my dress on & Elbert took a needle & thread & marked it for the hem   it’s been cloudy & I have felt to punk for anything today, but, got a little done,  he also remarked  my blue dress so, maybe I’ll be able to wear that once in awhile.  I get tired of only one dress when I have to wear it for 5. yrs. & it’s started to get rotten & tore across back of neck, so it’s time to get something ready before I’m classed[?] along with the hens   they are feathering out good & real active & I think it’s one that has molted, that lays one of the eggs I get now.  It’s been mostly cloudy & it rained a light rain just before dark & since dark, it’s lots to warm, flies flying about out side at this time of year.  they did today. 

Tue. Dec. 10. 1946./ 1. egg today./  Elbert’s cold is better but, he has a bronchial cough, I do pray God will heal it for him.  We went to Vermilion, he bought a bottle of picktoral & some groceries & it cost 2.81 for X’Mas, cards & stamps.  Elbert coughed all night so hard I got up early & made him hot coffee & gave him & anacin, it eased it for a while but tonight he’s coughing hard again & I couldn’t sleep because he had to cough

Tue. Dec. 10. 1946./ page 1009/ 1. egg today/  so hard & so steady, I felt to tired to do anything more than my daily round after we went to Vermilion, it was after 4-p-m when we got back & I fed hens & locked up for night, it rained untill after 1-p-m today  sun came through while it was raining & it rained through the night in heavy showers, to – night the moon is shining, Wind S. mostly West & to warm all day   wind has gone N. W. tonight & is cooler.  I Praise God in Jesus Name for our blessing. 

Wed. Dec.11. 1946./ 1 egg today./  Well I didn’t feel able to work, but, dressed combed my hair  shook up beds, opened windows, washed Iron put water on to heat to drink & wash, heat broth, & we ate, I did out my clothes & towels & dish towels & emptied the water   Elbert went to Vermilion to get pectoral & they were out of it, he mailed my letter to Bonita bought a fresh white fish & came home & while he clean & washed the fish & pealed potatoes I washed out his sleepers, pillow slip, towel, wash cloth & union suit, then washed my hands & salted fish, floured the pieces & put them on to cook   He carried me some water & then took care of dinner while I washed 2 work shirts, big chair cover, 2. prs. sock & his handkerchiefs & starched my dress & chair cover   he hung them out & brought in first wash while I got dinner on the table, then I cleaned sink with clorox then we ate & I got the clothes all dry.  S.W. wind not cold sunny all day, clouding up before dark & looks like rain again tonight  got a letter from Nellie, she says she don’t know what to do about Bonita & children & that she misses Her children & Bonita’s children.  She said Bonney Bell was working & didn’t say about Ella Jane & her schooling, said she wished we were all there.. 

Thurs. Dec. 12. 1946./ 2. eggs today/  Elbert didn’t go to the coop as usual & tonight when I went out to feed I found one big white rooster dead   they were both O.K. last night.  I can’t immagan what could have happened to him, his body was in good order.  Well, we’re out all the feed he ate.  they got to be such big fellows, it’s a big loss to us.  It’s rained most all day & even tonight & it thundered & lightened hard tonight, radio said it would be colder again & the wind has blowed a gale & 11-p-m it’s still blowing. 

Thurs. Dec. 12. 1946./1010/ 2 eggs today/  I did my daily round & baked 2. loaves of bread & big tin biscuits.  & did the ironing & cooked & washed dishes   it’s been to warm today, but air is colder tonight   S & S.W. wind strong.  Elbert went to Huron & got yeast & few things to, eat.  Elbert got a Christmas card from Nora with letter on inside of it. she said her brother Harry died last month in Oaklahoma & that Arthur & his wife had been to see him before he died. 

Fri. Dec. 13. 1946./ 3. eggs today/  Well, I washed table cloth & the cloth I use under it  my dress & rags & mended my old dress first so I could put it on while I washed the other one, then I ironed them 7 with my daily round of household work & chor4es, I’m sure tired tonight, I really feel sick.  Elbert’s cold is better & he has to cough & raise but he didn’t cough so much last night, seemed to sleep rather well all night.  he’s been home all day & not out side so much to day.  Wind has not been so strong today & there isn’t so much tonight.  starlight out & nice sunshine all day, but froze the clothes outside.  Well it froze water in birds bath out side  didn’t seem very cold.  No mail. 

Sat. Dec. 14. 1946./ 1 egg today/  Only did the things that had to be done today  for I still feel sick all over & tired, I tried to work, but feel so all in I didn’t get much done, mended 2 prs. socks & my shirt had to look after meals & beds & hens & birds & didn’t seem as if I could  do dishes.  I sure pray God will ease off the weight & this coming week for my nerves are just so bad  I feel like crying at the least thing.  I sent Bonita a dollar, didn’t know if she had milk for the babys & today, she wrote & said she’d pay it back some day & that she got the phone fixed, the wire was rubbing on the limb of a tree she said Geo. gave her 15.00 last Sat. & she hoped he’d keep it up, there are five of them to eat & 40 cents per. day for milk or 2.80 per week then the rent for the house, bill for gas, electric & phone, how would there be anything left for food, coal & clothes.  She said she was glad it rained so she could wash for most all the towels & dish towels & bedding were dirty & now she has them all clean & ironed but not mended   she said she made little Bonita a pretty pleated skirt & was going to make each of the boys a pr of pants out of there fathers navy suit.  She said Johny called her every night, but soon he would be staying over at the School & she would miss him terribly & he couldn’t call her so often then for he would have to pay the phone call. & she said no one come in any more & she’s 

Sat. Dec. 14. 1946 / 1011/ 1. egg today. /  so lonesome with all the family gone, of course  she has lots to keep her busy with the 3 babys & big bad Geo. to worry about.  but she craves for some one to talk to, if shed only talk to Jesus.  Oh God of Hosts in Jesus name, I pray YOu will help her to Know Thee & love Thee more than any earthly thing   open her heart & give her that peace & understanding she ought to have, Amen.  It’s been a nice day a little less cloudy than sunshiny & cold crisp breeze a little N of West. cold tonight. I received a letter from Ethel Bonney Hendrickson.  & they have sold there farm & gone back to Elyria, Ohio to live, at 382. Furnace St.  They are all well & like there new home.  I also received a letter for Miss Ethel R. Willitts “Evangelist” she’s in a tight corner & asking for help.  I pray Oh, God of Love & Mercy Thou will send in the money she needs to pay off her bills  I know Dear Jesus Thou art able & as she is working hard for Thy cause, Thou will hear our prayers & send in the money to clear her bills in Jesus Holy Name, I pray Thou will Bless her every effort in Jesus Name for Thy Good & Glory.  We will give Thee all the Praise  Thou art worthy & we Love Thee.  I thank Thee Jesus   Dear Jesus   I thank Thee & praise Thee for ever & ever Amen. Glory to God, Glory, Glory.

Sun. Dec. 15. 1946./ no egg today./  And no church all day, quite cold & nippy out side.  I felt so ill all over I didn’t get up untill 1-p-m.  then we had dinner & at 4-p-m I fed the hens & locked up the coop, car shed & grainery, Elbert emptied ashes, then at 6-30-p-m. we fried the fish so he can have some for his lunch tomorrow.  hope he don’t catch more cold, it snowed some this a-m, was to cold to snow much  ground is froze hard, hens seem to feel frisky & waiting at the gate for there supper.  Wind is S. west, it’s cold after being to hot, but it may warm up again in a day or so, I don’t like the terrible sudden changes from summer to severe cold wintery, just over night, well, we can’t order the weather & I thank God, He rules the world.

Mon. Dec. 16. 1946. / 1 egg today/  Elbert went to work & staid all day  he’s took a little more cold & he’s angry tonight for some one took his overalls & Jumper & several tools that’s hard

Mon. Dec. 16. 1946./1012/ 1 egg today/  you can’t buy right now & some of them he bought just a short time ago that cost from 4.00 up. to 5. or 6.00  he has reported his loss & I hope he make so much trouble that they will get a dick on the job.  he’s lost more than 2 days wages now in tools.  Well I tried to get the Christmas cards fixed up, but, didn’t get them all done, I made soup for supper & did all the out side chores & inside daily round   haven’t felt as if I could work, to dark to sew.  It snowed & then it did the queerest snow drops  they looked like white tear drops [she drew a tear drop shape] & the air was full of them, I’ve never seen any-thing like it before in all my life, then it rained hard & froze in on & every things sheeted in clear ice, clear ice over the very light snow on the ground, made it hard to unlock the doors to coop, carshed & grainery. Wind is S. & strong tonight  Elbert didn’t get home untill 6-30-p-m. & he’s been in bed since 9-p-m & been coughing & sneezing for most 3. hrs. now   Well, I got to get to bed for it’s 12. mid night  we got 3 X’Ma’s cards today   one from Mrs Sharp Mrs Beesie & Mrs. Page.  I have 44 most ready to be mailed. & a letter to Nellie & Girls. 

Tue. Dec. 17. 1946./1 egg today/  Elbert went to work  it’s been a nice sunshiny day with a cold raw wind & Elbert’s been on the roof most all day putting on roll roofing & he has more cold tonigh & feels so bad he could hardly sit still or Keep his mind level.  I baked 2 loaves of bread a tin of biscuits & stirred up a bread dough fruit cake & have to put it in small pans & bread pans to bake it takes it so long to raise but it’s coming up & so I’ll get it done by & by.  Elbert brought short steaks for supper & we had a dish of soup a piece & the hot biscuits mad a good supper.  Elbert’s so terrible tired & so am I, been on my feet all day   takes me so long to stir up the cake we had just finished the supper when the preacher & Garry Black came in to see how we were & to pray with us there baby is still sick with a cold, I pray God will heal that child & make her well & strong in Jesus Name.  Oh.Glory, Praise the Lord oh my soul, Glory, Glory, Hallalujah; Amen.  Well, God sent His Power & sent it through me  Glory to God that is & ever will be  I thank Him & all the Praise & Glory belongeth to Him.  I told them about the Harp   the Preacher said he would fix it up so they could play on it in Church, they  think it is fine & it is a nice sounding instrument.  Elbert’s gone to bed.

Tue. Dec. 17. 1946./ page. 1013./ 1 egg today/  I rubed him in alcohol & put hot flanel on his throat & chest & he has got quite now.  I do wish the cakes were done I’d sure go to bed my self.  Preacher said they put the name of each on that belongs to Church in a basket & then each one, drew one & Sister Gurney drew one for me & got Mrs. Galls name, so I am to give her a gift that costs (25 cents)no more, no less.  One more thing to do, I pray God will help me some how. S. west wind & it’s quit fresh.

Wed. Dec. 18. 1946./ 2 eggs today./  Elbert went to work & he’s got more cold    I just did my usual round & tried to get a few more cards ready to go. Davids 61 yrs old today.  We got a nice letter from Cora Irish   a card from Francis Page with note in it   we got a card from Audrey one from the Minister of our church one from a Mr & Mrs. Rolland Eppler  one from Annabell one from Mrs Beesie & Miss Clark. it’s been quite cold & it snowed today big feathery flakes. 

Thurs. Dec. 19. 1946./2 eggs today/  Elbert has been home all day, his feet & legs were numb for a couple or hrs. after he got up, so he could hardly stand, so he didn’t get off to work, he’s felt bad all day  We went to Vermilion & got some food & took a fruit to the Ministers & doz eggs & 1/2 doz. to Miss. Clark, she’s feeling better again. All the Church folks have been sick, but most are better again. We got a few more cards & I have got them all ready to go ex-cept Cora’s & I want to write a letter to send in it, so I’ll try to get that done tomorrow night, it’s cold out & it made my face ach.  I went to the Dentist  he drilled the upper plate off a little, on upper teeth. but they sure do hurt me & I can’t see any sence for it  the old ones don’t hurt & they fit good.  We got 7 cards in the mail today & we mailed 20 some. 

Fri. Dec. 20. 1946./3. eggs today/  Elbert went to work & was on the roof most all day  his knees & legs ach tonight  he went to bed at 9-p-m & it 11-p-m now & he has just dropped off  I took the hem out the blue dress & marked it & got it all done by hand once more & I got the hem basted in the house dress braid for trim tacted on & sleeves basted in & pocket tacted on & one button hole worked 6 more to do & it’s got to be stitched yet, then I’ll have one whole clean house dress once more.  Wind was S. East then went S. West& it snowed slow & steady & thick all afternoon   got 3 more cards today with letter in Georgia’s  [Elinor’s maternal Aunt’s (Edith’s) child, so Elinor’s niece] she said her mother “Who was my aunt)) died the 23rd of Dec. on her wedding day annaversory. she’s been gone 2. yrs. & John [John McKinley Harnish 1896-1946, Elinor’s brother-in-law] has been gone a yr. Jan 5th 1947 [she means to write 1946]  I got supper did dishes & have taken care of hens & birds 7 done the chores inside & out.  it’s was hard to sew on dark dress, been dark day. 

Sat. Dec. 21. 1946./page 1014./ 1. egg today/  Elbert didn’t feel able to go to work K& it snowed during the night in fact it snowed from Fri. noon all night & this a-m.   the ever green trees were just beautiful, Well, gas run out again & it’s only been 2 mo’s. & 2 weeks since we got it. & it is supposed to last 3 months & has been up untill these last 2. tanks  looks as if he’s making a few extra dollars   I haven’t used anymore than we have used along   there’s sure something going on that isn’t right  I’m going to yell un-till something’s done about it.  Well, Elbert went to Vermilion to call up for a tank & he hurried me up to write a note to the head office & I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but he went out with out the note & 2 cards I had to mail, he bought some cheese & pork shoulder & came back after he called the gas office & they brought the gas about 3-30. p-m. & I hadn’t had a bite to eat all day & I did the washing swept & dusted bedrooms & Kitchen & wiped up Kitchen floor & fed hens & birds & got dishes done; Elbert got what supper we had.  hasn’t been cold, thawed today & froze tonight making it slippery under foot.  S. West breeze & very light. no sun today

Sun. Dec. 22. 1946./ 1. egg today/  Well we didn’t get to go to church this am. but we did go this evening & it was a good service  We had, they just had the children speak & sing & act out the bible scripture of Mary & Jophes & the baby in the manger, it took hrs. to teach the children, but they did it well, then after prayer & a song they gave the Children a box of candy & nuts & an orange apiece  they had some left over & gave some to each of the grown ups. 2 of the children spilt there candy & Elbert gave them ours & then they were all happy again.  I took Miss Clark a cabbage & piece of cake & Miss Sprunk a piece of cake & I took a 25 cent cake to Mrs. Goll & a cabbage to the Preachers, tonight & had a little vieit with each one in the church & Mr. Hambly & Mrs. Hambly & there mother & his mother.  There were quite a few to Church.  I visited with Mrs. Kroll & Mrs. Horning & Mrs. Horning’s daughter came & hugged me, kissed me & said I love you.  Mrs. Sprunk gave me an apron & I got a salt & pepper shaker in a holder. I don’t know who that was from B.D. with greetings was on box.  I found out my gift from church came from Mrs Goll & I love the children and I’m glad they love me  I do thank God & pray He will help me to do more for Him & to be more worthy of His care & Love to me & help me set a good example for His children. Amen.  I thank Him for my healings which have been many & I give Him all the praise & Glory forever & ever, Oh, Glory to God.

Mon. Dec. 23. 1946. 1015./ 1. egg today/ Aunt Edith gone 2 yrs/  Elbert went to work & it’s rained here the most of the day.  We got several cards & letters today   Nellie sent a card to each of us & wrote a letter on Elberts & she wrote a letter & put in mine and I’m going to re-write it word for word right here “She says”

Dear Elinor:  It seems we must think of writing about the same time. Your nice long letter came yesterday. And we got a nice letter from Bonita almost everyday.  I write write to her everyday too.  I don’t know what I would do with out the letters. To-night I have washed my hair & pinned it up.  Bonney is working the after noon shift. Ella Jane is reading right now. it surely has been beautiful moonlight nights  There is an awful lot of traffic here on these streets.  This is a corner home & so we here all the nooise.  Mon. Dec.16. YOu probably wonder how I spend my time.  I try to rest some but haven’t really had enough restful rest or I don’t relax enough. But I don’t do anything much.  I try to walk to the store every day.  It is only 2 blocks from here. Some times we walk on down to Central Ave, and sometimes we ride the bus.  We only get a local or Albuquerque newspapr once in a while as they are rather scarce.  They can’t get enough of paper.  Gannetts send us the Elyria newspaper after they read it.  Yes I  Bonney likes it here very much. And I think she enjoys her work. They are very busy. She gets better pay, her laundry of uniforms free, and she only works 5 1/ days a week.  You see she is working for the goverment. No, there are other people living here. There are several rooms rented out.  We have two bedrooms and we use the Kitchen.  Other people use the Kitchen too and the bath. We wish very much to find another place.You men-tioned that I wrote to Frank.  Well it was a very brief note in which I told them that places here are as hard to find as a needle in a haystack.  I have not written about anything else absolutely.  I have sent them a XMa’s card with nothing in it but our names.  They had ask me to let them Know if there was any rooms to get. Ruby’s ans. to my note was as brief as mine.  So don’t worry foolishly over imaginery things  You ought to know I never talk with them about anything of any consequence.  I might even write to John L. Lewis but I don’t think it would be worth anything interesting either.  I have tried to get Christmas cards ready to mail.  God one from Ethel today  I’m real surprised that they moved back into town.  I sent her a card yesterday to Opberlin but but guess I’ll send one now to her in Elyria.  Hope you are both able to be up and about. You would surely like this Climate.  We are all O.K. Bonney is home now & in bed.  She quit at 11-P-M.  So I must get into bed.  Our days are brillant sunshine days.  The temperature is around 50 degrees in daytime but it drops and is cool after sundown.  I wear a suit days but a warm coat evenings.  We were out looking at some places today. Must get to sleep much love & best wishes  Nellie & the girls. 

Well what do you think of that? She’s 12 yrs. younger than I. & I put her through high school & sent her to Normal school & then I took E.J. at 2 yrs. & kept her untill she was 16 yrs. & that’s the way they talk to me, as if I were a year old or less or dumb & foolish, Well, it’s a wonder I’m not dumb, or crazy, all the dirty, dirty rot.  I have taken & I’m 62. yrs. old Jan. 16. 1947.  I’m glad my education was only part of highschool, for it seems so unjust to have a good education & abuse those who love you most & have done the most for you.  But Jesus took all of that & more & I know now how His heart must have been most broken to. & I’m 

Tue. Dec. 24. 1946./ page 1017/ 1. egg today/   that I had to fix a lunch for Elbert got off work at noon & after doing some shopping around for tools, he came home, so I fixed hot coffee & a little lunch & then he went to Huron & I fed hens & got supper on the go, I did dishes & when Elbert got back had supper most done   We had pork for supper & he got 2 white fish & at Huron he got a duck  small one for tomorrow  been colder today S. west wind & it tried to snow  ground is froze.

Wed. Dec.25. 1946./ 2. eggs today/  Christmas day  We received 22 cards & 5 letters & several letters in cards.  I am feeling bum, but got up and fixed the duck & got it on to cook & got relish chopped & ready & Elbert toasted the bread  it was to fresh to make dressing & then I made the dressing & some rice pudding.  We ate at 2-p-m & Elbert did outside chores & locked up house & I dressed & we went to Hambly’s & to her mothers & I took both of them fruit cake (bread dough cake) they were glad for the cake & Mrs. Hambly seemed extra glad  the old folks gave me and old fashion nut & cinnimon roll & 2. oranges, & then we went to call on Miss Clark & she wasn’t home so we went to the Ministers home & there she & Mr & Mrs. Eppler & son & Garry & the Ministers & baby were & Mrs Buser had left her baby with them while she & Rev Bueser had gone, one, one way & the other the other way on visits & left the children here & there & Rev. Gurney was going to New York to drive the car back for Mrs. Bueser, Tom & his wife & Sister Gurney were going to take him to Elyria to get the train, so we took Miss Clark home so she could fix her fire & then went back with her to Gurney’s, she was staying with the Children then we came home   had a lunch, ice cream & rice pudding & coffee, then I did dishes & now I’m going to bed, While I was with them all they prayed for me that God would in Jesus Name heal me soul & body. then we prayed for brother Gurney   he had something wrong with his eye  then we prayed for Bueser’s baby she has a  cough & I do thank God in Jesus Name for our healings & that we can go to him often. Well today is for Jan looks as if the first half would be quite mild. but the wind began to freshen at 6-p-m & it was & is quite strong at -11-p-m  S. west wind strong but not very cold sun came out this morning & shone nice  tried to snow after noon & got cloudy.

Thurs. Dec. 26. 1946./ page 1018./2 eggs today/  Well Elbert went to work & I finished button holes in my dress & sewed buttons on, now it’s all done & ready to wear  I did the morning chores & did up dishes & washed out part of the clothes & got them dried,I fixed the fish to put in & broil, but when it was 10 to 7-p-m. I put them in the frying pan in pieces & I ate my supper  15 minutes pasted 7-p-m. & began to wonder what could have happened to Elbert, he left his car at the garage this a-m & the head man” They call him Frank” went out to where Elbert was working & told him the car was in very bad condition & he said he’d better put a new engine in it  wouldn’t cost but a little more & it wouldn’t take near so long, so that’s what they decided to do. & he got home 7-30-p-m. & the supper was still hot so he ate  I made the coffee soon as he came in & finished frying fish, he’s so tired, been on the roof all day & now he will have to go a little early to catch the bus at the end of the road in the morning & he’s so nervous  if he could only get a little money a head, but he don’t manage right.  Got a card from Rose Weinstien Braiker from Califonia where they have gone to make there home. Well I pray he will keep able to work  it wont take long if he can keep working, he got a bad rap on his head today & said he thought his neck was broke for a while  he was on the roof & other fellow tripped with the plank they were moving & fell, let loose the plank & the end Elbert had hold of was up longside his head  Well it was a wonder he didn’t fall off the roof, but the Lord saved him from that   his head’s aching & I hope & pray God will help him & that he’ll be O.K. in the moring.  I forgot to write it down Tue. that E. saw 7 geese going South.  Well, he’s gone to bed, I’ve got everything ready for morning. 

Fri. Dec. 27. 1946./1. egg today/  Elbert went to work & I baked a tin of biscuits a tin of rolls & 1. loaf of bread.  I did all the chores out side & in & at 4-30-p-m. Bill Snyder came in & said a nurse called & said Elbert had been sent to hospital for observation that I was not to worry but he got a bad crack on the side of his head & it hurt him all night & he felt sick when he got home last night   I’m praying his skull is not fractured, he sure has the bad luck  hope he gets home tomorrow   I called the Ministers & they said they’d call the hospital & find out how he was & let me know or take me over to Him.  I’ll have to pray for I can’t sleep for wondering if anything more has happened to him.  Wind was N.W. last night & N.E. this morning & went S.E. & then after noon it went S. & rained & then went back S.E. & has rained in light showers several times. high wind tonight.

Sat. Dec. 28. 1946./1019/ 2 eggs today/  I got up at 6-a-m. & fixed the fire & went back to bed & slept untill 9-a-m & some hunters went run ning through the yard out the back way with a dog yelping on track, so I got up  it was dark gray moring & cloudy all day  the wind blew from the S. west all night & it seemed every thing out side that could rattle done a great job at it; I couldn’t sleep, so I prayed & I thank God Elbert got home to-night  his head badly swollen yet  I have bathed his head & rubbed it with alcohol  his neck seems stiff & cords sore, they did exray his head but didn’t find any broken bones so we are both glad about that but he still has a terrible feeling in his head & Dr. told him to come home & if he didn’t feel any better Mon. to come back but to come back & report any way, so he has gone to bed now, he ate a good supper, he said they took a vile of blood from him & ask if he had ever had high blood pressure.  Well, the preacher & Garry came out & told me he had called the hospital & they had taken an exray & thought it was quite a hard rape, that it would bother him for a while & then leave if he kept quite.  he said they gave him liquid food & no water to see whats wrong with him, if he wont turn to God.  God can heal him soul & body. I know.

Sat. Dec. 28. 1946./page 1020./ 2 eggs. /  I got a card with letter from Mrs Kendall & got card & letter from Mrs Stump  I got my tax blank today 5.72   Wind went N.W. this morning & is N. E. tonight, radio said it would blow hard again tonight & snow tomorrow, it’s colder tonight.

Sun. Dec. 29. 1946./ 1 egg today./ We sure been home all day, cars in garage & Elbert not feeling able to get out  I have been bathing & rubbing his head & neck with alcohol  his neck isn’t quite so bad & the concussions, no0t so bad as it was   I hope they find him O.K.  he’s sure terrible nervous.  I haven’t felt so good for some time   I’m so terribly tired, I hate to get up & start in the morning & I don’t seem to have strength enough to work & I’ve felt dead alday & tomorrow is another wash day. Wind has bee S.W & went W. & a little North, late this afternoon & it’s little colder tonight.  I wrote a letter for Elbert to his insurance Co. to mail in morning. 

Mon. Dec. 30. 1946./2. eggs today/Well, Elbert went to Lorain to Dr. at Hospital & he’s about the same, only his head isn’t swollen as bad as it has been, he’s got to stay home untill Thurs. I have only done what house work  I had to do & took care of hens & birds.  Johny Harnish came in just after supper   he said Martha called Bonita & ask if she knew Uncle Elbert had just been released from the hospital & she said no, so Johny came clear over to see all about it.  His only home for a few days, has to go back Thurs Jan.2. 1947.  Elbert gave him the little clock out of the old buick car  he was happy to get it, he’s just a boy yet, it’s a good clock.  I gave him or we gave him a doz. of eggs & several cabbags pk. of carrots & 1/2. pk. of beets.  I made him hot tea & gave him a bowl of hot soup when he came & he took an anacin, said he had a cold.  He said the church gave Bonita a big carton of food & Geo. is having hard time paying for coal lights gas & telephone & food & milk, well, we all have a time keeping up.  He said some group of the church folks, gave him $10.00 for Christmas & he helps with the preaching in a near by Village Church, he had a cold in his stomach & bowels & wasn’t feeling very good.  We thanked him for coming & ask him to let us Know how his cold was in a day or so.  Moon’s wading  through a haze at 10-p-m.  W. little N. Wind.  

Tue. Dec. 31. 1946. 2 eggs today/  I slept late, then Elbert insisted I had to eat so he made two slices of toast for me & him-self & we ate   I washed the dishes & then washed out most of the dirty clothes, have 2 blankets & 2 dresses to wash yet.  Elbert bumed his way to Vermilion & then walked back to Epplers & got a duck he had ordered & he was lucky he got a ride all the way back to end of our road.  I was just done washing when he came   I’d been out & done the evening chores   was just wrinsing balance of clothes   he got some saucage & he washed & made some balls of it & we ate a lunch  I rested a little

Tue. Dec. 31. 1946./page 1021./2. eggs today./  and then dried up balance of clothes.  I had a good sized wash & didn’t feel equal to it but prayed as I washed & God helped me through I love Him & Praise Him, He is all Powerfull.  then I helped Elbert & we got the feathers & down off the duck 9. lbs. & he cut it up & I put salt on it, in water, so it’s redy to cook in the morning.  Think I’ll be lazy tomorrow & rest & work Thurs.  Elbert says he’s going to work Thurs, but I have to wipe up the floor. 



Elinor’s Diary 1947


Map of Hahn Rd, Berlin Township, OH

Wed. Jan. 1. 1947./ 2 eggs today/ And we were home all day & had the duck with creamed potatoes hot baking Powder biscuits & gravey & canned cherrys with hot biscuits, butter, & coffee, for dinner. & I laid & slept & rested some   I bumped myself in hen house coming through from first pen & my back hip leg & ankle ached allnight so I prayed untill I’d have to doze this a.m.  Elbert got up took a bath & dressed  put duck on to cook & the beets, I got ready to cook last night, then he peeled potatoes & put them on & I got up & made the biscuits  while he peeled beets & creamed potatoes he made the gravey with some of my help & together we put it on the table then I sat a spell & then did up the dishes   I did out side chores & thanked God I could rest today.  Sun came out for an hour or so this a.m. snowed a little before 8 & then just before clouds closed sun out stopped untill 2.p.m. but stayed cloudy & at 2-p-m started to snow again light   but was coming down thick at 4-p-m   & now we have a light blanket with frozen sleet on the top, so it’s crunchy under foot.  Wind N. east. not very cold. no moon tonight but it was a clear moon last night with heavy clouds out over the lake that look really black.  The duck had a very good flavor & it was very tender & good. 

Thurs. Jan. 2. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I washed his 2 heavy union suits bath towel & was rag, work shirt & socks  my dress towels  was rags “4” & nose rags & got supper, did dishes, took care of hens & birds & did the chores outside & in & I’m sure tired tonight.  I got a dress & two blankets yet to wash & the ironing to do & floors to wipe up   hope to get done yet this week.  We have had a thick white fog started Wed. afternoon  been so bad all day I couldn’t see Snyders house or buildings, part of the time. & it’s rained off & on all day, cloudy tonight, but fog has lifted. & at 10 its raining.  Elbert got a ride home, so he was here early 5-30 tonight.

Fri. Jan.3. 1947./ 1 egg today/  Elbert went to work had to catch the bus this morn-ing. Wet morning rainy a very fine misty rain & kept at it all day   froze as it hit the ground & it’s slippery under foot.  got my check today; took care of hens & birds & house work & I made another batch of bread dough fruit cake 1. white loaf of bread & tin of biscuits & wiped up kitchen floor & got supper & the dishes done

Fri. Jan.3. 1947./page 1022./ 1. egg today./  It’s been cloudy all day & frozen fog or fine frozen rain & Elbert on the roof to work. another fellow took him to the bus so he got home before dark.  It clears up in the wee hrs. of the morning & storms in the day. 

Sat. Jan.4. 1947./1. egg today./  Elbert went to work, I slept late.  Then got up the sun was shining, so I dressed & put the water on to heat & went out & emptied ashes, went to cystern & got a pail of water after I took the hens there green lunch & gave them fresh water, there wasn’t any mail, I shook dust mop & wiped the cloths line then took all the blankets out & hung them up to air in the sunshine then I cleaned rooms turned mattresses & opened windows  fixed the fire & washed my corset & 2. house dress & what few things that were dirty then I fixed a hot cup of tea & bit of lunch & rested 10 minutes, then I ironed 2. dresses & 1. work shirt.  Then patched 1. old dress & put it on & washed out the new one I’d been wearing so now I have it ironed to put on in the morning again. it’s the only one I have, fit to be seen in, the others are patches.  it’s been a fine day, this day, rules , Nov.  clouded up just before dark but cleared up at & noon  was shining through & at 8-p-m. moon bright & sky clear. My throat achs as if I were going to cry tonight.   Elbert got a ride part of the way & bus the rest of the way & he’s so tired tonight went to bed at 9 & is sleeping hard now10-10.p.m.  The wind has freshened up & makes house creak & groan.

Sun. Jan.5. 1947./ 3 eggs today/  Well John’s been gone laid to rest a yr. today. & Nellie Ella Jane & Bonney Bell are in Albuquerque New Mexico, far from home & home sick I know, for Nellie said she didn’t know what she’d do with out the letters from home.  I wanted so much to go to church today, but Elbert’s car’s not done.  We been home all day & it’s been a nice day.  Sun came out nice & clear this morning & stayed untill after noon then clouded up, but cleared & the moon came out nice & clear   there’s a little snow on the ground & a little ice   been cold today   S.W. wind not strong.  Poor old Pete, he don’t feel so good these last 2 days, I gave him a dose of salts tonight put him in first pen & the white one in with the hens.  Hope to get some early chicks.  But I sure have a time to get them.  The last bag of grain we got is musty.  I hate the smell of it & so do the hens. 

Mon. Jan. 6. 1947. /2 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I haven’t done only what I had to do all day & he worked on the roof putting on roofing all day & brought the grociers in a big bag on his back at 7 p.m. tonight.  & his back’s most killing him. I bathed his back with alcohol & put a flannel on it. I can’t seem to endure the cold very well this winter, & Poor old Pete died last night. 

Mon. Jan.6. 1947./ page 1023./ 2 eggs today/  Received letter from Mrs. Sharp today.  Wind S.W. just a little west. 23 below zero & froze the water bucket in coop  hens don’t feel cold, they were scratching & diging & came to the gate, to meet me, for there supper. Well, I got supper & washed the dishes & had to clean out cinders from the fire, then go out & empty ash pan, such poor coal.  Elbert’s stomach is hurting him & his back so he can’t sleep. 

Tue. Jan. 7. 1947./1 egg today/  Elbert went to work, I slept late & it snowed big heavy, feathery, snow flakes & made a white blanket about 6 inches thick, I did all my usual work, I set bread & had 2 tins biscuits & 1. loaf of bread.  I cut out a house dress, did evening chores & got supper & we ate 20 minutes to 8-p-m, Elbert got here 7-30-p-m, & I now have dishes done & my teeth cleaned & everything ready for the morning   Received letter from Sister Nellie & the Girls. She says there rooms are so cold they are in misery & Bonney Bell gets in at midnight & has to walk 2. block from the buss. Well I rubbed Elbert’s back in alcohol & put flannel on him & he’s sleeping.  now I must fix fire & go to bed as it’s 11-30-p-m. 

Wed. Jan. 8. 1947. / 2 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & it snowed little snow balls light & dry  N.W. wind & cold at 10-a-m it warmed up & after dinner it thawed a little but at 4. p-m. got a little colder wind N.W. at 10-30-p-m.  I did my usual round of work & stitched the pieces on the sides of the front & back gores[?]  of my house dress & cut out another dress or the skirt & stitched the pieces on, then put it away & did out side chores, took care of can, fed hens, emptied ashes, brought in hens grain, got well water & emptied slop pail, then put goods a-way & sewing machine & made up beds & fixed up file, pealed some onions to stew & potatoes to boil & got pork chops up for supper, then sat down to rest my feet, so put two patches under each arm hole of my old shirt   had it most done, When Elbert came to front door   I hopped up & let him in & then put the sup-per on. to cook & while he washed  I dipped up a bowl of broth for each of us & we thanked God for it & ate crackers in it, then he went out & fixed one of the ventalation holes in the hen coop & I had supper ready when he got back, then I did dishes & finished a crochet edge on a handkercheif I had started   I think I’ll send it to Laura Ann Bonney for her birthday.

Thurs. Jan. 9. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  No, Elbert’s back felt so bad he didn’t go to work but after dinner he went to Lorain to see about his car & it’s going to cost him 4 hundred & 78 dollars  new engine & every thing repared & in tip top condition if they had new one’s on hand he’d sell this one now & only have 4 or 5 hundred to pay for the new one.  he went to Dr Siffling & had his back bone ajusted & then came home on the buss right to the end of our road, he got the bird’s seed to

Thurs. Jan. 9. 1947./page 1024./ 2. eggs today/  while he was right near Lipp Store.  I wasn’t looking for him quite so soon, but was glad he came back before dark, I did all the outside chores at 4-p-m & then washed out what dirty clothes there were didn’t have water to suds & wrinse but got them washed & then I got things ready for supper & then I sat down & only 5 minutes or so & Elbert was at the door.  I thought he’d been coming in the car, but it wasn’t quite done yet. after he left at noon I fixed his union suit, they always make the button hole wrong way to so I sewed it up & put a little patch on the underside & made a new button hole, sewed a patch on other side & sewed a button on & took the other button off.  So I’ve been busy.  I made up the beds before I decided to wash, I only had a few things & had them done at 5-p-m & every thing cleaned up & supper ready to cook when Elbert come.  He see Miss. Clark in Vermilion, he got a ride with a fellow from our road to Vermilion, then took buss to Lorain & Miss. Clark was helping a woman on to the bus with a suit case.  Well it snowed quite hard a 4-p-m but didn’t last long. N.W. wind. Didn’t get a thing done to my dress today, hope to tomorrow. 

Fri. Jan. 10. 1947./ 1. egg today/  Elbert went to work  I slept till 9-30-a-m-then dressed & combed my hair & washed & cleaned my teeth shook up my bed & opened the window & then shut the door & shook the fire & fixed it up, uncovered birds cages then shook up Elbert’s bed & opened the window & shut the door then took pan of sour milk & went to hen house & looked after hens gritt & mash & gave them a cabbage head & then got the mail. gas booklet.  Wind went S. & is real strong, but not very cold.  Elbert thumbed his way & gotr here at 7-p.m. I finished cutting out my dress & got one stitched ready to bast together & I hope it fits, so it wont take so long to get it & other one done.  before Spring.  I wrote a letter to Ethel & put the handkercheif in it for Laura Ann [not sure if this is Ethel Noderer or another Ethel Elinor mentions, an Ethel Hendrickson] that I crocheted the pink edge on, & I sent money order for my taxes & an envelope for return receipt. 

Sat. Jan. 11. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  Elbert went to work K I slept untill something wake me up with a start, but I couldnt see anything or any one, I dressed & started my daily round, I looked after hens & cleaned bird cages & ironed 3. shirts & my dress & skirt & a bread towel & rested 10 or 15 mi.  & tried to sew, but it had clouded up so I couldn’t see to sew.  I fed hens & did outside chores. & got the supper started.  I killed two of those big things they call mosquito hawks (looks like big mosquito) the other day & today  I killed a fly on the south Window in Elbert’s room. S. breeze & warm. Cloudy before dark & it’s quit dark out tonight, it’s been moon for several nights.  Elbert got here 15 to 8-p-m.

Sun. Jan. 12. 1947./ page 1026./ 3. eggs today/  No car so we been home all day & this afternoon Ethel & her husband came in for just one hour, she said, Walter wanted to get back, we had a good visit  she gave me a picture of Laura Ann with her dog & calf[?]  she will be 12. yrs. old tomorrow & she gave me a crocheted yarn holder  a red rose in the center with a creamish white around it & red finish around outer edge  real pretty.  I never use any thing like that, guess I’ll put it in the holder case Bonita gave me & keep them for relics.  Bonita cave me the case when she was in grade school, she went through high school then got married & now has 3. children, twins are 3. yrs. old 8th & 9th of Feb. 1947 & baby 2. yrs. old Jan 27, 1947.  Ethel & her man are looking good & she said hr mother & Laura Ann were well.  Elbert has acted as if his mind wasn’t here or with him, all day, he went out & opened the coop window “by the door ” & then opened south coop door & left them for over an hour with a good N. E. wind sailing right through.  I went to feed hens, when Ethel & Walter left & the poor hens were running around shaking there feathers as if they were most froze & even the rooster, I cried, & prayed God would keep them from getting a cold, Elbert killed my rooster & dressed him, I liked him, he was tame & talked to me & crowed if anything made a noise around the coop.  I still feel so hurt about it, for I’ve taken good care of all of them & they have molted fine & we got 3. eggs today. first 3 birds got between the storm door & house door one Sun. night after we came home from Church, then, Elbert had to put car in for repair, had to get all new engine 4.85 & was in the hospital for exrays, then had to go for back bone ajustments & he still don’t feel right & now what he did to the hens today, my mean, we’ll have to kill them to save them.  I felt all broke up about it wish I had not let him try to look after them   looks as if I’ll have to be on gard all the time in the future.  I don’t know how I can manage to get chicks & feed this Spring, he’s got to pay for the car & that’s going to take time & they say they may be out of work before very long such is life, he got the water & emptied the ashes tonight.  Well, I’m praying & trusting God will come to my rescue.  I know He can. I believe he will. To night Elbert said he lost his license & it had worried him all day, so thats what his mind was on.  I do hope he finds it. 

Sun. Jan.12.1947./page. 1026./ 3. eggs today/  Well he sure is having his troubles, I, am , sorry for him if I had known how worried he was I would have looked after the hens   Well, only thing now is trust & wait, but I hope he wont worry all day Mon. for he can’t find his license untill tomorrow night, if he did leave it where he got his driving permit as he thinks he did, he didn’t look after getting his bill of sale for his car back from Vermilion & i ask him about that 2 or 3 times & he got angry & said they’d mail it to him and I shouldn’t bother, he’d take care of his own affairs, so now he needs it & they have not sent it back & he was to know from the bank last night where it was & the presendent wasnt there as he said he’d be, & the girl didn’t know anything. So he’s been worrying about that untill he’s about sick tonight.  I’m terribly sorry, but he wont let me help him. 

Mon. Jan. 13. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  Elbert went to work K& he found the papers he was rather sure the bank hadn’t sent back to him.  I thank God for that, I Praise Thee Jesus for answering prayer.  Well today Laura Ann is 12. yrs. old & she’s a big girl tall & well built. very fair & black hair, thick & long. she weighed 145 & I weighed 150 when I was 12. yrs. old & was 5 ft. 9 inches.  tall.  Well I carried water & washed, all but Elberts union suit  towel & sleepers, I washed his 2 heavy work shirts his socks & handkercheifs & they & everythings dry except heavy shirt & socks. Winds been S.East all day   I got to set my bread untill noon & it sure did come good & had it all done before Elbert came, he gets here so late, it was 20 minutes to 8-p-m bread was done at 7.  I have dishes done & now I’ll fix fire & go to bed.  Oh how I thank God in Jesus Name for excepting me as one of His children, I thank thank Him for all the many many blessings and even the trials that teach me His ways.  Glory Glory to His Precious Holy Name, I couldn’t live with out my Jesus.  I feel as if I’d been away from Church a year  I hope & can get back soon, I like to be among God’s people, I pray He will reveal to all those of His strengthen there faith & help us to be strong Spiritually and phyically, Amen.  & Glory to God in the Highest. 

Tue. Jan 14. 1947./ 3. eggs today/  Elbert went to see John Warner & paid him 10.00 he owed him, he tried to get him to take 2.00 for interest but John put it back in Elbert’s pocket & said it’s to bad if we can’t be human any more, so Elbert thanked him & said I was hoping to borrow a little more but I’ll pay it back each week untill I had it all paid & John said he was sorry, but he didn’t have it right now, that he was almost 12 thousand dollars in the hole by the time they got started to fish again so after they talked a spell. Elbert went to the Cleveland Trust Bank & got the loan,.

Tue. Jan. 14. 1947/ page 1027/3. eggs today/  Elbert saw Al. Sims before he saw John & told him, he was going to try to get a loan of John & if he couldn’t he thought of going to the Bank, but he didn’t know if he knew any one there any more & he might want Al. to identify him, so, as Al works there, part time, he had it all fixed up when Elbert got back to the Bank, So, now he may get his car Sat.  I hope it may even be sooner than that. for it’s a hard & a long day to go 20 miles & work hard all day & get back that 20 miles at night & do the shopping if he has a chance  it’s 20 mi. to eight when he gets home at night & he leaves 20 mi. past six in the morning. I got up at ten & tried to sew, it’s been a dark, dark, day & it worries me so when I can’t see but I did my usual round & did a little sewing, I’ll keep trying & maybe I’ll get some dressed done before summer.  & now everything’s ready for morning once more & I thank God for all my many blessings.  Winds South West & to warm for winter clothes   I see some house flies out side on the window screen today.  It started to rain at 3-30-p-m it had been so fogy & at 4 it rained hard & again after Elbert got here it poured down, he got the 4-30. bus tonight & came straight through from Lorain, I was so glad he was here at 5-30-p-m, he cought a ride this morn to Vermilion & another to sunny side & cought the buss there & went on, buss was terribly late.  he took his lunch went in a resturant got cup coffee & worked this afternoon. 

Wed. Jan. 15. 1947./ 3. eggs today/  Elbert went to work & I haven’t done much more than my daily round, morning chores & evening chores & a little sewing  to dark to sew.  Elbert came in his own car to night, and got here at 6-p-m  I sure was glad.  It snowed a good finger depth of snow, after Elbert left at 6-20-a-m. & got the buss in about 10. minutes after he got to the highway, he said tonight, WEll. wind was S.W. & very light  warmed up K& snow is most all gone tonight.  I got my tax receipt today, not cold out  I fed hens & emptied ashes & got water & grain for hens for tomorrow, I keep it in here so it’s warm for them. 

Thurs. Jan. 16. 1947./ no eggs today/  Well Elinor is 62. yrs. old today & I never got one card & only one gift that was the little crocheted holder that Ethel brought.  I got my dress basted together today  did my usual round of work & darned two prs. sock & put patches on 3 fingers & thumb of Elberts old work glove, I have to put his union suit to soak tomorrow & wash out the sleepers, pillow case & towels.  I did supper dishes & now I’m going to bed.  Elbert went at 9. oclock but I mended his glove fingers & got to fix fire yet before I can go & I’m tired.  No mail today

Fri. Jan. 17. 1947./ 4 eggs today./  Elbert went to work & it was quite dark this morning S. west wind & chilly  Sun came out at 8.a.m. & staid untill 3-p-m. then it clouded up again.  I carried water & washed out my rags, 3 hand towels & 3 dish towels & my stockings then in fresh water I washed Elbert’s towel pillow slip & sleepers & his two blankets  I still have his union suit

Fri. Jan. 17. 1947. /page 1028/4 eggs today/  & my 2. blankets to wash & some grain bags  hope I get cought up soon.  I wiped the kitchen floor & got supper. Elbert came a little after 6-p-m.  he seemed extra tired tonight.  I got dishes done & bath blankets dried before supper & everything else, but the rags & they are most dry now  I put the meat on to boil & it’s boiling good. so now I guess I fix the fire & hike to bed.  Elbert got a letter from Carl Betz   nice letter telling about his work & the weather & his garden   he said they raised all they had for Christmas dinner in the garden even the goose.  We received a card from Johny Harnish, from Berea Ohio, he’s studying at Baldwin Wallace College there.  he said Gannets had just got home from Aluquerque New Mexico where they had been visiting   Nellie & the girls.  & that they were as well as usual.  I got 2 birthday cards, one from Ethel & one from Georgie R. & I thank God in Jesus Dear name for the strength He gives me & how well he cares for us.

Sat. Jan. 18. 1947./ 4 eggs today/  Elbert went to work it was dark this morning more so than yesterday   I slept untill 9-30 then hopped out & heat the water to wash his union suit & the other 2 blankets & they are dry, but not the suit it’s that stiff heavy old stuff worse than a blanket to handle & wash & wring by hand  I swept all 3 rooms & wiped up dust & took care of hens & birds & got biscuits ready  now to bake at 6-p-m.  It’s been a perfectly beautiful day, no snow. or breeze today untill tonight E. little S.  not cold out & a fly was crawling on the screen today.  Elbert came at 6-30-p-m.  I had biscuits most done & potatoes & he brought veal to fry it was real good with all the rest we had.  Wind’s S. east, mostly east. Well I’ve got to go to Church in the morning.  but don’t know if Elbert will go.  Well, I hadn’t been in bed only 2 or 3 hrs. when Elbert woke up coughing & all stopped up, so, I got up & greesed him & got a flannel on him &K gave him & anicin, crushed with cup of warm water, he went to sleep. 

Sun. Jan. 19. 1947./ 1. egg today/  No Church today  Elbert has doctored his cold allday  he offered to take me but he wasn’t fit to go, he showed by his looks how miserable he  felt, so, I done by him as I’d want to be done by & I do hope & pray God will remove his cold & it’s cause.  It’s been a beautiful day, raw wind S.E. & nice sun, but didn’t thaw much only little on the top snow all gone ground is bare.

Mon. Jan. 20. 1947./ page. 1029./ 3. eggs today./  Elbert’s cold’s so bad & he had to cough so hard, he stayed home & has been in the house all day, sleeping when he could between coughs, I’ve only done my daily round & tried to do what I could for him.  It’s been a stormy day rain & snow tonight, but melted as it fell.  Wind has freshened up quite strong since dark S.W. radio says we are to get a severe drop tonight to 5 below zero.  Elbert has gone to put more freezezone in his radiator   I pray God will pertect his car, it’s the best way for him to go to & from his work & the only way for me to get to Church.  We recieved a letter from Nellie, & one from Laura Ann Bonney telling me she liked the hankie I sent, her & of the other gifts she got & the Christmas Gifts she recieved, also.  Radio told of another air liner burning up & of a ship that was mined & the men took off in the life boats & left the women & children to drown-300 or more   Nellie says she has bought a place & it’s out of town but on the buss line, infact buss goes right past the house, she said there inlaid linonium a Cheif, white enamel stove built in  beds, no table or chairs or mattresses, so She bought mattresses & had the gas man look after the gas & heater to see they were working right & they will “more than likely have to buy dishes & other things.   Well I hope it proves to be O.K. since she never wants to see Ohio again.   Oh, it’s wonderful, they can look down on the town & they can see the mountains & look fare beyond.  God help them.  

Tue. Jan. 21. 1947./ 1. egg. today/  Well, I was up several times last night & heat the hot water bottle for Elbert & put more greese on him & fixed the fire & his cough has eased up a lot, but he’s been out side several times & carried some water & its turned cold as blixon during the night last night & allday today   cold raw puffy wind, it rained then snowed & blowed & been at it all morning   then sun came out  off & on all after noon untill evening   that’s tonight & it’s still blowing & sure is getting colder   radio said 5 below tonight & not much change tomorrow.  It’s 11-p-m & I had Elbert all greesed & hot water bottle on him & now he’s had to get up & go over the hill to the little house, in that cold wind. but now he’s back & only coughed a very little so hope & pray & trust he’ll soon be free from his cold again & I thank God in my Dear Jesus Name, I know they will pray for me at Church to & God & Jesus will hear & answer prayer, I thank Him for all of them & all of His people  Who trust & believe & know Him  Oh Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, Amen.  I pray He will strengthen the faith of each one of His children and help them not to be afraid to step out on His promises & trust Him with all there heart soul spirit mind, & body   He wants us to trust Him fully. He said so. I believe Him.

Tue. Jan. 21`. 1947. / page 1030./ 1. egg today./  I did my daily round & finished mend-ing my corset, & got a garter fixed to go on the corset  I have on, then I basted the inside belt on my house dress, that’s all I got done besides hot drinks & lunches & fixing fire & cleaning up ashes & coal dirt.  Elbert’s thinking of going to the store in Huron in the morning, he wants some meat.  I received a card from Mrs. Frankie Beesie this a.m. 

Wed. Jan. 22. 1947. / 2 eggs today/  Well I got up at 8 & went back & stayed untill 10-a-m then I tumbled out & dressed   washed & combed & cleaned my teeth & put the water on to heat & Elbert went up to Huron for meat   I had the rubbing all done but his handkerchiefs, I finished & he brought 2 pails of water, part of the clothes were dry   when he got here & while I finished & cleaned up he fried some saucage & we had a lunch.  then I rested 15. mi. & got the sewing machine out & stitched the pocket & the yoke & belt of my dress & put the machine away, while I stitched  Elbert cut up a young hen & put it on to cook   it was done at 4-p-m   I made biscuits & he fed hens & done chores out side   then while I basted the braid on my dress he pealed potatoes & so together we got the supper   he made the gravey & took up the supper   I hadn’t eat much today & haven’t been eating enough for the passed week or so   supper was good, meat so tender & sweet.   I washed dishes & he wiped them, it’s been quite cold all day, he bought ham & boiling meat, it’s so cold it will Keep good.  Wind S.W. & radio said wind wouldn’t blow so hard tonight & it isn’t & it seems warmer than last night    I’m going to fix fire & go to bed, got to fix hot water bottle for Elbert to put on his chest, he got more pectoral for his cold, some terpo [likely terpin hydrate :A popular cough medicines in pharmacies for over 100 years was terpin hydrate. It was an expectorant,  to loosen mucus and ease congestion. It was derived from compounds found in plants like oregano, thyme and eucalyptus, and also manufactured from oil of turpentine. This was obtained from the resin of pine trees and used to be applied topically to joints and muscles to ease pain and inflammation  & cough dropps]  I do so wish I could do more for Jesus in some way  He’s so good to me.

Thurs. Jan. 23. 1946. [she means 1947] / 3 eggs today/  Well, I felt so bum I didn’t do only the very most necessary things   Well I did wipe the floor it sure was a mess.   no mail.   Elbert gave the Postman my letter to Nellie & the girls.    I had a wonderful dream this morning early, seemed as if I rented the cottage & Tom Manning had sent the folks to me & then they had a couple that was looking for a house or rooms & so they came & it turned out to be Edd Kendall & his wife & they had another couple in mind & then I had to go to Nellie & the girls for Nellie was in bed & the girls both had to work so they could live & they were having a hard time of it, so Edd had been transferred to Cleveland & he had 2 mo. he wouldn’t be working & he & his wife & baby “who was an orphan of some friends of theres” decided to go with us & there friends came to stay in the house, at last there were 5 couples

Thurs. Jan. 23. 1947./ page 1031./ 3 eggs today/   But only 4 couple to stay here, we had 9 trailers full of things   bedding & blankets table & chairs beds & dishes  my stove & Edd’s ice box & tent  a big one as big as this house 20X30 ft. & a lot of canned stuff tub & wash board our clothes & the hens for one couple had 200 baby chicks about 8 weeks old & his first remark was, he was so happy when he see the Chicken coop.  We got to Nellie’s after a long drive & called E.J. & she came part way & met up & we drove out to where they  were living   Nellie was in bed, but rather happy when she knew we had come & Elbert & Edd & his wife help to get things unloaded & the tent put up & beds set up & every thing in order  while I made hot coffee & got them a hot meal   the hens were as happy to land as we were, we were sure tired.  Nellie was home sick & soon began to feel better with us there & it wasn’t long before we had her up & able to get out doors, & then Edd found me a place to go to Church, they worshiped the same & believed the same & since we went there we took Nellie & at last she turned & the Lord wond-erfully healed her & helped her to see, what she had failed to learn in the passed & then the rest soon fell in line & we were all so happy.  We went to a lake a few miles away where lived a man by a lake, he had some boats & we could catch such good fish there & he was there for his health   he came to see us & he showed the boys how to build a house out of a kind of tree, that cured quick after it was out & sawed in half, he had some sort of clear liquid he painted the yellowish green bark with & he made a plaster tha    of mud thick as it could be bixed  put something in it that made it stick like plaster & they made lath out of little trees the trees grew the same size many feet straight up, so in spare time he & Elbert & Edd made a nice big roomy house & plastered it & later, painted the plaster in pretty collors in the different rooms & we got it fixed up so it was really home like & they made a hen house & park & what hens didn’t lay we ate & in the Fall, when we were coming home Nellie & the girls came & that man staid to look after the place, they rented it while they were home & the man had one room & ate with the renters, & the just before we started home we went to church  I was so happy,. 

Thurs. Jan. 23. 1947./page 1032./ 3. eggs this day./   I shouted Glory to God Hallelujah & it wake me up.  I would be glad to do it all, if it would turn out as well as the dream. 

Fri. Jan. 24. 1947. / 2 eggs today/ I think it’s Pearl Wheelers birthday./  Elbert got up early & went to Lorain & left his car at the garage to have engine tightened up & then went out to the job  got ready to work & they told him he was laid off with several others last Sat. he worked last Sat. & took sure a severe cold, it was a battle to lick it. & he isn’t fit to work but, because of that price  $474.07 cents on the new engine  he paid 100.00 so has 300 & some odd cents to pay yet.  he felt he just had to work, so, now he hunted all day for another job with out luck, he paid up 3 month a head at the bank, so hope he’ll be able to make enough to get at it before 3 mo’s are up.  he got what they call his seperation papers, by mail today & got his money & tools at the job. he got home early, well, I had a fine time mending his dirty union suit   it tore from the crotch down the leg 6 inches then 6 or 7 in. across the back of the leg,  I sewed it together carefullly then sewed a piece of tape over it, to help strengthen it.  then I did a few small jobs of repairs & was just wishing Elbert would come & we’d have a bite & hot cup of tea & when the water started to boil, he knock at the door, so we did have a snack & cup of tea & he told me where he had been & he couldn’t find a job any where, he really bought himself a pr. of pants, part wool, nice looking dark blue with dark brick red hair line,  I have the job of turning up the bottoms & letting out the waist line. &, I got half the supper & he got half & I did the ironing & mended my night gown today, did my usual chores.  It has warmed up a lot today & thawed untill the mud is slippery.   Elbert got another car lisence in the mail, he sent for it, as he had lost the old one.  It’s been a fine day, S.W. plenty strong, & a white sun all day.  

Sat. Jan. 25. 1947./ 2 eggs today.  It’s been a beautiful day, mild, with nice sunshine and a south breeze   I did out all the washing there was left to do, except 2 old wool blankets I used on Elbert for his cold & dried them outside     his underwear didn’t get all dry, but, it is nearly dry now.  I had just got done & partly up when Brother & Sister Gurney came in   we had quite a visit & we had a cup of tea together   Elbert had gone to Huron to get some terpo he had ordered & came back after they had been here only a few minutes.  I received a letter from them this morning    seems I should have got it sooner, well, I’m so thankful to God that He hears & ans. prayers, I had seen her face & believed she was sick so I prayed for her and ask God to send the Power from her head to her feet, so she would know he had healed her & He did Praise His Holy Name  then later again for Mrs Sprunk & she got up & praised the Lord & shouted Glory to His Name & I’ve been praying for Black’s, Cralls, Epplers, & Miss. Clark, & for Rev’s. & Mr. & Mrs. Harwell & Miss. Brown, Tom & his wife & son  Miss. Horning & her husband & children, Paps & there children

Sat. Jan. 25. 1947./ page 1033. / 2 eggs this day./   & All the children & that come to the Sunday school & there parents & for the Hambly’s & there Family’s & it seems God is really ans. prayers for today Rev. & Mrs Gurney said there had been from 50-54 out to Church & that there was as many to prayer meeting Thurs. night   Oh Dear Heavenly Father  I thank Thee in Jesus Name & we give Thee the praise, We know Thee in Jesus Name & we give Thee the praise, we know Thou doth hear an ans. if we stand Wholly for Thee, Oh Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Glory to God, Hosanna to His Name.  Well. I got supper cleaned up    the dishes & now my baath & then to bed.   Elbert brought cream today & a few things to eat. 

Sun. Jan. 26. 1947./ 1. egg today/  Well, we went to Sunday school & Church then we came home ate dinner & then went to see Bonita & Mrs. Beese.   I sure had a good visit with Mrs. Beese she had a nice long letter from Ralph Ward “typed” & she had wrote me a letter & told me to come so as Elbert could go   we did   we had a cup of coffee & bite of lunch with her & then run off & left her to clean up the muses, she’s real spry for 82. yrs. & I’ve been praying God would help her to learn His ways & Praise His Holy Name, He lead the way, a woman she knews ask her to go to the Elyria 4 Square Church & she said she said she expriranced some thing new    that she couldn’t explain, so I testified to her & she began to understand.  I pray that woman will take her many times untill she really does understands.  Oh, praise God in Jesus Name.  Bonita wasnt home so we went on to Mrs Beese’s & then we stopped at the way back & she was there & an other woman, Mrs. Dean   the wife & the 3 children of the man Geo. was working with & between the two I learned that the two men had run off to go to the west coast 3 weeks ago & 

Sun. Jan. 26. 1947./ page 1034/ 1 egg today. /  they haven’t heard from them since & Mrs Dean is work in a shop & Bonita takes care of the 6 babys & does the house work & washing ironing & general house work   Mrs Dean does the cooking or helps as much as she can when she gets home & it’s a sad picture.  when we went in they had the 5 children round the table feeding them, the baby was in a little bounce chair & they said they thought they would be able to make a go of it but it was sure a hard scrabble & they were talking of putting the kids to bed & then going out to a show, I was horrified.  We came back to Vermilion to Church & then home. I sure feel sick & tired, but trust My Jesus Will take care of me.  We took cabbages beets & carrots to Bonita. 1. qt. of preaches Apricots to Mrs. Beese & gave the loaf of Bread to the wife.

Mon. Jan.27. 1947. /3. eggs today./ Nelson’s birth day he is 2. yrs. old./  Elbert went clear down, about 3 miles the other side of Avon.   he got back about 1-p-m   I had the washing about 2/3 done & he washed & sudsed & wrinsed his heavy under wear.  I washed a wool blanket   hung it out & got it dry   sun came out early & went down in a bank of clouds tonight   wind was south untill 4-p-m & went S.west, been strong all day.  Elbert did a lot of walking, trying to find work.   but no work yet.  So we are both tired    He fixed the dinner, & I helped & same way for supper & now I did dishes & am soon coming to bed tired hoping to get up rested & Elbert gave the Dentist my five dollars, on my teeth out of my check & I have 10.00 yet to pay.  It’s to warm for this time of year, frost about all gone out of dirt. now .

Tue. Jan. 28. 1947./ 2. eggs today. /  Pa’s birthday  he’d be 86./   Well, I didn’t get much done today.  Elbert went to Vermilion & I slept late.  I set bread & made 2 tins of biscuits & 1. little loaf. & I cut off bottom legs of his pants,  the new ones & turned them up & then let out seam in back 3/4 way to crotch & he put them on, guess he was really sick of the old ones at last “they” the old ones, were to rotten to hold the thread any more.  

Tue. Jan. 28. 1947./ page 1035./ 2. eggs this day./  Well, it’s been to warm, but tonight it’s colder & at 10-p-mit’s snowing & the wind seems to be N. a little & more to the east.  Elbert sold 2. doz. eggs for 60 cents per. doz. today.  I gave the Preachers 2. doz. Sat.  a tin of biscuits & a can of apricots & a can of pears. & Sun a loaf of bread.  I carried all those pears & cheeries up & put them in my close closet & they walked off   I can’t see who could have taken them, I told Elbert I put them there & they were gone, so soon, I like pears & so after all that work I am deprived of even a few pears.  I’m sure they go out the door & I said so & he said, it looked that way.  I can’t understand how anyone can be so deceitfull and it sure does make me so angry, if it’s anything I like or en-joy    it’s sure to disapear.  God Knows & I’m thankful for that.  Elbert cleaned up the cabbages in the coop today & put sand on the floor & he cleaned up part of the ones down stairs & I don’t know what else.  He took back some rotten boiling beef, he got at Nagles in Vermilion & got some more, but it didn’t look very good either.  Well, we got a letter from Nellie today, she says she feels better since they moved & has been up & dressed every day, & hopes to be able to get a little more done now she’s more comfortable.  They only have a house and lot as I understand it.  a small house a kitchen bath with toilet & 3. beds she bought a table & 2 chairs & still uses boxes to sit on.  Good  Year is putting up houses there & hers is one of them & her stove came from Detroit, she said it was like mine, & so now they had begun to live better   being by themselves again.  Bonney has been keeping company with one of there neighbor boys there for some time & he brings eggs to them & she said she thought that Bonita would make out O.K.   there is something queer about her story & the one Bonita & her woman friend told me, but maybe Bonita hasn’t told her mother the whole story yet.  

Wed. Jan. 29. 1947./4. eggs today/  It’s been a dark gray day, raining early in the evening turning to snow later, & is still at it & it’s colder & a strong wind wind still N east.   I had a queer spell today   drank some tea with a little bottled milk in it & had to throw it up, felt so bad I laid down for 2. hrs.  I prayed & prayed & thanked God & Praised him for the right for truth & His Love & ask Brother & Sister Gurney to pray for me  I know they did & I thank them & Our God more than I’ll ever be able to tell & I also thank Him that Ralph is O.K. & I’m so sorry for them that must be told the sad news of there Missionarys.  I pray God will comfort them Who mourn the loss here of those He took, for He knows how much we miss our loved one’s.  I Know He understand’s He came to comfort me & He still comes to help me in such a lot of ways & I thank

Wed. Jan. 29. 1947./ page. 1036/ 4. eggs this day/  Him & Praise Him for ever & ever Amen. I haven’t done much today, took care of beds & aired rooms & cooked one meal & Elbert fixed the vegetables & put them in the meat broth for our supper   We cut them in small pieces like peas & use a can of peas, beans, corn, 3. onions  2. small potatoes & 4 or 5 small carrots & a cup & a half of speggetti & seasoning.  some times I use lima beans in place of caned string beans & sometimes I take out into another stew pan about what we will eat for a meal & put in a little cabbage & a little chilli sauce. & a gain I use a can of brown kidney beans in the place of the other beans & sometimes I use a few string bean & a few either lima or the brown Kidneys & sometimes a little cellery & sometimes I change it by using some tomatoes in place of chilli S. & sometimes I use macaroni or noodles in place of speggetti.  it’s good anyway, and fills one up.  a small hot pepper or garlic to is good. 

Thurs. Jan. 30. 1947. / 4. egg today. /   I have been feeling punk all day & only done just what had to be done   was raining & cloudy all morning & up till after noon the sun came out for a very short space of time  it clouded up at 4-30-p-m & a black one went down the lake part of it came over us & it rained.  Radio said same kind of weather tomorrow only its going to get cold tonight & stay cold tomorrow with snow instead of rain. & they have been having snow & rain & tornadoes al around up kill-ing & injuring people.  Elbert hasn’t felt so good & I’m glad he has been home, for his sake & mine.  I recieved a letter from Sleepy Hollow N. Y.   Am wondering who sent my name in to them for a book that I’m to pay for.  I got another book from DeHaan today & they are good. 

Fri. Jan. 31. 1947./ 1. egg today./  Wyn Grant’s birthday 72 yrs. old today.  It’s been colder today, tried to snow several times today.  I tried to sew, but didn’t make much headway, got neck baisted & ready to stitch & sleeves basted in & hems basted in & skirt trimed & ready to stitch, then I’ll have buttons, holes & snaps to sew  it will be done, and I sure do need it if ever I did.  I thank God for His people & for those Who believe & can shed more light on His word that I can understand it better & I thank Him that He helps me to understand & I wish I were as true & good in every way as Daniel was & I pray God will in Jesus Name for-give me my sins & help me to be more as He would have me to. be. I give Him all the Praise & Glory, for it trully belongs to Him, for ever and ever, Amen. I can’t understand a lot of things but I know He knows & He takes care of His own, no matter what the other fellow says or thinks or does.  I did my

Fri. Jan. 31. 1947/ page 1037. / 1 egg today/  daily round of house work. but Elbert did all the outside chores I haven’t felt so good since last Sun. got to tired.  sun shone here at intervals today even while it snowed. 

Sat. Feb. 1. 1947./ 4 eggs today/  Well I haven’t felt like workiing, but I got up took a bath, washed out a few clothes got dinner did the dishes, swept & wiped up part the kitchen floor & finished the stiching on my house dress & got the supper & did the dishes & now I forgot to say it’s colder today & has snowed in showers & heavyer tonight   we have about 2. in. of snow & in Wisconsin the radio said “they have 18 in& a another heavy storm right on them & the other side of the world are having the worst storm they have ever had in all history  fogs so black they can’t see with strong lights to get around & could hardly work to put out a fire.  Bible history is surly working out.  Oh God help Thy People & strengthan there faith   take away all our unbelief in Jesus name. 

Sun. Feb. 2. 1947./ 3. eggs today./  Ground hog day. & quite cold & the sun shone most of the day   lots of clouds & it tried snow today.  I have a cold & we didn’t get to church all day  Elbert said he thought it was to slippery but I think we could have gone had I been able.  He said to night he don’t feel able to go hunt a job in the morning, I wish he didn’t have to.  Well, the releif Commission sent a Mr. Brown & his wife to check up on me today & he said I’d get my check.  he checked our ages so I suppose they will put us on old age pension as soon as they can.  I wish so much, I could work & earn for my self.  There are so many soldiers that need money & help right now. But I can’t see any way cleaarn.

Mon. Feb. 3. 1947./3. eggs. today. /  Today, Jim & Jean Monagon will be 13. yrs. old.  they will soon be grown up & Joan will be 12 very soon.  I don’t see them or hear from them unless I go there, & Martha use to come here so much, even after Jim & Jean came & now she says she don’t have time.  May God help her & teach her His ways.  Well I haven’t felt able to sit up, but, did my inside chores & made 8 or 9 button holes in my dress & sewed buttons on & braid around neck & sleeves, only got the snaps to sew on down the skirt front, now.  I cooked & have felt to sick to sit up all day, nose runs water as if I had flu. & I made two tins of baking powder biscuits for supper but, tonight I’m not doing dishes, I looked way back from Sept. 1946 to Jan 22. 1947to check on days Elbert worked. & concidering, he did quite well, he’s got in 22 weeks so far.  It was to warm end of last week started to get colder, snow’s all gone  cold raw wind S.W. tonight it’s getting much colder & rained, sleeted & snowed before morning.

Tue. Feb. 4. 1947./page 1038/4. eggs today./  Well, I Praise God   He has ans my prayers & many more, for I know the Church folks are praying for me to, my cold is much better today, I felt so weak & dumb.  I haven’t done much today. washed dishes & made vegetable soup, have looked after birds & took care of rooms  it turned cold & has been just terrible cold today & worse tonight, radio told us it is terrible cold in a lot of places & to warm in a lot more places & they had thunder & lightening & bitter cold in Chicago &snow & wind & below zero in more places & floods in other places & the other side is having the worst storms they have ever had as far back as they have any records of.  In Palistine the English people are being flown out, for they are expecting the worse trouble yet, & I wonder if they read Gods Word & Know the end isn’t very far away, Jesus tells us in Mathew that when we see the things coming to pass that Daniel the prophet tells us about we should know the end was near, even at the doors, So I believe the time is close at hand, I pray that God will forgive us & help us to be found worthy. Oh Dear Heavenly Father help us to be more like Daniel, more interested in those about us, for today we know not who we can trust & I wish so much I were able to work & earn & help others to learn to really know Thee to want to Know Thee.  Received my check today. 

Wed. Feb. 5. 1947./ 5 eggs today. /  It’s been terrible cold today  cold penetrating S. W. Wind.  Wind has freshened up this evening & it’s hard to keep an even heat.  Radio says today, England is in the worst grippe of cold it’s had in 50 yrs. they have had two long severe cold snaps, one right after the other & Germany is getting it just as bad, they have laid off thousands of men from work because of the cold, severe cold. I wiped up Kitchen & only did what had to be done in side & Elbert took care of out side chores. God has taken care of my cold   No one, but him, Knows how much I thank Him & Worship Him.  It’s been a sunshiny day even if it has been cold enough to freeze the hair off a dog.  I do hope it will be warmer tomorrow, it’s been exceptionally hot in California today the news reporter said over the radio while the tempture dropped to 45 in Florida.  No mail today, but, I do owe everybody a letter.  I thank god for taken my cold away & Keeps me able to do my house work. 

Thurs. Feb. 6. 1947./3. eggs today/  Well, it’s not quite so cold today, I haven’t done much    finished my dress & looked after birds & house work   I wrote 6 pages to Nellie & the girls and Elbert wrote a letter to them & one to Carl Betz.  Tue. night  he mailed them yesterday.  Cold S.W. wind tonight & snowing a little tonight. 

Fri. Feb. 7. 1946 [she means 1947]/ page. 1039./ 4. eggs today/  No mail today.  Radio says that work is tied up all over, because of cold weather, both here on this side the world & on the other side, thousands & thousands & they said 40 thousand acres of small vegetables were killed, “froze.” in Florida & 100’s of acres in other sections were killed, so beans, peas & such like will be terrible high priced, even the strawberries were killed.  It’s colder again tonight   wind backed up to S. tried to snow   it’s real snappy cold tonight, again.  I only done my inside work & mended my shirt and bakes two tins of bread biscuits, they are light & nice I think.  

Sat. Feb. 8. 1947./ 3. eggs today/ It’s been a cold day & it’s cold tonight been down to 2 below zero & there is a shortage of gas & coal & even electric, we are sure glad we have coal & we only got enough for one week more, so, I don’t know how we will fare in another week & I’ve been wondering about Bonita  her friend & there 6 babys, she said she’d write me, but she hasn’t & I haven’t been able to go back yet.  no mail today.  I haven’t done much today & there’s lots to be done,  I’m so tired.  Well, I wont be to Church tomorrow either because of the cold weather & there isn’t going to be much let up for a week they say    my Christmas Days says cold month with white sun & lots of wind so looks as if we’ll have 6 week cold weather.  one weeks gone 5 more to go.   I wonder what the garden will give us this yr. & hope I’ll be able to get some chickens. before Long.  

Sun. Feb. 9. 1947./4. eggs today./ So terrible cold I didn’t go to church & we have just prayed & kept fire, radio said several had keep there fires so hot they burned up there homes & our home burned up for the same reason once, bad flue & to hot fire.  9th of Feb. & snow  ft. deep or so, fire plugs were froze up & by the time they had then    thawed out the house was about half gone.  We all got out alive but didn’t save much, However, it started us on a new life.  It’s bitter cold today & worse tonight, I can’t help thinking of those who are cold & hungry & no place to sleep & not enough clothing, May God have mercy on them & on every living thing out side.  I trully thank God for my many blessing & pray He will see I get some coal this week, before ours is all gone.  I pray Dear Heavenly Father that all who are able to go to church, will go & that some will turn to Thee & will be wholly converted & crave to help others to come to Thee & Bless each one that trys to get to Church & strengthen there faith, help each one to be in earnest, to really want to know the better & to be really concerned about souls & to forget a-bout style & beautiful dresses handbags hats & jewlrey & spending hrs. to manacure finger & do the hair to look beautiful, help us to know we would look more beautiful to Thee, if we were gleaming souls for

Sun. Feb. 9. 1947./ page 1040/ 4. eggs today. /  for the great harvest that is soon to come   help me, Oh God, help me, to do more for Thee, I ask in Jesus name, Thou wilt, Amen.  Wind has gone N. W. this after noon & tonight.  I wrote a letter to Bonita tonight.  Elbert says he’s going to Lorain in the morning, he’ll mail it 

Mon. Feb. 10. 1947./ 4. eggs today.  Well, Elbert got off early to Lorain & got most of the things done  he wanted to do, he took the $20.00 of my check & paid 10.00 on coal  he ordered today, & the bal. he paid for 100 lb. grain 4.39 for hens, 4.20 for a little shank end of ham, “almost enough to pay for a shout.” & 96 cents for a few onions, crackers & yeast. & 93 cents for gas, he used 48 cents of his money.  he took eggs, but  brought them back, as Mrs. West was not at home.  I only have $5.00 left & 1.20 egg money & his insurance is due Feb. 16.  so now I have to send a part of it & the rest later on, such is life.  I washed out part of the clothes today & have them all dried except rags now I still have Elbert’s washing to do   sleeper, pillow slip, union suit, towel, shirt, socks & handkercheifs, & my house dress.  a great plenty to do on the wash board & wring by hand.  I took care of bedroom & birds & cooking & dishes.  Elbert did out side chores, it thawed some today but the N.W. wind, cold & raw.  Elbert fixed eave troughs wires had broke on them on S.E. & S.W. corners of the house.  he did it after he got home a little after 12. noon, today. I received a card from Miss Baumgart today & she & Mrs. Cranage were wondering where I was, as if I might be lost (or). 

Tue. Feb. 11. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  I got up late but after all the dressing combing hair washing & cleaning teeth I shook up beds & opened the windows then started dinner washed dishes & cleaned the kitchen windows, sprinkled dust off plants put clean papers on window sills & replaced plants  cleaned tops of both radio’s & replaced plants & birds, cleaned bird cages & was just sitting down to fix my feet & rest a bit when Elbert came back.  he went to Vermilion to see about work   didn’t find the man & got back in time to feed & do out side chores, Well I got supper with his help & then I mended my skirt, a big job.  & my 2. prs. pants. & now I am going to bed  I seem to be so tired all the time.  Wind went S. & little west & it’s warmer, thawed yesterday a lot & hardly any snow left, sun most alday. Sun set red tonight & radio says more cold & snow on the way. 

Wed. Feb. 12. 1947./ 4. eggs today/ Lincoln’s birthday today, & the Cities & towns all over have ben celebrating, & Tomas Edison’s also.  Elbert been home all day & he has helped me what he could, I swept both bedrooms & Kitchen & then moved everything on the North end & give it a good cleaning & wiping up the floor half way acrossed so I still have half to do.  I bakes 3 tins of biscuits & that takes a lot of strength to. & then after supper, I washed up dishes & Elbert wiped them   I wanted to make a cake, but, just couldn’t get at it.  I’m to tired any way. & no mail today.  Wind went N.W. & on N.E. & on round to S.W. just before dark. not cold out today. I thank God for my blessings

Thurs. Feb. 13. 1947./ page. 1041./ 2 eggs today/  Well, I finished wiping up Kitchen & bed-room floors & some wood work & it sure did tire me so bad, I put the ham on to freshen & par-boiled it& then changed water on it & at 4-p-m. put in 2 sweet potatoes & half a head of cabage & at 4-30 we ate, & I was so empty for I’d only had the top off one bicuit & piece of pineapple then I washed up dishes & rested a bit & then we dressed & went to prayer meeting  Elbert stopped to Wests, she wasn’t there, but came to Church & said she didn’t want the eggs.  Miss Clark took 1. doz. but didn’t pay for them yet.  We took her home after church.  Well, once more I feel rather shocked ata the methods that are used in Church work   I was telling Mrs. Gurney I wished so much they could come & pray & talk with use & she said “not only once” but 2 or 3 times “we can’t just run around after one or two & we can’t humor a person, that wont help, I felt as if she had slapped my face, with out a cause, for she hadn’t given me time to tell her what I wanted her to understand   she says you can’t do this & you can’t do that & she didn’t give me a chance to explain, Why don’t she ask God how to win this soul, or that one  Why don’t she?  Oh God Please do help her to understand, for “Thou hast said, ” Man hath a way that seemeth right that are not my ways.  She is young, but I know if she would ask of Thee, Thou would reveal unto her, and he said Why don’t they talk & explain to me & help me to understand, & pray with me, God help us before it’s to late, they are baptized with the Holy Ghost surely they ought “it seems to me” to be able to help, if they earnestly work, with Thee to help reveal how or what they should do   Please help them Dear Heavenly Father    I know they are Thy Children   teach them Thy Ways in Jesus Name, Amen.  Teach each one of us & forgive us our sins in Jesus Name   I thank thee Jesus & praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.  Wind’s South & mild, not shivery  Cold out, but it rained & sleet early this morning & the grainery was a glare of thin frosty ice, that melted off fast. It’s been a beautiful day   Elbert went to Vermilion to see about getting a job, but didn’t get anything.  Mrs. Day told me Mr. Day told her to tell Elbert about a garage at Bulla Beach that he was to have built, but he’s sick so maybe Elbert could do it. so Elbert is going again to see about it. 

Fri. Feb. 14. 1947./ 5 eggs today/  Well I finished the washing with Elberts help today. & I am so tired  he did all outside chores, I’m sure glad to have it all done & dried, he hung his union suit work shirt & a towel outside & partly dried them.  I dried off the rest in the house & everything dried but his union suit, he washed that

Fri. Feb. 14. 1947./page 1042./ 5. eggs this day/  & his work shirt & done the wringing & carried the water   I thank God for my many blessings  Glory to His Name, All Praise belongs to Him. 

Sat. Feb. 15. 1947./ 2 eggs today/  Well I got the ironing done & gave Elbert my last dollar, he went to Vermilion  took the eggs & brought them back again, he received a letter from Nellie today, she’s trying hard to coax up to come to New Mexico to live, that’s a long long way from home & I feel it’s to far for me to go, she wanted me to sell & buy over by them in Elyria & now she’s gone to New Mexico & she wants me to sell & come over there & buy, a rolling stone gathers no moss & I don’t feel able to do any rolling, any more, & Elbert feels the same way.   Well he got a letter from Columbus today saying he only had worked 12 weeks & he has pay envelopes for 20 weeks. What a world this is, or, the people in it.  he spent all the 3 dollars I gave him, 1. for gas & the rest for food & now it looks as if we should fast for a while for I wont get a check for at least, 3 weeks, at least. 3 weeks. It’s been a fine day, was thick & merky all morning & cloudy all afternoon & it rained a fine misty rain once or twice today.  We had sun shine alday yesterday & it’s been quite warm all week, today it’s a little cooler.  Wind’s been N. W. & gone back round to S. West.  Nellie’s always making wise cracks about my little house & now she has bought a wee house, well, I only have 3 rooms, 2 bedrooms & a large room I use for Kitchen dining room & living room it’s 15 X 18 ft. & I like a room big enough to turn around in, for I’m 5 ft 9 in., & weigh 178 or so lbs.  I use to weigh 198 lbs.   I’m guessing at my weight just now at 178 lbs.  I haven’t been weighed in a good while, the ceiling is high, so we have plenty of air space & it’s cool in summer & plenty warm in winter,   Just now it’s hard for me to Keep 3 room cleaned & the only thing I wish very much for is an inside toilet.  But I thank God for what I have & all my blessings.  All the Praise & Glory trully belongs to God in Jesus Name. 

Sun. Feb. 16. 1947./ 6 eggs today/  We didn’t get to Church alday   I don’t Know what hit my bowels, but they run like water & I 

Sun. Feb. 16. 1947./6 eggs this day/   awake most all night & even soiled my night gown, they eased up this afternoon    I sure got a good cleaning.  It rained and then snowed early & kept it up untill afternoon but only a light fall of snow 6 or 8 inches deep.  Well, I found poor Jimy  [parakeet] dead this morning, he’s not felt well for some time & I don’t know what was wrong with him    I loved him so, he was a wonderful singer & gave me many hrs. of rest through his songs.  the hrs. have seemed long & lonesome with out him today.  And Poor old Pete, [rooster]  I do miss him to, so much, he had such a lusty crow every morning.  Well, I’ll soon be all momst left alone, it seems, with the things gone, I’ve loved so long.  I ask God to take them before I had to go, for I didn’t want them abused, I thank thank God for all things & Praise His Holy Name for ever & ever & I thank Him for the strength He has given me tonight after all the runing off of the bowels  last night & today.  Wind has backed up & it looks like more snow tonight.

Mon. Feb. 17. 1947./ 6. eggs today/  Well Elbert went to Lorain to see about the compensation money but now he can’t have it untill April, it’s like my pension, if’s. & ifs & no pension.  It’s a queer world, the people in it, anyway.  I baked to big tins of bread biscuits & a loaf of bread.  Elbert borrowed 5.00 & got a little meat to boil, to fry & a piece of pressed ham.  if he had only tried to sell the eggs, but he didn’t Looked as if it would rain or snow but it did neither here.  I did-n’t get any sewing done today.  Received aletter from Nellie [Nellie Bonney Harnish, 1897-1988, Elinor’s sister] & she sent it air plane pail, she’s bent on our coming out there to live, even ask the salesman to hold the house next to her’s untill she heard from us & we don’t even have enough money to buy what we need to eat.  She says she’s feeling better that it’s quite warm there days  a little cool at night, but air is dry & fresh    I’m glad if she feels better & likes it there, but I’m to tired to jump around like I use to, so as Elbert don’t think he wants to live in a match box, guess we’ll be staying right here in my sock box.  Nellie sent a folder with pictures of houses & rooms, but it doesn’t give the size of the house or rooms   it can be moved as a trailer & without a permit.  they look low & squaty  windows look as if they were up to clling ceiling & tops of doors like wise they’d be O.K. if you live out doors perhaps, she says that

Mon. Feb. 17. 1947/ page 1044./ 6. eggs this day./   Bonita writes most every day & Gannet’s do the next best job at writing & Johny & Marcia next, well she hears from Lourabell & her husband from California & her mother in Elyria & one or two others. So she has enough to do to keep her busy, if they had a car & plenty of money they’d be all set, as, Frank [Frank Babcock, Elinor’s husband] use to say.  I’m glad we have a place to live & hope we will be able to live, when I’m done with what I have, I won’t worry about what I leave behind.  S.W. wind not cold. 

Tue. Feb. 18. 1947./ 1 egg today/  Elbert went to Sandusky to see about some work at a new plant on the Perkins roade & they told him to com back next Monday, Feb. 24. , he says its called the Departure Plant, I don’t know what or how, but he said he’d find out what it was all about Mon.  It is a queer sounding name for a Plant, I hope it’s all O.K.   It’s been a beautiful day, sun shines all day, little cooler, but nice, snow melted a lot today, Elbert got back a little after 12-noon   I fixed dinner & after dinner I made a new top for my night dress & sewed it on, I riddled the old one last night, wind blew hard last night & hardly any today & it has been N.W. all day, was S.W. last night.  Only Lane Bryants year style book in mail box today.

Wed. Feb. 19. 1947./ 6 eggs today./  Frank has been gone a long time 14. yrs. today & it seems such a long time.  Thre are such a lot of us over in that cemetery & sometimes it most seems as if there isn’t much left to stay here for   only to look after those that are left the best we can & do all we can in , Jesus name of good, yes-terday the Penn. passenger train “called the Red Arrow, jumped the track, two engines several coaches & dinner car & they told us of a christian man who was unhurt, that went about among the people praying & that it seemed queer how it quited the people, I thank God for that man.  We recieved another letter from Nellie telling us Frank Bonney had put Gertie out & she was now living with Audrey.  We dressed & went to Lorain forgetting it was Wed. & most every thing closes up in the afternoon.  We went to Lillie’s “cousin Lillie – Wheelers” & she said Gertie came over & told her she was going to live with Audrey, [Audrey Lelia Bonney Carlisle, 1892-1988,Elinor’s sister] that Frank had put her out, we talked a while, then went over to Audreys & Gertie was there so white & sick looking & her nerves a wreck   she started to tell us something Frank had told her    we said but then she stoped & said   No, I wont talk & she got up & went to the Kitchen

Wed. Feb. 19. 1947./page 1045. / 6 eggs today/  & I told her we would go, but if at any time we could help her, to let us know.  She appears to be frightened & afraid to talk, if she talked, I wonder if the money would be revealed in some way, how ever, she got herself so mad or angry, in thinking that she got up & said, if I could only lick Frank or I hope he gets all that should come to him, durty, I can’t re-call what she finished with, and I told her I did to, for Frank [Frank Bonney, 1890-1965)Elinor’s brother] has plenty to live on  a well furnished home & then he’d put a sister out whn there was no call for it because he wanted the boat buisness, it brought her in a living & even if she has the money Uncle Harve  left us, it was a mean thing to do to a sister [Gertrude Bonney, 1888-1964, Elinor’s sister]    she’ll be 59. yrs. old May. 13. 1947. & has lived there since she was 11. yrs. old, after she made the out burst about Frank she said   I should have left right after two yrs ago.  I’ve got money enough to last me as long as I live & can take care of myself.  So I thank God my conscience is clean & I pray He will talk to them untill they do the right thing, I’m not perfect, but I’m honest, I couldn’t keep 8. thousand Dollars that belonged to my brothers & sisters & even if they did everything that they ought not to do, I wouldn’t turn them out of there home. But let it be as it will, I pray God will help it to work out in the right way. I pray God will help Elbert now & keep him & Frank from getting into trouble for he (F.) will want Elberts lots to use & he’ll try, perhaps to use his dirt on Elbert.  F’s rotten to the core & has said all sorts of mean things months a-go about Elbert, because he wouldn’t sell them to him for much less than he paid for them.  Such wickedness  The Bible is so true, that familys will turn against each other & neighbors against neighbors, friends against friends.  We run on over to Martha’s & she was very unconcerned & in-derfent  she did ask for us to come back to the house but, we see them all just a half block from there house  Merlin came along in the car   M. came cross lots from work & Jim, Jean & Joan came from school all about the same time.  They didn’t seem anxious to have us come back, we 

Wed. Feb. 19. 1947./page. 1046./ 6. eggs today.  got a little meat with the egg money, we sold 3 doz. 50 cents per. doz.  We got home intime to feed hens & get supper before dark, & I’m as tired as if I had done a days work.  Well.  I have decided not to bother them, they use to all-ways be asking us to come & now they don’t want to see us.   Looks as if there’s a niger in the fence somewhere, but for my own sake   I’d like to know a few things about the law. & I’m going to try to find them out for myself.  I thank God for taking us & bringing us safely & taking care of us in the many ways we need care  I thank Him & Praise Him  Lillie [Lillie Wheeler, daughter of William Wheeler, Elinor’s maternal neice] invited us to come & spend a whole day   whe said she didn’t go over to Gertie’s very often but she missed her just terriblly, that she & the girls had hoped Elbert & I would come back & live with Gertie, but Gertie said she wanted to live alone   she didn’t want anyone in with hr & she said “so we were told” that she hated us.  Pa & Frank have told her heaps of lies & she is afraid , now, but  I hope she comes clean & lives happy.  it’s been a sunshiny day.  Wind is N.E. & it’s raw.  house was warm when we got here. 

Thurs. Feb.20. 1947./ 4. eggs today./  Well the wind is cold& raw today from the N.E.   I haven’t been outside all day.  I basted my other dress together today & dusted the chairs & fixed dinner & we had broth for supper & it made the two of us sick deathly shuddery sick   felt as if it might go both way, Elbert has been out back twice but I haven’t gone either way yet.  Received a card from Bonita today   I couldn’t make out if the boys were back or if Bob was back, thats the other woman’s man, the woman that’s with  was with her.  & Nellie says Bonita tells her everything & she don’t think she’ll do anything wrong, that lets me out of that so now, I can pray & trust God to take care of them all, to Keep them clean in soul & body & help them do all that is right & good in His sight.  I corked the east window & door tonight to help keep the heat.  I thank God for Keeping me clean & pray He will allways keep me clean & worthy in his sight   Oh God I Praise Thee in Jesus Name & Pray Thou will have blessed the meeting tonight. 

Fri. Feb. 21. 1947./ 5 eggs today/  Well I didn’t do much today    Received a letter from Bonita, that she read in the news paper that Ralph Wards wife is dead in China.  I know how grieved he will be   paper said she had a short illness.  They only went back to China a short time ago.  The wind

Fri. Feb. 21. 1947./ page 1047./ 5 eggs this day. /  is N. & little East cold & raw.  We Killed my last Anconia hen today & I dressed her & cut her up to stew, she was old, but fat & in good condition    I put her on to cook for broth all except the breast & 1. thigh    We are going to grind that & make balls to fry in the morning.  I swept & dusted. & cleaned Jimys cage & covered it & put it away   Poor Jimy, he was such a sweet singer & I loved him so.  But things are crumbling here & there & soon I’ll be left alone just hoping God will forgive me & take me home, to.    The Rawleigh man came today & I gave him the 70 cents I owed him for poultry, condition powder & I got a bottle of vanilla 35 cents, he says things are dead, that he don’t do much buisness now.  But over the radio they say it will be booming again soon, but didn’t say was or will.  

Sat. Feb. 22. 1947./ 7. eggs today/  I only did what had to be done today   It has turned colder tonight & radio said it would be so tomorrow with snow, had sun alday, part of today, it looked like ice,  we have been home all day, no mail today   N.W. wind   it backed up..   I wrote a letter to Bonita last night  one to Flora Glover today & tonight     hope to mail them tomorrow or Mon. Radio said we were due for a shake up on this side the globe soon.  

Sun. Feb. 23. 1947./ 5. eggs today./  We were home all day, it has been cold    sun part of the time & cloudy with plenty of raw winds.  It snowed in heavy squals and part the time sun was shining through the snow storm.  Cold & windy again tonight. 

Mon. Feb. 24. 1947./ 5. eggs today/  Well Elbert went over to that Departure Plant as they said he should today, & then was told the man that done the hiring would be there untill tomorrow.  So he’s going back in the morning, & then perhaps on to Lorain.  I did out half the washing & I’ll have a big wash yet, his sleepers & underwear & work shirt & his blankets & my night gown & dress & we don’t have much to eat for strength.  We have 4. doz. eggs. 50 cents per. & that has to pay the light bill & they soaked up 2.00, I know we don’t use that much, but it’s not us to argue  1. the only way is not to use it at all.  I’ve wished a good many times I had my own power plant so we could us what we need & not have to pay the O.P.A. or help to pay them a fortujne, Everything is getting wicked & more & more crooked, as if they’d like all you got or can get & even if you were dead & they could grab up the little you have,  it terrible, but the bible said it would be that way & how true it is.  Winds backed up to the South a little more & it has snowed more than less all day & snowing light yet tonight.  

Tue. Feb. 25. 1947 /page. 1048. / 7 eggs today/  Well Elbert went to Sandusky & they gave him a blank to fill out & if they decide to take him in to work he’ll have to be examin-ed by a Doctor & then he would be told the real answer that he can or can not work, so I don’t know what he is going to do about it, he went to Vermilion but didn’t sell enough eggs to pay light bill & he bought meat & gas out of what money he did have, so, he’s still 50 cents short & he didn’t take the light card with him, so, he has to go back tomorrow & use up gas to go & come, to pay the light bill & get a yeast cake.  He don’t feel very well & he’s worried about work, he can’t get, any, everything seems to be at a stand still right now.  & meat is going sky high, over the radio they say   pork will be 1.00 per. lb. by Spring  all other meats in proportion. & things are working out fast  I do wish Elbert & all my brothers & sisters & my nephews & neices would live as holy & near to God as possible for jesus is coming soon & I’d like to be one of His number  Oh God forgive us & help us   before it is for-ever to late, in Jesus name   I ask, Amen;   Well I did some more washing today, didn’t get it all done yet & so must wash one more day    Elberts sleepers, pillow slip union suit, work shirt & cotton bouble blanket.  I thing God willing I’ll bake bread tomorrow & perhaps I go to town in the morning first, with Elbert.    A woman (Mrs. Jakobs) of Lorain, was here trying to get subscriptions for a religist book & paper, & I tried to tell her I couldn’t buy or pay for them, but at last she left the book, she said it cost 25 cents so I gave her 5 eggs, I don’t care for the book, but she’s in hard straights, so I gave her the eggs, I can’t buy all the books & papers every one comes along with, I like my bible the best of all books.  She was in Sarrs when Elbert came.  & I wasn’t done wrinsing the clothes but got them done & then cut his other blanket down through the middle & hemed the edges & sewed outer edges together for middle & made two dish towels & stitched a little on the table cloth    I have to darn & where Elbert cut a gash in it with the bread knife    I didn’t get it done, it began to get dark, so, I put machine away & made up his bed & helped him make soup for supper, a can of beans, “yellow string” salt & pepper and 3 carrots & 2 table spoons barley a can of kidney beans a can of corn some parsley & speggetti, in the beef broth, it was good & some left for tomorrow.  no mail today

Wed. Feb. 26. 1947/ page 1049/ 8 eggs today/  Elbert washed out his union suit & work shirt & I did his sleepers pillow slip & the blanket & he suded & wrinsed them & I hung them up & they are all dry except union suit, work shirt & the two old prs. of work pants he washed.  I swept both bedrooms & Kitchen so I’m all done except my old wash dress & I’ll get it later on, I think I’ll try to iron tomorrow, if I can & I’ve got some mending & darning to get done.    It’s been a nice day   sun shining all day & a fresh breeze & quite cold., but it’s cold in England   snow a 100 ft. deep & more coming, they were having a blizzard tonight, can’t gt the coal out that they have ready at the mines & the little towns are cut off from the rest & no heat & not much food.  Well, we are warm, but not much to eat.   I have a little soup left & a biscuit apiece for morning & we have a few cans of beans yet, no potatoes or rice.  there is about enough flour for a tin of bread biscuits   a little canned fruit  some carrots & beets yet, we are on last can of milk & have no tea, a little coffee though.  Wind all died out tonight.  I’m terribley tired. & going to bed. 

Thurs. Feb. 27  1947./ 5. eggs today./   Well, I did the ironing while Elbert went to Vermilion to sell eggs & look for work.  he didn’t sell any eggs, but he did pay the light bill   I’m broke  had to give him seventy cents to go with what he had to pay light bill.  He went to nagles & run a bill for meat 1.76   I do wish he wouldn’t do it.  I can’t pay those bills on 25.00 a month.     & darned my stocking & made up beds & dusted & then for once I sat down & crocheted a little before he got back , on a krcheif I

Thurs. Feb. 27. 1947. / page. 1050./ 5. eggs this day/  had partly done & then I got up & got the water on to heat for coffee, warmed a can of beans & a little spinnage & fried some biscuits & hamberg & we ate & after supper I washed dishes, then I finished the edge on the handkerchief (this is the edge I make 11. doubles over edge of kercheif  made a ch. of 5. st. made single in 6th double chain  5 & turn make 5 doubles mak a picot of 4 chain  then 5 more doubles then 5 doubles in next ch turn  chain  5 catch in st. beside picot  turn 5 doubles   ch. 4 make picot.   5 doubles.  4.ch. make picot  5 doubles in lower ch.   catch in double in Kercheif,  repeat from beginning. if evenly spaced there will be 12 like the first with one half at corner on each side & the top loop on corner. done with fine crochet hook & crochet thread  it makes a pretty border. 

I have 3 or 4 more I have partly done  one is harp edgeing  it is pretty to but take a little more time.  Make 4. dbles. over edge of kercheif turn then make 8. chain, make double close to last one in Kercheif  chain turn 5 catch under top 8. ch. ch. 5   catch under 8 ch. ch. 5 catch in bottom of eight chain, turn make 7 doubles over 5 ch.  8 boubles over next 5 ch. ab b7 doubles over next 5 chain  make double over edge of kerchief 4 times  ch 8 turn calch in last double of kerchief ch 5  catch under top of ch. 8. then ch. 5  catch under ch 8. ch 5 catch in last double on Kercheif turn make 4 doubles catch in 4th double of the harp you just finished before you started this one, then; 3 more doubles under same 5 chain,  In next ch. 5 make 8 doubles  & in next 5. ch. 7 doubles  and then 4 dbles in Kercheif & so on around untill done. And other edge is like this    Fasten thread in Kercheif at corner make a treble  ch. 3 make another treble, & fasten in catching in edge of kerche right close to last treble make another treble & catch length  of a treble from last in Kercheif edge  ch. 3.  make treble close close in edge to last treble & so on around  then make 4 doubles over ch. 3. then chain 3 make picot 4 more doubles under ch. 3. make 4 doubles under next 3. ch. ch. 3 for picot & 4 more doubles under same ch. & so on around the kerceif.  that’s enough for tonight, I’ll try to write more another time.  It’s cold but not as severe as it has ben sunshine part of today again  I have fix the fire K& read & studied my bible & now I’m going to bed again & trust for the best in souls & bodys.  We would like to go to prayer meeting tonight but Elbert wanted to go & look for work & pay light bill & sell egg & buy meat.  I pray God will help us to go to Church as well as live. 

Fri. Feb. 28. 1947./ 5. eggs today./  Last day of Feb.  Warmed up today & snow’s most gone, was a puddle of water near the path to grainery.  I saw Elbert put his foot in it to see if it was water or ice, he hung his old work pants he washed out door today & they got dry all but round the pockets waistband & hems in bottom of the pants legs.  nice day & not so cold today.  I made more stew  a can of kidney beans can of corn & peas, barley, speggetti, & carrots with a lump of butter in it.  for supper.  I baked two big tins of bread biscuits & a little loaf &

Fri. Feb. 28.1947./ page 1051./ 5 eggs this day. /  croched a round on another handkercheif & Elbert done out side chores & odds & ends & mended his carpenter apron.  We had some canned pears to for supper.  wind has gone S. east to night.  & here is this handkercheif edge. Catch thread right in edge of Kercheif at or on corner & make 4. doubles in edge. ch. 2. leave space length of 2. ch. & make 4. dbles.  ch. 2. leaving another space  make 4 more doubles in edge of kercheif. ch. 7. catch back in 3.rd. st. with single st. ch. 7. catch back in 3.rd. st. of ch.  ch. 2.  make 4 more doubles in edge of Kercheif & so on around  join to top of first of 4 doubles slip. st. over next 3 and ch.2. make 3 doubles un-der 2. ch. ch. 3. 4 doubles under 2. ch.  ch 7 make picot ch. 7 make picot ch. 2. single st between 2 picots of last row ch. 7. make picot ch. 7. make picot  ch 2.4 doubles under 2 ch. ch. 2. 4 doubles under 2. ch. ch. 7. & repeat around   join to first of 4 doubles slip st. to 2. ch. ch 2 make 3 doubles under 2 ch. ch.7. make picot ch 7. make picot ch 2 single under & be tween 2 picots ch7 make picot ch7 make picot ch 2 make 4 doubles under 2 ch ch. 7 make picot & repeat around join. slip st up between 2 picots ch. 7. make picot ch. 7. make picot ch 7 make picot ch. 2. single between   2. picots ch7 . make picot. ch. 7. make picot ch 7. make picot  ch 2 single between 2 picots  ch. 7 & repeat around join, done with fine thread  it’s lacy & very pretty. 

Sat. Mar. 1. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  Well, the wind backed up to the N. east & it began to snow about 9. o’clock & been at it all day.  we been home all day. & haven’t much left to eat, hope we get the check Monday or the fast will be to hard on me, as I can’t eat like most peopl & get by with it.  I ate 2 eggs & 2 slices from a bread biscuit for my supper & I drink hot water after I eat.  I just did my house work & crocheted a little on the handkercheif today.  would like to go to church in the morning, I’m feeling so weak I don’t feel able to go, but would if we had the money for gas.  The roads are bad to.  I pray for the rest that can go & that God will help me to be able to go soon.

Sun. Mar.2. 1947./ 6. eggs today./  We haven’t been even to church today, I feel as if I’d been a way for a yr.  I hope we will soon be able to go again & Praise the Lord & give thanks to Him for all things.  It seems as if something is about to happen but, I don’t know what.  It’s been a nice winter day  snowed in showers, sun would come through even while it snowed. evergreen trees were beautiful looked like Christmas, again.  Tonight the wind has freshened up & blowing in puffs & it’s colder.  We have a S. west wind tonight, it may go N. W. before morning. 

Mon. Mar.3.  1947./ 7. eggs today/  We didn’t have much to eat & so I haven’t done only what I had to do  took care of birds & beds & washed up what dishes there were dirty.  Elbert was sure there was a rabbit in the pipe under the drive way & he went to a lot of trouble to try to catch it  then found, it had got out

Mon. Mar. 3. 1947./ page 1052./ 7. eggs today/  & gone before he got out there, well we went to the coop & got a hen & she was one that’s been laying  had several eggs in her & looked as if she laid every 2 or 3 days, anyway we had to eat.  Elbert dressed her & we put it on to cook  We ground the breast, added the eggs  a slice & a half of bead salt pepper & touch of sage,  tried out the fat & made 3 large meat balls, I fried them brown & added water   let them simmer about 10 minutes  took them out & made brown gravey & we ate balls with the gravey on them & some tomatoe pickles, & drank hot water.  It’s snowed & blowed most of the day, Radio says New England states are digging through snow drifts 10. ft. high & many other places are most burred & they are starviing & freezing & fighting on the other side.  Surely the bible history is working out & soon Jesus will be coming & there’s going to be weeping & nashing of teeth.  How much I wish I could help turn others to God quickly before its forever to late.  Winds little N. of West & blowing in puffs its partly moon light, hope I get my check tomorrow. 

Tue. Mar. 4. 1947./ We went to Lorain today   I took the India lily with me or us & we stopped to Mrs. West’s & sold her a doz. eggs at 50 cents & she came out to look at the lillie & talked a little    said she’s all broke up & don’t know what to do,  she has 2 sons & a son & his wife living with her & it’s terrible, she says  the daughter isn’t any talker & she has to do all the talking, she ought to be happy, but of course I don’t know.  We got gas & went on to Lorain.  Elbert took me to Miss. Baumgart’s or Mrs. Cranage’s & I took the Lillie in for them to see,  neither had ever seen one. and was pleased to think I’d brought it so far for, them to see.  We had quite a visit & then she gave me part of a sack of flour she’d only taken out a little.  she said it was good flour, but she had a sack of the new Robins flour, & I’d be welcome  the gold medal so I took it, & a bunch of news papers & a violet plant that I had given her, I gave her several when she gave me a nice on & another plant something like a cactus.  Mrs. Cranage took 2  doz. eggs 55 cents per doz.  Elbert got a check for one hundred & 12 dollars & 10 cents this a.m. from Federal Government  he paid 74.00 on his engine bill at the bank & then when he had looked around for work awhile & found none then we came back to Vermilion & went to see if Miss. Clark wanted eggs   she wasn’t home so I went in the notion store to show the woman the lillie

Tue. Mar. 4. 1947. page 1053./ 8. eggs today./  I gave the plants to last yr. she wasn’t there   the man said & he thought the lillie was wonderful, well I went back to the car & we were going over to the preachers house for a few minutes & had just got backed out when Miss Clark came over the railroad track so we pulled back in the parking space & she got in the car & talked a few minutes & she to, thought the lillie was so pretty, then she had to go to post office & so did Elbert & we drove there & she got back first so we had quite a visit, there are a lot of sick one’s that belong to church that haven’t been coming so the meetings have been small but good  wonderfully filled with the Spirit of God  Glory to His Name  Oh God I thank Thee for answering prayer.  I feel so happy so over joyed to Know Thou art on the Throne listening for our earnest prayer & glad to help us when we call & abide close to Thee Glory. Glory Hallelujah   I Praise Thee forever & ever Amen.  Well we took Miss. Clark back to her house & went on over to the Preachers home, honk the horn & Miss Brown looked out the upper window I ask her & Sister Gurney to come down & they did    we had a good visit & they to thought the lillie beautiful, they told me a lot of good news that Garry Black is doing he has talked to his school teacher untill she has brought a bible to school & reads to them each morning & has prayer & he testifies to them all.  If all those who have been born again & received the Holy Ghost would step out on the promises & keep under the blood what a lot of good work they could do.  Miss Clark told me about Harry Miller today, she said he was born again & fill with the Holy Ghost, but went his own way after he had been so wonderfully saved   filled & healed & now, he don’t get back because of doubts & fears, Oh God, I pray thou wilt have mercy & forgive him & take away every doubt & fear & help him to be a living healthy holy testimony for Thee, that will help to awaken all the people, both in Vermilion & miles about, I ask in Jesus name believing, Amen.  Well, we bought some meat, flour, canned beans, peas & kidney

Tue. Mar. 4. 1947/ page 1054. / 8. eggs this day. /   beans, cheese, tea, broccoli, apples & yeast macaroni noodles & speggetti & forgot light batterys, cocoa, crackers & butter. so will have to get them next. & his shoes 10.00 & lisence plate for car 8.00.   So, it will still take my check to help finish out & I have 10.00 to pay on my teeth yet & 11.00 for coal.  I like to keep paid up :& not be owing people money.  Wind has been N.W. & cold   it’s colder tonight & New York is most buried in snow & Boston Mass. & there are all sorts of accidents, fires, wrecks & deaths from them & cold weather & a severe battle off the coast of San Francisco California today  3. of our ships sunk 12 Jap ships before the last of our 3 went down & only 9 of our men saved & two of them talked about it tonight over the radio.  Well, that will sure stirr up trouble again, sure a fate.  

Wed. mar. 5. 1947./ 8. eggs today/  Well, I got the wash done once more & dried.  I dried them indoors.  It’s been a fine day out side & snow most gone, again.  I took care of birds & bedrooms & swept & got dinner, Elbert fried some salmon steaks, 3. pieces, & boiled potatoes & I cooked broccoli & then washed up the dishes.  & I’m tired tonight.  Well, no check today.  I’m glad we managed a little out of Elberts check.  Elbert carried the water & did out side chores today.  

Thurs. Mar. 6. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Mrs. Cranage gave us a sack of Gold Medal Flour & it’s bad   I set bread & it hardly made a raise of it & I was foolish & used an egg to make a few muffins & they were terrible, so hre I am stuck with a sack of Gold Mettle flour.  I haven’t tried the bread yet, hope it wont kill us it’s not light & nice like it should be.  & it tires me so to bake.  Oh, well. Wesather has been warmer today & not much wind today   snow most all gone  little patches where sun don’t hit it.  I did in side chores & Elbert did out side chores    I cleaned all the bird cages today & give them a bath & that’s a job all by it’s self.  Well Elbert’s going to Lorain in morning

Fri. Mar. 7. 1947./ 10 eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain, he got his insurance papers filled out & forgot Drs. bill so has to go back.  He saw a lawyer & talked to him & learned that a neice or nephew could bid the home place in & after 2 yrs.  Frank or any of us could buy it again, so Gertie wasn’t very wise.  Elbert has the promise of a job for Mon. It’s been a beautiful day, nice sun N. west breeze & light not cold   tried to snow several times.  We took the India Lilly over to show to Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & visit a little, he has been sick for 3 weeks with flu. is up & around now  look bad

Fri. Mar. 7. 1947./ page 1055./ 10 eggs today.  she dont look very good either.  They told us Mrs old lady Hahn was dead & buried last week & Mrs Wickum killed her self a yr. ago by putting hose on car & running car, with hose in her room & the rest are in Florida.  she & several of her sisters & brothers had softening of the brain when they get old & she left a note, she didn’t want to be a burden.  Mrs. Douglas said she called on Mrs. Myres who are living in the Wickum house & Mrs myers said the woman who lives in the Sanders place said she didn’t like this neighborhood for none of the neighbors come in to call on me, So maybe I had ought to go in, she & her man take care of the club house & they say it’s a gambling joint, so I’ve wondered about it.  Well I must get to bed, I wrote Nellie a letter & got Elbert’s insurance letter wrote & addressed & the other one ready to send if I get my check tomorrow.  

Sat. Mar. 8. 1947./ 4 eggs today./  No check today & tomorrows Sun. Well we went to Lorain & got Elbert’s receipt from Dr. Siffling & we mailed the insurance letter & one to nellie & the girls.  We went out to see the work out on Col. Ave. & then we stopped to see Pearl, Lillie & Tessie, they were glad to see us & we had a little visit, learned Armond is going to live in the old home place & his wife gave birth to a baby boy & it’s in an incubator in the hospital doing well.  They are using Elbert’s lots and haven’t even ask if they could.  Lillie bought 2. doz. eggs. & Mrs. West took 1. doz 50 cents per. doz.  We used all of it for some food for Sun. & Mon.  some fish & boiling meat & some lettuce & we got home at 3-30-p-m.  it’s been a beautiful day.  Elbert talked with the city Attorney & he told him to serve a notice on Frank to keep off his lots.  We are both very tired to night to some how. 

Sun. Mar. 9. 1947./ 12. eggs today/  We had a good day, went to S. school & church & to church in evening, had good pray. service & sunshine this morning untill noon then it tried to snow several times & got a little colder & mostly cloudy all after noon & evening   N.W. wind.  Praise God, I am Glad He’s mine  All the Glory belongs to Him Glory, Glory, Hallulijah, Glory to God.

Mon. Mar. 10. 1947./ page. 1056./ 9. egg. today./  Well I didn’t get my check to-day, Elbert & I received a letter from Carl Betz.  he writes a nice letter   told us how they go to the mountain where there’s lots of snow & then they drive 90 miles to the desert & he & his son (a boy they adopted) shot 21. Jack rabbit’s   he says there are lots of them there.  He also said that he goes fishing surf fishing & sometimes he pays 2.00 & goes out deep sea fishing for tuna fish, he says they are so good baked.  They pack a big basket & go for the day.  He’s working in a shop during the week.  Says there bad weather is over now untill Nov.  Well, Elbert went to Lorain & got a job, he’s going to work in the morning.  He don’t feel very strong, We haven’t been having enough to eat  But I hope & pray God will take care of him.  I baked 2. big tins of bread biscuits & one loaf & did some mending on the seqing machine.  Had to patch up big chair seat cover again & As the Man in Chicago says, it’s been a wonderful day.  Not cold  mild & sunshiny all day.  I looked after hens & birds & did my house work & I have felt as if I couldn’t go. hope check comes in the moring. 

Tue. Mar. 11. 1947./ 11. eggs today. /  Elbert went to work & worked all day & tonight he couldn’t eat his supper, he was so full of pain, his stomach & bowels  I don’t Know what’s wrong but his stomach tortures him most death of late  burns untill it most throw him into fits, so that’s the way he has been all evening, it could be a lot of different things, I don’t know what it is   liver  gas or stomach ulsers & with it all His, nerves, are terrible bad.  he has taken olive oil, some of nature remedy tablet & an anasin, now he’s sleeping, he wore his abdoman belt to hold his rupture & he may have worn it to tight.  I did my usual work & did the washing & had to carry part the water & took care of the hens.  No check today.  Wind has been N. east all day, nice sun, beautiful day. 

Wed. Mar.12. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  Elbert had cramps mostly in his stomach & bowels all night untill morning & he’s so sore & lame all over, his stomach & bowels been so sore hurt him to eat, so he’s had to take it easy today.  He worked yesterday for 

Wed. Mar. 12. 1947. / page 1057. / 11. eggs this day./   a contractor by the name of Dietz just a bout a mile or so west of Lorain, on main highway, by the lake, it’s a big compartment house & it’s ___ ft wide and ___ ft. long. lower part’s brick outside & concrete block partitions.    3 dormatorys on each side of roof. & house is on the lake bank.  I haven’t done much today  can’t stand to carry wather & do out side chores, so, I been feeling bad, but our trouble is we haven’t been having enough to eat of the right kind of food for strength.  it surely been a wonderfully nice day, N. east breeze light. 

Thurs. Mar. 13. 1947./ 9 eggs today/  Elbert’s felt real bad all day & I haven’t done only what I had to do  It’s been a nice day cloudy most all day but not cold, I heard a kill dear last evening & Elbert see a robbin this morning   winds been all around & it started to rain at 4.p-m & is still at it  Wind S. west.

Fri. Mar. 14. 1947./ 14./ Felt to bum to work & went to bed at 8-p-m sick.  I took care of Elbert untill 12-p-m

Sat. Mar. 15. 1947./ 12 eggs/  Lost out today, in bed all day.  didn’t know much rest of night or today.

Sun. Mar. 16. 1947./ 13. eggs/  I’m been bed all day, sure sick & only half here. 

Mon. Mar. 17. 1947./ 15 eggs/ Still to sick to get up.  

Tue. Mar. 18. 1947./ 11. eggs/  Well to sick to get & sit up. snowed before morning.  

Wed. Mar. 19. 1947./ 11. eggs./  Determined to get up & so, I did.  Elbert went to Lorain & see Mr. Dietz & got his money for one day  he worked & left the eggs for the man that had jpaid for them & sold 5. doz. others, he left note for Mr. Keep.  came back with few things to eat & hadn’t been here for only a few minutes, when Hauffman came in (the one that brought the canary)  he didn’t stay long.  I was sitting in the big chair in my night gown with blanket around me. & could hardly keep my head level, I felt so bad. Thurs     elbert looked so bad when he got back & I wasn’t able to wait on him.  I usually have hot coffee for him.

Thurs. Mar. 20. 1947. 12 eggs today. /  I took a bath & dressed yesterday morning & sit around most all day. it was Tue.  Elbert went to Lorain.  My heads bum yet.  Today he’s gone to Vermilion.  I sent my pussy willows & golden bells to Miss. Clark  & a pt. of soup & cup of sugar.  I brought the pussy willows & bells last week & they have been in bloom only a few days   My flesh has been so terribly sore, never was any worse, Well, 

Thurs. Mar. 20. 1947./ Page. 1058. / 12. eggs today/  I’m up again & hope I can stick. Well it’s getting cloudy & looks like rain.  Elbert got back, O.K. he don’t feel able to get around & he’s run in debt for food & the check hasn’t come through yet.  Well the preacher came in late & had a cup of tea & told us all the Church news   they always have a big group out to meetings when I’m not there   I pray God will continue to Bless the meetings.  My heads bad yet.  

Fri. Mar. 21. 1947./ 15. eggs today./  It was yesterday Elbert went to Vermilion & the preacher came in to call today.  It snowed last night a good thick white blanket & everything trees shrubs & weeds fences posts & evergreens looked like real Christmas this morning  it’s melted and was gone by noon then snowed a soft wet fine snow & then it rained a little. air is damp & chilly. & today is the first day of Spring.

Sat. Mar. 22. 1947. 11. eggs /  We been home all day   cloudy day tried to rain.  Elbert went to see if Mrs. Deforest Ward could call to talk to me but she is in bed with the flu.  I sent Elbert to find a peice of salt pork but he didn’t find any.  

Mon. Mar. 24. 1947./ 12 eggs today/  Elbert done out his washing he’s cooked the meals & he’s gone to see if he can sell eggs & get us a little to keep soul & body together.  Its been a dark cloudy day.  tried to rain  Elbert hung his undersear & shirts outside but they don’t look as if they are drying.  No check yet.  Today I wrote a letter to Mr. Reinhardt  N Ausmus, 1102 Buckingham St. Sandusky to see if he could see what’s going on a-bout the check.  It’s such a wicked, wicked world.  Elbert sold 3 doz. eggs for 55 cents & one doz for 50 cents & he paid 90 cents for 5 lbs oyster schell he got a very small piece of boiling meat

Tue. Mar. 25. 1947./ page. 1059./ 12 eggs today/  Been snowing & blowing a living gale since Mon. night & it’s still at it.  I’m to weak to do anything.  Elbert’s feeling a little better, but a long ways from good.  No check & we’re out of eatables & I’m so weak & hungry seems as if I can hardly keep from crying.  

Wed. Mar. 26. 1947./ 12. eggs today/  Evelyn is 35 yrs. old today. & it’s stormed & blowed all day & the sun shines through even when it’s snowing a gale.  No check today.  between a number of sittings, I mixed a couple tins of bread biscuits & got them baked.  & I’m no good tonight.  hope check comes in the morinng & we were with out the electric lights last night but they got them fixed after dark tonight.  

Thurs. Mar. 27. 1947./ 15. eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Lorain sold 2 doz. eggs $1.10 borrowed 10.00 & got us a little food, he left at 11-a-m & got back 4-30-p-m.  I washed out my clothes with anything to eat  ate a 3-30-p-m.  felt to sick to move rest of afternoon & evening, I got all my things dry ex-cept rags, didn’t have enough water to wrinse them but got them done tonight.  we had some short steaks for supper, they were tender ,& looked like horse meat red   he got some garlic saucage & some fish & no potatoes or anything else except 2 cans milk. No Check today but I got a card that is made out for April & May so maybe I ought to be able to live in hopes I might get it next month if I can find a way to exist.  If they trust Jesus, as they do me, how will they get to heaven.  I had Elbert mail the letter I wrote to Mr. Ausmus in Sandusky, I do hope he will be able to get Mar. Check for me.  It’s been a beautiful day, quite & sunshine snow has melted a lot on ground & on the roads. the school buss went through today.  No other mail been off 2 days because of weather. 

Fri. Mar. 28. 1947. / 8. eggs today/  No check today, Elbert went to Huron & looked around a little   some of the fishermen put in there nets & only got 1. or 2. fish & the nets all rolled & full of dirt, green slime, sticks, grass & weeds; Well I got a letter from Nellie & it tally’s with my dream I had a few nights ago & told it to Elbert, Nellie’s been in bed since Mar. 7. she said they told her she’s out of danger now, but that she’s up to high, altitude to high for her heart & 

Fri. Mar. 28. 1947./ page. 1060./ 8. eggs for today./  her blood pressure lots to high  said she’s proped up in bed to write.  I ask her if she had found out all those things before she went, but, she said it was O.K. I dreamed they brought her back ____.  today’s letter said she was coming back home in a mo or so, or by the time it was really Spring here.  Well, this morning sun shone & the snow was almost gone only little where the drifts had been , but tonight it started again to snow an hour or so before dark & tonight the ground is white & evergreens look like Christmas trees, once more.  light breeze from S.W. not cold out & snows melting.  I have felt to terrible for words all day, weak.  But I thank God for his tender mercies & care. 

Sat. Mar. 29. 1947./ 14 eggs today/  Elbert sold 4. doz. eggs $2.15  got 2. pieces of meat hardly enough to say meat, & few groceries.  & I over did somewhat  I swept wiped up kitchen  washed out rags & ironed my dress, 2. skirts, 2. kercheifs, & at 10-p-m, still tuckered  It’s been a fine day, it snowed last evening & it laid 2 ins. of snow & looked like Christmas once again & then all melted off & sunshone today  clouded up & snowed, but only a little  late this evening & is colder tonight & wind is a little stronger from the N.W.  hope it don’t get bad.  And I pray God will fill the church each meeting tomorrow & save some souls in Jesus Name.  Miss. Clark was feeling better today, Elbert said.  I do hope & pray God will fill us with health, all who are in need, when they pray Sunday Morning.  I’ll thank Him & give him all the praise forever & ever Amen.

Sun. Mar. 30. 1947./ 10 eggs today./  No Church for us today and I do want to go so much. Elberts not feeling so good, but we don’t have enough to eat.

Mon. Mar. 31. 1947./ 14. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron   he’s wishing for some fresh fish, but, they didn’t get enough to pay them & he said the nets were torn & in terrible condition, I opened some cans & made soup & just got it done when he came & the tea made   he washed & was ready for it.  I knew he would be, he’s so weak his legs ach so from just going up there & walking around & he looks bad yet & talking of getting off to Lorain to look after work again & I can’t hardly get around yet. & haven’t been out side yet, I sure am terrible weak & miserable yet, to.

April. Tue. 1. 1947/ page. 1061./ 10 eggs today./ sent Nellie’s letter today/  Elberts gone to Vermilion to sell eggs & get a bite to eat, his heads so bad   I hated to see him go & I been praying God will take care of him all the way & back again.  I sent a letter to Nellie & the girls & I feel terrible weak myself  but I made a rubbarb pie I been wanting all winter.  hope it’ll be good  I sure sweat like rain & it’s raining a slow drip out side, trees, vines & bushes getting a good cleaning, it’s dark & gray out side.  Elbert ought to be coming in prety soon now.  I sure, ought to write, some letters but I’m Been showery all day.  Elbert picked up Mrs. Tom Eppler. & took her to the post office & gave her nellie’s letter to be mailed & then he called Hambly’s & they took all the eggs 4. doz. $1.20 then he went to West, she wasn’t home, then he went to see Miss Clark, her sister is with her now, she just got back from California, where she helped take care her brother untill he was laid to rest.  she’s all tired out  I don’t know how old she is but to the place where she can’t endure to much any more.  Elbert got 2 cans milk  some apples & small piece of pressed ham & a small piece of meat to boil, He didn’t seem to learn much today.  Hambly’s were glad to see him, he said, & so were the Miss. Clarks.  I got the supper & did dishes before supper & now supper dishes are standing. 

Wed. April 2. 1947./ 12. eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain this morning & he can’t get anything on his compensation un-till April 15th.  The world is full of wickedness & getting no better fast.  So terribly wicked.  He picked up Harry Day who said he is 71. yrs. old & took him to Lorain & brought him back as far as his home, he was so tired & I was just getting dressed at 10-30-a-m. & I didn’t feel like getting up then, but knew he would be coming pretty soon.  It’s been a Dark Gloomy Day  so fogy we could only see the rail road track  all else cut off with fog.  wind freshened, from N.W. & it cleared some tinight and it quite a bit colder.  so much so the windows were all steamed up.  ground is full of ice yet. & air was warmer than the earth, see few flies out today.  I hope to get out

Tue. April. 1. 1947. page 1062/ 10. eggs this day. /  [date error]  /  doors this week for I want to go to Church Easter mornig.  We each received an Easter card from the Ministers. 

Wed. April 2. 1947./ 12.  eggs today/  A gray &  cloudy all day    Elbert went to Lorain & back before noon  & it was so fogy all day, but wind freshened at night just before dark & the sky got full of wind scuds. & moon came through, it got real cold & Elbert said it made an inch of ice last night, and thinks it will tonight.  Elbert says perch are 45 cents per lb.  boiling meat 33. per. lb. I only did what I had to do today & was glad Elbert got home out the fog is so thick. 

Thurs. April 3. 1947. / 12. eggs today./  Well I’m tired tonight did out half the washing & my kidneys are bad yet K& I’ve had to sit down a number of times but got all them dry but rags, & they’re most done now   Elbert’s felt bum all day, his stomach & bowels & his liver.  he carried the water & done all out side chores & hung out most the clothes, out side, & they didn’t dry very good   I finished them inside   We had a nice sunshine today, but N. E. wind & quite strong, cold & raw, was moon light but at 10-p-m clouded up again & eamp wind still N. E. well it got real cold before morning & did freeze ice.  We 

Fri. April 4. 1947./ 10 eggs today/  only get the news on the radio some times it works & some times it don’t  I thought of sending it to you [not sure who she is referring to, it’s as if she thinks she is writing a letter??]  long ago, but we don’t have the money to do anything with.  I owe a lot of letters since Christmas & just can’t seem to get at them & Elbert had to pay 17 cents for 5 stamped envelopes  we use to get 6 for 20 cents   I can’t understand yet, but she told Elbert she couldn’t give him 6 for 20 cents thats only a fraction over 3 cents a piece.  Well everythings bad these days, even you & I.  [again, not sure who she is referring to] Well, Elbert was bent on having some fish today so he went to huron, helped Scott’s with some fish nets & got a good big mess of fish, some catfish & some perch & pike & I had the potatoes ready & coffee & he had a cup of coffee, then dressed the fish & I got a few on to cook while he got washed for supper & then I got such a pain in me side I had to sit.  I took care of beds & roooms & birds & bakes 3 big tins of biscuits & I’m still so weak my legs sort of get mixed up, now & again.  Radio told of a queer train wreck today, the fast passenger was passing a frieght train, & a big tractor hopped off & the passenger threw on her brakes  hit the tractor & derailed its self, then told of 3 big fires, a plane wreck over near

Fri. April 4. 1947./ page 1063/ 10 eggs this day/  Norwalk & about a gang of crooks that consisted of 18 to 20 yr. old boys, stick guys. One of the fires was in a boarding home for Children & 2 died & several were badly burned.  Wind went S.E. & it rained tonight  sounds as if it had backed up to N.E. but I hope not, not cold out just damp & chilly.  

Sat. April 5. 1947./ 14. eggs today. /   It’s been quite warm today & last night it thundered & lightened & poured rain.  This morning sun came out & was nice, untill late this afternoon it clouded up again & it’s showery again tonight & the wind is quite strong from the S. & little West.  I swept Elberts room & took care of bed & then the kitchen but I felt so bum I let my room go, only air & made the bed, washed dishes & fried fish   Well Elbert fried the fish & warmed the potatoes   I made the coffee, the fish were surely good  Thank to God.  Elbert went to Vermilion cashed my check & got some food, flour, potatoes, & things we had to have & sold 3. doz. eggs.  I sent the preachers a can of Apricots  she is still in bed, been having flu. & gets up & over does, Mrs. Eppler help her for a while  today Mrs. Day is helping her now, so she told Elbert, when he was there today, he didn’t go up stairs.  Misses Clarks were up but not able to get out side yet.  Received a letter with a book mark in it from Mrs. Mc.Govern today, her ankle is very bad & Marry’s still in bed. 

Sun. April 6. 1947./ 10 eggs today./  Easter Sunday, I’d like to go to Church. but here I am, haven’t been out doors yet.  I pray for each one at church, that He will heal them souls & bodys & acording to there faith He will give unto them, I pray He will put strength into Sister Gurney’s body & reveal unto her the thing thats keeping her ill.  she & Brother Gurney are God’s children & we pray in Jesus Name Thou will help her as Thou seest she needs.  We will give Thee all the praise and Glory for ever and ever Amen.  We Pray Thy Blessing on the efforts of each one tonight & that Thou will speak through Rev. Gurney & save some souls tonight, be with each one who is sorely afflicted, those who are being tempted or sorely tried be with Thy people & Thy lands & mountain, Oh God help us to love as Thou doeth love   help us to Know & understand Thy ways & live as Thou would have us to live in Jesus name; We thank Thee & Give The all the Praise & Glory, Hallujah, Glory to God, Glory, Glory, Glory.  It’s been a beautiful sunshiny day, strong S.W. wind, getting cloudy & colder tonight.. 

Mon. April. 7. 1947. / 1064/ 12. eggs today/ Elbert went to Huron to see if by chance he might get a fish but no luck.  sun shone alday & wind was strong from N. W. cold & penatrating & -I went to mail box & toiletta & picked a few branches of pussy willows & was about chilled through, fire sure felt good when I got back in, but it tired me oall out & I haven’t done much of anything to day.  I had to go below & get a scoop of coal & I cleaned out the water ways & the water run like a river gurgling as it went.  I picked up the India lilly bulb off the floor & cut off the lilly, it was all molded from the wet floor, I brought it up to the Kitchen, it was so big )the bulb) last Fall & the flower shrunk it up half.  I have several small bulbs in pots, they grow up about 12 inches & put out an umbrella top, they are pretty.  Wind went around to S. tonight & it’s moon light stars are clear & bright & it’s cold outside   today is the first time I’ve been out side for a long time.  

Tue. April .8. 1947./ 13. eggs today/  Elbert went to Vermilion this a-m for grain 4.37 & mash 4.75 & he got some trimings for the hens.  he sold 2. doz. eggs for 1.10, he came back & had a cup of coffee & went to Huron to see if he could get some free fish, he helps them some, for the fish, he went at 10 a-m & got back at 4-15-p.m. he had another cup of coffee & said he had to buy himself a cup of coffee & a sandwich at noon, he went out & started dressing the fish & was just done at 6-p-m.  he got 2 white fish-small ones & a small 10 qt pail full of perch, pike & catfish, we had fish for supper, he scraped them out after supper after he feed hens & then he put car in shed & locked up the building, & then I salted the fish & packed them in a crock & covered them & set them down in stairway to keep cool.  I did the washing and am to tired, dried them in the house.  I went out back & to mail box today, no mail.  Wind went S. last night & on to N. E. today, sun was hot & nice all morning   but clouded up after noon & looks look hazy & thick tonight.  colder tonight  we still keep a fire. 

Wed. April. 9. 1947./ 14 eggs today/  Elbert’s been home feeling so miserable, he strained his self lifting fish baskets at the fish house, so he’s lame & sore all over, he cleaned & put sand on hen roost this after noon & I swept & dusted the 3. rooms, fried fish for dinner & washed dishes & looked after the birds & I to am sore & lame to much washing & then, I did the cooking & made up the beds, so tired I couldn’t sleep all night  went to sleep 8 a-m & slept untill 10.a.m, then

Wed. April. 9. 1947./page. 1065./ 12. eggs. this day./  then did my usual round of duties & got the dinner ready.  It’s been a beautiful day all day  N. E. to cold breeze.  Sun set red tonight & every things starting to grow.  I didn’t hear the frogs, though, today.  It was so nice I felt as if I’d like to get out & work in the yard or clean house, but after I swept & dusted I sweat like rain. 

Thurs. April. 10. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Vermilion & took 2 fish apiece to the Minister’s family & 4 to the 2 Miss. Clarks & he sold 1. doz. egg for 50 cents & paid it on gas & owes 53 cents more, the boy misunderstood & put in 5. ga.  Oh. Well; I ironed while he was gone & went out back & to hen house & fastened the carshed door that was loose, it was nice out side  wind a little to strong, but warm sun & lots of flies & the honey bees are out to     every thing is growing   the grass is nice & green & soon the weeds will be coming to     the ground is mellow & ready to be turned over & I wish we Knew there wouldn’t be any more frost so we could get the garden started.  We have to clean hen house pretty soon & me not so strong this Spring as usual.  But I pray God will give me strength again & help me to each pray meeting & service that I may be a testimony for Him who loves & keeps us.  I wanted to go tonight, but, I’ll get there soon, I’m sure  God will help me to go again soon & do His will He has heard there prayers tonight & laid His hand on us & I felt His power & trust for strength.  Amen  not only for myself but for the many others of the church Who need it.  Elbert said both Miss Claarks were up to preachers she’s still sick,  he had gone to Amherst.  Elbert mailed letter to nellie & cards & 3 in Vermilion & one to chick hatchery in Elyria.  Wind was S. & W. & we had a light shower just before dark, most of it went down the lake.  it cleared up & sun set yellow  it was blood red last night.  We have a high wind tonight so strong E. could hardly get into the back door & while he was in Vermilion he said the Kroger store door banged shut & the glass went clear out on the street & payvement & barly missed a girl that was passing & even went into a car that stood there with the door glass down.  

Fri. April.11. 1949. [she means 1947, and does not include egg count]/  Well I went out back k& Elbert was putting a paper house around the pie plants, he had the hoe, so I sued the back of it for a rake & cleaned off the old tomatoe vines & he took them & a lot of broken pieces of old tar paper over on the brush pile to burn & I took a good sized roll of sweet pea vines out where he can take them  I’d like to cut the wisteria vine & get it fastened up  theres such a lot to do in the spring.  & while we were out there it gave us another Spring shower.

April Fri. 11. 1947./ page 1066./ 12. eggs today./  the wind is strong & N. W. tonight & it is quite cloudy & dark but out not cold but chilly. 

Sat. April 12. 1947./ 12 eggs today./  Well, I swept & dusted  took care of beds & rooms & baked 2 big pans of biscuits, 1. loaf & 1. bread pan of rolls.  & cooked a very little to eat & washed the dishes & tonight we had one raisin roll be-tween us & a piece of cheese  a piece & cup of cocoa.  & that’s lots more than a lot of people have to day & I’m sorry for them.  Elbert’s head has felt so bad all day, he’s just kept quite, only did what had to be done, he took care of hens & carried what little water from cystern & well, that we had to have, & it’s been mostly cloudy all day, & a strong wind all day & is blowing some, but not so strong tonight.  I’m terrible tired, but hope to go to Church in the morning.  I’ll have to wear all my old things  dress, coat & hat, but I know to God they wont count Praise God from Whom all blessing flow & I Pray for Jerusalem, Palestine & Israel, God’s Land & people.  I pray for our Rulers & all of God’s people.  I pray He will strengthen our faith & give us wisdom & understanding & help us to do our part in His Great Plan, God help us. 

Sunday. April 13. 1947. / 12. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain to see about compensation & now they tell him it will be 3 weeks yet he will have to wait; He see Mr. Dietz & told him he’d like to work if he could work a half day at ta time for a while & he said sure, come along  I be glad to have you even for half a day so he’s going in the morning “God willing” to work untill noon.  then he’ll be back here for dinner, do odds & end here & relax some, for the next morning.  I thought I coulsn’t work I felt so weak, but, I started & did out all but Elberts heavy union suit & work shirt & got them all dry, but the rags.  Elbert got here at noon (12) noon & I made him some hot cofee & he brought 2 short steaks ($1.10)  I boiled few slices  potatoe & fried the meat & made gravy & we had bread & a hot dinner & it was good, then he flew off to Huron & helped load fish baskets on carts & got a good mess of fish & he got several nice white fish, catfish, bullheads & perch.  & it was late when he got them dressed, we had white fish for supper & a good big table spoon a piece of warmed up potatoe & bread & hot coffee, I made hot cocoa & gave him, when he got here with the fish  I knew he’d be empty & was & said it just hit the spot;  he cleaned & scrapped the fish & then Mrs. DeForest Ward came in & we had a nice visit We had sorted out some fish for the preachers family & some for Misss. Clarks.  & had them done up

Mon. April.14. 1947/ page. 1067. 11. eggs this day./  & we were going to Churc.  Mrs. West & Miss Clark both told him this morning, that they were going to have some big doing at Church tonight & for me, to be sure to come, I sure didn’t feel able   I was so tired after washing, but I decided I would for Elbert didn’t feel like going either so I washed & dressed & we went & I was glad I went.  All Amherst folks were there & Miss Brown & from Elyria & some Elyria folks & then part of the Vermilion folks. & 6 or more ministers   We took the two Miss. Clarks home & 4. Smith children & Miss . E. Clark took a doz. eggs. he sold 6. doz. eggs today.  Mrs. West 2.  Mrs Cranage 2. doz, 2 doz to each  Clark sisters.  One sister is going to Cleveland in the morning where whe lives  I don’t know if she works or not.  Well they & the preachers said they enjoyed the fish, I thank God for that.  Sister Gurney is rather white & thin, she had a bad dose of flu.  also, now we hear all N. York State is under corintine for small-pox. (wars & roomers of wars in more ways than one)  We got home before 11-p-m & Elbert’s in bed & asleep.  I thank God for his love & care & I Praise Him for all things.  Glory, Glory Halelujah, Praise God & Jesus & the Holy Ghost for ever & ever & May they have mercy on God People & Land.   I received a letter from Nellie saying she’d be home at Midnight April 22. E.J’s. birthday & they will leave her broke & lonesome once again to get along the best she can,  I dont know if Bonney Bell will go back or not.  Nellie said when she got back in the altitude she was supposed to feel better & be able to get up again, don’t sound as if she thought so herself. God help her.  

Tue. April 15. 1947./13 eggs today/ Elbert went to work. /  I’ve only done what I had to do all day & I got up at 9-30-a-m. shook up beds & opened windows after dressing combing my hair getting myself washed & cleaning my teeth, then since I had put the water on to heat I drank a cup of hot water, put some meat broth in by stew pan & washed & scraped 2 carrots & peeled 3 onions & cut them fine and put them in broth, with some celery leaves, (I had dried last Fall & canned) & three fourths cut of rice washed & wrinsed 3 times, then I seasoned it & left it stew slow then I washed up dishes & set down & ate only a few spoons of soup when Elbert came  he worked untill noon, so I made the coffee dished up a plate of soup for him & put some fish on to fry, got some bread & string beans, I had fixed & we set

Tue. April 15, 1947./ page 1068/ 13. eggs this day./   down & ate our soup after thanking God for it.  Elbert was terrible tired (they) he & the other men had hamered right through 4. hrs. of work on the roof of the apartment house where he worked one day so many days ago mar. 11. 1947. over a mo. Rawleigh man came today & we got nut meg & condition powder 4.00) 1.00 for nut meg. 8 oz. can.  Well he spaded 2 or 3 rows today for potatoes we should have put them in today but it was such a cold raw N.E. wind.  Wind was S.W. early. this morning, but went on to N. E. before 9-a-m  I coaxed him to give up & he’s got a cold in his throat to-night, I’m praying God will, in Jesus Name take it away tonight & turn his heart to Him, I thank Thee & praise Thee, Amen.  I have everything ready for morning. We, at least I Praise God that He is & ever will be, even though I am a sinner, I love & adore Him first & most of all.  No mail today. sun shone most all day & wasn’t quite so windy this moring, but it started to get bad or strong at noon & is strong N. E. tonight. 

Wed. April 16. 1947./ 13 eggs today/ Elbert was to tired to work & it rained in showers all night & part the morning & was cold, penetrating, raw wind N. E. & it snowed & then to break away but staid cold we had a good fire & it felt comfortable  I didn’t do only my usual house work & look after the birds. 

Thurs. April. 17. 1947./ 14. eggs today/  Elbert went to work   sun was shining & it’s been a fine day   sun was what, but warm   lots of broken clouds in the sky.  I only did my usual house work & was out side for about 20 minutes, not any longer, if I were that,   wind backed up to N.W. & back to S.W. & to the S. tonight & it’s quite chilly    we have a good fire   I had supper all ready but frying the meat when Elbert came at 5-30-p-m.  he was so tired & looked it to.  He fed hens & then locked up all the building & got washed & we had supper, then he got a bucket of coal & rested a while & went to bed.  We listened to the news at supper time, it’s terrible, they have had terrible explosions on & around the bay at Texas City   600 dead & over 3000 injured.   4. ships, the big ______ plant & oil taks & blew & air plane out the sky & killed both people in it & the gas fumes are terrible   thousands are homeless. & the fight gets more & more ferocious among the rulers.  I thank God for taking care of both of us & Elbert’s car & all our blessing & Pray God will send His Power into the meeting & bless each one there & strengthen all who are sick & afflicted  where ever they are & I do pray He will help Nellie and all her children in all the ways they need.  I thank Him & give Him all the praise forever & ever Amen.

article from internet 7.29/2021:  explosion of 1947, industrial disaster sparked by the fire and explosion of the SS Grandcamp on April 16–17, 1947, in Texas City, Texas. The blast set off a chain of fires as well as a 15-foot (4.5-metre) tidal wave. Between 400 and 600 people were killed, with as many as 4,000 injured.On the morning of April 16, the French-owned Grandcamp was preparing to finish loading a consignment of ammonium nitrate fertilizer at the port of Texas City, near Galveston. About 8:00 AM crew members noticed smoke in the cargo area, where 2,300 tons of the fertilizer had already been stowed. In order to keep the cargo intact, the crew decided not to use water to extinguish the fire; they instead tried, unsuccessfully, to snuff out the flames. Shortly after 9:00 AM the temperature inside the cargo area had risen enough to spark a massive explosion that was heard as far as 150 miles (240 km) away. The resulting fire destroyed the dock area and engulfed the nearby Monsanto Chemical Company plant. A mushroom cloud rose 2,000 feet (600 metres) into the air, and two small planes passing above were destroyed. Burning shrapnel was sent flying, with much of it landing in industrial areas, setting fires or causing other damage. A nearby ship, the SS High Flyer, which was carrying huge amounts of sulfur, also caught fire and exploded, and crude oil tankers near the site burned for days, consuming massive amounts of petroleum. The enormous wave triggered by the blast flattened numerous buildings, leaving as many as 2,000 people homeless. The fact that the initial explosion had killed many of the town’s fire crew and ruined its firefighting equipment exacerbated the devastation.   Between 400 and 600 people were killed, with as many as 4,000 injured.  “The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica” 


Fri. April 18. 1947. page 1069. / 6. eggs. today, /  Elbert didn’t work today  he couldn’t hardly get out of bed  took him some time to get dressed, he tried to walk around & get limbered up, but at noon he still was to stiff to do much    but he went out & bent over pulling the old sweet corn stalks & cabbage & broccoli roots   tomatoe & melon vines & he put them on the brush pile to burn & he pulled docks that are just starting to come up.  he’s still, so sore & lame  it hurts to move   after dinner he brought in his overalls & I put to big patches on each hip pocket & stitched a patch under, on the over-alls, he carries a hammer in one & a square in the other.  it tired me out   it was a dirty job as he had been working on the roof in them.  I finished darning the table cloth on the machine while I was at it,  now I can get that washed   it’s laid a long time   I done a little on it several times, all 3 are so old they will be done for prety soon.  The hens run out of mash & hence only 6. eggs today, hope it don’t check them for tomorrow.  I can’t help thinking of Nellie & the way she wrote her letter.  

Sat. April 19. 1947./ 12. eggs today. /  Elbert don’t have to work at his job on Saturday’s.  He went to Vermilion & sold 3. doz. eggs & enough old greese at 19cents per. lb. to come to 1.90   Miss. Clark didn’t pay for her’s so he was short on our eats, but we’ll make out some how, it rained before he got back, he got here before it got at it in earnest, & he got a lot of lettuce leaves for the hens.  We had just finished our dinner when the little old man with his suit case of notions came in, so he took off his hat & coat & had hot coffee, bread, beans & potatoes & pickled beets, same as we had & then he set here for 2 hrs. or so & he’s such a talker    he slept out all night in his clothes in a leaky old shed some where near Vermilion   he was tired & looked it, he said Mrs. Good who lived in the 3rd house on the right side of the road S. of track at Ceylon & her husband use to give him a back room of the house to sleep in & a good bed, but she died last summer & he had gone to stay with his sister now, so he had to find another place to stay if he could, he had taken a cold in his head & eyes & looked, as if he felt miserable, said he felt froze through & when he left he hit the track & went west   said Berdue bought a lot of stuff from him usually.  Well I expect nellie will be home Tue. night round midnight.  I’m praying 

Sat. April. 19. 1947./ page 1070./ 12. eggs this day. /  the ride wont tire her to bad.  Well, I haven’t done much today, only my usual round & then I didn’t get birds cages cleaned up.  I had to make biscuits for supper. & I’m still so weak. in body.  Rained in showers since noon & it’s 11-30-p-m. & Elbert was just out back and it’s still raining  wind N. E. was so cold all day Elbert put his gloves on to do a little work out side this morning & only taid out & hr or so said it was to cold   chilled him clear through.  Oh, Dear Father in Heaven, We thank Thee for all our blessing  which are many, for we have a little to eat & a fire & good beds in which to sleep & rest  We pray for Thy people & land & for the rulers & every one of Thy people & that Thou will strengthen our faith & help remove each inderance from our lives, that would Keep us from Thee, in Jesus Name, We thank Thee and give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever;  Amen.  I ask for strength of body & Thy help to go to Church that I may be a testimony for Thee, I love Thee Jesus.  

Sun. April.20. 1947./ 9. eggs today./ Oh, but it’s sure been a great day, N. E. strong wind, sound like winter howling a-round the corners and the heat from the fire feels good.  it rained in showers all last night & all day today & is at it yet ,  water’s high in the creeks & in puddles on the land.  We didn’t get out to Church all day.  Miss. Clark told Elbert she was going over to Cleveland to stay, with her sister over Sun.  I pray God will Bless Our Ministers & their [first time to use their]  family’s & All Who go to Church & all that are not able to get there & strengthen all & help more to get there even me.  I ask God in Jesus name, Amen.  I love the Lord more than all else.  

Mon. April.21. 1947./ 14 eggs today/  Elbert went to his job but it was so cold & he worked 1 1/2 days   wind was blowing so hard to that they didn’t work, he went into Lorain & looked around some got what money he had coming    got a few things we were badly in need of to eat & came home, he couldn’t call Bonita, So looks as if we’ll have to go all the way over to see if we can be of any help.  Didn’t rain any to day just blew a gale from N.E.   I had the washing all done but his shirt & union suit so he did them.  I was so allin that he helped me get the dinner & I had to suds & wrinse & hang up over half the wash, I did, & got it dry; Elbert mailed a letter to Rev.

Mon. April. 21. 1947./ page. 1071./ 14. eggs this day./   De Haan & a letter to Senator Wheeler & one of DeHaan’s Bible study books called (Palistine in history & prophecy, I do hope it will help in a good way as God ment it should.  I know Rev. DeHaan knows God & belongs to him   he sure studys his bible & the parts I hadn’t got figured out, he has & I’m so glad for it’s all more clear to me   I wish I had put my mind on it more than I did when I was young & had done more work for Jesus   the Word tells us He’s more to be desired than gold & silver or anything on earth   I believe it with all my heart & soul, I love Jesus, I adore Him, He’s honest , clean in every way   He’s my Sunshine, My only Sunshine Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord.  Well, the wind died down tonight, Radio said it was to be cold tonight & warm with sunshine tomorrow.  Nellie should be home tomorrow night   I do hope & pray God will give her strength & teach her to do His ways.  Elbert hopes to go to work & come home at nooon tomorrow & then we hope to go to Nellie’s home after we feed the hens to see if they will need us to help in any way.  Oh Jesus blessed Jesus, things are working out fast & soon  Thou will be coming.  Thou doest know I have all ways loved my parents & my brothers & sisters, their children & their childrens, children, have Merch, Jesus I pray, but may They will be done, not mine, but, I do love them and pray for them & for strength & courage, Amen.

Letter Elinor wrote to Congressman: Huron Ohio April. 20. 1947. Dear Senator Wheeler:-  Am sending you a little book called “Palistine in history and in prophecy”  Which I hope you will read.  I wish the president, all the senators and congressmen   would read it, carefully, thoughtfully and prayerfully.  And I do believe it would be wonderful if England, as well as all the other Rulers, could and would read it also.  Will YOu please give me your opinion after you have read it?  I thank you.  Mrs. Elinor Babcock, R.2. Hahn Rd., Huron Ohio    P.S. The Bible is God’s word.  It holds the passed, present and future history of (and ) for the world.  May God help us to understand, and, bless our Rulers.   Read Psalm 100.

Tue. April 22. 1947./ 9 eggs today/  EeB. worked till noon/  Ella Jane is 27. yrs. old today, she was in Lorain before noon    I was there with John, the Doctor & nurses.  It was a beautiful Spring morning, & we didn’t get to the hospital any to soon.  Now Nellie & Bonney Bell (so Nellie said) are coming home & leave E.J. there alone for her birthday. (It’s a queer World)  I know if I were E.J. I’d come home, but, she is so different, than I.  Elbert came at noon ate & hurried off to Huron to see if he could get some fish, he did & got back in time to get them dressed for supper.  I fried 2 small white fish & salted 5. pike & put them in a basin for Wed’s dinner or supper, if he desides to work all day.  I baked to big tins of 

Tue. April. 22. 1974./ page 1072./ 9. eggs this day/   bread biscuits a a doz big rolls.  & after supper I did up one tin of biscuits the rolls (9. of them) & 2 pieces of white fish cooked & Elbert put them in the car & a bunch of DeHaan’s books I promised to take to Mrs. Beesie    Elbert took them in there    she wasn’t home   he left them with her daughter, who lives in same house.  I forgot my pocket book and left it on the ppiano at Bonita’s, so we had to go back & get it, after we had got some distance on highway.  I was to tired to go & so was Elbert.  We gave them a doz. of eggs all so.  Bonita said Uncle Herman had given her a doz. also. but that she didn’t have much of anything in the house to eat, but, that, Johny was going to bring something when he came  bread & ham-bergers & she didnknow what else, & Martha came in while we were there, Joan has been staying with Bonita since Sat. April 19.  the other family Bob.Jean.  left at that time to go to Arizona (where Geo. is working) and going to school)  he sent Bonita 10.00 by Bob. & Bonita said Geo. wrote her such a mean letter that she hadn’t ans. it, and it that had been a month ago.  We stopped & talked to Mrs. Baldwin a few minutes, she isn’t very well, but gets around, she said she had a few lines from Nellie, that said by the time she got it Nellie would be on her way home.  Bonita said Nellie had been real sick & was coming travelers aid & would be taken home in the amblance   We ask if we could do anything to help & she said no & we wouldn’t need to stay, her mother would be to tired to see us, but the young folk will all be there   Johny & his intended & I don’t Know how many more, but they were planing a lunch, she said  she didn’t know if Bonney Bell would be able to stay home long or not & that Johny had rented & apartment & was soon to marry but that they would both continue to work.  Martha said Gertie & her mother were getting fat she thought it had done them good to be together, Gertie had done a lot of ironing for Bonita & Martha had brought ovr part of it, 

Tue. April 22. 1947./page. 1073./ [no egg count] / Bonita has worked like a horse  she has painted the walls & the ceilings of 3. or 4. rooms & stairway wall since last week & washed all the bathroom walls & ceiling  washed the wood work & windows & curtains & chair & deveins covers  & put the covers on & curtians up & fix-ed a bedroom down stairs for her mother, she has it looking just fine to, bed all made up & everything clean & spick & span  she cleaned & waxed the living room rug & had just give the kids a bath & put them to bed before we left.  &KK said she had to wipe up Kitchen floor & then take a bath & clean up before they, Nellie & Bonney Bell got home, & the young folks.  Bonita said, the Dr\s. told Bonney to get nellie home fast, so they are coming on all fast trains  they were leaving New Mexico Sun. morning early. & expected to be in Elyria 12.p.m tonight.  B. didn’t know if E.J. was coming or not, she said. so, it’s late & the train will soon be flying passed here & will be in Elyria 10 or 15 minutes later.  I pray God will in Jesus Name Give her strength in all the ways she needs.  I thank Him. Winds N.E. but not strong cloudy all day untill 5-30-p-m sun came through & it set red tonight.  I’m so tired & I know Elbert must be also for he’s restless tonight.  

Wed. April 23. 1947. / 10. eggs  today/ Well, I was to all in to work today but Elbert worked all day & is so lame he can’t hardly move tonight.  I gave him a good rub in acohole. I darned socks & cought up some runs in my new stocking only had worn them once & last night they put 3. runs in one & 2 in tother.  Wind has blowed hard all day.  I was out to post box & hen house & scratched a little here & there, plants are trying to get up through all the grass & sod.  I picked a few golden bells & have written a card to Nellie & one to Mrs. Beesie  We left 19 of De Haan’s Bible study booklets there at Mrs. Beesie’s last night. 

Thurs. april. 24. 1947./ 12. egg today/  I have just done my daily round today.  Elbert came home about 2-p-m & he spaded a little & done the chores out side   I had supper at 5-30-p-m & we dressed & went to prayer meeting.  Miss Brown

Thurs. April. 24. 1947./ page 1074./ 12. eggs this day.  was there in ans. not only to my prayer, but Sister Gurney’s also.  And God has ans. a number of prayers for me lately .  I have prayed for a long, long time that Sister Small would come into the meetings & Praise God she has. & was there tonight.  Miss Clark was there tonight also.  We were wonderfully blessed tonight & I thank God and Praise Him in Jesus Name, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.  I gave Sister Gurney & Sister Brown handkercheifs with a crocheted edge.  It rained early this a-m before daylight & untill most noon then, sun came out & shone untill late & then through the clouds untill sun set    N. Wind a little shivery.  I kept a little fire & fixed it up a little for night. 

Fri. April. 25. 1947./ 12. eggs today. /  Elbert worked all day, I washed his sleepers & under wear & 2 cotton blankets my night gown & nose rags & they’re all dry but union suit & the blanket.  I got supper & did a few odds & ends out side such as going to mail box, hen, house, & opening car shed doors for Elbert, getting a pail of well water & taking care of can, took care of bedrooms & we are both to tired tonight.  It was raining this a.m. when E. left & up untill noon   warmed up & fog got about 3 ft. high & then began to get cold, fog left  N. E. Wind & rain, colder tonight   We have a good fire & it feels good.  Elbert was working inside all day.  Praise God. 

Sat. April.26. 1947./ 12 eggs today./  Elbert spaded some & went to Vermilion & got a few groceries but he didn’t sell the eggs, no one home.  I swept & wiped up the floors l& dusted & cooked  washed dishes & took care of bedrooms & ironed & I’m tired to. I have to (come over when we could) take a bath in the morning & go to church.  & we did think we’d go to see nellie after church.  Wind shifted in the night & went S. W. & quite strong, not cold.  received letter from Bonita  today, short, said every one was O.K. mother better she liked fish & they all liked biscuit & rolls Come. We had real nice sun shine all day Praise the Lord. 

Sun. April. 27. 1947./11. eggs today./  Well I got to Sunday school & church & then we went on. over to Nellie’s, it rained Most all morning & eased just before we got to church & cleared up in middle of afternoon.  Johny & Marcia was there   Bonney Bell had flew off to Gannet’s, they were just having dinner    some one gave them 2 chickens & Bonita had roasted them & had riced potatoes & she had made some little biscuits & gravey & cabbaage salid. & coffee, Well, I didn’t like to eat up there food, so, I didn’t eat much, I took Nellie a can of peaches   she likes them so much, she’s in bed & in a bad condition   her blood pressure that had been lots to high, was down below normal. she had

Sun. April. 27. 1949. [she means 1947] / page. 1075./ 11. eggs this day./  a nervous spell before we got there, she got terribly shook up coming home & nervous for that train had been wrecxked or one fast train, the day before, she left New mexico on Sunday morning of April 20th & got into Elyria at 12-30-p-m. April, 22.  she ssid hr stomach & bowels just went up & down constantly as they flew over the miles of rails, so it will take time to get her settled again    her legs & the end of her back bone is bad & it hurts her so to sit up, she goes to the bath room & back, to her bed, being only a doz. & a half steps or so.  she looks bad & her eyes are very bad, she can’t see even with her glasses on, so she can’t read to pass the time & it’s so hard for a heavy person to lay in bed so long & it’s been since the 7th of march since she’s been in bed steady, fear has a lot to do with her condition, I be-lieve, wish I could be where I could go in every day. & talk her into better health.  Well, we left at 4-30-p-m & got here little before 5-30. & it had cleared off & was nich out   wind was S.W.   I Pray God will help us somehow.

Mon. April. 28. 1947./ 10 eggs today/ Elbert worked all day/  Frank Babcock’s birthday, he would be 65. yrs. old today, it’s been a warm beautiful sunshiny day.  I was out side some today, hung the bedding out & aired it, took care of hens & gave the birds a good bath & cleaned there cages good.  did dishes, made up beds & wiped up dust & got the supper ready just as Elbert got here, he worked all day & is to tired tonight, he’s been on the roof all day.  Wind went N.E. about 2.30.p.m K& tonight it’s back to S.W.

Tue. april. 29. 1947./ 8. eggs today/  Elbert went to work & worked all day.  Was nice this morning but terrible strong  wind   could hardly get out & in the back door I slept untill 11-a-m, or I laid there all night & just got to sleep when Elbert got up & got ready to go to work, then I get up when he leaves, or when he’s ready to leave & hook the door & this morn. I over slept after I went back & laid down, I even heard the postman’s car stop at the box & I turned over to get up & fell into a heavy sleep.  When a heavy knock sounded on the door, I thought it was Elbert, for he hadn’t felt like going to work, but as I loooked out I see it was a man with a light coat & hot  I got into part of my clothes & as he was leaving I hit the window & he came back, I got dressed & let him in.

Tue. April.29. 1947./ page. 1076./ only 8. eggs this day/  it was mr. Glass the man that sends my check from the Soldiers & Sailors Releif commission, he said he had been sent to check up on me, I said   what have I done, wrong? & he said, some one thought I ought to have lots to live on since the court awarded me $8.500 in 1936. for the damages of that wreck I had in 1934.  Well, he said what could I tell him about where all that money went to, I did the best I could, I told him, I was told that they settled for 5.000 & that the lawyer got half of that & my neice got 5.hundred of the 2,500.  that was left & 14 hundred was paid for my morgage & the interest on it & a few small bills & the wittnesses one 200 hundered & one 100 hundred & the others not so much & the Dr.s bills & bill for bone pictures & a bankruptcy $50.00 but he could go to the court house & to keep the lawyer & find out the whole thing, that I don’t have any money only what they give me, except what little we have left from the eggs we sell, after we pay for there feed & that we couldn’t live if we did have that little we gain from the eggs, so, then he wanted to know all Elbert’s affairs to, how much he had earned since Nov. up untill now, so I told him he had tried to get compensation, & they said he only had in 19 weeks not enough to get it, they have to have 21 or 22 weeks in. so, then, I showed him Elberts pay en-velops & told him Why Elbert can’t work steady any more was because of the 2 severe sunstrokes he had had & several slight ones in between  the bad one’s & he can’t work in the real hot weather & he had tried, then he ask how old he was & I said he’ll be 65. the 6th of Dec., then he ask how old I was & I said 62. Jan.16. this yr., then he ask did Elbert have any money or property  I told him he had no money, but he did have 2 lots in Lorain, then he ask how much they were worth, I don’t know, I said, but he paid 8 hundred & fifty dollars or 9 hundred  I didn’t remember which, for them.  he wanted know how big they were & I said 66 ft. front & 150 back, I thought. then he ask how much do you own & I said 5 and 63/100ths acres & 2 sides are hill & a little flats below. & then what was the taxes & I said 5.72, per half yr.  he said he was sorry to have to ask me all those things, but that, was his job.

Tue. April. 29. 1947./ page 1077./ 8. eggs this day/  & he was working for the commission & that he felt I should have the check for Mr.  but another fellow had got things in an uproar about that money that the court awarded me, so now, they are going to delve in to that & see that I haven’t got any money or didn’t squander any that I did get.  Such a world, No wonder Jesus will soon be coming, for if he didn’t we might soon get killed for telling the truth.  Oh God have mercy on our souls & I thank Thee for ans. my prayer & now, I pray Thou will help me to have enough to live on for I have kept nothing back.  I’d like enough to pay my bills & buy what little I need to eat & wear untill Jesus comes & I al-so pray for their souls that, they will know Thee & all my brothers  sisters, their children & their childrens children   my friends who are few & neighbors, Amen.  It started to rain at 1-p-m.& we had several good showers, but Elbert said it only started in Lorain at 4-p-m.  he’s terrible tired & so am I for I did half the wash-ing. & carried 3 pails water & did out side chores & inside. & got supper, got everything dry but wool skirt.  Elbert’s in bed & I sure wish I was in mine also.

Wed. April 30. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  Elbert felt so bad, his joints has such pains in them & so we rested this morning untill, he took a notion to go to Huron & get some fish, but they didn’t go out to lift today. so he got some boiling meat & came back, he fix the step that was broke at the front door & did a few light jobs & took care of hens, I set bread, took care of bedrooms & Kitchen & meals, I made soup; I baked 2 loaves and one tin of bread & one little loaf in a flat coffee can. & 2. cakes & I put some frosting on them, just one layers, I took a can of soup, the tiin of biscuits & one cake to nellie Bonita & the child-ren.  Bonney Bell had gone to see about a job in Brecksvill but would be home later tonight.  I took some daffidills to Nellie to.  She said she had been out in the Kitchen to eat twice, but, that it made her sweat terribly  she’s terribly weak, she was glaad to see us, & sorry to se us go.  We stopped at Miss Clark’s in Vermilion & gave her the little loaf of bread & ask her to go with us, & whe did & she said she enjoyed the trip, but it tires me, it was about 8-p-m or little past when we got home after we

Wed. April.30. 1949. [she means 1947] /page. 1078./ 9. eggs this day./  left Miss Clark at her door.  We had soup & a cup of green tea when we got here.  Bonita gave me a box of green tea & it sure tasted good. It rained hard several times today & while we were there, then it cleared a little on our way home  Elbert brought us down 21.st. street part way & then toward the lake on Levit st. to lake & toward the West on main highway  passed Elyria water works to the new building  where he has been working & drove in to show us where he had been working on the roof & side toward the highway.  Then we came on home.  The wind has been strong from S.W. 

Thurs. May 1. 1947./12 eggs today/ Elbert worked all day, but his knees are worse tonight & he can’t hardly get up or down.  The sun shone this morning with a south wind or breeze, that got ot be strong by one oclock,  I put the bed pillows out on the cloth line this morning but got them in after the wind started to freshen up.  I opened the basement windows to & shut them about 3-p-m. & the bed-room windows all so & coop doors & window & toilet door & had opened & fastened car shed doors for Elbert, thinking he might get here before it rained, but , he didn’t, but he was glad the doors were opened, It thundered hard & lightened after, the wind eased up.  Wind sure did blow  I felt the house shudder & it felt as if it lifted a little.  God took care of it & me & Elbert & his car.  I thank Him & love Him  He’s my All in this world, & just now I had to stop writing to Praise Him as the Power went from my head to my feet, Glory Hallelujah, Glory to God in the Highest, Glory, Glory, Glory.  Well it sure poured rain & it cleared a little & tonight it gave us an other shower since dark, I did the ironing today   besides all the other odds & end.  & I got supper & did the dishes & got everything ready for morning.  I was out in the park & looked at the trees & took some of the leaves off the iris the old leaves from the trees had packed down 3 or 4 inches thick over them.  the half of the Apricot tree is white with blossoms & the cheery tree & several peach trees & pear trees are in bloom.  One little peach tree, just a whip about 3 ft. high north of the house has several blossoms On it & some in the jpark that are only 4 ft. are in bloom.  Warm out today. 

Fri. May.2. 1947./ page 1079./ 12 eggs today/  Elbert went to work & he & another man was sent into Lorain to fix a big gate between two buildings, then, back to the apartment house (that is to be a Dr’s Clinic, and not an apartment house) as they had thought.  So Elbert is terrible tired & his legs & back pain him so bad he could hardly get relaxed before going to bed.  Well, I feel rather tired myself tonight   I have to look after hens when he is gone, besides my birds 7 my regular house work, I did some more washing today & carried 3 pails of water & it’s two much  I couldn’t finish the washing   my feet have pained me so bad today.  I got another book from DeHaan today.  It’s sure good, I had figured it out in my simple minded way, on the same order, but he puts it together in a way you or even a child could understand it.  I feel the Power as the masses pray & Praise God for His Tender Mercys & Kindness & I Pray for His Chosen people & His lands & it’s wonderful how he rules the World.  I pray He will forgive me a sinner & find me worthy, for I love Only Him.  Wind was S. untill 4-p-m. it went N. & I don’t know where it is tonight   Elbert said they had a heavy shower this after noon in Lorain.  Oh God help us to turn to Thee with all our heart in Jesus Name. 

Sat. May. 3. 1947./ 11. eggs today/  Elbert don’t work on Sat. so, today he went to Lorain & made a payment on his car engine & paid 5.00  he had borrowed of Moore & Myers then he hurried back to Vermilion & got a big box of lettuce trimming & came on home, aate a lunch & got ready to go to Huron to see if he could get some fish.  I got my check for May this morning & I signed it so he could cash it for me, and he did & he got a few fish for dinner tomorrow & supper tonight & he got a new pail (white enamel) for the well water    he dropped the other one & it leaks bad, I had mended it once before but this time the iron cement don’t seem to hold  He dropped the other one full of water on the concrete & knocked most the granit off inside and out side of the bottom.  I haven’t done much to day, done my daily round & mended his union suit & 3 prs. socks & my old wash dress & I did clip off a few fines but it started to rain, so I come in & worked a bit in here, my feet’s been bad today. I ironed Elbert’s

Sat. May. 3. 1947./ page 1080./ 12. eggs this day./   work shirt   he onlyl has 2.  & so I have to get it washed & ironed but when it gets warm, he’ll have to get some more that are lighter weight, these are so heavy it’s hard for me to wash & wring them by hand.  It rained hard after he got back from Huron & then gave us several showers later, just May showers.  it’s been a beautiful Spring day, just a little to cool with out a jacket.  Rev. DeHaan believes as I do that Jesus will be coming very soon, all things are shaping up just as the bible has told us they would & soon the terrible battle of Armigidon   Oh God, Please help us to turn to Thee with all our hearts before it is forever to late   I ask in Jesus Name Amen.  I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus & I love only Thee all the Glory Truly belongest to Thee.

Mon. May. 5. 1947./ 13. eggs today/  Elberts back is bad  he can’t get up or down without groaning, took cold in his hip joints again.  Well I got dinner & then went to Vermilion with Elbert    Well I set my bread before we went & mixed it into a hard loaf & it had started to raise before we got started we went to the minister’s home & gave her a couple of pieces of goods I had left from my dresses for her to make the little girl some dresses of, she said Loletta was ___ yrs. old today & she was glad to get the pieces  I wasn’t going up but she wanted me to because Mr. & Mrs. Bueser were there, so I went up & in & shook hands & returned

Mon. May.5. 1947./page 1081./ 13. eggs this day./  greetings they had come to ask our preachers to go back to Am-herst with them for something or other, & were waiting for Rev. Gurney who was gone some place.  I only stayed a few minutes & then we went to see Mrs. Sprunk  she’s been having a bad cold, said she went to the convention at Ackron but had to come home she felt so bad, she was all doped up with greese & the house so hot you couldn’t hardly breath.  I gave her some daffodils & she said she loved flowers.  Well, we talked a few minutes & I ask her why she didn’t have some of the church folks pray for her & she said she didn’t think of it.  I told her I’d been praying for her & she said she new some one had.  Well, we went on over to Miss. Clark’s & she said she took her sister over to Miller’s & then came back to church & then after we went to the Alter to pray she went to Millers & they had a lunch & tea & then went home after it stopped raining, so it must have been late unless it stopped there before it did here & it poured down all our way home last night & it rained a fine misty rain most of today & been cool & damp air.  Elbert got his pants he had them cleaned & press-ed cost 55 cents & that’s cheaper than I could do them.  then he did the shopping, got some boiling meat & sack of flour & can of crisco, crisco cost $1.43 cents for 3. lbs. terrible.    it rained all way home & the bread was ready to put in loaves so I made. 2 & one tin of bicusits & stired up a cake made 2 12 in. tins full.  & did up dishes & emptied slop pail & cleaned bird cages & covered them up & now I’m going to read a bit & then I’m going to bed.  I got supper to, after I got bread in pans.  Wish I was in bed now, I bathed “or rubbed ” Elbert’s back & bowels in alcohol  he’s sore clear through.  I sent to Rev. De Haan for 2. books on Palistine & he sent the (Sign of the Times.) Not much breeze & raining 11-p-m.

Tue. May.6. 1947./10 eggs today/  Elbert’s knee is badly swollen & his back is so bad he can hardly get up or down   We went to DeVore & got some herbs & I steeped them & he has taken some   I do hope they will help him. he feels

Tue. May.6. 1947./ page 1082./ 10. eggs this day/  so bad & not able to work.  I trimed the grapes on the racks in the back yard & did a little more on Wisteria vine.  & it has sprinkled several times this after noon.  Sun shone this morning & it’s been raining in showers all evening, & late tonight.  I dug some dandelines for greens & cleaned & cooked them.  It’s not very chilly out, just damp.  I gave Mr. & Mrs. DeVore on of the India Lillie bulbs, they were real pleased with it, they like flowers, I let them take one of De Haans books. (called, The signs of the Times.)

Wed. May.7. 1947./10. eggs. today/  Well, I received a card this a.m. from Erie County Soldiers & Sailors Releif Commission from Basil I. Glass & County Veterans Service Officer, Office 4the Floor Court House, Sandusky Ohio.  Looks as if the old folks in this country who are not able to take care of them selves are supposed to do, as they had to in China. just die, if you can’t work & earn a living for your-self.  I pray God will take a hand. for I don’t know what to do.  We are going to Lorain in the Morning, God willing to see if we can find out through the Red Cross.  Mr. Hauffman was here today, we told him about it, but he didn’t seem to know what to do either, he said he wrote to the (commission board) when he was here in Mar. & I told him they didn’t say any thing to me about it & that they didn’t send the money for Mar. either.  Oh me, Only God Knows how I hat to, have to ask for help & be kicked, cuffed, scuffed out, laughed at & mocked in every way.  It’s been a cold day, N.W.  wind, sun came out a few times but not for very long.  & it snowed a light shower this after noon.  & they had a real squall in Chicago but it did not stay on the ground for long, they said over the radio    they said there would be a frost tonight & farmers are getting worried, for they usually have there corn & oats in by this times and it’s so wet & ground is so soggy they can’t get anything done. 

Thurs. May.8. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  Elbert went to see his bos Mr. Deitz & he gave him his check for one days pay, they had quite a visit & then we went to Red Cross to see what we could learn, then to Mr. Keep’s office & talked to Mr Shoultz, Keep’s padener in law, he took down all the details & said he’d have Mr. Keep fix things up & that he would mail it to me & I could take 

Thurs. May. 8. 1947. page. 1083. /11. eggs today. /  or send them to the commission or releif board, & both he  & the red Cross advised me to write to Governer Burton, Washing D.C. So that’s next.  We wenet over to see Nellie she was out to the table to have a lunch & said she was hungry & that Bonita was having the same trouble in getting help & she has 3. children to take care of & feed. does begin to look as if they are going to try to starve us to death on this sid, now.   I have ask God’s help & I’m going to believe He will help me in His own way.  We came back to Lorain & Elbert went to Dr. Siffling & he also got him to take care of his in-surance papers, I’ll have to keep tab on that or he wont send them in.  He’s always in such a hurry to get started, if we’re going anywhere in the car & my nerves are so wrought up some times & I ask& he said, Oh yes, come on, if you’re going, well, we had supper of fish & potatoes & bread & coffee & got hens fed & everything locked up again & shut off the stoves & he said yes, & I said, it seems as if we ought to do something yet & he said you’re late now, hurry up.  so I locked front door & we left for prayer meeting.  I had found a telegram on the back step when we got home & Georgia May Snyder came ouver & said her father had taken the message over the telephone, a night letter from Shirley Glover saying (Flora) her mother had passed away at noon May 7.th. that was yesterday (Wed.)  I always loved her dearly & now Shirley is left alone, poor girl I’d like to have gone to her, but, I can’t So I wrote her a letter to comfort her & thank her for the message,.  it was so nice of her to let me know.  I had a dream a long time a go about Flora, Bert, Frank & I & she & I slept

Thurs. May. 8. 1947./ page. 1084./ 11. eggs this day/  in a bed in a rickity old room, board floor & all loose & we saw the 2 men talking & they would-n’t listen to us, so we took our suit cases & went through a door into a hall & across to the other side to a office window where we were given a ticket each with the number of a room on it & hers was away down most to the end so far she looked like a little girl when she got there, she opened her door, looked back & waved her hand & went in    I went back to the woman in the office & ask if it would be possible for us to be closer together & she said, I’m sorry but she will be leaving long before you, you may get to see her again.  my room was second from the office & as Flora & I found it, she said, mine must be a long ways down & I’ll come back & see you by & by. & now she has left.  God help me to keep close to Thee,  that my soul will meet Thee before long.  Well we Elbert & I went to prayer meeting & home again to find, Elbert had put the meat on to boil & we had left it boiling & it had all burned up but the bone & the house so full of smoke, we opened    & the house still stinks of burnt bones.  Now we must go to bed, I ought to wash clothes in-the morning It snowed yesterday & today & tonight & it’s cold, the fire feels good.  N.W. wind & gone N.E. tonight. 

Fri. may. 9. 1947./ 12. eggs today./  Elbert feels a little better today but not as good as usual, it’s been a cold raw wind  it backed up to the west last night, the sun came out, it was warm where the wind didn’t hit, Well, tomorrow, they will lay poor Flora away & I loved her so  My heart goes out to Shirley  I loved her & hope She will always love me.  I did out half the washing & if God will give me as much strength tomorrow, hope to get the rest done. & wipe up the floor & iron my slip & Elberts shirt.  Radio says killing frost tonight & it’s cold & no breeze to speak of.  Radio said a lot of fruit has been frozen the last to nights but I hope we don’t get it tonight, my year bood I keep of the Christmas days says frost last night of May

Fri. May.9. 1947./page 1085./ 12 eggs this day./  Elbert cleaned the beef kettle today but the house still stinks like old burnt bones, he hung out 8 or 10- pieces of clothing on the line for me & they really got dry.  We will have to fast now, for a while may be more than less.  We ought to clean the hen coop tomorrow for we are to get the baby chicks next Wed.  May 14.th. & that will be quite a job to take care of them & get them big enough & healthy & in laying condition & the park fence is falling to pieces & we have to put up another if we can get the money to get one, I pray God will help me.  I love Him, He’s so good to me to, Praise Him.

Sat. May.10. 1947./ 11 eggs today. /  I washed my dress, Elbert’s heavy work shirt & one blanket & my rags & got a lunch & washed up all the dishes some from last night & then I dug a pail of greens & washed them in 4. pails of water then I fried fish for supper.  Elbert went at 10-a-m up to Huron & he worked for some fish & got 38. pike 2. white fish & 2. catfish, while I dug & washed the greens, he dressed the fish & washed & scrapped them out & I salted them all.  then I packed a few in a pan for the preachers & done up a good bunch for Nellie & put half the greens in a kettle for us & took the other half in pail for Nellie, We left at 7-p.m.  for Nellie’s & & got back 15 to 10-p-m. & we’re both to tired.  they were so happy to have the fish, I took 2 pieces of white fish & 1. of catfish that I had fried, it was warm yet, when we got there, Bonita had just finished giving the children a bath & putting there nighties on them & Nelson Kissed us good night after drinking a glass of milk & he went up stairs to bed, but Nellie ate the fried fish & fed the twins part of it, then they washed there hands & faces once more & kissed us all good night & climbed up stairs to bed.  Poor Flora was laid away to day at 2. p-m. Oh God have mercy on our souls.  Bonita gave me a roll of life saver candy & passed the box of chocolates she bought for her mother for tomorrow is mothers day, she paid a 1.00 for a lb. box.  Nellie can hardly keep from crying when we get there & when we leave.  We got a small boiling piece when we got in Vermilion & I have it cooking for morning.  The Ministers were glad for the fish, Miss Brown is there to, there baby, Garry Black & one of Mrs. Hornings boy’s so they have quite a family.  I thank God in Jesus Name for taking & bringing us safly.  & for all our many blessing today. & that He is and ever will be & I wish I was, like Him, Clean pure strong in faith. I ironed my slip & Elbert’s shirt before going to bed.

Sun. May. 11. 1947./ page.1086./ 10. eggs tonight/  It’s been a beautiful day, N. West wind, but light drying away in after noon & freshening up a little toward dark & dying out again at dark.  We went to Church & sunday school & went to Young peoples meeting & Church tonight.  Today was mothers day & they gave the oldest mother (Mrs. Hambly’s mother) a plant all in bloom, it was a large pot & full of flowers deep pink, I think it was what they call a Cyclamen & she sat up in front in a big easy chair during, preaching, she was so pleased with the plant.  then they gave Mrs. Smith a 5 lb box of candy with a red carnation on it & tied with pretty ribbons, that was for being there tonight with her seven children.  & we had a good sermon in plain language, the church ws full, very near, with children & older folks.  & Miss Lauise Brown a young flaxen haired girl who has been a missionary in Affrica, was there also tonight, she’s having a rest (or she is supposed to be having a rest)  Brother & Sister Gurney are going on a vacation for a week & Miss Brown is taking over untill they come back.  I praise God for all things.  Poor dear Flora has been laid away since Sat. afternoon.  The sun was hot today & it’s a lot warmer out, today.

Mon. May.12.1947./ 11. eggs today/  Elbert & I cleaned half the hen house today  the N. half. it’s lots to much for me to do any more   he did the most by taking out all the loose things & he shoveled up the sand & straw & got it out side   I swept the ceiling, sides & floor & he managed to do the spraying this time, & there’s just as much more to do on the other end & we have to get sand & straw, & we should get the baby chicks day after tomorrow    I’ve talked & talked, but not a move untill today & a talk on money matters.  Oh I just don’t know what to do, for they have decide I don’t need to live & have sent me a card saying I wouldn’t get any more, seem to be as kind about it as Mrs. Brode.  if you can’t earn a living, just sit down & die, no one will do anything to help you, God is truth & I pray He will help me.  It’s been a very warm day.  I had a queer spell in Church Sun & another one after we had finished in the coop. Sun set white tonight.  The wind was south west all day & puffy sky full of wind scids.  

Tue. May.13. 1947./ 11 eggs today./  I got a letter from A. Keep (lawyer) in Lorain & I don’t understand his letter.  I’m going to keep the letter, or make a copy of it, if I have to give it to any one else to help me.  & I am writing a card to Glass & one to Mr. Ausmur.

Tue. May.13.1947./page. 1087./ 11. eggs this day. /Gertie’s birthday 59. yrs. /  this is the copy of Mr. Keeps letter.  Dear madam, According to the records in our office your accident case was settled and distribution made on November 6, 1937.  On the 20th day of April 1938 a petition in bank-ruptcy was filed for you in District Court of the United States being for the Northern District of Ohio, Western Division and known as Case number 14484.  In said bankruptcy action your liabilities were listed as $5142.72 and your assets as $330.00.  A certificate of bankruptcy was subsequently approved.  If any further information is needed our files concerning your case are available for inspection to you or any other person that you authorize us to show them.  Very truly yours, Keep & Scholz. By Stanley R. Scholz. (S.R.S.reg.)  Well, Keep told me I only had $50.00 left & that would be enough to go through the Bankruptcy case, that it wouldn’t cost me any more than that  he said when the money was turned over to him he had put it in his wife’s banking account & he didn’t tell me why  only that it would be the best way. for him to draw it to pay the wittnesses & exray pictures & such.  There seems to be a niger in the fence some where.  If the Releif knows there is, they know more than I do & it does seem when a person is on releif there would be some one to look into such things & to tell them   us what to, do, if we had to do some other way.  I pray God will help me.  Elbert worked in Lorain on 19th St. today & he is sure tired tonight.  It rained all morning & broke up this afternoon, but we got rain again just about 5-30 & again at 9-p-m. Elbert was working inside taking up old flooring & taking off some siding they are making a new Vestabule for a woman who has 90 thousand dollars. (he was told) a widow & she drives her own car & looks after all her own interests & Elbert says she looks the picture of health. Well, I did the washing it was to wet to do the coop job.  Elbert thinks they wont bee working tomorrow for they are out of lumber.  Sand will be wet now, to, & we have to get sand & straw & pitch to putty up mice holes.  & I have to make Elbert some sleeper pants & patch big chair cover & do some darning & mend a pr. of blankets.  Winds been S. west all day & yesterday.  I dried most the clothes out side after dinner, hot wind & strong.

Wed. May. 14. 1947./ page 1088./ 11 eggs this day./  Elbert worked all day & he brought the straw tonight.  I did an other bad thing today  sprayed the other half of the coop today & thats all the work I’ve done except shaking up the bed & airing the rooms & making the beds taking care of birds & hens & cooking the supper.  I’m lots to tired. & so is Elbert  he worked hard to day putting on siding & roofing using the hammer all day untill his hand & arm aches tonight. been mostly cloudy   damp N.E. wiind or breeze chilly tonight.  We still have a fire and it feels good tonight.  I thank God for our many blessing & Praise Him in Jesus name and wish I were as clean & pure & good as He is & ever will be. Glory to His Name, Glory, Glory, Hallalujah, glory to God.  

Sat. May 17. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  My wed, annaversary. 27. yrs today  we were married in Elyria & just such a day as today

Sat. May.17. 1947./page. 1089./ 11. eggs today./  only it didn’t rain, was sort of misty & then cleared of & that is it  was mostly cloudy with no mist.  We got on the same street car with brother Fred Bonney & he never sermised, never even dreamed for a second that I would get married & after word, he wanted to know why we didn’t go home with him, We would have only, he lived with his in-laws & we didn’t know if we’d be welcome, but we learned later, we would have been, now Fred [Fred Bonney, 1886-1957, Elinor’s brother]   his father in law[ ______ Noderer, Fred’s wife]  & Uncle Bert (by marriage)[____?]  are all laid to rest & our father & Uncle Will [William Wheeler, 1854-1944, Elinor’s maternal uncle]  & Aunt Edith [Edith Wheeler, 1884-1949, Elinor’s maternal aunt] all so & my brother in law (Sister Nellie’s husband) [John McKinley Harnish, 1896-1946] & Nellie is in bad condition, she can hardly get around.  We went to her home today & had lunch with her & Bonita [Bonita Eddy, 1923-1995, Elinor’s neice]  & the 3 . children [twins, George Henry, 1943-1980 & Bonita Mae Eddy, called “Pinky”, 3/8/ 1943-2019, & Nelson Kay Eddy, 1945-alive, 2021, Elinor’s great neice and nephews, Bonita was also to go on to have another set of twins by a second husband].  Bonita had gone to the store & she didn’t have much to eat when she came home only what she could carry in a shopping bag & it wasn’t full.  We only took them a few apples & 2 big sweet onions, Nellie looked pleased with the onions, She said no one had been there all the week & she had been wondering if we had forgot to come, she’s just begining to realize what sort of mess she’s in, now, no money to do a thing with & every thing going to rack & ruin & no John to work & keep things going.   Well, I’m sorry for her, but I can’t help her either & the only thing we can do is go see her as often as we can.  George (Bonita’s husband)[George Henry Eddy Sr., 1922-1995, Elinor’s brother-in-law]   don’t help her & she’s worried most to death.  We spent an hr. or so there & then got the chicks & came home  brooder was nice & warm & Chicks just got settled when we see a rat in the coop so we had to gather up the chicks & bring them all back to the house & we’ll have to get the rat or rats now before putting them back.  such a job.  but we’ll have to work now for they cost 23.14 with the starting mash, & that’s a lot of money. S.W. breeze tonight & has rained in showers all day.  We are both lots to tired. & I wanted to go to Church in the morning so much but don’t know if we can now.  it still raining in heavy showers  I took Nellie some lilacs.

Sun. May. 18. 1947./ 10 eggs today./  Mostly cloudy today & we been home all days.  2. School from Cleveland were out studdying wild birds today & I had a nice visit with them & sold them 2. doz. eggs.  & they went to the hen house & saw the baby chicks.  We have taught them just today to go under the hover & tonight they all went under by them selves.  & I pray they will be O.K. untill morning. & that the rat isn’t there. for we don’t know where he could 

Sun. May. 18. 1947./ page. 1090./ 10. eggs this day. /   have got out   Elbert fixed every place he or I thought a rat could get through.  I hope he got out side.  We didn’t hear him today but I thought I saw him going down the outside of the window   I pray God will take care of them for us, the hens are a lot of help toward our living.  Elbert still has 244.00 dollars to pay on his car engine, at the bank & if he don’t work steady it’s going to be hard to get it paid since they have taken mine away.  Well, the rain came down in heavy showers all night last night but breeze has gone N.W. today & it’s a little cooler tonight, Elbert said he thought it looked like rain again tonight.  We have had to much but I hope it don’t get to dry during the summer months.  I didn’t get out to church all day or tonight but, pray God will take a good crowd to Church.  Our regular preachers have gone away for a weeks rest & Miss Louise Brown a missionary preacher is filling in. 

Mon. May.19. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Elbert got up & went out back & his back was hurting him so he could hardly move with out yelling or moaning.  I felt about the same way only, I am so terrible tired, he got back into the house O.K. & into bed.  I got up & bathed his back & heat apiece of flannel & put it on his back after I rubbed it with alcohole, then I went to hen house & took care of baby chicks, then came back & made Elbert hot coffee & hot pan cakes & fried the last of the salt pork & he came out & ate & after the postman came we got ready & flew off to town, I left my shoes to have soles put on them & we got 4. fish & sold 2. doz. eggs to Mrs. West for 55 cents per. doz.  she told me her husband was in Lorain living with a woman that was her girl friend for 20 yrs.  & she wont let West have a divorse, she said her Eddy son’s wife had a baby boy, Sun. [? why she put Eddy here] Well, I went up to Miss Clarks & she had to tell me all about the last week & the preacher & her sister & that she hadn’t had much sleep & that maybe the preachers are going to make another shift, she said they didn’t get enough to eat & that don’t sound very good for the church, the other, preacher’s wife was wasteful & so these haven’t had enough.  I’m trully greived about that. Miss. Clark took 1. doz. eggs. 55cents. then we went to the mill & 

Mon. May. 19. 1947./ page 1091./  & got the bale of straw Elbert had paid for & he paid the coal bill & we went to the preachers & left them a doz. eggs, no charge & to Martins store for boiling meat & 3. slices pork shoulder.  & A.P. Store for bag of scratch grain (4.59). & carrots & back home again & Elbert looked after chicks while I got potatoes boiled & pork fried & tea made & I washed up what dirty dishes there were while dinner was cooking.  We ate & he cleaned the 4. fish.  I did my bedroom work this morning & made up beds when I got back home.  did my usual house work  took care of birds & chicks & thank God I’ve been able to get it done     it rained before supper, been cloudy most of the day not cold.  Wind backed up to S.W.est & the sun looked white.

Tue. May. 20. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Well, it’s been cloudy mostly all day.  & I been most to tired to live & such arguements over things useless, I can’t understand all the exences twisted & turned & then denied, the devil is surely a terrible beast. and, all thorough I want to do all the things & do them right and like God wants me to, yet I’d be so glad to get a-way from all the wickedness if only I could.  Oh God have mercy & help us to both live & work for Thee, in Jesus Name I ask.  & help people to come to Church & love the Lord, It sure hurts to hear them snear & mock & know they will have to be paying an eternity for it, in such torment by & by. Oh may God have mercy & help, before its to late, forever to late.  I haven’t done much of anything today & we have a cold N. east wind & colder tonight.  Well, I did patch Elbert’s union suit  a terrible job all the uper part of back. 

Wed. May. 21. 1947./ 11. eggs today/  Elbert went to Huron to see if he could get some fish, but no luck, & it poured rain in heavy showers most all day from S. West & then N. West, this after noon. & tonight it’s south or S.W. & it was starlight Mon. & Tue. night & is tonight, & sky full of wind clouds in the N.W. tonight with a new moon for the north, Well, Elbert says, they are getting ready to build the new Huron traffic bridge, got some of their work sheds up for office & tools.  I baked 2 big tins of biscuits & one raisin loaf. & did half the washing & got it most all dry & took care of birds & did my usual house work & I’m sure tired.  Snyder’s field looks like a river or big, big. pond.  I do thank God for the wonderful amount of strength He gives to me, on the small amount of food & rest I get   I have rubed Elbert’s back & bowels in alcohol every night to & my arms are so tired.

Thurs. May. 22. 1947. / 1092./ .10. eggs today. /   Oh how I thank God in Jesus Dear Name for answering prayer, I ask Him to fill Elbert’s fish baskets with good fish & He filled one with white fish & one with catfish & 2 pike, so, I had finished the washing while he was gone & was dead tired & ached all over, but, I thanked God for those fish & that we could take them to those Who were in need of them  I turned to & helped dress them   I scaled & cleaned the 10 white fish & 2 pike while Elbert skined & cleaned 10 catfish, then, he washed them all in another clean water & wrinsed them.     while I got the supper, he cleaned the brooder lamp & fixed the hover for night & fed the hens & locked up all the 3. doors.  I got washed & dressed while the supper cooked.  I had sorted & rapped the fish & took the things we wanted to take to Nellie & put them together    I took soome bread biscuits, a piece of raisin bread & a plater of fried fish for we only ate a piece each before we left    so Nellie had been in bed for a few days, but, she got up & ate with us    Bonita made coffee & we all ate together while the children played with the neighbor children in the yard, they had, had there supper.  Bonita had washed today & she was tired to, & poor Elbert is so tired, & his bowels are so sore & back aching & legs hurting him so & he drove clear over there & back to Church & I went in to prayer meeting & Miss Brown was there, she said she’d been working for Mrs. Martin   cleaning to earn a little money & was so tired & she was so happy, when she, got out the bath tub & found the fish on the stairs & she cooked some & really filled up & felt better after supper.  & Miss. Clark  said she to, had fish for her supper, & she was so glad to have them.  She’s queer & one doesn’t always know how she feels about things.  We had a wonderful meeting & only so few there 8. or 10. children  Tom & his wife Lindy & his wife & baby Mrs. West & Mrs. Sprunk   Miss Clark (Grandma) Mrs. Hambly’s mother   Miss Brown & myself but I felt God’s Power & Know He was there, The sermon was about Salmon & the loins Carcus & the honey (Judges Chap. 14. first 9 verses.)

Samson’s Marriage14       Samson went down to Timnah and saw there a young Philistine woman. When he returned, he said to his father and mother, “I have seen a Philistine woman in Timnah; now get her for me as my wife.”His father and mother replied, “Isn’t there an acceptable woman among your relatives or among all our people? Must you go to the uncircumcised Philistines to get a wife?”But Samson said to his father, “Get her for me. She’s the right one for me.” (His parents did not know that this was from the Lord, who was seeking an occasion to confront the Philistines; for at that time they were ruling over Israel.)Samson went down to Timnah together with his father and mother. As they approached the vineyards of Timnah, suddenly a young lion came roaring toward him. The Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him so that he tore the lion apart with his bare hands as he might have torn a young goat. But he told neither his father nor his mother what he had done. Then he went down and talked with the woman, and he liked her.Some time later, when he went back to marry her, he turned aside to look at the lion’s carcass, and in it he saw a swarm of bees and some honey. He scooped out the honey with his hands and ate as he went along. When he rejoined his parents, he gave them some, and they too ate it. But he did not tell them that he had taken the honey from the lion’s carcass]

She said out of all the terrible burdens & sorrows came at length God’s peace, Joy, quite & comfort for all 

Thurs. May. 22. 1947./page.1093./ 10. eggs this day. / things work out for the good and Glory of the Lord.  Praise His Holy Name.  Glory to God in the Highest, I Praise the Lord.  It was a beautiful day, all day  Nice sun, S. breeze.   Nellie gave me a bunch of her French lillacs, dark purple.  I thank God for giving me a refilling of the spirit & of more strength in my body & I’m trusting for this healing of bone & body in Jesus name. Amen. Bless the Lord Oh my soul

Fri. May. 23. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert put up another post for the mail box the post man knocked the other one over this morning.  If that mail box could talk it sure could tell some great stories, some (a few ) good ones & a lot of bad & terrible one’s & just to think, God has seen & knows them all, as He sees & Knows each thing  we do or think or say, Oh, how careful we ought to be.  I darned 3. prs. socks & cought up a few runs in mine.  My flesh has been swollen all over me today & yesterday but they prayed for me last night & I know God heard & He Knows my condition & He Know  my impatience to be ride of my trouble, I pray He will help me in all the ways I need, I’m trusting for the healing. believeling  He will deliver me in Jesus Name, I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for Thou has promised and I’m standing on Thy promises.  This has been a real hot day with sun & S. wind.  We have lost 6. baby chicks out of what we had.  Elbert is feeling better again    I have rubed his back & bowels with alcohol every night & put hot flanel on his back. 

Sat. may. 24. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Well Elbert went to Vermilion, his back back still hurts him rather bed, & while he was gone 2 1/2 hrs. I swept & wiped up his bedroom floor & Kitchen floor, then we had dinner & after that I ironed the table clothe, my 2 house dresses, the big chair cover Elbert’s shirt & a couple of squares that mash came in & then rested a few minutes & mended holes in the braided rug, Elbert looked after the supper while I picked a big bunch of lillies of the Valley    then we ate then we went out & cleaned the little chicks & got them ready for bed    then I picked up the eggs & came in & cleaned bird cages & looked after there wants.  I made the beds before I sewed the rug & some time after supper put the clothes away & laid out my clean ones to put on in the morning.  & I have my bath

Sat. May.24. 1947./ page 1094./ 10. eggs this day/  The wind’s been N. East since yester-day & we had a couple of very light showers today    been a nice May day sunshine & showers & tonight at 9-p-m it rained quite hard.  I thank God for giving me strength for all the many things I have got done today, dishes all done & I’m ready for the Church in morning. 

Sun. May 25. 1947./ 10. eggs today/ Elbert went to Lorain  drew his one day’s pay & paid for the gas tank 8.74 & some odd 75 cents.  & 1.20 for light bill so 10.00 from 14.85 don’t live much to exist on, & we don’t know where any more is coming from.  I received ans. to my letter to the Red Cross, Sat. & they said a woman would call on me Tue. after noon so tomorrow after noon, I suppose.  I hope they will find a way to help me.  Elbert thinks he’ll try to work again tomorrow, if it don’t rain, it’s a porch floor they have to lay on the north side, on the bank of the lake & the wind has gone on to the N. West mostly cloudy all day & cold tonight.  We have lost 7 baby chicks so far, they are growing good, there were a few weak one’s & they are gone all but 3.  & they are lively but small.  & they will be 2. weeks old Wed.  May 28.    I haven’t done only my usual work all day, I haven’t felt able to do that.  The lillies of the Valley are thick & such a big patch of them.  I have picked 3 big bunches of them & it don’t show where I’ve picked    Would like to get some seeds in the ground this week, yet.  

Tue. May. 27. 1947./ 11. egg today/  Was beautiful, the sun was bright all morning, but clouded up & rained at 3.p.m. & came in heavy showers all evening.  Elbert went to work & worked all day & his knee is bad tonight & his back & he is terrible tired, lame & sore all over, he says he’s going back in the morning, but I’m wondering.  I didn’t do a lot but 

Tue. May 27. 1947./page 1095/ 11 eggs this day./  I did the little extras, Elbert does when he is home and so I’m tired.  I pick another big bunch of lillies of the Valley & gave Bob Snyder [son of neighbor Bob Snyder,  married to Georgia, live across street, they relay family crisis calls & telegrams to Elbert and Elinor]  a bunch for his mother & I picked the rubarb & made sauce & the asparagus & got supper & took care of birds, hens & chicks & thank God all day

Wed. May. 28. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went to work & stayed all day & run a nail in the ball of his foot, clear through his shoe into his foot, the woman in the house where they have been working, use to be a nurse, so she washed his foot & put some save on it & adhesive tape, it’s swollen tonight, but he says he’s going to work tomorrow if he can for Fri. is Decoration Day & they don’t work Sat. so he wants to get in Thurs.    he has to make a payment on his car engine & he’s got to get enough together to pay his insurance & pay for coal.  Well, the baby Chicks are 2. weeks old today & they are growing     they fly on top the hover & they were trying for the top of the fence today, it’s interesting to watch them one would try 2 or 3 times & the rest would flap there wings & all laugh when he couldn’t make it, then another would try & so on, and then they all flaped there wings & ran on there toes around the pen & started eating mash again & drinking & I gave them a good feed of oats & some eggs came up missing today, if you don’t lock the door each time, that what happens.  I baked 2. big tins of biscuits a little loaf in coffee can & one big loaf & did my daily doz.  It was a fine morning with sunshine & cloudy afternoon, We had a thick fog for a little while this after noon about 2-30-p-m  only lasted 1/2 hr. or so & the wind went N.E.    radio said they had a heavy snow fall in Iowa, Chicago, & Wisconsin & 2 or 3 other states untill it bent bushes to the ground  several places had terrible down fall of rain.  & they say it’s going to 25 above zero tonght.  Our basement is so wet & a stream runing through the middle it got real cold, shivery cold wind, rabbits were out feeding at 3-p-m. to day. grass is ft. high & Elbert has mowed the paths where we walk the most, it’s so wet out. I been thinking of Nellie but they don’t bother to write me.  

Thurs. May 29. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went to work.  I did my usual round of work & took care of hens & chicks, I wanted to go to church tonight so bad, but Elbert’s tired most to death & his foot hurting him so, he didn’t feel able to drive 14 miles more, but he said he would if I said so.   & I had a bad spell tonight & I’m still feeling weak    I bumped one leg rather hard on the uper shin  & it still hurts.  It rained in a torr-ant  after elbert left this morning  he said he had got just to the high level bridge & he could hardly see to drive, he had 2 jobs to

Thurs. May. 29. 1947./ page. 1096./ 10 eggs this day./  day  one on 29 St. & one down all most half way to Avon. one in a basement  the other in an attic;  He’s sure tired, went to bed early & is sleeping     wish I could do that  well I can’t seem to relax all over untill almost morning & I rest an hour or 2 after he goes  then get up & get started again, some times as tired as when I went to bed & I haven’t been having enough to eat, so, I don’t have my strength.  its been mostly cloudy & a terrible strong wind, blew lots of the fruit off the trees the whole twigs fruit & all & the ends of the little twigs or new leaves on the ends of the branches on the oak & all the trees, the apples & cheeries are as big as the end of my little finger & it blew lots of them off.  S. west wind but little more N. west tonight.   We enlarged chicks pen & they sure do like it.  Wish I could have gone to church tonight, so much    I pray God sent in 6 in my place & filled rest of Church.

Fri. May. 30. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Well today’s Decoration Day once more     It’s been a beautiful day, Nice Sun, not to hot, not to cold with a nice light breeze N. east.  I did the washing with Elbert’s help   he carried the water & he washed his union suit & heavy work shirt & I have to get the pants he’s wearing washed tomorrow & get them pressed for Sun & Mon. they are part wool & he’s out of work clothes, pants, shirts & socks, yes, & shoes, overalls & hat.  Well, it didn’t rain today,    Radio said wind, 10 miles an hour Sat & 18 miles an hr. Sun. & tonight sky is full of wind clouds & there has been a lot of accidents & deaths today radio said.  Oh God of Hosts, if people were only ready, if they would only stop & think of there soul before it’s forever to late  Oh Dear Heaven Father help us to do more to help people wake up, Thou hast said the world would be going on as in the days of Noah & Thou didst give them a lot of time to change there ways & turn to thee, but still they wouldn’t heed Thy Voice, and it seems just as bad in these days, for people don’t read the Word (Thy Word)  each day or try to do Thy will & Oh God it greaves me terribly, please reveal to me, how I can do more to help, & help my brothers & sisters, & their familys & my cousins to turn to Thee & alot of the folks who go to Church, that are afraid to trust Thy Word.  I did my usual daily round of work.

Sat. May. 31. 1947./page. 1097./ 10. eggs today./   Beautiful day mild breeze  Georgia Snyder washed a big wash today & she told me when she first came here to live that only a slutt done a washing on Sat. but mercy me how times have changes.   I ironed today what I had washed yesterday.   I swept & did my us-ual dutys    I walked out about the yard & picked rhubard & looked after chicks & birds & cooked dinner & supper & doing dishes  I made the rubarb sauce & took care of all the clothes & after listening to radio news  now after ready my leson for Sun School & taking my bath I’m going to bed after prayers.

Sun. June. 1. 1947./ 12. eggs today./  We went to Sunday School & Church & today was communion Sun.   It was a beautiful morning, but when we came out of Church at noon it was raining & kept at it all after noon in heavy down pours    I picked a few lillies of the Valley, nice bunch & I made 2 tins of Baking Powder biscuits & a qt. of rhubard sauce & tonight I took them & a doz eggs to the preachers, they were eat out of food for supper, they had a colored preachers & 4 singers for supper & they sang church hyms, for the young folks & children & for the church folk tonight & they went over & sang for Harry Miller (Who is bed ridden) & after Church they were going to drive back to Ackron, then from there in a few days, to Dover.  They are very good singers, they don’t have any help from musical insturments.  2. were black & 2 Chocolate. & they act out there songs.  They are all Christians to.  Praise God.   It’s almost midnight & pouring rain yet.  Elbert got a pt of cream & we had it & a cup of tea when we got home.   We took Miss Clark home & 2. of the Smith children.  I Praise Thee Jesus.

Mon. June.2. 1947./ 9. eggs. today./  Well, Elbert went to work, & it rained or poured all day in showers, he was inside laying floor & he’s sure is sure tired tonight, said he came through water hub deep & tonight it snowed little fine snow flakes. Wind was S. early this morning & went W. at noon & on to N. W. 2-30 or 3.p.m. & got colder    Water’s been ankle deep & running over the hills in streams, Bills lot is like a pond & I believe they planted it Sun. to corn, God’s day of rest, there were just lots of people out planting gardens.   We ought to have planted potatoes when the time was right in May, but, well, there were so many excuses we didn’t get it done, & there’s been no chance since.  Radio said they had a slight earth quake in Ashtabula & Conneaut Ohio, but no severe damage was done as far as they new & tornado in Arkansas & floods in some places.  I received a letter from Mrs Helen Greene this a.m. she said they had “what she called” a flash flood

Mon. June. 2. 1947./page. 1098. / 9. eggs this day./  said it was 2. yrs. in Aug since they had such a flood, & it seemed to bring in all the weed seed from the vacant lots, so she was busy cleaning house pulling weeds & trying to plant a garden, said she was feeling better than she had for a long time since she had cut out eating pork & a few other things that she don’t have gall stone  spells any more, she said she see Frank Bonney [Elinor’s brother, 1890-1965] Ruby [Ruby Gillmore Bonney, 1893-1970. ] was living in the old hme place & then that Ruby had diabetis & she finished her letter by asking me what we could say for ourselves. she had been to ridge-hill & Elm Wood Cemeteries on Decoration day.  Well I’m sure glad to hear she is getting so much better, she’s been sickly for so long.  She said she hadn’t seen her sister since Jan.  that she was coming to visit her soon & that they would have a lot to talk about. Queer World isn’t it? Oh. me.  Well I took care of chicks & hens & birds & did my daily dozen & it sure was wet out side, we have a fire to keep the dampness & chill out, the water’s running through the basement like a river & since I can’t open the windows to dry it up, makes it damp & chilly up here.  Elbert sold 3. doz. eggs to Mrs. Cranage & 1. doz. to Mrs. West. & Miss Clark had a doz. Sun. & I gave preachers a doz Sun.    I had Elbert mail a card to Nellie today, he mailed it in Lorain. 

Tue. June. 3. 1947./ 8. eggs today/ Martha [Martha Elizabeth Carlisle, born to Audrey Lelia Bonney Carlisle, born to Martha Jane Wheeler Bonney,  1912-______, Elinor’s niece] is 35 yrs. old today,  I was in Ashtabula taking care of her & her mother. and neither of them think to even write me card, ever for I’m really old in their estamation.  Well it’s been a nice day, cloudy this moring, but sun came out & it’s been a fine day.  Martha was born at 2-a,m, & it was pouring rain, in torants, a robin was beat against the window & I opened the window took it, shut the window & put it in the bath tub & after Martha & her mother were O.K. I let the robin out  it was dry & feeling frisky     Audrey (M’s mother) was in a bed & she came through just fine, wish I could hop around now like I did in those days, then I could earn my own living & not have to be begging for help, I detest this sort of life, with all the kicks & cuffs, snears & abuse at this age.  Well as the children & young folks. I think of My Dear Jesus day & night of all the abuse He had to take before He died on the Cross, for me and all Who are His, I have been getting a big taste of the abuse for 14 long years now, not counting the rest of my life, for even then, it was so unbearable I thought I couldn’t endure it, at times, but some 

Tue. June. 3. 1947./page. 1099./ 8. eggs this day. /  how in His own way Jesus leads us all the way  Praises to His Holy Name.  I’m trusting He will get me through this mess to some how, and I’ll thank Him & give Him the praise for ever & ever.  Elbert worked all day he didn’t think he could & he don’t see how he can go tomorrow, but he’s going to try.  he’s got about 4 hundred dollars to pay off before Winter    I don’t know how he’s going to do that either, poor brother.  I pray God will have mercy on us & help us, as He Knows how, tonight his union suit I mended so well was tore again clear acrossed the back, so, once more I have mended it, since he went to bed.   I didn’t wash yet this week.  I wrote another card today, for him to mail in the morning to the Red Cross.  and I’m going to write a letter to Mr Miller also & maybe one to Govener Hurburt  Washington D.C.  I have done my daily daily today & am tired tonight. 

Wed. June. 4. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  I did the washing & got it all done except 3 big pieces, can’t do them tomorrow for gas is gone. 8 days short this time, last time it was 2. days, they sure get it out of you one way or another.  I had to use Electric tonight & that will mean a big lump at the end of the mo. for Electric, they are crooks to.  Elbert took coop keys this a-m. I had a bad time trying to get in to take care of little chicks  he turn light out & then opened east window    N. E. wind blowing & they were getting chilled by the time I managed to get in, I hope they don’t get stunted, it was 12 noon by the time I found a key to open the lock & I was glad I had taken there feed in last night, for today, hens had to go with out there greens.  It was a beautiful day    clothes dried quite well    air was damp, we have a little fire night & mornings.  Praise God He has taken care of us today. Glory, Glory, Glory to God  Praise the Lord Hallelujah, Glory. Elbert worked all day. 

Thurs. June. 5. 1947./ 10 eggs today. /  Elbert worked today & he’s going to try to go tomorrow.  I have only done what had to do today, it’s been to hot & a strong south wind.  Bill’s [Bill Snyder, Elinor’s neighbor] pond dried up about half.  I took care of hens & chicks & we let the hens out a little while after supper & watched the trap door to see that no rats got in.  I paid the Rawleigh man his money today out of the egg money & we got to get hens mash Sat. Elbert will have to go to Vermilion & do the shopping & come back then we’ll go to Nellie’s, she sent me a letter   I received it this morning saying  Bonita would like to have Elbert come K& take her to the store so to get her shopping home in his car.  Nellie has been in bed for a couple of days  she said.  I thank God He helps me to get up & about.  The Whole

Thurs. June.5. 1947./ page. 2000./ 10. eggs this day/  World is in a terrible bad fix.   Elbert has to go to the bank Sat. to, so we wont have any time to waist all day, we have to clean the chick pen to   I don’t know just when or how as yet & we have to get sand from the beach     I wonder, Oh, I wonder if the sun will shine.  I prayed for Elbert, at 10-a-m that God would take the pains out of him & give him strength & tonight he told me, he had told Ben “a fellow worker” he didn’t know if he could hang on the hammer any longer & they were going down from the attic for plaster board they got the board & he ask Ben what time it was & he said, 10-oclock & he said the pains have left me.  So God ans. prayer & I thank Him & Praise Him and pray He will take this cold out of me tonight.  I pray the Ministers will pray hard for me tonight.   I pray the Ministers will pray hard for me tonight & I believe they will & God will hear in Jesus Name and will take all this cold out of me once more.  I’ll Give Him all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen

Fri. June.6. 1947./ 13. eggs today./  Well Elbert went to work & I swept and dusted & wiped up part the kitchen cleaned birds cages took care of hens & chicks & the day has been a nice day with only one light shower    I have been feeling bad all the week & today have a bad cold.  I seem to be so weak    I sweat terrible.

Sat. June.7. 1947./ 11 eggs today./  Elbert has gone to Nellie’s, she was up and feeling better she said but Bonney Bell [Bonney Bell Harnish -to marry as Dudiak, 1923-2019, Elinor’s neice] is home for 5. or 6. days.  I’m so glad she’s better & Praise the Lord & hope she will get well, she has the De Haan books I let Mrs. Beesie take    she took them to Nellie’s & my qt. can.  Elbert took Bonita & the kids to Elyria &    Bonita did a lot of shopping, he ate dinner with them & came back to Vermilion, he sold eggs to Mrs. West  2. doz. & 1. doz. to Miss Clark. this morning on his way to Nellie’s & he went through Lorain where he made a payment at the Bank on his car Engine & bought himself 5. prs. of socks at 10 cents store for 39 cents per. pr.    he came back through Amherst the short cut,  home to Vermilion where he bought 2 white fish  1. pt. of cream & a sack of hen mash 4.75    Well he took Nellie 2. W. fish & she sent us a piece of salt pork.  he got some trimmings for the hens.  It has been sunshine & showers all day, it thundered & lightened so hard this morning, Elbert said it poured rain half way between Lorain & Nellie’s  then cleared off & they had a heavy fog in Lorain    we only got a little of that about 2-30.p-m.   He cleaned chicks pen after he got 

Sat. June. 7. 1947./ page 2001./ 11 eggs this day/  here & rested & had a lunch.   I felt so bad this morning   he made me 2 slices sour bread toast (boughen bread) & gave me a cup of coffee in bed    I thought I couldn’t get up had to spit big lumps of flem every few minutes, guess I took cold trying to rid the basement of water, it runs like a river from the south end to the drain at N. end. & it’s damp & chilly down there    We have Kept a little fire to keep damp & chill out up here & have opened the windows when we could, lots of airplanes are been lost to. & to much rain all over.  Wind & rain came from N & was so cool this afternoon.  I left my fish plater at Nellies, so they sent me some potatoe salid on it today    They had a tornado in Penn. today & lots of floods in Iowa 1000 homeless

Sun. June.8. 1947./ 9. eggs today/   Showery & some sunshine, heavy rain, I felt so bad I didn’t get up untill 1-p-m., then I thanked the Lord & got up. hung my night gown & blankets out in the sun they were wet with sweat, it sure thundered & lightened terrible early this 1-m.  Elbert was so tired, he slept right through it.  Well, I had to lay down several times today, was out to coop & in the yard   took care of brids & beds & laid around   I sure felt punk & dread the night. 

Mon. June. 9. 1947./ 13. eggs today./  Well, I was so bad all night & morning Elbert stayed home, I realy haven’t been fit to be up, but, prayed for strength.  Praised God & got up. took care of beds  air bedding  & made beds & took care of birds & cooked one meal & done some other odds & ends & dishes & am sure tired tonight.  Elbert has taken care of hens & chicks & been to Vermilion for a little food & he cut grass & loosened up the ground for the potatoes once more.  it’s been a fine day  hot sun & cool breeze from the S. & I was out to hen house & back yard & am still dreading tonight.

Tue. June.10. 1947./ 8. eggs today/   Elbert worked & he looked all in tonight, then he planted 2. rows of potatoes.   sun has been to hot 80 degrees today & that we would get thunder, lightening & rain before morning, tree toads are all yelling tonight.  I still felt to punk to get up this morning but I did & took car of chicks & birds & washed out all the rags & got them dried & aired bedding & made up the beds & got supper & took care of chicks tonight.  I’m rather tired but Praise God for the strength he gives me day after day.

Wed. June.11. 1947./ 12 eggs today./  Elbert went to work & sun was hot but breeze a little cooler but these hot days they are at work up in an attic in side some little close closets & it’s terrible hot in such places with the heat at 80 degrees.   such is life & he looks & I know he feels all tired jout & then he puts in 2 rows of potatoes & he has to dig the trenches    ground is sticky wet.    to night he had such a head ach, to, from heat of the day in a 2X4 closet all day.   I haven’t been able to work    I soaked out a few white pieces to wash in the morning & I ought to bake bead. bakers bread is like a gob of gue. I done usual duties

Thurs. June 12. 1947./ page. 2002./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert worked untill noon & then came home as I am really on the blink, I soaked 2 shirts & my bath towel out yesterday & I managed to suds & wrinse them out & I dried them over the stove     Elbert had made a fire, it was chilly cool.  Wind went N.E. & has been there all day    he took care of chicks & hens when he got here,  I got up at 9-a-m. but went back to bed, this is once I didn’t comb my hair in the morning & am going to brush it & go to bed. I Praise God, He is with me or I’m sure I couldn’t keep up.  I haven’t been out side today either & flowers are so pretty.  the yellow china roses are one big bank of yellow gold.  

Fri. June. 13. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went to work, it was quite cloudy this morning, but cleared off before noon & clouded up again at 4 or a little before & had been fogy for awhile then started after that to rain a light misty rain  I looked after chicks before it rained then Elbert came & fed them & hens & I had let hens out, so, we had supper & he mowed a while then locked ’em all up & came in.  I throat & cold’s a lot better, but, Oh, I’m weak & sweat like rain doing nothing,  I baked 2 tins bread biscuits, bread pan of rolls & it took a lot of strength.   I swept & took care of bedrooms & done my daily dozen.  Elbert called Nellie to tell her he wouldn’t be there tomorrow, & she’s better but poor Bonita fell & hurt her ankle, they have ex-rayed it, but didn’t say if bones were broken or not    it’s very badly swollen & she’s laid up with it for a while, & Nellie there to look after the 3. children. such a life.  Well, the wind went from N.E. to S.W. just, before the rain started & it’s raining in heavy showers & thundering & lightening tonight.

Sat. June. 14. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion & he felt so punk he left part of what he had bought & had to go back & get it, I managed to wash out most of the things I didn’t get before & half of Elbert’s washing, then he carried water & fried catfish & I sudsed & wrinsed & hung & hung out the heavy pieces, after we ate.    then I mended my pants & darned 2 prs. socks & made the beds & went out to the little house & brought in part of the clothes & now have them all in except Elberts pants & most all dry but them & my rags, he mowed the grass all around the back of the house & out as far as

Sat. June. 14. 1947. /page 2003./ 11. eggs this day./  the evergreen tee & he mowed around the front door & a swath along the row of roses north of the front door.  & so we are both tired. my throat & mouth are still sore & it’s hard to eat, drink & swollow.  Cooler tonight & radio said wind would go N.E. before morning.  I received a letter from Nellie & now I know why I saw Bonita looking scart. she fell & hurt her ankle bad & I have learned about the 4.H. & clover loaf in my tea cup. I tell later[?] 4.H  boys were here & ask to paint mail box a free job they said.   I thank God in Jesus name, for His wonderful help He has given us both.

Sun. June 15. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  We were home all day.   It was a nice day, partly cloudy.  Ethel & her husband [Walter C Hendrickson]  & Laura Ann [ Laura Ann Bonney 1/13/35 Fred died in 1957-error died 1936,,Ethel married Walter C Hendricskson 3/24/1945 and here, 1+  years later, Laura Ann is 12 yr, so she was born ~1935, perhaps 3 years before Fred’s death, maybe adoption? ] was here for a little while today    Loura Ann’s a big girl she was 12 yrs. old Jan. 13. 1947.  she picked a big boquet bouquet of flowers 2. of each kind enough for 4 good sized vases.   they left Mrs. Noderer home alone, so, they didn’t stay long, Ethel’s mother is 84. yrs. old this year.  I believe this month.   I felt so bum, I’m going to bed early tonight

Mon. June. 16. 1947./8. eggs today./  Elbert went to work.  It been a beautiful day.  The Red Cross woman came & talked a spell & said she’d see what could be done, & that an other woman would be over to talk to me, but she’d see if they could help me yet this month.  Elbert sold Mrs Cranage 4. doz. eggs today for 59 cents per. doz. $2.36 & he has to get grain for hens & chicks & mash for chicks tomorrow.  We enlarged there pen tonight, they are growing & I hope to keep them coming  They are a month old last week.  I didn’t do much today    Looked after birds & hens, aired my bedding, I sweat so, at night or after I drop of to sleep in the morning, untill I soaked.   We still have a little fire, last rain soaked basement again.  Elbert got in another row of potatoes tonight & he’s so tired.  Well I’ve got dishes done & everything ready for morning.   I didn’t sleep all last night    I ate a very small piece of ham (it was very tender)  I chewed it good, but it most Killed me before morning & we had some more tonight    I pray God will have mercy on me & help it to digest & not hurt me tonight, I feel to weak to work.

Tue. June.17. 1947./ 13. eggs today/  Well, I patched 2. single, sheets  2. shirts, & the big chair seat cover.  Then I ironed & pressed shirts & pants.  I sweep & done my usual daily doz. , & took care of the chick. & hens.  & we had just finished supper when Mrs Rev. Gurney & Miss Louise Brown they visited & then prayed for me & laid there hands on me.  I gave them each an India Lillie

Tue. June. 17. 1947./ page. 2004./ 13. eggs this day./  bulbs & Sister Gurney several slips of plants of different kinds.   it was raining, so they didn’t get any flowers.  They said they were sorry they didn’t come in ans. to the note Elbert. left, I told them how sick I had been & Elbert had stayed home on Mon. & hated to leave me alone all day, they said they were sorry, I’d forgotten untill they mentioned the note but I thought they acted a little queer.  But praise God I do love them both & they are God’s Children & sincere, May God ever bless them & keep them.  Well we are both tired tonight & It’s cooler tonight, he paid 4.60 for a bag of grain for hens today.

Wed. June. 18. 1947./ 10. egg today./  Elbert worked today & yesterday & to-day I did half the wash & Praised God  God all day for healing my throat, it’s wonderful, what the Lord will do for you when you trust Him   Praise the Lord, oh my soul, Glory, Glory, . It’s been a nice daybeen a nice day partly cloudy & N.East breeze, cooler tonight, I still keep a very little fire    basement’s so wet,    I did my usual work & took care of hens birds & chicks.  

Thurs. June. 19. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went to work, he didn’t feel able either & it’s been a beautiful day, N. east breeze & cool, but hot sun.  I shook up beds & opened the windows as usual, then went to mail box & got the letter from the Red Cross Woman,  then to hen house & took care chicks & hens & picked up 10. eggs & let hens out.  Elbert found a young rat in hens drinking pail, the other morning, now I’m anxous to know what to do about the others, they evendeatly have had to get out & hunt there own living & they grow fast.  Well, I set my bread when I got back from coop & got washed again & then I had some toast & piece of lunch meat & cup of tea.   then I swept & carried out pan of scraps to hens & got a pail of well water, being tired, I sat down & mended the pants I had pressed for Elbert, then I mixed the bread into one loaf & two tins of biscuits then I cleaned top of stove & the wall, looked as if Elbert had fried eggs all over the place, then I washed the bread board & what dirty dishes there were & got things going for supper while I baked the bread & biscuits.  then Elbert came & he’d got a bone out in his back & could hardly move & he had to get the mash & grain out the car.    it’s a good thing he can back right up to the door, he got us a piece of pork  I was a little disapointed    thought we were going to have fish, but he felt so bad he only got one fish   didn’t know why so he got the pork after he got to town, well, I rubed his back-

Thurs. June. 19. 1947 /page 2005./ 10 eggs this day/  good with turpo ointment & pray it will be O.K. when he gets up in the morning.  I thank God He takes care of me.  I have & still do pray He will take in several in my place for prayer meeting & send the power & fill them with the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Fri. June. 20. 1947./ 11. eggs today./   Elbert’s back’s so bad he didn’t go to work.  I got dinner & we went to Lorain to Dr. Sifling & he said he had given his back a bad twist    he had a hard time getting the vertebra back in place.  Elbert left me in the car on 9th St. just back of Post Office building & I had to wait for a couple of hrs.  there were so many ahead of Elbert,    then we stopped & I talk a few minutes to Mrs. Cranage & Miss. Baumgart. then we came back to Vermilion got some fish & pt. of ice cream & came home.   I had to look after hens & chicks & lock up the buildings & get supper & I thank God He give me strength from some where to keep going on.  Sun was hot & white  N.E. wind & that was cool today.  I thank God for all the beautiful flowers He give us. 

Sat. June. 21. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Johny’s birthday [John Malcolm Harnish, 1925-2015, Elinor’s nephew]  I think he is 22. yrs old today. Elbert hasnt been hardly able to get up or down today, sat in big chair    only when he had to go out, he went to hen house & tried to help take care of chicks, it made me sick going to Lorain with him Fri. but, I got about the same amount of work done as usual.  I didn’t get to write a card to Nellie, & so they didn’t call either    Maybe they were having a good time.   It’s been a nice day, hot sun, cool N. east wind & quite cool tonight     the new moon is almost N. West & as clear as can be, wet moon. 

Sun. June. 22. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  Elbert has felt so bad he turns a shade whiter at times, when he makes a quick or a wrong move, his back is badly conjested on the left side     I rub it good each night & put a flanel on it, & pray God will help him to get O.K. again.   N. east wind quite strong & cool, dying out as the sun goes down for the last 2 or 3 nights now, hot sun, but white, clear & cool at night.  tomatoes & cabbages came up, but don’t seem to grow much.  The flowers are loaded with blooms, roses & vines & shrubs & everything.    I picked enough straw berries, so, we each had a short cake for supper & it tasted real good    hope to get one or 2 more before they are gone.   It most kills me to pick them.

Mon. June. 23. 1947. /page. 2006./ 12. eggs today./  Another nice day, hot sun & N. E. wind.   Elbert feels a little better but he has to move with care, & it still pains him bad.  The little old man with his suit case was here today., & had a bread sandwitch & some hot coffee, he says it’s to cold yet to sleep at night out side    he was on his way to Cleveland for supplys, so he said, I often wonder.  Well Johny & Marcia came in just before supper but said they had there lunch, so, they visited a little & then Marcia & I gathered a few roses, (coreopsis) & mock orange.  I gave Johny 2. prs. socks one new & the other pr. Elbert had worn once.  & I sent Bonita the salt & pepper shakers & apron I got from Church, for Christmas.  Johny said Bonita’s ankle was better, but she can’t walk on it yet, & Bonney Bell was home yesterday & they had a letter from Ella Jane this morning she’s doing well with her work, she a managing agent for cosmetics    she runs the Office & the sales people buy of her, he said her nose, still gave her a lot of trouble.    she has to have the bone removed every so often, it grows new bone.  When they left I had to rest & then we had some strawberries (I had picked this afternoon).  & some biscuits & coffee & a little piece of ham.  I had just put a clean table cloth on the table & got the lunch ready, all except the tea. 

Tue. June.24. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert’s back is still very bad   he can’t move without growning.  I washed & had to carry water, but didn’t do all the washing.  I did a foolish thing    I raked the big grass Elbert had cut last Sat. had a bout 10 bu. baskets packed & pilled high & had to carry it clear out to the park & dump it, didn’t get the last bu. out there.    I’m terrible tired & I have to rub his back every night.  My back & ankles are bad tonight, & I’ll be so glad when I can go to church again.  I thank Him & Praise Him Who Keeps & watches over us, Glory, Glory to His Name.   It’s been another nice day, hot sun & cool breeze, but clothes dried fast   partly cloudy this after noon but that sun was sure hot.  I did my daily round, wind went around to N.W. late & died out with the sun tonight.

Wed. June. 25. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  Elbert sure feels bum. & he’s going to Lorain if he can in the morning, to the Dr. & to get what money he has coming, & then once more we’ll be on the spot, it’s really terrible.  I haven’t been able to do much today, we were out in the fresh air & sunshine.   Elbert tried to fix up the old seat we sit on in the back yard & he

WEd. June. 25. 1947./ page 2007./ 8. eggs this day./  fixed a brace in 2 boxes so we can sit on them & put a hinge on the gate between first & second pen in the hen house, & his back pains him most every minute & hurts him to move, he looks sick, his rectom hurts him, he says it feels raw & smarts;  Such a world.  I received a card from Miss Brown this a.m. it said, Dear Sister Babcock  We have missed you in our S.S. class.  Praying God will con-tinue to strengthen you.  Hope to see you next Sunday; Sister Brown.  On other sides a picture of an open bible & hour glass & beside them it says. Time is fleeting —And you missed an-other hour of bible Study at Sunday School last Sunday.  “We expect you in our class next Sunday. & close to the hour glass it says (Study to show thyself approved unto God ) II. Tim.2: 15-a.) Well, I’m sure sorry I have to miss one, or any lesson or service & I get the most good at prayer meeting usually.  If only they could come & talk & pray, at least once in a month, but they don’t have time to run around after me Sister Gurney says & so, what can a poor old soul do, not one of God’s children that want to even come & talk & pray the bible tells us Jesus visited the poor, today it’s so different, so terribly different, but the young, are young yet & can get about & they believe we ought to do so & so, but What Would Jesus do, Well, What Would He do?   is it What we think or What He thinks, I’m glad it is He Who Knows Where my path leads.  And I thank Him & praise Him, He comforts me, When it seems as if I can’t go on & there’s not a soul here be-low that wants to comfort , each have more sorrows than I & so, I tell mine to Jesus Who Knows, sees & hears,  He Knows how sick I am of this life & all the things my spirit loaths, how I long to be with Him  in Peace, but I want to do His Will & finish the work  He has left for me or told me I must do, I pray the rest will turn to Him before they go & I know the time is fleeting & He soon will be coming & calling us home   my heart is so greived, because they are so set they wont turn to Him with there Whole heart (to Know Him)  We have to trust Him  believe He will take care of us as he does the sparrow and the Lillies of the fields trust

Wed. June. 25. 1947./page. 2008/ 8. eggs this day/   & believe even though it kills us, for we know not His Will.  But We do know if we are His, We Know When we are born again, We Know When He lays His Hand on us.  I’m so glad I’m His, but Oh how I wish I had lived His way & done better & could even do more now for His Good & Glory, for Oh how I love Him, my best my Dearest Friend.  How little We do for Him.  Oh God, help me to do more & be more Worthy, in Jesus Name.  Well, it’s been a beautiful day & we haven’t been able to work either of us, & I can’t understand, but I know Jesus does, & I still have a song in my heart & Love & Praise my Jesus. Glory, Glory, Glory to God, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, Oh my soul.  It’s been partly cloudy the breeze, S. & W. 

Thurs. June. 26. 1947./ 12 eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain at 7-a-m.  he called Dr. & got a treatment & the bone put clear back so he said, as he also said before, but, it don’t feel as if it & it pains him bad tonight.  I want so much to go to prayer meeting tonight, he changed clothes to go, but kept complaining his head felt so bad, well, I wasn’t fit to go either, so he fried a white fish he had bought & we ate supper & stayed home, he’s moaning each time he moves & I know how bad he feels.  It’s been hot today    I swept & wiped up the floors & ironed; I got dinner at 2-p-m. & I only eat twice a day any more sometimes I get a snack before noon, but not often.  Wind was n.W. & went N. E.  We had a light shower early this morning    Elbert said it looked as if it had rained hard in Lorain, for there were puddles of water standing on the pavement here & there, he got what money he had coming & did a little shopping for things we needed most & came home,   he sold the eggs to Miss Clark, he said they ask about me & said they were praying for me.  Well, God Knows & I’m trusting He will help me in the ways I am in need. & I thank Him that they pray. & trust He will reveal to us, each one, what we ought to do, & help us to do it.  I thank & praise him for all things great & small I love Him & those that belong to Him.   I had Elbert mail a card to Miss. Brown & Nellie this morning, my feet have tortured me all day to the place, where it seemed as if I couldn’t endure any more & it makes me sick to my stomach.

Fri. June. 27. 1947./page. 2009. 10. eggs today./  It’s been terribly hot but a cool breeze.  I washed out a few clothes & hung them out & then a thick smoke began to come south the track    Elbert walked up there & Clayton Brode had cut the grass & brush on the 5 acers or so that use to belong to Snyders & he was burning it in rows (long rows) so my clothes smell like woods smoke.  I didn’t finish had 3 blankets the table cloth & a bag, left.   I haven’t felt able to work, & Elbert hasn’t either.   The man that cuts the weeds along the road hit the mil box post & turned the post & box clear around to the south    he got out & straightened it back.  Elbert had just got a new post set & the box fixed up    It’s terrible the things they do around here, to us.   We had the ground around the hill clean & since Frank’s gone the country men have cleaned the ditch & throwed the willow bush along side the ditch & now it’s worse than when we first bought it.  & I see them looking at it today, so they may make a swamp of it this time & I’m helpless to do anything about it.  I do pray God will help me.  Elbert went to the beach to see about getting some sand & said the water’s clear up to the high bank   I have rubed his back good with ointment & he’s in bed.  

Sat. June. 28. 1947./ 10. 3ggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion & got grain & mash $6.35    he got a few things for us & he paid 5.72 & 11 cents for money order for my taxers & said I should forget it.  I do lots for him. I baked 2 big tins of biscuits & one loaf of of bread today beside my daily round.  & I picked enough strawberries for tomorrows dinner.   Elberts head feels terrible bad tonight it’s been a very hot day  95 here in the house & all door & part the windows open.  It rained a very light shower toward morning & there has been a breeze all day S.W. 

Sun. June29. 1947./ 12. eggs today. /  Well Elbert’s head felt so bad we didn’t get to Church today.  We had a bad storm at 4-p-m. lightening, thunder & wind.  but it didn’t do any harm let down lots of water & Bill’s lot is flooded again.   then a 9-p-m. in came Johny, Nellie, Bonita & the children.   they didn’t stay very long, Nellie had been in bed alday.  she looks bad, I think she’s worried & is afraid of this & that, that might be wrong with her, if only she could have a good strong christian   one with strong faith & filled with the Holy Ghost, to come in & talk K& pray earnestly with him every 

Sun. June.29. 1947./page.2010./ 12. eggs this day.  2. or 3. days.  I know how much that could help.  I’\m so sorry for her, I’d love to help her, & help her over come her fears.  I pray God will heal us soul & body in Jesus name Amen.  She didn’t get to see much out side, only where the head lights shone & Johny is working every day so it was late and they had to go back, I hope it don’t tucker her out . 

Mon. June. 30. 1947./ 11 eggs today./  Well I did my daily round & pulled 3. bu. weed & found quite a number of tomatoe plants   some are just ready to bloom.  little chicks are growning,    We have to put up the park fence for them so they can get out on the dirt.  Elberts hip has been bad today & his knee, he went to Huron & couldn’t get any fish so came back    I was out in the back yard when he came.   I hung the bedding out to air.   It’s been a fine day, breeze S west.  & I don’t hardly believe we’ll get a frost tonight.  Nellie said Ella Jane called her from New Mexico & she is so home sick   she’s wanting to come home.  I got the letter today, Nellie said she mailed Sat.   I have a letter wrote to send to Governor Herbert.

Tue. July.1. 1947./ 12. 3ggs today./  & Elbert didn’t mail it this morning, he went to Huron to get some fish, but it was to ruff out side.  he cut a little grass & raked it & hoed a little   his back pains him bad, his hip & knee also.   I felt so bad I didn’t feel able to get up this a m. & I laid down for a couple of hrs this after noon & then helped Elbert plant a few tomatoes & cabbages, 16. red rock cabbages.  I don’t remember how many tomatoes   I told Elbert maybe there might be some plants come up where we had them last year & there were some nice big ones all ready to bloom a big cluster of buds in the tops.  I hoed half the ground & set half the plants.  16 cabbages 49 tomatoes.  We ought to put in corn in the morning & a few beans.   I rub Elberts back every night, but it don’t seem any better    I don’t think bone is clear back    It turned cool last night & been quite cool all day & tonight. & they are having cloud bursts & the floods are terrible. 

Wed  July.2. 1947./ 13. 2ggs today./  Elbert’s hip back & knee have pained him all day & he planted 2 rows of corn & took care of hens & chicks & cultavated & did odds & ends & went to

Wed. July. 2. 1947  /page 2011./ 13. eggs this day./  Vermilion & only sold 1. doz. eggs to Miss. Clark, she said, she & her sister were going to Salem Ohio. for 2. week & she wont be to prayer meeting to-morrow night, but for Elbert to say hellow & good-by to me.  He got a little meat to boil & a fish.  I had half the wash on the line when he got back & the dinner half ready    we ate & I finished the washing all except table cloth & 3 blanket.  he dug up enough grownd to plant 2 rows of corn & he’s took care of hens & chick.  I have rubed his back & hes sleeping & I have wrote a letter for him to mail in a m     he says he’s going to Lorain in the morning, Wind N. E. & cool, sun hot, but it’s lots cooler than it has been    nicer to work quite cool tonight. 

Thurs. July. 3. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  Nellie & Johny & Bonita & 3. children, Bonney Bell & Marcellie or, Marcie they call her & Mr. & Mrs. Gannet & Jimmy,[could only find Joy Gannet b. 1951 at 1024 E. River Rd Elyria with Spouse James Gannet] there adopted son came in with a picnic dinner, Elbert came in between the two car loads & they had a nice time & Part of them went to Huron   rented a row boat & went for a ride & all got back safe, they al-so went down to Ruggles beach what there is of it but did-n’t stay long.  Nellie came in and laid on the bed for awhile & we visited then the crowd came back & they packed up to go home.  Marcie gave us her picture & gave Nellie one, they are nice, she is a nurse & had her uniform on in the picture.   she had a larger one done in color for her parents.  Well  after they were gone  Elbert & I listened to the news & had a bite of supper & he fed & shut up hens & chicks & I picked a few rambler roses to take to Church to prayer meeting     We gave 1. doz. eggs to Ministers also.  We had a good prayer service.   & I got wonderfully blessed, but did not receive the Holy Ghost, I want the Holy Ghost Dear Heavenly Father help me to receive It in Jesus Name. Amen.  We brought the Smith Children to there road, as we came home.  It’s been a Wonderful Day with hot sun & N. W. winds

Fri. July . 4. 1947./ 10. eggs today/  Fourth of July, the quitest I have ever heard but there are a lot of cars on the road, the radio said there were 30 million cars on the highways & since last night 218 people had died from accidents & they had a bad tornado that swept through Iowa, Missourie & Wisconsin & more floods & fire had one big town in California helped in big fire, the Lord is sure

Fri. July. 4. 1947. 2012/ 10. eggs this day./  -ly coming soon.  I pray God will fill me with the Holy Ghost before he come & turn the rest to Him all so    Oh, God have mercy on us & fill us in Jesus Name.  I thank Thee, for Thou hast promised to give us those things that we need & I need the Holy Ghost,  I want to praise Thee in Spirit with a new tongue. Amen.    It’s been a wonderful day   Elbert worked some in the garden & took care of hens & chicks.  I barely did my round today.  I cleaned the west window & one north window & put the plants out in the garden by the fence & planted the big India lillie bulb & a few glad bulbs, the tube roses are up, that I put in last week & Elbert’s 4 rows potatoes are up he put in 2 weeks ago, they are about a foot high.  the plants we set the other evening are coming to.  I trimed a rose bush & a rambler & pulled a few weeds & cooked & did dishes.  Moon is full & yellow tonight   breeze is cool.  I’ve seen Jesus all day & pray He fill me with the Holy Ghost, I’ll love Him & Praise Him for ever and ever. 

Sat. July 5. 1947./ 12. eggs today/  elbert went to Huron, but no fish.  Then he went to work here Vermilion we got a little to eat at noon & bnaked 2 tins of bread biscuits & a big loaf of bread.  & then I washed out what few white pieces were dirty, my dress, table cloth & 3 cotton blankets then I ironed my dresses 2. & 2. of Elbert’s shirts & some bags & was to tired to sleep all night.  It was a beautirul day in Ohio.  got a little cloudy & misty but I ask the Lord to dry all my clothes & He did & fast.   I praise His Name, He sure is good to me    Glory, Hallelujah, Glory.  

Sun. July. 6. 1947./ 13. eggs today/  I missed Sunday School but got there for Church.  I promised the Day boy, a bunch of red rambler roses, I took a big bunch & put in a few white & pink ones.    & today we had unexpected callers  Johny & his girl, Johny had taken a delegate over to Lake Side & Marcie with him & they stopped & got the tomatoe plants & eggs they forgot Thurs. & I gave him the loaf of bread, Nellie had wanted one Thurs. but We had just finished the bread & I made baking Powder biscuits Fri. & baked Sat. (today) [?] it, was nice & fresh.  I took a tin of the biscuits to the preachers, so we have one tin of biscuits left.  Elbert got a hen Thurs.  & we had that. for Fri. & today because of the weather, the broth some of it spoiled & I wanted some rice in it so bad.  Well we went to church tonigh, it rained a slow rain half the after noon &

Sun. July 6. 1947./ page 2013/ 13. eggs this day./   evening a big truck trailer overturned down by b beach & the cars had to wait both going & coming & was the same when we came back tonight & the trafic quite heavy, we got a few fresh bones at the Sharres store  Elbert had bargined for & got home safe thank God & I put them on to cook for rice soup tomorrow.  I had a lunch, but, for some reason Elbert didn’t want any & he went to bed, said his stomach hurt him.  I took a big bunch of roses to Mrs. Sprunk tonight, she went home from Sunday school sick this morning.    Johny said his mother had been in bed most of the day.  the weather has been real cool & a heavey fog tonight    We had a beautiful rainbow from the time we started to Church or just before & it lasted about an hour  God’s promise. 

Mon. July 7. 1947./ 12. eggs today/  Well I’ve felt rather bum, I tried to put in a few dahlia bulbs, but just didn’t get in many, no pep, I helped Elbert make a Kettle of soup & thats been our main stay, all day.  We had a mist fog last night     just came rolling over the ground in clouds.   wasn’t bad out this morning, but sure got cool toward morning & N.E. wind, after 2-p-m it rained hard, had misty showers untill most noon then would be quite clear for a spell.   we had a little fire  it was so damp & chilly this morning.    Elbert cut or mowed grass  most of the time, when it didn’t rain & he took care of hens & chicks. I did did my daily round, cooking, dishes, beds & such like .   Received letter from Miss Mc.Govern she’s wondering why I don’t write.  so , I’ll try to dash off a few lines now. 

Tue. July. 8. 1947./ 13. eggs today/  Elbert has worked most of the day to get the dirt ready for a little more corn cabbage & beans.   I haven’t done only what I just had to & I laid down for 1/2 or 3/4 of an hr.  I feel a little better a-gain tonight, we had rice soup yesterday & tonight we had pork chops potatoes & gravey & hot coffee.  Well I wrote Miss Mc.Govern a letter & I wrote a card to Red Cross & one to Mr. Miller & Elbert mailed them in Vermilion this morning & he bought mash cost 5.15 (100 lbs.)  rained light showers   Wind N.E. & cool.   I picked 2 qts. of currents today didn’t get all of them. 

Wed. July. 9. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  Well it rained & has been damp & chilly today & I have only done my daily round.  I’ve felt so exhausted yesterday & today    I hope to go to prayer meeting tomorrow night & maybe make a call or two befoere that    I got my DeHaan book today. 4.H boys painted the mail box.

Thurs. July. 10. 1947./Page. 2014./ 11. eggs today. /  Elbert worked in the garden & took care of hens & chicks & he picked the rest of the currents, I picked half or better yesterday & have them cooked & put through the seive.  I hope to make jam in the morning.   I did the washing today, it was a damp air so when they were as dry as they would get, I brought them in, I washed me self & dressed & went to Church, to prayer meeting.  We had a wonderful prayer meeting & God blessed us & He touched our bodys for healing & I’m weak in flesh but filled with His Spirit  Praise the Lord Glory to God I Praise Thee Jesus.  They gave out some sheets of papers with Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Gurney’s pictures on them and described sermon acted out in a play for July 20th.  Rev. Gurney fell & broke the bone in his ankle & tore the ligements loose & has it in a cast & walks with crutches.  Well it thundered, lightened & poured rain,    about 4-p-m. it started & Elbert went to hen house to feed at 5 & there he had to stay for a while, the clapps & lightening frightened the chicks bad, to,     it cleared off before we went to church.   Was a light fog on the way home   wind backed up before the rain, had been S.W. went S.E. & N. E. & then rained, it was a nice morning with sun, but sun is so white. 

Fri.July. 11. 1947. / 12. eggs today/  Elbert went to Lorain & took the bird (Mr. Hauffman brought here, he thought it was a female) to mrs. Cranage to see if it would mate with her female, I know it’s a male from it’s actions.   Well I set bread & made jam 9 fair sized jars & one glass full & I had 2 loaves of bread & 2 big tins of biscuits & I swept & done dishes    Elbert wiped them for me.    He put up the chicken fence today, that’s a big job.   Well, I got supper & then, he came in    said there was a rat in the coop so I went out & we let the rat out the door   it was better than scaring the chicks so bad at night.  It rained 2 heavy showers & sun between showers & we had 2 light showers.   Elbert got home at 1-30-p-m. he sold 5. doz. eggs 60. per. doz for 3.00 & he did-n’t get a job, he couldn’t see his boss.   He did see the Dr. & he said he hadn’t ought to work yet for the cords & muscles are to sore yet.   & no word from the Red Cross yet.    I hope they come to our rescue soon.   & No word from nellie since Johny was here on Sun. July 6.

Sat. July. 12. 1947./ 13 eggs today/   Well, I haven’t done much today, got a cold in my neck, it’s like a stiff neck & pains way down in my back & clear through my ches & ribs in 

Sat. July.12. 1947. / page. 2015/ 13. eggs this day/  my arm & shoulder   makes me feel sick.   I did up dishes & cooked two meals & did my usual house work   put the bread in the crock & washed & covered the glass of current jam.    Yes, I was out in the yard & looked at the flowers & garden & hens & chicks    Elbert let them all out in the park, but only a very few chicks went out, he has taken care of them & he chopped up some limb wood & raked & carried all the grass he had cut in the front yard to the pile down in the hollow.   It’s been a nice day with sunshine all day.    Elbert’s corn is up & the glads & tube roses are up & the house plants look good, but a queer thing is a cluster of pink rambler roses on the White ramblers, strange things do come to pass.  I stuck in some rose cutting 2 or 3. yrs. ago & they all bloomed this yr.  lots of flowers on all the roses this yr. & Honey suckle was beautiful, bitter sweet’s full of berries & red ball poppies are beginning to bloom in front of the hen coop.   heat was 80 degrees today, hot at noon & all after noon, but it’s cool again tonight.  Everet Michael said over the radio that it was a beautiful day in Chicago, heat 80 degrees, but a fine day.  He always says, it’s a beautiful day in Chi. no matter the weather rain or shine & I like to hear him say it,  If it’s a bad day  he will say after word, that it’s a nice day to be alive anyway.  I pray God will make that man His, for he seems to have some of God’s Spirit in him.  No mail today.  So none untill Mon

Sun. July 13. 1947./ 14. eggs today/  I pray God will help me get off to Sun. school & Church on time.  Its been a fine day  S & S.W. wind, not so hot today.  We been home all day, Elberts has felt bum & I’m rather weak in me legs & arms & my eye sight rather bad today., I did what I had to & no more.  I’d love to be in church.  I pray for Gods people all over the world & that my prayer will be one wiht many others, that He will strengthen Our faith & according to faith He will hear & answer prayers. Amen.  & I pray He will give me the filling I crave so much.

Mon July. 14 1947/ Only 9. eggs today./   Only did what had to be done

Mon. July. 14. 1947./page 2015./  only 10 eggs this day./   It’s been a fine day, but not good for things to grow right, to cool evenings for corn & any garden produce to grow like it ought to.  The good Lord is with me & I thank Him & Praise Him and give Him all the Glory for ever & ever     little S & W. & cool & damp.  Elbert went to huron this a.m. but, no fish.  he’s worked what he could around home cultavated the garden pulled weeds raked a place for me to put in a few Jinnias in front of the house, looked after chickens & hens & we went to what use to be the beach, water is clear to drive & high bank. no, sand.  so we will have to clean the coop & put, on straw without the sand, I guess.  I put in some of the plants in the back from the hous today & India lillie bulbs.   My ankles have been badly swollen today & left leg from knee down was so sore I could hardly step on it, so, I ask Jesus, when they prayed for us at Church today, to take it all out & Praise His Dear name, He did it   Oh Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Glory to God, Amen.

Tue. July. 15. 1947./ 11. eggs today/  Well I only did what I had to & I put a new back in Elberts union suit    I used the bottom of one of my old summer shirts & then I darned 2. prs. socks.    I felt so bad all night & not to good today, & no word from Red Cross & no word from Nellie & it seems as if somethings wrong.   I trust & pray all is well.    it poured rain this after-noon    Elbert worked up the dirt in the garden & cut some grass & carried it down on the grass pile    Wind was S. West, but, went around to N. E.    Well it’s sure the deadest yr at the park I’ve ever seen. 

Wed. July. 16. 1947./ 13. eggs today. /  Well it’s been a cloudy day & it rained a very light shower a couple of times.   Elbert planted 4 rows of string beans & I only did the usual round.   We killed 3 of the little chicks & we had half for dinner & the rest for supper   What we are to do & No one says a word so far, if it’s got to the place where we have to just go as long as we can they lay down & die.  Why should this country take 400, thousand from the other side the world to feed & cloth & who ever would have believed I’d ever got into a fix like this    I pray God will come to my rescue.  No mail today.  Well God help us. I pray & thank Him.

Thurs. July. 17. 1947./[no Page number, should be 2016]/ 10. eggs today./  Elbert’s been sick all day, but he’s did the odds & ends.  I did a big washing today, it’s been damp & hot sun & the clothes didn’t dry very good but Elbert kindled a little fire & we dried what we had to use      to-night  it thundered so loud I thought maybe I’d better not hang the clothes out, but I prayed for no rain & it didn’t rain all day;  I Praise the Lord from Whom all blessing flow.  

Fri. July. 18. 1947./ 2 broke.  12. eggs today. /  Elbert went to Lorain to the Dr. & he sold 3. doz. eggs 65 cents per. doz. to Mrs Cranage & visited a bit.  Well, He see Mr. & Mrs. Hambly today in Vermilion, she said she’d be going to the Hospital soon for an operation, of some sort, Elbert didn’t understand what for, he said they seemed to be feel sad a-bout it.  He said Mrs. West took two doz. 60 cents per eggs & Miss Clark 1. doz. 60 cents per.  Miss. Clark said she got home last Sat. she left her sister there where they had been visiting.  He was so tired when he got here.  I got our dinner   a pork chop a piece & warmed over potatoes bread & he had coffee. I had hot water.  I cleaned my dresser & swept all 3 rooms & washed up supper dishes, then went to hen hous & got chicks in, just before a shower & got 7. eggs & no mail, then I washed my corset & change of clothes    I sweat just terrible    yesterday was so wet & miserable  I took a bath before going to bed.  I washed the 2 towels I had on the dresser & the old dress I put on when I do the washing.    I had to hang them up in the house & they are not dry yet.   We had several showers not heavy, Elbert said it just poured down in Lorain & the water was about 4 inches deep on the pavement.  Frank & his son (Armond) & his grandson (Frank Page 10 yrs. old) were here tonight, they went woodchuck hunting & got 3. or 4. they said.  they left at dark.  We got mash 2. hundered lbs. for hens & chicks & grain.   it’s sure wicked the way they do about the feed, because corn is sky high, they put lots to much in the feed for laying hen & even to much for the chicks & charge 5.25. for growing mash  5.20 for hens mash & 520 for scratch grain. $15.65 cents    We’ll have to eat the chicks before they are big enough to make a good meal of one, we have to kill 3.  they are only 2 month old.  Sounds like the fog horn blowing.  We had a heavy fog Wed. & Thurs. nights & looked as if it would be the same tonight.    I thank God for the strength of today & what we had to eat,    we haven’t had enough to keep us feeling well & my head is a bussing so bad I can hardly think & I’m getting blind again.  I pray God will give me that Great Infiling I crave so much, I 

Fri. July. 18. 1947./Page. 2017./ 12. eggs this day. /  will be so happy when I can Praise God in Spirit, Glory, Glory, Glory to God in the Highest,  Oh, Glory, Glory. 

Sat. July. 19. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  I darned 4. prs. of socks.  Elbert has done a lot of odd jobs, he cut weeds & grass & done some hoeing & took care of the chickens, he killed 2. chickens & dressed them & I fried them, he killed a hen & we had to throw it away, she was full of tumors & even her intestines were covered with little one as thick al-most as they could be.  so thats one lost & we have 3 less to feed now, & we are going to Kill another hen that we feel we might loose if we don’t save her now, she has laid heavy. Frank & his grand son (Frank Page) were here again to hunt & got 2. woodchuck.  Frank Page came in when they got back & he ate a piece of raspberry short cake & I gave him 2 legs of fried chicken  he’s a quite little fellow    they have been vaxinated, I didn’t quite understand what for.   & while he was in the house, Frank Bonney told Elbert several things    one was he was cleaning up the old place & rebuild-ing it in some ways &    he said he told Gertie if she didn’t let him have pa’s guns, he would charge her one hundred & 50 dollars for the work he did on the boat docks & if she didn’t pay it, he’d bring suit against her,    he said she took the guns when she moved, but she brought them back to him since,    he said she sold some of pa’s tools & his fishing reels & rods & some other things.   I didn’t get the ironing done.  It’s been cool today with several showers & a heavy miss part of the time & we have had a fire all day it’s so chilly

Sun. July. 20. 1947./ 11. eggs today./  Well Elbert dressed & cooked a hen & she was full of eggs would have laid every day, but she had begun to act queer, stick her head way out & close to the floor & run as if something was after her, so while she was in good condition we killed her & we have another, yet i think we will kill.   We had this one for dinner,   I made biscuits & we had some in gravey.  Nellie, Johny, Bonnita & the children came in about 4-p-m.  Johny & Nellie ask us to come to Avon Methodist Church.  I hope we can go.  he is going to Marry a Nurse formaly from New London, Ohio/ Miss Mar____    I pray God’s blessing on them.   We went out in the yard & I gave Bonita some plants she wanted, & I gave nellie 1. tin of Baking Powder biscuits & a doz eggs to pay for 1/2 lb. green tea & she paid for one doz. & they started on back home for it looked

Sun. July.20. 1947./ page. 2019. [should be 1018]./ 11. eggs this day./  like rain & Nellie wanted to get back before dark she said.   We got ready & went to Church, they had a play for a sermon, it was heart rendering, Called the missing Christmas.  It did start to rain as we left the church, but didn’t last.    it’s so cool that the gardens can’t grow & it really cold at night.   We bring 4 Smith children 1/2 mile out from Vermilion, they live over the other side the new York Central tracks about 2. City blocks.  

Mon. July. 21. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  It’s been cool & we have had a light fire all day    N. E. Wind & tonight it came at us from the N. West. a cold driving rain,    radio said it would be colder tonight & it is.    I sent another card to the Red Cross today, it’s been a month & no word, yet.  Who is there to care today if we live or die, no one but Jesus.  I haven’t done hardly anything today, no pep.   I was so glad to be able to go to Church last night.  & I all ways get a blessing   Praise God.  I love Jesus more than all I have or ever could have here on earth.  I received a letter from Miss Willits today. 

Tue. July. 22. 1947./ 11. eggs tonight./  it rain this morning, cold rain,    Elbert built a fire, & he’s worked out side from 9-a-m. untill noon.   Radio said, they had a blanket of snow in Cleveland & just a few miles out side Cleveland it hailed 6 ins. of fair sized  hail stones.    I did the ironing & swept all 3. rooms today.  & we had to kill 2 more little chicks in order to live & tomorrow Elbert’s going back to Lorain,    I wanted to go, but, I don’t think I will.  I’d like to keep my strength for Thurs. night’s prayer meeting, I going to trust & believe for that third part of the Spirit  the Holy Trinity that I to may praise the Lord in Spirit:  Oh that Will be Glory.   We haven’t been having proper food to eat & my body have a trembling in it & it’s terrible    Oh, God, In Jesus Name I am trusting.  I believe You will come to my (our) rescue soon & I thank You.   Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, I Praise the Lord, Amen.  

Wed. July. 23. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  Well, believe it or not, the Lord is working out my problem, I received a letter from Governor Thomas J. Herbert & 2. or 3. hrs. later a mrs. _____. welfare worker came & said she had received a letter from Governor Herbert (& a copy of the letter I wrote to him.) that she was to investigate at once & do it quickly.  Oh, Praise the Lord.  Well, Mrs. ____ ask me a bu. of questions & when I told her what Mr. Brown said, she looked as if I had slapped her & she cought her breath & said, did he say that?   she looked hurt and angry & then said, my, how could he?    before she left, I opened the oven & turned the bread biscuits

Tue. July. 22. 1947. /page. 2019 / 9. egg this day./  so they would brown on the other side & her eyes opened wide & she said, I wondered what I could smell, that smelt so good, my but they look good,  I gave her 2. biscuits she wouldn’t take any more,    she said she hadn’t seen anything like that since her mother made them yrs. ago.   I ask how old she might be & she said 42. yrs. & she was getting old.   her husband was in their car waiting for her    she opened the bag & gave him a smell & then put it in the back seat, she was a very nice appearing person.  Elbert & I both thought it was good she had come so soon after I got the letter this morning & she said she felt quite sure I’d be getting the 25.00 per. month back a gain    I thanked thanked her & Praised the Lord.  The little old man with his suit case of notions came in about 1-30-p-m,   he was half starved & so was I,   he hadn’t had as much as I if he told the truth & he ate as if he had told the truth    I didn’t have much    I gave him some coffee & a biscuit & a half & I took a half,   there were only 2. left after Elbert had breakfast, they were baking Powder biscuits, there were 4. pieces of chicken, so I had one leg & gave him one & left the rest for Elbert & he came before we were done so I fried some biscuits & made tea & we ate a little more & drank.  I had the bread biscuits just about ready for the oven & put them in as the little old man left, he says he’s 62. yrs. old & the welfare woman came about 30 minutes later   I had most the clothes dried & 3. more pieces of Elberts clothes & the table cloth to wash, yet, so, I got them washed & sudsed & wrinsed & starched my dress & table cloth & got them out & dried.  I washed up my baking dishes & was so glad I had put a clean table cloth on the table  & straightened it up this morning.  then I got supper & did the dishes    Elbert got fish for supper.   then he called me to the coop    he thought there was a rat in there but we didn’t find any.   I saw one go from the Grainery toward the coop tonight just be-fore dark & I saw 6. geese going S.E. & called to Elbert & he see them.   I had 2. big tins of biscuits & 1. loaf of bread.  It’s cold tonight but we haven’t any fire.  Radio said it was going down to 51. degrees tonight.  I believe it.   We got the light bill today, it’s a dollar & the chick mash is all most gone, they sure do eat like pigs.  I hope my check will get here soon so I can pay it.  work is tied up so bad from lack of coal & Mr. Deitz wont have any work for 2 weeks yet.

Thurs. July. 24. 1947./ page. 2020 / 10. eggs today. /   Well, it’s been a nice day, but wind is cool, sun hot, & garden not coming as it should, the bean have come up, but it’s so cold nights,   Audrey’s birthday she’s 55 yrs old today.  We had a heavy white dew last night & some things eat part the beets off.  Radio said, it’s the coldest summer we have ever had.  I mended today, put 4 patches on Elbert’s work shirt    cut off the sleeves & hemed them used the part I cut off to put on the collar & upper part of both sleeves & a big patch across the whole back.    then I put a patch on the fronts of two of my under skirts where the corset chews    then I cut off a house dress skirt around the top took apiece out down the front sewed it back together & put a belt of same goods on it, so I can use it for under skirt.   Then we had supper & Elbert shut up hen house & locked up all the building & we got washed & dressed & went to prayer meeting    We had such a good service & there were only a very few of us there   Rev. Gurney, Sister Brown & Miss Clark, Mrs. Hambly’s mother, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (a young couple that went to the Altar & were converted Sun. night) Mrs. Day & her children (5) & the right girls 3 & My self.  Mrs. Gurney was up stairs packing, to go to Canada, yet tonight, to be at the opening meetings of a new church to be opened Sat.    they expect to be back here for Sun. school & Church Sun.    they will soon be flying over the highway, it a long trip there & they wont be there long & will be flying over the road back again    I pray God will take care of them    they are taking the baby & they didn’t say about Garry Black, Miss. Brown is going to stay with Miss Clark, she’s working at the pickle factory for 55 cents per. hr. 5 1/2 days a week, wish I could work there to, but, I know I’m not fit to.  But God is with me, Praise his Holy Name, Glory to Him.  Elbert stopped to get a can of milk & they gave him some bones.   I have put them on to cook & they are half (or better) cooked.

Fri. July. 25. 1947./ 10. eggs today./  We picked the goose berries, Elbert did, I did help a little    I washed up dishes & cooked some noodles in the chicken broth from yesterday & I helped pick black raspberries & I made a short cake for supper,    I took the bones out the broth & we chewed the bones tonight.  I have to make soup now in that broth for tomorrow.  I have the dishes all done up so I won’t have so much to do tomorrow.  got my daily doz. over for today.   Radio said it would be warmer tonight but it’s plenty cool & we have closed the doors & windows & we close the coop0 windows every night,    chicks are coming along fine.   no rain today, sun shone all day .  no dew tonight.

Sat. July. 26. 1947. /page 2021./ 13. eggs today/  Well, the farm & home hour speaker (Mr. Everett Mitchel) Said, It’s a great day in Chicago & he hoped it was even better where ever we were,  Well it’s been a fine day (here) in Ohio nice S. west breeze & a down pour of rain this after noon, a heavy shower, was nice, didn’t last long, but sure came down.  Elbert went to Lorain & sold the goose berries 17. qts. for 5.95 & he sold 4. doz. eggs & got 2.80, (70 per. doz)  he borrowed $5.00 from Moore & Myers. & bought 100 lb sack of Chick mash for $5.25, the eggs & berries came to $8.75 so he had $3.50 left    he had to buy gas & get his shoe sewed & he gave me 3.00 & I’ll give that into church or 2. of it & maybe I’ll send Miss Willitts a 1.00  I am behind 1.50 for last mo. as my tenth & for this mo.  I got up soon as Elbert said he was going, 10.a.m & I set bread   made 2 big tins & 1. small one of biscuits   one for the preachers 1. for Nellie & little one for us.   I fixed up the bone broth & made soup, I put in 3 car-rots, 2. onions, 1. cup, rice 3, tablespoons Barley, 1. pt. tomatoes  papparickia  salt & pepper & it tasted quite good. & Elbert drove in just as it was done so I dished it up & then went out & shut the coop windows while he took the mash in grainery & I open shed & he drove in & we got back to the house, just in time to keep dry, it sure did pour down in white sheets  then cleared of before supper    Elbert mowed the grass & weed on south side of garden.  Frank & his neighbor came & went to hunt wood chuck & Armond came just 10 or 15 minutes later    I don’t know how many they got, they gave Elbert one.    It’s a nice evening, Elbert has chuck dressed, now. & salted.

Sun. July. 27. 1947./  Well we took our baths this morning & went to Sun. school & church & on over to nellie’s where we had a ham sandwitch & cup of coffee & then  I left a tin of biscuits for Nellie & 2 cucumbers, 2, peppers & then we took Nellie in our car & Mr. Stoughton & we went to the Avon Methodist Church,  where we all went to see Johny & Marcella Married  Cecil & Jimy Harnish & there wifes were there  Marcie’s 3 Aunts, her father, & one Uncle were there & Gertie & Audrey & Merlin,m Martha & there 3 children Jim, Jean & Joan, Ehtel & her man & her daughter Laura Ann  Mr. & Mrs. Gannet & Jimy & the head supperviser & 5 nurses from Elyria Hospital where Marcie had train & graduated for nurse & Mr. & Mrs. Stoughton & Laura Bell & quite a few others & Mrs. Beesie, who has done a ot for Nellie’s family & lives a few doors away   didn’t get to go, they could have taken her as well as not.  It seemed to bad.  Well, the arrangement was fine, A young Minister stood up with Johny & Jimy Gannett & A young Minister stood up with Johny & Jimy Gannett & a friend of Marcie’s & Bonney Bell with Marcie  It was a double ring serimony & they prayed after they were married & took for the Lor’s Body & wine.  It was all very pretty & solem or done in earnest fashion  Marcie was dressed in white satin silk & white net over with a long train & beautiful white veil & the maids were in pale green & yellow all carried flowers    After it was over we all went down in the dining room in the basement where they had a big wedding cake & sanwicthes, coffee, punch, 2 other kinds of cake, they took a lot of pictures & then as Johny & Marcie left they threw rice over them & after them, We went back to Nellie’s   Elbert took Stoughton home & Johny & Marcie went into the house & rested a while & I don’t know if they left there gifts or not, they got two reversible blankets, both were pink, We gave them a pr of all wool dark brown & white    I had bought them sometime ago, but hadn’t needed to use them they were good cost almost $18.00 & they got a lot of glass wear & quite a few gave money.    after they rest 15. or twenty minutes, they started for New London to Marcie’s home & from there they are going to see Ella Jane also, it sure was to bad she wasn’t here, she gets left out, untill it’s too late.  Well we had supper with Nellie Bonita & the children  they were all at the wedding & Nellie was looking so sick & all in, after Johny was gone, she had thought Johny would look after her & the home I think & some how it was as if he had gone out of her life also, she looked as if she was almost to the breaking point & it seemed so sad to me    also for God revealed it all to me    she said she wished so much that I lived closer to her so we could see each other often & talk to each other. I’m

Sun. July. 27. 1974./ page. 2023./10. eggs today/   so sorry & I wish I could go to hr more often, she’s in very poor health & Bonita isn’t as patient with her as she was with her father, it doesn’t seem to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nellie left them to be with her husband (John) before very long.  I have heard Ella Jane weeping & sometimes Nellie & life is so short here, if we were only sure our souls were prepared to meet Jesus.  May God help us & save us.  It’s Frank Bonney’s birthday, today, he’s 57. yrs. old. today.   It’s been a beautiful day, I thank God & Praise Him & we got back in time for Church, had to wait 15 or 20 minutes, so I called on Mrs. Whitman across from the church.  The ministers got home at 6. oclock this a.m. & they had the same sermon in acts or play, that they had last Sun. but there wasn’t so many there.  They said the biscuits were sure good.  Praise God.  

Mon. July. 28. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  I didn’t do much today outside my daily round, mended my stockings & fixed Elbert’s union suit, I got the new back to long, so had to shorten it up some.  been a hot sun but breeze was nice & cool.  I felt so tired I didn’t sleep till morning. 

Tue. July. 29. 1947./ 10 eggs today/  Well, I didn’t feel able to stand on my feet, but, decided to wash the wool blankets & so I did it & I washed my night gown & a few small pieces & I ought to do the rest of the washing in the morning but I don’t know.  I’d like to know how Nellie & her children are making out.  they didn’t know how they were going to live, I pray God has given them food enough to keep soul & body to-gether  It’s been a hot day in the sun but cool in the shade    We killed 3. chickens for supper, they are small yet, we’ll have enough for dinner tomorrow.  We had just finished supper when the Preacher came in, she didn’t come with him he said she had some work she wanted to do.  Well, I understand & so does God & I pray He will help us to live as He lives & would have us live.  We had prayers before he left & I ask them to come again.  He ate a piece of chicken & said it was really good.  it was getting dark when he left , Elbert thought he acted rather strange.  he did act rather strange & he didn’t know just what to say, when we ask about his wife   He said they had plenty to eat, so I thank God for them.  I often wish they would come in when we have plenty cooked.   & I wish I knew how Nellie & Bonita & the children are for she didn’t know how they were going to live this week.

Wed. July. 30. 1947./ [no page number, would be 2024]/ 10. eggs today/  It’s been a nice day    S. wind & quite strong    I did the washing & clothes dried fast, sun was terrible hot could hardly stand it to hang up the clothes.  I rested a while & planted a few glad bulbs. & I put in a few of the dahlias, the stalks are so big, it’s so late, they may not bloom.  Well I feel sick to my stomach tongith, I ate frankforters & they don’t always like me.    Elbert has work in the garden & took care of chicks & hens.    Yesterday after noon we took the tame canarys out by the apple tree & the wild ones were flying all around & then all of a sudden a weisel came out of the grass & came right up to the out door bird bath & tried to catch a ground sparrow  on the bath, he didn’t get it & so went out the other side the grapes & cought a cat bird  Elbert got his gun but we didn’t see it again    It’s didn’t really look like a weisel to me but Elbert thought it was   I hope it don’t get in the hen coop, after the chickens.  No word from the welfare worker today, either.  Frank & Armond were here tonight to hunt wood chuck. 

Thurs. July. 31. 1947./ 10 eggs today./  WEll, I was worried for fear Nellie, Bon-ita & the 3 children might be with out food, so Elbert dressed 3 chickens for them & 1. for us.  I got ours partly cooked before we left    We took a can of corn & a can of tomatoes & half a cabbage head but when we got there they had got a small check from some one & Bonita had been to town & got enough food for 2 days, then Nellie got her pension check but hadn’t got it cashed yet, so she was glad we had come   she dressed & went with Elbert in the car to Elyria & got them enough food to last 3. weeks, they were cooking chicken for there supper.  Bonita had a big wash on the lines & hgad done the chairs & davonport covers & some bed spreads & drapes  she washed up a big pan of dishes & I wiped them, she had supper most ready when we left & it was 7. p.m. when we reached home.  We went & came through the Vermilion river hollow just a 1. mile this side of Mill Hollow, its a one way road & so crooked & steep, but the road (the main highway) was blocked off for re-pairs & we had to deture around Vermilion & it’s so far, we didn’t get here in time to do the chores & get supper & get back to prayer meeting, I wanted to go so bad, well I pray God will for-give me.   If they had only wrote to me we could have waited & went tomorrow.  Such is life & neither of us felt like going   But praise God  H took us & brought us, safe    well, it’s turned quite cold & we have a fire tonight.  Wind’s N.E. & sounds like fall, it sings & moans, to me it’s weeping & wailing.

Fri. Aug. 1. 1947./ page. 2025./ 9. eggs today./   Well, it’s been a fine day cool N. E. wind, sun quite warm but not hot.  I swept all 3. rooms & wiped up the S.E. corner of the Kitchen & I made & baked 3 tins of bread biscuits, we are getting out of most every thing.  We cooked 2 more chickens tongight & they are out of mash & no way to get any more.  I fried the chicken & then pressure cooked it.  It gets so tender it falls off the bones.  I thank God for our blessing & pray He will send me good news in the morning about the money.  I’m sure he hears, sees and Knows. 

Sat. Aug. 2. 1947./ 10 eggs today.  Well, I got the ironing & darning done & a Mr. & Mrs. Adama’s came in they were looking for another family, they were selling a boiler & an old rug.  they were christians & we had prayer together, I enjoyed it so much    they gave us a dollar for a chicken & Elbert dressed it & they were so pleased they gave me the old rug   it’s worn bare & dirty, but, she thought if it was washed it would do for runners.  Oh, Well Praise the Lord, they left there addresses  one at Bulha Beach & one at PertersBurg, Florada, where they go each winter & she cooks for a rich family & then she or they come back each summer to Buelha Beach & each of them ask us to come & visit them & go to the meetings they are having there for 2. weeks.   The Adam’s have 2 children.  There real home is in Ashtabula Ohio.  Well, wind has been S. all day & warm & several showers went down the Lake.  Frank Bonney & Frankie Page came, then Armond came a little later & they got 3. woodchucks & they gave Elbert one.  Oh. Praise God.  Frankie said his ma, said, to tell me she might be out tomorrow.  I got a book from Dehaan, called holy Spirit & today one called Water Baptism. 

Sun. Aug. 3. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  Communion Sun.  I got to Sun. school & church this morning &  church this evening.   there are so few that come & most of them are children.   I got my tenth cought up for June & half of it for July & now I’ll have Aug. & last half of July   I pray I’ll soon get some money from some where soon.   We are badly in need, I never eat much bread, it doesn’t agree with me so I get weak & sick with only bread, no butter, & only can milk & some of the time that has corn meal & starch in the bottom of the can.  I’ll be glad when I have finished my work here on earth.  things are bad & getting worse fast.  Howard & Francis Page & there 2 children were here after dinner today.  She’s been going to East Side Methodist Church & she 

Sun. Aug. 3. 1947. page. 2026./ 9 eggs this day./  a group of the women got into a hair pulling fight over the Minister & there talk was not becoming to any christian women,  So she hadn’t been to church of late,   she was just where she thought she would like to be   a real christian, then they wondered if all churches were alike, there’s one thing sure, that we must look to Jesus as our example no matter what the other fellow thinks, says, or does,    We have to look to Jesus & keep right, Oh God, help them I pray Thou will convict there souls & turn them to Thee, in Jesus name I ask.  I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & Ever, Amen.   It’s been a nice day, but quite warm N. E. breeze.

Mon. Aug. 4. 1947./ [no egg count]/  Well I just couldn’t work to-day    I sent Elbert out to find the Welfare Woman    He went to Walt Hahn’s & they sent him to Herbert Hahn & he told Elbert it was my falt that I was cut of the relief   he said I failed to let the court know, I hadn’t any money left after the court percedings were over, but they did know & said I’d get my relief as long as I needed it & that was in 1938 & it 1947. and they have just decided to stir up a mess, that I hope, will make them have to come clean. 9. yrs. since.  and I hope the awaking will be such a jolt they wont be so cruel again, well H. Hahn. needs it to  he said he had to pay out of his own pocket, for calls he has had to make to San-dusky on my case, he said they had been working on it for 3. weeks now & he wrote a note to Shoop, at Berlin Hights to give Elbert 10.00 worth of groceries, said Steveson was out of town & he didn’t have an order blank, but he’d get one later.  Hahn told Elbert he heard there was alot of people that wan’t going to vote for him this Fall and he hoped Elbert & I would vote for him & Ota[?] & ____   But God would surely punish us if we did. & they may try to if we don’t, for I’ve heard of a lot of cruel things they have done, & heard from some of them.

Mon. Aug. 4. 1947./page 2027./ 9 eggs today./  my self, they are beasly men.  They don’t like me because I don’t like hore masters,  I belong to God, I know he will look after me, if does make me feel terrible, when I think of what I live among, & can’t help them for His sake.  I’m sorry Oh so sorry.  Elbert got 8 or 11 cans of beans & milk & mustard, some spegetti & noodles & sack of flour, 1 bottle clorox & 2 lb. onion for $5.63 cents & no money to help feed the hens & chicks.  & we have eat up there egg money.  Oh God give us enough money to feed them they are a lot of help to us.  Hahn said they were going to thrash out my case that I ought to have some money from the auto care wreck case.    Elbert told him he hoped they would dig up everything that we would both be glad to have them do so.   I wish I could have Frank’s pension & be rid of Sandusky.   I have tried to be polite even when they have been rotten & I have been thankful for my relief & have told them so repeatedly, many times.   Been a fine day cool breeze N. E.  hot sun.  

Tue. Aug. 5. 1947./ 9 eggs Wed 6.  /  8. eggs today./   Well I did out half the wash & hop0e to do Elbert’s & his blanket in the morning.  Elbert’s car went on the blink, he said the gas line is pluged   he work most the day yesterday & this morning   he bumed a ride to Vermilion & got a fellow from a garage to come & get the car & take it back to fix it    fellow said he was sure he could get it fixed soon after he got it back to the garage,   Elbert told him he’d be down about 8-a-m. to get it, in the morning.  It’s been 98 in the shade today, clothes just baked dry in no time.  Tonight Elbert called me said there were 2 or 3 rats in the coop, so, we let them out the door.   but he siad he thought he heard one chewing afterword in the siding.   Elbert was lucky, he got a ride to Vermilion & back today   he wasn’t gone very long.  I had a big batch of dishes to wash so done them, before starting to wash clothes & I never had a bite to eat untill 1-p-m.  I do wish so much for some good milk to drink.  I did do only what I had to do yesterday to  hot alday. 

Thurs. Aug. 7. 1947. / 9. eggs today/  Elbert got up & went to Vermilion    he helped on His car   they took out a little round piece of leather like the center of a gasget & the car seem to run O.K. to Lorain & back home again    he left the car under the butter nut tree on the drive &

Thurs. Aug. 7. 1947./page. 2028. 9. eggs this day./ & after we had our lunch we backed to the grainery & took out the feed & went back to the drive & back part way in -to the car shed &had to push car rest the way in, he went to see Mr. Deitz about his work   he sold Mrs. Cranage 4. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz. ($2.80) & I gave him my mint money ($10.00) & he took part of his mint money & he got the Chickens mash & grain & hens grain $(15.75) for the 300 lbs. & they are putting to much corn in it  hens & chicks don’t eat it & corn is high priced, so they use lots & make us pay.   the pullets are growing nice,  one died yesterday    I don’t know what was the trouble with her    she was so big but didn’t seem to get what she needed some how.    I thought there were 62, but counted 78 today   it’s hard to count them going out the trap door 2 & 3. at a time & so fast.  Elbert was so tired, it’s been a terrible hot day.  & he showed it, he was dizzy & stumbling around & nervous & I could hardly get him to set in the shade & get cooled off, but he did for 30 minutes & then un-loaded the grain  then we set again for a little & the wind shifted & the storm began to make fast & I got supper while Elbert fed & gave them fresh wather & he put them all in the coop & shut the trap doors & took care of the windows   we ate supper & it got at it & gave us some rain, rest of it went other places, wind blew but not to hard, rain came down in white sheets with fine hail in it from S. E. then from S. W. & then night closed in & wind died out & it is quite a lot cooler.  it was truly hot before the rain, air was hot, rain was cool, with ice.  Well, we surely needed the rain & everything must have been glad to get washed, get a drink, and cooled off a little, hope it wont be to cool. some of the little evergreens look as if they’d had something sprayed on them & ccooked them & a little on the big trees just as if some one had sprayed right & left as they come in between them, there are some queer ones in this world (like Mrs Shimons)  she said  Why should I have this place, when a little place would be good enough for me & she & her family could enjoy it so much, she says she is a christian to.  some one put oil on one butter nut tree & we had to cut the lower limbs off that    it was on & 2 big apple tree limbs & they

Thurs. Aug.7. 1947. /page. 2029/ 9 eggs this day. /   rubbed the bark of a big place on the little English walnut tree by the drive.  I’ll be happy when my work here on earth is done, and I pray God will give me a wee corner in heaven & I can help do any thing He wants me to do. Well I only done what was most necessary all day. & there has been some noise out side around the grainery nights, it might be rat’s 4. legged, or 2. legged  I don’t know.  I pray God will take care of us as long as we have to sta here & that He will bless the prayer meeting to night in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.  No word from Nellie or Bonita so far this week.  

Fri. Aug. 8. 1947./ 8 eggs today/  Well, it’s been hot but not as bad as yesterday & I did Elbert’s washing  2 union suits 4 shirts bath towel 2 wash rags his sleeper pants & jacket Kerchief & 3. prs. socks towels & pillow cases & it seemed as if I’d never get done    Elbret washed his sock & Kerchiefs & he carried the water    started to cloud up after dinner for 2. or 3. hrs. then sun came out again but shirts & union suits didn’t get dry, it’s cooler tonight  N. E. breeze  most of the day.  except when there wasn’t any breeze.    I wanted to go to Buelah Beach to a meeting or 2. but can’t use the car.  such is life    can’t walk it.  and no money to ride the bus.    But I thank God in Jesus Dear name for Him & His blessings , love & mercy.

Sat. Aug. 9. 1947./ 7. eggs today./  Elbert went back to Vermilion to see the fellow that tried to fix it last week    they thought it was the gas pump now it’s the battery    any way it don’t run tonight.  Elbert road down on the bus & came back with the fellow.  He got a little meat to boil & some yeast cakes.  & he don’t seem like himself, he’s so nervous, his head hurts him so much of the time.  Frank & Armond & little Frankie  they gave Elbert a wood-chuck & he’s dressing it now.  I haven’t done much only the daily round, I have felt so weak all day.   I wasn’t able to wash yesterday;  But I thank God for our many blessings.  I received a letter from Nellie, she said, she caned the appricots, she made 2 1/2 qts. jam & the goose berries she caned 1. qt. & Elbert picked a qt. of dew berries for her while we were there & she caned 1. qt. of them.  they had a terrible storm there, the other night & Mon. she broke her glasses & she’s had the ice bag on her head most of the week & she said to please come as often as we could.  I wonder what she meant.

Sun. Aug. 10. 1947./ 8 eggs today.  We been home all day.  It’s been a fine day, partly cloudy not to hot  N. E. breeze.   I thank God for our many blessing & for jesus & the Holy Ghost & pray I will be found worthy

Mon. Aug. 11. 1947./ page. 2030/  6. eggs today/   Well, it’s been a terrible hot day    Elbert took the car to Lorain    they couldn’t fix it untill Thurs. so he came back at noon,    I had half the washing done, & my bread was just ready to be made into biscuits    he got a piece of meat to fry, but it was so tuff we could hardly eat it.  I had 2 big tins of biscuits & 1. loaf of bread.  I did Elbert’s washing & his blanket, he put his work pants to soak & he’s going to wash them early in the morning    then I hope to do the chair covers & the light wool blanket I use for a robe in the car & the one he uses on the car seat.  I want to wash my rugs (3.) of them  While it’s hot enough to dry them fast.  Well dishes are done & I have a fresh start, for in the morning.  Praise God.

Tue. Aug. 12. 1947./ 7. eggs today./  Elbert got up early & washed out 3. prs. work pants.  I felt bad i haven’t done only what I had to do.  Miss. Clark sent a card in this mornings mail for 2. doz. eggs.  Elbert promised them to Mrs. Cranage, Miss. Clark don’t take them regular.  it’s been terrible hot & Elbert got over heat & been sick to his stomach all day,   he went to Berlin Hights & got the bal-ance of our 10.00 order & we will have to have another order for next to weeks, if they don’t send the check, & we need some money to keep going.  I pray that they Will give me Frank’s pension.  I am trusting God will help me to have it from the 1933.  God has been truly good to me in many, many ways. 

Wed. Aug. 13. 1947./ 7. eggs today./  Well, Radio said, it was 94 in the shade today, I believe it, I washed everything in the way of clothes that was dirty & the chair backs & seat covers & the wool blanket we use for a robe in the car & 1. pr.  Elbert’s pants, he left, yesterday.    now, the ironing job is next.  I mended his sleeper jacket & the pr. of pants he had on, he took off & I put a patch on the other leg, guess I should have put it on when I put the patch on the other leg.  Well, I darned one pr. of sock & part of another pr & got 3 prs. to do.   Wind was S. & little W. went N.W. & N. E. K& S. & tonight it’s S.W..   No Mail today.  I Praise God in Jesus Name for our many blessing

Thurs. Aug. 14. 1947./ page 2031./ 8. eggs today./   Well, it’s been a nice day & God blessed us with several hours of rain, it thundered & lightened terrible lightening sounded like some one braking up sticks    then it would crack so loud seemed aas if it would split my ear drums & rain came down in thick white sheets    Elbert killed & dressed & washed 2 chickens & I fried them & put them in the roaster for 30 minutes while the potatoes & cabbage cooked & I took a bath while they were cooking & got dressed for Church    we ate & did the few odds & ends & Elbert backed the car up to the door for me, it was pouring rain & it continued   I got into church took my coat off & shook it & threw it over a seat to dry    Miss Clark was there & she got her legs soaked, we took her home after prayer meeeting     I received a card from Mrs. Sharpe   there was a Christian woman there I didn’t know & the Day Family  Dick Hambly & his grandma   the young Mr. & Mrs. Smith & Mrs. West   Miss. Brown, Garry & two or 3 other children  Rev. Mr. & Mrs Gurney & there baby daughter. Loleta, & meself.  We had such a good prayer meeting.  I thank God in Jesus Name.

Fri. Aug. 15. 1947./ 8 eggs today./   Well, Elbert went to Lorain to garage & got the car fixed, the new piece cost 21 cents & it took 2. hrs. to put it in,    they said his car is worth twelve hundred dollars.  We ate dinner & locked up every thing & went over to Nellies, she isn’t very well & Bonita & Nellie seem to quarel over such little things.  Nellie cried while she talked to me, she’s hardly able to get up and around on her feet.  I know it takes patience to take care of 3. children & what she does for her mother & her mother helps out wiht hte food & other bills & gives her & the chilcren a home with her (Nellie.)   Well, it’s a hard fix there in    I wish some good christians would take turns in spending a day (each day of the week ) with them & see if they could turn those souls to Christ.  Well, Nellie wanted us to stay to supper so bad & we stayed & she cried when we left.  I helped Bonita do up yesterdays & todays dishes & then I talked for half an hour & then we got started for home, we ahve to pass Wyn’s & Virginia’s [Wyn Grant [female] , child of Edith Wheeler and husband Aubrey, Elinor’s cousin] home, so we stopped & Wyn & all were there   she said, Edd [Edd ___, husband of Georgia who is sibling of Wyn Grant, Elinor’s cousin] had taken Georgia & Dorthy [possibly daughter of Edd & Georgia]   for a nice trip & that Dorthy had been to California, then, she said  Audrey [Audrey Grant, child of Edith and Wyn Grant, Elinor’s cousin] had been real bad off with dropsy & heart trouble & has been in the

Fri. Aug. 15. 1947./ page. 2032. / 8. eggs this day/  clinic the passed 2. weeks.  Erwin & Virginia  [possibly Virginia is another child of Edith Wheeler & Aubrey Grant] had been off to a funeral & had been invited to a party at Vermilion on the Lake & had eat supper & were flying off in there car to the party, there baby is 3. yrs. old now, a very pretty child rather, chubby brown hair curled all over her head & big brown eyes.  Wyn says she is alone a lot with the baby & often feels she’d like to get away for a while.  we got home just at dark or after dark, rather, we had to use the lights all the way home.  We had a lunch & I boiled the meat a little more, I didn’t cook it much before we went.  It was cloudy all morning & rained hard part of the time & most of the after noon  & part the way home.  It was raining when we went & when we came back.  I thank God for taking & bringing us safely. & keeping us.  I felt to bum to iron, as I should have done this a.m. 

Sat. Aug. 16. 1947./ 9. eggs today/  Georgie’s birthday  she’s 62. yrs. old today.  It’s been a rainy day cleared off a little this after noon, I swept & did the dishes & pressed 4 prs. work pants & done the ironing.  Frank Bonney was here & Armond   they didn’t get any wood chucks today.  Elbert went to Vermilion & got a nice lot of lettuce trimmings for all the chicks & hens.  & they are all most out of feed once more.  & they haven’t restored my check yet.  

Sun. Aug. 17. 1947./ 6 eggs today./  We went to Sun school & church this a.m. & Church tonight.  Tom his wife and son are leaving Tue. Aug. 19. for California    they are going there to study to be preachers.  & expect to be there 2 or 3. yrs.  Mrs. Eppler is the preacher  they have rented there house in Vermilion, She preached the sermon to-night.  Praise God I’m glad some love Him & want to work for Him, I always wanted to but was a poor girl in this world & no one to help me, but God seemed to have lots for me to do anyway.  I love Him more than all else in the world any way.  We brought the Smith children to the end of there road.  Rev. & Mrs Gurney & Miss Brown went to Amherst to Preach tonight on, (the missing Christians.) fogy tonight & hot. 

Mon. Aug. 18. 1947./ [no egg count]/It’s been terrible hot (115) this after noon & I haven’t done much.  I made 2. Black

Mon. Aug. 18. 1947./ page 2033./ 8. eggs today/  berry pies & a cake & the gas is gone already.  I don’t see how it is    I cook the same & haven'[t done any extra, but  every once in a while it’s 2 weeks short.  & now we haven’t any money to pay for the one that’s gone or a new tank & the new one is going to cost more, so the Co. wrote & told us.   Elbert & I hoed the peas beans & corn tonight, just before dark.  I thank God for the strength he gave me & Praise His Name.  We got to ask for another order from County tomorrow.

Tue. Aug. 19. 1947./ 10. eggs today./   No mail.  I mended Elbert’s work pants   It’s been a terrible hot day & we have not done any more than we had to do .  I Praise God. 

Wed. Aug. 20. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  Well, Elbert got up early & went to find Hahn, but didn’t, he hasn’t done much, to hot,   I got up at 8.a. m. set bread & done out the washing, big job on a hot day, but, I did get a breeze throught the N. window.  Elbert & I put a new piece of screen on that, last evening,  it had all most fell to pieces.  |Elbert went back to Hahn’s & learned he had to go to Berlin Hights now to see Steveson to get an order for food.  I’m hoping everything will come out O.K.    he’s going in the morning to see him.  I got all the wash done except Elbert’s sleepers.  I was all done but Elbert’s work shirts when Shirley Glover came in with her Aunt Grace. Nickols & they stayed & visited about 2. hrs.  Shirley is well, little thiner than when she was here in 1939 with her mother.  Aunt Grace is in bad condition she has lost control of the muscels in her hips back & throat & Byron & Bert 75 yrs. old (her brothers) are quite feeble, Byron is 87. yrs. old & Grace is 72. yrs. old  getting old & in poor health when they left, I finished the wet clothes & Elbert got supper, beans & corn & hot drink.  I washed dishes & now Praise God I am going to bed.   He surely gives me lots of strength, for the little food I eat.  It thundered, but no rain this after noon & tonight j wind was N.E. went S. then S.W. & back N.E. tonight. 

Thurs. Aug. 21. 1947./ 8. eggs today/  so hot we haven’t done much today   Elbert went to see Steveson & he said (He) only gave 13.50 for releif & he couldn’t have the rest untill

Thurs. Aug. 21. 1947./page 2034/  8 eggs this day/.  next week   I’m so glad God is the Judge in the Judgement Day,   I still believe I’d be to hard.  God revealed to me, the day Mr. & Mrs. Adam’s were here, that I had said something, I would here about later on, I was so greived I began to pray & ask God what it could have been & a few days later when the car wouldn’t run & I didn’t get to Church or prayer meeting, I prayed & prayed & ask God what it was all about    i thought of all I’d said & when I thought of what I’d said about wishing some christians would come in to visit often so Elbert would get better acquainted with real christians, then I remembered what I had said, when they ask why the ministers didn’t come more often, I had said they were so busy with the 25 or 30 children, they had been giving a religious play & I thought they were to tired, for I started to ask Mrs. Gurney & before I could tell her, she had said she didn’t have time to come clear out here, I said I had wanted them to come so much at that time & Mrs. Adam’s said, then, that, that seemed queer, but, I said Oh they work hard & I love them, they are both good Holy Ghost people & try hard to build up the church & she said no more about it & I thought no more about it, but, as I said, later on God revealed it all to me.  He said, you remember the moldy biscuits and the sermon about it later at church, don’t you?  I said I told them how sorry I was & that Elbert hadn’t thought, when he put them in the crock    I hadn’t been able to take care of the crock as usual    Elbert liked them & was so glad they had come in & he made them tea & gave them biscuits & she had seen the mold, it was on the bread crumbs in the crock & had stuck to the biscuits after he had put them in.  then God said you remember how you got both sides & the middle of your face slapped, after that for asking them to come out, don’t you?   I said yes, but, was it wrong to ask when brother was willing to try for anything just at that time, & I craved so much to see his soul saved, was I wrong?   I waited & He said No, but now you will be getting (3.) sermons Sunday school  Morning service & evening service & I said Lord what am I to do?  I am like Peter, I ‘d like to strike but he said. (be still)

Thurs. Aug. 21. 1947./ Page 2035. /8. Eggs this day. (that’s all He said) be still. So I will. I’ll admit I have been righteously angry, but, Praise the Lord He knows best. I have never been any badly treated in the churches as these last few years. But Jesus was treated even worse, So why should I complain I thought
Fri. Aug. 22. 1947. wouldn’t write all this, but, here it is & God knows it’s the truth. 8. Eggs today. Well, the light bill came, but, how I had a mint marked half dollar & so as it was cooler today. We went to see how Nellie was she had been in bed a few days but got. Up & dressed & went to Lorain with us they went to see if the Red Cross could help Bonita to a little more to take care of the children, they are having a terrible time about the place. We sold Mrs. Cranage the eggs, she gave us 77 cents per. doz. (4. Doz. $3.08) We had a little visit & then went back & picked up Bonita & Nellie, “we had the 3 children in the car,” & took them back home John & Marci were home & glad to see us, they will be home for 2. Months Johny said. Nellie was so tired, she is in the same fix John [John McKinley Harnish, Elinor’s brother in law] was in, dropsy & heart trouble I am so sorry. We visited a bit & came back home we got a qt of tomatoes 10cents, 2. Cabbages 35 cents, some peppers 15 cents & 2 cucum-bers 15. Cents & 4 slices cold lunch meat 33 cents, I boiled potatoes & we had supper, he (Elbert) fed chicks & hens & I looked after the birds it was hot here, in the house, but cooled off when I got windows and doors opened, We got a lb. home made butter & it’s swell 70 cents 20 cents 2. Ice cream cones, I thank God for taking care of us all the way, Nellie gave Elbert a dollar for gas so we had a little ($1.60) left for food than we would have had. (31 cents goes for church) Aug. 22. I mailed another letter to the Governor today.
Sat. Aug. 23. 1947./ 5 eggs today/Haven’t done much today to tired, I baked 2. Tins bread biscuits & Irned my dress & skirt & Elbert’s shirt & cooked & done dishes & looked after beds & rooms Elbert went to Vermilion to see if he could get greens for Chicks, they didn’t have any, he got a little piece of boiling meat & I made soup. Frank Bonney & Armond were here to hunt & I think they got elderberries. He gave me a few little yellow bags, I had ask if Ruby had some house dresses she would want to let Bonita have & that’s what he brought.

Sun. Aug. 24. 1947./ Page. 2036/ 5. Eggs today / No church for us all day I would liked so much to go but Elbert doesn’t have only enough gas to go to Lorain & he’ll have to sell a doz eggs to get gas to get home on. It’s been a terrible hot day yet a good breeze from N.E. Wind went to S. tonight. We need a shower so much.

Mon. Aug. 25. 1947./ 5 eggs today/ Partly cloudy little breeze & hot we haven’t been able to do much today, Elbert wanted to go to to Lorain this a-m. so he cleaned to chickens to take to Mrs. Cranage & sold her 1. Doz. Eggs. 77. Cents she gave us a $5.00 bill & was determined we would keep it, so we went up to Cooks office & learned he & the other lawyers had gone to Elyria to the Court House a tiny thing they do each morning & they are only in there office after dinner, so we got the $5.00 bill changed took out the money for the eggs & folded it in a light piece of paper & Elbert laid it on the step & we left her talking she said she’d send it to us express & let us pay the charges, we came right back home & got here at 10-a-m. it was getting so hot in town but seemed cooler here. At home. It was really cool in the house. But got terrible hot this after noon. Radio said it was the hottest day in Aug for over 20. Or 25. Yrs. We didn’t work today, Radio said showers tonight & tomorrow morning it’s cooler this evening & thundering & lightening since supper time. Getting a little stronger tonight. I thank God for our many blessing & Praise his Holy Name. 

Tue. Aug. 26. 1947./ 6. eggs today./  Haven’t done anything to day out side the daily grind    We are so hungry we are dizzy.  Well, it rained last night & the wind blew     it thundered & lightened & this morning it rained a little & has been cloudy most of the day & it has been real cool.   N.E. breeze.

Wed. Aug. 27. 1947./ 9 eggs today/   Elbert’s hip went on the bum again yester-da & he’s feeling bad today.   can hardly move,     I’m so sorry    I know how bad it hurts, for my hip was that way before God healed mine    I suffered the same thing, but he’s determined, he wont ask God’s help & I can’t help him, but 

Wed. Aug. 27. 1947./ page. 2037./ 9. eggs this day./   I know God is able, I thank God for my many healings & blessing that He love me & reveals to me the things I should know.  I fell tonight, thought I was on the bottom step, sort of wrenched me all over, we haven ‘t been having enough to eat and it don’t only make me weak but effects my eyes,    this morning I got dizzy while taking care of the chickens & as I came out the coop I realed & stuck one foot into a pail of water I had left outside the door,    it takes 3. pails of fresh water & I had got safly in with 2.    I’m not able to take care of the chickens    We have 2 parks & have to go in & drive them in at night so as not be out there after dark, for I’m not fit to be carrying water& feed & driving chickens in & looking after trap doors & all the many things it takes to keep hens & chicks.  Winds N.E., died out tonight, it’s cool out tonight,    we ate one ripe tomatoe from our garden. 

Thurs. Aug. 28. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  Well it been partly cloudy N.E. breeze.  I had to carry the water 3. pails to the chickens & 2 pails of mash & 4 pails of cystern water to wash with.   I did out my wash  the towels & dish towels.   & carried 3. more pails of well water to hens & chicks & 2 pails for us & 2 more of cystern water for house use.  I cought a chicken dressed & cooked it for dinner & I did out most the wash before I ate a bite   I hope Elbert’s back gets O.K. soon,  I pray God will fix it for my sake, it’s to hard on me to take care of chickens & my work & washing & carrying all that water & mash.  This a.m. I got the order blank from Mr. Steveson for $3.50  worth of food and a card from Sandusky stating I was to have 20.00 in Sept. Nov. & Dec.  They are surely cruel & hard & I don’t widh them any harm, but it would be nice if they had to get along on as little as we have had to & have no other help, for at least the same length of time, but it’s nice to Know God is the judge at the judge-ment day,  I Praise God & thank Him for all things.  How do they think we can make up for the past 3. months on $20.00 per. mo.  I can only pray & trust that God will in some way” help us.   it’s terrible to be starved to death.   But it looks as if big dog would eat little dog before very long.  I can’t go to church & I love to go & get God’s blessing.  

Fri. Aug. 29. 1947./page 2038./ 7. eggs. today/  I have been so tired I didn’t do only what I just had to do & that seemed to much, for I stumbled in with the water & spilt some & soaked my feet.    It sure rained & looked as if it was pouring down & we had heavy showers all night with heavy thunder & lightening that cracked.  

Sat. Aug. 30. 1947./ 7. eggs today. /   I had Bill Snyder call Nellie for Johny to come take Elbert to the Dr., Nellie had gone up town to get her glasses fixed, but let them go to come with Johny, we went to Lorain to Sifflin, he was angry because they had, had a light cloud burst & his drive way was flooded & he couldn’t get to his car, he had to run to catch the bus & when he got to his office  his rooms were drenched, where the water had come in alaround the windows & on the floor & he had to soak that up.  he was rather rough with Elbert & talked mean & saucy,   Well Elbert thought he felt better & the Dr. said he was sure he had got the bones back in place but Elbert was so sore & lame, he’d been that way since Tue. and was determined I shouldn’t call the Dr.    I was so tired out I call to have Johny come    Well we done have much to eat & that’s so bad When anyone is sick & I’m so weak I sweat like rain    Johny took me to Berlin Hights to get that 3.50 order 1. sack of flour  2 lbs. crisco  1. can milk  1. can beans  that is a 2 weeks suply of food. & Mr. Shoop said he couldn’t give it to me unless I signed another order for 10.00 that I couldn’t have?  Well, do you call that crooked?  I pray God’s help us, we are among cut throats & theives & if ever we need help it’s now.  Mr. Hauffman the guy that brought the bird here came to the car & he said, he had heard that they were going to make us sell our homes & live up the money before they gave us more to live on,  God help them at the judgement day.   Hauffman said maybe they would take the bird back at the store where he got it & I told him O.K.  they hate me because I’m not a sport.  I hate the evil minded & devils works,  I trust God will take me before things get, so bad, we have to be miss

Sat. Aug. 30. 1947/ 2039/ 7. eggs this day./  used like they were in China.  Well, we got back home & Nellie had bought some hamberg in Vermilion & she had made meat balls so we had sandwitches & hot coffee, then I gave them the rug the Adam’s had given me, they said they could use it.  Elbert was so tired I gave him an anacin rubed his back & hips & got him to bed, & I sat in the big Chair for a couple of hrs. , for, it thundered, lightened blew & rained in torents, after it eased up, I went to bed.  Nellie told me, Marlin had been to Cleveland to the clinic for a check up, they said he has an enlarged heart & has had to bed heart attacks of late, his mother & step dad & 2 sisters are with martha & Merlin & their 3. children   things are coming thick & fast.   I pray God will help us, & care for us.    It was 1.a.m. when I went to bed so terribly tired  Nellie said Ella Jane called her last Sun.  she is so home sick. 

Sun. Aug. 31. 1947. / 6. eggs today./   Well, I wasn’t in bed long before Elbert called me, he thought his bowels were going to move, he thought he couldn’t get off the bed onto the can, he want me to lift him.   Well, I can’t, I’m not a jack ack any more, so he got on & off the can & was in such pain he cried & he wouldn’t try to tell me so I could help him, he sort of felt iritable, I rubbed his bowels & it seemed to be gas,  I gave him 2 anacins 1. hr. apart, he droped off to sleep & so I went back to bed, it was 5-30-a-m. & I hadn’t had any sleep yet, but I dozed off & he got up & took another anacin at 6-30 & said he tried to wake me, but I was sleeping, so he had to do it himself.  I got up at 10-30 & he was having a terrible time, he thought he couldn’t get up, well, I got him washed & gave him his break-fast & I went out & carried water & mash & took care of chicks & hens & then, looked after him & then set down to tired to eat or drink, at last he took on so, I treied to call to Snyders & have them call the Dr.  I couldn’t get any ans. but at last Young Bill went in over there & I stopped him as he

Sun. Aug. 31. 1947./page 2040./ 6. eggs this day./   was going pasted, he said the Dr. at Huron was on a ve-cation, but, he would go back & try to call, he might be back home again, he came to the door & said, he called but he couldn’t gt any ans.  I got dinner & while I was out side looking after things, Elbert came out & sit in the big chair, I had helped him get dressed be-fore he ate his breakfast   he seemed to be feeling much better & has felt better so that he went to the out side toilet 3. times before bed time.  Praise God I’m so glad, for I’m sure not able to take care of him.  seems as long as I can get up & go every one things I’m O.K.     I’m glad I can do what ever is necessary, but, I’m feeling tired out.  today is God’s day of rest & I Praise Him & thank Him for all things & all pray all works out for His good & Glory.  Well, it’s a fine day & beautiful moonlight night    N. E. wind.  

Mon. Sept. 1. 1947./ 7. eggs today./   Elbert has been up & walk to the toilet & back 3 or 4 times   he’s back isn’t quite so painful today, but, far from being right.   I have only done what I had to & that seemed to much.  beeen a fine day, tonight it’s raining & lots of thunder & lightening.  No mail today as it is called labor day, but, most every one takes a vacation, or rest, on this day.  I do thank God with all my heart,    He is, & always will be. 

Tue. Sept. 2. 1947./ 7. eggs today./  Well anothr beautiful Sept. day, I have done the rounds & baked 3 tins of bread biscuits.  I thank God in Jesus Name for the strength he gives me.  I received a letter from the welfare in Columbus today saying they had not received all the data as yet on my case but, they would.  I wonder if they are going to, I just wonder. 

Wed. Sept. 3. 1947./ 10 eggs today. /  I didn’t get up very early, but , I did all the washing & carried part the water.  Elbert took care of the hens & chicks today, he don’t feel very good yet and he don’t look well either.  I got a check today for 20.00 from Soldiers & Sailors relief, the post-man took it up to Mitiwanga & today he left it in my box   the one I got yesterday from Columbus   he was going to put in the box on the way back after he’d been south on our road   he didn’t stop to pick up the card we had put in the box for nellie so Elbert went out & gave it to him & he gave him the one from Welfare Columbus Ohio.  I pray God will keep me.

Wed. Sept. 3. 1947./ page. 2041./ 10. eggs. today./   It’s been a beautiful day  We had light showers late this after noon but I got the clothes all dry & tonight I did the ironing & I’m sure enough tired. Praise God. 

Thurs. Sept. 4. 1947./ 7 eggs today/   I haven’t done much today   to tired   Well, I mended 3 shirts for Elbert    they were in very bad condition  need to be mended with new ones.  Elbert has tried to do a few odds & ends, he don’t feel well, his liver has been on the bum, he’s nervous, because, he can’t work & because of the condition we are in.  The coal 3 1/2 tons came today, dirty looking stuff.   I received a card from Rev. Mrs. Gurney & on it a little house, with flowers at the entren to of the path & along the path & around the house and beside it the ten commandmnts.  She wrote on other side said they had missed me & prayed a lot for me.  “Praise the Lord.”  she said they had a good camp meetings & some were saved & some received the Holy Ghost.  I thank God He hears & ans. our prayers.  

Fri. Sept. 5. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  I really got the 3 rugs washed today but they didn’t get dry.  I carried most the water also, I’m sure tired & hungry.  I gave Elbert 20 cents & he went & got a can of milk up here to the park, cost 15 cents  He’s still feeling bum, says his liver & head is bad.   he trimed the tomaote vines a few days ago, today he picked enough beans for supper & some for tomorrow & 6. tomatoes.  he cleaned the beans & cut them    I cooked them   we had a few for supper with ptotatoes & chicken gravey & broccoli & bread & tea.  received card yesterday from Sister Gurney & so I have ans. it & hope Elbert will mail it tomorrow.  If he goes to Lorain I have to buy gas & thats another dollar gone, he ought to get 4.00 for 5. doz. eggs. & I wish I could have it all to help pay up the feed bill 15.65, but if I can pay 8.00 that will leave 7.65   I will have to cash my check 20.00 & pay 5.00. 

Fri. Sept. 5. 1947./ page 2042./ 8. eggs this day./ this one/  to Nagle’s for food we have had.  We owe them 8.92 & there wont be much left to live on after we take out 2.00 for church & pay for gritt & salt & we got to get straw for the coop soon, the floor is terrible dirty.  I just can’t see how we are going to exist, it’s terrible.  I swept & cooked & done the dishes & took care of bedrooms & looked after the birds & hens & chickens, it rained in showers all last night & early morning, was partly cloudy today with hot sun at intervals with a south breeze.  I thank God for all He gives me & Praise His Holy Name, Amen. 

Sat. Sept. 6. 1947./ 7. eggs today/  We went to Lorain  Sold 5. doz. eggs to mrs. Cranaage 77. cents per. doz.  bought some meat at Fishers & came back to Vermilion.  ” I mailed a card to the Minister’s wife on way down.”   In Vermilion we bought a little food.  Elbert cashed my check & got the 20 dollars.  Mrs. Cranage gave me 4.00 for the chickens we took to her, she said she was mad because we hadn’t kept the money before, but I told her I’d give the money back by & by & she didn’t say no;  she gave us 4.00 for the eggs & let us keep 15 cents that was her due.  So she gave us 8.00 & a box of 12 doughnuts & a box of Mary Ann cookies & said her man was working, so I should forget it but I couldn’t feel just right to keep to keep it all.  I get it back to her some how.  that made $28.00    I had less the price of the meat in Lorain    the meat cost 1.80 the few necessitys to eat boiling meat saucage & lunch meat and the gas for the car & $8.00 I paid at the mill (on the grain we owed for & we still owe 7.65.) & 5.00 I paid Nagle’s for food (we had run a bill 8.92  bal. 3.92) & I saved $2.25 for my tenth at church, so I spent 23.00 dollars & have 5.00 left to by eats for 4 weeks, and pay light bill & gas for the stove.  “there will only be 1.00 when I pay left to eat on” so I just don’t know how we will manage to live, but God has promised to take care of me & I am trusting & believing He will.   We feel rather all in from lack of food & my eyes have been so blinded of late, but still I know God is able.  & I believe He will see me safely through.  I love Him more than all else in this world, all the Praise & Glory, surely belongs to Him for ever & ever. When we got home, Frank & Armond were here, getting there hunting tags on,   they picked a good half bu. elderberries & were here untill dark.  I opened up the house & made us a lunch, we ate some of the doughnuts & some lunch meat in Vermilion before we did our earns, & a little more when 

Sat. Sept. 6. 1947./page. 2043./ 7. eggs this day. /  we got home & we had bread & broth for supper.  I fed the hens & chicks & locked them in, & I’m sure tired tonight   I put a clean table cloth on & got the dished done for a fresh start.   winds been South some where been a fine day partly cloudy. 

Sun. Sept. 7. 1947. /7. eggs today/  Well, we were getting ready to go to church.  When Nellie, Johny & Marcie, Bonita & the 3. children came in with a picnic lunch.  Marcie had to work today & was tired , they are short of help. in the hospital   They had a nice time & left at 7-15-p-m. but, Elbert didn’t feel like going to Church for we would have to work so fast to get away & there on time & not feeling to strong.   we didn’t go & I had planned on going so much.   It’s been partly cloudy & fogy all day & worse tonight. 

Mon. Sept. 8. 1947./7. eggs today./   Well, I baked 4. tins of biscuits & 2 black-berry pies,   Elbert went out in back & picked 2. big qts. of blackberrys.  So I amtired.   I raked up two big piles of grass he cut this morning,   Elbert put most of it in the park.   N.E. wind all day & fogy long before dark, breeze all dried out about 5-30-p-m.   I Praise God for our many blessings & the strength He gives us, & food & all. 

Tue. Sept.9. 1947./ 9. eggs today./  I did the washing & got it all done for once, and it has been a hot day little N.E. breeze all morning, then it went S.E. & is still there at 9-30-p-m.   I started the chicken frying, Elbert had the potatoes & beets on cooking,  I put the chicken in the roaster & let it cook in an inch of hot water, after it’s fried so while it was getting the finishing, I took a bath, then made the gravy & we had supper then I did the dishes & now I’ll read & talk to Jesus & go to bed,  Elbert went sometime ago   I thank God & Praise Him for all things, Amen.

Wed. Sept.10. 1947./7. eggs today./   I cleaned the wall & floor in the corner by the cupboard & Elbert fixed the wash bench over a little,    he put 2 boards on the back, that sort of stiffened it up,   he put another short piece between the legs on the end toward the door,   then he padded it on the top with heavy paper & helped me, cut & tack on the new oil cloth,   it was so dirty & I couldn’t clean it, to make it look clean anymore,    Well it’s use to be a hard job for me, but, it’s hard now, even with Elbert’s help but now it’s done again for a while & it looks so much better.  I scrubbed my bedroom floor & that’s a good job done,    it’s so hot & I’m to weak to do such work any more.  S. East breeze all day & it’s lightening off to the South tonight.  

Thurs. Sept.11. 1947. /page. 2044./ 5. eggs today/   Well it been a hot day, with a south west breeze & there has been tornades in some places & Our president  his wife & daughter running about the World in air plaines & boat & the other side is in such a termoil,   many nations asking this country for help & we “just Elbert & I” are in such a hard spot, for food & clothes,   I pray God will help me out of the tight corner we are in some how, if He will.    but give me wisdom & knowledge & help me to use it right, for Him first & then our necessities,  I’ll praise Him for ever & ever, Amen.  We went to Church to prayer meeting & had a good service & prayer meeting,    I’m so happy to get back to church again    seems like ages since I were there.   Elbert picked 1/2 of string beans today   Mrs. Sprunk wanted some but some how we didn’t get to see her tonight.   We brought the Smith children to the end of there road tonight.  I miss Tom & his wife & son,   Church is empty with out them.  We need more to fill up the Church,  I pray God will help us to help those who don’t understand & I pray they will read & search the bible & try to learn more about Jesus & His word.   I swept & wiped up the floors today & I do Praise God for the wonderful strength & all He gives us.

Fri. Sept. 12. 1947./ 6 eggs today./  I didn’t do much today    I’m so tired    Elbert picked beans & corn & I picked broccoli & the leaves    We took broccoli & corn to the preachers & a few beans & We took 2. doz. eggs 1/2 bu. beans & a big mess of broccoli to Nellie, Bonita & the children & a tin of biscuits    she paid 1.54 for the eggs & 1.65 for the beans & gave Elbert 50 cents for gas, he took them to Elyria & they did some shopping 3 big bags of food & we didn’t get only 45 cents worth of lunch meat & I wanted some milk & greese for sweet corn, it was 9-45-p-m when we got home, tired, & I had a head ach & Elbert’s stomach was burning like fire,    I got a note from Laura Ann Bonney today.  Elbert got a card & note from Ella Jane.   We ate a piece of yeast cake & that helped us both & I ate a little of the lunch meat & drank hot water    it sprinkled rain twice while we were gone    wind is S. west, been mostly cloudy, but hot.   I thank kGod for all He has given us & for taking & bringing us safely.   Mrs. West took a pk of beans for her mother for 80 cents but she still owes for them.   Things are sure getting bad every where such high prices on every thing.

Sat. Sept. 13, 1947./page. 2045./ 9. eggs today./   I sent a card to Releif & thanked them for the 20.00 a mo for 3. mo.  [they didn’t give her any May, June or July]   I have only done the daily round.    We were so hungry we killed & fried another chicken.  Frank & Armond were here today,    they came early & left at dark   they gathered Elderberrys & went hunting,    they brought us a few Onions the big flat white ones. 8 or 10 of them & some number of tomatoes, ours are ripening now.  We wont have but a few,    first corn is done Elbert says.   been partly cloudy most of the day. but a nice day.   Elbert’s dug the potatoes    We didn’t have many & he planted part of them in the light of the moon & they are small.  I felt to bum to work today    I ought to have baked & ironed, but I didn’t  so, we’ll have to make out.

Sun. Sept. 14. 1947./ 8. eggs today./  WEll, It’s been a fine day, partly cloudy.  We went to Church this evening    had a very good meeting,    had 5 or 6 young people in to church strangers to me.   Mrs. West and Mrs Lindy West were there & Mrs. Sprunk (Mrs.) Dorthy took the beans & thought she would like some more this week.  Mrs. West is breaking up house Keeping,   said she was going west for a while,   I guess Lindy & Dorthy maybe going into the house, but I don’t know for sure.   Sometimes they talk to me & some-times they ignore me, as if they didn’t know me at all,   they are, a queer lot.   Well, I thank God for the many blessing He gives  not only to us but all those that belong to Him.  Elbert kill another chicken for today & I made Baking Powder biscuits. 

Mon. Sept. 15. 1947./ 7 eggs today/   We went to Lorain    Elbert talked to Mr. Deitz & he said he could come & try to work tomorrow    We got a piece of boiling meat size of your fist 34 cents & he wanted 38 cents    we got a 1/2 doz rolls & 4 slices lunch meat 2 lemons 2 yeast cakes.   it rained hard most of the time we were in Lorain.   We called on Madeline Hunter Todd,   Bill was home & we visited quite a lot,   there 2 girls are married    one lives close by, the other one quite aways a way, so they are alone    the one daughter thats far away was home a month ago with her baby boy   she’s been married most 3. yrs.Madeline said.   Dave’s girl has hay fever. terribly bad & they are going to Carrollina & Addam has 2 girls & they

Mon. Sept. 15. 1947./page 2046/ 7 eggs this day/   are married & have children & they think John got burned up in the forest fire in Canada, where he worked as a ranger.   he had married & lost his wife that had been a great blessing to him for 10 or more yrs. & after his mother died he took that ranger job.   Alec works on the lakes sailing on the steam boats   May is in Cleveland   she married a Dr. & has 5 children & Nellie is married & has 3 children  a boy, a young man & a daughter married & a young daughter 6. yrs. old.    I called on her   she lives on W. 18th St. in Lorain, her Name is Beck.   Elbert had to go to 20th to see the house they are working on, so I got to call on Nellie    she a fine woman, to.   Then we went to Mrs Cranages & I talked a few minutes & I sold her 2 doz egg 77 cents per doz.  They told me the little old woman I had met there there last time was dead & left 78 thousand dollars to her nephews (2) & she claimed she was so poor    We came back to Vermilion on the Lake & called on Mrs. Hambly & Ellen was there. & the children came from school before we left,   she made coffee & sandwitches & we had quite a visit,    she’s been to the hospital & is so thin & poor & Mr has just got started back to work last Sat. & he isn’t abit well.   she told us all the bad things thats doing among the church people    it’s really to bad & I pray God will in His own way take a hand in those familys & take out the Kinks, bad Kinks.   The Ministers sure have there hands full trying to help them keep right.  I thank Jesus for helping us & keeping us to day & night. 

Tue. Sept. 16. 1947./page. 2047./ 5. eggs today./   Elbert went to Lorain but he didn’t work, said the men had a little job they were doing today & had no place for him,   so he went to see the Winters to sell his lots to them, if he could,    they said they would let him Know soon, & he spoke to another party about the lots all so & I hope he can sell them soon so he can pay the bank for his car engine.   he got home at noon,    I took care of the hens & chicks & did the washing & carried some water & I’ve felt rather bum all day, just didn’t feel able to wash but, I got it done with the Lord’s help   sun was hot & clothes dried good   N.E. wind not strong but coolI thank God  in Jesus Name for our many blessing & for taking & bringing Elbert safe,   he isn’t fit to work.   We’re starved.

Wed. Sept. 17. 1947./ 6. eggs today./   It’s been a beautiful day   not much breeze hot sun, partly cloudy cool breeze from the South after, noon.   Elbert picked beans & I baked a doz buns & 3. tins of biscuits.  I swept & did my daily round. got supper, fried chicken & now the dishes are done & I’m not sure but seem as if one red pullet is missing.   there were 3. red ones   Frank & Armond acted so queer Sat. & that morning Elbert left the coop open & then went out in the back to dig potatoes.  I heard the chickens making a fuss & heard some one running.  When I didn’t see anyone out the south or west window I yelled to Elbert, then Frank & Armond came around the corner, they looked guilty about something,   I told Elbert the chickens were making a fuss & then I heard foot steps running & Frank said it was him runing,   he said he left 8. or 10. onions by the back door & went back to his car in front by the drive way,     the red chickens were out for an hour or two that day but we put them in early,     the roosters were all there so I didn’t look to see if the 3 pullets were or not.  I hate to loose one   it costs so much to raise them.   I thank God   He is & ever will be & for saving my soul & all the many blessing & care He gives to us. 

Thurs. Sept. 18. 1947./ 6. eggs today./  Haven’t done much today.   cook elderberys & got them ready for a pie & we went to the beach & got sand for the roost & floor of hen house    I picked up a few stones & schells for Bonita’s children.  I haven’t felt so good for a few days.  Sun. was so hot & I sweat like rain.   We went to prayer meeting.   Dorthy West lead the meeting,   Mrs. West Sr. was there & Mrs. Sprunk, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Miss, Clark & another woman, can’t remember her name, Garry Black, Harry Day, 4 Smith children from out our way & a few other children

Thurs. Sept. 18. 1947./ page. 2048./ 6 eggs this day./  We brought the Smith children out to the end of there road.   & we didn’t sell a bean but I gave the preachers some & Miss Clark,    Preachers went to Ackron tonight.   Rev. Beueser is sick in bed they told us & this is the second time, just of late.  Mr Horning fell off a ladder & fractured his leg & tore a long gash in one leg.   Mrs. Sprunk had a letter from Tom & his wife & they are doing fine & Mrs West Sr. had a telegram from Dicky wanting to come back home,    he went to Texas to study & she thinks he’s homesick   he’s only 17 yrs. old she said.   I pray Lord God of Hosts Thou will comfort him & help him to turn to Thee in Jesus Name, & be with each & every one of all we ask in  pray tonight, Oh Jesus, we trust & believe, but, Thy will be done.   It’s been a beautiful day & I thank God for our many blessings. 

Fri. Sept. 19. 1947./ 4. eggs/   Brother Fred’s birth day    he would be 61 yrs. old today,  Poor dear Fred   I miss him and all the others so much ma & pa & Uncle Will & Aunt Venie, Aunt Edie & a lot of folks we knew so well.   I pray God will help we who are left to reach home with Him saftly.  Oh, I praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee.  Well Elbert & I caned 7 1/2 qts. of yellow beans  4 of the qts. are whole beans   I wanted to pickle them but had no vinegar, & no money.  Elbert killed & dressed a rooster & put it on to cook & then he cleaned & put sand on the chicken roosts.   Mr. & Mrs. Hambly & Rose Marry came in right after we had dinner,    We had a nice visit & I gave them the English walnut tree, I grew from a nut, that was growing at the corner of the car shed, it was about 8 ft. tall, big around as a fifty cent piece,   then they got some yellow rose bushes & flowering almond, violet plants, corriopsis, some heavenly morn, glaradros honey suckle vine, 3. rose cutting some house plants, a 2. qt. jar of little tomatoe pickles, some tomatoes & a few pears & they seemed to be so happy,     they came in his father-in-laws car & could only stay 1 1/2 hrs. & the time goes fast when you are visiting,    Ellen is to have another baby in Mar.  she is there eldest daughter   she, is Mrs. Toms.   She “Mrs. Hambly” said Mrs. Gurney phoned & said there wouldn’t be any pray meeting last night.  I wonder now.  It’s been a beautiful day hot sun but cool breeze & the hurrycane has hit Florida & New Orleans & Louisiania & Arkanas is to get it in the Morning & they said Cincinattia was to get a little of it.   Elbert took care of the hens & chicks today.   I didn’t do the supper dishes, to tired.   I thank God for my blessings.

Sat. 20. 1947./ page 2049./ 7. eggs today/   Elbert & I canned 20 qts of green string beans & he took care of the hens & chicks   the hens ate 2 eggs today.   Frank & Armond came out to hunt    they got one wood chuck & gave it to Elbert,   he dressed it after we finished the beans, after 6-p-m. & I ironed 3. of his shirts & my dress & we are both very tired tonight.  I thank God for our many blessings & Praise his Name.  It’s been a beautiful day

Sun. 21. 1947./ 4. eggs today./  We had to stay home,   no money & no gas for car & just before 5-p-m  a storm came up from all 4. directions,    it seemed to come from the N. West mostly & whirled around & around & the wind scuds were going at a fierce rate    in an hour or so it began to rain in heavy sheets from the N. & a little east.   the wind took a heavy toll, or clouds of dirt from the land across the road,   they had just got it worked over once more    I think perhaps they were going to put in wheat, but, any way, they have lost a lot more top soil again.   I pray God will bless the meeting tonight & bring some Amen.  

Mon. Sept. 22. 1947./ 5. eggs today./   Well I did out the washing & got it dry.   strong N.E. wind & cool   blew a gale last night    tore the bitter sweet vine down   broke several park fence posts off   broke the post on south end of grapes & broke of the two posts Elbert had set & nailed a couple of boards on, to hold up the yellow rose bushes   & last & worse of all broke the corn stalks square off, wind & rain all night & radio said lots of trees & poles were down through Michigan  Toledo & on down through Ohio & in Penn.,   it looked bad again tonight before dark but don’t seem to be to bad at 9-p-m.   N. E. wind, quite strong & cool,    the cold rain turned the leaves on some things, but tomatoes & beans are O.K. yet.   they have had a killing frost in Wis. & Mich.    I took up, part of my plants & brought them in tonight.   We had a fire late yesterday & all day & tonight.   been a nice Fall day.   Elberts worked alday   he killed & dressed a rooster for dinner & I cooked it.   he took care of hens & chicks & got the roses reinstated & the bitter sweet back into place,   it’s full of berries & so heavy, it was a hard job.   he has a few more posts to set & the beans to pick once, more & tomatoes. 

Tue. Sept 23. 1947./ 5. eggs today./  Well I’ve done my daily dozen & odds & ends & Elbert set the posts & braced some untill he can get posts & he took care

Tue. Sept. 23. 1947./page. 2050. / 5. eggs this day. /   of the hens & chicks.  & he pick pears  about 2. bu. & he pick almost 1/2 bu beans.   Radio said Tampa Florida is getting a hurrycane tonight & in Japan or some such terribl thing & another headed for China & the Phillipine Islands had a bad one.   Well, we have had a beautiful Fall day   the S.W. wind feels rather cool & fresh & the fire feels good in the house, rather chilly tonight,    Elbert thinks we may get a frost, so we went out & he held the flash light & I took up the rest of my plants & put them in water, in the basement    & I didn’t get the tomatoes picked.    & I really hope we don’t get a frost for there’s a bu. or so of beans & the corn out there yet.  I thank God for his care & that he takes care of us from day to day.  Praise His Holy Name.

Wed. Sept. 24. 1947./ 4. eggs today./  I baked 2 tins bread biscuits & 1. loaf. & I picked broccoli for us & pail full of leaves for the hens & pullets.  I swept all three room & took care of beds & birds. & washed dishes & fixed two lunches.   I picked half the peas & Elbert got the rest,   I cooked them for supper or evening lunch with 4 or 5 small potatoes & we had some to-matoe all so.  Elbert cleaned a chicken & I cooked that, for he had been out looking for work k& was hungry & so tired.   he picked beans,   he didn’t have as many beans as he thought he would & we got to buy feed for the hens & chicks &pay the light bill.  & no money to do it with & only 3. doz. eggs to sell.  I pray God will help us some how.   Wind N.E. & stronger to night.   been a beautiful day.  I thank God for our blessings.  

Thurs. Sept. 25. 1947./ 6 eggs today./   Well, it just didn’t seem as if I could go to Lorain today, but we got the eggs in the car  some beans & pears     we sold the eggs for 80 cents per. doz. 3.20 for 4. doz., 50 cents for pk of pears, 1.57 for the beans. 5.27 cents, I owed mrs. Cranage 10 cents & bought 2 lbs. bird seed 50 cents  boiling meat was 50 cents, milk was 13 cents, light bill 1.20  mash 5.09, so we took in 5.27.  I had 3 dollars I had saved made us 8.27    we spent 7.57 & there was 50 cents for gas leaving us 20 cents    We got the mash & milk at A.&P. store & meat, at martins meat market.  We were so tired when we got home,   we had supper chicken balls & gravey & fried potatoes left from dinner  bread tomatoes & coffee & then I put a few pears in a bag for the preacher” some of the big ones from our tree”  some plants & some buckeyes for the little girls. & a few pears in a bag for Miss. Clark, & took them to prayer meeting & then took Miss. Clark home & took Smith Children to end of there road about a mile west of Vermilion, and on home.  Mrs. Day told me, to tell Elbert he could get a job over at Vermilion on 

Thurs. Sept. 25. 1947./ page 2051./ 6 eggs this day./ the Lake,   we see they were building a new one there as we had called on Hambly’s & then took that road a-long the track, back to main highway,     so Elbert is planing to go see about it in the morning.  It’s been a beautiful Fall Day.   Wind N.E. & cool  I thank God He helped us get enough for light bill mash, meat, milk & gas.    I really wondered how we could ever do it, but, God can help us more than We know & Mrs. Cranaage gave us a can of meat   Praise the Lord.  Now I have cooked the boilling meat & made a Kettle of soup rice, carrots, onions, meat & tomatoes.  I Praise Jesus.

Fri. Sept. 26. 1947./ 4. eggs today./  Elbert went to find the man that wanted a carpenter & he stayed un-till noon & no man came,    he found Mr. Day & talked to him,     he didn’t think to leave his address & have the man write, or call on the phone & I forgot to tell him to do that.   So he came back home, he don’t know where the man lives in Lorain, or what his name is.   such a world.   Elbert isn’t fit to work & he’s so nervous be cause he can’t that he don’t think.   I have been sort of on the bum today    guess the tomatoes has to much acid in them for me,    I’m broke out in little pimples on my face & neck. & my mouth. all around my lips    It’s been a beautiful day.   cool breeze N.E.   We been having a little fire, gets chilly at night & Elbert covered the tomatoes tonight, thinks we’ll get a frost he said.  

Sat. Sept. 27. 1947./ 2 eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Huron & they gave him a good mess of fish,    I’ve been praying God would givwe us a change of food & Praise His Name, He sure blessed us today    Frank and Armond came out & Armond brought us a nice beef roast & Frank brought fish & lard & a little pork can-ned in the lard & some lima beans fresh ones & a nice cabbage head.   Well, they went hunting & when they came back, they ate fish with us.  Oh yes, Ruby sent a lb. of oleo. greese to eat for butter    Armond wanted Elbert to take some money to, but Elbert thanked him & told him, not right now.   for he hopes to work next week if he can, he’s terrible sore and lame from picking beans & walking to much.  he hich

Sat. Sept. 27. 1947./page. 2052./ only 2. eggs this day/  hiked his way to Huron & back.  I looked after hens & chicks & cook a good supper of potatoes & fish.   Oh, Praise the Lord, Glory, Glory, Hallalujah, Glory, Glory.    My face & neck look as if I had poison ivy on me again & my head has been aching for 3 days,   I bum, but I Know God is able & I’m trusting for the healing.

Sun. Sept. 28. 1947./ 3. eggs today./  Well, thank God in Jesus Name I’m a lot better today    May the Lord be magnafied   I know they will pray for me at church and I thank the Lord for my healing and trust that He will Kill the root of this trouble this time that I may be healed soul & body, I thank Him & Praise Him   I love and a-dore Him  Hoasana to His name, All the Glory surely does belong to Him, for ever and ever, Amen.  Oh God, I thank Thee and Praise my Jesus,   He is more than wonderful.  I have had to be home all day & I crave to be in Church Sundays,   I have prayed for all at church and those who willfuly stay away, for the sick and afflicted  those in torment, the deaf, dumb, & bllind, the bed ridden  those having children the convelescents the orphans & the widows, for those Who mourn, the old people in hospitals homes or at home, in prisons or camps  Where ever a soul maybe that belongeth to the Lord  for the missionarys & there peoples, for the rulers and for God’s chosen people and His land, and that he will give acording the our faith in Him.  Glory Hallalujah, He sure does hear an answer prayer, I’ve been asking for a change of food & we sure enough got it yesterday, fish & a fresh beef roast & a wood chuck & cabbage & beans.   I ate 3 fish for supper & felt fine after word, I don’t usually eat more than two, but we were so empty.  Frank even gave me 4. pepermints, candy, & he & Armond gave us each an orange.  Praise God  I feel like crying for Joy, Oh Glory to God in the highest, Glory, Glory, Glory.    Been partly cloudy today.  S & little west wind    we got a frost Fri. night & white due Sat. night.   I wrote to the Governor, to Cleveland trust bank & to Miss Mc.Govern & Welfare department Columbus Ohio.  hope to get

Sun. Sept. 28. 1947./page 2053./ only 3. eggs today/  them mailed in the morning.   Elbert hopes to see a man in Vermillion & get to work & I hope & trust he can.  

Mon. Sept. 20. 1947./ 2. eggs today./  Been a stormy day,   it rained last night, thundered and lightened for a while, then just came in showers with out the others & Bill & Bob had just finished planting the ground a cross the road to wheat,     they started early Sunday morning & got done before dark & today Bill’s sleeping.   Elbert went over for a pt. of milk,    I haven’t been feeling so good, think I had another swelling inside that broke    some of the poison came out on my face & body.  The Lord laid His hand on me last night at Church time & I felt His power all through me Praise His Dear Holy Being, I love Him more and more as the days go by.    Rained in showers most of the day & in misty showers part of the time,    been sort of dark & gloomy all day   N.W. wind.

Tue. Sept. 30. 1947./ 3. eggs today./  Last day of the Mo.   Elbert got up & went to Vermilion on the lake but he didn’t get a job,    he isn’t fit to work,     but if he could get in 2 or 3 days a week, it would help a lot,    looks as if an other gathering broke inside of me,   been have such pain in my side & then my face & arms & body broke out in pimples,   then the Lord laid His Glorious hand on me, when they prayed for me Sun. night & now the pimples are going away,   I Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, I praise Him with all my soul, mind, heart, & strength, for ever & ever, Amen.  Am sore & weak yet    hope to be O.K. tomorrow     & I wanted so much to go to prayer meeting Thurs. night, but unless we get some money from some where & I pray God will provide that some where.   I thank in Jesus Name.  It’s been quite cool today & partly cloudy   N.East wind.

Wed. Oct. 1. 1947./ 2 eggs today./  Well I washed & my whole body is pulsing.   I’m to tired.   It’s been a fine day   N.E. wind & cool, hot sun,    Elbert went to look for work & got back tired & blue.  no work   so he did odds & end around here   I had the washing most done when he got here.   I carried water & took care of hens & chicks & got a letter for Elbert from Cleveland Trust & some one had opened it.  I thank God for

Thurs. Oct. 2. 1947/ page 2054./ 3. eggs today./  our many blessing.  Well I feel terrible bum today   I haven’t been eating only one meal & a snack & today I only had some pear to eat untill 5.-30.-p-m.    been a beautiful day & Elbert fed to much mash & we run out of feed & now I looked through everything to dig up a few cents & I found $2.51,    I don’t know how I overlooked them before, but now I have got all cleaned up & don’t know what we’ll do in the next pinch,   I have 3.26 now toward the mash & hope to sell 2. doz. eggs for not less than 1.50 & then I have two little banks   we, us to save nickles & dimes in & they give our dollar back when we take them back, so, that ought to give me $6.76, and Elbert had a 25 cent piece & I gave him 25 more for gas & we may have enough for a bite of food.  now for a bath & to bed & get up & off at 8-a-m.   for Elbert says he’s got a job in a pencil factory in the yellow brick house 1/4 mile this side of Huron bridge.   Warmer tonight.  I thank God in Jesus Deara Name for our many blessing & pray He will bless our preachers & there efforts, & that He will fill those of us with the Holy Ghost that haven’t been Amen.

Fri. Oct. 3. 1947./ 4. eggs today./  Been quite a day for me,    we got up early & put everything in the car, we were taking with us, 2. doz. eggs for mrs. Cranage, 1. can apricots & a doz. big russet pears & the 2 little banks from the Cleveland Trust Company,   I was taking them back to get a dollar a piece on them, but Elbert took them there & they wouldn’t give the money back, said they’d changed there method now,    the people are getting so bad in this world.    I ask Mrs. Cranage if she would lend me 2.00 & she did, so, we got a bag of mash a can of milk a1. lb of spry & he took in 6. lbs. of old greese & got 60 cents for it & bought a little piece of plate beef 2. inches square & 8 in long for 46 cents so he got 2 cans of pork & beans for 23 cents & we came home to find my check in the mail box,    We came home & I opened a can of pork canned in lard that Frank Bonney gave us last Sat. & it stunk so I sealed it up, I’ll give it back to him. when he comes out again   I cut off a piece of the boiling meat & ground it & put a can of the beans in it & we had that for dinner & then Elbert gave the hens some mash & the pullets , & we locked up again & we went to Vermilion & got another bag of mash a 3. lb. of crisco a 24 lb sack of flour 3. lemons  can of milk 1. yeast cak 3 frankforters & 2 slices of pressed ham.   I found the 2.51 cents & I gave Elbert 1. for gas & we got 1.70 for eggs.  We paid 

Fri. Oct. 3. 1947./ page. 2055./ 4. eggs this day./   7.65 cents, the balance of feed bill we owed. & I only got 2.00 left for Church.   we went to the church & I took a nice bunch of bitter sweet a little bunch of Indian tobaco & 4 potted plants  3. little  2. in pots with rubber plant & 2. little plant that look like cactuts,    they wasn’t home so I left them in the hall way & I couldn’t leave the money.   I didn’t know where to leave it, or put it.  We came back.  I had set the bread & it was just ready to make biscuits so I did that & made soup for our supper.    Elbert went to the new job & they told him to go home & come back in the Morning at 6-a-m.    so he’s in bed & a sleep & I am soon going    I did the dishes took care of my bread & my teeth & this & I read my bible and pray a while then get in bed.  It’s been quite warm today, beautiful day S. breeze.   I thank God for our blessings, He took us & fed us & Mrs. Cranage was so kind to loan us the 2.00 & I hope to be able to send it back or take it soon.  Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah   I Praise God from whom all blessing flow,   I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sat. Oct. 4. 1947. / 1. egg today./  Well, Elbert went to work & I swept all 3 room & wiped up the floors & picked & cleaned & potted a few plants & Elbert set the water by the cook door & I cleaned & filled 3. pails & one half sized pail & then I carried a big pail of mash to all of them & let them out side    sun was nice & warm & not much breeze.   what there was came from S.west.   Elbert came a little after 3-p-m.   he had been to Huron & got a piece of pressed ham,    boss advanced him $5.00,   Well Frank & Armond came about 15 minutes before & had gone hunting,   so we had a lunch & then Elbert looked after hens & fixed his garden cultivator & tried it out.   then we had supper, what soup w had left,    then the boys came back with 4 woodchucks & gave Elbert 2. so he dressed them,   they brought some cabbages that had split open & strted to grow for the hens    Elbert got some nice letuce leave for hens. yesterday    & he has a good job, can sit down if he wants to & work a machine & it is easy, he said    he didn’t feel so tired   it’s only 90. cents & hr. but, it’s a good job for winter.  Oh, 

Sat. Oct. 4. 1947./page. / 2056./ 1. egg this day. /   how I Praise God in Dear Jesus name for ans. to prayer   He hears the cry of a sparrow and says we are more worthy & I am so weak & I Know I am a sinner in His sight, but still He hears and ans. prayer  I praise Thee & love Thee. 

Sun. Oct. 5. 1947./2. eggs. today/  Well, we didn’t even get to go to Church this morning,   but I did go this evening. & Miss Brown preached the sermon    there were only a very few there.    We have such good plain sermons     there were more children then older people & that’s a shame on the older people.   I thank God in Jesus Name for all things great or small & I pray I may be per-mitted to mingle with the church folk, more often.    Oh I love the Lord & I Praise Him in all things for ever & ever Amen.  Beautiful day   S.W. wind.    We had a thunder & lightening storm last eveing & it showered untill most morning. 

Mon. Oct. 6. 1947./ 3. eggs today/  I took Sister Gurney a few Japanese lanterns to dry for winter bouquets.    Elbert went to work at 2-p-m.   he’ll be back at 15 to 11-p-m.  I did out the washing after he left, & got most of it dried.    it been a beautiful day with a good south breeze.  I fed all the hens & chicks & locked them in & locked the grainery.  I’m tired.  Elbert came    had a hot dish of speggetti & now he’s going to bed after he gets washed.   & I ‘m going to read & then I’m going to my bed & I thank God for all our many blessing in jesus Dear Name.

Tue. Oct. 7. 1947./ 2. eggs today./   Elbert went to work at 2-p-m. & I took care of hen & chicks & carried 3. pails of water for the house & one for pullets.     I mended Elberts work shirt & got a night gown most done.    & got supper & had everything ready when Elbert got here at 11-15-p-m.    it’s been a beautiful day.   I thank God for Our blessing. in Jesus Name.

Wed. Oct. 8. 1947./page. 2057./ 2. eggs today./  Elbert went to work at 2-p-m.    he Killed 2 pullets & dressed them & put them on to cook,   I slept untill 11-a-m. & I have felt to bum, to do much today,   & I haven’t got any more threat to sew with & so I used up the last of the darn-ing cotton on his socks,  4. prs. & did my daily doz.    & now I have made 2. tins of biscuits & got everything ready for supper when he gets here,    I’m so tired, & he looked tired when he left this afternoon,    it’s been a fine day  much cooler & cloudy all day.  N.E. breeze.  But I thank God for our blessings which are many.  To-night the Church folks are having a birthday party on Rev Gurney over to Mrs. Wests home,    they invited me, but of course I couldn’t go & any way I had no way to make sandwitches & meat costs such a lot we can’t buy for ourselves.   Elbert got here at 11-p-m.   He’s getting dissattisfied, Oh God of Love & Mercy, I pray Thou will guide & direct hime, soul & body, & help him to be able to make his payments    I thank Thee & Praise Thee for all things & pray Thou will teach us Thy Ways.  Oh, Glory to God  I Praise Thee.

Thurs. Oct. 9. 1947./ No. eggs today/  Well, Elbert went to work & I dressed & fried another rooster for supper.  We’ll be flapping our wings & crowing, or flying, or some-thing if we don’t get a change in food before long.  I’m sure glad we have them, or we’d be fasting long hrs.  but it would be nice to have some fish & some meat at least twice a week,    I’ve done my daily round & took care of hens & pullets,    only 1. rooster left.  We were trying to save 3. for the Hollidays,   but thats over & if we get to save this one we’ll be lucky.  It takes a bag of mash a week, for we can’t buy grain.   The wind’s N.E. & cool, plenty fresh to.   sun set White last night & tonight.   Been a beautiful Fall day with sunshine.    elbert got home 5 to 11-p-m. tonight,    he’s getting terrible uneasy & he is beginning to hate it to.   Well we had supper & got dishes done, & I thank God we are both O.K. & got enough for his lunch tomorrow & our dinner,    I love Jesus & He loves & cares for me.  Tonight is prayer meeting & I can’t go    But I have read & I have prayed & they prayed for me & God touched me & I thank Him for I sure needed the touch.   Praise God in Jesus Holy Name  Glory   Glory  Hallulejah  Glory to God  I Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus. Amen.

Fri. Oct. 10. 1949. [she means 1947]/ page. 2058/ 3. eggs today/    Well Elbert went to work, he leaves about a quarter to three & gets here around 11-p-m.  We had dinner I made Chicken baqll & gravey for dinner    We were hungry so they tasted good & we had spinage & biscuits & he had coffee.  I set bread & made to tins of bread biscuits    it had just got started to raise the cover when Nellie came with johny & Marcia, Bonita & her 3. Children & they had brought there dinner,    I had gone out & was putting the hens & pullets in the cook when they drove in.  I finished taking care of them,    had to put a pail of water in for pullets & Johny got that & I fastened back door & traps     I had put the mush in When they I see them drive in,    it was getting quite chilly, so I finished before going to the house,     they brought hadock fish to fry & Bonita & Marcie set the table & got the potatoes on to cook & made salid of cabbage cellery & lettuce    & I fried the fish,    they got the chairs around & at last we set down to eat    they all had a taste of chicken balls    there were only 4  & they ate 2. so we have 2 left. one for his lunch tomorrow or the fish they left for him.  We had a little visit,    the children are so noisy we can’t visit much,    Well, Johny took the sink pipe apart & said we’d have to have a new piece   Elbert had spoilt this on,    so he said he’d be back in a few nights or days & put the new one on,    “he had & extra one at home “he said.    so after that they packed up & started for home,    I got the bread on the tins to raise before they left.  They brought a pk of winter pears, but they are so small, I don’t know what to do with them.    I gave them a few of ours, the dutches big rusty coats.  We had them ost eat up.   I gave little Bonita some clam shells I had picked up on the beach & had them in the basement.  Well after they left I swept & put things back wehre they belonged & took bread out the oven & greesed it & then washed up dishes, then got everything out & ready to warm for supper.    now I’m having a cup of hot tea & it’s, 10-30-p-m.   Elbert’s through work & will be coming home now.  It’s been a fine day but cold N. E. breeze & the 

Fri. Oct. 10. 1947./page. 2059./ 3. eggs. this day./    are so ragged they feel the cold, but they were out a couple of hours    I like to shut the coop before it gets to cold & there are two windows with only half sach & I cover them with bags    they let a lot of cold air in & we have to do something about it soon.   I Praise God in Jesus Name for our many blessings.  Jesus is so truly wonderful to me, I love Him more than all else.

Sat. Oct. 11. 1947./ 2. eggs today/  Elbert went to work,   but this morning the Old man “that bought Duglas farm” came over to see if Elbert would come over & help him build his new house, then he said he wanted to either buy my place or a driveway from his hill across the N. side of my place,    he rents his ground to Bert Ward & I reckon Berts in the deal in some way.  They wouldn’t want to pay anything worth while    Well, I washed my two bed room windows, it’s a hard job.    & I’m to tired, body seems to heavy & tired out,    but I got chores done & supper about ready & it’s 10-30-p-m & he will get here 11. or 11.-15.-p.-m.  & I’ll be happy when all is done,    I’ll thank God in Jesus name,   it’s been a beautiful day, N.E. breeze cool,     but sun was really hot.   I’m hoping & Trusting to go to sunday school & church in the morning.

Sun. Oct. 12. 1947./2. eggs today./  They call the 12.th. Columbus Day.   I wanted so much to get to the meetings this morning, but, instead Elbert had his mind set on going to see Irwin Wasen, about carpenter work,    so we went & they were cleaning house & putting up storm windows,    he talked to Elbert & I to Wyn & Virginia & the little girl, a few minutes maybe 15 minutes   then we went & called on Nellie, Bonita & the children,    Nellie & Bonita had been working all morning & had just got cleaned up    they had bakes pies & were going to church where they were having a big supper for Mrs. Frankie Beesie in honor of her playing the organ & piano for 50 yrs. in the Church.   They ask us to go, but , “the bible says” if we are hungry, we have houses where we can eat but the church is where we partake of the Lord’s supper” They gave me a cup of green tea  dry tea & a cup to

Sun. Oct. 12. 1947./ page. 2060./ 2. eggs this day./  each of us, of hot tea, it tasted very good for I was hungry, only had 2 handful of crackers in a cup & a half of broth    & Elbert got us each an ice cream cone in Amherst.  That was all I’d had all day untill 6-30-p-m.    when we got home we warmed some potatoes & had hot sweet corn Elbert had picked Sat.    then we took care of birds & hens & went to Church    We had such a good prayer meeting,     God laid his hand on the Minister, he’s been sick,    I don’t know what’s wrong with him but to much work,   he runs off to Ackron to the broad cast & don’t get back untill the early hrs of morning    it’s quite a drive seems it would be better if they could have there own broadcasting system    Well, Nellie told us Adam Hunter died 2 weeks ago & was buried there where he preached.  and John Mower is dead,   he went to Sandusky to die,his home town.  Oh God, fill me before I go & help me to be of more service to Thee, in Jesus Name I ask, Amen. We got saftly back home.   I felt better, but tired, so terribly tired.    It’s been a beautiful warm sunshiny day and I thank God for our many many blessing.  Glory to His Name. 

Mon. Oct. 13. 1947./ 2. eggs today./  Elbert got up & went to Vermilion    he wants to get back to carpenter work    they pay 2.00 pr. hr. & he only gets 80 cents per hr. where he is,   he’s got his car to pay off & this will take so long    but I hope he makes that & his insurance,   It’s a beautiful day warm & hot sun, very light breeze.  Elbert’s gone to work    I washed my bedroom curtians & his & cleaned top of cook stove & I’m to tired.   And just as I thought Elbert has got out of that shop he should have went this a.m. & instead, he went at 1-30-p. m., he talked with the old man back of us & he wants him to come help him,    I don’t know how he can make the payment on his car.   Well, he’s gone to bed, his head’s bad again, he can’t stand the night, it strains his eyes.  Oh God,   I’m trusting you will give me Frank’s pension, that would clear up every-thing, for us & we could live & pay what we owe,    Please help me Jesus,   Please, I do all I can if you will help me in health of soul & body & the little we need to live on.  I thank Jesus & Praise Thee, I love Thee & want to do they will.

Tue. Oct. 14. 1947./page 2061./ 1. egg today/   Elbert went to Elyria & Lorain   he didn’t get a job or the money he wanted to borrow   said he had to go back again.   he looked for that man at Vermilion on the Lake but didn’t find him    then he did see a man out Vermilion river that wants him but can’t get his lumber & so on & on     & my feet have tortured me most to death all day    sweat drips off my chin all day   I cleaned 2 little pullets & fried, all but the breasts & thighs & that I fried I put in the roaster to simmer & the other I ground for balls    & I did the dishes  & 3/4 the washing & had to stop to feed & bring in the clothes & set down,    my feet torture me so bad    I startched my curtians & Elbert’s today & dried them to & I got to iron a dress & wipe up the floor & put a clean table cloth on     & tote my books & mending into my room,   for Nellie said she thought they would all be here again tomorrow    Johny is going to fix the sink. pipe, Elbert spoilt.  I owe Johny 5.00.  It’s been a beautiful day, N.E. breeze, but roses are blooming yet, & Honey suckle.  & the wild violets are full of violets, the dandelines to.   heavy dues & fogs at night & warm sun days.   I Praise God for our blessings   I love Him more than all else in this world & pray He will fill me with the Holy Ghost,  I’ll thank Him for ever & ever & I’d like to have the gift for healing. 

Wed. Oct. 15. 1947./ 2. eggs today./  This morning Elbert got up & washed out his 2. B.V.D. suits & one shirt I left to soak over night, because I was to tired to finish,     then he went to Huron & didn’t get back untill 5-p-m.   he hlped at the fish house for 1/2 bu. fish,     he was out cleaning them when Johny, Marcie, Nellie, Bonita & the children came.    I had give up there coming,  Bonney Bell came with them to, this time & showed me her engagement ring, from Joe ______[Dudiak] another weding gift to be dug up from some where.  Well, they had brought there supper, so, they set down & ate it, but, Elbert stayed out & cleaned the rest of the fish before he came in & Johny put a new piece, what they call a drain trape that’s 5.00 I’ll have to pay Johny.  They all talk at once & it’s hard on me for I’m alone so much.  Elbert gave them half the fish all

Wed. Oct. 15. 1947./page. 2062./ 2 eggs this day./ cleaned & ready to salt & fry    I gave them a big tin of biscuits 8 on the tin, as much as one big loaf of bread & a loaf of graham bread, that I had baked today,    I swept & cleaned out under the sink so Johny could get under & fix the drain & not get dirty.   I gave them a 2. qt. can of cucumber pickles, cheery tomatoes.  I gave Marcie the willow basket, that Frank Babcock bought for me so long ago,   it’s nice for a sewing basket,   she was real pleased with it.    I gave Bonita some mash bags that I wouldn’t use only one of each kind & they use them for aprons.   I was going to iron my dress & Bonney Bell did it for me    I had to put it on,   I had my old ragged one on & it was so dirty.    I got it spattered cleaning under the sink.    Well, I felt yesterday, that the Cleveland Trust would be after Elbert, for he is behind a mo’s payment on his car and sure as fate, a man came today, said he would have to get in, one payment before Mon.  I told him Elbert had sent in the dollar as they had said & so now if he can send the one payment, he’ll be O.K. untill the 15 of next mo.    I hope he can get it all of some one he Knows & pay them in full & then pay the indivigal off,    he sure is a problem some times, he does really need his car.    I haven’t anything I can sell to raise the money for him.  We have to pay the light bill yet this mo, & no money in sight.  Oh God Please help us, I will give thee all the praise.  Now he wants to go to Lorain & see if he can get the money from some where.    I thank God for our many blessing.  It’s been another beautiful day,     I took care of chicken also today.

Thurs. Oct. 16. 1947./ 1. pullet egg 1. hen egg/   Well the Lord answered my prayers & John Werner loaned Elbert the money to pay off the bank, so his car is free,    John wouldn’t even take a note on it,    I pray God will bless him & that Elbert will work & pay it all back with interest.    I’m still trusting God will see I get my pension & the back pension since 1933. & the money that belongs to us from Uncle Harvy Bonney.   God is able, Oh I Know He can help me & I’m believing & trusting He will.  I standing on His promises & leaning on His Arms.  Glory Glory Hallelujah,   I Praise Thee Jesus, Glory, Glory, Glory.    We went to Lorain & I visited with mrs. Cranage, while Elbert went to see John Werner, then I called on Madeline Hunter Todd to express my sympathy.    she says David looks terrible bad also. 

Thurs. Oct. 16. 1947./page. 2063./ 1. pullet  1. hen egg./   I didn’t stay long    Elbert was waiting for me in the car.    then he tried to see Deitz, but, missed him & then we came straight home  ate supper & took care of hen & pullets & rested a little & went back to church    We had a good prayer service & God is working in our midst,    there are 4. Smith Children & they had 2. other girls with them 6. of them in the back seat, we called for Miss. Clark    she’s had a heart attack & is very weak yet    we took her 2. fish,   she seemed pleased to get them & Hamblys are in bad condition,    he is sick & can’t work & her step father, as I understand it, isn’t working either.    If they’d only come back to Church, God of Love & Mercy, do help them to come back.   Sun was burning hot  S. breeze & fresh.    wind went N.E. late this after noon & evening heat 87. degrees.   I thank God in Jesus Name, for all our many blessing Amen

Fri. Oct. 17. 1947./1. egg today./  We went to the beach & got sand enough to fill a barrel & several big cans & pails & I dipped half the sand & Elbert had to carry it to car & then from car to south end of hen cook to the barrel.  I picked up a few pretty stones & I’m tired, so tired, & we are both tired.    We have had a beautiful day, little cooler & partly cloudy & it sprinkled quite steady for a few minutes while we were getting the sand.    I got supper & am still to tired.   I thank God for our many blessing & my healings & All the Praise & Glory belong to Him.  I owe my life to Him

Sat. Oct. 18. 1947./ 1. pullet  1. hen egg./    Elbert went up & got what money he had coming, he said it was 19.00 & some odd cents.   he ask if he could come back to work, but they said they had plenty of men & was laying off some this week.   so he went to Huron    got a big mess of fish & come home & cleaned them    we had 4 for dinner & he cleaned the rest after dinner.    I baked 4. tins of bread biscuits  2. large, 2. smaller ones.    he was going to Vermilion but decided to wait untill Mon.  I hope to go to church, but I terribly tired out.    I thank God for taking care of us & I want to do my part for Him.   I’d like to do lots more than I do, he knows.    Frank & Armond came & went out hunting & said they had no luck, but they got tired    they brought us a basket of tomatoes,    I hope to make chillie sauce this coming week.   I thank God for our many blessing.  Its been a nice showery day with sun coming through now & again   S.W. wind.

Sun. Oct. 19. 1947. /page. 2064./ 2. eggs. today./  We went to Church this morning & I took a bag with beets carrots & tomatoes a tomatoe pepper & 2. biscuits for Miss Clark    she isn’t very well.    We took fish & a tin of biscuits to the preachers.    Mrs. Gurney is in bed tuckered out taking care of Rev. Buesers, two babys & her own & they thought she might have the flu.    they are neither very strong & so the Preacher that was working “or preaching for Bueser,” is now preaching for the Rev. Gurneys.    I understood they were going back toAmherst for dinner    We went over the river to Hamblys & talked to them a few minutes & tried to get them to com back to Church,    he has a chip he’s toating.    We gave them a tin of biscuits & then came home & fried fish & had a hot dinner.    I had to wrinse out some towels I had soaked out & looked after the chickens.  The weather has been fine today,    it rained so hard before daylight    Now we hope to go back to evening services & I pray God will bless me with the filling I crave so much to receive, the Holy Ghost.   I feel sure we must receive the Holy Ghost to be stamped with God’s seal.   We went to evening service,   Sister Brown did the preaching.    We had several songs by different ones & Miss Brown preached on the subject “The sweetest day”   is when we lay our all at Jesus feet & ask Him to forgive our sins & when He forgives us,  I can testify it is the sweetest minute in all our life,     it’s truly more wonderful than we can explain.    I went up & talked with Sister Gurney, she’s better & was down to the young peoples meeting but had to go back & lay down before church started,     I talked just a very few minutes.    she said her fever was bad, she could see little devils with clocks dancing around all over the walls & the hands pointed to ten minutes to twelve & she thought she was going to die,    but they prayed & she got O.K.    she said the devil was just trying to vex her.    I thank God for my (our) many blessings and ans to my prayers.

Mon. Oct. 20. 1947./ 2. pullet eggs today./  Elbert went to Vermilion & got the mash & grain 539 & 509- 10.48 for the two.    he got a piece of boiling meat & a sack of flour & 6 cans of milk. & then came home & dressed them at 2.p.m.    I did most the washing    had to carry 2 pails of water & that just a-bout done me up, so I didn’t finish.    Elbert did chores & helped get supper,    we fried the fish for supper,    he killed dressed & cooked to pullets this a.m. & we had some for our

Mon. Oct. 20. 1947./page. 2065./ 2 pullet eggs this day./today is ma & pa’s wedding annavarsery 68. yrs./         dinner,    they were small & would-n’t pay to keep them,    I made some baking Powder biscuits for our supper.    Elbert got a few tomatoe peppers today for me,    a week ago tonight I found one hot one,    it is like real pepper.    I am cooking it & will can it to use for soup.    Well, I thank God for our many blessing.    It’s been a beautiful wind     went clear around today. 

Tue. Oct 21. 1947./ 1. pullet & 1. hen egg./  Elbert cleaned half the hen house & was so tired tonight,     and I know how tired he is for I have cleaned the whole coop a lot of times & he didn’t do that Job as we use to do it.    he scraped the pole, but didn’t scrub them    he scraped the roost & put sand on it & he had to scrape the floor, for he didn’t put sand on it the last time he cleaned it    but he has this time & now we haven’t got the straw for it & I don’t know how we are going to get the straw.    he has the first half of coop to clean next.     after he went to bed he happened to think one pullet flew on the top of the hen house from a tree,    K& so I went out with him & got her out of the tree & put her in the hen house.  I made one batch of Chilly sauce to-day & that tired me all out,     I washed a big peck of tomatoes, peeled & chopped them with 6. big onions & 6. big peppers & put them on to cook with 1. quart of cider vinegar 3/4(small cup) of salt, 2 coffee cups packed with brown sugar & a small cup of mixed spices tied in a clean white cloth & boiled & satirred it for 5. hours, then caned it in 1/2 pint containers.    I put in a bunch of cellery when I can get some that’s meaty & tender,    I pull the strings off after I have washed it & chop it fine    made sauce taste better I think.    Well it’s been another beautiful warm day.    We were both coughing & sneezing last night & I ask the Lord in Jesus Dear Name to remove the cause & all Praises to Him, we were both O.K. this morning.    We truly owe our all to him, our very life.

tue. Oct 22. 1947./ 1. pullet egg. that makes 6. pullet eggs so far /   Elbert cleaned middle pen in hen house.    He kill 4. pullets & dressed them or he did the most    I picked off a few feathers,    he cut them up & I fried 2 & put them in the roaster & we ate our evening lunch out of them.    He also peeled a big pk. 

WEd. Oct. 22. 1947./ page 2066./ 1. pullet egg that makes 6 in all/   of tomatoes & I peeled the onions & chopped them & the peppers & tomatoes and got another batch of chilli sauce all most done     will have to finish cooking it “God Willing” tomorrow.    It’s been a beautiful day & I’ve been in the house most of the day & I sure feel as if I’d like to be out side.    I thank God for our many many blessings, in Jesus Name.

Thurs. Oct. 23. 1947./ 1. egg (hen’s) today./   Well I cooked the Chilli sauce a while    Elbert got ready to go to Vermilion on the Lake & ask me to go with him,    he was to see a Mr. Clark, seems there are two brothers working together, & younger one sent him to see the older one & Elbert got the wrong house,     so I got him to go back to the first one & ask him again & then we went back & found the other one & he told Elbert to come to him Tue. morning Oct. 28.     that he was all ready to start the 8. new houses.    I thanked God for him & I pray Elbert’s knee will be a lot better so he can work while the weather is good.    I gave Brother & Sister Gurney the 2. pullets we had prepared for them    & then, I baked 2 tins of baking Powder biscuits & we really had our dinner a 3-p-m.     I ironed & finished cook-ing the chilli & Elbert fed pullets & hens    & then I caned the chilli  in pt cans ___ pts.  then we got ready & went to prayer meeting & we had a good prayer meeting & God filled me with joy my Jesus & I want the Holy Ghost fulfillment & I will Praise Thee & Give thee all the Glory. It’s been a beautiful day   N.E. wind.    & a Place called Bar Harbor on the Coast of Maine They said over the radio that they were the places where the rich people lived.    If they would only love God as much as they do this worlds goods    Oh God keep me ever humble & true & help me to be a greater blessing to Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.

Fri. Oct. 24. 1947./ page. 2067./ 1. pullet egg./   Well, Elbert cleaned the first pen & put sand on the floor & I finished my night gown & fixed another double blanket for Elbert’s bed & put it on his bed    the other one is worn out     now I’ll have to fix the other one like it & I’ll have a change for his bed    these blankets are so short and narrow but, looks as if I’ll have to make them do.    I want to get my wool blankets washed again soon & I have to fix the ends on one,    I want to cut it in two & put a piece across the ends & I want to wash the curtians & windows before it gets any colder & trim & tie up the roses on the end of the house.    I’ve been so tired today.    Sister Gurney & Sister Brown came to call on us this evening & I had to dig up the crochet work & show it to them….& we talked about one thing and another & about Miss Brown going away.    she’s going to preach in Iowa & is leaving Mon. morning early “that will be Oct. 27. 1947.”     but I do hope she comes back to us again    God Bless her & give to her spiritually  phyicly & finacuallly, she’s Thine & I love her.    Our Preachers are good to and I love them & pray the same for them,    I pray Thou will help me to be a blessing in our church and help them all I can.    Bless thy people every where & strengthen there faith,     be with those who have gone astray & some how help them to wake up & come back in Jesus Name we ask, Amen.   I thank God in Jesus Name for our many blessing today.  It’s been a beautiful day with a strong N.E. wind    been having such beautiful moon light nights to.    Sister Gurney said Mrs Day called her & said to tell Elbert to come to her house in the morning to see about a carpenter job.

Sat. Oct. 25. 1947./ 1. p. 1. hen. eggs today/   Elbert went to Vermilion but the man said he wasn’t ready,    so that was a worthless job, or trip.    Well he came back, ate a lunch & went to Huron to get some fish & he got back with 12 fish     I fried some for supper & he ate & went back, for Sep   hadn’t got in yet so he helped them carry in the fish & got about a pk more fish for us.    Frank & his two boys came out to hunt & gave Elbert a wood chuck, so he has meat for tomorrow & Mon.    & I baked 2. loaves of graham & a little loaf & 2 tins of biscuits & 1. white

Sat. Oct. 25. 1947./page. 2068./ 1. pullet 1. hen egg./    loaf,   so I’m tired tonight also.    partly cloudy, but a beautiful day.   I thank God in Jesus name for the beautiful day & our many many blessing.    Harvey & Olive & their baby [Harvey Bonney and wife Olive, and baby, Elinor’s nephew, niece by marriage and grand niece or nephew]   & Armond & Clara [Armond Bonney and wife Clara (note may be second wife after Ethel???] & baby, Elinor’s other nephew, niece by marriage and grandniece or nephew) & their baby were having supper with Frank & Ruby [Frank Bonney & Ruby Gillmore Bonney, Elinor’s brother & sister in law]  parents the boys    Well Elbert dressed the chuck & put it in salt water,     but the fish must wait till morniong    I hope to go to Church at least once tomorrow & to see Miss Brown again befor she goes. 

Sun. Oct. 26. 1947./ 2. pullets eggs./  New tank of gas Oct 26./  Well Elbert got up & dressed 2 pans of fish & scaped & wshed them & I salted them & packed them in the pans    I  rapped up 4 for Miss. Clark & a biscuit & couple slices brown bread & a little jar of chilli sauce & we went to Church     & I gave Rev. & Mrs. Gurney a pan of fish    Sister Brown did the preaching tonight,    she leaves early in the morning for some place in Iowa.   We will sure miss her    We have learned to love her much,    I pray God will bless her & that if he is willing we may meet again before very long.   I cooked the woodchuck this after noon.    I ‘m so tired.   I thank God for our many blessing and Praise Him, and wish I could be as sweet and good as He.    It’s been a beautiful day warm enough yet to go out a round the yard with out a jacket on,     cool though, at night.    The Church folks gave Miss Brown 3. silk handkercheifs  a birthday card & some money.

Mon. Oct. 27. 1947./ 2. pullet & 1. hen egg./   Well, It’s been a beautiful day    south wind & fresh  hot sun & warm drying air     & I washed all the clothes, a bouble blanket & 3. mash bags & the gas  is gone     it’