1950-1955 diary pages

Sun. Jan. 1. 1950/page 2463/ 40 y./p.  -8-H-eggs today/It’s been a dark cloudy day all day & a S and S. west breeze allday & tonight with a misty rain off & on all morning & steady showers tonight    We were home all day but went to Vermilion Gospel Church tonight at 9-45 p.-m & stopped raining,     bugs & flys been flying around yesterday & today out side.   S. & S. West breeze    We had a very quite sermon,     a Missionary from Isreal talked to us,    he told us about the cave in the mountian where David & his 500 men of war hid & that he & several others had a hard time finding the real cave    they entered one on the side of the mountian but it would hold 500 men & so after going over & over the walls they found a hole just large enough to crawl through so they lay down & crawled through on there belly’s & they went through a passage for a goodly number of feet wriggling along on there bellies & at last came into a very large room where David & his 500 men had once been,    they the missionarys rode horse back for 5 hours to get there & had to ride back tired, but, glad to have seen & been in the cave.    He sermon was to lay up our treasures in Heaven for where our treasures are there will our heart be all so.    I thank God for the privilege of giving my testemony & that they ask me to take of communion with them & sing with they to the Glory of God

Sun Jan.1. 1950/ page. 2465./ 40. y.p.-8-H eggs this day./ I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Sweet & Pure for saving my soul & teaching me Thy way.    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen.    All the Praise & Glory truly belongest to Thee.    My throat achs as if something is wrong & I am going to cry hard over it.

Mon. Jan. 2. 1950./ 37. y.p.-5H-eggs today/ Well, today’s for Sept.    Was Cloudy all morning S. breeze.    Sun tried to come out several times this after noon & tonight     just after dark it began to rain a steady drizzle & is still at it at 9-3–p-m.,    it’s been a long day for some reason    I pray God will give me grace to the end of my time,    for there are some thing that surely agervate my very soul.    I thank Thee Jesus blessed Jesus & Pray for the seal of aproval    Oh God, of Love & Mercy, help me to be a blessing to Thee.    Elbert’s back & hips are giving him a lot of pain again.    but he still scauffs at the Lord’s Will.    I pray God Will teach him

Tue. Jan. 3. 1950./ 42. y.p.-7-H-eggs today/ Elbert got up & went to Lorain to garage,    it cost 3.00 & some odd, to get exaust pipe fixed    he got back at 11-45-a-m.    I washed out most of the dirty clothes & my new shirts & stocking,    I don’t like to wear them untill I wash them first.    It’s been a very dark day & rained in showers all morning & afternoon, some times heavy showers,   sun tried to come through between showers this afternoon,    it’s still raining at 8-30-p-m.    I don’t feel very phyicialy fit, but thank & praise My Heavenly Father for all our many blessings, in Jesus Holy Name; Glory Hallelujah.

Wed. Jan.4. 1950/ 38. y.p. -5-H-eggs today/ Well, I felt to bum to work to day,    but I made 2. apple pies 1. custard pie, & a small pumpkin pie.    We ate the custard for supper.    Elbert feels bum & he looks it.    & he’s planning on going to sell eggs tomorrow & I hope it don’t rain while he is selling.    I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Name & pray I can go to prayer meeting some where soon.    I received such a nice letter from Rev. Sister Gurney today,    it sure was nice of her to write 4. pages when she has so much studying to do & so much work for the Lord to do,    God Bless them and strengthen them in all the ways they need in Jesus Name Amen.  

Thurs. Jan. 5. 1950./ 38. y.p.-9-H-eggs today./  Well I didn’t do much today,    got a little extra sleep after Elbert left at 8-30-a-m,    he went to Vermilion on the Lake & Alberta Beach & he sold 27. doz. eggs for 50 cents per. doz. $13.50,   he bought the feed 8.10 & now it’s straw & gritt to buy    & so it’s getting so the goverment wont let you earn enough to catch up any losses when feed is high egg prices dropp & feed goes down eggs must dropp still lower & the Goverment says, they are helping the farmers & they are surely helping them to loose out, even in raising young cattle so we hear.    Well, it’s been a nice day & not very cold, ground is froze a little

Thurs. Jan.5. 1950./ 38. y.p. -9-H-eggs this day./ crust & thin ice, where there was water standing.    Radio says rain & sleet by 10-30-p-m. tonight.   Well, we’ve had a very mild winter here, so far, but they have had sudden freezes in a lot of places & in place where they seldom know what snow is like.    I received a nice letter from Mrs. E.E. Kendal today.    they have been having a mild winter with a touch of winter of late.    They are in Iowa.    Well she said Mr. Kendal had a stroke 5 yrs. ago    he seemed to be feeling better & then he had to go to the hospital last summer & hasn’t felt so well since & she’s not very well either,    Edd’s wife & daughter were over a few days ago & Edd’s stomach is bad again,    she ask a few questions so I’ll write her again,    she writes an interesting letter & I’ve always injoyed hearing from her    We have never met but I learned to like her because of her nice social, friendly letters.    Well, Elbert got back home at noon & I had dinner most ready,    he took care of hens & killed one & dressed it & I put it on to cook    he went with the papers & then went for a qt. of milk    came back & got coal up & empted can, slop pail & ashes & then we had noodles for supper,    he read the paper & rested a while    got a couple pails water    & now is in bed.    so I think I’ll read my bible, I use to say my good book but, I ment God’s word & then I’ll thank Him for saving my soul and my blessing of the day & night & for taking care of all His Children, for hearing there cry for help & His ever tender mercies,    I love His first & most of all, Glory to God.    I have quite a few letters to ans. & must get at it soon,    Nellie’s been gone a week Sat. & not a word from her yet. 

Fri. Jan. 6. 1950./ 33. y.p. -5-H eggs-today./  Well, it’s been quite a day,    it rained in showers all night & then got colder & froze & snowed a little,    it melted off most of it today & has raind in showers today    wind went N.east last night & is still N east tonight    it snow a light blanket of snow just after dark tonight    no sun today or mail.    I’ve felt better in some ways today but not much strength to work,    I ate some raw carrot chopped fine & it did a fine job on me,    it just would digest so I drank olive oil & got rid of it but stomach is tired so didn’t eat much today & neither has Elbert,    his stomach has been burning since Christmas & he feels so miserable    I’m so sorry for Him.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Dear Name for saving my soul & all the many healings & blessings     He is more wonder-full to me each day,    all the Glory truly belongest to Him

Sat. Jan. 7. 1950./ page. 2466./ 44. y.p. -8-H-eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion at 8-30 a-m to get brake fixed,    it worked O.K. coming back    but, going back tonight with the papers it went bad again,    so now it’s 6.00 more I suppose.    We got quite a shower of snow before day light, 3, or 4 inches.    it melted away about half.    Radio said it was 22 degrees tonight at 6-15-p-m. & this after noon Radio said it was 24 degrees in Chicago & sun was shining & it’s a beautiful day.    Well sun shone here untill 3-30-p-m.  then it clouded up & looked black in the west & last glimps of the sun was like a cake of ice.    Moon shone through tonight but only for a few seconds    it’s colder than it has been,    but, still it don’t seem bad out.    I feed the little birds out side some crubs & they sure waded into them, & there is still a small rat on the North end of house in the ashes.    Well, I got up at 9-30.a.m. & did my usual chores & got dinner started & had it half done when Elbert came in,    he didn’t eat any breakfast & was so hungry,    I fried the ground chicken balls fried some dressing & made gravy & did up dishes & then set down & put the button holes in my dress, 7 of them & sewed on the buttons & snaps & filled the inside belt down so now I can wear it.    I should have pressed it,    but will do that later.    I hope to get another one cut out this coming week maybe    I might get it done before Spring if I can Keep at it,    there’s allways so many thing to get up & do & take my mind off & away from the sewing,    Elbert will soon have to have another suit of sleeper,    these last ones didn’t last very long but I have a few bags that are a little heavyer & hope they will prove to be better.   No mail today,    Elbert mailed card to Bonita & letter to Audrey today.    Now I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all our many blessing & prayt Thou will send Thy Power on us Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 8. 1950./ 41.y.p. -8-H-eggs today/  Today has been a very quite day,    Elbert got one brake fixed & now he doen’t know if it that one or another gone bad,    but, we stayed home,    it was a fine day,   thawed a little but there is snow yet & it’s freezing tonight    nice white sun all day.    I long to go & be with those who love & belong to the Lord, God help me    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name that He is mine & I hope to be all His before much longer Glory to His Dear Presious Name, Amen.    I hope we get some mail tomorrow & good news & my check & I hope I can get all the washing done & not get to tired.    Elbert was just outside & says wind’s South.  & freshened up out

Mon. Jan. 8. 1950./ page. 2465./ 38. y.p. -7.H. eggs today/ Elbert went & got the milk early this morning & then went to Vermilion to get the brake fixed & they did all of the wheels so now it rides fine & brakes work good    but, they told him the universels joints would have to be fixed with new ones,    such is life.    Well, I didn’t sleep all night so was feeling so all in this morning    Elbert got up & said he was going out back,    well, it was 6.a.m. then he set down for maybe an hour, then woke me when he went for milk    then I dropped off & he came back & said he was going to Vermilion to the garage,    so I lay for a few minutes & got up & put the water on to heat & started washing & I got it all done & most of it dried & it 8-45-p-m.    Its been a beautiful day in Ohio, or it was here, at least    sun came up early & stayed until 4.-p.-m.    it’s been very mild outside with S.west wind, sort of puffy winds & it melted all the snow away.    Elbert took papers & came back safe & tired,     he had a cup of coffee & two doughnuts, he said so I made him a cup of postum & dish of cream of wheat & heat milk on it & then got me a pail of coal & the woman was here taking the papers out,    he hadn’t put the car out on the drive so she piled them on the grass & went & he went a minute. or 2. later.    then he bought some stake & it was so dry    no juice at all,    so he ground it & it wasn’t any good at all,    We received a card from Nellie & she said to write & she would send a letter soon (but) she didn’t say where to write, just like her well,    I’ll write when she thinks to send her address.   she’s O.K. & I’m glad but wonder aobut Bonita & the children,    I hope they are O.K. All so.    I received my check today & I’ve got to write & see what they are going to do about my getting more or transfered to old age.    I thank & praise God for all my blessing which are many    I only hope & pray for His seal of promise    I love Him & ador Him Jesus & the holy Spirit. 

Tue. Jan.9.1950./38. y.p.-5H eggs today/ Well, I got the card back I sent to Wyn    I wrote on the card & many of the others I sent & they went O.K.    I didn’t seal the ones with a 2 cent stamp on them either.    I swept & irned & did my daily round.    Elbert went with papers & got fish “perch” for supper & they were quite good.    I thank for my food & I pray He will help me to help the sick & poor

[On the back side of this page she writes ] “was feeling so bum, I forgot to turn the page over.”

Tue. Jan. 10. 1950 / page. 2468./ 38. y.p. -6.H.eggs today/  & afflicted & needy in Jesus Name & to do all the many things He would have me to do.    I thank Him & praise Him for all things great & small things.    He is worthy,  there’s no one like Him. Amen.

Wed. Jan. 11. 1950./ 39. y.p. -6.H.eggs today/  We received card from Bonita today,    she said her mother had wrote & all the others, but Bonney Bell & Joe,    they were home on Mon. for Christ-mas.    she hasn’t had any word since they all went to Bonney Bell’s & Joe’s home on Tue. evening.    Marcie Joe’s O.K. “that’s Johnys baby.” & now Johny’s on his trip to Florida.   Ella Jane left Lourabell’s home in California, for Albuquerque Sat. & expected to arrive Sun.    Mon. they are moving school, so my kids are home today, no school at Lake Ave. probably flooded. Love, Write  Bonita, come over when you can.    Well at least she heard from them all.    I hope she has coal,    weather’s so changeable & I hope they have food en-ough also.    They never let out a peep about Johny going to Florida when we were there on Thurs. evening.    Everyone can go places but Bonita must stay & face the bumps    hope she learns how to take them in Jesus Name,    it would be wonderful.    Well Elbert’s cold is better, Praise God,    he’s been so miserable & he looks better to night,    He plans to go sell eggs tomorrow.    I thank God, my Heavenly Father in my Saviour’s Blessed Holy Name for all our many blessing & Pray for that Great infilling, the Holy Ghost Amen.    Wind was S.west last night but went N. East befor morning & got colder,    Sun came out clear & so white it seemed to sparkle, like ice when the sun shines on clear ice.    wind died out be-fore Elbert went with the papers to Vermilion    Wind’s N.East at 8-p.m.

Thurs. Jan. 12. 1950./ 43. y.p. -7-H-eggs tonight./ Well, Elbert went to Lorain, had to buy a battery for the car after he got there, his wend dead or so near so, it wasn’t any good. 19.95  then he went & delivered eggs to 3. customers & came back to Vermilion  on the Lake & sold eggs & to Alberta Beach, 45 cents per dox.   Lorain eggs 6. doz. went for 2.90 & one doz. for 40cents    he didn’t have enough change.    so he took in 15.00 & he bought grain 1. bag & mash 2. bags 12.35 & he spent 2.31 for food & gave me 1.00 spending some out of his money, & he had to buy a hose for the car____ & that’s the way the money goes.    While I did my daily round & baked 2 tins bread biscuits & one loaf of graham.    got supper washed up all the dishes & now I’m tired    I wrote a card to Bonita, “didn’t hear from Audrey yet.” & Elbert mailed it in Vermilion.    Wind was S.East this morning & went back S.East & it’s been raining a misty rain since 3-30-p-m & it’s 10-5-p-m & still a steady misty rain,   not cold out.    it’s like early Spring weather.    I thank & Praise my Maker & Give HIm the Glory for all things,    He’s more to be desired than eanything else & He’s proved to me many times over what a wonderful Jesus He is    We only have to trust & believe have faith, as a child

Fri. Jan. 13. 1950./ 41. y.p. -6-H-eggs today/  Fred’s, daughter’s, birthday    I believe she will be 15. yrs. old.    she large for her age like I was when a girl her age.    her hair’s like Freds & she resembles her father a lot.   I pray God will keep her sweet & clean for Him

Fri. Jan. 13./ p. 24.69./ 41-y.p.-7-Heggs this day./ Well, it been a hard day,    wind blowing strong and puffy all last night all day & so far tonight     all most felt as if it lifted the little house once, today,    I’ve never felt such a draft here    was blowing at least, 55 miles an hour.  & he had hard work getting back from Vermilion after delivering the papers    winds South and a little west.    & buy the looks of the Christmas days we are to have a lot of strong puffy winds all year.    We received air mail letter from Nellie today    she said it’s the first time she was ever sea sick  going aournd the curves up & up around the mountians & the road so very narrow seemed as if they might not stick to it, but I think if was fear that made her sick as much as car sickness,    I know she use to get sick riding on the Street car    Well she likes it there so far,    she’s teaching Kindergarten a little girl no old enough to go to school yet & her father is a professor of music & he cooks. breakfast each morning,    she is a professor of Spanish, French and Drematics,    they have a large house with lots of space around it outside    Nellie helps with cooking & dishes,    the shrubs are in bloom & they have some garden;    They went for a ride Sun. afternoon over into South Carlina & there were lots of flowers in bloom.    The Lowry’s with Whom she is staying, have young chickens & laying hens & fryers & they are eating fryers right along.    she said she croched a doily from the needle book, called the work basket, “that Mrs Lowry take” & she also made 4. little doilys for pot holders but has to have some padding for them    She says they are the coastal plains where it is level & sandy soil.    She said, they live across and half block down from the College & the Methodist Church is across & half block farther on & the town is beyond the Church & they went to Sunday School.      Before she left we went to bid her good by on Thurs. night Audrey, Martha, Jim Jean & Joan, Elbert & I.She said Alberta Harris came to see her the next afternoon “Fri.” she said she was surprised to see her,    she’ll be 33. yrs. old Feb. 5. 1950. she was born 1917    her father was a minister & died 1944 in Aug.  her mother died when she Alberta was 15 yrs old.   her mother was 49 yrs. old when she died in 1932.    Then Nellie said the pine trees are beautiful there & the woods are full of pines & on there drive she saw the Forester in his watch tower, & she would like to bring home some little trees     they grow wild there. Write, Much love Nellie.    that’s quite a lengthy letter for her to write,    she said she had wrote to Bonita & Ella Jane also.    I did my daily round & mended my old dress & corset    it’s been so dark today, no sun.    I thank My Heavenly Father    He is & Always Will be. Glory to God in Jesus Name Amen.    I sent bread to Harry Miller

Sat. Jan. 14. 1950./ page. 2470./ 35.-y.p. -6H-eggs today./  Well it’s sure been a great day.    I wanted to go to Church tomorrow, but, Elbert waited untill today to fix the chimney what he could    that ment lots of moving & then cleaning & putting back    he’s been feeling so punk & it was a miserable job to get at & then he put in a new rafter that’s been broken for some time & he discovered today it was broke into & hanging down,    the wind has been blowing 50 miles an hour & some times they said 55 or more when it come in strong puffs,    Well we’re both dead tired,    I’d like to go to Church & maybe we can tomorrow night.    Elbert Killed & dressed a hen after he went with the papers & got back,    & it’s cooked now except what we saved to grind.    I received a letter from Audrey today    she said she got 3. blankets for Christmas & that I should either turn the ones back that I got for her or use them my-self,    she said she got Gertie a pr. felt slippers & she said she didn’t want them, so Audrey said she took them back.    Audrey says What’s the use buying for anyone then getting it throwed back in your face,    Now she’s been help us & I thought she’d like the blankets for I heard her say she’d like a good wool blanket.     Oh. Well;    and she even put a 10.00 bill in the letter for my birthday “Mon.”   I thank God for all our many blessings great & small.    I’m sorry she feels she ought to do so much for me,     she felt rather all in when she figured up, after Christmas,    she buys a lot for Martha, Merlin, Jim Jean & Joan & for Bonita’s children, then she gave us “lbert & I”  each 10.00 for Christmas.    Audrey wished me a happy birth-day.    But I’ve never been use to any one giving me so much & it makes me feel “Sad” for she ought to save more for a rainy day.    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    Wind has died down & it seems so quite out side,    It has done a lot of damage in a lot of places with a heavy fall of snow in California with wind & tornadoes scattered about in the states.    Oh God help us to live Thy way, for Thou hast told us When we see or heard of these things to know the end was at the door & still people don’t wake up to the fact & some are even laghing Thee to scorn as Thou hast said.

Sun. Jan. 15. 1950./ page. 2471./ 38.y.p.-4-H-eggs today/ Well, it rained hard all morinng & eased up at noon    then we began talking about going to Church & it rained then came down in heavy showers & then, we started out for church in the dark & rain,    I prayed most the way there & back & I ask Jesus to hold the rain untill we got back home & Praise His Name, He did it.   We prayed in Church tonight & some were saved & some filled    I’m trusting that I’ll get the infilling of the Holy Ghost soon for I know Jesus will be coming soon & I’d feel terrible just worse than terrible if I was all His in Spirit & Truth.   There were about a 100 to church & they had 155 to Sunday school this morning & a few less to Church this morning.     There are about 75 who have been blessed by receiving the Holy Ghost & we sure had a good prayer service tonight.    Praise the Lord Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus Hallelujah Amen.    Wind is blowing & puffy but not as bad as before & it’s not cold out,    trees look as if they are ready to leave & they said California was having to use snow plows & that we are due for a severe cold snap here, May God’s will be done.    Elbert killed & dressed a hen & we had it for dinner with creamed potatoes & hot baking powder biscuits & pickled pears,  the half of it will make in ball for tomorrow.    wrote cards to Audrey & Nellie tonight. 

Mon. Jan. 16. 1950./ 45 y.p.-6-H-eggs today./ Well, Elbert got up early & woke me to go to Elyria, but, I just couldn’t go.    I felt so tired out & my head felt so bad    but after I rested a while I got up & got the dinner    Elbert slept in the big chair awhile  then took care of chicken,    I sit around some myself.    just couldn’t make up my mind to work    head hurt me eyes pained me bad but I heat the teaKettle & put a jar of pickled pears & one of gravy & a chicken ball & 3 baking Powder biscuits in a bag & wrote a note to Miss Clark & put in the bag for her    Elbert don’t like to go to Mrs Fredricks house where Miss has rooms & they cook & eat together, but each buy there own food.    Miss Clark says Mrs. F.’s almost to stingy to live,    never hear the other side of the story, but reckon it would be amusing,    but, I wonder what Jesus would say.    Elbert said Mrs. F. gave him my pie tin & glass tin back in a few days but it’s lapsed into weeks,    Mrs. F. had & old lady caller, they said Miss Clark had gone to Lindy West’s to see Dorothy,    so Elbert went there hoping to see Lindy about getting him to help fix the (our) chimney,    he gave Miss Clark the bag & came home in a fuss    he don’t like Miss. C.    she wants 1/2 eggs & said Miller’s want 2 doz.    Well, I did out half the wash while he was gone to deliver the papers & I got part of them dried.    & most of them dried at bedtime.    Now I’ll read & pray some more & go to bed & try to get up & go to Elyria tomorrow  God Willing.    I pray God will help me pay for the chimney Amen.

Tue. Jan. 17. 1959./ page. 2472./41. y.p.  7.-H.-eggs today/  Well, I really got up washed & dressed & drank a cup of tea & Elbert & I drove to Lorain,    I did such a careless thing     Sun. night I went to church at 31. Street Gospel Church & it poored rain all the way,    Elbert hates to drive to, at night & the pavement was so full of holes it made us skid,    for it was so wet & so when we got there I began to think about the money for the collection     then I remembered I had taken 3.00 dollars off the roll of 59.00 & folded it up for that purpose, but I had also taken 35.00 & folded it up by itself a 20 a 10 & a 5 & I forgot & put the church money in the same place in my little purse & so I picked it out & put it in collection bag instead of that I had planned on,    Well, I was shocked when I got ready to go this morning & looked my money over & see the 3 one dollar bills instead of the 35.00 I’d saved & saved to buy shoes & corset & slips & pants & darning cotton & elastic & thread    I prayed God would help me,    I have had to go so destitute for the neccessities of life,    so we chased from one ohouse to another & at last they told me they’d settle up Sun.    I thanked God,    He has been so Kind to me,    but if they were to refuse to give it back, I’d know it went for a good cause but that has taught me a lesson    we had to buy extra gas & will have to make and extra trip, if they give it back to me.    I am trusting God it will be O.K.    Well, we went to see Bonita,    she was rather up set for the rain had run in & soaked of the plaster over head iin the kitchen & up stairs & Georgie was in bed with a cold & she had done out a washing for Mrs. Gannet & was making starch while she talked,    when that was done she sewed my coat button on my coat,    it fell off when I was trying to button it.     She was going to town & take Geo. to the Dr. for a treatment & had to take Nelso a neighbor was going to take them & get them back home.    we took her 1/2 bu apples & Elbert kill dressed & cleaned a hen for them,    she was real pleased with them    I took a few hickorynuts a good big quart & a little square box covered with gold paper to little Bonita who was at school.    Bonita said she had sent me a card & letter telling me all her troubles poor child    she does have the worst luck all because her parents umered [? humored?] her & let her have her own way  because she liked to do the house work when she was a little child & has kept on doing it & taking all the kicks & cuffs & now her man married a woman, he had a child by &

Tue. Jan. 17. 1959./ page. 2473./41. y.p.-  7-H.-eggs this day/  so he don’t do much for Bonita & there 3. children    Bonita gave him a divorse because of the other girl & baby.    Such a world.    I hope Bonita takes care of what she has & don’t get despondent & go wrong,    she says she has been to Elyria & told them she couldn’t feed the children & cloth them & buy coal & pay for gas & Electric & she didn’t know what to do & so they are going to help her again & she will have a little more.    Joan Monagan stays with her nights part of the time.    I just hope she learns to manage money as well as she does her house work & she’s good at that.    I should has got the letter & card today,    but it wasn’t in the box when we got home,     I got my shoes & bedroom slippers 2 slips & 2 pants.    & Elbert paid for daarning cotton & Elastic.    I thank God for all my blessings most of all because he loves me & saved my soul & is still with me & teaching me.    I Praise Him for ever & ever Amen.

Wed. Jan. 18. 1950./ 47. y.p.-9-H eggs today/ Well, I was so tired from the jolting yesterday & believe it or not news flys fast & Miss Clark don’t let any slip passed her    she contacts all she can & so, Mrs. West told her we drove to 31st street in all that down pour of rain & over that pavement full of holes Sun. night.    Well, I hate gossip & they are not my boss, so Why should I care so long as the Spirit prompted me to go there,    but Miss. Clark wrote me a letter to let me know she’d heard & said they were going to have a missionary meeting & show pictures of the work they are doing on the other side & take up a collection for same     but I washed a few more pieces today & then didn’t get all done & I wanted so much to go to the prayer meeting on 30th Street tonight,    but Elbert said we ought to find those places in the day time,    so I’m here while my heart & mind is with the prayer meeting;    I also received a nice letter from Bonita & one from Ella Jane,   & they were both nice letters and they sent Birthday cards.    Georgie was home in bed with a cold    I hope he is a lot better by now    it’s a heap of work to bring up children,    I often think of the little song we use to sing in school, “Nobody knows of the work it takes to keep the home together, nobody knows of the steps it takes  nobody knows but mother, nobody knows of the lessons taught of loving one another, nobody knows of the battles faught no-body knows but mother;    How very true those thoughts are.    The world has changed in a lot of way but, life in general is the same old phrase    If only we all could live like Jesus & be holy as He is Holy, Oh, God be in the prayer meetings & send the fire & send ghy power & teach us to live Thy Ways, Amen.

Thurs. Jan. 20. 1950./ page. 2474./ 35. y.p. -6-H.- eggs today/ Well it was cold last night & this morning, Elbert went to Alberta Beach & to Vermillion on the Lake & sold 24.doz. eggs for 45 cents per. doz. $10.80 he bought mash & straw, food & meat for us, gas & oil for the car.   We received, a card from Johny, a birthday card & letter from Bonita & a birthday card & letter from Ella Jane & now I’ll have to spend some time ans. letters.    I swept & dusted this morning & got dinner, Elbert got home late but I had everything ex-cept the meat about done & brought pork chops so I cook them & we ate, he took care of chicken & then did a few extras, got coal, emptied ashes & got some water & the papers were late tonight.    Carl Betz sent us the Los Angeles Ex-aminer new paper telling all about the Miss. Brown Geen[?] of the flower floats.   We heard part of it over the Radio.     & the ball game & 21. bands that played.    It must have been a great day.    I would like to have seen the flower floats all made of flowers of verious kinds     They called it Tournament of Roses, Rose Bowl, Southern California Review Century of Progress “The rapper on the news paper had red roses all around it on a blue & white back ground.    It was thoughtful of Carl to send it.    We must send him some papers from Ohio, I know he will enjoy them.    Johny Harnish is out on a singing tour & he & his boy friends are traveling & enjoying them selves  they sang in Springfield Mass. Washington D.C. Stanton Va. Kingsport Tenn. Maryville Tenn & Chattenooga Tenn. Live Oak Florida, St. Petersburg Florida & then Sat. & Sun. evenings at Bradenton & Melbourne West Palm Beach then they went to Datona & St. Augustine & Jasper Flordia then Winston Salem N. Carlinia & Greensboro N.C. & Silver Springs Maryland.    Ella Jane says she will be through school in June & hopes to work “to teach.”      Well, she’s the eldest of her brother & sisters & the last to finish school but she’s had a lot of hardships & set backs,    but she has a strong determinatton so perhaps she’ll make it at last.    I pray she’ll be just as strong in Knowing the Lord.    I thank God for all His many many blessing in Jesus Name Glory to God in the Highest.   I did my daily round & mended some today.

Fri. Jan. 20. 1950/ 44. y.p.-8-H eggs today/ Well, I finished the washing today & am rather tired.     I wrote a letter to Ethel, to,    I received one from her & Loura Ann’s picture, a snapshot today.    Elbert’s in bed & I’m so tired,    but will have to keep at the letters now, untill I get them caught up again.    so now Ethels is done & I’ll have to get one off to Nellie next.    hope I can write it in the morning.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessing Amen. 

Fri. Jan. 20. 1950/ page. 2475./ 44.y.p. -8-H eggs this day/ We saw 3 rats hunting for food out by the grainery late this after noon.    I hope we can Kill them.    I don’t like to have them around chewing & maybe get into the hen house.    It’s been quite cold but not so bad tonight as last night.   Glory to God I Praise Thee. 

Sat. Jan. 21. 1950./ 45. y.p. -8-H-eggs today/  Well its cloudy most of the day & a load of sand (1. ton) came that Elbert had ordered;    he went to Dr at Huron & got the bones put back & Dr says he has low blood pressure,    I think that’s a very queer thing,    he’s so hot he only sleep with a thin cotton blanket over him at night,    but Dr’s are Dr’s , so if you go to them you never know wheather they are right or wrong. It’s now 4-p-m Elbert took the papers & will sooon be back again.   & it will soon be night again,    I sent a card to Miss Clark & a letter to Nellie & Ethel.    I have got to start in & ans. letters.    Elbert burnt the branches & weeds he had piled up & said they didn’t burn very good    they were still to wet.    I Praise God for all the many healings He has given me & for helping me to money to get cloths & for food & I thank Him for strength He gives & for the wonderful privelege of being permitted to call on Him any time & any place & that He said to drink of the water of life freely    Oh Glory to His Name    He is a true living God & with out Him, how could we live, how could we  and I thank Him & Praise Him, there’s no one can take His place.    Thou my everlasting portion   More than friend or life to me, All along my pilgrim journey, Savior let me walk with thee (Chorus) Close to Thee, close to Thee, close to Thee, Close to Thee, All along my pilgrim journey Savior Keep me close to Thee.    Not for ease or worldly pleasure, Nor for fame my prayer shall be;    Gladly will I toil & suffer, Only let me walk with Thee.    Lead me through the Vale of shadows, Bear me o’er life’s fitful sea    Then through the gate of life eternal   May I enter Lord with Thee.   Well I only fasted from Fri to Sat. night,    I felt to weak to go untill to-morrow night,    I fast from 5-p-m untill 12 or 1-p m next day & so didn’t feel as if I couldnt go untill Sun night so I ate supper,    I pray God will forgive me if, I have sined.    I pray for more strength of will power & body in Jesus Name.    I want to be strong enough to fast & pray when I should,    help me Jesus.    I thank Thee & will trust & believe.    I pray it don’t rain going or coming tomorrow night.   I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sun. Jan. 22. 1950./ page. 2376 [this should be 2476]/ 35. y.p. 11.-H.- eggs today./  Well I got up  washed & dressed & combed my hair & then Elbert had kill a couple of pullets & he dressed them out & I washed & salted floured & fried them & put them in the roaster & let them simmer & they were good & tender,    I made some dressing to & we sure enjoyed it, for supper    & then we dressed for Church & drove 31st Street to the Gospel Church & we sure had a wonderful meeting,  songs of Praise testimonies & a sermon that was well delivered & explained Glory to God I praise Thee Jesus.  That Minister Help one to feel that Jesus is Holy & Sacred. Glory.    It’s been cloudy all day & tried to rain on our way home but it was only a mist & didn’t last,    We brought two woman from Church down to Lorain    one got out at Lake View Park & the other near the Colliam in front of the apartment house.    then we came the Lake road all the way home Praise the Lord.

Mon. Jan. 23. 1950./ 45. y.p. 3. H. eggs today./ Well I didn’t do anything more than I had to,    the ride to Church makes me sore & lame,    No, mail today & the fog so thick it’s hard to see to drive, but Elbert took the papers & got back O.K.     & the boy came with the milk.   He wont sit down,  says he sits in school all day & gets tired setting    he likes to talk a little about the farm & work & then go,    he says he gets half on all he grows & sells.    I’d like to meet his mother    Elbert says she’s neat & clean & keeps the house looking good.    Fog was so thick we could barely see the trains passing, but lifted before dark quite a lot    Radio says it’s going to be a little colder tomorrow & the air is damp & chilly tonight.    Well I didn’t do any writing of letters today & think I will try to get one letter done tonight if I can.    Well, I wrote a letter to see about my renewal card & got it ready to mail.    Well I just can’t seem to get at the writing job,    but got that one letter done & ready to go & now the grocery orders wrote down.    I thank God for what I have    I know it’s all His & that he has let me take it to use.    I ownly wish I could work again but there’s hardly strength enough to do what just has to be done around the house & I don’t get that all done     I thank God for the strength he gives me each day & night & & pray He will forgive me all my sins & fill me with the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name Amen.    I Praise Thee Jesus and Love Thee most of all. 

Tue. Jan. 24. 1950./ __y.p. -12-H. eggs today/  WEll, I swept & dusted washed up dishes & did the ironing & got most the supper    Elbert fried the short steaks he bought after he delivered the papers,    he had a time getting the car started    spark plugs were damp,    he has felt sick all day    took cold down in the basement yesterday    he opened both North & south windows    then stood there bent over & sorted apples & potatoes & cabbages & I hate to ding at him & I told him he’d be catching a cold,    but today he didn’t know what makes his head feel so terribly bad. 

Tue. Jan 24. 1950./ page. 2477./ 44 y.p. -12-H- eggs this day./ I feel as it I can’t stand up any length of time & my feet tire me so bad but I did fairly well    I climbed up & shifted some of the cans & part the presure cook & big Kettle up in the Locker that’s hard for me to do,    but I got it done safely.    I received a card from Bonita & a letter from Miss Willits    she sent me 25 stickerstamps for a dollar,    shes ask we use them on our letters    they ask all men and every one to pray & pray hard.    Elbert got me a cake pan aluminum    it’s like the scollapid tin one that was grandma Bonney’s “that’s pa’s mother” only it don’t have the funel in the center,    but it’s same size & there was 6 packages of Jello , a receipt leaflet & a cover of clear pliofilm cover with elastic to hold it over top of tin to use over Jello or in ice box.  69 cents.    hope I get to make the Jello    I like it but we don’t have an ice box but if the weather turns cold, I could chill it out doors.    Well I’m so glad I got the ironing done.    Elbert got some rat biscuits & he put some out for them tonight,    he killed one black spider & another came from some where a few minutes later so he killed that one also.    Rue Sarr has had a man rebuilding his furnace & I wish that Elbert had found out, if he would fix our chimney,    but Elbert’s queer about a lot of things.    I’m trusting the Lord will keep it untill we can get it done.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things.    Elbert mailed my letter to the Releif board & got me some more envelopes.    I hope to write a few lines to Inice yet tonight & to Bonita. 

Wed. Jan. 25. 1950./ 44. y.p. -4 H. eggs today/  The wind has blown so feirce today & was bad all last night, but lots worse tonight    the moon is about half full a pretty canary yellow with a pea green mist around it with a burnt orange stripe around that     it’s as pretty as any picture you ever saw so real vivid,     I’ve looked at it several times    the green looks about a yard. wide all the way around & the b. orange stripe about 8 or 10 inches wide & all are so clear. while the wind is so strong     and Elbert is planing on going with eggs to Lorain in the morning, 27, dozen.    Well, I straightened up the house & made 2. pies a lemon cream with bananas in & a blackberry & baked a pan of apples, washed up dishes & fried fresh pike for supper    now will read my bible & pray God will teach me new lessons.    Now I have finished rubing Elbert’s back    he’s felt terible punk for the last few days,   bones between shoulders & below waistline & in his neck,    this wind wont be any good for him to walk around in,    the tempture is 76 degrees as hot as in summer while it is 40 below in some of the States    Jesus will sure be coming before very much longer & I want so much to be filled with the holy Ghost before He comes.    I Praise Thee Jesus    wind’s South west & been there for sometime now.    Well, I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name    He’s such a wonder Jesus. Amen-

Thurs. Jan. 26. 1950./ page. 2478./ 40. y.p. -8-H-eggs today./ It’s been a very dark & cloudy day & Rained in heavy down pours after midnight but eased up & came in showers after about 2-a-m;    the wind was terrible    came in such heavy puffs    seemed as if it would lift us off the foundation,    I prayed God Would Keep us safe & the Chimney in place & to take care of Bonita & the Children    I suppose it rained in her place to truly & the house will be damp for children & all.    It was still raining when Elbert started out,    he had 27. doz.El of eggs,    he sold 23 1/2 for 45 cents & 3. doz. for 40 cents total 10.88    he paid 8.10 for mash & grain & 1.00 for 2 bals straw 75 cents for meat & 34 cents for food leaving bal. 52 cents.,    Well, it stopped raining about 10-30-     I got the washing all done at 2-p-m. except Elbert’s heavy underwear & work shirt & he came at 2-p.m     so, I fixed dinner for he’d have to go at 3-30 or 3-45 with papers,    he went to Dr. Bell & he thinks he can fix him up    says it’s his vertebras that keep his stomach up set & it will take several treatments to get them back & keep them there 3.00 a treat-ment    Well, Elbert seemed incouraged, so I hope he does get O.K.    Audrey said to keep the blankets we bought or turn them back,    so I will keep them,    Elbert paid 10.00 on them, the 10.00 she had given him for Christmas,    so I offered to give it back, but he said forget it,    the 2 blankets cost 30.00 & the one I bought for him cost 18.00,    Well, I buy & pay for the bedding, usually or have untill this time,    so, I’m going to get him some handkercheifs & socks & a couple of good shirts. soon as I can.    Well, it is a more quite evening    wind’s quited down & no rain but looks like it will either rain or snow.    Elbert’s so tired it’s hard to walk from house to house & sell,    I know for I have done it many times,    & then he did all the chores fed & watered hens & carried wather & coal & emptied ashes & delivered papers & listened to news over radio & read his newspaper & gone to bed    & the wind went N.West & is colder to-night,    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blesing.

Fri. Jan. 27. 1950. /46. y.p.-6-H-eggs today./  Well I was to tired to go to Elyria this morning so I just laid & rested while Elbert got up and cleaned farther pen & roost    I got dinner & he did a few more odds & ends & went over & got a qt. of milk last night & the boy brought 2 qt’s tonight.    something ate up most of the posin biscuits & I hope it was the rats.    Well I did up the dishes & darned my good dress under the arm with white thread    it tore right in the white pattern,    then I washed it & will need to iron it tomorrow.    I darned a pr. of socks for Elbert after supper.    my eyes haven’t been very good all day.    but I thank and Praise God for all my many blessing in Jesus Name

Sat. Jan. 28. 1950. / page. 2479./ 45. y.p. 6.-H- eggs today./  Pa’s birthday    he would be 89 yrs. old.    Ma was 93. yrs. old last Nov. 29. 1949, pa’s 4 yrs younger than ma and ma was 26 yrs. old when Elbert was born on Dec. 6. 1882.    Wind’s S.West & got strong since dark    not very cold today but froze so hard night before last that the water rise up in a big hump in the tray or bird bath, out by the well.    I brought in some pussy willows & they are coming out nice & some golden bells & spice bush or flowering current     they are coming but not so fast.    I swept & dusted & wiped up the floors, then ironed Elbert’s shirt & pressed my dress    then Elbert got or helped get the supper    I baked 2. tins of bread biscuits also.    I fasted since yesterday untill 7-30-tonight & then ate alittle, for my bowels run me 5 times today.    I received a letter from Nellie today    she says,

So glad to get your letter & the news of those I never hear from.    I hope you folks are getting along al right.    We are having nice weather    It’s bright & suny with blue Sky.    These long leaf pines make a beautiful picture against the blue sky,    The chickens are always out here.    It’s warm enough to go without a coat.    I see the folks go -ing to school.    Some have on jackets & some are without.    Well I guess Johny is in Winston-Salem N.C. today & tomorrow he will be in Greesboro N.C.    He will probably phone me.    I had a nice letter yesterday from Bonney Bell    her baby weighs over 17 lbs.    she is 6. months. old,    she plays with Kathy    they laugh a lot together    Kathy is very quiet,    But she rocks her dolly & puts it to bed,    that is in first letter I had from her “Bonney Bell”    I know how busy she is    She keeps house well too.    I had been anxious about Marcie Joe when she was sick .   She got well though & is alright.    I saw a picture of Johny in a news paper and could pick him out alright ,   better than in a picture he sent me of the singers.    He had dinner with Soughtons in St. Pertersburg Florida.    I’m almost half way on the Chair back set,   “Deer design”   It will be real pretty I think and quite large,    for I am using a large hook & N. 30 crochet thread    I just can’t seem to use the small hooks & small thread any more.    I teach this little girl her kindergarten.    Her mother wants her to be smart when she gets to school, but she’s still treating her like a baby,    she will be five in April.    Our Nelson will be 5 yrs old Jan 27th & is far ahead of her in many things (she has forgot Nelso has 2. older a brother & sister than he & they learn faster that way)    I didn’t tell them, but I did tell her,    he dresses himself and washes & goes to the bathroom by himself.    When she gets up from her nap we go out side a while.    I have just written Ella Jane & sent a letter to Johny this morning & must get one off to Bonita & children,    I hope she gets over being so nervous, and I thank you for going to see them & for your taking the chicken and apples,    I could eat one myself,    She has had perhaps 6 that we have used in salads,    they don’t use meat like we do & I miss it.    Well I have lived this Month so the rest should be easy.    It is pleasent here though.    Ella Jane phoned me    she is getting married in the near future .    She has been going with this fellow quite awhile.  Write again. Love to both your sisters Nellie

Sat. Jan. 28. 1950./ page. 2480./ 45. y.p. -6-H. eggs this day./ Well, I’m glad she likes it there and hope she manages well.    Oh God I pray Thou will help her in all the ways she needs & Bonita also    We all need Thee so much,    I pray for Wisdom & understanding through Jesus. Amen.    I thank Thee for the strength Thou doeth me & us from day to day & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus, Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 29. 1950./ 50. y.p.-7.H.eggs. today/ Well it’s been partly cloudy & tonight it be-gin a misty rain but we got ready & went over to see Bonita & I took her a bargain from Krogers a scoloped pan like a round cake pan 12 inches acrossed aluminum & scollops from bottom up & one of those pliofilm bowl covers, with 6 boxes of Jello & a receipt book for 69 cents & an other coupon for more Jello mold a pint size & 6 individ  ual molds for coupon & 50 cents & two box tops. & a little box of candy for the children & 2 doz. eggs for Bonita to use    she seemed well pleased & she said Joan Monagon, Martha’s youngest daughter was staying with her & that she like to have her only she wets the bed so bad    I’d think Martha would do something about it,    but she don’t    it’s to bad,    I had that trouble untill I was 14. yrs. old, then I wore an abdominal support & later took treatments that took care of it,    but the support did the trick & the other cured me    I had to have pelvic bone straightened,    I wish I could help her,    they say Martha don’t see that the bed is kept clean or that Joan Keeps bathed & her bed clothes    she dries & wears them over & over,    that, would be bad for them all.    I pray God will help me to help her in Jesus Name.    We had a wonderful meeting tonight & Rev. Dault did the preaching    He’s a wonderfully serious & spiritually minded person     I thank God for all he helped us to understand tonight    He truly loves the Lord Glory to God     He anointed me & prayed for me to-night & the Power is still going through me Praise God from Whom all blessing flow,    I thank Him for all things    He took us & brought us & gave me a refill & I wish I could go often, lots more often, & be with those that belong to the Lord.    We called on Wyn & Virginia & Joyce is 5. yrs. old    a very pretty little girl  dark eyes & hair & rosy cheeks & Irwin was off looking after a house he’s building today    Su. God’s day.    Oh God, help us.

Mon. Jan. 30. 1950./ 42.y.p.- 8.H.eggs today.   Well I got most the washing done,    got 4 more pieces to do & got those most all dry    Elbert went to Lorain & took the car in & had a little work done on it, cost him 14.00 & some odd cents    I do wish he could get a new one but they don’t alow much on yr. old one & the new ones cost 2,000 dollars & a little more so it’s impossible to think about in our money condition.    He went to

Mon. Jan. 30. 1950./ page. 2481./ 42. y.p. -8.H. this day/ Dr. Bell    he gave him a treatment & some powder to take & he threw his dinner powder & all up, after he ate    he was empty when he came home & I think he ate to hearty,    he went with the papers & came right back & fed hens & got done out side & sat down & rested awhile    he ate some broth & crackers for supper & says it’s all burning up, powder & all.    I pray he will turn to the Lord & be saved & healed.    Wind went from N.West around to S. east & it’s tried to snow twice    once today & again tonight.    Feb calls for a lot of rain,     so, we may get snow & lots of it.    I saw a woodchuck last Thurs. going from the back of the little colliney house & I am wondering, if he will be able to come out to see his shadow, this coming Thurs. for it turned cold Sun. night & has been quite cold today,    it’s been so warm that the Change is very noticable.    I thank Thee Jesus for the stren gth Thou doeth give me from day to day.    I Praise Thee    I’m more greatful & thankful than I can ever tell Thee in words. 

Tue. Jan. 31. 1950./ 37. y.p.  11-H-eggs today./  Wyn’s birthday    she is 75 yrs old today & we called on her Sun.    she’s looking good & says she’s feeling good,    she’s a little stoughter than she use to be.    Well, I haven’t done much today,    and it’s hasn’t been so very cold    it snowed a little last night & froze    was worse west & east of us,    pavement was bare.    Elbert’s had a bad head ach    I don’t know whats wrong with him    & after supper tonight I darned his socks & he got up & was poking around the table,    he burned up a few nut shucks & then I missed my thimble     I hadn’t moved from my chair, so we hunted all over the table & floor & no thimble,    it just vanished now.     the other one went in like manner,    so Who’s getting this one    we did have the fire for an excuse last time & he gave me one he said he found in the parking lot,    but when I picked his jumper up & tossed it in the big chair another 10 cent thimble fell out the pocket a new one a size smaller than the one he found in the parking lot,    now he says where are they maybe  I could use one of them, but I won’t.    I pray God will take the Devil out of this house & make it a clean house in his Name, Amen.    God help us to do Thy will I pray/  wind’s S.east.

Wed. Feb. 1. 1950./ 44. y.p.  8-H-eggs today/  I haven’t done much today out side  my regular house work & Elbert did his usual chores & took the papers.   These long leaf pines make a beautiful picture against the blue sky,      no mail today     I wrote Nellie a letter to go out tomorrow    Elbert’s going to Lorain for a treatment,    ‘the Dr gets his money’    & his stomach is no better    I pray God will help him to trust in Jesus & be saved & healed

Wed. Feb. 1. 1950/ page. 2482./ 44. y.p. -8.H. eggs this day./ I haven’t felt to good today & hope to feel better tomorrow.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for my healing.    Truly there isn’t any one Who could take Jesus Place    All the Glory & Honor belongeth to Him forever & ever Amen. 

Thurs. Feb. 2. 1950./ 46. y.p. -9H.eggs today/  Woodchuck day,   they say if he sees his shadow we’ll have 6 week cold weather & Christmas days call for lots of rain or snow.    Was Cloudy untill late afternoon    the sun came through twice good & clear, but not for long, each time,    so the chuck could have seen his shadow had he come out to look for it.    Moon & stars so clear & bright it’s all most like day time out side    I can see the rabbit’s running out in the back yard & in the park beyond.    I finished the washing today.    Elbert went to Lorain with eggs & took his treatment & sold 18. doz. eggs for 45 cents per. doz. & he bought a bag of mash & one of grain    it cost 8.10 & that was just enough to pay for it with a doz.    he brought back 10. doz.    he paid 35 cents out of his money.     He hasn”t felt very well,    his stomach & bowels are bad,    his stomach sours & burns so bad after each meal & wheather he eat or not.    I sure am sorry for him but don’t know how to help him.    We have been trying to figure out a puzzle that’s sure a puzzler.    but we can sharpen up our wits, maybe.    I must read & then go to bed,   tomorrow is another day of fasting and prayer & I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Holy Name for all things taught, both great or small & pray all thing work out for His Good & Glory & I pray He will keep me humble & true and put His Loving Seal upon me. Amen

Fri. Feb. 3. 1950./ 42. y.p. 11.-H. eggs today/  WE didn’t get up very early,    but I was to tired to work,    so, I tried to work the words in the D.A.V puzzle,    it’s quite a game, but I like trying any way.    I have done my daily round today.    I received a card from Miss. Clark,    shes in Cleveland with her Sister Eleanor Clark,    she  E. isn’t very well,  she “Miss. L. C. ” said E. broke some ribs a while ago.    Well we worked on the puzzle some & I got one with 387 points & one with 388 points,    so I’ll send one in & the other later on.    I thank God in Jesus Name I can give a little in for the crippled & bed ridden soldier boys    I’m not planing on any gains but I sure could use some extra cash  if I had it    but the D.A.V needs all they can get for the care of the boys.    Frank

Fri. Feb. 3. 1950./ page 2483/ 42. y.p. -11-H- eggs this day/  always gave for the support of the boys & since I’m receiving help from the Soldiers & Sailors, it don’t seem wrong to work puzzles.  Jim & Jean’s birth day 16. yrs. old     I pray God’s will be done and not mine,    for, I never figure on any gains.    I love the Lord more than all else. 

Sat. Feb.4. 1950./ 43. y.p.  8-eggs today./ WEll I haven’t slept very well for a number of nights & this morning a slat in the bottom of the big chair let loose & hit the floor so hard, that my nerves boomed for more than an hour    for I was really asleep when it hit the floor with a thud that boomed,    Elbert laughed,    it was swo funny to wake up.    So I got up, got dinner ready,    We, ate & I washed the dishes but I had mixed up the bread before dinner, an mix it into a hard loaf,    so, I swept both bedrooms  aired them, swept the Kitchen & dusted then, made the beds & washed me self & then made one loaf of bread & two tins of bread biscuits,    Elbert went with the papers,    he came back with boiling meat “a piece of shank, a joint & a little fat” so I put it right on to cook,    he got a package of spinage & lb. of butter,    the bread & biscuits were done shortly after he came back.    We ate beef broth & crackers for our supper.    Well, it wasn’t quite so cold today & the sun shone bright yesterday & today    wind was S or S. west.    I thank and Praise God for all His many blessings & for His promises & I live & hope for the Seal & hope to get off to church tomorrow.    I miss going to prayermeeting more than I can tell.    I received my check today & no word as to what I have to expect in the future, as yet,     but am trusting they’ll let me know.

Sun. Feb. 5. 1950./ 46 y.p.  13. H. eggs today./ Well, I got up, washed & dressed & combed my hair & cleaned my teeth  shook up beds & opened the windows  shut the doors & straightened up the kitchen & made rice soup for dinner.    We had the meat & some tomatoes & spinage & then listened to one man’s family & the quize kids & then Rev. Winston’s wife & their sister & brother in law came in & talked church for a while then went again they are going to have an-other minister & some extra singers & they were giving out invitious but I’d rather go to one meeting at 31st. St Church than all they have at Vermilion Gospel Church    Oh, Praise the Lord you can feel the Power of God in 31st. St. Church & thats the place to go.   Glory to God in the Highest, Glory , Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.    We went early   left here 5-15-p-m & stopped & left a tin of bread biscuits for Mrs. Sprunk, with Mrs. West.    & they were to church & she thanked me for them,    she don’t look very well & says she isn’t     I pray the Lord will help her     several of us were anointed & prayed for tonight & I praise God & thank

Sun. Feb. 5. 1950./ page. 2484./ 46. y.p. 13. H. eggs this day./    Him for all our healings in Jesus Holy Name.    I love Jesus    He’s wonderful.    We stopped at Audrey’s & she & Gertie were just having a cup of tea,    so, we visited for an hour & then went to Church.    We had a real prayer feast after Church, Glory.    We got home safe & it was trying to rain a very fine mist but Elbert said it wasn’t raining when he put the car in.    house was still warm when we got here & there was a good fire yet.    Elbert’s stomach was paining him & he didn’t eat,    but I had a dish of rice soup & a few crackers & cup of hot tea.    & now he’s in bed & I am going soon a I read & fix the fire.    Wind was South today & tonight    partly cloudy, tonight it’s cloudy.    not very cold today or tonight.    Gertie looked sulky tonight but got to be a little more sociable before we left,    Audrey looks so tired.    received a card from Miss Clark & DeHaans book.

Mon. Feb. 6. 1950./35. y.p.   9.H.eggs today/ Today Nellie is 53 yrs. old & in N. Caralina working for her room & board & teaching a 5 yr. old kindergarten lessons.    John would be 53. yrs. old Tue Feb. 7.th 1950, he’s been gone 5. yrs.   Uncle Will went in Aug. & Pa in Nov. & Aunt Edith in Dec. 1944. & then John in Jan. 5th. 1946.    Nellie says,    Why should all these things happen to her.   I pray God will help them, all my brothers, sisters & sister-in-laws, nephews, neices, cousins & all there families to understand & do His Will in Jesus Name, Amen.    I thank Thee for strength & courage & pray for the Holy Ghost for I crave to know more Jesus Blessed Pure & Sacred,  All the Glory belongest to Thee.

Tue. Feb. 7. 1950./ 45. y.p.  7.H. eggs today/ Well, I slept late & so did Elbert    I was washing up the dinner dishes when Inize came in & her husband    we had a nice visit & they ate an oyster stew with us for supper    then they flew off for home    he don’t like to drive after dark.    Elbert went with the papers & came & took care of hens & then helped me with supper.   They seem to enjoy coming & we like them to.    So I didn’t get only my daily round done.    Elbert forgot the mash,    so he will have to go in the morning for it as store is closed in the evening.    I’d like to go to the store, but will have to try to wash.    It’s not quite so warm today & mostly Cloudy. N.east wind.

Wed. Feb. 8. 1950./ 38. y.p.  11.H.eggs today./  Well, I did most of the washing today & got most of them dried in the house but Georgia dried hers out side,    wind was swtrong enough to dry them,    but it was damp so I don’t beleive they were only damp dry.    Well I’ll have a few more pieces Fri. if all goes well    I thank Thee Jesus for the strength of this day and the nice

Wed. Feb. 8. 1950./ page. 2485./ 38. y.p.  11. H. eggs this day./ sunshine was nice untill 3-p-m.  clouded up & rained a heavy shower about 8-p-m. & wind freshened up & is quite strong now.    Elbert hopes to cell eggs tomorrow & to go to Lorain & to the Dr.    I hope to set bread & wipe up kitchen floor & perhaps iron.    I wrote a letter to Miss Willitts & also one to Grandma Widiwich, his daughter put them in the poor house & he said if he had to go there he’d die & he did,   she’s there yet,    I wish so much I could have let them come here but releif is a hard thing to deal with & there daughter didn’t help them only to the poor house    I wonder if her children will put here there one of these days.    Oh God of Love & Mercy help us to do Thy will in all things great or small & keep me humble & true in Jesus Name.

Thurs. Feb. 9. 1950./ 45-yp-10-H-eggs today/ Elbert went to Lorain to Dr. & he sold 31. doz. for 40 cents per. doz. total $12.40 & 8 doz. in Lorain for 45 cents total 3.60 & all together $16.00    he bought mash & grain $8.10 & the meat & groceries cost 14.59 & last week he got 2 bals of straw $1.10 so,  there wasn’t much left.    I did the bal. of the washing 2 dresses, 2 shirts & 2 pieces for big chair, “the back & seat & arm piece. & 1/2 small pieces & I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits & a round loaf.    & made stew for supper    we had 2 short steaks for dinner,    I had potatoes & parsnips about ready when he got here & the water ready for tea,    so, I cooked steaks & we ate.   I ground balance of steak & cooked speggetti & rice & put meat in with it & a can of corn Mexican type style & red kidney beans & seasoning,    it tasted good with tomatoes.   It’s been a cloudy day    wind N.west this morning & S.east tonight.    it’s not cold out.    Received card from Bonita ,    she says her mother isn’t very well, blood pressure again, so she may come home again,    I hope she will be O.K.    B. said she received calender O.K.    she said yesterday was mom’s birthday    she wrote the card the 7th.   she said she sent her mother 2. aprons.    She said she went shopping Feb. 6. & that Joan was staying with her yet & that Martha had a birthday dinner for Jim & Jean Ann,    they were 16. yrs. old Feb. 3. 1950.    I hope they are in church & learning God’s will soon.    Bonita hoped Uncle & I were well & said to write & come when we could  with Love from Bonita Eddy.    I wanted to go to prayermeeting tonight     but, we were both tuckered out,     Elbert had walked his legs off selling eggs & had to carry water for hens & mash & feed & deliver papers back to Vermilion & then get coal & water for the house, so he didn’t feel as if he could drive to Wakeman. 10 or 12 miles from hear, and he can’t see very well to drive after dark, so we didn’t go to night    perhaps we’ll go next week    I pray God will help us to get to a prayermeeting some where    I need that contact so much    I thank God for the strength of today & all our many blessing in Jesus Blessed Name.

Fri. Feb. 10. 1950./ page. 2486./ 43. y.p. -9-H-eggs today/  Well, I haven’t done much today,    been to tired & loggie    feel to heavy on my feet & just have to sit more than work,    I took care of the beds & room as usual & then did the sweeping and cooked dinner & did dishes & dusted & been to tired to wipe up floors & iron,    so, I let tomorrow decide on my work,    I have the floors to wipe up & the darning to do & button holes to work & then iron if I can, but I don’t want to get to tired to go to Church Sun.    I sent Mrs. West a tin of bread biscuits,    she wanted them,    I had, had Elbert leave a tin there for Mrs. Sprunk a week ago.    Received a card from Miss Clark,    said she was coming home soon & would be seeing us..    With Love Lida.    I thank and Praise my Lord God of Hosts for His healings & for the ans. of prayer,    Elbert had a bad cold last night & could hardly rest all night,    but felt a little better this a.m. & much better tonight & so do I,    We had the tank gas bring another tank of gas yesterday & after I paid him for two, the last one & this one, he walked out with my receipt & I hurried out to get it just before he got away in the truck,    I had been washing & was hot & sweaty & the air was damp & chilly    my lower front teeth had chills all day,    but tonight I’m better Praise God.    Elbert did all his chores & delivered the papers, ate a good supper  read the news paper & listened to “believe it or not on the radio” & now he’s gone to bed again.    I thank Thee Jesus We have so very much to be thankful for and we do so little in helping with Thy work.    Oh God of Love & Mercy, I pray Thou will fill us & use us, Amen, 

Sat. Feb. 11. 1950./ 41. y.p.-11-H. eggs today/ I got the floor wiped up & dishes done but not much else,    got a cold to,    & Elbert has a bad cold    he’s all stuffed up & feels it all over tonight,    he’s careless    had a wool flanel around his neck & then took it off & opened the neck of his shirt wide & go off out doors.    air is damp & chilly,    he’s going to drink hot brandy sling & go to bed.    My ear has a notion to ach tonight & I have a pain near the heart.    I hoped he would feel better so we could go to church but guess we can’t go by the look tonight    I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray he will be lots better tomorrow. in Jesus Name & me also.    I thank Thee

Sun. Feb. 12. 1950./ page. 2487/ 44. y.p. -9-H. eggs today/ Elbert’s colds so bad we been home al day    wind’s N.east & strong & puffy but not very cold,   just sort of chilly    Well I rubbed Elbert in alchol & greesed him & put hot flannels on his & hes tucked in bed & hopes to go to Lorain to Dr. tomorrow.    I feel my cold is better & praise God from whom all blessings flow, in Jesus Sacred Holy Name, Amen;    I pray Thou will take care of Elbert & give him that change of heart he needs so much & fill us both with Thy Holy Spirit and I’ll give Thee all the praise and Glory for-ever & ever Amen. Glory, Glory.

Mon. Feb. 13. 1950./ 39.y.p.  9-H. eggs today/   Elbert could hardly speak aloud this morning    I got up in the early morning & fixed him a hot drink & a hot water bottle & got up in middle of the night so I didn’t sleep much untill after I gave him the last hot drink.    he’s still tight in his lungs,    he did his chores & delivered the papers, but with a great deal of effort    & it snowed last night, & then rained early this morning & rained alday & is still raining hard at 9-p-m.    I haven’t done only what I had to do today.   have felt to heavy all day,    but my cold seems broke    I’m trusting and believing God will in Jesus Name keep me free,    Well, I’ve got Elbert back washed with alcohol & greesed with turpo ointment    I gave him his liver pills & a cough drop & he’s tucked in for a little while.    It rains hard in showers every few minutes    I received a nice letter from Miss. Willitts & a renewal from soldiers releif commission, for which I thank & Praise God     & I thank the men on the releif board for thinking of me as I would of them, in like circumstances.  I Praise the Lord for His Mercies.    I dreamed of Ma & Mrs. Ward & Gleason & a sick little baby that no one but I, seemed able to comfort.    I pray God will again, in Jesus Name have mercy & I thank Him & give Him all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 14. 1950./ 39. y.p.  11-H. eggs today./ Well, I thought I couldn’t wash but I got it all done.   & all dried but the union suit & I got the supper but didn’t do dishes    I re-ceived a letter from Grandma Wulovich    she seemed so happy to hear from me & said Alberta Harris had gone to live at R.D.# 1 Crowley R’d Columbia Station North Eaton Ohio with a Mrs. Byrley. last July.    I ask her if she could come stay with me for a few day when it gets warm-er weather & she wants to come now she gets so lonesome there.    She said the minister was there Wed. to see her.    I feel so sorry for her & all the others who have to be there & pray I never have to go to such a jplace.    Elbert’s cold is some better but he sill feels rather punk & I washed his back in alcohol & greesed it & put hot wool flannels on him & a hot water bottle.    It rained in showers all night & today with sun shining through between & there was a rainbow in the East    The wind is strong & puffy & has gone from S.east to S.west & the snows all gone & it hasn’t been cold chilly as in Spring.

Wed. Feb. 15. 1950. / page. 2488./ 27. y.p.-10.H eggs today./  Well, with lots of grunts & groans the old girl got the ironing done & I did my daily dozen & I can’t begin to tell you how terribly tired I am.    No mail today,  been a dark cloudy day with snow showers that melted as it fell,    wind was S. west all day & now backed up to South & a little warmer at 9-30-p-m.    We heard a man give a wonderful testimony on a program called “This is your life”    He had dragged his wife with him down to the lowest level of life & was about to kill him-self, when he remembered some one had said,  When you reach such a decision, call the Salvation Army,    so he did & they took care of he & his wife & went to one of their meeting & at the altar call he took his wife by the hand & went & prayed God would forgive him & save them & help him to be of service to the Lord & now, the brothers who were ashamed of him sood up & said they were proud of him    the man he earnestly hoped that all who needed help as badly as he had, would call on the Lord & be saved.    May they really know the Lord & may God bless them to that end, Amen.    We “Elbert & I” went as we listened to him, his wife & brothers & those who, of the Salvation Army testify of all there sins and sorrows & of the wonderful joy they have found in God & in serving the Lord.   Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Amen.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for saving my soul & trust He will help me to praise Him in Spirit & in Truth. Amen.    I hope I can swe tomorrow    Elbert’s pajamas are about done & Lord God of Hosts how I wish I could go to prayer meeting again. 

Thurs. Feb. 16. 1950./ 44. y.p. 9-H-eggs today./Well Elbert got up & took care of hens & ate & went to Lorain.    He sold 19. doz. at Vermilion on the Lake & Alberta Beach & 7.60 & he bought mash 4.25 out of it & he paid for mash Mon. out of his own pocket 4.25 & there was 35 cents out of his for last Thurs. making 4.60 hens owed him.    So today he sold 7.60 & a woman came here tonight & bought the 10-doz. making 4.00 more & total of 11.60,  the mash.  4.25 & the & 91 cents for food & the 4.60 hens owed Elbert made 9.76 leaving $1.84 & he has kept that.    I have got to pay for blocks for part of a new chimney.  & I don’t know what the planks & work will cost if we could manage to do it our selves that would be fine.    I know we could but Elbert don’t think we can    I guess he don’t want to do it,    but, maybe we will have to     I pray God will help all things to work out His way in Jesus Name. Amen.    Well, I worked all the button holes over in Elbert’s union suit today & did my dirty dozen.    I haven’t slept for several nights & only got a few naps before I got up,    so I’ve been tired all day.    It’s tried to snow all day in showers     it did snow a white blanket last night.    Elbert went to the Dr.    I hated to see him start out,    but, he’s feeling better today.  thank God.

Thurs. Feb. 16. 1950./ page. 2489./ 44. y.p. -9-H-eggs this day./  I had been asking God to help us sell the other 10 doz. eggs here so Elbert wouldn’t have to go out & sell them & just at supper time a woman came in & bought them all, for an-other woman from Cleveland.    Praise the Lord God of Hosts    He hears & ans. prayer, Glory to his Presious Name.    I love Him. 

Fri. Feb. 17. 1950./ 45. y.p.-9-H-eggs today./ WEll, it’s been a nice day, partly cloudy with sun coming through and some time sort of playing hide & seek,    it stayed for several hours this morning, but, clouded up this afternoon,    days are getting longer for which I’m glad.    I washed a few pieces & cleaned up the table once again    I sure wish I could work with out getting so tired.    Well, no mail today.    I dreamed of Ma & Mrs. Ward & Gleason the other night & last night of ma, pa, Fred & John.    I owe letters to every one and feel so tired I can’t get at the writing.    I thank God for the strength He gives from day to day, in Jesus Name. 

Sat. Feb. 18. 1950./ 30. y.p. -11-H-eggs today/ Only did my daily round & finished washing out the cloth I use under the table cloth.    Elbert took the papers & went & got the milk    it’s been quite a nice day, partly cloudy, tonight it’s raining.    I thank God & praise Him for all our many blessings,    Elbert’s stomach is bad & of all the excuses but he take the papers & I sure God won’t let him suffer any more for taking me to Church so I must get to bed early tonight & hope to get up & off to church in the morning.    then if it’s bad weather we will be home in the evening & Elbert can’t see to drive very well, so, ; I like to go to evening Service best    I seem to get more good in my soul,    I pray he will be O.K. tomorrow, & praise & Thank God.    We received a letter from Nellie this morning saying she would be home Fri. noon, if all went well & that she guessed she hadn’t ought to have gone in the first place, that she isn’t very well.    Hope she got home safe & not to sick,   it made her sick, going to ride.    

Sun. Feb. 19. 1950./ 41. y.p.-9-H-eggs today./ Frank has been gone 17. yrs. today.    Poor fellow,  how sorry he was he hadn’t lived for the Lord.    When it was to late, for he said he cursed the Holy Ghost and the bible says that’s an unpardonable sin.    I can’t tell how terribly sorry I am.    May God teach us His ways & help us to live His ways in Jesus Name, Amen.    The weather turned cold & so sudden to,    frost on the windows tonight.    We got ready & started for church,   got as far a Kisman’s & car refused to go   Elbert went in & ask young Kishman to pull him back home & he did & didn’t take a cent    he said he belived in being neighborly & he might want Elbert to help him some time,    Elbert told him he’d be glad to do it.   Winds N & little west gone N.east & sounds as if its back N.W.    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the Praise & pray he can get it fixed before noon tomorrow.    I’m so sorry we didn’t try the car this morning    God forgive us & help us I thank Thee.

Mon. Feb. 20. 1950./ page. 2490./ 37 y.p. -7.-H- eggs today/ Well, I only did my usual round & cut out a suit of pajamas for Elbert  I hope to get them stitched tomorrow,    it was real cold last night, the windows had heavy frost on them before I went to bed.    and I put papers between the plants & windows & it’s about the same tonight,    winds N.East  & house cools off fast & the bigest coal strike this side of the world has ever known, & I’m sorry for those who haven’t any fuel.    manufacturing plants have had to lay off there men & the rail roads are ; laying off all whole crews & laying up the coal burning engines & rationing the gas, things are as the bible said they would be severe cold snaps & heavy rains & heavy snows & earth quakes & tornadoes in place they are not in the habit of being, floods & high waters & thousands of family, homeless & hungry & the men that rule the world talking peace & getting ready to extermenate the people from the earth, God said He would come before all flesh was destroyed & I thank Him & praise Him, for I’ve learned how true His promises are.

Tue. Feb. 21. 1950./ 39 y.p. 11-H eggs today/ Well, I only got the big chair cover mended     I was sick to my stomach after I went to bed & threw up part of my supper & felt as if I would pass out after a while then I felt some better, but dozy, & I think I slept at day light & I dreamed a little.   I have a lump on my arm & it look as if a dope needle had been used there but I can’t see how any one could get into my room     I always lock the door & bolt it & tie the bolt so it can’t be moved.    & my window screen is nailed in, how I could be molested even if I were asleep,    I don’t know, there are greesy finger marks on my door & the casing,   there isn’t any one here but Elbert & I, so I do wish I had some one to find out what goes on around here.    Well, I didn’t get anything done on pajames    Elbert took a hen to Miller yesterday & killed another today    both were full of eggs the one was all, tore open yesterday    he said her eggs was to big, he guessed & the other one had her hip out of joint    I pray Oh God Thou will take care of me & the things that go on around here, the only time I get a sleep is when he goes with the eggs on Thurs.    God of Love & Mercy Please help me in Jesus Name I ask    I know you hear & see and understand my needs & I’m trusting you will help me & I give Thee all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    It been not so cold today snowed & then it rained & was sloppy,    this afternoon sun didn’t shine much    this morning been over cast most of the day    S.east breeze & it not so cold tonight.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for my blessing Amen.   The basement is terribly wet. 

Wed. Feb. 22. 1950./ page. 2491./ 35. y. p. -9-H-eggs today./ It’s been a stormy day & not so cold, but still it seems cold because it’s been so warm, now it”s rained & then froze & then rain with sleet, then heavy shower of snow & tonight more rain & little clear ice balls.     I feel sorry for the trees & things out side,    little birds hurrying around to hunt for food    we put some mash & crumbs out & they scrable for it,    snow soon covers it up or freezes it down.    I haven’t done muc today    to cold to sit by the door to sew & I wasn’t in the mood to write so I crocheted a very little.    They called today a leagual holiday”for it’s George Washington’s birthday _._._. yrs. old    We thought there wouldn’t be a paper delivery today,    Elbert tried the care to see if it would run, it did, but he didn’t get the car out or change lothes & papers came & he said it was my falt he wasn’t ready but he was ready & gone in five minutes,    I don’t see how I was to blame,    I told him it was time to go,    he’d better see if the car would start, so he went & tried it & she did, but he didn’t make any effort to change clothes,    he went to toilet & then got a pail of well water & she came honked the Horn & he set pails inside of house & got car out & put papers in & went,    he pulled his pants on over the ones he had on & I helped him into his & coat & he was off,    he said the road wasn’t bad, but the ice on the wind sheld was bad untill he got on the main highway,    he was only gone 30. minutes.    I had supper ready & we ate when he got back 5-30-p-m.    We had mutton, potatoes cabbaage & onions with brown gravy.    We didn’t have any tea or other hot drinks,     the tea seems to burn our stomachs.     Well, I thank God my Heavenly Father in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all our many many blessings.   He’s a wonderful Sacred Jesus. 

Thurs. Feb. 23. 1950./ __y.p. –   H- eggs today./  Well Elbert left for Lorain with the eggs & to go to Dr. but Dr. wasn’t there so he sold some eggs & went back & was discusted with the condition & left & went to fisher & kroger stores to look them over then came back to Vermilion on the Lake & sold 19. doz. eggs 40 cents per doz. 7.60 & then went to store & paid 8.10 for grain & mash & 1.10 for straw at mill. 9.20 paid out,    he took in 3.60 in Lorain, sold 8. doz. -45 cents per. doz.    he took in 11.20 had 2.00 left. he gave to me.    We got to save for a Chimney    I got up at 9-a-m.    When he left & did out the washing got it washed, but, he forgot to carry the water so I had to wait to get them sudsed & wrinsed,    When he came I had to get dinner & then I sat & rested a few minutes & worked the button holes over in his union suit    then I washed it,    he said he’d bring the water

Thurs. Feb. 23. 1950./ page. 2492./ 34. y.p. -9-H-eggs this day./   but forgot it again & had to go with the papers so I had to wait some more & do a few other things untill he got back.    I saw a rare-bit out by a rose bush, he’d been all around the yard looking for a bite to eat & then huddled up under the rose bush in the sun to sleep.    I thought he’d go when Elbert drove up to the grainery, but he didn’t & I told Elbert & he shot him.    I thank the Lord, for I been wanting wild meat, so he dressed before going with papers & fogot the water for me,     Well he got it when he got back & then he fed hens  gathered eggs empted slop pail carried up coal & got in well water & & wrong out the under wear for me & his work shirt    now most of them are dry except union suit shirt & rags.    It was a really beautiful day    the rabbits, rats & birds were all out hunting food,    it snowed then rained last night and froze, then the sun came out this morning & everything glistened & sparkled & by 11-a-m & had most the ice melted off by noon so,    the birds found the mash & crumbs,    wind was S.west not cold,    I feel as if I’d just be happy if I could get out & walk & not be in such misery with my feet.    I got supper & letting dishes stand.    I made beds & looked after drying clothes & I’m tired & so is Elbert,    he’s stiff from walking to sell eggs.    I think we’ll give it up.    I thank God for all our many blessings, &, Now they are talking of war again, with in the next two yrs. they say.    & it’s going to be a terrible one this time, fought with powerful bombs.    Well God has said it would be so & before all flesh is wipe off the earth He will ccome to claim His own    I hope I can be one of that number.    I love Thee Jesus & Praise Thee. 

Fri. Feb. 24. 1950./ 34. y.p. -9-H.eggs today/ Well it’s been a nice day    snowed & rained & froze but not as bad as night before last    the sun shone most of the day    been partly cloudy.    sunset looked as if it would be nice tomorrow was moon & starlight for awhile,    but now it’s cloudy & the moon dimly spining with a deep orange ring around it.    Elbert’s done his chores & I baked two tins of bread biscuits    I sent Miss Clark a piece of dough, but she wasn’t home    Mrs Fredrick took it & gave him the cans I’d sent down the time before & they were dirty & greesy,    guess she’s tired of my sending so I’ll wait awhile & see.    Elbert got some boiling meat & knockers butter & rice.    I got his pajama pants sewed together & he tried them on,    they look big,   he says they feel O.K. (I wonder.)    maybe I can get them all stitched tomorrow & the jacket partly done    I’ll be glad when they are done    I need to make some house dresses & alter the one I just made, a little.    I did all my daily round & washed up all the dishes after supper.    Oh Dear Heavenly Father I thank Thee in Jesus Dear Holy Name for the strength & tender mercy & care Thou doeth give me & us, and pray Thou will convert & fill us with the Holy Ghost    I thank Thee. Amen. .

Sat. Feb. 25. 1950./ page. 2493./ 36.y.p.-10-H-eggs today./ I sent Nellie a card yesterday.  & I had a sort of congestion in my stomach while eating my supper, that seemed as if it would kill me.    I have had them before,    it’s more terrible than I can discribe.    Well, I got the dinner & then I got at the sewing & I finished Elbert’s pajamas, but then Tom & Mertle “The Rev. Mrs. Eppler” came in,    Rony was out in the car.    & then visited 20 or 30 minutes,    they are now holding church at wakeman,    they have been holding prayer meetings for some time, now Church,    & they came to ask us to come.    I gave them a can of pears, a can of pickle pears, a can of chilly sauce & a jar of Jelly.    I tried to get them to stay for supper but they wouldn’t & said they’d be back for a chicken supper some evening.    So I hope they will.    It’s been quite cold for a few nights.   Sun came out & was quite warm & thawed some, only a few cloud’s & moon light & star light tonight,    light breeze.    I thank God for my man many blessings in Jesus Name.   I Love my Jesus & can see each day how much I need Him.    I pray Thou will keep me close to Thee all the way, Amen.

Sun. Feb. 26. 1950./ 36.y.p.-11-H-eggs today./  Well we went to 31st St. Goaspel Church tonight    they had a wonderful meeting, Praise God     I got wonderfully blessed in Jesus Name, Glory to God, I praise Thee Jesus, Glory, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah,    I love Thee Jesus & want to be counted worthy & pray Thou will help me to understand,  and do the right things before it’s forever to late    I’ll give Thee all the Glory & honor, forever & ever Amen.    It’s quite cold out, but I didn’t get chilled.    Elbert went over to Audrey’s    she & Gertie were alone    A’s having trouble with her hand    she thinks it’s the dye in the goods they are working on.    She told Elbert Joan fell & hurt her knee & fainted & they took her to Bonita & she’s there yet,    that was 2 weeks ago.    Audrey said she expected Nellie over to see her but she hasn’t been yet.    Nellie came home last Sat a week ago,     I reckon she’s wishing she hadn’t come back.    Such is life    Well What ever they said about me, he doesn’t reveal,   I don’t even know if they ask how I was or had, been,    Elbert had a soreness in his throat again yesterday & today & it’s hurting him tonight,   he’s dopped hisself & gone to bed    We ate a hot knocker apiece & 2 slices toast & drank a cup of hot ovaltine apiece    The Lord took & brought us safely & keep the chimney in tact & the fire    it was warm when we got back home,    been a fine day with sunshine & the win’s north & clouds are white & flying fast    moon is clear & quite cold.

Mon. Feb. 27. 1950./ 39.y.p.-9-H.-eggs today./ Well it’s truly been a wonderful day    not so cold today    sun was nice & warm & it melted the snow & ice a lot,    it wasn’t

Mon. Feb. 27. 1950./ page. 2497./ 39.y.p. 9.H. eggs this day./ very thick on the ground just sort of a crust.    Elbert’s throat’s better, but he’s doped it again tonight with vicks ointment,    he took the papers & is getting Spring fever, wishing for fresh fish,     but they say there’s 13 or 14 miles of ice out here, but the ice breaker & dredge came down from Detroit & ice braker went back,    the man that owns the farm where we get the milk, works on the dredge & the crew or part of them have been working & repairing all winter & came down on it to Cleveland & came home by buss & got there 2-a-m.,    he had to walk about 1 1/2 miles from the main highway home,    the fishermen are getting anxious, for the season opens Mar. 15. & that’s only 16 days now.    Well, I did my daily round & made Elbert’s pajama jumper, & got it all down even bottoms & button holes but it tires me terribly to sew that steady.    Joan is at Nellie’s,  Elbert said Audrey didin’t know if she broke her knee cap, but she can’t stand on her leg.    So I suppose Nellie wont get to much rest & quite.    No. mail mail today    Elbert wants to go to Huron to look around. he say, in the morning.    I hope to do a little more sewing for myself,    I need a couple house dresses.   & I really ought to write some letters.    I thank & praise God for all my & our blessings in Jesus Blessed Holy Name & pray He will reveal what I shoulod be doing for Him.    I love my Jesus & want to do His will.

Tue. Feb. 28. 1950./ 36.-y.p.-12-H-eggs today./   Oh how it rained & thundered & lightened    that was like early in the spring, the rain poured down & it froxze as it landed so everything really had a thick white coating,  after awhile about noon then not steady,    but it was really warm & melted the ice fast even though it was an extra heavy coating,    the ice-cycles 3 in long looked like deep fringe all around the grainery roof & even on the cloth line,    only they were short 1 or 1 1/2 in long & they were so evenly spaced made it beautiful,    it rained in  heavy showers untill noon,    looked as if it would about 3-30-p-m, but hasn’t so far & it’s 9-30-p-m.    Chirstmas days said high wind & rain or snow for Mar. & they said the same on the radio tonight,  & not very cold.  Elbert took the papers & roads were not bad,    but there’s been a lot of things happening, car accidents & people killed    children drownding & right down here at Ruggles Beach a group of youngsters were adrift before they knew it & one boy swam 1/4 mile to shore & got help,    they got back with 3 row boats & got the girls & boys that were 1/2 mile “by then” from shore,    they were from Ruggles beach & Vermilion.    Well I only did my usual round & no more    I’ve felt tired out & all in     to much sewing all in a bunch & it’s tiresome & have some one trying to make you be-lieve you might be doing it wrong, but I got it done even though I sweat like rain,    so I felt weak & limp today & I haven’t done the washing yet this week but God Willing I’ll do it yet,   Wish I had his union suit done.    I Praise Thee Jesus.

Tue. Feb. 28. 1950./ page. 2495./ 36. -y.p.-12.-H.- eggs this day./ for all the wonderful things Thou art doing and I’m still hoping & trusting for Thy seal of promise Glory to God I love Thee Jesus, and praise Thee & all the glory truly does belongeth to Thee    I often feel I’d like to get up on the house top & preach, but there are so few that want to hear the truth,    I pray for Thy people all over the world & I’m glad Thou tought me yrs ago to love all people & I still am hungry to know more & more, help me Jesus,  I thank Thee & give Thee the Glory for ever & ever, Amen  Elbert’s got his throat healed again but his stomach, gas, wont work off his stomach.    We received a card from Bonita,    she said Joan was there yet & that they had heard from all her sisters & brother & they are O.K.   Joan throwed her knee out of joint play ball, at Gym class.    she said come when you can & write, Love from All & Bonita.    I owe a letter to every one    hope to get some of them off before long.    We had fresh canned oysters for supper    they were fine.

Wed. Mar. 1. 1950./ 34. y.p.-8-H-eggs today./ Well I only did what had to be done today    Mar. came in puffing & snowing,    wasn’t very bad today    stormed in showers & the sun coming through at intervales & even shone through some of the snow showers    eased up some at noon & then started again about 3-p-m & got at it in earnest but in showers & tonight wind has been blowing much harder in heavy puffs.   & it’s colder radio said 8. below zero to-night,    guess it will be cold before morning,    it was cold this morning from about 2-a-m untill 8-a-m.    I made soup for supper & have enough for dinner tomorrow,   Elbert says he wont go with eggs if it get to cold & I hope he wont for, he will be right over by the Lake where the wind sweeps in.    I thank my Heavenly Father for all our blessings & pray for the cold & hungry, naked, homeless & sick,    I pray God will have mercy & help me to help those He would have me to help. Glory to God in the Highest,   I love thee Jesus & praise Thy Holy Name. Amen.

Thurs. Mar. 2. 1950./ 34. y.p. 11-H-eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain    paid his garage bill,  got the price of eggs   came back to Alberta beach & sold a few,    it snowed so hard he thought he’d come home    then it eased up & he went to Vermilion on the Lake & sold most of what he had left    he only had 23 doz. & then, he fell   smashed a few eggs & cracked a few a doz or so    he got the mash & grain 8.10 & gave me $1.45    he felt all shook up & looked as if he’d been in a wreck,    hurt his left knee pan & just below there’s a deep red mark & one on the side,    I rubbed his back & sides & his neck & chest & knee & part of his leg down to the calf with Alcohol     I hope he wont be to stiff & lame,    he took the papers & done his chores but looks sick.    The paper man was here today to see if he was going to work, the little woman

Thurs. Mar. 2. 1950./ page. 2496./ 34. y.p. H-H eggs this day./ told them Elbert was going to quit,    So one of the men came today & talked with him & said perhaps he could make it possible for him to earn a little more by working 3. or 4. hrs. more so he could have enough to buy some much needed clothes,  he said they liked his work & he’d try to help him.    Well, I’m tired    I did all the washing & got most of it dry.    Mar. came in howling & did some damage, where he sells egg at Vermilion on the Lake,    tore the storm door & house door off at one place & blew a whole window in & broke the glass in the bedroom of another place,    Well theres 2 days gone of Mar & only 29 left.    I thank & praise my Father in Heaven in Jesus Name for our blessings Amen. 

Fri. Mar. 3. 1950./ 42.y.p. 8-H-eggs today./ Well, I did the sweeping but was feeling able to wipe up floors, so, they have to wait another day.    It’s been a nnice bright sunshiny day a little cold with a S. wind & tonight it’s S.east.    very light. & we have a full moon clear & bright all most light as day.    This morning I got up & shook the fire down & got it warmed up    I sleep with my door shut & locked & the windows were all frosted heavy    Well Elbert got up at 7-a-m & fixed the fire again & then went out & looked after the hens & then sat down in big chair and slept a couple of hrs.    I got up & cut my toe nails & cut the heavy calouses off the bottom of my feet,    now I wont have to do it when I take my bath & maybe I’ll do that yet tonight    We are talking of going to Elyria tomorrow God Willing, but if it’s to cold I don’t want to go,    I can’t stand it to walk in the cold air,    been in most of the winter & will be glad when it gets warm out side again so I can get out & I hope I’ll be able to get out more this summer than I did last    What little work I have to do keeps me tuckered from week to week.    I thank Thee Jesus for keeping me & hope I can do more for Thee    I feel as if I must be very small in Thy Sight    I do so little,    I praise Thee I can still do the little but I’d love to help others & wish I had a way to do it.   but am still thanking & praising Thee for what I can do.  Jesus Blessed, Sacred, Pure, Truth, & Holy, I love Thee most of all.

Sat. Mar. 4. 1950./ 36.y.p. 10-H-eggs today./   Well I got already to go to Lorain, but se didn’t go.    Elbert cleaned south end of hen house,    he didn’t care if he went he said but if I had made up my mind  he’d go,  from all that was said I knew I’d stay at home,    I didn’t feel able any way,    I had to set down 4 or 5 times before I got the sweeping & floors wiped up & I got meals & did the dishes & now it’s bedtime again. & I want to go to Church tomorrow, God Willing.    I’m feeling weak & my kidneys are bad, cold 

Sat. Mar. 4. 1950./ page. 2497./ 36. y.p.-10-H-eggs this day/  in my back I guess.    my arms are to tired tonight, to write so I’ll be glad to go to bed.    If I go in the morning I might call on some of the children although I don’t feel equal to the trip & I don’t know if they care if I come or not,    I like to see them & help them if I could, and was able.   I thank God my Heavenly Father for His Love & tender mercys in Jesus Name.    I received a letter from Nellye Mc.Cartny this Morning & she worte a nice letter & ask me to write soon again    she’s been having her sorrows to    Dan died of heart trougle 3. yrs. ago this Aug.    When he found out what was the trouble with himself he only lived a week,    she had, had a bad fall & had been in a cast for weeks & was just getting her nerves settled when Dan went & so she was so shocked & up set again,    she & Dan had been going south for the Winters & she said they had used lots more money than she knew & so she only has a small in-come to keep her, the eldest boy “Lislie” is married & lives in Brooklyn New York & has a baby boy & the youngest boy Dean “they use to call him Donie” went to college & the eldest one he’s & engineer also & Dean is a chemical engineer. & Ramond is-n’t very well & has to do light work,    the neighbor boy threw sand in his eyes when he was a little boy & it cost into the thousands to get it cleaned out.    & so he isn’t working right now & as soon as Dean gets his job, she thought she’d sell & go south to live & Ramond will stay with her.   her taxes & expenses are to high for her to stay there she says.    I would like to help her, if I could,    she says her leg was so crushed she guesses it will always trouble her now, pour soul soul.     God of Love & Mercy teach her & hers Thy way in Jesus Name.    Wind was South & south west all day & night, heavy frost but not as cold today as it was a few day ago. Glory to God.

Sun. Mar. 5. 1950./ 37.y.p. 10-H- eggs today/ Well I managed to get out to Church tonight.    We left home 4-35-p-m & went to Nellies,    she seemed glad to see us & so did Bonita & the children,    I took the children each a clean oyster box full of peanuts.  & they were real good & kept quite while we talked    we had a lunch with with them  sandwitch bread & ham & cup of tea.    Joan has gone home,    it’s queer but Martha & Joan went out as if in a whif, but Martha does seem queer some times but maybe she don’t mean to    Nellie felt so bad, she didn’t go to Church this a-m. & she really looks miserable,    I pray the Lord will help her & deliver her & hers before He comes.    Audrey hasn’t been very well of late.

Sun. Mar. 5. 1950./ page. 2498./ 37.y.p. 10-H-eggs this day./ It’s been a beautiful day.    We went to church from Nellie’s & Elbert went on over to Audrey’,     she had done out her washing,    her ear has been bad & her hands & she’s feeling all tired out.    Gertie had taken her bath & she came out the bath room with her clothes under her arm & went to her bed & got in & Elbert didn’t stay long    came back to the church with car & got out & walked around awhile then got in car & waited for me to come out of church.    We had a good prayer meeting & sermon & songs of praise & I felt the power of God & I know He’s in those meetings.  Oh, Praise the Lord, I glad I’m saved & pray He will fill me with the Holy Ghost that Its may praise the Lord in Spirit, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Amen, Amen. 

Mon. Mar. 6. 1950./ 45. y.p. 14-H-eggs today./ Well as bum as I’ve been feeling I did the washing & then washed a pair of cotton blankets    I’m sure tired    I helped Elbert get the dinner,    but, he cooked the oysters for supper (stew) & I’m glad for his help    he carried all the water,    I took care of the bedrooms as usual.    Mrs. Frankie Beesie died last week & buried & no one let me know.    Well I thank & Praise God for all things great & small & pray He will seal me before long, in Jesus Name.    I do love Thee Jesus.    We have had a beautiful day, nice sun but cold raw wind from N. East.    I received my check & a card from Miss Clark. 

Tue. Mar. 7. 1950./ 41. y.p. 9-H-eggs today/ Well I’m sure tired today & I laid in bed 1/2 the day    got up washed dressed & took care of the beds & then got the dinner,    then made a list of caned goods I was out of & got dressed for town & went with Elbert to Vermilion  when he went with the paper,    & I spent $13.23;   I sent a dollar to get some of those Gospel Evangele “a little booklet telling about what’s going on in the churches”  one I got at church tells a lot about Divine Healing and so many think of it in the wrong light & this booklet give such a clear under-standing,that any one who reads his bible can’t help understanding if they want to know.    I want to send & give them to friends & relatives hoping they will read & trust in God to the fullest.    Elbert got his car license, $10.00, & 25 cents for receipt & next will be, driving permite 40 cents, he’s got to get all 4 shock absorbers & thats 40 or 50.00,    seems if we can just live & keep even we are doing wonderfully well    & I hope as long as we live we can Keep even. & clothed & fed.    Wind is south & a little east & it’s been quite warm today but cooler tonight & radio said rain & then snow tomorrow.    I feel bad tonight    didn’t feel able to go & do the buying today.    I mailed Carl Betz a roll of news papers today & am so tired,    I ought to write letters but here I am just doing what really has to be done.    can’t have much fire & yet, have to have some fire.    Wind’s getting strong & puffy tonight.    We stopped & talked to Helen Sarr a few minutes tonight,    she’s had all her teeth out & Rue don’t eat at home any more & her father isn’t very well.

Tue. Mar. 7. 1950./ page. 2499./ 41.y.p.-9-H-eggs this day/ and her mother either & her son Bill have a wife & 3. children & another one coming & he’s acting up & leaving his wife to do the worring & young Hellen married again a man as old as her mother,    but he’s good to her & they get along swell,    her daughter by her first man is with her mother “Helen Sarr” who has a son a yrs or two younger, so they play together,    Midge looks after them a lot.    My India lillie is in bloom,    it’s not as big as usual    didn’t get enough water last summer, but it stinks just as bad.    queer how pretty they are & how bad the odor is from them.    I do thank God with all my heart for HIs Love & Mercy’s to us.

Wed. Mar. 8. 1950./ 48. y.p. 11-H-eggs today./  It’s a real Mar. day    snowed & blowed in heavy showers & is quite a little colder today    Wind was S. West then went N. West & they are having dust storms like they had a few yrs ago & earth quiakes in some places.    Little B___[?] birth -day  he’s 7. yrs. old.   [see below, she repeats this] Well, I made soup for supper & have only done the necessities to day    didn’t get up very early, either.    I thank our Father in Heaven in Jesus Name,    He takes care of his own.    Glory, Glory to God in the Highest, I praise Thee Jesus, Blessed Jesus.

Thurs. Mar. 9. 1950./ 44. y.p. 12.H-eggs today/ little Bonita’s birthday. She’s 7. yrs old. / Well I only did my usual round today & didn’t feel able to do that.    but Elbert went to Lorain & sold 7. doz. eggs for 50 cents & then he came back to Vermilion on the lake & sold 15 doz. at 45 cents per. doz. taking in 9.80 & at Vermilion he bought one bag of mash costing 4.25   leaving him 5.55 & so when he went with the news papers, he went to the Watkin’s man & got a 100 lbs poultry or condition powder 8.00  at least the receipt said $8.00    Well he made a slip of the tongue & while talking & said he gave Mrs. Schnaak 5.00, but later corrected it.    he sold 22. doz. eggs today, so he has 2.45 coming back to him out of the 8.00 he paid for powder, since he only had 5.55 egg money,    he hasn’t felt so well since he fell last Thurs.    but his stomach bothers him all the time.    I’m sorry for him, but he won’t try to help himself, by giving up this or that thing to eat that he likes.    Well, he’s in bed & I pray his stomach wont hurt anymore    he’s a good deal like I ‘am   just not phyicially fit to work.    I do pray God will convert & heal us & fill us that we may be whole in Jesus Name. Amen.    The wind has died down & it don’t seem so cold tonight & I’ll be glad when it warms up so I can go out doors & walk around again    I have to iron if I can tomorrow.    I want to go to Nellie’s again.    I don’t feel able, but I feel I should.    I pray God gave each one a blessing that went to the prayermeeting tonight, in Jesus Name.   Wind’s still N.W. what ther is. 

Fri. Mar. 10. 1950./ 40. y.p. 14.-H-eggs today/ Well Elbert looks & feels rather punk, but he did his usual chores and then had to clean up a bad mess after me or he did, anyway.    I got up this morning about 10-a-m. & did the sweeping & then got the dinner    I tried to eat my dinner but was so sick I took my teeth out & left them on the corner of the table & went to my room, I thought

Fri. Mar. 10. 1950./ page. 2500./ 40.y.p.-14-H-eggs this day./ it was going both way at once but it knocked me out & once again the slop can upset & covered my legs & the rugs,    I came to & got up,    Elbert gave me my night gown & I took off my white petty coat & dress & put on a clean skirt & the night gown    he washed the bottom of my old dress out & the skirt & dried them    then he took the rugs out & wrinsed them, a couple of time rolled them in newspapers & laid them (tonight) in stair landing & wiped up bedroom floor with two waters,  then he went & ask Georgia Snyder to come stay with me untill he took the papers down & came back,    he went out & left the heating stove going    it was so hot it smelt hot so I got up & shut it off & got back to bed safe but so dizzy,    I wasn’t sure if I’d make it.    It’s been a beautiful day & nice sun cold breeze, N. West, snow all gone again but some ice yet,    fishermen got there nets tared & out drying  & there were a bunch of blue birds came & lite in the apricot tree yesterday & later we heard some yellow birds to but I didn’t see them.    I thank God for all our many many blessing.   

Sat. Mar. 11. 1950./ 45. y.p. 10. H eggs today/ Well I felt rather shook up after my fall but I praise Gkod for all things & that He is teaching me,    I have felt so sorry for Elbert    he has been real miserable & still, is, but he has done his chores just the same & I didn’t work after I fell yesterday after dinner,    I got the dinner & did the sweeping then after I fell, I laid down for a while but got up be-fore supper but couldn’t work, today    I didn’t get up very early, but thank God & praised Him in Jesus Name that He had taken care of me.    I saw Mrs. Sprunk looking so worried & miserable & began to pray for her untill she seemed to look releived,    Elbert had gone for the milk & then he set down & rested in the big chair for awhile.    I got up & he warmed up the dinner & took care of the hens & got ready to go with the papers & she came early with papers today 3-30-p-m.    Elbert went & he stopped at West to tell them I wasn’t able to go to church tomorrow & they came out tonight after supper,    they brought some cream & we ate & visited & they decided to pray with me & I was glad, for usually when they come, they go without praying & I had said to Elbert I almost hoped they wouldn’t come just to visit for I still feel so shaken, but, we prayed & the Lord heard us & gave us a blessing, Praise the Lord Glory to God from Whom all blessing flow, in Jesus Name Amen.    I washed up all the dishes after Elbert went with the papers & ironed 2 house dresses 3 work shirts, 1 skirt, chair cover & some handkercheifs (4) of Elbert’s, so was feeling rather tired,    he brought oysters & he fixed them so I rested a little    he fed hens before supper & brought in eggs & counted them & did

Sat. Mar. 11. 1950./ page 2501./ 45. y.p. 10-H. eggs today/ evening chores.    We had finished our supper & was having a cup of hot tea when Mr. & Mrs. West & Mrs. Sprunk came in.    I re-ceived a nice letter from Harry Miller today thanking us for the hen we dressed & cut up & took to them.    I pray God will help him to except his healing & get well in Jesus Name, he has laid on that bed since he was 25 yrs. old.   the Lord has released many others & I pray He will do the same for Harry Miller    there are so many who don’t understand Divine healing May God help us.

Sun. Mar. 12. 1950./ 43. y.p.-11-H- eggs today/   Elbert feels a little better but not good yet but he dressed & cook a hen this morning,    I’m terrible sore & lame.    It did rain & then snow last night & so we have a white blanket this morning & it stayed all day, the wind shifted from last night & went N. east, then South & then this a-m it went back N. east.    so its been cold, & I hope Nellie & Bonita have coal enough to keep warm,    they should put in there coal in the summer but they don’t & then they have a hard time during the winter.    I hope they do pray for me at church & that God will hear & ans. prayer,    I will thank Him in Jesus Holy Name & give him all the Glory for ever & ever Amen.    I pray He will send the power & His blessing into the church tonight, send the fire & bless each one.    Oh Glory to God, We Praise Thee in Jesus Name.

Mon. Mar. 13. 1950./ 36.y.p.-11-H-eggs today/ Well, I didn’t do much today    achs & pains from bruises are bad today & my right hand inside and out throb with the least exercise,    I know for I washed out about 4. doz. or more wet napkins  took care of bed & rooms & bird & swept & got supper    & now I feel a little rested since supper, so will try to finish this.    I received a card from Miss. Clark saying Mertle & Tom were taking over the 4 square church in Vermilion, but she thought they’d have a hard time since the flock was so scattered    Miss Clark gathered up all she could & got them in the other church,   they call it the Gospel Church,    it belongs to the Aliance Church.    Wests talk as if they will continue to go to 31st Street Gospel Church & thats Pentecostal,    and I like it to    the preacher is a middle aged man & his wife & mother & his son & daughter all work hard to bring in souls for Jesus,    there are over 150 or 180 that go there to

Mon. Mar. 13. 1950./ page. 2502./ 36. -y.p.-11-H. eggs this day/ church & most of them Holy Ghost people & all most half of them are young married & unmarried people who take an active part in the church.    it’s wonderful & I can feel the power of God there,    When I go in Praise His Name I love to be in His church & with his people & they are so nice & sociable to “not only me but every one,    Oh how I love Jesus, because He first Loved me.    Elbert took care all his chores & took the papers & he had to pull the little paper women’s car out the ditch, before he could go.   snow’s wet & slippery.   He called Nellie & Bonita answered phone & said they were as well as usual,    only Nelson had been sick with cold    had Dr. he gave him a shot of penesillen & he’s better now.    They have enough coal for tonight & have some more coming tomorrow.    We got another wet snow fall & snow on top of that last night & winds went from N. east on around & it’s S.west tonight & not very cold.    I thank & praise the Lord in Jesus Name. 

Tue. Mar. 14. 1950./ 46.y.p.-13.-H-eggs today./  Well I soaked & washed out the rages & dried them & I washed my nose rages my skirt, shirt & stockings, 2 dish towels & 2. hand towels  took care of bird & beds & rooms & Elbert cooked the dinner & supper    it makes me sweat just to write,    my hands & bruised places hurt so bad.    I wiped the wood work & oil cloth & wash bench in that corner, & so I am tired.   The fishermen wont be able to set nets, lots of ice yet    I can see it from North Windows,    wind’s S.west     the snow thawed some today    had a nice sun all day.    Elbert took his papers, got a little caned stuff & forgot the boiling meat.    I thank My Father in Heaven for saving my soul but am still hoping & trusting for the Holy Ghost, that I may praise the Lord in spirit & in truth,    I thank him for His love & care of me in Jesus Name    I give Him all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.

Wed. Mar. 15. 1950./ 43. y.p.-10-H. eggs today/ Well hand & arm head & neck fell rather bad today so I only did what I had to do.    Elbert has done his re-gular chores & hopes to go sell eggs tomorrow.    he don’t feel as good as he could,    but we do thank & praise God for all our many blessing    N. east breeze all Morning changing to S.west this afternoon.   was quite windy last night & sky was crisscrossed with wind streeks like this [she drew in a cross hatched rectangle] from S. west & N. west. sun was like a piece of ice & it looked like it sunk iinto a big bank of snow tonight,    Well the pentecostal papers I sent for came today & I’ve got them ready to mail out Praise God. 

Thurs. Mar. 16. 1950. /page. 2503./ 48. y.p. -10-H-eggs today./ Well I still feel bum   no strength to work on,    I swept  did the dishes,    Elbert went & sold eggs    I haven’t figured up yet  he bought a bag of mash 4.25 & took 4.25 out for the mash he paid for out of his check & he gave me 50 cents     that would be 9.00 worth of eggs & he had 38 doz. & gave Dr. Divore 3. doz. for the dollar he owed him, for a long time & he brought back 14. doz.    he sold 21. doz & collected 9.45 & one woman owes him 45    that would make a total of 9.90,   so we are squared up once more.  I have only done my daily round.    My rugs have to be cleaned up yet & some of my bedding.    I thank & praise God for all my blessing in Jesus Name,    He is a wonderful Jesus    I love Him more than all else in this world.   It thawed today, but there’s lots of snow yet, & N.east breeze & the ice as far as the eye can see on the Lake,    so, no fish for a while yet, only frozen shipped in fish.   St. Patrick’s day in the morning. 

Fri. Mar. 17. 1950./ 41 y.p. 13 H- eggs today./ Well, I just can’t understand what’s wrong with me,    I had another spell Wed. in the night    got up to use can & got back to bed, was turn-ed about to sit down, when I got another knock out    I don’t remember only that I was about to sit down when I did return,    I was most froze    my legs & feet hanging off the bed    I managed to get them into bed & then forgot, again, & when I woke this time I felt so weak I could hardly turn over,     then this morning I got up late & took care of bedrooms after washing, dressing & combing my hair & cleaning my teeth,    I left them in the cup & Elbert scalded them for me    I started the dinner but once again had to get to the bed,    I laid down for half an hour, but got up & finished getting the dinner    Elbert didn’t seem to want to go ahead with it,    I had him grind the fresh pork & I made it into meat balls as I do the chicken.    I’ve felt rather punk all day, but because Nellie feels to bad to even write a post card, I tried to write a letter to her & Bonita,    I got it half wrote & got a letter out the mail box from Bonita,    So, I finished mine & sent it by Elbert to mail & I sent her one of the Feb. booklets from 31st street Lorain Gospel Church,    it’s a very interesting one, about Divine healing,    & I hope she gets a glimpes of some of the things I’ve learned from God.    I sent one of the booklets to Audrey & Martha & one to Annabel Hackman & have several more ready to send out.    Elbert took one to Harry Miller yesterday.    I wish I could talk to Audrey & see what she thinks about Nellie.    Bonita said she had been there to visit.    Wind is sure howling tonight    it rained some & snowed some but didn’t freeze, but may during the night.    I wrote Miss Clark a card & sent it today,    I have to try to write a note to Harry Miller,    he told Elbert how much he en-joyed the hen we sent or Elbert took to them,    he said it had so much more flavor than store chickens    May God bless him & raise him up

Fri. Mar. 17. 1950./ page. 2504./ 41. y.p.-13.H eggs this day./ Well some fishermen set there nets but only got 17. fish, one other got 2 & today’s the 17th  St. Patrick’s Day,    it’s a good night to stay in where it warm,    wind is west & cold & raw so Elbert say & he’s just been out to the Jone’s & they don’t have any heat there.    I Praise God for His blessings in Jesus Holy Name, Glory be to God. 

Sat. Mar. 18. 1950./ 48. y.p.-13. H eggs today/ Well I have felt bad and I mean, I have felt as if I might faint,    but as you know there’s no kind or loving hands to do the most necessary things or fix me a nice snack & let me rest.    I had a nose bleed last night   a very rare thing for me.    so I washed my pillow slipp & piece I use around my head & night gown    my rags & nose rags 2 hand towels dish towel Elbert’s pillow slip Kercheif & sock & had to stop    & I have dried them over the fire    Elberts done his chores & took the papers.    He stopped at West’s & told her I couldn’t get to church tomorrow & she said she wasn’t going,   she didn’t feel able.    Well I can’t go    I nearly passed out tonight, since supper, but Elbert washed my face with cold water & then I ate a piece of toast & drank a cup of tea,     I don’t think I eat enough for one thing    & then I try to keep the washing done up & that’s to much at times,    I did those few pieces & was all in.    I want to get back to church & among God’s children.    I hope Nellie is better today & I wish Audrey would write.    Elbert had a head ach all night,    he coulsn’t sleep,    so, I got up & bathed his head & neck with alcohol & wintergreen rub & prayed for him & he was soon fast asleep.    I fixed the fire & went back to bed,    the wind was still blowing hard from N. east & went on around & tonight it’s back N.E. & was there this a.m.    it’s starlite tonight & was last night,    sun was really hot today & thawed a lot,    but, there patches of snow here & there & over the grass    Elbert went to bed, his head still feels bum but not so bad as last night.    I have to go to bed now for I feel as if I can’t sit up.

Sun. Mar. 19. 1950./ 44. y.p.-10-H.-eggs today./ Well another beautiful sunshiny day & not cold.    N.E. wind & still N. east what there is of it.    Elbert killed a hen & dressed & cooked it & he creamed potatoes but some how I didn’t feel as if I could eat it & for supper, rice soup made of the broth & I threw my supper up & feel all stirred up yet & I get to wondering if I’m getting something to kill me, in food or drink     milk don’t look like it should,    when it sours, looks like cottage cheese thats been over heat, don’t smell right either    Well, maybe by & by, if it’s not to late I’ll find out.    Wind mostly died out tonight.    I’m so sorry I could go to church, God help me, in Jesus Name. 

Mon. Mar. 20. 1950./ page. 2505./ 4_ y.p. -14.H.eggs today/ I’ve felt so bum no pep, yet I scrubbed the two rugs & Elbert sudsed & wrinced them    I helped get them over the line & they drained off most of the water,    then he brought them in,    for it started to rain & I hung the braided one over the line here in the house & the other is on some papers on the floor.    I washed what few things of my own that were dirty & my old dress & Elbert’s towel wash rag & kerchif & he rubed out his work shirts (2.) & a pr. of socks & everythings dry except shirts & rugs.    It was a beautiful morning sunshiny    N.east wind  was cold, but not bad.    Elbert girdled some willow in the hallow this morning & he’s done a lot of odds & end & took his papers to Vermilion,    he got the Lettuce trimmings today while he was there.    I’m so tired tonight seems as if I can’t navagate.    I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits also.    Elbert brought oysters for supper & they tasted good.    I washed all the dishes except the two bread tins.    I thank God for all our many blessing & for Elbert & for the strength He gives me each day,    I thank Him more than I can tell & He is truly worthy & I pray He will help me to be also in Jesus  Blessed Sacred Holy Name;    Oh, if we only had taken more time to study the meaning more thourghly.    We are just as slow of heart as He says we are.    We are quick witted about most all other things,    but, the things we need most,    I’m getting old in body,    yet, I pray God will forgive me & fill me that I may be able to help others. Amen.    Miss Clark sent me another apron,    I don’t wear them,   Oh, me.   There are lots of robbins here, yard was full, this morning.

Tue. Mar. 21. 1950./ 46.y.p.-9-H-eggs today/ A very thick fogy morning clearing a little through the middle of the day & getting thick again toward night & then wind went S. east & it’s cleared up the fog.    it’s quite warm out & the birds have come in droves    yard was full of robbins & the Starlings were just 100’s of them feeding in the feild across the road.    The ground is like a soft sponge,    I went out to the toilet & sank in to the sod way up on my shoes & heel deep     my feet sounded like a horses hoof when they walk in the mud, making a sucking sound.    Well the braided rug got dry & I have them both down again,    I have missed them so,    & my slipper make such a noise on the bare floor.    Radio said rain & paper said rain tonight.    I Thank Thee Jesus for the strength & all the many many blessing Thou hast given me & us & I’m still hoping & trusting for the Holy Spirit that I may praise Thee in Spirit and in Truth,    I thank Thee Jesus & Adore Thee. Glory to God in the Highest for ever & ever Amen.    I received a letter from Nellie    she’s teaching 4 half days a week same 2 children she taught before,    the little girls father comes & gets Nellie at noon & brings her back again at 3.p.m & the little boy she teaches in the morning    I think his father brings him to Nellie & takes him back, on Wed. & Thurs. so she’s earning

Tue. Mar. 21. 1950./ page. 2506./ 46. y.p. 9.H. eggs this day/ a little more,    Her pension is 3500 a mo. & some how her expenses are a lot highter than mine, & then they  “Bonita & the 3 children”  make some difference although the releif gives them there food & I don’t know just how it is     she said they gave her a hundred & some dollars    seems as if they could manage for they have there own water, they have to pay the gas & electric, same as we do.   Bonita said the washer was broke,    I hope they manage to get it fixed.    Well, I’m going to bed,    I feel so tired.    I sent the papers out to several “pentecostal papers” & have the rest ready to go.    I sent Nellie an-other letter today.    & I got one from her,    she must have got all excited, because I told her how sick I’d been & was, & that was the reason we hadn’t been back,    I don’t thing Nellie is able to work for she don’t feel able to come over here on the buss.    I’m sorry for her, but not able to do anything about it.   Oh God of love & mercy    I pray Thou will help us in Thine own Way. 

Wed. Mar. 22. 1950./ 43.y.p. 14 H. eggs today./ Well, I got the balance of the washing done & Now Elbert has to wash his work pants,    it’s been dark & cloudy & tried to rain once or twice & then the sun came out for a few minutes, then it clouded up again, the wind shifted “what there is of it” from S.east  to S. West about noon & is still there at 10-p-m. & it’s thick & hazy.    I sent Nellie another letter & Audrey a card,    I guess I hadn’t ought to have told Nellie I’d been sick for Bonita went to Audrey’s & told her & she didn’t believe Bonita, because I’d sent Audrey a card & hadn’t told her I’d been sick,     I was feeling anxious about Nellie    she had looked so bad when I was there, & Audrey went to see how Nellie was & never let me know but Nellie said she was teaching again, but isn’t able to walk very far her legs are so bad,    seems things are very missleading some times,    but, we all make mistakes, so, I pray God will forgive us in Jesus Name.    I wrote a card to Mr. & Mrs. Hunt also & Elbert mailed them & 2. papers “pentecostal about Divine healing.”   Elbert hopes to go & sell 37. 1/2 doz. eggs tomorrow & he’s going to Lorain first,    I’d like to go but would have to set in the car un-till he sold all the eggs & I don’t feel equal to it yet. 

Thurs. Mar. 23. 1950./ 40.y.p. 10 H. egg today./ Well Elbert went to Lorain & sold 7. doz. eggs 55 cents per. & he has to collect on 4 doz 2. eggs yet.    & he sold 1. doz. for 45 cents & he brought back 13 1/2 doz. & sold 23. doz for 50 cents per. doz.    he took in 13.60 and spent 8.10 for mash & grain 1.10 for straw , 2.20  he will get next week but that will be for gas this week & next week & he gave me 2.65 & that we are saving to pay on the chimney, we have to rebuild.    It’s been a nice day    Mrs. Eppler came this afternoon, to see if I would come to Church Sun. morning    I’m going to put forth & effort to get there, but I want to go to 31st in the 

Thurs. Mar. 23. 1950./ page. 2507./ 40. y.p. 10. H. eggs this day/ evenings    it’s good to go there where there are so many that God has put His Seal upon.    I long to be all his & am trusting for that seal in Jesus Name.    I haven’t been able to do much today    got to tired yesterday.     Elbert said it rained & snowed while he sold eggs at Vermilion on the lake.    it tried to rain here, but, didn’t & sun shone some late this after noon    Elbert took the papers & came right back    I darned 2. prs. socks & got supper & I got the dinner & had it ready when Elbert got home.    I thank God for all my many blessings & our blessing & pray He will convert & heal Elbert & Nellie Audrey Gertie & Frank & all there family in Jesus Name Amen & Glory to God in the highest for ever & ever Amen.    We got a big paper in the mail today sent out by the Gover-ment to fill out,    seems as if we had most better be dead than alive today,    for the Red Horse & Rider are right on up now.    We have to tell them all our affairs even our own private affairs of course our taxes on the place is cheaper than rent,” as yet,” but it’s terrible, Trueman & Mrs. Rosevelt are trying to work out F.D.’s plans, to run this side the world like Russia.    Well, I’ll be glad to go to Jesus but, I’d like to see my brothers & sisters, there children & families & our cousins turn to the Lord before I go,    I hope & pray they will do it soon, for I’m sure Jesus will soon be coming.    Oh, God of Love & Mercy,   please help them to come soon.   I will thank Thee & give Thee all the Glory for ever & ever Amen.

Fri. Mar. 24. 1950./ 52. y.p. 13-H. eggs today./ Well, I thought I’d wipe up the floor but only got the sweeping done & dishes & two meals done,    so, I’m hoping I’ll get the floor wiped up & the house dress ironed & my skirt & Elbert’s 2. shirts.    It’s been a nice day partly cloudy quite warm,  bugs & flies & lots of birds & they’re getting angle worms to,    lots of them apricot pears & cheeries trees look as if the blosoms are about ready to come out,  the sun shone while it rained hard in Vermilion, when Elbert delivered the papers, but it didn’t rain here untill tonight & it’s still raining slow & steady,    I thank God for all our many blessing & now We know it wont be long before Jesus comes for the Goverment is after Knowing all our buisness & it’s not a free country any more.    I only wish I could praise God in Spirit & in truth & that all the rest were ready also, to meet Jesus,   I Praise Thee Jesus.

Sat. Mar. 25. 1950./ 48. y.p. 14.H. eggs today./ Well I did get the kitchen floor wiped up enough so we wont stick fast,    but I did feel as if I had’n’t ought to do it     my left side, front & back seemed swollen & so sore,    I prayed God would help me & He Gave me what strength I needed & I got it done but I didn’t get the ironing done so I’ll have to wear the grain bags tomorrow   I’m going to

Sat. 25. 1950./ page. 2508./ 48. y.p. 14. H. eggs this day./ Church if I can make it tomorrow, God Willing, in Vermilion    Mrs. Eppler came Fri. to ask me back,    I only promised to go there Sunday mornings if I am able to get there, and I hope I can.    So I’ll have to get up & take a bath & be ready to leave at 10.a.m. It’s been a nice Spring day. with hundreds of birds, black birds, red bird, blue jays, starlings, killdears, Meadow larks, & blue birds & all ways the English sparrow & Song sparrow, snow birds & chickadees, & Robins by the hundreds,    the top of the Elm was so full of starlings it was a sight.    I’d like to have had a picture of it as we saw it tonight.   or just about 5-30-p-m.    There are so many Robbins, “if there are any cheeries  I doubt if they leave us a good pie.    I don’t think I ever saw as many here as we have this year.    I thank & Praise God my father in Heaven in Jesus Name for His care of us.  

Sun. Mar. 26. 1950./ 46.y.p.-H. 14 eggs today./   Evelyn Bonney McGinnus is 38 yrs. old today & Martha Carlisle Monagon will be 38. June 3.   My how the time has slipped along.   but I was 65 yrs. old Jan. 16. 1950;  I’m 27. yrs. older than they are.    Sometimes I feel as if I was much older than that but God has wonderfully blessed me all these yrs.    I only wish I was more worthy in HIs sight,    but , there’s been lot of things I haven’t understood in the passed, that I’m learning so late in life    Oh God, help me to be more worthy, surely there must be some way. Amen.    Well I never got away to church,    it rained in heavy showers all day & half or more of the night    & I couldn’t rest    I felt so bad & I didn’t get up untill 1-p-m    then took a bath, combed my hair & dressed & took care of bedrooms & bird    Elbert got the dinner,    he boiled potatoes & opened & warmed a can of lima bean & opened a can of pickled pigs feet & I made the tea,    & we ate & I wasn’t quite done when Audrey & Martha drove in & they brought us a small ham, 6 pork chops & some bacon & saucage & some candy bars    We visited jperhaps an hour & they decided to go,    they drove up to the back door & so couldn’t get out as it’s so wet & slippery,    so, Elbert took his long tow chain & pulled them back on the drive,    so, now Elbert will have to press the mud & sod back into place once more    he had just got it back & smoothed & now it’s a mess once more.    Well, it was nice to see them & it was thoughtful of them to bring the meat.    Audrey says Nellie dose look bad & she said Nellie has a look in her eyes she did like to see,    she didn’t know what it was,    she couldn’t seem to explain it,    I thought it was a frightened sort of terrified look,    but I don’t know what she’s so afraid of, now    I pray God will help her & that Rev. Hants & his wife will be able to help her in Jesus Name    We will give Him all the praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.

Mon. Mar. 27. 1950./ page. 2509./ 48. y.p. 10.H eggs today./ WEll, I thought I couldn’t wash but, I got at it & had it most all done when Elbert got back from Huron    he went up to see if they had set any nets for fish yet    they have & expect to lift Thurs. but he will go sell the eggs Thurs. if he can& he’s sure got a bunch of them to sell,    the 9th of next month is Easter, 2. weeks from this last Sun, or yesterday;   I hope he sells them all,   the mash & grain cost so much we can’t seem to make much gain   & I’ve been trying to get enough to buy chimney blocks.   been a fine showery Spring Day,    sun & rain all day & tonight it has partly cleared off.    few clouds & a strong wind, S. west & a new moon,   it was new Mar. 18. so, it’s little past the first quarter.    Last night & tonight my lips have been swollen so bad in side my mouth & my mouth tastes like carbolic acid smells    I don’t know what I’m getting it out of the milk waater or tea, there is also a taste of soda.    I will trust God to take care of me in Jesus Name.    I prayed half of last night & Sunday night    I don’t know what it is but hope & trust Jesus will reveal to me.    I thank Him & praise Him for ans. prayer,  Help Jesus. 

Tue. Mar. 28. 1950./ 40. y.p. 11. H. eggs today./ Well I got the ironing done & dishes & was out back today    ground is wet but not as wet as when I first went,    it’s been raining & the S West wind is cold & penatrating    been partly cloudy all day & & such a lot of birds    just hundreds of them feeding in the fields & over the ground every where,   it tried to rain & did several times    Elbert took the papers & got oysters for supper,    I felt so bum I didn’t think I could work & it took all the vim I had, but with the help of the Lord, I got it done.    I hope I get to feeling better soon “that is” stronger in body    my arms & legs are so weaak & I have lots of ambition, but, no strength to go with it.   but thank and praise God in Jesus Holy Name for His loving care of me & us. 

Wed. Mar. 29. 1950./ 46. y.p. – 15. H. eggs today./ Well I made 2 tins bread biscuits, doz. cup cakes & 2 layer cakes all out the same batter & we ate most the cup cakes for supper.    I did my usual daily round & I am terribly tired tonight.    Got quite cold last night & again tonight    Wind went N.West & seems as if it will go N. east before morning.    I thank God in Jesus Name for the strength He give me each day other wise I couldn’t work.   

Thurs Mar. 30. 1950./ 46. y.p. 12.H. eggs today./ I only did my usual round & I washed out my old dress & what few dirty pieces there were.    Elbert sold eggs 20 1/2 doz. one doz. he has to collect for next week.    so, he took in $11.48, then he bought grain & mash & had to pay 8.20, ten cents more, this week     then, he brought pork 69 cents.       45 cents due on, 1. doz.     he gave me $2.40,   then we had dinner & he went to Huron to see how many fish they got today,    but, they didn’t lift & he helped them with some netts & they told him they would lift Sat.    he got back at 3-p.m & went with the papers.   I got the supper & he gathered eggs & fed the hens & then 

Thurs. Mar. 30. 1950./ page. 2510./ 46. y.p. 12. H. this day./ ate supper & he put the eggs in the cartons    now, we are resting.    I thank God for all our many, many blessings in Jesus Name, Amen.    Been a fine day, sun shone all day & there was a big ring around the sun. while Elbert was at the fish house.   I thank my God in Jesus Name,   He loves & cares for us, Amen.    I sent Miss Clark a card    I didn’t get it all wrote, but sent it by Elbert. 

Fri. Mar. 31. 1950./ 49.y.p.-9-H. eggs today/  We sold 20 doz eggs today for 40 cents doz. to Carl Bieber. 8.00     Well, I have only done my daily round & then I wond up string from the grain bags & got a dish rag started,    I’m hope to crochet it then bind outer edg all around,   they wear quite good.    I received a letter from Nellie today    she said Armond was out to see them last week & then Frank & Ruby came at end of week. They were going to bring her over last Sun. but, didn’t come,   Evelyn’s youngest girl Sue. has scarlet fever & the other two are with Frank & Ruby so they are busy & worried.    I hope & pray God will in Jesus Name take care of them & teach them to lean on Him.    I thank Thee Jesus.    Bonita’s children first one & then another have had first one thing & then another all winter.    All the rest are as well as usual.    Well, Nellie hasn’t been able to teach this week,    she’s had the sniffles to  she said.    I had to mend Elbert’s union suit   put on 3 patches,   he tore it clear open acrossed the back,    I went out & took my can,    he was sleeping,    it’s quite windy but not cold.    I do thank Thee Jesus so much for loving me & caring for me.

Sat. April. 1. 1950./ 42.y.p. 12-H- eggs today./ WEll, I slept late this morning.    It rained Early this a-m, before day light & stuck at it untill most noon,  even tried to snow.    I haven’t done much    felt to bum to work    did my usual round & then the two big balls of string we wound up yesterday we re-wound today & tied the ends of each piece to the other as we wound it back into two ball & fastened the crochet to them.    I am crocheting a dish rag of double string    have 5. rows done.   Elbert took the paper & came right back,   there’s been quite a breeze strong & cool, south west wind.    No more rain since noon sun came through several time & the big black clouds made it dark early.    I thank & praise God for all our many blessings today in Jesus Name, Amen.   Oh Jesus, I pray for each of Thine & for the poor & the hungry & half clothed  the poor in Spirit, the humble & needy,   Have mercy on all the souls for we know not which ones are Thine Amen. 

Sun. April. 2. 1950./ 45. y.p. 14-H eggs today/ Well it’s been a fine day,    Elbert got up early & dressed to of the old hens & cut the meat off the bones, excext the rump & wings & he cooked the bones & ground the meat & I have it mixed & ready for meat balls tomorrow.   Frank & Ruby & Nellie & Evelyn’s two children”Ruby Jean & Iria” & Francis Cora’s boy Frankie came in to call just about 3-30-p-m.    Nellie bought 5. doz. eggs 2.00

Sun. April.2. 1950./ page. 2511./ 45. y.;. 14. H. eggs this day./ and a man came in just before & bought 6. doz. 2.40    thats 11 doz. this week for 4.40, last Thurs. he sold 26 1/2 for H    Well the folks only stayed a little while, an hour or so & left,    it started to rain & been drizzling every since & wind is blowing again tonight.    not very cold out but quite cool,    the wind sounds about like it does in the Fall blowing through the Hollows & the tree tops,   it reminds of the song we use to sing in school when I was only 12. yrs. old, “The Merry Winds are out by night in all the Hollows blowing.    Well, I’m sick to think I can’t get off to Church but maybe I can Sun.    I’m hoping & praying I’ll be able.    Oh God I love thee & Praise Thee, I pray for Thy guidance & that I maybe forever Thine in Jesus Name, Amen. Glory to God.    

Mon. April. 3. 1950./ 41. y.p. 9.H. eggs today./  Well, Elbert went to Huron & he got some pike  6 of them & two musckling   fair size & they taste so good.    We had the six for dinner,    I didn’t get up very early & so he was back here at 10-a-m,    I took a bath & dressed & then shook up beds & opened windows & washed up yesterdays dishes & set table & he brought the six fish ready to fry, so I salted & fried them, warmed the creamed potatoes & left over peas & made the tea, then scalded & brushed my teeth & he came in with the other fish,    I salted them & done up 6. pieces for Nellie, half the chicken balls & 1. bag pop corn, 1. box tea, 1. bag apples & 1. fair sized box black walnuts & then I dressed & we went to end of our road & waited for little woman with papers    she was real late tonight    We delivered the papers & went to Nellie’s    she seemed glad we had come,    we talded a little & then I helped Bonita    they wanted the chicken balls for supper & me to fry them,    I was so tired & feeling rather shaky, but, I fried the balls & made the gravy,    Bonita had creamed the potatoes & made lettuce salid & tea & coffee    We ate & talked until 7-15,    then left for home.    it rained most the way home.   Mrs. Frankie Beesie gave Nellie her piano    We got home little after 8-p-m. & some one had jamed the Lock   I don’t think they got in at least nothing was disturbed for which I thank & praise the Lord in Jesus Name & a lot thank him for taking & bringing us safely, although it tired me    I hope to be able to go to Church Sun. & to enjoy His Love & Presents.    It’s been raining hard from the time we got home in heavy showers.   It’s been quite warm & it thundered & lightened last night & frogs are sure croaking to day & so I guess Spring is here at last.

Tue. April.4. 1950./ 50. y.p. 12-H- eggs today./ Well, it rained in Showers all night & all day so far, stopped at 9-p-m. but the winds been south west & is now a little more west than south.   there was a small group of orchard oriloes come    they lite in the walnut tree by the house & it was raining hard   they shook & oiled there feathers & rested for 1/2 hr. or more then went to the elm. 

Tue. April 4. 1950./ page. 2512./ 50. y.p. 12. H. eggs this day./ I like to watch the Elm in the Spring when it buds out,    the top looks so lacy & pretty    thats the way it looks right now.     I haven’t done only the most necessary things today,   was to tired alnight to sleep it seem-ed such a loong way to go,     so I sure must be getting old.    I felt all tired out all day,   I tried to crochet & it made me sweat so bad.    I washed dishes & sweat dripped off my chin.    I must try to wash a few pieces tomorrow rags most gone & I had hoped to wash blankets this week, but it needs a suny day.    I thank & praise God for all our many blessings & pray He Will help us to be quite peaceable at all time & d His will in Jesus Names. Amen. Glory to God, Hallelujah, Amen.

Wed. April 5. 1950./ 44. y.p. 13. H. eggs today/ Well, I did the half of the washing & got most of them dry.    I did my usual round & I’m sure tired.    Elbert hasn’t felt very well for the last 3. eays & we both feel tired from our ride to Nellie’s, Mon.     I thought I never could work but the Lord sure gave me enough strength to get that much done    wish I had it all done,    I did want to go to Lorain with Elbert tomorrow, but, I’m afraind to spend a cent for myself untill we get the chimney repaired.    but, I pray God Will in some way double my money.    It snowed hard this morning & laid a white blanket & the trees looked like Christmas, then before noon it all melted    then at noon it rained hard & sun came out between times & this afternoon late it snowed again & and tonight it is white again.    Wind stays south & west, not very cold but feels chilly after being so warm.    Today we received a nice letter from Johny & Marcie Harnish & little Marcie Joe’s picture,   a nice big one, that looks as natural as life    So I’ll have to ans.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for His Love & care.    I received the 7. pks of flower seeds & 2 coupon from David Harlens add. & the little book Audrey sent to me from the Work Basket. & a card from Miss. Clark written for Mr. Harry Miller for fresh eggs.    Elbert hopes to go to Lorain to sell eggs tomorrow for Easter.   winds gone N.E. & still snowing. at 10-30-p-m. 

Thurs. April 6. 1950./ 43. y.p. 14-H. eggs today/ Elbert went & sold 29 doz. eggs   ___ per doz   Ground looked like Christmas & the trees all covered with snow & ice & there were several wrecks    the pavement was so icy  a truck & 5 cars in one place & 2 trucks & 2 or 3 cars an-other place, so he was told by different ones.    Sun came out & the snow has gone again,    It’s partly cloudy & the wind’s still N. east clouds are white like white dumplins.    Elbert sold 6. doz in 5.50 & he sold 23 doz. Vermilion on the lake for 45 cents per. doz. 10.55 & collected 45 cents making 10.80  a total of $16.30,  he spent 1. for gas & 4.72 for mash [ ?] 4.25 & food the (food was 47 cents) & 60 cents for bird seeds 1.39 for olive oil he brought back 8.13 & he don’t know where the 46 cents went, he forgot to get the straw or the oyster schell.    It’s been a nice day cold N. east wind warm sun, it snowed & blowed a living gale yesterday a-m. & everything was white    sun came out round noon & melted it all & then it pitched in at 3-30-p-m. & did it all over only it raiined then froze & then snowed untill everything was white &

Thurs. April. 6. 1950./ page 2573 [she meant 2513]./ 43. y.p. 14. H. eggs this day/ again & even though the sun came out nice & warm, snow stayed un-till 3-30-p-m before it left    Winds still N.E. & quite cold tonight,   trees, “evergreens” were froze stiff this morning, poor things, birds acted cold also.    Elbert’s been & still is complaining of pains in back & on hip bones, he lookes bad, but talking of going to fish house tomorrow,    if he goes I hope he gets fish.    I wrote Johny & Marcie a letter & got it ready to go tomorrow.    I thought I’d go to the store either tomorrow or Sat.    I want to finish washing if it’s nice out side.    I thank & God for all the strength & blessings He gives us each day in Jesus Name. 

Fri. April 7. 1950./ 44. y.p. 8.H. eggs today./ Well, I baked 2 tins bread biscuits and one loaf of graham bread & Elbert went to Huron helped carry in fish & got a pk & they sure were good    I cooked dinner   had to fry biscuits for dinner.    did my usual round & wrote a letter to Nellye McCarthy.    I sent a few fish to Harry Miller, Mrs. Sprunk & Miss. Clark, when Elbert took the papers   I got supper, Elbert help me & now I must fix fire & go to bed.    It’s wasn’t quite so cold, frogs were croakiing today, the dirt dried some & we had a nice warm sun, but we’ve had 2. hard freezes & last night a hard frost,    the trees were just ready to bloom,    so, tonight raido said peaches & other fruit buds were frozen in Georgia & some of the other states.    Bible history is surely working out.    Wind was S.west today    Radio says more bad weather for the next 5 days.    I do thank God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, for loving such as I.

Sat. April.8. 1950./ 43. y.p. 13. H. eggs today/ Well I haven’t felt able to work to-day,    I did scrub the oil cloth in the corner by the slop pail & the wood work & I sweaat so bad & felt as if I’d drop in a heap.    Elbert has felt just as bad all day,    he took the papers got a little food & came back home, looking all tired out & sick,    he helped me get supper & listen to the radio,  read the paper & went to bed.    Elbert mailed Nellye’s letter also today & I received a card from Bonita today    she wrote it yesterday Fri. said her mom. had gone to teach & that they were all O.K.    she said Geo had bad case of mumps    they had the Dr. he had fever 104.   She said the fish were good & so was the chicken & the next night when she & her mother were wondering what to have for supper    Nelson said more fish so she guessed they enjoyed them to.   She said Bonney Bell called up last night & they are O.K.    They also had letter from Johny & Marcie

Sat. April. 8. 1950./ page 2574 [she mean 2514?] 42. y.p. 13-H-eggs this day./ & they are come back in May & expect another baby in June.    She said Martha was there a few minutes & said her mother & Aunt Gertie were moving to broadway in Lorain up over Deli’s furniture store.    It will be closer to there work & save car fair if house rent don’t take it.    I hope it will be O.K.    Audrey looks tired out & she isn’t as strong as she might be either    I thank God for my blessings, for Father, Son & Holy Ghost & give them all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen.

Sun. April. 9. 1950./ 48. y.p. 14 H eggs today/ Easter Sunday,  Jesus rose from the dead & showed Himself very much alive to His deciples and to 500 at one time.    I love Jesus more than all else.   But I wasn’t able to go to church,  It was a beautirful morning nice sun cool N. east breeze, clouded up at 10-a-m & stayed that way rest of the day & still cloudy at 10-30-p-m.    Elbert still feels tired, but talking of going to fish house in morning.    I feel tired & don’t feel like moving about, but hope to go to Elyria one morning this coming week.    I want to get chimney block & flashing & get my corsets.    May God help me to do His Will in Jesus Name. Amen.    I pray for All things to work out His way.

Mon. April. 10. 1950./ 38.y.p. 9-H- eggs today./ Well I did the most of the washing & I did my usual daily round & I’m so tired    Elbert don’t feel very well either,    he went to Huron & got a few more fish this morning, they’re rather good so hard & cold & meat is sweet.    It’s been a fine day  sun came up nice this morning & stayed untill about 5-30 or 6-p-m, clouded up & tonight it’s partly cloudy & the winds been S. east all day    I put to towels out to dry, but air was damp so they wasn’t real dry.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name. 

Tue. April 11. 1950./ 38. y.p.-14-H-eggs today./ Been a fine day partly, or mostly cloudy with strong wind all last night & all day today & puffy, with a misty rain at 4-p-m. Elbert said it was a a misty frozen mist, before he got back but we didn’t it here,    it’s cloudy tonight & the wind went S.West in the early morning & stayed there all day   quite raw & chilly out.    Oh, God, of Love & Mercy    I do thank Thee for answering prayer & that Thou hast sent one of Thine to heal the sick & bless in the 31st. Street Church Glory to God in the Highest  I Praise Thee in Jesus Name, Amen.    Let me go now & receive a gift of the Holy Ghost & of healing power that I to may, be a blessing in Thy Name, I will give Thee all the Glory forever & ever Amen. Glory Hallelujah    I thank Thee Jesus, all Plaise & Glorybelongest to Thee Amen, Amen

Wed. April. 12. 1950./ page. 2575./ 52.y.p. 10-H. eggs today/  Oh, it’s been a beautiful day it snowed in big feathery flake untill we couldn’t see the nearest houses & blowed a gale just a chilly raw N. West wind  Elbert cleaned the hen roost & most of the floor & wheeled it & spread it on the garden.    he delivered his papers between showers, got back just before a hard thick shower.   They are having healing meating, at 31st Church & I feel so bad that I haven’t been able to go    I am feeling better in some ways & hope to be able to go tomorrow or Fri. night at least, in Jesus Name I ask & thank Thee Amen,    I thank Thee for all our many blessing & pray Thou will give me an aboundant strength & health & power & faith & help me to be a blessing to Thee, help Elbert & each of our families like wise,   Glory to God I love Thee & give thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.   I haven’t done any more work than was really necessary all day.    I tried to catch a few pictures of the snow today.  It froze the steam on the windows at 3.-40-p-m.    tonight the ground is covered with snow & puffy wind.    was real cold at 10-30-p-m.    We received a card from Audrey    she’s been moving to Lorain on broadway,    been packiing & moveing, for a week & hasn’t worked    she said she went to Marthas for a ham dinner Sun.    that she didn’t work Mon at shop but at home getting settled & had it most done.    I hope they will be O.K.    seems to bad, two girls alone. 

Thurs. April 13. 1950./ 39.y.p. 11-H-eggs today./    tempture went down to 20 degrees last night & then it rained round midnight & froze     the icicles were still on the N.West corner of the carshed tonight,    winds been N.West all last night, today & tonight & cold strong & puffy,    it’s snowed & covered the ground after it rained last night & has snowed in gales so thick at times we couldn’t see the poles along the railroad track or the houses either side of us    Elbert was just out back & he says the wind’s gone N. East wew thought by the way the smoke acted,   when a train went past the wind hit part of it from the N. east & the other part from the N. west & made a [drawing of mark similar to base cleff next to an oblong with two stars in it] scroll in the air.    Rue’s game rooster are caged up & sitting out side with no pertection from all this cold wind & snow,    his father left his games out the same way & a lot of them froze to death   such cruelity.    Elbert went & sold 20. doz. eggs today at 45 cents per. doz & bought grain 3.95. & mash 4.25 & he sold 2. doz. to Harry Miller for 40 cents per. doz. 80 cents & had 80 he broung home & then he got a lb. of butter & some meat.    Now he has to get a new pump on his car & he has waited so long before asking what was wrong with it & it seems it can let go & spoil the radiator so I pray God will help him get it to Lorain with out any such trouble,    he’s so careless about looking after the car.    I wanted so much to go to Church while that Rev. _____ was there but it looks as if things are trying to hinder me but I’m still trusting & asking God to help me get there & Elbert also    we are both greatly in need of God’s help, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    I Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, in Jesus Name Amen.

Fri. April 14. 1950./ page. 2576./ __y.p.  __-H_ eggs today/ I took a few pictures of the snow Tue. Wed & Thurs. & one of Elbert spading this “Fri.” morning    snow all gone & a bright sun.    this after noon a-bout 3-p-m. some wind clouds & some heavy black ones just above the wind clouds came up from N.West & a big long streak came out of them & went as far as we could see across the sky toward S.east.    Elbert has quite a patch spaded & he sanded the roost & lifted the straw on the floor & loosened it up.    He delivered his papers, stopped at West’s & talked a few minutes about church at 31st street church.    I haven’t been able to go all week, in fact I didn’t know untill Mon. Night about it,    & I’ve been prayiing for a month or more God would send some one with healing power into that Church.    Well, I pray all have been blessed in all the ways they have need.    I Praise God our Father, Jesus our Savior & the Holy Ghost, for all our blessing in Jesus Holy Name, Amen,   Glory to God.

Sat. April. 15. 1950./53.y.p. 8-H. eggs today./ Well, I sure felt bum all day.   Elbert got up & went to Huron after he washed out 3. pr.s. pants suds & wrinsed them & hung them up to dry.    I got up at 10-a-m. took care of beds aired rooms & swept them & Kitchen,  wiped up dust but couldn’t seem to get up power enough to wipe up floors,    I took care of bird cleaned his cage & gave him fresh water    he flew over & set on a flower pot & look-ed at Elbert & yelled several times , but he didn’t hear him.      he came about noon with fish   nice big mess    We had the hen he dressed for Nellie, for dinner,    I ground the breast & 2. thighs for meat balls,    Elbert spaded some after dinner & he has a sand pile he covers at night & drys in day time when sun shines & he gathers the dry & takes it in the coop    the sun was nice all day & all the birds outside seemed happy today.   Winds N this a-m & little N. east tonight & its starlight & clear & cool.    I do thank & praise God for all our many blessing, but I still crave the Holy Ghost.

Sun. April 16. 1950./ 40. y.p. 10-H-eggs today/   Well, I felt so punk I thought I could never get up & bath & go to Lorain to Church but I did & God gave me more strength & we went back & heard the Rev. G. L. Johnson preach & he has the gift of healing, Glory to God   he’s from Texas & can he preach,   he prayed for me & I thank & praise God for my healing,    We got home 15 to 11-pm. It’s been a wonderful day  warm & sunshiny all day.   An old mother rabbit has her next by the front door step under the rose bushes.  Winds gone from N.E. to S.East last night & this morning is [?] & still is South & it’s been quite warm all day,  lots of bugs & some butterflys out grass & every things trying to grow.   I’m feeling better  Glory to God in the Highest   I thank Thee Jesus. & Praise Thee.

Mon. April. 17. 1950./ page. 2577./ 47.y.p. 11-H-eggs today./ I or We took Rev. Hance wife 2. doz. eggs last night & The minister Rev. Johnson ask how young we were converted    I said 18 yrs of age & he ask, how many yrs. is that?    I said I’m 65,    Well, I felt rather abashed when he said come up here where every one can see you & we we sing a song together    but it was one I didn’t know, so he sang with all the others & Sister Hance ask one to set with her on the front seat,    well, Elbert was left by him -self in the back but Dorthy rest & one or two more went & talked to him, then Sister Hance took the bible of the Minister & ask every one to file past it & put as much as they felt they could on it, for he & his wife were leaving Mon.    He thanked every one & said it really looked as if we loved them, for it was the most any one church had given them,    again I felt bad I hadn’t any extra money & So Siister Hance put a dollar in my hand & said    lets get in the line so we did,    but, I’lll give her the dollar back & a hen to cook “for interest”    it was 11-p-m when we got home.    It’s been a beautiful day.  S.west bbreeze & is S. west tonight.    I did half the washing today.   I have several blankets to wash also.   & I’m to tired tonight    Georgie Snyder dried her wash out side & for once had it all down except work pant & over alls,    I feel much better today, than Sun.    They prayed for me Sun. & I’m trusting for a full healing in Jesus Name.    I do love Him & thank & Praise Him    He’s a wonderful Saviour to me.    Well, I washed part of Elbert’s clothes & the big Chair seat cover.    Well, I got most of them dry & I’ll have to iron a dress at least tomorrow if I can with the Lord’s help.    Elbert’s to tired to    he spaded from 8-30 untill 11-a.m.   to long for one stretch    then after dinner he went down in the hollow & barked a willow all way round & the chopped off lots of the young sprouts, that were about 3. ft. long & pilled the brush    then he picked up the basket of walnuts that got upset some how & he took the papers & they were late & took care of the hens & I’ve rubed his back in alcohol as I’ve done for over a week & he’s in bed.    

Tue. April. 18. 1950./ 52 y.p. 13.H-eggs today/  Well, it was a beautiful day & I finished the washing & washed 3 wool blankets & they sure dried good & then Elbert went with the papers 3.-45-p-m.   he got oysters for supper,   he got a coconut & cracker he’s to tired & has cramps in his ribs & legs    he cooked the oysters    I was most finished with my bath    I made the beds & I ironed after he left 2. dresses 2 work shirts & my under skirt & some handkercheifs    I prayed as I worked for both of us & the preachers & all there helpers & all the christians, we sure need strength & courage in these last days,    I thank & praise Him Who is our all in all & give us strength & heals our bodys    I pray God will help us as we need & that we will keep our faiath in Him even if it slay us.   I Praise & thank Thee. 

Wed. April 19. 1950./ page. 2578./ 43.y.p. 8. H. eggs today/ Well, we went to Elyria & I ordered a corset,    they are terribly high priced but I’ve been in such misery of late,    so, as I had put it off for so long I indulged at last    I hope it will be a perfect fit,    it would be wonderful to feel comfortable.    I paid down on it a little & will have come to pay when I go again.     she will send me a card.    We stopped at Nellie’s & left the fish, chicken all dressed & cleaned ready to cook & a doz. or so nice sized beets,    then we went on to Elyria & after we were done at Corset shop we went over to see Mrs Earnie Bracket   she’s weathered & some wrinkled,    but, she loves to talk about the good times she use to have when they had there launch    she liked to fish & liked to eat them to.   We visited a few minutes,   her first name is Florance & she gave me a pink voilet & said I could name it Florance,    she’s still jolly and shes not as strong as she use to be    her house has nice things in it,    but, she’s like me  not able to do a lot     she can get out & walk & she goes over to her cousins home a few blocks away & cooks a supper for them,    the cousins wife is ill & she says it’s good to go & cook & eat with them & enjoy being together for she’s left aloone & they are all the relatives she has left,    she urged us to come back & said we were all getting old & ought to look after each other,    so, I hope we can go & see her now & again.    She lives on Water St. No. 7. house number Elyria Ohio.   We went to Nellie’s, she wanted us to eat lunch with her & when we got there she was “so she said” just having a fit & telling Bonita she just bet her a nickle to a doughnut, we wouldn’t be back, when in we came,    so we had a sliver of ham & a spoonful of beans, bread & a cup of tea,    then we took Nellie over to a little home where she teaches a little boy,    she had one at her home this morning,     Nellie has a bad cold & I don’t wonder, the house is so cold I felt chilly all the time I was there,    they said Marcie was off her feet & they took her to the hospital & thought she would loose the baby, but they are still hoping she will get O.K.   she’s such a nice little woman & I love her & hope & pray God will take care of her & help her to get well & to have a good healthy baby boy & that both will be well & strong    May God help her in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,   I thank Jesus   I thank Thee, Amen.   And I thank Thee for all Thy Love & care this day,    we started out this a-m about 8-30 it was nice & the sun was nice,    but, after we had gone out the river road at Vermilion, it clouded up & they had a heavy

Wed. April 19. 1950./ page. 2579./ 43. y.p.  8-H-eggs this day/ shower, but it wasn’t raining as we passed, stayed cloudy was like an early Spring Morning.   but it started to rain as we left Mrs. Bracket & it got at it good before we left Nellie’s but almost stopped after we got to Vermilion,    I had to stop at the V. toilet & I stopped & called on Mrs. West,    she said the devil gets after both she & her mother, of late & she isn’t a bit well & neither is her mother,    We are all in that getting old stage & have our ups & downs,    Well I’ll try to go call on Mrs. Sprunk tomorrow if I can.    I want to wipe up the floors & bake a little bread & thats about all I’ll be able to get done & I wanted to sew this week & it’s over half gone tomorrow,   I must write Marcie a letter to, poor child.   We tried to get Inezs by Phone no luck.

Thurs. April. 20. 1950./ 41. y.p. 11-H. eggs today./  Well I got up & set the bread & washed up dishes & swept & got the potatoes & the brocoli ready to cook.   Elbert came little after 12. noon    I was putting the bread biscuits on the tins when he came so I put the potatoes & broci. on to cook & water for tea   finished biscuits & set them to raise while dinner was cooking & Elbert was giving hens mash & water & when he got back I had ham ready & all the rest & so we ate.    I did dishes & put biscuits in oven & went out back & by the time I got in they had scorced a bit around the edges.    I went to Vermilion with Elbert & got 12.00 worth of canned & fresh food & fruit & we went to see about chimney block & couldn’t get them in Vermilion so we have to look else where.   We stopped & called on Mrs. Sprunk on our way back home & gave her a tin of bread biscuits,   she’s had the flu. & she don’t feel very good yet    she seems rather dis-couraged, getting old & can’t hop about as fast as she use to & she feels like I often do with out any one to help her,    We met the eldest Smith girl in the store & the 2 Horning girls passed us, but I didn’t happen to see them,    Elbert said they waved at me.   I’m sorry I missed them.    I don’t know what was wrong with Elbert but he seemed to feel so cross, with me.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing & pray He will continue to strengthen me & us all, Amen. 

Fri. April. 21. 1950./ page 2580/ 43.y.p. 10. H. eggs today./ Well, it been a fine day,    Elbert’s back has pained him bad all day & I have felt a little on the bum,   I washed out what dirty clothes I had so there wont be so many for Mon  I should have wiped up Kitchen floor, but, for verious reasons, I didn’t.   I finished Ella Jane’s letter & Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish& cleaned most of them    we had dinner out of them & supper & had 6. left, cooked, & he took 3 to Miss Clark & the woman she lives with,    he gave 3. & 6 to Mr. Miller  4. to Mrs. Sprunk & 7 or 8 to Mrs. West.    & he gave 15 or more to the woman where we get the milk, uncleaned & she gave him 2. qts of milk,     I did the rapping & he the tieing & he delivered them    they were all salted that were cleaned    I only did my daily dozen, I was out side to Jonese’s & right back.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name,   He’s a wonderful Jesus   I love & Praise only Him. 

Sat. April 22. 1950./ 47. y.p. 12. H. eggs today./ Well, today Ella Jane is 31. yrs. old don’t seem possible hardly,     but, she looked it when she was here last summer.    I hear she was married last Month, but she hasn’t wrote to me since Jan.    I don’t feel she loves me much, after I took as good care of her as I could for 16. yrs. but now she will begin to learn perhaps a little more about real life    or maybe she wont realize,  I love her still & would help her if I could, & her mother & Bonita also.    Well, I washed out what dirty clothes there were & I didn’t get floor wiped up    Elbert’s back hurt him so  bad,  he was willing to get the Alcohol & wintergreen & have it rubbed,  he can hardly get around today, but did the chores & took the papers.    He says a hen is turned inside out & all blood that’s the forth or 5th. one he has told me about.  good healthy hens,   there is surely something queer about it    We never had any thing like it in all the yrs. we kept hens.    Its such a wicked lot of things in this world cope with, but God Knows & I’m glad it’s He Who does Know & Judge    I pray Thou will keep me ever & ever closer to Thee,    I thank & praise Thee Amen.

Sun. April 23. 1950./ 52.y.p. 11. -H-eggs today/ WEll, I thought I wouldn’t get away to church today.   Elbert has a bad back    he got up & dressed out a hen so as to have something to eat.   So we been home all day   it’s been a nice day,    I thank & the Lord in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & pray for each & every one, that we may be all His,    I want to be & it would be so nice if we could all be.    I’m sorry for all Who just wont trust Him & pray for more strength faith & courage.

Mon. April. 24. 1950./ page. 2581./ 46.y.p. 9.H. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a wet dreary day   rained hard in heavy showers all night, thundered & lightened so hard, untill morning then just light showers,    it tried to clear up round noon & didn’t rain any more & still is cloudy    winds been N. east as it was yesterday & yesterday morning early    fog was so thick we couldn’t see Snyders house even when the trains went passed   was quite so bad this morning.  & there’s not many cars on highway tonight, can only see 3 lights  one at old Saunders Place,    Ellis & the old farm house.    Not many trains either,    they’re having another strike & telephones having a strike & wars & storms floods & tornadoes & rumblings    Elbert says his back is a little better tonight,    he looks sick & I know how bad he has felt.   I pray he will turn to God & be made every whit whole in Jesus Name;   I thank Thee & Praise Thee & give Thee all the Glory Amen.    I haven’t done much myself today, but, pray. 

Tue. April. 25. 1950./ 43 y.p. 10-H-eggs today./ Well, it’s been rainy & cool & sun’s as white as ice & I haven’t felt able to work all day    so, just did my daily round & no extras.    The golden bells are all in bloom & some one has borrowed my single daffidiles    I had a dozen or so & they were so pretty,    Well, God knows who took them & I pray He will punish who ever took them,    I like a few blooms to look at since I can’t get out to do much & I don’t have many left any more.    Well I thank God they can’t take Him from me and I pray He will put me in a land of peace by and by  where there will be no theives & robbers. Amen.    We didn’t get down to prayermeeting in Vermilion tonight    it’s been hard for Elbert to get around, but he put a patch on the roof of the cottage today & can hardly undress for bed tonight.    He mailed a letter to Ella Jane & a card to Nellie & one to Audrey yesterday, for me.   & no mail for us of late. 

Wed. April. 26. 1950./ 46. y.p. 10-H-eggs today./ Well I did the washing & 1. pr. cotton blankets    it’s been a fine day, south west wind & quite strong and warm, but ground is so full of water    it’s terrible Elbert had to put another patch on cottage roof & ladder sunk into the dirt up to first rung,    he got a big mess of fish today, dressed them  & e said he took up a shovel of dirt  & the hole was full of water & water is runing through the basement like a river.    Elbert’s back has pained him bad allday & he is so tired tonight & I think I am,    I carried up a bucket of coal along with all else & did my daily dozen beside the wash.   God surely give me lots of strength & I Praise him & give Him all the Glory in Jesus Name,    He’s a wonderful Jesus, Wonderful, Miraclious, He is truly more to be desired than silver, Gold or anything else on earth Glory to His Name. 

Thurs. April. 27. 1950./ page 2582/ 47.y.p.-11-hens eggs today/  Sun shone all morning clouded up at noon & got quite cloudy befoe supper time.    Elbert sold 30 doz & a half of eggs this morning & bought grain, 8.20 for both, mash & gas 1.00 for gas & so we have 6.05 left toward the chimney & I do hope we get it fixed before much longer    Elbert’s back hurts so bad & I’m to tired, but I did the sweeping & wiped up the floors & cooked & washed dishes & did my daily doz.     I had to go to the basement for potatoes & coal & I opened the windows, water runing like a river & floor is soft & muddy,    then I went down later & shut window,    I went out & opened hen coop windows this morning, got the mail “and odd” & looked for greens & went out to look at the white tame voilets & blue wild ones & got in the mud over my slipper tops & really thought I was going to sink before I could manage to get out, mercy, it’s terrible.    I thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Blessed Name,   Well , I feel like a ton of lead today, but glad I got floors done.    Elbert was just out side & says its Moon & starlight & cool.

Fri. April, 28. 1950./ 45yp-9-H-eggs today./  Well, I slept late & it was such a nice morning.   sun shining, birds were singing & fliting about so happy,    I got up about 10-a-m    Elbert had been out & got the mail, (a card from Bonita, I sat down & read her card, she said, they received my card & had received letters from Ella Jane & Johny yesterday (& she wrote her card April 27″)  she said, all are well, Matt’s been shipped out this week & she “Ella Jane” didn’t say where too, but had said Washington State before;    Pinky (little Bonita has mumps started yesterday, 2 weeks since Georgie had them.    Beautiful day & I dried all my cloths I had washed over to Gannetts.    I must get my ironing done., been writing letters all morning. Geo. didn’t have to go to school Monday or Tue, school basement was flood & ours was too, 10 in’s of water, Love, Bonita.”    Frank Babcock  wood be 68. yrs. old today.    Well, I shook up the beds opened the windows washed my face & hands & heat up the beef broth & made tea & opened cheese & we ate broth & crackers & cheese & pickles.    then, I washed up dishes then cleaned my hands & finger nails & set the bread, mixed it into hard loaf & put it to raise then took care of the bird.  looked after the fire & got the tins ready for the bread,    took a little walk out back & over to hen house    emptied slop pail came back & washed hands & mixed bread into biscuits  2 tins, & 1. round loaf. & then fixed remainder of broth for soup & washed rice in 3 waters & put it in & seasoned it & put in some speggetti & chopped up the meat & put it back in,    Elbert went with the papers & his back all most killing him    wind’s N. east & damp & chill & once a fine mist of rain cloudied up at noon & is still cloudy at 10-30-p-m.    Well, I sent a box top from past brand flakes, for flower seeds today & card to Bonita.   We had soup & prunes & tea for supper    I got the bread all baked & dishes washed & now I’ll read & pray & go to bed.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for His Love & tender mercys.

Sat. April 29. 1950./ page. 2583./ 49.y.p. 8-H-eggs today./ Oh, the Golden bells are so pretty  the little tame white voilets & the wild blue ones in the back yard    I miss the single daffidils    I pray God will punish who ever it was that took them.    I had a bad spell again last night,    so, felt so bum I haven’t done much today    & Elbert hasn’t done only what he had to do,    his back & hip is so bad,  took cold in them, I think.   N. east breeze damp & penatrating & it rained in showers most of the night & is doing the same tonight.  I would like so much to go to Church but feel so bad don’t seem as if I can,    I wish Elbert would go into Church with me but he stears clear if possible,    God would wonderfully bless us, if he would only do His will.    I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of me & us & pray to be filled with The Holy Ghost, help me to except & be filled in Jesus Name.  

Sun. April. 30. 1950./ 44. y.p. 7-H-eggs today/ WEll it rained in showers all night & all day    N. east breeze & damp & chilly.    Oh God, forgive us & help us live Thy ways & do Thy Will against our own will & judgement in Jesus Name, Amen.   We have been home all day & I’ve craved so much to be in church & I’m sure God would help me if I were to go to there & be with Him.

Mon. May. 1. 1950./ 47.y.p. & 9-eggs today/  Been a cloudy day or mostly so, dark & fogy this morning.    I ate some garlic blogna last night and it kept me awake all night,    I was just sleeping good when Elbert decided to go to Huron & he pounded the door & woke me with shock,    I need to sleep so bad but no one seems to care,    I pray God will help me soon    I had the nose bleed last night, soak a large hankercheif full of fresh blood,   my nose never blead so much in all my life & tonight it’s bleeding again,    I’m to tired & I washed out half the washing,    I’ve been sort of dizy all day.    I thank God for the wonderful strength he gives me.    Elbert got such a big mess of fish several catfish & a few bullheads & a good pan of pike & perch    we cooked catfish & bullheads for dinner & supper    Elbert got the supper.    I felt so bad thought I wasn’t going to be able to eat but I did eat a little,    I washed dinner dishes, but not the supper ones.    Elbert saw & talked to Tom Todd in Huron to-day    he’s working on a small tug & they are doing something to the west peir & the tug pull a scow.    Elbert says Tom is terribly thin & gravy, he’s about Fred’s age & Fred was 63 last Sept.    Wind’s been south east most of the day. fogy on the lake. 

Tue. May. 2. 1950./ 45.y.p.-10-H-eggs today/ I haven’t felt very good today,    Elbert hasn’t either    his hip pains him so bad.    My stomach has been bad but, better than it has been & I’m trusting God for my healing,     of late there seems to be some reason I can’t go to Church or prayermeeting so I’ve got to do something about it, right away.    We went to Vermilion with the papers, I wasn’t fit to go & sweat like rain    it cost me so much effort & strength,     We bought 15.24 worth of caned food,    I got a Kroger add & it was really a bargain in caned foods, but

Tue. May. 2. 1950./ page. 2584./ 45. y.p. 10. H- eggs today/  when we went to Vermilion it was all different    not so many cans for a 1.00 & not the same brands,     Oh Well, I’ll be sure about it next time, if there’s a next time.    We went over to Lindy’s & Dorthy West & took them a pan of fish & ask Lindy a-bout helping Elbert fix the chimney.    & he said he’d help him,    so now, we have to get the ladders & rope & planks & Elbert ordered the blocks, but I don’t think he ordered enough.    he told me 12 & he ordered 10.    Well he & I have to take down the 10 or 12 & get it all cleaned up ready to set the new blocks on & that will be at the end of this month, or first of next,    Elbert said Lindy gets 2.50 or more an hour,    so, that will take 4. or 5. hrs. & that will be 10.00 or so,    Well that’s life & if we stay, we have to have the Chimney.    We have enough caned food to last a mo. now & so I can use my alowance for the chimney or most of it.    I pray & thank God for all He help me to do & that He seems to stretcy the money some how at times    Oh God I pray you will help me to be worthy in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.  To-night Elbert & I saw a buck & doe (deer) jump over the rail-road fence & come acrossed the field up to Bessie’s place & come across the road on to the brow of Rue Sarrs hill & go down into the creek hollow,    they were the bigt ones,    they run as if they were stiff that’s the second time I’ve seen 2. deers.  Ground is terribly wet.   Some one came & left Elbert’s check & a newspaper while we were gone.    Partly cloudy today & a cold N, east breeze allday.

Wed. May. 3. 1950./ 46. y.p. -8-H-eggs today./ Well I got the dinner & supper & washed dishes & swept & dusted all 3. rooms & ironed 2 skirts 2 dresses & chair back cover.     It’s been a nice day  70 degrees heat but cold N. east wind.    Elbert went with the papers & then he went to the mill & got some pieces (cost 2.06) of 2X2 to fix up the partitian in the hen house & now we have to get some wire fencing 1/2 in mesh for it & then some fencing for hen park.    & some boards for some front door steps & that’s the way the money goes,   no coat,    hat or dress.  & I have had these for, so loong    I’m sick of them, if I was able I’d fix my old Spring coat over.    I don’t get much done, any day, only the things we just have to have done.    it been to warm to work to day,     I sweat like rain, yesterday & today.    I went to the outside toilet & over by the car shed & back in the corner to see what was in bloom & it was the little peach trees that had come up from pits.     apricots got froze, most of them, the pear teree in the corner is full of buds but it’s so cold they are undecided about coming out     sun shone most all day, but there’s a thick haze all through a white fog.   We still have a fire & water’s still runing through the basement.    I received my check today & I thank God for it & hope they decide to send the next one.    I wrote to them about it, but they don’t let me know untill time to get

Thurs. May. 4. 1950./ page. 2585./43y.p. 7.H-eggs today./  Elbert sold a few eggs 34 doz.  he got 55 cents for 5. doz & 50 cents a doz for 28 1/2 a doz. & then spent most of it for feed & mash & a little food    he gave me 6.00 & so we have to save for Chimney & next tank of gas & next winters coal.    Well it’s been 95 degrees here in the Kitchen    I slept untill 9-a-m     got so hot it woke me up so I got up,    Jackie was calling me to     always sounds to me as if he says, get up, get up.    I told him I was coming,  then he started singing,    I got the mail a card from Audrey & DeHaans book,    I got every thing ready for dinner & put some beets on to cook & then as I sat down to drink a cup of tea Elbert came & he was all most cooked    he has his heavy under wear on yet,    but he did go get some lighter weight undies today & I hope he wont catch cold after he changes,    it’s been a terribly hot day, today.    I gave him a cup of tea & he rested a few minutes & went & gave hens water & then I had dinner ready     & we ate and set awhile & then went out side & then the papers came & he went back to Vermilion but wasn’t gone long,    the census taker came just after he left & her name was Marlyn Cool, she said she was 23. yrs. old, looked as if she’d weigh 150 lbs a nice looking dark hair & eyed, girl.    We had a nice visit to & she said she’d come back to finish our visit someday, “I wonder.”   Audrey says they are moving again, but will be home Sun.    she climbs 80 stepps at the factory where she works & 30 where they now live    they are all O.K as far as she knows & hoped we were & was glad to hear from us.    & she said sh’d try to get Martha to come out again soon “signed” Love Audrey.    I’m sorry for Audrey    she isn’t very well or strong, but sure keep going & it’s going to hard on her before long for we sure seem to have to ease up by & by.    Well I thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name, Amen.

Fri. May. 5. 1950./ 48.y.p. 5.H-eggs today/ WEll the wind sure blew,    I don’t know if it blew Bell, but it blew the water all out of Elberts . 2 heavy union suits & 3 work shirts in just 1. (one) hr or so & Elbert brought them in,    he hung them out just before supper & brought them in just after.    I’m so glad for now I wont have to bother with them tomorrow.    I went with Elbert over where he gets the milk,    we took the girl (she’s about 16 yrs old some tame tiger lillie bulbs & she gave me some chives 4 bulbs,    I ask them over & the girl said she would like to come,     but she wants to ride her horse over & I don’t know where she can tie him.    I’m tired     I washed up all the dirty clothes & got the supper    Elbert brought slice of beef for supper & it happened to be very tender & good   I ate 2 small pieces.   he ate the rest.

Fri. May. 5. 1950./ page. 2586./ 48 y.p. 5 H. eggs this day/  been 90 degrees in Kitchen yesterday & today    sweat runs off me as if it were Aug. & the wind is so strong & puffy.    I thank & praise God for His Love & strength He has given me & all our many blessings.    I praise Him & give him all the Glory, He is Truth & truly worthy, Glory to His Name.    We received a card from Nellie, very short here it is,    Dear Folks weare all better.    Fish & chicken were wonderful.   B.B. & family were here yesterday after noon.    Every one is well.  Write us. Love Nellie.    I ans. it & Elbert mailed it when he went with the papers so she’ll get it Sat. or Mon. She lonesome

Sat. May. 6. 1950./ 49.y.p. 6.H. eggs today./ Well, the wind has been truly strong & I have not done only my daily grind & Elbert the same,    it has been a little cooler tonight but so hot during middle of the day 80 in the Kitchen with windows open wide.    & trees & flowers & shrubs are coming fast    some of them look as if they get to cool at night.    lots of birds every morning out in back yard,    seem to come for a meeting every morning, brown thrush, red birds, cardnals blue birds, little wild canarys chic-a-dees & snow birds orchard oreoles, finch, the gold ones, ground sparrows & sparrows, starlings & blue jays all talking & singing at once & the robbins, some whipper wills & kill deers & meadow larks & cat birds & mourning doves & cotton birds,    I don’t know if I missed any or not    but, its surely a great  sight & noise,    Oh yes, the black birds & red wings black birds. & Elbert said there were tippups & snipe, sort of wild wood choir,  & frogs all croaking,    there are lots of hornets, wasps, spiders & flies & bugs all so.    I thank My Father in Heaven for His Love & Mercy & pray I will be worthy in Jesus Name.    I want to pray through & hope I can. 

Sun. May.7. 1950./ 45 y.p.  6-H. eggs today/  We got out & went to church in Vermilion & sunday school & then we learned there had been a fire on the same street & one across the river     We came home, ate dinner & set a while then got off to 31. street church.     & we had a real blessing there tonight    & oh, I was drunk with the Spirit & the power is still going through me    Glory to God I praise Thee in Jesus Holy Name, Hallelujah, Amen.    We got home 11-10-p-m. tonight.    The wind went N. east last night & it’s cold & raw, nice sun, but so white & cold looking.    I sure enjoy the birds in the back yard & the flowers    tame voilets & wild are like a carpet of blue & white trees are blooming & leaving out fast & the strong wind drying the ground fast.    Hope we can plant a few potatoes & cabbage & tomatoes & maybe a few other things    Elbert’s hip and back are feeling lots better, but a little sore  in back

Mon. May. 8. 1950./ page 2587./ 48. y.p. 8-H-eggs today/  Well, I slept late, but, got dinner & did out the washing & got it dry except my corset.   Elbert has felt terrible bad all day    did his daily round & tried to spade,    his head & his back hurt him bad & I am tired,    He killed & dressed a hen yesterday morning,    but I’m sick of chicken, so I didn’t enjoy it.    John Schnider came here Sun. after noon & wants Elbert to build a small building about 16 X 24 ft. with an A. roof   & sided up with roofing paper on roof.    I do hope all will be well    Christe & Will are crooked & I don’t know about John,    he’s filthy mouthed, I do know & I wish Elbert wouldn’t work for him, but, I as Elbert says most men are that way, some better, some worse.     It’s been a fine day, Cold N. east wind, nice warm sun,     I haven’t been out side but once I got a pail of water & put some in bird bath    they love to bath & drink & I like to wath them do it     I do pray God will fill me & help me to praise him in spirit & in truth in Jesus Holy Name.   Glory to God, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Tue. May 9. 1950./ 45. y.p. -5 H eggs today/ Well I have felt all sort of broke up & knew it was something about the place    So, here comes a man today & said I would have to go to Sandusky in the Morning & sign my applacation for old age pension,    Well, I’ll have a place to live for a while at least,    then only God knows what’s next.    They are talking war & getting ready for it with all the worst of fire & de-struction implements they can make    The bible says, the last will be days of vengence & it’s truly coming,    I pray God will fill me before that day of Jesus coming.   Glory to His Name.   We went Vermilion to prayer meeting & only Mrs. Eppler, Mr. Whitman, & I were there but, God met up & refreshed our spirits Praise His Name    Warm S. west wind hot sun. strong puffy wind & it did sprinkle a very little this morning & again tonight.    Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish for dinner & we had fish for supper & lots left for tomorrow,    he took the papers to Vermilion & got a ham  salt as brime,    I don’t see why he gets them but he does    I can’t eat it & he hadn’t ought to.    unless we freshen it a lot & that take away the real ham flavor .    I dug a big mess of greens this after noon.    but didn’t get them cooked & now I have to go in the morning so, can’t cook them I don’t believe, in time for dinner such a world.    So I didn’t get much done today.    I do hope all is well

Wed. May. 10. 1950./ 39. y.p. -5-H- eggs today./ Well, we went to Sandusky & turned my place over to the Goverment for 39.00 per. mo. as long as I live & they pay the taxes & insurance,    so the place isn’t mine any longer more only to live on.    I can’t sell it,   if I were to exchange it I’d have to be sure they don’t loose a cent!    Well, I have to live some where & this is as good as any place as far as I know.    We were in Krogers Store & they have a nice

Wed. May. 10. 1950./ page. 2588./ 39. y.p. 5-H-egg this day/ store,  they had a special on young friers today, all cut ready to fry done in celephand paper. & such a price.    We bought 4. pork 53 cents & a small piece of, a so called lamb.   & a few slices of bacon.    then we came back to Huron & I bought 4 sheet blankets for 11.33 & I have got to pay for them yet.    Oh, such a world,    but I do thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    The man in the Veterans Office said I should have had Frank’s pension, but it was so long now it would take to much work to get it through    Well I’m glad I can still have a place to live & 39.00 & some odd cents to live on, as long as I live,    & they pay the taxes & insurance on the buildings.    Well I’m feeling rather tired tonight    I have to get my shoes soled & get me an-other pr. for Sunday day. It’s been a fine day nice Sun. cool breeze. & tonight, sun set white as ice & then looked red just before dark.    Well, I’m wishing to get out side a little more .   air feels to cold & I can’t hardly walk my feet hurt so bad.    Well I’ll read & go to bed ,    we have a little fire tonight. 

Thurs. May. 11. 1950./ 49.y.p. 4. H-eggs today/ Well I hunted for the deed, looks as if it wasn’t transfered back into my Name so that will have to be taken care of.    I spent all my time looking for it today, in the chest.    I found the old one’s    Well the man for the Goverment will be coming along to pick it up in a day or two so he said.    I let him do a little looking & see if it was transfered back into my name.    I’m all tired out just looking    I was sure I had it in the lock box but it wasn’t there so I don’t know what to do about it.    It’s been a nice day   cool wind but not so strong today;    Elbert went to Vermilion on the Lake & sold 23 doz. eggs at 50 cents per. doz. bought 2 bags mash. 1. loaf bread & 1. for gas & gave me 1.25     looks as if we’ll never get the chimney block’s.    Oh, I’m glad there wont be sick-ness, sorrow, tears or crocked works of any kind in Jesus World.    God of Love & Mercy help me to live, talk, think & walk in Thy ways,    I give Thee the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    Grass & weeds are growing fast,    the flowering thorn is as red as a cardnal    blossoms are so bright    I’ve got to do something about a dress & soon for every day & Sun.  

Fri. May. 12. 1950./ 42. y.p. 8.H- eggs today/ I did up what washing there was & washed my good dress & my house dress & now I’ll have to get them ironed    Elbert washed out his pants    so I’ll have them to press & mend also.    It’s been a beautiful day warm & sunshiny & N east breeze.    John Snyder came over & plowed a little strip of dirt north of the cottage,    Elbert thought he’d plant a few potatoes & maybe some beans or corn out there,    his hip & backs so bad, he don’t know what to do.    Well I’m tired I haven’t felt able to work

Fri. May. 12. 1950./ page. 2589./ 42. y.p. 8.H-eggs this day./   Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish  2 bulhead 2 catfish & a few pike.    Elbert just told me John came through the back yard with the tractor & crushed my flowers that were just ready to bloom & I don’t know if he crushed the peonies or not & I’m just boiliing    men are such contemptible things,    Oh, God help me & take away the anger.    I only have a few flowers to enjoy & each yr some dirty skunk has to spoil part of them just when thry’re most ready to bloom or come in & pull the flowers off & leave them on the ground    Oh, I wish so much I could be with Thee Jesus    I’m so terribly sick of this life.    Well, press & iron tomorrow & I hope to wipe up the floor to if I can    & I want to trim the wisteria vine & trumpet vine. & the rose bush in front of the coop,    the post has rotted off    we have to put in another post & then fasten the vine up & trim it & fasten it,  the place need some one to get out & clean it up the brushes & berry bushes are terrible in the back, & the trees need care & spraying.   Oh, well, let the govement do it.  I signed it over to them.   been hot all day & two cool tonight.    Well I found the deed to the place but the man didn’t come for it yet.    Well, I thank God, He can do all things in Jesus Name    the flowers wasn’t hurt that Elbert thought were crushed. 

Sat. May. 13. 1950./ 45. y.p. 6.H. eggs today./  Gertie’s birthday   she is 62 yrs. old today just 3. yrs. younger then I & she looks well & strong, but Audrey has always worked & she looks tired out most of the time,    but, Gertie never hurt herself working, she let every one else do the work.    I’m glad any way, if I am old & worked out, that, I didn’t ever shirk my duties off onto any one else.    I still believe in being honest in every thing small or great.   Well, I got up at 8.a.m. & did a few odds & ends & then get the dinner  read, after dinner    I trimed the grapes out beyond the well pump & the wisteria, didn’t get quite done,    but enough so it wont do any harm if I can finish it.    Elbert put a new post in for the rambler in front of the coop & tied it up but it has to be trimed yet,  he went with the papers & I came in & ironed my dress & under skirt & 3 work shirts & pressed my dress & belt & 3. prs. pants for Elbert & he cooked the supper, he got pork chops & bread while in Vermilion,    he isn’t feeling a bit well    his back is so bad & he hurt his wrist.    I have a bad feeling in the rectum like something, well it feels like an angle worm sounds when coming up out of the dirt, makes me dizzy headed.     It’s been a beautiful Spring day warm, but, cool   N. west breeze  rained a light shower

Sun. May. 14. 1950./ page. 2590./ 46.y.p. 7.H-eggs today./ Well. I was to sick to go to Sunday school & church this morning & begin to think I wasn’t going tonight bowels, run like water, I felt to sick to pray tonight, so gave it up & came back home. my head feels so bad & my nose tried to bleed while I tried to pray, my recturm is still got that terrible feeling in it,    I hope I can soon be able to pray through,  then God will heal me, again    Praise His Name, All the Glory Power & honor truly belongest to Him, I give all Praise to Thee for ever & ever. 

Mon. May. 15. 1950./ 48.y.p. 8. H. eggs today./ 30. yrs. When. I was married to Frank in Elyria, Well I didn’t get up very early, then I did a few odds & ends & got dinner & did dishes & went out & trimed the yellow roses they winter killed bad & there is a yellow,    or, orange powder on some of them    I don’t know what it can be,     but, now we will have to spray them,    I only worked about 1/2 hr. & my feet hurt so bad seemed as if they would kill me,    I pray God is working in them.    I picked a large bunch of voilets & hope to pick as many more in the moring & I got a bag of grain bags. 2. dresses,  one for Nellie & one for Bonita 2. qts. butter nuts   1.qt. Hickory nuts & Elbert killed & dressed a hen for Nellie & one for Mrs. Bracket & cleaned out one apiece.    & the girl where we get the milk “Mander’s is the there name”  she wants some orange lillies & flax, I gave her some tiger lillie bulbs a short time ago & she gave me some shives “you use tope for seasoning or to but in with meat or soup”.    Mrs. Cranage wants some of them & an elderbery bush.    I thank God He heard & answered prayer & that terrible feeling has stopped, that was in my recturn.    All the glory truly belongest to Him,    He is more than wonderful    I love & ador Him, He’s pure & Holy & I wish I were like Him.    Well, We hope God Willing to go to Elyria in the morning & to get my corset & perhaps a hat.    & we want to go early.

Tue. May. 16. 1950./ .48y.p. 5H. eggs today./   Well we rise up early washed & dressed & picked the extra big bunch of voilets & put them with the one’s I had picked yesterday in a gal. crock.    & a voilet plant that was just full of flowers on a paper & put the two basins of chickens in bags & in the car & a few hickory & butter nuts & a doz. or so of grain bags in the car & some red coleus slips & we went to Elyria to see about my corset & I gave the More Women a big bunch of the voilets & a coleus & then we went to Mrs. Bracket’s home,    she was in the back yard feeling so sorry for a Robin the cat had cought & broken it’s wing. 

Tue. May. 16. 1950./ page. 2591./ 48. y.p. 5.H. eggs this day./ She came in the house & we gave her the hen we had dress & cut up, in my pan with paper bag over it, & I’ll never forget the smile on her face as she looked at it, then in her jovel way she said, what did I do to deserve all this    & said excuse me I put it in the ice box & she hurried out with happy tears coming into her eyes & the eggs,    she said looked so fresh & nice,    she said how can I pay you for all this & We said if you enjoy them we’ll be well paid & she said, Oh I sure will enjoy them,    & when we had visited a bit she gave me a piece of a very fine little vine called Job’s tears & I gave her a big bunch of voilets & a coleus slip,    then we went to Nellie’s & Bonita’s , all the children had the mumps,    Nelson is still confined, but about over them.    I gave Nellie & Bonita the big bunch of voilets & C. slip & nuts & bags & eggs & Bonita got the chicken in the ice box, with out her mother seeing it & when Nellie went to get something from the box she smiled & burst out with,  Oh, chicken.    she & Bonita don’t get along together & they both look sour & grim & both determined to has things there own way,    it’s sure terrible,    They wish I’d come & live with them or near them    but, if they treaated me as they do each other, it would be unbearable.    Well we bought hamberg & Nellie cooked it & we had dinner with them & visited some & started home    We only had time for a lunch & hot tea & Elbert went with papers,    he had just gone when the old age pension man came, a Mr. Platto from Sandusky to get my deed to the place & he says he don’t know yet how things will turn out as I don’t or Elbert don’t have a birth certificate & the country has got down to that point where each one has to have one,     he has visited to Michigan to see if he can find them there & if not he’ll write to Washington he said,    I wouldn’t know what to do about it.    He talk for some time,    He said if I were dead before Elbert he would have the privilege to stay here as long as he was able & wanted to & if any of my brothers or sisters were living on old age pension & came here to live they could have the same privilege & then he said he wished we could pay $250.00/ two hundred & 50 dollars into the bank for funeral expenses, 500 for the two of us    he said we could have a little better caskets    I didn’t know Elbert had 500 in the bank, but he has & he

Tue. May. 16. 1950./ page. 2592./ 40. y.p. 5. H. eggs todays/ don’t want to spend it for our funerel expenses & he says he is taking it out of the bank & using it for clothes & the car.    Well, he only has this week to make up his mind    I don’t know what he will do about it & he feels so disagreeable about it.    It don’t matter what they put me in     just a box would be O.K.    Well, I thank & praise God for all our many blessing & pray He will save our souls & fill us with the Holy Spirit in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    I love the Lord & Praise His Name.

Wed. May. 17. 1950./ 43.y.p. 7.H. eggs today./  Well, I got dinner after Elbert came back from Huron with a nice mess of fish, some of the little catfish were alive yet,    he dressed them & we had a good dinner praise the Lord & then I washed the dishes & then we went to Vermilion with the papers & Elbert let me out at Mrs. West’s & I talked with her a little   Elbert took some fish to Harry Miller & came back & we came home,    I wiped up kitchen floor & got the supper & he sharpened the sythe so he can cut the grass.    his back is better, but he still feels bad in hip & back.    We thank God for all our many blessing in Jesus Holy Name. 

Thurs. May. 18. 1950./ 44. y.p. 6.H. eggs today/ Well I did half the washing & got it all dried.    The young man that brings the papers here brought his wife & little boy 2. 1/2. or 3. yrs. old,    they stay quite a while,    they dug 2 ever greens, several tiger lillie bulbs that were under the door step   a piece of red honey suckle, yellow rose, & a few other plants & I gave her some Rhubarb for a pie    she’s going to have a baby & she smokes,    it’s terrible, he does to,   & they offered us some but I told them I was a christian & lived for the Lord & we never did such things, no tobacco & no drinks, or the life that went with it, for us.    they stay an hour or two  then decided to go home, he said he had to stop in Huron & get 1/2 bu. of fish then they were going back home to Sandusky, he works in the Bendic washing-machine factory, making washers, at night, he brings the papers now instead of the woman.    Elbert thinks he’ll give the job up, road is so ruff, it’s so hard on the car., & his back is so bad he can’t hardly do his work, he’s going to Lorain tomorrow, if he can in the morning I thought I go, but on second thought guess I wont.    looks like Spring with trees & things in bloom it was so hot where the breeze didn’t hit.   I’m tired    guess I’ll read my bible & go to bed,    I use to say the good book but, Hitler had one, he call that, so I hope to go back over my papers & change it, some day.    I thank God & give Him the Praise in Jesus Name for all our blessings, Glory to God.

Fri. May. 19. 1950./ page. 2593. / 49.y.p. 6-H-eggs today/ Well, I slept rather late & then got up & got Elbert’s wash soaped out & got things ready for dinner & he came,     so I got it ready & we had just finished when Miss. Clark came so I fixed her a bite of dinner & then we went out side,    she picked a big bunch of the voilets & she marked my dress so I can turn the hem in it again.    & we visited & she rested in the big chair a little    she seemed to be all in,    I gave her some eggs & wished I had had, some chicken for her or something she could eat,    I try to fix up something for her soon as I can,    there are lots of old women that need someone to do just a little for them.    Well she took some voilet leaves I had sprouted & some slips of red coleus & then I gave her a few bulbs of tame tiger lillies. & some blue myrtle & vine.    she wanted something    I don’t know what,    but I think it was eats & I’ll try to send her some tomorrow.    I know Elbert’s tired for he got up early & went to Lorain to garage & had some work done on the car    he got back at noon 12-noon & I got the washing out & dried & I’m so tired tonight,    So I’m going to read & pray & go to bed hoping I can rest tonight,    We received a card from Bonita today thanking us for everything and saying they enjoyed the chicken,     I wish & trust & pray God will help them to live for Him & to be happy together instead of fighting.    Oh God, of Love & Mercy,   I pray in Jesus Holy Blessed Name.    It’s been a beautiful day with hot sun & cold N. east breeze.

Sat. May 20. 1950./ 38. y.p. 5-H-eggs today./ Well, another day I didn’t get much done,    I got the dinner & washed dishes & ground the chicken after I washed it & I washed another & cut it in half & gave Miss. Clark & Mrs. Sprunk.    Elbert took it after he delivered the papers,   his back has & is paining him bad     & there has been asuch a cold raw N. east wind for 2 or 3 days now & hot sun although it looks cold & white     now we have a fire & it’s comfortable.    I’m wondering about Nellie & her children if they will have enough heat to keep the chill out.    I made 2 tins biscuits & the Little old man with his suit case of notions came in just after dinner & I gave him a dish of pork & beans 2 eggs a slice of bread & 2 cups hot coffee    he only has 3 or 4 teeth left so he cant chew very well.    he was cold    said the wind nearly had him froze.    at last he got out & started on his way, he’s so dirty he stinks & make the room stink if he’s in it very long,    I fumigated & air out after he left,    he was walking east going to Cleveland,    he goes to Toledo & back & forth (& I wonder). 

Sat. May. 20. 1950./ page. 2594./ 38.y.p. 5-H-eggs this day./  Just before supper Elbert came in & in a couple of minutes Mr. Haufman came in & he stayed half hour or so, then he went & I got supper    & Elbert’s gone to bed & his back pains him so bad.    I’ve been rubbing it & putting hot flannel on, but he catches a little cold & just keeps it going.    Well my feet pain, bad, can hardly walk on them.    I believe God is fixing them & I thank Him & Praise Him, Oh, it surely would be wonderful to be able to have the use of my feet & not be in such pain, Glory to God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    He is wonderful & worthy Amen.

Sun. May. 21. 1950./ 40.y.p. 5-H.eggs today/ Well, Elbert’s felt terribly bum    he thinks he has intestinal flu. his bowels has run him for 2 days now & are so sore    so I didn’t get out to church today    hope & pray he will be lots better tomorrow.    I pray God will in Jesus Name reach down & touch many souls to- night, bless the church meetings & the people, convert heal & fill us with the Holy Ghost, Glory to God in Jesus Holy Blessed Name Amen.    Cold N. east breeze that died before dark & we still like the heat from the fire tonight,    There was a lull last night & again tonight.    I prayed most all night    my feet pained me so bad, so terribly bad.    I thank God & Praise Him & Jesus I Holy & Blessed Saviour for all things great or small & trust He will keep me & fill me.  

Mon. May. 22. 1950./ 43. yp-5-H. eggs today/ Frank’s mother died 24. yrs ago today/ Well, I did part the washing & didn’t get it quite all dry.    Clouded up after dinner & gave us a nice shower,    Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish so we have a mess for Nellie & the children     Elbert dressed two hens one for the Moore women & one for Rev. Hance & he dug out several plants, flowering current or old fashion spice bush  golden bells (2.) corroppises tiger lillies, orange lillies  few iriss some chives, Kenegely{?] morn, Addams needle or ukelilie & babys breath. & Russian grass for Rev. & some pie plant for them & for Nellie.    Well, I have to hop or hobble off to bed for we want to get started early in the morning    Elbert’s back’s paining him bad    I rubbed it in alcohol & then terpo ointment & put a flannel on it.    Well its been a nice Spring day with cool breeze from S. west,    I hope we have as good a day, tomorrow,    I thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name & pray for the Holy Ghost.    I wish we could see & talk to Martha, but we wont have time

Tue. May. 23. 1950./ page. 2595./ 47.y.p. 4.H. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a great day,    we got up early    I took my bath & dress- ed & then, we put all the stuff in the car,     We went to Highland Park & drove around a while before we found Rev & Mrs. Hance place & I went in visited 5 or 10 minutes   had prayer “Praise God in Jesus Name then after leaving the flowers & chicken we went on to Nellie’s place & left the pan of fish & rhubarb & then went to Elyria & took the chicken to the Moore Sisters & the rhubarb & 6. fish, got my corset    & Elbert had found Bonita & her bags of food & they waited for me in the car & we went back to Nellie’s had a cup of tea & sanwitch & Johny & Marcie & the little girl came in so they sat down to lunch     & we all ate & had a little visit,    Nellie had cooked some rhubarb & had it ready for lunch,    she’d been wanting some so bad.   Bonita seemed so happy to see Johny & Marcie & I hope they do her good, for she needs young com- pany.    We started back home at 1-p-m & got here little after 2. P.M.    Elbert went & left car shed open    he’s been feeling so bum,   his bowels are better,    but, his head & back are still bad.    We had a hot garlic knocker & a biscuit & hot cup of tea,    then he took the papers & after he had done a few odds & ends, the man that’s been looking after, getting old age pension for us came in “Mr. Platto” & said he thought he was going to be able to get it    He said, if they could get our birth certificates, we would be termed aliens, even though we were born & brought up in this country “such a world” and our parents were born here in Ohio, pa in Brighton Ohio & Ma in Amherst & the farthest away they ever got was Michigan where they bought 160 acres & built a log cabbin & lived for 4 1.2 yrs.    they came back to Brighton to take care of pa’s mother & father,     his mother was bed ridden    I was a year & a half old when they came back to Ohio & I was 3 1/2 when we came to Lorain & pa took the new barn Uncle George had built, but never used & made a house of it, moving another small new building up & joining it to make a dining room & Kitchen,    that & the barn gave 3 big rooms & 1 bedroom down stairs & 2 big bedrooms up

Tue. May. 23. 1950./ page 2596./ 47.y.p. 4.H.eggs this day./ up stairs & later on pa built on a lean to a place for the cart & such like & a coal bin & a large carpenter room where he kept his tools & paints,     he did all of Aunt Edith’s repair work on her home & the other three houses, she rented, families up stairs & a family down for our rent & he work at his trade on other jobs doing hers on days he couldn’t work away,    we lived there untill I was 12. yrs. old (in Jan. on 16th.) the the house burned to the ground on the 9th of Feb,   the coldest night we had all winter,    then I went to live “for a while” with mr. & Mrs. Fletcher D. Ward superentendent of the Lorain schools.    I stayed with them from Feb. untill school was out,    then my folks moved in with Ma’s brother & his wife & family “Uncle Will Wheeler”    then pa bought a lot on the bank of black river on Harrison Ave & Uncle bought across the street where I grew up & at the age of 35 married Frank W. Babcock (Frank was 38 yrs.) May 17, 1920. & in 1921 we bought this 5 63/100 acers here & I’ve been here 29. yrs. the 16th of Aug. 1950.    It’s a very queer world, or the folks that live on it.    But isn’t it wonderful, God knows all about it & us.    Praise His Holy Name.    Well, we had fish for supper & then went down to 4 square church for prayer meeting    We had a good prayer meeting with only Tom & his wife & Son & Miss Clark & I.    I took 3. pike to Miss Clark & she talked about it so much Tom ask to see the fish & when she opened it up, he took the bigest one out & began to eat it & said Oh, boy, but this is good    so she flew off home saying she was going home to eat the rest for they were still hot.    I enjoyed watching Tom eat that fish as if it was the best ever.    Well, it’s been a fine day & I Praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name.     & Elbert’s been in bed for some time.    So I’m going to my bed.

Wed. May. 24. 1950./ page. 2597./ 48.y.p. 5. H. eggs this day./ to keep out the damp chill.    I can’t help thinking about Nellie   she’s so worried & so nervous, & Bonita is to & was over joyed to see Johny & Marcie.    Well I left my granit bowl over with the Ministers,    I don’t know how I’ll get it,    I hope to cut out another dress or two, to- morrow for house dresses.    & I’ll have to turn the hem in the “bags” dress.    & I’ve got to have a good dress for Church & an other hat & coat.    didn’t get much done today, hope for tomorrow.    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow in Jesus Name.

Thurs. May. 25. 1950./ 43.y.p. 5-H-eggs today./ Well, Elbert brought water to wash,    so I did the balance of the washing    I didn’t feel able, thought several times I’d have to give it up,    but I kept pluging & got it done.    Elbert sold eggs this morning 21 1/2 doz. 50 cents per. doz. & the feed has took another jump so there’s not much left after he pays for feed, gas & oil & gritt,    he paid the light bill    so, I’ll not have any for blankets this time.    I owe 11.95 for summer blankets or blanket sheets.    I want to get some house dress goods to, if I can.    I’m lots to tired tonight    we went out & set about 28, 14 cabbages & 14 tomatoes    & now we had a light shower & may get some more.    That’s all I got done today,    & I’m so tired    I had to make biscuits for supper.    I didn’t wash supper dishes yet.    I must try to write wome letters    I don’t get any, for I owe every one.    I thank God for the strength of today & Praise Him in our blessed Saviours Name.    Elbert has felt terrible bad today.

Fri. May. 26. 1950./ 47.y.p.-5-H-eggs today./ Well, it’s been for me a hard day, but I got a dress partly cut out but seams as if I can’t get anything done for my self,    I feel so discusted with life     cook, eat & wash iron mend do dishes scrub & sweep make beds & bake & my feet just killing me,    & not a soul to help lighten the burden, just do it if you possibly can, and oft times the things said & done make me feel there isn’t one thing left to live for.    the family are so disagreeable they’d like to make me go there way,    it’s swell, yes, just swell when I go out my way to do them a good deed, but they life to just smack me down or ignore me with the next breath or act,    Well, I’m glad Jesus know & will be the judge at that day & I pray He will change them to- ward Him before it’s to late.    It’s been hard to keep sweet today because of just such things as have been going on for yrs. around here,    I canned up apple sauce though to last a couple of yrs. & it’s terrible scarse right now.

Fri. May. 25 [should be 26]. 1950./ page. 2598./ 47.y.p.-5-H-eggs this day./ Where does it go,?    It looks like an inside job.    We received a nice letter from Mrs. Bracket today, saying she had enjoyed the chicken & eggs such a lot    We are glad she did    she was expecting company & she tried to clean the house & then they changed there plans & she said she was as limp as a dish rag,    she doesn’t look very strong,    Wish I could work, I’d have offered to help her,    Elbert planted sweet corn, today.    I can’t do much for myself, cleaning or sewing, or anything else.    Well it’s nice to know she enjoyed it enough to write to us about it, poor soul, may God help her.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name,    He is & always will be, & I pray for every soul that belongs to Him.    & for us Who haven’t as yet received the Holy Ghost.

Sat. May. 26 [should be 27]. 1950./ 45. y.p. 3-H-eggs today./ Well, my feet still pain me so bad today they make me feel sick & just about pull the heart out of me,    seems as if I can’t endure it much longer,    it take my strength so bad,    I’m sick & limp.    We haven’t heard from Audrey for some time   3 or 4 weeks    All I’ve done today is sweep & wash dishes aired & made up beds,     but Elbert has put in 2 rows broccoli & he had to work up the dirt first so that was hard work    & he has been mowing the grass with the cythe & that makes him sorte & lame all over.    I Praise God for all our many blessing & for saving my soul & pray He will fill me with the Holy Ghost, in Jesus Name, Amen.    Elbert went to Huron for fish this morning but had no luck. 

Sun. May. 27 [should be 28]. 1950./ 49.y.p.-5-H-eggs today/  We went to Vermilion to Sun. school & church this morning & come home & had dinner    & Elbert cleaned a hen for Audrey & I picked a few more flowers “lillies of the val- ley’s & some lilaces & then we went down & took a big bunch of lilace’s & lillies to Audrey     & Elbert & I forgot the hen, so he promised to go back tomorrow & take it to her when he goes with the papers     I wish I could go but I wont    she wants to tell Elbert something & she told him she’d tell him later just as I came in where they were.    Something I’m not suppossed to know about evidently.    We went to 31st. Church & God so wonderfully bless us    there I had a vision Jesus on the Cross then He came down & was all dressed in White & said    Will You go with me?   I. said yes.

Sun. May. 28. 1950./page. 2599./49.y.p. 5-H-this day./ He said go home, so I went.    I pray He will fill me yet,    & I’ll give Him all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen.    I took a big bunch of lillie’s of the valley to the Ministers wife & family,    they were well pleased.    Glory to God He’s wonderful, Glory Hallelujah.   

Mon. May. 29. 1950./ 39.y.p. 3-H-eggs today./  Well, we got up a little earlier today.    Elbert went to Huron & got 20 pike & he cleaned them. & we ate dinner, (not fish) but what lamb we had left over from Sun. with cabbage potatoes & dumplins, then we prepared to go to Lorain to see Audrey & Gertie.    I picked another bunch of lillies of the valley for Mrs. West & salted all the fish & rapped 4. for Harry Miller, 3. for Mrs. Sprunk, 6. for Audrey & Gertie & we have 7. left for us tomorrow.    We left the flowers & Mrs. Sprunks fish with Mrs. West & took news papers to news stand & fish over to Mr Miller.    then went toward Lorain,    we stopped & look at some of the potted plants & flowers.    then we went to see Mrs. Cranage.    she & Ruth are trying to Clean house & they are having a hard time of it    all Miss. Baumgart’s things & there own to sort & clean out    Ruth looked tired to death, herself.    I got a fine rose rambler this morning by mail from the cole Nursery Co. Painesville Ohio.    Well, I thought of Mrs. Cranage & when Elbert come,   he confirmed my belief, that she had sent it.    I thanked her for it.   & told her it was a fine plant with for good stalks that had been pruned back & Elbert & I planted it by his front bedroom window    I hope it will be a beauty.    Well, we went to Audrey’s & Gerties & me visited a little & gave her a hen, fish, & 1. doz. eggs & then she marked the hem in my dress. & we came back to- ward home,    we got a qt. of ice cream in Vermilion & came home & I fixed speggetti for supper, made tea & we ate the cream & drank    then Elbert looked after the hens.     on the way out of Lorain a small group of men were dressed in Kaky & marching carrying there guns getting ready for tomorrow, Declaration day.    & perhaps there will be another war before very long.    I’m tired & I know Elbert is & the girls were & they look- ed it.    I thank God more than I can tell for all our many blessing in Jesus Blessed Holy Name. Amen.    Christmas days are coming true   hot days & to cold at night & weeds grow best of all. 

Tue. May. 30. 1950./ page. 2600./ 43.y.p.-4-H-eggs today/  We slept awhile this morning so a man knocked hard on the back door, said he wanted 2. doz. eggs,     so, Elbert got up & sold him 2. doz. for 90 cents & then he stayed up    but I rested awhile then got & got the dinner, fried fish boiled potatoes & creamed them & stewed onions, for supper we had beef soup made of vegetables rice & beef broth    & then, I thought I had a can of beans & had spinnage, so we ate spinage with our soup & we had rhubarb sauce.    I tried to hoe a little around front door,     grass & weed are knee deep,    then I hacked up the dirt & planted a few blue morning glory seeds.    My feet torture me most to death,    I hope the Lord is fixing them.    Elbert work hard on the hill North the cottage today.    Well I don’t seem to have the pep to work any more, but I’m still trusting, I’ll get better & stronger.    I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name,    He still has patients with me & helps me to endure some how.

Wed. May. 31. 1950./ 46.y.p.-5-H-eggs today/ Elbert’s been working the dirt today & Bill was disking his dirt & he really came over & disk the front yard in front of the henhouse untill it was quite fine, some of it, but there is some that seemed to be more soggy & packed down harder.    Elbert’s mucsels are so tired they cramp & over his ribs & that’s hard to endure, & I know.  I pray God will help him to get his rest,    for, he plans on going to Lorain to sell eggs in the morning & then to Vermilion & Alberta Beach.    I did out half the washing, was thinking of going with Elbert,    but it will be better if I wait & go on a day he don’t sell eggs.   had to dry cloth’s in house    been mostly cloudy today & it rained good shower at supper time & it is quite cool tonight    we have a little fire to keep chills out of house.    I thank & praise God for His Mercies & Care in Jesus Name.

Thurs. June. 1. 1950./ 43y.p.-4-H-eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain & didn’t sell very many eggs, only 3. doz. in Lorain & he took Audrey a bundle of Rhubarb & told me he wasn’t going to Audrey’s today    & so he went & didn’t take the plates reciept or buttons that she wanted,     so, now I’ll have to write her a card & tell her Elbert forgot to bring the rest,     & he said he wanted take it up till I went, then for got.    Well I’m sorry, but seems as if I can’t help what the other one does.    He received a letter from Carl Betz this morning a nice friendly letter telling us all the news out there way.

Thurs. June. 1. 1950./ page. 2601./ 43.y.p.-4-H-eggs this day./ I got up & washed 3 wool peticoats my night gown a pr. of pants & few rags     & then I washed Elbert’s sleepers, pillow slip, towel wash rag & his nose rags, union suit & socks, & soaked some grain & mash bags out,    rubed them some but will have to rub them some more   didn’t get the color all out.    & then I have the big Chair seat cover & the double blanket on Elberts bed & 2 light wool one’s on my bed, to wash,    Oh. me.    It’s been a fine day,  with a wind & rain storm this after noon that only lasted long enough for me to get the house all shut up,    then sun came out & breeze dried the socks, that was all I had left on cloths line.    I thought it was going to break the trees off it twisted them so bad & the back yard was full of pretty green leaves of from the trees & then wind picked them up & took them all away.    It gets to hot day times & nights so cold you need a warm blanket,    last night we had a thick white fog so thick you couldn’t see the grainery, henhouse or Snyder’s house & the moon was shining;    long toward morning I got up to see what made the house creek so & the wind was blowing & the fog was all gone & moon clear & bright,    a heavy white due,    but thank God, no frost & it’s cold tonight.    I’m going to read & go to bed.   I thank God in Jesus Name, He is.   

Fri. June. 2. 1950./ 43-y.p. 3-H-eggs today/ gas tank today I paid for it/  Well, I had a dish pan full of bags I had tore in some small pieces & some for nose rags & dish towels & I hung them out & dried them,    Wind’s been firce today nearly blow you apart.     so by the time I had them all hung up, I could take them down again,    you could the mist fly each crack & so fast.    I cleaned a few gladiolus bulbs & got as many more to clean,    I cut 4 or 5 dahlia bulbs for the minister’s wife & put in a few glad bulbs & sent the little girls “where we get the milk” a few glad bulbs, all so.    & I fixed the letter for the glad bulbs for ministers with & 8 pkts flower seeds & 12 glad’s for myself & ask about the little dwarf cheery trees    I have 16 pkts of flower seeds & do hope I’ll get to plant them.    Elbert’s been working up garden ground    I don’t know where he’s going to plant the potatoes, but he just said out by the cottage     we haven’t got many to put in.    I hope to bake bread & sweet biscuits & put the hem in my dress tomorrow & perhaps pay for my blankets at Huron in the forenoon.    I thank & praise God for all things in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    got tank of gas & paid for it today so don’t owe him

Sat. June. 3. 1950./ page. 2602./ 39.y.p.-3-H-eggs today/ Martha’s birthday    she’s 38 yrs. old.   I remember so well when my father was 38 yrs. old & mother 42. yrs, old,    she had her last baby in Aug, after she was 42 in Nov. or she had the baby in Aug & would be 43 in the folowing Nov. & after pa was 38 on Jan 28. the house burned up on Feb. 9th      that was a great change for all of us.    Audrey stayed with Aunt Edith Breckenridge for a while & I went to live with Professer Wards family on the east side of Black river & then pa bought a lot on the bank of the river & built a house “such as it was” & he built a house across the street on the corner for Uncle Will Wheeler “ma’s youngest brother”  he was 3. yrs. older than ma.    Ma & Pa & 5 of the children lived with Uncle Will & his family for two or 3 months untill they bought the lots & built the houses,    then I went home after school was out so to help ma as much as I could for the baby would be coming in Aug. & we got into the new house in July.    I helped pa lay the shingle on one side the roof & he said I did it as good as he did    I put on every other row but didn’t like that kind of job,    I ask to do it, I wanted to see how it was done.    The next yr. I had to go over town to school,    I had Mr. Kelser for a teacher,    he was good, “Nellie had him also laater on” and now I heard last week, he is has been laid to rest.    It has rained all day & Chicago downtown district is flooded first time in 65. yrs. they said in news broad cast over radio tonight     & it’s raining yet in showers & in[?] Wham Islands the big volcano is belching worse than usual    it was to cold last night & tonight,     we had a little fire all day & tonight.    The rain came down in heavy down pours 38 yrs. ago, at 2 oclock in the morning     almost drownded a robbin that it held against the window & I told some one to raise the window grab the bird shut it the window & take the bird into bathroom untill it was dry a few hrs. later    I let it out the window, the Simpsons said it was bad luck but God took good care of us,    Audrey was almost over the border,    but, with Gods help I got her back & she got well again for a while untill Martha was 4 or 5 yrs old,    then had to take Audrey

Sat June. 3. 1950/ page. 2603./ 39.y.p.-3-H-eggs this day/ hospital    Dr. let insturments slip & hit her in back & later a big puss sack formed & the matter looked like chicken lights, only green,    I took & had to bring her home again    she was so home sick but next time they took her & operated    & 8 long week she lay there,    I went at 8-a-m & got back to F. Street to Nellie’s at 10-p-m & had to walk from town to home a good mile & stop & put Martha across my shoulders & toat her her & give her a bath & tuck her in bed then do up the can- ning & wash out Audreys cloths for the next day & iron them,    I paid a nurse to look after her while I was home & Mrs. Shoults “a nurse, who was there acrossed the hall taking care of Mr. Fisher the jewler”   she help me a lot by looking in & doing what ever she could for Audrey, nights.    Well, I put the hem in the house dress & darned 1. pr. socks for Elbert    cook & washed dishes,    Elbert’s terrible lame & sore, he couldn’t work    it was so wet,    I was glad, for he over does it, working so hard.    I didn’t bake,    he bought sour rye   I can’t eat it so he has half loaf yet to eat     I thank God in Jesus Blessed & Holy Name for the blessing He gives us.      

Sun. June 4. 1950./ 38.y.p. 3-H-eggs today/ We went to Vermilion to Sunday school & Church    Mrs. Eppler is doing fine    she has 26 & last Sun. 27. children & she & Tom & Mr. Whitman & I , & the children stayed for church    we had bread & winie in rememberance of Jesus.    We came home & I took a few flowers & bunch of yellow roses & we went to 31st. Street to Lorain Gospel Church    We had a good service, we went to the altar & I prayed untill I had a vision a long table all white & set & chairs on each side & end & Jesus walked to the far end    he looked so short like a tiny child & then He came back & the Deciples & some others & some wimen were setting about midway,    they had crowns with bright jewels in them on there heads, but as Jesus came they disapeared & He walked around me & stood by my right side & said the time was short    we should work hard    it was such a long table & he looked at me with such big brown sympathic eyes,    eyes that seemed to look right into my soul,    but, I didn’t receive the Holy Ghost & I want

Sun. June.4. 1950./ page. 2604./ 38-y.p.-3-H-eggs this day./ so much to praise God in spirit    Oh God, I pray Thou will have mercy on me, forgive me my sins, fill me to over flowing & heal me,    that I may be whole in Thee,    I thank  I will thank & praise Thee & give Thee all the Glory forever & ever Glory Hallelujah, Amen.    Well, I was so drunk with the Spirit when the sisters helped me up I had to be helped to the car, it was round 1-a-m when we got home & I went to bed after having cup of hot drink, praising God & Jesus & the Holy Ghost, untill most morning before I slept.    Glory to God I wonder Why I wasn’t filled.    I am trusting & believing, for God promised if we wanted to be filled we could be.    Glory Hallelujah I Praise Thee Jesus.     I scarsly knew how long it took to get home,  Glory, Glory to God in the Highest.

Mon. June. 5. 1950./ 40.y.p. 2-H-eggs today/ Well I didn’t do much this morning     I got up at 11-a-m & Elbert was sick & groaning in pain,     I gave him some pep- per mint for he thought it was gas, then when it did- n’t ease up I started giving him anacin & hot drink & a big tablespoon of olive oil    he feels a little better tonight,     the pain left but his stomach & bowels are so tired,    he’s pushed the cultivator to steady.    I did out the washing & carried one pail of water    I can’t do much heavy work it tires me so bad through my stomach & bowels.    Tonight the roast I was searing over spattered & burned my left fore finger so bad,    it’s all white, a place an inch long.    Well we ate supper,    Elbert took the papers & he went & got some milk & gone to bed early.    It’s been a fine day,    clothes dried good.   S. breeze hot sun 85 heat degrees.

Tue. June. 6. 1950./ 44. y.p. -3-H-eggs today/ Well Elbert was sick this morning    I got up heard him groaning & hastened out to him     his stomach & bowels were distressing him so bad    I gave him pepper mint & winter green & hot coffee but it didn’t touch it     then I gave him an anacin & some more hot water & after he had the second one down, he begin to feel better & he took still another before he felt like moving around much, but it still hurts him.    he took his papers    He dug a trench to plant potatoes this morn- ing & he’s tired    his stomach & bowels    pushing the hand cultavator & then he dug that long trench with the hoe,    he isn’t as young as he use to be,    I do so wish he wouldn’t pitch in as if he had to get done in 15 minutes but he dig right in.    I washed out my house dress & ironed it & I ironed my slip peticoat & 2 of 

Tue. June. 6. 1950./ page. 2605./ 44.y.p.-3-H-eggs this day./ Elbert’s work shirts & then got supper,    I warmed the potatoes & fried some bacon the woman gave him, where we get the milk.    it is so good    not so saltry as that we get in the stores.    We went to prayer – meeting at 4 Square in Vermilion, Miss. Clark, Mr. Whitman & Mrs. Eppler “who is the minister” & I were the only ones there but we had a good prayer meeting & Jesus was there. Praise His Holy Name I thank Him & Praise Him for all things & for saving my sole soul, Glory to God, Amen.   It’s been so hot today but breeze is cool, a fine day.    Elbert my letter Mon. for bulbs & seeds.

Wed. June. 7. 1950./ 44. y.p.-2-H-eggs today./ Well, we neither did much today    it been terrible hot but a nice cool breeze     couldn’t sit under the apple tree for all the bugs fought desperatly for surprimicy,    so, I did what I could in the house.   85-degrees in the Kitchen,    but wasn’t bad, if, you didn’t work tomuch    Elbert has felt so bad all day & the other man that brings the papers said he just wished he was home without the effor of driving his car,    it’s so hot on the highway     concrete holds the heat so long.    I thank & praise God for all our blessing for saving my soul & His promise of the Holy Ghost in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.    I hope & pray, Elbert won’t get to hot selling eggs tomorrow,   Lord (I thank Thee) take care of him for me.

Thurs. June. 8. 1950./ 46 y.p. 2.H-eggs today./ Elbert took the eggs 32 doz. & sold 29. doz. 26 doz. 50 cents per. doz.  3. doz. Harry Miller’s sister Mrs. Barr. Elyria Ohio, takes 3 doz. to Elyria with her.   his other sister lives in Cleveland.    Well, Elbert bought a bag of mash & a bag of grain ($8.48 cents) & a few things to eat & brought home 5.66 & I gave him a dollar for gas & oil & what he spent for food,   we have to buy some plank to lay on the roof to fix the chimney & so when he went with the papers, he went to see what they will cost & the man said he thought about 25.00    Elbert’s going to use them for front door steps, when he’s done on the roof.   for they are so rotten, they are hardly safe to get up or down on them.  I cut out a dress & sewe up the skirt on the bag dress today.    Elbert got rather warm selling eggs or when he got into Vermilion he fell the heat bad,    he came home as soon as he could,    the pavement was like an oven.    Well, he didn’t do much untill evening,    then hoed the corn, broccolie, cabbages, tomatoes, & covered his potatoes, he had them half covered,    now he has about 3 or 4 more rows of potatoes, 3 rows of dahlias & 1 or 2 of glads to put in.

Thurs. June. 8. 1950./ page. 2606./ 46.y.p. 2. H-eggs this day./ then he want to put in some beet & carrots & then it will be time to put in pea, beans & so forth again.    then if it don’t get scorched by day & chilled at night perhaps & maybe we may get a little to eat.    I do thank God for all we have & Praise Him,     for all we have He gives to us, and we are so unworthy. Glory, Glory Hallelujah I Praise Thee Jesus, Pure & Holy.

Fri. June 9. 1950./ 41.y.p. 2-H-eggs today./ WEll, I didn’t do hardly anything today but Elbert put in 2 1/2 rows potatoes & took the papers & he killed & dressed a hen    & I washed it & drained & wrapped it for afriend of Miss. Clark & he had to find Miss. Clark to get the money for it & she had to go take it to the woman,    so he took her,    he was to have taken it Thurs. butforgot it, & she said it was O.K. for she was to the 4 square to aparty yesterday & forgot all about it, herself.    she wants to be present when it’s cooked,     or else Elbert could have taken it directly to Mrs. Warner.    Well, he got $2.23 for it.    it was all cleaned ready to cook. 59 cents per. lb. 3 3/4 lbs. so he gave it to me when he got back    that will help pay for the planks we have to get to use to get chimney down & up & then make front door steps of them.    I thank & praise God for all our blessing & pray He will convert heal & fill us in Jesus Name.    Glory to His Name. 

Sat. June. 10. 1950./ 38.y.p.-3-H-eggs today./ Well I washed out most all the things that were dirty & I washed some of the bag rags over so now they are use-able.    & I didn’t do much else out of the ordanary & I should have swept & wiped up the floor.    Elbert took the papers & forgot Millers eggs,    he don’t feel so good,    he took the papers,    Elbert put in part of the cuttings he had left & he has a few left yet & in the start he thought he might have 2. rows & Mon. he hopes to put in bal. potatoes, my dahlias & glads & Tue. beets & carrots,    Oh me, I hope we can & my (Lillie bulb “India lillie”     guess I wont get any sewing done next week.    Well, I thank the Lord for what we can do & for all we have in Jesus Name.    Miss. Clark told Elbert they had a nice party at the 4 Square Thurs. afternoon,    I’m getting slighted again, but You Know and understands,  keep me Jesus close to Thee.   I thank Thee & Praise Thee & give Thee all the Glory forever & ever.    It rained in showers yesterday afternoon & evening all night & part of this morning & thundered & lightened hard.    Elbert cut the grass around the yard & the paths.

Sun. June. 11. 1950./ page. 2607./ 39.y.p.-3-H-eggs today./ Well, I went to 4 Square to Sunday school & church & Elberts bowels felt so bad he didn’t feel able to drive,    the highway is so rough & shakes the daylights about out of us & the poor old car begins to sound as bad as we feel,    I had hoped so much to be able to go to 31st. Street Church     but, here I am, God Knows,  I’d rather go & learn than to eat or anything else.    Well, I’ll keep praying & trusting & I’m sure the Lord Knows best.    I thank Him & Praise Him for my salvation & healings & blessings in Jesus Name.    I miss going to Church more than I can begin to tell.    So I lay down & slept a while this after noon & Elbert slept in the big chair.    Been a quite day.    Wind all died out & quite cool tonight.

Mon. June. 12. 1950./ 39-y.p. 3-H-eggs today/ Well, Elbert put in 2 rows glads & 2 of the small dahlias now    we have the yellow glads & some seeds, & the weeds are just terrible    I tried to help and am as tired as if I had been working,     my feet torture me so bad & my left side just above the hip in the back always did bother me & now it seems lots worse    & I know Elbert is feeling terrible all over, tonight,    he works as if he had to get it done in 5 minutes.    It has been a fine day S. West cool breeze & a hot sun.    I wont be much good tomorrow.    he went for the milk, he took papers today. Well, I thank & praise my Jesus for all he does for me & us

Tue. June. 12.[should be 13]  1950./ 41y.p. 3-H-eggs today/ Well we put in the yellow dahlias to day & Elbert put in beets & carrots & I didn’t get the flower seeds in but still hope I can,    I haven’t done much today only the usual round.    I haven’t got the washing done yet either,    but wish it was done,    we haven’t had any mail for two weeks not one piece of any kind.    Nellie hasn’t even wrote a card & we took fish & chicken,    we took the fish so we could eat there be- fore coming home, but they said they were having them for supper & they gave us a sandwitch & cup of hot drink    I hadn’t had any hot drink or anything to eat & we both thought it it a queer trick..    It been a nice day rained hard for awhile this after noon,    I put part of the India lillies in the dirt.    Wish I could put in my flower seeds but it about kills me to work.    It’s quite cool tonight    Elbert made a light fire to take chill & dampness out of the house.    I thank my God in Jesus Name for His love & care of us .    All the Glory Honor & Power belongest to Him forever, & ever Amen.

Wed. June. 14. 1950./ page. 2608./ 41.y.p. 4-H-eggs today/ I washed today & had a nose bleed tonight    it bled quite bad & made me feel real bad.    I washed 3. blankets & didn’t feel as if I could.    Elbert has been cleaning up the grass he had cut & his back & hip has pained him bad today    he took the papers & he fix the soup for dinner & the little old man came & he had some soup a biscuit & he couldn’t drink his tea,    he don’t said he didn’t get enough to eat any more & he thought he’d never get here, he eats & rests & then goes on,    I gave him a pt. of the soup    he liked it so much & he seemed to be so glad to have it, poor soul,    Well I can’t understand why he tramps from Cleveland to Toledo & back again & that suit case is so heavy,    Elbert says it must weigh 25 lbs. at least & he don’t believe it could withe the few noveltitys or notions he has in it.    I thank & praise God we don’t have to get out & walk like that,    I thank him for all things in Jesus Name Amen.    I praise God forever & ever Amen.   We received a card from Nellie today.    They are well. 

Thurs. June. 15. / 39.y.p.-3.H-eggs today./ Well I had such a nose bleed last night & my head felt so bad, I didn’t work only what I had to,    but Elbert went to Lorain & back to Vermilion on the Lake & Alberta Beach & only sold 19 1/2 doz. $10.75 & the feed for hens cost 8.48,    he got me a new cloth line 78 cents “aluminuum line”    hope I never have to buy another,    he got a can of spray for poison ivy,    I pray God will help us get rid of the ivy  every bit of it.    Ethel Snyder “John’s wife” came over & visited a little today,    she’s bought a house & lot at Ruggles Beach or Mitawanga,   they own a house & lot in Toledo where they live most the time when they’re not gading about,    they were over to Michigan last & this week here at the Lake,    John’s building a farm toul shed over on his place half way between Bill’s house & ours, on other side of the road,    Well, God willing we’ll go to see how Nellie is tomorrow & take a chicken to her, if she will come home with us we’ll bring her back & cook a hen here,    We received a card from Audrey today saying Bonita & Geo were down & said Nellie couldn’t go anywhere by herself any more    she been real miserable for a long time now,    I’m sure it would do her good to get away for 

Thurs. June. 15. 1950./ 2609/ 39.y.p. 3-H- eggs this day./ from home & not worry about the young folks,    it might do them good to have to depend on themselves.    I do hope she’ll come back with us.    It’s been a fine day partly cloudy cool breeze    Elbert’s back & hips hurt him bad again tonight,    he took the papers & when he came back he rested a few minutes & then cultavated the corn.    I’ve rubed his back, last night & tonight with alcohol & winter green mixed     I hope & pray he will feel better soon.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things,    help me to do what ever I can for Nellie & for each one of the others, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Fri. June. 16. 1950./ 41.y.p. 2-H-eggs today./ Well we got up early & went to Nellie’s & took a dressed hen all cut up & a bunch of flowers.    She seems as well as usual    I ask her to come home with us & she did,    I do hope she will enjoy it here & rest, but I don’t know.   It’s been terribley warm today & hot on the road driving.    We bought 2 lbs. 90 cents pork chops & 3. qts. strawberries & so we ate pork chops & short cake, hot coffee & salid & then we came back home & bought 2. qts of berries on our way home for 50 cents & we paid 90 cents for the 3 qts. we took to Nellie Bonita & Marcie & Johny & the children.   It rained a good shower before we started this morning, but no more all day,    tried tonight but at 11-p-m no rain just lightening & clouds    Well the Lord took good care of us going & coming & I do thank Him from the depth of my soul for all things great or small in Jesus Name Amen. 

Sat. June. 17. 1950./ 39. y.p. 3.H-eggs today./ Well it’s been a great day,    I couldn’t rest at all last night    Nellie has 5 pillows under her head & shoulders & 2 under her legs & there wasn’t any room for me on the back side so I’m sure tired out with the long ride to Elyria & back Fri.    Well, she wants to go home to church in the morning, but I can’t go    I just feel I can’t go.    Nellie’s been crocheting off samples of lace, all day.    It rained hard in the night but only a good heavy shower or two. & was so cool Elbert made a light fire    it got quite warm after dinner but is real cool again to- night & the heat feels good, tonight.    I only did what I had to do,   I got up at 8-a-m & it’s long past the 8-p-m mark now.    I love my Jesus & wish I could go to church tomorrow.  

Sun. June. 18. 1950./ 42.y.p. 2-H- eggs today./ My nose bled last night & some today & Nellie got up at 9-a-m, past time.   & I lay & dosed untill I’d had one nape & a dream,    I dreamed Ella Jane & I were in a big house waiting for Elbert to come with his car to pick us up & I looked out the window    “we were up on second floor ” & saw Pa pushing a string of small wagons a little larger than a big express wagon the children play

Sun. June.18. 1950./ page. 2610./ 42.y.p. 2-H-eggs this day/ with filled with garden produce    there were 4 or 5 wagons coming like a snake as he pushed & tried to keep them straight & ma was sitting in the first one on a pillow & it was full of fresh cucumbers, as I looked I said to Ella Jane, there’s ma & pa & your grand parents & your own mother & as she looked a man came & picked up her luggage & mine & went down stairs & I said what’s he doing & she laughed & said come on Aunt Elinor    I give you an interduction  I we looked again at ma & pa,   ma picked up an cucumber & shook it at some one & said Oh aunt Elinor, isn’t that cute?  then we hurried to get down stairs & into Elbert’s car & I woke up & went out to give hens more water, & I washed & made biscuit’s,  he peared the potatoes & put them on e to cook & went out & picked 2. qts. strawberries & I picked them over & washed & sweetened them & made us each ashort cake,    we had chicken & potatoes, biscuits and gravy & hot coffee, for dinner, Then Nellie decided she’d go home,    she said to Bonita, Marcie & I that she had put all her pill in her bag & she had 5 pillows her house dress, her night gown, a change of clothes, crochet thread & hook, glasses, Hair curlers, tooth past, brush & hair comb,    well, I don’t know if I missed anything or not    I gave her some old blankets, she thought she could fix over for the children & she didn’t get all of them,    so, I’ll take them when we go again.    & she wants some Broccolli plants, to;    Well, Elbert took her home & she seemed happy to get back home, but the children didn’t seem so glad to see her,    it’s really to bad,    if she could hav e stayed a few days longer, it would have done them all good.     I didn’t feel equal to the drive over & back, so I didn’t go    I swept & washed up the dishes & made up the beds & went to the little house over the hill & since it rained a good share of the morning, the grass was wet & my feet.    I came back & changed shoes.    Elbert got the supper,    he wasn’t gone long over to Elyria,    Nellie had to have hot strong coffee soon as she got home.    Elbert went in with her & drank coffee & came back home.    Hope she will be O.K.    she said she couldn’t think after I told her she’d have to hurry a little, & that she forgot her pillw.    Well, I pray God will, in Jesus Name, bring her to Him & help her in all the ways she needs.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee

Mon. June. 19. 1950./ page. 2611./ 36 y.p. 3. H. eggs today./ Well, I thought I couldn’t wash but Elbert went to Huron for fish so with what water I had I washed out my clothes,    I thought Elbert would be back but I carried some water & then it was so damp I hung the clothes up in the house untill 3-p-m.    then he had cleaned the fish.    Ruby’s birthday, I think she’s 56 yrs. old,    Frank’s 4 or 5 yrs the older    Johny Harnish’s baby boy was born today & Johny was married on Frank’s birthday & also his wedding day.    [Elbert] carried some water & went with the papers & the sun came out  breeze freshened from N. east & I hung the clothes out   they god talmost dry.& was soon done after I hung them up in here.    I fried fish for supper & felt done myself,    he worked in the garden a little & said the potatoes & dahlias are up & the cabbage seed he put in. Well it’s so cold nights that they just stop growing after they come up through,    I wrote a card to Nellie & one to Audrey & wish I had all the rest wrote.    I do Praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name.    I love Jesus & Praise God our Father, Jesus our Saviour & Physian & the Holy Ghost for ever & ever Amen.    I brought some garters for my old corset & got them here, to sew them on before going to bed.    It’s real cool again tonight.    But there is a little fire    Elbert feels the damp chill & he keeps it to warm for me.    Nellie left her white Jachet here & a hair boby pin.    May God help us, We sure need Him more & more each day.    Today I got the glad bulbs I sent for & they are discusting.  so small & 2 of them all moldy, wish I hadn’t got them. 

Tue. June. 20. 1950./ 32y.p. 3-H-eggs today./  Haven’t felt able to work & so I only did what was necessary & then sit around     & I was out in the yard twice     I’d like to be able to work at something    I need to clean the house & do a little painting to clean it up,    but again but, it must be the way we eat, for, once again my flesh is so swollen & pains me so bad,    so I beleive I’ll change my diet some how.    We had fish for supper & then we ate good,last night & we had short steaks for dinner today    I can’t seem to eat much salt or drink much tea or coffee    I thank God for His Love & care & pray He will teach me His ways in Jesus Holy Name,    I love Jesus,    I want to be all His.    & I don’t understand but know it must be my fault in some way, for the condition I’m in    if there was only some one who understands that could help me,    but all those who are filled don’t have time for such as me.    I hope to learn before it’s to late, with Jesus help. Amen. 

Tue. June. 20. 1950./ page. 2612./ 33. y.p. 3-H-eggs this day./     It’s been mostly cloudy today   quite cool S. West breeze & hot sun, when it did come through    June’s almost gone & we’ve only had 3. or 4. days of June weather.    I ought to have sewed today,    but, I didn’t so hope for tomorrow. 

Wed. June. 21. 1950./ 41. y.p. 3-H-eggs today./ Johny Harnish is 25. yrs. old today.    he’s married, has a little Marcie Joe, & expects another baby this month & tonight Johny stopped and told us Marcie went to the hospital Sun. night & there boy came Mon. June. 19. 1950.    Johny had been over to Lake-Side to Conference,    he said there were about 2000 there & Sat. he will be taken into the Conference,   I pray, Jesus Thou will fill him with the Holy Ghost & make him a Minister, like unto Thee,    I ask in Jesus Name,    and I thank Thee, trusting & believing Thou Wilt, Amen.    Well it’s been another cool day,    I sewed a little on my dress.    & cooked dinner & supper & washed dishes & done the usual round.    Johny said his mother was in bed all Mon. & had the Dr. over but that she was lots better again Tue, & to day    he left early for Lake side & didn’t know how any of them were,    he said Marcie would be home tomorrow & that she would save a trip to the hospital & Bonita would look after Marcie & the babys, her mother & her own 3. children & Johny look as if Bonita still will have her hands doubly full.    Elbert took the papers & he hope to sell egg tomorrow    The Goverment sent me a receipt of my deed to the place today.  the boys farm or the Place they call Boys Town sent a letter thanking us again for the dollar we sent them last yr.    I do so wish we could send them lots more,    They are doing a wonderful work in that Town   I pray God,  will help them to live His way & do His will.    And may God help each of us like wise, in Jesus Name.

Thurs. June. 22. 1950./ 39. y.p. 2-H-eggs today./   Well I made 3 tins of bread biscuits one I made rusk  2 just bread.    I can’t en- dure short biscuits for very long.    I got my skirt & waist basted onto the belt today & Elbert waited for the papers from aquarter to 4-p-m. to 6-10-p-m,  new press not working good yet.    Well I have tried to get him to stay here untill papers come,    it’s to hot for him to set in the car & wait even half that long, so now he says they can bring them here,    he looked all in,    he sold only 8 doz. eggs this a-m out of 21 doz.    he brought home $5.40    we got all most enough for the pieces we have to have for the roof lumber,    I gave Elbert $20.00 to pay on 

Thurs. June. 22. 1950./ page. 2613./ 39.y.p. 2-H-eggs this day./       on it to day but, papers being late he didn’t get that done.    So he’ll do it tomorrow if he can.    & then may be he will get the chimney down & the new blocks ones up.    We have to pay down on the coal & get a roll of hardware cloth for hen house & a hen fence & some paint & I’m wondering just how it can all be done,    & today & yesterday the Boys Home ask for more money to help & the D.A.W. wants more & the Churches need lots of “it” money,    & I wish I could give to them all,    but, I just can’t     I pray God will take care of there needs through those who have money to waist & those who ought to give more than they do, to there church.    It’s been a nice day    cool breeze S. west hot sun,   & it’s so cold nights the sun turns the cheeries black, lots of them.    garden stuff’s standing still    I wish we had sent for some of the new dope called boostein to force the plants a loong,    looks as if the hard times are right at the door.    Oh, Dear Heavenly Father, help us to be ready, in Jesus Name.    I talked to Leslie Burdue tonight,    he’s working on John Snyders little building across the road,    he’s about Armond Bonney’s age (22) I think.

Fri. June.23. 1950./ 42.y.p. 2. -H-eggs today./ Well, I washed every thing. but the cotton blanket & I felt so hot & tired I let it go for next time.   I hope to wipe up the floor tomorrow,    it was 98 degrees in the kitchen    I couldn’t open the other windows    they haven’t any screens on fhtem,    there has been a strong S. west breeze all day & I sure am thankful for it would have been terrible with out it.    I thank Thee & praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus  I love Thee, Praise Thee, thank Thee for all things great or small    I truly thank Thee for the strength of this day,    & Elbert has felt so bum    the heat is almost to much for him,     the paper many came 4-30-p-m. fast time     & that it was hot driving from Sandusky down 14 miles to our place & 14. back.    Some Jew men came here trying to sell us aluminum siding for the house & said it would cost 7. hundred dollars or 400 for a ship lap pressed composition siding color sea green with a black string like pattern.    we can’t buy anything more than necessities for he ordered the 2 X 6’s for the roof to fix the chimney & then make a porch steps

Fri. June. 23. 1950./ page. 2614./ 42. y.p. -2-H-eggs this day/  he was going to order the coal but they were closed, but that will be another bill.    Well, I pray the Lord will in Jesus Holy Name help us to get them paid     I do want to get the paint for the house so bad & get on it before it gets to late this Fall.    the boards are washed almost free of what paint was on them.     Well I thank & praise God for the strength of this day, Amen.

Sat. June.24. 1950./ 39.y.p. 2; H-eggs today./  Well, I washed every think that was dirty    Elbert changed clothes & so I washed them & what few things I had & my cotton blanket    I washed the big chair cover yesterday & today this afternoon I ironed.    Johny went to conference & was taken in & he stopped here on his way home,    I gave him several grain & mash bags, some for Marcie, if she wanted them.    Elbert’s head so bum he sat here & waited for the papers & I spoke to him twice    & he feels sort of on edge, so after the second time,  I didn’t say say any more about it,    so, he went with out the eggs,    I never thought of it untill he was gone,    he ordered the coal & they soaked on an extra dollar,    he paid $4.00 down & the coal will be 91.00 & some odd cents    Elbert has to pay half of all the bills from now on “so the goverment man says.” the lumber came,    I paid 20.00 on that,    now we have to get at the Chimney then front door steps,    then the hardware cloth in coop    & then paint for the buildings & park fence & septic tank.    I don’t know if we will ever get it done or not.    It’s been a very hot day  96 degrees in several places & believe it was 87 here in Erie Co. they said but it did seem as if it were 96.    We had a good breeze from the S. & little west    then it went N. east and at supper time it rained hard     later it was a steady rain & then at bed time moon was shining through again.    Frank & Armond came to hunt wood chucks,    Armond brought a rabbit, a tame one, to Elbert, to eat.    they didn’t get a chance to hunt,    it rained so steady they came in & visited a little & then went    I hope to go to church in the morning    I pray God will help me that I will in my Blessed Saviours Name, Amen.    I thank Him for my blessing. 

Sun. June. 25. 1950./ 38.y.p. 3-H- eggs today./   Well, I didn’t get to go to church this a-m. & a couple of young man that go to 31st church came in just after dinner & bought eggs 2 doz.    I thought it would b

Sun. June. 25. 1950./ page. 2615./ 38 y.p. -3-H-eggs this day/ nice if we could raise a few & have them to eat,    so, it got the axe & cooked for supper [referring to the rabbit I think]    it was given to Elbert, so I got one fore leg & he eat the rest except 2 pieces he saved for breakfast, but it’s O.K. by me.    Frank said he had a snapping turtle & Elbert could have it if he’d come get it Thurs;    but he’s been selling them,    so, I hope he don’t take it unless he pays for it.    for he told us when we were so hard put a few yrs back he could help us,   he had all he could do to help himself “that wasn’t & isn’t true,”    but we don’t want his help,    I love human people,    but when they are your own brothers or sisters & have plenty & can’t help a brother & sister who have given & helped them beyond what they really could afford,    it will pay to be careful.    I pray God’s Will be done but I would be happy to see Him save there souls, in Jesus Name.    Nellie wanted to come for a day or two,    then after she’d been here one day & one night, she said “I hadn’t any buisness coming out here, you haven’t got an extra bedroom, or bath room  no convienencies,    I just had’t ought to have come”    Well she knew & she had slept with me many times be- fore,   this time she ask me to sleep on the back side the bed & she took 2 thirds the bed, so as she didn’t get up at night  I ask her to take the back side,    I could let my knee hang over the edge & not lay like a stick all night,    I didn’t tell her, or say a word about any of it,    but, she felt as if she wanted the whole bed & lay in the middle,    I don’t know how she got to be so selfish,    she wasn’t brought up that way,    You would think “as John said once” that they knew (John Nellie & there family) more than I’d ever knew or forgot,”  but Praise God I don’t want to have so much education    I can’t love my own flesh & blood, or any one else that’s human & belongs to Him,    I like to be kind to every one, for the bible says we don’t know which one’s belong to God,    I’d rather be poor & humble & help others, than to feel supperior, and I love peoplle & always have.    Nellie promised to write & let us Know how she was,    but it’s now a week today since she went home & not a word.    I hope she didn’t boil when she got home,    but, I maybe she did & we really tried to do what we could to make it pleasent while she was here, for her health is truly bad,    she sit & crocheted all one day way into the evening & then Sun. I felt so bad, “my head,” I lay in bed a while after she got up,    I couldn’t sleep but I rested my body some & 

Sun. June. 25. 1950./ page. 2616./ 38.P. 3-H-eggs this day./ she was out in the bedroom a couple of times & she said to Elbert that I really looked sick    Elbert said he told her I was & I was my nose blead hard while Elbert went to take her home,     I prayed hard in my heart & mind, for the blood came out my nose & mouth & seemed as if it would strangle me for a few sconds that seemed much longer,     God heard & checked it right off & it hasn’t bleed since.    Elbert’s bowels & stomach have been so bad & now his head is bad,    he’s fat & looks to be in good order,    but it’s first one thing & then another.    Well, I do thank & Praise the Lord in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    He see He knows & He hears and answers prayers Glory Glory to God in the Highest & to Jesus & Holy Ghost, Amen,    I went to Four Square Church tonight Mrs. Eppler is doing a good job & I pray God will Bless her efforts & Mr Whit- man says, it cheers his heart when I come in,     I pray God will bless Him & give him his hearing back, Amen.   

Mon. June. 26. 1950./ 34.y.p. 2.-H-eggs today./ Well I washed & aired bedding & pillows & cooked two meals & washed dishes & tonight Elbert helped me plant 10 pkts of flower seed.    I hope they all grow.    I have as many more I’d like to put in if only I could work,    it’s to hot to work 99 in the house,    but I do Praise God, for the good fresh breeze we had all day & tonight,    it’s been all way round & looked as if it would rain hard after I hung the clothes out,    but they all dried good, even Elbert’s shirt & my dress that I hung out after he went with the papers at 5-10-p-m.    & I had to wash them after he went & starch my dress but they were dry     he put in more corn & beans today,   he hopes to put in swiss chard yet.    I think the dirt needs ferterlizer & to be worked up more.    no mail today,    I owe every one a letter.    I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings, Amen.

Tue. June. 27. 1950./ [no egg count]/ I didn’t get up very early but, in  time to get the dinner then went out & raked up the dirt around the glads dahlias & seeds & potoatoes and my arms are lame all ready & feel sore     & tonight is praymeeting night,    I’m hoping to go & trusting to be filled & healed    Elbert went early with the papers but is not back yet at 5-30-p-m.     I like some cream, but, I don’t know if he’ll get it,    We had to have potatoes, onions, cabbage,    he’ll have to go for milk

Tue. June. 27. 1950./ page. 2617./ 41.y.p. 1-H eggs this day/ No mail todays.  We had supper and dressed & went to Vermilion to prayer meeting    We had such a good prayer service,     they anoited me & prayed for me,    I praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for this healing & give Thee all the Glory for ever & ever Amen.    It’s been another sudden change in the weather from 99 to 54 degrees & it’s all most shivery cool   the breeze was real cool all day   the sky & clouds look like Sept. with a clear moon.    I met a little girl 13 yrs. old____ Collins  & I ask her if she’d like to help me clean & do things around the house & she said she would, so I think I’ll let her come & see if we can clean & get the wall & ceiling cleaned again    I’ll have to pay her some not much  perhaps a dress or something like that.    I can’t afford it, but it will give me a little releif. 

Wed. June. 28. 1950./ 35-y.p. 1-H.-egg to day./ Elbert work some in the garden & about the out side & I fixed my corset & put some patches on my old dress    maybe I’ll have to put it on,    I hope not.    ` I’d like to have a new one so much & a hat    I’m so tired of my hat coat & dress, I would like a new one’s so much,    it’s been cooler today went down to 4 46 degrees in some places & I beleive lower here     any way a wool blanket was quit comfortable before morning.    Radio said rain this after noon & tonight we have got it yet & I wish we could for the beans, corn & seeds need the water,    the Paul’s scarlet runner has started to grow that Mrs. Cranage sent to me,    not anything growing as it shoulod, though.    Well, I thank God for my healing & last night I had such a terrifying pain in the lower part of my intestines  seemed as if I couldn’t hardly endure it but,  at last I found it was gas & by morning it was most gone,    it’s felt sore there alday & does yet to – night    I prayed untill it stopped hurting & thanked God in Jesus Name for taking it away,    I give Him all the Glory.  

Thurs. June. 29. 1950./ 39.y.p. -2-H-eggs to day./ Elbert left early for Lorain,    he sold 4. doz eggs there & bought a sprinkling can & 3 machine needles & he called Ruby & told her he wouldn’t be able to come for the turtle    she said O.K. & he said he didn’t talk,” that is” to visit.    he came back to Vermilion on the Lake & sold eggs, then he went to the mill to see about the coal & they told him they had been out with one load & had the other most ready to go    so he took 4 doz. eggs to Harry Millers, “a card came this a-m asking for them” so, he got there with them before he got the card,    Miss. Clark wrote it for Him,   He sold a few

Thurs. June. 29. 1950./ 39.y.p. 2-H-eggs this day./ at Alberta on the Beach    he sold 27. doz. & collected 45 cents from last week so he took in 14.20, he paid 4.39 for mash, 80 cents for light bill, 15 cents for meat & gave me 5.00 for lumber bill,    that’s whwere all the hard work & the money goes,    he didn’t take out the gas & oil money.   he paid all the lumber bill, so now I owe him $31.00 & some odd cents,  I have paid 20.00 of it , by his paying it all, it saved me $1.00 & now we have the balance of the coal bill,   Elbert paid $40.30, on the bill & I have paid $20.00, so if we pay that up in 2 or 3 weeks we get a rebate on that all so,    I hope we can make it.    & Since Russia has started fighting with this country, “or this with that country” I don’t think it will pay to do much more than keep the place liveable.    We have the coal in for winter.    They say they are going to move all the people out of Detroit & City’s close to the waters that have big factorys,     so, maybe we will be having to move also.    We haven’t got much so it ought not take long to move us.    I went out & helped Elbert water the garden tonight    Every things coming fast, that is the tomatoe & cabbages he planted the seeds, they have four leaves now & the glads & dahlias are coming good & his potatoes & corn he put in some squash, cucumbers & swiss chard    it ought to be up in a few days,    we watered it all to – night,    he is so tired,     he got up at six & didn’t get back home untill 2 pm, fast time & I had dinner all ready,    I made biscuits, creamed the potatoes & cook cabbage & he brought fesh saucage & I fried it & made the coffee while he went down & fixed the coal bin a little better,    the coal man came & dumped the coal while we ate,     then he took care of hens & rested a few minutes & the papers came & he went back to Vermilion with them & got a pt. of cream & came back & we ate it & went to the garden & wet it down & then I got supper & Elbert’s sleeping now & I wish I was,     but we, ate pork & string beans & peaches & biscuits & had tea & I can’t sleep on a heavy meal,    so now

Thurs. June 29. 1950./ page. 2619./ 39.y.p.-2-H-eggs this day/ I’ll read & pray & go to bed.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all the many blessings he has given us this day truly all the Honor & Glory belongeth to Him,    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise The mostly for saving my soul & for all the many kind things Thou hast done for us.    We received an announcement from Marcie,    her, or their baby boy was born June. 19. 1950. on Ruby’s birthday & he weighed 6. lbs. & 10 ozs.    John Mark Harnish is his name.    The card was to Elbert & I.    So glad she’s O.K. & the baby.    I thank the Lord of Hosts in Jesus Name,    I’ve prayed much for her and baby.

  Fri. June. 30. 1950./ 40. y.p. -3-H-eggs today./   Last day of June.    & the world in an other turmoil.    Oh God, I Praise Thee   I Praise Jesus & the Holy Ghost forever & ever & pray I may be permitted to praise Thee with a new tongue before it’s to late,    I give Thee all the Praise & Glory Amen.   It’s been partly cloudy, a good fresh breeze & qauite cool.   & cool again tonight to cool for the garden & things out side to grow as they should.    I washed today & did 2. cotton blankets, one heavy one.    I didn’t get blankets dry.    Elbert’s done his usual work & he is so tired;  I am, also.    heat went down so fast & it was 45 degrees at night or there about for 3 nights, with tonight, so I don’t see how things can grow,    there are a few small tomatoes on the plants but the rabbits have eat most of the cabbages up, the ones I bought.

Sat. July. 1. 1950./ 40.y.p.-2-H-eggs today./  Another nice day, partly cloudy, North east wind & so cool & I haven’t done much today    I was out side for a little while but had to work and wash dishes & wipe up dust & then Elbert went with papers & beets & cooked greens for supper,    Elbert has hoed & got his garden all spick & span for, he can’t work tomorrow, it’s Sunday & we have to go to Church & the traffic is bad, for Tue. is the 4th of July. & the cars are going & coming & I’ll be glad when they are all settled for work again.    We re- cieved a card from Audrey & she’s been out to Nellie’s & she see, the baby boy, of Johny & Marcie’s  Nellie’s grand-son & Audrey’s great nephew & ours.    Bonney Bell & her Joe tried twice & got 2 girls & hope to receive there boy in Aug. & here we are in another war.    Elbert says, the flower seeds are up that we planted last week. Mon. June. 26.    I do hope they all grow & bloom.    Audrey said she might be out this week.    So, Ill have to try to wipe off

Sat. July.1.1950./ page. 2620./ 40.y.p. -2-H-eggs this day./ the kitchen floor & clean up a little if I can,    my feet pain me so bad,    it’s terrible when I stand on them just a little while.    Well I praise God I can still walk & pray He will continue to heal them, in Jesus Name.    I know he is able, Glory to His Name.

Sun. July. 2. 1950./ 37y.p. -2-H-eggs today./ Well, Praise God we got to Sunday school & Church this morning & Church tonight,    & the traffic is bad, but not as bad we had ex- pect,    we were blessed & I praise God in Jesus Name Glory, Glory Hallelujah,    We Praise Thee Jesus & Thank Thee for all things.     It’s been partly cloudy with a cool South West breeze. 

Mon. July 3. 1950./ 39.y.p. 3. H.- eggs today./  Well of all things if Ethel didn’t pop up this morning,    I felt rather bum so was just laying there resting & thinking about getting up for Elbert had goen down in the basement to clean out,    then I heard them talking & so I got up & dressed & washed & then she & Elbert came in,    Walter went up to Huron to fish off the pier,    Elbert went to in a few minutes & got a pk. of fish all perch    he dressed enough for dinner,    I put the potatoes on & warmed the beets & fried two pans of fish   made the coffee & we ate,    he went out & finished cleaning & then came in & visited some & got ready to go with the papers but Walter came & they went     he didn’t even get out the car,    he doesn’t look very well & the Dr. told him he was working to hard.    So they decided to come back & visit among friends & his & her relatives,    he likes to fish & hunt.    Well, I gave her the last baby voilet plant that had just begun to bloom & a Christmas cactus & a few slips & some slips & envelopes for the work basket, if she & her friend send a dollar she’ll get a lot of patters of all sorts tatting, crochet, embroidery, & quilt work & lots of other things.    She’s well & healthy & says her mother is well & Laura Ann Walter & Ethel were going to Elyria & he hoped to go fishing to- night with the man where they were stoppiing & tomorrow they were going to Cleveland to the ball game & then I don’t know if they were going back home, or what they were going to do.    Well, I only did my usual round.    It’s been mostly cloudy & rained a hard shower before supper & while we ate and again after supper & now at bed time it’s lightening & thundering, but, not severe.    I thank God my Heavenly Father in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for my salvation & His tender love & care of us,    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray THou will make it possible for me to get fill with Power from on High & Praise Thee in Spirit & Truth, Amen

Tue. July. 4. 1950./ page. 2621./ 38.y.p. -2-H-eggs today./ It’s been a very quite forth,    not much fire works here but they are fighting on the other side & lots of talk a- bout peace, just as Jesus said, when they all talk peace the end was near even at the door     May God help us in Jesus Name, Amen.    We have been home all day, Audrey said she would be out one day this week & we sort of thought it would be today,    but not a soul came.    I had a bad dream,   seemed some one called Snyders & ask them to tell us to come right over to Nellie’s & when we got there the children each had a bucket of warm water to take there bath & go to bed    George & Bonita Jr. had gone up stairs & Nelson was crying his eyes most out, as I met him in the living room    he said the other two had gone up stairs & left him    I ask about the bucket of water & he said they couldn’t use the bath room tonight,    he said grandma was sick & wouldn’t talk to them, never, any more, and I said now auntie will give you your bath & see that the other two get theres & maybe it wont be so bad if you get in bed & go to sleep & don’t make a noise, everything might be better in the morning     I hope it will, so I washed Geo. & Bonita & then went up stairs & talked to Nelson, he was crying again    I told them storys & they were soon asleep & I went doen & Bonita said mom is asking if you come,   so I went in    she was very weak, but ask me to pray for her,    Elbert came in & then Johny     we gathered about the bed    I took her hand in mine & Prayed & prayed untill at last God sent the power & she got it to & smiled & said it’s all right now     then we thanked God & praised him in Jesus Holy Name that all well was well with her soul & she was gone      Bonney Bell & Joe came to late to talk to her & Ella Jane came for the funeral    Live looked hard for Bonita, but we stayed with her for awhile & then I got a good christian woman to stay with her & get her to Church & prayer meeting & she began to mend & get out of the tide,    it will be hard to loose her, but I pray God’s will be done in all things.    It rained hard from dark untill most day

Tue. July.4. 1950./ page. 2622./ 38.y.p.-2-H-eggs this day/ light & rain sunk in about 2 in.    I wondered if everything would be washed out the way it came down,    but it didn’t ,    been very cloudy most of the day. & quite.    They have said at last, they feel the war will get worse instead of better.    I have felt as if today was Sunday & I ought to go to Church & Elbert said he felt that way to.    He did some mowing this morning    I did the ironing & we have done our usual round of duties.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for my healings & strength, Amen.    Glory to God in the Highest  I Praise Thee Jesus.    My Check came yesterday from Soldier’s Releif yesterday for which I am very greatful & thankfull, to them & God.   We see the little plants are up from the flower seeds & look good. 

Wed. July.5. 1950./ 30. y.p. 3-H-eggs today./  Well, it rained untill 9-a-m. then cleared off.    after dinner a man & a little boy came here     they slept out & were soaked, this a-m    they built a fire by the rail road track & dried there clothes.    the boy is 11 yrs. old & the man 53. yrs.   they went to Cleveland    bumed a ride & walked to visit a brother or sister, for he wanted to get the boy away from home,    he said the Dr. told him to go for a mo. or so,    his home 9. room burned up & his wife, “who was helpless with infantile par- alise couldn’t move her arms or legs” & his barn a team of horses, his cows & over a 150 shoats & hots, all the out buildings everything they had except what they had on, two trackers & his car,     it seems rather queer some how,    he was in world war one & only has one lung & one bad foot    he has been a brick layer he said & had just got things coming his way when this thing happened 3 or 4 weeks ago.    the little boy can hardly talk about it, but some how it seems queer,    some of the story is confusing or complicated.    We are letting them sleep in the building we call the cottage & he & Elbert took down the chimney to the roof, this evening & now they think it will be better to lay it up with brick & put fire clay tile inside for a liner, that’s going to cost, to much, but looks like we have no chose.    I only hope we can get the brick & tile     so much building building going on,    brick & tile are hard to get.    Well, Elbert has to go with eggs in the morning,    I don’t know if they will go with him or not.    I wrote a card to Marcie & one to Audrey & one to Corset shop & Elbert mailed them & I got the letter ready to go for the spray we wanted to get, it will be Aug. I guess, by the time we get it,    he didn’t get the money order tonight, for Post office was closed, papers were late, he didn’t pay for the hen yet “the paper man.”    I thank God for our blessing

Thurs. July. 6. 1950./ page. 2623./ 37.y.p. -3-H-eggs today./ Well, Elbert sold eggs & got back at noon, 23. doz. eggs 50 cents per. doz. & bought a bag of mash & one of grain 8.48 & he ordered brick for the chimney,    these blocks are not very good looking, not as firm & strong as they should be,     so we will have the brick to pay for,    he’s going to take the blocks back & alow us the price on them, on the brick, which cost a- bout 23.00 more,    I don’t know how we will ever make it but hope we can.     This man & boy are here yet & he helped Elbert take down the old chimney & they are now ready to lay up the new one, as soon as brick come tomorrow.    it’s a terrible mess & I’ll be glad when it’s over.    Elbert’s so tired he aches & so is Mr. Hamond,    Mr. H. went over & worked for John Snyder after supper,    John told him he’d give him 6.00 to finish the windows & put on the cornish & before John left he came & gave me the 6.00 & said     When H. had the work done to give him the money.    The little fellow almost chokes when he talks of home & his mother     he’d like to go home then he thinks of mother & everything gone poor child.    Well, I thank God He is able to do all things. & I Praise Him for His love salvation & care in Jesus Blessed Holy Name;    I thank Him for my healings & strength for I sure am tired tonight.    But I thank Thee Jesus.

Fri. July 7. 1950./ 38.y.p. 2-H-eggs today./ Well, I did the wash     Elbert & Mr. Hamond & the boy went to Huron to get fish & so they could look around a little,    he & Elbert got the chimney most done & hope to finish tomorrow,    they both ach so bad they could hardly eat there supper & me, well, I got there supper & after they had all gone to bed I swept & washed up the dishes & it’s now 10- p- m. my feet are buzzing half way to my knees but I thank God for the strength He has given me & us,    I washed the little boys suit & under wear & mended his pants   got him washed & read for bed,    he’s not much biger than little Geo. & Bonita, he’s so small for 11. yrs. old.

Fri. July. 8. 1950./ page 2624./ 38.y.p. -2-H-eggs today/  I received a card from Nellie & she hopes to come back for another few day    how am I, or What am I to do     if I had another room & I wish so much I had.    but I don’t know what to do since the war is getting worse.   Well, I thank God for saving my soul & trust Him for the power to praise Him in Spirit in Jesus Name.    I love Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things.    Blessed Jesus. 

Sat. July. 9. 1950./ 35-y.p. 2-H-eggs today./ Well, they finished the chimney    it isn’t a first class job but maybe it will do.    I’m sick tonight to tired.    I ironed 1/2 doz. pieces  cooked to meals & baked 3 tins of bread biscuits & the 11. yr. old boy, is like a child of 7.    I gave his father 10 dollors for laying the chimney    it isn’t very even but per-haps it will do,    I don’t like it but maybe Elbert can smooth & even it up with a coat of cement by & by,    they made a terrible dirty streak on the roof,    pa & I did a good clean even job.    Elbert but it’s hard on the men they both had cramps, & Elbert had the hens & all the odd jobs to do & went to Vermilion twice;    My bowels are on the bum & I wanted to go to Vermilion to Church & Sunday school in the morning & I don’t know if I can,    I’m sorry for the man & his son & hope they can find a way to earn a living but he ought to take what money he has & go home, if he’s going, before he spends it & don’t have enough & it’s a sin to walk that boy all the way back to uper Michigan.   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Dear Name for my blessings, Amen.   

Sun. July.10. 1950./ 41.y.p. -2-H-eggs today/ I wasn’t able to go to S. school or Church all day.    Mr Hamond & the little fellow said some one was here before we were up & drove up to the back door,    but, they didn’t wake us up so we don’t know who it was.    after noon, Martha, Merlin, Audrey & Jean Ann came in    I wasn’t up, was sick alnight & am still sick today .    but I got up     Audrey brought us a phylco radio   its real clear toned.    They took Nellie’s back with them    I gave Jean a piece of dress goods for her & Joan & Audrey some dishes & slips of plants,    Merlyn brought a power lawn mower & cut the grass on Sun. Well, What a body going to do about it    seems every one does the things I don’t want done.    Well, then I had to get a bit of dinner & then supper & seemed as if I just couldn’t do it but now it’s over & dishes done & I’m going back to bed.    I thank my Father in heaven in Jesus Name for all things; Amen.

Mon. July. 10. 1950./ page/ 2625./ 38-y.p.- 2.H-eggs today/ WEll, I felt bad all night and all day today but Ive cook two meals and washed the dishes & cleaned up some of the messes [note there is code of some sort here, just above “some of the messes]  & I feel all in tonight.    I couldn’t sleep, I felt so bad.    I received a card from the Corset shop     they want 2. doz. eggs.  when I go, & I can’t go untill Wed, Fri. or Sat.    I feel as if I might pass out tonight and I did last night also.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all my blessings, Amen. 

Tue. July. 11. 1950./ 41:y.p. 3-H-eggs today/ WEll, I did the washing & cooked 2 meals & I’m tired.    I had planed on going to prayer meeting, but didn’t make it    Elbert’s as nerveous as a hen on a hot Johny Cake,  another very queer thing happened today    the Lord spoke to me about my pocket book “a little perse I carry in my pocket”    I had put it under my plate & put the plate just so.    & only Elbert was in the house    I should have taken care of it when the Lord told me to look after it,    so a pin is missing   a little pin Frank gave to me    I don’t know how valuaeable it was,    it was pretty    had little dimonds on it.    Well that’s one more lesson,    I suppose the Devil will be getting his own before long, tonight    Harmon took a hoe out the grainery with out asking to use  took it to use, if they had all I have they’d want to take my life for some unknown reason all there own,     I trust Elbert to look after things but so long as it isn’t his it seems to be O.K. with him.    John Snyder got Hamond to hoe for him & so he just took the hoe with out asking for it to do John’s hoeing.    Well he can furnish his own tools    mine are all most worn out    he wouldn’t pay for the hoe or buy a new one if anything happen to Mine that it got broke.    I don’t owe the Snyder’s anything but they owe me a heap of apoliges,    Well, I’ll be glad when they are on there way home again,    seems as if it’s hard to find an honest person any more.    I hope & trust God will in Jesus Name fill me that I may be all His,    Jesus please help me to get rid of all the evil in this house   I pray Thou wilt. Amen. 

Wed. July. 12. 1950./ 35-y.p. 2-H-eggs today–/ Well, I tried to sew    only got 6 or 7 hand kercheifs & 2. dish towels & run out of thread   got  had dinner & Mrs. Eppler & Mrs. Sprunk came in & talked & visited an hour or so & then I got supper    went out side for a little while then see that the little boy got washed & ready for bed    then I washed dishes & got my self ready for bed &

Wed. July. 12. 1950./ [no page number 2625] /35. y.p.-2-H-eggs today./ I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for the interest Sister Eppler has taken in me and that she came clear out here to see us.    Elbert gave her a few fish all fried,    While we were out side gathering flowers Mrs. Sprunk were in the house & she was having a good visit & eating fish, so he gave Mrs. Eppler 6 or so to take home,    they said Miss Clark is sick   heart & maybe other causes.    I thank my Heavenly Father for His wonderful love & care of me in Jesus Dear Blessed Holy Name for all things great or small & I pray I may live His way & be as near holy as possible for His Name’s sake  I love & Praise Thee. Amen. 

Thurs. July. 13. 1950./ 42.y.p.-1-H-eggs today/ Well it’s been quite cool & rained a shower or so this noon     Elbert sold all the eggs 21. doz. all but 3 doz. sold for 55 cents & the 3 doz. for 45 cents & he spent all but 6.84 of it.    he gave that to me & knows he’ll get it back for this or that.    He didn’t get home untill 12-40-p-m. then we cooked dinner I had the cabbage & potatoes done, but he brought pork shoulder & I had to fry it & before we could get our dinner eat Vernie came in to see what we were eating & then his father came in & Vernie said to Elbert “you’re tricky, but I know you had ice cream last night”   well Elbert was sure mad,    he Knew the kid had been told to say it,    I had given him a piece of pork be fore his father came in & Elbert said, I got a right to buy what I please & eat the same way,    they stick so close & stick there nose in where they have no right, even in our personal affairs,    so When the father & Elbert went out  I told Vinnie Elbert was mad “as they express it” at him so he’d best be more careful,    they sneak in like an indian & so I hook the door when Elbert goes with thte papers & the Mr tried to pull the screen open & after Elbert started with the papers he almost run for the grainery,    he had set the  [?fyn] inside     I don’t know what for but I had taken it out & snaped the lock    we are thinking of going to Elyria in the morning early & I hope they don’t get into anything while we are gone    I’d like to have some trust worthy person to watch but I will trust Jesus to take care of every thing untill we get back, and hope we wont be gone long.    Mr. H. took the old fire pot that was in the cottage & made a stove to cook on & he cooks there meals out there,    I’m begining to believe he has a bad temper.   He has 180 acre farm in Michiigan near Soo. or upper pen. . near the Indain reservation.    Well I do hope God will help everything to be O.K.  & that I can get the things all 

Thurs. July.13. 1950./ page. 2626./ 42-y.p. 1-H-eggs this day./   done that I want to do.    but it seems when I go it’s hurry up  so I can’t even enjoy going,    & now we got these two here,    I wouldn’t mind if they knew there place & kept it.    The paper man was here yesterday to talk to Elbert about the stopping untill he could get his old age pen- sion through,     again, he said he’d find out & let him knkow.    I thank God in My Jesus Name for everything Amen.   I got my tax blank 9.25, hope I don’t have to pay it.    it’s so cool it’s shivery tonight.

Fri. July. 14. 1950./ 33.y.p. 1-H-eggs today./ Well it’s been a fine day    warm sun but so white     & cool breeze, to cold for gardens at night & they are not growing very fast, been tomatoes on the vines for a month & not big enough to eat even if they were ripe, but they are still very green.    What’s the use working so hard to make a garden & not giving it fertilizer water or lime?   I’ll sure enough be glad, When Mr Hamond & his son move on & pray God will ease the tension on my nerves soon,    I have all I feel able to endure with out them.    Mrs. Eppler & Roney came just as we were trying to eat our supper,    we gave them each a piece of short cake    they said they had there supper but enjoyed the short  cake.    She came the other day just to ask us to go to the Sunday school picknic & forgot to ask us,    so came back today to ask us,    Well I don’t want to go, under circumstances,    so, Elbert says he’s going to the fish house in the morning.    I wrote & ask if I had to send the relief board the 35.00 back since the goverment check came today. & I ask, if I had to pay the taxes, for the tax blank has come also.  We are sure in a mess.    Elbert’s blank didn’t come yet.    I made 8 jars of current jam last evening & we had planed on going to Elyria this a-m. but I felt as if I couldn’t go.    I washed out the few remaining dirty pieces & got them dried & then felt so sick to my stomach,    Elbert’s so nervous, he wants me to hurry up & do this & that & then eh’s impedent to says thing with a snear & gets things all mixed up when anyone comes in & he starts telling them things as if he was afraid someone else might get ahead of him.   I sure get

Fri. July.14. 1950./ page. 2627./34.y.p. -2-hens eggs this day/ so vexed at all the terrible wickedness, lies, & excuses, Oh God help me & keep me in Jesus Name I ask, Amen. 

Sat. July. 15. 1950. 32.y.p. -2H-eggs today/ new moon/ Well I managed with lots of grunts and groans to sweep both bedrooms dust & wipe up the floors, get supper do the dishes & ironed my dress, 2 peticoats, Elberts shirt  the table cloth & under cover & my feet hurt all most unbearable     now I’ll read & go to bed for I have to get up & take a bath & go to Church,    I forgot to take care of the piece of pork shoulder Elbert brought for dinner tomorrow,    so I left my writting to sear it over & start it cookiing & my poor feet    I can’t begin to tell you how they pain me.    I got the dope I sent for plant spray, bustiem & root grower, today while all 3 had gone to fish house for fish    they didn’t get any.    Well it been a hot sun & cool very cool breeze, all day & it’s cool tonight.    I thank & Praise my Father in Heaven for all things & trust & pray He will have mercy on me & stamp me with the Seal of promose & I will give Him all the praise forever in Jesus Holy Name.    I gave Vernie a bath to his waist line & he washed up to his knees, so he wont have much more to do & then I washed out his shirt & dried it & he went over in the corn field & threw dust in a circule all over him after being told at least a doz. time to Keep clean now for it’s most bed time,    he’s 11. yrs. old & needs a slat on his seat 111 times a day,    he misses his play things, but he’s sure old enough to do what he ought to after being told so many times,    his dad wrote & ask about his insurance & he said he had told them to send it to Wayne Indiana & they said they had sent it, as he said, to his sister there, 48 hundred & 15 dollars,    so when he has John Snyders work done, John said he’d pick him up & take him on his caboose to Toledo Ohio where he hopes to visit another sister & then go on to Indiana    I’ll sure be glad when they are on there way,    they are not very tidy & the building where they sleep is a fright.   & all around the door & where they cook,    I give them some things     they can’t cook much out there, & Vernie eats in here once a day at least    he has a nasty temper and a mean way in showing it,    he knows the screen is hooked    he’ll pull & let it slam & they both seem to think we ought to jump & run when they yell.

Sun. July. 16. 1950./ page. 2628./ 36.y.p. 1.-H-eggs today./  Well I really got off to Sunday school & Church & home again & Elbert’s head has been bad all day & he didn’t feel like going back to night so here we are    Vernie went to S. school & church with me & Elbert & V’s, father went to the beach, then came back & we came home.    I wish so much I could go to church    I don’t get away very often & then it’s rush over & back & E. usually feels bad one way or another & sometime irtable.   Well, I’m so happy & thankful I could go this morning.    I do Praise the Blessed Holy Lord God of Hosts in Jesus Name.

Mon. July. 17. 1950./ 40.y.p.-1-H eggs today./ WEll, today’s been a great day    I got up late & had just got out to get things going for dinner when the two Miss. Clark’s came in & we had a cup of tea all round & then I tried to make biscuits & Miss Lidda talking & I got a little to much crisco in & then she kept telling me I had to much water, but they were good    & I had a small round short cake,    & I made a one of raspberries & warmed up potatoes & beef & cabbage & they seemed to make out a meal    Miss Eleanor & Elbert walk all around the place then we ate dinner.    & had hardly finished when Mr Hamond had to walk in & start talking as big a cuffy[?] to Elbert about his job & that John give him 35.00 & gave the kid 60 cents what change he had in his pocket    Elbert got him out,    John Snyder drove in & he told him & got up & went with him then the kid stuck around & got in as soon as the screen was unhooked so he could, as if he had a perfect right.    I’ll sure be happy.    I don’t mind helping people, but I like to have them kknow there place & keep it.    but he laughs as if it were smart & funny to be iriitating, & worry us.    Miss Clarks are going to Chicago to visit there brother who isn’t very well,    Miss Lidda isn’t very well either   her bowels haven’t moved for 5 days she said, & it effects her heart.    Well, I have felt so bum, & now Elbert wants to go to Elyria in the morning,    I don’t feel able to go,    & so by morning maybe we wont.    Eleanor told Elbert she didn’t believe I’d live very loong I looked so white & miserable,    Well, God knows [?] and I thank Him & Praise Him, for I know He knows althings& He hears & answers prayors    I prayed if it were possible he would help me, that I need not have to give back the 35.00

Mon. Jully. 17. 1950./ page. 2629./ 40.y.p.-1-H-eggs thiday/ dollars the releaf board gave me & today I received a letter stating I need not send it back,    I know God heard & ans. my prayer    Jesus, Wonderful Jesus, Who hears the cries of His children and takes care of them,    now I have to cry for the promise of the Spirit to be made whole in Jesus Name Glory to God in the Highest     I love Thee Jesus & pray I may do Thy Will & not mine, Amen    It’s been terrible hot today then we had a shower or two & a good breeze.

Tue. July. 18. 1950./ 41y.p.-1.-H-eggs today/  It’s been one of those tiresome days, when we set down to eat the man or boy come in 2 or 3. times to see what we are eating & he’s eat up with that strong tobaco,    his breath is as bad as his pipe, it makes me sick,    he’s got the corn crib  well on the way & he can’t get done to fast to suit me,    he uses our tools & Elbert’s careless about looking after them & he leaves the grainery unlocked & they walk right in & help them selves & if they don’t make off with something it will be a wonder,    they have 3 wool blankets  1. cotton one & the old quilt & a pillow & the back yard is filthy .    tobaco papers & boxes & food papers & cans & today another man came & ask if he could rent the shed when the other 2 were out & he’s a smoker    when he come back I’ll tell him “No.”  I told him today but he said he’d be back so if he bothers, I’ll set the police on him    I couldn’t bear the looks of him,    he says he gets 100. pension a mo. & earns enough for his meals room & smokes working for Charles Ruggles, mowing picking up papers  scrubbing park chairs & benches & doing odds & ends.    Elbert seems queer,    he lets every one do to suit them -selves so I’ll have to be boss & he even trys to shove me around,   Oh God I pray in Jesus Name Thou will help me,    I need thee so terribly much    I pray Thou will take care of all my worries    I thank Thee Jesus Thou hast said to cast all our burdens on Thee & I know Thou art able to take care of everything    I’ll thank Thee & give Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever, Amen.   Rained several showers in the night & early morning & done everything good & put water in the cystern & I Praise God from Whom all blessings flow in Jesus Name,    The wickedness of this world surely vex my soul every day.

Wed. July. 19. 1950./ page. 2629[should be 2630]/ 38.y.p. 1.-H- eggs today./ Well I got the washing done & I started early but the air is or was so damp they didn’t dry good & I had to hang half of them up in the house or about that & bring the others in damp enough to iron, but I’m glad they are washed & most dry    I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & for a roof over us & all our many, many , blessings,   it’s been & still is raining in heavy sheets & the hollow on John’s side of the road is full of water,    it’s thunders & lightens once in awhile also.    I feed the Hamond’s there supper & dinner today & they fled out to there bed.    Elbert went to Huron this A.M. & got a nice mess of fish    he cleaned them    I salted them & sent 1/2. doz. to Harry Miller & 8. to Mrs. Eppler & Rony.   I wanted to go to the prayer meeting they had to day “but” Elbert has had his way for some time,     now, I’m going to have mine for a while & I pray he gives in & meets the Lord face to face.    No mail today.    Well, I haven’t ans. the letters yet so, my fault, perhaps

Thurs. July 20. 1950./ 40 y.p.-2–H-eggs today/  Elbert went with the eggs & sold 19 doz & collected for 18. doz. 900 9.90 & paid 8.48 for mash & grain & 4.88 for food. & I had him cash my check & I gave him 5.00    he’s been paying for the food & I have been trying to save enough to pay the bills & now we have to pay the coal bill & I have to give him what he paid for chimney & steps & I’ll be free again.    been cloudy & very cool today  today with strong N.East wind that seemed to go to the marrow    Elbert cut the grass, Merlin left around the evergreens,  & makes the yard look so much better.    Mr. Hamond has got his job almost done but looks as if he won’t get finished this week.    Elbert hopes to go to Huron in the morning & get fish & I hope to set bread & wash out a few pieces    I wish I could get at the sewing a- gain.    & the paper job is such a pesky nusence.    I do thank God for all we have & I know what we have He gives to us.    I Praise Him for His greaat love to me & trust for the Holy Ghost, for He said if we ask He would give    I thank Him in Jesus Name & pray for His Holy Mountian for Jerelsem & her people, for all the slaves & captives for the missionarys ministers prists & preachers teachers scolars & all the Saints & all of God’s people Who ever & where ever they are & that my prayers will be one in faith with theres in Jesus Name Glory, Hallelujah.Amen. 

Fri. July. 21. 1950./ 41.y.p. -2-H-eggs today/ I sent a card to Nellie & Audrey yesterday & I re-ceived a card from Nellie saying the crowd were coming to eat a dinner out doors here on Sunday July 23.   the 24th. is Audrey’s birthday & Frank’s is the 27th.    I don’t like picnic lunches on Sunday, but Lord

Fri. July. 21. 1950./ page. 2630./ 41.y.p. 2-H-eggs this day./ God of Hosts What am I to do?    I pray Thou will be very near to each one present & teach each one a new lesson that will strike home with such force,    We will call in a loud voice to Thee    I thank Thee & praise Thee in Jesus  Name & give Thee all the Glory for ever & ever.    I gave Elbert 30.00 to pay on the coal bill & he paid the balance $4.00, so now I have that done & I gave him 3.30, on the chimney leaving _____ yet to pay & I have to pay for porch lumber,     I’ll have to look at the bills for I can’t remember.   I want to get it all paid, so. I can feel free again,     I had [meant hate] to owe any one;    Ethel Snyder came in today & gave the little boy “Vern” a wool bathing suit “dark red”    she thought they ought to be cut off at the top,     but, I don’t know,    Well, I’ll have to wash out my dress & iron it tomorrow for Sun. if I can,     I been sick today    a terrible pain in my stomach & chest & throat.     I baked 3 tins of biscuits & a little loaf of bread     haven’t been out side today.     Oh God, help me.    I got most the dinner    Elbert fried the meat,    I bake a rice custard also & night before last some cup cakes    & I am to tired & pray God will send some one to help me soon.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Holy Pure true & Sacred. 

Sat. July. 22. 1950/ 37.y.p. 1.H-eggs today./  Well, I managed to cook & wash the dishes & wash out my dresses & rags & the little boys pants & then I ironed them.     I sewed a very little on my new dress & then tonight I sewed on the snaps & buttons & made the button wholes. I have to finish sleeves, neck & hem in the bottom & stitch the belt.    I will be glad when it’s done,    I hope to get off to church in the morning.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for my blessings & Praise His Name for answeriong pray,    I pray He will dsoon fill me will the Spirit that I may praise HIm with a new tongue & Give Him all the praise & Glory Amen

Sun, July, 23. 1950./ ___.y.p. -H-eggs today/ Well, we went to Sunday school & Church & came home & got dinner ready & then 3 cars came in with Bonney Bell & Joe & there 2. children  Martha, Merlin & Jim & Audrey & Johny, Marcie & there 2 children & Bonita & her 3 children & Nellie,   they took some of the old chimney blocks & made an out door stove & fried steaks & made Coffee & they had most anything from sweet corn

Sun. July. 23. 1950./ Page. 2631./ ___ y.p.  H-eggs this day./ on the ear fresh & cucumbers.    We had a wonderful dinner,    Martha fried the steaks & the young folks looked after serving the dinner & taking care the children    We had a nice visit also & they left at 4-p-m. or there about.    & although they were tired they seemed to have enjoyed them selves    Johny even brought camp chairs.    I took Vernie Hamond to Sunday school & Church last Sun & again this Sun. & back to church tonight,    moon is little better than half full & shining bright tonight    & it’s not quite so cold tonight    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all our many many blessing, Amen. 

Mon. July. 24. 1950./ 37.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./  Audrey’s birthday    she’s 58. yrs old.    Well, I washed,    but , we had showers all day & I didn’t get them all dry,     so, I’ll have to put them out again, in the morning.    & tonight the Shirff came & picked up the old man that wanted the bed after Hammond left; & another old guy that was with him,  who had broke the Lock on Bessie’s trailer & been sleeping there,    he wasn’t drunk, but Vern & the other one, was so he came here & checked on Vern as he had been over there & laying down drunk with the other man,    he checked on the other two & he’s going to take care of them, he wanted to take Vern, in to Sandusky, but at last I said he could let him stay tonight since John Snyder was going to pay him & then take Him & the bogy on, to, Toledo to Vern’s sister,    then he hopes to stop & see another sister in Waynn Indiana & from there back to his home,    I do hope his sister “Who he says ” is a widow 65 yrs. old,”will go home with him & see he keeps straight & takes care of Vernnie “Who will be 12 yrs. old Sept. 3. 1950,”     he’s a nice little little boy & needs some one dependable to take care of him.    Going back where his wife’s ashes lay & all the unhappy thoughts of the fire will be hard,    but, if he wasn’t to blame.    he ought to prove Him self, by keeping sober & looking after his son.    Well, I hope he will & pray God will take care of them.    It’s cool tonight & the N. west rain was cold today    sun came out hot between times,    well, I’ll read & go to bed for I’m so tired.    I thank God in Jesus Name     We got things fixed up through Him,    I know He takes 

Mon. July. 24. 1950/ page. 2632./ 37.y.p.-1-H- eggs this day./ care of me,    I’m so glad & praise Him with all my heart, mind soul & strength, that we have a never failing Divine Power to call up on & depend on .    Glory, Hallelujah I Praise Thee, Jesus, Blessed Jesus. 

Tue. July 25. 1950./ 37.y.p. 2H-eggs today./ Well, I didn’t do much today,    Vernie ate dinner with us, but Vern, had been sick    guess the drink didn’t agree with him,    he drank some hot coffee & gave me 5.00 to get the blankets washed again.    We threw the pillow on the rubbish pile & the mattress I think we’ll burn all so.    They left shortly after noon with John Snyder    I hope John gives him all his money, they were going to his “Vern’s” sister’s place in Toledo,    they seemed happy to be on there way & it’s quite a rest to us,    I went to prayer meeting tonight,    there were only Mr. Whitman, Mertle & I there & 5 children.    but we had a good meeting,    I thank & praise Jesus for His Great love and care & give Him all the praise & Glory for all things great or small    I Praise Thee & Love Thee, Amen. 

Wed. July 26. 1950./ 37.y.p. 1-H eggs today./ This morning Elbert went to Lorain,    he went and told Bessie Smith about the fellow breakiing open her trailer & sleeping in it & so she came back home with him & they went over to the trailer    she came back & I made her a cup of tea,    she had longed so much to be able to come there & live during the summer     but, never has, so she walked around & lived over the past & cried awhile & then came over here & had tea & visited,     she went in my room & cleaned up  changed her dress & combed her hair,    she’s had a rather hard life & now she’s begun to believe she must live close to the Lord,    I tried to help her about some things,    but, she’s been so upset,    she’s alot like Nellie in her thinking about some things,    but I’ll pray God will help her in all the ways & she forgot a pini she had on the front of her dress,    she gave me a linen handkercheif & a pretty hand bag leather    I didn’t want her to but she insisted so I thanked her & took them.   but I’ll try to make it up to her sometime & pray for her often, & Mrs. Eppler didn’t tell me she would come for me so I wasn’t looking for her when she came in    We visited a little & she went,    the paper boy about 2 minutes & in drove Ineze & Henry Hunt & they were here untill 5-30 or 6-p-m & we had more tea & they left for home    then Elbert fed hens & we ate supper & now he’s in bed

Wed July. 26. 1950/ page. 2632 [should be 2633]. / 37. y.p. -1.H. eggs this day./ for he hopes to go sell eggs in the morning,    so, I will be here by my self untill noon to- morrow.   but I’m never lonesome for as I work & pray the time flys & sometimes & rest untill 9-30 before get up. the swelling was mostly gone from my ankles this a- m. when I got up but they are swollen tonight not as bad as sometimes though & I’m trusting in God to heal them,    He is wonderfully able.  & I believe He will in Jesus Holy Name.    I wanted so much to go to that prayer meeting today , but didn’t get a chance.    I’ll trust He will get me there next Wed, for sure.    It’s been a nice day   hot sun & cool breeze.   N. West  I thank & Praise God m y Heavenly Father in my Saviors Blessed Holy Name for his tender love & care, and for each & every thing He give me,    I know, He’s a Wonderful Jesus.  

Thurs. July. 27. 1950./ 34.y.p. 1. -H- eggs today/ Frank Bonney is 60. yrs. old today.    Audrey was 58. July. 24. & Nellie our baby sister is 53. yrs. old this last Feb. 6.th     old age is creeping up on us fast & so is the war & I pray God will help us & [?] be able to praise Him in Spirit  & in truth I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever, Amen      I sent the tax blank back & said to get in touch with Mr. Platta at the Division of aid for the aged,     so I had Elbert mail a card right back to Mr. Platto, when he went with the papers    I hope he answers it as promptly, so I’ll know what to do    I do pray they will take care of it for we are having a tight rub,    but hope we will get through O.K.    I thought we’d go to Elyria in the morning,     but, Radio says it’s going to be hot tomorrow 90 degrees so I don’t think we’ll go untill Tue     perhaps it will be cooler again by that time so may be I’ll get up early & wash the blankets & if it’s so hot they ought to get real dry,    so I’m hoping to get it over, 5 big pieces & Elbert’s double cotton blanket & his sleepers.    I hate to think about it,    just have to get at it & get it over with,    it’s so hard on me.   Elbert ordered the gas so there goes $9.00    it’s terrible how we have to spend so much for such things.    I washed up the dirty dishes & got dinner & supper, & Elbert only had 12. doz. eggs to sell & he didn’t get back untill 11-30 about the same time as usual,    I don’t understand for he has been selling 29 & 34 doz. in the same length of time, & doing the shopping 12 doz. 55 cents per dox. $6.60 & he sold 3 doz. here at 1.50  total 8.10 for eggs

Thurs. July. 27. 1950./ page. 2634./ 34.y.p.-1-H-eggs this day./ Well, I was going to get up early & start the washing, but I didn’t,    I got up at 10 fast time   that’s really 8-a-m. & we had some lunch & hot drink,    I then washed out Elbert’s sleepers & pillow slip  some dish  hand towels & nose & wash rags & my change of clothes & then I washed the heavy cotton blanket & double “light” one from Elbert’s bed & put his pillow out & turned it often in the sun & hung my own night gown out & put my pillow out,    then we had another snack & rested a little then I washed one heavy cotton blanket, the old quilt, the light wool blanket we use in the car   & the gray heavy wool blanket we use on the bed,     I didn’t get the wool army blanket done, 5 pieces are what Vern & his son used,    now, I’m sure glad they’re all done but one & I do hope to get that also tomorrow     the 4. didn’t get dry so I’ll have to hang them out in the morning then wash the other one & get it up to dry.    Elbert’s dog tired    he’s work hard early picking up & cleaning up the rubbish Vern had out around the cottage,  papers, cans, boxes & the fire pot & a barrel, then he cultivaated the garden, corn & potatoes & then he helped me suds & rince & wring blankets.    then he went with papers,  & came back & took care of hens & then we ate & listened to the new     went out side a few minutes, looked at the road,     they tared it & put crushed fine stone on it & rolled it into the tar     some one must have complained about how rough it was,    so now it’s better but should have a cold pack then it would be good for a long time.  well. I have to get after the stove pipe job next & I hope I can get the sealing painted & wood work & then wash windows & put up clean curtions once more & then maybe I can have a little more time to sew & write cards & letters    It’s been hot to day but a little cool breeze most of the day.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name forever, Amen.

Sat. July. 29. 1950./ page. 2635./ 38.-y.p.-1.-H-eggs today/ Well, we sure worked today    I got up early & cut my toe nails & then I dressed & washed & hung out the quilt & four blankets     then I opened up Elbert’s windows & shook up his bed, & put his pillow out to air then washed again & got a bite to eat & while we ate the water was heating & I washed out a few dirty pieces  then a wool & cotton blanket off my bed then the big chair back & seat cover, then we ate a lunch & then over hauled about 6 or 8 prs. work pants & found 2. prs. he might wear & we tore out what good patches there were & done away with the rest, saving the buttons     I washed care seat covers, he went with the papers & I ironed & he came back with a pr. of wege sole summer slippers $4.10    well, they fit, only the strap around the ankle is to long    man, said if it was to bring them back & he’d fix it.    I am glad to have them    my feet suffer so with the heat.    he got some pork shoulder for tomorrows dinner,    I got supper & he put the pants & patches in grainery untill Mon.   & fed hens & locked up the buildings & I shut the windows for a thunder storm was right onto us,     didn’t last loong, but was a got heavy rain & cooled. the air off    it’s been, 90 degrees today with a light cool breeze,    I washed supper dishes  patched the back of big chair back cover & did a little on the seat part, then made a glass “16. oz.” of current jam & put the goose berries through the sieve also & got 8 cups & have added 8 cups sugar & will have to cook it tomorrow if I can,    I had to mend my night gown to so now I’ll read & go to bed     hoping to go to Sunday school & church in the morning,  I received card from Miss Clark today.     I truly Praise God in Jesus Name for all the strength he has given me this day.     Oh how I love Jesus    Oh how I love Jesus because    He first loved me.    I Praise Thee Jesus & love Thee.

Sun. July. 30. 1950./ 35.y.p. 1.-H-eggs today./  We went to Sunday school & church this morning, but it was so terrible hot coming back home & Elbert’s head felt so bad    he didn’t want to go back tonight,     so, I could see he was- n’t feeling able to drive & the lights would have hurt his eyes & his head would have felt lots worse,     so, I pray God has taken care to send in a few more to take my place & that he will give each a bless & make it 4 fold for 

Sun. July. 30. 1950./ page. 2636./ 35.y.p. -1-H-eggs this day./  each one who remembers me in prayer    I pray God will bless them all & strengthen there faith & mine in Jesus Dear Presious Holy Name & help us to live His ways & do His way We Praise Thee & give Thee all, Glory for ever and ever.   I love Thee & wish I were as Holy as Thou art.    To be like Jesus, to be like Jesus, all I ask to be like Him All through lif’s journey  From earth to Glory All I ask to be like Him.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus, Pure & Holy. 

Mon. July. 31. 1950./ 37.yp.-2-H-eggs today/ It was terrible hot before noon,    Elbert cultaved the garden & cut some grass & after dinner we went to Huron & I bought me a piece of dress goods 47 cents per. yd 6. yds. and a pr. of stocking 1.35,    I owe for the dress goods & hope to get a few pieces put away for cotton is going up.    I need 2 table clothes & hope to get them    I hope I can get my corsets fixed up satisfactory, & I we hope to go after them in the early morning.    I washed up the dishes after supper,     we stopped & called on Mr. & Mrs. Duglas on the way home from Huron    He had a bad spell, she said & he looks as if he had had a partial stroke,    but he’s out mowing the lawn & does the odds & ends,    she said she didn’t know what she’d do if anything happened to Will.    she couldn’t take care of the furnace & do all the things that would need to be done.    Some of there relatives come & got them & took them home to Cleveland & them and several others went out to the outskirts of Cleveland, where one man has a summer home    & Douglas’s were gone for a week & had a good time & then they brought them home again,   that was nice,  she said she enjoyed it& had a fine time.    We came home & Elbert went with the papers,    we met the paper man as we were coming down the hill,    so Elbert wasn’t late & he had just got back when it began to rain    We only got a light shower & it’s much cooler.    Postman left card in box, stating there was a letter for us at the post office 3 cents due on it & it was from Bessie Seneff-    she gave Elbert a lock to put on but couldn’t find the keys then,    so sent keys in letter, so he got the letter & he opened it,    it was addressed to me, but he opened it& got mad & said send me over, if you want to,    he could have ask first,    but, I wonder, he wouldn’t want me to do so by him & I’d rather open my own mail also.    Well I must read & go to bed, get up  take a bath & dress to go in the morn    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for His love & His wonderful care & trust for the Promise before much longer.

Tue. Aug. 1. 1950./ page. 2637./ 34.y.p. -1.-H- eggs today./ We got up early washed & dressed    Elbert cut some flowers & I put a voilet plant in a carton & cramed news papers around it, to take to the Moore Sisters    they seemed to like the flowers & plant,    I told Elbert I was going to take them 2. doz. eggs & he did both me & them a raw deal, by putting in 6 half sized eggs,    he had sorted out as to small to sell to his customers & I charged them 55 cents per. doz.    I can’t understand why he does me such tricks,    I can’t help feeling hurt & he gets so angry when I ask him about it    I discovered the 6 eggs were gone off the table & ask what he did with them & he hesatated & then said he put them in Moore cartons    Oh God, help him to learn to Know Thee & do Thy will. in Jesus Holy Name I ask, Amen.    Why my own brothers, sisters, father, Nephews & neices want to do such dasterly tricks on me is more than I can explain,    but I know Thou art able to turn them about face & I’m trusting & believing  Thou Wilt.   I will give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever. Amen.    Been a hot day  cool breeze.    Bill & Georgie & Georgia Mae packed there suit cases & put them & there hangers for suits & dresses in the car & left just before noon yesterday    & a big covered truck was there after dark a few nights ago,    We are wondering, if they have sold the place or gone for a good time.     Georgia Mae finished High school this yr. & Elbert saw 1 white cow & 4 or 5 calves in Snyders barn yard this. a-m,     It’s a queer World & I thank God the Son & Holy Ghost there are & ever will be. 

Wed. Aug. 2. 1950./ 37.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ Well, I haven’t done much today,    went out to the garden to see if I could find any plants from the seeds I put in     only found a very few.    I haven’t felt so good from stooping over out there    & I should have done out the washing today    I couldn’t see well enough to try to sew & I’m badly in need of a couple more dresses & a dress for good,    I’ll have to buy one if I don’t get one made before much longer,    if only I had some one to help me just a little.    No mail today & it’s been a nice day   cooler breeze & partly cloudy,    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all His tender mercies & pray I may be of more service to Him,    I wish I knew just what I ought to be doing.   about His work.   I Praise Jesus.

Thurs. Aug. 3. 1950./ page. 2638./ 30.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ WE had lunch with Nellie & the children Mon.    I got one corset & left the others to be fixed a little so I’ll have to go back again.    We call at Ineze home but she wasn’t home.    Today I did the washing,   Elbert went & sold eggs & his Knee is terribly swollen & pains him bad.      It’s been a partly cloudy day hot sun very cool breeze.    We got a shower of little hail stones the other day size of the end of my big finger only over the house for a second & was gone & melted just about as fast as it hit.   & the Radio going down to 50 degree tonight.   De Haan’s book came today, (called) God’s Miracle Book Our Bible.  

Fri. Aug. 4. 1950./ 37-y.p. 2-H-eggs today./ Well I haven’t felt able to work to- day so only did what I had to do.    Elbert’s Knee is swollen bad    so it’s hard for him to get around on it & I’m not able to wait on him    so life is really miserable.    I managed to get a couple of meals today & hope tomorrow will find us both better.    Some one’s stealing my rags & has been for a long time now    I pray God will punish them, it’s so hard for me to wash & bleach the grain bags, but the skunk that takes them don’t care.   Lord help me before it’s to late   And teach Laura Ann to live close to Thee in Jesus Name I ask, Amen.   Received letter from Ethel today. on a sheet of note paper with two red roses with green leaves & a red double [?].   It’s been a nice day, like early Sept. hot sun, partly cloudy & so cool at night.    I received a letter from Ethel telling me about Loura Ann    she been in the Hospital for 2 week with appendicitis,    she never said a word about her mother,    she said Walter took to Elyria a good mess of fish,    when they were down here last & she cleaned them,    I’m wondering, if she really scaled & cleaned them or cleaned up on them after they were cooked,    she never use to like to do the cleaning.    We had fish dinner the day she was here & so she said to tell “Elbert” she enjoyed the fish.    I’m glad she enjoyed them.

Sat. Aug. 5. 1950./ page 2639 [should be 2640]./ 37.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ We9ll, I didn’t do only what I had todo all day & Elbert took my shoes down to get soles & heels on them & I wrote a note in bold hand writing & said only sole & heels & so,    he ask Elbert if the other job wasn’t satisfactry & he said her feet are so bad,    I told Elbert twice, no wedges on my shoes so he brought them home with wedges on both shoes clear to the center & they hurt me so bad    I’ve said a plenty,    seems I can’t get a thing done right unless I’m there to see about it & he says he can’t help it if he can’t remember,    but he can remember,    he don’t like Tommy & so the spite comes out on me.    I pray God will in Jesus Name help me & that I can get the wedge taken out without to much trouble, & that it wont spoil my shoes.    We got a letter from Vern Hammond today,    he said his sister was in the Hospital 3 1/2 weeks & died after he got there & the funeral would be tomorrow, Aug. [looks like 2nd] it was the sister he had hoped to take back to his home    he said Vern. Jr. was O.K & that he would write again.    I do hope to be able to go to church tomorrow.    It’s been cool breeze partly cloudy & hot sun & it’s cool again tonight.    I thank and Praise God for all my blessings in Jesus Holy Name and wish I was more like Him that I might do more to help in His work and be stronger that I might endure all the hardships better than I do,    help me Jesus, I pray, Amen.    Frank Bonney was here and went wood chuck hunting & got one & gave it to Elbert,    he didn’t say whether he got any more,    he came in & talked a few minutes    He ask how I liked the onions & I said they were fine    but Elbert said they were so hot she can’t take more than two or 3 bite at a meal & Frank said that was the first time he’d had a complaint & he’d give away quite a few to several different people,    so, maybe I wont get any more,    I don’t know what’s wrong with Elbert of late,    he seems to make things as difficult as possible for me, and I’ve tried so hard to help him, but just one more lesson of gratitude, I suppose.   

Sun. Aug. 6. 1950./ 34.y.p. 2-H-eggs today/  Well Praise the Lord I got to Sunday school & church this morning & we got back to church tonight.    Mrs. Croll & her son & his wife & baby were there & her & her two daughters Marry Petters & the little girl, & Mr Whitman & 

Sun. Aug. 6. 1950./ page. 2640 [should be 2641]./ 34. y.p.-2–H-eggs this day./ Sister Mables birthday/ & Dorthy & Lindy & there two children Tom & Mertle & Rony & I.   She had a sermon on the same subject only in a different way so I got two lessons on the same subjects.    We took Thom & Mertle some Chicken balls & gravey & some wood- chuck & a piece or so of Chicken & a big bunch of fox. for the church.    Tom was expecting to go on his truck run yet tonight.    The highway was jamed with trucks cars & Busses, hard to get in line or get out.     Been a hot day with just a little N. east breeze.    No one at Snyders, only Bob,     he comes & going.    & the war is bad & Bob will probably be called to go fight before long.    These will be our last wars.    Oh, God, help me to be ready in Jesus Holy Name.    & there are so many others I love & would like to see them go home to peace & Glory With Thee,    I ask Thy Will be done.    I thank & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name, Amen.

Mon. Aug. 7. 1950./ 29y.p. 1 H-eggs today./ Well my feets been torturing me so bad all day.    Elbert got a few apples & I made an apple pie & a little thin one & a custard pie we ate for supper.    I washed up the roaster, fry pan & stew pan & baking dishes & my feet killing me by degrees    We ate what chicken balls were left & the custard & drank hot coffee,    I ought to have sewed all day, but just couldn’t put my mind to it.    Elbert seemed sullen & ugly when I got in the car after church last night, car smelt as if he’d been sleeping & it had been all shut up & no air & I ask if he’d been sleeping & he said, no, but he was tired waiting around all night,     I ought to get out as soon as I could & not stop to talk alnight,    I explained they were talking & asking me questions & I didn’t want to be im- plite,    I changed the subject as soon as I could,     he said we’d have half the night to get in line, there were so many cars so close together but soon a man honked for Elbert to go & he waited & kept every one behind him waiting,  untill we passed over & I told Elbert to honk back to thank him, so he did,     & I said, well, he was human any way & then, I said looks as if they are a mile long & he said guess lots of them been over to Ceder Point & just getting back,    our side didn’t have very many ahead of us all the way to end of our road     & we got onto our road just before another long string of cars got to us    I don’t get a chance to go any where & it seems a pity I have to be jared at every time I go     it don’t matter where.    I sure wish I had my own car.    But I do as much for him as he does for me, so I feel I have a right to go & to have my freedom,    I pray I’ll be found

Mon. Aug. 7. 1950./ page 2641./ 29.y.p. 1-H-eggs this day./ worthy at the judgement day.    Tonight we were talking of things that had passed & he squinted his eyes to narrow slits as if he’d like to kill me.    You know when pa was here he kept & under ground war going on & now I have another & I’ll be glad when it’s all over.   God help me in Jesus Name to win, for I haven’t any use for Satan or anything that’s his.    I thank God He has loved me & pray I may be all His, in Jesus Name for ever & ever, Amen.     Elbert said he saw Mrs. Eppler in Vermilion, when he took the papers down today.    I had him get a money order for $9.25 for my taxes & I have it all fixed & ready to send Aug. 8.th (tomorrow)    I have several letters to ans. yet.    hope I can get up & sew tomorrow.    I have to fix my nightgown    it’s split oppen on the back.    cool again tonight,    Radio said it was dropping to 50 degrees or maybe a little lower tonight.    It’s been a nice day, hot sun cool N.E. breeze.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy care & I’m trusting & believing, Amen.

Tue. Aug. 8. 1950./ 38y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ Well, I did do a very little sewing to- day, put a patch on the back of my night gown yoke  made 2 handkercheifs & a pillow slip & sewed the sleeves into my house dress & got the binding around one arm hole  sewed the belt on to waist & the skirt on the belt,   got to put binding round another armhole & fix the neck & face bottoms of sleeves  turn hem in skirt make 3 buttonholes sew on 2 buttons & stitch the pocket.    I hope to buy another dress & hat & perhaps coat for church,    I don’t know if I’ll get to sew tomorrow for I have to wash the rags, so might as well do all if I can.    Mrs. Eppler came & want me to go with her & Mrs. Crole & her daughter Marry & the baby “the well fare works brought her” to Cleveland to a tent meeting, an Evangelest who has the gift of healing, is going to be there all this week,    I didn’t have much time to take a bath & dress & go back with her, but I guess if I had taken my bath & dressed as soon as she left I’d have had time to get to Vermilion be- fore they left, for West’s hadn’t left when Elbert got down there & they & Mr. Whitman, Mrs. Sprunk Dorthy & Lindy were all going in two or 3 cars.    I hope to go Wed. to Vermilion to our women’s prayer meeting and then find out about going Thurs. to tent meeting.    I pray God will send the Power tonight & that it will be a wonderfull meeting & many will be blessed

Tue. Aug. 8. 1950./ page. 2642./ 38.y.p. 1-H eggs this day./ I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all His love & His tender mercys & am Trusting & believing for my healing to be made complete,    I believe it will be,    I love Thee Jesus & pray I didn’t sin by not goiing tonight, Amen.    Very light cool breeze, part time wasn’t any. N. E.    What there was, hot sun.    I just got the nose bleed    had it sunday morning in church,    Mrs Crole prayed for me & it didn’t last long & I know Jesus sees hears & knows, I pray He will Help me now & I thank Him & am so glad He’s able.

Wed. Aug. 9. 1950./ 28.y.p.-1-H eggs today./ I washed over half the wash & then took a bath & went with Elbert to Vermilion with the papers & the paper man was extra late so I didn’t get in even on the tale end of the prayer meeting    they’d all gone when we got there,    sister Eppler brought the basin & cover ant [?] to the car, climbed in & we sat & visited for sometime about the healing meetings in Cleveland    I want to go & I have to find a way,  for Elbert don’t want to go & he wont put forth an effort unlest I do.   So I’ve got to find a way.    I received a note from Sister Hance,    she told me of the verious ones in Church who have received the Holy Ghost & 40 of the young folk that were in the summer camp meetings also received the Holy Ghost Praise the Lord   Praise God in the highest  Jesus Blessed Jesus I pray Thou wont pass me by, but forgive me & made me strong in Thee for- ever & ever & help me to do Thy Will in all things Amen    I love each one Lord & pray Thou will help me or some one of Thine to win them over to Thee,   help me Jesus.    It rained a light shower & was partly cloudy all day,    We went over to see Dorthy & Lindy & I gave Dorthy the bags I had promised her 6. of them    quite a few of the folks went over to Cleveland from Vermilion & 31.st. Church & 31.st St. are talking about the whole church going this Sun.    Oh, I pray God will take me & take care of me in Jesus Name   I’m willing to do what ever He wants me to do & give Him all the Glory for ever & ever. Amen.

Thurs. Aug. 10. 1950./ page. 2643./ 27.y.p.-2-H-eggs Today,/ Well it been a hard day in a lot of ways for me.    my bowels want to move, but wont & my feet have pained me bad all day    I got up at 9-30 & hung out the wet clothes I wash Wed. & the pillows to air,    then I got things ready for dinner,    then I put the remainder of the dirty clothes to soak & washed out a few     & Elbert came in after selling eggs this a m    he sold 16 1/2. doz. 60. per. doz. & bought the feed for hens, had to use 1.50 for car & he got a little piece of meat for dinner,    I put the potatoes, carrots & water on when I see him coming in,    I had just made my- self a cup of tea so gave him a cup    we ate & I finished the washing, all but my good dress & the one I had on & my skarf & so I got them on the line just as the paper man came & then I ironed my old patched one & put it on so iron was hot & I ironed my good dress & petticoat & scarf & two work shirts    then Elbert brought cream & we ate it & drank coffee & I feel stuff for my bowels don’t move.    been quite hot, S. breeze that’s gone N. East tonight.    Received my tax receipt today.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray I get to those meetings Amen

Fri Aug. 11. 1950./ 34y.p. -0 H-eggs today./ Well, another off day, feet & legs swollen so bad couldn’t get my shoes on & they hurt so bad      I didn’t get up untill after 12 oclock,    we had a thunder & lighten storm last night & it soured the milk, potatoes I had boiled & carrots that were left over & because I felt so bad last night I forgot to get a milk bottle ready for morning,     Elbert didn’t go for the milk so, fast again,    seems as if I have to do that a terrible lot of late again,    he went & took a qt jar at one oclock or a little after & he got a small piece of pressed ham when he went to Vermilion with the papers,     he got a piece of boiling meat also. & some ice cream a pt. for both of us, 31 cents.now.    I swept both bedrooms & Kitchen & did I sweet just dripped off me.    I pray God will bless the meet- ings in Cleveland & for that matter, where ever God is, in all the meetings of His. Amen.    Cool today, N.East breeze hot sun.    Elberts other knee is hurting him.    & he feels real punk. & 2 bumble bees stung him while he was mowing this morning,    & he’s sore & lame from hoeing cultiviting & mowing,    I Praise God for all our many blessing & healing & revelations He gives to me. Amen. I can hear Bonney Bell ramihose[?]  maybe her boy has come.    I heard her Wed or Thurs night.

Sat. Aug. 12. 1950./ page. 2644./ 34 yp-1-H-eggs today./ I was sick all night    Elbert amptied the can twice & as soon as I got up a- gain.    I don’t know what’s wrong, but Elbert gets the same kind of spells yesterday    his bowels were running him & he just told me they hadn’t moved all day,    so I had him get up & take an olive tablet,     his stomach don’t digest very good, either, of late.    I helped get the meals & do the dishes.    Frank Bonney & Armond & Frankie Page “Franks grandson, our great nephew” came with them & ate supper with us,     he is a big boy 13. yrs. old.    he cut his foot with the shovel & Dr took several stitches in Frankie’s ankle.    he did it Aug. 4th.    Elbert killed & dressed & cut up a hen & I put it on to cook,    we saved the breast & thight to grind for meat balls.    I got everything ready to so I can go to church in the morning.    Received one card from Miss. Clark & No one has seems to know where she is,    Well, I sure hope to get back to 31.st. St. church where I can feel the Power of God, Glory, Hallelujah    Power goes through me just talking about it.    Praise the Lord in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, for ever, Amen.     My Check came today & a card saying the family reunion would be at Lake View Park Aug. 20. so we wont be there,    they could have had it on Labour Day,    but, if they did what would they do Sun.    I don’t believe in having picnics on Sun,    that’s God’s Day & He said to keep it Holy.    Frankie said “Ruby & Frank” his grandmother & father have a nice television set & a nice big new deep freeze & everything that goes with it,    & has berries & things in it all ready,    he says they are going to pack in lots of meat & fruit.yet,    Well, I don’t care for the likes.    Frankie said Bonney Bell has her baby boy.    She told Joe, “when they were here” if it wasn’t a boy, he was out of luck, for they couldn’t take care of any more.    Well I finished reading Rev. DeHaans little book of sermons called “Gods Miracle Book, Our Bible”    He does explain the bible so very plain.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Dear Holy Name Amen. 

Sun. Aug. 13. 1950./ 28.y.p.-1.H eggs today./ We were home all day    felt to miserable to go out & Elbert’s head ached all day & he didn’t feel able to drive,    Snyders came home Fri. & there have been a lot of cars coming & going all day over there,    It’s been a fine Sept. day    very cool & it was extra cool last night with a heavy due as if it had rained    I pray we will be able to go to Cleveland to Church & that I do get filled & healed in Jesus Name. Glory to God in Jesus Blessed Name. 

Mon. Aug. 14. 1950./ Page. 2645./ 33 y.p. 1.-H-eggs today./ Well, I sure felt bum today,    But Praise the Lord in Jesus Holy Name the swelling was most gone in my ankles & legs this morning,    I thank Thee Jesus & am trusting & believing for the healing of the bones in the balls of my feet, they pain me so bad they make me sick to my stomach,    they smart & burn as if they were scraped raw,    it’s all most unbearable,    but I am still trusting God will in Jesus Name, fill & heal me, & teach me how to stay whole in Jesus    I’ll give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever, Amen:    I did the washing today & I washed & scoured all the pots & pans & did up all the dishes.    My rectum has been paining me for several days & my bowels haven’t been working very good,    but they got at it today 3 times.    been cool   breeze & hot sun,   been to cool nights for garden.    flowers are just begining to bloom,    I wasn’t able to transplant any so they are to thick & wont do very well,    glads haven’t any blossoms yet,    & no corn yet  beans didn’t grow  only have a few cabbages & tomatoes    they ought to rippen soon,    but only 4 or 5 have so far.    I thank & praise Thee and Jesus for all we have & pray all things work kout for Thy good Glory.

Tue. Aug. 15. 1950./ 33.y.p. 1.-H-eggs today/ Well, I so tired tonight couldn’t see with the glasses on or with them off    eyes were so bad today,    but, I riped up the waist of the green bag dress & cut a wider piece & sewed on to the front & under the arm,    for it was to tight to be comfortable,    so, that mean I took out the lower half of each sleeve from the arm hole    took yoke off the front & took the belt off just passed under arm seam,    then I cut the neck V. shape & put the braid & facing back on & one button    & I got it all done, from five oclock untill 7.     all the stitching was done.    after supper I filed the belt down inside    now it’s ready to be washed.    Elbert got a nice piece of steak for supper, b ut it cost 1.25.    I want juicy steak so bad,    but, my gums are so sore     can’t chew it.    guess we’ll have to grind all our meat in the future.    Elbert went to see Mrs. Eppler    she wrote a note & sent Roney to give it to Elbert but Elbert went over to Martins & he saw her out on the walk    so went & talked to her,     she said she was going tonight to take some folks who were not save & for me to pray for them & that she would be going Thurs. & would take us, at about 11. or 12 oclock to Cleveland    I thank God & pray all will be well in Jesus Name, with both of us.    I Praise Thee Jesus. Amen.

Wed. Aug. 16. 1950./ page. 2646./ 36y.p. 1-H-eggs today–/ Well, I baked 2 tins of bread biscuits   swept & pressed Elbert’s pants,    he washed them before he took the papers & he washed 2 more prs. when he got back.    I haven’t felt able to be on my feet, but am trusting God will forgive me & fill & heal me in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.    It’s been a nice day    S. West breeze but no rain & we need the rain so bad,    I hope it wont do a lot of damage when it comes,    I received a card from Sister Hance,    she says the buss goes to Cleveland every day except Sat. & Sun. & they will be looking for me,    May God ever bless them & help me to get there & go with them.    Oh I Praise Thee Jesus & pray I’ll be so filled & heal,    I’ll dance for Joy in Jesus Name, Glory, Hallelujah.   & I pray no one will bother the house while we’re gone    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things, Amen. 

Thurs. Aug. 17. 1950./ 33. y.p. 1-H-eggs today/ We got up early & washed & dressed & went to Vermilion & left the car at the Church & went in her car with her, Roney & Mrs. Sprunk to Cleveland to the tent meeting Where lots are being save & heal of bodily ills & of Satin being driven out    there were lots of folk on cots  in Wheele chairs & all sorts of plagues & ills, crippled & all in veraious ways, eyes were of cripples made strait & the lame to walk,    the power went through me again & again & went up & joined the line of those to be healed,    he, the man praying for the sick “said” I was healed in Jesus Name,    I thank & praised God in Jesus Name.   All the praise truly belongest to Him.    We stayed for the evening service,    I hope to go again at least once next week with the folks at 31.st. St. church    they go in there buss    we got back at 12 & took our car from the church & Mrs Sprunk to her home    then we came home,    I took a sponge bath & went to bed, but Elbert went with out washing

Fri. Aug. 18. 1950    & his pillow case is terrible    he isn’t feeling very good & told me today, I exaggerate things so bad,    well thats news to me & when I ask what I had exaggerated on he couldn’t remember one thing & got angry & said we wouldn’t talk a- bout it any more,    I’m glad the Lord is for me & that He help me,    things are so wicked & cruel these days.    I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for my blessings. Amen.

Fri. Aug. 18. 1950./ 32y.p. -1-H-eggs today./  I forgot to put the date up where I started to write for Fri.    guess Im tired yet,    I did- n’t get up untill 2 p-m or there about.    Elbert went to Huron & didn’t get any fish & he went & got the milk & then slept in big chair had dinner at [?] p.m.

Sat. Aug. 19. 1950./ 31.y.p.-1-H- eggs today./ Well, I did the washing today    was so cloudy I thought maybe I was foolish but part of them dried & the rest got very nearly dry,    so they are clean for over Sun.    I thank Jesus for they had rain below us    Frank was here to hunt wood chucks & said it rained in Lorain & untill he got thru to [S?]irtyside    I hope we get some more,    it rained here yesterday about 5-p.m, slow, steady rain & it came in heavy shower after dark & untill most morning, so everything got a good washing & good drink.    Frank said some one took all the cucumbers that were ready to pick,    he didn’t like it,    well, other folks don’t like it either but he & some of the others thought it was funny a few yrs. ago.    I was in the bed room tonight about 5-30p.m. & some one opened the seller door    it jared things & I yelled to Elbert & ask what he was doing,    he didn’t ans. so I hurried out to see & there was no one in sight but the basement door was unhooked & not latched,    I had Elbert go down & see if all the windows were fastened shut, but I feel rather curioous & Elbert acts rather queer about such tings, & it don’t seem worry him, one bit;    Well I hope to take a bath & get off to Church in the morning,    so I’ll have to be getting to bed.    I picked a few flowers & put them in some water out side & got the mutton cooked for tomorrows dinner.    but, I didn’t get the dishes done or the table cleaned up.    I thank God with all my heart for fixing me up & my feet are better    Oh, Praise the Lord & I’m trusting for the Holy Ghost    I want to Praise the Lord in Spirit & know I have His seal of approval,    Glory to His Name, Praise Thee Jesus.

Sun. Aug. 20. 1950./ 32. y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ We got off to S.S. & church this morning & got back for church tonight    wasn’t many there.   Mr. Whitman Tom, Mertle & Roney a young couple that Sister Eppler & Tom have been trying to get in church for some time & she took them to Cleveland & they were converted both of them. & Mrs. Crole & her 2 girls & the little boy Marry & her man has adopted, he’s 3. yrs. old a welfare child, & myself.   Mr. & Mrs. Smith were to church this morning but not tonight.    Praise the Lord.   Oh God we are such worthless sort of things in such alot of ways    we pray for wisdom & Knowledge & guiding in Jesus Name.    I Praise Thee & trust in Thy promises, Amen. 

Mon. Aug. 21. 1950./ page. 2648./ 32.y.p. 1-H-eggs today,/ I did the washing   didn’t have so much since I washed most every thing Sat. but the blankets    & I didn’t do them, today,    I’d like to go to Lorain one day this week, God Willing,    I need to get a dress & look after a coat & hat for winter,     & I’d like to see about getting some paint & wire fencing.    & I want Elbert to look after getting some shoes and under wear & shirts    there are so many things we ought to have & so little to buy them with.    It’s been a fine day  hot sun cool  S.west breeze clothes dried good.    & I got done with less pain than usual    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name,    for all things & for the good lessons I am learning,    I ask Him to teach me,   & was prompted to buy a book that tells a lot of things I have often thought of & now I know,    When I’m filled with the Holy Ghost I’ll be free & can do more for the Lord, Glory to God, I thank Thee. 

Tue. Aug. 22. 1950./ 32.y.p. 1-H.-eggs today./  I wash 12 grain & mash bags & got the paint all out & 4 were quite white    the rest are pink,    but another wash or two & they will be white,    I have to make a night gown yoke & pillow slips & dish towels.    I’m so tired, for I also baked 2 tins white bread biscuits & one tin of rusk biscuits & it’s 10 to 1-a-m now,    it take the rusks so long to rise, but I felt I needed a little taste.    I have mended 4 of my shirts & now I’m going to bed.    It’s been a fine day  S. breeze.   it was real cold last night went to 40 degrees & we had to put on an extra blankets.    I thank & Praise God for all our many blessings.    Elbert’s Knee got a lot better & now it’s all swelled up again & it’s stiff & pains him bad,    God help us, Amen.    I want to go to prayer meeting, but, his Knee & the biscuits    His Knee hurt so bad, he didn’t feel able to go with the papers. 

Wed. Aug. 23. 1950./ 29.y.p.-1-H-eggs today/ Well I mended the shirt I had on yesterday so now they are all mended,    I felt to tired to do much else to day    washed up dishes    did a little cooking & sweeping    Elberts knee is bad again    he went with the 

Wed. Aug. 23. 1950/page 2649/29y.p.-1.H-egg this day/ papers    said it hurt to use his leg & knee to drive,    he went over to Sister Epplers & took 2 cucumbers fresh from the garden & she was glad he came,     She said we were to come in time to go with her at 9-a-m in the morning for Cleveland     so I persuaded Elbert to go & I pray he will be converted & healed,    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for answering prayer & for all our blessings.     Now I have packed our lunch & God Willing  I’ll take my bath & be ready to go early in the morning    I thank God for another chance & trust for my fill- ing & healing & for his.    Oh God, help us.

Thurs. Aug 24 1950/ 30.y.p.-1.-H-eggs today./ Well we went to Cleveland with Mrs. Eppler, Mrs. Crole & her daughter & baby, & Elbert & I & then Dorthy West & her two children Mrs. Sprunk & Eddy’s wife (Mrs. Dorthy West & Mrs. West Sr. went in the West car with us.    so we had a full day.    The sermons & healings were great    the deft & dumb & blind were healed & cripples could walk again.    Well. I got a great deal of good from the meetings & Praise the Lord the Minister said I was healed, in Jesus Name. Glory to God, I Praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.    I thank Thee for all things   all things, & for the card from Nellie.

Fri. Aug. 25. 1950./ 29.y.p.-1-H-eggs today/ Elbert went & sold 15. doz. eggs today & had to buy both mash & grain    he brought home 2.73 & got her at 12-30.    he took the bag of feed out the car & put them in the grainery & got feed ready for hens supper     then he came in & ate dinner,    I had it most done except frying the meat.    I did out all the washing & got it dry & washed dishes & did my daily round & I’m tired but Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for the strength He has given me, trust[?], & I hope to iron tomorrow & be ready for Church Sun.    Been hot today with S. breeze all morning, going N. east after dinner & wind dies all out before dark each evenings

Fri. Aug. 25. 1950./ page. 2650./ 30.y.p.-1-H-eggs this day./ I thank Thee Jesus for my healing & give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    I’m so glad we can call on Thee & pray Thou will give Rev. Branham & his brother & workers renewed strength to carry on there work & I also thank Thee for answering prayer & sending him & his workers to us    We knee some one like him among us daily to help strengthen the weak in Thee.    Now I pray for more strength & faith that I may be of more help for Thee & help me to be among those of Thine more often send the visions & help me to do Thy Will.    I thank Thee Jesus, Blessed, Presious & Holy, Amen.

Sat. Aug. 26. 1950./ 31.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ Well, it’s been a fine day     been hot but a nice S. breeze untill noon going N. east after dinner.     I swept & wiped up the floors & then ironed 6 kercheifs, 2. work shirts, a slip & petticoat & 2 house dresses & my scarf.    & darned a pr. of socks,    had to darn foot of one stocking of mine last night,     Elbert’s feeling better & he got supper tonight, for which, I was so thankful    & he got ice cream, after he delivered the papers & took 6 fish to Harry Miller.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all things Amen.

Sun. Aug. 27. 1950./ 29.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ We got away to Sun school & church & I had Elbert pick some tomatoes, cucumbers corn & a cabbage & a nice bunch of glads & I picked a nice bunch of dahlias, Zinnias & a few small flowers & a few clusters of polly anthian roses.    &   Mrs. Sprunk at dinner with Tom & his wife & son so she got some of the corn & vegetables.    We went back to Church tonight & had such a good prayer service    I saw Rev. Branham with a golden light about Him & the Areina full of people & Rev. Branhams brother geting him to a chair, as he seemed about ready to pass out.    Marry’s little boy is getting real active & to talk more.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all our many blessing.    A man tried to turn his car around on the N.Y.Central Rail Road crossing today & slipped off on to the end of the ties & broke the gas tank & enjine pulled him back on the crossing & he flew up to the highway as fast as he could go, to get some place before all the gas was gone,    Elbert said, He didn’t think he had any.    We thank & Praise our Maker for taking & bringing us home safe.

Mon. Aug. 28. 1950./ 32.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./    Oh, I only fold the belt of my house dress down & I have to fix neck sleaves & the bottom hem.    I hope to get an other cut out before tonight.

Mon. Aug. 28. 1950./ page. 2651./ 32.y.p.-1-H-eggs this day/ Been partly cloudy all day & it thundered & lightened but no rain here,    it rained in Cleveland Lorain & Sandusky,    We had a good shower some time early this morning, so the dirt was quite wet, but sun was so hot today & the little old man with his suit case of notions came just a few minutes after Elbert left with the papers,    he said he slept in a box car at Sandusky last night,    he’s terrible thin,    I feel sorry for him, but don’t know what to do,   I could have let him stay in the shed but I don’t know him or what his idea is buying a suit case of notions & going clear back to Toledo to sell them.    I gave him 35 cents for a comb & I gave him a bread biscuit & a piece of saucage between 2 layers & one rusk biscuit    he says he has ulsers in his stomach & cant eat tomatoes & he hasn’t hardly any teeth,    he’s in his 60’ties & so thin.    it been to hot to work today,    & Elbert went to Lorain, said he got a little done on the car;   he done think the man got it fixed right yet.    He stopped & talked with Mrs. Cranage a few minutes & was gone all morning,   got back at 11-a-m.    he’s seemed to feel the heat bad today & my eyes have been rather bad, so I didn’t get much done    hope I can do more tomorrow.    I thank Thee Jesus for today blessing Amen

Tue. Aug. 29. 1950./ 32-y.p.-1.-H-eggs today./ I didn’t do much today, & it’s been partly cloudy & so hot.    We went to prayer meeting & took corn for Mrs. Sprunk, but she’s been sick all day    Mrs. Eppler went & prayed for her & her knees felt better    then she said this after noon, she felt she had a fever & believed she was going to have a cold,    so we prayed for her again tonight    & Whitman’s daughter Mrs. Mock had a heart attact,    she said it was her fault,    she’s been rejecting God & now she’s willing to turn to God if only He will make her well again,    she’s in the Hospital under an oxegen tent.    We pray for the sick all over the world, for soul & body.   For the Rulers of each country & Nation & for all who govern the people.    for the boys & men that are fighting.    & all the nurses & women.  & the little woman who has arthritis was with us tonight    there were only a few of us there, but Jesus was there with us    I thank Him & Praise His Holy Name & saving Grace & for the Power He has,   He is truly wonderful.    It’s a beautiful night, full moon.  N. east breeze & cool    We took corn & cucumbers to Mrs. Sprunk but she wasn’t there.    Maybe Mertle will take her part of it,    I hope.    I mailed a card to Caroline Mill’s for them to send a catalog to Nellie.    I Praise God for all things. 

Wed. Aug. 30. 1950./ Page. 2652./ 31y.p. 0-H-eggs today./    I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father for this day & it’s many blessing in Jesus Holy Name.    I Pray the Honor and Glory. ge all Thine for ever & ever Amen.    I did the washing   couldn’t hang it out    the air was so damp    I didn’t have many pieces so hung them in the house     I have the rags to hang up yet,    perhaps I can hange them out in the morning.    Elbert hasn’t felt very good, but he mowed a lot of grass & weeds & he hopes to sell eggs tomorrow.    he can hardly get up or down he’s so sore & lame & he will be waling if he sells eggs tomorrow,    his knee isn’t as bad as it was, but bad enough.    We had a can of chicken soup for supper,    I added rice & noodles & a little onion.    It’s real cloudy, so is getting dark early.   Wish we could have fish to- morrow, but he wont get home in time.    no mail today.    I thank Thee Jesus, Blessed True & Holy for all things small or great.

Thurs. Aug. 31. 1950./ 31.y.p. 1.H-eggs today/ Well, I got up at 9-30 & started to straighten up & get things ready for dinner    Elbert went & sold 19 doz. of eggs & got back 12-30 & we ate dinner at 1-30-p-m.      then I had been to mail box & got a card from Audrey    she was worrying    siad it had been 3. weeks since she had heard from us,    I had sent her a card fore part of last week.    Well we decided to go to her tonight,    so I dressed & when Elbert went with the papers, I went with him & we went on to Lorain to Audrey’s & Gertie’s & had a dish of noodles with them & a piece of muskmellon & cup of tea.    I haven’t eat much today & he had brought peaches so I ate 3 & he ate three for dinner,    We had a heavy mist turning to a drizzly rain & kept at it untill we got back home,    we visited a while & Audrey came down stairs & & walked to the corner with me to show me a place where she buys dresses I knee need a couple real bad. for good dresses,    Elbert took the girls corn, tomatoes, cucumbers & cabbage & I bought a muskmellon a nice big one  35 cents & I took a big bunch of glads & other flowers,    they didn’t want all the glads, so I took a nice bunch to Mrs Cranage & we talked a little while & Elbert walked up to the Loop & out onto the bridge & looked around but didn’t see a sole    he knew so came back & talked a little & we came home as fast as he could it was bad driving, water flying in a mist & head lights, glaring but Praise God we made it & I thank him so much  I pray He will fill me & heal me & make me all His soon, I thank Thee & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy, Amen.

Fri. Sept. 1. 1950./ page. 2653./ 31y.p. 1-H-eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to the fish house & they gave him 1/2 bull heads, “all cleaned,”  they had cleaned them for a women who call & said she couldn’t come after them,    so, We went clear over to Martha’s & Nellie’s & gave the fish, to them.    We took them some cucumbers & I took Nellie 2 big bouquets, one of glads & one of Zanias, batchlor buttons & so forth      she gave me a sandwitch & cup of tea to each of us & then we visited a little,  We gave them some of the peaches we bought & some cucumbers & a big pan of fish & Joan ask us to come back for supper,  so we went,     Nellie wanted us to eat there,    but, we wanted to get home before dark,    so we went back to M’s. & Jim came out & said his mother wouldn’t be home untill late    I hadn’t eat enough to hardly keep me & was about all in     when I got there, I boiled potatoes & fried fish & we ate at 8-p-m.    It rained all night & toward morning,    I got up & shut the window,    rain was coming down so fast the eve trough was runing over,    then the wind blew & at day break it was over & I raised the window again,    everything got washed & a good drink   Praise the Lord God of Hosts,    We needed the rain bad & I thank Jesus & give Thee all the praise & Glory for all things forever & ever, Amen.    It’s been cooler today & partly cloudy, with a good fresh breeze, from North East.    I received a card this morning from Nellie,     Johny & Marcie have gone to Boston    they are fixing up a house there to live in & he has a job, now, preaching    & she had a letter from Ella Jane today.    The war is closing in on us & more men are being called.    Ella Jane expects her husband to have to go & they are calling the women that were in the last war & Dr & Dentis.    Russia tells her men they have to win this war, or be shot.

Sat. Sept. 2. 1950./30.y.p.-1-H-eggs today./ Been feeling rather bum all day get a bone out of place between my scoulders & it makes my arm ach clear into my fingers, I seem to get it when I ride in the car.    We got a catalog & book from DeHaan today & the little new paper they print at Berlin Hights 5. pages.   It’s been sort of chilly today in the house & we had a little fire to clear out the dampness.    I  hope to feel better tomorrow,    I’ve sure felt weak & miserable today.    Elbert went to Huron & got some boiling meat & put it on to cook & went out & let it boil all over the stove & floor.    I got up to see what Jackei was yelling about & then I see.     I do

Sat. Sept. 2. 1950./ page. 2654./ 30.y.p.-1-H-eggs this day/ thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for all the blessings He give to me.    I wish & pray & trust I’ll be sealed with His Promise & that I may do His will in all things Amen.

Sun. Sept. 3. 1950./ 28y.p.-1-H-eggs today/ It been a fine day    cool breeze hot sun    I didn’t go to Church all day (bowels loose) & Elbert don’t like to drive at night when traffic is heavy & to- morrow is Labor day & people going both ways     So we stayed home,    I’ve read the Word & prayed & trust I’ll be able to go Tue. to prayermeeting    I can’t stand the hardships as I once did    I don’t enjoy going even with Elbert,    he’s in such a hurry to get me home & I don’t have a chance to get what I want,    he gets what he wants,   Oh well, God Knows & I pray for his seal & trust it will be given to me soon that I may be ready    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy.

Mon. Sept.4. 1950./ 25. y.p.-1.-H-eggs today./ It’s been so cool    Elbert built a fire & kept it all day    N. east breeze & it’s freshened up tonight,    I didn’t do the washing today.    been feeling sort of bum,    really didn’t feel able to do anything today     but I cooked the dinner & did my daily round    beside I made a new yoke & sleeves for my night gown & the botton holes (3.) & sewed the bottons on so it’s ready for tonight,    I made one pillow slip & trimed the bottom of my new house dress & stitched the hem and still have the neck & one sleeve to stitch in & bottoms to face.    I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father for helping me & all of my blessing in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    I know they come only through Thee, fill me, & keep me I pray.

Tue. Sept. 5. 1950./ 26.y.p. -0-H-eggs today./ Elbert worked in his garden & cleaned the hen coop yesterday.    I got part the washing done    fell in to my chair    Praised the Lord & got up after I had a cup of tea.Elbert made for me.

Tue. Sept. 5. 1950./ page. 2655./ 26. y.p.-0-H eggs this day/ Well I got the washing all done ex- cept the blankets & my dress & Elbert had 2. shirts & 2 b.v.d’s & 2.prs. socks this time,     but, there was hot sun & strong N. East wind & they dried good.    Praise the Lord, He give me strength to get supper & go to prayer meeting tonight    We had such a good pray service,    Glory to God We Praise Thee in Jesus Holy Name.     The man that lived with the day family fell over dead & was buried I believe they said “yesterday.”    he wasn’t a christian & Mrs. Croles boy, “who is 15 yrs old” said, ma, that man will go to hell wont he?    I don’t want to go there, but the boys will laugh at me if I go to Church.    Well We have to take our stand & have courage enough to stand for Christ.    I thank Thee Jesus for answering prayer for & about Mrs. Crole’ & her family’s     I thank Thee Jesus for all things    I know Thou art able, Glory, to God in the Highest, Hallelujah, Glory, Glory, Glory. Amen.

Wed. Sept. 6. 1950./ 33.y.p. 1-H-eggs today./ We’ve had fire in heating stove 2 days & nights now.    Well I really got the stitching all done on my house dress, so now all there is to do, tie a few threads & cut out an- other & get it on the way.    We hope to go to Elyria Fri. morning.     I do hope we can.    We went to the Church meeting tonight     there were only a few there, but I know Jesus was there to    We felt his presence & I thank him for all our many blessing in Jesus Name.    Glory to God in the Highest,    I Praise Thee Jesus .    I received a note from Laura Ann.    She wrote a very breif note  she, said she’d like some perenel poppie seed & she might want the dress goods,    but, she’d like to know what color it was as she has 3 favorite colors,   very flipent,    if any one said they had a nice piece of rayon for me a dress, I’d thank them & not be so snippy about it.    I think I’ll try to send her $5.00 & let that do in place of the goods & from there on, I let not mention anything again.    or maybe I might send her a little piece of the good,     it cost 55 cents per. yd. the young folks are not very greatful today for things. Oh, God, Please teach them Thy ways before it’s to late. 

Thurs. Sept. 7. 1950./ 21.y.p.1-H-[she put a cross with 3 symbols in the squares] eggs todays./  Elbert went & sold 12. doz. eggs today & he collected 60 cents from last week 7.20    I gave him back 4.00, he had to get straw & gas for the car.    I got up this morning & washed out a change of clothes for my self & Elbert’s sleepers & his 2 blankets & a cotton & one wool blanket for my bed,    I washed the towelas & rags to & then I took a bath & dress for church & then got supper & after we ate I took care of the bird & we went to church,  Jesus sat beside me & I’ve been asking what’s wrong with me that I don’t receive the holy Ghost,    I thought I had done or said something I’d ought not, be He showed me a clean slate so I still don’t understand why,    I thank Him & Praise Him for all things.    Jesus Blessed Pure & Holy Amen

Fri. Sept. 8. 1950./ page. 2656./27 y.p. 1.H-eggs today./  There was a big ring around the sun & it & the Sun were as white as ice, that was yesterday afternoon & it stayed untill the sun went down,    it was partly cloudy hot sun & very cool N. east breeze, real fresh.    Benn cool today.    Elbert went to the fish house,     but, no fish . & there don’t seem to be many fish.    they don’t get more than 80 or 90 lbs. at one lift,  that’s terrible,    it been getting bad for a loong time,     & so is all else.as the radio tells us.    Well, I’ve felt all in, all day,    I got up at 9-30 & started getting things ready for dinner    Elbert came back & went to work in the garden.    We had dinner & I was just getting out to go out back & Elbert began talking about the worms in the walnut & I stopped to look & Miss. Clark came round the corner of the house    I excused me self & went on my way & did my earned & took the can into the house & went back & visited a while out side,    then we came in,    I made tea,    Elbert drank his & went with the papers,    I swept & cleaned up the table & got the soup ready for supper,     Elbert had brought in corn so I packed it ready to cook,    so it didn’t take so long to get supper cooked & on the table,    then I got dressed for Church,    Elbert picked corn, cucumbers & tomatoes & took to the car for Miss. Clark.       We left her at the place she lives,    she took the corn & things in & I’m sure she had her hand bag,     but she was all up set because Mrs. Fredrick, “the old woman she lives with” was gone & the house unlocked & the keys laying on the table,    she locked the house up  & came back to church.    Elbert drove up town after he let me out & he picked Mrs. Fredrick up & took her home about 20 minutes before church was out     & Miss Clark hurried out to the car to see if her purse was there    it wasn’t so she went on home;    Mrs. F. told Elbert she’d been to the drug store,    said she couldn’t sleep nights.    Oh, such a world.     I thank Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy for the service & lessons tonight & I give Thee all the Praise & glory forever & ever    We gave Mrs. Eppler corn      & Mrs. Sprunk’s been having a swollen knee same as Elbert & she looks & feels bad,     she 70.some yrs. old & liv es alone,    we took her home after church.    I pray God will heal her & help her in the ways she needs in Jesus Name, Amen

Sat. Sept. 9. 1950./ page. 2657./ 21.y.p. 1-H.eggs today./   Been partly cloudy, cool N. east wind or breeze.    I baked 2. tins bread biscuit .& a round loaf. & felt tired all day.    I’ve done my daily round.    Received note from Miss Moore to come in when I could & bring her 2. doz. eggs.    so we sent a card saying we would try to go Te. morning.    I hope we can    I want to get that job done.    I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings & pray for the Holy Ghost.  

Sun. Sept. 10. 1950./ 24.y.p. 1. H. eggs today./  Felt to weak to go to S.S. & Churc h this am but tonight we went    I took Mrs. Sprunk some bread biscuits & chillisauce & Miss. Clark bread biscuits & a small can of chicken, rice & broth.    & Eppler a hen all cleaned & cut up ready to cook & Jesus came to me all dressed in White & He seemed to want me to un- derstand something, but I seem to be to thick headed of late to Know,    I pray he will reveal it to me.    Glory Hallelujah  I thank Thee & praise Thee for all things, Amen    I Praise the Lord for we need the rain to finish tomatoes, carrot & so forth.    It’s been a nice day, partly cloudy, nice Sept. weather. 

Mon. Sept. 11. 1950./ 27.y.p. 0. H. eggs today/    We went to Lorain    I thought I could never make it    Couldn’t sleep untill morning    showered hard in the night & some hail showers after we got home,    couldn’t find a dress or any goods in Lorain in several stores,    stoppe in Vermilion & got a few groceries    went on through to Huron & got a so called dress,    got to face the bottom,    can’t find a thing to face it with.    I bought two pieces of dress goods for house dresses & 2. table clothes 5.25, one hand towel & some wash rags at Penney’s    I bought 4 bowls in Lipps tea Store.    I’m so tired,    but, we hope to go to Elyria tomorrow    I wish I could find a nice dress ready made,    Well, I received a plastic table cloth from Ethel & 3 crochet books today.    Well, I’ll have to let her know I got them & I think I’ll just send 5.00 instead of the goods for a dress,    I still haven’t decided.    I thank & praise Thee Dear Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessing.    Glory Glory I love Thee & Praise Thee.

Tue. Sept. 12. 1950./ 26.y.p. 0.H. eggs today/  We went to Elyria & I got one of the corsets back & they put in shorter stay & under the arms & in the back & changed the garters & it was passed noon when we were done,    I gave them & the woman that runs the elevator & we gave them both cucumbers & Miss Moore bought 2. doz. eggs & paid 1.20 & then we took Mrs. Bracket a doz. eggs & head & cabbage & 3 cucum-

Tue. Sept. 12. 1950./ Page. 2658./ 26.y.p. 0.H. eggs today/ – bers & she said she had a few pears bartlets, she wanted us to have & when she brought them in an egg carton all tied up    & as we left, she siad she had put a little gift in for us & when we got home we found 2. 1. dollar bills.    Elbert parked 2 minutes over time & had to pay 1.00 at Police Station,    he had gone to toilet,    he’s so afraid he will spend a inickle, that he paid a 1.00    he spent 3.93 cents for food & I gave him 50 cents    & so, he had 3.70 cents he took iin with 50 cents & I gave him & so he was only out 23cents    well 1.00 was for gas, of what he spent,    he rested a few minutes    drank a cup of tea,  & went with the papers.    We bought a piece of shank meet & I boiled it & the knuckle & cooked rice & when he came back we ate a small musk- mellon & some ice cream & after a while we ate rice soup with onion in it.    It began to rain & it sure did a good job at it.    When we went this a- m. it wasn’t raining here, but looked as if Elyria would get it & when we got there, they had;    one place it was as if we were fording a river    there were lots of cars & truck ahead of us going through the water hub deep.    We went to Nellies & ate lunch    We took rolls & lunch meat & she made tea,    they all seemed glad to see us.    I gave each of the 3 children a shiny new penny.    We ate & visited some,    Nellie was teaching a little boy,    Bonita went to Boston with Johny & Marcie & the babys & will stay untill end of this week    it’s a 24 hour drive & they were going to stop over night with a friend of Johny’s & Marcie’s & rest a little,    Johny has a church where he will be preaching & they have a cottage to live in & they or Johny has to drive 45 miles to where they had been living & get there belongiings & I think Nellie said he would have to drive that 45 mi. to school every day & preach on Sunday’s .   90 miles a day.    We came back before the rain & I was glad for I’m so tired.    I unlocked the door & pushed it open & droped a can of honey on my big toe    I thought I’d broken it, but guess not,    it’s swollen & black & blue.    We were both to tired to go back to Vermilion to church    he had to take the papers & so didn’t feel like going back & so I 

Tue. Sept. 12. 1950./ page. 2659./ 26. today./ did go,     but I have been praying that the others would go & some new ones would go,    I pray they did & I thank God in Jesus Name for my & our many blessings,    I give Him all the Praise & Glory for all things.    We got a little ice in the rain yesterday & they got more hail & larger hail stones in Elyria this morning,    No mail    I fell in the back door with pail of water    banged my ankle. 

Wed. Sept.13. 1950./ 25.y.p. 1-H-eggs today/  I did half the washing & took a bath & went to church    Elbert warmed up the supper.    he hasn’t felt very good either but seemed to feel mor agreeable tonight after church.    Miss Clark stopped by the car & talked to him a little     she went or was going over to stay with the other old woman,    she thanked Elbert for the chicken & rice soup & both Mrs Eppler & the other preacher “a young Lady” thanked me for the hen we took “all ready to cook” to them    it was funny    Elbert cleaned 2 hens & some how put 3 thighs in there pan & they spoke of it tonight.    & all said it was good   Praise the Lord.    Mrs Horning her daughter & son & her mother in law, Mrs Crole & her 2 daughters & the little boy, Mr. Whitman  Mrs. Eppler & Roney the other minister & Mr & Mrs Wikel & I were all that turned out tonight.    We had a good instruction service on the bible a very thought message.    I thank & Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.    I received my check today   this makes 4 checks I have had from the Goverment.    I think it’s 4.

Thurs. Sept. 14, 1950/ 25.y.p. -1-H-eggs today./  Elbert went & sold 16 1/2 doz. of eggs & brought back $9.90 & he has got to get feed    he got my check cashed & I’ve paid in my tenth to church but we need a few cloths yet.    & another rainy day.    Elbert cashed my check today.    I praise God in Jesus Name for the check.   I didn’t do much to day & I don’t believe I’ll do much tomorrow.    I swept & dusted all 3 rooms today & did my daily round    I finished drying clothes in house.    I went to church tonight,   had Elyria church folks over tonight

Thurs. Sept. 14. 1950./ page. 2660./ 25.y.p.-1-H-eggs today/  I do thank & praise the Lored for all my many blessings in Jesus Name.    Elbert took the papers.    he’s tried to spade a little, but his knee is bad & still pains him.    I’m tired & so weak tonight.    

Fri. Sept. 15. 1950./ 21.y.p.-1-H eggs today/  I sewed a little    had to do a little stitching on my dress & I cut a heavy part wool blanket in the center & sewed selvage edges together & hemed out side edges & darned one small hole & got 2 or 3 more to darn on the machine.    I started the supper & Elbert helped to finish while I put away the machine & things & we ate & I had to take a wash & change cloths for church & we went to church & got back at 10-20-p-m.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for His Presents & Power & all my many blesing,    I pray He will reveal more & more to me.

Sat. Sept 16. 1950./ 27.y.p. 0. H eggs today./  I did a big washing & got it most all dry   the hems & seam were quite damp so I ironed them dry after supper    Elbert helped with the supper    he brought steak & my was it good with hot potaatoes & carrots, baking powder biscuits & hot tea.    So as I did my daily round I’m to tired to write letters or cards to- night    I’m going to read my bible some & go to bed hoping to go to Church in the morning,     I don’t get much out of my lessons there,    but, I can’t go so far to the other one- very often.    I thank & praise God for our blessings & I hope to do His Will.    Partly cloudy today with a N. East breeze, not strong.    Elberts been spading up the garden & he’s so lame & sore,    but he’s done his round & delivered the papers   carried water & dressed a hen for tomorrow.

Sun. Sept.17. 1950./ 23.y.p-1-H-eggs today./   We went to Sunday School & Church & Church to- night,    been a cool N. east breeze & hot sun.    Elbert hasn’t felt very good all day   his knee & his back hurt so,    guess he has taken a little cold & then he spades to steady & to long.    We got home early & I’m tired all over,    so, I going to bed & hope to get some rest    I want to try to sew a little tomorrow after dinner.    I thank Jesus & Praise Him that He is & ever will be & all Praise and Glory should belong to Him for He is truly worthy Amen.    It’s cool enough tonight to have a little fire. & there’s a heavy dew.   

Mon. Sept. 18. 1950./ 22. hens eggs today./  we killed the last old hen & so now it will be hens from now on.   & the feed has taken such a jump looks as if we wont keep only a few from now on. 4.    for scratch grain & ____ for mash.    Well I cut two new waist patterns & hope to cut out a dress to- morrow    it takes me so long to get a dress made if I just had some day,  to cook & do the odds & ends,    but, maybe I’ll get it done.    I hope to make one for Sun wear also.    I thank God in Jesus Name.

Tue. Sept. 19. 1950./ page. 2661./ 23, Hens eggs today/  Brother Fred Bonney would be 65. yrs. old today. & his daughter will be 16 yrs. old Jan. 13th. 1951 [1885 written between lines]  Well, I haven’t done only my daily round,    It’s been a nice day partly cloudy N.East breeze.    Elbert went to Lorain & came back in the another car,    he dug some of my red potaotes & they are sure nice, brittle & cook out so white & light,    I cooked a few, for dinner & supper,    we had liver for dinner & it was sure tuff     We had steak for supper & it was good, the price is terrible,    I’ve been just so tired out to-day I couldn’t work    hope I feel better tomorrow,    I haven’t done the washing yet this week,    I wish I knew what it is     I neet to pep me up & give me more strength.    I need something & need it bad,    my nerves are so bad,    I pray God Will in Jesus Name supply my need & give each one that prays for me 4 fold what they ask for me.    I know they will pray for me, for they always tell me. & sometimes I feel the power of God going through me & I thank Him & I thank Him for those who prayed for me & pray His Blessing upon them also.    It’s good when we are all of one accord.    I wish it was always that way.    & Now I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all our many blessings & pray, Oh God, Thou will in Jesus Holy Name help me to Praise Thee in Spirit and in Truth,  Jesus Blessed Holy & Divine.    

Thurs. Sept. 21. 1950./ 23. eggs to day./  Elbert sold 14. doz egg for 65 cents, 9.10 in all   then he went toward Lorain, he had

Thurs. Sept. 21. 1950./ page. 2662./ 23. hens eggs today./  a car from the garage while they fixed his car,    so on the way the brakes give out & he had to leave it at an oil station,    he got a ride from there into Lorain with a man & took the bus to garage & got his car & they sent a man out with him to get the other car,    he poured brake fluid in & it was O.K. but Elbert’s car is still on the bum & they soaked him $69.00 for what they didn’t do,    or it seems that way    he got it home, on the drive    & there it set    he managed to get it started when the papers came & only got to Ruggles & it stopped    he call Baker’s garage in Vermilion,    they had a man going to Huron, so he stopped & helped him get under way again,    he got down near West’s on Maine St. Vermilion & the paper boy came on his bic. & took the papers to the stand & came back & got his & Mr, West helped Elbert get the car over by West’s & he locked it up & left it there & Mr. & Mrs. West brought him home,    I was praying he was O.K. & Mrs. West came in & said, we brought Bonney home,    I ask, is he O.K.?    she told me about his leaving the car & so they thought they’d like to come & bring him home,    he gave them some potatoes cucumbers cabbage & tomatoes & a few flowers & they went home    I had been cutting out my house dress & making soup for supper,    I carried a pail of water & got it safe & got my dress a cut except yoke & sleeves,   & pocket.    I put it away when they came in & [shot?] of the fire & went out to get them the flowers, then after they went I finished the soup & we ate it was 7-30-p-m.    Elbert read the paper & then counted the eggs & went to bed to tired to sleep, poor boy.    Now I’m going to my bed.    I washed this morning & then started on my dress,    I got things ready for dinner so it didn’t take long after he got here.    I pray they will get his care fixed right,before he brings it back tomorrow & I hope he pays up all the bill on it,     he wants to get some clothes & shoe, he’s badly in need of    I don’t know why he hasn’t done it, but he’s using it up on the car.    Well, I thank & praise God for all our many blessing in Jesus Name. 

Fri. Sept 22. 1950./ 29 hens egg goday./  Well, I sewed a very little today    hope I can do much better tomorrow.    It’s been a fine Fall day & I like & hear the blue

Fri. Sept. 22. 1950./ page. 2663./ 29. hen eggs this day./  Jays,     a bunch of them come in the after noon & yell & holler & they are so pretty & sort of saucy.    Elbert went to Lorain, got a ride soon after he hit the highway as far as Sunny Side    then another fellow picked him up & took him to the corner of 21st. & broadway & a machanic came back to Vermilion with him & cleaned the carberator & put in a sieve & then it run O.K.     & he came home at noon,    he’s so tired.    he’s been digging potatoes & picking up what he dug & putting them in boxes.    he get’s so tired he has to coax hisself to keep at what ever he’s trying to get done, & I’m the same way.    I do love & Praise God for all our many blessing & that He does take care of His own.    I don’t have the happy feeling in this church I use to have,    but pray God will help people to do His will & cleans me & fills me in Jesus Name,    Glory to God in the Highest    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen.   I received a letter from Mrs. Goll & a tract Mrs. Small send her.    & I pray that those who owe her an apology, will find it in there hearts to do so.    May God help us to be of one accord & love each other.    

Sat. Sept. 23. 1950./ 21. hens eggs today./   Elbert went to Huron for fish,    they gave him 2 small catfish.    I rested awhile & then got up & did the sweeping & then got the dinner ready to put on to cook,     When he got here & he come before I was all done,    but, he had to clean the fish, so I had everything ready & partly cooked by the time he brought the fish in,    then I put them frying & we were soon eating,     he went out & dug potatoes the white ones & some red ones    While I darned some small holes under the arm of my good dress,    or the best one I have     & then I stitched up the skirt & sleeves of the house dress I cut out the other day.    I basted the waist together but haven”t cut it just right     so I’ll have to do some over,    but, if I keep at it maybe I’ll get it together after awhile.    Wind went N.E. from S.W. & been N.East today & quite cool,    we’ve had a little fire for several days.    & it feels good at night.    Elbert took the papers & they have changed the time back to standard, 1. hr. slower.    I like God’s time best of all,    Elbert set clock back tonight.   Wind’s blowing & will soon heap the hollow with leaves.     I tried to baste a little but had to give it up.    I’m not quite as tired as I was but, still feel altogether to heavy & so I’ll read & talk to Jesus & go to bed.   Giving Him the praise for all things Amen. 

Sun. Sept. 24. 1950./ page. 2664./ 28. hens eggs today./ We went to church this morning & again tonight & Elbert went in & listened to the sermon tonight.    Miss Renie has been here for 3 weeks    she’s a good preacher & younger,    she going home to Fostoria & wait for a call as she hasn’t any place as yet to preach steady.    Mrs Eppler teaches a good sermon.    There were quite a few out to service tonight.    I took three big bunches of flowers & after Church Mrs. Eppler divided them & gave each one a good bouquet even Mr. Whitman got a nice bunch,    & he was so pleased with them.    So if the Lord will hold off the frost for another week I’ll take some more for some who don’t have flowers.    I thank & Praise God for saving my soul & teaching me His Will & for the craving He give me for souls,    All the Glory, Honor & Power truly belongs to Him    He is more wonderful than I can ever tell in word.  Amen. 

Mon. Sept. 25. 1950/ 27. hens eggs today./  I put a facing on the bottom of the yellow dress I bought,    & then washed & pressed it & did my daily round fell into toilet but didn’t spill the can    haven’t felt so good for a few day    can’t drive myself,    don’t seem to have the strength    Elbert went to fish house in Huron    got 6 nice pike & 1. musskalunge we had later for dinner & pike for supper     he dug the balance of the potatoes & picked them up & took care of them & he’s to tired tonight     the papers came so late Knettle came see what was wrong & every one was up in arms about it,    the man don’t bring them anymore    the little woman “May” brought them 5-30-p-m & said they’d be late every night.    She wears a pr. of bright red pants.    Well I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for His guidance.    I received a card from Bonita today, shes been over cleaning house & helping Marcie get in order. 

tue. Sept. 26. 1950./ 16 Hens eggs today./  We went to Elyria,    I got my corsets & then we went to Nellies & gave her 1/2 bu. cucumbers & she insisted we have lunch with her so we each had a sanwitch & visited a while,    she was wiping up the floors,    said she was expecting Bonita & that she’d put up 50 qt’s of food since Bonita went but hadn’t done up the house work as B. did,    but she’s had B’s. 3 children to take care of & a little boy soon as B’s back home to take care of things.    Elbert called Inez Hunt & we went over there & had another sanwich cake & ice cream & tea & we went out & look at the flowers & yard & she gave me 1/2 bu. grapes & 6. Dutches pears, her mother came & brother Keneth & so we had quite a visit & then we started home    had to stop in Vermilion & get oil & water    Elbert don’t take very good care of his car,    he forgets it has to have water oil & sometimes gas,    the papers were here

Tue. Sept. 26. 1950./ page. 2665/     . hens eggs this day./ so he went right back to Vermilion with them & I had supper most ready when he got here,  ham & cabage, potatoes & onions & sweet corn.   it was getting late & he fed the hens & locked up & we listened to the news & then went back to Vermilion to Church,    only 3 of us turned out    Mrs. Fredrick Mr. Whitman & myself.    We had a good service & prayer meeting & got home at 10-p-m.    Praise the Lord God of Hosts, Hallelujah,    Glory to God, in Jesus Holy Name. 

Wed. Sept. 27. 1950./ 27. hens eggs today./ Well I got up 9-30-a-m & swept & mixed up bread,    I had 2 tins bread biscuits cooked dinner & supper & felt so tired    he’s been cutting brush out by the grapes, south west of the hen house.    he says there are a few grapes out there,     but if he gets the brush cut, maybe they wont stay.    & we have a stray cat.    Elbert had cramps on his ribs acrossed his back under his shoulder blades,    I rubed it with alcohol & winger green mixed.    I didn’t sew or wash today    been partly cloudy & it seems warmer tonight.    I thank my Father in Heaven for His tender mercies & love & pray for all the souls of his all over the world, Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus.

Thurs. Sept. 28. 1950./ 22. Hens eggs today:/   I did the washing & had a big wash.   got it most all dried out side,    it’s been a beautiful day hot sun & a breeze that seemed to come first from one direction & then another but tonight it was N. East,  wwhat little there was    The telephone boys have been snipping the branches out of the trees along the road & they took the tops out of the two pear trees across the road,    We were given permission to pick up pears off the ground & I have gathered many bu. from yr. to yr.    I pickled lots of them & caned lots for eating.    but since the fruit walks out of the basement I decided not to do much caning this yr.    Inez gave us a few grapes    I thought I’d mak it up in juice to drink    I had severel gal. in the basement but it walked off.   & all the apple sauce I caned last fall & took so much care to have it taste just right.   I still pray God will punish Who ever took it.    Nellie said she had lost half as much money as she got in her pension, for she had to let one boy she teaches, wait untill. B. gets back home   I suppose she wont forget to tell her again & again & the Poor Girl works everyday & was even working while she was gone helping Johny & Marcie,  if she only Knew the Lord

Fri. Sept. 29. 1950./ page. 2666./ 19. Hens eggs today/  Well, I went out & help a very very little & Elbert cut the flox & the weeds in the back yard my feet hurt so bad to get around on them & they were badly swollen after standing & washing yesterday    & I did the ironing today & took a bath while Elbert get supper    he just warmed up the left overs & fried the pork he got up to Huron this morning,    he didn’t get any fish.    I rested a while this morning.    I wrote a letter to Martha & he mailed it,    I pray she will take it in the right spirit.    I received a card from Audrey this morning.    & I surely must get to it & write letters & cards,    I owe every one a card or a letter & I haven’t been able to do anything all week to my dress    & I’ll need it bad before I get it done.    I dreamed Mrs. Sprunks son & daughter in law came home & tonight we were going to Amherst to Church,    thought we stop at the church & Mertle said, Oh no, not tonight    it’s young peoples night tonight.    Tue. night she said they weould be having the meeting every night but Sat night.  so we stopped & visited with Mr. & Mrs. West a while & she said her brother & his wife were here from California    Maybe that was why I dreamed they had come home.    I thank & Praise God for saving my soul & healing me    I Praise Him in Jesus Holy Name for all things great, or small.    Hope I can get the grapes into some cans tomorrow.   It’s been a beautiful day.

Sat. Sept. 30. 1950./ 23. Hens. eggs today./  Well I slept untill 9-a-m. then got up and started    did my morning chores & got things ready for dinner,    Elbert went to fish house & got a big mess of fish,    I spent a few to Epplers & Harry Miller & to Miss Clark,    she was at Millers so Elbert gave them to her there,    it was just as well.    I cook several for dinner & for supper & got enough for dinner tomorrow.    Elbert mailed a card to Bonita & one to Audrey.    & I had to rip my waist apart & do it over & I have it all basted once more, ready for the skirt,    now, perhaps if all goes well & God Willing, I can get at it Mon.    I hope I can.    Now I’m going to bed & try to get up for Church in the morning.    I wish so much I could go to 31st st Church for I feel more welcome there somehow,    done here they are nice sometimes & some times they scarcely Know you.     I don’t know what was wrong Fri. night, there seemed to be some 

Sat. Sept. 30. 1950./ page 2667./ 23 hens eggs this day./ wrong, for Miss Clark said she was over to Amherst & they had a wonderfull meeting & preaching for an hour.    And now I am wondering, if it was Elbert’s fault or if it was Mertle’s fault.    I know it will all come out in the wash, as they say.     I thank God for His Love & for His Grace    He’s a Wonderful & Merciful, Saviour and & all the Praise Honor & Glory belongest to Him Truly.    Elbert took the papers.    I gave him all but 2.00 of the egg money. 

Sun. Oct. 1. 1950./ 25. Hens eggs today./    Well my bowels started to run off to freely & I haven’t been a way from home to day, my legs & arms feel so tired.    I went out & cut a few flowers & gave to John & Ethel Snyder’s daughter    she said, her mother had been looking at them & had even wished she could take a bouquet home to Toledo  with her & she was all excited because, she was going to take them to her mother    they were across the road to Jhons tool shed,    John was doing something over there today.   Elbert’s tired, lame & sore from mowing.    It’s been a beautiful day.    I Praise God for His word & even though I’m terrible slow of heart, yet He reveals the meanings to me,    I’m still trusting to be filled and made whole in Jesus,    I thank & Praise Him for all things. 

Mon. Oct.2. 1950./ 18 Hens eggs today/  Well, I riped my waist under the arm & now I have it back together & ready to try on tomorrow    I hope Elbert took his car to the garage this am & come home home another & he’s going to take it back in the morning,  God Willing,  and I hope He will be.    I received one of DeHaan’s books today    they are such good books, they explain the bible so well even a child could understand it,    the last was called Sodom and Gomorrah & this one is Russia and the Final war.    I read it tonight aloud so Elbert could hear it to.    Georgia Snyder came in at noon to see if our Elictric was off & it was,    said she had her wash half done & she wanted to get if done,    she said Georgia May was going to College in Oberlin & she & Bob came home week ends & that Bill would be home tonight that she went to her son’s “Bill Jr.” home a lot,   he & his mother in law bought out Shoops Grocery store & were doing quite well with it.    Bilkies wife Marne is Bonnie Jean

Mon. Oct.2. 1950./ page. 2678.[this would be 2668] / 18 Hens eggs this day./  she went home & the Electric had come on & she soon had the clothes on the line in the S West breeze, & sunshine,    it’s been a fine day.    The little old man was here & I gave him a hot dinner, potatoes cabbag & ham, bread & hot coffee & I gave him 4 sanwitches & a pt. of coffee with sugar & milk in it & his cover to the can was no good so I put a rubber & new can cover on it for him,    he sleeps out side & said his feet were so cold he could hardly walk this morning so he went into a factory & ask to get warm & they gave him coffee & bread & he got warm & then he walked the railroad track here (10 miles) & we had finished our dinner, but I warmed up that was left & he was happy, as he went on his way toward Cleveland, Where he stays untill Spring,    He says he has a shack with a cot in it for 4.00 per. week & no heat, & he’s al-ways glad when Spring comes,    only it don’t last long enough.    I gave him 1.00 for 2 Knife sharpeners    I don’t think they are worth it but it will help him alittle perhaps.    I thank God for his, Love & Grace & tender mercys for saving my soul & pray He will help me to help others to call on His Name & be saved    I thank & Praise Thee, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name forever & ever Amen.    Elbert took the papers & he cleaned the stew pan for me, that we heat water in for our hot tea.

Tue. Oct. 3. 1950./ 22. Hens eggs today./  Elbert got up & left early for Lorain & he thought he’d be here by 11 or 12 oclock, but it was 5-15-p-m & the papers came at 5- 40-p-m.   Little woman said she’d call & have them send a man to take the papers, but Elbert went right back with them,    he’s to tired to sleep.    I got a pail of well water & one of coal, so he got the cystern water & took care of hens.    The car they let him take got all most there then refused to go    they sent a man & he pushed & it went 2 blocks.    & he put in some gas & choked her & got her to the junk lot    it took all day to get his car done & he came home in it tonight,   cost over 100 dollars so his 5 hundred is about spent    then he thinks he’ll get the old age pension & he hates to do that & I don’t blame him for that.    I’ll have to pay almost 9.00 for a tank of gas & that will sure spoil 

Tue. Oct. 3. 1950./ page 2669./ 22. hens eggs this day./ check & we are going to try to keep check on the bills this mo.  I think I sure pay my half,    but, we’ll see if I can gets him to keep the bill slips.   I have one for meat & butter tonight (2.36)    I hope I can keep account of every thing, he uses the car to earn his money,    so, I don’t feel I should pay for that.    only when I go in the car,    he gave me the egg money & I gave it all back but 2.00 & I usually give it most all back.    so I feel he gets his gas & oil money any way.    Well I just couldn’t get to work    I got up at 9-a-m- to,    it was trying to rain,    I built a little fire to take the chill out of the house & did my usual round & got dinner started & Elbert didn’t come so I ate a bit & crocheted part of an edge on a handkercheif & could hardly keep myself at it    I wanted to go to Church but haven’t got there yet,    I am still trusting I will.    I thank my Father in Heaven for His wonderous love & care & pray I may be all His before he comes & I pray the same for many more,  in Jesus Name, Amen.    S. west breeze this after noon N. this a-m. 

Wed. Oct. 4. 1950./ 21. Hens eggs today/  I did the washing,    Elbert hung it on the line & I got them most all dry ex- cept Elbert’s sleepers    the neck & bands & his work shirts I dried them in short order over the fire    then got supper   washed & dressed & went to Amherst to Church & was prayed for by the healing Minister    you can feel the power go all through you when & there a bout 3 1/2 dozen that have been healed    a little girl 7 or 8 yrs old with cancer on her chest was prayed for & when she got ready for bed she called her mother to show her the thing was gone & no sign left to tell where it had been    & a little boy received his eyesight in one eye & the other was strengthened,    he had put out one falling on some shears & some have been healed of one thing & some of another    it’s truly more wonderful than I can tell in words    I thank Him & praise him for my healing in Jesus Holy Name for His word & Grace & all the wonderful things

Wed. Oct. 4. 1950./ page 2670./ 21 eggs this day. /  He reveales unto me & for my salvation,    Oh Glory, I Praise Thee Jesus, Glory to God, in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, Amen.    I recieived a card from Ethel today, from N. Carlinia. 

Thurs. Oct. 5. 1950./ 22. Hens eggs today./ The swellin was most all gone this a-m. & I have felt better today    & I thank & Praise God for His Love for us when we are so unworthy in such a lot of ways,     I got up & did the odds & ends     & Elbert came at 10-15-a-m  & he looked after the hens & did a few things & then I started dinner & we at few minutes after 11-a-m    & I washed the dishes & set the bread & then I swept & pulled out the machine & stitched a little on my dress,    then Elbert got a snack    & I mixed bread into biscuits  3. tiins & one small loaf.   & I got them in the oven before supper & done before we finished supper.   Elbert sold 15 doz. eggs 65 cents per. doz. & not quite enough to pay for a bag of grain & one of mash.     & they didn’t have the grain & wont have it untill Mon.    He tired tonight & says he’s going to stop taking the papers    it just like taking them free,     car repares cost over 1. hundred dollars.    Well, I’m going to bed thank- ing and Praising God for His promises & His wonderful blessing    all the Glory truly belongest to Him.    Wind was N.W. & lots of it in the sky all blowed in feathery streaks     & tonight wind S. east. 

Fri. Oct.6. 1950./ 23. Hens eggs today./  Elbert went to fish house & got 8 pike    We had 4 for dinner.    I got up at 9 & did a few so far I haven’t got the sleeves in it yet.    I hope to cut out the good one soon so to have one to wear to Church    mine looks so bad    it’s been washed so many times.    It’s been a beautiful day & a little warmer again    Elbert’s back is paining him tonight.    I am thanking & praising God in Jesus Name for my healing & standing on His promises & believing,    my feet feel better & I know Jesus is able    Glory, Hallelujah,    I Praise Thee Jesus & love Thee more than anything else,    I love Thee & want to be all Thine, Amen.     I wrote a letter to Mrs. Gall & a card to Sister Hance, Lorain & card for gas.   I cut one of my petticoats & fixed it over today.

Sat. Oct. 7. 1950./ 18. Hens eggs today/  Elbert cleaned the grates & saucer tray on the cook stove yesterday,    now I have to dig out down in the bottom,    it’s. the worst it’s ever been.   Well, I fix- ed the tops of my underskirts today,    put new elastic across the the top in the back    did my usual round.   Now I must 

Sat. Oct.7. 1950./ page. 2671./ 18. Hens eggs this day./  things ready to bath & go to Sun. school & Church in the morning.     I hope we have a real service & that more people will come in, some strangers or that are not just the relatives of the Ministers    I’m truly glad they come, but wish so much it could be a real community Church and not just a family reunion.    They have got in quite a few children, but the grown ups done all come the same day.    We really need an expieranced couple that’s no relation to any one for miles around & who know the Lord & willing to work with a world of pat- ience & strength that can run things & direct things,    so everything will work together,    & I pray it will be so & that I can do my share for the good & Glory of the Lord Amen.    It’s been another beautiful day     Elbert went to Vermilion & got a new stove pipe & elbow for the stove & cleaned out inisde of stove & clean out down in basement & took a tin of bread biscuits to Epplers & part a tin to Harry Miller and he took the papers tonight, he’s tired.

Sun. Oct. 8. 1950./ 21. Hens eggs today./  We went to S. school & church this a.m. & I took two nice bouquets & Tom put them in the vases with out any water & let them set all day    so I guess they don’t care for them any more    We went to evening service & no water on the flowers tonight,    not many out to church   Mr. & Mrs. Weikle & little girl   Mrs Day & her 3. girls & Lindy, Dorthy & there 2 children & Mrs. Crole & her daughter & Rony, Tom, Mutte & I.  Mrs. Day ask me to come to a clothes demonstration at her home Sat evening,    but I dont believe I’ll go.    Elbert is feeling bad tonight    coming down with a cold I guess.    Well, I thank & praise God for all our blessing & I pray Tom & his family get over there colds & that more will come into Church.    It’s been a wonderful Fall day.   Praise Thee Jesus.

Mon. Oct. 9. 1950./ 20 Hens eggs today/  Well I haven’t done any work outside my usual round except cleaning out the top of the gas stove    Elbert boiled the soup over & such a mess    but I got it farly 

Mon. Oct.9. 1950./ page. 2672./ 20 eggs this day./   clean    it’s a miserable thing to clean & it takes all the strength I have    Elbert cleaned top saucer & grates Sat.   Rained most of the day or all morning & eased up after dinner    fog horn blew all Morning and part after noon    Elbert put potatoes in basment,    not very cold out side, but the flies are terrible    they form big patches on the screens toward evening.    We have Kept a little fire for several days    it went out & Elbert got the new pipe & put it on & we had fire Sat Night & every since, night are so cool    I had a cold Sun. night but Praise God in Jesus Name He took it all away & my feet are better & I’m trusting for the filling & healing & I know He’s able & I’m standing on His promises & Giving Him the Praise & Glory,   I do, for there is no One else like Him, Amen. 

Tue. Oct. 10. 1950./ 20. Hens eggs today./  Elbert went to Huron & got a big mess of fish & when he took the papers he took some to Miss Clark Mr Miller & Epplers. & picked Mrs. Sprunk up & took her home & no fish to give her, with him,    he could have taken her some, but he thought if her son was there, he didn’t want to go,    there, he’s rather queer at times.    Well, he had to tell her we had fish & he had taken the others some & she said she’d ought to have come over before this    she promises but don’t keep them very often,    she works a day or two a week & & she’s in her 70ties, to & so guess she don’t feel to strong.    Well I feel better in some ways & I’m still believing Jesus will fill me & heal me, Glory to God in the Highest,    I Praise Thee & love Thee & pray I may be strong in faith & health & give Thee the Praise for I know it is Thee Who does all things & I want to be all thine for ever & ever Amen, Glory, Hallelujah,     I did out half the washing & got part of it dry over the stove    sun shone early then clouded up & all most rained.    I received a card from Nellie,    she calls us dear Folks as if we were, outside the family,    she said she had heard from all tthe familie’s     they are all well & Laurabel Stoughton was over to see Ella Jane & was on her way Tue. “today” for Elyria, to help her father & mother pack to go back to California with her.    she didn’t say Ella Jane was coming home, but I wonder.    We hope to go to Lorain tomorrow.    I don’t feel like going either but it’s when the other fellow is ready & if my check comes.    The screw fell out one side my glasses, so that cost me 25 cents.    Elbert took them down yesterday & was lucky enough to get them before he came home.  

Wed. Oct. 11. 1950./ 20. Hens eggs today./    I haven’t done only what had to be done & I should have wiped up the floors but I didn’t    I hope to do it in the morning & Elbert has 12 doz eggs to sell if he can, in the morning    been partly cloudy & rained a little off & on     Elbert took the papers & I fried some fish & sent them to Mrs. Sprunk    she’s lonesome    her son & wife went back to California Oct. 9. she said.    I thank God for all our blessing in Jesus Name. 

Thurs. Oct. 12. 1950./ page. 2673./  22. Hens eggs today./ Well Elbert sold 12. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz. & has to use it for there feed this time,    there were some who didn’t get there eggs this time & some who had quit are getting so many bad eggs at the store, they are sorry they stopped but the hens are molting & not so many eggs now,    We went to Vermilion after my check came today & spent 23.00 for caned foods & fresh.    & we don’t get as much as we use to.    I’d like a hat & coat but just can’t see how I’ll get them.   We were only here a few minutes when papers came & E had to go right back,    he wasn’t gone long    we had supper & I figured untill I was tired & then read & studyed the word of God for a while,    tonight was prayer meeting but Elbert was not only so tired but has a cold     his eyes all blood shot & he complained of aching,    I pray God will spare him from a cold & me also,    I long to go to prayer meeting,    but, it’s not like it use to be,    they still like to hurt others & Sun. I took to very nice bouquets, b ig ones to & Tom put them in the vases with out any water & let them stand there all day & they still were dry after, even service 9-30-p-m.    & some like to say hateful things & I pray God will convict them & help them to live His ways    I thank God in Jesus Dear Holy Name for all things & pray He will keep me humble & true in Jesus Name.    I love & Praise Thee Jesus.

Fri. Oct. 13. 1950./ 22 Hens eggs today./  Well it’s been a great day    Annabel  her husband & a lady friend of hers came to the door at 12 noon    they had eat there dinner in Huron & she thought she could remember right where I lived,    but she went passed our road yesterday to Willow creek beyond Huron a few miles and today they came back    went passed then came back & found the name of the road & the place.    We had a nice visit & they went back,     were going to Penn. & pick up a couple they had left there & going on home tomorrow,     she said if they left at 5-a-m they’d get home at 6-p-m.     Annabell says she’s 61 yrs. old.     They had been to Mich & several places North & back to Ackron & Cleveland Elyria- Lorain & several places,     she & Bob are talking of going to a Methodist home for the aged,    she has a friend in one of the homes & she thinks it’s wonderful.   Well, when Elbert took the papers tonight, I left the floor 3/4 scrubbed & got ready & picked two big bouquets

Fri. Oct. 13. 1950./ page. 2674./      Hens eggs this day/  I took one to Mrs. Cranage, she is 74 yrs. old tomorrow Oct.. 14.     she had washed her white hair & waved it & it Looked very nice,    she’s lost 4 1/2 lbs off her stomach & bowels & she’s only drank hot water for 3 months.    I had told her that a long time ago & now some man they knew had told them the same thing    & since he had weighed over 3 hundred lbs. & had got back to normal weight she thought she would try it, half a lemon twice a week in the 3 glasses of hot water “only as hot as you would drink coffee or tea” or a little lemon in the drinking water during the day,  or slice a lemon & put honey on it in the morning & eat half of it with your dinner & other half later in week with your dinner it will sure do the trick.    Well, she cried she was so happy to have the flowers,    she hasn’t been able to work in her garden this year,    so, not any flowers to speak of.    We went over to see Madaline (Hunter) Todd & Bill,    he’s been sick for such a long time with diabetes,    he’s lame & stiff & has taken some sort of dope for 20 yrs. now and it’s queer how they don’t believe in God & that God can heal us, but I know He can & I have told them & they seem to think I’m crazy.    Well I sure had a nice visit with Madaline    she told me a- bout each of her sisters & brothers,    she 56 I believe she said & her hairs so white & pretty,    May has 5 children.     2 are twins    Nellie has 2. children & she has 2 girls, one lives acrossed the street & has 2 little boys,    the other has 3 children and Aleck is still working on the Great Lakes on the freight boats,    David & Grace sold there home in New Orleans & went to Arizona & the Ship Yard called him back,    so they are living in Hotel rooms in New Orleans now    M. didn’t say where there daughter was.    She said Daisy (Mead) Jim Henry had left the Methodist Home,    she didn’t like it there, & is in Lorain some where,    I’d like to see her & maybe have her with me a little while.    I always liked her.     Well I gave M a big bunch of yellow dahlias,    they are just beautiful & she seemed to think so to & appeared to be very much pleased with them.    Bill went out to the car & sit in the car & talked to Elbert & they had quite a visit     Bill had been working in the Lorain Hardware Co’s store clerking & that he had been off a yr.    hadn’t been able to work & they called him today to come back if he felt able in the morning. 

Fri. 13. Oct. 1950./ page. 2675./ 22. H. eggs this day./ and try again.    he said he was going    he didn’t know if he’d be able to stick.    Well, we headed for home    decided to get some cream at the end of the road “on the highway” & go to Mrs. Sprunks & eat it & visit,     so,k we did & she had just got home from Lorain    she’d been with Mrs. West helping her to buy a dress or two.,    she’s going on a vacation with Mr. West next week & Mrs. S. had made up her mind to come & stay with me a few days.    so I’ll have to shake the timbers & clean up a little.   I don’t mind her coming, if only I could work & get cleaned up & I’ll have to do a lot of cleaning     that is the wood work & shelf & corners but I’ll try to get it done if I can & the Lord gives me strength & I hope we will have a good visit & prayer service all to ourselves Glory to God in Highest  I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things in Thy Name. 

Sat. Oct. 14. 1950./ 21. Hens eggs to day./  I got up late & Elbert had been to Huron & got 18- pike, came back & dressed them & I got up & had everything ready to fry them    the potatoes were about done & was before the fish were,    I fried 6′ & we ate 3 & there’s 3. for big boy’s breakfast.    I then washed all the dirty clothes so I wont have so many Mon.     Elbert took the papers & took fish to Harry Miller & Mrs. Sprunk & he’s lame & sore yet from cold, I guess.    I thank Jesus that & My God for the life & breath He gives me & for even thinking & caring for so humble a person as I,    Oh, God of love & mercy teach me Thy ways & Keep me close to Thee & please have mercy on me a sinner in these last days,    help me to know what to do & how to do it Thy way I ask, in Jesus Name, Jesus, Blessed, Truth, Holy & Pure,    I wish I might be, as Thou art.    I Praise Thee & love Thee more than all else in this world. Amen.     We had N. East breeze today not cold just chilly and partly cloudy,     a fire feels good tonight. 

Sun. Oct. 15. 1950./ 17. hens eggs today./  We went to Sun. School & Church this morning & took broccoli to Them & Mertle & tonight I took some more “when we went to evening service” for Mrs. Crole & her daughter Mrs. Peters.    We had a good service but only a few there  Mr, & Mrs. Weikle “young folks” & Mrs. Day & Mrs. Peters & Mr. Whitman, Thom & Mertle & 6 children  Mrs. Day’s 3 girls  Mrs Peters sister a little girl they call Nancie & Rony.    It’s been a fine day  chilly breeze, white sun & partly cloudy today.    I do Praise God from the very dept of my soul for saving my soul, for healings which have been miracles & more won- derful than I can tell,    I have to walk with Jesus & talk With Him & I love it,    but, I do feel so all alone at times,    but the time is close at hand when Jesus will soon be coming    Praise His Holy Name. 

Mon. Oct. 16. 1950./ page. 2676./ 21. Hens eggs today./  Well, it was a beautiful day,  south breeze    warm sun but white.    I washed 4 blankets the big chair seat cover & all the general washing    I’m much to tired tonight    my arms & legs & feet are paining me so bad    seems as if I can’t endure it.    Elbert helped suds & wrinse the blankets & chair cover & he hung up most of the wash out side & he brought in half of it & I the rest     & it’s most dry except seams     I did his sleepers & my night gown so I had a big washing,    I usually do the sleepers one morning by themselves or maybe a few small pieces with them.    Elbert went to Lorain & left the car    He went to Lillie’s & left the flowers,    she was pleased with them he said.    I was going but he seemed anxious to go by himself    he got all ready to go, before he called me,    but I had been awake & listening & even to the joy in his voice,    he got home about 10 oclock & I got dinner & than did out all that washing    it’s now 5-45-p-m.    He says he’s going back in the morning to get his car & I can go along.    Well I don’t know if I can.    We have to get supper now,    he’s feeding hens now.    I had to set down    I ached so bad, even had cramps over my ribs trying to turn my mattress & make my bed.    Elbert took the papers & been feeding & doing, odds & ends     he dug the farther row of glads & has picked them up.    I know he’s as tired as I.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for my healings & blessings.

Tue. Oct. 17. 1950. [fancy scrolled T on Tue] 15 Henseggs today./  I haven’t earned my salt today,  it was quite hot yesterday & I did to much,    so, couldn’t work  just did what I had to & didn’t feel able to do that.    I went out & walked around in the park & I picked up the winter pears & there are a few left on the tree & north of the fence    I picked up 8 dutches pears, good ones,    there are a few on the tree west of the dutches tree,    radio said it was 83. degrees today,  they said there’s a hurricane, it hit a part of Cuba & now has turned & coming at Florida,    a wind 100 miles or more & hour.    It’s been to warm,    Elbert girdled some of the little elm trees in the hollow & I called him up,    it was to hot & he sure looked it.    he took the papers to Vermilion & came back & we had a vegetable supper,    it’s terrible warm.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for every thing I am & have,    Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus, My Jesus, Dear Presious, Holy Jesus, wonderful & Marvelous, I love only Thee.

Wed. Oct. 18. 1950./ 22. Hens eggs today./  We went to Huron & I got a few things I needed & for got the ticking for pillows.    I got 4. prs. stockings for my-self & a piece of hand toweling 5. yds. & a piece of dress goods for a good dress,    it’s house dress print but it a very nice looking & fine finish piece 1.59 cents per. yd. I got 6. yds.     Well, I got Elbert a pr. pants 8.95 & a shirt 2.95.    We then went toward Berlin Hights & turned on the Masson rd. & bought 1 bu apples one place & 1. bu. in another place.     So I’m broke    got only 2 cents left    apples were 3.00 first place & 2.50 second place    Elbert put in a dime.    I have to take pants back, to tight in seat    I don’t know about the shirt yet.    Been a wonderful day    Florida has suffered & 8 million dollors  tornado.    Well I have to go

Wed. Oct. 18. 1950./ page. 2677./ 22. eggs this day./  take pants back tomorrow after dinner & get the ticking, if I can & oil cloth.    I do thank God in Our Dear Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings, for saving my soul & healing me so many times, I Praise Thee Jesus, all the Glory belongest to Thee Truly.

Thurs. Oct. 19. 1950./17. Hens eggs today./   Well Elbert went & sold 11. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz. & colected on a doz. for last week.& had to spend it for feed, most of it & & light bill    I took the shirt & pants back this morning & got a pr. pants that just go good with Elberts coat,   rayon & wool  dark blue with pin stripe & I cut the bottoms of leg’s & turned the hen & sewed on buttons for suppenders,    they look good on him.    he thinks he’ll get another pr. if he can get the same size.    I got the pillow ticking, enough for 2. prs. & 2. yds. oil cloth to clean up the wash bench, 2. spools of thread & 1 1/2 doz. wash clothes & 8. turkish towels  medium size 29cents. each for foot bath.     Elbert bought alcohol 2 for prise of one & 1 cents & same for mouth wash & he bought shaving cream.    Well, I do hope he get another pr. pants. his shirts & socks & shoes & hat.    I still need coat hat & shoes.    Seems queer no prayer meeting tonight, I pray God Will, in Jesus Name bless all the folks in His meetings tonight.& I thank Him for His Grace & for salvation & all His tender mercies, Amen.

Fri. Oct. 20. 1950./     Hens eggs this day/  Ma’s & Pa’s weding anniversery. 71. yrs. ago today    they were married in Elyria Ohio by a Mr. Dolittle, & they went to Avon to Uncle Jack’s & Aunt Minna’s farm home,    they drove a dashing team, horses, a pr. chesnuts.    Pa was only 18. yrs. old so his parents went with them to Elyria & see them married     ma was 22. yrs. old, then,    but next Month Nov. 29th she was 23. yrs. old & pa was 19. the following Jan 28.th.     he took his team & went to Mich. right after they were married & went to work in a logging camp    He bought 1,80 acers of land from Uncle Porter “Ma’s eldest brother” & he cleared enough for a barn & house  a little log cabin, he bought a cow & some brown leghorn hens & a cock bird & they were begining to pro- sper.    I forgot to say he came back to Welington after 2. yrs. & took ma back with him & what belongings they had     Ma was 26 yrs old when Elbert was born in Cherry Grove Township & Wexford County State of Michigan,     I was born there 2 yrs. later & came to Brighton Ohio with Pa, Ma & Elbert when I was 1 1/2 yrs. old to live with grandpa & grandma    she was bed ridden & want pa to sell & came back home “there only son”     so, he did, but, after we got there ma had Fred, 20. mo. younger than I & 2. yrs. later she had Gertrude “we called her “Gertie”    Ma had to work to hard,    she had 4 children, the 2 grand parents & there adopted daughter & pa to take care of & 10 or more cows to milk & butter to make & all the odds [found what seems to be related to this entry sentence at the 2679 beginning of page for Fri. Oct. 20. 1950 she must have written the whole primary story and finished this sentence twice.] & ends 

Mon. Oct. 20. 1950./ page. 2678./     Hens eggs today./   to look after. [again, from above page] & grandma in bed.    Aunt Jennie & Lotti were the adopted daughters,    Aunt Jennie was learning the tailor traide in Wellington & wasn’t home much, but Lottie was just a young girl of 10 or 12 yrs. & didn’t like to even help with the work,     she had some very pretty dolls  big one’s & she played with them & the big shepherd dog,  they called Rover,     he brought the cows home when it was time, with out being told.    Well, ma come to Lorain Ohio to Visit Aunt Edith Ma’s eldest & only sister & she never went back,    Pa got a job doing carpenter work & Aunt had him take the new barn      her man had built & another small building & put them together & make a nice house out of them after a few yrs. gradpa died    he had gall stones & grand- ma and Lottie came to live with us     They lived on a part of Uncle Harve Bonney’s farm,    Uncle Harne was brother to grandpa Bonney & had one adopted son, Lenord     he broke his neck in an airplane, he & his friend built     that’s quite a story.    Aunt Jen. had her own tailor shop later on in life & Lottie went to live with her & Chan Jillet, Aunt’s husband.    & latter married Fred Bilky & had a daughter Easel & a son Persy.    Aunt Edith had 3. children, Wyn,  Aubrey & Georgie Breckenridge,    Uncle George died just a mo or two before Georgie was born    she’s 7. mos. to the day   younger than I.   her  birthday’s  Aug. 16.     I’ll be 66. Jan. 16. 1951.    Wynafred is 10 yrs. older than I, her birthday is Jan. 31.    Aubrey was 3. yrs. younger than Wyn.     Aubrey’s dead now. and his mother also.    When I was 3. yrs. old grandpa & grand -ma Wheeler “ma’s & Aunt Edith’s mother” came to live with Aunt Edith,     they had a small place in Michigan near to pa & ma & Uncle Will “ma’s youngest brother” came with them & live with them & he married Aunt Venie    She came from Virginia, near St. Petersberg, from a peanut & hopp plantation a fine estate “or it had been once”    she lived with her grandpa, she being & orphan & so went back just before he died, henc, ma’s parents came to Aunt Edith & Edith & us & stayed untill he gor a job at the shipyard & he got a house at the top of the hill & lived there untill our house burned up & pa & uncle bought lots on Georgia Ave.   & built & lived there untill they died.    Uncle Porter had 5. children Minnie, Lillie, Pearl, Fred & Earl Wheeler     & Uncle Will had 6 children,    they had a pair of twon boys & lost them    then they had Pearl, Lillie, Tessie, Francis “a boy” & Elsie & Edith Wheeler.    Now a lot of them are gone.    Ma’s been gone since 1915 & time is fast drawing to a close for the whole world.

Fri. Oct.20. 1950./ page. 2679./ 22. eggs this day./  Well, I went to Huron with Elbert & got him another pr. of pants 8.95 & a nice sweater coat 9.95 & a pr. of suppenders 1.59, then we came back  cooked the dinner  did the dishes & washed all my dirty clothes  the towels & wash rags,    then I talked for some time with one of the ministers of Jehova’s Wittness came to the door & talked so long I began to think I wouldn’t get the washing finished,    but, we sure covered a lot of scripture & he often seemed confused,    but at last he went U said as he left he’d try to come back again for I had talked to him of things he didn’t understand,    I hope he will put his mind on Jesus & pray untill he really feels the great change that comes at such a time.     Glory to God in the Highest Glory Glory, Hallelujah I Praise Thee & thank Thee for all things in Jesus Blessed & Holy Name.    Well, I got the clothes washed & dried    I finished them over the stove    my dress & Elbert’s work shirt isn’t quite dry but all those towels wash rags  nose rags, the hand & dish towels & my shirts & stocking are dried & I’ve put most of them away,    I Praise Thee Jesus .   It’s been a beautiful day with a cold North east breeze. & John Snyder cut his sowy beans across the road,    but, corn stands yet.  

Sat. Oct. 21. 1950. / 19. Hens eggs today./  Well, Elbert hopped out & went to Huron & got a nice mess of fresh pike while I lay & slept untill he came back 10-30-a-m    then I washed & dressed & thanked God for my rest & our many many blessings & then I got the potaotes on & fry pan & warmed the cabbage & while I waited I washed up what dirty dishes there was & put the pork hock on to cook,     then washed the wash bench & oil cloth around the bench & the door casing & door,    by that time Elbert was back with the fish dressed & cleaned & ready to fry so I salted floured & put them on to fry,      one fry pan full is enough for our dinner,    I salted the rest & later took, out 4 & done them up & he took them to Harry Miller,    he tried to get two stew pan for me at the Kroger store     & I can’t understand why he didn’t get the ones I ask for first    he brought me a 4. qt. & I measured the top of mine & told him it was 7 1/4 in. across the top & I felt sure it was a 2. qt. pan,    so he took the other one back & brought home 2. 1. qt. pans,    maybe he’s proving to them, I’m foolish,     but I thought I give one to Mrs sprunk & one to Miss. Clark.    She said last week she was coming over this week to spend 2. days & 1. night with us,    but she never showed up, or sent the card as she said she would,   that’s the way they are

Sat. Oct. 28. 1950./ page. 2680./ 19. eggs. this day./  I can’t forget, if I promise & don’t promise if I can’t do a thing & if for a very good reason I can’t keep a promise    I let it be known by card or note.    I bake two apple pies & will have to bake a tin of biscuits tomorrow,  if all goes well.    
Elbert’s complaining his head feels so bad for several days & his stomach is not taking care of his food, as it should.    Well, I pray my Heavenly Father in Jesus Name to fill us with the Holy Ghost & heal us & teach us to do His will & His Ways, Amen. 

Mon. Oct. 29. 1950./ 20. eggs today./   I slept late & Elbert got up as usual & looked after chickens & odds & ends & then he sat in the big chair & slept,    he’s sit around all day   took cold in his head & his stomach feels bad & he hasn’t felt much like eating today, or Sun,     but he looks better today,   I Praise God in Jesus Holy Blessed Name   He hears & cares for us   Glory to His Name I love Thee Jesus, help me to be a blessing in Thy work & I’ll give Thee all the Glory & Honor for ever & ever for it belongest to Thee    I Praise & Adore Thee Thou art Wonderful.    It’s been a nice Fall day    Cool breeze from N. east,    We had a frost but it didn’t kill the flowers yet.    I sewed up the slits & rips in my coat today.    it’s been dark, to cloudy, making it hard to sew    & I have been feeling so heavy on my feet. 

Sun. Oct. 27. 1950./ 18. eggs today/  I forgot to do my writing Sun. night, for it was late when we got home,    We had a song service & Praise Service & gave testomony’s & prayer & it was surely wonderful    Jesus came across the rostrmm & around in front the pullet & held up His hands,    He was dressed all in White;    Surly the time is growing short & as yet I can’t praise Him in Spirit.    I went to Church in the morning     Mrs Sprunk was there & said she’d been sick all week so hadn’t been able to come out here as she thought she would,    but I knew about it & that she wasn’t coming, for it was revealed to me on Mon. 

Tue. Oct. 24 1950. 19. eggs today./  Did do much today   so dark & cloudy & the wind shifted,     it was N. east & it went N. West, West & South west,    I don’t know if it backed up or went clear around     but, it backed up from the N. West to S. west, we Know & seemed to all most die out & just before dark seemed to be south,    We hadn’t had a Killing frost yet,    flowers still look beautiful.    I gave Ethel 4. Juniper’s evergreen trees  little one 2. ft. high    she said she had some (5.) to be exate) colias & she’d bring me some slips of them all different & she brought me 2. just alikes

Tue. Oct. 24. 1950./ page. 2681./ 19. eggs this day/  the trees are expensive,    she did offer to pay me    she ask if she couldn’t pay me something & since she was so tight with the slips I reckon it wouldn’t been much,    she’d offer for them,    Oh Well, she might open up sometime    one can never tell,    & if you don’t give them some one steals them any way,    seems one’s lucky to get away with what you can keep now adays,     We put a walnut on the S side & it was coming good    got to be 4. ft high & now it died rather suden,    the neighbors say they know the bible says love your neighbor, as your self but they don’t practice, it;    Been another dark day & neither of us have done much.    Elbert took the papers & got the milk.    It’s warmer tonight.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for all our blessing & Pray I may help to do more for His Good & Glory.  Amen. 

Wed. Oct. 25. 1950./ 13 eggs today./   I got up at 10-a-m  washed, combed, dressed & prepared dinner,    then did out the washing    Elbert went to Huron this morning    but, no fish.    his knees are paining him again    his cold & perhaps to much acid again,    he’s carried the water & hung out the clothes & brought in,    I thought when I got up, I’d never be able to do even a little washing, but now it’s done      & Elbert hasn’t gone with the paper yet    I got done at 3-30 & it 4-30 now.    We received a card from Nellie this a-m.    they’re all well, she said   & for us to come over when we can,    they still seem to think because Elbert has the car that we can just come & go as we choose,     & they think we should go into an old peoples home to live.     May God help us to be human & keep us humble & true in Jesus Name,    Oh God there are so many things Thou hast said for us to do,    I pray Thou wilt help help us to do them, help usto do them,    help us to love one another as Thou doeth love us,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee, truly Thou art Worthy.    Sun came out & it was a fine day,    Wind went back to N. West & it’s been much cooler    we had a white due but flowers are still looking good,     little colder tonight. 

Thurs. Oct. 26. 1950./ 15. Hens eggs today./   Elbert went & sold 10. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz.    not quite enough to pay for there grain,    he got two bags & next week he’ll have to get mash,    so thaat will cost a little more than the grain    but week after next I hope he can get back what he has to spend out of his own money,    they are molting, but lay farely good.    When he got home, he went to fish house & got 1/2 buc & cleaned them all,    We had 4 for dinner & we gave a few to Mr. Miller, Mrs. Eppler, Mrs. Sprunk  Miss. Clark.  Mr. Carl Riber & Helen Sarr & we have plenty left for Fri. 

Thurs. Oct. 26. 1950./ page. 2682./ 15. eggs this day./   -tomorrow    I wished so much we could have taken some to Nellie, Martha & several of the others “but,” we don’t have enough money.     I spent a little for 2. stew pans,     I gave one to Mrs. Sprunk & one to Miss Clark,    Mrs. Sprunk thanked me & said she would enjoy it,    & Miss Clark went out of Church & took Mrs. Fredrick home & then went to Millers, where Elbert left her stewpan & fish, “for we had been to both places where she stay at times & couldn’t find her”     & when we got back to Church there she was & mrs. Fredricks,    she went out & got in the car & argued with Elbert about the pan,  that we shouldn’t have got it,    I wish she hadn’t     Elbert didn’t like it,    such is life.     but she looked pleased & I hope she will like it,     & Mrs. Sprunk also.    It’s been a beautiful day & the flowers are still blooming Yellow dahlias & asters Marigolds & Celendians & Zinias.    I picked some broccolie & we had some for dinner    & I took some to Mrs. Eppler.     Some one took the peppermint & wintergreen candy out of my pocket book    I dont know just when     since I wear false teeth    I’ll have to be careful or they may try to get away with them.     Well, we had a good meting tonigh   she don’t look very well & is so pale,    it’s a big job,    but if she keeps trying God will help her.    I thank My Father in Heaven in Jesus Holy Name    We can feel His Power & that He Kept us. Amen.     I did the ironing & got the dinner & then salted 4-5 -pike & rapped up 6. bundles & then went with Elbert & delivered them before prayer meeting & he’s so tired tonight,    he helped carry in fish at the fish house today for the 1/2 bu. & he took the papers & all in all he’s tired.    I pray God will help him to feel rested & able to do what every he’s going to do tomorrow,    he wanted to go to Lorain. 

Fri. Oct. 27. 1950./ 21. Hens eggs day. /  Well, it rained most of the morning,     I tried to rest, but got up, cooked dinner & caned 4. cans of pears, (3. lbs. Crisco cans),    I steamed pears for pickles & got them done,    did my daily dozen & my stomach has been hurting me for two days now,    there’s a conjestion & pains me so bad,    feel as if it would strangle me,     then I get the hick- cups,     I took a peppermint & it straightened up & I ate a little sup- per & drank hot coffee,    I’m slowing but surely getting thin & I’m wondering once again what’s wrong    it cleared up for a little & rained again to- night,     but, it’s been like a nice Fall day,     fly’s & bugs out side yet & not so cold tonight,    flowers still blooming & I know everything enjoyed the rain    it was getting dry although we had heavy dues every night.    Some one has been in my pocket book & took some handkercheifs & now a roll of mints & winter greens & I do wonder Who it can be,     it’s done here while I’m out side for a few minutes or at Church but still I seldom lay my perse down in Church,    so I just don’t know what to do about it.    I thank God He knows & unless they come & repent I pray God’s will be done

Sat. Oct. 29. 1950./ page. 2683./ 17. Hens eggs today./   Well, today I made a new skirt for my night gown.    I washed the waist & hung it out & made the skirt & then I ironed the waist & Elbert had got up & washed two pr’s. pants so I pressed his pant’s & I had fix one pr. of his new pants & I cut of the bottoms & turned the hem ont he other pair before I pressed the pants so I pressed the bottoms of the 2 new pr’s. then put everything away & sewed waist & skirt together then made beds,    Elbert’s been working up the dirt he had spaded     he took his papers & bought two ducks & some gizzards & I had him take one duck back,    he ought to have known 2 was two much,    but he thought they would be small one’s    they weighed 9. lbs    they put on the deep freeze for him & he can get it later on,    of course the breast is about all there is to them,    they were in good order, quite fat.    I started to cut it up to stew for he couldn’t get any bread for dressing & I haven’t made any for 2. weeks     he forgot the yeast so there we are having stewed duck instead of roasted,    I can make biscuits & it will be good any way & maybe roast the other one.   Now it’s 9-p-m.     Winds been south all day & has covered the moon with clouds now.    We have to tie up rose vines & do some triming this coming week if we can    it’s been so warm today, 70. degrees.    the last rain we had it thundered & lightened & I thought maybe it would turn colder,     but, flowers are still blooming & broccolie is still good.     I do thank God for all our many blessing & pray I will be worthy in Jesus Name      I pray many will come into Church & S. school in the morning, & help me to get there also. Amen. 

Sun. Oct. 29. 1950./ 14. Hens eggs tonight/   We went to Sun. school & church this morn- ing     there were ,38, young & old & Miss Clar was in the car talkiing to Elbert when I got out    I ask her to come home to dinner & she said, she was going to ask me if it would be all right for her to come    so we flew for home,    Elbert had pared the potatoes & put them in the water & a cover over them & I had fixed the broccolie in cold water with cover & I had the biscuits all ready to add water & mould out with my hands & put on tins     & so when I lite the oven when I came in, & put water on to heat & when the biscuits were in, I poured boiling water on broccolie & let it stand 5 or 10 minutes    I had put the salt on it     so I drained & put it on to cook & the potatoes & then I heat the duck & pour broth in stew pan & made the gravey & then I made the coffee & we put it on the table & all sat down & ate.    We talked awhile & then had hot tea & went back to church & it was getting

Sun. Oct.29. 1950./ page. 2683./ 14. eggs this day./   quite foggy     there were quite a few out to church  Lindy  Dorthy  there two children & they brought a young couple that has just been converted,  Mr. & Mrs. Smith & one daughter,   Mr. Whitman  Mrs Petters, Mrs. Sprunk, Mr. & Mrs. Weikle, Tom, Mertle & Rony,  Miss. Clark & Myself.  & one other little boy size of Rony,    so Mrs. Eppler preached about the infilling of the Holy Ghost.    We took Mrs. Sprunk home & the fog was dense but the Lord brought us safely home.    The fog horn was blowing this afternoon & it’s been to warm so the cold wave caused the fog.     I thank & Praise God for all my blessing & the Holy Ghost.  

Mon. Oct. 30. 1950./ 11. Hens eggs today./    I haven’t done much today    I have had a pain in my side Since Sat.    I bumped it, but didn’t think I had hurt me much    how ever, I felt to ill for wards Sun. & all night      could hardly turn over & I laid in bed most of the moring,     Elbert went to Lorain to garage to see what was wrong with his car,    Well, they tightened up a few nuts & said they thought it would be O.K. now.    Elbert dug balance of glads & pink, dahlias & I picked a bouquet & a few more seeds,     dahlias are blooming good yet & the asters, marigolds & some of the others     & the cabbages are growing good now,     it’s been a wonderful beautiful day & quite warm,    with West & S. west wind.    It’s a fine day. nice moon making it gloomy in the fog & Holee’n pranks.     I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all of our many blessings,     I pray I may be found worthy in His sight.    & I’m thankful for the ducks Elbert bought    they had such a good flavor & cooked so tender & nice.    I gave Miss Clark 2 mash bags & a handkercheif I had crocheted & edge also. 

Tue. Oct. 31. 1950./ 12 Hens eggs today./    Hole’e night.    I hope & pray God will help us that no one bothers anything out here & I will thank Him in Jesus Name & I thank Him for the strength He has given me today & for my healing & healings    All have been wonderful,    some have been Maricules    I love Thee Jesus & am still trusting for the infilling of the Holy Spirit,    I hope to praise Thee in Spirit & in Truths & all the glory belongest to Thee forever & ever.    I did most of the washing today & Elbert hasn’t felt very well,     but he tried to work in the garden plowing out old strawberry plants.    It’s been a wonderful day  85 degrees here in the kitchen    windows & doors all open     South breeze hot sun      clothes dried fast.    Sky looked all the colors of the rain bow to- night.    When the sun set only not in perfect widths & not in a circle but wide dashes of colors & beautiful with white sun.  

Wed. Nov. 1. 1950./ 15: eggs today/  Wish I had a few Anconias for next year just for ourselves.    We only have 8 1/2 doz. this week 5.95 & he has to buy mash & all the 

Wed. Nov. 1. 1950./ page. 2685./ 15. eggs today/ wear & tear on the car & its just cost him over 100 dollars for repair.    I haven’t done much today,    Elbert went to fish house     only got 8 white bass while he cleaned them     Inize & her man came in “it was 1-30-p-m” we hadn’t had a bite to eat all morning & so I was getting things ready to fry fish    but they didn’t stay long.     I gave her the pink violet,     I can’t take care of them.    Mrs. Robinson’s Sister died, & she’s feeling bad, & Inize & her man were on there way to Berlyn Ill to see his cousin “Who had a heart attack” & to Millan to see his brother     she said they’d be back again soon,    she brought a box of tea bags, & I gave her eggs enough to pay for the tea.    It’s been a hot day   strong South breeze & a very white sun.    A fine day for Nov. 1.    I thank My Heavenly Father in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for all He has given me & us & pray He will save the souls of all the families,    it’s going to take a big jolt to wake them up.    flowers are still blooming out side & look beautiful.  

Thurs. Nov. 2. 1950./ 16. yrs today./  Well, I baked 3 tins of bread biscuits & sent Miss Clark quite a lump of dough in a wax paper by & I sent her six apples in an other bag, I took a small tin of biscuits when I went to prayer meeting for Mrs. Sprunk,    but she wasn’t at the church & not at home, so brought em home again.    It’s turned quite cool with fresh N. wind,     so the flowers will soon be gone     they are beautiful& the asters are so pretty right now,    I was going to pick some to take to Lorain if we go in the morning but didn’t get it done.    I swept & dusted & did my usual chores, but have to say I didn’t feel like.    Elbert went to Lorain & bought himself a suit    I, don’t like it    it doesn’t fit him at all, so he’s taking it back, “God Willing” tomorrow    he wants me to go & I pray God will help him to get a good suit.    he got home at noon,    he sold the eggs on his way down & got the mash (4.45) on his way home.    It’s been cloudy & windy all day. not freezing, just a Chilly breeze.    I thank God & Praise Thee Jesus for thine blessings.

Fri. Nov. 3. 1950./ 12. eggs today/  Well it turned colder & rained every little while all day,    We didn’t go to Lorain.    I slept un- till late then,     Elbert’s stomach felt so bad he didn’t want to eat so I didn’t get dinner     I did my daily round & got every thing ready for supper, we had a cup of tea a 4-30-p-m.    He had to wait so long for the papers 5-3–p-m.    We ate when he got back,    he tried to get Mrs. Sprunk on phone but no ans.    hope she’s O.K.    The bible said they would use horses in the war in the last days & sure enought (they) Russia is using horses    they told us over the Radio tonight    Oh God of love & mercy forgive us & help us to turn to Thee faster    there are so many who are lost.    I ask in Jesus Name.

Fri. Nov. 3. 1950./ page. 2685./ 12. eggs this day./  Oh Jesus, Blessed Jesus Call loud to each one of the family & help them to call on Thy Name before it’s forever to late,    I thank Thee & give Thee      all the praise & Glory for – ever & ever Amen.    The winds N. east strong & puffy & it rains cold hard showers at intervals & weeps & wales. 

Sat. Nov.4. 1950./ 14. eggs today./  Well, today was worse than yesterday    strong N.E. wind with heavy showers of rain, is cold,    Elbert put the bags over the window gaps above the windows “ventelation holes” & so the hens will be warmer tonight,      he did shut the windows last night, but the holes were open & cold wind    he said hens were all scratching when he went in coop this a-m.    He went out at 10-p-m & drained his radiator,     so, if it does freeze, it wont freeze his car up, been a very dark dreary day, to dark to sew,   crochet or read. & Tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month when we partake of bread & wine in rem-emberance of Jesus death for our salvation.    May God help us to live & do His will.     Oh God of Love & Mercy  Keep me Close to Thee & help me, through Thee & Thy help in me to help the rest of the brothers, sisters & sister in laws, nephews, neices cousins & all there families to turn to Thee & do Thy Will be- fore it’s to late.    Jesus, Blessed, Pure & Holy,   We need Thee.    hear my cry for help & tell me what to do, in Jesus Name, Amen.    Elbert cut up the duck “he brought the one home he had put in the deep freeze at the market & he washed & cut it up & I put an onion in with it & cooked it,    it’s all done nice & tender.    I have to read & go to bed    I love God the Father, Jesus the Son & the Holy Ghost & pray I will be filled to over flowing in Jesus Name.    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah,    I Praise Thee Jesus. 

Sun. Nov. 5. 1950./ 14. eggs today./  Well, I managed to get up   dress & go to sunday school & Church,    I took a nice bouquet of asters I took them in a crisco can & they left them in it & set it on the altar.     We had bread & wine in rememberance of Jesus death on the cross for us & we Praised & thanked Him for all the things he did for us & prayed we might be worthy of our salvation in Jesus Blessed Holy Name.     We had duck for diner & I did up the dishes   read my bible awhile & prayed & whistled while Jackie sang,    he like to hear me Whistle,   he stops & listens to see if I’m still whistling,    then he go at it with a vim.    I dread to go & leave him alone,    now Jipsy’s gone & Jackie is so lonesome,    they use to talk together   argue & even fight    but if anything happened to one or the other they mourned for each other.    We both went to church tonight & went into church.    there were quite a few there tonight    6. children & 11 “I believe” adults.    It snowed a light snow toward morning but, didn’t do any harm to flowers & was melted away before sun came out     clouded up this afternoon, & wind backing up last night clear back to the south & is still there tonight at midnight.    It’s not very cold out, unless one stand still in the wind. 

Mon. Nov. 6. 1950./ page. 2687[should be 2686]./ 15. eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Huron but no fish.    I did half the washing & got it dry.    He carried the water & hung up the bigest pieces out side,    wind’s been strong from the south & sun was hot & breeze rather chilly,  warmed up this after noon some.    Elbert braced up the mail box    it hat fallen over, rotted off at bottom of post     have to get another.    haven’t had any mail for several days,   it fell over Fri. or Sat.     Fri. for he thought he’d get it up Sat.     I’m to tired to night & Elbert wants me to go to Lorain in the morning,     he bought a suit of clothes & brought them home with the privelege of taking them back if not satisfied with them    & so after trying them on he decided to take them back & have me help in getting a good suit & one that fits him     this one would have to be all made over both pants & coat.    So, I’ll have to tumble out & go & not think of how I feel.    I pray & thank God for His love & mercy & the strength He has given me today in Jesus Holy Blessed Name.    Glory to His Name. 

Tue. Nov. 7. 1950./ 13. eggs today/  Elbert painted hen house roof this a-m- & after noon & he’s sure tired tonight      & I did the ironing & my feet pained me so,    he warmed up the supper,    I had started it & he finished it.    We warmed up potatoes & knockers & made hot tea.    Was a fine day,    got cloudy this after noon,    but sun came out before dark, white as ice.    I thank God & my Jesus for all my & our many blessings    I love Jesus   He’s truly wonderfull.

Wed. Nov. 8. 1950./ 15. eggs today./  I swept both bedrooms & Kitchen.    Elbert went to fish house & got a mess of fish & some pork that was sliced so thin  & no blood in it,    was like whang[?] leather    discusting,    he got a mutton shoulder to roast & it’s quite tender,    I put it on to cook & it all done, for tomorrow    it rained some & we had a heavy fog & so we didn’t go to Lorain    & I don’t know if he plans on going tomorrow after he sells the eggs, or not.    I’m not feeling like getting around on my feet very much, but did my daily doz.    I Praise God for my salvation and for every thing I have    & we received a card from Nellie & DeHaan’s book,    they’re good. 

Thurs. Nov. 9. 1950./ 12 eggs today/  Rained several times during the night,    wind blew hard from S. west. & got colder  partly cloudy more or less    & Elbert sold 9. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz, this a-m & got up & got dinner,    bowels run all day like water so I haven’t done any more than I had to do.      I gave Elbert the money left from feed 1.70 & some cents  Elbert dug few dahlias & put them in basement    he don’t feel very good,    made him sore & lame to paint henhouse roof,    he got it all done, but hasn’t got toilet[?] & we have to tie roses on end of house yet all so.    I felt bad be- cause I couldn’t go to prayer meeting tonight,    I pray God will blessed there meeting & forgive me for not being there.    I thank Him & Praise Him in Jesus Name.

Fri. Nov. 10. 1950./ page. 2687./ 13. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain,    got the money on the suit,    then he got a pr. of shoes & a hat & left it there untill he went to the Tea store    & he forgot to stop & get it on his way back    so, his hat is still there     & he didn’t get another suit,     so, he wants me to go if & when the sun shines.    I would like to get my coat & hat & shoes & over shoes,     but the roof paint is 12.89 & Church dues 5.00    so thatll will be 17.85    & there wont be much left.    & we want to get the paint for the house so to have it ready to put on early as we can in the Spring.    Snowed last night before dark & a little today    melted as it fell,   S. west wind & sure is cold    we went out & picked broccollie & what flowers that were good & the bitter sweets      I brought in some batchlor button roots & put them in a crock of dirt,    I hope they will grow & bloom.    Elbert put the cabbages down below,    there isn’t very many of them.    I haven’t done much, just my daily rounds,    I crocheted some today, also & hurt my hand, the lower part of my thumb,  just leaning on it, blood vein puffed up turned all black & then thumb turned black,    thought I had broken it,    but I ask Jesus to fix it quicke & He did Praise His Holy Name, Glory   I thank Thee Jesus,    Thou art wonderful, truly wonderful, Amen   I thank Thee for all the many blessings of this day,   I give Thee the Praise & Pray Thou will forgive us our sins & keep us close to Thee. Amen, & Glory to Thee forever & ever;  I love Thee Jesus,   help me to live & do they will always,   forgive us our sins. Amen.   We received a nice letter from Mrs. Bracket this morning.,   The air has a sting & bite in it   chills one through in just a few minutes.

Sat. Nov.11. 1950./ 14 eggs today./  Elbert got a letter from social security to come to office    so he went to Lorain & they are going to give him e- nough to make up fifty dollars per. mo. with what he earns. & so he has some coming.     Elbert went to Huron, but no fish,      so he got two more 5. ga. pails of roofing paint & came back & he still has the north side to do & the toilet roof & in the Spring perhaps we can paint the house & out building.    We have to tie up the rose bush    & maybe give the end a trim coat of paint,    he wants to get some to use on front steps     I hope he can still get it done,    he don’t feel very well & like me he can’t get a lot done,     he takes papers every day.    I washed his sleepers & pillow slip & pr. socks & my night gown, petticoat, shirt, 2. prs. pants & 2. prs. stockings, 2. dish towels, 2 hand towels & rags & got them all dry.    & I’m sure enough tired,     but thank God in Jesus Name for the strength He gives me each day    I did my daily dozen also,    so many odds & ends.   S. west wind & not quite so cold today.    I love Jesus. 

Sun. Nov.12. 1950./ 10. eggs today./   We been home all day    my bowels been to loose    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name,    He is & always will be & for all His Love & Tender Mercies,   for saving my soul & I’m trusting for the infilling of the Holy Ghost & that He will save Elbert’s & the rest of the families souls & help me to be of more use in His Work.   Been a fine day S.W. breeze & partly cloudy.   Glory to God in Jesus Name. 

Mon. Nov. 13. 1950./ page. 2678./ 14. eggs. today./   Well I’ve done only as much as I had to do    felt so sick at noon I couldn’t eat & felt as if it might go both ways,     but Elbert made coffee & I drank a little & waited a fewminutes & drank a little more     & in an hour or so it passed away or the most of it,   felt dizzy all after noon     & tonight I ate potatoes & milk gravey & some small little pieces of steak that had lots of fat on them,     but at 10 p-m- I feel sick again,    tomorrow after noon they have prayer meeting & they pray for the sick also,     so I’ll except my healing & thank God in Jesus Name,    I Know He is able & willing but I don’t understand why I don’t receive it.    I’m so tired I don’t feel like writing even a card,    I owed one to Nellie & we received one from Audrey today so I ans. them both & Elbert mailed them when he took the papers.    Audrey’s hands are sore again    she gets dyd poisen from the goods she sews on & said she had her fingers all bandaged up again,    I do hope & pray they get better soon again    last time she scratched her head & got it on her head & had a bad time with it.       We were going to Lorain tomorrow, but now I wont be going,     for he’s taking car to garage & I wouldn’t have any place to stay     besides I feel to weak to go.    I ought to sweep & wipe up the kitchen floor.     but I don’t know whether I can or not.     I do thank & Praise God for hearing & ans. prayer for saving my soul & all the many many blessings in healings & pertection,    for talking to my soul & spirit & guiding Me    truly all the Glory, Power, Honor, & Praise belongest to Him.    Teach me Thy Will & Thy ways, Amen.    S. west wind partly cloudy & quite cold     it froze the bird bath so hard it shrunk from sides.    Elbert fix North side & painted it this morning& got the paper ready for toilet roof & hopes to get it done tomorrow.    Radio said it would be 26. degrees tonight, &, it’s getting colder.

Tue. Nov. 14. 1950./ 9. eggs today./  Well, I got up at 9-30-a-m.     thought I’d get a little stitching done on my dress & it was a little.    I swept all 3 room & dusted    & then pulled out the sewing machine     & then fixed the fire & got potatoes ready for dinner & broccolie,     then Elbert came & so I fixed him some lunch & hot drink,    then he went to Huron & got a big mess of fish,    he cleaned enough for Mr. Miller, Miss. Clark,  Mrs. Eppler & Mrs. Sprunk    & I salted & done them each in a seperate package & he put them in the car so he could take them when, he took the papers & he did.    I didn’t have much time to stitch & I washed up the dishes & boiled potaotes & the broccolie & fried a nice white fish & some little catfish for supper    I prayed for fish. & got them.    & put machine & sewing away.    It’s been a beautiful day  not very cold.    I thank & Praise my God in Jesus Blessed Name for all our blessings and for ans to prayer.

Wed. Nov. 15. 1950./ page. 2689 [should be 2679, gained 10 ]/ 11. eggs today./   First day of hunting season,    & it rained a drizzle most all day,    but there were quite a lot of hunters out    Elbert fixed the toilet roof.    and did several other things,    he was over to Carl Ribbers & I don’t know where else,    he took Carl some fish & Helen Sarr.    & we have a big plater full all fried    we only at 3 for our supper,    I’ve felt to weak to work today but did my daily round    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Name. 

Thurs. Nov.16. 1950./ 12. eggs today./  Well I’m terrible weak & miseraable but I did out what dirty clothes there were.    I had to have some of them & there were only a few     seemed as if I’d never get ’em done,     sat down so many times    seem so queer how I use to go & help people & they done believe in help others today    Oh Jesus, I’m so glad Thou art Human & soon we we  be with Thee,    no teaars or sorrows & we wont be told we are a big brute of a person, just because we are a large person    & a heap of other things just as bad,    after we have done all we could to make them happy & comfortable & even went hungry & witht the clothes we could have had because we loved & felt sorry for them,    it’s still a queer world & so much wickedness,    I be so glad to be with Jesus,     but I still want to do what he wants me to do here.    I love & Praise Thee Jesus, Blessed Pure & Holy, Amen.   Elbert sold 6 1/2 doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz    had enough to buy there mash,    there’s such a lot of them died out of this flock,    they run around & fall over dead.    It’s been a nice day,    winds been so strong since last night & still is at 10-p-m.  S. W. Wind. 

Fri. Nov. 17. 1950./ 10. eggs today./  Well, another day I laid around    only took care of rooms, swept cooked & washed dishes,    but, I feel better in some way, I can’t tell just how.    It snowed & rained today, this morning, but it didn’t last long,    was mostly cloudy rest of the day,     Elbert went up to Killbrides & found he could get milk there,    we use to get it there     then there cow went dry & we had to change again,    we been getting the milk of Carl Rieber & he charged 1.00 for 8 days. & Mrs. Killbridge charges 15 cents per. qt. Elbert 1.45 toward milk    & in both cases we have to finish our bottle & [?]tyanl] after it.    It’s a still cold tonight,    wind died out just before dark & frost on the leaves at dark    going to freeze hard.   Mrs. Killbride sent me some cottage chees & tomorrow we will start our milk for 13 days & pay her 1.95 in advance & the first of the Dec.    We will give her 4.65 for the mo. of Dec.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for His love & care and ans too

Sat. Nov. 18. 1950./ page. 2691.[now 11 ahead]/ 13. eggs today./   I baked 4. tins bread biscuits & then scrubed the the floors & Elbert went for the milk & took his papers.    The wind came up again this morning, been partly cloudy,  but a nice day, not to bed     morning, been partly cloudy, but a nice day, not to bed but sort of penatrating wind, and puffy.    Sun was white but at sun set, we couldn’t see the sun, but clouds were purple on horrizon & then carnary yellows & a deep pea green & lavender & pink deep pink & all sorts of colors in big & small patches     it looked beautiful & I hope it didn’t mean any harm for there were swift moving wind Clouds east, of the others.    Elbert put up the storm door today & took care of hens as he does every day.     I thank, & We Praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Sun. Nov. 19. 1950./ 10 eggs today./  been mostly cloudy & started to rain at dark & still at it at 10-30-p-m.    quite warm out    wind is still S. a little W. but mostly died out    same as last night,    but it blew terrible before morning so perhaps it will come up again before morning     raining as if it had to     easy  & gentle & the boys freezing over there     they say more are dying from freezing than in battle,    Oh God, I pray they will cry to Thee in Jesus Name, for Thou has’t promised to hear.  Help us to do Thy Will in all things greaat or small things,     I thank Thee Jesus.    Help me to do more for Thy good & Glory, forgive me & us our sins    fill us with the Holy Ghost & give us the strength & courage to do Thy Will,    We thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.    We are all wicked    each in there & our own ways,    We have all sined & come short of the Glory of God.    But I know all things will work out for Thy Glory for Thou has told us.     I’m Glad Thou art the judge & pray we hold our peace & judge not.     We been home all day    somethings wrong eith me    water dripps all the time,    they have prayed for me & I believe, but can’t understand just what is wrong,    but pray God will in Jesus Name take care of me Amen. 

Mon. Nov. 20. 1950./9. eggs today./  It poured rain during the night & all the morning    it came in showers & after dinner a wet snow & begin to get colder & snow be- gan to stick & the ground has a light covering of snow     now the wind went N. West & it’s blowing in heavy puffs      & in California they have had a flood     7 thousand had to leave there homes, because of it.     Paper said 15 degrees along the Lake tonight     I have only done my usual daily round & read the bible & studied some as I generally do & croched some    Elbert looked after water & coal took care of hens & took the papers.     No mail today.    I feel some better in some ways but water leak is still bad.    got to wash out rags again tomorrow or Wed.    haven’t washed yet this week so that’s got to be done before long.     World is in bad condition all over & not getting any better    the bible history is working out just as God said it would,    Oh, I pray He will forgive & save us    there are so many yet who must come to him or be lost

Mon. Nov. 20. 1950./ page. 2691 [12 ahead]/ 9. eggs this day./   I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for teaching me His word & for saving my soul & I trust Him for the infilling of the Holy Ghost.    I know He will fill me, for He said if we wanted it He would give it & I’ve ask & trusting Him for it,    I thank Him more than I can tell for all my many blessings.    He is a Marvelous Saviour, Phyician, & Friend and I love Him more than anything in this world  Amen.  

Tue. Nov. 21. 1950./ 7. eggs today./  Wind went S. West & has been puffy allday    Elbert & I have done the usual chores,    & I haven’t been out doors for a few days.    I thank God in Jesus Name for His Love & care & I feel so terribly unworthy    wish I could be with some of the christians that go from one place to another preaching & give my testimony,    the end is right at the door & we will soon see our beloved Jesus, but the terrible things that are to come to pass yet,    Oh God give us the strength foaith & courage to face it,    I Praise THee, Amen. 

Wed. Nov. 22. 1950./ 13. eggs today./  Elbert went & sold 5 doz. egg 70 cents per. doz.    not quite enough to pay for a bag of grain or mash, he took the radio down to Lorain & left it at a shop to get some new bulbs in it.    So, I got up & did the washing & then washed Elbert’s double blanket,    it’s so thick    I only got half of it dry, so I used half of it & an old one for tonight on his bed,    I can baste it together at foot tomorrow.    the other half is dry now,     but, he’s in bed,    he’s tired    he goes for the milk a good mile every morning & then he take the papers  looks after hens, take out the ashes & gets the coal up & it use to tire me & I know it does him.    I received a card from Mrs. Eddy [Bonita] today,   a black woman with a black pup leading her on a black rope & it said Dear aunt Elinor    & Uncle;   How are you?    It really feels like winter today.    We’ve had some colds but are getting over them.    We went to town yesterday   had some errands, rain or not.    We would like to have you come Thanksgiving day, to have dinner with us at noon.    We will be alone otherwise & would like to have you come    A neighbor has been putting on our wood work in the living room so we’ve had some mess & I guess I’ll never get the house cleaning done   Do try to come Thurs.   Love from All, Bonita     &Mrs Eppler sent a please get well soon,  card,    but, it will be 5 meeting I have missed tomorrow night & not a soul been out to see me & this is the only card I’ve received.    Well, I to, pray, God will get me fixed & able to go back to Church & prayermeeting.     I thank God for there prayers & I pray God will in Jesus Dear Holy Name give each of them 4 fold what they ask for me & I thank Him & give Him all the Praise & Glory,   it truly belongest to Him Amen.    It’s been partly cloudy but not very cold    wind gone N. East tonight.

Thurs. Nov. 23. 1950./ page. 2693 [should be 2692, still 10 ahead]/      eggs today./  Well, they called today  Thanks- giving, but we didn’t   I didn’t do much today, but Elbert went over on John Snyders corn patch “where they picked corn last week with a corn picker”  & picked up corn they missed,    “John told him to go & pick it up & we thanked him,    Elbert worked part the morning & untill 4-p-m  after dinner    & I had to rub his back in alcohol tonight,    he feels about sick    I think he tried to do to much for one time,     I crochet some & ripped it out 3. times,   hope it’s O.K. this time,     I did my daily round & was out & picked a couple of cabbages & out back today.    I thank & Praise my God in Jesus Holy Name for all He does for me & for us,    was nice untill this afternoon,    it clouded up     rained tonight turned to snow an now the ground has a real White covering. 

Fri. Nov. 24. 1950./ 11. eggs today./  lbert went to Huron but no fish    I only did my daily round,    I made dressing for the pork loin & hot muffins.   no mail today.    Been quite cold,  for 2 nights now & going to be cold tonight a still cold,  winds been S. west all day,   tired me bad just getting the supper.     Elbert took the papers & he helped me get the supper     his back’s been bad all day.    We got a nice fall of snow last night & it didn’t all melted off today.   Partly cloudy. 

Sat. Nov. 25. 1950./ 6 eggs today./   Been blustery squals   fine snow this morning & came so thick we couldn’t see Snyders house    then it would ease off & then come again     & this after noon flake was much larger & about 4-p-m- it began to sleet,   then rained    wind eased up from N. West then came from N. East & been sleeting some in squals, not so very cold    snow drifted high in places,    Elbert put short chains on back tires & shoveled out to get car to road to go with papers,     but, no paper, so he’s two days short on his pay this week,    he did all the chores out side & as usual took my can out for me,    I feel some better & am hoping to be able to get back to church soon.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name,    He hears and answers prayer & for all the blessings he gives us & pray for all who will have to suffer during the cold weather & pray God will take care of them through some of His,    I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee all the praise & Glory_ for ever & ever Amen.    A pheasent flew across the road west, today,    everything out side will suffer,     I saw a mouse come from under the grainer & the wind cought him & rolled over & over a number of times    then he scrabbled to his feet & tried to find a bite to eat but wind hit him again & banged him against a rose stalk    he got

Sat. Nov. 25. 1950./ page. 2694./ 6 egg this day./  up & crawled up to the house & waited for the wind to ease up     then he ran back toward the grainery & wind swooped him under the ever green,    but he got up & went back under the grainery & I didn’t see him any more.    It’s queer, but this is the first year I haven’t heard the geese going south.    We both slept late,    I slept even after Elbert got up to look after the hens,    I didn’t sleep much last night,   it stormed so hard.    Hope Nellie, Bonita & Children have fire enough & coal for Bonita said they had been having cold, but were better.    What they try to save in heat, they pay the doctor.    Elbert has cold in bones in his hands & they been paining him bad    it don’t pay to do things that cause a person to suffer unless it’s a real necessity & he didn’t have to pick up that corn.    it was cold & wet,    now he’s got to suffer with back & hands.     I’m so sorry, I didn’t want him to do it,    I pray God will have mercy. 

Sun. Nov. 26. 1950./ 8 eggs today/   We been home all day & it stormed all night & most of today & cleared off tonight & moon am ashinning, not so very cold though,    but it sure did snow today.    We ate to meals today & did chores as usual,    not a car over the road today & tonight about 7-30p-m.  the snow plow went through & cleaned the road,    so if it did snow before morning, the road will be free & Elbert can go for milk,    those roads are usaully bad when it snows.    My canary “Jacky” watched the birds out side,    he talks to me about it & fluf his feathers & I talke to him about it & tell him it’s cold & they haven’t got any seeds, poor little birdies cold & hungry but wind & snow was so bad we couldn’t feed them,    snow covered it up so fast,    I am surely greatful we have a warm dry comfortable place & enough to Keep us warm & dry.    I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Name, Amen.

Mon. Nov. 27. 1950./ 5. eggs today/ They cleared the road last night & again today    Elbert went up & got the milk this morning & he got the papers today yesterds  Sat. & todays so he had two days papers to deliver & it states that most every thing was tied up, trucks, busses, cars & trains & there’s not many trains running yet & the war is bad, as well as floods & storms.    I Pray God will in Jesus Name have mercy on the boys who are freezing to death while trying to fight & help them to remember to call on HIs Name for He said He would hear, & I pray He will take care of the poor, hungry, cold homeless & miserable through some of His & I thank Thee Jesus & give Thee the Praise & Glory for ever & ever Amen.    I did the washing today & my stomach & back are bad.    There’s been some rabbits around the house. 

Tue. Nov. 28. 1950./ 11. eggs today./      It snow & blowed & the Evergreen trees looked like Christmas trees      & a pr. of pretty little birds came into the evergreens east of the house  were trying to eat the berries     the one had a dark brownish red brest & head & legs & underpart of tail was a deep tan    the mate was a grayis breast & darker back    they stayed al day.     Elbert went with the papers after 5-p-m & we saw 5 geese going N. west.   The

Tue. Nov. 28. 1950./ page. 2695./ 11. eggs this day./  paper says it’s the worst storm since 1913., but I know we had another after that that was the year John Harnish went on the Lakes with Frank Babcock     or, well, it was when Audrey & John Mourer were living on the east side in Lorain.    that was before Martha was married & she’s been married 18. yrs. Jan. 1951.    Well I’ve only done my daily dozen & crocheted a little.     Sun came through tonight & set red with black cloud all around it & lots of wind clouds.    Elbert saw 4 rats by the grainery step & put out 4. rat bixcuits & they came back & each took one & ran away.    hope that’s the last of them.    I thank My Heavenly Father in Jesus Name for all our many many blessing, & I’m so sorry for those in a worse condition then we are in & I’m wondering about Nellie & the children.  

Wed. Nov. 29. 1950./ 5. eggs today./  Today would be mothers birthday & she would be 94. yrs. old    a sweet little old lady.    Well, Elbert got out & got the milk & he took the papers about 4-30-p-m.    I only did my usual round & I’m better again,    can’t be on my feet to long,    stomach is better Praise God in Jesus Name for that & the many other times He has taken care of me     I thank Thee more than I can express in words,  Jesus Blessed Jesus.    Wind is blowing a little but not bad,  tonight & Elbert hopes to sell 5 1/2 doz. eggs tomorrow. morning,     I crocheted some today & darned 2. prs. my stockings & pr. socks last night. only wish I could hope around & do several things I’d like to do. 

Thurs. Nov. 30. 1950./ 6. eggs today./ Elbert  sold the eggs for 3.50 & collected 20 cents total 3.70& the grain cost 4.23 & he had last week’s 3.50 & he bought oyster schell 1.10, so, now he has $1.27 left toward next weeks feed.     He took the papers quarter to five did little shopping for our food & it didn’t take him long,     While he was gone this a-m.    I swept & dusted & got the dinner ready & he came just as it was done.   I crocheted a while then made an apple pie & one elderberry pie & got the supper,    we had lamb chops, I fried them brown & then added enough water to simmer them tender, put in two potatoes & 1 carrot & few dumplins    it was good.     Elbert bought a few grapes & some ripe black figs, they are very good, figs look like large pruns.   The snow caused a lot of trouble & they are talking of using the bombs in the war, those terrible ones.    I thank God      He is & ever will be & for all He give to me & us & I pray we will do His will in Jesus Name.    I sent Marthe a card. 

Fri. Dec. 1. 1950./ 6. eggs today./  Well Elbert went to Huron this a-m.    I got up & washed what dirty clothes there were & got most of them dried before supper,     Elbert didn’t get back un- till 2.p.m. & I only had water enough to wash them     so, I mended 2 of my shirts & did a few other odds & ends & when he came I had just made 2 cups of tea so he drank one & I warmed up what few potatoes carrots & a small dumplin & he put them away & then went out & cleaned 4 nice big pike & he brought the water first so I got the cloth suded & wrinsed

Fri. Dec.1. 1950./ page. 2696./ 6 eggs this day./  got them mostly hung up,    then I clean- ed & scraped the fish & salted them.    Elbert went with the papers & came back & got the po- tatoes ready for supper & put them on to cook,    he feed hens before he left.    While he was frying fish in come Myrtle & Tom Eppler & they wasn’t going to stay but I put plates & everything & they sat up & ate with us & visited for an hour or so after supper & then they went with out having prayer,     but I pray God will bless them & there ef- forts to do His will, & for coming clear out here to see me    I wish they had prayed for me, but they will pray tonight     & I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for His healing redeeming Power.    It’s been a fine day with sunshine & the fishermen are having a hard time getting there nets in    they are rolled & full of ice, slush, ice & makes it hard to pull them,    & now at 11-20-p-m.     it’s raining hard, the snow melted all of the south side of the grainery but there was about 6. or maybe 7. inches of snow on the ground.    N.E. rain;   I thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things & for helping Harry Miller,    they took him to a woman preacher & they say that he can raise up on his elbows now,     Oh, God I Praise Thee in Jesus Holy Name.

Sat. Dec.2. 1950./4. eggs today./ Suny in morning, cloudy afternooon & evening & rained in the middle of the night.     I was so sick I went to bed at 8-30-p-m to sick to write;    Elbert took the papers 4-30-p-m & went on to Lorain & got the radio,     went in & see & talked to Audrey & Gertie a few minutes & then came on home,    some how I felt so bad I can’t remember just what Sat. was like    I felt so bad,    it was late when I did get up  & then went back at 8-10 & prayed for sometime & thanked God at length for my healing,    an after a few hrs. I began to Praise God in Jesus Name, the pain left my stomach & head the verteba went back into place,    Oh how I love & Praise Thee Jesus that you hear & ans. prayer, for several were praying for me & may He bless them. 

Sun. Dec. 3. 1950./ 4. eggs today./   Well, Praise God in Jesus Name, the soreness has about left me & I’ll never be able to express in words the releif & Joy to know Jesus touched me again    It’s wonder, just marvelous    Oh how I love Jesus,    there’s no other friend or brother like the lowly Jesus & there’s no living being,     who came  do for us, the wonderful things, Jesus does.    Glory to His Blessed Holy Name;   Tonight we listened to Rev. Buser from Amherst Preach,    The young folks sang several of the church Hyms & the congregation sang some Hyms & the Sermon. was “Christmas” should we worship just the giving & receiving of gifts or the gay, frivilous things of this world     or Jesus who takes care of the soul?    I’d say, take the world, but give me Jesus, Praise His Name.    Wind went S.W. Sat. & now, N.W. & Radio say N. East before morning & colder,     it is colder now at 10-p-m.    most of the snow has melted with Sat & Sat night rains,    grass is green, & Elbert saw a nice cock pheasent across the road today.   he got  [?] milk & paid all he owes

Mon. Dec. 4. 1950./ page. 2697./ 5. eggs today./    Been cloudy all day & breeze stayed N. W. untill after dinner it went N.E.    I don’t know just where it is tonight.    not as cold tonight as it was at this time last night.     I haven’t done much today, took care of beds & rooms & washed dishes.   Elbert did what cooking there was done.    I didnt even feel able to crochet.    There wasn’t any mail today,    but Elbert got the radio back Sat. so I got a little good music & the news.    I don’t feel able to do anything & it seems they’re are looking forward to my kicking off by the little things I hear,    Elbert don’t feel v ery well & he’s as nervous as a toad in hot mud    he knows I’m sick,    but he ask me to get up & look after the fire    it seemed to be smoking & lots of gas,    I thought I couldn’t but I did,    the pipe had come clear out the chimney, he had to get up & climb up & fix it,    he fixed it the way he thought it ought to be instead of the way we had found better,    well I hope it don’t burn the place down be- fore I’m done with it,    I left him to look after the chimney & it’s to short on top     & don’t draw like it use to,    but they thought it looked O.K.    Well I pray God will take care of me & I feel sure He will & that even seems to vex some people.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for all things now & for ever Amen. 

Tue. Dec. 5. 1950./ 7. eggs today./   Well I swept & cleaned the windows & cut back a couple plants & took care of beds & washed dishes & crocheted a little tonight.     Not very cold out    N.E. breeze    Radio said snow     sun set was yellow & it was cloudy, untill late this after noon 4-30 or 5-p-m    Elbert went for milk & got a bottle of skimed milk for 10 cents & it’s sour tonight.    Elbert went to fish house & got a good mess of fish & cleaned them,    We had some for dinner & he took a few to Harry Miller & 2. to Miss. Clark,    he stopped at Millers & Miss Clark was there,    so he gave her the fish & went in & gave Harry his & talked to him a few minutes & came home with soup meat,    he’s so nervous lately.    I can’t understand it,    his head & back have been hurting him a- gain,    guess he catches a little cold & adds to it just enough to keep him miserable.    I thank God for our blessings  & pray for the boys trying to fight & freezing,    They said tonight they have carried out 14 thousand & flying them to hospitals    it’s truly terrible & getting worse,    they say Russia is using Chinesse instead of her own army.    Oh God, have mercy I pray & help them to call on Thee, Thou hast promised to hear them & I thank Thee,    help us to do more to help in Thy work & to be more worthy to be Thine in Jesus Name, Amen.

Wed. Dec. 6. 1950./ 5. eggs. today./  Elbert’s birthday   He is 68. yrs. old today    Well, I got up at 10-a.m.    but I didn’t do much today, only my daily round     I darned Elbert’s sock & my undies & finished the chair back tonight.   wasn’t

Wed. Dec. 6. 1950./ page. 2698./ 5, eggs this day./  very cold today,    but tonight it’s raining early this evening & now at 10-p-m it’s sleeting from S. east,    they have had 18. inches of snow in 6. hours just north & west of us,    & radio says snow in the morning,    Elbert only has 3. doz. eggs to deliver     so, I hope the weather & roads wont be bad.    he hadn’t ought to be gone very long,    I’m still not feeling like getting out,    so, it’s nice to have him home.    I thank & Praise God for him & for Jesus who is a jpriceless Friend & Saviour,    I couldn’t live with out Jesus . Glory to God   I love Thee Jesus more than anything in this world, Amen.

Thurs. Dec. 7. 1950./ 6. eggs today./  Elbert went & sold 3. doz. eggs 70 cents per. doz. 2.10 & I slept untill late but got up in time to do the odds & ends & get the dinner ready     & Elbert brought some 2 pieces of steak about the size of the palm of your hand for dinner     so we had hot soup & meat & potatoes & onions    & it rained in heavy showers while he was gone,    he met Needing in Vermilion & went to Lorain with him  & got the Christmas cards (25) & he went to social security Office & got back home at 12-noon    I had begun to think,     it was taking him a long time & then I began to pray & see him in another cab & with an- other man, whom I didn’t seem to recognize,    well he looked as if every-thing was O.K. & then, he seemed to be in his own car on his way home & I didn’t understand untill he got here & told me he’d been with Kneeding to Lorain & back from Vermilion.    I Praised God for taking care of him & I truly think He is the most wonderful Jesus to me,    I love Jesus.    We saw 6 male pheasent in the snow storm acrossed the road after dinner    & they flew over on Sarr’s & we didn’t see them any more,    the rain turned to snow & got colder & ground is white & front storm door window is froze solid    the wind comes in strong puffs. & cold,    we put out some feed for the birds    it was so cold & stormy & windy they could hardly eat,    Elbert has got 6. rats just of late,    he got 2 in the coop, this moring.     Radio said it would be down to 15 degrees    I’m sorry for every living thing out side in the cold & I can’t help thinking & praying for the boys who are freezing & fighting.     May God of Love & Mercy be with them & take care of them & everything & body Who must suffer the cold.    Jesus Blessed Jesus.    I receiv ed my check today & Elbert a birthday card from Audrey with 10.00 in it & a card from Esel & he sent one to her yesterday & he sent red papers to Carl Betz    Elbert took the papers tonight,    it was 5-p-m. a little after when papers came & bad outside-    I hated so see Elbert have to go. but Praise God he made it.)

Fri. Dec. 8. 1950./ page 2679 [she has gone back to the numbering she abandoned earlier] / 5 eggs today./ Elbert went for milk   no/one home    so he went back after dinner    he don’t feel very well,    I pestered him to get him to ans., Audrey’s Nellie’s & Carl Betz’s letter    & he didn’t do half a job,    says he don’t feel like writing,    so I’m the goat, to keep up the friendships,     Carl use to write to Elbert & Nora, to,     now they write & after 6 months or 10, I finally ans.    I haven’t started the Christmas cards out yet;    I’ve been feeling real punk.    I did the washing all except Elbert’s work shirt & socks,    I had them all done but those & he offered to finish rubing them    so I let him    I get so tired & conjested through my stomach I can’t re- lax till morning & it’s such a dull tiresome ach.    I have them all dried except his heavy uncerwear, it’s part wool.    Elbert warmed up the supper,    he got part of the grocerys & forgot part     & so we had no butter & I made hot biscuits for supper & no butter.     Well the sun shone most of the day & last night the cold wind blew all night,    I kept the fire untill 1-a-m then went to bed & had to leave my door open    & so I couldn’t sleep untill morning    & then I just got a few winks,    Elbert got up & fixed the fire at 2-a-m & a gain early & then he sat in big chair & slept awhile    then went for milk    they wasn’t home so he came back,    he took warm water to hens & he said they sure liked it.    & he’s been warming the grain to,    I don’t think he’s giving them quite enough so I’m going to have him measure it tomorrow    I want them to have enough for some are still moulting & they need all they want of grain.   no frost on the window tonight   wasn’t quite so cold today or tonight   wind’s backed up to the South.  I thank God for the strength He gave me to wash & do my other daily chor es.    He’s a wonderful Jesus,  I Praise His Holy Name. 

Sat. Dec. 9. 1950./ 4. eggs today/  Well, I didn’t do much today, only what had to be done,    Elbert went to Vermilion & bought 6.41 worth of canned good    & then when he went with the papers he got 5.00 in one place & 2.78 in another & 1.99 at meat market,    so I haven’t much left out of my check,   I gave him 20.00,    I give 10.00 for last mo. & this for God’s work & I have to pay for tank of gas. 8.79 or maybe more this time,    & Elbert only gets 10 or 12.00 per. week & he has up keep on car & part of what I give him goes on milk bill 4.65 per. mo.    I thank God for all He gives us & I try to handle it with much- care.   I Praise God in Jesus Name,    He’s truly wonderful & I pray I may be worthy of His Love & Grace in all things great or small,    I thank Him for His word & helping me to read and understand & I humbly pray He will guide me all the way,    & help me to testify for Him & be a blessing in Church for Him.    S. Wind last night & today but not strong,    sunshine alday getting cloudy at sunset.,  not very cold, snow gone

Sun. Dec. 10. 1950./ page. 2680./ 3. eggs today./  Sun came through this morning but not for long,    it cloudy up and late this after noon for long it started to snow & laid a white blanket     then it must have warmed enough so it melted of the grainery roof    then just before dark it got colder & now grainery roof is white again.    We heard Rev. Buser preach & the congretion sing & a few extra numbers by voice & instruments,      it was all very good & the sermon was truly one to touch the heart    & I pray God will bless the efforts of His Children, each and every one, in Jesus Dear Blessed Holy Name,     and I want to help & pray He will help me that I may do His Will.    Elbert’s liver was so bad he sat up untill 1-30-a-m-    & I sat with him, breathing silent prayers & at last, I gave Him 2 teaspoons honey & 1. teaspoon lemon juice, well mixed 1. spoonful at a time about 1. hr. apart,    he felt better & went to bed,     but this morning he took this, I believe, he got frightened  the pain is so severe    he took 1/2 N.R. then he took soda & got himself all stirred up again,    but tonight he feels a little better again,    I pray God will save his soul, in Jesus Name Amen.

Mon. Dec. 11. 1950./ 7. eggs today./  Well I sorted cards & got the addresses on some of them & now the job of writting them & getting them on there way    I only have a few to send    I don’t know how many we’ll get,    I like to send them to those who never get many.    It’s been cloudy & snowed off & on, all day    & it didn’t melt today.    Elbert went up to Killrides & got 2. qt milk & he took the papers to Vermilion & did the out – side chores.    Wind’s been N. West,    snowed in squalls.    I haven’t been out since Nov.    , 1950.    I’m wishing I felt better so I can go before much longer.    No mail today.    House cools off fast today.    I made a dish of Jello but it hadn’t set at supper time & it was out doors    Elbert set it out for me.    I had him set it in the stair -way tonight.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name, for everything. 

Tue. Dec. 12. 1950./ 4 eggs today/  Well I did the washing & needless to say how very tired I am.,     but I got it all done & not a soul realizes how bad I feel & when I can’t work I pray God will take me very quick, so not to burden any one with out putting me away,     fore there isn’t a one of them that really love me    as I have loved them, but Praise God He Knows I’ve really loved them & still do & pray He will save there souls yet, if not before I go, before they go Amen.    Mostly cloudy & sun shone once while it was snowing today.   Elbert went out

Tue. Dec. 12. 1950./ page. 2681./       . eggs today./  to shoot a stray cat & a rabbit hoped out & ran down among the willows,    he cleared out a lot of brush so we could see him taking big leaps as he went for the creek bottoms,    Elbert missed the cat & it didn’t seem to know what was going on,    so he just walked the same way the rabbit had gone,    Elbert took the papers, says he’s going to stop, but keeps right at it after figuring up earning & cost of repear’s, it don’t pay to take them.    He’d like to earn a little,    but, let them furnish the car, or give enough to pay the repair.    I pray God Will help him in the way he should do.    I thank God in Jesus Name for our blessings.    We received a card from Nellie today,    she said they & the others were O.K.

WEd. Dec. 13. 1950./ 5. eggs today./   Well, no mail for me,    but Elbert got his check, Praise the Lord.    I didn’t do much today    to tired after yesterday    I did iron my dress & petticoat & Elbert’s work shirt,    Elbert took the papers.    We had oyster stew for supper & Elbert cooked the stew. of fixed it    it was good, but I crave a juicy steak creamed potatoes & brown gravey & broccoli;    Well, I don’t get it, but thank & Praise God in Jesus Name that we have some food & fire & beds, a little home & can help each other.    Glory to God in the Highest  all Praise, Glory & Honor truly belongest to Thee for ever & ever, Amen.    Well, the weather is about the same today as yesterday    only sun didn’t get through as many times as yesterday    there came wet snow toward morning, froze & then snowed a light cover. 

Thurs. Dec. 14. 1950./ 6. eggs today./  I swept the 3. room & dusted & got the vegetables ready for dinner & had just set down when Elbert came in,    he had been to Huron, got his driving liscnce, this time it’s for 3. yrs. for a dollar,    old one was 3. mo’s for 40 cents,    he found the crock he’d been looking for, at the hardware store, 25 cents    the last one I bought cost 1.25    We use them to give the hens epsom salts in.    He got two short steaks that were all turned green around the bones & the fat    so he took them back    he got a piece of ham,    so we had ham for dinner,    he went back after dinner    he got me a few cards to send out     & now the rail roads are all out again on a strike so the mail isn’t going out,     they promised the men more pay & some back pay,    then got them to go on working,    but a yr, or more has gone by & no money,    so even if the goverment has taken over, the men stopped work.    only a passenger once in awhile goes through.    World is in a mess & getting worse every day    looks as if we might be going to have that civil war here before long    & Russia is waiting for that, perhaps.    I can’t see why they all want to fight but the bible said it would be this way & I believe God Knows why.    I thank& Praise Him for all things, for ever & ever Amen.   Not much sun today & not very cold.  Wind’s been S. east all day.   

Fri. Dec. 15. 1950./ Page. 2682./ 3. eggs today./  Didn’t do much today    got the ambish but just tires me all out to work     I made a cake last evening while Elbert had gone with the papers & how I sweat     & while he went again today, I made the lemon filling & put the two square layers together & frostin on top & sides,     last one, I think I’ll make for a while,    I had beat eggs & sugar, nutmet flavor & salt for a custard only to learn Elbert only got half a bottle of milk,    so, today he got a bottle & 1/2 of milk & I made a baked custard     & tonight we were going to eat a little & it was sour.    she “Mrs Kilbride” scims the milk to make butter,    I’ll be glad when we can get back to the others we were getting before    I sort of spline against this;    I made rice soup for supper & I only took care of beds & rooms & dishes today      & I wish for more strength,    I ought to get my other dress done,    I only have two     that means lots of washing.    I thank the Dear Lord for all our blessings and pray His Will be done, not mine.  

Sat. Dec. 16. 1950./ 7. eggs today./   Well I baked 2 big tins of bread biscuits & wrote a letter on Christmas card to Cora   one to Annabell & her friend Ivy S. Guy    she sent me a card    I received it today.    I wrote a card to Sister Rev. Harwell Iowa & received card from Mrs. Goll & one from Miss Clark with a Kercheif for Elbert & one gay thing for me.    & we got a U.S. Card from Nellie,    guess Audrey must have told her I was sick,    so, she says she may be out here tomorrow    here’s what she wrote “Fri. just a line to hope you are feeling better.    I Knew well enough that you were not well,   I just felt it in my bones, as the saying goes,      I have felt anxious about you lately.    Maybe I’ll see you Sun. Love Nellie.    Well I wish they all loved me as I’ve always loved them,    but they don’t,    they think we ought to go to the old folks home so they told us,    but, Elbert & I take care each other & get along    I pray God will have mercy & take care of them.    I thank & praise Him, in Jesus Name, for all our many blessing, Amen.

Sun. Dec. 17. 1950./ 6. eggs today./    It has snowed in showers all day.    I got up late took a bath & dressed & combed & brushed my hair & just as I got out in the Kitchen Martha & her mother & Nellie came in,    they brought jelly & apple sauce & Nellie brought rolls & Audrey   fruit & nuts & Martha brought meat    They visited for an hour    I made them a cup of tea & then they were off for home again.    Martha ask us over for Christmas dinner.    When they were gone, I got up & started the supper,    now dishes are done & I listedned to Rev. Buser preach,    he does a firstrate job & the songs are good all so    & I sang & Praised God, he said they were over to Harry Millers for there Fri night mens prayer meeting & they all got an inspiration as well as Harry.    I do thank & Praise God for that & pray Harry will be made whole again in Jesus Name & a living testimony to God in Jesus Name.

Mon. Dec. 18. 1950./ page. 2683./ 3. eggs today./ Today Dave Hunter is 64. yrs. old.    Well, I did most of the washing,    all but Elbert’s union suit & work shirt & he has 2. prs. work pants.    I have them all dry except my dress & wool petticoats    it’s been a beautiful day    sun shone all day    clouding up before dark & it tried to snow, but didn’t,    We had a heavy fog after midnight last night that turned to white frost & evergreens were just beautifull when the sun came out,     I wrote a few cards tonight    Elbert mailed a few today & I’ll have a few ready for tomorrow.    I’m tired, but not as much so, as last week;    Thank God,    I’m trusting in Jesus Name for my healing to be complete, Amen.

Tue. Dec. 19. 1950./ 7. eggs today./   Well, I got us washed & dressed & shook up my bed  opened the window, then went to Elberts room & open the window & as I flipped the blankets & a bone in between my hips also,    I sit around & finished writting Christmas cards & went to bed early,    I had to get up at 4-30-a-m. & wet all over the floor trying to get to the can & couldn’t sit down & when I got down I could- n’t seem to move hand or foot    Elbert came & helped me back to bed & got hot water botle to my back,     but I couldn’t move the least bit with out terrible jabs going through me,    Elbert’s back’s so bad he can hardly get around & I hate to ask him to do for me, when he’s so bad off himself.    He went with his papers & mailed a bunch of cards.    The cards are coming in by bunches.    It’s been a beautiful day with sunshine untill late aafternoon it clouded up.    I thank God & Praise Him for His love & care in Jesus Name Amen. 

Wed. Dec. 20. 1950./      eggs today/  Been in such misery, but got my corset on at noon & that seemed to hold me so I got out to the kitchen,    hurts so bad to move just a little.    Elbert call the Dr. Leidhigher but he was in Sandusky & may not be back untill tomorrow, taking care of woman having her first baby.    I was a loone while he went for the milk & to phone & to Vermilion to get his brakes tightened up & he mailed what cards I had ready to go & some 16 for Mrs. Kilbride    He went to the Church & ask them to pray & she said they had been praying for me for several weeks    I pray God will help me to get over this     & that he will bless each one 4 fold that they ask for me & cleanes all of us who need cleaning that we may live for Jesus.     It’s cold & mostly cloudy, moon trying to shine through.    I praise God I can walk by the aid of a chair.    Jesus Blessed & Holy forgive me a since & help me     I know you hear there prayers & I don’t understand     are they going to be like the other young ministers just pray at the church & if you don’t get well?    Well it’s just to bad.    Oh God, Help us to be for Thee & not for style or earthly Pleasures.    Help me Jesus & help each one to endure with the other in Jesus Name & reveal unto us the right from wrong.

Thurs. Dec. 21. 1950./ page 2684./ 5. eggs today/  Elbertsold 5. doz. eggs today for 75 cents per. doz. 3.75 in all & he had to add 43cents to get the grain.    The Dr. came & put the bones back in place in vertebra & hip & so I’m feeling better with less pain.    Elbert took papers & then the eggs so as not to make 2 trips,    I have 16 more cards to go     got half of them ready tonight,    he didn’t get the envelopes to part of them so he has to get them tomorrow    Sun shone most of the day,    it thawed a little today. & wind’s in South.     yestoday was shortest day of the yr.    A little dog chased a rabbit through the back yard & it was rather exciting for dog was only 4 or 5 feet behind & both doing there best,     rabbit turned & I didn’t hear dog yelling any more,    I hope he got under the cottage.     I’ve been hoping to have him for dinner someday.    Radio said rain or snow,     I thank My Heavenly Father in Jesus Dear Holy Name for my many blessing, Amen

Fri. Dec. 22. 1950./ 5. eggs today/  I took care of beds, but my back is so sore & it hurts to get up or down & I can hardly move with my corset off.    We re- ceived a few more cards today    Sister Gurney sent me the little girls picture,    I always call her little sunshine, for she’s a very good natured, smailing child    she has been growing & looks so big since we saw her last,    I sent her a dollar    wish I could have sent more.    Had to pay Dr. 4.00 for putting bones back I don’t believe that was wrong.    Elbert took the papers,    they were late with them tonight  all most fiv e oclock & it was after six when he got back home,    he he got a few groceries to & he was up for the milk this morning.    It’s been a dark day    tried to rain then turned to sort of frozen fog.    didn’t last long    it snowed a good blanket of snow before day light    Elbert said it wasn’t very cold out,    received nine card from sister Hanary 31st street church in Lorain,    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for all my many blessing & pray for the Holy Ghost & for the many souls that don’t know Him, Amen.   

Sat. Dec. 23. 1950./ 3. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t do a real job & cleaning but I did brush the dust up from the middle, as Chan use to say    I took off the top crust & took care the beds & didn’t do any cooking,     Elbert’s feeling so bum & now he’s doing half or so of my work.    but I’m hope I’ll soon be better for every things getting so dirty & I have to iron a dress pretty soon.    I wrote several cards & Elbert mailed them when he went with the papers,     then I puzzled my brain trying to pick out a crochet pattern    I got most of it but bumped up against a puzzle again,    I got one long enough for me to coppy.    I thank God for our blessing & sunshine today & I Praise Jesus for all things great or small, Amen

Sun. Dec. 24. 1950./ page. 2685./ 4. eggs today/  Well it’s been cloudy allday    I couldn’t eat    my stomach has been so up set, pain   bad in back     had to get up early & sit up for a long time,    stomach seemed full of gas & back pained so bad I couldn’t move,    Elbert has taken more cold trying to wait on me.    Tom & Mertle came middle of after noon & prayed for me,    I know God can hear & ans. prayers no matter the conditions,    so I’m trusting & believing for the healing in Jesus Name & that He will give Elbert courage to be go to the altar & ask to be forgiven & to thank God & give Him the Praise    Oh, God of Love & Mercy I pray Thou will forgive us our sins & reveal unto us the things we ought to do, or, not to do.    It’s Got real cold & frosty    house cools off fast.    Elbert went to bed at nine o’clock & now I guess I’ll go to my bed also.  

Mon. Dec. 25. 1950./ 4. eggs today/  Christ’s Birthday    He’s a wonder Saviour Friend & Physican,    I don’t only believe  I know for He has healed me many times & Lead me all the way    Praises to His Holy & Devine Name, Amen.    Glory bleongest to God     Well we had sume sunshine, but cold White icy sun & it’s been freezing, air cold & frosty & tonight it’s snowing; again    it snowed a light blanket last night,    so it was white this morning    I Praise God for Jesus & pray I may be found worthy,    that He will fill me & heal me in Jesus Name & Keep me covered with the blood & that His coming wont be in the winter nor on the Sabath, Amen     I Pray for His Holy Mountian for Jeruselem, for the slaves, captives, & those fighting & dying,      that, they will call on Jesus Name & be saved & that my prayer will be one with many many others in faith to Him,    I thank Thee Jesus,    All Praise, Glory & Honor belongest to Thee.    We been alone all day    not even a neighbor came in to say hellow.    Mrs. Eppler gave us a picture of Tom, Roney & herself    I thank that was wonderfully nice of her,    maybe they do like me a little.    Elbert tried to call Martha to tell her we really couldn’t go there to dinner,     we told them we didn’t think we could,     but after I fell I knew I couldn’t,     but I’ll write her a card & tell her so she will Know, any  way;      My feets been so cold today    I can walk but it hurts me bad, yet.    but I’m hoping it will be better soon & my stomach all so.    Mertle said they took Harry Miller to Church in the amblance Sun. Dec. 24.    May his faith be strong & May God fill him & heal him in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, Amen.

Tue. Dec. 26. 1950./ 2. eggs today/   Well, I received an envelope from Annabel & only a $5.00 bill in it    she never wrote a word    she looked so terribly miserable the day she was here,    I never see her that way many times & that was long ago.     she says she’s a yr. or so. younger than sister Audrey    I had forgoten

Tue. Dec. 26. 1950./ page. 2686./ 2. eggs this day./  May God Bless her & help her to learn His ways.    Johny & Marcie & a nice note & a very nice picture of them & the children,    the children took a nice clear picture     they are surely growing.    I haven’t seen Bonney & the children since the day last summer when they all were here & had a picnic dinner & roasted steaks over the fire out side.    I expect her children are growing to.    Marcie said they might see us this summer,    I love the young folks, but not the things some of them do, & say,     but I love them & pray God will turn them to Him before it’s to late.    Well, it snowed early & most of the day, once     While sun shone white & bright wind went N.E. in the night & it’s sure cold, clear & frosty even house creeks & groans    I fixed the broccolie for supper,    had it ready to cook & Elbert had a hard time cooking it    water boiled out so fast he even had to empty it & clean the pan & try it again,    but got it done at last,    fried biscuits for supper    I stired ’em up,    & he cooked a little fresh hamberg,    it was so good & I’ve been wanting fresh meat so bad,    I think we’re getting to much salt    I eat most my food without salt,    I think I’m salted almost through.    Anabel’s letter was registered, postman honked his horn & Elbert went out & signed for it.    Snow is about 6 or 8 inches deep,    he had to clean the paths & wind blowed & whirled snow so bad his backs been so bad    seemed as if he couldn’t keep going    it’s hard & I know.   I do thank God in my Saviour Dear Name, for all our blessings.

Wed. Dec. 27. 1950./ 4. eggs today/  Well, I wrote a card to Martha, Audrey & Nellie & explained to each I had fell & dislocated some bones & wished them all well.   It would be wonderful if they loved me enough to come & iron a dress for me & wash a few very necessary pieces if they did offer they’d want to take ’em home to do & I have so little,     I couldn’t do a week with out them      our night clothes, I wash & dry, so we can use them the same night again.     Oh well, maybe in some way we will be able to get them washed a piece at a time,    I’m not able,    I made 2 tins of bread biscuits today & it hurt me, so.    It’s been clear & frosty,    yes, it’s been cold in lots of places,    it’s been more cold than in yrs. 30 degrees below in one place    not quite so bad in others,    on other side it’s been very deep snow & cold.     No mail today.    Elbert’s car stalled just as he got in on the drive last night,    he let it set a while & it started O.K. & he put it in the shed,    it run O.K. today.    I thank God, for todays     Wed. & every thing closes at noon.    He is a wonder Jesus & I love & Praise Him.     Sun shone bright all day & it was clear & cold

Thurs. Dec. 28. 1950./ 2. eggs today./  Well, I washed my nightgown skirt 3 towels, my handkercheifs & rag & 1. pr. stockings,      back pains & my head feels so bad,    I’m terribly weak& Frank Bonney came hunting with 2 other men,    said Ruby Jean “that’s Evelyn’s daughter” was operated on yesterday morning & lay all day before coming to herself again last night    she had her tonsils out    she in Amherst hospital    she’s 14. yrs. old.  this Mar. I believe.    Elbert’s backs still hurting him &

Thurs. Dec.28. 1950./ page. 2687./ 2. eggs this day./  he’s so tired doing for me,    it’s sure queer how much I’ve done for the rest & they can’t do for me very long before they’re to sick themselves to wait on me,    when the cool air hits me in the morning it stiffen me so bad    I’m most helpless & yesterday morning, he ask me if I was getting up    I said yes    & he said well guess you’ll have to help yourself,    I have to go out back,    with a lot of pain I got my stockings on & pushed my feet in my shoes   got my shirt on & my corset    then managed to get on my feet asking Jesus to help me,    I am so weak & shaky,    but I do try & they are so horribly dis-custing,    they take all they can possibly get & give as little as possible & I feel they begrudge that off times.     It’s been a beautiful day    sun shone bright all day & today’s for April.    It’s a little warmer tonight.    Radio said rain or snow.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee God of Love & Mercy,    for all my blessings & healings & the strength Thou has given me    I love & ador Thee for ever & ever    All Praise & Glory bleongest to Thee Amen.

Fri. Dec. 29. 1950./ 6. eggs today/   Well, it was just terrible painful wiping up the floor,      but, I got miost of it      the two corners I’ll try to get tomorrow,    I’ve got to try to iron my dress, to, if I can so as to be clean once more    I’m so dirty  sweaty,    I pray God will send some kind & loving soul to help me for a while at least    or if they’d like to stay, to help me make that possible.    & help me to grow stronger each day, in faith in Jesus Name.    Partly cloudy,   but, no rain,    it thawed & snow settled today.   & today is for “May.” winds S. West.    I put Texas on Gurneys card instead of Oregon, & it’s gone a long ways & come back     now I have to fix it up & send it again.  I received a card from Mrs. Greene. no letter she usually sends a letter,    but she only said, Greetings from Helen Greene.    Elbert’s so tired & he doesn’t feel very well & his back hurts bad.    he’s gone to bed & I’m going to mine.     I thank God for all things in Jesus Name.  

Sat. Dec. 30. 1950./ 2 eggs today./ Cloudy all morning    then sun came out & set red in a big black cloud tonight but no rain    & today’s for June.    I wiped up the 2 corners I didn’t get yesterday & the door & around slop pail & did the dishes & ironed my dress, chair cover for my chair & Nellie’s towel & I hope to get a bath in the morning & some clean clothes on me,    I’m so dirty    I’m sure I stink.    Well, I have got Elbert’s socks & my stocking & my shirts mended,    Elbert killed cleaned & cooked the young rooster he bought of Mrs. Killbride.    We had rice soup for supper & a piece of chicken    it was very good.    I thank God for all our many many blessing & pray He will send more in to church to take my place & that I will be able to go back before much longer    I love Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus. 

Sun. Dec. 31. 1950./ page. 2688./5. eggs today./  Today was or is for July    Cloudy un- till 8-a-m.     then sun shone for an hour or so & then at intervals all after noon & set red in a dark cloud,    no rain today,    Radio says rain tomorrow,    not very cold out & not hardly any breeze & what there was came from S. West.    looks like a dry summer or yr.    & Russia “so tis said” figures on cleaning up everything this summer     We listened to Rev. Buser & several others on the Radio today    I’ll be so glad when I can get out to Church again    my hit & back are better,    I can turn over in bed & help myself up at night    Praise God, I thank Him & Praise Him for all things in Jesus Name.     We are fast coming to the end of time & I do hope & pray for all the souls of those we love & those who should belong to God,    I’m trusting & believeing in Jesus Name.    We been home all day,    & tomorrow is New Years Day & Elbert gave up the paper job Sat.    He will have to get his social security money again untill he finds something he can do, if anything     his back is bad. 

Mon. Jan. 1. 1951. /3. eggs today/  Today’s for Aug a beautiful day    white sun & clouded up around 4-p-m.    S. West breeze all day    thawed quite a lot today & I hear ice falling from eaves tonight.    I should have written to Annabell today.    Elbert went twice for milk,    Mrs. Killbride wasn’t home this a-m.    he went again before supper & got the milk,    he had to kill a hen one of the best ones he had something wrong with her back    New Year’s Day so no mail today.    Elbert’s back hurts him so bad,     but he got up & washed out his 2 heavy union suits   his sleeper pants & Jacket  3. work shirts towel & bath cloth & 2 hand towels & 2. prs. socks & they are all dry except his nose rags & pillow slip  union suits,    Wish I had mine done,    I’ll have a dress 2 petticoats shirt stocking, nightgown, towel, wash rags, rags & towels & his double blanket.    I hope for strength to get them done,    back is still very sore,    but I can turn over in bed with out so much pain as before,    I’m trusting Jesus will take all the soreness out & make me free in Him.     I thank & praise Him for all my many many healings & blessings which truly have been many & wonderful,    I Praise Him,  He’s worthy.

Tue. Jan. 2. 1950[should be 51]./ 3. eggs today./    Well todays for Sept.    cloudy most all day with but very little sun,  quite warm, thawed a lot, little Spring bugs, “them things that look like tiny flys that form in big clusters above the bushes & trees” were thick above the bushes today    & I killed a fly on my west window this fore-noon    Elbert went to Lorain to see about getting his social security     & he went to the garage & has got to have new bushings put in 20.00 more     & he’s paid out 168.00 or a little more.    The paper co didn’t even send his check,    the woman waved as she went past.    she has always brought his check,    Oh well we’ll have to take it as it come, from here

Tue. Jan. 2. 1950 [should be 51]. / page. 2689./ 3. eggs. this day./  I haven’t done much today     washed dishes & looked after beds & rooms & meals a little     received a letter from Ethel & a card from Nellie     they  sure are discust -ing.    When we first got Bill “the dog”.    we tied him to a line that fasten-ed to the car shed & over to the corner of the grainery & the young chickens “big enough for frys” would come & stick out there necks & look at him & say queer, queer;    Well  I’ll soon be 66 yrs old & every time I have a sick spell some of the familie’s do the same way, come look me over & wonder how much longer     I don’t know what I have left that any of them would want but they’ll be disappointed by & by,    Nellie seems to think I’m oblidged to keep her informed about not only my condition in health but every thing      I’m not indebted to her in any way what so ever,    Ethel said Nellie was talking to her about me,    Well, she has to ans. for her-self to God by & by  & I hope she’ll have a clean slate.     I thank & Praise God,    He loves us when we’re crippled & He helps us when all things are right so He can, I thank Thee Jesus for all things & pray for Thy guidance for I know I’m such a long ways from being anywhere near perfect. Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 3. 1950./ 3. eggs today./ Today is for Oct. weather    Wind blew in puffs & S. West & it rained before we went to bed & in light showers during the night & all day & no sun all day,  dark & cloudy & real dark untill 9-30-a-m.    Wind freshened up last night & sort of died down then come again     We got a card from Nellie & a typed letter from Audrey telling about the turkey dinner Martha had  all the gifts each one received.    Audrey said little George Edd had his tonsils out & Nellie was so worried about him because they were out door that they went home, she said Geo. was hoarse when he came in,    I hope he didn’t get sick.    Audrey said Ruby Jean, “Evelyn’s & Red’s daughter” had to be take back to Amherst hospital where she had, had, her tonsils out, for her throat blead so bad & they gave her a blood transfussion, sent her back home  & told them to keep her in bed 2. weeks;    The Dr. pricked my tonsils with an electric needle, in several places & they have never given me any trouble since that’s 42. yrs. ago.    I thank God He is still our Lord and Master & He hears and answers  prayer, Praise His Holy Name.      Glory to God Hosana to His Name Glory Hallelujah I love Thee & Praise Thee Jesus.    Well, we see a living picture today, Jan, 3. 1951.    Mrs. Georgie Snyder walking up the road shart light blue dress almost to her knees, bare legs & [?] or high over shoes on, black one’s, a big plaid jumper, white, black & gray color turned up around her neck & her short iron gray hair flying in the strong S. West wind.    I saw a nice big pheasent across the road in the field yesterday.    The Paper man came & brought the check to Elbert for last week $9.85 cents & Elbert’s planing on going to Lorain in the morning to get new bushing in car. 

Thurs. Jan. 4. 1951./ page. 2690./ 3. eggs today./   Well Elbert went to Lorain & had the rubber bushing put on the Wheels & it cost $15.00 instead of the 21.95 they told him when he was there the other day,    so he came home feeling much better than I had expected,     he wandered a-round on broadway, bought my olive oil & looked for the crochet books I wanted & thread & couldn’t find them     all the stores were just out, so I’ll have to send to the Co. & get them.    I did all my washing except my dress & Elbert’s blankets, my back has been bad today.    We received a nice letter from Mrs. Bracket today & she said she had dinner on the old Harry Burel farm with 13. of her cousins & New Years she ate with her Cousin & his Wife in Elyria    she lives alone & so One we pleased to hear she enjoyed the holidays    she says she has lots of good relatives & friends,    I think thats Wonderful.    Elbert had coffee with Audrey & another woman that works with her,    he went to Cranage’s & talked awhile,    but when he got home he can’t remember what they talked about.    So, I’m sort of left out.     Well, today’s weather is for Nov.    mostly cloudy, this morning, but sun came through before noon & stayed most all afternoon,    it was real cloudy tonight,     but, not cold    they were some flys on Elbert’s window screen yesterday & today.    & they are hunting deer around here    a man who lives between us & Vermilion got a buck near his home there that weighed 200 lbs.    I’d sure like a piece.    We see them around here,    but, we wont get one.    I thank God & praise Him, for all things in Jesus Blessed Holy Name. 

Fri. Jan. 5. 1951./ 6. eggs today./  Todays for Dec.   Partly cloudy    S. west breeze.    froze a little today but a mild beautiful day.    looks like & open winter,    I wanted to finish my washing, but Elbert took a cold yesterday walking up & down broadway with out his over coat on so I haven’t done much today & tonight he has greesed & took a brandy sling & gone to bed at eight oclock    he’s sleeping    I pray his cold will be all gone tomorrow morning.    This after noon Sister Eppler & Sister Sprunk came in & we talk about the progress of the Church,     I gave her the other dollar I didn’t have when she & Tom weree here last,    she said Tom had gone back to work at the shipyard using electric burner.    Sister Sprunk could hardly talk, cold in her larnix.     she dried her wash in the house.    They are all praying for me to get well & come back,    Brother Whitman had a bad spell & been away from church & it’s mostly young folks there now.    Praise God for that.    They had just gone when Sister Winston from the other church came in with her little girl  Mrs. Fredrick & Miss Clark    they visited awhile & then went    I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, for His love & care, Amen.

Sat. Jan. 6. 1951./ page. 2691./ 2. egg today./   Elbert took a severe cold walking around broadway, so he had to dope himself all night & all day today,    I thinks he’s got it broke now;    I hope he keep the best of it.    I’m so sorry he had to have it.    It’s been very dark & cloudy all day & tonight    the wind is N. east & strong, so they are getting a load of snow in Detroit & I suppose we’ll be getting some before long,    we got a light rain long toward morning,    but not only a light shower, not very cold but freezing a little.     We received a card from Bonita telling us Nellie is sick in bed, but she didn’t say what was wrong, only that she’s haveing light headed spells & been in bed two days.    I pray Will in Jesus Name help her in all the ways she need    & I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee, Amen.     I received a very nice letter from Miss Willitts  a real sister in Christ, May God Bless her and reveal unto her in Jesus Name, is my prayer for her.    Today has seemed like Sun.    I haven’t done much of anything all day,    it’s been so dark    But I thank & Praise God in Jesus Dear Name for all things. Amen.    Looks like a beautiful Spring day,    it’s freezing tonight & wind’s gone N.E..

Sun. Jan. 7. 1951./ 2. eggs today./  Well, the wind came in hard puffs & toward morn- ing it rained a good shower   came down steady for an hour or so    & then turned to snow & this a-m ground & everything was covered with ice & snow    wind is cold but it’s been a nice day,    Elbert bought a rooster of Kilbides last night & killed & dressed & cooked it and it was tender & good    & we had some for dinner & there’s enough for dinner tomorrow.    I wish Nellie had some of it but I haven’t anyway to get it to her.    I could go in case of life & death but don’t feel able & neither does Elbert,    he’s sure got a bad cold.    I rub his back & front with alcohol & he puts turpo ointment on his neck & chest    he’s taken anicins & tonight he drank brandy sling,    he’s warm & in bed,    his head & nose plugs up, but if he keeps warm it ought to break tomorrow,    he’s so careless.    but I pray God will give him strength to throw it off.   I feel better, but weak.    & can’t seem to stand the cold breeze    & Elbert keeps me baked,    he feels so cold.    Well, I have to write a few lines to Nellie & Bonita yet to- night.    We listened to Rev. Buser Preach tonight from Elyria.    Oh, I Praise God for all His blessing & for saving my soul & pray He will bless me that I may praise Him in Spirit, Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 8. 1951./ 6. eggs today. / Been a beautiful day   cold raw N. West breeze all morning & it snowed while the sun shone,    sun white as ice, but as it shone on my back it felt nice & warm    I stayed up late & wrote a letter to Bonita & Nellie & one to Boys home & Elbert felt so bad all day    I talked

Mon. Jan. 8. 1951./ page 2692./ 6. eggs this day./  him out of going to Vermilion,    he went & got the milk & took care of hens & got a couple pails of water,    he’s felt terribly bad all day & I have to watch after him to see he keeps doped to keep cold loose,    when he coughs seems like top of his head would come off,    colds to tight,     I got him rubbed & greesed & put a thick hot flanel around head & shoulders & chest,    he seems to be getting easy now,    well I just put the hot water bottle on his chest,    he isn’t coughing so bad now,    I pray God will forgive him, as well as I, & take that cold from him    he’s 68. yrs. old & colds are so hard on the old folk who haven’t strength enough to get rid of them,     but now, I’ll have to keep right after him,    I believe he will feel better tomorrow, if God will brake it tonight & I pray & trust He will.      I feel so weak & exhausted    don’t seem as if I can take care of him, but I know God is able,    I Praise Him & thank Him & all the Glory is His,    He is the Almighty,    I do tremble with fear for He knows, hears & sees all things,   Oh, forgive us & help us I pray in Jesus Name,    I love Thee Jesus & I do make mistakes but I try to do the right things.    I thank Thee for Miss Willitts & Pray  Thou will work through her in Wonderous ways, Amen. 

Tue. Jan. 9. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ I couldn’t talk Elbert in to staying home, but he said he was going to the Dr. & so he went & got some of the food & forgot the tea     I wanted it so bad, but he doesn’t care about tea    it’s coffee so he has plenty of that & whats the odds if I have a little of what I want,    Oh God help me to Keep Thy Pease & to be able to take care of my- self as long as I breath in Jesus Name  I ask and as soon as I have finished the work You would have me to do,   please take me quickly    I thank Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus, Amen.    It’s been just beautiful today wind’s some chilly, sun shone hot all day & it didn’t thaw today,    snow’s still on the ground.   I thank God we have a good fire & house is warm,    I can’t help thinking most of the time about the women & children running through the snow half clothed & half starved & of the children that couldn’t keep up & were lost & left way behind to freeze if they didn’t keep up with the rest    The bible is right    they talk peace & destruction coming fast,    Oh God help me to praise Thee in Spirit before I die   that I may be at rest in the future.    Bless Thy Holy Mountian Jeruselem & Her People, the slaves & people & fighting men & help them to remember to call on Thy Name be with every soul where ever it maybe all over the world & strengthen it & me in Jesus Name Amen.    I re- ceived a nice letter from Jean Monagon “Martha’s daughter” this morning,    she wrote a nice letter    we enjoyed it so much & I must try to ans. it soon,    I have to write to Anna- bel, Miss Willitts  Mrs. Bracket & Jean Ann.    Ella Jane never even sent me a Christmas card this yr.    she never even thanked Elbert for the pretty bed spread he sent her.    her mother was to have sent it

Tue. Jan. 9. 1951./ Page. 2693./ 2. eggs this day./    maybe she kept that like she does the dresses I give Bonita,    Nellie is so greedy,      I wish she craved the Lord as much as she does for this worlds good.    I received another DeHaan book of sermons today & letter from the D.A.V. – Well I had Elbert mail a letter to Boys Farm & one to Bonita & Nellie today.    I washed the dishes after dinner & cleaned up the stove once more & helped get dinner & I got the supper    I don’t feel able & am so tired I feel like crying.    Well I got Elbert doped & rubed & hot water bottle & flannels & now he’s resting & I wish I were but will have to fix fire once more before I turn in  & maybe reheat his hot water bottle    I tried to crochet a little today    I tried to pick off a little dollie from a picture & today I believe I hit the right angle.    it’s very pretty, a striking attractive piece but a puzzle to pick out but now I think if I get the right numbers of stitches in the chains, I will have it right,    it’s something to take my mind & relax my nerves.    I owe Mrs. Sprunk a letter & Miss. Clark a card. & her Sister.    It thank & Praise Thee Jesus for all things. 

Wed. Jan. 10. 1951./ 6. eggs today/   Well, I didn’t get up very early “9-30”    I did a little fretting because Elbert forgot the tea & he was right beside the store, made him angry so he got up 5=30-a-m as usual & ate his break- fast & at 8-30-he took care of hens & went to Vermilion & got the tea, rice some peanuts & chocolate & came back & I had washed out part of my clothes & sit down,    my head going round & round     I had heate the water so as he brought the tea I made some & we had balance of chicken balls, & gravy & warmed up potatoes & saur- kraut,    I set an hour or so, just couldn’t make up my mind to finish, but I got at it & finished & starched my dress & got them most all dry,    I not going to try to dry the rags tonight    I put them in some water & let them stand untill tomorrow    my back & side hurt me so bad but I’ve got Elberts back rubed & a hot water bottle on him & all tucked in & it’s 10-15-    I’ll have to fix the fire yet & then thank God I‘m able & crawl off to bed.    I do thank God in Jesus Holy Name that I can do as much as I do & I know it’s only through Him that I get it done.    I received a nice letter from Mrs. Helen Greene from Lorain this morning, so I have to get after the letters soon or they will have the best of me     I like to get them.    I Praise Thee Jesus    It’s was so nice this morning with sunshine ,    then about 10-a-m- it clouded up & started to rain & snow & rain & now at 10.-30.-p.-m it’s still raining.    Jackie is molting again & he don’t feel very good.    I don’t know what caused him to molt. 

Thurs. Jan. 11. 1951./ page. 2694./ 6. eggs today./  Well, I have a cold in my throat & pray Jesus Thou Will that care of me.    I didn’t get up untill noon & I haven’t done much to day.    washed out my wool petticoat & dried up the rags,    Elbert went up for the milk & took care of hens & got the coal up & ashes out & got 3. buckets of water & emted slop pail    I washed dishes & he helped me with dinner & I got most of the supper.    I’ve drank all day & can’t get enough hot drink.    I thank God for all our blessings & that we can both get up & do a little,    I’ve bathed Elbert’s back & he can both[bath?] & get up & do a little,    I’ve bathed Elbert’s back & he greesed himself & I put a hot water bottle in with him & he’s sleepiing so I just got the fire fixed & am going to bed    I ach all over, hope & pray & trust I’ll be O.K. tomorrow & I give Jesus The Praise.    It’s been partly cloudy today, but late this after noon got really cloudy & wind went S.W.   Radio said 18 degrees & rain or snow.

Fri. Jan. 12. 1951./ 5 eggs today/  Well, I was sick all night & Elbert got up at 3-a-m- & fixed the fire & got me a cup of hot water to drink    I ate some rolls he got off the bread wagon & my cold was & still is bad.    got a sore raspy throat & my nose runing so bad.    I washed dishes & took care of bed & give Elbert his alcohol rub    & how much I’d like a rub down & to be taken care of.    I felt so bad I didn’t get up untill 12 noon then had to figure out something for dinner    Elbert cooked it.    I thank God in Jesus Name I can get up & that He is still taking care of me.    Glory to God in the Highest all the Power Gelory & Honor belongest to Him.    No mail today.    It’s been partly cloudy not very cold S.W. breeze.

Sat. Jan. 13. 1951./ 3. eggs today./ Loura Anne’s birth day. 16. yrs. old./ Well I sure got a bad cold    my lungs are so sore    it most takes top my head off when I cought but I got up at noon.    Elbert went up & got the milk & an- other rooster, he dressed it & cooked it,    they are young, about 6-Months old,   so cook tender in 3/4 hr.    We had gravy & he warmed up creamed potatoes.    I made hot biscuits 4 for supper.    I ironed my dress & skirt & Elbert’s 3 shirts & I sweat like rain    colds got after my kidneys & I can’t hold water & wet up all my rags so fast    don’t know if I’ll have enough to last till Mon.    I have to wash if I can stand up,    it’s a queer world today    not a soul to come in & lend a hand when one is sick,    but when you can do something for them, that’s wonderful,    the bible says to do unto others as we’d like to be done by,    but today they laugh & say they got all they can do to help themselves, let a lone helping some one else.    Well, I pray God will help us yet, to do his way     & I thank & Praise Him in Jesus Name for all things Amen.    I swept the floor yesterday,    that is I brushed up the middle.    My check came today, but Elbert didn’t get his yet

Sun. Jan. 14. 1951./ page. 2695./ 0. eggs today./  Well I don’t know what sort of day it really was only cloudy & then fog so thick we couldn’t see the neighbor’s houses    I felt so bad I didn’t get up & dress & I felt just terrible all night & Elbert got up 3 or 4 times & heat the hot wather bottle & a hot cloth on my chest     toward morning I began to sweat,    Elbert feels bad to but he’s kept use to going out side doing the chores.   it rained a misty rain & then it snowed,    I thank God in Jesus Name for all our many blessings    May all the Power Honor & Glory be His for ever & ever & I pray He will teach us His way    I thank Thee

Mon. Jan. 15. 1951./ 4. eggs today./  Well I felt so miserable this morning I thought I couldn’t get up,    but Elbert went after the milk & he left the heater going full tilt    this is the second time he’s done that,    so from now on no matter how I feel, I’ll have to look after the stove when he leaves the house,    the heat woke me & something said wake up, wake up quick & it sounded like knilling snaking & crackling,    I pilled out & stove & pipe were red hot.    that’s the way Vern’s wife went in the burning of the house & he said,    well, she wasn’t any good anyway & he didn’t figure on loosing any more than the house,    but, some how some one fixed up every thing & he got his insurance & harvested his wheat & wrote a couple of letters back & said he was moring back to Wayne Michigan, to start over.    Well, I hope pray & trust God will take care of me all the way & that I may be worthy of that care.    It snowed a slow easy snow & the evergreens were beautiful.    I got into bed after I cooled the fire down & when I got over shaking & got warm in bed again Elbert said he was going to Virmilion,    so as soon as he left I got up   took a hot bath & combed my hair & dressed & put kettle on & washed out my night gown & pillow slip    I had sweat untill they were wringing wet,    I washed the rags & nose rags & 4 towels & got them ready to wrinse when he came back,    he could only Whisper so I got him doped up & he carried some water & then some dinner    he’s lots better tonight, but feels bad all over    still has a cold    I feel rather useless tonight but truly thank God for the wonderful strength He gives us Glory to his Name.   We listened to Rev. Buser preach over the Radio last night.    It’s been snowed at least half the day & sun pecked out just once for perhaps a minute & got dark early tonight    not very cold yet. 

Tue. Jan. 16. 1951./ 4. eggs today./ Well, Elbert’s got up & got his washing half done or he done half his washing,  his union suit, pillow slip work shirt bath towel wash rag 2. prs. socks,  his blanket is next.    Poor boy, he even put the noodles in the beef broth & got them cooked for dinner.    & he took care of hens & washed up  roaster & fry pan & a stew pan or two from yesterday be fore he started his washing, he washed his sleepers also.    I received a letter from sister

Tue. Jan. 16. 1951./ page 2696./ 4. eggs this day./  Audrey a beautiful crocheted corner & edging on a linen handkercheif,   it was a birthday card & the kercheif & a 10.00 bill was in it & a note      & Ethel sent a linen hankie with a crocheted edge     With a crocheted woman of pink with a big flaring skirt a pink crochet put over flesh color arm with a big wide rimed hat crocheted in blue & blue flowers in hand & 6 at each gore at bottom of skirt, gores tapered from waist line with spaces between each betwine each gore & an oblong pink piece formed body from waist line up the corner on one Audrey sent is lacie & a pine apple pattern made to re-present a butter fly     its beautiful    they are both beautiful.     Loura Ann wrote a letter & thanked me for the 5.00 I sent to her.    Nellie wrote a letter in answer to the one I wrote to her,    she up again & said if they brought the boys, she would try to teach them.    Loura Ann said she was 16 yrs. old Jan. 13. 1951. & next yr. she would finish school,    but now she 16. she could work a little & earn her spending money.    I worked hard for what I earned & bought dress & under wear goods  for my 3. sisters & some for my mother,    I learned to buy good matoral,    I saved & bough a quanity from Sears Roebuck & Co.     I bought the finest pieces of calico from Offphers Drygoods Store & a lot of folk thought it was lawn dresses we wore & they didn’t see how we could afford them & they didn’t know I made all our dresses ,    I use to help mother make the mens shirts    then they took to buying them,    I made pants for them untill they they changed to long pants,    pa was a money graber & he got all he could from the boys, not caring if they had enough to buy there necessary clothing untill I put them wise to his tricks,     he called us girls & ma a bunch of moths,    said all we done was lay around & eat up his profits,    poor ma,      pa hated me because I stood her ground,     so, he did all the dirt he dared & he kept the thousand dollars that Uncle Harave Bonney gave him for each of us children & ma, a thousand dollars a piece & a thousand for him 9. thousand dollars.    Oh, Well, God has taken care of me through all my hardships & He is still taking care of me, even though I have to endure, lots of unnecessary hardships,    I been kicked, slapped, spite on & all maner of evil thinks said about me & cussed- ness done against me, still God helps me to come on top in Jesus Name,    I hope & pray I may be priveledged to pray to Him in Spirit soon.    I thank Him so much for His Tender Love & mercies To me He’s a Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus Who can    who can save our souls & heal our body & hear our every cry & help us.    Glory to God Amen, Hallelujah.   

Wed. Jan. 17. 1951./ page. 2697./ 4 eggs today./ Well I’m 66. yrs. old yesterday, & my body feels it, as soon as I get the work done God wants me to do & Praise Him in Spirit, I like to go home where I can rest      for it’s true,    there’s no rest here, for one of His & I believe I am one of His.    It’s been a beautiful day, partly Cloudy & just at noon we saw one of those long narrow fluffy streaks begin to appear in a portion of the blue sky    it seem to come from nowhere,    then a perfect cross begin to take form in the same way in another place the a perfect _____With a very light smooth white mist just below it & the long narrow fluffy cloud formed a hook that reached from center of top of ____ down under two more long narrow streaks formed about a yard a- part reaching from N.W. almost to S. West, & rolled into one & died    but there has been a strong S west breeze all day & all last night     the moon had wide bands of yellow, pea green & pink around it last night & sun was white as ice tonight & set in a light golden haze with streaks of colors both to the S. west & N. west of it & purple haze below it.     Well I got up at ten & washed out a few rags & towels & Elbert’s double cotton blankets & they got over half dry in that strong breeze      I wshed the big chair seat cover     it”s just a rag     I really detest that chair,    seem as if you just can’t keep it clean or in order & the arms look as if every body had wiped there dirty fingers on them,    it’s all rags,    I have to make another & I don’t know what out of    I haven’t got much of any thing left for that sort of thing.    Elbert wrong the blankets out two water & I wrong one out of two waters & I don’t have the strength to wring I feel dizzy headed & weak in me legs.     I ought to sweep & wipe up floors tomorrow, but I don’t know if I can    I have to darn socks & fix chair cover & I feel all washed out.    It’s quite warm out side & thawed a lot & I killed a fly on Elberts window this morning.    I do thank God for the wonderful things He does & I want so much to Praise Him in Spirit    I pray He will find me worthy in Jesus Blessed Holy Name   All Glory Praise & Honor be to Him. Amen. 

Thurs. Jan. 18. 1951./ 4. eggs today./  Well, I did the sweeping but didn’t wipe the floor up & I ought to wash my change of clothes to-morrow    I don’t know if I can     my arms ar so tired    I wrote Audrey a letter last night & after Elbert delivered the eggs this morning he mailed the letter in Vermilion, instead of Lorain    for he went on to Lorain any way to ask about Social money &they said it would be at least two weeks yet,    he got here at noon & we ate together     I slept late or laid & rested    I got so tired yes-terday.    I washed dishes & I haven’t felt very good all after noon so just sit around    I got the parsnips ready for supper & potatoes & put haddy to soak & got it ready to fry them after a while I 

Thurs. Jan. 18. 1951./ page. 2698./ 4. eggs this day. /  got the frying pan & put them on the stove    Elbert put the potatoes on to cook & the stew pan heating for coffee & I put parsnips on to cook & fish greese to heat & when all them were half done I started the fish,    it seem more than I could do but at last it was done,     I didn’t eat much, to tired.    & I was sick last night    went both ways & I can’t account for it.    Elbert just thought of the basement windows after I ask him if he had them open    & he’s been in bed but went to put on his pants & coat & is now on his way to shut them & he says floor is soaking wet down there,    I have to think of those things & he has to groan be cause the windows have to be opened & shut again at night.    Well Elbert can’t sleep    ate to much parsnip & fish & now hes bloated     to much water & gas.    I thought I’d write to Ethel but am to tired    guess I read awhile & go to bed.    I do love Jesus & Praise His Holy Name,    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen. It’s been a beautiful day & the flys out in the sunshine.    Partly Cloudy S. wind. 

Fri. Jan. 19. 1951./ 1. eggs today./ Well, I only did the daily grind & made 2 tins of bread biscuits    helped a little more with the dinner & supper & crocheted a little,    I just terribly weak    coffee seems to make me sick    we had some for supper    I had to throw it up last night but didn’t know it was the coffee,    if there’s anything wrong with it I pray I do heave it up tonight.   I haven’t eaten much today & not enough nurishing food.    Elbert got a pork shoulder or shank & that made me sick so I don’t know what’s wrong.    Elbert got a big news paper from Carl Betz from Califonia, today.    Well I’m going to try to read a little & go to bed    I’m so tired & I really ought to have got another letter off my mind today for I’ve got a number to write.    I thank my Father in Heaven in Jesus Name for the strength He gives me each day  Glory to God, I Praise Thee Jesus Blessed Pure True & Holy forever & ever Amen.    I cut Elberts hair to day.    It’s been a beautiful day, partly cloudy, but quite warm    Elbert spade a few rows of dirt today, but his back hurts. 

Sat. Jan. 20. 1951./ 5. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much today    I received a nice card & note from Mrs. Goll today    I’ll sure be glad when I can get to work    I need a dress for church so bad & a hat, but it will soon be Spring again & I wont need a hat so much.    I have only did my daily doz.    arms so tired    I did-n’t get my change of clothes rubed out,    so Mon. I’ll have to try    Georgie Snyder had a big wash out today & tonight, not cold    flys are out side flying around today.    I made a little handkercheif like the one Audrey sent to me out of varegataed thread    it’s pretty but not near as pretty as the one she sent to me,    hers was light lemon yellow & so pretty.    Well I’m going to read & go to bed,    I shut my door last night so rested a little better.    I thank God in Jesus Name   He is & ever will be  Amen.

Sun. Jan. 21. 1951./ Page. 2699./ 5. eggs today./  Well we’ve been home all day & Listened to Rev. Buser preach tonight,    He preached a very good sermon,    I pray many souls will be saved & that the Lord will help me to get a dress & a hat so I can go church again     I need a pr. of over shoes also.    It turned cold last night & snowed     Wind went & still is N. West.   I’d like to feel free to rest at night but can’t rest with door open,    I’ve always slept with it shut & Locked.    I heard it tried night before last.    Well I pray the Lord will give me strength to go to Church again,    not a soul has been here since Jan. 5. on Fri.   I gave her the dollar to make the ten for 2. mo’s I hadn’t received my check so haven’t turned in 5 for this mo.    Oh, Well, Jesus Knows, I’d rather go to the other church    I like it there much better    they are so loveable there.    It’s cold tonight    some snow on the ground.    I thank & Praise God for all my blessings & Pray He Will help me out of the rutt I’m in,    I ask in Jesus Name & Praise Him for all things, Amen.

Mon. Jan. 22. 1951./ 5. eggs today./  Elbert went to Lorain,    he has to report every Mon. untill he gets his money.    So, I got up & took a bath & tried for an hour & a half to cut my toe nails & rub the dead skin from bottom of my feet,    the callases are so thick on the balls of my feet,     but, I had got it. done, my stocking darned, my wool skirt     had to have a string in the belt & I got that done,    my prayers said, my hair combed  my teeth cleaned,    Oh yes,  I dressed myself, shook up the bed and opened the window    come into the kitchen   fixed the fire, went into Elbert’s room   shook up his bed, opened the window & then shut his door & turned on gas   set water to heat for hot drink & washed my hands & made hot tea & set down just as Elbert came in,    and he said he felt so tired, so he had hot tea & then we had dinner,    I washed up all the dishes today,  roaster from Sun. & several stew pans.    I’ve felt so terribly weak today,     I hope I can wash, through tomorrow rags & my change of clothes & what few things Elbert has    he only changes heavy union suit every two weeks, when he washes them.    I crocheted a new corner for kercheif today from part of the doily,I picked out last week.    We had our supper & I washed up dishes & maybe now I’ll read & go to bed,    we listened to the news & Elbert told me he stopped & talked with Mrs. Cranage & Ruth, they are as well as usual.    It’s been a nice day  strong wind going from N. West to S. East & sort of chilly partly cloudy today. & the snow from last night “very light” is still on the ground.    I saw a pheasent out behind the park today. 

Tue. Jan. 23. 1951./ page. 2700./ 4. eggs today./  Well, I did my washing & I’m tired,    I’ve got most of it dried    I washed both dresses & so I’ll have to iron one to put on in the morning,    Elbert went to Vermilion & got a few groceries & he went up & got the milk    We bought 5 young roosters & the Mrs. was charging him 1.38 more than they cost, but he said she made it right & said she was sorry,    I gave him 10.00 that I had borrowed & so he paid her out of that.    I had borrowed it to pay for a jacket I bought of Mrs. Gunsenhauser & now she’s sent me a bill for the jacket,    Elbert knows I borrowed it to pay for the Jacket, for she wanted me to charge it & I said no    if I couldn’t pay for it I wouldn’t take it & I go out to eht car & see if brother had it,    I did, he gave me a 10.00 bill    I gave it to her & she gave it & the Jacket to a dark haired clerk,    she went back to cash register & wrapped the Jacket & gave it & the change to me    I ask if the bill was in the package marked paid    she noded & I undone it when I got in the car & showed it to Elbert & noticed bill was not in it & told Elbert & he said We know it’s paid & if she dares send a bill “& he started the car for home”    I’ll never bring you here to shop again.    So now  she’s sent the bill, such a terrible thing to do to me.    May God convict there souls & deal with them in His way.  

Wed. Jan. 24. 1951./ 5. eggs today./  Well I got the ironing done & rags dried & Elbert killed a hen     her  back was picked raw & another hen was all blood & she was the on that should have been killed,    that’s two & he don’t know any more about hens now than when he started.    I’ve felt terribly tired all day,    I hope to wipe up floors tomorrow & perhaps some of the dust & clean Jackies cage.    I ought to write letters 2-40-clip “I am so slow of late”,     & I ought to sew,    Well, if I live maybe I’ll get some of it done by & by.     I didn’t get up today untill noon & then it just seemed as if I couldn’t,    but, I got the daily round done & that’s all,    I thank God in Jesus Holy Sacred Name for our blessing & hope I’ll soon be able to go back to church as His living testimony 

Thurs. Jan. 25. 1951./ 2. eggs today./  Felt so bum, I only did the sweeping & what else I had to do,    it’s been a nice day but a little colder    & it’s snowed a little in showers even while the sun was shining,    so, Radio says, the same weather for tomorrow only colder    Radio said 6 above zero tonight.    No mail tonight.    Elbert got 2. qts. of milk this a-m.    another hen died today.    Seems rather queer but I can’t get around to find out what’s wrong.    God help us in Jesus Name, Amen.

Fri Jan. 26. 1951. page 2701. / 6. eggs today./  Well, with a great deal of effort I got the floors wiped up & I only ate one meal today either    & I feel to weak to work,    but Elbert’s tired of helping me,    he’s got some bones out in his neck today,    I had some out yesterday    seemed as if I just couldn’t work,    so he’d had his turn at it today,    Ive rubed his neck with vick’s & put hot clothes on it but still, the right bone don’t go back     some did go back but 2 are badly swollen    I hope & pray they will be O.K. tomorrow,    God can put ’em back quick as a wink    my arms are to tired to write.    Well, got daily doz done & rubed Elberts neck & now I’ve got to wait for the fire to burn down so I can fill it up for night.    I do thank God for my healings & for His Love & Mercy & for saving my soul & I pray He will ever keep me. Amen. 

Sat. Jan. 27. 1951./ 3 eggs today./   Well I got up,    but seemed as if I just couldn’t    Elbert’s neck was still hurting him,    I tried to fix the dinner    felt as if I’d throw up    & then as if it was going both ways & then as if I might pass out,    but I managed to get on the can & it run like water.    I got the can cover to throw up in,    but, once again it went the other way,    at last I got up & went out to Kitchen    washed & got a cup of hot drink    stomach begin to settle    Elbert had got up while I was in bedroom & finished getting the dinner    it was stone cold when I got my stomach settled,    I was to empty for one thing    I didn’t have only one meal yes-terday so I drank 2 cups milk before going to bed,    not all at once, but alittle while apart     I felt so bad I did-n’t get up untill 11. oclock,  well at 2-30-p-m.    I set some bread, “so weak & shaking like a leaf”    I made 2. big tins biscuits    I ate some supper, but I still feel rocky & Oh, so weak.    I’d be so happy to go hone to Jesus,  I’m sick of everything here.    I love Jesus more than any thing in this world & with Him I don’t know how I could possibly live, for life wouldn’t be worth living    N. East breeze today   thawed off part of the snow that fell early this morning.    Elbert says it isn’t freezing outside tonight.    I thank my Father in Heaven for all our many many blessing in Jesus Name Amen. 

Sun. Jan. 28. 1951./ 8. eggs today./  Pa’s birthday    he would be 89 yrs. old, today     I have felt so terribly weak today    Elbert complaining of feeling sick & dizzy,    but he felt stronger, a lot than I,     for he’s planing on going to Lorain in the morning to see about his money,    I’ve tried to cook, but felt as if I’d pass out,    I ate a little food twice, today,    maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow     we listened to Shrien preach in Buser’s place to night,    he picked out some good scriptures & he preached a good sermon,    he repeats himself to often & that takes to much time when on the Radio,    the singing was good tonight & sounded the best yet over the Radio.    We have been home alday.    Elbert went up for milk & back,    he met Georgie Snyder on her way home “she had gone afoot with Georgia May up to Highway to get a buss to go back to Oberlin College,    her dad went to work

Sun. Jan. 28. 1951./ page. 2702./ 8. eggs this day./   early this a-m.    he drives to Elyria & works on New York Central Rail Road.    Elbert stopped & talked to Georgie, she said she fell & bruised her self rather badly, thought her back was brake, but was only bruised & she walked into the house with Bill’s help & up the steps    & Bill was just going to work,   but called & office & told them he couldn’t come then,    he called the Dr.    she told Elbert she could sympathize with me now for she Knew how bad it hurt,    she said Bob left for training camp two weeks ago,     he left his car for her to drive & it’s setting right where he left it at the back door.    Well I thank God in Jesus Name that He does take care of us    I’ve felt rather low in spirit at times,    with no one here on earth to care so long as I can get up,    I hate to think what it would be like if I couldn’t get up to help myself at all,    I pray God will have mercy & take me before that time comes.    if I only had some one younger than I that could do the little things & wait on me when I really needed it,    how wonderful it would be,    well He has helped me thus far & I feel sure He’ll take care of me all the way,    Glory to God in the Highest.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thy Holy Name for ever & ever Amen. 

Mon. Jan. 29. 1951./ 4. eggs today./  Well, I washed out my few clothes & the towels & rags & Elberts socks & wool pieces he had a-round his neck     & I still have a big wool piece to wash.     I received some cards or pamplets from Sister Hance,    they are having a man of God “Who is a healer” Who will preach & heal at 31st Church begining Jan 30 to Feb 11th.    I thank God & will give Him all the Praise for all things in Jesus Name,    I’m feeling happy inside, Glory to God

Tue. Jan. 30. 1951./ 4. eggs today./  And I wrote Jean Ann Monagon a letter today.    Now I have one started to Sister Hance to 31st. Church,    she sent me two leaflets to get out or give to otehrs to come hear a man of God Who has the gift of healing & there are such a lot who need the healing    I for one need the Holy Ghost.& to be healed of several things.    Oh God,   have mercy & help me this time I pray, by converting Elbert & filling & healing him I ask in Jesus Holy Name & give Thee all the praise & Glory forever & ever Amen    it’s been a beautiful day,    but real cold & tonight they told us 10 thousand acres of tomatoes in bloom & last night the cold turned them a dark brown & it was as cold tonight they would be last, & many more vegetables    Jesus is coming Soon & I hope we will all be ready.    Elbert took a cold Mon.   & his eyes look swollen & he has felt bad all day & I want to go to Church so bad

Tue. Jan. 30. 1951./ page. 2703./ 4. egg this day./ & I leak so bad & am so weak    but I’m going if God will help me to get there     it’s bad to leave the house to long    it’s so cold     Well I must finish writing to Sister Hance & I hope to get several more done    I thank God He has answered my prayer to send a healer into our mist & I’m going with He help, Amen. 

Wed. Jan. 31. 1951./ 3. eggs today/ Wyns birthday 78 yr./    I wrote a letter last night to Sister Hance & tried to write to Sister Kanary,    but I can’t write & talk at the same time any more.    I received a nice card & note from Mrs. Kanary & a leaflet & a card from Miss. Clark    she’s had the flu.    & my bra from the Moore’s corset shop today,     & I have wrote a card back to Miss Clark & a letter partly wrote to Mrs. Kanary & one wrote to Jean Ann Monagan, hope to finish letter & write card to Audrey, (I did)    she fell & hurt her hip again  poor girl,     she’s had such a lot of hurts.     It’s been cold & snowed some & sun shone some this morning,    got dark early tonight & was snowing hard    my feet are just so cold & I’m sweating     I feel so exosted

Thurs. Feb. 1. 1951./ 7. eggs to day./  Received note from Miss Moore’s Corset shop telling me she had missed me at Christmas & that she had sent the bra.    Well I don’t like it perhaps it’s because I haven’t worn a corset cover or tight fitting waist for so long.     Elbert gave the postman 3- letter & 2 post cards to mail    hope they are on there way & that the one to sister Hance will reach her O.K.    I put a dollar bill in it.    Well, I haven’t done much today     cooked rice & noodles in chicken broth for supper,     we had biscuits & gravy for dinner.    so we’ll have to eat more rice & noodles for dinner tomorrow    I received a book from DeHaan,    it’s more about Russia & just wehat I’d been trying to pick tout that was,  the countrys in with agreement with Persia, that, providing, “in the event of war” free acess of Russia through the land of Persia to the middle East & to Palestine, that happened 19. yrs. ago in 1932.    In 1935, 3 yrs. after this treaty;   the Name of Persia was changed to Iran     so much talked about in the news papers of today.    It’s been very cold & snowed a lot today,    only very little sun today & it set yellow in a snow bank.  I thank Thee Dear Heavenly Father for showing me & helping me to see & understand & I pray & hope & trust to help others to be saved in Jesus Name.  Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 2. 1951./ 6. 3ggs today./  Well it’s sure been a cold day    windows been frosted all day & had to keep the fire to keep the house warm & Radio says most everything tied up,    railroad strike, buss strike & [ ?]     mens wages    things look bad    I pray I’ll be found

Fri. Feb. 2. 1951./ page. 2704./ 6. eggs this day./  worthy in Jesus Holy Name.    Well if the mail don’t get though & food,    I wonder what’s going to happen     things are working out according to Gods Word    He spoke 2 thousand yrs. or more, ago  & still the people of to day don’t understand or read & study God’s word to see.    Oh Jesus, forgive us and help the peope of to day don’t understand or read & study God’s word to see.     Oh Jesus, forgive us and help the peple to try to understand.    It’s been terribly cold today & Elberts back & hips have pained him so bad,    he’s been trying to work out some word puzzles, that takes up his time & keeps his mind.    I thank Thee Jesus for our blessings & pray Thou will bless all those who went out to church tonight    I want to go so bad.   send the old time power & fire & give them a real blessing & teach them Thy ways  & Thy Will in Jesus Name I ask & thank Thee. 

Sat. Feb. 3. 1951./ 6. eggs today./ Jim & Jean are 17 yrs. old today & Jim will soon be in the Service,    God help him to learn about Thee fast  to learn how to take care his soul first    and Jean Ann his twin sister & Joan to,  Who will be 16. Mar. 12.     Well I got the rag & a few pieces and got them dried & most of them put away,     I washed & old all wool blanket that Elbert had around his shoulders & head while he was having the flu.    that had been over looked  I  believe I had his things all cleaned up now.     I received a letter from Mrs. Gunsenhauser saying she didn’t mean I owed her anything, she was sorry I took that atitude.    she sent my letter back, I had written on her bill,     so now I’ll keep it as a receipt & send her a card & thank her & take the blame, although it wasn’t my fault.    It hasn’t been quite so cold to day, or tonight,    last night seemed as if I’d just get the fire fixxed then I’d have to do it again    windows were froze thick & hard, but to-night they are free of any ice.    Elbert worked since Mon. on the puzzle & yesterday I filled in one that gave me a big score 397 a total of 1358 points.    I hope to send it in Mon. for I only have untill Feb. 6. to send in first one.    I have to write Miss Willetts & Annabel next.   I have the card wrote fo Huron & the D.A.V. letter all ready except putting in money order.   and note to thank them, for card they sent me, to thank me for last yrs. money orders.    Well I have to wash dishes & go to bed.    I thank God for His word & for helping to undersant in my Dear Jesus Name.    I Praise Thee Jesus & love Thee most of all.

Sun. Feb. 4. 1951./3. eggs today./  Not quite so cold today    only down to 20 degrees above zero.    Elbert went up for the milk & back O.K.    It’s been a very nice day, sunshine all day & we see a bit patch in the sky about6 the length of the door & half as wide with all the colors of the rainbow in it.    Elbert  said it was what they call a sun dog    it was north of the sun & little west & the sky N.W. was a pinkish purple & lots of wind strikes also.    We listened last Sun & This to 4 square at 

Sun. Feb. 4. 1951./ page 2705./ 3 eggs this day./   Amherst.    Buser went to California to conference & Rev. Scherion preached for him,    he done farely well.    Rev. Buser came on the air just before they went off the air,    Mrs.Buser had said he would be coming or starting home Wed, maybe he came sooner than he had planed.   DeHaans book came & it explains some of the things I tried to dig out of Ezekiel, Joel, & Daniel & I’m glad for he explains it so plain any one could un-derstand it.    I’m sorry it’s so cold,    I want so much to go to heard that.    Rev. Hardt preach & see the people healed & praise the Lord & be filled & healed myself & hope Elbert will be converted filled & healed also.    Glory to God in the highest   I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee. 

Sun. Feb. 5. 1951./6. eggs this day./   Well Elbert sold the went to Lorain today  didn’t get back untill 2.30-p-m. he see Audrey & had lunch with her & she thinks she’s got to give up her work for a while,    her fingers get so poisoned from dye from the goods & she feels so tired out & weary,  Oh God please help her, she’s only 55.yrs old, she’s worked hard since Martha was a baby, 39 yrs. the 3rd of June this 1951.    & she’s had such a hard life in many ways,    I’d like to help her if only I could poor child.    My sisters & brothers, but I took care of them so long they seem very much like my own.    Elbert bought a bag of grain ______ but he hasn”t sold the eggs yet.    I riped up my dress   took belt out & made it longer & sewed it back in a gain    had to make two new button holes & fell the belt down by hand inside    got it all done & fixed the top of my petticoat    it was to long in the front so cut top off & fix it all over.    Praise God He helped me by giving me strength to get it done,    I thank Him and Praise Him in Jesus Holy Name.   With out Him life wouldn’t be worth living & it’s getting terrible    foods so high & world in turmoil on both side.  

Tue. Feb. 6. 1951./ 12. eggs today./ Received a card from Nellie & one from Miss Clark.    Nellie said Bonney Bell was home with her 3 children for a few days    Joe did stay but came back for them in a few days,    Nellie said they were as sweet as could be & were very well behaved, but that there wasn’t a dull moment.    I reckon that would tire Nellie though for she’s not very well.    & Audrey’s not very well & Elbert told me Audrey fell & hurt her hip & then Gertie slipped & fell & bruised her back sides & was lame & sore,    Oh God Please save souls,    We know the time is very near for Thy coming.  

Tue. Feb. 6. 1951. page. 2706./ 12. eggs this day./  I wish I could help each one that need help,     but, somehow I’m so weak of late and I know it wont be much longer for me here, at the rate I’m going.    I haven’t done very much to day,    helped cook dinner & washed dishes & looked after b eds & rooms & every thing is getting so dirty & so terrible dusty,    I washed some wood work yesterday and today my stomach hurts me just terrible & my bowels been runing off again today,    I weak & shaky,    I pray God will have diminion over me soul & body in Jesus Name.    Nellie’s birthday    she is 54. yrs. old. & tomorrow’s John’s birthday.

Wed. Feb. 7. 1951./ 4. eggs today./   We were home all day,    I didn’t do much, some darning & daily round & we tried on more puzzle & got the highest score yet    every letter is 32 points or over,    Well, I wrote a letter to Nellie & put in a pretty birth day card,    I wanted to send it before her birthday,    but, Elbert didn’t go to town,   untill this morning,    he took the eggs & sold 7. doz. 4.90 & he bought a bag of mash $4.57 & a cabbage head cost 56 cents today.    I also sent Jim Jean & Joan a birthday card each, 12 cents postage.    Elbert said roads are clear only slippy in a few places.    It was real cold last night but not quite so bad to day.    I forgot to write about the wild geese we saw    there were more than a 100    I would say close to 150 at least going toward the N. East.   Wind is S. & little West today & went a little N. West & sun shone bright while it snowed a gale.    Oh, yes  I patched two of my shirts & Elbert sewed jpatches of leather on his glove fingers & thumbs, the one’s he uses to pic up coal    I thank & Praise God for all our blessing in Jesus Name.   

Thurs. Feb. 8. 1951./ 11. eggs today./  Elbert went today with the eggs,    I forgot to write last night it took me so long to write Nellie’s letter & so,  I forgot myself & wrote the eggs & cards for yesterday instead of today & the mash & cabbage & two short steaks & boiling meat that cost 2.08;     It was real cold toward morning & raw wind this morning,    Elbert left at 10-15-a-m.    & I got at the washing & got it all that’s mine except my blankets,    Elbert thinks he’ll wash his clothes in the morning.    I got mine all dry.    I thank God for helping me get it done, in Jesus Name.    It’s been a nice day.    it snowed about 12 or 12-30-p-m & then cleared off untill stars were clear & so bright & the sun shone untill late after noon today,  then clouded up again.    Elbert got home a little after 1-p-m.     I was most done washing except my dress,    I finished that after we ate.    I Praise Thee Jesus.

Fri. Feb. 9. 1951./ 11. eggs today./ Well, I baked bread  2. tins white & 2 tins rusk    my arms to tired tonight,    been quite cold wind S & West,    new moon was the 6th. and its so clear you can see the whol circle,    it’s quite cold tonight & was last night    frost was so thick it looked like snow & didn’t leave untill noon.    Elbert has felt very punk today     he took a little more cold selling eggs & his eyes & head are hurting him so bad all day.    I thank God He cares for

Fri. Feb. 9. 1951./ page. 2707. / 11. eggs this today/ me & I pray He will help me to do my part in every way I can & fill me & keep me so in Jesus Name,    I thank Thee & praise Thee Jesus.    I sent one puzzle & Elbert hopes to go to town in the morning & so he’ll mail this one 429 points making a total score of 1390 points.    We had to figure out the objects  6 of them & then fill in a 5 letter word between the 7 letter words    I am going to fasten  the puzzle to this page,    each letter has a point e-32-&-33-r-34 & H- 35-points.   The first word object I used up & down was compass & gorilla for second word up & down I had to use 3rd. letter from the top of each word & fill in with 3 letters between to make another word    I used ete making the word meter next 7 letter word up & down    I used bagpiepe & next one I used Sundial,    I used there 3rd letters, green being the cross word & at the bottom of middle two words, I had to use last letter on gorilla & the last letter on bagpipe so I  used the 5 letter word Hater, then from H & from r we had to go down, using object pelican & parasol cross wise & make a 4 letter word, using a in pelican,    I used Hear & Parasol    I used crosswise & had to use first a, filling in between r & a so I used r e a r for the 4 letter word so my letters ete were 32-33-32 & ree were 34-32-32 & H-T-r-35-33-34 & last 32-34.    the very highest points I could get was 429 points, then we have to add it to there 6. object score 961 poings.making a totla score of 13,90 points,  well, its interesting & livens up the brain.    Elbert got his social Security check 93.00 & Elyria Court House sent Frank Bonney’s tax blank to Elbert instead of Frank Bonney.    

Sat. Feb. 10. 1951./ 10 eggs today./   Well, I washed out Elbert’s sleeps, pillow-slip & what few things I had dirty & the towels & dish towels,    Elbert went to Vermilion to get some food canned & other wise’s {?} for us & when he got back I was done with all except his union suit & work shirts & so he washed them out & he took off the shirt he had on & washed that also,    to there wont be many clothes for Mon. & perhaps I can get the blankets next week,    I hope I hope I can.   I planed on going to Church in the morning & now the wind is starting to blow hard & in buffs.    but I still hope to get off for 31st. Church with God’s help,   I pray I can.    I’m terribly tired    I swept all three rooms & dusted,    I wiped the ceiling & walls & thats a big job  & Elbert is feeling so tired out & he don’t know why,    he complains feeling tired like I have & still do feel & I’m so sorry for him     he looks tired, black around his eyes, hollow eyed & his tonic rears over the least thing.    I think his nerves are bad.     he frets because he wants to work & isn’t able,    I’m in the same fix, but why fret?    I thank God He take care of me & I feel so bad & sorry for the folk on the other side, for they are having a famine on the other side & thousands are homeless, old & young alike,   it’s terrible,    but, God said it would be so & food is going up in price,    you can bring home 4 bags of food “paper bags are 15 inches wide & 18 inches high folded”   & what food you get in cost 5.00 per. bag,    it’s bad here but worse over there where they don’t have any & where the watch the garbage cans to get just a bite or two    wish so much I could give part

Sat. Feb.10.1951./ page. 2708./ 10. eggs this day./  of all I have    food clothes & warmth & even a warm bed & covers,    God have mercy I pray & help me to do that which Thou would I should do.    I Praise Thee & thank Thee Jesus Blessed Pure True & Holy.    It’s been a nice day    cold wind but nice sun allday S. West wind. 

Sun. Feb. 11. 1951./ 8. eggs today./ Well I didn’t get to go to Church, the wind blew hard but,    it thawed a lot today Elbert felt so bad,    but he’s going to Lorain in the morning,   I pray Oh God that Thou will in Jesus Name turen him to Thee, I pray & trust Thou wilt.    It’s been a long day    I crave to be in church in the services & I pray God in Jesus Holy Name will fill & heal me & use me for His work.   I than Thee & Give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever & ever , amen.    We listen to Rev. Buser Preach tonight,    he’s been to California to the ministers conference & he must have been refilled with the Spirit of God,    for he sure got busy & preached with a vim.    Help us each one to do Thy Holy will Jesus Blessed Pur & Holy Jesus.    Wind is still S.West at 9-p-m & has been so allday, all last night.    Sun shone all day.    Elbert’s took more cold & feels like {bugging?] the store    I saw two big flys crawling aournd on the front door glass at noon today.   

Mon. Feb. 12. 1951./ 10. eggs today./   Presendent Lincoln’s birthday 126 yrs. old today,    so they day,    I received a letter from Revus Mr. & Mrs. Harwell     they are in Iowa & have 2 churches 20 miles apar & it’s been below zero & lots of snow  cold & it’s hard to travel 20 miles in such cold weather once or twice a week.    I received a letter from Sister Kanary saying they were having a packed house every night,     the front & iles filled in with chairs & lots were being saved & healed  Praise God Whom all blesing flow in Jesus Dear Holy Name, Glory, Hallelujah    I Praise the Lord.    I thank Him for answering prayer & filling the church & converting  filling & healing the peoples,     I Praise Thee Jesus & for lifting me some & I pray Thou will fill me & heal me & brother, also.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise thee.    Elbert went to Lorain,    but the office force was out today & so he’s planing on going back tomorrow.    It’s been warmer today    30 degrees nice sun and raw wind   S. West, strong & puffy.  alday & alnight

Tue. Feb. 13. 1951./ 7. eggs today./ Well Elbert went to Vermilion,    but had to leave his car there & go the rest of the way to Lorain by buss.    he found that since he got the social Security check, he couldn’t have the compensaition money,    so he walked out far enough to see the Harbor tug breaking up the ice out the river & piers & she was still going out between breake walls & beyond    was clear blue water    then he had to hurry to get the buss & it had deture way out & around & back into Vermilion.    the river has a bad ice gorge & highway covered with water up to floor of buss when they left the maine highway.    Elbert siad the buss took him out into a part of the country he hadn’t see before,    Well, he got back to his car & back hone at 10. to 1-p-m.    he’s tired    he doesn’t feel very well but does all the chores & said he was glad to get back home before it be-

Tue. Feb. 13. 1951./ page. 2709./ 7 eggs this day./  -gan to storm,    it’s been quite warm & rained in a lot of places & late this after noon it started to mist & then rain & then sleet & now at 9-p-m it’s sleeting hard & the ground is froze again.    I received a nice letter from Sister Kanary yesterday today & a short rather Kirt note from Sister Sprunk from Vermilion,    she said they were having goog meeting but the weather was so bad for people to come out & that they were having good meetings in 4 square Vermilion & that she was feeling fine.    queer world, isn’t it?    Well, the sisters at 31st. make me feel welcome always,  Praise God in Jesus Name.   We had a few lines from Bonita    & thse sent us little Bonita’s picture   George was home that day they took the pictures so he didn’t get one of himself,   but all Three sent a Valentine,    it’s has 4 roses & some voilets & for-get -me-nots, a big bee right in the center of the middle rose which is seperate from the card & has a stem that sticks through a slot in card & form a standard on stem    it says I love You & behind the rose is a very red heart & at top of card a red bow & red ribbon weaves in & out & ties bow at bottom beneath rose & under the top bow    it says Bee mine,   it’s real sweet & I enjoided it so much.     I pray God will bless Bonita & her Children & Nellie & all her children.    Bonita didn’t write as much as usual, as if something was wrong.    Sister Hance or some one sent them a leaflet of the Rev. Hardt thats been at 31st. church for the passed two weeks & they sent it to me    I wish they would go to at least one meeting,    I pray they will & God’s will be done, Amen.    It’s still sleeting at 10-30-p-m & getting colder    Cld N. east strong wind.    I ought to have wroten letters but felt to bum & it’s been cloudy real dark all day.

Wed. Feb. 14. 1951./ 5. eggs today./  Today is Valentine Day,    it’s been cold, but sun is like a Spring sunset,   but it didn’t feel like it & tonight my feet are so cold.    I haven’t done much all day    felt sorto fo bum since 5 oclock oclock    I drank a cup of tea & drank some milk & I had such pain in my stomach,    I took a big does of olive  oil,    but it, or my stomach feels some better,    I ate a little & got the little cramps    I hope it will be O.K. tomorrow,    I have only had one meal in 24 hrs.    I’m afraid to eat & afraid to drink.    They should pray over my handkercheif tonight    I thanking & Trusting all will be well with my soul & body in Jesus Name.   

Thurs. Feb. 15. 1951./ 9. eggs today./ Well, I felt so bum, but I washed out what dirty clothes I had & the two old wool blankets    thought I’d only do one, but glad I got both done.  for I have two more that are so dirty & then I’ll have 2 cotton blankets on Elbert’s bed & they are so big & heavy to handle.   Wind’s been & still is N. East   not so cold   Radio said tempture going down to 20 degrees today,   it froze after the sleet & is still froze & Radio said, it rained South of us & Vermilion river was bad   ice piled up with in 4 ft. of the bridge. 

Fri. Feb. 16. 1951./ page. 2710./ 14. eggs today./  Well, I been not much good today & I was just sitting aft4er dinner when Miss Clark came in,    she isn’t feeling very good yet,    she had the flu & her legs are weak & her body also,    but she get out & gads [?] all over & she comes over to talk,    she’s worried about her sister & one of her brothers,    he’s in the hospital & she isn’t able to go to him    but the woman he had rooms with writes to her & her sister Eleanor has moved in with a queer woman & so she’s in hot water, for Eleanor says she wont write to her any more    they are bothe eldewrly women,   it’s terrible the way they fuss & quarel, two sisters.    Elbert took Miss Clark up to the end of the road to get the buss,   it was sprinkling some & she could waite in the car,    I didn’t know what to give her    I gave her 2. eggs & a bag of fresh apples,    I think she needs food.    We are thinking of killing a rooster tomorrow & sending her a part of it,    she’s real thin & looks as if wshe needs feeding up.   The wind went S. east    sun shone4, not real clear, part the day   raining a little from 3-p-m.  on untill dark,   she was going up to 31st. Church with some one tonight,    I pray God will in Jesus Blessed Name give her more strength again.    She says Sister Eppler is doing well & has about 40 people coming to Church & 22 or so young folks beside the little children.    Praise God I pray he will help them to bring in more & more & make each one a blessing to Him.   I thank Thee & praise Thee for all things & for my healing again, Glory Hallelujah, I thank Thee, Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost Amen.

Sat. Feb. 17. 1951./ 6. eggs today./ I’m so happy Jesus hears & ans. prayer I’m still believing & I thank Jesus & Praise God in Jesus Name for all things great or small & I love those 31st St. church sisters & folks who trust & believe Jesus is able to do all things,   He made us & He can truly mend us & I thank , Praise & give Him all the Honor & Glory forever & ever, Amen.   Glory to God Hallelujah    I love Thee Jesus.    I’m feeling better and trusting for a full recovery,    I do need to be with God’s Children I know. It’s been a nice day but mostly cloudy    not very cold    the wind was west late this afternoon,    I got my tax blank 10.19,   it sure took a big junk,    I use to pay 5 one half & 6. next half yr.    I received a get well card from Sister Eppler & she’s sort of demanding I get well & re-turn to church.     & I got my handkercheif from 31st. church & a letter of cheer from Sister Honary    she’s truly good for what ever as wrong with you    May God truly bless her.    I sent a bag of potatoes onions & carrots & beets a few nuts a piece of cheese 3 biscuits & a qt of broth & several pieces of chicken & a can of corn & one of milk,    she’s so very thin & needs some one to take care of her    she looks after several others.

Sun. Feb. 18. 1951./ 12. eggs today/   Praise God, He healed me & give me enough strength to go to 31st. church & Rev. Hardt prayed for me this morning & strength to go.

Sun. Feb. 18. 1951./ page. 2711./ 12. eggs this day./  back to Vermilion    Sister Eppler preached a good Sermon,    her cousins came in for evening service,    they have a church in Sandusky Ohio    they got some one else to preach tonight,   while they came over here to listen to a sermon    they had a little boy about 10 yrs. old & then there was Dorthy & Lindy & there 2. children   Eddy West & there 2. children  Mr. Smith & his 2 girls  Mrs. Horning  her 2 girls & one boy & Mrs. Sprunk Elbert & I.   Tom, Rony & Mrs. Eppler.    I missed Mr. Bockman & Mr. Whitman & Miss Clark.    We came home & ate chicken rice soup & had a cup of hot drink    It rained a light misty rain while we were in church & part the way home,    moon was trying to shine when we started for church,    Oh, God Thou are so kind to have one such as me to deal with & help me up and going again,    I thank thank Thee & Praise Thee in Jesus Name & pray I’ll be able to go back & be filled & praise Thee in Spirit Amen.   

Mon. Feb. 19. 1951./ 12. eggs today./ Frank went 18 yrs ago today/ Well I made some pie crust  the other day & today after I got the table cleaned up & the dishes washed up I made two apple pies,    I got out of the practice making pie crust,    but, it tasted quite good.    I had a coughing spell at supper time hurt me so bad     guess my blood pressure is to low once again & I’m rather short for breath, when I coughed the blood left my hands & they turned so white & then it went back with such force, it made them ach so bad & it made a place in the left side of my fore head hurt for a long time    Elbert looks sick this after noon & evening & frightened    I’d like to know what’s wrong with him     he’s so nervious & his hands & fingers are on the move continually & his stomach burns so much of the time.   he twists everything all up that you tell him & some times or maybe I should say oft times I wonder about him.    I received receipt from D.V.A. & also a letter from Miss. Clark & I have cause for wonder also.[?thorgh}  I truly thank & Praise God in Jesus Name,    He is & ever will be Amen. 

Tue. Feb. 20. 1951./ 8. eggs today./   Well, I didn’t do much today, just wrote a few letters   fix tax blank to go  & wrote Annabel Rev. DeHaan & Mrs. Goll.  Miss Willitts  D.V.A., & it tired me so bad but happy it’s done.    It’s been a cloudy day & it started to rain before dark & poured down in showers all night & Poor Elbert’s bowels runing him & he having to dress & fly over the hill several times, so he didn’t get much rest & neither did I,    Well, I hadn’t much strength all day.   It rained untill after daylight.

Wed. Feb. 21. 1951./ 13. eggs today./  Well, it’s been a cloudy day,   after the rain all night & snow  wet snow untill 10-a-m then cloudy alday!  I did out part the wash & felt as if I’d faint several times before I got the wrinsing done,    but Elbert fixed me some hot drink & I rested a while & then finished    have most every dried.    Oh, how I wish I had them all done.    We received a card from Audrey,    it seems she shipped a 10.00 bill in Elbert’s over coat pocket the day he was there & he never wrote & thanked her, so

Wed. Feb. 21. 1951./ page 2712./ 13. eggs this day./  she wrote a card wanting to know if he found it & so I ask him & he beat around & around & around & then after denying it & several other excuses, he just as much as admitted it,    that she had spilled the beans.    I can’t see why anyone wants to be wrong when they know what’s right    Well, I just told him he could go & tell her,    he had said I could write & tell her,     Well I’ll just let him do his own telling,   he used all my months allouance & he got 93.00 social security & then he took her 10.00,    I don’t see how a brother could do it,   but he took my pocket book with lots more in it & gave me back the lucky stones.    Well I am giving him $10.29 to send my tax blank in for me,    he’ll have to get the money order & put it in & seal it,    I’d like to do it my self.    I have 6. letters for him to mail.    I hope they go through O.K. & Elbert is figuring on going to sell 6. doz. eggs & go to Lorain to the garage, to see about his head lights & why the car burns so much oil.    I thank God and praise him for His love & for His care of me and of us.    I Praise His & love Him more than all else Glory to God Amen.

Thurs. Feb. 22. 1951./ 10. eggs today./ Elbert went to Lorain after he sold sold the eggs 6. doz. 70 cents per. doz. $4.20 & he says he spent it & was to have given it to me to save.    He went to the garage & got the light fixed & now it don’e work & 5.00 shot,    he went up to see Audrey,  he gave her the $10.00 back & I sent her the money 75 cents for the crochet thread & a note,  & now what do you think  she has bought some of that new plastic curtian stuff & sent it out by Elbert,    I don’t know what it cost & she probably wont tell me either.   she said, she & Martha would be out for supper tomorrow night & I am feeling so bum since I did that little washing,    but I’ll have to try to clean up a little tomorrow    Elbert wants to go to Vermilion in the morning,    he got the light bulb for the car in Vermilion & they told him to try it,    Oh, such a world.    Elbert is feeling sick & he looks it,    I pray God will turn him to Him before it’s to late, & heal him so much so, he’ll never turn back,    I thank thank Thee Jesus blessed Jesus,    Elbert didn’t mail my tax blank or D.V.A. or Miss Willit’s letter.    I hope I feel better & stronger in the morning so I can clean a little    I hate to use my arms much, or exert myself when I’m feeling so low,    I don’t think Elbert should either.   but, we both do it.    Wind’s gone N. East, little colder tonight,   sun did shine this morning, but at noon began to cloud up & it was really dark & Cloudy before dark.    Elbert got home round 2-p-m.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for His Salvation, Love & Care Amen. 

Fri. Feb. 23. 1951./ 10. eggs today./ And the wind’s N. East & I swept 3. rooms & dusted.    Audrey & Martha came out & Jean & cut & put up new curtins    it’s quite a job    Martha seemed to enjoy it, but they must have been tired, for they worked all day.    Jean was home they they had yesterday home legal holiday & so they didn’t have to go back today    Well, they came for supper & Elbert cooked the last rooster & 

Fri. Feb. 23. 1951./ page. 2713./ 10. eggs this day./  tender & good    we had a good supper  biscuits gravey creamed potatoes, broccolie & Apple pie.   & Audrey wanted to take her piece home for breakfast & Martha wanted a doz. eggs & we let them get away with out them,   I’m so sorry.    They left after 2-p-m.  & Elbert & I did up dishes & put them away    Elbert’s back pains him bad tonight & he worked out side in the cold fixing the back door screen on hen house & his back is so bad tonight.     He helped get the supper & get it on the table,    I had the odds & ends to look after. & setting the table,    we use news papers on the table,    but I put a table cloth on for tonight,   Elbert went to Bakers garage & got the light fixed a-gain    he mailed my tax blank & money order 10.19, & got 2-3 cent stamps & put on Miss Willitts letter & the disabled soldiers letter, so they are on there way.    I have to read & go to bed,    I’m tired.    I thank My Heavenly Father for all our blessings in Jesus Dear Name. Amen.   Received Postcard from Bonita today.

Sat. Feb. 24. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much today my feet & legs have been swollen quite bad for 3. days.   & this morning my right lower leg was laying on the blankets where the blanket was sort of in a lump & it left a big hollow place in my leg & hurt so bad,    but I believe God will heal me & I Praise God in Jesus Name,    I hope to be able to get to church Sun (tomorrow) morning.    and I pray God will help Elbert to feel lots better in the morning.    I’d like to go to 31.st. St. but, the pavement it terrible & I have to be satisfied to get to church some where,    it’s been a fine day with sunshine, N. east breeze going South tonight & not cold & snow has been gone for some time now & the grass is beginning to turn green & to -day the starlings & a few red winged black birds were here in big droves    the big elm tree & the big oak were so full of them    I’d liked to have had a picture,    I’ve taken 4 or 5 pictures this mo.    We took one of a dirigable today.   It’s been a wonderful day outside,     I received a card from Audrey today   she ment for yesterday    I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost,   I love Thee Jesus.

Sun. Feb. 25. 1951./ 11 eggs tooday./  It’s been a fine day not cold & flys, flying around out side partly cloudy all day, wind was south this a-m then went S. west & tonight it’s S. east. not cold.    I didn’t get to church this morning, but went to night to Vermilion,  3. families of Wests & Mrs Sprunk Otis & wife Lindy & Barbara & Eddy his wife & one child was there  Mr. Smith & his two girls  Mr Whitman  Tom, Rony & Mertle & Dorthy’s brother & myself & little Nancy ___ & her brother.    I forgot there Last Name.    I thank God in Our Saviors Name for all our many many blessings, Amen. 

Mon. Feb. 26. 1951./ 15. eggs to day./  Well, it’s been partly cloudy,  it poured down rain this morning & even at noon   then cleared off, that’s the clouds broke up & sun came through at intervals & it set a deep golden yellow tonight there’s a light circle 

Mon. Feb. 26. 1951./ 15. eggs this day./  a queer circule of light just over the shoreline North of us.   the ends toward the lake & a bluish color looked about 2. yrs. wide.    Elbert has had a severe pain in the cord on inside of his leg close to his body    it’s been hard for him to get around all day & yesterday,    I’ve had the same only at times    it seemed to effect both my legs, but it left me at last,    I’ve had it several times, so I know it hurts him bad.    We haven’t done only what we had to do all day.    I basted the belt on my house dress & one sleeve in hope it’s O.K. for I need another dress   this green check gets dirty so quick.    I washed all the stew pans & roaster & Kettle & pans & dishes & sweat my head most off    & seemed as if I’d faint I felt so weak,    but I thank God & Praise Him for the strength He gives me & hope I can hope off to Lorain Church Sun. Morning & then take enough for dinner & go to Nellie’s to eat & visit a little & come home again.    It’s nice out side not cold   flies are out & lots of birds about.    Oh, God, of Love & Mercy Keep us all Closer to Thee & help us to be stronger in faith & to stand & claim the promises in Jesus Blessed holy Name:  Be with Miss Willitts & help & keep her, Amen.    I received a pretty card from Mrs. Goll today a Spring hat    Well, I’d like a new dress, coat & hat,    but, I’ll have to us what I have untill.

Tue. Feb. 27. 1951./ 16. eggs today./  Turned colder & is quite a lot colder tonight.    We see 5 geese going N.West today & blue birds are here & Spring shoulod be just around the corner, but we are only looking for it,    the big Elm started to bud & now it will have to wait & radio said 30 degrees & snow or rain.    My nerves are bad in my stomach & hurt me in my chest & neck & even in my chin & face & head so I ate light & only two meals today,    Elbert’s pain in that big cord in his leg is gone,    but his hips & legs & neck are still making him groan when he turns or moves,    I’m so sorry for him, but he’s so careless.    He does his chores   I tried to help him, by giving him the pails for water & the ash pan & coal buckets so he didn’t have to go up & down the steps only once for all the things.    He went to Vermilion this forenoon & got a little food & a hamper of lettuce trimings for the hen,    he tore bottom of pants leg by hem & sewed that together when he got up this moring.   I haven’t done any more than was really necessary today,    I looked my dress patterns over & my dress goods & wished I had pep enough to cut it out & sew it up,    but I put it away untill another day.    I do hope I can get at it for I need it so bad.     I haven’t done the washing yet this week & will have to get at it soon.    God will I get them both done.    I Praise God & thank Him more than I’ll ever be able to tell for saving my soul & revealing things to me in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    I do love & Praise the Jesus for all things, great & small and He does take care of me,    He’s taken most of the shaky feeling out of me & I know he’ll fix every part of me.    Mr. Whitman said, he believed the Lord ans. his prayer through my prayers for Him.    I thank God & Pray Jesus will continue to use me as He sees fit in Jesus Name    I Praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy, Keep me ever close to Thee I pray & All the Honor & Praise be Thine forever & ever Amen.    Wind’s been south west & has gone North tonight and quite fresh, ice all gone in the lake as far as eye can see. 

Wed. Feb. 28. 1951/page. 2715./ 13. eggs today./ Well I did half the washing & one cotton blanket   My arms are so tired tonight & got most of them dried in the house.    We have a N. west wind  raw, but not real cold.  mostly cloudy & damp chilly air   sun came out a few times,    was brighter after dinner.    I surely thank & Praise God in Jesus Holy Name for all our many blessings & my healing & healings,   Jesus is truly such a wonder, & wonderful Glory to God, Hallelujah Hallelujah,  I Praise Thee Jesus, forever & ever.

Thurs. Mar. 1. 1951./ 21. eggs today./ Elbert went to Vermilion on the Lake & sold 7 doz. eggs total $4.90     last week it was 6. doz.  4.20 & he kept it all 9.10    he said he spent it all some of his.    Well, I baked 3 big tins of bread, biscuits & made a lemon filling for the pie shell I baked last week  made the frosting for the top & brought it, for supper when I baked the bread biscuits & I’m tired.    & if all goes well we may wash blankets & Elbert’s washing & my dress tomorrow.   We had broth & crackers & cheese & pie for supper,    I thank God & pray we may get shifted so we can do less on Thurs & go to church to meeting    they have bible study instead of prayer meeting now & I like prayer meeting & wish bible study could have another evening, but Pray God’s Will be done.    It’s been a very nice day.    March came in with thunder & lightening & strong puffy winds,    & it rained in heavy down pours untill most morning was cloudy most of the morning   sun set yellow tonight & wind went S. west last midnight.    I thank & praise my God in Jesus Dear Holy Name for all things & ans. prayers. Amen.

Fri. Mar. 2. 1951./ 10. eggs today./  Well we got the big white fleeced blankets washed & dried them out side, all but the edges K& finished them over the fire & got his bed made made up,   it’s 9-p-m.    I didn’t get my dresses washed,    I did wash my night gown & shirt & what other small pieces I had    & Elbert wrong out the blankets for me,    he washed 2 heavy union suits 2. work shirts & his sleepers & they are all dry except union suits & shirts.    It’s been a beautiful day  N. east breeze just strong enough to blow the blankets out & dry them,   edges began to freeze at 4-20-p-m. so we brought them in & the sun looked like a big white snow ball & Elbert was just out & it’s snowing but I don’t believe it will amount to much,    hope it wont be bad.    Elbert’s back has been hurting him bad today & he looks as miserable as I feel, but I truly thank the Lord for the nice day & most of all, He’s a wonderful Jesus Who Can feel sorry for us when we are so careless & then He reaches down & heals our souls & bodys   gives us strength & blesses us with a fine day    Oh how I love Jesus, because He first love me    I Praise Thee Jesus.   I received a letter from Miss. Willitts & from Dehaan,    I sent for 16. books   he sent me 8. & thanked me for the gift of 3.00, last time he didn’t have all them so he sent some I did want,     I think I’ll give up asking him to send me books & then not get what I ask for, or only half of them.   Help me Jesus in this I thank Thee.

Sat. Mar. 3. 1951./ page 2716./ 9. eggs today/  We only did what had to be done, for me it was to much wash      I’m truly terribly miserable & weak    It’s been a very nice day with sunshine but my arms are so tired & ach so bad & I wanted to go to church so bad tomorrow.    Well, I praise God in Jesus Name for helping me through.   Elbert forgot to have the head lights Thurs. & he never said any thing about it.

Sun. Mar. 4. 1951./ 14 eggs today./    I got the book Mrs. Kandry told me they were sending to me.    I must try to write some cards    I can’t seem to get cought up.    I felt to bad to get out & Elbert tried to fix the head light but couldn’t seem to get it just right.    We Listened to Buser in the Congergational Church to night,    He talked on characters & Jesus the greatest One of them all.    It’s been a beautiful day with sunshine,    I would liked so much to have been able to go to church.    But here I am    Elbert’s worrying about his navel,   they didn’t get the rupture sewed just right somehow & it looks as if its breaking out into the navel,    I hope he don’t have any trouble with it.    If he’d only Turn to Jesus & be converted & healed, how happy I’d be & him also.    It’s colder tonight again    Elbert says he thinks we may get a frost.    Bill Snyder don’t stay home very much any more & I wonder what’s up now    Georgia May goes to Oberlin College & comes home Fri.   & I think Georgie takes her back in Bob’s car,    she’s using his car, since he went into the Service.    she never comes here, unless she wants some thing.    Well I Praise Thee Jesus & hope I’ll be in Church Thurs. night for sure I thank Thee.

Mon. Mar. 5. 1951./ 9. eggs today./ Well, I washed the 2 wool blankets today, my two house dresses 2 petticoats & change of clothes towels and rags & hung blankets outside,    it was such a nice day.    Elbert hung them out & carried the water,    freezes at night a little but not in the day time so woolin dried good today, nice sun.    I’m so tired tonight.    Elbert washed his shirt today & tomorrow hopes to wash 2. prs. pants, & we want to go to the store & garage, Tue or wed.    Elbert feels real bad today & he’s felt bad for a long time every since he picked up corn last Fall.    I thank God in Jesus Name for our blessings

Tue. Mar. 6. 1951/ 9. eggs. today./ Well, today we went & bought 21.10 worth of can food mostly,    Oh, it’s really terrible the prices & they say & were remarking the prices even while we were in there getting our food steak “shoulder” 1.18 a pound & cabbage 17 cents per lb.  57 cents for one cabbage  not to solid either,    we didn’t get any & liver 65 cents per lb.  & they tell us most every day “that” there are lots of stock & no call for high prices,    but, the people are going “as the bible says” from bad to worse.   And bible history is truly working out before our very eyes.    It’s 4-p-m, I was feeling very tired  we had a cup of tea & ice cream  rested a

Tue. Mar. 6. 1951./ Page. 2717./ 11. eggs this day/ little & got supper Elbert helped, he fed the hens after we got home & changed clothes    then we ate cream & drank tea,  his back was paining him so bad, but he help get the supper,    I put away the can stuff stuff    While he fed hens. then after supper we listened to the news & rested     & then I washed dishes    Elbert did a few chores  took out slop pail & brought some cystern water & well water & e washed 2. prs. work pants,  all wool,    he took them to town to get them pressed & brought them back not pressed.    I am as tired as if I’d stayed home & ironed & pressed.    But Praise the Lord He took care of us all the way going doing our earans & bringing us back,    I received DeHaan’s book for Mar.    The atomic bomb in Prophecy,    it is coming to pass, “the bible history is being fulfilled and we hear it every day.   Oh Jesus help me to do my part for Thee in what ever way Thou seest best,    I thank Thee Praise Thee & all Honor & Glory truly belongest to Thee, Amen.    It’s been a fine day    sun all day and a S. west wind & puffy.

Wed. Mar. 7. 1951. / ___ eggs today./ While we were up town yesterday I mailed a card to Audrey, Sister Eppler a Mr. & Mrs Nuthall, who had sent a card to me, hoping I’d get well fast,  & one to Bonita & a birthday card to Bonita’s 3 children  the twins, Geo. Bonita & Nelson,    Today, Bonita’s & Audrey’s card’s came back,    I had forgot to put all the address on A’s but Bonita’s was addressed O.K.    they were bothe post marked,     so, Elbert & I went to see Miss Clark tonight    we received a card & I couldn’t make it out,   she needed something & she wanted me to pray for her    she needs more strength & her nerves are terrible,    so, I took her some soup & a small can of Kraute out of the one I opened for us & a few sweet pickles  2 bread biscuits    I thought it was food she wanted but she is going to move & needs strength to move her few things     she has a bed & chairs & so forth.    She & Mrs. Fredricks were ready for Church,    they go to Gospel prayermeeting in Ministers home on street behind the one the church is on.    Elbert got a pt. of cream & we came back home.    I am tired,    I ironed my two dresses & 3 work shirts & chair back & pressed Elbert’s two prs. wool pants.    It’s been a beautiful day after the storm of last night,    it thundered & lightened untill it cracked & it rained, then came right through the roof & windows,    it was cloudy for a time this morning, then sun came through    & it’s been fine allday    wind’s shifted from N to W to S & S.W.   I thank & Give all Praise to Him     but I didn’t get my dress cut out,    Elbert went out & sold the eggs 4.20 & after dinner he went out & cut our brush    he came in for a while & went out & at it again & a N. east wind    tonight his neck & head is paining him & so is mine     we went to prayer meeting & the pavement is terrible    such big ruts in it & close together & so he feels miserable,  he took one of DeHaan’s books to Mr. Miller

Thurs. Mar. 8. 1951./ page. 2718./ 9 eggs this day./ the book was Russia and the United Nations in prophecy,   the last one is The Atomic bomb in Prophecy.    Well I’m tired & I wish we had had prayer meeting but perhaps it’s just as well this way    perhaps it will help the others more.    Well, Mrs. Fredrick came to church tonight & Miss Clark came in late & Mrs. Winston came in later & talked to Miss Clark     & they both went out & didn’t come back.    there were 10. women & 5. men  they to church tonight,    Tom looked terribly tired tonight & he’s so thin & not to well of late.    I thank God in Jesus Name for answering prayer & bringing in a few more to the meetings.    I love & Praise Thee Jesus Pure, True & Holy.    It snowed as we were coming home tonight.   I took a picture of Elbert getting mail in snow storm.    it’s been a nice day, but cold & a North east breeze all day.

Fri. 9. 1951.Mar./ 10. eggs today./ It’s been a nice day,    but, colder last night & to-night    It snowed & blowed this a-m but melted after the sun came through, round noon,     but it snowed hard & the sun shone bright, then it broke away but was partly cloudy, Wind & snow came from N. West & when it stopped wind went back N. East.     & radio says tempture will drop to 10 degrees tonight.    I haven’t done any more than I had to, today, except clean one dresser drawer,    the thing was coming apart,    Elbert nailed it so now it ought to hold together.   some one had been tampering with it & locked the drawers & I sure have had a time with it every since,    it wouldn’t come out & the bottom was dropped down & rached.    I have to clean the other two & get them fixed up.    I feel angry inside tonight,    some one walks around here “or it sounds that way” every few nights my bed makes so much noise I can’t get up with out it shouts,    I hate these springs,    Well the Lord will reveal what’s wrong before very long.    I praise God for all my many many blessings & I want to live HIs way & do His will, not mine & give Him all the Praise, Honor & Glory for eve3r & ever, Amen.

Sat. Mar. 10. 1951./ 12. eggs today/It was a beautiful day with sunshine & a very cold raw N. East breeze.    Elbert is feeling so bad & has a cold.    I washed out what few dirty clothes there were & 5 grain bags & got them all dry, in the house   it was so cold    my underskirt froze as Elbert hung it on the line,    so I had him bring it in & hang it up in here,    the breeze seemed to go right through him to,    so I figured I’d save him from any more cold, if I could.    I’m tired & feel bloated tonight,     we ate cooked cabbage for dinner.    I did part the sweeping & helped get supper & do dishes & now I’ll read a little & go to bed,     perhaps I’ll take a bath first so to be ready to get up & dress before church time,    & I’m hoping to go to 31st. st. Church in the morning.    I thank God my heavenly Father in Jesus Name for the strength He has given me all week, I love & Praise Him in Jesus

Sun. Mar. 11. 1951./ 10 eggs today/  Oh, Glory, I went to 31st this morning & to Vermilion tonight & was fill with power from head to foot    I praise God  He is the Only One who is Worthy Hallelujah Amen

Sun. Mar. 11. 1951./ page. 2719./ 10. eggs this day./ Beautiful day    Cold N. East Breeze a penetrating raw breeze that goes right into the marrow.    The pavements are terribly bad so many holes & so rough.    But Praise God for all blessings & I’m trusting He will help that man Sister Hance spoke of to be released from the insane home & I pray He will deal with the wife & that His will be done & not mine. Elbert’s knees are paining him all day & his stomach rebelling,   he went into church to-night      I thank God & Pray He will have His way. Amen

Mon. Mar. 12. 1951./ 10. eggs today./ Oh, but the N. East wind is sure cold & Elbert got up 5-30-a-m,    I’d just got to sleeping & he called me & said he was going for the milk,    so it woke me up, then he came back & at 7-30-he called me and said he was going to the garage with the car & he’d go out the front door,  he went, & left the car,    the man had to go to Cleveland so the woman brought him back in her car,    he went back & they hadn’t touched it so he drove it home,    then took it back tonight & the woman brought him back again tonight.     He says he’s going back tomorrow to see what has to be done to the car,    so I didn’t get my rest,    I got up & trimed my toe nails & callouses on the bottoms of my feet,    on my little toe nails & side of left big toe.    then I dressed & washed & started dinner,    Well I haven’t done much today     I did a little cleaning,    moved dresser & the things under it & at the end of it & cleaned up dust     some one came in & moved the boxes at the end & let a lot of things go down under the dresser & they were snooping into some other things.    I’d sure like to catch them, but I pray God will deal with them & soon.    I Praise the Lord for all things Glory to His Name. 

Tue. Mar. 13. 1951./ 10 eggs today./ Well I didn’t do much today,    it was a very dark day & it snowed & blowed from the north east & ground is covered with snow    first it rained, then came sleet  then soft watery snow & then big flakes of snow as big as feathers    they were beautiful.    I took a picture of them.    It’s been so warm compared with Mon & today       people began to think it was Spring, but today it’s winter again     I thank God for a warm place to stay in & coal to keep us warm & food to eat,    I don’t eat much but it’s good to have.     Elbert isn’t feeling very well    his knees & back & stomach hurt him so bad & today he’s had a head ach all day,    he went up to the garage to see about the car & man was just getting ready to work on it & his wife was going to Sandusky so Elbert rode to Huron with her & got some boiling meat & two slices of liver for dinner     & a man picked him up & brought him to the end of our road    I had started to fix me a lunch so made hot tea fried liver & warmed sweet potatoes & fried us each an egg    he’s worried about the car    I’m trusting God will see the man does a good job for him for 

Tue. Mar. 13. 1951./ page. 2720./ 10. eggs this day./  we do need the car out here.    I tried to crochet a chain picking up the stitches I had crocheted on a handkerchaif    got it done but not as good as it should be,    hope I can fix it so as to use it on another Kercheif,    to dark to work at sewing    hoped to get at my dress but haven’t so far.    Received a card from Audrey     she’s been feeling bad for some time & said she’d felt all in for several days this last week & hoped this week to feel better     said she got the rest of the curtian material & hoped we had the hooks up in my room & she thought they’d come one night this week,     said Jim had been sick, but was better now.    We all seem to have our troubles;     I thank God He takes care of me & pray He will help me to understand what to do to be of more service in Jesus Dear Name,   I praise & love Thee    My check came today,    I’m glad we have enough to keep us a day or two

Wed. Mar. 14. 1951./ 12. eggs today./ Well, I did the wash    Elbert went up the high way “about a mile” to see about his car & it still isn’t done & he’s sweating about what it will cost & tomorrow is the day he sells eggs,    he got here in time to wash out his union suit, suds & wrinse it    We had a lunch & he brought water to finishs suding & wrinsing what I had washed & now they are all dry except his Union suit & my wool petticoat    Well, it snowed & blowed all last night today & still at it tonight    Radio says it’s about 32 degrees & more snow & rain.    No mail today    wind went S. East & then S. West.    I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for my blessings. 

Thurs. Mar. 15. 1951./ 6. eggs today./  It’s been a wet dark day,    Elbert went up to the garage   got his clothes damp,    he walked back home & st[?] brought “the man’s wife brought the car back to-night after supper,     she came after dinner & said they couldn’t get it untill tonight be cause,  he had to get some part from Sandusky & they sent the wrong part    Elbert says it runs smoother now    it cost $56.60 & there will be a little more for a greese job.  such a world.    She brought the car tonight & Elbert took her back.     She’s 29 yrs. old & has 5 children 2-3-5-7& 9 yrs. of ages.    She’s been brought up rough & tuff & to hear tell of the children, they are the same.   I gave her a few slips off my plants this afternoon & she said she liked to knit but did some crocheting,    she says she has a diploma as engineer & she help her man repair cars & trucks.    I’m tired I baked 3 tins of bread biscuits today.    Elbert’s sore & lame from walking & getting wet.    I do thank & praise God in Jesus Holy Blessed Name for all our many blessings. 

Fri. Mar. 16. 1951./ 23. eggs. today./  Elbert hopes to take the eggs in this morning & he did & sold 6. doz. 3.90 for 65 cents per. doz. & that didn’t pay for the grain 4.57 one bag.     he used the eg money last time for our food so today he had to give back 67 cents of it    I had him cash my check & he used 5.00 for food    he says he has used up the money he had saved for his suit of clothes, so we are going to keep tab from here on to see where the money goes.    I know it takes a lot    I spent all I got except what I took 

Fri. Mar. 16. 1951./ page. 2721./ 23 eggs this day./  out for church.    I managed to get the sweeping done & wiped up the floors & had everything ready for dinner when Elbert came,    so we ate dinner    he was hungry.    & I took care of the beds & rooms & meals & dishes & I’m tired tonight,    he’s gone to bed.    I darned 3. prs. socks after supper.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name for our blessings.    Cold raw wind, mostly cloudy white sun today.

Sat. Mar. 17. 1951./ 10. eggs today./  Elbert went up & got the milk & then went to Huron to see if the fishermen were going to lift nets, but they said not untill Mon.     they said they had set 8 nets & ought to get some fish then.    I haven’t done much today    cook & wash dishes & took care of rooms & wiped the cupboard doors & the oil clothe back of th4e stove & that seemed to much of a job for me today    been a very nice day, N. East raw wind, partly Cloudy with White sun & the sunset was beautiful all colors of the rain bow.    I do thank & Praise God that He is & ever will be, in Jesus Name Amen.

Sun. Mar. 18. 1951./ 19. egg today./ No church today,    I had a sick stomach   nerves so bae they pained clear up through my chest & throat & lower part of my face & Elbert has a cold in his neck    he thinks the bones are out,    but I couldn’t find any out,    he was out spading in that raw N. East wind the other day,    I tried to keep him from do so but he wont listen,    I sorry but what can I do ,    If only he’d turn to God.    I pray he will & soon, before it’s to late.     Oh God have mercy & help us, I pray in Jesus Name Amen.    I thank Thee & praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name for all things.    It’s been damp & cloudy & rained a little & it’s misty tonight.    wind was N. East & has gone S. East & Radio says snow & rain. 

Mon. Mar. 19. 1951./15. eggs. today./ today we got a tank of gas/ I took 2 pictures today/ Well it sure snowed & this morning & all day looked like Christmas    evergreens trees & shrubs were beautiful    Elbert’s neck is O.K. today but his back & hips are bad.    it’s a cold just as I thought.  I haven’t felt so very good & so haven’t done much today,    can’t seem to stand bent over & I washed oil cloth the other day & cupboard doors,    haven’t been good for much since.    Elbert’s talking of going to town in the morning for mash for hens & one or two things for us.    he bought some pork    I cooked it & tasted it    Sat. & today & it made me sick, so I’ll eat no more of it.   Radio says more snow & colder tomorrow.    Sunset was just beautiful, golden yellow pink like a gold ring in color, pea green & sort of a smoke pink, a deep blue, gray & purple & yellow ,”canary” & with the colors on the snow  evergreens     it was a sight to behold    hope we don’t get anything very bad, for sky was filled with wind that just seemed to fly through the sky from N. West.    I don’t know just where the wind is tonight but it isn’t stormin yet.    I do Praise our God & Jesus & the Holy Ghost for all our many blessings Amen.

Tue. Mar. 20. 1951./ 16. eggs today./Elbert went to Vermilion   got the mash $4.57 & lettuce, celery, carrots & butter & meat & he isn’t doing the job as it should be done,    we agreed to keep track of all we bought “the hens pay there own way, we used 

Tue. Mar. 20. 1951./ page. 2722./ 16. eggs this day./  9.10 of the eggs money & now we have paid back $5.24 & still owe 3.86    Elbert don’t like to keep tab on what he spends but he has 46.__dollars a mo. & I have 40.10,    I paid 8.75 for tank of gas & 5. for food & gave him the 25 cents so I have spent 14.00 out of my 40.00 leaving me 26.00 & five goes to Church leaving me 21.00,   he used 50.00 he had saved to pay car repair    he spent 53 cents Mar. 17. for meat.    Yesterday morning he see 2 male pheasents leaving our drive in the snow & a little red squerrel runing around hunting for food    he was even on front door step,    he put some bread out but it snowed hard & steady all day    we put out crumbs today & the birds filled up.    It’s been a very beautiful day with white sun & moonlight tonight.    I  cut out my dress today,    it tires me most to death    I sweat like rain getting dinner & cutting out the dress, but hope I can get it sewed together so I can wear it before much longer.    I had to rub Elbert’s back,    it pains him so bad at 2-p-m & tonight I rubed it again & put hot cloth on & a hot bottle to it    he’s done all the out side chores & helped in side some.    I do Praise God for all our many blessing.   I pray He will fix Elbert’s back so it wont hurt him at all in Jesus Name, Amen.  

Wed. Mar. 21. 1951. / 14. eggs to day./  First day of Spring.   Snow all gone from the trees or about, but about 6. ins. on roofs & ground this a-m but South & West sides are clean tonight and it’s half gone on ground,    how ever it snowed some more after dark    it’s been a clear sunshiny day,    Oh, a few clouds here & there    wind blew last night & night before it was real cold & there were such booms & bangs in the basement I couldn’t sleep,   or even doze.    Elbert’s back has been so bad, he’s been in misery but he did his chores,    he’s wishing for fresh fish but,  Oh, the price will be just terrible,    he plans on going with the eggs in the morning,     I do hope he wont get more cold, but he generally does    & he feels so bad now,    he’s taking anacins,    No word from the girls & Audrey was feeling so bad last week & No word from Nellie or Bonita.    Well, I do hope they are all O.K.     I sewed my dress waist together today,    but it gets after my eyes to see on dark goods,    I’m making it very plain & hope it will fit & O.K.    White sun & White moon.    I thank my Heavenly Father for revealing things to me & pray He will Help me to praise Him in Spirit for ever & ever, Amen.

Thurs. Mar. 22. 1951./ 24. eggs today./ I wrote 5 cards last night.    Audrey, Nellie, Mrs. Goll  Miss Clark & Mr. Hunt. “Inez”    Elbert sold 7. doz. eggs 4.55 & he still has 3.84 for the egg money, so that’s 8.41 he’s got to buy straw & sand.  & he went up to fish house & they were out in lake yet so he went back at 2-30. & bought 4. fish $2.35 & he got meat this am 1.44   no wonder he is broke.    but we agreed to Keep strick accoung so there we are.    I did out the wahing got done rubing at noon & after dinner got clothes suds & 

Thurs. Mar. 22. 1951./ page. 2723./ 24. eggs this day/ wrinsed & started drying them & now have most all of them dried & I’m sure tired Elbert cleaned the fish & I got supper     fried half of the fish    got some for tomorrow.    they sure tasted good once-more.    Sunshine all day    not much wind but it’s freshened up & singing through the wires tonight    beautiful moon light tonight    not very cold out,     Elbert said fish boats were covered with ice where spray flew over them.    I thank & Praise God in the Holy Name of Jesus,    that He love us & reveals His word unto us    I thank Thee Jesus for all things great or small & Pray Thou will bless the prayer meetings all over the world & strengthen all those of Thine and Keep us & me closer to Thee, Amen.

Fri. Mar. 23. 1951./ 13. eggs today./ Well all I did was the sweeping & what had to be done,    wind’s been strong & puffy,   sun shone through several times   mostly cloudy & tried to rain several times.    Elbert’s uneasy    wants to spade & get out side & be doing something,    not very cold   sort of chilly damp air, snow about all gone    only a dot here & there.    Winds singing tonight, sounds bad.    Todays good Friday & Rev. Buser & all the other Churches in Amherst & Elyria Lorain & Brownhelm took part in the program & we heard it over W.E.O.L” Elyria Radio,”  So we heard it to, since we couldn’t go.    “Easter sermons” & very good.    Now the churches are joining together, as the bible say we must all be as one in the end time,    I thank Thee Jesus for having showed me so long ago, when many of the older folks thought I was so wrong, now they are doing just that and I know the end isn’t very far away    Oh maybe a few yrs. yet may 10 maybe 20. yrs.    Oh God I pray Thy forgiveness for all my sins & our sins & I pray Thou will help me to be found worthy though I’ve done so little & tried & yet seems as if I don’t get much done for Thee.    I Praise Thy Holy Spirit, Thy Holiness Father, Son & Holy Ghost in Jesus Name Amen. Glory to God.

Sat. Mar. 24.1951/ 18. eggs today./  Only did what I had to do today   darned socks & dusted a little  cooked a little   washed dishes  took care of bird, beds & rooms, & crocheted a little to ease my nerves.    We see a big male pheasent tonight    he crept along as if he could hardly go & after he poked around on the other side of the road awhile, he dug in & run like his life depended on it down hill & up hill & into the brush & weeds.    Elbert’s still feeling bum & I’m not much better, but Praise God I can get up & go about the house & do a few things.    I hope to go to church but don’t feel able to exert myself.

Sun. Mar. 25. 1951./ 23 eggs today./ Well Elbert’s been sick all day & said he didn’t feel able to go to church tonight so here I been all day & they the calendar says today is Easter    I felt bad about it,    he plans on going to the fish house in the morning, so no doubt I could have gone to church.    Well we did get 2 or 3 sermons on the Radio   They were good & Buser preached a fine sermon that should have hit the hearts of any Who still are out side the fold

Sun. Mar. 25. 1951./ page. 2724./ 23. eggs this day./ I thank Thee Jesus Thou art & ever will be and I give Thee all the Praise & Glory for ever and ever, Amen.    I received a note from Nellie, Sat     but, no word from Audrey    I do hope she isn’t sick,    but, I reckon she has plenty to make her feel that way    she works hard & gives a lot away 40.00 for a coat for Jean    & I don’t know how much for the rest of Martha’s children & Martha.    She bought these curtians & they, Audrey, Martha & Jean came out & cut them & put them up,    I haven’t the least Idea what she paid for them,    I’m great-full for the curtians, but would rather pay for them, and now Nellie said, Bonita was down to Audrey’s & learned they had been out here,    she “Nellie” said, guess it’s to much for them to take me along,    but Merlin had the car & was late getting home so,    they were late getting out here & it was late when they left here 11 or 11-30-p.m,    if they could have come earlier it would have been different perhaps    I’ve learned not to let such things trouble me.    Wind was S.W. & went N. West & Radio said snow    It’s been partly cloudy today.    Elbert saw the pheasent again today

Mon. Mar. 26. 1951./ 21 eggs today/ Evelyn’s 39th birthday today./  Elbert went to fish house & got 18 nice sized pike for helping to dip them up into baskets    I cooked 5 for our dinner    I ate 1 & a 1/2 & Elbert ate 2    I cooked 4 more for supper & there is 2 1/2 left,    he’ll eat them for breakfast.    I thought I’d sew but he brought the yeast cakes & I baked 2 tins bread biscuits & one round loaf & feel so exhausted & so shaky     I gave up trying to sew,    but hope to get at it tomorrow.    & I’ll have to wash one day this week.   It’s been a very nice day,    white sun not freezing today but made ice last night.    Elbert’s back pains him bad,    he gets a little cold & just keeps it sore all the time,    No mail today.    I thank God for all His love & mercy and pray for the Holy Ghost.   

Tue. Mar. 27. 1951./ 18 eggs today./ I sewed my new waist together & sewed the sleeves & basted them in & I stitched a piece on the neck of Elbert’s sleeper jacket inside and out side & put a patch on the top of one sleeve & darned 2 prs. of my stockings & cooked two meals & took care of bird beds & rooms & swept & tonight I’m tired & no word from Audrey or Martha    hope none of them are sick.    I felt so weak Elbert went out to see if he could get me some milk    he went several places & then over to Hauffs where he use to get milk & got a qt. but they wont sell a qt a day, so will have to hunt some other place.    I thank God & Praise His Holy Name for all our blessings, for there are lots who have to go with out food for a long time & I wish I could help them    Jesus Blessed Jesus I love Thee & Praise Thee. for ever & ever, Amen.   we heard male pheasent out in the back today.    The wind is south and it’s been mostly cloudy all after noon & this evening & not freezing tonight    We had extra heavy frost last night.

Wed. Mar. 28. 1951./ page. 2725/ 21. eggs today./  Been a wet day, rained a little from early morning about 2-a-m & showered after that & sun didn’t come out    mist is heavy tonight  not cold   flys & millers are flying about & Oh how the birds do sing,    grass is growing & getting so green,    ground sparrows are the hap-pyest things ever.    I crocheted a little & basted sleaves in my house dress    & done the daily doz.    No mail today.   I thank God He help me to understand & that He takes care of me Jesus Presious Pure True & Holy,    I wish I were as clean & Pure as Thee.

Thurs. Mar 29. 1951./ 20. eggs today./   I did part of the washing & been sick most all day,    I began to feel a little better at four o’clock & we ate a bowl of soup & then got supper going.    Elbert fried some pork he bought this morning. “he sold 10 doz. eggs $6.50 & bought bag of mash $4.75 & the meat & a box of crackers & bunch of broccoli,”    I cooked the broccoli for supper    it was tender & sweet,    I am still feeling weak,    but lots better than before dinner,    I didn’t eat anything at noon    Elbert got himself something to eat but, my stomach felt so bad, no milk & I do need it.    I kept at the wash untill I finished,    I wished I hadn’t started it.    It was cloudy & damp all morning & then broke up & sun came through,  partly cloudy all after noon    wind backed up from S. West to S. east tonight & sky all cloudy & thundering & lightening in S. West,    frogs all out & each one doing his best by the sound of them today    quite warm, to much so for winter clothes.   Radio says rain & colder tonight & tomorrow.    Well, it really looked & sounded like Spring today.    I did want to go to prayer meeting tonight, but felt so bad & got a bone out in my neck so I didn’t go & Elbert got a fish bone stuck in his throat & thats paining him & his hips & back.    No mail.   he called Martha & she said Merlin had been sick & her mother but they might come Sun. or next week.    I Praise Thee Jesus that Thou doest have patience with me & help me & pray Thou will keep me ever closer to Thee, Amen.  

Fri. Mar. 30. 1951./ 22. eggs today./  Elbert went to Huron to fish house & got a nice mess of fish    we had fish all week & now it looks like fish untill middle of next week.    I haven’t done much today    back of neck & head pained me so bad I felt sick    but some one prayed hard for me & earnestly for the Lord heard both our cries for help & head’s lots better tonight.    I got supper or finished [?] filling it,    Elbert put the broth in the stew pan & the onion rice & speggetti & I put the carrot, beans, peas & green limas in  & seasoning & celery leaves for flavorings,    it very good,    Been partly cloudy & showery & misting again tonight.    I haven’t done much    cook wash dishes & usual house work,     I darned my old stockings & crocheted a little to night.    I do

Fri. Mar. 30. 1951./ page. 2726./ 22. eggs this day./ Praise God & Jesus & the Holy Ghost in Jesus Name for all things & that He does take care of us,    I thank Him for those of His, who do pray earnestly for those of us Who are hindered in one way or another from attending worship & I pray He will bless them fourfold & strengthen them & help us to be a blessing in His work,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee, Amen.

Sat. Mar. 31. 1951./ 22 eggs today./ Todays last day of Mar.   cold raw S.W. wind & even my feet are cold tonight    but I hope I can get off to church in the morning,    We received a card from Audrey saying Merlin had been sick for 2 week & Jean had a tooth pulled so was feeling as good as usual could be expected & she “Audrey” was still kicking,    rest were O.K.    Well, we all have our trials & I pray we will all trust Our Jesus & live His ways & do His Will,    I thank & Praise Him for all I am & have  Glory & Honor belongeth to Him & I love Him more than anything on earth,    I praise Him for ever & ever Amen.    I did usual work & ironing today.

Sun April 1. 1951./ 18. eggs today./ Sunday God’s Holy day & it has been as usual a day of hard testing    I pray from the depth of my soul for more faith & that God will fill me with the Holy Ghost to over flowing & keep me ever close to Him & that He will have dimion over me soul soul body & spirit every member, in Jesus Name I ask and I’ll give all the Praise & Glory to Him for ever and ever Amen.    No church today, for us & God Knows how much I long & crave to be in Church.    I love my Jesus  He’s Truth. and the best friend I’ve every had to me there’s no one like Him.    Oh Jesus Keep me, keep my tongue for sometimes the waves dash & beat high.    Cloudy most all day, sun only peeked out 2 or 3 times today & it blew a good breeze from S. west all day & then died out & cleared off tonight & it was cold last night & cold tonight again.    We listened to Buser preach tonight,    he really turns out sermons that ought to wake up those who are unsaved & I pray they will & that God will bless his efforts in Jesus Name, Amen.    I pray Jesus you will give me “as some are wont to say” what it takes, to take a licking for Thy Name’s sake,    I pray Thou will Amen.     I hope I’ll be able to sing ,”Glory, Glory how the angels sing, Glory, Glory Pealing forth the anthem of the free,”Ring the Bells of Heaven” one of my mothers favorite hyms & Blest be the tie that binds Our thirsts hearts in Christian love “& Jesus Keep me near the cross    There a precious foun-tian, Free to all a healing stream Flows from Calviry’s mountain;    In the cross, In the cross, be my Glory ever,    Till my raptured soul shall find Rest beyond the river.    He leadeth me. O, blessed tho’t ! O, words with heaven-ly comfort fraught, What e’re I do, Where’re I be   Still tis God’s hand that leadeth me.  He leadeth me He leadeth me By His own hand He leadeth me   His faithful

Sun. April 1. 1951./ page. 2727./ 18. eggs this day./  follower I would be For by His Hand He leadeth me.    I Praise God from Whom all blessing Flow Glory Glory Hallelujah Amen.   (wonderful Peace, a favorit hym) It was showery from midnight untill almost noon & then just windy & cloudy & when sun came out it was white.

Mon. April 2. 1951./ 17. eggs today./  Well, I just did the daily grind today    Elbert took cold last Fri & his head & eyes have pained him bad, he couldn’t sleep last night     I doped him up & he didn’t want to eat but he felt better after I got him to eat,    he wasn’t going to eat,    Oh, but it’s a great world, no matter how you feel you must coax & pamper & take all the mean hateful things they want to say a-bout me, to me, but Praise God, He Knows & He takes care of me,  Glory to His Name, I pray He will keep me ever & help me or some one of His, to help the others to know & understand & do His will in Jesus Blessed Holy Name,    I get things handed me such as “I’m not going to be like old Miss Baumgart  wear a wool shawl & a cap, just because I have a cold “that was because there’s a steady draft from the North window & it hits me on the neck, my neck began to get stiff so I laid a 3 in. piece of Knited wool from & old under skirt across the back of my neck, it kept it warm & neck didn’t trouble me, he took cold Fri;  & his head eyes & neck pained him so bad, it made him sick, but he stuffed himself with anacins, then his bowels pluged up & I got him to take physic & tonight he’s feeling better.    I’m wondering if I’ll get to Church Thurs. night, I do hope he gets to feeling better in every way.     I do thank & Praise God in Jesus Name & I Praise Jesus.    Mertle said “& she wanted me to take a hint” ” yes in Jesus Name”    Well, I love my Jesus no matter what any of them say or do,    Glory to God, I Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost, Amen.    It’s been mostly cloudy all morning   sun shone this after noon, but wind was S. west & went N. west tonight.   We saw 9 geese going South late this after noon.    I received card from Miss Clark, said her sister had had 2 operations & not very well    she had come to Vermilion to get her mail & pay some bills & look after her things,    she was partly packed & hoped to move the middle of April.    Well I pray God’s Will be done.     I’m sorry but all I am able to do is pray    I was hoping it would warm up so I could get use to the weather again.    I praise Thee Jesus. 

Tue. April 3. 1951./ 27 eggs today./   And a letter from Nellie & one from Audrey & I’m feeling so punk I don’t feel able to write but I’ll have to try to get at it for I owe everyone a letter.    It snowed hard    you couldn’t see hen house for a while this 

Tue. April 3. 1951./ page. 2728./ 27. eggs this day./ morning & lighter showers untill noon,    then it looked black but went over.    Elbert went to fish house this a-m, but they didn’t go out.    he got me 2 yeast cakes & he bought a lb. of liver & piece boiling meat    we made soup & eat most of the soup for supper,    it was mostly bone & grisle.    I only did what I had to do all day    Elbert’s head & back & hips have pained him all day    he went to Horvats for milk with Mr. Johnston Horvathe’s son-in-law, who lives on part of the old Duglas farm,    Mr. Horvath use to have a meat & grocery store in Lorain a few yrs. ago.    I believe he told Elbert he had lived out here 28 yrs. & I have been here 30 yrs.  this Aug. 16. 1951.    Ella Jane will be 32. yrs. old on the 22nd. of this mo.  

Wed. April 4. 1951./ 24 eggs today./  Well, I got up & did the washing & Elbert had gone to Huron for fish & I was all through at noon except the sudsing & wrinsing,    he came at one thirty & carried the water while I got the dinner    then he dressed fish “33 of them” & I got the clothes on the line & set the bread    I forgot to set it this morning,     then I washed dishes “after I stired up bread dough fruit cake & got it in the tins to raise”    then I had to make the bread biscuits & put them on the tins & was so tired seemed as if I just couldn’t do any more,    then Elbert came in   he’d buired the fish dressings & fed the hens “& found one dead” & had to buiry that,    & when he got washed & cleaned up, he started the fish frying “I had just got them salted & packed” & left out four for supper    he put the rest down to keep cool & then warmed the potatoes & I put the spinage on the heat & poured the water for coffee & then we ate supper at 6-p-m. & I had the bisquits in the oven they were done in 30 mi. but it takes the cake, so long to rise & it isn’t in oven yet.     but by the looks will be soon now    & I’ll sure be so glad.    Elbert would like to have the girls have some of the fish but it does cost a lot to take them clear over to them    we have to go to Lorain then out to Martha’s & then to Nellie’s,    I’m so tired    don’t seem as if I could go, but he wont go unless I go,    So I don’t know what we’re going to do yet.    It’s not very cold, out,    was dark & cloudy all morning & the half of afternoon mostly cloudy, red sunset, not cold tonight.    I thank God for the wonderful strength he has given me this day    I hope to go to prayer meeting tomorrow evening. 

Thurs. April 5. 1951./ 11. eggs today./ Elbert went & sold 14. doz. eggs this a-m 9.10 but he had to pay 4.59 for bag of grain & he bought two or 3 things for us & gas  oil then he came home    I got dinner & we went to Nellie’s    she was teaching & Bonita was to a meeting of some sort, they seemed

Thurs. April 5, 1951./ page 2729./ 11. eggs this day/ pleased to see us when they got there    We took a ride out the highway  the tractors are busy & they “the men” were planting cabbages,   the ground, looked nice & lots of it all ready to be planted    I noticed the cabbages did look as if they had been frost bitten,    It’s been a beautiful day.    I took Nellie & family a bread dough cake,   a tin of bread biscuits & gave her & Bonita each a handkercheif with a crocheted edge & the children some candy & nuts, & pictures    They had a letter from Ella Jane & she sent 7. or 8. pictures & she hadn’t wrote home for she’d had her thumb in splints.    Elbert bought us each an ice cream cone & it seemed to settle my stomach    the nerves have been so bad in my stomach of late.    Elbert took a pan of fish 20 or so all cleaned to the girls,    Nellie was please with them.    & I gave her a bag of green tea,    she made coffee & we had a cookie (oatmeal)    they were some she had made    she’s looking well, but had a bad spell with her heart, a few weeks ago.    Bonita’s Geo’s wife is in sanitorium with T.B. & has 2 children  little one’s    if she dies, I pray Bonita won’t be foolish & take him back    I pray God’s will be done not mine.   I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of us going & coming & for taking us to prayermeeting & bringing us safly home.    You know a funny thing happened,   We took one cake “bread dough fruit cake” to the girls & I bakes 5 in the bread tins & one was missing    we looked every-where    Elbert looked in the oven,    so, I didn’t, but there it was,    so many things have come up missing that we have never found,  well I told Elbert seemed as if it must be here, it was here before we left,    but, I was sorry about my bread pan it was in, but we found both pan & cake    I left the cakes right in the pan last night. 

Fri. April 6. 1951./ 24. eggs today./   Well I did out another washing & got dinner & supper & washed the dishes & got the clothes all dried indoors    it was nice this morning    sun was clear & bright,    but I didn’t have enough water to finish      & Elbert went for more fish & didn’t get back untill after 12 noon   I had the potatoes on cooking & broccoli ready to cook so it didn’t take long,    he cleaned 4 fish for dinner    I had fry pan hot     & salted & floured fish & put them in  & he went back & cleaned out 5 more,     so, he could rest after dinner a little     he brought the water & I finished the clothes so, I wont have quite so many after next week     & I hope to get a little more sewing done next week,    birds were singing & flowers starting to grow & frogs croaking & a N. East breeze, clouded up this after noon     the wind went south tonight   cold white sun & radio said cooler tomorrow.    I went to prayer meeting last night not many there. 

Sat. April. 7. 1951./ page. 2730./ 22. eggs today./ Elbert set another fence post on the S. east corner,  Bill Snyder has tried & tried to wiggle it loose when the ground is wet Spring & Fall & he did it this time, so Elbert have put in a rail road tie that John Snyder gave him,     Bill plows up to the line & if the post was gone he wouldn’t know if he was over to far, of course, he’s a skunk if ever there was one & just like the old folks,    he  made a big pond hole on his lot by draging the dirt out on the brow of the hill, then he went to plow crosswise, his lot & mine so to fill the hole up    he is so thoroughly discusting & so ignorant person,    a year ago he plowed & planted, his sister’s ground to corn & cut & sold it & then Bessie found it out & made him give her half of the money & I thought that was easy on him,    it’s hard to tell what he will be up to next.    Wish I could put up a fence at least half way to the back.    Elbert cut a lot of brush & hopes to get in a few stakes on the line.    Well I swept & dusted & cooked & washed dishes & baked 2 tins of bread biscuits & did my daily dozen    Elbert worked to long & hard & looked it,    but I couldn’t talk him out of doing it.    I hope & pray he wont be sick from it.    it’s been to hot today after being so cool “60 degrees” & Radio said it would be 35 or 40 degrees tonight,    I wanted to go out but so much to get done in here & my legs to tired all the week,    got to take it a little more easy this coming week.    I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name for His Love & Care of us & pray He will reveal & help me to do His Will not mine. 

Sun. April. 8. 1951./ 14. eggs today./  Well, I didn’t get to church this a-m. but we went tonight    had a good sermon & some good testimonies & I pray God will help us to live as he wants us to live,    Mrs. Horning & Janet were to church tonight & Mrs Smith & his to girls & they had a girl friend with them    & Dorthy & Lindy & there two children     Tom & Ronie & Mertle did the preaching    Mertle’s Mother & sister & Mrs. Sprunk & another elderly lady     I don’t know her name    & my-self.     It’s been a wet misty day with light shoers.   sun came out & set white tonight.   Cloudy tonight, broken, so moon & stars apear once in a while.    I thank God in Jesus Name for saving my soul & giving me strength & courage & for my many healings & pray He will help me to keep well in His Name & to give me more of His spirit & help me to live & do His will in all things.     Glory to His Name, I love Thee Jesus    all Honor & Power truly belongest to Thee for ever & ever.    To be like Jesus, all I ask to be like him. 

Mon. April. 9. 1951./ 22. eggs today./  Elbert went to fish house & he helped wheel in 2 ton of fish & they gave him 28 pike & about 2 doz. perch,    he cleaned all but 15 pike    I cleaned 4 for our dinner,    he was so tired & then I scraped them & salted ours & packed them in a pan,    then he wanted to give Tom & Mertle a few & Harry Miller & he took 15 to Lindy West & told him he was to tired to clean them,    Lindy said he’d be glad to clean them,   it would save his 

Mon. April 9. 1951./ page. 2731./ 22. eggs this day./  meat bill & he thanked Elbert for them.    Harry Miller was so glad for his & Tom said fly up stairs Mertle & get them fish frying,    she was just getting ready to make & apple pie & Tom & Ronie were trying to fix up Tom’s car,     running board rusted & fell off,    they had eaten a few waffles,    no wonder they all look so starved & so thin,    We had a bad fog last night & it’s been rainy & cloudy all day    sun peeked out a few times this after noon & it had begun to get fogy before we got home tonight,    it was white as milk over the lake;    It was so bad this morning fishermen didn’t go out to lift nets untill most noon    Elbert didn’t get home untill most 2-p-m. & I hadn’t had a bite to eat,    I had just got the potatoes & stew pan on when he came in,    I made him stay in untill we ate,    he look so terribly tired & he is,    I wish he would only get enough for us & not so many,    it’s to much for him    he looked sick tonight & so yellow & exhausted.    & I’ve been so tired, but only done usual round,    well, I did clean the fish & salt them    Elbert usually scraps them out & washes them but he was to tired today,    so, he did to much work for the fish    & then give most of them away & 14 mi. drive to take them, to those he gave them to.    We are getting to the place where we can’t stand to do so much any more.    It’s been a nice April day.    I thank God & Praise Thee Jesus for all the many many blessings,    Keep us Closer to Thee. Amen.

Tue. April. 10. 1951./ 17. eggs today./  I haven’t done much today    Elbert want to go to the Hill farm for apples & Elbert got on the wrong road & so we see a lot of farms I haven’t seen seen since Frank & I use to go selling extracts & Knife sharpeners, can openers & fruit juicers    thats been a long time now, 18 yrs. Frank’s been gone & it was at least 3. yrs. before he died that we went most every day & we sold right up to the yr. he died,    but only close around home.    Well, we got back to the apple farm & bought 1. bu wine saps 2.00   they are so good, juicy & have a flavor     its been a fine day partly cloudy, whole sun, it rained in the early morning & there’s lots of water everywhere,     we picked up some ears of corn on the road,    enough for one meal for hens.    It was a beautiful day not cold but I didn’t feel like riding around,    some nice looking farms,    we saw a sign sorgum mollasses so Elbert got out to ask & perhaps get some, but no one ans. the door,    so “no lasses,”     well tomorrow’s Wed.    I ought wash but I don’t know what I’ll do.    Georgie & Bill been gone a week & came in late last night.    I was sitting up in bed     tomy felt bad.    well Elbert did quite a lot of spading,    he’s getting ground ready for potatoes.    Wish so much I could help.    I like to work the dirt.    I thank God He does take care of us & I pray I may do more for Him,    I want to    I love & Praise Jesus & I want to be all His for ever & ever for He’s a wonder-ful Friend & there’s no other can take His place in my heart.

Wed. April. 11. 1951./ Page. 2732./ 25. eggs today./    It’s been a beautiful day & I was out to the far end of the grapes,    Elbert has been cutting weeds & brush & spading to put in a few potatoes, he hopes by end of the mo.    Georgie Snyder waved her hand to me, a thing she hasn’t done in a long time & I have waved to her many times before,    then she & the dog & cat came over & talked awhile,    she & Bill had been over to see Bob,    he’s stationed there & they are now being moved to Texas.    she was tired when they rolled in Sun. night,    she said they had drove over 1000 miles that day,    but Young Bill had a fire for them & the house was warm,    he’s looked after the place while they were gone.    I received books & papers from Mrs. Goll today.    Oh Lord God of Hosts help me to do more of Thy work.    Every thing’s starting to grow but N. East wind’s so cold for me.    & today we hear the world is in a termoil because Trueman fired Gen. Mc.Aurther & crongresmen & Senit are angry.    Oh, Jesus, help us to be ever ready to depart with Thee. Amen. 

Thurs. April 12. 1951. /20. eggs today./ my check came today./ Elbert’s back pained him so bad he could hardly rest all night    & he got up same’s usual & went & sold  the eggs 10. doz. 6.50,    he didn’t spend it this time but gave it to me to save,    we thought we’d get a few more chicks for another yr.    but one doesn’t know hardly what to do, for the Goverment is in such a mess & I know Jesus will surly becoming before very long.    I got up & took a bath & dressed at 9-30-a-m & did several odds & ends & then mixed up my pie dough & made 2 apple & 2 peach pies,    My bowels run me yesterday after noon & evening & today haven’t moved all day,    Elbert got home early, 11-a-m & could hardly move his back pained him so    & so we didn’t get off to church tonight,    instead of prayer meeting Mertle’s having bible study meetings,    Well, I wish it was prayer meeting,    for I could get more out of it.    I pray Oh God, of Love & Mercy in Jesus Name and thank Thee for all things,    and pray Thou will Help us in all the ways we need .    Jesus Blessed Pure, True & Holy.    The wind is chilly & it’s tried to rain & been mostly cloudy.    New moon wading in snow & water tonight,    it rained & snowed a shower just before dark

Fri. April. 13. 1951./ 19. eggs today./   Well, I did the wash & I feel tuckered    got it nearly all dry & will have it done before I go to bed,    it’s been a rainy day   cold raw S. west wind & it snowed hard a couple of times & sun came out a few times,  white sun    Well I’m tired & I haven’t done any writing this week & owe every one a card or letter.     I see cabbages took a drop in price.    Elbert’s had to stay in most of the day because of the weather & his back    I’m glad he’s been inside,    he cleaned hen roost this morning & carried it out & put it on the garden & his face looked half froze.    I thank & Praise God for His Love & His care

Sat. April 14. 1951./ Page 2733./  22. eggs today. / Elbert went to Huron but not early enough to get any fish    he got pork shoulder for our dinner & lb. of butter, yeast cake & broccoli while I swept & wiped up floors & then got dinner    & then ironed E’s. shirt & my house dress,    then we had supper & Elbert killed & dressed a hen, she laided every day,    he got her on to cook & ground her breast & I have it mixed up for balls for tomorrow    & I hope to take a bath & get off to church in the morning,    it’s raining tonight 9-30-p-m.    I thank & Praise God & pray He will use me in His Own Way. 

Sun. April 15. 1951./ 12. eggs today./  We went to Sunday school & church & then come home  had our dinner & lunch tonight & then we went back to Church this evening    there were [?]32 to Sun.  & there were 6 young couples & 5 old people & 6. or 8. children in there teens & 4 or more little folks.    We had a very good sermon & those who belonged to the Lord were blessed    I thank & praise the Lord for our blessing which are many.   & I pray I maybe of more service to Him.    Oh God, be with Miss. Clark & her sister    Thou doeth know there needs    I pray Thy will be done,     if I can help her I pray, I may,    I thank Thee.    Well it’s been very chilly, partly cloudy & showers with quite a strong south west wind.    We saw some ducks or geese going S. east the other day & 7 going N. west today.

Mon. April. 16. 1951./ 21. eggs today./  Elbert went to fish house & helped dip fish & they gave him 4 catfish a bulhead a doz. or so perch & about the same number in pike & the S. west wind was cold,    it snowed in shoers, but melted as it fell.    flakes were big as feathers this morning but grew or came lots smaller     and tonight it’s much colder    we have a fire & keep one during  the night,    Birds show it’s to cold out side.   Elbert skined the fish & we cook them for dinner    then he finished cleaning the others & I salted & packed them & put them down to keep cold    We had chicken balls for supper. & hope to have fish for our dinner tomorrow    every time I eat I think of the many people that don’t have anything,     and of the terrible condition the whole world is in & wonder just how things will shape up    I believe it will be the new federation before much longer & then the small country’s will be gathered up that will take some time yet & then the war on the Israel,     I hope & pray God will have mercy & take us out before that time,    I believe He will before very much longer.    I thank Thee Jesus for helping me to under-stand Thy word & pray Thou will use me in Thy own Way Amen. 

Tue. April. 17. 1951./ 18. eggs today./  Snowed in showers all day & melted as it fell   cold raw wind    We only did what had to be done today.    Elbert gets his own breakfast & I cook dinner & supper & wash dishes & look after beds & so forth    & Elbert took care of hens & what out side chores & got up the coal,    Radio says it will freeze tonight    I hope not.    Well, I thank God for His Word & that He helps me to understand.

Wed. April. 18. 1951./ Page . 2734./ 18. eggs this day./ Well, I mended Elbert’s jumper yesterday & today I served the pieces on the gores of my skirt    & next I hope to sew skirt together & join waist & try it on,    I sure hope to get it done in another week at least    for my old one’s going to pieces,    I don’t know what’s wrong with me,    but I don’t have the endurance to work,    I have the ambition if only I could stick to the job    today I’m weak & shaky.    We received a card from Bonita that didn’t say much,    enjoyed fish    Bonney didn’t send after any of them & they kept them in ice box 4 or 5 days,    I’m glad I can eat mine fresh,     I wouldn’t want them after they laid around a week,    they taste good out the water & into the frypan,    We had another nice mess since then.    She said they were O.K and ask how we were,     said the weather was cool & that they had a letter from Marcie,    they’re O.K.     I gave her 30 cents to get some sort of heads to plant grass on    she got them, but Audrey had bought Gertie one,    so she had them there.    Love from Bonita.    Wind’s been strong & cold eased off,   but is blowing again    guess I try to wash tomorrow.    I’d like a nice day to hang the blankets out on the line.    It snowed hard in Cleveland radio said     & it truly [?] to hear several times this morning.    I thank & praise God    He is & ever will be & pray He will keep me close to him

Thurs. April. 19. 1951./ page. 2735. / 20. eggs today./ I wrote a card to Miss Clark & one to Audrey.    I washed out part of the clothes today & got them all dried except rags & wool skirt     Elbert went & sold 11. doz. eggs & got 1. bag of mash. 4.76 & I told him to keep the rest,    he has to pay for gas oil & car repares.    I gave him my check to cash & he used 1.50 for food & brought me 38.60    I have to use 20.00 for food & then 9.00 for gas & my taxes will be due before much longer    they were 10.00 & some odd cents last time,    I don’t know what they’ll be this time.    I took my bath & dressed at 4.30 for Church & then got supper     Elbert pared the potatoes,    I the broccoli & hen I looked after them & fried some stakes he bought,    he bought boiling meat & bacon & knockers.    Well, we got off to Church & back again,    Mertle has her new lower teeth & don’t feel or look very well    & Neither does Topp.    Mrs. Albright was there tonight,    but Mr. Whitman & Mrs. Sprunk was not.    I hope there not sick    Mrs. Fredrick was there & said Miss. Clark had been home but went back today.    I know I’d be tired & she’s older than I but able to get around on her feet for she walks a lot every day.    They said over radio 5.000 nurses are needed,    so Miss Clark is working in the hospital & looking after her sister    she’s been there 5 weeks now.    It’s quite cool out tonight    I don’t see how any thing can grow,    it was cloudy all morning  partly so this after noon & tonight moon shines through at in-tervals.    Elbert spaded a lot today so he’s real tired tonight.    Oh God help us to cling to Thee & I pray Thou will Keep us 

Fri. April 20. 1951./ 22. eggs today./   Well, I’ve only done the daily round with the exception of putting my bedding on the line & airing it & sweeping & turning the mattress over & making up the beds again,    but I feel tired,    I went out where Elbert was spading & to out side toilet & cleaned out the bird bath & filled it with clean water,    the tame white voilets are in bloom & the wild blue ones are growing fast now.    Golden bells are in bloom now,   but, it’s so cold nights,    we had a white frost last night,    sun came up late so it turned to water & ground was so wet & the grass.    Watkins man came this after noon    I had called Elbert to have some coffee “to get him to rest”    he’s spading to much at a time & to steady,    tires him so much he can’t rest    We see a female & a male pheasent today.    Walkins man had a cup of coffee & visited a while,    he use to live neighbor to Frank Bonney over on the lake bank near the old Glendening house,    it was the Daniels house where Edith & Her folks lived.    she had two brothers James & George.    Edith taught school when I lived at Wards next door & Wards house was between the other two.     I bought carbolic salve 40 cents for cuts  I got a bottle salt shaker of garlic salt 90 cents, & tin box of nutmeg 70 cents     everything costs so much, but I paid for them 2.08, 3 cents tax on sale.    We had soup for supper & broccoli & it was good,    broccoli was so tender & nice & I made a little relish of cabbage

Fri. April. 20. 1951./ Page. 2736./ 20 eggs this day./ onion & pickles chopped fine with some of the sweet pickle vinegar on it.    Now Elbert is in bed    he got up early & in the morning     he wants to go to Vermilion for greens for hens & to fish house for fish if he can make both places on time or he said he might go to fish house only.    Looks like I’ll have bread to bake & some washing to do out,    so, I thank Jesus for my strength & pray I may do his Will & not mine in all things great or small. Amen. 

Sat. April 21. 1951./ 20. eggs today./ Well, I did out quite a washing & baked 2 tins of bread biscuits   cooked 2 meals & washed up all the dishes & believe me or not    I’m so tired    Elbert went to fish house    worked for some fish   he dressed 6 & I cooked “or fried” them    I got the potatoes ready & so it didn’t take long to fry them,    had the greese all hot & soup & white frish fried & potatoes cooked    we ate soup & I turned fish & by time soup was down potatoes & fish were ready & we had some tomatoes left over & they were good & hot coffee.    Clothes, all dry & put away & socked darned & bread put in crock,    now I’ve been reading & thinking how very near the end is of this world & wishing I could do more to help people understand,    for My heart achs when I think of the many Who are not ready;    Oh God, I pray in Jesus Name You will help me to help others to turn to Thee, Amen.    It’s been a beautiful day,   sunshine but partly hazzy & it’s warmer tonight,    Wind went from N.E. to S. east tonight, no frost.

Sun. April. 22. 1951./ 16. eggs today./  Well, We didn’t get away this morning, but we did tonight,    they had 67 to Sunday school & three persons were converted this morning & a married young couple tonight     Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.    I thank Him for answering prayers for giving Sister Eppler a greater boldness for Jesus & helping her to speak out & declare God’s word, & tonight she said she felt stronger in that way & the church will once more gain in truth & be steady in Jesus Name I thank Thee & we give Thee all the Praise, Amen.    Elbert took some fish to Harry Miller,    I gave Tom & Mertle some & Mrs. Sprunk    she didn’t go to the car & get them so I left them with Mertle & Tom.    Wind’s S. West & quite strong   showers during night & morning, clouds are broken tonight & moon shines through.    It’s been a beautiful day & Apricot in full bloom in a big white ball beautiful. 

Mon. April 23. 1951./ 20. eggs today./ Well I cleaned the stand with the plants on it in the east window & the window & the high stool with some plants on it & the floor beneith them,    the stool is one from the old tug “Welcome,” the captian gave it & the big ice box to Elbert,    that’s been a number of yrs. ago    about 50 years.   I have it in my old diary, that is quite along time now,    I’m 66 yrs. old    Elbert gave the stool to me,    we used it at home for a long time to sit on while talking on the telephone,    it’s give my feet a rest many a time. 

Mon. April. 23. 1951./ Page 2737./ 20. eggs this day./   but they are in such bad condition now    I have to sit more & so often.    I swept & washed dishes & cooked,    We had 2 meals or I did,    Elbert gets up & eats about 7-a-m. after he has taken care of chickens, he killed a hen, picked & cleaned it & put it on to cook & he has spaded a big wide long piece of ground ___ ft. wide & ___ ft. long for potatoes & a little garden stuff & he gathered a good big mess of dandelines,  for greens,    he fixed the posts with the boards on to hold the yellow roses back from the path to toilet & he’s done a lot of odds & ends & is terrible tired tonight.,     We had a heavy frost last night not quite as bad as night before last    it made heavy ice & didn’t get melted by noon, but didn’t freeze so bad last night     & Apricots are all in bloom.     I received a letter from Annabel & card from Miss. Clark today,    I sure have to take time out to write letters & cards, soon;    Elbert wants to go to Lorain tomorrow.    So I’ll have to go to bed now & try to rest,    I do thank God for saving my soul and, teaching me His ways & healing me so many, many times,    I give Him the Glory for ever & ever, Amen.    I pray He will keep us, the car & all we have safe & I love Thee Jesus & Praise Thee & pray I may do more to help in Thy work,   Use me Jesus.    It’s been a beautiful day but raw wind from S. West.    Clear sky tonight.    We saw a silver color plane come from N. & go to the South with a long stream of white behind it, high up.   

Tue. April 24. 1951./ 19. eggs today./  Had a card from Audrey, she hoped my ride to Nellie’s didn’t make me sick     & said Bonita was down & had been over to her aunt Hazels & done out a big wash.    H. has been in bed for 5. weeks & Bonita told her about the fish we had taken to them     & Audrey wanted to know how the fish were biting     We would like to take her some     but she’s only home for quick lunch at noon & then to supper     & its so late by the time we get back    Elbert hates to drive after dark    said she & Martha were coming out,    then Jean phoned & said they were going to a stork show,    We had chicken to & maybe it wont be when they do come.    I washed today & Elbert went to Vermilion & got greens for hens & a few things for us.    I didn’t have much washing since I washed Sat. so had it most done when he got back.    I got a little book from Aunt Ellen,  a needle work book put out by her.   The sun shone a while this morning, then clouded up & stayed that way the rest of the day,     & is trying to rain tonight, cold N. east wind but no frost last night although it did get cold before morning.        I’ve fixed up my old stockings & maybe they’ll do a few times more    I do Praise God for all our many blessings in Jesus Name, Amen.

Wed. April 25. 1951./ page. 2738./ 21 eggs today./ Well, Elbert went to fish house & got a very large mess of fish some nice little catfish 2 perch & the rest were pike    he cleaned them all,    We ate catfish for supper had chicken balls for dinner.    The wind went S. west after mid night & blew strong untill tonight it eased off & we had a good shower, wind got hot, was lots to hot.    thundered & lightened & light showers tonight     it’s still thundering,     I see a little snake this after noon laying in sun by the well.    the pheasent comes to bird bath to drink    We saw the little hen the other day    guess she has a nest out by the grapes    Well I haven’t done much today, wrote Miss. Clark a letter & cleaned a big 12 qt. pail of greens for Audrey & Gertie & salted the fish & packed them in pans & cooked two meals & did dishes & now I’m going to bed for Elbert goes about 8-30-a-m & I’ll have to get up at 7-a-m & I don’t feel able to go, but no peace untill I do.    I Pray God will take care of us & help us to get most every thing done while we are there in Lorain, that we’d planed to do.   Now I thank & Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thy Will be done, Amen.

Thurs. April 26. 1951./ 22. eggs today./ Well, we went to Lorain,    I bought a black coat & hat & small sprayer & 5. gal of white paint for the house    Oh, yes, I bought 6. yds. house dress good & 3 dish rags, 3 spools 40. O.N.T. crochet thread & 1 1/2 doz. balls tating thread or crochet thread for handkercheifs.   & 1. dress for 5. dollars for a church dress 5.00.   it’s a sort of dark red,    got to fix the bottom.    it’s to short in the back,    hope I can fix it with what I take of the front & maybe I’ll get one made by & by that will be longer.  35.00 for coat 3.07 for hat 6.__ for dress goods dish rags crochet thread & darning cotton.    We stopped to see Mrs. Cranage & I had a little visit,    that house all-ways looks as if she had just moved in    & things are laid here & there & every where, big rug rolled up & laying on stair way.    she took one doz. eggs. & Elbert took 2. doz. for Audrey & Martha & then forgot to leave them,  but we took her fish & Rhubarab & a bag with fish & rhubard for Martha & one for Nellie.    Audrey gave me 10 linen kercheifs & 3 balls thread    she’s going to get me 3 or 4 shirts & I will pay her for them.    We bought a few things in Vermilion & came home,    I’m dead tired    I got supper but it was to late for us to go to church & I pray God will for give me,    it took a bout one hr. to sell the eggs, it was 11-30-a-m when we left Penys Store.    & by the time we got to Audrey’s we only had to wait 5 minutes for her,    she gave us a slice of bread  a piece & cup of hot coffee,    we talked while she ate & then we went to Sears  got the paint & a hand qt. sprayer & hit for home.     I got aquainted with a young woman in Klines that lived with Ella Jane in New Mexico & she was there when Ruby & Nellie were there,    she seemed like a very nice person & as if she would like to know us better.     I met Bessie Pratte in Sears    I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of us today.    I gave Audrey one of Dehaans books    I hope she will read it. 

Fri. April 27. 1951/ page. 2739./ 22. eggs today./ Oh, I’m so lame & sore from the trip yesterday,    seemed as if I couldn’t move all day,    I got dinner & washed the dishes then went out & trimed the roses on each corner of the house as far as I could reach     & Elbert took the step ladder & did the little on top, that part he unfastened & we tied in a few stalks,     they didn’t make as many new ones as usual.    I trimed the middle rose up as far as I could reach     & to-morrow we hope to finish that & then the one in front of hen house then on the back fence the the row north of the house & one by hen house window & by the drive & in front of the house & then the vines     & we have to plant potatoes & beets & carrots & then some corn & beans & cabbages & tomatoes & my flower seeds,    & I hope they grow, but it’s so cold nights & don’t warm up in the morning like it should.    Well, my hands are scratched & a few thorns in them & my feet have troubled me all day,    but I thank God for all our many blessings & I do pray He will soon fix my feet & ankles so I can work again,    I use to wish I didn’t have to work,    but I only ment untill I could get my strength back &     but I believe God will fix them yet,     I’ll give Him Glory & Praise always, Amen.    Elbert is so tired, sore & lame, from spading & doing odds & ends.    I feel so sorry for him     it always has made me so each Spring.

Sat. April. 28. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Elbert went to Huron & got a nice mess of fish small perch mostly 3 or 4 pike & 2 white base,    We had some for supper & I fried all of them for it’s been a very hot day    I trimed both trumpet vines & got about half of the roses in corner of park fence & then Elbert helped me,    they had come up in the pear tree & through the big Weigela bush, golden bell & Tamarix.     We had a time pulling the long shoots out & then getting them where they belong,    we still have several more & the middle one on the house in front of coop.    & then grass & weed to rake out.     I don’t know what to do about the vines on car shed,    they look as if they had winter killed, bad,    Well, I salted & packed fish & washed dishes & Elbert took down back storm door & put up screen    & Elbert is so tired     also he can hardly exist,    he got a piece of pork shoulder & I had to cook that for it’s been so hot all day “in the 80.ties.”    & today the wind blew quite strong from the S.W. & made up a storm,    it started in easy to shower after supper    then came, down in sheets & then eased off, but at 10-30-p-m    it thundered & lightened & wind blew untill it sung poured rain & some sleet & is still at it.    Received card from Miss. Clark saying they’re better.    Elbert shot a woodchuck today    the first one we have seen & he said he stunk,    he buried him.    Pheasent still out in back.    I thank My God in Jesus Name for all things. 

Sun. April. 29. 1951./ Page. 2740/ 16 eggs today./ Elbert forgot to set the clock a-head last night so I barely got to church on time    We had a terrible wind storm last night    a car was in the ditch    a telegraph pole broke over & two big trucks standing by when we went to church,    When we came back the car was being towed away & the line man were fixing up another pole,     a little ways farther a small building was toppled over & a big barn blown down,     I thank & Praise God in Jesus Name    He spares our little house.    Elbert slept & just remembered I said something to Him about it.    There wasn’t many to Church this morning, but tonight, there were 7 young couples, 8 with Tom & his wife,    then Mr. & Mrs. Horning Mr & Mrs. West Sr.  Mrs. Sprunk & I,     Mr Whitman wasn’t there & he seldom misses a meeting.    We were out around the yard some, today,    the mertle & blue voilets & white violets are in bloom    ground is full of mole holes.    Several storms went over us today    & once it showered.    It must have rained hard while we were at church, out here.    Elbert’s in bed & I wish I were,    I receivd a blessing from Jesus tonight, Praise God.  

Mon. April 30. 1951./ 19 eggs today./ Elbert got up & washed his 4 union suits,    he put his B.V.D’s. on this morning    wind was N. East & cold    he washed his baath towel & wash rag & 5 or 6 nose rags, sudsed & wrinsed them & hung them on the line    then came in & had a cup of tea with me & I got dinner while he rested & then ate    hens laid 48 doz. & 10 eggs this mo.    & went back & washed out both prs. of his wool pants,    he handed me his light union suits    I hung them over the stove & got one suit dry    & told him to get into them as soon as he hung up the pants & so he did tonight    his joints are aching,  such a world.    he’s been feeling bum for sometime & does such careless things,    I washed dishes & swept     then got supper & press his wool pants & ironed his work shirts,    I pray God will put the devil on the run soon for I am standing on His Promise4s & trusting in Jesus Name,    Glory to God   I praise Thee Jesus Blessed & Holy, Thou are truly wonderful.    Today has been sunshiny all day but cool N. East wind. 

Tue. May 1. 1951./ 23. eggs today./ Well I got the general washing done & I dried most of it out side,    I have blankets next to wash & wish it was over.    Elbert put in 3 rows of potatoes today & so tired he can’t seem to rest besides all the odds & ends he has done    carried the water for me to wash   took care of hens & I don’t know what else,    I got dinner & supper & took care of dishes & darned 2 prs. of sock & ironed my skirt, dress, scarf & kercheifs & I’m tired.    It’s been a beautiful day, warm sun, cool N. east breeze.    John Snyder was over to his place & disk the corn stalks,    hope we get to put in a few beets, carrots, beans, cabbages & my flowers.    I do thank & praise God for our garden & hens but don’t know how much longer we can have hens   feed so high.

Wed. May. 2. 1951./ Page 2741./ 22. eggs today./  Well, we both managed to get up,    Elbert went to fish house & got a big mess of fish & he cleaned them all & now is planning on giving Harry Miller 6.  Mrs. Sprunk 6, & Epplers 10.   to much work for they don’t even tell him how much they enjoyed them,    Mr Miller does but the rest never say anything  just take them all cleaned & salted & all they have to do is flour & fry them & eat them.    Elbert isn’t very well,    he wont be able to help them much longer,    he’s planing on selling eggs tomorrow ___ doz.     We did get the rose on end of house & in the middle & part of the one on the post in front of hen house    & I got most of Westeria vine trimed before dinner,    no, it was a beautiful day,    was a little cloudy this after noon & then cloudied up at dusk & rained a good shower at 9-30-p-m.    I feel rather dead on my feet, the bones are down so bad in ball of feet so bad,    I know the Lord is able & I believe He will fix them.    I Praise Him    there’s no one in all the whole world like Jesus.    I believe Audrey is sending Lorain news paper to Elbert    hes got 2, one yesterday & one today.    We are both terrible tired    Elbert went to bed & I was going out by the toilet & get the 4 tine rake,    I forgot it    had it on my mind, but told him to tell me when he was coming into the house & so,     he told me then kept telling me, that agervates me,    Well, I came & so,    he got up & dressed & went & got the rake,    he didn’t want me to go in the rain & maybe fall down,    I nearly fell twice today & I got a swat across the eyes the other day & to-day on my finger next to little finger on right hand,    it pains & is sore & so does me eyes.    I heard the pheasent out in the back.    peaches & pears are in bloom,    it was quite warm today.    I thank God for His wonder love & the care He give me.   

Thurs. May. 3. 1951./ 16. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went out & sold 10 doz. eggs 6.50 & he bought mash 4.76 & he got a few things for us to eat & he stopped to Epplers & left a pan of fish all cleaned & told Rony to give Mrs. Sprunk 5 or 6,    he told Elbert his mother had the flu.    We didn’t go to Church to night    Elbert isn’t well,    & he work a little while & he’s all tired out,    I’m the same way,    but my feet torture me so bad I can’t stand on them very long & it does hurt to try to walk & have your heel sink into a mole hole,    We trimed the rose rambler in front of hen house & finished the ones on the park fence & he put out a lot of the Weiglia & golden bell bush that winter killed    lots of the rose vines winter killed & honey suckle    Well we only have a little to trim & a big heap of brush to take a way.    then the place won’t look quite so bad    & then if we can get the house painted it will be nice & look so much cleaner.    I’m sorry we didn’t go to church,    but since Elbert wont go in I felt it better to pray here.    I thank God in Jesus Holy Name for saving my soul & for all He gives us & Pray I may do more for Him.    Elbert took fish to Harry Miller.

Fri. May. 4. 1951./ Page. 2742./ 17. eggs today./ I baked 2 large tins of bread biscuits & one large loaf of bread & 12 cup cake & one square layer.    I got dinner & washed dishes & was out side to toilet & in the park where Elbert was cleaning up brush    he sawed some limbs of the oak & has 3 more to saw off,    he sawed a piece of the tamarix    I have 3. young ramblers on the fence, yet to trim.    had card from Nellie,    said she got her garden plowed & now had to get it planted.    wish we had ours plowed    it’s to hard for Elbert to spade so much,    he isn’t phyically fit to do it,    he says he was tired when he got up & sore & lame all over from planting the potatoes,    May 1 & 2nd. he received 2 news papers    yesterday it didn’t come & today he got 2.    I believe it was left next door.    It’s been a fine day to work    N. east breeze yesterday & today,     Thurs. morning between 12-30-a-m & 8- we had several showers, 2 heavy ones.   last after dinner yesterday there was, a fog & it got so shivery cold we came in before dark    & the fire felt good & has felt good alday today & tonight,      little colder tonight than last night,    Well Elbert’s in bed & I wish I was in mine.    I ought to sweep & wipe up floors in morning.    I thank God and Jesus for all our many blessings & pray We may both be His be-fore we are taken away,    I sure would miss Elbert    he’s so good & does so many things,    but, I do wish he wouldn’t do so much at atime & tire himself all out,    he worries because he can’t do enough to suit him.    May God help us to take it more easy & not worry & help us to live His will & His ways.    I Praise Father Son & Holy Ghost Amen.

Sat. May. 5. 1951./ 18. eggs today./  Well, I got the two big blankets washed, but not dried     I aired Elbert’s bedding & washed his sleepers & pillow slip & a few kercheifs & rags my petticoat & a few other small pieces.    Elbert worked in garden untill he felt so sick he got as far as the door & set down,    he’s doing to much at a time.    We ate two lunches & no hot supper    It was a nice day    clothes didn’t dry good    air seemed damp.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & pray many will go to Church & truly learn more about Thee    I thank Thee & I thank Thee for healing Mrs. Eppler   all the praise & Glory belongest to Thee for ever & ever, bless the efforts of all Thine Who strive to preach Thy word & help it to ring true to Thee, in Jesus Name. 

Sun. May. 6. 1951./ 22. eggs today./ Oh, God, I thank & praise Thee in Jesus Name for Thy wonderfull Power, for Thy Love & Grace  for saving my soul & I crave to be filled with the Holy Ghost & to be able to praise Thee in spirit    help me Jesus that I may Be with Mr. Whitman & bless him & strengthen him in soul & body    We will give thee all the glory & honor for ever & ever, Amen.    It’s been a fine day,    N. east breeze cool, cool nights, but every things growing, that stays in over winter.     Voilets are beautiful,    but I guess the rabbits eat my clove pinks,    I don’t find any.    & Mrs. Cranage wanted some

Mon. May. 7. 1951./ Page. 2743./ 22. eggs today/ It’s been a fine day.    Elbert hasn’t felt very well all day    he went to Huron but got no fish,    he went to Killbrides & got qt. of milk,    it’s a relief after trying to put up with that dope from the milk wagon full of soada & that can milk my blood pressure drop most out of sight when I have to do with out good fresh milk,    this milk isn’t as good as it might be,    but I’m sure glad to get it.    Elbert tried to work in the garden,    but, came in & slept in big chair for an hr. or so then went out tried it again.    While I tired myself all out trying to get my dress basted together, but I made it,    one side of skirt seems to be wider than the other,    but, that’s a puzzle for another day,    if it were not for that I’d have it done, all but neck, bottom & buttons,     How-ever, I’ll have to try again on the skirt,    I need it so bad to wear & I’ve got to cut out a couple more so to have a thin light dress or so for summer.    Cool N. West wind all day,    White sun with a few clouds,  to cold at night for garden to grow,    wish I could take care of my flowers & clean them up.    We see a rabbit out between the evergreen trees at 2-p-m., just sitting looking around, in the tall grass.    Well, I thank Thee Jesus “Dear & Holy Thou art to me” for the blessings of this day    Oh God, help us to know what we ought to be doing & how to get at it I pray,     I thank Thee.

Tue. May. 8. 1951./ 17. eggs today./  Elbert got up early    went & got the milk & then came back home & decided to go for fish,    he got about a doz.    came back & cleaned them, ate dinner & went to Ver-milion for hens greens & a little for us    he got a piece of smoked pressed ham & cheese, cabbage, broccoli, nuts chocolate & ice cream,    so I made tea & we ate cream,    we had fish for supper    they were good.    I was sick all night    we had soup & it had a little to much greese in it,    my stomach hurt so bad    then it began to go the other way & I rushed the can untill daylight,    so I didn’t do any more than I had to about work today,    & after supper Mr. & Mrs. Ottis West & Mrs. Sprunk came out to invite us to a annavary party tomorrow night,    it’s for Tom & Mertle Eppler & they were taking up a collection,    I gave a dollar for Elbert & I but I don’t want to go.    We don’t have the nice clothes any more & have been along so long, it’s hard to mingle, now.    I pray they have a nice time   all who go,    & remember the Lord & give Him Honor & Glory for all things.     I gave them rhubarb & they looked at the garden & trees & flowers, then came in & looked at crochet work & my new coat    then after visiting awhile departed for home.    I was out to the garden, but tomie hurt to bad to do any stooping.    I thank & praise God for His wonderful Love & care & I Praise Jesus for the wonderful example He set for us & that He is ever ready & willing to give strength & courage & lift us    He’s wonderful.

Tue. May. 8. 1951. page. 2744./ 17 eggs this to day./ He’s all the world to me,    I love Him more than anything or any one on earth,    if only people would read there bible, study & pray, earnestly,    He said He’d hear & save there souls if they would call on His Name,    He is Blessed, True & so pure & Holy,    I love 
Thee Jesus.    It’s been a nice day but cool.  wind went S.W. tonight,    it’s been quite fresh for a few days.

Wed. May. 9. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Well, I helped ELbert finish tie up Westeria Vine & then clean up, muss, then we got at the yellow chinna roses    everything winter killed so bad    the are over half killed out    we cut out a big pile of brush & then were both so tired & heavy we crawled back to the Kitchen    Elberts back was paining him bad,  I made hot tea & we washed & drank & rested a while,    then, I got the broccoli pealed & ready to cook    I warmed potatoes  fried steak  couple pieces size the palm of my hand that cost 74 cents & got the corn hot & we ate supper    then he fed hens, locked up for night,    then I washed dishes & we rested & listened to radio for half hr.    then I read the Rev. DeHaan’s sermons that came Mon. Called the Signs of the Times.    The times are coming so true to God’s word & He’s coming back soon    all signs tell us so,    the men of the Nations are talking & have been for some time, of reorginizing the United Nations into a federation of Nations, & that is what the bible calls it & it’s in the end time of the world    I pray God will help people come quickly to Him,    I haven’t done the washing yet & it seems a big job.    I thank & praise God in Jesus Name for saving my soul & all my many healing & for answering many prayers & I believe He will help all the family in His way to be saved     Oh God help us fast to do Thy biding & will, Amen. 

Thurs. May 10. 1951./ 21. eggs today/ Elbert went for milk    then went to Vermilion & sold 10 doz. 65 cents per. doz. 6.50 & he bought a 100 lb bag of mash 4.60 & a 100 lb. bag of grain 4.76 a total 9.36    he had some money left over from left over from last week     so had enough to pay for it he said but I believe he used a little of his own money 1.74 cents to be exact    he got back at 11-30-a-m.    he still don’t feel very good so I was glad he could work out side    it was cloudy all morning & began a fine misty rain just before he got here & then it came heavier & at last in heavy showers & cold     & then took care of hens early & put car in shed,    we had toast & milk for supper & he got up some coal & fixed the fire    listened to the news over the radio & then went to bed.    I didn’t much today    crocheted a couple of corners for Kercheifs & read my bible a while & then got me 

Thurs. May. 10. 1951./ page. 2745./ 21. eggs this day/ self off to bed.   I thank my Heavenly Father in Jesus Holy Name for His Wonderful care for us,    I pray Elbert will soon be turned to Him,    God help    I know it is Thee who turns us to Thee & I thank Thee with my Whole heart, soul & mind, Amen.    Cloudy all day   Cold N.E. wind & rain. 

Fri. May. 11. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Well, I washed out all my clothes except night gown & I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get it down & now it’s dry    it’s rained in showers all day & wind shifted tonight from N. East to S. West.    & it’s been pouring rain.    Elbert hasn’t felt able to work     he tried to mow between showers & his stomach is bad tonight.    I do thank God for all His blessing & pray He will help me to be worthy,   Oh Jesus, please help me to do Thy Holy Will, & help me to help others, use me in Thy own way    I thank Thee. Amen.

Sat. May. 12. 1951./20 eggs today./ Well I swept & wiped up the floors & ironed my petticoat & finished the handkercheif I made for Mrs. Eppler    it tires me to work at it to long.    but it rests me a lot to chrochet a little.    I must take a bath & go to Sunday school & Church in the morning    It’s been a nice day with sunshine but N. E. wind & cool & more cool to-night   clear   the stars & new moon are as clear as can be. Had nice letter from Nellie “tomorrow is mothers day” & she said  Johny phoned her,    he’s very busy in his last term of school & they are all well.    Bonita & Nellie have been making things for school,      children are going to wind the May Pole in gay colors & wear fancy dresses & they are making a dress for the music teacher.    Georgie has been home 4 days sick,    they took him to Dr.    Nellie taught 4th & 5th grades at the school where George & Bonita go “the twins” & they won blue ribbons in spelling,    Nellie said she planted peas, lettuce & radishes & they are up, but wished she had some corn in     it’s been raining & to wet now.    Elbert turned over a lot of dirt today,    he went & got the milk & went to Vermilion    got hens greens & then to Huron hoping to get some fish, but no luck    I had dinner about ready when he came in at 1-30-p-m,  half starved, he said he didn’t eat any breakfast this morning,    so we both we in same fix as I hadn’t eat or drank.    I thank my God in Jesus Holy Name, for His love & care, Amen. 

Sun. May. 13. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Well, I missed Sunday school & church this a-m. but we went tonight     Elbert picked a big bunch of flowers “voilets” & I took them a handkercheif to Mrs. Eppler & I put in my tenth for church 1. for Missionary bank & 50 cents for Sun. school.    Sister Eppler was please with her gifts & they did have 98 to sunday school & I thank God for ans. prayer & that the love us & does hear when we cry to Him    Praise His Holy Name    It’s been a fine day, but so cool    tomatoes & cabbages turning yellow    We have had two white dues, almost frost but perhaps in 2. weeks more it will warm up, lets hope & pray God will help us. 

Mon. May. 14. 1951./ Page. 2746./ 20. eggs today./ Well I baked two tins bread biscuits & two big tins of rusk biscuits    I swept & did my usual round & I’m tired     Elbert worked spading & got over heat & after doing it once, I thought he’d use judgement & not go back,    but while I was busy he went back & could hardly get to the grainery where he set down    & I urged him untill he came in & had some hot drink & his face looked terrible all red & yellow,    he looked terrible sick & I believe he felt that way.    & he just said he did,    I’ve tried to get him to let the spading go,    but he wont    he isn’t able & it’s been extra hot to day in the sun 95 here in the Kitchen,    I thank God we are His & can call on Him when ever we wish & He hears & ans our cry,   but I wish so much I could do more for Him, help me Jesus.

Tue. May. 15. 1951./ 21. eggs today./  Well Elberts sick yet & he looks it    hope he will be careful from here on for some days will be to hot.    I washed today     it was 95 here by the sink & so I don’t feel very frisky myself.    I made out an order for flower & vegetable seeds, but don’t know if I can get them all.    When I stop to think of all the hungry people I feel as if I can’t get the flower seeds,    so I’ll have to think & pray about it.    they sell cheaper than any others at Mills & now throw off 20 cents on a dollar & they give 2. pks. extra,    so for a dollar you get 1.20 worth of seeds.    I have tried to hoe a little but don’t seem to be able to do much.    Well I thank & praise God for all I have & I do not want to do anything wrong.    So I trust He will help me to decide on what to get,     I pray He will help Elbert to be O.K. again & that we will be ready to go with Him when He calls.    I got a catalog from Mills for seeds today.    I’m tired & stomach is bad nerves are so bad, sends chills clear up into my face & jaws    I done Elbert’s washing also today 3 suits under wear 2 work shirts 3. prs. sock  bath towel 5 nose rags & the old seat cover for big chair & my own change of clothes & the odds & ends & daily round. 

Wed. May. 16. 1951./ 22. eggs today./ Well, I been to bum to do much & so did as little as possible    was out side for 1/2 hr. or so    couldn’t endure it to just rake leaves    heat was 100 in the corner of Kitchen by the sink.    I crocheted a little    finished a handkercheif for Audrey & have to finish one for Gertie    her birthday was Sun. May 13.  she was 63 yrs. old. & she works each weak day for Good Will Co. on Broadway a blk from where she & Audrey live.    I hope to go to see them & take them some lilacs & lillies of the valley     weather has been bad for them,    so cold nights,   we had it a little warmer last night & tonight.     John Snyder plowed half “or very near so” the 36 acres across from us today,    I thought he was going to finish but he left a small corner,    there is a little breeze from S. West & it’s cool.    We haven’t any fire, last night, or tonight.    I thank God for all our many blessing & Pray He will help me to be of more service to Him. Amen.

Thurs. May. 17. 1951./ Page. 2747./ 18. eggs today./  We were married 31. yrs. ago today./ Elbert went & sold 13. doz. eggs 8.45    he bought 1. ton of sand 3.98, 2. bags lime 1.22 & fertilizer 2.60    he had 75 cents left from the eggs money,    he bought 2 fish a herring and a white fish & had to take one back    it was spoilt,    they gave him one fresh, todays catch,   & it was larger  he had to take the other one back 14 miles round trip,    he went for milk, but couldn’t get any,    so, he’ll go in morning for milk again.    I’ve cooked & washed dishes & I tried to cut out the flox in the flower border,    it has-n’t been cleaned out for several yrs. & weeds & grass are pack down untill flowers that are left are all most choked out,    Well I hardly made & empression but if I can cut a little one aday maybe I’ll get through before Fall,    it will help me to get a little fr4esh air & excersize out side & I need to get out a little more,    Ella Jane is 32 yrs. old April 22 1951.    Wind’s been North east all day & cold    we had a little fire all day,    fog was thick as milk & damp late this after noon,    so I didn’t stay out very long & then could hardly keep from fainting after I got in & cleaned up & got the supper started    Mrs. Goll sent me some more papers today    I wish she wouldn’t for it costs to much.    I thank God for His Love & mercy    & Elbert felt so bad last night but better in some ways today,    he does so many things.   I Praise Thee Jesus & thank Thee for all things great, or small.

Fri. May. 18. 1951./ 21. eggs today./ Elbert went & got the qt. of milk & he’s worked in garden all day,    I got up & washed out what dirty clothes there were & got dinner darned 3 prs socks & 2. prs my old stocking   then washed dishes & ironed big chair back cover & my petticoat,    Elberts 2. work shirts & a mash bag I use over the bed room window    then I rested awhile & got supper    hope to sweep & wipe up floors tomorrow & maybe sew a little,    air is thick as if it was fogy,   it was bad after midnigh & grass was as wet as if it had rained    War is bad on the other side & our rulers quareling among themselves.    a tornado in Texas, fires & trains having collisions,   steam boats & air planes & bible history coming true every day & Why, oh Why don’t the people call on the Lord.    I pray for all Thy people & that they will cling to The through thick & thin    I Praise Thee Jesus.    Sun shone all day.    I pray I can get off to Church Sun, morning. 

Sat. May. 19. 1951./ 21. eggs today./  Was sick all night   liver gas or another gall stone,    I slept an hour or so after daylight,     then got up & dressed, but was so tuckered out I couldn’t work.    I ask for the needs of the sick, should we fast all those who sick, should they pray in earnestness or just pray & say it’s your falt if you don’t get healed,   I’ve seen some of that   it’s no good

Sat. May 19. 1951./ page. 2748./ 21. eggs this day./ I like to be in a prayerful mood & prepared, not laughing joking & then pray & run away,    I thank Thee Jesus for taking care of me & trust I’ll receive strength & be filled with the Holy Ghost soon & then I pray He will help me to be of more service to Him.    We have had a nice day with Sun shine & a S. east breeze.    & 84 degrees heat.    Elbert has been working in the garden,    his potatoes are coming up & its only been about 3 weeks,   thats good,   the cabbages are coming & so the tomatoes & pepers ought to be coming all so & some of the Zinnias are up from last year’s self sowing.    but I ought to have got the seeds I have, in this last week.    I’d like to get in what seeds I’ve got.    I thank God for all things & pray He will guide me all the way,   I Praise Thee Jesus, help me. 

Sun. May. 20. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ My stomach & bowels & liver have been so bad all this week    I just didn’t feel I could be hauled to Vermilion & back, if they pray earnestly for me, I know Jesus will hear & ans. prayer & I’m trusting they will,    some how, as long as I can walk no one seems to think I sick, but, God knows all things.   What they “as well as I” think.    I couldn’t work Sat. & didn’t feel able to do anything all week,    I’ve felt to dead to skin, as if I weigh 2 ton, not certian on my feet for several days,    Elbert killed a hen & dressed & cooked & all I did was take care of beds & washed up the dishes tonight    sure hope & pray for more strength & I thank God for all the many things He does for me  & pray & thank Him for hearing & ans. prayer,    I trust to be able again before long to get my strength & go to church & Praise Thee with the others.    Wind’s been S. & went S. West & is still blowing    it sure thundered & lightened hard this afternoon & sun shining bright.    We didn’t get to church all day    hurts me more than they that I’m not able to go.    I pray the Lord will help them in His own Way.

Mon. May. 21. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much of anything today but am feeling a little better Praise the Lord God of Hosts    Elbert went to Vermilion,    he saw Mertle   she didn’t ask how I was,    he said, she told him she was terribly busy & when she failed to ask he told her & she said it was to bad    Well, maybe so, however, God knows all our hearts.    Oh how glad I am.    They sure like to say mean thing in what they call a polite way,    but they can’t know it all, for they are very young & I’m 66 yrs. old & don’t begin to know a protion of it,    so I pray God will help them & bless there good efforts Amen.    Sun was hot 84 degrees, more or less cool S.W. breeze & tonight just before dark it went S. east,    Sarr’s had a big fire & it turned it back to them, the smoke.    Bill Snyder has Haufman plowing for him & right after supper, he’s been plowing over on mine each year. 

Tue. May. 22. 1951./ page. 2749./ 25. eggs today/ Well it’s been damp & chilly & rained in showers    Elbert mowed the grass & cut out a lot of grass weeds & flox in the back    I can’t take care of it any more.    I tried to help him some but wasn’t much help;    he bought a package of pie quick & I tried a rhubarb pie,    he went to Huron this morning, “after he’d been for the milk” & got a mess of fish,    he cleaned enough for dinner & I fried them    he came in & ate & then cleaned the rest & I salted them,    he went to Vermilion & took Harry Miller some, just at supper time,    he said Harry had been sick & throwing up for a couple of days,    I pray God will in Jesus Holy Name raise him up & make him whole    I thank Thee Jesus, all the Praise & Glory truly belongest to Thee forever, Amen.    I didn’t feel able to sew,    so, just did odds & ends K& Praised the Lord.    Oh, how could we ever live with out Jesus. Amen.

Wed. May. 23. 1951./ 18. eggs today./  Well, the sun shone most all day with a very cool N. West breeze, changing N. east this after noon.    I tried to sew but felt so miserable I gave it up.    Elbert worked in garden    his potatoes are up & the cabbages  some of the tomatoes,   but it’s so cold nights,  tempture drops to 40 or 45 after being 75 or 80 degrees all day.    Elbert has a weak wrist,     I bandages it for him tonight.    he hopes to sell eggs tomorrow,    & I hope to feel better,    I’m so week in body,  legs & arms,    Oh, how I wish I had some one to help me just a little, about my sewing & house work.    But I thank & Praise God in Jesus Blessed Holy Name, that I can get up & do a little each day,    Elbert is so tired he’s spaded & got more ground ready to put in the rest of his potatoes,    he’s getting some ready for corn also.    I thought I’d be able to help put in my bulbs & a few flower seeds but I’ve been so weak I can hardly do anything all week. 

Thurs. May. 24. 1951./ 18. eggs today./ Elbert’s spraned his wrist bad & after he got up & got ready to go with the egg he called me    he was is such misery,    I dressed & tried to take care of his wrist     & hand looks as if he has bruised the butt of the hand,    I gave him some anacins    he rested a little,    but tonight it’s paining him bad again    & I’ve got him fixed up & in bed,    but he need a little stronger portion to ease the pain,    I pray God will at least for my sake to ease the pain & heal the whole thing in Jesus Name,    I thank Thee & Praise Thee,  Jesus Blessed Jesus, Amen.    I’m weak & not feeling able to do anything myself,    but, when he’s sick I feel so sorry & try to do what I can for him.   We’ve had sun-shine & showers all day   S. W. wind going N. west tonight    I Praise Thee Jesus for the strength Thou has given me today.    I received two letters for both of us     one from Clark Sisters & (two weeks now) one from Martha, she has new job for

Fri. May. 25/ 1951/ Page. 2750./ 18. eggs today./   I did the washing    only missed my dress but I have a clean one for Sun so I wont have to wash this one, this week.    I’m so terribly tired,    Elbert’s hand pained him untill 1-30 or 2. a.m    & then he slept    I wanted him to go to the 
Dr. to see if he had broken any bone, yesterday,    but he went & sold the egg 7.17-11. doz. said Dr. wouldn’t be in untill 2-p-m.   then went & had to wait for several ahead of him    Tom Eppler was there & said he had to go back Sat. again “tomorrow”  Oh Jesus, What’s wrong with Tom he should be all Thine.     Oh, God I beseach Thee in Jesus Name to help us christians,    We do truly need Thee, help us to lean on Thee, to trust Thee fully.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee all the Glory Truly belongest to Thee    Well I thank Thee for taking care of Elbert,    he said his hand was bruised, as I had told him & Dr gave him some electric current in it to take the swelling out & he bandaged it up & said he sould come back Mon. for another dose of electric,    he tried to scare him & tell him it could get a lot worse & some people even lost there hands     if it isn’t lots better Mon.I will try to get to go Dr. Powel.    I do wish he would go to Jesus    I know He can heal it    he has it fastened to a board, so Elbert can’t move it    he’s only been in bed a few minutes & is sleeping hard.    It’s been a hot day S. west wind quite strong.    Elbert was al-most having nervous chills when he got there tonight,    but I told him Dr was trying to scare him & get a little money out of him.

Sat. May. 26. 1951./ 18. eggs today./  Elbert went out this a-m. before I was up & put the potatoes in & after dinner he partly covered them    his hand & arm pain him bad & he walked the floor for a while,    he drove up & got the milk this morning also    I haven’t felt able to be on my feet alday    infact I haven’t felt able to be up,    but, I did go shut shed doors & covered the sand pile,    took care of my can & got a pail of water & emptied slop pain  washed & scoured roaster & frying pan & stew pan & did dishes & got to meals    I’ve felt as if I’d land on my nose all day & I can’t tell you how terribly weak I feel    & not a living soul one can turn to here    God of Love & Mercy I pray for help from Thee    I know Thou are able,    I thank Thee, Amen    Been showery all after noon & tonight. with sun come between    Elbert’s in bed & sleeping so I think I’ll go to my bed also.   We receeived card from Nellie today.

Sun. May. 27. 1951./ 21. eggs today./  We been home all day & it’s bee showery sometimes come in sheets,    sun come out this morning early  didn’t stay long & then two or 3 times this afternoon for a few seconds,   sun white as ice    I thank God for our many blessings & pray for all of His & that many will turn to Him before it’s for ever to late.    I Praise Thee Jesus Holy & Pure.

Mon. May. 28. 1951./ page. 2751./ 17. eggs today./ We went after dinner to Lorain to Dr. Powel,    he said we’d have to get the swelling out & then he’d exray it to see whats really wrong with it,    he doesn’t believe there are any broken bones but some of the legiments might be crossed,     I believe, if the swelling goes out it’s a bad sprain,    he had a bone out of place & when I touched it I felt it go back & then his wrist felt O.K.    rest is what it needs now so it can heal,    I believe God will heal it,    Dr. wants 10.00 to exray it.    Well I pray God will have His Way.    We called on Martha & came back to Vermilion,    I bought a little over 7. dollars worth of food & could have carried it all out in one bag, but had it in two, for he was determined to carry it,    his nerves are very bad,   he has nerfious chills.    I put cold well water on his hand & arm untill he went to bed,   then we put vick’s ointment on it.    I do hope it mends fast & that we can go to Church together & belong to the Lord,    I Praise Thee Jesus,   My flower & garden seeds came this morning   hope I can plant some

Tue. May. 29. 1951./ 18. eggs today./ Well, I baked two flat loaves of bread & be-lieve it or not I’m so tired & me arms ach & my legs & my body feels like a lump of lead.    Praise God Elbert’s arm & hand are better    the swelling has gone down quite a lot & he got it fixed for night & he’s in bed,    he took an anacin & his liver pills    arm is paining him some, but I reckon he’ll soon be sleeping & I pray Jesus will turn his heart to him & heal him,    I thank Thee Jesus & all Power, Praise & Honor belongeth to Him,    I pray His will be done for ever & ever.    It’s been warmer today but cool wind & it cleared up last night & was partly cloudy today & it’s clouded up tonight & radio says rain tomorrow    I re-ceived letter from Audrey today,    she’s tired,    she got me some shirts 96 cents a piece, 3 of them,    I paid $1.19 a piece up hear     I sort of wonder what they will be like but maybe they’ll be O.K.   I hope so.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things great & small, Amen. 

Wed. May. 30. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Memoral day,    we wont get over to the graves tomorrow but maybe later on we will go see if things are O.K.    Audrey & Martha were talking of coming out here today    don’t know if they will if it rains.    Well, it’s been a beautiful day & No rain & no one came, Martha, Merlin & there 3. children & Audrey were coming out to day so they said    We looked for them all day but no one showed up.   Well it’s O.K.   I hope they are O.K.   We never know what’s going to happen.    Elbert used his arm to much & it’s swollen bad again tonight     & he’s planing on going to sell 9. doz. eggs in morning.    I do Praise my Heavenly Father for taking care of us & saving my soul & I’m still trusting for the souls of all the others & Elbert. Amen.    Glory to God in the highest,  All Power, Honor & Glory be Thine for ever & ever.

May. 31. Thurs. 1951./ Page. 2752./ 15. eggs today./  Well, I feel a little better today    that is, I can get up a little easier than I’ve been able to of late    I got the Lorain paper, “Audrey sends to Elbert” & the DeHaan book that Mrs. Crangle has sends to me & I like them very much,     they explain so many things from the bible & so clear.    the title of this one is “The Love of God”    I have only glanced at it but know it will be good.    I took the rayon dress apart & cut some of the top of skirt in back & a little from waist in back & basted them back together & took one sleeve out & cut it out in arm hole a little more & basted it in again & maybe I will try it on in morning when I get up,    but, I’ll have to try to wash out rags & few pieces of clothing if I can,    I am terribly weak.    Elbert went & sold the eggs & got 6 cans ox tail soup & a few other things,    we had steak for dinner   two small pieces  carrots, potatoes, beans & gravy.    I took a walk around the yard & out to the garden & back,   legs don’t feel much like toting me around    hope to get my strength back before long,    I wont be able to work when it gets hot.    it’s so cool nights,    I don’t know how I’ll get my bulbs planted.    Well, if I could get the Smith girl to come out she might help me,    it’s hard to get any one to help just a little.    I thank Thee Jesus & love Thee more than all else in the world. 

Fri. June. 1. 1951./ 16 eggs today./  I did washing,    Elbert went to Huron for fish but he didn’t get any.    Been to hot today 94 in the corner where I was washing & so hot the clothes dried fast out side today   a good South wind & quite strong & the sun was to hot,    I could hardly endure it to hang up clothes & take ’em down,    & I had a hard job to keep Elbert out of the sun heat,    his hand is better, but swollen yet.    K& it hurt enough so he carries it in a sling.    No mail so far this week & tomorrow is Sat.    I for got to mail Martha’s letter also.    Elbert’s going to Vermilion to-morrow, he says for greens for hens.   I Praise God for His Great love & for the strength He has given me today,   & hope & pray He will help me get a dress ready to wear to Church.    It rained a good shower last night & tonight it’s thunder -ing & lightening & rained a very light shower & it sounded like little ice balls in the rain.    I Praise Thee for all things Jesus. 

Sat. June. 2. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Well today I haven’t done much,    but I feel Elbert has done to much,    I can’t get him to do only what hast to be done,    he likes to work & so do I,    but I’ve learned it don’t always pay.   I swept cooked & washed dishes & tomorrow is Sun & here am I , no dress fit to wear to church yet but I’m still trusting I’ll get one done before long.    I trust Jesus will help me   I love Thee Blessed Jesus. 

Sun. June. 3. 1951./ 2753/ 15 eggs today./ Martha Carlisle Monagon is 39 yrs. old to-day. & 39. yrs. ago I was in Ashtabula looking after her mother two weeks & then her & her mother for 3 weeks more,    then they came back to Lorain & lived next door to us.    Well no one came in today, so we were alone.    I hope they are well & I suppose they’re busy or had something better todo.    It sure thundered & lightened last or this a.m, about 3-30.    it whipped & cracked & thundered & rained & hailed & that to was queer,    there were hail stone like marbles & some flat ones like coat buttons medium & large    it was bad while it lasted, then it rained in showers untill about nine oclock,    then sun came through broken clouds & was so hot,   we had a north breeze & it changed to south then south west & died most out tonight.    & now it’s getting quite cool.    Elbert’s uneasy,    his hand is better, but he hadn’t ought to use it for some time yet,     he can double up his fingers but hand is swollen bad yet.     I do hope I can Keep him from using it untill the swelling is all gone    then he had’t to do any pushing on cultivator.    he’s done his usual chores carrying water, mash & grain & he forked up dry grass & weeds & hauled it away to pile & now he wants to do more mowing,    the paths are getting bad    when it rains grass leans over it & soaks our feet.    but I haven’t anyway,  looking for some one, I seldom get a chance to do anything I want to do.    So, have to be as content as I can, be,    hope I can sew all day Mon. & I miss going to Church,    Elbert said he met Mertle & she never ask about me & so he told her I wasn’t able to get to church & she only “said, she was terribly busy and it was to bad,    then he met Lindy & he ask what was wrong with his hand but he didn’t ask about me either,    well, I’m sorry for them all & pray God will take care of them as He sees they need & keep them humble & help them to live His ways, to dress in plain long skirts, long sleeves & button dress around the neck & not deck ourselves in jewlery      but, most of them via one another for style in all ways.    What would Jesus do?   What would He say?   what would He think?   would He do what we are doing, would He,?   Would He say the things we say?   Would He think what we think?    He said be Holy as I am Holy.    & to love one another, to follow His example,    He said to live for the Spirit, that it was better not to touch a woman & Paul said if you were married to live as if you were single.

Mon. June.4. 1951./ page. 2754./ 17. eggs today./ Well I wanted to sew,     but, no sew    instead I mowed the path from the house to the toilet & then we set out some stakes where to plant the dahlias & glads, the dirt is mellow & easy to work right now,    there are a few flowers come up from self sown seeds    the new baby breath flowers or improved London Market,    it’s little bell shaped flowers, are in thick sprays with hardly any leaves, pure white, beautiful,    but the weather’s so cold,   the Zinnias are turned yellow,    I don’t know as it will pay to plant any more,    we dug part of a trench for dahlias,    that’s for the big yellow dahlias.    I’m so sore & lame tonight I don’t think I’ll be able to work out side very much,    they are jobs that need lots of strength I haven’t got.    I cooked two meals & that’s a big plenty for today,    We have a cold N. east breeze tonight & a fire that feels quite comfortable.     I have a letter ready to send Martha & card to her mother & card to Nellie.    & one to Mrs. Goll.   I thank & Praise God for His Love & strength he gives to me,    Glory in the Highest.   Dark & cloudy most all day with light misty rain this a-m.

Tue. June. 5. 1951./ 22. eggs today./ Well I hoed a little today & cooked 2 meals.    The little old man came in from the railroad track & ate dinner with us,    he likes soup & ate a big dish of it & home made bread & coffee,    I had potatoes & carrots & cabbage     he couldn’t eat his cabbage & ask if I care if he took it with him,    so I rapped it in wax paper & made him two sandwitches one just bread & butter & one breadbutter & grape jam.    I bought 2 fine combs & package of needles & card of safty pins & 1. pr. shoe strings.    he had me explain some of the bible & read some to him    then went on his way up the track toward Toledo Ohio,    he said he nearly froze last night, it was so cold,   he fought the mosquetoes till, it was so cold they left, then couldn’t rest   he was so cold,    he don’t look very well,   said he went in a restraunt to eat & went out without his suit case of junk he sells & walked 15 miles before he thought of it & had to go back for it     so he was 2 days late on his way    & said he must be losing his mind & he still couldn’t see how he walked so far without missing it.     Well, we all seem to get absent minded at times.    The N. east breeze felt as if it was coming right off a cake of ice, all day    & it’s cold tonight    Radio said 45 degrees to-night & cool again tomorrow,    I don’t see how things can grow.    Oh the weeds are growing & the grass & bugs & worms,    Well Elbert got the milk & then went to Vermilion & got a few cans of food & little green stuff.    Elbert mailed letters & cards.   & got back before I got up,    I’m terribly sore & lame but I feel better in some ways & Praise God from Whom all blessings flow & pray He will help me to cling close to him. Amen

Wed. June. 6. 1951./ page. 2755./ 16. eggs today/ Two 2. little boys came to the door & ask for work today,     we thought we’d try them out     they did fairly well   they don’t know how to work,    but Elbert got them to dig a trench for his potatoes & they dug a few holes for dahlias but not deep enough & they sort of like to play as they work    they said they’d come back tomorrow,    but Elbert said he doubted if they came.    We put in a few dahlias,   it isn’t the right time to put them in,    but, I’ll try to get them in on the right dates so to save a few bulbs.    We got to put the glass in & I did want to put in a few seeds in now.    I can’t seem to endure trying to do just that little bit,    Oh, Jesus I pray for strength of spirit, soul & body in Thy Name & I thank Thee for all our many blessing & pray Thou Will help me to do & live Thy ways in Jesus Name    I ask & thank Thee.

Thurs. June 7. 1951./ 16 eggs today./  I tried to sew but just couldn’t make any headway so put it away,    queer, When I was younger I did the sewing for all,  We 4 girls & ma & some for Martha when she came along & then I helped others that needed just a little help & not only with the sewing but house work & shopping & today there doesn’t seem to be a soul to help even if you pay them,    they just don’t want to be bothered.   Such a world.    Elbert went & sold the eggs & went passed here or end of road on to Huron & waited for fish,   they gave him 75 small perch & 2 catfish,      I managed to skin them for dinner   then I scaled the perch  25 of them    Elberty scaled 6 or 7 & cleaned them out & cut heads of & scraped them & washed them    & Elbert took some dressed to Harry Miller & 10 or 12 to Epplers & the balance to Lindy & Dorthy,     D. was just having a cup of coffee so she ask Elbert to sit down & have a cup with her & a piece of spice cake,    he’s tired poor boy,    I’ve washed his hands with alcohol & greesed sore one with terpo & band-aged it up & now he’s in bed,    his heart hurt him while I was careing for his hand,    he said he thought it was gas.   & me?  Well, I thank God I could get up & do a little & didn’t do any more than I had to,    I’m so tired today.    Roney came down for the fish with a scowl on his face & Mertle never stuck her head out the window to call out a greeting & no a soul been out since West’s Sr. was here to get a dollar for the party they were having for Tom & Mertle.   Well Jesus takes care of me & I have much to Praise Him for, only it is nice to have some one come & talk & pray & visit a little when you’re not able to get out,    but that’s the way people are now.

Fri. June. 8. 1951./ page. 2756./ 19. eggs today./ Well, I got up late & wasn’t able to do the washing,    I got it done & that was all the power I had left to rub    I helped Elbert get supper    I made a short cake of the straw-berrys he had picked & got ready & I had one tin biscuits    Well we warmed the creamed potatoes we had left over & some caned meat & shortcake & hot tea    & we wasn’t quite finished when Audrey Martha & Jean Ann drove in & it was pouring rain & kept at it in showers,     they said they had supper, but by & by, they said they stopped & had a lunch on the way    I ask if they had had there supper & they said yes,    well, they each took a cup of tea & Jean had a piece of short cake & a biscuit,    Elbert took the biscuits out to soon    they wasn’t quite done but eatable,    I was sorry I didn’t insist on they’re eating    I know they were hungry, but they said no,    so being dead dog tired I didn’t try to fix them anything,    Audrey looked so tired,    she’s going to quit her job    her hands are sore all the time from the dye in the goods she works on.    Dr. told her she’d better quit & so she told them.    She brought me 3. shirts & 5 pkt’s of gum    I paid her for the shirts, but gum wasn’t mentioned & so I forget about it & didn’t pay for that.    I gave A. the dress to fix for M. or herself if M. don’t want it, but I reckon she will.    Well they left before dark saying they’d be back again soon.    Audrey took doz. eggs,    M. gave Elbert 2. bananas    it was sprinkling when they left.    & showered heavy several times since    & Bill Snyders place is a pond hole,    Jean said Marcie “Johny Harnish” wife” is going to have another baby in Aug.    Oh God, Please teach them to live Thy ways to live for the Spirit & not for the flesh,    I pray Thou will reveal the truth to them, in Jesus Name,    & I thank Thee Amen.    Elbert’s gone to bed & I am going to mine,    I so terribly tired.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all things.    I received letter from Martha this a.m. & card & book & papers from Mrs. Goll.

Sat. June. 9. 1951./ 21 eggs today./  I haven’t been any good today & once more made a fool of myself trying to help Elbert plant tomatoes    we had to clean off the grass & weeds & then work up the dirt    well he got them set in with one hand & he set some cabbages & he got the milk & went to fish house but got a head ach    he came home with out any fish.    I didn’t feel able to dress them any way,     he wanted to kill a hen but I’m all in & just couldn’t clean it,    so we’ll do with out them some how.    I cooked some apple sauce after supper & washed dishes.    now I read & go to bed & tomorrow is Sun & no dress yet,    Well may God send me some one to help me    I pray He will & I thank Him & Praise Him for all things His be Glory forever.  

Sun. June. 10. 1951./ page. 2757./ 16. eggs today./ Well, it’s been mostly cloudy today & breeze quite cool & sun hot,    Elbert went & looked at cabbages & tomatoes & they are still standing up.   I pray God will help me stand up for Him & that Jesus will send help to me to get a dress or two that I can wear to Church    I long to go & be in His Temple of worship with those of His    I thank & Praise Thee for all things in Jesus Name.

Mon. June. 11. 1951./ 16 eggs today./  Well, I didn’t do hardly anything today    patched Elbert’s pants & cook 2 meals & washed dishes & baked 3 tins of bread biscuits & picked wild straw-berries enough for us each a good dish full.    Elbert was sick    hes arm pained him all morning,    he set a few cabbages & limed them & hoed some potatoes he forgot to dig last Fall & they are growing now & some on the south line in front yard.    I’ve felt miserable for anything god use,    I’m in no condition to work, it just tuckers me all out.    & I never did a thing on my dress    the pants had to be done    I got 2. prs. socks darned Sat. & it was a beautiful day, but I couldn’t wash today.    I do want to try to do something to my dress tomorrow.    I feel as if I weigh a ton & don’t have the strength to stand up & cut out a dress.    I have 2.    I do want to make so much    wash dresses, but I could wear them to Church for a while.    I thank God for all He has given me & I pray He will fill me with the Holy Ghost that I may Praise Him in Spirit & in truth, for ever & ever, Amen.

Tue. June. 12. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Elbert was in such misery all night & I was up with him untill 5-a-m &K then he got up at 6.a.m. & dressed to go to the Dr’s.,    he went to Huron to Leidhousier & Dr. White was there with a patients     he was getting an exray picture or something to that effect.    & the Dr. took picture of Elbert’s hand after looking at it through the exray, he washed & bandages it up after putting on some dope & he came home feeling some better,    then tonight after supper it began to pain him again so he started taking anacins at 9.P.m.  another at 10-p-m & I helped him get his clothes off and into bed,    he’s quite at 11-p-m. so maybe he will sleep    I made a fire & he said it felt good    so maybe it’s cold in his joints    Well I do hope he gets free from it,    I’ve tried to talk him into trying Jesus, but he wont because of my own condition & because of the condition of a lot of the rest who are even filled with the Holy Ghost & not well.    We are wrong in some way,    but, God is O.K. & when we wake up & find out what it is, He will heal us     I know he can & I pray He will in Jesus Name & I thank Him & praise Him,    I love Him more than all else, Amen.   Glory to God in the HIghest forever & ever, Amen.

Tue. June. 12. 1951./ page 2758./ 19. eggs this day./ I’ve been so tuckered out I could hardly move all day.    & it’s hard to keep Elbert from hoeing & working with only one hand.    I’m trusting Jesus will take charge of him, for I’ll be sick if I have to do any extra,    I’ve felt as if I weigh 3 ton, allday    I think I’ll go to bed,    he seem to be resting if he don’t get at it before I go.    I pray he can rest    he looks so tired out all day,   he needs to rest, I know.    I received my check & have to pay for gas, taxes & coal. 

Wed. June. 13. 1951./ 19. eggs today./  Well, Elbert slept last night & I had a fire that lasted all night & he fixed it up a little this morning & got the chill out of the house    he opened the basement windows & I ask him about it,    but he said they were shut & here he left them open all night     Mon night he took cold & so did I & I wonder what I’m going to do,    I’m not able to hardly take care of myself    It’s really terrible going out in the wet, for water at night    & him sick & not able to go out & not a soul willing to lend a hand.   it’s a great world, but I pray God will hold me fast, in Jesus Name.    Not a soul from church has been out to visit, pray or help just a little & Jesus said to love one another & live for the SPIRIT not for beauty of fashion in clothes & spend hours on our hair,    that we could be doing good in some ways for Him,    not to indulge in worldly things    they belong to the devil.    People have changed,    they don’t have time to do all the things they want to do,    how can they help some one else?    The foriners have more love & understanding than the Americans,    they help each other & I’ve don’t that all my life & now I find when I need a little help, like some one to help trim my dress, they just don’t have time,    Oh God of Love & Mercy help us to be like Jesus;   What Love He had & gave for all of us & how can we sing To be like Jesus, to be like Jesus  All I ask to be like Him all through life’s journey from earth to Glory all I ask to be like Him.    If we mean it why don’t we do like he did?    What are a few of the things He did?    He kept clean inside & out & did the workks of His Father,   Are we like Him in all ways small or great?  are we?  time is growing short    soon it will be to late & there’s only two places to go Heaven, Heaven or Hell, & Hell’s a terrible terrible place.    God said those who don’t have time for me, I won’t have time for them.    He said search the scriptures daily,   watch & pray,    if we pray & don’t help one of those of His who need just a little help, we’re not helping Him.    I praise Thee Jesus.

Wed. June. 13. 1951./ page. 2759./ 19. eggs this day./ Oh Jesus, teach me Thy ways & keep me ever close to Thee, Amen.    Last night it rained thundered & lightened & wind blew in hard puffs & rain came down in heavy shoers “Elbert slept”    It rained in showers all morning, eased off at noon, sun tried to come out just before dark, but not clear & only for a few seconds & to-night it’s cleared off & moon & stars are shining.    I have a fire & it’s comfortable to & Elbert’s sleeping & he hopes to go sell 9. doz. eggs tomorrow.    I hope he don’t catch any more cold,    he’s a hot guy, I notice he could be better off with more judgement & it pays to take good care of one’s self.    He went & got the milk & we neither did anymore than we had to do.

Thurs. June 14. 1951./ 20. eggs today./ Well, Elbert went & sold 9. doz. 5.90 & he got back in time to get dinner & rest a little & then he went to Huron to Dr.    he had taken a exray picture & he found out it was arthritis so the idea of holding it in ice water was no good “as I thought”   it is swollen some yet & sore but cords & bone are in place.    Dr. give him some arthritis pills & some greese to put on his hand & wrist,    after 3 or 4 day, leaving it with out a bandage for that length of time, & with out the greese,    Well I had it coming along good, but he’s as nervous as a hen on a hot cake for fear cords were out of place or bones were broken so now he feels satisfied, but, Dr. bills don’t look so go. 10.00 for exray picture & I don’t know how much the pills will cost & he has Dr. White to pay in Vermilion,    he bandaged it  it & put a board on it & no dope or greese    Well, I did all the washing except my dress & the blankets    maybe I’ll do them tomorrow or Sat.    I’m two tired tonight.    Plato the man that signs you over to old age pension was here just before I was the wash all done,    he talked a few minutes & said I’d get 41.00 next check & in Sept it would be 46.00,    they raised the taxes 10.00 so I’ll sure need the extra.    Well it was a nice day, although it did look like it would pour rain just a few minutes after Elbert left,    he said it thundered at Huron & the storm went South but wind was N. east here & the storm went down the lake,    then I thanked God for hearing my prayer & drying the clothes,    cold breeze & we have a fire    it feels comfy before dark    we saw 7 cranes flying north all in a flock, looked queer,   but twice in the Fall we have seen 1000 hundreds & hun-dreds flying in a long, long line going down the lake shore & that was more cranes than I’d ever seen & Elbert said same.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will send someone to help me sew.

Fri. June. 15. 1951./ page. 2760./ 13. eggs today./ I washed Elbert’s sleepers & what few things I had & 2. corsets  the cover on my chair & my dress & cooked to meals & washed dishes & I felt to sick to get up    I took care of both bed rooms & beds & fixed fire to take out chill Elbert has taken care of & gone to bed    it’s been a nice day,    he carried the water for me to wash & took care of hens & picked 1 1/2 qt’s straw berries     air was damp & N.E.    clothes didn’t dry very fast & felt damp so I dried his sleeper over the fire so he would get a cold from them,    he went up & got a pt. of milk,    she didn’t have any more to spare.    Well I’m going to read & go to bed    I’m tired.   I thank God in Jesus Name,    He is & ever will be & hope & pray he will soon help me to get off to church,    I feel so bad when I can’t go & that’s about the only place I do go.

Sat. June 16. 1951./ 18. eggs today./ I did sweeping & wiped up dust & the daily grind & ironed a few pieces   darn-ed stocking & mended new corset.    Elbert went for milk & then he planted 4 rows of corn & took care of hens & carried what water we needed,    his hand is till swollen & pains him,    he’s sleeping tonight but didn’t rest very well last night.    Wind’s been N. east & it’s been S. west & back & tonight S. east    it’s a chilly breeze & a fog tonight    been mostly cloudy today.    garden grows very slow    it’s so cold nights.    I thank Thee Jesus I can walk & work some & pray I may soon be able to get back to Church.  We still keep a little fire    Elbert seems to feel better with the heat in the house. 

Sun. June. 17. 1951./ & Mon, June 18. 1951. /18 & eggs today. / No fire today    ice chill in air   partly cloudy & hot    Audrey, Martha, Merlin & Jean drove in about noon, then Johny & Marcie with Nellie & Bonita & her 3 children & Joe & Bonney Bell & there 3. children.    Elbert had been up for the milk & I was just getting my feet dressed    I’d taken my bath & had been trying to clean my toes,    I haven’t been feeling very well & my bowels just wouldn’t move after they came,    so, that night after they were gone I tried several times to move them,    I been out of olive oil for some time but I will try not to let it happen again    my rectum turned out so far it seemed as if it would kill me, but I got bowels to move off the hardest part & then greesed myself & pushed rectum back & put a greesed soft cloth up against me & lay down,    it pained all night & all today Mon.    Elbert went only for the milk & came back & went to Huron for fish, but didn’t get any,    he’s tired & gone to bed.    I haven’t done much today, but Praise God in Jesus Name for the strength he does give me each day.    Glory to His Holy Name.    I love Thee Jesus.

Tue. June. 19. 1951./ Page. 2761./ 12. eggs today./ WE got 23 egg Mon.    & today is Ruby’s Bonney’s birthday   she’s 56 yrs. old “Frank will be 61 yrs old July 27” & they were married on his birthday    & Johny Harnish’s boy is also “one yr old today.    Johny & Nellie were to Lake Side to the Methodist convention.    Biship Ralph Ward of China will speak there June, Fri. 22. 1951.    I like to see him but guess I wont be able to go    Nellie & Johny stopped here today, well just at supper time but they wouldn’t stop to eat with us or have a cup of hot drink,    they were very tired & wished to get on home 25 miles farther to drive & then, he has a long drive back to Boston & that’s a 24 hr. drive.   Marcie expects another baby in Aug. & I know she will feel rather tired & Nellie & Johny said they thought she would go with them Fri. to Lake side & Sun. or Mon. they start back home again, such a life.    Well, I did the general wash & then cut a few weed & grass   nearly proved to much & Elbert hiked out & hoed a row of potatoes & he looked terrible when he came in & I had not got my strength back when Johny & Nellie came in,     so, Elbert said I looked terrible & perhaps that was why they didn’t stay.    I didn’t get the blankets washed today & I’ll have to rest tomorrow.    I thank & Praise God for the strength He gives me,    I really ought not to mow    it’s terribly hard on me & my stomach.    I lay abed untill I get some rest.    Recieved card from Mrs. West Sr. said she noticed I hadn’t been to S.S. for some time & knew I’d be there if I could get there, so thought she’d write a line & perhaps call some evening,  ha, ha, ha,    a fellow could be dead & buried in 6. weeks & they are just beginning to think maybe they ought to come out,    she said she was trying to clean house to,   “she said that way back in Mar.   I wish,  but pray God will have His way, not mine. 

Wed. June. 20. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Well, I didn’t do much today    raked the dirt each side & around the tomatoes & dahlias & took care of beds & rooms     then after supper Mrs. West Sr. & Jr. & Mrs. Sprunk came out & Dorthy had her two & Eddy West’s 2. children & they talked & visited & got a few flowers & roots & went a-gain.    I thank God for all our many blessings & that they have been praying for us.    I do Praise Thee Jesus

Thurs. June 21. 1951./ Page. 2762./ 20 eggs today./ Johnny’s birthday he is ____./ First day of summer & it’s like & early day in Sept. & tonight it is so cool one feel the warmth of a fire comfortable, very cool N. east wind, fresh & puffy.    Elbert went & sold 10. doz. eggs, 65 cents per doz. total 6.50 & he bought the grain 4.60 & mash 4.76 total 9.36    he had some of egg money from last 2 time he sold eggs so had enough to pay for it.    I got the dinner   he ate & rested a little then got the bags into the granery,    it’s so hard to only have one hand to use    he finished hoeing the garden, potatoes are in bloom, the first ones    the second bunch are coming, but slow,    he hopes to put in a few beets & carrots soon,    but says it doesn’t seem profitable,   flowers came up that self sow,   turned yellow & stood there for several weeks & now a few are turning green again    dahlias are up, but the ground is cold.    I sewed a little on my dress today,    maybe I’ll get it done before Fall.    I was going to wipe up the floor but felt to bum.    I thank God He cares for me & I hope I still, will be found worthy,    Jesus Blessed & Holy,    I Praise Thee for ever & ever, Amen.

Fri. June. 22. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Well it was dark untill 9-a-m & Elbert went to the fish house & he bought $1.35 cents worth of fish & they scaled, them & I cut the heads off & dressed them out & washed & scraped them, salted & packed them, after frying 3 for Elberts dinner,    I could-n’t eat    bowels didn’t work good yesterday or this morning, and not untill most supper time.    then we expected to see Johny, Marcie & Nellie for supper & we ate at 7-30-p-m when they didn’t show up    & then Johny came in late 8-30-p-m or quarter to 9,    said he’d taken Marcie to New London & His Mother & another lady had gone with Him to Lake side this morning    he had to come from New London to his mothers & then to Lake side & go the same way back to night although he left his mother at Lakeside that preaches at her church    Johny leaves for Boston Sun. or Mon Morning.    they are all tired out,    I pray God will teach them His ways    I thank Thee Jesus.

Fri. June. 22. 1951./ page. 2763./ 19. eggs this day./ I made biscuits for supper & we ask Johny if he’d had supper & he said he had, but if I’d like to,    do, up some fish he’d take them to Marcie so I did & some biscuits,    Johny has a bad stomach, it seems he & Elbert take the same Kind of stomach pills.    Elbert stood by while I cleaned the fish,    neither of us have felt very good today,    he worked up some of the dirt for carrots & beet this after noon.    I cleaned the cupboard shelf, & table, got every thing ready to get the supper fast,    took out extra dishes & silver ware & cleaned them.    Well, I didn’t get my dress ironed    hope to do it in the morning    & plant my India lilly bulbs & dahlias & glads.    I’m so tired,    I helped Elbert get his hand bathed & fixed up for the night & he’s in bed.    I thank God & Praise Him for all our many blessings,    I love Thee Jesus Blessed Jesus.

Sat. June. 23. 1951./ 18. eggs today./ Well I ironed my dress & swept & wiped dust from chairs & worked up a small piece of dirt & planted a few dahlias    hope to do a little more Mon. & then be done with flowers this yr. out side.    I hope to sew & get my dresses done.    Elbert worked up quite a piece with hoe & one hand to plant beets & carrots & a piece for lima beans.    It’s been hot sun cool N. east breeze.    They had a bad storm in Cleveland    did a lot of damage to trees    up rooting such a lot.    damage runing into the thousands of dollars.    I thank Thee Jesus for Thy Love & wonderful care & I’m trusting to be filled & healed    I know Thy coming isn’t very far away & pray Thou will help me to be all Thine & be ready & worthy in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sun. June. 24. 1951./ 17. eggs today./  Been a nice day, bright & sunshiny almost all morning then clouded up & rained & hailed at supper time about 6-p-m.    it poured down in sheets, had several such showers & it showered & the sun was shining,    the birds all kinds came & filled the trees & flew about as if having a free picnic for everyone    it was a pleasent sight.   Elbert’s hand stays swollen & pains so bad, if he turns it just a little,    I think he uses his fingers a little & keeps it agervated.    he can’t wash his back & right shoulder, so I did it for him     & I try to help wash his hand with alcohol & bandage it.    & wash his other hand & arm when he comes in from working, he planted one more row & a space on end of another row 6. or 8. ft long.    Well he hopes to plant the beets & carrots tomorrow, if it isn’t to wet.    Birds go at the currents & so we picked 3. big qts. of ripe one’s & I hope to cook them for jam tomorrow    & I hope to sew but will have to wash either tomorrow or Tue.    I wish I could go to church,    it seems ages since I was there.   God help me.

Mon. June 25. 1951./ 20. eggs today./ Well, I did the washing & 1. woolen blanket & hung them out & brought them in again    it’s been nice a N. east breeze and a hot sun,    I made    glasses of current jam to , after doing the wash & it’s to much with the other daily round    I think I wont do it again,    Elbert’s hand does look so bad & he wants to do his garden work & is so discouraged    & he said he’d spent all his money & so couldn’t buy anything more,    he took the ox tail soup back to Vermilion & exchanged it for vegetable beef soup & he bought boiling meat pork chops & a nice cabbage head;    Well, he’s gone to Huron to see Dr. about his hand,    it surely looks bad    I pray God will help him soon.    I thank Thee Jesus for all thou hast done for me & doing for me all the time,     I pray I may be worthy,   Oh God of Love & Mercy    Thou truly doth know my heart,    I Praise Thee, for ever & ever & trust all my life to Thee, all the Glory & honor truly belong to Thee.   I love Thee Jesus    Nights are so cool & damp.    They had a little tornado in Cleveland Fri. & queer things are happening here & there, near & far, just as God has said they would. 

Tue. 26 June 1951./ 15. eggs today./  Well I got the glad & dahlias ready to plant & Elbert with the hoe & one hand dug the trenches & droped most the bulbs & 1. row dahlias & have to put in one more in the morning & unless we both feel more able bodied next yr. I wont plant so many.    I like to do a little out side so to get some fresh air & sun, but my feet torture me most to death.    We’ll both to tired & I didn’t do a third of what I use to do.    I thank God, for I know all I have is What come from Him.    I wish I understood what I ought to be doing every day, & pray He will reveal unto me & help me to do it in Jesus Name.   I love Thee Jesus.

Wed. June. 27. 1951./ 16. eggs today./ I baked 3 tins of biscuits this afternoon & didn’t get up untill noon    I was lots to tired yesterday & all most as bad again today    feet pain me untill it make me sick to my stomach    hands & arms are unbearably tired, but I love Jesus.

Wed. June., 27. 1951./ page. 2765./ 16. eggs this day./ I know Jesus will fix my feet when all is as He would have it    I do wish I could see Miss Willitt’s & I hope I can before much longer    I’ve really got to, for Jesus is able to make us both whole in His Name,    I never can tell how much I love Him, He’s done so much for me,   Glory to His Name, Amen. It’s been cloudy hot & mugy all day,    sun coming through at intervales, this after noon it rained in heavy downpours & part time sun shone while it was raining hard & sun set white as ice & is & has been so far to the North, it’s lots cooler tonight, to much so for gardens.    I cut up last of dahlias & Elbert planted them after supper    he said the rain had them almost covered,    he had put them in the holes between showers & it rained hard since he covered them    I hope they stand up, sprouts were so long.    Now we have to put in broccoli & lettuce & red cabbage.    next week & tomorrow we should trim off rose suckers

Thurs. June 28 1951./ 19. eggs today./  Well I didn’t get any sewing done,     Elbert went with the eggs & I lay a while, then just got up when he drove in    he only had 9. doz. eggs 65 cents per. doz. “5.85 total ” he paid the light bill & for the meat he owed for & got can of babo 14 cents & bottle of Alcohol 51cents   to rub his arm & hand, his hand seems better,    We had just been resting after dinner a while, when I decide the to repot some of the plants & fill some pots to put seeds into.    I had got it three forths done & set them in on kitchen floor when Miss clark walked in, sweating terribly    it was hot & she had walked from end of road,    so, I was all in to from my job,    so she set down & I gave her a wet wash rag to sponge off with & in a little while she cooled off & I made lemon aid & then she felt better.    We went out side & visited a little & then she & I picked a qt. of current for her & I gave her 1/2 doz. eggs & 3. big bread biscuits & two towels she failed to keep when she hemed the rest for me.    & a dish cloth, boughten one I got at a sale;  she age supper with us,    we had speggeti cook in beef broth & green cabbage cooked tender & green & some of the shank meat chopped & fried,   bread . butter & current jelly & a nice visit & Elbert took her home at 7-30-p-m.    she said she was to womens prayer meeting yesterday & they gabe her 3 people to pray for    Elbert & I & she didn’t say who the other one was.    we both felt better Wed.   Praise God from whom all blessing flow.,  Glory to His Name.    It rained hard shortly after Elbert got back home. Mrs Fredrick

Thurs. June 28. 1951./page. 2766./  19. eggs this day./ received card from Audrey./  the old lady Miss Clark lives with has been in hospital for 2. months,  had caterack taken off one eye & has one on other eye.    & tonight they were go-ing to bible study at 4 square.    Mrs. Fredrick is 81. yrs. old   Miss Clark’s sister is in convalesent home yet,    Well it’s lots cooler tonight & Radio said cooler tomorrow,    been partly cloudy all day & cool breeze with hot sun.    I do thank Thee Jesus for saving my soul & for freindship    Oh God I want to be worthy & to do Thy will, Amen.

Fri. June. 29. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Well I haven’t done much today    felt so tired I didn’t get up untill 1.-p.-m. & then had to get dinner fast & then I washed dishes & swept & went out to get Elbert out the hot sun    I ask to use his hoe & so he leaned on the butternut tree awhile     then he got the box & hay fork to clean up the grass & the weeds I had cut off,    then he got the other hoe & worked awhile & then came in the house & was going to set the glass for the door up in the door & put a chair to hold it,  to break the wind off him in the big chair & the wind blew it back,    he grabed for it & stuck his fist through one glass pane,    so, I’d told him so many times not to do that & now he knows, & it will cost for glass & putty.    Well I was glad it didn’t cut his hand, the other hand is healing good.   I Praise the Lord God of Host & for all our many blessing.    N. east wind & so cool & garden don’t seem to be growing, just standing, anyway it hasn’t grown much in this last 2. weeks.  potatoes are in bloom.   & cabbages come in slow & tomatoes & corn, the other things like wise.     I Praise Thee Jesus for all things & love Thee. 

Sat. June. 30. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Well, it’s been a nice day   cool & mostly cloudy & sprinkled several times & then came a shower of misty rain but it didn’t last long    Elbert got a little more ground ready   beans, grounds so cold & smells musty.    I cleaned Electric hot plate & roaster & wall behind it & floor & swept & done the ironing & mended 2 work shirts & darned his socks & did my other daily duties & felt to tired.    I thank God & Praise Him in Jesus Name for His word & Love.

Sun. July 1. 1951./ 15 eggs today./ Well, Elbert killed & dressed a hen,    his hand is better but still swollen & sore yet,    he took his bath but can’t get his right arm & shoulder so I do that for him at bed time,    but he felt sick & his bowels started to run him, but I got him to drink some milk & then some hot coffee & then he ate a half of a biscuit & chicken gravy on it then I washed his right arm & hand & he washed left one with alcohol rubed it with turpo ointment & went to bed saying he felt better. 

Sun. July. 1. 1951./ page. 2767./ 15. eggs this day./ It’s been partly cloudy & tried to rain late this afternoon & it’s all clear over head tonight & quite cool   we had a fire Fri. night Sat. & Sat. night but it went out today & we haven’t any tonight however,     I shut the doors & windows early tonight so it doesn’t feel so cold.    We listened to the sermons over radio & Praised God, Oh Jesus I do Praise Thee & love Thee,   all the Glory & Power belongest to Thee.

Mon. July 2. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ Well, I cut out 1. house dress & have two more to cut    wish, I wish I could be alone when I cut them out.    My feet are so bad,    I suffer untold misery.     I did my daily chores & put 3. qts., currents through the seive into a crock ready for sugar & cooking.   in the morning.    I haven’t got the labels on the others yet,    I walked out to see Elbert’s potatoes he was hilling up & Ethel & her man drove in,    they didn’t stay very long said they were going fishing up to Huron.    Ethel said Loura Ann had won a prize for journalism & had been off to a college 200 miles from home for a week to study the important points in journalism & cried because she couldn’t stay longer,    she liked it so well,   but she has a job clerking in a drygoods store selling corsets & dresses.    she earns $25.00 per week & it costs her five for car fare & eats,    but, she hopes to save 100 dollars to go to Kent to college.    She’s 16. yrs. old & has all the wonderful ideas most young folks have,    it’s going to cost a 100 dollars for all her cloths & things,  how foolish,   Mrs. Noderer is 87. yrs. old June, 28. 1951.so Ethel said today    & Ethel is 53. yrs. old    Fred was 65 yrs. old last Sept. 19. he was 12 yrs older than Ethel& Walter is 67. I believe she said    Well I dreamed of Fred this morning before I got up,   & Audrey & Gertie     ma use to say,  “dream of the dead & you hear from the living, so it seems.    Elbert hoed, or hilled his potatoes today,   has them all done now but one row the last ones he put in,    they’re just coming up.    Radio said it would be cool tonight, 57 degrees. & I believe it.    I praise God for all my , & our many blessings Amen.    Received a card from Mrs. Goll. & Dehaans book is good.

Tue. July. 3. 1951./ 17 eggs to day./ Well, I did the washing & got it all dried out doors, hot sun & good fresh S. west wind.    Elbert went to Huron & got 32 or, so, perch,   I had my washing & house washing almost done when he came, he insisted on cleaning the fish, so he cleaned 8 for dinner & while he cleaned I hung up the clothes,    then got fish on to fry & his cloths soaking & after we ate I finished washing out his things & got them on the line then I brought in mine,    I had taken them down & folded them & then I rested 10 minutes then mended tick of Elberts pillow    it had split in 3 places.    I’ll have to sew new ticking to get it fixed up & mine is most as bad.    I had a big wash   all the sleepers & pillow slips & next week the blankets again,    I got a knife in mail, guess Audrey sent it.    She told me about them, chicken cleaner, she said.    Well, Elbert’s

Tue. July.3. 1951./ Page. 2768./ 17. eggs this day./ hand is still badly swollen, but swelling has left his arm he worked some in garden tonight.    I did a little also but hadn’t ought to, for I want to sew tomorrow & I’m terribly tired tonight.    it’s rather cool tonight & heavy due.    Ramblers are all in bloom & pretty.   Baldwin full of apples & falling off ground is covered with them.    Garden not coming very fast but how the weeds do grow.   I surely Praise God for the strength He has given me today,    I Praise Him for all things great & small in Jesus Name, Amen. 

Wed. July. 4. 1951./ 17. eggs today./ Today was 4. of July & for once they put a band on fire works.    Elbert has 9. doz. eggs to sell.    We were alone all day    Elbert planted[?] 28. beans “bush limas & transplanted some tomatoes.    We had several showers one right after the other    then sun came through & was so hot S. west breeze all day.    Elbert took almost 1/2 bu. dahlia bulbs to Mrs. Kilbride.    I tried to boil the currents & make jelly the oldfashion way & I took me eyes off it for a few seconds & it boiled over & I had a terrible job cleaning for an hour or so, on the stove, for jelly went all over,    well I tried again after supper,    berries were to ripe, so I’ll wait for serto.    I did darn 2. prs. socks today,    but didn’t get another dress cut out,    I cut one out Mon. & have 2 more to do.    Oh God, of Love & Mercy, I pray Thou will hear & ans. pray for my spirit & my feet & for the many others we pray for, Amen.

Thurs. July. 5. 1951./ 22. eggs today./ Elbert went & sold the eggs 9. doz. 5.85 & bought food     we were about out of everything,     he got some ice cream all so & it sure was good    I got dinner & washed dishes  finished current jam “11. jars” & then cut out my dress “got one more to cut ” & then I pulled machine out & stitched 2 dish towels 1 pillow slip  4. pillow ticks & then I stitched up one skirt of one dress    hope I can do more tomorrow.    I received my tax blank $10.19 today.    I thank & Praise God for all things in Jesus Name & pray I may be His forever & ever. Amen    It’s been a very cool morning & last night it was real cool, calling for & extra blanket and is the same tonight.    We had a fire all day & this evening wind went from S.W clear around to N. East. & on around again to S. West.    I Praise Thee Jesus for all Thou doeth for me, but I pray Thou will fill me & heal me & keep me so,   I thank Thee Jesus, Blessed & Holy Lord God of Hosts.  Amen.

Fri. July. 6. 1951./ Page. 2769./ 17. eggs today/ Well, Elbert work in garden this a-m.    I tried to rest    got up late & got the din-ner ready then  I tried to stitch on my dresses    I’ve got both of them ready to bast onto the belts & got the sleeves basted in,    then they’ll be ready to trim & finish,  that’s 4 I’ve got ready to finish one for sunday & 3 house dresses.    I have one more I want to make    I can wear it to church for a while.   I’m so tired, it tires me so for my eyes are bad,    I can’t see plain to tell if I’m getting seams & edges even & straight.    I thank God for the strength He’s given me today & pray I can finish a dress tomorrow    I want so much to go to church,    It’s the only place I get to go anymore.   Well the Sun has been hot all day, not to hot in the house, the Walkins man was here & we got some spray for ants flys & so forth, 75 cents & he gave me 2 dish clothes, nice ones    better than those I bought at Penny’s drygoods Store in Lorain.    I praise Thee Jesus for all things & Pray Thy Will be done, Amen. 

Sat. July 7. 1951./ 14. eggs today./   I didn’t get much sewing done but did some & my eyes have been so bad for several days it makes it terrible hard to sew.    I swept & dusted   did my daily doz.    Elbert went up for milk & then he went to Vermilion, took his work pants “3. prs” & got them washed while he did some shopping & got a money order for my taxes & sealed it in with blank & return envelop & mailed it in with blank & return envelop & mailed it to Treasurer’s Office Sandusky Ohio & he mailed a card to Audrey & one to Martha & I put Frank’s & Ruby’s tax blank in an envelop & there address on the front of the envelop     it came to Elbert in & addressed back to Elyria  Ohio Treasurer’s Office to      Walter J. Wright  takes care of that & he’s getting old & forgetful it seems.    Well, I wont have anything left out of my check,    have to pay 20.00 on coal & 5 for church & pay half the food bill,     he’s supposed to pay half the coal & taxes & food,    Well, I’m keeping all the bills for this mo. & I’ll see how much he turns in of his.    I pay the gas 8.76 to.    thank God He help us to get by on what we have.     Elbert has to pay for gas & oil for the car, to.    I Praise Thee Jesus & pray Thou will help me to have a dress soon so I can get back to Church    I thank Thee. Amen. 

Sun. July. 8. 1951./ 19. eggs today./ It sure got cold before morning had to reach for another blanket.    Sun came out, then it clouded up & did give a fine misty shower but didn’t last    Elbert took his bath & then went out & picked enough black raspberries for a short cake    I made the cake for dinner,    We had roast pork & I baked potatoes  & coffee.

Sun. July. 8. 1951./page. 2770./ 19. eggs this day/ I wish so much I was filled & healed & in church. I’m a long ways from being any where near perfect,    but, I loath some of the thing I must hear when I do go,    but God has said when we fail in one thing, we fail in all    so I find so many things I’ve failed in.    I thank God for His Word & for His showing & teaching me the truth,    I’m sorry & repent for the mistakes I make & thank & Praise Him for His Love & that He forgive & understands all things as He has told us in 1. John. Chap. 2. Verse 15. and 17…. 3. Verse 9.- then read & think over the rest of the chapter & the next chap. is very good food for thought    & the 18th & 19th verses & read the other verses also.    The bible is the word of God written by His prophets & by Jesus Christ His Son & our Saviour Who were filled with the Holy Ghost    I thank Thee Jesus that I’m learning even though I’m getting old    All the Honor & Glory truly belongest to Thee, Amen.     It rained hard tonight just before dark & is raining yet. 

Mon. July. 9. 1951./ 16. eggs today/ Well, I managed to get the washing done but only one line full dry    it’s rained in showers both light & heavy.    Elbert went for milk, then came back & went to Huron to get enough fish for 3. meals    he went back & got bottle grape juice & a can of ovaltine 5 boxes tea balls.  3 boxes cheeries & 1 box red raspberries    he cleaned the fish & I cooked them & potatoes for dinner    We ate some of the roast pork, dressing & gravy for supper.    It has cleared off out side & new moon shining bright,    it’s a very wet moon, sun was terrible hot & it’s been sultry all day,  S. west breeze.    Radio said wind had done a million dollars or more damage in State of Wisconsin & they didn’t know yet about Minnsota & some of the other states & it was thought we would be getting some tonight or tomorrow.    I Praise God in Jesus Name for looking after & caring for us & Pray I may be more useful in His work:  Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus Wonderful, wonderful is He, He’s healed my paralized stomach & bowels mended my broken bone,    He’s marvelous & Gracious to me.    Oh how I love Jesus because He first loved me, Glory to God.  All Praise, Glory, Honor, Power and love belongest to Thee.

Tue. July. 10. 1951./ 15. eggs today./ Well I did my genral daily round & did the ironing & baked 2 cherry pies & 1. pie shell & cooked two meals & I’m tired    I hung all the clothes out & finished drying them & then took care of them & it’s been terrible hot & sultry all day    Wind went N. east late “or just after noon” & it’s a very light breeze but enough to bring the dirty rotten smelling smoke from Bert Ward’s fire, where He burns up rubbish,    air is getting cooler & Damp    Elbert went for milk tonight & Mrs. K. said they had a light shower    it’s mostly cloudy allday & tonight.    I thank God for his word & pray He will help to do His will.

Wed. July. 11. 1951./ page. 2771./ 18 eggs today./  I haven’t done much today    was sick all night  stomach & bowels    they moved toward morning & again 10-a-m.    I was still sick both ways untill 4-30-p-m.    I began to feel better    I ate a very little & stomach is still hurting.    I tried to sew but only got one dress basted together    hope I feel better tomorrow.    Elbert hopes to go with the eggs & phone to Audrey.    she was coming out to help me with my dresses,    but, I guess by the card she wrote to day, it wont matter if she don’t come, for she said she’s hunting a job, so if she wants to come Elbert will go get her,    but, I’m not able to sew & so,    maybe she’d rather come later on. if I don’t get them done.    I thank Thee Jesus & Praise Thee for ever & ever Amen.    Rained in early morning & cloudy most all day.

Thurs. July. 12. 1951./ 14. eggs today./ Been punk all day    got a pain around the heart & can’t get a full breath    am trusting & praying God will have dimion over it as it’s now 10-p-m & I’m hoping it wont last all night    I feel so tired out.    Elbert’s feeling the same way,    he’s tried to clean south end of hen house this after noon,    it’s been a dark misty day,    he went & sold the eggs & bought the grain & oyster schell cost 4.85 for grain & 1.10 for schell. & he’s selling eggs for 65 cents 9. doz. & they are 78 cents in the stores,    I wanted him to see about it several weeks ago, but he didn’t & the women all asking him about the price & at last they told him, so he went to Lorain & found out.    He got my olive Oil 1.79 while he was in Lorain & talked to Audrey    she said it was O.K. if she didn’t come today,    & I’m sure it would have been a very pleasent day for her or Elbert & then she was going to bring Nellie & Bonita’s children & Jean Ann    Oh I sure would have had to go to bed,    so A. called Nellie & they will wait for a nicer day & more convinient day.    I thank Thee Jesus that I’ve been able to stay up allday.    & I Praise Thee for all things & am still trusting to be filled & heal.

Fri. July. 13. 1951./ 18. eggs today./  Well, I sort of felt as if Miss. Clark & Mrs. Sprunk would come in for dinner & sure enough they did.    I was so sick yesterday & that terrible pain around my heart & couldn’t get a full breath & so,     I prayed & prayed & told Jesus I was excepting a healing when they prayed for the sick & then I thanked Him & I got ready for bed & for-got about the pain & knelt & prayed as usual & when I turned over in bed I began to Praise Him,    for, He had taken the pain all out & even the soreness,    Oh, Praise the Lord I’m glad I’m free, where Jesus is tis Heaven to me, Amen Glory Hallelujah.    He’s so Merciful, Kind & Loveable and all I ask to be like Him.    Well they prayed for me   Mrs. Sprunk & Miss Clark, after I got out in the kitchen  I wasn’t all dressed when they came & was combing my hair,    but, I got out got washed & made a 

Fri. July. 13. 1951.